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tv   Inauguration of Mayor Edwin Lee 1816  SFGTV  January 9, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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questions, please feel free to visit our website ceremony please stand by...♪ "i will sing praises"
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♪ "i
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will sing praises" "i will sing praises"♪ "i will sing praises"♪ >> "i will sing praises" unto you. ♪
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"love brought me back"♪
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"love brought me back"♪ "love brought me back"♪
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"love brought me back"♪
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"love brought me back" >> please welcome mistress of ceremonies the honorable london breed san francisco board of supervisors. [ cheers and applause ] >>supervisor london breed: good morning, everybody and welcome to the
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people's city hall. and thank you to the glide ensemble and the change band for that spectacular performance. thank you reverend cecil williams, we love you and we love glide. thank you for being here today. [ applause ]. as president of the san francisco board of supervisors i have the honor and duty to serve as your host today. now, i know emotions are running high and i appreciate each and everyone of you for being here. this is the people's palace. it is home to each and everyone of us. let us treat out home and each other with the respect we all deserve that this sacred ground deserves. this is city hall. this is where people don't always see eye to eye, but we are still able to
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work together shoulder to shoulder together. we work in san francisco especially when things get rough. let's get on with the program. so i want to begin my mistress of ceremonies duties by welcoming the man of the hour, our mayor edwin lee. he is accompanied by his first wife, anita and family two daughters tonya and brianna. welcoming them will be the mary's drum bell drum and bell corps
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"san francisco"♪ >> >>supervisor london breed: thank you to the saint mary's bell drum and bell corps for san francisco. it has been for a call for immigrants everywhere. now let me
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introduce father brendon mcbride from the pastoral center to give today's invocation. father mcbride? [ applause ] >> today is an important day for the city and county of san francisco. we gather in is support of our mayor, the honorable edwin lee. we pray for god to bless and protect him as he begins his new term of office. we pray for his staff and give thanks to all who serve us daily in our city. the word "wisdom" conjures up all kinds of images, dusty
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brooks, long white beard -- with glasses. there is a difference between wise and being knowledgeable. wisdom has to do with deeply human situations. wisdom knows best how to solve issues, how to heal hurt feelings, how to plan for future happiness. wisdom is the presence of maturity. wisdom is a gift of leadership. and we pray for our mayor that he will continue to show wisdom in leadership of this great city. we live in a world of instant communication. the worldwide web. it helps us to connect, but
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not to communicate. when you walk into a hospital and see nurses and doctors -- stop, interact with patients. that's the interaction with hope. we just celebrated the birth of christ and the words of the prophet isaiah, "how beautiful on the mountains are the feet of the one who brings good news herald's peace brings happiness to communicate love and caring". that great congresswoman from san francisco nancy pelosi, in her greetings she called it an inspiring
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message of pope francis. so i encourage us we pray in our struggles for justice, love and peace. and san francisco being a sanctuary city, it gives comfort and peace and hope to many many people. >> so we pray god of all blessings, source of all light, giver of all grace, we thank you for the gift of light, for the breath that sustains life, for the fruit of this earth which nurtures this life, for the love of family and friends without which there would be no life. we thank you for the mystery of creation, for the beauty that i can see for the joy that you can hear. we thank you for setting up
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communities across this great city for family and friends who love us by choice. for companions who work by daily sharing and especially those in emergency services of this city. we thank you lord for all who hold office and prove to serve others at the heart of what they do. we especially thank you for those in office who hold onto the dignity of their fellow human beings whom they serve. we thank you for strangers who welcome us into their midst, for people from other lands who call us to grow in understanding. we thank you for this day, for life, for opportunity. we thank you for your promise to be with us to be our god.
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for these blessings we give you thanks. lord, bless our mayor, the honorable edwin lee and his staff. keep him in your love and may saint francis, the patron of this great city watch over and keep him and protect him everyday. we ask this through our christ our lord, amen. [ cheers and applause ] >>supervisor london breed: thank you, father mcbride. next, we will have the presentation of the colors by the san francisco public safety color guard unit followed by the pledge of allegiance by captain davis, the western regional director for iraq
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and afghanistan veterans, and the national anthem. let us all remain standing. >> please join me in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
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[ chanting ] >> o, say can you see, by the dawn's early light, what so proudly we hail at the twilight's last gleaming. >> whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming. and the rocket's red glare! the bombs bursting in air! gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. o, say does that star-bangled banner yet wave, o'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave!
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>> [ cheers and applause ] >> >> [inaudible]
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>> >>
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>>supervisor london breed: one example of people doing amazing things in our city. truly truly outstanding. and we are so proud of each and everyone of you from the san francisco boys chorus. you make us proud. [ cheers and applause ] now, i want to take this opportunity to acknowledge some very special people who are joining us today. today we are joined by some of our former mayors. all of them are here, almost. starting with the mayor before our current mayor, ed lee. former mayor gavin newsom, welcome. lieutenant governor of the state of california. [ applause ].
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former san francisco mayor wille l brown junior. [ cheers and applause ] former mayor frank jordan. [ cheers and applause ] >> and our first woman mayor and someone who i believe most of the time still is the mayor, u.s. senator dianne feinstein. [ cheers and applause ] >> we are honored here today to be joined by former mayor george masconi's wife, gina masconi, thank you for being here. [ applause ]. the daughter of former mayor
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joseph, angela alioso. [ cheers and applause ] >> we also have our governor of this great state of california governor jerry brown is here. [ cheers and applause ] former secretary of state george schultz is here today and his wife, the chief of protocol for the city and county of san francisco who put this entire event together along with many other civic events charlotte shultz is here. i would also like to acknowledge my colleague from the board of supervisors, supervisor david campos,
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>>supervisor malia cohen: >>supervisor scott weiner: >>supervisor katy tang: and aaron peskis. we also have other elected officials here today. our attorney dennis herrera is here today. our public defender, jeff dochey, jose cisneros, our california state senator mark leno. assembly man mark chiu and bill tang and woman of the hour fiona moss. i know that we have another
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host of, thank you, and i just want to acknowledge that former san francisco mayor joe alioto's daughter wife of former mayor kathleen sullivan alioto is here. we have a host of other people here with distinguished public heads our newly elected sheriff, vickie. now we will be treated with a performance the san francisco chorus singing "america the
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beautiful"♪ "oh beautiful for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountain majesty third
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floor >> (clapping) thank you san francisco about his choir again, you truly represent what is so great about
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san francisco thank you. (clapping.) ladies and gentlemen, it is my honor to welcome the senior u.s. senator from california she's been the greatest exam for our city and this state for many, many years she's served from the hallowed upper chambers since 1992 and, of course, served as little city's 38 mayor for nearly a decade ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming u.s. senator dianne feinstein. >> well, i think i can say it
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is good to be home (laughter) but i'm not too sure about that my purpose today is so introduce a great governor to you in the in the meanwhile i'd like to say something to ed lee ed, i took this oath 3 times as mayor but i found every time i came up with a certain degree of anxiety and anticipation and then i learned often it is the best day this is i'm not sure about this day but i want you to know as the 43rd mayor i wish you all of the best the city is in good financial shape it is got some problems but i'm confident you and you're team will solve them and now if i may i'd like to
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move to introduce the governor of the state of california california ladies and gentlemen, today is 39.1 million people it is bigger had an 21 states and the district of columbia put together as such it is not an easy place to govern but i am very proud to say that the states has been in very good hands with this govern the governor jerry brown has done 13 budgets the last budgets produced yesterday has a $5 billion surplus the state is stable (clapping.) and i think his guidance has been strong so it is really a great pleasure
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for me to say welcome home jerry and to introduce him to give the 43rd mayor of the city and county of san francisco the oath of office welcome home governor jerry brown. >> are you coming up you got to accompany here to get the oath (laughter) i want to say i came to those steps 72 years ago when mayor will you explain that on was sworn in and my father father was sworn in as district attorney i have the picture
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there to prove that raise your right hand place you're alone on the bible and repeat i ending win m >> i. >> do solemnly swear. (repeated.) >> the constitution of the united states. >> (repeated.) >> the constitution of the united states. >> (repeated.) >> and the constitution of the state of california. >> (repeated.) >> >> foreign and domestic. >> (repeated.) >> and that i will bear true faith and allegiance. >> (repeated.) >> to the constitution of the united states. >> (repeated.) >> and to the constitution of the state of california. >> that i take this oath freely. >> >> (repeated.) >> without any mental reservation. >> (repeated.)
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>> or purpose of evasion. >> (repeated.) >> that i will well and faithfully discharge the duties. >> (repeated.) >> and during such time as i hold office. of the mayor for the city and county of san francisco. >> (repeated.) >> congratulations thank you. >> thank you. >> all right. >> i'll leave you to you're grief. >> thank you
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>>mayor edwin m. lee: thank you, please be seated and if we have some attention. president london breed, senator dianne feinstein, governor brown, friends, family, colleagues, my fellow and all san francisco, thank you. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you.
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thank you. >> we will. all right. thank you. my name is ed lee, and i am honored and humbled to serve as your mayor once again. for you know me well enough by now that i prefer to be measured by deeds and not words. so in keeping with that standard, i promise today to keep this
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speech relatively short just like me. ladies and gentlemen, it's been a long journey. i grew up in public housing, the son of immigrants. i went to college. i became a lawyer and then a tenet activist. thank you, mom. and eventually moved from fighting on the outside to making change on the inside. and still, never could i have imagined i would stand here today taking the third oath of office to lead this great city.
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[ cheers and applause ] our lives journies doesn't always take us where we think it's headed. i'm grateful to those who have counselled me and inspired me, many of you are here today. most of all, i need to thank you, anita, tonya and brin -- brianna. the strong independent women in my life. to thank you for always keeping me centered and for giving me the joy each day of being a father and a husband first.
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and then, after 26 years in city government and 5 years as your mayor, i wish to thank and honor all of the people of san francisco. i still believe now what i believed at the beginning of my personal journey back in those tumultuous 1970s that everyone deserves equal opportunity no matter the color of their skin or who they love or what language they speak or how much education they have or how much money they earn. and friends, i still believe that no place on earth better represents that ideal than our very own san francisco. [ cheers and applause ] >> just ask that young man
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from texas named willie brown junior. [ cheers and applause ] this kaleidoscope of culture and communities is who we are. and as mayor newsom was fond of saying, our diversity has always been our greatest strength. [ applause ] even in times of rapid change like the one we are experiencing now, we will protect san francisco as a place where everyone belongs. a place where new comers can arrive without fear of reprisal, but also a place where long-term residents don't feel pushed out or passed
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over. a place that celebrates its past but not imprisoned by it. a place that looks toward tomorrow boldly without sacrificing those traits that make it wonderful today. the soul of our city is shaped by our past and fueled by our faith in a better future. well, you know, in the chinese zodiac, the year 2016 will be the year of the monkey and those born with the sign are inventive but also restless, that sounds a heck of a lot like san francisco. we are passionate about our beliefs
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especially when we disagree. that means we have pretty vigorous debates about the best path forward. honest debate is good for us, but progress should prevail over ideology. we need to move past one camp against another because it doesn't advance our common good. [ applause ] >> and after all, we are public servants. we shouldn't measure wins or loses about who beats the other on a given vote. we should measure our success by how many people we help and how much we improve our city. when we focus on getting things done which has always been about how i go about my job, we will make
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progress on the major issues of our time, on housing, on affordability, on homelessness, on the safety, opportunity and well being of our people. [ cheers and applause ] >> we need to do more of what works and less of what doesn't. i will start with a prime example. we need to build more -- housing. period. for the past 3 decades or more, our very progressive city hasn't been very progressive when it comes to building housing. let's face it. san francisco has always been expensive. we live in a peninsula in one of the
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most beautiful corners on earth with no room to grow outward. thank you. we heard you. [ chanting ] >> and as the city and region we have simply failed to build the housing needed for the population growth that we always knew was coming. we are all paying for that now, families, young people, long time residents and new comers alike. well, now it's time to fix this. i have already announce plans to build 30,000 new homes in san francisco by 2020. [ cheers and applause ]
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this is what it means to be progressive in san francisco
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thus this standard. if the answer is no, i will oppose it. if the answer is yes, i will fight for it. [ cheers and applause ] i also pledge to make more progress on another of the one of the most vexing issues of the past 30 years. homelessness and the tragedy of folks living on our streets. by creating one department with one mission to end homelessness for one veteran, one family, 1 person at a time. and by dedicating unprecedented resources to that mission. i know we can be more successful. and we can do this because we are blessed with a tell me -- tell
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strong economy. we have the resources to make this more functional and more beautiful and yet more affordable. that's why i spent my turn digging us out of recession and creating more than 100,000 new jobs in san francisco. [ applause ]" ladies and gentlemen, in good times we need to do good things in fact when we must be mostly disciplined and prepared for the future. a famous california philosopher said "fiscal discipline not democracy but our federal epithet" that is governor jerry brown speaking in 2014.
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thank you, governor, for today and setting such a great example for all of us. you are right. tell me if i'm wrong finances enable governors to do the right things. city tell us that those deal with the struggle are more resilient to prepare for our future. city leaders, our responsibility is to lead san francisco to a more affordable and more resilient city for our future generation and new comers. let's make smart decisions now that prepare us for tomorrow. let our common goal be to make san francisco tell me if i'm -- strong enough to weather any --
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storm on the horizon. i know it's hard to keep this perspective. when there are so many problems today. like you, i'm not satisfied if the trains are too crowded or if a person spends the night out in the rain or not too happy about traffic, senator feinstein, even if we are repairing the subways and sewers. i'm brokenhearted when i see someone lose their apartment or get priced out of the neighborhood. i won't stop until we build better trust between law enforcement and the communities they are sworn to protect especially young people of
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color. [ applause ] we can do better and we will do better. [ applause ]. that's why i ran for a second term. now is the time to plan for a resilient city. i don't mean just preparing for the next big earthquake, although that's an important part of resilience. i also mean preparing our people, our economy, our institutions to withstand future shocks no matter if these challenges are natural dasers or economic downs.
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resilient economy means diverse workforce and foundation. resilient institutions mean strong city services, a city government with deep ties and trusted bonds to the community. strong cultural organizations and responsible financial planning. i challenge everyone in the rotunda today to join me in creating a resilient san francisco. [ cheers and applause ] i also recognize that we could not do this alone. no, colleagues, we are part of a region. we maybe the economic center of that region, but we are far from the only player in it. there are nine counties and
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more than 100 cities that comprise our bay area. each city with it's own values and its own leaders and with this diversity there is a bright future indeed. to the decisions we make in san francisco on housing and transportation of tangible effects on the city on the north, east and south. when we build transportation lanes, our neighbors benefit. if we don't build affordable housing, the market is tight everywhere around the bay area. all of this is true in a reverse too, of course. we depend so much on transportation and land use decisions of our neighbors. our problems are linked in our
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solutions and i'm already focused in a number of solutions that are broader in san francisco. a second bart too. an electrified cal train. and the completion of our transbay center where yes, 1 day, governor, high-speed rail. [ cheers and applause ] also, a statewide effort to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour. [ cheers and applause ] >> and measures to get dangerous guns out of the hands of dangerous people. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you senator feinstein, thank you lieutenant governor newsom for your leadership on this in
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the face of unconscionable opposition from congress and the nra. [ cheers and applause ] >> but, we must do far more together as a region. i have spoken extensively with my colleagues in oakland and san jose mayor's libby schaaf and mcconnell. i know they share this vision for cooperation. over the next 4 years we will convene the bay area's mayor's, council members and supervisors to work on our vision on the future for the people who live and work here. because, ladies and gentlemen, we are living in this incredible place at one of the most special moments in
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our history. the eyes of the world are on our economic vitality. we have this responsibility to be a successful city that we can be and that we can also be a progressive city. a city that doesn't fear its future, but invents it. a city that doesn't resist change but creates it. we know this because, ladies and gentlemen, the civil rights leaders, the hippies, the activist, lgbt activist, aids activist and environmentalist, all that i came up with, we, they, we are now leading this city. the outsiders have indeed
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become the insiders. san francisco represents our better selves, our best qualities. tolerance, creativity, innovation and hope. and i know i'm a little biased, but if you ask me, that's why we are still the greatest city in the world. [ cheers and applause ] >> the work of the past 5 years has set us up for a prosperous future in a resilient city where everyone belongs. a city that embraces change that we see in the world and that harness it for the better future for our people. i'm in invigorated,
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energized and ready to get back to work. we are clear on our values and clear on our work. let's do this together. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> >>supervisor london breed: thank you, mr. mayor and thank you to all the protesters who have made
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this the most interesting swearing in ceremony i have ever attended. now we will have a benediction from fatih ferdi ates. >> good afternoon. shalom. peace and blessings to all of us, all our city, our country and whole world. eternal god by whose powers we are created. guide us, strengthen our mayor edwin lee and his board that they may give
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the best service to our city of san francisco and his wonderful people for every generation to have risen to govern. we have just witnessed as a city once again uphold our mayor edwin lee to navigate our city and the people through the challenges of his dynamic and ever changing times in our history. as our mayor to responsibilities, it's our obligation as people of many faith each in our own tradition and way to create that we grant and determine and wisdom so that will be indeed who he might serve, protect
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and create opportunities for all of san francisco most especially for those who can not care for themselves. as we celebrate this inauguration for our mayor edwin lee. give strength, health and wisdom to our mayor and entire elected officials who have taken on awesome admirable responsibilities to grant their effort to wipe out hatred and discriminas


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