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tv   Board of Education 12815  SFGTV  January 3, 2016 3:00am-7:01am PST

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and this motion passes unanimously thank you thank you are any other items before us today. >> there's no further business. >> no furniture business therefore this meeting is adjourned
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>> tuesday, december 8, 2015, is now called to order ms. casco roll call. >> ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns dr. murase and ms. chin and mr. totiano. >> please join me and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> if no objections from any colleagues there are many members of the public who are here for the mission press item i'd like to move just that item
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1511 south park one so immediately follow want student delegate report any observation let's see we want to thank commissioner vice president haney for preceding over the last meeting i was in the unwe have celebrating want to worry about superintendent carranza a very happy birthday. >> item a the approval of the minutes of the regular meeting of november 10th may i have a motion any corrections seeing none, ms. casco roll call. >> ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton
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mr. walton ms. wynns and dr. murase 7 i's members of the public are reminded that if you irrational 0 wish to address the board of education you need to complete a speaker card prior to the item bag called and present to executive assistant ms. casco corin woods to the boards procedures speakers will not be accepted once the item is before the board presentations to the board of education a superintendents report superintendent carranza. >> how good to feels to be 21 (laughter) so thank you ladies and gentlemen, i'm very, very happy to report to past tuesday at the sfaiflt our
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mayor, mayor ed lee are supervisor cowen and the san francisco ceo fred blackwell and myself hosted a forum more my brother's keeper here in san francisco a culmination of many engagement with the light house private fundraiser for the efforts for families centered and racial equitable care the my brother's keeper realized it's draft including consolidated data and resource data and the oifshz related to the boys and girls club and young men and women of color in san francisco this was unprecedented and brought over three hundred community ladders from community-based organizations philanthropy and city partners altogether the forum was an opportunity for the local leader to have break out groups and the milestones for the local action plan
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we know that in order to help our children be successful in our city we need a sustained alliance that has a support system due to the milestones across their lives this is the spirit behind my brother's keeper initiative log onto www. sf ed you and thank you to mr. miller in the mayor's office to land even our special accentuate assistant and everyone that put 7, 8, 9 and effort into making in effort well run event thank you i'd like to announce that past friday the elementary school and honor assembly we are visit we the treasurer san francisco jose cisneros where we awarded students of the most
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with $10 deposit into the kindergarten to college the k two college was by the financial empowerment the funded program all go students chosen as students of most about get a certificate and $10 i'm proud to announce that week w is inclusive schools week in the san francisco unified school district we're proud to be strong partners from the r in the weeks activity for school districts celebrating practices for all students the theme is sharing our gift in inclusive schools yesterday morning we kicked off inclusive schools at the steps of city hall our
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stakeholders were joined by supervisor yee and supervisor wiener along with what the commissioners norton and medicare's commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell that heard our students speak about the practices in the san francisco unified school district and how important it is to the entire community our very own sfusd glee club performed two songs and a inseparately song this year following the kickoff was an infection game with high school parliaments in the northern california are partnership program it inu unforgives students with or without disables with a common goal sports with the 2k3w4r508d who faced off in a friendly successor game our district is committed to inclusive practices and we celebrate the process that
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schools made in provided support and quality education to a derives population with marginalized gender and social economic and status and language preference and other factors throughout to week sfusd and i'm proud to say all our sfusd will be engaging curriculum activities and special events at their sites for those who followed me on twitter i'll be reposting the pictures that the school sites are sending please follow thank you to all the paraprofessionals and teachers and principals that work everyday to provide an inclusive environment and special thanks to the co-sponsors laura our sdruth person and deborah from the special education community action council advisory committee for leading the
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planning the kickoff and corresponding our events this week as you're superintendent i couldn't be more proud the progress over the last seven years to be a truly inclusive district thank you so much i like to congratulate one or our students in peculiar recognize senior john of the school the arts who was chosen as a guitar it and come portions from the top he will representative the 10 thousand just a second cook young artist award say that 3 times fast from the top is an mp r radio program that slblts the personal stories of americans best musicians comes if a family of immigrants if peru when he
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was 8-year-old the family was unable to afford the private destruction on a second-hand guitar got into the school of artists after the year he was accomplished and turned a scholarship at the conspirator of art studied chamber music and takes music theory and corral singing a long list 7 accomplishments at the john adams young composers and a recipient the scholarship from the friends of the art and the compensatory the john adams composers program and the art award and the ballet school that will have one of the compositions ladies and gentlemen, for all the nay sayers that is a public schools
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are not producing the best and bright john is our example you may notice in front of me two bells those are they prestige the golden bell award their presented bit the california school boards association once a year the highest honor the association presents to schools for initiative programming and it is quite the process to be vetted and selected for the golden bell much less two gotten bells i'm honored following our last year positive behavorial support this year we've been awarded for the partnership for leadership in the middle grades and in partnering with mayor ed lee and the salesforce foundation putting the time in stem in the middle school and awarded for the transformation if our partnership with the
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revolution we are transformer the food environment for our students both of the awards were waterway in san diego at the meeting and grateful to commissioner vice president haney and commissioner wynns for attending with me as well as christen howell sorry christen to be there to accept the awarded gas station to the unified school district well done. >> madam president . >> (clapping.). >> are we're going to ring the bell. >> are we're going do ring the bell. >> yes. >> would you join me in ringing the bell. >> (ringing). >> >> (clapping.) >> i think that means it's time to eat. >> thank you very much superintendent carranza the next
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item. >> is the recognition and resolutions for accommodations superintendent. >> thank you president murase i'm very, very excited we were able to honor many of the school communities as you may know maternity know the voters of san francisco in 2008, accepted an education act that provided amongst an opportunity for our schools to submit plans and submit a project for followed up through the impact and innovation awards this evening we'll honor the schools that received and gone through the vetting process and hesitate a close partnering with the partners in the united educators i'll turn this over to my colleague for the recognition. >> good evening prior to this evening boards meeting we had
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the opportunity to recognize a number of school teams to develop the application were selected and ref thanksgiving this year's impact and 23450gs awards with made possible by the act of 2008 i also want to thank the q ta panels that read the applications and selected those sit down of schools with the unknitted educator and director as well as our director of the i lab bryan fox and i'm going to turn it over to for them to list our award winners this evening. >> thank you deputy director i'm across the city the cork and joined by bryan fox of the innovation lab a sincere congratulations to all the winners for the impact
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awards the winners were lots k-8 and the san francisco community and the tenderloin elementary and marshall elementary school harvey milk and jamming middle school and i'll invite all the principals and team to stand up and take a quick 0 bow for their hard work and team. >> (clapping.) >> bryan if you will okay. i'm bryan fox the director the school district and a hardy congratulations to the innovation award winners for identifying the challenge and having the courage to talk about those schools are mann and college prep and emergency rooms and marsha for a lack of a better term or elementary school and the george mueller and other
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downtown schools please stand for this. >> (clapping.) >> congratulations to our winners thank you so much i want to thank the rent from the schools that stayed behind to be recognized just now i also want to thank the folks that supported this initiative that allows those awards to be made the next item. >> is in recognition of the academy of science of get services by commissioner norton a is there a there is a motion and a second. >> thank you and may i have a motion a reading the resolution by commissioner norton. >> yes. in recognition the academy of guest service the bureaucracy of labor statutes it
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was lower with a person with disabilities than no disabled whereas the unemployment were higher than those with disabilities and whereas the san francisco unified school district serves over 6 thousand students of disability district wide one and 65, 18 to 22 and whereas the california academy of sciences serves over one million guests with 6 hundred and 50 employees whereas the california conceives of academies works with the access sfusd the art to support the students with disabilities since 2014 under the direction of heidi and jen and whereas the california academy of sciences guest serves has shown pies dedication with
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an inclusive workforce by mooeveng internship experiences to hire young folks with the certificates and multiplied graduates with the art under the direction of (calling names) and whereas the vision of in order to connect with the community reflect our community is fly carried out in the academy of science to include the young folks with disabled in their internship program and whereas this partnership is a model and influenced other cultural organization with the exploratorium to follow suit and support students with disabled disabilities therefore, be it resolved that the board of education recognizes and honors the guest services department of the california academy of
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sciences for their support and vision and dedication to provide internship experience to young adults disability in the transition program thank you. >> thank you . >> (clapping.). >> thank you very much commissioner norton i don't have any public comment any comments by my colleagues. >> i just want to say it was actually straightening by accident this accumulation hit the agenda during the schools week that is perfect and so grateful to the academy and to hydra and jen and all the students of arts for in amazing program every time i go to the academy and see one of the students is it makes me happy so important for this to improve
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the outcome thank you, thank you, thank you so much for you're work. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell i'll always wanted to thank the academy (laughter) they're slow tonight not only for the district and the partnership by thank you for all you do in the academy the academy has been a tremendous partner and want to thank you for having thousand and thousands and thousands of students come to the academy as well as supporting our teachers and insuring they're getting rich curriculum and exposure to some amazing, amazing exhibits so thank you all for being such great partners shout out to i quan not here but from the moment he set foot in san francisco a great force and built those strong relationships i tutor thank you for all you do
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and the team you've built is just tremendous thank you guys for being here and you're intentional support. >> roll call vote. >> ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns commissioner president murase. >> 7 i's. >> so we have a brief presentation of the certificate and then a few brief remarks
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yeah. >> thank you commissioner norton and thank you to the board and thank you to heidi and her interims for the companions i'm honored to accept it on above the academy we're committed to providing a pathway with individuals with disabilities through assess san francisco unified school district and the arts as a sfusd parents i know how much an impact on youth especially, as a transitional aid this is ordinary we're doing what we should do and lucky to have the great leadership like john and
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raul our director of h.r. and the operating officer those are leaders that want to make our museum as assessable at possible we refer to ann as an academy for all that's part of our vision and our strategy so we're talking about that daily we're fortunate it strategy is embraced by the front line staff such for this opportunity to address you this evening but more importantly i'd like to have you hear from the interns in working at the academy and the access sfusd thank you. >> working at academy of the sciences has helped me more social and meet the people from different cultures. >> working at the academy of
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the sciences will help me net a good criteria and better education. >> working at the academy of the science he's a of has helped me improve my communication i feel provide. >> (clapping.) >> good evening and working at the academy has helped me improve any skills and talking about with interaction and getting to know the people if all over the world and even the staff of the academy of sciences thank you. >> (clapping.) >> thank you very much thank you for coming out tonight and congratulations next is item d student delegate
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report and (calling names). >> thank you president murase start off the report california bio california curriculum committee met last night we were happy to announce our community so moving forward with a student engagement piece last night we brainstormed with the superintendent for and go over the planning logistics we want to thank the gentleman for helping us to - the contest why is bilingual important now and in the future another thing that happened was local control affordability that is known as the el cap the budget and committee offline produced their
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student engagement report our next step to discuss the students survey with the s ac with their approval and have the el cap we've hopeful the el cap theism go is happy with our work and moving forward with the engagement we want to thank our budget and willful gentleman for hills efforts in leading the workshops and a member of our team a very work-related in our group thank you. >> thank you miguel and today, you've look rather dapper with the sfusd uniform (laughter) i would like to shout out to mr. truce department for making that
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happen for the awesome uniforms thank you. >> (clapping.) >> >> and miguel drum roll please as the sf our theme is you're vision makes decisions for the submit on march 18, 2016 the location as always in fort mason at the boulevard we are currently working on the workshops and entertainment he plan to invite all-state leaders we will be providing the leadership skills for the best leader in our school district stay toned for more updates as for health committee we have another goody bag for the winter holidays and next week our tome low provide the holiday winter
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goody bags to the homeless piers on the hampton family shelter each students gets bean i didn't and scarves and gloves in addition we would like to provide general gifts we would sorry in addition we would like to provide those general guests to enjoy their breaks in having fun with as well as with their piers those enlists will is board games and crayons and coloring box not possible if not for the donation of mr. truit for advocating for a healthy donation thank you, again under truit and for the advisory committee meeting next week december 15th are 14 again a public council if you want to make a presentation or have a copy of the agenda or attend see
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salvador lopez thank you. >> thank you very mustudent d the prauchl the operation for the prepy charter school it's been moved and seconded and been through committee those reports were given mr. superintendent will be please have designee read into the record. >> thank you president murase michael davis to read the resolution entered into a record. >> thank you so the recognition for the prep rhode island newly pay attention for school whereas pursuant to california education code
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tted a permit for the san francisco unified school district and whereas pursuant to california n code sectionn- the board of education of the district is in receipt of the application and whereas the district this comply with then/ action onn/ petition and whereas the board n/onsider the petition with respect to the petition and confusing the whereas reviewing the petition it shall be incited by the california legislator that california schools are an integrate part of education system and whereas the district superintendent the district superintendent and staff completed a review the petition and issued the attached report
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and recommendations to the board of education regarding the review the petition therefore, be it resolved that the board of education shall grant the petition subject to the petition so forth by law. >> thank you you very much we have over 40 people signed up i'll limit it to one minute per person we have 40 speakers for this item alone we'll have a limits of one minute and total of 15 minutes we've heard this item in committee and heard the public comment as well so if you don't have a minutes worthy keyed the membership to the person behind you and students be able to come up first i'll reads a bunch of names not matter at hand what names in order but only those names i'll call can address the board i'll
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begin (calling names) and additional speakers we'll start with those folks additional students in those groups have them speak first. >> good evening my name is jane the head of preparatory thank you once again to the school district go who have been part of the proposal for renewal and reiterate our that's correct for your careful consideration of the proposal to have our charter renewed to continue to operate this time a a chart within the san francisco unified school district thank you. thanks to all the faculties and
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staff for the hard work. >> i'm a parent many mission prep my daughter in the second grade i hope you consider our school for a charter renewal not a strong opinion about a school system i know what mission prep has done more me and my family i don't want to lose that as you've noticed we don't say a state of the art facility doing everything we can the vision and mission the school surpasses new state of the art so from the moment the kids walk into the kindergarten classroom the seed is planted and taught core values and the academics foundation is exceptional to graduating from go hostile is
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not good enough but we want to help them to college please consider the renewal and second grader is 2024 hold the appla32 applause 024 hold the applause 4 hold the applausapplause please. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> good evening i have 3 kids and mission prep scho mission pl and mission prep schomission pe
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(calling names) >> (speaking foreign language.) >> first congratulate you for the insteacinsteadhinsteadoinsi the insteacinsteadhinsteadoinss for the recognition the students are very talented as well. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> some of us support the mission prep with good values important for our society today thank you thank you very much>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm jen thank you all for being here those parents had a lot of power things to say i second all of them i want to say a mission prep is providing the
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kids with a strong foundation and setting them to succeed and, yes commission prep. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi names a lydia home share in advance a mother of my son mick came in first grade in mission preparing for two years and definitely - a supporter of the school i have some experience with siblings that have gone to the unified school district and i will say this - that the environment of mission prep is completely different environment that we have been searching for
3:37 am
basically when we started ♪ school so impressed that this school is really like a family they will support whatever needs that the children have through it is three-quarters english learners and over three-quarters hispanic population their surpassed on test scores and they have an environment of leadership and college precipitation preparedness thank you >> the next speakers are calling names)recipitation prek you >> the next speakers are calling names)preparedness than >> the next speakers are calling names)
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please approach the podium. >> high my name is amy i like mission prep the teachers help you a lot and never let you down they teach you a lot and they teach you some reasons why you should be good in school. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please hi my name is alison and i like mission prep is helps me learn a lot and helps me with everything i need thank you. >> good evening my name is felipe i like mission prep because i see that the learning
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is very good and they show us our mission prep values and it is helping us evidence to learn and learn and everyday we get better at every subject i think that our learning is just a great thing and that mission prep is the best school i've ever been in. >> thanks very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is a maria supporting mission prep i don't have the income for a quality education with my child and mission prep is for free mission prep is highly important for our communities we need anymore low income children going and graduating college i'm confident
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our children will go and graduate college thank you. >> good evening. i'm maria perez here i have 7 kids married all my kids have been unfortunately felipe came a hard time mission prep was the same education i looked for in a catholic school i've been unfortunately through bad times in schools and being bullied but got the help in mission prep. >> next speaker, please. >> >> a board member of mission prep and a vice president of programming between national nonprofit and a former
3:41 am
educator myself i'm deeply proud to be swoeshd that wonderful school a school embodies it makes a great school between high academic expectations and incredibly hard working staff so much evidence of that those of you who have the opportunity to come visit the school so many m wonderful things the amazing turn out of the parents and students and i see one testament of an amazing school and as a san francisco parents i'm truly proud of a public school so thank you for you're petition and thank you, again. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm you arthur martinez and master
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closed schools that were public and i understand they were closed because of low students centered in going to school but this school has helped my daughter very happy to go to school everyday and like i say - willing to go by herself without us waking up her up she's happy and knows the teachers and what the little what we have they have provided one of the best status for the district and we hope you guys consider it to keep it on thank you. >> thank you very much
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that concludes you're comments if you're connected to mission prep please stand and we'll welcome you're applause now. >> (clapping.) >> thank you very much for participant and discussion by my colleagues and commissioner wynns. >> thank you. i want to thank you to everybody i'm not happy about some of the comments but and i particularly building that frankly, i think that is a board of education wants to have this chapter they should have this chartered we turned to down in
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the first place there was not room a lot of impacts and imtions from the school district from the state approved facilities related i mean, i'll not be supporting but those who said don't go away this will in my view a procedural step to cbo through because they've changed the law any state held charter goes back to 9 chapter that denied them in the first place that's what we're doing. >> commissioner fewer. >> thank you, everyone that came out today so i went back to visit and spent hours thank you to the principal for spending some of her valuable time and explain about this school i just must say in general i'm not in favor of the chart schools i believe if you're part of public
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education system we believe you're part a greater social change whether or not you, you like that every family and every board members or administrator you're a part of a large social change we're educating the future of this world so i believe that bringing everyone up on that don't believe that in small parts of society being picked to be in a certain learning environment and then they're successful and then we get comments that say that that led others to building you can't be successful in a public school in san francisco i want to say that you can get a great education in many of our san francisco public schools and it is a fallacy to building that
3:46 am
you must attend a chapter or public in order to receive an excellent education we're no a perfect system i think that everyone up here will tell you we're not a perfect system that is, i am a fourth generations and four generations of my family have been educated in san francisco public schools and so i'm very grateful for the san francisco public schools system and i think that is worth noting that i am glad that the families that came today are saying that mission prep is working well, for them this is great but it is worth noting that there were thousands of families who also believed the san francisco public schools system is serving their children well, i don't know it is just the chapter school or that private
3:47 am
school that delivers an education i'm a product of san francisco public schools as are my children i believe i received an excellent education and so did my children i believe in public education having said that, i think i went out to mission prep and i think i like what i saw i have to say all the kids were there but that is different educating 200 and 31 children compared to 57 thousand a very different thing awhile we'll say this is excellent and getting excellent results if the result were better than the san francisco unified school district results the truth is it is easier with 200 and 31 children than 57 thousand so the people are here in favor of mission prep i want you to,
3:48 am
we're a family of public education chapter schools and public schools but to hear disparkinson's remarks about our public school system the board members working hard as stds of this system $500,000 a month we do it act out a of a labor of live the life-saving as an equalizer in our society having said that, i know that we're bound by certain rules and regulations in the state around chapter schools i was part of the group that was denied if charter 5 years ago and unable to find a reason to not vote for this today and so i'll be supporting that but i want to
3:49 am
say on record that i truly believe that the feeling that heave i've heard from parents not unable to assess a fabulous education 0 through our public schools is not true you don't believe i don't want people to building it is not true thousands and thousands and thousands of families for whom the public schools in san francisco is serving very, very well but thank you for coming i'll support you're school and thank you, again, for the principal spending her precious howsoever sharing the success of mission prep thank you very much. >> commissioner norton. >> thank you i want to thank you commissioner fewer for those racks no need to dispager other communities with the remarks for you're school
3:50 am
that is wonderful not disparage other districts there are many, many more schools that are conceding for their district i know many more students i have to respond to that that is an unfortunate tone that was set tonight with that said, i intend to support this petition for the first reason that i heard a lot of testimony from families both in the budget and the other committees about how the school is working for the students and how important for them i appreciate that and it is very hard to anything working looking families in the eye and not say you can't have you're - i don't know who is doing that. >> the second reason as mentioned it is very clear that show we deny this petition this
3:51 am
evening the state board will go ahead and grant it i have seen them grant much weaker petition and impose the school we didn't want president in our district we're stuck with so given that reality is just better for us to be the authorizer and start to build that relationship rather than have no relationship and no oversight with you but i want you to understand the impact you'll have on our district particularly for the prop 39 asking for a building and should we be forced to award you something you'll displace other families at other schools that's a fact so i hope you will be mindful a district authorized school that you are part of our district
3:52 am
that you need to be acholic beverage with us and mindful of you're effect on other students and folks in this school district. >> commissioner walton. >> i want to start off any comments one i really think that charter schools if you look at what we are trying to do with education as a matter of fact we have to make hard discussions how we supports traditional schools and at the end of the day charter schools were developed we were supposed to take the innovation in some of the charter schools not playing by the same rules and bring that innovation to the school system to develop greater than schools within the district i'll say i appreciate all the parents and students that came out today, i
3:53 am
too had a chance to visit mission prep and saw students existed about learning and quality teach going on so i do have to say what i observed is something i can get excited about but just to be clear this is disheartening that some of the families have been led to building that one they can't get a quality education within the schools and two, that they feel we have to have conversation that will divide us in our focus and take us away from what we should be focusing on making sure that all the students have a quality opportunity to learn i can't find a not find a legal reason but charter schools going against public schools will not
3:54 am
be a system to funds for years to come but work together with innovation additional opportunities that exit in all our public schools. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell and then commissioner wynns. >> thank you. i think what you're hearing from my colleagues, i think that was the same feeling the first time arena having said that, go a lot of students in the room i want to thank them and acknowledge the work with the mission prep is great and congratulate them for committing themselves to the education in san francisco urban if i had i'm going to support the petition as well there is a couple of things i think uniform of which my colleagues said there is a couple of things for me resonated i want to just
3:55 am
appreciate and one the idea that you could go straight as to the state and likely get our charter we've seen charters come through not wasting their time by going through the process they know they can get their charters through the states over the several years you've grown and appreciated the challenges many of our families face in certain community and i want to acknowledge that because the be our doing within the communities that you've committed to serve and stay in the community you've commit to service has been strong and you know oftentimes we have had chapterers that have committed to certain community and moved around their population in the morning likes
3:56 am
like the population they've committed to you've demonstrated in the showing but you know i've heard it through a vartdz of conversation through board members or names that are served at mission prep that the quality of education that they're receiving the relationships they have all have true matt haney for them this is important to me so you know these are exactly the same kinds of things we'll expect in all our schools we have in all our schools and the piece around you know whether you only want to ago to private school or catholic schools you're experience is bad not everybody will have a positive experience in our public schools and i think what
3:57 am
i did other piece f more /* for any prediction you've found a place to go i rather that mission prep be under our charter we can working closely together and have a different relationship and have all lets families that are here tonight be considered our families as public school parents and not think about that as the you know yours and ours so i think that the charter will depend on how you approach the issue and for me you know charter schools are our kids and families this is san francisco we really want to think about how to do best for our kids i
3:58 am
hope you'll stick to our commitment to work working closely with us and insure you're doing right by your convicts within the confines of a system that has some constraints but i'm supporting this tonight i truly believe that the kids at mission prep are our kids and you know our charter schools are our public schools and that's the way i feel always felt and probable a minority amongst my colleagues but i look forward to having you in the fold and having i part of san francisco unified school district. >> commissioner wynns and commissioner vice president haney. >> i wanted to see a couple of things point out to my colleagues in case you didn't know the law must grant no legal
3:59 am
way you're personal vote can be constrained you have the perfect legal right to vote any way you're conscious directions on this for you're information but the real thing i wanted to say superintendent carranza i mind can the fifth whereas ♪ resolution be removed the last time we had a charter you made a commitment not a charter resolution without that language in it again >> we actually did change the language. >> what we don't need that at all i thought we agreed to remove that whereas it is not necessary. >> issuing understanding to remove the line it says and that the establishment of charter schools to be encouraged. >> i thought i asked for it to
4:00 am
be completely removed no assessment of that language at all. >> well, i make a motion but it's you're resolution you can remove it. >> you want to say it is before the board i'll make a motion to move we amend by removing that. >> second. >> any discussion on the amendment 80 that has been it's been moved and seconded what was the discussion before that change the language and why we are taking it out. >> nothing in the resolution before us is required by law we can write anything we want at sometime not to distance as far as i know everywhere we've added a whereas to encourage the creation of charter schools
4:01 am
that's not generally, the sense of the board so not absolutely unnecessary and the last time you're correct it was even anymore positive then but we said do question do this and that why not take it out and everybody agreed on that motion. >> commissioner norton. >> i want to speak in favor i heard what i personally don't believe that charts should be on a integral part of educational system so i support the motion. >> any further discussion on the amendment seeing none, roll call vote on the amendment. >> thank you ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton
4:02 am
mr. walton ms. wynns dr. murase. >> it's amazed thank you very much let's see see next commissioner vice president haney. >> yeah. we want to thank all the parents and students and teachers and board members and everyone that came out tonight whether there is a strong supports for a school and for the students i know you are homework to do and other places to be and the parents after a long day of work it means a lot to us and inspiring and humbling because you care about our school and having a positive experienced whatever the school is we hear you and thank you for being here around that. >> i think i don't have a whole lot to add my colleagues spoke clearly of what the sentiment of this board we believe this is a bit of a
4:03 am
broken and awkward process in many ways one that the sate is involved with and imposes things on the dignities and some concerns about the roles of the charts in general but mission prep. >> what you video built together it is inspiring and you have a lot to be proud of those of us who visited the classrooms who talked with the staff i got to talk request dozens of students one-on-one and asking them they're wonderful so i was impressed by what was happenings i know a tremendous amount of harry reid hard work that it took for all of you to build that school the school so i'm going to be supporting the charter i agree with many of the
4:04 am
concerns around the process it puts us in and continue to feel that way but last thing i hope as we bring if this does go forward mission prep as part of sfusd family formally as one of our sponsor charters i hope that opens up an opportunity of clufks to work together and we recognize we're making that commitment i think this is something every time we go through it let's side better those are our children and commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell said and of san francisco we do better when we alcohol beverage and work working closely together and to the parents that were there you have our commitment whether a positive experience with the districts or not we're on the same team and
4:05 am
we will be i believe after tonight even more so so thank you, again, for coming out tonight i'll be supporting this. >> i have a few comments i share some of the are concerns generally and want to make 4 points on that i just to be clear a charter cancel is a public a pubically fund privately managed as said but the charter school is a public and misleading to say their tuition free they must be free number 3 i have concerns out of respect for the labor partners want to make sure the charter schools are a good practice for educators to work and commissioner norton raised the issue that they require
4:06 am
additional resources including the monitoring of space and facilities we also in need of additional funding on gotten back to 2007 level of public funding so we hope we can counts be the charter school partners to join us in fighting for additional funding there is a net cost to the district, however, i am persuaded by the mission prep application the petitions for several reasons particularly the demographics serves 85 percent advantageous and english learners this is a group that we want to serve better secondly, mission prep has met the goal achievements and thirdly, financially stable this is what we're always looking for
4:07 am
i will are supporting this petition and hope we can forge a strong project sponsor. >> turf. >> thank you disrupting i mean, i'll urge the mission prep to be considered consider part of family that serves our puck school children in san francisco we have charter schools part of teachers union i'll urge to look at it and infer that possibility that will set much better with the members of this board thank you. >> no further comments ms. casco roll call please. ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns
4:08 am
no disrupting. >> 6 i's. >> thank you very much the petition is granted. >> (clapping.) >> thank you for coming out we have several items on the agenda please quietly take our conversation out to the foyer we'll appreciate that we're next on item e advisory committee appointments to the siding by board members any appointments by the board members? >> seeing none, i want to invite tony of the parents advisory committee for his report. >> immigration complirgz. >> thank you for the times i'm
4:09 am
tony. >> excuse me. if you could please exited quietly we want to get additional business done. >> thank you dr. murase. >> i'm chairman the pack for this academic year and my daughter is a 7 grader and loves her school the role of the parents advisory committee to look at perspectives for the policy decisions my report addresses the ongoing candidates to supporting the development of a district wide family engagement plan in our october report to the board we shared that one of our identified areas for this year is to advocate for the development, adoption and prelims of that strategic family plan to support and strengthen the implementation of the sfusd
4:10 am
family engagement standards and there maybe efforts toward this initiative we're not aware but at this time we're nearly half hour through the school year without a engagement plan without a timeline or adequate resources to support this implementation now we prepared to enter the budgeted circle to the timing of my conversation is key do assure the allocation of resources to support the family engagement in the future budget circle the pack buildings in order for the family engagement to truly be an effective strategy to improve the school compliment and currently, we need a clear vision support to build their capacity and indicators to guide their work to valid the efforts
4:11 am
working well in our schools and expose the areas that need improvement they'll anointment opportunities for support for excluding the families into the decision process building relationships now over the years the pack has heard the echoed concerns they're not alerted early enough when did children are struggling academically not until the report card comes home or when it is too last day to intervene for f that academic example that the highlight for the improved communications for staff it is a partner in their stemmed education now district wide family engagement standard with indicators developed to measure the process and focus nonprofits and the effect of
4:12 am
two-way communication will help to provide the direction to our schools and teachers how to address this type of concern now it is clear that family engagement is a priority last week congress realized the education emphasizing the parents and family engagement and the key roll in supporting the students success additionally sfusd affordability standards and systems from the federal core waiver with the index to the states local control affordability plan to our own balanced scorecards all are progresses that require the family engagement to insure that students are successful we recognize this guess the allocation of human resources and allocation of time and commitment it will require setting the expectations and cult elevating a cult for
4:13 am
families engagement to take root in a systematic way the resources to support the implementation of a strategic plan to upheld the family standards and in a consistent manner cross our district we know that implementing a family engagement plan will not, be quick and easy to do we also know our families will benefit when such a plan is put in place the pack welcomes the opportunity to support the development of the written plan and will work with other communities organizations to make sure that diverse perspectives and other efforts are included in the process last week the pack finished pleading its last community
4:14 am
conversations with the our children families council for the development of that coincidental 5 year plan all in all we engaged and reached over 250 parents and community members through conversations we'll share your finding and recommendations but at this time all to thank georgia williams and gateway lands and angela that worked tireless the conversation were lively and dynamic we hope the february from the community conversations will be well received by the council our next pack meeting is tomorrow night wednesday in this building have a presentation from the transition k there
4:15 am
record card from feedback from the latest draft align with the common core standards. >> thank you. any questions from my colleagues. >> i want to recognize other members of the pack martin in the audience oh, sorry staff member georgia williams and the superintendent carranza had a few words. >> thank you president murase i want to thank sir, thank you for you're comments just to just to be clear he have could conferred with the chief of the division kevin truit with al smith are prepared to meet with the pack to share in depth and working closely they'll be meeting you with this week happening immediately this is
4:16 am
very, very important to us if i could suggest once again that respectfully i'll ask we stop talking parents engagement and start talking about parents empowerment engagement is an easy par bar bartow met a student didn't get what they need no school the parents will engage so engagement is a low bar we want our parents to be encountered we want parents to know how to assess the system when they have a grievous or how to put their students on a pathway that is true empowerment this by no means a lecture i'll
4:17 am
ask everyone not audience that are hearing ero tv or radio we move to the discourse envisioned conversation to empower our parents to be the true partners our students and communities deserve in that spirit our chief mr. truit and executive director are going to be very excited to be engage with you around that thank you. >> commissioner vice president haney. >> yeah. thank you for that update superintendent to the parents advisory committee for bringing that forward again, this month or at this meanwhile in our report i think one of the things that was requested the board have a larger discussion and potentially in one of the letters we bring that to a
4:18 am
hearing especially to the community as a whole and wanted to let you you know you have our commitment to do that and figure out a date early next year that will be done post collaboration and partnership to bring that forward kind of all that is what we need to cover in that conversation and hopefully move forward from there, i wanted to make sure i gave you that commitment and figure out the right timeline as anothers piece we've spoken about that last year a family parents university model and hope that can continue as part of the conversation i know a number of pieces to the family engagement standard our broader plan looks like but remind us thought that conversations and continue to make that part of our consideration and what we put together to make this a reality
4:19 am
so thank you for your report and advocacy. >> any other comments. >> thank you very much, sir for your report. >> the next item own the agenda the consent calendar and it is item f public comment on consent items we have one speaker card susan solomon exclusive vice president would like to speak on case k through 12 and 13 and k 19. >> good evening, commissioners and superintendent carranza you're aware the united filed a
4:20 am
unfair case we see the district is a contracting out some of the bargaining contracted working we've been working closely to resolve this and come to 34 go agreement around it it with dismay we see many k resolutions including invited to the ones i'm addressing have the appearance of contracting out our work we have a collective bargaining with the school district that defines scope of our work that work is awarded to people not covered by that selected barking agreement and speaking of that collective bargaining agreement we have to take exception to being referred to as a labor partners especially tonight when the term was used in reference to a non-union school you call them
4:21 am
as much as you say welcoming a non-union school is an odd way to do that thank you. >> that collects public comment on consent items we're on items g the consent calendar is there is a motion and a second on the consent calendar. >> second. >> thank you. >> any items withdrawn or corrected by the superintendent. >> yes. president murase to an page 230 and 231 of our agenda ak 47 the background delete them to amendment to resolutions at the top of pages 230 and change
4:22 am
it the background should reflect the original one adopted 200 and $39,000 plus and delete the other one the total program costs should be 200 and plus $39,000. >> thank you very much mr. steel any items removed for first reading by the board? >> any items severed next on the agenda the superintendents proposal let's see concluded the mission prep item the next item is revision to board policy formally one 02 students
4:23 am
admission it's been moved and seconded on november 10th may i have a report commissioner wynns. >> the rules committee meat m met and open up for public comment those are required by state law thank you commissioner wynns. >> superintendent carranza please read the resolution. >> thank you president murase i'm going to ask our general council daniel to do the honors. >> president murase with our permission just reading the requested that the board of education approve the board policy admissions to update and bring into experience with the california education code other state and federal law of a the board of education and the office of civil rights thank you. >> ms. hulk no public comments
4:24 am
comments from the board. >> thank you very much president murase i'd like to add two could clauses we can return it back to rules for a revision of that but there are two i think items i'd like to add one that that the notice of residency or investigation in the families primary language and also that students that are families that are victims of no fault evictions can remain at the schools for the school year. >> is that an amendment to the proposal. >> if i can amend that now and defer to come in i'll like to add those two amendments if you that that will require further discussion i'll be happy to to request this about brought
4:25 am
before the rules committee again. >> i see no reason to refer to for additional study on the languages that the notice be given in the primary language and spriep we're not doing that and should do that. >> it actually didn't say that in here and the only hesitation on the second part that members of families who have been victim of no fault evictions now hesitation on this on the verification and whether or not we want to sell out what types of documents to provide evidence you're family has been evicted through no fault of our own. >> anyone if the no fault education center. >> yeah. someone i couldn't do our director archie presidential
4:26 am
come forward. >> good evening president murase superintendmt carranza so the notification is sent to the primary language to the home we would review that and see what the language spoken would be and send that in everyone and spanish and chinese any language we coffer and the second point. >> so we could add the language as requested. >> sure. >> and the second requested amendment was that students who have been families have been evicted through a no fault eviction will be permitted to go remain within the district enrolled in the remainder of the school year my question whether or not you feel that staff needs to have in the board policy the type of documents necessary to prove that exception.
4:27 am
>> i don't believe it needs that in over 5 hundred investigation we've done since 2010 over 87 percent of the families investigated we homeownership's outside of san francisco and number one, the families were in that eviction on 3 families were homeless and those railroad overturned. >> am i hearing not an issue to have that actually in no fault eviction is a legal process so documentation that parents and families could present. >> i i understand that commissioner fewer i'm hearing director saying. >> deputy director lee and commissioner vice president
4:28 am
haney and commissioner norton. >> thank you chairperson wu agency a points of information and innovative under folk to help me if i get that wrong maintenance our current protocol is related to this particular policy and families that are in transitional housing situations they're already exempted from residency based enrollment or disenrollment so the materials that the family receives it stated that if a family is in a transitional housing situation the policy doesn't apply so i believe that a family that is experiencing this is scenario in the eviction proceedings that would apply so i don't see a problem and jump if you see that differently i don't see it a problem explaining that in the
4:29 am
policy i wanted to say for everyone's information that is already consistent with our practices. >> so let's see i have commissioner vice president haney, o'connor and then commissioner walton and commissioner wynns. >> i support both of the points that commissioner fewer brought up and have other others to talk about i don't know. i know we spoke about our options here in terms of sending this to rules and also to student assignment for further discussion i think that is something i'd like to do didn't mean necessarily we don't pass this version or some version potential and come back and look at it further there are actually some questions i have one of the commissioner fewer's point maybe
4:30 am
people that would be evicted not in transition they move to other housing situation in other city and were evicted not considered to be in transition unless at stable housing situation also a difference between if we think that people who are we've investigated that are in other city that own a house that is and those folks are generally not people that have been evicted that's different than proactively to a family that is evicted our allowed to stay in the school you know that there maybe families that assume that he can and leave automatic they're not being in a position to be investigated we'll be proactively in this case saying we want to tell those families they can stay and actually other families we think about them one of the things to you talk about
4:31 am
assignment committee explicit is what some other districts do around that in the advisory committee of the level of changes and challenges around the city what these when we are in a position where our policy is that a student has to leave in the middle of the year potentially what does that mean in terms of the educational impact on this student and family think a policy matter whether we want to take another approach for probably a broader set of families or students i'd like to know what other school districts do and those are things i want to put that out there i hope that my colleagues agree that deserves a further discussion not because of a legal question not vote on this version particularly with the moving forward and continuing
4:32 am
this conversation in the coming months. >> i have commissioner norton and commissioner walton and commissioner wynns and commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> yes. in the advisory committee of what you said commissioner vice president haney i don't have any objection to this at all my comment was going to be keeping you know any logical issues or financial issues south park staff should look at brown-bag we vote i'd like to know the answer it overwhelms that is confident this is not going to have a huge impact is if we can revisit you know additional changes to this policy at another time and continue on tonight, i'm fine with that. >> commissioner walton. >> just want to make a couple of comments and thank you deputy
4:33 am
superintendant my colleagues states that spelling out in writing the policy is helpful for some of the families that does know their rights i know of one incident since i've been on the board i think that providing families with opportunities to advocate for policies is important you do not i don't like the language but absent of an amendment definitely will support as we move forward to come up with a strategy to address some of the concerns again those are students lives we're talking about and families lives and, of course, 100 percent for students of san francisco receiving a quality education but united states nuances that some of our parents that i've heard the parents and students that we fully address those as well. >> thank you
4:34 am
commissioner wynns and then commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> one i want to remind the board that the technical changes are time sensitive have to have in that place by and certain time and want to ask for your information about where the scenario in the regulations does it say we'll provide the material you know we do anything e everything appropriate languages it is great by the do it but the point to be somewhere in writing where is it. >> the initial letter that is sent to families a translated piece of information that states the letter is available. >> that's a communication device i'm talking about our policy of regulations on what basis do you do the language transmission i understand the way we operate the question do
4:35 am
we have to written down. >> not written down an operations based on the home language. >> we wanted to add this to those other policy and want to advocate find make sure it gets in regulation somewhere so none - we've fallen by the wayside not written down the issue of the students who you know housing is unstable is a huge issue we need to address that i think we need to do that in the student assignment committee a big policy issue not before we won't know if we're putting in the right language that's adequate that's my request and refer to the committee and come back and some things and commissioner walton suggested not just technical issues we're talking about here thank you. >> commissioner
4:36 am
mendoza-mcdonnell. >> thank you so i just want to be clear on we're using consistent language how we chaplain our homeless students and i wanted to just to be clear and make sure let me do the health circumstances first, i know we have a provision in here not edited but changed but you know the it seems to me for recently we've having had more health conditions of some sort that where families have been their placement has been jeopardize the parents the children's had to go live somewhere else their conditions are for the conducive i want to make sure we are vetting those clearly and cleanly we're not
4:37 am
making that more difficult for the families we are truly understanding what the circumstances are abag because they have been really did the circumstances we're hearing and to layer that and you're kids have to leave school in two weeks is difficult i want to make sure we're really clear how we handle those cases as well and then the last thing we're thinking about families who are evicted or being supported through the city's city supports that we're working with the city to understand how families there's not a lot of housing stock right now we've placed families coming out of shelters and being evicted and given assistance with rent or just
4:38 am
trying to stabilize their housing is oftentimes in other places in the bay area and so i just want to make sure we're understanding where the city is placing our families to stabilize them we want to stabilize them and if they're working in the city so you would we have provisions we're not saying you know we now know you live in ann antioch if you're willing to do the commute we want you to have the option again because the city had to place them as part of assistance those are dollars it come from our city to support families in difficult situations our city investing and putting in outside
4:39 am
of san francisco time to understand their patterns are thank you. >> so i understand there are two populated changes there appears to be consensus and on the second piece the no fault eviction i've heard to things one that we could vote on it tonight or two have that piece referred to student assignment for more flushing out by staff what is the pleasure of the authority in terms of the no fault considered tonight or in the committee. >> hearing my colleagues may i have please comment on the notice of residency in native
4:40 am
language are you sending the letter with english and saying it available in our native language may i misunderstood. >> the first letter the initial letter it is in english and a notice of transition available on that letter the second letter in the native language the family so the family speaking chinese will be in chinese. >> would that will too much of a harding park to have the first one presented to the family in the primary language. >> it will take time but no, it wouldn't be i'd like to clarify my amendment both the notices have been written in the families primary language and quite frankly i would like to vote on the eviction piece of it i understand that commissioner
4:41 am
mendoza-mcdonnell talked about other displacement issues like the city's other displacements under 9 category it is a category we recognize legally a no fault eviction those students be allowed to remain in their current school for the remainder of the school year if this is not the pleasure of this board i'm open to the suggestion of having it i'm hearing it is not that big of an impact quite frankly the families you've have i got that is something that many, many of our families are facing every day we have it in writing as a policy families know they have protection it is one less thing to worry about of what school their children been going to there is that having had students that lived 40 in
4:42 am
shelters and being evicted and attend so many different schools that is the observation of our child education what they've moved out of san francisco with no fault of their owner or desire that is unduly impacts additionally impacts the families stress about displacement from the board would be agreeable we have it in writing and that families event ethiopian will know they have protection one last thing to worry about the main role to remain they may choose to do a transfer or may choose to enroll their child closer to them but not to give them the positive affirmation about don't worry about this this is one piece you
4:43 am
don't have to worry about welling we will educate our child at the current school of if so a highly requested school just to lend the family additionally stability if new colleagues will agree superintendent but. >> before we move to a vote on the two amendments superintendent carranza. >> president murase yes commissioner fewer i have thoughts we should do bother in the body of language a clear statement of policy i on the board is very, very puncture concessus around the amendment we would like to is it come back to be clear and specific within the body of language all the additional details it is clear
4:44 am
that outlive autos all of us the policy is very, very clear and make sure for those individuals that are watching us on tv may not understand the context why question have this kind of a policy it is very, very important to understand that in a choice system in san francisco when there are non-san francisco residents occupying their feet in highly subscribed schools philosophy stance of board and the administration those seats this should be given to residents of san francisco that's why are we have a policy and making sure we are endorsing and actually looking to make sure that san francisco residents are in those hive spubd schools with that it was not mentioned in the cases we've rectified four residents
4:45 am
fraud the vast majority have not yielded resulted from dishonest folks have been approached where do you live rather than be forthcoming those are the circumstances i don't actually live there, there becomes a process of not very truly full answers i'm ask them the language will help clarify the rights and we're not locking to revoke residency but ask the public please assume the best intentions of the go district if there are circumstances we can account for those circumstances and provided you with an opportunity to stay in our school you have to be honest and present the documents and if you work with us we're absolutely going to work with you so i
4:46 am
would encourage the board my humble opinion to adopt both the thought maximums adds to the policy and staff comes back with additional details that make that more clear. >> thank you mr. superintendent two amendments proposed the first one to send both notification in the primary language it's been moved is there a second on that amendment roll call please yes student delegate. >> i wanted to ask for the over here for the residency it says homelessness is that the same depiction as a families in transition as san francisco unified school district the no child left behind. >> superintendent carranza. >> we have a response for the
4:47 am
definition of homelessness. >> on the first amendment interest ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and president murase 7 i's the amendment.
4:48 am
>> so there's a second amendment to allow a student to remain at the assigned school through the school year if subject to no fault evictions this is the second amendment to this motion a motion is there a second. >> to this amendment all second. >> roll call please. thank you ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and president murase. >> 7 i's. >> so, now is there any further discussion on the amended proposal commissioner vice president haney. >> just to clarify there be clearly other parts we still want to discuss and hear it in our student assignment merging in february so be there are be
4:49 am
square but a border discussion about this issue. >> thank you on the amendment proposal roll call please. thank you. >> ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and dr. murase 7 i's. >> thank you very much we are now on i board members proposals and i have received a request to take the second item first in view of the fact there are students to speak on the issue take up is it 5110 honoring the historical chinese-american by ms. fewer and it's been moved and seconded may i have a report from the budget committee meeting commissioner norton.
4:50 am
>> yes. the budget committee heard this item on december 2nd we gave it a positive recommendation the talks are very, very minimal and it is can be fully covered through the bond program so - >> reading the resolution by ms. fewer. >> resolution number 15 plus honoring the historical contribution of commenting we're the san francisco unified school district has schools with represent the hectic contributions of chinese-american in san francisco and represent the chinese to the civil rights movement and racial education and whereas the largest population of students that attend the city hall are of china's descent and comprise 1/3rd the population of san
4:51 am
francisco and whereas the 70 san francisco board of education recourses and right-hand turn the equality and san francisco's long chinese history and whereas 3 schools with reference and significance to the chinese-american history colleagues, any questions or comments? and named in honor the court case of the roar verse hawkins to operate a laurent business for the courts to use fourteenth amendment that strict down a law enforced in unequal was and whereas, he he was named on the first supervisor to service on the board of supervisors and spring valley was in the court
4:52 am
case a chinese-american won the rights for their children to attend the public schools and spring valley is loss the older operating public school in california therefore, be it resolved that the superintendant of the schools to insure a plaque is placed on each the schools to recognize their history of san francisco and chinese-americans and therefore, be it resolved the plaque on the front of the school in english and chinese to educate the school population and the greater san francisco population on historic contributions of chinese-americans and therefore, be it resolved it required to have the school teach the history of the population and further be it resolved, the consumption of organizations
4:53 am
like the chinese cultural center and the college of negligent at uc berkley to talk about the facts for the consultation with the principals of those schools and further be it resolved, that these plaques are e elected no matter p than march first, 2016. >> thank you, commissioner fewer and by prior agreement a limit of 15 minutes for public speakers (calling names). >> and president murase she's the daughter of grornd j allow and the principal and lonnie chin is the pack esteemed principal of spring valley elementary school and stephanie
4:54 am
young with the principal of that school thank you . >> (clapping.). >> please approach the podium okay. >> good evening president murase and members of the board and members of the public i'm diane i appreciate the opportunity to speak before you tonight on above the gordon j lowell and the name of its namesake my father was on admit - he was rausz in han law law and his partners ran a family owned grocery store they lived on the edge of chinatown and a plaque shared with aunts and
4:55 am
uncles and enrollment grown up with non-standard english but pillage and worked at hunters point shipyard for the navy shipyard when we saved up enough money were told by the sincere or sincerely you're money is no go-go back to chinatown where you belong that impacted any father of service and advocacy for those who were not empowered and the first college graduate in his family, his father died before he saw that and he advocated for those without support the first chinese-american to work with the sunset scavengers and provided pro bono council to the grocery stores association many
4:56 am
chinese groceries were being mugged and murdered on their own street corner and around ran for the board of supervisors he authorized rent control and put physique action members for asian-american to get hired and police and firefighters he served on chinese for identification and the cultural foundation and chaired the shanghai sister committee all those electrician were his lifetime mission to inspire others to rise i can say with 100 percent conviction the person would be proud of the school bearing his name under dennis chu and other embodies the spirits of my father one of service and deep love for the
4:57 am
communities and inspiring people to be their best to improve the world around them thank you. >> (clapping.) >> good evening. i'm dennis chiu the principal of gordon j allowing our famous person will be speaking before grails against her speaking speech want to take the opportunity to introduce you to mr. gordon j allowing. >> and our teacher is san francis francisco. >> good evening superintendent carranza president murase and members of the board of education my name is grace o i'm a proud
4:58 am
fifth grader at gordon j allow elementary school i started since kindergarten and on the teachers of the accomplishments of any school i would like to give you a little bit of background regarding any fellow students there are 6 hundred 63 students in combornd j allow elementary schools and three hundred and 89 are english learners of percent of those students have been in the united states less than a year and 94 percent have been here for 5 years or less 90 percent of my fellow students qualities for free or at least lunch and the large majority live in chinatown apartment and public housing and volunteering dwelling unit we study hard and love our teachers
4:59 am
and school because of our hard work we made our mark in history just like mr. gordon j himself himself in 2014 combornd j elementary earned the california diminished school award what was the first time in one hundred history of this year our school earned the academic achievement award california business and school quality improvement index my principal brown doctor chow shared with the parents and teachers that we scored 96 on the quality improvement index and now in the 2015 to ri789 year our school qualified to apply for the ribbon award if we earner that award gordon j will
5:00 am
make history for the entire chinatown communities in closing on behalf of all my fellow students and chinatown communities that we would like to thank commissioner fewer for her hard work and dedication in recognizing our school and mr. gordon j allow thank you . >> (clapping.). >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> can we have the. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> guaranteeing how do you fellow that when i retired i took courses in the brain and diligence and learning in the brain it was important for everybody to shake our heads so you're blood goes to the brain you've been sitting over two hours we need more strategies to
5:01 am
help children learn be critical thinkers that is what spring valley has been doing san francisco was established in 1950 the gold rush in 1852 spring valley was one of 7 schools established during the combrushd period every single one of the 7 has closed spring valley is the only one left and by february the 92016 spring valley will be one and 64-year-old so it i did not had had doctoral dissertation she xhoifrmd west of the mississippi spring valley is the older school so several years ago, i
5:02 am
made sure before i retired that spring valley school remains on the roads to perpetuity no matter who comes and sits on the boards spring valley remains spring valley does not change the name i don't want lonnie chin school anywhere so (laughter) there's some bad things that happened in 1882 just like what is that tumble guy no muslims into the united states in 1882 someone said no chinese to the united states and you know what that happened so chinese were not allowed to come until i think 1964 when they changed the rules that i think in the 1950s
5:03 am
one and 5 chinese were allowed to come to the united states so in 1965 that's when we saw a huge influx of chinese speaking students that's why we became the largest chinese you know student body in san francisco at one time 20 percent of population in california was chinese and so there are you have it but spring valley is very unique in that there was a parent named mary tape and probable the chinese name a yip or whatever so ms. hurley what the principal at spring valley and said to the family when we came to immoral no. you dirty chinese can't come here we'll start a special
5:04 am
school for you that the original school that is coming donor stockton is now gordon allow school the connection is close and unique but you're here talking about the charter schools spring valley since i was there for thirty years has been i'll tell you why i stated for thirty years i was lucky enough for many supermarkets asked me to come down do the board and work i hated paperwork so i preferred to stay in the school with the parents and the kids doing what we do best teaching, learning, discovering and questioning and being curious okay and so during that thirty years we were part of many, many
5:05 am
initiatives working on science cha which became a kinds of magnet school and worked on conflict instructions one of the first schools to do it where children learned to solve problems and a lot schools do that nowadays okay. so always also we were interested how to improve intelligence even though students are not english speakers so we developed chinese bilingual and spanish bilingual programs and i daresay that spring valley is potential the most integrated school in san francisco 40 percent are asian-americans, 33 percent are spanish speakers, 11 percent african-american, and maybe we
5:06 am
can find 3 percent european americans the school is a very segregated we've been if we still count the a by i scores we are a 10 is my times over (laughter) i'm going to take over for e reign now sorry i'm retired so i don't care (laughter) i do care i'm here to fight for the public schools to make sure that public schools remain public school and they are not privatized they're trying to do with what do you call those schools charter schools all righty reign wanted me to tell the audience the common core has
5:07 am
33 mentor texts and they're a recommended list but only 9 of these deal with asians in california talking about all the asian groups in tfa california you can count at least a dozen so that is very, very skinny you know so mower take recommends working since 1969 to develop the chinese-american curriculum for the district a lot of that is you know history has not changed a maybe some of the you know the technology has changed but so we'd like the district to go help take we organize some of the materials to be useful for all the schools and you know since spring valley
5:08 am
as well as a number of schools in san francisco participated in project 20 61 that resolution in his the country a lot of the materials were developed in san francisco and the question where are they so those should be used they're like a common core develop critical thinking and project based learning and student gender learning and so forth i'm going to give you some stuff that spring valley has been trying to do more information to know what good teaching is all be. >> thank you two remaining speakers please approach the podium either i'm sorry. >> good evening thank you for
5:09 am
having me. i'm a fourth grade teacher as going forward allow in the 1920s and early thirty he my gather was a student this holds a place in i heart he's 93 now i'm also currently a board member on the society of the american i know that the history of our school and the other two schools we're talking about are important to share not just for now but the generations to come so i wanted to share a brief history of our school do give people that don't know a sense why it is something so important. >> make that brief. >> sure. sure the original chinese school we were originally the chinese school a segregateed school for then a segregated school for different
5:10 am
asian populations in the 80s the coming donor stockton school my gather was a student playing games and picking potatoes from the historical society alice was one of the teachers at the school and was the first chinese teacher and now has a school named after her so our school has played a big parted in that and 1998 our school way was named to honor our former supervisor i said that fitting this school is now named after someone that is a long time part of our history to equal rights especially knowing the parts that our school played in chinatown history so many of our
5:11 am
educators have personal lifelong guides to going to the school and growing up in the neighborhood our educators at the school are committed to chinatown our name is fitting for that and so i'm proud to be part of my school community and proud of the history of having it in our school district thank you very much . >> (clapping.). >> thank you very much for coming out out a comment from my colleagues. >> excuse me. if i may ask the board if you will allow her to sprk speak a brief history about the school. >> please speak but with search warrant we have a full agenda. >> thank you. thank you for having us. to speaker we're excited about
5:12 am
to pubically recognize our name and teach an opportunity teach not just san francisco but for many tourists with walk past our school on a daily basis a brief history of supreme court case nick verse hopkins one of the first cases they teach in law school but it was the name of a laundromat an 1980 ordinance written by the san francisco board of supervisors made a unlawful to maintain a laundry without the prior consent of the board of supervisors unless made out of stone or brick as referenced an e a large i think fluctuation of chinese half of them settling in san francisco this was one of the ways that
5:13 am
the white population was working to control the chinese immigrants that came in in 1985200 of the laundry owners were denied their licenses and many continued to operate and went to jail that was the case now known as wows verse hopkins and one the first cases the law school teach i'm grateful for the opportunities for students to learn more and more about the this case and begin to understand the power of stand up for their own rights and especially people that sound like and look like them from the same community thank you. i appreciate you're time sclm >> thank you, thank you, very much. >> comments from my
5:14 am
colleagues. >> commissioner norton. >> i wanted to thank you and all the speakers for coming out and that was just a really interesting and delight history lesson thank you, commissioner fewer for bringing this forward an important part of our history. >> i'm so glad will be enhanced for our students as commissioner wynns and commissioner vice president haney. >> thank you all for coming out, i say after all you and wanted to say how happy to vote for the name change in 1998 to have not yielded known gordon and know most of you so thank you very much. >> commissioner vice president haney. >> i want to tutor chairing and commissioner fewer for bringing this forward i learned about all 3 schools i knew about it i was a lieu student added one time i recognize that name through a more positive
5:15 am
experience than texting on that but everything that was shared a school the old sustaining public school west of the mississippi is incredible i just have a proud history and tradition with our public schools and amazing to be able to celebrate it i hope that becomes a mold how we begin to celebrate all our public schools and their namesakes starting with the chinese schools and not just our students and our entire community but the residents of san francisco and tourists and everybody to understand the history and proud education in san francisco i appreciate you under scoring that thank you for being here and bringing this forward. >> commissioner walton. >> superintendent carranza you i want to oxen my colleagues
5:16 am
sentiment and excited to see this school wondering beside the facts to detail that rich history but i thank you for coming and providing that information and snoeth and looking forward or look forward to seeing the history. >> i wonder if we can add everyone's name to the resolution. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> thank you. i wanted to thank commissioner fewer for bringing this forward we had this conversation around the individuals if were mentions and how important as a district it is so this was a 3 more schools i know history about it is funny oftentimes beyond the campuses and have no idea the schools are named after or the significance
5:17 am
and we are actually asking some of the kids was they couldn't imperialism a good answer he googled them in the car those are always wonderful ways to share and it will be a wonderful reminder of their history. >> before we go to the board members superintendent carranza. >> thank you to our hard working principal and administrators for being here i know that school starts earlier on invaluable part the presentation to be here and share our story and ms. allow thank you for being here and commissioner fewer thank you for bringing this forward and thank
5:18 am
you our chief officer david gotten when we talked about the plaques how big to get all that rich history didn't oblique find the resources to make that happen and thank you for that it didn't- i can't help by being struck in 1982 the chinese act all but barred chinese to america because our immigrants were chinese you hear we're currently in the presidential campaign we don't want individuals of groups coming because of who they are it's imperative we register or remember our chinese in this lands of immigrants vitally important i'll say that a corner of an early education for all the students to know who their
5:19 am
ancestors are i'm going to ask we talk about those does the ask the deputy superintendant for the social justice to work with our superintendents and have the director go to the projects added every loefrments and middle school he and education center their children will know who the namesakes it is important everyone knows who the school a named after those are people that are part of fasten of our democracy i so look forward to coming to all the plaques. >> i want to thank all the speakers that was a fascist you faichlt /* fascinating history
5:20 am
so make sure the history of chinese-american and the asian-american are recognized in the common core text so i'd like to request the superintendent work with staff to make sure that our ethic studied include the rich history and fortunate to have not only the students for those teachers but the black school educators and the making and teachers association i hope to continue to use those resources as we bring curriculum to all of our students thank you yes. >> commissioner fewer. >> i also want to thank you yourself coming out tonight and principals that the plaque should be written that addresses so thank you so much and i loved hearing the history especially to diane thank you so much for sharing you're fathers history
5:21 am
and staying with us so late so much everyone i want to mention a product of a family that came over from the paper my gather was forced to if they wanted to come to the country seeking better opportunities for their children we see that threat with that same theme and of the immigrants coming so these lessons are significant for today, i want to thank the superintendent went on a tour around chinatown that educated himself around chinatown and the chinese community and some of the challenges some of the go chinese students are facing living in sros and at that time, we talked about the chinese history if san francisco i mentioned this to him he said
5:22 am
this is something we should do honor this long and deep relationship that active chinese-american have had but what we stands fingertip at the 70 san francisco unified school district about social justice and equality those chinese-american were from the formulate of that fight and continuing i said to thank you it to the superintendent and my colleagues in approving that resolution. >> thank you so much for that coming out tonight. >> thank you roll call vote. >> ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell mr. walton ms. wynns and abruptly. >> 7 i's. >> thank you very much thank
5:23 am
you. >> (clapping.) >> i'd like to take things out of order there recent several educators among our general public comment speakers so i'd like to move this next and then we'll take up the seconds board members proposal following that so i'd like to is commissioner vice president haney to right is public comment speakers because i've asked for public comment to, limited to one mini have to hold that to the entire meeting one minute.
5:24 am
>> (calling names) i'll call the rest after that. >> good evening superintendent carranza, president murase somewhere and board members and audience my name is joan i appreciate the history lesson i don't know. i was going to get if i really enjoyed that i'm joan i'm cca member and on part of the exclusive board wanted to extend my gratitude on behalf of the executive week that was supported by everyone in the district my daughter a
5:25 am
senior at gordon and came to our assembly that did recognize and we appreciate the kickoff that occurred yesterday and the fact that so many more schools are participating in exclusive schools week and want to see much more continued support of where had in this area and we will like to invite any of the board members to come to a cca meeting that ours every fourth thursday of the month thank you. >> one minute, huh? i'm richard the co-director and the superintendent a friend of mine virginia would like to borrow those bells any how a conclusion week i appreciate all the
5:26 am
organizations that got those going our members are very much participating in making sure that is a success and, of course, every week is inclusion school week al at our schools and wanted to let you know with your community partners in the pta several the members sat on that member we congratulate you are principals and schools that won the awards tonight and lonnie chin said that all thirty years she can say anything she wants appreciate all ore efforts and a big door with the meat tomorrow to raise founded funds for the skips for our students thank you have a great holiday on behalf
5:27 am
of the administrators. >> one minute wow. >> and of the supposed to read the of concern members that couldn't be here good evening the names of those individuals (calling names) these are sunset residents that opposed the francis scott key not as a whole project but two parts the inclusion of the escape park and the backyard of those who for whom english not their first language and disfranchised on october 23rd i issued a letter to the board the board has essentially ignored
5:28 am
about but have no further response i'll make the request requesting a hearing i expect you guys not to respond you haven't responded previously thank you. >> hi happier news kate representing my employer i worked for the myth circuit federal court the courts are here for the individuals rights we're having a civic contest for sophomores seniors and thousands of dollars i want to san francisco school kids to have the opportunity to first of all, educate themselves on the matter of in this case the contest on 50 years after the miranda decision and it is the ninth
5:29 am
circuit of civic to high schools to see how miranda rights how they're by the federal courts and so important to the system of justice two components individuals but 5 hundred to seven hundred and 50 words are two or three minute video so, please for the high school students to get information on this contest and us to build a bond between the school district and the ninth circuit as the 9th district crowded that's a great partnership thank you. >> one point if you could give. >> we'll get to the right person absolutely and good evening again sizing solomon
5:30 am
united educator of san francisco a pleasure and honor to be a the last night's event and virtually all the members have the opportunity to do the education of all our children i also said when educators speak from the hearts about the challenges they sometimes face needing more resources and training in special education doing so with the knowledge of more encouragement the more encouragement and respect and teaching and leon get translate to the students in the spirit of trying to solve problems and fraternal out of frustration we know we can gordo better but our our students and increase the paraprofessional retention ♪ district i'm speaking on behalf
5:31 am
of the iuoe members that a couple of weeks ago in our special ed committee a began to talk about the guidance for our vice president of paraprofessionals has a copy of list to give you those roemgz or recommendations from not having lights in the rooms to consistent train for the members to improved completely staffing we welcome the boards involvement in working torts solutions to the challenging issues thank you very much >> good evening president of the midnight educators of san francisco i don't think that i can this into one minimal i come with a serious message to deliver to you in san francisco the most expensive city in the
5:32 am
united states you are not paying a living wage to the teachers and paraprofessionals our members are hoourt at this time of year they offer a modified amount of money small members through a fund we call a fund if i asked you to give by what percentage the number of applications you might think thirty percent you'd be wrong more 2 times as many applications this year i was read through a pile like this there are teachers with medical expenses and paraprofessionals that are sleeping on relatives couches and paying third rents we heard from paris that can pay for food for their kids they're
5:33 am
doing the hard work of teaching everyday in the classrooms this cannot go on one needed to pay for funeral expenses it is unsustainable i feeling sad and pretty angry an open medic by nature and making the necessary changes to turn this around we need to provide educators with a chance to live with dignity it is up to you to find the solutions and turn this warning around the question what will you do. >> the next set of speakers (calling names). >> please approach the podium. >> good evening my name is
5:34 am
carl i'm here tonight's with other from our group sf free for really equality as we repeat our call for hearings on the impact and prelims of california south park 277 vaccination abomination of the law thank you for the records request look forward to seeing the evidence based evidence you use south park 277 is unprecedented this week we're here historically from the time vaccinations were mandated in 19 61 parents have had an opt out first of all, that wouldn't have pays for use it is a big deal to take that away with a film yet excuse please hold hearing on south park 277 i want to examine
5:35 am
where's the socithe social just >> now you're changing the rules in the middle felt game you're so committed to evaluated our telling my child they're not welcome if you're not why not stand up and say sp. >> thank you, sir next item, please. >> tonight i'd like to bring awareness to the by his side behind the vaccines the pharmaceutical companies are the biggest police donors giving to national it spends more on lobbying $3 billion if 1998
5:36 am
double of amount of spend by oil and gas and four times always the aerospace lobbyists this year state lecturers are pushing through those to end the rig vaccines we know that sp 277 was passed mandating vaccines they think their for a nonprofit business why should there be profited to walk through to the mentioning gitsz i've skip postpone, add, or change ahead one vaccine it mandated they will be annual windfall for manufacturers is $80 million from one vaccine we need to really look at this and crunch the numbers and all
5:37 am
matters listed hereunder constitute a consent calendar, are considered what is going up with mandating those vaccines please have public hearing you want to identify yourself. >> i'm brooke sales. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> >> i push this good evening it's a late night 9 o'clock so sp 277 is what we are talking about the mandatory vaccination that creates a significant change in admission criteria to public and private schools and childcare facilities this new law mandates vaccination against 10 diseases and elements the personal belief in personal exception that personal belief open up for public comment or exception is california law since 19 61 when
5:38 am
governor pat brown signed it into law 100 percent percent compliance with required if you have one shot no daycare no school if i don't want to give my kids helping it's 100 percent required no notification requirements built into the law i see no evidence that san francisco is unified school district the gatekeeper ever vaccine recommend that is communicated the change nothing in the enrollments brochure and how is a parent supposed to know other people don't know the first phase of sp 277 ends on december 31st this year
5:39 am
in other words, to be grandfathered in can i have 20 seconds. >> wrap up. >> i will in order to be combrarthd into the rights until you're child's next grade and be able to attend daycare you have to have the child's permanent exception on file with the institution before january 1st thank you did you want to identify yourselves you're not required to. >> thank you. >> okay. >> public comment is closed. we will now return to item i board members proposal in support of equality and sustainable student transportation in the sfusd this is it's been moved and seconded on cement 13 we'll be
5:40 am
dealing with the amendment by substitute motion an pages 17 may i have a report from the grounds committee commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> we had two items at the board meeting an update on our sorry - wait which one with we talking about the transportation we sent that out with a with a positive recommendati recommendation. >> thank you that was taken up by the budget committee on december 4th may i have a report by the budget committee. >> the recommendation from the budget committee own the ramification resolution. >> it is late and oh, my gosh
5:41 am
on november 4th gave it a positive recommendation okay. thank you everybody for helping. >> thank you there are no speakers signed up for this comment from my colleagues oh, yes. i'm sorry the reading of the resolution commissioner vice president haney and commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> okay. >> in support of evaluated and sustainable student transportation in the san francisco unified school district i'll read a couple of whereas as a sfusd is committed to creating equality housing and sustainable environment for students and whereas walking and bicycling and public transit use and other active transportation is environmentally go sustainable alternatives to driving and allows students to engage in physical activities it reduces the abate and chronic
5:42 am
like diabetes and heart and stroke and improves the health and whereas reducing air pollution and reducing traffic congestion in san francisco jumping ahead therefore, be it resolved that this board of education requests that the district staff enhances the healthy and sustainable transportation for all students and families for all sfusd for the plan for the diverse needs of families and has a sustainable transportation expands save routes to school district wide and presentation for the cooperation of stoplight transportation efforts be it therefore resolved the handbook cooperates the safe route to school and be it therefore resolved there is a modes to
5:43 am
provide storage and active routes for transportation to encourage the transportation tomorrow and be it therefore resolved as part of concerted effort to get students to register and be it therefore resolved the strategy department gives preference to the zero pollution where technology didn't provide sacrifices and be it therefore resolved the school district will engage with city agencies to roll autos district wade bicycle safety at every level. >> thank you comments from my colleagues. >> commissioner walton. >> i just want to say i support if this is very important we focus on making sure that our students are getting to school safely and
5:44 am
avoid any tragedies and thes we've had to recent tragedies and some recent accidents that have put some of our students not hospital to make sure we avoid that and make sure we offer alternatives for health reasons and make sure we focus on providing the information necessary to parents, families and to, of course, our team in the district to promote safer option i'm glad that commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell and commissioner vice president haney are bringing this forward i fulfill for the support that and understand the seriousness of making sure we need to keep our children save on the way to school and on the way home as well. >> any further comments. >> commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> i wanted to thank my colleague commissioner vice president haney for putting all the effort and bringing this
5:45 am
resolution forward the conversations we were having were meaningful around some of the challenges we are that having throughout the city and actually quite a bit of support and resources to many of the families and students that that many don't realize i think that we've outlined are some of the ways to support and prompt save travel for our students i was having this conversation the other day about truntdcy how our students are not making to school we no longer provide transportation for our students that have special needs so that is critical that our students know what over and over those options are and provide as many routes as much as possible i hope you'll support in effort we spend a lot more time
5:46 am
particularly with our transportation department and thinking about how we can do a much more cooperated effort throughout the city. >> turf. >> thank the authors for drinking bringing this forward and including my resolution about zero pollution thank you commissioner norton. >> just and thank you for bringing this forward it is important and we'll allow us to know to do more to promote more transportation options for that kids i am wondering if you this commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell i remember hearing the city as under take a study of commute times impacts of travel to and from school in terms of traffic do you know if this is deny or
5:47 am
underway or have information that will be interesting data for the new person to have. >> it is important as we think about school start times and things as well so jan is leading it and passionate about it so i can found out with her she's been pushing to have that monitored. >> okay. great. thank you. >> commissioner vice president haney. >> yeah. i want to thank the board thorough their support and commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell for her co-sponsorship a lot of folks in the sustainability office that really helped to develop that and mr. golden and truit and everyone that prioritized this and have been work on this for a long time this is something that is a
5:48 am
challenge it is not going away any time soon anybody that on the roads traffic is getting worse the traffic associated with the transportation especially for families are on this growing and seeing more and more i know that folks that spent time in our schools one the things i'll look at the law log of ask the that come in late if you look down the column traffic transfer traffic something recommended to transportation a huge challenge hard to provide the supports for all the students having challenges getting gh there a reliance an family vehicles some we've seen from the schools that participated in the safe route it is supportive and cooperate if we looked at the data and create school based teams and
5:49 am
work cloufb with parents and with the city can break down the barriers right away that make that harder to walk and take public transit it is us being a part of solution and facing the challenge of intentional at all the schools at building on the safe route to school that specifically a working a should be a reality at all our schools the other thing that is exist we'll is have a full-time transportation looking at those issues with transportation looks like for us not maybe not what it looked like yesterday with we have more buses a complex under take that needs to happen throughout the entire way so i'm super excited and hope that through the process more
5:50 am
students and family agriculture to bike and we're being supportive what it takes to allow them to effectively get do school with the at least amount of barriers and challenges for a lot of families is thanks everyone that was part of this i'm excited to both see this happen and be an integral part of the district but this is a comprehensive plan not the ends of this, of course, agency a district one small corrections i'll make we say that the name of that is adequately sustainable stated transportation i hope that is also will include and has included save routes should be about our staff how they're able to get to school and whether necessary have access to transportation and whether it is supported named student
5:51 am
transportation but for the entire communities. >> i'd like to ask the authors for our names to be added fantastic ms. casco roll call. >> thank you ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns dr. murase 7 i's. >> thank you very much at this time i'd like to excuse the school board's student delegates and wish them the best as they approach the tests in the ask the year your we're now an or on item k special order of business the structural for the
5:52 am
2016-2017 i need a there is a motion and a second so moved second. >> thank you i'd like to ask the superintendent read the recollection into the record. >> thank you drum to do do honors i'd like to ask the chief labor new yorker. >> thank you. superintendent and board the requested action on the subject of the structural calendar. 2016-2017 school year at board of education adopts the 2016-2017 structural calendar >> thank you, very much, sir no public speakers as i understand up any comments from my colleagues commissioner wynns. >> i looked this over we haven't changed any the principles and looks like the last day of school will be in
5:53 am
yeah, so - before memorial day weekends and we'll be talking about a longer thanksgiving holiday but not part of the proposed calendar for the next week. >> a note i think i mean we tried to do outreach around that issue should what would be the impacts of families having a longer thanksgiving break i think we need to redouble our efforts and use more avenues to get input from parents i'll particularly interested if two days that there's not a lot of education go on we can do a
5:54 am
better job. >> mr. superintendent. >> yes. thank you very much commissioners for mentioning that we've spoken about that with the teachers union they themselves we're very sensitive to that we worked clovb to get messages out of the importance of being in psychological for the first two days to no vail i'm concerned about the instructional time during the two dazed tripling the outreach to the parents parents have avenues like a winter break not in session and very much engage around the calendar that comes before the board it is unconsciousable the amount of loss of structural time a high priority for us. >> if no further discussion ms. casco roll call. >> ms. fewer
5:55 am
mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and dr. murase 7 i's. >> thank you very much the next item on the agendas is the/78 and san francisco community office of education balanced scorecard single plans there is a motion and a second i understand a birthday dr. robert that sacrificed his birthday to be with us mr. superintendent. >> happy birthday. >> thank you dr. murase ask the doctors to do do honors on that item. >> thank you very much superintendent carranza
5:56 am
good evening, commissioners tonight we have a special aboard order ever business to discuss the scorecards slash single plans for student achievement and i'm going to turn it over to birthday boy. >> wish you a good ego the special order of business is a unprecedented orders of business between the sites and central office i want to this the individuals the directors chief of schools my colleagues in the legal pathways department and specifically the administrators in a small department that helped with the back and forth and so as part of that approval process and prubts to state and federal regulations and applicable and consistent with our commitment to sfusd we
5:57 am
present the balanced school cards in the summer and in the winters with the revisions as approved by the school sites counselors. >> to that end the windows action tonight is that the board of education of the san francisco unified school district approve the san francisco san francisco unified school district and san francisco county of education 2016-2017 final balanced scorecards i'm available to answer any questions. >> thank you very much. >> there are no public speakers on this item colleagues questions or comments commissioner norton and commissioner fewer all the documents are been available; is that correct? >> yes. they've been made available and this is like go something we really stress an
5:58 am
intermediate processed but with the additions continue and our input are appreciate you have access on the website those are what we're presenting to you yes. >> commissioner fewer. >> thank you pursue so these balanced scorecards have been approved by the council; is that correct? >> yes. they have been. >> which schools. >> if which schools can you name them. >> all the schools. >> it is for the whole district oh, i thought for the county. >> oh, just for those counties schools thanks. >> commissioner wynns. >> thank you all i have actually, i try to read one or two schools to get a sense that
5:59 am
was interesting i think the schools are learned how to use the process much more complete maybe is the right word but include more in an appropriate way thank you. >> a huge amount of work for you're office and everyone in the schools so really want to thank you. >> any further comments seeing none, ms. casco. >> ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns and dr. murase ambassador go 7 i's. >> doctor castro enjoy the rest of you're evening. >> thank you very much. >> the next item on the agenda
6:00 am
l discussion of other education issues after school action. >> thank you dr. murase we'll have the presentation by our chief of community supports kevin truit and the director and this is a that time presentation i'll ask us to get up and stretch. >> and move the brain to have the projection.
6:01 am
>> good evening commissioners we were and with the lateness of hour i want you to know that can be very, very brief okay. i know you see my face off lord we'll be here until midnight we were schedule to come back to give you an update for after school resolution that was really, really important to look at the quality of the after-school programs and want after school all our students graejd in an after-school program that is adrc to the quality of positive looefrp experience of the school community and linked to the school day learning want to make sure it is not just the numbers the more kids in the program but focused on the quality of the program a so much work has been done. >> focusing on the quality of
6:02 am
the programs they actually had a meeting with - what's going on keep going on okay. i was impressed by the work that melanie and her team we need to show this to richard for a few minutes to show you some of the work we talk about the quantity and talk about the numbers of students enrolled in more of the data in enrollment in off-street parking ems to ma necessary and want to say a couple of things you should be interested over three hundred k resolution from her every year not a retro hydra is hearing that it is impressive okay. he want to say and 6 over $16 million annual budget and last year this or last year that is annual whatever money we don't use we have to give it
6:03 am
back out of $16 million left 40 thousand unspent in all schools out of $16 million it is impressive she's impressive ladies and gentlemen, melanie smith. >> thank you very much for that kevin superintendent and disrupting and commissioners thank you for the opportunity to present as kevin mentioned we've been focusing on quality in the after-school programs this my fourth year we adapted a quality improvement my role to take all the documents that come through the district the strategic plastic bag plan and vision 2025 and the board of education bringing the extend guidelines and did meeting with principals and goes to crosswalk the data
6:04 am
to talk about the theory of action that we drives the after-school programs to the excel program notice the color cooperation we have 5 areas we say is a quality if our packets you can follow along with the more engagement to schools and other positive ervin fluency with that, we've come up with a perfect discussion beforehand ambassador and if you look at it is we have the foundation of programs that are the systems the who's also of the bus and the 3 program areas in support of climate and academic support each the areas the face of culture and climate of the district the same save and
6:05 am
support of culture and support of activities in the school are pushed into the after school it is modeled after the wellness and the support component civilian by the scorecard and the schools education we take all of those a different process if you look at briefly part of the driven process is a assessment check list you'll? the colors match the windows and the wleelz on the bus everything we align to color coding has helped in our conversation in the advisory committee self-assessment to mapping the programs by the multiple tier system to see what is happening in each the programs and how it stays with those tiers with a that information you have in obvious or you're packets a
6:06 am
common planning time in august for principals and their after-school programs go together and go through a guided inquiry process that led to the principle part of that that basically creates the quality action plan clap we call it for shorthand excuse me. the goals for each of those 5 areas you saw so all it a intentional process i'll wrap up we have coaches support the sites to do labor pushing to focus on quality and also the big thing that we're all talking about the same language all our measures are tied to the school quality index for this same indicators and kevin will talk about some of that.
6:07 am
>> as we reviewed we're wvptd the x telling sell we want to focus think outside the box the quality and adrc to the student experience we're looking at the core school climbing and culture surveys and trying to looking at want gpa and other programs and reading scores results for the parents student surveys we've found that excel participation remember excel that the sfusd branded name for the office what? standard and excellence i'm sorry to put on the spot i - there's days of schools and actionism reduction in rates a what do you mean that is self-participants are less likely to participate in school
6:08 am
and more likely to be participated in school if you're in after-school programs concerning the african-american students have the highest chronic an telling them and yet if they participate northbound if african-american students are partnering in excel they have a lower chronic an tim frye they have the highest gains in attendan attendance. >> once very joined the after-school program at middle school and high school achieved
6:09 am
an average gpa of 3.843 if middle school and 1.38 in high school compared to the gpa 9 previous year that is significant ma new said that made her son comboiblg for football, of course, he won other things i'm just saying that made him combooblt the freshmen year and african-american achieves average gapping of 4.4 compared to the previous years it is important to know after school we're looking at this data an telling them and gpa and reading levels with the now, maybe brent
6:10 am
can tells you it is impressive it is commissioner norton thank you so much i know it means that kids are reading better that's good. all right. >> i hate to ask you this just to say you don't know what it means. >> i don't know what one .00. >> i want to know that means one day a week or one day. >> over the course. >> over the course of the year. >> the year oh, that's really good. >> okay. so now we've transitioned we're almost wrapping up
6:11 am
so scomplibz here's our data i know you have since last time in april of 2014 when we reported back we wanted to share the numbers of after school 26 thousand 58 students enrolled in k 5 and three hundred that's the enrollments enrollment numbers are increased of those three hundred and 78 more students enrolled if after-school programs since april of 2014 okay decrease three hundred and three students not enrolled three hundred and 25 less students not enrolled one and 21
6:12 am
more students three hundred more students in offsite programs and 20 fewer schools with waiting lists reinforcing those are reduced the total fiscal year funding this is over $7.20 century and dcyf match seeing the number not clearly 16 thousand 079 so $16,000,719,000,000 that's the overall budget marry melanie. >> great on the other tasks we talked about the comprehensive guidelines the central online
6:13 am
there are preliminary conversations with the technology plans for being put in place those conversations we folded into that the comprehensive information source currently as part of our children and families initiative that is a required to have a comprehensive services inadvertent folding that into the conversation and pilot some kind of services in the spring of 2016 the equalityable copayment the combination of school district and on the community-based organizations we met with them 6 times to talk about ways to think about an equitable copayment to see how you will do sorry - how you will determine
6:14 am
the latin-american scale where it falls on the sliding scale and in the preparation of making decisions with the team and the start time is an opening conversation about school start and high school and elementary school and middle school we're actually ending up doing a lot of work with consolidating the program i think el dorado middle school and we've gone working on a case by case basis and learning a lot about what that means to go from a school maybe two or three separate programs to trying to merger and consolidate and bring in all the schools and learn look what that means for custodial so i think those two experiences will form
6:15 am
a lot of work going forward. >> we conclude. >> thank you seeing and hearing no questions commissioner wynns. >> commissioner wynns. >> thank you so much and for all the incredible work you've been doing i'm so happy but i have a few questions the first, it one of the things it doesn't have progress here on is the xhoeflt into one provider at every school can you give me an update. >> yeah. we're looking at real on a case by case basis the condolence is complex because of a number of schools you have
6:16 am
programs that maybe excel exempt if the stated requirements and a licensed requirements a lot of complications and you may ended up with one provider at the school that has a be a slow process for families they feel developed if we pick one over the other each group of parents is connected to that that program and creates a lot of anxiety so it has been a/process at each school evolves in a different way looking at el dorado middle school and doing that at sunnyside to learn more. >> i kind of like to be for us all to get an update don't tell you what was happening in each
6:17 am
school if everyone wants to that that great. >> how many schools are reduced - >> how and i'd like tool have some if you could give us some sense what you said is important i'd like to know will it take 10 years how many schools where are we not school by school how it is going in part we've discussed that might want times that you described social economic and racial segregation that is unacceptable and part of the idea of doing that we were trying to make after school available to everyone and also as you said much anymore integral part of school and the
6:18 am
minority providers situation we have in my objection i experienced didn't do that and i'm also are we down to the providers excuse me. have two nobody has more than two anywhere. >> in many of the schools one or two still pta and other programs percentage take a way allow parents to packing pick one day and change one hour in simply drop in on a larger level that is impossible to staff the program you have people you're offering 5 hours a week and not find the people that is complex because the people are tied to the enrichment program if the way it is developed so it takes
6:19 am
a lot of conversations at the school base level otherwise they become more dwefs we are trying to merger the proms and understand this it is not a recommendation from you i don't object if people want to have the enrichment my choice they will xhutsd in the school plan we say that is not really an after-school program or it is an after-school program so i'd like to you give us some recommendations about that eventual and if i may i want to say i appreciate how much work is gone into the qualities work i was hoping for at least i think i was hoping for an increase in the number of
6:20 am
paternities i'd like four to comment about it now but sometime in the future soon tell me wag you think how long to get to the goals we have had and the goals he understand those systemic goals you're giving process today, we actually have angle ability to provide the there's capacity i think so they're not separate but like to have a sense how much that is holding up i'm i delutsdz or overly optimistic i want to talk about one other thing that is about the funds because i do - i think - i want to urge the staff i i know that is the third rail changing start times of school
6:21 am
is the reason we have all the dcyf money going to do bridge times instead of serving for kids of this is tough in my opinion we have put off for years and years the other thing not their deal a lot of pursue to have the start minds for high school i hope that is being folded into that discussion and get a report but also i have again, a discussion with mistake with the after-school programs and talked about what we can gordo about talking about the state rules that require us to have all that bridge funding foreign the half an hour we
6:22 am
shou pursue no. your not delutsdz i want to say something we will provide you with the timeline for some of the numbers what we can anticipate those increasing to i don't think that is a problem at all we can do that. >> i mean a lot of that progress has been made it is some stems people are getting the message and have their own timelines so there as we speak right now several schools in the process you'll start to see those numbers increase and the other is that with the funds again, you mentions meanwhile meeting with michael you had a request about funding. >> no, i wanted to have it said here a lot of the dcyf funding we spend which the city
6:23 am
has commented to spends is used no to increase the capacity but fund the times between the closings of our early start schools and the follows up for the states rules other after school funds that doesn't allow to 3 o'clock if we could free up the money from most of it from providing that bridge time we could serve a lot for kids some of it is it fretted up if we change the start time and freeing up like changing the regulations. >> i have commissioner walton and commissioner norton before
6:24 am
you there is a couple members of the public any public comment on this item? okay seeing none, commissioner walton then commissioner norton >> thank you president murase and tb thank you for this animated presentation a couple of things the self-assessments for excel programs or all the programs in the district utilizing this. >> right now the "x" sell programs all the other programs could use them but something we can suggest and make that available whether or not they need them we have not gotten to look at all the programs and look at the resources but something that can be available for all the programs.
6:25 am
>> you can look at any school program online. >> thank you then a ses is a what. >> an after school enrichment and safety a proposition 49 that passed in the 80s but funds k through 8 and the 21st century is k through 12. >> and then last i'd like to see higher margins of increases in some of the percentages increase is always great i appreciate the hard work and looking forward to seeing the increases thank you. >> i do want to mention one thing a couple years ago we lost the high school funding not to
6:26 am
guaranteed thing just because we apply we don't get it we have a higher percentage with after-school programs a large number of grants we're under a good place but want to remind us not to take that for greeted not guaranteed. >> commissioner norton. >> i just don't think i understand it as far as an arrangement between other different programs i mean it used to be there were we had funding we cracked with cbos like the yuma walk through or between the district neighborhoods to administer a program for us, and organizations that parents had completely set up as nonprofits to provide the services is that still the case and how many
6:27 am
sites where there is 2 programs operating. >> i don't know exactly at high schools there are none it is more me elementary level tiling i'll get it to you before the funding is it available. >> i remember not super long ago when new kids were in elementary school their elementary had 3 programs operating one was a through the richmond ymca the other one introduce the richmond's district be neighborhood self-center and i would be interested in thinks how many schools are still in that kind of situations and you know the issue of capacity in building
6:28 am
capacity that was really i understand the intent behind that; right? to have so that - i mean, i approached opinion it is true in middle a sort of a different situation particularly in families in elementary school i want every family in whatever school to have after school capacity with the sliding scale bans their income level i want to understand how far away from that vision it may take us years but where are we in terms of capacity to serve as many families at many of the elementary school in particular that point the service because i hear complaints from families that is a well, you know, i went through the enrollment process and didn't get any thirds choice school
6:29 am
except inform after-school program and i hear that i don't want after-school programs that needed a reality not a barrier to families navigating our overall school find that works for them. >> eventually we're going to have a time when we say you know make the spaces and the waiting list is gone we'll have to say this is when it is going to maple we're working this in but have to let the schools know you're working towards this we have this resolution we have totem this will happen that is coming not going to drop down if date tomorrow work with them and take some time to bring two programs into one or 3 into one
6:30 am
and not leaving it up to the principal melanie had 5 meetings we're not doing this and doing this now it will take time but set a deadline no point waiting list and making sacrifice at the schools the conversation with the teachers we need to condense the classrooms defense a process we said, yes this has to happen but haven't said you know you - work this in and so work towards marking that happen and give the teachers enough warning so at the end of the school year that will have to be soon i can't imagine here i'm stick my neck on a limb but i said it.
6:31 am
>> no, that's really i am not that would be helpful if you wanted to add is that. >> i wanted to remind you when we did our estimates at a point and price tag and implementing co-payments cancel making sure the resources are available because a lot of issues with that i think that is the first thing we need to have many place without the resources we can't extend the programs we need to make sure the sliding scale works and the information and the ability to collect the actual fees. >> i understand obviously said is to happen soon but can't see us getting part of the 2016-2017 you hear our pushing but let's
6:32 am
do that right i've heard a lot about the issues and el dorado middle school some of those things take time a lot of the programs that parents started and are impressed and it does take time and worth doing it right certainly expanding something we don't have the resources to maintain is not what we want to do i appreciate the care and it takes time so i get that but i also want to say i want to commend you on the process there's a lot of progress and i think the quality work is really important so you know, i just think you've done great work and excited to see how far we've come. >> commissioner wynns. >> i have one more thing i
6:33 am
wanted to know part of idea to make that for having seen for parents we're trying to more after school sites people are pushing back i understand that but the idea our systemic capacitate building will be offsite after-school programs to migrate into the school sites i'm concerned three hundred more kids with going to the after-school programs. >> it is a little bit complicated we're not absolutely confident the number we gave you last time so we could have been a decrease for what i know in the numbers we have but i'm not confident so. >> it is hard to know what is going to after school offsite and are we getting that from dcyf those are the programs they
6:34 am
fund autopsy yes and work with rec and park so thank you very much so much for everything. >> thank you for the presentation next on the agendas m consent calendar resolution removed at the previous meeting there are none tonight item n votes on the consent calendar that recent moved and seconded under section f so we need the roll call. >> ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton yes except on item it e resolution is 512 ash 5 the mou between the district and san francisco park alliance i'm an
6:35 am
employee of the park alliance and recuz to avoid any potential conflict. >> that was number 11 thank you. >> mr. walton ms. wynns and dr. murase thank you. >> item organization consent calendar resolution severed for the board nun item p for the committee cargo to the new board rules i'll introduce the superintendents proposal for first reading ask for a motion and second after read into the record and assigned to the competent sp one to grant or deny the reneutral for charter schools and next 30 years to grants the alternative the petition for 5 keys vicinity charter schools
6:36 am
1512 sp 3 to deny the renewal for adult charter schools these 3 measures 1512 sp 1, 2, 3 are referred to the curriculum program as well as budget and business services committee the totals will be read into the record there is a motion and a second so moved thank you very much. >> introduction of assignments of board members there are none tonight dr. murase i tomato make sure we note that for those 3 charter school renewals items that the paragraph we discussed before will be removed for those before is second reading. >> thank you.
6:37 am
>> introduction for proposals action and notice of suspension of board rules nun tonight we're now and r board members report standing committees board delegates and all other board member reports i want to start out first, by congratulating commissioner wynns who is is a grandmother do lou sea margaret and congratulates commissioner wynns on her re-election a region 5 director. >> let's see report from the committee a whole meeting of november 17, 2015, there were 3 informational items school quality improvements and introduction to the school reports and social
6:38 am
learning and the decision point may i have a report from the rescuing. >> commissioner wynns. >> we've had the bylaws discussion more than once that will be coming back to us and another discussion of rules committee still be revised; is that correct. >> the destruction initially remember that way and as we preceded we pulled up 9 actual bylaws the language to have it already exits none the bylaws are set to come back. >> that's good we already did the admissions policy this is
6:39 am
the issue of the legislative priority and had some discussion which is will be forthcoming do we have a written summary no. we're supposed to get a written summary of the legislative summary and go or go the board members any specific bills the district wanted to spokesperson that will be coming forward and tells you what you wanted the district to pursue protectively in the coming year. >> thank you. >> report from the ad hoc on personnel relation commissioner fewer. >> thank you so we heard 3 informational items of the staffing educator and housing and staffing we heard about some
6:40 am
of the challenges we are having around getting substitutes and recruiting substitutes we heard about the staffing credentials and our paraprofessionals and had an update on educator housing efforts that talk about 3 pockets i think one is brick and mortar and a stipend and balancing the assistance and an update on sf class our own administrative pipeline and of those all the commissioners received the materials on those informational items. >> thank you a report from the grounds and as far as committee commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> so we did a one action item in support of resolution reapproved the second item an update and discussion onramp the
6:41 am
youth park that property that the school district owns and 2 middle point an update on the timeline the group will be meeting next week to talk about the demolition of building and then some of the positive, negative things we'll be faced when doing a clean of the site and community engagement. >> thank you planning staff a rotator from the business and services committee commissioner norton. >> yes. the budget and service committee meet e met onion december 2nd you've heard about the chinese-american additional several informational items most notably a budget review of the business services from our colleague eye opposing to all of us about the infrastructure
6:42 am
challenges this department has - >> i don't why it is my mike all the time but the budget and business services department has a number of infrastructure challenges and after all us urge we need investments in the area ever asset management and in particular and also train and staffing needs to be a challenge in that department we also heard about a coming sort of looming accounting rule congressman change that will effect our balance sheet needing to account for the cost of retiree health benefits if you know the total cost we have within on a policy pay basis
6:43 am
that adds liability in the coming years we're starting to plan for that i want to commends deputy director lee all thought i was smart i knew about it and none of p them did oh, talk to you district we know about that in san francisco thank you for making me look smart and january meeting which been january 6th of the budget committee have a discussion about priorities our budget priorities for next year i'd like commissioners, if there are things our thinking about for specifically ask you feel like will come up you're starting to formulate we should hear about those things now and to avoid i was originally i think this is brown act
6:44 am
violation you should send them deputy superintendant but have a execution i personally are a list of things look like now it is the time to look at those and a now try to you deposit them into the the budget in play but talk as a board any extra money you know what kinds of things we want to see and be able to incorporate that in previous years the superintendent and staff did a really good job okay staff this is what we are in that implementation here's what funded for next year and what we're looking at for but have a holistic discussion everyone's priorities and the ongoing priorities for the district i'd
6:45 am
like to start that in january please attend that meeting and if you can communicate with deputy superintendant lee or deputy superintendant about the things our thinking about to put them on the list and have that discussion. >> thank you very much i know that there was a curriculum and committee meeting. >> thank you dr. murase we discussed the school quality improvement and the online course taking and the four major of course from the district and that who is attends the programs with the achievement coming forwards talking how it relates to the how redesign and the hope again, i say own we receive those resources so we can be
6:46 am
very initiative and creative and possible spread that throughout the district and then a report how to have the data an referrals and strategies to decrease some of these loss of learning dudes sent out of class for referral more conversation but that was the jest of years curriculum and program committee meeting. >> thank you superintendent carranza. >> thank you dr. murase just quickly quickly we had a little bit of a soft launch at c s da we launched for the entire street words on the street the senate will voted tomorrow on the elephant in the room secondly, education act passed but is house of representatives to our surprise we may get a
6:47 am
federal bill passed now the good news is that most of provisions for the federal bill sit nicely with what we adopted with the indexes in san francisco among the core districts and word that much the provisions of the federal bill will give much more authority to the state and the state of california and with mistake curiosity and i look at the index for multiple measures and a growth index so the good news the work for the last 3 years is really good work and will be leading in the accountability system. >> i have a few shout outs to sounts of james corporal and the 50 anniversary thought performing arts workshop on
6:48 am
november 20th commissioner fewer and commissioner walton and i went to the thanksgiving go program i wish the members of congress were there to sing about being kids everybody is our convicts kids turf joined necessary at chinese education center for their thanksgiving first american thanksgiving earlier that day we attended the thanksgiving breakfast last friday the rosa parks japan's program celebrated their arts night and last week we were at association meeting in san diego and colleagues may want to come down there and participate commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> okay.
6:49 am
>> i didn't participate but had a couple of noumsz if i may the communities conversations continue at the supervisorial district to help to inform both the our children and family council with the communities of assessment that is conducted by the department of children, youth and families every couple of years to determine the allocation of the children's fund so were at deputy superintendant rev and i were at mann a large showing and an thursday nights the conversation will be in d-8 and be a glen park elementary school i want to thank the merriam wroirthd that joined us last
6:50 am
week to bring us up to date to be in a room she is remark and had a lot to share i want to shout out to victor the fell for the alliance he did a tremendous amount of work for the submit and give them a shout out and over the last couple of months supervisor farrell and i have been opening the school yard and doing lunches and do more and more and did some last we understand and this we understand is comblerp we will be at glen park on december 12, '11 to one some kind of an activist with the ymca or some other organization and the fire
6:51 am
department come out with their fire truck and food and activities for the families so, please join us at glen park on december 12th for that that particular school. >> yes. a couple of things i enjoyed very much i've brought a copy on i think adequacy in dpiven with is accurate education in california it is really, really good i know that commissioner wynns was on the task force worked on this so i'm going to leave it in the board office helpful stuff in here and talking about points when is adequate education and what it looks like in california i went to a really, really reinforcing presentation at the san
6:52 am
bernardino city schools put on amend particularly around educator understanding they've created a website with tons of deems they've taught by teachers in the school district what necessary created is a demonstration teacher actually job title and 74 schools with demonstrates teachers at 71 and 74 schools evangelists for common core and an invited invitation and see teachers teaching lessons and i think that could be just the videos themselves is a great resource for the district so i want to brick that back to think about and incorporate. >> commissioner walton. >> i had an opportunity to attend my first c s b.a.
6:53 am
conference we had the most ribbons definitely well-represented and what's the ribbon thing. >> the ribbon basically demonstrates the great job apparently so that was fun, i found out that santa fe has 19 different school district but met other school board represents cross the state and had an opportunity to present with an expert only chronic absenism and peter wright how chronic absenism is eradicate and eliminate chronic ab telling
6:54 am
them i look forward to attending other closer to san francisco but i my time. >> any other announcements seeing none, next it outlet informational item item s one informational posts in the agenda the acceptance of gifts for the month of 2015 and item t we don't say memorial tonight item u closed session no announcements item b report of closed session action none we're now.
6:55 am
>> we all know a major earthquake will eventually hit san francisco are reproerl presented san francisco is making sure we are with the public safety buildings. >> this consists of 4 consultants the police headquarters with the from 850 with a brand new fire station number 4 to serve mission bay swimming pools at office of economic workforce development in the fire station thirty. >> is the the hall of justice on bryant the new home for 2
6:56 am
hundred and 50 uniform and voiven compresses we all it was opened in 19 so sociothat is a 50-year improvement as far as structure and work environment had that will be a great place to work. >> when construction began in 2011 this was with an clear goal to make sure with the big one heights the resident will will have a function police department those are the highly seismic standards it is up to operate up to 96 hours from the police department perspective that building is self-sufficient for a main made arrest in all disastrous zake ever after we will run our operational from here no matter what happens this building and the people that
6:57 am
serve the businesses will continue to function building is designed to meet lead goal certification and also to art installations on the campus that was designed and constructed to better sense of ability so for example, we're using solar water heaters we're also urging gray water for reuse inform flush water and rainwater for the cooling and irrigation locked on third street and mission rock is it serves the motorbike neighborhood and motorbike i moiks is a growing neighborhood and the intent of the bond to have please and fire serves to serve the community. >> hemming helping to keep the building and the stay safe was the not the only opportunity it creates many jobs with 82 bleb
6:58 am
businesses overall san franciscans contributed one hundred and 87 thousand hours to help to complete the project it shows the city of san francisco the elected officials and police officers and more importantly the voters that paid for the building this is what we can do with when we wrorpt this is a beacon when we need to build new extra we can trust them with the money and the plan they did a good job the san francisco public is a reminder of the importance of being presented and will continue to serve the residents for decades to come
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> ladies and gentlemen, the chair has called the meeting to order. please turn


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