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tv   Transportation Authority Full Board 121515  SFGTV  January 7, 2016 7:20pm-8:01pm PST

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>> next speaker. >> (clapping.) again. >> good evening again and mike again from the folks that sfgovtv can show the overhead right now the new website called government assess i've posted 4 months of chiefs calendar stop showing that come back to me, i'm here to ask folks to check out this website government assess going and abbreviated sfgov it blog is dictated to all the e elected officials and all i look on the calendar as
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timecards we need these timecards on the web so that everyone can see how our public servant are spending their time this blog is really necessary because right now the chief is not mother or father his calendar online we have to file the records request and wait the public shouldn't, put through that burden it is incumbent on the department for the police to post go to our regarding the important matter of our missing in action mayor, i should have to point out he's not made a committed to show up in the bayview for town hall more has he gone to the bayview our mayor went to hong kong over the
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holidays he can go to hong kong but not the bayview that is a dir election of duty the mayor is guilty in terms of improving policing qualities i think that the mayor really needs to get out of room 200 into the community until that time the mayor is missing in action moving on to outlet important matters item 3 is major items the chiefs report and the occ director's report yet i asked the public to have 3 minute on every item and comment on item 3 i want 34 minutes to talk about the chiefs report and 3 minutes to talk about the occ report you're not giving me that you're combining important items into one thing that is not fair to us and finally in case when the occ
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report is discussed 83 pages in this report from the occ not one police officer is named that's police privilege this is how we get away from good policing start naming the cops thank you. >> i'll ask director joyce hicks to respond to the leg part. >> next speaker. >> good evening sergeant brown. >> commissioner president loftus and members of the commission i'm amos brown the president of the pastor of the third baipt church of san francisco i rose to say ghandi mentioned
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the four deadly sins 7 rather and one of them was politics without principle politics without principle naacp before the unfortunate tragic killing of mr. mar i don't woods was principle enough to force the department and the chief with a comprehensive document for over haul in this department nearly a year ago and these times of crisis i feel that we are at our best sells we do not engage in this type of
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thinking of them against us, us against them. >> but get that pronoun we what are we're going to do to make a difference and indeed we grieved over mr. woods kylie repeat now is the time as civil compassionate, rational, creative citizens to move in the words of nike just do the right thing and i came to this meeting tonight to hear from the chief, from the commission what we're going to do because we have been meeting this no secret meeting
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this commission of this advisory group was appointed months ago so it is not a reactionary matter difficult as the killing of mr. woods not a reaction we don't too much reaction as time is responsive i hope tonight this commission will let the world know and the media know what we've agreed to and i think that we will say we can live with that and we are the better because of what the advisory committee did and in spite of our pain. >> thank you reverend brown. >> next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> hi, thank you i'm liza
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native of the san francisco i love this city but i've never had problems with the police i'm scared of them now i've lost complete faith in the police from the texts still haunt me that haunt me something those officers are still working and they're out there somewhere they made it into the police with those attitudes. >> how many people were going to jail or injured as well as the fact it is stuck in this red tape i'm really i speak for many people i know this is sickening this is still molding within our system and that how do i know with the officers that shot down mario didn't have the same texts between each and everyone we didn't get to see them we didn't get to see the murders they were
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not on tape i look at police officers i feel i have to look at everything and listen to everything they do it is horrible you all have to do something urgent to give faith back to the community we're not going to be with policy rules and waiting for months and months and months it will feel like our brushing us off that is just not going to work we need to hear about the text thing i don't care about those lost they're not going on along with us i feel a bias test that is valuable that every police officer puts both through that everyone holding a gun meetings needs to bring all the deep beliefs bring to and want to
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know what their trigger happy feelings really are i'm new to this i know you don't respond it is an empty feeling where don't i feel like i'll get an answer to those kinds of things i go home 9 months about the text and read them and say this is bad i don't want to ever see this again how do we get feedback about this? >> i can choice to provide a brief message i'm happy to there is some confusion about the text messaging and this commission ability to talk about that i'll be clear about why that is this commission did discipline foyer serious misconduct in order for those officers to be termed there are issues that are
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litigated this commission has no say depending on the outcome these cases we'll be charged with being the author's of those because of that we're not allowed to say anything we can't talk about that we have laws and rules in place but let me as this what we have said on the record and continue to say no place in this department for someone who is greg racism. >> can we make a complaint and it is appropriate a senior investigator you can talk to them. >> the other thing when officers came before us i'm sorry when officers come before us if if we have shown we're not
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been fair with anything in the past we'll not be allowed to sit in the positions it is despite how we may personally feel if we say anything that says we can't be you know on the case so - >> that's back to the city. >> thank you. >> next speaker >> good evening and welcome. >> i have two things that stay on my mind why do those officers go to the range to practice to shoot and they can only shoot to kill i'm a gun advocate i go to the range where i have a good needs i hit where i shoot to obviously those officers are shooting where they want to
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shoot to stop a person shoot them in the leg why is it when you arrest people i've yet to see a person get arrested and not slammed on the ground or car slammed somewhere where police officers come in 5 different cars for one purpose but let somebody get hurt or injured or anything else i don't see that response you guys really need to check yourselves this is redd ridiculous that boy was shot like that a shame you may think at night what goes around comes around. >> thank you, ms. hawkins. >> next speaker. >> good evening and welcome ms. brown.
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>> are they going to say it on there? >> yes. >> because of old age or sickness it is quite another to experience the sudden violence death of a loved one (shot fired) that's my son. >> (shot fired
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shot fired (shots fired). >> since 2004 san francisco has experienced an unprecedented number of homicides (sirens) 60 percent of homicide individual are people of color their loved ones living in neighborhoods of skater and neglect must deal with their perjure tragedies while at the same time facing violence of the
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unsafe neighborhood that surrounded them everyday (sirens) i'm bringing this awareness my sons case is not solved i know i show this video it needs to know we're suffering as mothers and fathers we want our cases solved no matter if it is police killings or black think black crimes about police killings and the black on black crimes i want to thank marshall about being on the advising board i ask you greg suhr you said you'd pit r put my name on the advising
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broad we can bring justice to all the unsolved homicides and killings in san francisco and as a mother that is suffering i want closure thank you. >> thank you ms. brown. >> next speaker. >> good evening ms. davis. >> good evening i want to leased piggyback on a couple of things that reverend brown said about us and we and working together one of the things on top of i said earlier we should think about how to work on systems change i feel like at smooicht we have to realize that greg suhr is governmental the next chief will have their hands tied by the same issue whether the brothers of dealing with or how
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to deal with something like the mario woods shooting we need to be thinking about what it is to achieve the chief to have in terms of power and what it is that the commission the other thing is that when we talk about you know earlier this week my son went into a store majored not bio racial but someone called him a half-breed a discussion where in the meetings we call people names we're saying people are less than black we have a difference of opinion or work for a certain fraction it makes someone less than black and when we talk about we and us and i think about the fact that so ms. browns point we went into
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public housing on christmas eve the chief was there he was alone with no others police officers and folks welcomed them into their home and asked for increased police presence as we are talking about what communities time i want to make sure we are getting the voices of the community that are also imitated and threatened by the police but feel there is not enough police i get it i'm stopped by the police when i go home their destined with an old lady and her son this is real i want to talk about there were things in place that are reactionary i hope we continue these don't get lost to reverend brown that the advisory committee has been going on requests and dialogue around certain things and likewise what the youth and the fact that you
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all actually paid for the youth to really investigate you and give you remedies and listened to that i hope 9 forum and the opportunities will continue as people talk about open forums we have onramp numerous occasions invited all folks and reached through the groups and people have not shown up it is hopefully not about comblain. >> thank you, ms. davis >> next speaker. >> good morning and . >> chief my name is minister aubrey louis one of the pastors brown's ministers i've been to many, many meetings i seldom say anything because i don't feel i have to pastor brown i've been there
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since he came to a third baipt for 40 years i've worked for 39 years as a complainant investigator in the section we moved up to complainant investigation and i've been preaching for thirty years i don't intend to stand here and point my finger to the chief or those behind me i've been around long enough to know i've lived in san francisco bay area for 71 years came from texas when i was 15 i know you know there is a culture situation we're facing not only in san francisco but it is throughout this nation i'm not going to blame any one person or
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any one person on this commission but i do is this i'm here because pastor brown and the committee and easing persons working in the church they're working when i'm home sleeping i read everything and some of the things have convinced me to coming here tonight is the right or wrong there are too many individuals murdered unnecessarily and we know that we have to come together in order to make progress we must come together divided we'll continue to be in big trouble i thank you for permitting me to speak i'll keep on coming and pastor brown is working daylight savings time and thank you for permitting me
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to speak tonight thank you. >> minister louis good evening and welcome sergeant. >> honorable members of the commission i've been an officer employed by the san francisco police department for 26 years currently as the president felt officers organization i want to convey that 21st century policing is going to require complete reform transparency, and total honest not only internally within the police department but extraordinarily with the communities we serve it is very important that we continue to look at our policies and procedures to insure that what we saw happened in the bayview district is not repeated again, i agree with the chief we have to have time distance but i say
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resources before when how dealing with the person in crisis i have to also tell you in the richmond district i work within the past two weeks we've experienced people in crisis and fortunately my officers were trained aad supervisors there on scene to insure we did just that which was in corners with the policy and procedure in dealing with those that are experiencing crisis i want to also say i embrace the opportunity for outside sources to come in including washington, d.c. and anywhere else anyone wants to look at how we deliver policing and look at it you're policies and procedures and talk to the personnel they can determine the one thing i keep
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saying institutionalized racism exists within every police department and san francisco is not sxment from it racism is systemic we have our biases we need to talk about that and shopping stop hiding it is time to get the training on board i want to be one of the instructors i was a victim and the one thing i want to say that saddened any heart to this day internal affairs has not spoken to me to asking ask me specifically do i feel safe in any working environment anything they can make me look and feel confront comfortable chief of police i wish the comboirlt affairs will ask me we're not
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aware we're named in such a had anus way thank you (clapping.) sergeant. >> chief will you follow-up with the sergeant about that issue >> next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> good evening, commissioners thank you for your services not an easy job my name is testing with the deep 5 action the murder of mario woods just was the kind of tipping point it reminded me i came before you about 5 years ago when the chief was advocating tasers we had the same research about the number of people killed by tasers and the number of inappropriate uses by tasers at this point as i recall about 5 years ago there was going to be steven training
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how to deskates the situations and enter vein why 5 police officers are to shoot into one union man stop killing our young men (clapping.) so what we don't need is tasers we need is a different kind of training system that taechlz police officers about serving and protecting gosh, i you know if somebody might be a pickpocket or whatever gets away or goes 3 blocks our waiting for someone else who might be able to help that's not the end of the world as far as i know the police are not lbsz to be the judge and jury and execute people please this is systemic as other
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speakers said we have to look at the training had a makes police officers pull out their guns what makes them fire with moments on the scene i don't think that tasers is the answer anyway, thank you (clapping.) >> next speaker. >> hearing none public comment. > all in favor? > >> can i ask that the way this format is set up you speak and we're not allowed to but later on in the meeting we will address some of the things so we hear a lot of things asking what you you going to do in my frustration when we get ready to tell folks what we're going to do nobody is here i'll ask you stay and hear what we're trying to do as a commission and he
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then you can tell you but at least you'll know the things we're trying to do and get feedback that is so valuable but so i'm going to ask you to stay and hear what we're putting in place to the concerns please don't leave thank you. >> mario woods once. >> you're out of order sergeant, next item. >> >> call the next item. >> >> , sir. >> please. item 3 reports and amazements 3 a chiefs review of recent activity and update on the super bowl and update on the social media policy. >> so chief welcome i know that a couple items came up in
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public comment if you could responded to the comments about you're public commentments regarding the investigation and some folks that have the prospective you said that was a justified shooting respond to that and also a question of officers trained to shoot to kill and bias and whether the department has done declaration but touch on those please. yes to answer the 3 questions regards to the rent shuns by some of the media i represented at the officer involved shooting was justified that didn't happen i spoke to the facts i knew at the time and spoke to the policy where officers were permitted to discharge their weapons this was one of the thickness we've discussed with the advisors form 3 independent ongoing
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investigations and no conclusions ward to the justification of officer involved shooting involving mario woods the second issue. >> about officers being trained to shoot to kill. >> officers are not trained to shoot to kill after seeing when the video is hard to imagine officers are trained to shoot to stop the treat when necessary train at the range they're trained to shoot for the tort so because it is the largest part of body as everyone knows there are most of critical not all the critical organs are within the torso so shots to the torso are facility and lastly with the patrol
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training. >> also there was some person who unfortunately has left which ask asked about the text messaging i was disgusted when i saw the text messaging to refresh our recognize those text messages were outs with a federal investigation the practice has always been and the criminal case takes precedent and needs criminal action, however, has to be taken after the criminal case was finished i was not aware of the text messages i was walled off as the chief when i become aware of such as the text messages i will take action as soon as i become aware of it and sent the 8
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officers with a single recommendation they be terms those officers were termed without pay the court odor they be paid and the court order what i explained about the criminal going first was not the case and the administrative would have been a breach of our agreement with the u.s. district attorney's office and the this morning the city attorney's office filed an appeal we'll prevail and then i believe those officers will come to this commission what gunning again they'll face termination i believe no place in the police department for those officers the residents said they fall below the minimum standards to
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be a police officer and the commission said while this round in the proceedings went in favor of the text messengers that's not the case they remain in the same status superintendant and orders by the court not be back until this is finished i want to thanks some of the members on the forum we met on december 30th and had a difficult and necessary conversation i acknowledged to the group that the shooting of mario woods has shaken the trust in the city's police department and expressed any sympathy for the loss in the african-american and expressed this to pleased woods directly and emphasized no conclusions were reached to the
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justification of this shooting members of the forum expressed that in this can be polygamy policy that allows this to happen needs to be changed we need to doing everything we can to prevent that and reviewing all the policies and procedures to that end a new policy was put in in the last thirty days that makes the appointing of a firearm has to be domentsd our firearms training and certification process has been slowed down to better control gunfire by support officers with the declaration enernex report techniques we've added alternates and empowering the protect shields for other suspect we're entering into the
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national discussion traveling back technique along with commissioner president loftus and droikz and the command in charge of our country interference and member of supervisor cowen's staff for particle in this discussion about the the reengineering the total curriculum we're also initiate a working group to have a strategy different from how we contend with active shooters how to better deal with weapon and other weapon superintendents to stress the need to isolate and use time and distance before the sergeant talked about to reach a resolution when people are a danger to others we've meet with the crisis intervention team you're non-sworn partners from
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the community we currently have 4 hundred cit officers and every graduate every recruit that graduates with the crisis intervention draining with the declaration the members that supported those efforts made additional recommendations they would like to see the culture confident training and emphasis the procedural training to include the members as instructors and two members in the board will be included in the upcoming training in the oakland police department any action where senior officers will be assigned to hot spots as having to deal with the situation as we train a record
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number of officers not with the junior officers in those situations until they get more seniority and also to go forward with the community ordinary policing services the justifying and it's services review i spoke today with that office they will be speaking with the attorney general i think one of the appear speakers sunshine said this is a complete independent review to invite them in and make recommendations how to do the best department we can be and it is suggested which training stations take the new recruits and perhaps kwh which one to take late early officers to be better suited later than
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this is again as stated a working group that has been working for months in response to the use of mario woods but it was with the intention we had something that we could be better at getting better from no one's is better than the that we're working together if i could go back and have 24 incident not happen at all no more than more me i need to doing everything we can to prevent it from happening again. >> is this a public document. >> yeah. >> this was. >> as i pointed out i'll ask sergeant to put that on the website all the press releases
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are there chief i want to ask one question the formation i heard you say this document was in response to the mario situation but it was in existence a number of those are after and in response to the shooting; is that correct. >> yes. yes. this was in response to the shooting by the group is meeting ongoing to discuss things like how can we better recruit from the community and increase our diversity remove the barriers to employment within the police department and outside how can we - many, many things that the communities been wanting to have happen in the department will. >> i want to say that just in response some people were not invited for the ideas it is the commissions rule over the coming months have the community forums
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for people to give feedback it is important that we just don't sit in one room but get feedback we'll talk about that later not as if one meeting there will be an opportunity for community feedback f of you're not in the room. >> that's going to conclude my report i know we have a lengthy agenda i know that the commission wanted an update on the super bowl planning coming next week i ask the members thought that committee to come and present captain salvo. >> obviously the super bowl a coming come on up and given the police we'll need. >> can i finish. >> go ahead. >> the reason we invited the captain was that given the number of police researchers that go into that get


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