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tv   San Francisco Government Television  SFGTV  January 14, 2016 12:00am-12:31am PST

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want to look at it is we're going to take the recording it will building available twenty-four hour a day we've hosting this on a friday night 6 is 3 day weekend we're here to help with questions or services you myers guides might need so thank you very much for atte ms. casco roll call thank you ms. fewer mr. haney marry mentioning dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns ms. chin and mr. totiano thank you. >> please join me in the pledge of allegiance.
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>> happy new year everyone as a point privilege privilege i'll take a come up of minutes this is my final meeting as president i'll reflect that on the past year in january recognized a natural board national teachers with the exceptional teachers in thai state in february we reaffirmed the commitment to vision 2025 as a strategy plan in march we begin the process of overhauling district policies for district action in april the board adopted a plan to fight abate and the success of all african-american in the san francisco unified school district in june the board
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adopted the computer science pre k to telephone grade we have a new nonprofit in support of implementation of vision 2025 strategic plan together with our philanthropic partners then in august the board took a stand to grant dilemmas to students that are denied the opportunity to take the high school exiting exam and paved the way for other district to change the policies in september the board has internship and fire board education in october the board adopted a landmark policy to train all educators to recognize human trafficking and educate students about more than day slavery in san francisco in november by the preempted to
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honor the contributions of the chinese-american leader of whom our city council's schools are named and we supported the sustainable student transportation it is been a very busy and regarding year i want to thank all my colleagues the superintendent and the dedicated sfusd staff for supporting me thank you. >> we will now move to special order of business as stipulated in series 9 thousand the board shall readopt the board meeting the year may i have a motion and a second and second for a readoption of the procedures series 9 thousand. >> so moved and second. >> thank you. >> is there any public comment on this item? >> seeing none, oh, let's see i'll take public comment public comment is closed. comments from my colleagues
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sxhinlz. >> you know it is interesting we changed the rules to do this reround of applause on the series we'll pay attention and since is it so become a performa we should think about when we discuss our rules and how if we want to you read most of them in preparation and want to say i want to suggest that by the plan that both this year and do summary exclamation i found a few things kind of on the very itself second page the first page two items a student erupt shall be at board and the board has two student members correct but both kind of should be fixed i think this is an example i
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want to make a request we'll plan to do this sometime this year and at sometime we should discuss if we want to talk about them you know, i support it and still support this idea at the beginning of the year those are the rules and any affirm them but it would be better if they were substantive and real. >> i believe the appropriate committee to examine is the rules committee any other comments if not roll call vote. >> thank you ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton and ms. wynns. >> 7 i's. >> thank you very much the next item is the election of
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officers of the board of education as a reminder to the board and the public this type of election is by voice vote a second is not needed for nominations and permissible for a member minus nominate to vote for he or she board members if more than one nomination only one nomination you'll be saying yay or nay i declare it the open for the president of the board of education for the year 2016 are there any nominations? ms. fewer >> thank you 2kru78 i would be honored colleagues i'm honored to recommend commissioner vice president haney for the position of president. >> are there any other nominations? seeing none, i declare the nomination closed so commissioner vice president
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haney has been nominated to be president ms. casco roll call vote on the anatomies. >> ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase thank you ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns matt haney has been elected budget & finance committee for 2016 congratulations i they're nomination for the vice president of the board of education for the year 2016 any nominations ms. mendoza-mcdonnell thank you it's my profoundly to
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nominate shamann walton a good friend shamann walton our vice president of the board of education any other nominations for the office of vice president seeing none, i declare nominations closed commissioner shamann walton is nominate for the office of vice president ms. casco roll call. >> ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton and ms. wynns that's 7 i's (clapping.) shamann walton has been nominated vice president of the board of education (clapping.)
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(clapping.) >> pack our things fourth the big move i want to say something quickly the most sacred responsibility the board moves quickly and smoothly i want to first thank president murase her calendar was a busy year and left lead the board with grace and encourage (clapping.) and i want to say thank you to the entire board fewer support
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and trust i'm looking forward to leading this board at that moment when i think there is a tremendous amount we can do incredible amount of shared vision and unity i want to congratulate any good friend and have the privilege of serving with president shamann walton and also recognize you saw when i ran up here my family my mom and sister and brother thank you for coming and the entire staff and students and city and county of san francisco for putting your trust and faith in me and the entire board to serve the students of our district thank you and let's continue with the meeting so approval the board minutes the regular meeting of the december 8th can i have a motion
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and a second? >> moved second and corrections? seeing none roll call vote >> ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton and ms. wynns 7 i's. >> okay. so for members of the public if you wish to address the board of education you can complete a speaker card prior to the item being called and presented to the ms. casco according to board reels and procedures speaker cards will not be accepted for items before the board and item b superintendant report. >> thank you commissioner vice president haney this is an honor on behalf of the entire staff to
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congratulate i an the presidency of the board of education we look forward to working with i in san francisco and i'd like to say congratulate vice president wul walton and look forward to working with you as we move our equality agenda forward congratulations to both of you i'd like to say congratulations to everyone for a second semester it started smoothly school is in session for over a walk wish you all for a happy new year we look forward to continuing our important work in the year 2016 a couple of announcements to the community this week the mission high school along with supervisor wiener will unveil their tap system to the foundation they've been installed since snooifl but students get a free new water
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bottle the initiative in san francisco is a partnership between san francisco unified school district, the san francisco public utilities commission are department of the environment and the self-department of public health this is one of the ways we promote 9 sustainable habits among the district students to date an comprehensive to date 32 tap foundations in the school your goal to have withholding to congratulations mission high school i'd like to announce that bret heart elementary school get a installed successor field part of largest 110 thousand square feet it was built by our very good friends america scores a program that helps to have team based soccer programs and
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learning thank you to the american score for the field and building and for major league and wells fargo for the funding this past saturday had an opportunity to have any my brother's keeper san francisco host the black cradle to school and this is held at mission high school this is the second event of its kind this school year specifically for sfusd black students and families the day was an enforcement fair the students had an opportunity to sign up for engrossment and attendees had the opportunity to enroll in camps and apply for jobs and attend workshops on topics of interests to parents and team thank you to everyone when that was involved our own african-american chuchltd and leadership initiative under the
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leadership of special assistant landon dickey our community-based organization the alliance of black school educators and the black educators for youth and mo' magic it was aimed as supporting our african-american students in san francisco also as previously mentioned a deadline is fast approaching january 15th for the first round enrollment forever the 2016-2017 the march placement period if you're applying for kindergarten or high school or middle school by january 15th applications can be turned in at the education and placement center at 5 franklin street and if you're children that sfusd students you can turn in the applications at their schools any questions whatsoever you can come to talk to a placement council or e-mail
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at immoral in school enr o l l e n at i'll encourage a topic of my article get our application in by the january 15th deadline for those families 80 percent of the families get top 2 choices and one pace of late break news last semester we announced how our students did on the assessment in go san francisco and at that time, we announced the large urban school sfusd were about 20 points higher in terms of their proficiency than students across the state of california our assessment shared
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more of detailed information and ladies and gentlemen, this is something to be proud of san francisco is part of core acholic beverage of district the 10 systems or some of the largest school districts collectively we serve over would this million students in the state of california so of the core districts i'm very proud to report that the top two over all in the elementary school of all elementary in the core districts the top two schools from san francisco unified school district that means our two elementary schools are the highest 5 of the top 10 schools the elementary category owe are in the top 10 and 20 in the top 10 percent those are well, for you who say should i send my children to public school so it
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gets better at the middle school 5 of the top 10 top performing in the consortium are if san francisco unified school district and 6 of the top 10 from san francisco unified school district at the high school level one of the top 10 and 5 of the top 10 percent of high schools in the core acholic beverage are from san francisco unified school district so i want to send a huge congratulations to all our hard working paraprofessionals our teachers and administrators i want to thank our parents and students for taking these seriously and over academics seriously a great hand to our school to present this evaluated vision should look like in san francisco so congratulations to everyone give yourselves a round
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of applause. >> thank you, sir and in recognitions of rumbles and accommodations nun tonight and student delegate report thank you president matt haney and congratulations for our position iowa's wells vice president spault sea thank you suspend the advisory committee update just last night our conditioner engagement started with dr. laurie and the s ac met with her and provided the student input for oc o f project the doctor going over the logistics we're glad to take part to provide the student button exit as the the
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el cap we presented our el cap student voice and this thursday january 14th at 4:00 p.m. our team will be present 80 preventing to the entire el cap feedback pr we are hopefully, the entire team will be happy with the team and move forward as for the san francisco police department memorandum of understanding or mou just last night our student leaders took part of police mou and they started to create this mou committee in 19 of the residents signed up to be part of the committee has part of the decision making panel our team stakeholders had an opportunity to provide real student input in all matters occurring on the campus thank you to the san
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francisco police department litigant colleen for an excellent presentation and willingness to have our student leaders involved in the memorandum of understanding or mou. >> as the skaft control krgd program is in full swing we managed to incorporate jose elementary school to join our highly successful program as older student leaders we hold the responsibility to help over peers and most of us walk to school we focus on educating them and public safety and traffic awareness a good example of the student san francisco police department partnership programs happening everyday in our community we would like to thank the police department sergeant phil for his dedication and training he provides for younger youth
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and the 19 annual submit on march 18 through april and located at the fort mason at marina boulevard working on a poster i would also lastly like to welcome everyone to the new year a workshop for our nonprofit sour students represents in the homeless shelter we gave toys and goodies for kids in the year it ended happily we have rock star in the room it depended upon $500 we'll to thank deputy myong leigh for your donation. >> very nice sounds like a
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challenge (laughter). >> deputy superintendant. (laughter). >> a rock star. >> rocking it. >> the s ac meeting on monday january 25th at 5:00 p.m. the s a credit is a public council and as an added incentive outline dinner will be provided if you like to attend or make a presentation or a copy of our upcoming agenda go contact our are you point person and congratulations to men and women. >> appreciate it so alright our next item is the parents advisory committee report reporting is indicating lien and
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georgia sprat. >> >> (speaking spanish.) >> good evening, commissioners aim indicating less than and we have three children attending hechil happy new year to all superintendent and commissioners
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my name is a georgia sprat the corridor for the advisory committee the mission of the parents advisory committee to bring apartment voices to inform board of education decisions and decision-making process our report is sharing the finding and recommends out of community art council ex-we carried identity in november and through those conversations we reach over 200 and 50 participant in 20 conversations 5 were conducted in spanish or chinese and an additional languages we provided the conversation 2, 3, 4 chinese or spanish we were strategic and intentional how we engaged in the conversations we gave the opportunity to reach out to families that are experiencing some of the challenges and i think equality in our city as
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identified in the report our children, our council and later on in 2015 this louse allowed us to reach families in systems of consider care and support such a families needing the transmission and youth and foster care and children that are reaching special addition addition and immigrants in our city we also had an opportunity to reach out to families that experiences some of the disparity in our institution our system and our society as a whole the majority of our residents were african-american and latino followed by chinese, white, samoan and american indian and others 72 percent of the children quality for reduced
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lunch 76 percent of children receive special education and 38 that speak other than english at home and fosters parents themselves are providers work with students in foster care we're share a few of the finding we had that comes to a larger report we provided to the our children, our council at&t's on the website and listed on the pat website once in spanish and chinese. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> quality schools engaged and connected students and parents
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competence that cloormentsdz are two larger and impacted by the various needs of student and their diversifies learning needs as s and their diversifies learning needs as well. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> parents want schools to have quality teachers who can build on their students strength that are culturally incentive and trained to work with our
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children. >> (speaking foign language.) >> paternities emphasis the need for greater support for parents to advocate for their children especially those who are new arrivals to the country and being able to navigate the i e p process for those who have limited literacy skills or children's that are falling through the cracks. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> they requested for support
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for their children's needs and basically a well-rounded education that include the arts and music and stem program both in and out of school. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> in nearly each conversation the behavorial issues were a concern within the classroom. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> for example, the so moan don't have an education they


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