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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors 11216  SFGTV  January 16, 2016 5:15pm-8:36pm PST

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much, sir. thank you. thank you. next speaker, please. >> tom puberty, i was hoping the holiday spirit would turn is up to 3 min. would turn is up to 3 min. that time i said i spoke i said this was a good time to change about. i think with another course seen the police department needs to restructuring in the training department, new value system, all across the board. i spoke about accidents in wheelchairs, but i wasn't allowed to say them up because of the restrictions on my time, my speech here, i cannot say with the bicycles ride. preferably
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not on the sidewalk. i cannot also say, no dollars for a needed new earthquake proof jail , but now, i don't want the 1971 police levels, 1945, 1965, the greatest rise in the middle-class, a wonderful them. g.i. bill sponsored. a house in suburbia versus a shared bathroom. 1965, probably the peak, father knows best. let's see. leave it to beaver. lastly, come home. my father had his family in suburbia for 10 years a product of levittown, new hyde park, but both levittown and new hyde park
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blacks need not apply. 1965. now we go to vietnam. we go association social progressive black panthers in the war demonstrations can state, students protesting. the government. while fathers are saying voting for nixon. >> thank you. thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is ellen helms. the jfk towers. on the altered income housing. i also serve this country for 20 years in the military and taught at berkeley university is a quantum physics professor.
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i lost it for a while and now i'm back. my question is, while i was gone did somebody change the holidays on me? i'm not allowed to so by christmas, and christmas day, new year's day new year's day. thanksgiving? i would like to know, who changed the days? i remember serving the country. i remember teaching. i don't member anybody telling me holidays are not the holidays anymore. this year [inaudible] took her own life and was there was a gathering, a brief gathering, women that have taken their lives. i know it's not all obligations and commitments,
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but it is our duty, as a community to speak. and when you say something you need to follow through. i want to thank you for let me have a moment to speak to you. >> thank you very much. other any other members of the cop public like to provide public comment at this time? seeing none, public comment is -- >> i guess i'm here in support of avalos and campos resolution. i definitely believe that we need to stand up against police violence. we are at a point where the police will do what they want and they write
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what they want in their police reports and the chief is in question it. the city does not question it. the autopsy reports, the witnesses, they all say something different. this isn't the ultimate step, but at least you're facing and looking in the right direction. that those police shooting, people down they say he was shot down like an animal, but when was the last time you heard anything about an animal being shot 20 times were shot 40 times? so, this was direct, overt, and malicious violence towards our citizenry. this violence entrapment and shooting is very parallel to the
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willie lynch doctrine,, where they would openly be violent towards african-americans in the community. i just-avalos that like you to do is come back to the committee campos you cannot do and asking for what you need. i think many people are there to support you. so, come back and ask for what you need. thank you. and ask appeal of what unique it up to view my business card. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is jennifer-i'm here to give thanks to supervisors avalos and campos. a few others as welcoming champions. in particular in this case for bringing this resolution in recognition of the murder of mariel woods. i
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live in a privilege to live in scott wiener's district before this. scott wiener hope you'll consider becoming more engaged and educated around what needs to change. thank you. peter speaking. are there any other members of the public would like to provide public comment at this time? seeing none,-really-okay. get busy. >> this is dedicated to >> in the microphone. >>[singing.] ladies and
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gentlemen i want to saythis is dedicated to all the mothers and forgotten people,
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supervisors particularly supervisor campos and avalos akin to those meetings. even our sisters and brothers here. we all must coexist because in the city, if we don't, we won't exist. this is bigger than you and me that put us all in one playing field. just take all the construction going on and it goes into the lock. who knows maybe that's why got all these blacks leaving the city. anyway, i want to say ace is on the case. i'm back here at city all in the room. i cannot to express myself here at city hall. i'll be back. my name is ace. and i'm on the case. speak up thank you, ace. anymore members of the public? >> i've been having a hard time. this is where i get my license transferred. hotel
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tried to kill me. it's a wonder i'm still alive. [inaudible]. i
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still do not get the address where i'm supposed to be going. [inaudible]. >> thank you, ms. johnson did other any other members of the public would provide the public at this time seeing none,
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public comment is closed. colleagues were almost was the end of our meeting but before we move on with rather city business, i want to bring up my legislative aide, valley brown, who i know does not like to get this kind of attention, which is exactly why i'm doing it. valley, this is the last board meeting for valerie. as many of you know, battery as are probably the longest serving aids besides i guess francis bohrer-yes, well, you're close come a valerie. you are close. she started here working at city hall for district 5 supervisor supervisor ross-back in 2007 and i got to know her because i was the director of the african-american culture complex. what i've always appreciated about her is not
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only does she tell it like it is, but she fights really really hard for the community am a and so when i was first elected there was one person in mind to bring aboard to help me what i first became supervisor and that was about. she accepted and we in fighting ever since. right? what i appreciate about valerie is not only does she go hard for the community, she really fights to make sure that other folks who don't understand what's going on in the city hall, people who felt that out of city all she does everything she can to make sure that district 5 and also other san francisco representatives feel included. i just have to tell the story because this basically is like your personality, valerie. i remember there was a guy in a senior home who basically, put
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his bookshelf and he basically locked himself in his apartment because they told him he had bedbugs and they wanted to throw out all of his books, all of his matches, everything that he basically, all of his furniture and he was devastated so he barricaded himself in his apartment. it was a real challenge between him and the property managers, and i remember that i think we were in the middle of a conversation and you stop talking to me. you left a went to that apartment complex and you got the department of public health, you got all these other folks from the city on this case and you convinced them into on barricaded his door because we were going to be able to save his books and wrap them and do all the stuff that you know could have been done in order to make sure that he felt comfortable with the process and what was going on because i know you care. i know no small
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task is too small for you because you care about people. you care about changing lives. you care about helping. that's exactly why it's been a real honor to work with you. i will talk about the times you've yelled at me and made me do things i do not want to do, but i know that in every instance, as much as i complain, you only get it because you know it was the right thing to do for the community. so, i've always appreciated your loyalty to our constituents and i know that the work you're going to go and do is going to make our district and even stronger, better community for so many people who need us to do better and work harder and fix the challenges of what is happening in our district around housing and affordability and preservation. so, i could not be more proud of the work you've done for me here at the board for the citizens of our district, and the work you're going to continue to do. so, on behalf of the board of supervisors, i have a
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certificate of honor, which i do often times you prepare for people and you give out to people, but i just had to embarrass you this one last time. i note you will be moving on to a new job, but you won't be really far away. again, i want to thank you for your service and your commitment to the city and county of san francisco. it means the world to me and all the lives that you've touched over the years. you guys can class >>[applause] >> with that, since ace has already surveyed in uganda already nice supervisor katie tang >> thank you. ballet, i'm so excited to see you leave the second floor but am excited for you future opportunities continue to serve our severe i enjoyed getting to know you and
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i was also working as an aid in you are definitely one of those people who despite all the political differences of various offices, i love working with a 508. were suddenly one of those. one of those people who i felt like my if you could be like battery that he would be a good aid. the way you approach, just all the different constituencies in the district, that is district 5, that is made different kinds of communities, with that is really admirable. i want to thank you for your service. in fact they put up with pres. breed all those years says a lot. i'm just kidding. i just want to thank you and i know she'll also be very sad that you're leaving. so will the rest of us. i wish you all the best in your future work at. >> thank you. supervisor avalos >> thank you. i was also legislative aide at the time i first met you. so, it's been great to work with you all these years. i can't think of a
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legislative aide that is so highly regarded as you are both inside city hall and outside in the community. clearly, the length of time you have been here in district 5 office is very proud of how much you are valued in district 5 and in the committee and is really your expertise. so, not sure where you're going but i'm sure you do great work i wish you all the best. i hear you're not going to parlay, so thank you. it's great to share with you as a colleague here the board of supervisors. >> thank you. supervisor avalos >> thank you for doing this. i dr. pete everything that's been said but i want to say thank you as the supervisor for district 9, i always have pointed to you as an example of the kind of work that we want to provide to our constituents in district 9 that we know you've been providing for many many years
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in the constituents in district 5. thank you for your service. i don't know what's next but i know that whatever that is you're going to do a great job. you're a class act. congratulations. thank you. >> thank you. supervisor kim >> i will be repeating what other folks have said. i want to thank you so much for your service could you really are-i think you may already know this-consider the gold standard in terms of months legislative staffers in terms of staffers. your reputation is really unparalleled i think in any of our neighbors. that is really goes to demonstrate i think you're incredibly hard work and dedication. but also your passion for serving our constituents. i always feel very confident when i forwarded e-mails to the district 5 office gazette always cc you that you'll probably respond within an hour which is amazing because i'm sure you get many e-mails from constituents on him. so, thank you so much.
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you're someone that many of us have relied upon and a been a standard for public service means here in city hall. >> thank you. supervisor wiener >> thank you for recognizing valley. you are the ultimate-i think the first time i ever saw you before i was in office i went to a very very contentious neighborhood cd meeting and you were facilitating it a co-facilitating it. it was just amazing to me seeing you calm the situation and key people on track. because things can spiral to something else and was very impressed. the next time was right after i took office, i was walking in my district on herman street and is that valerie was this woman picking up trash all on herman street with a little trash
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picker >> every morning >> were even in district 5. you cross the line and was very impressed and appreciative of course. my stance with you has always been that you care so deeply about quality of life in the neighborhood level and making sure the neighborhood was. so thank you for everything and him. i know you're not going everywhere and i know you continue doing good work. >> thank you. supervisor farrell. >> dr. pete everything, but i'm going to miss you and your personality here the board. you been amazing to work with. just a ton of fun and a great attitude. but you take it with a grain of salt has been awesome getting to know you and best of luck did i know we'll get to work together and i hope we do so >> thank you. with that, valerie would like to say a few words? >> sure. i want to thank everyone for the recognition. i really appreciate it. i want to
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give a shout out to all the aides here because everyone works so hard. i just was talking to an aide and she was, how long have you worked there. i told her nine years and she said i'm a oh my god. i'm exhausted and have only worked so many months. it is. it's really hard work. everybody does that does this work is really passionate. i think that is what makes the gold standard of an aid, as supervisor kim said, his passion with the gold standard. i want to thank you. i'm happy i didn't follow ace because that would been completely my life as an aid. ace always is there. but ace, you can be right next to me with my new job. so, i want to thank supervisor breed. yes, we
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have differences but a good agent will have differences did you want to make sure your aides don't agree with you all the time. and gives you different ideas and different perspectives. just really want to-i've been amazed at how she has grown as a supervisor, because your first year as a supervisor i know is really tough. it's a tough tough job. i just seen here in the last three years grow and just become really an amazing supervisor. so, i just want to say thank you. i'm laughing about the certificate of honor because i've given so many of them out i probably could wallpaper this room. but thank you everyone can i really appreciate it. i'll be in city hall still doing some work in district 5 so thank you very much. you will see me. thank you. >>[applause] >>all right. thank you again,
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for your hard work. all right, folks. here we go with our next item. i'm clerk, where are we on the agenda. close usher. >> item 12 is a motion that the board of supervisors convened on january 12, 2016 in closed session for the purpose of concerning the receiving advice from the city attorney regarding existing litigation with pacific gas & electric company. >> college, unfortunately the deputy city attorney who we are going to join us for this discussion to discuss these pending cases had to be called away on a public utilities commission matter. i'm sure you all are really disappointed. can i please entertain a motion to continue this matter to the
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january 26 meeting? ocean by avalos moved and seconded. and before we put that item, is there any public comment on this matter specifically? on the continuance only. >> i name is --[inaudible]. >> i'm sorry. this is about a continuance for the pg&e item that was going to go to close such that it's a different subject matter.
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>> okay. i was talking about healthcare issues which i want to get emergency shelter for new healthcare issues. i do want it continue. but i'm sick and tired of the continuous with no money. [inaudible]. >> thank you very much. seeing no other members of the public public comment is closed for this continuous. >>[gavel] begin with that, can we take a continuance to the meeting of january for this continuous. >>[gavel] begin with that, can we take a continuance to the meeting of january 26 without objection. without objection the motion is adopted. unanimously. >>[gavel] . clerk, can you please read the without reference to committee items >> items 13-19 are being considered for immediate adoption without committee reference. the single will call vote may enact these items syndicate member may eject and
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have it considers utterly. >> the clerk i'm going to go item number 13 and item number 19. >> supervisor wiener >> clickable item 14. >> supervisor mar >> number 15. >> supervisor avalos >> 17, please. >> madam clerk call each item please start with item number 13. >> item 13 resolution towards the director of public health and the sheriff to convene a working group to plan for the coming closure county jail number three and four. >> thank you. this is the item, colleagues, i introduced when we voted on the jail project at our last meeting. no supervisor avalos has recommended changes and i wanted to hear his proposed recommended changes at this time. supervisor avalos >> thank you. i'm not sure if
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it's going to involve amending a resolution, but maybe just having some agreement about what kind of process will have for the working group. first off, i think is led by the department of public health. that's the lens were looking at at the services were looking at to put in place instead of the jail. there's also been a call from the note jail in san francisco coalition, who's done a tremendous amount of work on the disapproval of the jail and make sense that a large number of committee involvement in the working group. effect of 50%, +1, majority of community members involved in the working group. they also want to make sure as the resolution states, that we are involving formerly incarcerated people and organizations representing people who been incarcerated.
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also, because there's a disproportionate representation of african americans in our jail system here in san francisco, not just here-that african-americans are going to have a large body of people who will be on the working group. and there's a call for to deal with transparency in the working group going forward. part of that is ensuring that community members are not just there to provide input but actually decision-makers on what the outcome of the working group will be. lastly, there is in urging that whatever documents it comes out of the working group, that the for final approval there is ample time to review before the board will hear the documents. so,
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they suggested two weeks. to me, these are probably the most difficult pieces, whether we go to 50%, plus one. i like that idea. i think given that the community has been a large part of the efforts to raise awareness in city hall, on going forward with the jail, that we honor their request. >> i think the requests are not unreasonable. i wanted to know, would you like to make proposed changes to the resolution, or would you want us to just go on record committing to the request? because just to be clear, this group is a group that's hopefully going to come together, meet honoring their basis, make suggestions around policies and what we need to do here in the city for a mental health facility and we definitely want to make sure that they are at the table and that the appropriate parties are part of this process. it
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will be a positive so, i'm definitely open to all the suggestions you mentioned and we can either include language in the resolution to do so or we can just make that commitment >> i think we can make that commitment. i'm okay with that. it will get a little cumbersome. i don't think it's difficult to follow through on that commitment. lastly, what they also suggested was making a transparent process about who is selected for the body. >> okay. >> tomatoes are good principles to go by if we can agree to that and my office will work with your office and other offices to be involved. ali satisfied. >> okay i'm committed to that. thank you. i have a meeting with barbara garcia and vicki hennessy this week as well as -which i'm hoping they will come up with the right way to develop this so that it is open and the members of the coalition
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who advocated for this specific change our definitely, from my perspective an important part of this. so, thank you. with that, colleagues, will call vote on item number 13. >> item 13, farrell aye, kim, speak out aye mar aye, peskin, aye, tang aye, wiener, aye aye yee aye avalos aye breed aye campos got there 10 aye >> this resolution was adopted unanimously begot a >> item number 14 >> i'm putting resolution to oppose california state ballot initiative entitled safety for all act of 2016 which winkelmann reasonable reforms and close loopholes in california's gun and ammunition laws.
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>> supervisor wiener. >> thank you. first item at my name as a cosponsor and second, at supervisor the hands request only to move to move this to be good >> supervisor wiener has made a motion to move this to for two weeks. can we keep it continuous without object >> army that generate 26. >> generally 26, thank you. colleagues, can we take the continuous without objection, without objection the containment passes speak out >> item 15, please >> item 15 resolution to extend by 90 days prescribed time within which the planning commission may render its decision on a? amending the planning code to revise the definition of form that we tell to include subsidiaries or affiliates to form up into meetings certain criteria with the planning, ceqa determination
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>> supervisor mar youtube i moved to table no longer needed >> supervisor mar has moved to table. is there a second speak with colleagues, can we do that without objection without objection it passes. >> >>[gavel] >> can you please read item 16 >> item 16, resolution to send 45 days prescribed time i was the planning commission may render its decision on an ordinance 151084 amending the planning codes to allow an existing bar on the ground floor on the upper market street transit district to stand for the second floor under specified circumstances with a conditional use authorization affirming the planning department ceqa determination and making other findings. >> colleagues, can we take this item same house, same call without objection resolution is adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> item 17 motion to strike
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the budget and d conduct a review of the city's revenues and expenses associate with hosting events related to super bowl l. >> supervisor avalos >> this is a request that i had made of the budget analyst in december after the hearing that covered the super bowl celebration planning event. it really came out of hearing being part of that hearing and not getting very much information what the cost to the city would be and how city resources were being diverted to support the about. the budget analyst, as of last week, prior to the mayor's budget office me out with information has been telling me that they were having a great deal of difficulty getting information from the budget-from the departments at the mayor's office. that right after that the mayor's office released the data. to me, we have a huge problem about transparency, and about working collaboratively as city government. the budget analysts
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are our eyes and ears on the budget, and we expect that we would get favorable treatment from our office getting information about what the costs of any event in the city would be.. so, colleagues, we expect we could get a little bit different from the budget analysts unless the mayor's office has released a report would be ready probably tomorrow or the next day and today is just a formal vote that we have before us i'll be support this motion. >> thank you supervisor avalos. colleagues, can we take this item same house, same call clicks without objection the motion is approved. unanimously. >>[gavel] >> pickup to making >> item making bush and the final map 1773 a lot returned to lotsubdivision parcel the upper possibly being three
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commercial unit mixed-use condominium project located at 2655 bush st. >> same house, same call .objection the motion is approved unanimously. >>[gavel] >> clerk at 19 >> item 19 motion to approve a final map 8284 six residential condominium project. >> colleagues we need to continue this item to the meeting of january 26. can i entertain a motion to do so? bye-bye supervisor yee. moved and seconded. without objection >>[gavel] . this item is continued to the meeting of january 26. all right, clerk we are now at the imperative item. >> we haven't heard of item offered by supervisor mar, resolution commending the occasion of her retirement as sf coalition and declaring generate 12 2016 as the duncan
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day in the city and county of san francisco. >> supervisor mar >> i want to acknowledge that beatrice duncan was in the audience today with a number of family members and department of public health supporters and members of the health equity coalition that she's lived for the past three years, shape up sf coalition, i want to thank her. i know many of you have worked with her as well and would hopefully bring her back for accommodation at some later time. but you really didn't want to be respectful towards the coalitions that were here earlier, but my hope is we can pass this today that can generate 12 2016 beatrice duncan date in the city and county of san francisco on behalf of her tireless work for the public health and health equity in all our neighbors. the tango >> colleagues, before we are able to adopt this, imperative item, we must approve two findings that the public
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comment it the first signing this is purely commended. as her motion? moved and seconded. colleagues, can we take that without objection because without objection it passes. >>[gavel] >> this item came to the attention after the board agenda was published. is there a motion pics moved and seconded. colleagues, can we take that without objection books without objection that passes. >>[gavel] >> now i'll open the item up for public comment at any numbers of the public alike to comment on this item? >> my name is ellie johnson. hope she really works [inaudible]. what we are asked
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and budgeting process. building and contracting. i'm getting into that already and i think he's been denying me into a treatment program. i understand because i'm retarded. i called him up already on this issue. because there has been some issues. i explained the billing processes. we do thank you very much. all right, colleagues.
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actually, any of the members of the public like to speak on this item? seeing none, public comment is closed >>[gavel] peter colleagues, b2 colleagues, i'll take a motion to approve the item. moved and seconded. colleagues, can we take this item without objection. without objection it passes unanimously. >>[gavel] >> clerk can you read the in memoriam the clicks >> yes. today's meeting will be adjourned in memory of the following beloved individuals on behalf of supervisor farrell the late mr. jack rehashed. the store william delmar take on behalf of supervisor peskin for the ms. zelda gordon. mr. roy bottini. mr. stewart jackson. esther ray bharati and mr. jimmy's. at the suggestion of supervisor yee on behalf of the board of supervisors the late ms. patti siegel. on behalf of pres. breed for ms. beatrice d
5:59 pm
jackson and ms. marie- >> clerk anything else on our agenda today >> that concludes our business for the day >> colleagues, this brings us to the end of our agenda. thank you all very much. this meeting is adjourned. >>[gavel] . - >> all right. so first of
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all, i want to welcome everybody who is here the press, all our communities partners are here come on matt we have matt right there are for the school district thank you for making it this press conference happen that is probable one of the month crucial and important issues and topics that is going on about gun violence you know taking into consideration what is happening all around the world and country and city we're here as a community everybody is one to eradicate gun violence i'm rudy the ed of the analyzing an organization that has been standing and fighting against gun violence for the last 21 years i'm here with my people my community and everybody that is
6:01 pm
here who is serious about this issue we we want to make sure we eradicate gun voipgsz that we are here you take this issue serious one of the most important protections is dealing with the mothers the mothers have lost their sons to gun violence we want to make sure we let them know that also they're being heard and they're being dealt with prove or disprove so me being involved in the violence field for 21 years we tale with youth kids from all over the community all over the city with the help of brothers like brother rich from project and from the vip team in the building and so without further ado, i want to invite mayor ed lee to
6:02 pm
come on up we've got to put him on pause the president of the united states we have to put on mayor ed lee let's welcome the ferry rosz robber mayor the city mayor ed lee (clapping.) >> rudy thank you to you and your staff for making your house available to co-host this important press event that announces our intention to join you you're police chief and mothers, people who really want to embrace non-violence to do this gun buy back this start saturday in the morning i want to emphasize now working with united playaz and others community-based organizations and important as education is to
6:03 pm
us i know we have a school board member matt haney as important we want good jobs and everyone it this room that wants better paying jobs in this city we want training, we want economic development and other nonprofits to be on their own buildings like the united playaz all of that becomes nearly enforceable inform you got violence violence distracts you from everybody and the trauma lasts for generation unfortunately for families and the communities that are involved and so it is our attempt with this gun buy back to reduce the opportunity for violence people can have disagreements purely disagreement between me and the board of supervisors sometimes can create some good
6:04 pm
solutions but if people resort to violence to resolve their it didn't make any difference to make their presence known or try to get something that is not going to solve anything that worsens the situation for everyone so i want to take a big that, of course, because this country as rudy indicated with the call from the president there is a lot of violence under our entire country and the bay area is no different and we got to reach out to more young people reach out to not so i don't know people that resort to violence we can't that that as an alternative we'll do our best working with the police department and along with the community groups and along with mothers and victims of violence that i know have every right to
6:05 pm
say what we need to say in front of the city hall or the mayor's office e.r. community groups i support that you mean at the end the message is less violence and embrace each other find a way to communicate with less violence if we do so you'll see advancements in education and advancements in jobs and more enhancement in community economic development that is what we're doing in our housing public housing that is the site of so many violence we're trying to champion that with community policing pea new techniques and 0 investing in our community and people and make sure we educate our kids it is no, no good answer and solution if you use violence and if we use good afternoon. welcome so getting the guns it is effective over the years i think we gotten over
6:06 pm
worsening one how guns off the streets month of them not properly purchased if doesn't matter their illegally purchased that violence didn't mean if you purchased that illegal or legally it is the use of goes on to prevent violence we come together i'm united of the united playaz and their friends and communities and groups and individuals that want to change their lives would hope that others would just put the guns down and let's talk through this city got resources not like we're not offering anything we have making the go bhith investment in the history of the country but trying to get jobs for everyone including those who have a questionable background we'll help you to erase those
6:07 pm
background and train you in all the industries that the city has been successful we have so many promise as a city question shouldn't have to resort to violence we stand with the united playaz and the officers and community groups and everything that from out of you're prison system we need to do better and need to find alternatives to prison to get people jobs to raise their families and get people where we need to be this is a great city we will be better if we reduce the violence thank you, rudy and everyone for making sure we'll do this and continue to do this we will be joining next year oakland and doing gun buy backs crime knows no boundary we'll be
6:08 pm
more successful by embracing this thank you (clapping.) >> thank you, mayor ed lee give a hand one more time for mayor ed lee. >> (clapping.) i also want to say we're here to eradicate gun violence all of the city one or more gun we can get off the streets is that gun that may save you're life or child's you don't know when the bullet leaves the chamber it does not discriminate no name be 0 the bullet that we can get rid of guns we can i guarantee that one gun that save everybody this this room let's continue to support each other we can agree or sgraur like the mayor said at the end
6:09 pm
of the day, we'll have each other's back the next person is also is doing an amazing job of stopping the violence in san francisco he is the police chief of san francisco he plays a major roll in get rid ofing of guns give it up for greg suhr (clapping.) i want to thank rudy and the analyzing for the buy back as the mayor said the focus has been on gun violence as standing to applying manipulate left is ms. paulette brown lost here son to gun violence aubrey brown she's working tireless at any very often that speaks to the reduction of gun violence in
6:10 pm
201498 people were killed many by firearms and working with organizations like united playaz and other communities groups and the leadership of our mayor and doesn't to the young people and education and jobs we've been able to better have those numbers last year, we had 46 homicides but still thirty of these were by firearms every year year in and out the self-employed takes over one thousand dwnz off the streets of san francisco gun buy backs have taken over nine hundred guns and i'm confident this saturday will be over one thousand any guns as rudy spoke to any gun that comes off the is are streets of san francisco, california have no harm if you have a firearm in the house and knows of someone in the house with a firearm
6:11 pm
please think about thank you for the opportunity is in on saturday and pick up a little bit of holiday shopping money and it will go a long way to keep san francisco safe and the children of those mothers might be here today and not have to have mothers hurting please turn the guns in (clapping.) >> thank you excessive greg suhr and tmc thank you to matt we have mothers that have lost a son to gun violence the wall are all unsolved murders we want to make sure we acknowledge them and try to find solutions they're part of solutions major and so just to move on we have two more speakers and waiting is
6:12 pm
our supervisor jane kim but the next gentleman i want to bring up he's also an employee of the united playaz and someone that say was a monster now a mentor my brother damn i don't think so share also thank you. >> (clapping). >> i want to thank everyone for coming out today i want to implore and touch the hearts of people that might be watching many seller to the hood to the mothers to the grandmothers to the brothers and sisters if you got guns in our home come out december 12, 8 to 12 tenth street and turn them in i've been on both sides shot ten
6:13 pm
times and 10 years in prison i changed my life and here with united playaz and doing working everyday on gun violence along with the mothers beside me to get the guns off the street to make it safer for the children like rudy said you don't know when that gun will hurt you or someone you love i've stolen guns out of people's houses it is so the people i don't know what happened to them that want to get get rid of get rid of of the guns a little boy killed his own brother he found his gun there are other ways so all the community of the people matters what you're race or color or creed and economic level gun buy back you'll be surprised it, the
6:14 pm
people the camera man a was thinking about turning in his gun i implore him and everyone if you have guns if in you're home not locked up you never know when you're own gun might be used against you i implore from the body o my body from the mothers children i ask you to come in and turn in the guns and find a better way thank you very much (clapping.) >> thank you damon i've been a victim of gun violence myself see this right here? this is for real you talking about real front line soldier in the battlefield
6:15 pm
an ground zero come up here boo my brother from new york this brother foster back here you're talking about re-entry you're talking about helping brothers from the penitentiary he did 45 years before foster g did a gang of time and new york back there the guy at front door did one and 50 years total but talk about solutions the moms and brothers who been there deny that and the mayor; right? you got the community and the police chief and you've got to school district what other part is missing in the evaluation we have our supporters who helped us fund this gun buy back ron
6:16 pm
conway that people don't know he do not to the cause the brothers from the medical marijuana the grassroots from barbary coast, hal even and brendon do that donates resources to make this all happen one of the main guys who we have to address who oriented the gun buy back is name a eon; right? his father got killed was a young kid the perpetrator stole the gun out of a home and we don't want to see this we want to get the guns now so this brother who is helping us he said some incredible things we forgot to mention no questions asked
6:17 pm
they ask you nothing you turn them in and get our money you can leave so this is a serious serious irk right here you turn on the tv you don't see something about gun voijsz what is the solution right here not wait until the camera is in front of you and you know what i want to be on this side because it ain't about a color or gender or national outlet or gaze some when someone pulls the trigger you can't stop i know look this is saved any envelopes life we all got shot at one of the guys any son get hit 5 times may he rest in peace that would have been my life i'm still here i
6:18 pm
want to bring up someone from our community that loves and cares about our people who's heart in is in the hood and lives in the hood i want to have our district supervisor jane kim come up and share thank you (clapping.) >> thank you all so much for being are here today and also to the media for helping us with the outreach and education it is important on saturday, i got to participate in the gun buy back and a lot of the residents come out to volunteer this is one of the best and direct ways to reduce gun violence on the street on a weekly basis we have a massive gun violence kroisz when you see where we have less gun violence 1942 where we have
6:19 pm
a stronger gun control laws and less guns on the street this is one of the ways with we do that without obstructs and any questions asked this is the time to turn them in and brings less violence on the street so it is so important south of market but here in san francisco and most importantly i know to acknowledge and thank the amazing donors to contribute money again with no questions asked so i want to thank rudy and the united playaz for this program and we'll have gun buy backs all the time but not a little bring you you mention the fruition you want to see and the outreach and education so i hope everyone is able to get the word out and volunteer with the organization but you thank you
6:20 pm
to all the donors for making this possible so we have a success thank you. >> (clapping.) thank you. >> thank you jane kim after we complete the press conference he have people that want to share but i'm going to read you alarming statistics one in 3 homes with children have guns many left urban locked or loaded you didn't hear me one in 3 homes with children have homes many left unlocked and loaded i'm sure never been the same 80 percent of unintentional firearm deaths of kids under 1 occur in their home with this this is the holidays hospitals and suicide
6:21 pm
by gun increases during the holiday so you want to be involved in helping out here it is right here the great matt scott we want to go to graduations not funneled and able or be part of the solution not the pollution we're involved we'll not wait until things happen we don't want to go to funnels or hospital where a person is walking around with a bag once you get shot and die you ain't never coming back those brothers it they'll be standing with us but it needs to be heard i'm not against people that have guns, you know who responsible knows how to do it or the safety behind guns we live in a real world but people with 34b9 issues people shot
6:22 pm
reck also no questions asked and make sure we honor the mayor the police chief, the medical marijuana store, the community people, the vip and project level and most important the mothers you're fierce district supervisor jane kim love you girl and the school district right here matt haney our capita of our neighborhood sherry right and the leader the rest of you guys and brothers and sisters who came home from prison who's out here doing good okay shout outs to mike and the rest of the guys please ask questions thank you for comingcall the meeting .
6:23 pm
>> >>[call of the roll] commissioner katz adams brandon woo ho i am to approval of minutes december 8, 2050 meeting >> moved and seconded. all those in favor say, aye. >> item 3, public comment on executive session. >> is there public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed >> executive session. >> moved and seconded. is then >> i moved to reconvene in
6:24 pm
motion. all those in favor say, aye >> i moved to not disclose anything in closed session. >> all those in favor say, aye. >> pledge of allegiance. >> >>[pleage of allegiance] >> please be advised that use of cell phones pagers and similar sound producing electronic devices are prohibited at these meetings. these be advised that the chair may order the removal from the meeting room of any persons as possible for the ringing or use
6:25 pm
of a cell phone, pager whether similar sound producing electronic device. please be advised member of the public has up to 3 min. to make it public comment on each agenda item unless the port commission adopts a shorter pertinent. >> any public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. next item >> item 8 executive directors report. >> good afternoon pres. katz. vp adams, commissioners numbers of the public import staff. thank you for joining us here today. it is my pleasure to be here and i have wonderful job of recognizing to individuals in my executive directors report today. so, i like to start by noting what of our colleagues, john doll, who is the ports development project manager serving in our planning and development division. john has been a member of the port game since may of 2001 and he is retiring effective tomorrow. is that correct, tomorrow or thursday. friday, january
6:26 pm
friday, january 15. i guess that's friday. so, he will have served just shy of 15 years, which is a commendable period of time. i think commissioners, you are familiar with john but if you were the minds of the public's benefit, i want to mention that in your decade and a half with us john has been singly focused on the ports on term efforts to realize a new cruise terminal starting with being the development project manager for the brian street pier project which was a multiuse project sponsored by peter 3032 that was to bring to the port a new modern state of the art cruise terminal. he worked on that for numerous years until they determine the
6:27 pm
changes are business model particularly for their development projects in the united states, and pulled out of the project, but john shepherded the project all the way through the entitlement process, which as you know well, is a long and difficult road. and created not just entitlements for the mixed use project appears 30-32 but also for the development of the watermark condominiums and the client condominiums and the client were st., south beach. while, the cruise terminal project did not go forward the brian street corridor appears 30, 32 john oversaw the watermark condos development as will as the development of the brian street wharf in south beach witches as you know a jewel of the port portfolio. along the way as part of the process, john responded to environmental organizations concerns about environmental effects from cruise operations. he participated with the port maritime staff in something known as the cruise terminal environmental advisory committee. that committee
6:28 pm
worked tirelessly for i don't know how many years. john, you have the mind is how many years it was. but coming out of that committee they developed numerous initiatives to manage alice water impact lack and great weather and air emissions. was frankly, from those efforts that led the port to be the first ports on the west coast of california to install shoreside power for cruise ships appeared 27. so, john's wort was legacy making along the way even though the brian stier give project did not go for. i want to commend you, john for your efforts there. then, of course, after they made their determination to brian street pier project did not go forward, as you know well the mayor appointed a blue ribbon panel-commissioner adams was part of that panel-to look at the need for new cruise ship terminal and then he was
6:29 pm
supported by the panels review where should the cruise terminal go. john managed that you ribbon panel group and was a key member of our team that came up with appeared 27 location and proof positive that a new terminal was absolutely necessary for the city that is as well-known as san francisco for instrument is waterfront. following that, john stayed in an integral role in the moment of the cruise terminal project. you know it well. you saw here numerous times through the negotiations with the america's cup, through the negotiations with the contract, and ultimately, with a construction project and ultimately to the negotiations with the ports operator, metro short. then, a key attribute of the cruise terminal project that we now all know well is the fact that it's a very expensive project, but barclays
6:30 pm
business is not an everyday business we need an economic engine to sustain the facility and john was very much a part of investigating and doing the due diligence for whether or not the terminal could serve a dual purpose as an event facility. it is thanks to john and many others that spearheaded by john, that the terminal was designed the way it is, used for special events and, in fact, has become a really well-known and desirable lace for special events. then, john went even further and went to look for public uses of the park and found a partner in the san francisco symphony. so when the park opened last year, about six months later, a little over six months, john and his new partner the san francisco symphony came forward and do a momentous public symphony in the park at terminal plaza and he'll be back next summer. so were
6:31 pm
excited by that. as you can see, john has crafted and left reports with a incredible legacy of great work. he's worked on a number of other projects, which i won't mention i left. i'm sure others will mention as well but john has been dedicated team member to the ports. he is work through many trials and tribulations, many starts and stops so a very important project. nonetheless, the fruits of his labor are seeing very prolifically in the brannan street wharf, the watermark hundreds the cruise terminal facility itself and cruise terminal plaza. so, i just want to commend you, john for your dedication and all your great effort. particularly, i think, when we don't talk about nearly enough for the cruise terminal and governmental advisory committee very very proud of our environmental stewardship and
6:32 pm
we've forgotten what those days were like when we are trying to figure this out, but thanks to you and many members of the maritime team, we really are not having to have a difficult conversation. now were trying to figure out how to fund everything we want to do. so, take you for your incredible legacy and dedication. we hope that your next chapter of your life is equally prolific with the author's pen and we look forward to seeing you back at the port as often as possible. overly, for inspiration. so ladies and gentlemen if you join me in a round of applause for john doll. >>[applause] >> public comment? >> good afternoon. i was giddy without i lived out by the brannan street wharf. i'm a former member of the former south beach cac and i just have
6:33 pm
to say, john has always been so good to work with. no matter how many rotten tomatoes we lobbed at him he always stood up straight and always had a smile on his face. i love his sense of humor. he's always been there when you needed him. we are really going to miss him. i'll just leave it at that. you're losing a great person. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is mike nardi am an american division at the port and i just want to say i think a couple things i think monique did a beautiful job in catching some of john's highlights at work. john-john and i worked side-by-side on a lot of those projects, but i just wanted to say what a great person he is. he's a area guide. san jose, class of 73
6:34 pm
and he lives in bernal heights, which is my old neighborhood and so we have that in common, but john is-ever since the ferry building opened in 2003, we were 3-4 times a week we would come over to pete's, have coffee. it was a group of us, which is getting smaller and smaller. him and be going over by myself pretty soon. anyway, they know john as the dove down at pete's. anyway, so the joke is be going on. one must think i'm a personal thing, but john is a very intelligent guy. he's a film expert and he did something very nice for me and my wife did some years back, we were talking about old movies and john has a great film new
6:35 pm
our collection and he started to lend us films, 1-2 a week. we spent a couple years just using john doll library card. we got to film festivals together and stuff like that. so, i mean he's just a very diverse-his talents are quite diverse and anyway i'm going to miss him very much. but i know he's going to be close by and will stay in touch. so, good luck, john. congratulations. >> iron ref planning and development director. i want to congratulate john, but i wanted to thank him. i think there's a lot of iro hours and work that goes into these kinds of developments. it was mentioned,
6:36 pm
but the number of community buildings and number of hours, number of changes in the project that was started it was posted be better off of mixed use of element entirely funded by a private developer and turn into something completely different, which was much greater challenge to try to figure out how to publicly finance what we thought was going to be much more-price. i also want to apologize. when john first started, which is going to be a few years of working on the cruise terminal and then onto other projects. who knew it was going to take his entire-most of his entire tenure at the port to make it happen. but when john said that he started he was committing to make the cruise terminal happen. we do know what that meant that he was serious about its. it has delivered and i want to thank him for that. >> next.
6:37 pm
>> commissions, dan-report planning and development. i had the pleasure of working with john bush recently for the past about six years on the cruise terminal project. i want to emphasize pleasure. the project-only worked on cruise terminal for about six years. i'm a newcomer to this project. to have a project going for that duration, you need to be enjoyable, pleasurable to the community, stew staff to the commissioners to everybody and i think john contributed to that not only substantively to the project to help the team stay on track two of the team do something, to help motivate them and keep them going. i thank him for that and what a pleasure it was to work with him. thank you. >> any other- >> good afternoon, commissioners. gavin with. 27.
6:38 pm
i just want to say congratulations to john that it's been great working with you at the last year and a half. on behalf of our team, mitchell cruise i want to say congratulations and enjoy the rest next chapter of your life. >> hi, commissioners. peter dailey. the maritime division. i announced john's retirement at the last commission meeting that inadvertently did i want to apologize to john, but i do want to say, >> his eyes are not quite deer caught in headlights as last time. >> is everyone also, people can agree what date is without pinker and discussion. we about major $100 million development done with very little of
6:39 pm
discussion. we worked hard with the environmental community. john did put together the environmental group that really smooth the way for the project to go forward. john is a nice guy. he went to uc santa cruz so he's a banana slug. but i also want to abolish rachel, his wife with leaf-i know is here and thank her for her patience and putting up with all the pressures that go with a major development. i'm sure she felt she was part of the team and she was. but, john we love you. you're not dead. come back and have coffee with us down at pete's. thank you. >> anyone else? john, on behalf of the commission, i really want to thank you or should i say, bdo, thank you. we heard about your work but in
6:40 pm
all the projects you've worked on, but i certainly have just always enjoyed your presentations, your insights, your guiding us to understand issues before us. to being very fair and balanced in all the presentations and letting us we'd be get an understanding of what is before us. i think the same words written down a few things i want to mention, but they were said by everyone coming up already. it is unbelievably personally, a joy to work with. insightful. and i think you're an example of what is best about the ports and support staff. we really have such a wonderful team here and you really exemplified all that is so good about what we have here. so you really want to thank you not only for your hard work on behalf of the port but engendering such universal admiration not only amongst your colleagues, but amongst
6:41 pm
those you've worked with externally as well. two great such a great positive image of the port. really, just universal admiration. you've been a tremendous ambassador for the ports. it's with sadness, but also happiness for you. congratulations and we will miss you. we want to present you with a little plaque. would like to say something first? >> john, thank you so much. i do a member when you first came on board and are high hopes for the new cruise terminal at 30-32. just your enthusiasm. i thought it was going to happen. so, thank you so much for getting us through that but ultimately, opening our new cruise terminal, you had so much to do it. you've always been such a pleasure to work with, so congratulations. >> john, i met you on the
6:42 pm
advisory committee and one thing i always admired about you, john, you're bluntly honest. i like that. you call it like you see. people know what they stand with you and i think that's important. to me that's credibility. it's personal and i really like that. now that you've job that left the major footprint at this point. your renaissance man. you do your artwork in your filmmaking no man with a lot of passions. you've had a love for this port and i think you right up to the end with the port. you are a true believer and very relentless and your compassion for the work. i come a as you, i did anybody that works here, i think a person ever gets paid for what there was a been a real believer and you have stayed here, an integral part of this port. with your commitment and your passion, i wish you all the best and once again, to say thank you for all your hard work and
6:43 pm
believe me, you've given so much to this port. it's not enough to say thank you. >> well, john, i guess we had chance to talk about before the commission about what you want to do, but i want to thank you in echo everything on my fellow commissioners have said in terms of your tenure and dedication and at least you had a chance not only to see the cruise ship terminal beagles and all the travails that went into getting it from starting 30-32 to peter 27 but to hear that i have read the reports to see the success we now begin to see both in terms of the cruise ship itself, the terminal and as an event. so, i think you can leave with a lot of pride and sense of legacy, which is always great when one reason organization to know you have done good. you've done a lot of good. you're been professional. i've always enjoyed working with you. your purports your reports evidence of sync and
6:44 pm
answer questions as commissioner adams as forth with as you can get sometimes we ask awkward questions. that's our goal to ask those questions whether in executive session or public and i appreciate your dedication. i'm fascinated to hear what you want to do in your next that and i'm glad you're following your passion. we expect to hear something from the publisher at some point. so we will know you in another life in another career and who knows maybe we have a celebrity in our miss. so thank you very much for everything. >> colleagues, like to thank you for your presentation ask if you could make a few remarks? >> in recognition of 14 to 5 years to the ports with special thanks and appreciation for your contributions to the pier 27 james r herman cruise terminal and cruise terminal plaza, congratulations and best wishes on your retirement from the ports of san francisco. >>[applause]
6:45 pm
>> he went to see the picture you have to friend the port. >> i have to friend the port. i think it was an error on the board agenda at it says to me
6:46 pm
about my retirement. in fact, i'm not really retiring. the way the term i like to use in a more rewiring. so, because a sense of retirement sounds like it sounds terminal. i'll be working here five days a week in on the weekends i usually work on my writing. basically, i'm just switching that ratio. i intend to spend five days a week on my writing, which as doreen mentioned that my passion. i hope that i publish it someday will be attracted to this piece of work and the other two days i do need a part-time job and do some other stuff. it's great. i have an epiphany when i turned 60 years old that i needed to do something the time is right. it's great. i also want to thank monique and all of you.
6:47 pm
especially people on the cruise terminal project. it was a small core of people that i worked with on a daily basis for -i don't want even think how long-about eight years on the james r herman cruise terminal project but primarily dan and john davey. without those people this project would never have been made. we worked together. it was totally the a team of people. it was a total pleasure to work with these people. very competent. i was very happy to be part of this process. i'm not so thrilled about remembering seatback anymore. seems a long time ago. it took a long time to get through those meetings. but the outcome was good in terms of getting shoreside power. and at the other mitigation measures. anyway, i want to thank you. thank you, monique for your guidance. thank you, commissioned, and thank you staff and so forth. it has been great. what can i say. thank
6:48 pm
you. >>[applause] >> commissioners, my next item is is unique. at the recommendation with the brainchild of commissioner adams and commissioner katz the ports is honored to create a community leadership award, and this is today the inaugural presentation of a community leadership award to someone who really needs no introduction word recognition, but i'm a tell you about curbing the woods anyway. corinne is, as we all know a residence of mission creek. she is a house voter. corinne devotes her efforts to open space and environmental issues around the eastern shoreline of san francisco. the
6:49 pm
vote is probably not a strong enough word for all of the efforts that corinne gives. in september wasn't september 2006 she has worked part-time for the neighborhood park counsel to implement the new green lake and i think the park might refer to the actual paycheck because it certainly does not refer to the number of hours she puts in. corinne is the chair of the san francisco redevelopment advisory committee . she is the cochairman of the port of san francisco waterfront advisory group. she's a member of the uca community advisory group and the ucsf mission bay community advisory group action team. on behalf of the mission creek conservancy, karen works with sustainable watershed alliance and the san francisco utility emissions on sewer and storm water issues. corinne represents the mission free hugger association is a member of the coalition of san francisco neighbors. corinne participated in plans for
6:50 pm
charles hill a grassroots community group that worked with the san francisco planning to comment on the development of the eastern neighborhoods rezoning plan, and she continues to work on the eastern neighborhood showplace or open space plan and something called, -transportation authority planning department eastern neighborhood transportation plementation plan. then, karen was a member of the mayor's blue-greenway teslas which led to the blue greenway project that we all embrace today. she was a chair of the board of supervisors bioscience task force which was the predecessor to the mission bay i guess redevelopment as we know it today. but, the reason that we want to acknowledge you, karen, is because of your tireless dedication to the port. its unique aspect and are set. your were dedicated not to
6:51 pm
just what is the port from a physical perspective but also from an emotional perspective could i myself have been in the public service arena for almost 2 decades, and i have to say that i didn't honored to come across numerous people were dedicated and passionate about the public service, but you are probably alone in that everything you advocate for, everything that you champion, everything that you take on does not benefit you personally. i find that unique empowering frankly. with recognition. david gavras, one of our portentous was not able to be here today, but he did ask me to pass on a few words, which i think some it up pretty well. he said, karen is been an absolute pleasure working cooperatively with you on so many issues around the port and the city. it's always great to show up at a meeting and see
6:52 pm
you there. you have been a delight to work with. i think that's absolutely true. now, we've all seen corinne here there and everywhere as i just reported. but it's been an honor to get your wisdom, karen. russell criticism to work feeding. your beguiling. encouragement even your tears of frustration and your tears of joy. they have motivated us, inspired us, supported us, and let us really achieve things we might not have achieved had we just been ourselves. i'm very big on this multiplier affect and you are definitely one of the multipliers. so, i want to really thank you for all of your work here at the port waterfront and throughout the city. your work is not done so please don't take this as being done, but i hope you will take this as what it is good moment to reflect on the amazing legacy that you have
6:53 pm
contributed for all of us. were all enjoying it today. 24 million or however many millions people come to the waterfront for various reasons, but also for the generations that are going to come to this waterfront. i hope that you take tremendous pride and glory-i don't think you do frankly-but i hope you will take tremendous pride and glory and all you have done and all you have inspired all of us to do. so, it is absolutely my honor to join the commission in awarding you the ports inaugural port community leader award. congratulations, karen. >>[applause] >> public comment. first up is philip and drawing. welcome. >> i know there are others
6:54 pm
that wish to speak. if you want them moved to the isle getting ready to come up. >> president and matters of the commission, executive director moyer, it is with gratitude and admiration that i thank you for presenting this award to someone who is extremely important to me and i am the president of the mission creek harbor association. i know her well where she lives. you all know her. she's respected you, who deal with her know that she is a force of nature. you know that she's a guide through all the processes that we have to go through to get anything accomplished here. you probably don't know that for a set mission creek, she's our secretary of state. she knows everything about every other community about every ever mental resource, about anything that relates to us.
6:55 pm
she is our general counsel. she knows more than any attorney about what makes the port take what makes our relationship with the port tip. i love it. and she's our chief volunteer. she does everything. she's the resource most important to us to keep on little community a lot. you know her for her work on the port, mission data greenway all these things. but, for me, she is my conscience and if i need to know something, if i want to know what my opinion is about anything, i simply go to corinne and asked her, what do i think about this and why. thank you very much, commissioners. >>[applause] >> any other public comment, please come forward. >> good afternoon,
6:56 pm
commissioners. my name is toby levine, and i'm at the cochairman of the citizens waterfront advisory group would keep corinne. we worked together for many many years that we been friends for many many years. i have to say, that she loves the port. she loves the physicality of it. the people involved with it and you're always at the top of her thoughts. so, i'm very happy she's getting this award and i think it's a good idea that you institute it. so, congratulations, and thank you for choosing corinne that was. she is terrific and she's my friend. >>[applause] >> kitty lived out good on the
6:57 pm
new kid on the block compared to corinne and toby. i've only been around for 20 years. but i have to say, karen has been a mentor, a teacher, we always know that she will know everything. she reads everything even if it's 5000 pages long. i just want to thank you, karin for all your help ever tried to continue to teach it. i know we frustrate you sometimes but please don't stop. we need you. >> next. >> good afternoon. diane oshima support staff. i'm one of the old kids on the block as opposed to the young kid on the block was just up. and i can say i concur with everything that's been said, but i think from public employee perspective, what corinne brings to the forum is intellectual honesty and clarity
6:58 pm
to enable all of us to understand each other better. i think with all the competing objectives that the port commission is really confronted with having a clear voice to walk us through and understand what are the pros and cons and the trade-offs, i haven't seen anybody that can express that were clearly and passionately been corinne. so, thank you so much for your dedication. it's an absolute pleasure working with you. >> good afternoon, commissioners. alain forbes points that. i was reflecting that the commenters were saying that something unique about corinne, and i'm going to try to express what i think is really unique about her. i first joined the port. i've been with the city for now two decades. i know i know many passionate
6:59 pm
public service are super identifying what's wrong, and if something we all struggle with and try to correct them when i first met corinne she identified something that was wrong and that she came back and told me what was wrong again, and that she started to try to help me figure out a solution. she came back again and gave me another idea and i realized corinne is trying to help me do my job and help me solve this problem. that was so unique to me that she kept it in her head she tried to figure out a way that we could solve it. in other words, a conscience. i think corinne does demonstrate a selflessness and a conscience and her remarks that are really really unique and refreshing in terms of i think for all of us when corinne says were on the wrong path we all take note because she has such good judgment. we always know she's thinking of
7:00 pm
the waterfront. so, also, a new kid on the boxer speak at the ports but it's benefit you to pleasure to work with you, karen am so glad she's getting this award. >> commissioners, david--i also want to expose my thanks to corinne. the sailboat with her closely over the years on the blue greenway. i was reflecting last night when i first met corinne really demonstrated the patients she has. it had to be the first week i started at the port. diane asked me to join a meeting on the public boat launch budget that had been underway 15 years according to corinne. the port had a grant from cal boating to build. was a tomb and other grant but a $5 million project should imagine where the priority was. working with corinne for several years were able to close the gap and eventually build it and she was persistent in carrying that out
7:01 pm
and without her i don't think that project would have been built. the other thing i reflected on is exactly what monique said. that corinne's energy and efforts are not based on her self interest but the community and city at large. so, appreciate the time and dedication. thank you. >> corinne, we love you too. i just enjoyed working with you since coming to the ports. you take time to understand things. you offer constructive criticism as alain was pointing out, but you're wanting to see improvement to the waterfront. you wanting to support staff and the commission and what we are doing. you want to open the public along the way that you and toby leedy's advisory groups and engage the public so that there's a good understanding about what is
7:02 pm
happening in a very complicated environments. it's amazing to see you do it. you're so tireless. it's not just one form. it's these multiple forms. i recall when we are formulating legislation for pier 70, karin jumped on the bandwagon, helped organize a campaign along with toby, which was enormously successful. it makes me have faith in the public process to see people like you engaging with us like this and so i can't even express the thanks. >> public comment, commissioners? >> i'm going to say it's a real pleasure, corinne. i probably am a baby compared to
7:03 pm
everyone us who's known you for so long. i been on the commission for five years at this point and i have to say you are probably the role model of being someone in the community for the ports for the city of san francisco. i can't even if you stands out as much based on what everybody else has already said in terms of yourself with this, your dedication, you keep a sharp eye, a laser focus on what is important across not just the port but mission bay in the areas you're involved with. i can only say we all have so much admiration for your energy, your intellect, and just for the spirits good as i said, if we could bottle you and spread you around the whole city we need more people in the community like you. we have a lot of things in our society today when you think about it, lately, around the world and in the city they really are very upsetting. bad behavior. lots of things that are not very
7:04 pm
good. but you stand out to inspire us to keep us on track to say that good people can do good things in the city. that is what i think keeps our faith alive and i want to thank you because you inspired me. thank you. >> i don't think there's anything else to say. i think it's all been said. i really want to thank commissioner katz and adams for coming up this award and i can think of a more deserving person then corinne the woods to get this first-to be the first recipient of this award. you helped me tremendously over the last however many years, and i'm not a baby. you have just been so supportive and i know if you think there's something wrong with an issue then there's definitely something wrong. because you find the best in
7:05 pm
everything and as alain said, you try to find the solution and not the problem and you been such a wonderful wonderful friend. so, thank you so much and congratulations. >> i don't know how to say it, corinne, but my grandmother used to say it's not how long you live but the little time we have on this earth memory heartbeats you have is what you do. some people can live a long time and not too much but your plate has been full. you flip left big steps to fill and you are a true hero of this community. you have shown that people don't need titles. some people are defined by titles and they don't do anything but have the title. you are a constant person in the community working, tirelessly, and i remember a couple years ago commissioner spiegel and i in our rules committee little did i know it would get up and speak on our behalf. i turn on
7:06 pm
channel 26 i see you down at the board of supervisors meeting. you are everywhere. you really are. you are the essence of the true gladiator. a maverick. you don't allow politics to sway you. it's either right or wrong with you and that's what you do. you are guided by our moral compass. a lot of people can learn from that. you could care less about politics. at the end of the day your heart is always for the community. as commissioners, and staff and monique we still are people coming in here with their own agendas university them here again. you show up time after time whether something related to what you're doing because you care about this speed one and you're that watchful eye. whether it's waterfront transportation, maritime real estate, you are
7:07 pm
truly a voice for this community, and i like having you watching over our shoulders. it's a good thing because you represent what is good and you put in so many times in life you really dedicate this award is long overdue to you. it really is. i told monique when jennifer-i got it. sometimes you need to let people know whether alive because you are very well deserving. thank you. >> i of course echo everyone's prior comments. i think it's important that we recognize people that we think so highly of and let them know how much we appreciate what they do. so, corinne, really, thank you for all you do on behalf of the ports and really the city. i've always appreciated that we've come forward, put things in clear, concise-when i first got on the port when you first spoke i thought wow, she knows
7:08 pm
what she's talking about and actually has solutions. i think that's the hallmark of what is particularly-but i certainly appreciate about you you don't just complain about a problem but you come forward and say how it can be addressed. how it can be improved. that's really something very important and special. i know certainly when you speak i definitely listen. i, too, was honored when you showed up and spoke on my behalf on our rules committee and a really meant so much to me you were there. i tried to think what it was that really-how to articulate what you embody. it's really what i think i call the best of san francisco. somehow i got stuck on p participation, passion, perceptive, personable manner had to get to a g. generous of time and spirit. you embody all
7:09 pm
those things. you remind me of my old friend sue bierman, who was a mentor to me who was also that voice, that conscience, and she did something that you embody as well, which is you can disagree with people without being disagreeable. i think that allows people to listen to what you're saying that much more than i think why you have commanded such respect. you articulate issues. you lead people along. you want them to do what's right. make sure you're aware of it we you do it in such a kind resourceful way that i think people do listen. i think you made the city, the waterfront, the ports and all of us will be better for it. i certainly know i think somebody else use the word that you are wise counsel.
7:10 pm
i think there's also one that came up i think i have to start using it more. according to corinne. i want to thank you and can't think of anyone who is more deserving of our first port community leader award. so, i want to present you with this award. i will hold it up so you can see it. recognizing corinne woods, devotion and dedication to prove the port waterfront to all. again, on behalf of the port on behalf of the commission, and i think on behalf of the city as well, thank you for everything you do to make life so much better here. >>[applause] >> thank you, commissioners.
7:11 pm
monique and mostly all the people i work with. you said
7:12 pm
that it wasn't self interest. that is wrong. he only reason i got involved with the waterfront is that it's my neighborhood. i live here. i want it to be better. one thing leads to another. you want clean water. you got to deal with the sewers. you want docs that don't float away, i mean it just keeps building, but it's all basically, down to how can i make it better. i think that p you mentioned, persistent. it's where i'm coming from. not to give up on this. what is weird is being commended for what i have learned from the staff, all the other community workers that i've worked with over the years. i learned so much from the
7:13 pm
port. everyone has been so generous and sharing knowledge and information, and helping me figure out how to make my community better. i want to thank everyone. a lot of them are here. thank you. thank you. thank you. for everything. all the garbage pickup i've done. what ever it is. it's always been with major support, and major commitments. this isn't just a job for most of you. this is a passion. i really believe that the people who work for this port and the community people who volunteer with the port really care deeply that it succeed and,
7:14 pm
when you look at a $2 billion unfunded capital viability, you can get really discouraged, but you know, perseverance furthers. thank you. thank you. >> >>[applause] >> next item >> item 9 9b port commissioners report. >> commissioner woo ho >> i was unavailable in december because i had a conflicting meeting with another board i sit on soap but i'd like to comment on a couple items on december agenda. number one, i want to congratulate monique, evening, and all the staff for the tremendous improvement in the bond rating. i think everybody
7:15 pm
knows i'm sure the bank or finance person and that we something that i would definitely take note that just want to congratulate given that we started this year with not necessarily here at the port, but in a very uncertain economic time the lot of market volatility, and a lot of concern about what score to happen in the economy, overall in the long-term, and i think being able to be very solid ship going through a lot of choppy waters right now with a strong balance sheet and credit rating is important. so, i want to not let that go unnoticed and i want to make comments. the other-i also want to mention dumb monique's executive report another thing i'm passionate about is to again at my commentary and recognition for the water taxi landing at exploratorium and the fact that is another step in improving the water transportation along
7:16 pm
the waterfront and many of you know i'm a big proponent of that and i want to say i noted that in him briefly to see that. lastly, john dall, i guess is already left but i want to comment just appeared 27 and the great report peter did give but in particular, on the community event site. it's great to see were doing well on the private events and hopefully we can see more community events and that all this can perhaps we shout and let monique and the staff know whether there are other community organizations that could take it vantage of the pier 27 terminal because it is our objective to have balanced member of public and private events in that great cruiseship terminal can, to add my comment on that. thank you. >> commissioner adams. >> i just want to congratulate speaking of water taxis
7:17 pm
nathan-who is recently president of hard-line marine pipeline water taxi. so were looking forward to working forward with him and seeing increase taxes on the water in the san francisco date. commissioner adams >> i want to thank dir. moyer again and her staff for the commission meeting at the cruise terminal. i want to thank metro. i want to thank everybody. it was just a delay to the community come out and showcase our new cruise terminal that we take so much pride in and i want to say what's again thank you. >> is there any public comment on commissioners report? next item >> item 9c informational presentation by executive director emily rice and woman's policy director on the status
7:18 pm
of women regarding date no traffic ahead campaign in preparation for super bowl l and beyond. >> commissioners, this is my distinct honor to introduce and welcome my colleague dr. emily rossa is the executive director of the san francisco department on the status of women, which is a department which promotes human rights of women and girls with a very very small amount of resources. they make great change throughout san francisco and frankly, the world. dr. is also the president of the elected president of the san francisco board of education. without further ado, emily if you please >> good afternoon president katz vp adams commissioner brandon and woo ho i want to thank you for inviting us to speak to you to speak about human trafficking. dir. moyer has been a wonderful model and a mentor is a fellow department head and about her leadership
7:19 pm
very much. the international labor organization estimates there are 21 million victims of human trafficking of which 4.5 million victims of sexual exploitation and 16.5 million are victims of forced labor. nationally, the polaris project which operates national human trafficking center responded to over 21,000 calls about 1500 web forms and over 1000 e-mails. of those signals, over 5000 referenced potential cases of human trafficking. unfortunately, the vast majority of those calls come from california. top industry for labor trafficking was domestic work. the topic of venue for sex trafficking was commercial front brothels. the average age of a sex trafficked girl is 12 years old. since 2007 almost 20,000 case of human trafficking have been reported to the hotline and polaris is the free texting
7:20 pm
house wine. local data on human trafficking is very difficult to collect good however, we been working on this issue since 2013 when mayor ed lee once the mayor strikeforce on inside human trafficking. i'm very pleased to report in 2015 we released the first ever report on human trafficking in san francisco, which documented 291 known or suspected human trafficking cases. for the six-month period july-december 2014. this data was collected from 19 government committee-based agency. those government agencies include the police, dist. atty., human services agencies, many based agencies asian women shelter and huckleberry youth program. i like to quantify just how lucrative human trafficking is. one pimp who controls for women in a street operation can earn upwards of $650,000 annually.
7:21 pm
this is one pimp with four young women. it goes like this. for women multiplied by a quarter of 10 tricks and night multiplied by $50 a trick. this is street operation is not high-class hotel thing. times three and 65 days a you. no vacation posted time. that gets you to $730,000. there's some money for food, clothing and housing. so, you get to $650,000 , tax-free. but enforcement officials tell us the most engaging drug and gun trafficking are moving into human trafficking because you can only sell drugs or guns once. you can sell a young girl a 12-year-old 10 times a night. wife is relevant to the port commission? san francisco,
7:22 pm
unfortunately is a magnet for human trafficking the fbi has listed san francisco as one of the top 13 cities nationally for commercially sexually exploited children. this is a list we don't want to be on. so, our department has been working on this since 2008 and 2009 we convened our first community meeting, printed resource guide and a 2010 we launch the san francisco collaborative against human trafficking and since 2013-staffing the mayor's task force. the mayor has made this issue a priority. we have used the super bowl as an opportunity to do public outreach on this problem. i just want to be very clear. human trafficking is a problem 365 days a year for us. not just during super bowl time. not to tell you our most recent effort to address human trafficking like to turn it over to woman's policy director british kendell. >> i'm going to start with
7:23 pm
quick story about the starting pitching was the human trafficking is all around us. sometimes after busy day where all you do at work is due with domestic violence and human trafficking to go home and watch tv to relax and clear my mind. a couple months ago i start watching the wire. i try to avoid watching things about violence against women in my freedom. the wire was about drug trafficking so i thought that was a good first series was great and i got addicted and healthy weight still started the second is in the second series was all about human trafficking in the port of baltimore. was no getting away. anyway, as emily said, whenever major efforts this past year has been to work as a regional poop to up our efforts around organizing road human trafficking using the super bowl to motivate us again realizing because trafficking is happening all the time it's
7:24 pm
going to be here before during and after the super bowl and there's not good data is super bowl increases traffic and so justin organizing elements. regional approach is so important in this because the traffickers don't stay within one city or county or state. the constantly moving. they're moving across the boundaries. it's important for us in our response to be regional, hence, we sounded sounded a note traffic ahead collaboration. it's structured there's a steering committee that fled by this update coalition to end human trafficking. the area antitrafficking coalition in stamford university but over 60 members and we are very active member. the goals of the group are one, to consistent messaging. to try and combat some of the inaccurate statements that are made about human trafficking like about
7:25 pm
the super bowl to make sure reason the right language so we don't talk about child prostitution anymore. there's no such thing as a child process. we talk about sexually exploited use and to again, have collective mechanized resources and to put in place long-term efforts because one of the first things that this could did was analyze organizing done around human trafficking and other communities and hosted large sporting event. we looked at several super bowl cities the london olympics, the world cup in south africa and they come in all those communities there been really good organizing run human trafficking just around the bend and often with the event was over you organizing when awake even though the problem did not. they also found in those efforts that focus just on sex trafficking even though labor trafficking is also a problem. they want to make sure in the bay area we look at both sex and labor trafficking and put together infrastructure that would be ongoing past the event. there really four main components of
7:26 pm
the at the head campaign can come and go through each of them quit. one is the local government resolution. training specifically targeting hospitality. public outreach and add campaigns. also you a preview of some of those images. then a website. so, the first piece is political resolution am proud to say started in san francisco. the idea behind this is to leverage local government purchasing power to get industries to be more proactive in taking a stand about human trafficking. the resolution of several components. one is that a local government will not host an event at a hotel unless that hotel takes efforts to train staff to recognize human trafficking influence a code of conduct and looks at a supply chain for risk of human trafficking in its supply jim. similarly, for restaurant the city or county won't host an event at a restaurant at the restaurant has trained its staff, but that risk of human trafficking in its supply chain and the third piece of the resolution is a requires
7:27 pm
the county to train certain key city department on human trafficking. so san francisco was the first to pass this resolution this summer but altogether, 25 cities and counties in the bay area have passed the resolution and hopefully more will. that's very exciting. my dictation it will go statewide. that's for next year. then, as i mentioned, we focus on hospitality training. this is because for sex trafficking hotels are all easily a very common location for sex trafficking happens. that's very important that in labor trafficking, restaurants are one of the-kind of the hospitality industry are one of the locations that polaris national human trafficking resource center finds human trafficking may occur. for both of those reasons we got a be important to start with hospitality and has been a number of trainings in the fall and continuing this month to get the word out to hotels and restaurants so, in october, in collaboration with golden gate
7:28 pm
restaurant association, hotel council, and super bowl host committee is been very engaged in these efforts given training in spirit in december we have another training in san francisco sponsored by the us attorney's office in california attorney general's office and that had outreach to transportation so i think for members of the core staff were attending that trinket we had representatives from with the training and that was a successful turnout. there've been some other trainings in hotels in san mateo into upcoming this month in alameda and in the south bay. then, some very targeted specific transportation trainings are that airports are clearly important place to train because people were caught in from other states or countries come to those ports. this week there are trainings happening at oakland and san jose. airports
7:29 pm
are training staff to recognize the signs and also this week there's a training at the oakland port in collaboration with truckers against trafficking that is a wonderful organization does mobilize because they found that a lot of sex trafficking was happening at truck stops around the country. so they trained truckers to organize the signs of trafficking. so this training is open happening in oakland this week. and then, one training would be important to develop for small restaurants or to those that can't center staff to an in person training because it does more to everybody at it the opposite the same time it was important to develop an online training people can access easily and for free. so, in collaboration with stanford, stanford has agreed to host on their online platform and online training that is contracted with a company to develop and so it's in process and hopefully up in the next
7:30 pm
few months. while it's geared toward restaurant workers in all teleworkers is also a segment for the general public. it's in like 3-5 min. segments that you can watch five or six i once or one at a time. very accessible. they'll be an exciting development completed later this year. as i mentioned, the host committee has been really involved in our insight trafficking efforts. they committed for the first time to train 5000 of their volunteers and size of human. the super bowl is engaging volunteers to spread out around the bay area and the greeters to visitors to our area as part of their orientation toward to include a human trafficking awareness piece for the first time. i mentioned that again taking advantage of the influx for the super bowl they estimate 1 million people cannot visit super bowl city, which you can be on the front lines for, so while you're cursing the traffic one thing you can look for to the beautiful ads that are going to be up. again, looking at what
7:31 pm
had been done before, we decided in our ad campaign we want to make sure we look at labor trafficking and sex trafficking,, and we want to make sure getting the message across that human trafficking is happening here in our community. not just something that happens everywhere. that everybody's implicated. it's not just other people but by the things we purchase, services we engage in, we may be unwittingly complicit to human trafficking. so, there's a series of four ads. this one gets a topic in the mikey happening either in growing of grapes for wine or possibly in restaurants where the doctors people are being trafficked. the first one is which one is best with enslavement. as your busboy and directs people to a website that's been developed. the next one gets a trafficking in nail salon industry, which people need to know that was a big exposé in the new york times about the problem of trafficking and wage exploitation in nail salons.
7:32 pm
for those who you get manicures it's important to the ground and asking questions asked of people being treated up if you're getting a manicure for $10 there's a reason for that. this one gets that trafficking in the janitorial services good . then, here's one that gets it sexual exploitation. it turnout for app for sexual flirtation. as 13. were excited about in san francisco were able to purchase an app and get some donated so there's going to be 500 muni bus cards up and you need buses. five on the outside of the muni buses and then 30 at bus shelters around the city and there'll also be these at running at shelters or billboards in santa clara county and alameda county and jc decode donated 15 of the
7:33 pm
large-screen public toilets and i'm going to go to those in the second because a wonderful location get well soon a social media aspect that's on facebook and google. what's exciting about the jc toilets are that during highly visible areas. the cable car turnaround. the power and market at fishman's work. at union square. what were excited about is a map of where all the various locations in san francisco are. they're too right in super bowl city. during one of your lunch breaks you can come out and take a look. they're going up next week. between monday and wednesday or thursday everything should be up. you can come take a look. as a combination of all these efforts, this website that's been developed as has everything a resource page for services for human trafficking survivors, of the john training resources. it's a business wants to get more training they know where to go for that.
7:34 pm
information for the general public and then upon the website that has to be built out is can have a map of businesses taken proactive steps to address human topic. if somebody takes the standard online human trafficking and works for restaurant they can indicate that no populate the map so people can see and spend their money or business about taken steps to look at human trafficking. i'm happy to answer any questions. >> is there any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner woo ho >> thank you for the presentation both from emily and yourself. probably not a topic anticipated but i think it's very good to know there's such a conference of plan, certainly 100% support what you guys are doing. i think, i
7:35 pm
guess if the super bowl was one way to get things moving and it's not because it creates anything just by itself, but i think we do need a sustained effort and to hear the statistics, which to be reminded of the horrible circumstances and consequences that we hear about, is something that we do need to remember and i think that the fact that were taking such a wide spread campaign to make everybody aware of the issues and to report any issues that we do see, i think is very very commendable. i think we live in an area not just on the waterfront that the entire city, as we said very very desirable. i think desirable not terms of location and weather, but also in terms the fact that we are economically very well off. i think people probably target san francisco as a great market for this. we're a lot of visitors as well which is another circumstance that i think remotes this. so,
7:36 pm
i want to thank you for the education, support as well as for upping us in making sure that we are in line with the entire city family in terms of what were trying to do. so, take it. >> i just want to add that human trafficking is really invisible problem and i would encourage folks, dir. moyer is asking when it's appropriate to call. if you have a gut feeling about a particular situation, but a person, just call. there's a national hotline one 800 373 gut feeling about a particular situation, but a person, just call. there's a national hotline one 800-3733 88. many of the tips come in from passersby's or family or friends, if something does not feel right, feel free to call the police department with the national hotline, there really is a gut feeling. it's not have a big sign saying this is human trafficking. something that doesn't feel right to you. >> can you give the hotline number again >> one 800 can you give the
7:37 pm
hotline number again >> can you give the hotline number again >> 1-800-373-7888 and also there's a text capability, be free. that will go to the national hotline. >> is there a url for the national hotline? >> if you just google national human trafficking research center go to that has the hotline number, the hotline links to everything. >> that's our public service announcement for the day. commissioner adams. >> thank you so much for the presentation. i know idea trafficking was a lucrative and so much of it happens here in
7:38 pm
the bay area. so, thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. especially at this time when were expecting hundreds of thousands of visitors, but thank you so much. this is very eye opening and thank you for bringing it to my attention. >> i want to thank you say thank you for this present it i realize this is big business. this is a billion-dollar business. i'm glad to have all the community partners. i'm glad to hear that merely is right on board with this. sfpd, the super bowl, ringing to the port commission i think this is so important we talk about things like this. if something sometimes it's like homelessness. it's your interfaces and sometimes i think i do not think about that. it's huge. i see a lot of programs on tv from all different countries throughout the world of trafficking of women and kids, and it's really sick, but it's all about profits. whether it's drugs,
7:39 pm
guns and money is all about people making money and people can exploit people and like you said if we see something like this happening we need to say something, address it and appreciate what you guys come in and having this discussion because port because i consider is also a partner and we see things and stuff like that. when would you have over 1 million people walking to her cities spanning over $1 million in the face of the world is can be looking at san francisco that all the muscles and everything in there to see the glamour and glitz but there is a dark side. the things that you guys are talking about, these young ladies and stuff like this. the exploitation. it's really sad. i'm hoping that we can put money, resources or whatever to educate the public and educate ourselves to look out for this issue and to address it. it
7:40 pm
could be our mothers. it could be our sisters. it could be our cousins and sometimes were not affected till it happens but everybody, it's important so thank you. >> it just so happens january is national awareness month. so were excited to get the invitation from dir. moyer and the board of supervisors declared january 11 in the whole month until presidents' day, we do outreach events up until as the president who freed any of the slaves in this country we want to do the same. >> i also just want to thank you for the presentation, for all the work that you've done to work to eradicate human trafficking. it really is something-i have been aware that i've had friends in different district attorney's office and elsewhere that have been involved. i do appreciate the bay area, has taken out weed is not city by city but what you've highlighted which is working regionally to get
7:41 pm
more more people wear because it doesn't know city borders. so i thought you for your efforts and thank you for that. and for the coordination. i think given what's come up with the super bowl and the downside but also i think there's an upside in that we have a chance to educate people, and one thing i know you have put posters and perhaps there something we could do for tours we can do come into our terminal. maybe there's something we could place informationally there >> if you have space we could certainly get you the artwork for the posters, if that's of interest. >> then, also i was pleased to see that the online training. the ideal of perhaps more opportunity not just for the restaurant industry but there's something generic that we could all post on our social media
7:42 pm
pages to get out to people's that were more people can become aware of the signs and what to look for a know-how to respond. i think people want to do the right thing and i think there really is a lack of awareness of how pervasive and pernicious human trafficking is >> there is a stream of the human trafficking that for the general public. >> it would be nice to get that specifically the link to the training, perhaps >> once it's ready i'm happy to circle back. >> will be happy to post it and should. >> i consider now the port commissioners as members of the abolitionist movement as well as members of the audience to be don't tackle this issue. >> again, thank you very much for bringing this forward and making the presentation. thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you, ladies very much. good luck. item 9 item 9d
7:43 pm
election of port commission officers. >> let's open the floor for public comment. is there public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. i will open the floor for nominations for president of the port commission. >> i would like to nominate commissioner willie adams as president. >> any other nominations? seeing none, nominations are closed. would you accept the nomination of mr. adams >> i do. >> a call for nominations from the floor. sorry. are there any nominations from the floor seeing none,, close. other
7:44 pm
anymore nominations? i will assess three times. other any other nominations for president? any other nominations for president? the nomination for president are now closed. so, the nominee is commissioner willie adams. all in favor, aye. opposed of sentience. commissioner congratulation commissioner adams. good luck. >>[applause] >> the gavel goes over- >> i like to ask for nominations for vice president. >> i like to nominate camilli brandon for vice president >> second. >> any public comment? any
7:45 pm
nominations from the floor for vice president? going once, going twice, going three times? with that, emily's prevented you accept the nomination for vice president? >> yes. >> with that being said, ladies and gentlemen are new vice president of san francisco port commission be to call for a vote. we do i'm sorry. all those in favor for kimberly brandon purport commissioner vice president say aye. babies in general are new vice president of the san francisco port commission commissioner kimberly brandon. >>[applause] >> thank you. >> thank you. i'm at a loss
7:46 pm
for words. no, i want to thank commissioner katz for leadership over the last two years. she's been wonderful to work with and she is really led us on many many projects, visions, opportunities. she has just been so wonderful to work with. order miss your leadership, but i know commissioner adams can fill those shoes and i know he's going to bring a lot of new opportunity and exciting projects that we have going on this year. i look forward to working with you, also, and commissioner woo ho, i love working with you, too. i will make a great team. so thank you very much and i'm looking forward to this year and all it has to bring. commissioner congratulations, commissioner adams. >> can thank you. before we go
7:47 pm
for a late to give the floor to executive director moya. >> congratulations. [inaudible]. if you'll forgive me i was a congratulations pres. adams and vice president brandon. first and foremost thank you for taking this on. it is a huge sponsor ability. huge amount of time and you both know it well. thank you for your willingness to serve repeatedly. so i appreciate that. on behalf of the port staff, though, i do want to take a moment to thank both of you president katz and out pres. adams for these your service these past two years as officers of the commission. i just want to take a very short period to summarize a couple of key things that occurred during your stewardship and your
7:48 pm
tenure as officers of the commission. we have already talked about one of them a bit today, but clearly the opening of pure 27 cruise terminal, our third attempt at a cruise terminal in 20 years called by the dedication of that terminal in honor of james r herman was absolutely the highlight of the two years of your service as officers. i can be more proud of that personally. i know you both share our pride on behalf of the staff could also, during your tenure, the port open to my key part. one at each end of the water from the cruise terminal puzzle and review the way we've made great strides in moving forward with a blue greenway and the part which i hope will see the opening of in your next term, commissioner adams and brandon the signing of the historic port agreement with the philippine port
7:49 pm
authority. the hosting, as we talked about earlier of the san francisco symphony at the cruise terminal plus. the opening of the yard the port first pop-up at lot 337. obviously the supporting the passage of two citywide ballot measures promoting rita bauman appears 70 and sewall 337. execution of the master lease with words into bauman inc. to save and renovate six historically significant and beautiful structures appears 70 permanently honoring dr. many silver at the brennan street wharf for vision and leadership at the delancey street foundation. achieving $100 million in gross revenues. investing in that two-year time period $107 million in capital repairs and enhancements, not including the cruise ship terminal, in awarding $20 million to local business enterprises. and welcoming historic 82 calls and almost, almost, 300,000 passengers
7:50 pm
cruise ship passengers in 2015, which was a record year. there many many more things that you presided over, many more things that collectively the commission and port staff achieved together with our wonderful community advocates and stewards and staff, but i just want to highlight those couple of things. both of you have been extraordinarily generous with your time and especially responsiveness to the public who attended not just these port commission meetings but also the community meetings. it was wonderful to have you both at various meetings of the public. under the public just love to hear from you even when they don't agree with you. they still love to hear witty. three very much appreciate that. commissioner adams i want to especially highlight how available you made yourself no matter where you were in the world, what time zone it was, whether was sonia was upward and was up, it's incredible to me the work
7:51 pm
ethic that you follow and how abusive you are in the middle of the night by telephone unable to follow some of these complex issues. i really couldn't be more appreciative. so, very very much looking forward to serving with you as your presidency ensues over the next year. and commissioner katz, what a wonderful font two years it has been. you are my travel partner. i hope you'll continue to be my travel partner get within to some great places in the world together. your guide guidance over the last two years has been tremendous. your budget is equally tremendous for me. the political acumen is really been very very helpful. your outstanding strategy. you have i have appreciated your support in numerous bits of litigation, but also just in crossing into new horizons for the ports in all kinds of areas, particularly as we move to the southern waterfront. as has already been mentioned you're
7:52 pm
leaving very big shoes to fill but i know these two are more than up for the job. on behalf of all the staff, i want to thank you both, thank you again . now pres. adams for being willing to continue on as an officer of the port and vice president brandon for coming back. i just want to point out for the record, this is an extraordinary historic moment, both for the port of san francisco and for ports around the world took the two of you as our opposite. so, thank you very very much again for being willing and godspeed for the next two years. we've got a lot of work to do. if you are would join the in a round of applause and thanks to the commissioners. >>[applause] >> so, i have two plaques to present. one each. they say virtually the same thing. in the commission and appreciation to leslie katz and you will be
7:53 pm
adams her leadership, dedication, outstanding service while serving as the san francisco port commission president and vice president of 2014 and 2015. so, thank you again. >> as much as i saw this
7:54 pm
coming potato plan on seeing anything. but i'm not at a loss for words and sentiment. i want to thank all of you, my colleagues first and foremost. it's been wonderful serving with all of you. i learned from you. i've been filled with admiration at the insights and the work and the dedication that everyone on this commission has provided. it has been just a pleasure. not to brag on the commission, but i think it's pretty fabulous commission. i love working with all of you over the last term
7:55 pm
and i want to thank you for everything you've done. commissioner adams, vice president and partner in crime here, it's just been an absolute treasure to have you as a colleague and a friend. and to struggle through some tough issues that have come before us and figured out how to improve things at the port at absolutely no doubt under your stewardship the commission will be in very good hands. most of all, i want to thank executive director moyer. she talked about the time and dedication that goes into the port here. you are available at all hours, every day, seven days a week. you're so passionate and so dedicated to the port. it's really been such a joy working with you these last two years, and finally, the port staff, could i stop
7:56 pm
saying how fabulous port staff is because i do not want word to get out with the team at the port is extraordinary. i didn't want to single anyone out i can't. because everyone has been so wonderful to work with, so bright, so talented. i've seen a lot of different teams, a lot of different departments over the years but i really am constantly in awe of the noxious the intellect and technical capabilities of the port staff but the passion and the commitment to the port and the work you all do. i just really want to thank all of you and think the port staff for everything you've done these last to help the commission these last two years. it's been a treat to work with each and every one of you. thank you. i look for to know something with our new president and vice president, web tremendous respect for. i look forward to seeing you.
7:57 pm
>>[applause] . >> first of all, i like to of it i consider myself really blessed. i'm sitting up here with three former presidents of this commission. commissioner woo ho commissioner katz and commissioner stephen. being that commissioner brandon is the longest service serving commissioner with scatter brain power and wealth of knowledge and tireless commitment, this port has continued to sail and going to another level. director moyer and your fine staff, if you really good at moving for. you may not hear me talk a lot in the chair because at this point by three fellow commissioners i know sometimes i beat things to do but you may call me for a call for the questions. because i'm one to beat it to death but am looking forward to it. i have to say this. i kind of feel with
7:58 pm
doreen as leslie, tim, i can feel like warriors. i had fun. we've done a lot of good things. when i see the warriors by squatting i watch a bunch of young men playing. it's not about the money. the having fun and when get it straight so that you get that kind of chemistry and the kind of chemistry i've had with my fellow three commissioners. i think it's on harold. we may never let another group of commissioners that have this kind of chemistry. every commissioner of your things for them so that each commissioner is very independent and each one is very passion. like i said, 1 billion big shoes because i'm following in three passionate presidents of this commission that have led and then giants in their own way. i know i need the help. on the new person on the block with the help and support but look forward to doing my term as president and continuing to raise the bar. i want to thank you.
7:59 pm
>>[applause] >> i just want to invite everyone to a small recession afterwards to honor our guest of honor, karin woods, as well as all four of our commissioners. thank you. >> next item, please >> item for the consent calendar item 10 b requested approval to issue a quest for politicians soliciting as needed as unit related professional services. item letter 10 b kazaa version toward construct construction project number 2762 in the milk amount of $5 million in authorization for contract contingency fund of 10% of the contract amount for an unanticipated contingencies for total authorization not to exceed 6.3 $6.3 million. item 10 c request authorization subject to board of supervisors approval, to accept and expend $9.6 million in 2015
8:00 pm
infrastructure protection program port security grant program funds from the us department of homeland security for security improvements at the port of san francisco. item 10 d request approval of memorandum of understanding between the port of the event and the san francisco public utilities commission for you technical review and you dividends during the pre-development for the pier 7020 acre site in illinois street during the pre-development for the pier 7020 acre site in illinois st., parcell. >> so move. peter moved and seconded. >> any public comment? is there any public comment if not public comment is closed. commissioners? we will take about. all those in favor of 10 a-d say aye. the post? it past >> item 11 a informational presentation on the waterfront
8:01 pm
is predation assessment by the san francisco municipal transportation agency. >> good evening presidents adams and vice president brandon and members of the commission diane-with the port set. i'm just providing some brief introductory remarks. unfortunately, i see that maria lombardo, chief deputy at the san francisco county transportation authority had to leave, but the waterfront transportation assessment has been actually very major city family transportation planning undertaking, and so there's been a great body of work that start back when the project was proposed at pier 32 and so we have a whole team that wanted to give you this briefing on the work that's been done, and how that really sets the stage for transportation improvements that are starting to get integrated in major development projects, and also to inform
8:02 pm
the transportation network improvements that are coming online to get even better. at this point, i would like to give a shout out particularly to peter albert, who i think is can make a couple introductory remarks for his team. erin miller and liz bryson. who are now staffing at sfmta and to thank today seems to be of salvation and faithfulness for many members of our family, but peter is really the extraordinary transportation planner for the city as well as along the waterfront. she is going to be retiring in april, so in the theme of announcing retirements early, i want to share that information with you because i don't know he's going to be for this commission before he steps off. obviously, he's left quite a legacy of his own. anyway, peter albert introductions and thank you
8:03 pm
very much. >> good evening, pres. adams and mentors of the commission peter albert sfmta. though, it's a pleasure for me to come back you. i think i kick this thing off i think 2012 when we were talking about all this growth happening on the waterfront and how do we manage that with good transportation plan. the idea of not doing transportation planning project by project but taking a step back and look at the entire waterfront looking at the network of transportation services there. this presentation is really about two of the brightest hours i get to work with sfmta. aaron miller and liz bryson good to hear from them shortly but we would go down to the possibilities to look at the two bases that we did waterfront planning. this was a very community intense process. we work closely with karin it was toby levine, and katie with dell. those are just some of the many people who helped us read through the transportation
8:04 pm
planning. the diagrams you see on the screen will present the two phases that we decided we make a meaningful approach. the first one is mistaken inventory of everything we know that's going on in the waterfront in terms of transportation investment in major development. one of the biggest causes these things aren't necessarily happen in a coordinated fashion. we will record data development and transportation were already somewhat. we been farther than that. we looked at the inventory of projects. we have a lot many conversations about what's still missing. where the gaps in the transportation network. what do we know should happen that we don't see happening or what is karin but to see why these things happening soon enough. they should happen years ago. so putting that on the matrix insane, not just the experts
8:05 pm
so-called experts and transportation to work with the city agencies but the experts that live in the neighborhoods of us identify what those gaps are. what solutions mike about and what strategy we can develop around those solutions. garbage about that from erin miller. you'll hear about understanding this is the challenge of the next 20-30 years of growth am a wes should be focusing in which you been looking at in terms of how this part of the waterfront where growth is happening can connect not just to san francisco but to the region. what kind of analysis helps us make sure were supplying the transportation system with the resources we need an coming out of that what recommendations to go forward looking at all modes of transportation. it's not just cars and not just transit. it's whole gamut of pedestrians, bicycles, circulation and all that. so, under hand over the presentation to erin miller. she will walk you through the conclusions and process we went through the first phase. >> hello. good evening commissioners. pres. adams and
8:06 pm
vice president brandon dir. moyer, thank you for having some time for us today to about the waterfront transportation assessment. we been here a few times before and officially been finished with the project since late last year. is that right? this summer? last summer. it's been so long ago. i don't even remember. were delayed in getting to you so thanks for being patient and were glad to be here today. as peter said, anna talked briefly about the phase 1. all try to be very summary. i think most of you have probably heard a little bit about that work, but one of the things i want to start with is when the project started in 2012, one of the things that everybody could agree on is that transportation improvements and investment have not been able to keep up with the rate of land-use development were seen in the city right now. at the same time, we were very aware of a lot of big plans there were
8:07 pm
underway in moving forward on different schedules. so, along with understanding the land-use pipeline was important for us to begin to have a better picture of the transportation pipeline. this is very summarized overview of last year and the next four years to about 2020. i just want to point out some things that happened and some things that are going to be happening because that really helps to set the context for how we move forward in the transportation decision around the waterfront. last january, and this is really a shout out to karin, we started service on what we call the 55 16th st. which is actually an interim 22 fillmore extension to mission bay. we want that service to be up and ready for the opening of the children's hospital. so that started in late january and then later last year, i think it was august, we began the
8:08 pm
weekend service for the embarcadero between fisherman's wharf and cal tran. additionally, i would note i'm pretty sure were anticipating weekday service on that starting in april or may of this you. not too far away. so, this year what are we going to see? bark is going to be getting 10 of its new box cars which are going to be thoughtlessly wonderful in everybody's can be happy to stand up all the time. which they pay much do now. those are pretty piloted this year. esther derby and revenue service and by 2020 we are hoping to see all 10 car trains throughout the park system with their new cars. 2017, the gimme kick off their vessel replacement probably not adding vessels but replacing with much cleaner vessels and also the
8:09 pm
transbay terminal will be open. that's just a year away. it's kind of amazing. 2018,-is slated to be on. i can't wait to see that happen. it'll be starting its very service ferry service to richmond. that service they are purchasing two new vessels and so the ferry will fleet will increase to 14 and i think it calls for 400 passengers and 50 votes so that will help some additional service across the bay. in 2019 central subway. have you heard of that project? we are looking for forward to that. we believe that connects have a huge impact on the third street core door and the southeastern part of the waterfront. something that's very difficult to imagine and the best we can continue to do is a we promise would have to car trains. it's
8:10 pm
could be a 6 min. headway and there really can feel the difference and this can be a great improvement in their service. we are looking forward to that. also, the prominent 22 fillmore extension to mission bay will be in place with that ready three scheduled to take over the current rate that 22 is on and 2020 and beyond organizing top 10 electrification and knew exactly when but were hoping for the extension of the couch and to the transbay terminal. maybe not too far in the future. so, that's a quick overview of a lot of big big impactful projects that are coming on line that are really can assert the waterfront greatly. and help improve transportation choices for people in the city. peter also mentioned in phase 1, we went through a lot of stakeholder outreach gathering input, understanding what people concerns were, whether challenges are on the waterfront, and we took that
8:11 pm
information and started conceiving of transportation strategies. they could be solutions but they were ideas we wanted to get down on paper with an unconstrained list of things we got could address current shortfalls and gaps in the transportation network or potentially serve to support the future demands on the system as all this comes in. then, we were opportunists in phase 1. we saw in some of the strategies chances we could maybe investigate them a little more closely and see if we can england and test them. we will conduct from strategies to solutions and these are a few things we did it you may recall where the intersection enforcement of that went on for about six weeks. with that what we saw about a 55% decrease in intersection and crosswalk
8:12 pm
blocking. so, that continues to inform work the agency is doing. the waterfront assessment helped to direct the sfmta to some funding that set up the planning funds for the embarcadero enhancement project underweight here. you are familiar with that. working with our development partners the warriors and the giants, both made donations of $5000 each to support local match funds for planning effort that has just recently been completed by bart called the embarcadero montgomery bart capacity study. again, this is the karin woods lined interim fillmore lines to mission bay. the 55 16th st.
8:13 pm
and again were expecting prominent service to the 2019. finally, again, the embarcadero historic streetcar came online last fall and we should be seen permanent weekday service in the next-in this year, spring. so, with that, i just want to be rate phase 1 of the waterfront assessment was compressive, conceptual, broad thinking. a lot of stakeholder outreach imaging up with a lot of interesting ideas and even though the project is complete by schedule the conversation continues on. i'm been a let liz talk to you about the interesting technical analysis we did in phase 2. >> document, commissioner. this pricing. i'm with sfmta planning team but nicely presented work i did about six months ago when i was still at the sf cpa. a punisher between
8:14 pm
the two agencies. i want to note that. in phase 1, as aaron described was really about committee process, understanding challenges and testing solution. they do with stepping back and getting a little more wonky to arm ourselves with some data and analysis of what's going on in the waterfront area. who's traveling through this area. to get a sense of if we had to focus on certain call corridor to make improvements and wants to double down on. so the map you see here shows a subset >> i'm sorry, our monitors are not working. when not sure what you are looking at. >> i could describe it. >> the monitors have not been working for a luncheon. >> page 17. >> thank you. >> so this map indicates a subset of the waterfront study
8:15 pm
area we focus this part of analysis on. the reason we sort of focus on the small area is because this is where so much of the new development is planned and under consideration and so much aware all the regional traffic ground zero, etc. to do this work we utilized the travel forecasting tool the sfmta called sf stamp. i won't go into as much detail as i could because of time constraints, but it's all documented in the final report if your interested. what we want to do is focus on understanding more about the trips, travel to this part of town when a network is most constrained which is in the afternoon about three hour rush-hour peak period. we focus on those trips that were headed in d-now were on number 18-we
8:16 pm
focused on the trips that were headed in the outbound direction were happening within the study area. some of the representative trips captured in our analysis are indicated in here and we call these the trips of interest. those trips are about 20% of all trips that happen to, from, and within san francisco today and, as we look into the future to about year 2040, we are looking at the major increase in those trips for about 220,000 to about three or 20,000 which represents almost a 50% increase in trips. we want to do is understand more where those trips are going to and from. slide 20, now. sorry. so this map indicates a set of corridor that we look to summarize understand one end of the trip being the great and the other end being where the quick lines are. now, 21. next
8:17 pm
slide, 21. this indicates the major travel corridor and the different breakdown of number of trips and trips by mode across these different corridor. so, the red indicates auto, blue indicates transit, and the gray indicates the change from today to our 2040 future. so, i won't go through these in great detail, but the idea of looking at each of these corridor was people to understand the unique characteristics of each corridor that would then apply different solution. no go to several of them quickly. under 21, next slide, cause of those corridor where there is the largest number of trips happening in the transbay corridor by east rate is by far the biggest. the next one, number 23 is the travel
8:18 pm
corridor the highest number of walking and biking trips. the next one are trips where there is the highest fastest pace of growth between today and the future. then, the last one is either the highest number were highest share of auto trips to next, after we looked at the sort of trouble making characteristics in this part of town, we then went to focus a little more specifically on the roadway at work and understanding capacity relative to demand. one of the challenges that erin uncovered as she was working with community stakeholders groups is the major challenges of traffic congestion and how it affects particularly the soma area. what we get here is look at the peak period and the pictures headed in the outbound direction. the finance kind of buried by the three sub areas of northern soma, southern soma
8:19 pm
central waterfront. in northern soma the issue really here has to do with the bay bridge. a bridge is totally at capacity and has been for some time. the implication of the bay bridge at capacity is that the queue of cars getting onto the bridge acceptor northern soma to downtown. the location is that we want to do something to really address northern soma congestion, it needs to be a solution that looks holistically at the bay bridge and where people are going to the east street side. this story in southern soma and central waterfront is different. in these areas were not seen that same level of congestion right now. but in fact the analysis we did found or maybe at between 75-80%, but we did identify that these areas appear vulnerable to the future unless were careful in our planning. critically, because the limited and exit
8:20 pm
points. with some pretty major barriers with a mission bay channel, with the 280 and with the really limiting the streets you could get in and out of this area took just a couple places. next slide. slide number 27. >> are slides are not numbered. show us the picture. >> it's the picture of >> thank you. >> sorry about the technical glitch. hopefully it keeps you awake. of this is an image that comes from-. it's pretty famous in the world of transportation planners because it demonstrates how the same number of people can take up dramatically different amounts of space on the street depending whether they're traveling by car, by bus, or by bicycle. but aside up here, as
8:21 pm
we face the challenges of accommodating both happening today and how much were expecting in the future, the idea our vision is to see travel in recognition of limited roadway capacity and in support of san francisco policy goals. we need to make our streets more attractive were people who are traveling in transit or by bicycle or by foot because we simply don't have enough roadway space to do anything to allow all the strips to happen by car. i'll do this set of next slide, 28. this is a series animated it is not very easy to turn page. you have to turn several together. in fact, maybe one to go to the very last one of this set. which is number 32. when technology fails all your cool tricks go away. what we pay much did is ask consulting that
8:22 pm
supported us to make some assumptions of what some reasonable changes might be based on how other cities have accommodated travel behavior and trips. we started with what our model forecasting to data looks like and the future and that we can't delay in said what if we were able to do some things to attract a few more people to walking and biking and then transit. and pretty modest changes. we were able to find, it seems plausible that in the future we could grow the number of trips we are expecting without adding more auto trips. so, that brings us to the next slide, the recommendations framework. there's pretty much three overarching recommendations. two of which can be summarized as doing the things we artie said we were going to do in the third starting to think about
8:23 pm
adding some new major projects to our transportation wedlock. next page. recommendation number one. here is the idea is that we saw the image from the city of one star if we want to accommodate the number trips were expecting we need to continue to do the things you probably seen around san francisco streets to make transit more attractive. adding new bus lanes. make you feel safer so you can walk with affected bike lanes and pedestrian crossing. we need to keep doing this stuff if forgot accommodate the number trips were expecting. recommendation two, next slide. the second part has to do with organizing the very critical role of the transit to making transportation system work. it'll become increasingly more so in the future. this recognition has to do with picking sure you don't forget about funding important stuff
8:24 pm
that's less visible and a little less sexy like expanding the muni bus and rail fleet. the part fleet. caltrans electrification. these are not sexy capital expansion projects, but the things we need to do to provide more capacity in our existing major corridor. next slide, recommendation number three. this had to do with recognizing and feeling there some big ideas out there that we have not yet backed our heads around of things that are probably going to be game changers make a huge difference and unlocking some of the challenges in this area. but, we have not done the right level of conceptual planning and analysis and technical work to be with you for them as recommendations just yet. so, that the recommendation is just that we should continue to pursue next that's to find promising new infrastructure and positive that the city is citywide effort that's kicking off called it san francisco longley transportation planning program
8:25 pm
that is really the phase where that will happen and i think maria asked me to mention i'm a that effort will be take enough in the spring and be happy to come back to this body. so that's where i conclude in him back to erin. >> so, what are we to do with all this great information neither the waterfront transportation assessment is complete? well, i can give you an example what we have done pretty recently, which i think is a really great picture of how this work has helped us be strategic in how we move forward with these major development projects. so, the warriors recently completed a project for the proposal in mission bay. out of that, if you think of the recommendations framework that liz said, one and two and three, one and two are sort of the local focused short-term
8:26 pm
recommendations and then three is a more long-range big high-level planning. what we've been able to do is drag some of these one and two recommendations toward the development project. so, the warriors are going to be purchasing for new lrp's for the purpose that they're going to be calling on for their events, but those are also going to be able to support our overall network. that's how we get a little bit comprehensive benefit from >> lrp's? >> excuse me, light rail vehicles. >> what is a prt >> bus rapid transit. i apologize. i come from the world of anagrams. so, there also be doing things like we positioned and enlarging the mission be platform for third straight. at 16th and third. it
8:27 pm
can be read quote. the center of the street. it's good to be able to see multiple trains stop at the same time. in that there also be putting in some crossover tracks which building a lot of operational flexibility for our system. again, not so sexy but really big benefits to our operation folks. we also have a special events muni transit service plan, which is can be running 16 street shuttles between 16th st. and park street station. it really interesting thing this project has done we've legislated the mission bay transportation improvement fund, which is a way of helping to secure project generated revenue to help fund the special service plan to make sure that we always have a funding source to be able to achieve the commitment for transportation that this project has made. here 70 and
8:28 pm
mission rocket to projects getting very active again. we are very early in the faces of these projects we definitely anticipate will be similarly informed by the findings and recommendations that we have in the waterfront assessments and working closely with the project sponsors to design and evaluate their internal transportation network, as well as looking at their project mitigation needs improvement measures to define how best to implement those. so, again, in summary, the waterfront transportation assessment continues to inform project specific transportation measures . we continue to correlate closely with development sponsors along the waterfront to address transportation project specific transportation
8:29 pm
needs and network transportation needs, and all the city staff working on this effort will be coordinating and making sure we're checking in on individual projects and keeping sort of a comprehensive oversight over how these projects contribute to the greater number. that's a big piece of the conversation we are having because transportation doesn't end at a boundary of a project. with that, here is on the last slide, there is a link for that report, if you are a geek like liz and you want to read that. but we'll happy to take any questions. >> any public comment? seeing none,, commissioners? doreen? >> thank you for the report. something i think were obviously very jointly invested in since we know traffic and
8:30 pm
congestion is one of the big topics on the waterfront. i appreciate you guys have been working hard on this. i do have a couple questions. i would like to know with all the inventory of the existing projects, how that's going to alleviate some of the transportation congestion, meaning additional people that are going to carry. it's a little hard because you have that one level that these things in progress but how do we know how that's going to alleviate? if i was able to understand and odysseys coming over time, it would be helpful to know because that's one aspect and may be that's my first question. if you can address that first? >> peter albert again from empty. one of the tools we work with to look at the future and make sure accommodating the demand is that modeling tool liz talk about. in all these big projects resume the projects we know are certain and would plug those numbers into the model. not only able
8:31 pm
able to project the housing units and commercial spaces and what the trips those will generate we can project what i would do in terms of mode split. that's how we can see where we are overflowing our capacity, overwhelming our network and looking at both the strategies that erin's work outlined and the red flag and can address solutions to what is going to be room for growth or we were running out of group and we need to get a different kind of mode split. so is an iterative process of the poor thing we look at that horizon year, we plug that model in with all the growth we expect, we crunch those numbers, and that tells us not just what we need to do today but will he need to do start doing elsewhere in better shape in 2040 >> i appreciate the futuristic view and i don't disagree but i guess as you probably know, as many of the people in san francisco right now it's like what are you doing today. to help us? part of my-my thing
8:32 pm
was to look at and i guess we all know part of the congestion jiggly in the downtown area but just in the waterfront is just the amount of construction that is going on. all the blockage and i guess-i wonder whether there's some tactical things you're considering in terms of really understanding where there is a lot of blockage and whether there is a more intelligent way to manage the construction site or tell him what hours of work or whatever so that they don't hit some of the peak hours, and a stance that in my own neighborhood could wipe his pg&e started 8 am the morning commute get why can they start later so you don't have this huge pile of cards. patch is a small example, but the other one which would be whether you're looking at catelli on the embarcadero that sort of a radical concept whether we would consider whether there's other ways to accommodate parking to get rid of some of
8:33 pm
the meters and we open up more traffic lanes. i'm just wondering how look at some of these things break tactically. there's pros and cons and offsets, but they need to be looked at but just within it seems like we are what i hear is where accepting what is today trying to figure out future solutions. that is fine, but is what can we do with the existing. >> yes, let me correct myself it is not just will look at 24. every conception project you see is mitigation measures that are meant to implement it i can say this though. golfing the pain of the construction happening. this just a crazy time economically. having worked with the city planning and chest edition for 30 years. i have seen bus and booms. i've never seen something were going to right now. it's amazing what that means south of market the question is that you're raising is about the construction process themselves and the
8:34 pm
coronation that could happen between construction project here in a construction project there was not messed up the whole street that's getting into that. that is, the degree of coronation that i-first of all i wish we had that built into our planning because were looking at the improved project i think which are flagging that we make sure we're getting to the project opening date didn't create such gridlock that puts people into a craziness we are. i would like to propose that we look at the interim process, the construction project itself, is part of what were factoring and then we can make better decisions. one shutout i will give, that project that erin talked about where we unlock the box, but we looked last summer at those impacts because of all the construction, and those cars it just takes one car to run in intersection and get messed up for all four points coming to
8:35 pm
an intersection, having that extra resource of parking control officers unblock that box, help those intersections, out of that is developing a permanent program. the longer applied up permanently to do with gridlocked intersection. i think that would be a poured phase for what were doing not just look at the projects window finished a look at the process of getting there and managing those. >> i couldn't agree more. i was quick to mention even having more parking traffic officers would help to do that. the other part of it is having smarter streetlights. some of our synchronization of lights. we know that all the sudden topic could be moving slope you well computer technology these days it seems like we spiderlike weaver have to wait 5 min. for the light to change. they can tell if there's-these are little things tactically and wondering whether that's part of the plant of smarter streetlights etc. so traffic can flow better and faster. >>


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