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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  January 1, 2016 3:20pm-4:01pm PST

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adjourned >> we are the ones making the changes by partnering with businesses by partnering with the government we have friends with hsa bearing with the duthd we're grateful for everyone san francisco of you take the day off work to do something for the neighbors experience homelessness that is much more than people sleeping on the
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street but people don't live the life they want i'm excited to introduce mayor ed lee if a coffee shop walking down a street and him standing there for minutes shaking that person's hands and that's the type of leadership san francisco needs so welcome as we always do our wonderful mayor ed lee (clapping.) thank you. >> good morning, everyone. >> morning. >> all right. how do you like being in san francisco >> yeah. >> this is a great place love it a lot of people love this place and come to the city things happen to them and we find them many of them on our streets we need to help them
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our project homeless connect is a huge examination thank you to kera but most important we know that our city can't help our homeless by government we can do a lot before i fulfill i'll say this we can never do better job without the volunteers like all of you thank you for coming out today and helping out our homeless (clapping.) get all the services they need i understand the hotel council is in the room thank you hotel council i understand the grassroots gay foundation is here thank you . >> (clapping.) >> so many other companies and corporations and employees and residents and folks that time to help out you've got the big heart you're city is famous for
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the big heart tony bennett says you're reflective of that today is providing another touch another welcome hair cut, some services, maybe some teeth get fixed and counseling maybe direct help and benefits keeping people occupy the streets maybe a conversation as was designed by the original people that kicked off when i was working for gavin newsom he they told me about his project homeless connection now get to work with sam dodge couldn't get beven off his bed he's rest the dream we'll have an opportunity to just tough people to maybe talk about where they came from and how we can help them going forward now we've got project
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homeless every day outreach going on this is incredible and 24 services but we have more than that toughest people for a moment who want to do and i know you on the ultimate answer is we should house people on a sustainable basis and supply the support ms. sonata isn't that the way to treat our homeless population. >> yeah. (clapping.) not from corner to corner or encampment to encampment no objection we constructed this navigation center at mission that gave us a view for 200 and 55 people who have come from the navigation center in the last 9 months all either permanently housed with support services 200 and 55 or 16 percent of them
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said i want to go home can you help me we connected up with families and that's the home what in the world bound program the human tough (clapping.) and it is still not enough too many of offering our brothers and sisters on the streets we can do more that's why i mound with the support of people working on this issue including project homeless and connect inform so many years we have to do more for more people we're xhoementd into a department to end homeless how about that name, huh? (clapping.) and i'm not such a politician that i'm going to announce we're ending homelessness that is not true but i'll tell you this was
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real eejs to end homelessness for 8 thousand people forever before my term is out with you're help that's doable that can be done with that department i get to two we organize with project homelessness correct i'll have 20 to thirty people in the department who's number one focus every single day is going to be who can i help come off the street into permanent homes we get do did that every single day with the department who's mission and function and budget is to end homelessness for some individual some woman with children or families a veteran that help out everyday to help
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the reason you're here we'll continue this romantic volunteerism to help people to make sure they know we have compassion but it will take deeper compassion to make sure we have the housing and the support of services to have in permanently off the streets be forever this is a commitment i'm proud to have a second term and a strong city economy to make sure we have the resources we need that and little volunteers most importantly we will always welcome our compassion to help people who are less fortunate they're like us you know sometimes, we might be one or two rent payments away from having a cat introduce event everybody about feel that we know that homeless is not about people on the streets for years
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some people have things happen to them with we've got to help them this is what san francisco is thank you for being here and project connect and consult to be part of the homelessness connect and we'll make sure you're part of the city that does it right thank you for being here today (clapping.) how do i top that i love that 8 thousand you know for a long time we're on 25 van ness 1 to hundred people we talk about what we can do but one thing we can't do our office is small we can't serve as many 0 people but other partners that are helping we would like to do is really create a hub where anyone who is
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experiencing homelessness can council at risk of being homeless talk to one of our lawyers we have a robust program come into the office any day and talk to a lawyer we can get those things for you, you doesn't have to wait i hope next year in the door front and we'll do more volunteers to come here he everyday you volunteers every single day at on this project homeless connect it is amazing people give you give up their time we're a community with connections and say you matter by showing you we want you to have every every opportunity we want to give you in san francisco san francisco are
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winners and make sure that everyone has that opportunity so thank you (clapping.) we wouldn't be able to do those events without having sponsors each the events cost a good amount of 340e7b we have a new sponsor this december it is a really exciting sponsor we were able to have a wonderful party i can tell you they party hard so today, i want to welcome richard from the grassroots day rights foundation they are are doing amazing work in pointing out lgbt issues 20 percent of the people experiencing homeless are lgbt they walk down the street and see the youth kicked out of
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their homes they're excited to partner on each section we understand that homelessness is a not one-size-fits-all problem more one-size-fits-all solution so it takes looking at each individual for a solution we thank you for helping us to have the funding to help with the lgbt this year thank you. >> (clapping). >> good morning, everyone i can't think of a finer way to start the day then in the company of people that have decided to take time out of they're precious life to help to heal the dick between people living on the street and the rest of society it's no surprise the logo is to help nothing bridges that divide more effectively than the human tough
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you're here to provide that the grassroots gay rights foundation is committed to changing lives by supporting organizations through project connect that help happy and healthy community when necessary approached us for a grant we were struck by the community based service model with only 13 staff members they reach 5 thousand 4 hundred people and the only way they're able to do that is because people like yourselves are willing to take the time they trusted the miss and are here to do you're part to start to end homelessness in san francisco and, secondly, they presented us with a compelling model when we learned for the first time that nearly thirty percent of the
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homeless in san francisco are in the lgbtq community we are very proud to be sponsoring a two year project with them to help reach that community i know that some of you in the audience have been homeless and others more fortunate but all of us know the jest it is your of reaching out particular at that time of the year can begin to change the dynamic of hopelessness thank you for taking that step some of us wish to be remembered for our witness, some of us for our accomplishments but how much more fulfilling to be remembered inform you're kindness we at project homeless connect and the grassroots gay foundation applaud you for yours thank you
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>> (clapping.) >> one of our other great sponsors is the hotel council i don't know if you've seen the newspapers we want people 0 because we understand that when you walk by someone suffering it hurt and want an answer who to call and make that better we've come up with is an 8 hundred number and come up with ease ways to fund instead of giving cash you give someone cash they can get that cup of coffee we give them that beautiful cup of coffee we can also give tooth brushes and life-changing services like housing this is
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important that connection one of the great partners is kevin with the hotel console i want to shout out 200, 200 and 50 they're not here all but a shout out to all of you who everyday is talking to people explaining what this issue is so kevin (clapping.) thanks so much terra thank you project hope and others you've been incredible as we organize ourselves and mayor ed lee it is exciting to see the news and everything you've pulled together at a lifetime recipe we appreciate the partners that the city has sam and the whole group with the city we precious it be many of our hotels are involved
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with homeless project and volunteering and working on different projects this year we announced a long term project we'd like hotels and the travel that partnered with you raise you're hand if you're in the room that's incredible (clapping.) on behalf of the people i want to thank you all and looking forward to how we can help and make the connections and increase our commitment thank you very much (clapping.) so i spoke about some of the changes that are happening this year one of the great thing is outreach and education we bimonthly invite all people in social services to be able to come with an expert with an lgbt health or on medicare anything
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that people experiencing enemies might need when we as social workers know each other we get more work done so we're excited and another thing outreach i hope you guys come and join us we during that have continued to expand when we first start everyday connect that was merely opening we thought a few phone calls now sometimes, we have a hundred people standing in our office and that's so there are a lot of people that trust and trust us because we met one of you or one of us but still needs to get done we are excited as we move into the new year to change the strategy i want to introduce and make it and tell you about a couple of changes first my
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deputy director emily cohen can you come up for a second (clapping.) i have been out from this city for a few months and emily dpount mind when i call her every 5 minutes i'm proud to see here going to the mayor's office of housing we understand there is not about an agency but a mission to end homelessness i think we can get it down to where's the word i'm looking effective zero to an effective zero with the right people wanting to do that and with sam and emily i'm excited to partner with emily with the mayor's office and mr. daily who might be getting texts from me so
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connie will get the call i mean, i'll introduce connie who the reasoning as the deputy director program. (clapping.) >> she's going to be directing the program to outreach for all the fundraiser if you have any questions with everyday connect or any fundraiser go through connie 10 years managing homeless services and then kate i have you will know one of the events leader an amazing kate (clapping.) we have added additional duties she's the deputy director for marketing and fors of you who have seen the market changing our website has made it easier for people to do better but also changing it for we've participant that don't need to
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leave the library it is online we're doing a lot of great work and thank you to the staff and say good by to emily and excited cit can you come up he's our new events manager so i'm going to have her end with the closing and want to thank you to kate she put on a wonderful event as always and we're excited to see >> good morning
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thanks for coming you know i'm proud that our city it one of the most walkable city's in north america we also will doekz to make sure that we reduce the number of fatalities in injuries and certainly we build all of us standing up here building one fatality is two ma many and a unacceptable that's why in our city we're commented to eliminating facilities by way of deaths didn't he 2024 and is vocation vision zero is is a commitment inform prioritize states streets and make sure that everyone whether walking or biking or driving or riding a bus about we all that the make sure your safe on the rods it is great to think that our
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ridership is at all, all time high hurry city is growing more people cocking and binging the city has continued to prepare for the growth and we know that and you know that we are making historic investment in our transportation network and that investment has reached over a billion dollars just this year we have made investment in our city's is from we know with transportation infrastructure is equally as important to keep muni reliable and stave those historic investments allows to us there this munching service bison percent and light rail vehicles and clean up up cruise the public is noticing that
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ridership is up and more confidence we're making muni safer and cleaner and ready to meet the demand of a growing city and ridership this is all to say a big thank you to the san francisco voters because of last year's obligation bond transportation bond had helps to achieve the reliability of muni and contributed to will be traffic signal over $300 million in street save upgrades towards vision zero goals making everyone more safe loophole is it today, we join with our san francisco small business commission and bike coalition. >> community transportation authority and certainly our municipal transportation agency and vision zero as well as our public works and delighted everyone that is working together with me to make sure
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that when we said almost two years ago we were focused on some 24 projects and get them down those recommend the projects that have been data driven and certainly supervisor kim know that she lead the effort to get for data about what the high injury corridors were such we have priorities in our mission to make sure our streets is safer that time a year and a half 24 projects we said to get them done by february of 2016 as a result of every single ever those agencies private and public working together i'm glad to announce all 24 projects as of do i have cabin completed ahead of schedule head of schedule we're in a hurry to get anymore safety out to and, yes
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there maybe other streets now that are being challenged for different reasons we we'll get to those in fact, what this aggressive strategy has allowed us to do finish up those projects their data driven and rfbtd of the high the injury corridors of city and knowing that now we've completed them we'll have 6 more indicate driven sites to this to be done we imply the ends of february 2016 and certainly saying we'll not stop this allows us to say we have a momentum to identify for projects with the strifrdz the residents and the bicycle advocates and senior advocates and all other organizations that represent those are not safer streets and will work
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aggressively to do that in the calibration i think has been unmet since we started this project i want to say and big thank you i know supervisor kim when she comes up here will say she and i know we are that stan opposite side the streets of these street and mini in a activate a new signal i know that supervisor wiener and i were together noted long ago on 16 second street and market and supervisor tang and i were out together on sunset boulevards trying a new stoplights to slow down the traffic those are 3 of the highlighted ones in addition e annexation to ones in congested areas like the tenderloin those are to be celebrated because we are absolutely sure given the data that more lives
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will be saved as a result of those improvements so we will complete and additional 6 so that will be thirty bends of february and that some of the alleged projects in addition to the ones identified on the 24th and additional ones include the improvements along second street and polk street and mosaic avenue and more we'll continue to work with all the neighborhood organizations to identify those areas i know of some already in chinatown we have infrastructure obviously know of marina there are also improvements to be made and in order to get to vision zero and in order to on that goal we'll is where to do more engineering that's why public works is here in concert with our community transportation
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leaders and our municipal leaders as well to make sure we're identified the right areas but i do want to say despite some of the recent tragic event we'll you are talking about i want to say that we have prevented more accident by completing those 24 projects aggressively as we've done and as we set timetables in the future not only inform meet those but exceed those we're no a hurry to get to vision zero that also monies that lets remind everyone during the months when it is remain slow down and certainly all around schools you've got to slow down because we are trying to bring the pace of automobiles and the trucks and all slow down around the senior centers and the
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school sites 0 so we maintain a higher level of safety where a lot more 1r50ub89 with that i'll call to the mike a good partner one from day one on the vision zero has pan instrumental in making sure that we identify and one of the most congested areas of city this is district 67 supervisor jane kim thank you, mr. mayor and i just want to thank the mayor's office for his incredible commitment to vision zero reducing the fatalities in san francisco to zero the next 9 years this announcement is in time for the last vision zero community meeting in december i chair bile be adopting the next generation of our zero project as the mayor mention 70 percent of fatality traffic accidents are on 12
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percent of san francisco streets this is an issue we can make a difference a solvable and with targeted example on the highest cords reduce half of our facilities and death in san francisco we know on the job deaths with 100 percent preventable and know that more people are killed by cars than by guns in the city so there is much work to be done i'm proud of the forest taken by all the city departments under the mayor's leadership i want to recognize sfmta and our community u county interest rate 80 one-story to make sure that vision zero and pedestrian safety and buena vista is a priority in all street projects in san francisco but as the mayor said particularly during the holiday we see an increase in traffic collisions around san francisco this is an important time for
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the residents and workers and adversity to remember this is important to go slow speed is the main cause i have death and during the holidays we want to spend time with the friends and families and make sure that everyone comes home for dinner it make sense to take the time to drive slower to cycle and walk sloerp to enjoy the community here throughout the city so again congratulations to our city for completely all 24 projects as asked and promised by the city to how sour serious commitment to ending the traffic facilities and i looked at it to moving forward the next generation of project that continue to make the city safer for everyone. >> thank you all for scouting
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this morning, i'm ben the mire senior advisors on vision zero we want to action the folks behind me they're in calibration and zero is is a mix of 14 departments come together to commented to a bold and baby boomer goal it work is not possible without the leadership first, we have from the city architects sorry the city engineer from the d and kathy from walk sf which is one of our great strong community partners advocating forever the public safety and liveable streets in san francisco and sheryl brinkman vice president of the san francisco municipal transportation agency and we have tom maguire the sustainable
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streets at the sfmta and have tilly chang the executive director of the county transportation authority no san francisco and 80 mass the health officer here 2, 3, 4 the city and county of san francisco and noah what r a great partner and soon to be existing hopefully stay close by the director of to bicycle education and greg suhr the san francisco police department their folks are out there everyday and citing folks we appreciate all the hard work and with that, i want to invite to the myself of microphone the vice chair the mta sheryl brinkman. >> thank you ben and thank you all for coming i want to thank the mayor and the supervisors and oats heads of all the city
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departments for in their focus when is fundamental to everyone in our city this is about saving lives this is making your streets more welcoming for everyone who lives in the city traffic collisions really extract a department staff stating emotional toll the victims and loved ones and the person behind the wheel of car a had a kroshg it came across a traffic crash in the marina he and highs wife with your taking their children to daycare they saw the aftermath of the too young boys hit that made them feel less safe in the city and worried about about the future of the children in the city so our core philosophy in vision zero that traffic deaths with preventable and your honor, acceptable i'm proud and humble
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to work with everyone in the city on this project to reduce traffic deaths it get rid of traffic deaths traffic gathers are not like the weather not unlike the weather we can bring them down to zero like the agencies and citizens out of the 24 projects we have a two prong approach to with safety measures we work on lark are large construction on high injury corridors and what is next is those large project on the major corridors there is a lot more engineering to happen on the corridor they are more trade offs we have to be ready for the trade offs as strait users in san francisco and but together we're able to move on vision zero and we can get there and can end traffic
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deaths thank
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>> good evening and welcome to the wednesday, december 16, 2015, meeting of san francisco board of appeals commissioner president ann lazardus will be prooefrd and joined by commissioner honda and commissioner fung and commissioner bobbie wilson i commissioner bobbie wilson commissioner swig will be


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