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tv   Board of Appeals 11316  SFGTV  January 17, 2016 4:10am-8:01am PST

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planning code that regulates landmarks and landmark district there is a landmark tree program that is run by the depth of urban forestry that's correct. >> there was a case a long time ago that involved a very large palm tree i went an attempt to landmark the tree but they were trying to save the victorian behind that someone want to determine 0. >> so just to be clear article 10 the planning code they have not been trees landmarked under article 10 i'm not sure that is legal but trees are to a landmark district and therefore, they can be one of many
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contributing features i want to point out the trolley poles and trees are one of several features within a district quite a large landscape we've inventoryed them. >> we'll take public comment may i have a shove hands i'll ask you to one, if you have not done so, please fill out a speaker card and give it to our clerk when you come up to speak not before and two if you're able to line up on the far side of the room make the public comment go faster (the following proceedings were held in open court, outside the presence of the jury:) from me and commissioner president lazarus you want to give the speakers two minutes because of the size of the crowd and the
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hour. >> yes. >> so everyone gets two minutes and whoever wants to speak first do not delay someone needs to start thank you very much. >> good evening. i'm howard here supporting the finding the committee and a member the sierra i'm pleased that when the commissioners mentioned the historic part of this project that is the fact that we had trollies running down the center of van ness for many, many years until they were taken out i won't say why and going back to the future putting the trollies in the center we have to have new trollies not on tracks on tires and to the latin-american standards i was a member of the constricting for the van ness project brt project for 6 or
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seven years one of the things we've heard about latin-american it is essential last year, we killed 20 people on the streets of san francisco their supposed to provide latin-american to make san francisco safe the standards old light were not achieving that that people railroad concerned the lights for the sky is not good for birds we have achieved that so they're finding the lighting standard can be changed and safety four of them the old ones is fine and sierra club wants to save trees this is a great project the city needs brt and it is going to bring us back to doing a much better transit system thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i submitted a card before i'm
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period of time straus a resident 79 pier street and on the board of san francisco riders we're stealing supportive of the bus rapid transit project this is extremely important to the muni and important that will in the center the street to have maximum reliability by the transit from traffic on van ness avenue we strongly urge they position the historic preservation commission in mission be upheld and as commissioner swig and howard before mentioned this is an instance from a standpoint of historic the hundred year trump the trees that the trees have been there and restore transit to pits position in the center
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of van ness that was originally built an important characteristic for us to consider with respect to the polls we support the proposal as it was approved by the historic preservation commission i think that is interesting that the lady cited in her presentation bhas what has happened in new york in manhattan the modern street lights that go specifically replace the street lights much as proposed her thank you for your time and consideration. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening. i'm chifrs a resident of san francisco a transit rider and a member the union i'm here to voice my desire for the uphold of the
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rapid transit project i believe the brt is critically important to people that don't think transit and it is growth and needs high quality infrastructure to continue to be a viable place to work and live specifically the city has reasonably respected the historic value the center awhile allowing viable projects to move forward no one wanted to see the trees eliminates no way to remove the trees to allow the median bus rapid transit facility that is essentially the efficient movement of buses and trees will be sentencely replaced and how to recognize the historic scrawl of the polls i think the solution to preserve a subset is a reasonable one in conclusion ask the board to
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reject the appeal to detail this thank you for your time. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm a member the sf transit riders in favor of this i don't like to see the trees get cut down in this case it is worth it i care about great design as people mentioned i care how it makes me feel calm and welcome and feel better if there is not to some people speeding around in cars we need to entice people out of their cars this is a much needed project that has been detailed for for fare too long i don't know what else to say everyone has rind the bus on
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haven they know how slough and reject i didn't and you think reliable it will get worse is as the population of the city increases and more and more people move into that area that's it i want to see this project happen. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> don civic center community benefit and on the cca the current crack brt i asked my colleague to present this letter 19441 a designation after the former mayor it is rather interesting there's. >> couple of things that people forget about the reason why the bus lanes in the middle
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have you ever seen a ambulance or emergency vehicle to get through with the hospital it will be an issue i agree that harvey milk club it is important but the solicits strlts in van we're off for 7 days in a roadway cca can't deal with them they're fragile we have no latin-american half the time in areas between south and turk i'm excited to see them go i love trees we'll have double trees after the project is a benefit i support the project and hope you support the resolution of appropriatesness thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening mary speaking as
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an individual concerned citizen i ask you allow time for the trees to be developed and as artifacts around the historic civic center according to the staff analysis and the case report under planting quote the median feature is not a contributing feature the district but the trees planted there are i have two kwoetsz from the secretary of interior of standards sorry but that is what i have standard to the historic character of a property should be retained and preserved the removal the alteration for the features and spaces that characteristicries a property shall be avoided standard 6 quote the deteriorated historic features shall be repaired
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rather than replaced and i just want to add that if you know anything about electrical awe appliances and lighting all kinds of new lighting can be put into any kind of feature it is really uses it doesn't make sense they canned fix them they can, fix them and looks like a lot of money going into this when the city proportionally needs to conserve funds the departments are asked to cut their fund by one .5 percent this is a nice place to start the cuts thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is a mary ann i really strongly feel that the historical beauty of the civic center area should remain
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unfortunately, the sfmta didn't allow enough funds to be able to restore the historical elements the trees they're taking down are beautiful red good morning trees those add a so oftenness with the opera and the simple phone haul and baby sap illness and the actual species when it gro is very spares - it destroys van ness van ness will look like a highway which it is we don't want it to look like that and the traffic is squeezed into
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four lines lanes will cause koobd the bart right now is only going to survive 2 heeded 5 minutes in transit time is that worth taking down 90 median trees and a bunch of sidewalk trees at the costs of $560 million when the city needs money more affordable housing and important things think so that's it. >> thank you.
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm diane scott i'm trying to race through 3 minutes and show you pictures i want to phone call on features that threaten the connection of the civic center on both sides of van ness avenue this connection was vitally to the middle 20th century planners to keeping village building across the avenue that for tourists still enjoy and photograph has last day through the 1915 exhibition but may end 3 elements of bart design along van ness threaten to destroy the east west of plaza unless you decide to direct the historic preservation commission to reconsider them in
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a separate certificate of appropriateness there their removal on december 11th undercuts the wholeness one feature okay. >> we need to overhead. >> yeah. i need the overhead the first image. >> overhead please. >> somebody. >> okay well, that blocks it the 3 big blocks on the left are the ones we're talking about far left mid of city hall and the plazas behind city hall okay one element that is undercuts by the brt design is uninside fence iron gates on the memorial courtyard and in the central median i'll never get
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through this. >> is it up. >> take a little bit of extra time. >> let me go through pictures this is franklin street from the memorial courtyard to city hall you see the fences and the fences are repeated at the other side well. okay. on this photograph it is dark but fences on van ness side and there's a median fence that is barely visible that matches the second element it existing latin-american lighting it is soft lighting it emphasiss classic design feefrnz that will be replaced. >> you need to finish. >> here, here in the courtyard of veterans building and .
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>> thank you. >> the opera. >> if you want to see more images at the end i've got them. >> i'm sorry i do have to keep this under control. >> do you understand your time is up. >> > >> > there's. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello good evening, commissioners thank you for being here i concur with all the statements that encourage the presentation of trees and trolley poles and all the elements that addressed the brt's proposed plan, which is completely do you remember that expression let's paint the
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town red their literally trying to do that overhead please they basically want to they're already done this and with the bos art design feature so we already heard the standard number 2 which i'm not going to repeat the historic character the neighborhood must be preference ever preserved commissioners apply the standards of historical character and the fire the medium meebd is the character of the civic center that is not just a national but international treasurer it is a character that is you know in our hearts not just in reality but in fiction if we let this
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die who is next so, please not thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening. i'm jane edwards i wanted to tell you people from all over the world regard san francisco as special because of it's history the light standards are part of it we need to save them they can repair them it can be done it is part of ironic thai are design they're very special we must save them thank you. >> do you have a speaker card ms. edwards to hand in okay. >> thank you. next speaker, please i have a picture
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okay. >> overhead please. overhead i'm sorry my name is katherine edwards i realize there are problems with the trolley poles when i came in here 20 years ago and looked at it one of the things i remember was standing on van ness and looking at those poles he and thinking how beautiful but over the last 10 years i haven't seen anybody repairing the poles i wondered if it has to do with with the fact they were planning to take them ousted the problem, no compromise that in the design that - i know we need rapid transit but i think that the polls are something they could have saved more of them and help the community feel like they're not losing a treasurer i feel like a lot of the - everything
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is put on the people and not a sense of wanting to preserve the history so i would like to see the design of those new polls i don't understand it might go a long way to like the old ones and the types of trees they're proposing two types of trees the eucalyptus and a box tree the eucalyptus is something we don't want in san francisco a non-native american tree it is used to i use because of the ability to go over the trolley line we're losing something if we take out the light standards from the civic center and down van ness he hope the commission will grant a continuance to talk about this and make people happier about this thank you.
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>> thank you. next speaker, please and. >> good evening, commissioners my name is john paula transit rider i just want to address the comments that are being made you know as the appellant mentioned the golden gate bridge is a landmark that is the result of compromises between communicated past while as you see the golden gate bridge serves a purpose in a design way you see it is a work horse for the region bringing in commuters in the north bay and a critical link to the region so much like that has continues to serve a purchase van ness does so as well and while we have a lot of passionate citizens that want to preserve the former of van ness
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but consider the function of van ness many of the people utility that corridor there's been a lot of growth as everyone in this room knows sometimes you can out pace the transit by walking so i would definitely urge you to consider the function ever haven and the opportunity to make that better by providing bus rapid transit on the corridor thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening my name is tim i've been taking the bus since high school living 20 years on the street a front row i've been saying this is let's make the 47 eliminated and have - i realize your focused on the trees and
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the latin-american i'll focus a building 34rg that lives facing the street i'm concerned about the lighting modern lights shining in people's window if i clear-cut the trees that will look like a bomb went off and you have those beautiful trees now just people staring auto when you're looking at the traffic as far as the lighting i saw someone taking pictures pardon me those standards railroad for the at all enough december if you read the eir it is bans subpoena shuns and fraud they say this is the number one thoroughfare it is a 1-way street up the hill i could go on i realize there's a tree that is planted in the front of our house it is tackled it is
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8-year-old and starting to reach that maturity they needed 3 feet to make that 8 feet wide and caltrans with not give them permission i think they're cutting the sidewalk back 3 feet and taking the trees out and a 3rd of traffic will run along the walk how awful i've been hoping someone with brains would take into account that is a sham a money grab people that pushed it they're gone and caltrans said if this didn't work having you have to look at this carefully. >> your time is up. >> thank you very much.
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>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> overhead please. why great. >> hi my name is karen burns and i'm a 20-year residents of san francisco and also the president of the marina condominium association that actually is our building that was built in 1929 and the residents of our building including myself and many people in the city are passionate about preserving the history of our city of our los angeles poles and trees i live on the other end of the van ness i know the street lamps in front of the city hall
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here are in good shape and hearing the proposal they may preserve those not consider preserving all of them on the other end of the street for the beauty for all of us to enjoy like the history and beauty of this building built in 1912 preserving the light poles built one hundred years ago why not renovate them and don't understand the comment of sidewalks clusters consider the cluster on the sidewalk sea adequate lighting the lighting is adequate as i'm driving down the street i'm against the brt remove or removal of the trees that will slow down thousand to cross in the middle of the street and increase the
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pedestrian adamss people if marin will use it as a thoroughfare not having the option of using the bus i don't like pay the taxpayer dollars during the gavin newsom term i'd like to see alternates for the lamp pole and save beautiful trees thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening my name is herman i'm a lifelong residents of the van ness district i remember riding the 49 since for as long as i can remember riding it through high school and giving up on the 49 and at the same time joined the advisory committee overseeing the
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environmental review of the project the proposal before you concerns the historic light poles and the trees i'm asking that this appeal not be continued and to deny appeal and uphold the co-payments for the van ness brt project in the civic center neighborhood the light poles i understand their historic the historic preservation commission i love the historic architecture unfortunately, the poles are in really bad condition that is at van ness and hate my bad - show the projector please. overhead please. sorry about that you can see a chunk there's a chunk of concrete that has fallen off the pole that could be a safety hazard and cause thousand if not
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millions of dollars in damages and which is why i ask the poles should be removed the best conditioned poles should be considered for preservation like the western the trolley museum and mariposa and the trees are a danger to the corridor and, of course, putting the busses in the city center that was once in the center and improve for transit rider thank you guys. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> overhead. >> hi, i'm joel i teach history and very concerned about preservation i have a photo here that shows the kind of tree that london playing tree that resists
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pollution and i wanted to know whether this too a threatened on key building in the van ness avenue and plaza i don't know if the commission has considered preserving this tree most importantly i think from hearing the testimony tonight there's a question of preserving the historic ornament or so architecture that is being raise in response to a need for more speed in the city that is modernized and seems willing to sacrifice it's history and historic architecture for two minutes of speed people need to get from one end of the street to another and seems like millions of and millions of of dollars in order to do this this
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commission as i understand asked to preserve the history of our city and architecture i would hope you'll consider ways to do that by perhaps restores these lamp poles and keeping them in some sort shape continue the hearing for the questions of preserving the city's history and architecture thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> commissioners i'm a resident the north of market planning area around here that includes the civic center from van ness to powell starting on haven to powell most of this area is half of it is in the north of market planning area if you look at this building and the room we're in right now we
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have the older historical lights they're wonderful and beautiful and the modern lights at the work together and you know this building is a really wonderful thing it exists people about government and you've got explosion of parliamentary democracy that is what the historical eliminates elements we're asking for i personally am in the asking for stop the bvrt i appreciate that brt project in the neighborhood we had a probable cause with the geary and slow mobility impaired people to this day only one bus stop between van ness and polk street and people that get off and wanted to transfer to van ness have to walk up the hill that is one of the bus stops we
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would like to get back we were able to save with an we had problems with the mta with the not seeing the fine points of the neighborhood. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> overhead please. good evening, commissioners board members i'm case in chief i live on state street and work and civic center i'm a big fan of muni i use that almost everyday thank you for the opportunity to ask you modify the certificate of appropriateness so the important landmark maybe get an appropriate analysis before they're removed and lost from the city forever in particular the mooend trees and historical lamp poles be set aside and
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engage the community in order to seek a solution that improves transit and the trees we treasure for future generations the brt project as a gap no fund to address the historic awhile this city is celebrating the panama canal to provide access have survived until today and they establish the trolley poles as a new world center and pride of the city in recovering from the 1906 san francisco earthquake since a half a century ago the city planned many trees and staffs analyze those are cultural aspects of the city the trees are not necessarily the means but over decades the feinstein historic district for the heritage row my
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question does san francisco wish to preserve i want to show you some of the trees those trees are going those trees are going those are looking down at the - these are right front us those trees are skeleton to be removed my question does san francisco wish to preserve this as a demonstration of the appreciation and pride in the city for future generations. >> is there any additional public comment? >> seeing none, we'll have our reliable starting with the appellant. >> okay. so there's a lot been said about the bart project we're talking about the historic or i'm addressing the historic district what we're going to do to preserve the historic district and the lamp poles can
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be fixed as i ask for about if i can have a tubs to bring the solution i have brainstorm solution this gentleman can absolutely restore within budget maintain those lamp poflts i like the opportunities to present that to you so to please allow that to happen because you have not yielded seen the solution yet i don't think the historic preservation commission has received the solutions that can be made for the trolley poles the trolley poles and lamps within the historic district can share the same purpose we don't need separate modern lights but of we end up doing that i actually wanted to work
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with the sfmta and the planning commission on the factors this is not an either or one side or the other yes. the median fence that is between city hall and the opera house is gorgeous and matches the gate there must be a way to preserve that. >> did you participate in the harvey milk club. >> i was not at the 18 meeting. >> have you had discussions with the lighting expert. >> that's a roanoke city council root of my question this is has been going on for a long time i. >> i didn't know until the orange notices were put on the
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trees in august i jumped out of my car and came to the very first meeting he missed the november 18th meeting i wish i had been there this is my first participation in shame fully in trying to make something happen in the city preserving something. >> seems to me on the length of time this is not a super ceqa project they have been disclosures and time. >> you know, what. >> it mystifies me that a continuance is being asked when it is going on for a long time and no solutions any solutions or alternatives were prepared. >> i did not even know i needed to file an appeal until like a day or two before i filed the appeal in december then it was christmas vacation i had one
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today day by day to put the briefing together i have had to earn a living i've had to do that and earn a living not easy to do that i have to stand in. >> of people they have to sacrifice a lot to do it i'll hope you'll forgive if you had of been here tonight you'll hear wonderful proposals. >> we'll hear in the mta. >> thank you for the opportunity i want to restates the existing lighting standards don't provide equality street lighting for the cars or lighting for the pedestrians the new lighting light poles have been presented to the aortas commission and to the historic
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preservation commission as part of our package that was approved we're including 0 modernize the update lighting on more than poles with the addition of pedestrian level lighting on the situations overall an improvement a discussion with the historic preservation commission staff and is arts commission about doing a separate treatment for the historic district ask you decided we were not going to do something fully historic and better off tying the van ness corridor with one residential design team that's one of the reasons the layers cut railing in the historic district but every new brt stop again to provide a common design theme that ties the corridor together the new pedestrian lighting will
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help with the safety, the existing lights as i said are in poor condition and difficult to maintain i want to emphasize the concrete poles that have concrete missing are an important early warning sign that is following is being caused by the last hundred years water has infiltrated into the poles and causing them to expand it pops the concrete off of them it is difficult to find out what pole is in good and bad shape right now it is a small fraction but only going to get worse which is why the department of public works say they be replaced over a period of time one other detail your honor,
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asked about the lighting poles there are single poles that do both functions the poles are one hundred years old but the light fixtures from a complete different generation and that's what i've got we request that the preservation commission certificate of appropriateness be upheld and it is. >> this may be a side question but there are in our plans related to the sidewalk in front of city hall you show stormwater planters are those existing are new. >> those are new i mentioned in any preparedness or presentation had a lot of information we did
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a lot of urban designs and puc is pitting if a whole new source. >> - >> i remember hearing that. >> in is green infrastructure. >> i understand that two now those are the only ones your installing. >> there are a pair in front of the city hall i think maybe another set in the historic district but only part of the project. >> does this project have to conform to the city's mandated ordinance. >> to the enlivening. >> what was your question. >> does this project have to conform to the city's mandated ordinance on san francisco entertainment commission. >> yes. i believe it does. >> so handle that with only a few planters. >> we're also as part of project installing new twin installments and increasing the overall green space in the
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corridor part of the construction of median increasing the total you number of trees and the - we're making improvements as well as handling san francisco entertainment commission in the corridor. >> a question i may have misread i thought you were replacing the trees with the same species. >> with a similar species. >> their silver directing and flowering gun what is there instead. >> it is a lemon good morning trees another species of good morning trees. >> it will ultimately look like the ones being replaced. >> excuse me. >> the trees were selected chosen to maintain the character of the corridor especially the median as much as possible and i believe the good news have are
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going to be taller the existing trees improvements city hall in part we'll run the trolley lines in the center of the street and the trees will grow up and over the trolley lines not into them. >> are those columbia type trees. >> no. >> this is one of the landscape architects. >> no there will be a large canopy. >> what size are you putting in. >> 36 inch box trees they're quickly growing within 5 years they'll be fairly large. >> above the transit line. >> they'll start growing over the transit lines in 57 to 10 years. >> state your name for the record. >> i'm tony with public works. >> thank you. >> and then - go ahead. >> are the eucalyptus going into the center how were they
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chosen. >> indians is that the lemon good news are part of the species of eucalyptus an extensive tree process mta worked with public works and city's arborist to take a species that could avoid the overhead lines and you may be understand how the north south winds. >> in the block yeah. >> and survive the amount of automobile pollution. >> do those trees shed or drop as much stuff as a standard eucalyptus. >> i'll refer to the architect. >> it will shed some leaves not more than what is shed out.
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>> i think the eucalyptus drops something else besides leaves. >> no. those will not - only the leaves year-round. >> thank you. >> i forgot to mention drought tolerance was another primary consideration. >> thank you. >> okay reliable from hpc. >> oh, you have questions. >> no sorry please. i have a question do we have anyone in the urban forestry here. >> i don't not that i'm aware of this gentleman is representing. >> none from urban forest is here but through the tree selection process and identifying which trees their engaged and work with the urban forestry council on selecting
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the trees. >> i'm asking general when we have a tree case their usual here and now they're not (laughter) and let me ask this question first the certificate of appropriateness this probable addressed to our attorney is. >> so we engage them. >> go ahead finish our comment. >> for the removal prim this is not for the removal permit. >> this the or is only recommend to the hpc certificate of appropriateness for that portion the project that goes through the civic center it doesn't maybe it might but does necessarily apply to the vast
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majority; right? >> that's correct. >> so we'll be seeing more. >> i said to clarify because everyone's is tubbing some are talking about the entire system and more specific of this district. >> yes. we're also going through a tree removal permitting process so we will likely be back here discussing the trespassed along the regulate of the corridor as part that hav process. >> kathy again, the appellant will have the opportunity to weigh in on the treatment of four trolley poles to remain in the district we welcome they are participation in defining the treatment for the trolley poles i wanted to expand on the
5:01 am
alternates we considered and rejected the one was to reconstruct the trolley poles because of the poor conditions we construction will be required for more of them within the district but even reconstructed and retrieved with a hire qualified of lighting two short to carry the trolley poles octavia boulevard wires that resulted in the need of adjacent pole which is why that alternative was rejected we also considered removing the trolley poles but represent cat their design at a taller height we studied that their proportions of the trolley pole were a bit absorb looking because of the reusing the left to right would be too small at the height that it would need to be so it was rejected aesthetically it didn't
5:02 am
match the aesthetics of the trolley poles and misinformation given are questions about contributing features during the public comment period the median fence it does match at memorial court but the district is the not considered a contributing feature as well as the sidewalk resolution are not considered contributing features planned after the period of significance so the new sidewalk trees with were only considered and the character of the district. >> can you explain that period of significance i mean the department now treats any structure in excess of 45 years as a possible and requires a
5:03 am
salutation without doing anything to it you're saying the period the significance stopped in 1951 respect. >> yes. i can definitely clarify that point for the purposes of environmental review we review the properties structures over 45 years old they're on the innovate register and evaluate them not everything is significant or meets the criteria for this but part of environmental review for this project all structures that would be impacted by the project were evaluated for significance the planning department decided to inventory all the features the landmark district because we have 3 designations a national register and california register and the local designation to
5:04 am
make things confusing the designations have different boundary and indirect the district definitely to so the question whether it is important in the district. >> what is not we contracted the inventory that was completed in november and we that has created a comprehensive list adopted by the historic preservation commission of all the important features and it defines the period of time of significance the era during the historical important events or architectural structures or buildings that were added to the historic district so those events and construction dates define the period of significance and it begins in 1896 i belive the original mr. larkin for this civic center district and ends in 1951 i'm
5:05 am
sorry i can't remember what events marks the 1951 as the end the period of significance established in the inventory. >> don't you have to stash as part of your application for listing on the federal register. >> that's correct each of the 3 designations had different periods of significance listed as well as features as a intent to consolidate it into one document and research the events that were considered as historically significant and establish one all income period of significance and right. i remember an inventory done for the civic center for the historic district the first time did it vary between that inventory versus our more current inventory?
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>> tim frye was telling me during the local designation of the historic district it wasn't listed architectural features created but didn't include all the landscaper landscape and this includes both building structures and objects within a building. >> it only had the building - >> that's correct. >> okay. >> commissioners, the matter is submitted. >> i'm sorry we're finished with that one thank you. >> i like those poles
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i'll start. >> okay. please do. >> i like those poles as well as someone to the public traveling on the 47 to high school i did the same thing all the way down the 19 or 47 and potentially the 2 two or three 8 i think that seeing the sparesness until the trees come in is going to be quiet shocking to be honest we're in charge of pretty much this board handles all the tree affairs we've become the tree board and at which point we're tough to let trees come down on the board there has to be something
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extremely, extremely tree must be diseased or in fear of causing death are harm a 33 degree angle not letting them take them down in front of the house i'll see what my fellow commissioners have to say but i think as i said seeing the non-tree lined street and what i consider significant i was looking at those poles when the day after moscone was shot and when the city was awe blaze and police cars were like barbecue pits it brings back a lot i was there when mcdonalds opened up but i'm glad to see it doggie diner was there quite a different space. >> you know, i made the a little
5:09 am
bit of a different opinion from my fellow commission there you know the the trees are probable reaching therobable ro- i'm not bothered by the renewal herepobable reaching their life - i'm not bothered by the renewal hererobable reaching the - i'm not bothered by the renewal here the - perhaps a personal note or subscription i'll bothered a little bit by the the approach
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with respect to the what's called the cultural landscape other things within that district i'm not talking about the other mine portion of the thought track i think that van ness is a diversifies thoroughfa - she was envisioning van ness as the eloquent housing place for the city you know most of it has changed substantially in terms of new condos with their particular look it is popper those days a quite a few of the
5:11 am
historic structures that create a blend on most of van ness and that creates for me a call back and a desire to see the other trolley poles saved, however, i understand that is not necessarily in front of us it is purely a personal suggestion on my part that the nice defines and the historical nature it find this difficult to understand why the city that forces other people to save things of vastly less significance the but on the opposite side within the civic center design excuse me. civic center historical district by way of
5:12 am
you know we were the ones who enacted that the first historical district in san francisco and quite different in terms of process to get it enacted there is a nature of it i think that wants to have some flexibility in terms of meddling that was decides when the main library was redondo and doesn't have to be a republic indication of that but i find that on a perm personal note the elements of design especially at the streetscape level within that district portion of van ness i would have liked to seen something for about contextual
5:13 am
not a republic indication interesting to recall certain elements that made the district what it is historically but i understand where my charge is here the four trolley poles are under a separate thing whether it gets appealed i'm not sure hopefully, the fact that you know funds are going to be expended and get the repairs permit and artifact may changes whether or not there are appeals on those four i'll probable back off on the shelters i understand their clear channel shelters a bad mistake on the part of city for those elements and in fact,
5:14 am
i have to take some of the blame and so i'm prepared to back off on what i was leaning towards to not accept the or excuse me. to add a couple of conditions to it. >> i think the the historical nature the van ness planning was what it was trolley cars down the middle something that caused that to change illegal i think it was for a buck unfortunately so we, in fact, by going back to the plan as that is we're returning to the historic
5:15 am
intention of van ness so with that, the tree issue i think again, i trust that the arborist and trust that the friends of urban forest are making the right decision because i've come to learn if our endorser if they didn't like something he said be here imblorg us 0 make a change i'm sorry that we are losing our trolley poles and but i ask it makes me wonder if there's an alternative this is so - such such a long time in coming why not an alternative this is vetted the arts commission who i have a relative that is a chair
5:16 am
and sat on that for years their extreme in maintaining the appropriate nature of arts and culture in the city and anyone come up with they'll come up with alternatives they've vetted it is okay. the historic preservation commission has brought it to this .0 so i'm comfortable that proper vetting has been can you think and comfortable alternatives were looked at this of the the original scheme meant to be at least in the contemporary more than fashion on van ness corridor so i'm prepared to move for to support the appropriateness of the decision of the commission >> you care to make a motion i
5:17 am
look to commissioner fung to deter a motion commissioner fung. >> has to be a fairly detailed one. >> i can help with the details i need to know where the motion is headed. >> the motion would be i would ask commissioner fung because again, he does this better than i do to raise a motion in support the findings the go historic preservation commission and is appropriatesness. >> the motion to deny and find that the certificate of appropriateness was a appropriately done and . >> and finding recommended or relayed to the final eir perhaps the direction can help us. >> commissioner fung to deny the appeal and uphold the
5:18 am
certificate of appropriateness that was appropriately issued and i and on the basis i'll read belief read into the record the environmental review on december 2013, the administration has a record for the van ness bus rapid transit project determine the requirements the virtual policy has been made to the document process that's exactly what he said. >> so is that your motion commission. >> yes, ma'am. >> on that motion commissioner president lazarus. >> commissioner honda no. >> commissioner swig so that motion does carry with a vote of 3 to one and sxhudz there's no further business. >> we're adjourned
5:19 am
5:20 am
5:21 am
5:22 am
5:23 am
>> the whole city can see this i take a late lunch to you, do that and still go home and see
5:24 am
what transpired no longer will we have to wait for the interpretation we can watch them on tv thank you, bob and tida and sfgovtv for bringing the tida board meeting up and second item the tida a kind of a dry subject united states of america we have an old infrastructure that is falling apart and many problems will resolve the island residents will be affected until we are in the replacement housing from our prospective i suspect from yours this is a high priority issue we have's the community needs to understand the history of the problems what is done on behalf of the residents. >> what is achievable and tida and usf needs to understand our
5:25 am
concerns to that end sf sfpuc advisory committee submitted a letter of support to hold a special session i'm happy to say the groups that agree we met and the two agencies to discuss this scope of topics of interest and i'm glad that is finally done we're to center the open house on january 23rd at shipshape we'll have a history and information about the hetch hetchy power system historic outcomes not outcome but outage information and what is happening i want to thank bob and sfpuc for hosting this meeting and doing the heavily lifting. >> thank you to the advisory committee and the sfpuc staff that were appointed for their sport and the support of
5:26 am
supervisor jane kim thank you. >> thank you mar taking the time to comment is there anyone else who wishes to speak on item number that would like to address the board. >> good afternoon. i'm sheri want to invite you to our annual black history month we'll setback the renaissance so having a live jazz band and costumes it is fun for the whole family an february 5th and if you can make it we would like to see you thank you. >> thank you sherry motorbike would like to address the board? if not next item, please. >> >> item 3 report by on time and on schedule director. >> thank you chairperson and
5:27 am
members of the board we're recorded on sfgovtv or sfgovtv and those archives are available on the city's website at we had a big communication lecture from california department of public health in response to the navy's clean up work in the court of treasure island an auditing that was a corporation yard where vehicle maintenance and similar activities were performed but within the radiology impacted area of site 12 the army completed their clean up and last week the contractually has a recommendation for that portion site 12 this is the
5:28 am
first radiologyly impacted area that the california puck r puc a big project and last monday the technical mobile visit treasure island and the radio control cars the tech mobile will visit once a month through may and return in the fall as marking dunlop mentioned next saturday an open house with the sfpuc to discuss the the radio system on on time and on schedule in 2011 director worked with the puc for a number of improvements to the electrical system that approved pits reliability i'll be talking
5:29 am
about kind of the current performances and limitations of the steam. >> how the system will evolve in december we didn't have any power outages on the island or other problems but this is in contribute to the markets commission the plea market on the thirty and 31st of january and plans to relocate to the eastern waterfront of the island when the geological and demolition will be off the gray line that is probably the 8 of may timeframe next friday night or friday the nfl will begin to build out in front of building one for their
5:30 am
february 8th party and in advance of the super bowl this is the friday before the super bowl will be hosting a party in building one the sub lease he that is offered in the 0 was the 0 was restaurant on the island is temporarily closed the lease holder continues to pay rent on the facility and is seeking a new operator we hope to have the oasis reopened retain to work with the puc and dpw to finalize the subdivisions regulation only a few things to work out with the puc to finalize and scheduling a dpw directors hearing from mid to late february on the subdivisions regulations so that amounts will be coming out shortly we've secured letters of concurrence
5:31 am
from dpw planning, mta and puc and modot for approval the applications and anticipating that you approval this week we anticipate closing on the first transfer development parcels this tsif hopefully subject to the finalization of the conditions mobile shut up of the demolition remarkable from m b i will take effect and the contractor is selected and prepared to mobilize as soon as the property it transferred the ti demolition contract and the contract for the construction of you knew watertank on yerba linda island are anticipated advertised around the end of february we continue working with the
5:32 am
controller's office and public finance tic d and outside council for the cf d formation we'll be coming back to the title board with an update next month with the expectation of preparing to the city's capital planning committee in effectual followed by the introduction of resolution of intent to the board of supervisors we tida staff met that department of emergency services to discuss the cities thank you, mom responded cited issues to treasure island and planning presentation on the city's global emergency response plan including the tuesday mom at a april island meeting the hollywood season slotted the new york city with the marina
5:33 am
but we're resuming those negotiation now and in hope to finalize those shortly and we'll bring those to the february meeting the january meeting of the i t c includes a presentation on the sea levels. >> much as happened during the holidays any questions by any members of the board. >> yes. thank you. >> thank you director for that report my comments actually being made with specific reference to the cal l ta and the ruling basically telling treasure island there are no geological impacted area having
5:34 am
the concerns before from the residents from the elected officials and the stakeholder and looking at your letter here who else are we letting them know about this significant ruling because i think everyone needs to be copied and advised as the board of supervisors and having this posted on the website this letter so people can say see what it is saying please advise. >> to be clear the area that the cd ph issued the letter on limited to a specific area where the navy has completed the environmental project within cycle much a designated as we alledgedly impacted and a few
5:35 am
sledded places on the island this give us a road map towards achieving the radio local release or the island so we will continue do survey work for likely several years before we have achieved the entire island this is a milestone that we have the first ear that although the clean up in this area was primarily for environmental containment the survey work that was done with the environmental clean up the - has california public health has a level of conversations inform further
5:36 am
radio local issues. >> so it is significant still we will need to again with the permission of the stakeholder every this bit of permission again is significant a milestone so let's a share that with all the stakeholders that would be my session suggestion and recommendations. >> definitely i'll pass it along to the supervisors office and others do you have a question. >> thank you thanks for the report bob i had a question in part with the nfl is coming in and you said doing a build-out of building one i want to ask when that consists of. >> yeah. the event will be held in the parking area in front of building one and as you may know from visiting building one it slopes
5:37 am
slightly towards the towards palm drive so actually being building a platform to level that area so they have a level floor if that area and tinting it i see rich in the audience i'm not sure jack is coordinating that but that's the scope. >> on the outside of the building. >> i don't believe they have anything on the inside is all on the outside. >> okay. >> how long will they be occupying - >> they'll be occupying the area for two weeks before the event and then it will probable be a week of breakdown after the event. >> is there any impact on traffic to the treasure island or off the island. >> shouldn't be we'll people work in building one plenty of
5:38 am
parking behind the building over and over on the marina side and the flea market will the weekend after they begin the installation and don't anticipate any impacts to palm drive or other assess. >> for the actual evening of the event parking and plan for the area around building one. >> so then are tree any other questions been the board i want to ask mr. beck about the transfer of the site to ti cd the transfer the closing of the sites the plan on construction when is the the timing for the
5:39 am
public's sake can you remind us of the timing for the development of those sites this will be before the sites. >> we'll be transferring 3 parcels on yerba linda island and a number of parcels on treasure island the parcels will be transferring are on the western waterfront from the star and north of california avenue across the street from building one the demolition on yerba linda island will begin following the tariff of the parcels and law officer later this year the installation on treasure island will begin with the first vertical development from the first building construction on
5:40 am
yjd beginning in 2017 and the first homes on yerba linda island completed and available to the public towards the end of 2018 the area on the down open treasure island they anticipate advertising the demolition contract around the end of february so the demolition contractor would be mobilize 45 days to two months following that time and they will begin with the interior abatement and the demolition of the star barks and others structures along the western waterfront side of the island including the cost to visiting and the library behind the costing to visiting that tomatoes through next fall and
5:41 am
will be followed by the good technical improvement work will begin before the he said of this year and included both the geotechnical profit of the sites as well as we expect this fall the developer will begin the reconstruction of the pause way the traffic into and out of island will be limited to one lane in each direction and that work is expected to take about a year to complete and then following the good technical improvements around the development parcels is when the infrastructure installation the new utility systems and new road infrastructure around those developments parcels will begin and the first vehicular development parcels are available on treasure island to
5:42 am
begin the vertical construction in 2018 not all of the parcels within the first sub phase area will be built out immediately but many in 2014 to the 2020 timeframe it includes as an example the three hundred and 50 foot tower the highly zoned parcels within the development and likely to not move forward until a certain core population has been established on the island that is not probable the first product to market but will come to market after a critical mass of community has been developed. >> okay. thank you that summary i'm sure we'll be revisiting that timetable hearing no other questions from
5:43 am
the treasure island report we'll go to the next item, please. >> >> item 4 communications from the tida there were communications from the navy and the california department of public health and advisors and newspapers and immediate publications among other. >> okay. any questions been the board on any of the communications we've received? hearing none next item, please. >> >> item 5 ongoing business by the board of directors. >> yes director richardson and yes, thank you i question you, mr. beck the status of the negotiation with the marina and where are we know you worked tireless last year to get the parties together and so where are we.
5:44 am
>> yeah. we as i mentioned in the report some of the shareholders with both treasure island enterprises will be developing the marina and the center we're out of unavailable during the holiday we have a break of three weeks we didn't meet we did met rich and myself met with jay wallace last last week to review the current language on the marina and we are expecting some red line comments back from jay looking for a date next week to meet with him right now we are working to meet with the folks on the 25th and hopefully, we'll be able to get those two finalize in time to bring them next month. >> thank you
5:45 am
any other questions or oncobusiness that the before mentioned want to raise if none next item, please. >> >> item 6 consent agenda are considered to be routine commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests removed from the consent calendar and considered as a separate item at this or a future hearing. item 6 a approving the minutes of the december 9, 2015, meeting. >> i think this is the item on the consent agenda what's the pleasure of the board. >> so >> second you there is a motion and a second. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the i's have it. >> next speaker, please. >> item 7 the resolution approving the election of officer for the treasure island development authority for the infrastructure and committee as nominated by
5:46 am
the ad hoc committee over the 12 months commencing january 1st, 2016, and ending the 31st 2017. >> the most is inform approve and congratulations to the president and the elected officials so motion so to approve the ad hoc committees recommendations. >> the ad hoc recommendations which the meeting was today before the board meeting for the record let me say that the nominations is director president fei and secretary samaha and yeah as the cfo. >> those are the nominations and also for the chair of the infrastructure committee it is
5:47 am
director richardson i want to present that slate to the board as a whole and can i have a motion. >> motion again for approval. >> there is a motion and a second. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the i's have it. next item, please. >> >> oh, i'm sorry yeah. >> i do have to have public comment. >> any public comment on this item? hearing none next item, please. >> >> item 8 housing plan overview. >> okay. this is an informational item and given the importance of housing in the city both the affordable and market rate housing we felt this was important with you what the housing plan is at treasure island this next year certainly
5:48 am
there is going to be a movement forward to get the financing together to gather the sites and to prepare for the building of the market rate housing and the affordable housing which is so much an important part of overview plan we've asked the director bob beck to give us a report so that all of us on the board can be brought up to date on the plans and what the future looks like for us. >> so bob i'm going to have you make the presentation. >> thank you directors and wanting of the board can we bring up 9 slates thank you. >> so wanted to start with kind of a recap for people who may not be familiar with the
5:49 am
residential housing development program and the context for the housing plan from 2011 when the entitlements were adopted for the project and the challenges and opportunities that present are presented to us today as with move forward to try to implement the program so the housing program at treasure island calls for the development of 8 thousand residential units 6 thousand will be market-rate by the treasure island development and a total of 2 thousand affordable units will be constructed three hundred and 16 of those will be inclusions units to be constructed by the treasure island community development within the market-rate developments on the island
5:50 am
the development program calls for 5 percent of the affordable housing to be inclusionary and just to be clear how the math works you look at 6 thousand you might say 5 percent is three hundred but when you add the three hundred and 16 to the 6 thousand, 5 percent of three hundred and 167 is three hundred and 16 that's how the numbers work on the inclusionary program so the remaining 16 thousand and 84 or 16 hundred and 84 affordable units will be developed in the hand side. >> loan by the treasure island development authority tida in collaboration with the initiative under the housing plan the treasure island homeless development to develop a minimum of 4 hundred and 35
5:51 am
affordable units and these are larger to transition existing tida residents on the island but also to capitalized their programs as well tida is to isolate solicit the proposals some of which should the tida acholic beverage members should i see u choose to pursue may end up developing overseeing sites as well tida under the transitional reluctance and regulations will be required to provide replacement housing in those tida developed sites for what we call pred da or predisposition
5:52 am
market-rate household we have 200 and 32 remaining pred da household of had whom may quality for affordable units but have obligations should they choose to provide transition housing untsd for the 200 and 32 household should they reside on the isle until the new projects or buildings come online as you can see on the map a map i apology the monitor on the wall shows that better than the the monitor on the monitor this shows what the tida affordable housing sites are located or distributed within the larger area there are two
5:53 am
groups of sites i'll talk about it a little bit more as i move forward but 20 sites that are committed to tida for the development of affordable housing under the 25 percent affordable program and 4 additional sites that would be made available to tida should we be able to pursue a thirty percent affordable housing program and i'll talk about that later on in the presentation >> so just to highlight what we'll be talking about a little bit forward in terms of challenges and opportunities our first challenge to fully fund the 25 percent tida affordable housing commitment in the face
5:54 am
of changing the revenue sources and changes in costs the timing of the available of parcels and then also assess our opportunities that are combotdz in the housing plan to increase the affordable housing to 23 and a half percent so the context from 2011 the we were originally as the board members are aware intent to be a redevelopment project and had tida drafted a redevelopment plan for the island and developed a housing plan and financing plan and a number of related documents in anticipation that the development program would be able to utilize california redevelopment tax increment law to fund the public improvements
5:55 am
of affordable housing within the project area under redevelopment law 80 percent of the increases in property tax are available for the project that includes 64 percent of the one percent property tax that is revenue that would norm flow to the city and county of san francisco and then a states share the property tax which is intend to go go the educational revenue augmentation fund typically called the e wrap or states share of the property tax increment the housing plan in february of 2011 was a thirty percent affordable housing plan, which was consistent with the earlier planning work and the adopted
5:56 am
2006 plan the some people look at the program on treasure island and say why aren't they're higher affordable housing goals set for the treasure island program and part of that is that the other costs of developing the island the good technical and sea levels the large amount of open space and the transit improvements limit the funds that were available to increase affordable housing as part of the overall program so in february of 2011 the tida board was as i said commissioner vice president moran a redevelopment plan and a financing plan that assumed
5:57 am
redevelopment tax increment and a housing plan that assumed or that was tied up to support a thirty percent affordable housing program but as the state was working on its budget for fiscal year 2011 and 2012 they were projecting significant multi millions defects and redevelopment and the funds that are diverted to support redevelopment projects throughout the state was seen as an opportunity to help close that shortfall and governor jerry brown proposed december southern california the redevelopment agencies to move
5:58 am
towards a balance the budget so redevelopment had not officially been ruffled at the time the uncertainty of the future of redevelopment as the tida move forward to finalize the entitlements agreements for the project caused tida and tida to restructure the financing for treasure island to consider other means of funding the public improvements so fortunately the solution the recommendation recommend that was available to the program at the time was the use of infrastructure financing district as an alternative means of leveraging the tax to fund
5:59 am
the public improvements the infrastructure financing district differs from redevelopment or the infrastructure financing district law at the time differs e.r. difrdz from a in a significant number of ways most sybil on this table redevelopment tax law makes available 80 percent of the property tax increment to the public improvements within the project area whereas the infrastructure financing district makes available only the local share from the city and county of 47 to 64 percent of the tax increment and in this case this is a situation where san francisco is fortunate to be a city and county if we were just a city that would be less than 20 percent of the total tax
6:00 am
increment but being a city and county we make a joint decision we get the entire revenue there were between laws at that time, some limited differences in the ability of use i f d tax increment more affordable housing and the types of public infrastructure for which it could be used as well the other significant differences between the i f d the term for the increment under the i f d was thirty years and underdevelopment it was 45 years so rices the financial plan for the options available to tida at the time there was a lot of the
6:01 am
ect budget that is not discretionary the land acquisition payments to the navy and the structure of that deal was negotiated the costs that the developer will entrepreneur to address the conditions on the island and raise the grades for sea levels rise those planning requirement development requirements were established and the cost of the entirely new infrastructure on the island including the ferry terminal not discretionary elements of the redevelopment program and not office costs that could, avoided a number of things practical solution to delivering a funded and balanced program at the time was to reduce the affordable
6:02 am
housing percentage to 25 percent that converted 4 hundred units that affordable units otherwise developed by tida to example ic d and maintain the treasure island development target of 4 hundred and 35 units and maintain the 5 percent inclusionary requirement for the projects developed developed by tida tic d the provisions that were reflected in the housing and financing plan 47 of local property tax share was committed to the t.i.d. that of consistent with the law at the time it committed 17 and a half percent
6:03 am
to the affordable housing development and ti cd made a payment to help to support affordable housing in the amount of $17,500 per market-rate unit so those are the revenues committed to the program and the affordable housing program elements of program in particular at the time just a word of clarification about the 47 percent versus the 64 percent in terms of the local tax increment there are certain charts set aside so for the general fund that is the difference continue the 64 percent that comes to the city and the 57 about or that was keep in mind to the financing plan to the i f d
6:04 am
so the revised plan as adopted in comparison with the initial plan of 4 months earlier the affordable housing was moved from thirty percent to 25 percent as the total from 24 hundred to 2 thousand affordable units and the project generated funds available to support the affordable housing development fell if 200 and 8 millions to 64 and, of course, the costs of fewer units were reduced so, now i wanted to highlight 9 opportunities that are embodied in the housing plan this section 9 of the housing plan because there was a lot of uncertainty
6:05 am
about redevelopment at the time that the housing plan was adopted it was thought that a perhaps redevelopment might not be resolved or those people were following things at the time there was actually a second measure to reform many of the redevelopment areas that ultimately was struck down in the courts so in anticipation of a mechanism that would allow the project to recapture the 80 percent of tax increment that would be available in a redevelopment project area or something very similar to a redevelopment project there were provisions included that are outlined her at the top but
6:06 am
really at the end of the day the key factor is from the project were able to recapture that educational revenue fund or e wrap fund goes to the state it will revert to 40 percent affordable housing as the proposed financing plan and housing plan as you are aware it there has not been a restoration of redevelopment over and over the creation of a similar program since then so the housing plan also includes in section 9 a partial public finance that tida can increase the affordable housing share to 27 and a half percent on the 20 sites already committed to affordable housing by increasing density and the
6:07 am
overall to 27 and a half percent under the first alternative i mentioned 4 additional sites made available to develop that additional affordable housing there is a third provision under section 9 of the housing plan that allows tida and the city to pretty much additional parcels more affordable housing from treasure island community development at the market value for those sites that is a provision that we will probable be unlikely to exercise just because a lot of the opportunities to develop affordable housing come at a location where the city is able to get land at a value belief
6:08 am
market-rate so purchasing a parcel from treasure island in the open area will come to the opportunities that are available to the city. >> so since 2011 there are have been a number measures that have created slightly different infrastructure financing district structures there's a i r f d or restructure financing district an enhances financial or e i f d or the most recently one the community revitalization and investment authority or c i a those new laws liable
6:09 am
lists the use of i f d revenues in terms of the rage of public improvements and the amount that would be committed to affordable housing under the 2011 i f d law revenue from the infrastructure financing district was limited to the construction of replacement housing so to the extent we have seven hundred and 50 households on the island we'll be demolishing the use of i f d revenue more affordable housing is limited to replacement that existing housing the current i f d law don't include those have a more
6:10 am
liberal period a longer period to leverage 40 years under the i f r d and under 9 e i f d or c r a the i f r d has a short period over of the tax increment can be adopted it allows for different areas of the district to operate under different clocks essentially so that when you look at the entire island built out over a 20-year peddler he we're doing work with the consultant team that is assisting us even though a shorter period we've able to start those clocks at different times it may yield more revenue
6:11 am
for the public more affordable housing when we bring this forward with the recommendation to the board and ultimately a resolution of retention to the board of supervisors it will be explicitly recommending a specific i f d approach the challenges as i mentioned that we still face is none of these alternative protections provide as access to so the limit to the city and county a 64 percent a volunteerly tax allocation matt haney an election from the district to do the formation and to issue bonds there are somewhat more limited
6:12 am
authorized public improvements but their fairly small and when you look at the total public improvements including i f d and cf d those few those public improvements that would be allowed under redevelopment not allowed under i f d law are generally allowed in the cf d between the i f d and the cf d we have most instances the same flexibility under the redevelopment law and the highlighted in the earlier table under redevelopment law 20 percent of the tax increment was required to support there was a mandatory set aside for
6:13 am
redevelopment housing of 20 percent affordable housing obligation under either e i f d or the i f d but under the financing plan one-half percent of i f d revenues are committed to affordable housing so our challenges and opportunities today as we move forward to implement the affordable housing program we have some challenges just in meeting our base obligation and commitment to deliver the 24, 25 percent affordable housing some of the sources listed in the 2011 affordable housing performa are no longer available and some hud programs with the bank affordable housing and some
6:14 am
of the sources were anticipated to be unavailable at the time and it was anticipated that the performa calls for those funding sources or similar sources be made available but since these specific programs are not available we need to look at how we fully fund the 25 percent affordable housing program there's also been as i'm sure you're aware continued escalation the development costs since the 2011 performa was prepared we need to do the exercise to update the cost item of the performa so we fully understand the gap we need to
6:15 am
fill so going forward we'll be working with the mayor's office of housing and tida to update those develop updated revenue and cost performas and strategies for funding and also looking at the schedule of availability of parcels and the availability of funds workout a time loaded or resource loaded schedule for delivering all the affordable housing candidates so that when we will be able to make funding available combine with the parcels will be available and based on the tic d plans for the infrastructure improvements this map shows when the good technical work and essential
6:16 am
infrastructure will be completed to develop can begin an individual parcels the parcels tend to come in bunches whereas revenues will be tend to be smoothed out so we'll not necessarily begin each the development parcels precisely when the parcels become available had you look at the larger picture 20 parcels that are made available to the city over a 10 year timeframe so we'll look at sticking to a schedule looking to fund around 2 per year as a loaded schedule to build out the entire affordable housing program. >> okay. is that the end of your presentation mr. beck. >> i have one more slide
6:17 am
which is the or two more slides sorry that so we also want to assess our ability to exercise the opportunities that are combotdz in section 9 of the housing plan which are what are our opportunities to exercise either the option to increase the affordable housing percentage to 26 and a half percentage to increase the density whether that means a mix of unit size or housing types of types of and affordability levels and what revenue is available depending on the mix of housing types of affordability levels and what
6:18 am
opportunities the city might have to achieve the thirty percent affordable housing goal whether it through a new version of redevelopment in castle which appears unlivable at least over the next remaining 3 years of the governors term are other alternative sources to offset the e wrap share that is not currently available from the state and so going forward we'll be working with tie-dye and the mayor's office of housing to prepare an updated performa for the 25 percent affordable housing program to access the strategies for bridging the funding gap and developing a financing schedule for delivery
6:19 am
consistent with the availability of parcels and the market-rate development schedule we'll also be preparing an updated performa and set up assumes for how we might achieve a 26 and a half percent - 27 and a half percent and the additional sources we as the city needs to fund those projects and then in absence of redevelopment what strategies might be available to us to take advantage of the opportunity to increase the affordable housing to thirty percent and take advantage of the 4 additional parcels that would be available to achieve that through the housing plan that concludes my presentation. and open up for discussion.
6:20 am
>> thank you, mr. beck i think that the whole question of housing the lack of affordable housing in the city is one on the minds of many residents and to the extent we can increase the affordability on treasure island such an incredible resource we have there, there are few areas of the city that have the land that is available for development and we are in a partnership with ti cd for inclusionary there is the responsibility of tida and the board to make sure that we implement affordable housing plan and find the resources that are available, of course, the problem is that in order to get affordability it has to have the
6:21 am
resources to subsidies those and wherewith the construction costs up 80 percent know that this city i think the last 9 months construction costs have gone up by more than thirty percent how can we create affordability which when it is much more of a challenge before i take questions i note that olsen lee who is director of the mayor's office of housing is here he had requested he come from the treasure island board and that we can hear the strategies that the mayor's office has and they're thinking on how the mayor's office of housing and tida can work together in trying to fund the affordability that we need on treasure island
6:22 am
is that appropriate mr. beck if we ask mr. lee to make a presentation. >> yeah. free to welcome either director lee i know that sherry williams with tie-dye is also in the audience so either of them speak be appropriate >> right and if you don't mind we'll wait on questions certainly we'll have questions towards either of them and open that up later on olsen will you address the board thank you. >> director olsen lee director of the mayor's office of housing and i think director beck late the history of the financing resources and where we are today based on the negotiated agreement i just came from a briefly with
6:23 am
the office of economic development and infrastructure and talking about the redevelopment project area based on the new set of rules and recently they're new sets of resources they were able to obtain through sp 107 that created additional tax increment financing for the infrastructure in transbay but i think that what i did previously bra the mayor's office of housing was i was the deputy director and one of the things all the redevelopment projects areas accident had the dilemma of having tax increments but having the process but not having the tax increment until the end in the case of treasure island one
6:24 am
of the of the things with the developer is to utilize some sort of community finance to allow them to jump start of the infrastructure and then repay it with you know the tax increments in the future our future tax increment bonds we don't quite have the luxury for the affordable housing and how the agency used to do it basically to utilize the state law that said you can use the tax increment within the jurisdiction of the agencies so that is the start of the citywide tax increment program in 1990 based on the agreements in 1988 and 89 that created redevelopment housing financing and so what would happen would be the older redevelopment
6:25 am
project areas basically supported the new project areas through the exporting of the redevelopment tax increment precedes this is how the first development in the ground in mission bay north to start and mission bay to finish the affordable housing project we afforded the increment from older project areas to that new project area and you know mission bay has preceded much faster than the people anticipated but the affordable housing is lagging even with the jump start from the other resources from the other redevelopment project areas in part because the nature of the beast of the financing overall we are part of the discussions in terms of the next steps we clearly are and we've already
6:26 am
reached it out to the controller's office and to the budget director to engage in a process to really been how we incorporate you know the goals of this body into the larger goals of the city as a relates to the affordable housing and the resources clearly the resources solely from the island are insufficient to try to achieve some of the goals in terms of the existing affordable housing component and then clearly the affordable housing components the question we will try to answer in this process is what can the resources of the island actually support on its own and the other assumptions we can make to say we're going to leverage certain state resources you mentioned that some state resources are no longer there
6:27 am
but new resources you you know and the question of whether the affordable housing on the island qualifies for those resources we can projection that they will fill some of the gap for the affordable housing piece overall a lot of it depends on the size of this 16 r 17.5 percent and what that truly supports in the bulb out phased nodded sufficient in the beginning we're trying to start of the air force program but ultimately what will that number truly support it is it $200 million in terms of of the amortization for the terms overall our goal to incorporate affordable housing into our overall thirty year plan more affordable housing and really to highlight is that affordable housing is something
6:28 am
we need to fund on a timely basis we can meet the obligations of the authority on the terms of replacing the affordable housing overall i'll alisa miller you tell you my pipeline is full for the next 5 years but the planning for the avenue is not a 5 year endeavor a thirty year endeavor that is slightly in excess of the term of the housing trust fund but we are looking for further out in terms of what the resources are and what the goals of the city are including the goals at the treasure island and how that we sort of budget or allocate resources to make sure they are funded in a timely manner we've not done it exercise it is the beginning of that process but we i've gotten candidates from the budget offices and the controller's office to work together to insure that that
6:29 am
planning for the island gets done and will help with the consultant and your staff and looking at the essential resources and the potential needs of the housing and then again incorporating that go into our larger sort of thirty year circle of affordable housing that we intend to fund i think there are some discussions about do we want to try to increase sort of the density of the affordable housing sites i think the answer pretty clearly is yes. we've doing that in all the developments right now and the site we're looking at we're saying can we do more handouts hournt and the question though to pay for it at least you have the opportunity in terms of the existing sites to you know that
6:30 am
you have that interest and perhaps the financing for that site will come to the authority from a different source than you currently have available we had this discussion with the mission bay the eir and their recognized obligation payment you know whatever i can't remember what rock stands for but the recognized obligations that the state recognizes has a certain number of units when he e when they reach that number they're done well the city can use that parcel from the ocii didn't have the authority to extend money further the city can do that i think we're - we'll work with your staff with the all the stakeholders to look at how we can make this happen in a timely
6:31 am
manner not budgeted for now i'll tell you that but it needs to be budgeted and we will work with your staff to figure out and timing for the affordable housing paralyze but clearly trying to maximize the number of units is in the interest of the projects and the interest of the city overall. >> okay. thank you very much olsen and sherry would you like to address the board on because your organization will play a substantial roll in developing the affordable housing. >> thank you, again sherry williams from the treasure island development i appreciated director lees comments on integrating treasure island plan
6:32 am
and the rest of city. because you know we're looking at having the first parcels available in 2018 and you just heard the director say his pipeline is full and that he can't see any funding available for 5 years which is a concern to us the initial fund we'll need is, of course, predevelopment funds let's say the 2020 period and so we are hoping that even though there are pipeline in terms of you know larger sums for the actual work that the predevelopment funds would keep us then on pace with the timing of the parcels coming online for us because we would really hate to be detailed so other market-rate development going on and have holes in the idle where our projects were to be that's
6:33 am
definitely a concern i wanted to raise and it is something we will work with the mayor's office of housing and have started those conversations with them on these issues and know there is a lot of pressure on the mayor's office of housing and their funds you know to fund the affordable housing that elsewhere i will say that we might not been in the cue we were fluted frustrated with our timetable and the like that. >> age we've known since i don't know 2006 i guess would be and then reduce this is coming down the pipe i feel strongly we should have access to the resources for the predevelopment work as long as and look forward to working with the developments authority a lot of what we'll look at our integrating and a
6:34 am
percentage of homelessness in the building and other levels of affordability so in order to accomplish that objective we'll be working with tida to program out the unit to integrate our units into the other affordable so we will be working with staff on this so - >> thank you. >> okay i'd like to open it up to the board for questions. >> yes. director richardson. >> thank you very much i have 3 questions first thing is for mr. beck tidas obligations to the 200 and 34 are families the market-rate so you saying that our
6:35 am
obligations are limited to the market-rate or we are also i need clarifications here. >> yeah tida is responsible for delivering the affordable housing projects we have a unique obligation under the transitional rules and regulations that were adopted the board of supervisors made available to market-rate customers within the existing housing on treasure island a path to become part of the future community at a controlled rent so there are currently 2 adding hundred and 32 household that have remained from prior to
6:36 am
2011 by comparison about hundred and 60 units have turned over so one and 60 households for the obligations to provide future housing on the island that is a concern for another day i'd like to discuss with the board ultimately we have one and 60 households that you know we will - when the existing housing is torn down tida will have a regional housing summit units but the 200 and 32 their existing market-rate household if they qualify we'll put into them into an affordable housing unit but if we need to develop a unit that will be rent as a household that doesn't qualify fmore affordable housing there
6:37 am
are certain funds that are available for the development of affordable housing that will not be available to the development for the replaced units it makes it a little bit more challenging from a financing precipitation how we develop those specific units. >> that's why i'll asking the questions to go back and do the analysis we're clear about the obligations and expectations so that's one of my first questions we need to revisit that and the second question i have you in one of our slides you actually showed the limits due to increase and olsen lee to listen to this in hypothetically we have increase there are limitations that may impact the actual percentage of the affordable housing once we're obligated to provide parks and
6:38 am
open space to and transportation improvement and infrastructure in case there are increases the current numbers rer we have are impacted and so are we saying the numbers we have in the housing plan now it gave or just the members are subject to change god forbid if their potential increases in the major things you mentioned we might have to go back and revisit the plan because those are the realties help me out here what you're talking about. >> if i'm making sure i follow over line of questioning you know the finance plan comments or commits 17 and a half percent of the revenue for the
6:39 am
affordable housing the i f d and cf d will generate you know a specific amount of revenue over time treasure island community development is obligated in the d da to provide certain public improvements including the geotechnical work and the open space improvements you've described to the extent that those costs exceed the projections that were made 2, 3, 42011 that's a risk that falls on ti cd under the agreement those obligates to provide the public infrastructure improvements are obligations of ti cd and will be police vehicle those substantial even under the
6:40 am
2011 under all performas there's a substantial portion of the public improvement cost that will be born by ti cd to the extent those costs out strip the growth of revenues that is where it is born by the developers. >> so the sentences should read regardless of increase of the community benefits there is still respectfully the housing goals we've set and that is called the birthing shipped to ti cd that shouldn't effect the expectations of the housing to goals i want this to be stayed we know the competitions and the
6:41 am
department. >> essentially in a nut shell under the redevelopment agreement the city bears the risk associated with cost escalation and the city bears the escalation in those costs won't intrude on our strategies and options in funding the affordable housing. >> so mr. lee you mentioned your pipeline is full i understand that thank you for your work on developing the affordable housing in san francisco the tie-dye has the plan for decades what about given the limits of funding i know the city has the bond make sure and whatever and the urgency to begin the tie-dye in the pipeline for this particular
6:42 am
project what about public-private partnership someone can say yes. the city has a full pipeline but make recommendation for someone to come in and offset it this a possibility and why not bonus for the market-rate and also for the affordable housing. >> let me talk about the speech on the first question surface i know treasure island is part of city once we get the affordable housing plan developed all the opportunities we utilize in the rest of the city whether public-private partnership e whether their offsite to the inclusionary go, etc. are all fair game and the resources of the city are fair game the goal of the plan and the goal of city are the same
6:43 am
we'll create a new community a way to create affordable housing and we don't have all the answers yet in terms of how to finance it by clearly that is the goal to which kind of you know the goals of this plan so we can look at you know in the future if we have opportunities for offsite mitigations, etc. for put additional funds into the developments on the island but i would just sort of caution that many of the as you may know from just from observation many of the public-private aspirins or partners is related to the proximity so this development is no 2, 3, 4 near proximity to their individual projects and neighbors it makes that a tough
6:44 am
sell in terms of trying to meet the concerns of neighbors about the impact of the particular development when you're taking the public benefits of this development and the impact and moving - leaving the impact there in the neighborhood and the benefit to some other location but clearly that is a city obligation overall the baseline funding foreign the affordable housing will come from i know from the resources that you all negotiated or not you but the authority negotiated with the developer and to the extent there are gaps we will attempt to identify the resources to fill the gap and do that in a timely way as i said before we could a have the answers in terms of how we'll do that this is a process we will do together in terms of trying to balance all the goals
6:45 am
of the city including the goals of ileals and making sure we achieve them all but the increment is really you know the baseline on the terms of the you know the affordable housing funding and the question of you know to what extent we're accumulating the 17.5 percent used for affordable housing you know, i presume have you started the clock on the increment at this point. >> not at that point. >> so as soon as the clock starts the fund will accumulate for the affordable housing again, much it will be the value the construction if that and that will be detailed in terms of of there will be lagged but it will be the start of what the resources flow will be to you know fund things like
6:46 am
redevelopment loan and so deputy your receptive to the height limit on the market. >> your redevelopment plan of sources and the question between the redevelopment plan is it consistent with your d-4-d and is it consistent with the eir and whether you have that ability to do a density bonus on top of that i can't advise you but someone in the planning can advise. >> but you do have flexibility i encourage to look at the flexibility within the current redevelopment plan and the d-4-d in terms of height and density and the ability to do more on the same site and the issue then becomes into a particular type of construction a type of wood frame to some go that more expensive than wood frame and
6:47 am
the additional costs of doing that construction is the additional units out weighed by the cost per unit. >> thank you, sir. >> okay. >> thank you. great presentation this is very extensive i canned pretend i understand all of it with the financing types we're discussing there is a lot change and new laws and source of funding in some way trying to understand it a little bit if i may ask you a couple of clarifying questions so basically the initial the 6 thousand units is one phase; correct? >> the 8 thousand units the 6 thousand market-rate is the entire. >> the entire correct so
6:48 am
inclusionary units are the ones paid by ti cd or developers a set aside for affordable housing. >> yeah. they physically construct the inclusionary units. >> like a 5 percent. >> yeah. 5 percent. >> got this is where the bonus comes in you'll be able to build the market-rate in the current eir and the development project perhaps we can increase some of that inclusionary housing; correct? >> yeah. i think the density bonus might be a particular challenge on treasure island because of the transportation component of the environmental salutation of treasure island where one of the constraining factors is the total amount of
6:49 am
traffic to the island and it's impacts on the bridge so that you know developing just the same footprint will be consistent with our agreements with the state land trust but constructing another 5 hundred units within that foot will be other challenges we'll need to discuss with the stay planning department and assess within the larger environmental assessment for the program. >> right so, now what is the diversities difference between the treasure island housing development versus the units and the tie-dye units 0 how are they different as a lot of the fuvendz may not be the same within the tie-dye umbrella the treasure island homeless development compludz
6:50 am
includes four housing providers they're all all of the tie-dye operators consistent with their name all of their residents are formally homeless so this year maybe some programs that fund for example, for the formally homeless that would be specific to a tie-dye affordable building but within the tie-dye umbrella their operators include but community e community housing and catholic charities and 360 is the waldon house and then plowshares so right now in working with tie-dye on a strategy for funding from the
6:51 am
projects one of the first projects that we would propose to move forward would be the replacement of units for swords to plowshares there are some few minutes that are available through the va for veterans housing that's a project that might have some funds that will unique as a veteran's residential facility health right 360 they provide transitional housing for people dealing wi dealing with substance abuse problems either treatment or process trickle environment each of those types of housing may have some subsidies that would be available on the operating side i mean, the development or
6:52 am
operating side so then there are also senior housing facilities or housing for individuals with disabilities each type of affordable housing housing multi family or family housing also unique funding but when you look at globally the affordable housing that we will be developing each one of these uniquely dedicated or targeted sources will play a role in one project or another we want to leverage all the resources. >> it's possible all the entities will be able to assess for funding. >> yeah. yeah, that is part of the complex work to go through with the mayor's office of housing is what funds are
6:53 am
available either within the san francisco community or are newly available from the state and federal government to help us fund each project. >> one more question given treasure island is part of the city i know we pass the affordable bond any funds from the bond to treasure island. >> we are going to be issuing a certain for the acquisition of sites related to the bond the bond has 3 things one the public housing and that those funds are going to primarily potrero and the southern what we called the traditional affordable housing and that was the the acquisition
6:54 am
of affordable housing sites and the third was our sort of middle-income bonds and that was also to refunds the down payment assistance program the only we'll be issuing a nov for the acquisition of new parcels. >> so potentially. >> you actually own the parcels already to not the quisition. >> right. >> of those particular parcels. >> that's the acquisition for the construction. >> that's correct. >> the first site in part because of the you know the demands or the desire of neighborhoods and in the city to have access to more affordable housing in their communities. >> just to follow up on you can we are going to leverage as
6:55 am
much you know what we call other people's money as soon as possible and looking at the financial resources and the typical you know resources that we looking for all of our affordable housing our taxing credits and the cap & trade program and prosper on the island are competitive and look at any of the federal programs to see if their of assistance to the construction of these developments i think one of the things as very, very difficult is most of those funding sources are for permanent housing so it is if it is transitional housing it makes it harder if it is housing the obligation of the island or the income levels not served by
6:56 am
those programs the program falls on the island in terms of making up that gap so what the rents of that individual didn't support and hopefully, the rental will support at least the operating costs for this particular units but the beyond that that much should cover some level of first mortgage and it is beyond that, you know, that maim is you know what the gap will be typically what our affordable housing financing sources with cover a large substantial portion of that capital for costs but in the case where you are not global for this then somehow the mortgages from the 17.56 percent have to cover that gap so you know clearly we will, looking at trying to maximize the opportunity to get other resources to come into the
6:57 am
development and i assume that was really the modeling at the time and just the resources have changed and the costs have changed we need to you know get back on track and figure out what is the gap and some of the potential resources and how you know sort of lay out the wanting to achieve those goals we will definitely, using a lot of resources not associated with the city and hopefully be very successful in applying and receiving those resources. >> just one quick question about that i was curious i know that not that that matters what are the ratio of length versus homes. >> i think the where the developer develops a building for rent they would include for
6:58 am
rents of affordable units whether they're developing a building for sale they would include an inclusionary for sale for the projects for the buildings that tie-dye and tida develops the expectation they'll be for rent. >> and currently residents improving renting and state qualified more affordable housing could they buy? >> the yeah - the transitional housing rules and regulations for market-rate customers market-rate pred da customers that qualify for housing or don't qualify does include an option to buy perhaps an
6:59 am
affordable unit or market-rate. >> thank you director kositsky. >> thank you, commissioners i hope you'll bear with me i have a few comments and some suggestions how to moved on this first of all, thank you for that presentation it was really very clear and really appreciate the effort that obviously went into that and thank you, mr. olsen for being here there's a lot of commitment and demands for city resources right now but i think there's a really - i know that under mayor ed lee's leadership and olsen doing a lot of work the city is it transformer into the public housing stock it is important i applaud all the efforts there is opportunity we
7:00 am
shouldn't lose we should be looking long-term and thinking about this i understand maybe not fund available for the years maybe push back the timeline when the affordable housing gets built everyone in the city agrees are serious affordable housing crisis in 2018 the voeshtsz approved prop k that talked about the 33 percent of all housing in the areas we're re zoned for ellis acted and moderate income 33 percent is what we should try to get and proposition talked about surplus those are not directly related to treasure island necessarily but i think it is still clear the voters and with with the
7:01 am
housing bond passing the voters care about this issue we have an going to push this i think that 33 percent is the number we should be shooting for i think i feel that the homelessness crisis is on the presence of the mind of most san franciscans a unique opportunity to work to address that problem i know folks are aware interest is a lot of homeless adults on the streets less aware that one in every 25 students in the san francisco unified school district is homeless one in every 25 students enough to fill 70 classrooms with homeless kids and this also creates an opportunity this project creates an opportunity to address that as well i'll propose it is affordable housing that we're going to be developing that 27.5
7:02 am
percent of the housing be set aside for tida units it is right now 20 percent i think we can do better there i hope you'll take the longer view if we on the part of problem with the housing the housing crisis we're facing is to do looking at 5 year or 10 year increments not looking at 20 or thirty or 50 years out but how we should be approaching this unique opportunity those are my comments my questions i e don't know if you know this off the top of your head what the target ami for the affordable housing you know different types
7:03 am
of development. >> yeah. i don't have a target but the range of affordable affordability it from zero to one and 20 percent with a targeted mean of affordability of 50 percent. >> i believe and i'll look at olsen i believe that when the when there is an inclusionary for sale units priced an 90 percent of ami so, yeah. >> okay. is there a document that has this? >> yeah. i believe i can i believe there are documents from the time of the - i can find. >> that would be great and it will be nice to know how many of affordable units the 2 thousand units radio replacing how many
7:04 am
of the tie-dye units are being replaced and how many of the units that are currently being rent are occupied by families may not be in the tie-dye but using the vouchers or paying market-rate rent. >> the tie-dye currently occupies 200 and 50 units on the island so and then within the jon stewart housing i'm going to estimate we have section 8 some section 8 households we have some households they're actually rented or rented to an organization called s bs that provides facilities with people
7:05 am
with disabilities adults but their leased at a market rent and we have a few households on the island we have people that were displaced due to fires that are paying below-market-rate rent but not specific an affordability issue in terms of section 8 vouchers we have less than 2 dozen is that right? oh, okay. so sorry it is 38 to 42 households within the right-of-way 4 hundred john stuart household 10 percent that have section 8 vouchers >> so roughly 38 households on treasure island are paying below-market-rate rent because of section 8 or tie-dye units.
7:06 am
>> right. >> commissioners that is important to keep in mind as we look at the numbers we want to strike four is a net game in affordable housing we're talking about hundred units on the island that is in the reason why 33 percent makes more sense than thirty okay. so those are my questions and thank you for your response just a couple of thoughts how we can move forward one is this sort of a suggestion and question i i know that there's an issue with the d da by june 30th of this year an agreement with the developer the number of the amount of affordable housing from 25 to 27.5 automatically but that
7:07 am
expires on june 30th gives me great cause ever concern we could lose it opportunity i'm wondering we've spoken about this before if you could give us an update. >> yeah. so the good this is comboltd in section 9 of the housing plan that relates to the provisions that are highlighted in the presentation today that that triggered to go to increased density as 27 and a half percent or find a ultimate solution to the erngs wrap and move to thirty percent the language in section 9 says that the decision point is 60 months after the effect date of agreement which would be june of this year
7:08 am
one question that we have raised is whether or not that effected date should town hall along with the developers obligations to performance under d da it is something we raised the question we haven't had expensive conversation to date but it is also why this presentation and the conversations that we have initialed with the mayor's office of housing as olsen indicated in his comments there's a larger conversation that is going on with the controller's office mayors budget staff about this and what our options and opportunities so
7:09 am
we're doicognizant and this jun remains the june we'll make the best decision with tida and the city but also whether or not you can we intend to engage with the ti cd whether or not this data should be automatically which the developer told 3 years under the d da and whether there would be mutual agreement. >> that would be great to get monthly updates so in june we're not in a crisis mode to address this i know your working on it but asking for that every month another question i have sort of
7:10 am
other questions and possible action item wondering if there isn't assistance we can get if assemblyman chiu or senator leno to empower the opportunities to look at the state and federal regulations. >> i think that there is certainly through our conversation specific opportunities for us to, you know, provide legislative solutions to problems then the delegation will be supportive of that there are a couple of things we've discussed maybe required state solutions for future
7:11 am
conversations with the city attorney's office we can have local solutions to - the one challenge that is current access to the e wrap share but to the extent there are other issues i think the delegation is definitely in support. >> how could we precede you know what is a good next step with chiu's legislative staff. >> the city does not leverage and can i say i had a conversation with assemblyman david chiu now the chair of the states housing committee so, in fact, we'll have a lot of conversations and influence on that committee and what they'll do but certainly the local resources may not be enough to do all the feasibility we need
7:12 am
to do and that we need to think of state and federal to meet the objectives and a lot of things we can do so i suggest that this year maybe a committee of this board it is just so we can perhaps go through some of the cafe thinking that can approaches that can can be used treasure island is apart and i and it also the sites are available it is not that the city this is a to go out and inquiry the sites they're available for development now and see i think that we can roll think creatively about what to do for instance, could there is
7:13 am
a predevelopment few minutes for nonprofits to be able to move forward in the site development could there is a predevelopment loan funds set aside for the treasure island sites so we can start the planning for those sites and navigate if it is a loan sites as one development can finish and the construction financing is achieved you know those predevelopment funds could go back to fund the next project perhaps that's within of the things it would be in the basket thinking we can do specifically for treasure island i'd like to be able to pin those thoughts. >> just wanted to speak to one of the questions that board
7:14 am
member director richards direct whether or not to schedule we need to have a couple of more middle east e meetings to forefront our ask before we engage his office or senator leno's officeiddle east e meeti forefront our ask before we engage his office or senator leno's offiddle east e meetings forefront our ask before we engage his office or senator leno's officele east e meetings to forefront our ask before we engage his office or senator leno's offie east e meetings to forefront our ask before we engage his office or senator leno's office east e meetings to forefront our ask before we engage his office or senator leno's offi east e meetings to forefront our ask before we engage his office or senator leno's offit e meetings to forefront our ask before we engage his office or senator leno's offi e meetings to forefront our ask before we engage his office or senator leno's officee meetings to forefront our ask before we engage his office or senator leno's office meetings to forefront our ask before we engage his office or senator leno's offi meetings to forefront our ask before we engage his office or senator leno's office but relative to the conversation
7:15 am
there is a mechanism i limited mechanism within the financing plan for the developers that advance some portion of the $17,500 per that is due at the time of permitting of an individual market-rate project to advance a limited amount of that money we need to do an assessment whether this is adequate to fund some of the anticipate redevelopment costs this is one option and in addition to predevelopment funds that might be available from city resources we actively you know evaluating the predevelopment from both sides. >> you know want to find solutions to deliver the projects. >> what in terms of navy in replacement housing is there some additional sources inform fund through the legislative team and through the offices of nancy pelosi perhaps additional funding that is possible with the navy. >> right now there aren't any
7:16 am
such funds there's a question that since the idea of developing the hours for the formally homeless was embedded in the brake program from the giving up it is seems like an appropriate nexus for the feds to specific funds available to develop affordable housing on formal military installations no such specific support from the frequenting at this time but it is something we raised with the city's lobby amend and would be interested in
7:17 am
exploring. >> i believe i still have the floor and we have a few more minutes my last question thought about preceding this is there some ability to look at the inclusionary housing for even look at the target ami rates there is clearly a need for more housing with the ami level a growing need and i think as we strive for 33 percent affordable housing is there a way to be creative in a way that both benefits the developer and also creates more affordable housing i'm not familiar enough that the inclusionary pieces to be able to make a suggestion but toss that out there as a possible option we might have at our disposal to increase the number of units
7:18 am
no, it is definitely something we'll add to the mix as another strategy. >> great. >> thank you, very much commissioners. >> one question commissioners one thing more and we're talking about assemblyman david chiu one of his presentations i think tilt although the legislation it was so impressive one and 18 out of one 20 legislators and government vetoed so he needs to go back and try to look at with the government to get the legislation back we have in opening statements someone over the last thirty years plus as
7:19 am
related to city programming a few minutes to the redevelopment agency like to have you back here to engage before we go further to some of the best was this is your territory on the financing available federal, state, and local federal i've been working on for decades. >> it was disappointing when the good afternoon vetoed some of the chiu's documents for tax so $75 per document and i think the question is can we go back and can the advocates go back to the well at the state level to get something that the governor won't veto i think when i talked to mr. chiu he was going to you know explore the
7:20 am
possibility of rising his legislation the second time around the governor will be more open to that funding source i just wanted to i have to leave for a meeting downstairs i want to again sum up where we are in the process we have the gap and we have a gap based on you know not only the resources that you currently identified for the housing plan based on the plan it's a gap based on the timing in which that maximum resources you'll be assessing based on increment will be available, we - so there are - the housing plan right now will need outside resources for it to achieve the question of the 25 percent
7:21 am
i think the amount of things and i'm not your staff so this is just a suggestion from a member of the public but one of the things this board has to look at is the question of this particular plan and what it even tails to modify the plan under olsen lee old development these issues related to affordability, the depth of the affordability the percentage the affordability sources revenues to achieve those were begged to the plan and requires an amendment to the plan and on a certain process that to be available so i'll ask you to consultant with the city attorney about is this what is the way of amending this particular plan and is it something you can solely in our
7:22 am
discretion through the board and adopted or require a discussion with 9 developer who is part of a d da i presume to understand what your ability is to move forward the plan no comments about the plan but understanding how you know how to amend the plan and the implications of that clearly you know the resources at least today are not there and we're committed to work with the staff to identify the resources and plan for them what their, their currently not there. >> thank you very much for your a comments. >> madam chair, i need to make a couple of comments related to the percentages i agree we should strive to do better and we need more affordable housing but i also want to do it in the
7:23 am
realm of real numbers and performances i know mr. beck you mentioned the performances are redone we have reconstruction costs for a number of years and appearing we have a gap and we may not be able to reach 25 percent given the funds sources coming in at the current rate i want to make sure that whatever is done i'm all for meeting with the state which your legislators are trying to get the funding resources we want to make sure we don't jeopardy office of the city administrator sediment because of redevelopment the infrastructure and open space all interpretation and all types of you know allocations that the
7:24 am
developers are putting in and used for other purposes as well i'll be curious to know when you'll be meeting your performa's. >> tie-dye has been an initial kind of performa for the initial 5 projects assuming that they are largely developing the replacement housing tie-dye but also of the tie-dye units within those we're- i've asked sherry to work with us and their consultant to extend that to be a larger update for the entire programs so we very specific projects gaps for the first 5 projects that we would propose to do i just to be clear in
7:25 am
terms of felt 25 percent affordable housing program that is the commitment and the obligation of tida and the city under the d da to the extent we have a gap i don't believe there is anyone who will suggest we'll not meet the 25 percent goal the parcels on which the housing is to be developed are being committed to tida in fact, not transferred to ti cd will be responsible for the geotechnical improvements and the road improvement for the challenge is really the timing you know will we be able to keep pace with the developments so there are not
7:26 am
you know that the market-rate development in the area does a complete affordable housing site we'll not be able to keep pace with the development so the city and moh olsen is not here the city is committed to funding and to finding a way to deliver the 25 percent the bigger problem can we develop the strategies to move forward with the starter development and keep pace with the development as it moves forward at some point we'll deliver the 25 percent the other question though are there viable strategies to increase ourselves further to 25, 27 and a half or thirty percent or potentially beyond
7:27 am
beyond the thinking again olsen mentioned the plan does have an automatic opportunity 27 and a half percent goal or thirty percent goal those were baked into the transition documents i don't understand that with you know required negotiation and with the ti cd with the but doesn't mean it is not possible yeah. >> okay and i think that this is been a really fruitful discussion today before we close the session i'd like to communication if there is any public comment on this item please step forward. >> hearing none mr. becca you tells us what the next steps laid out the issues and challenges that are before us on the housing plan i'm so
7:28 am
glad we had that presentation and it is you very ablely put it into an understandable form what in your mind are you next steps what we can expect. >> there multiple parallel paths, if you will, one of the paths is to continue conversation we're having with controller's office and the controller's office and the public finance and some of the outside consultants to make sure when we come back to the board and to the capital improvement plan competent we've identified the i f d legislation that allows to maximize the revenues that are available to the
7:29 am
program in making a recommendation for a resolution of intent so that is some of it is ongoing and certainly whether you hear back from me in february with this is we've concluded that discussion and we this is the legislation that appears to maximize the revenues to the program is we can continue to move forward that process and simultaneously we'll be working on the costs side to prepare updated performa's assessing honk that will take but we'll continue to refine that as we move forward so that is something you might anticipate multiple updates in the last few months and also we
7:30 am
have further meeting not next week but the week after within the controller's office mayor's office of housing to look at the revenue opportunities some of the revenue opportunities and options to us so that is something we might have additional update on but in terms of what our avenues we are exploring in terms of a detailed kind of you know update open on the pipeline where we fit if again, a longer than term project to continue trying to development a fully funded program and moved in time as
7:31 am
soon as possible the development of the affordable housing also, if we are looking at the june deadline you can expect updates from me on i would think at the next board meeting any discussion about modification of that deadline or pulling of that deadline and to the extent that remains the deadline i would plan to give monthly updates on any discussions we're having about our ability to exercise the options that are available to us. >> thank you i think that this should be a regular item on the jaungdz at the meeting just updates on the housing plan and the housing all the different strategies that are being discussed and in our confuses in the different
7:32 am
agencies of the government. >> okay. >> so if no other questions then the next e next item, please. >> >> item 9 discussion of future items for the agenda. >> hearing none we can adjourn thank you so much and members of the public for being here.
7:33 am
>> working for the city and county of san francisco will immerse you in a vibrate and dynamic city on sfroert of the art and social change we've been on the edge after all we're at the meeting of land and sea world-class style it is the burn of blew jeans where the rock holds court over the harbor the city's information technology xoflz work on the rulers project for free wifi and developing projects and insuring patient state of at san francisco general hospital our it professionals make guilty or innocent available and support
7:34 am
the house/senate regional wear-out system your our employees joy excessive salaries but working for the city and county of san francisco give us employees the unities to contribute their ideas and energy and commitment to shape the city's future but for considering a career with the city and county of san francisco ms. casco roll call thank you ms. fewer mr. haney marry mentioning dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns ms. chin and mr. totiano thank you. >> please join me in the pledge of allegiance.
7:35 am
>> happy new year everyone as a point privilege privilege i'll take a come up of minutes this is my final meeting as president i'll reflect that on the past year in january recognized a natural board national teachers with the exceptional teachers in thai state in february we reaffirmed the commitment to vision 2025 as a strategy plan in march we begin the process of overhauling district policies for district action in april the board adopted a plan to fight abate and the success of all
7:36 am
african-american in the san francisco unified school district in june the board adopted the computer science pre k to telephone grade we have a new nonprofit in support of implementation of vision 2025 strategic plan together with our philanthropic partners then in august the board took a stand to grant dilemmas to students that are denied the opportunity to take the high school exiting exam and paved the way for other district to change the policies in september the board has internship and fire board education in october the board adopted a landmark policy to train all educators to recognize human trafficking and educate
7:37 am
students about more than day slavery in san francisco in november by the preempted to honor the contributions of the chinese-american leader of whom our city council's schools are named and we supported the sustainable student transportation it is been a very busy and regarding year i want to thank all my colleagues the superintendent and the dedicated sfusd staff for supporting me thank you. >> we will now move to special order of business as stipulated in series 9 thousand the board shall readopt the board meeting the year may i have a motion and a second and second for a readoption of the procedures series 9 thousand. >> so moved and second. >> thank you. >> is there any public comment on this item? >> seeing none, oh, let's see i'll take public
7:38 am
comment public comment is closed. comments from my colleagues sxhinlz. >> you know it is interesting we changed the rules to do this reround of applause on the series we'll pay attention and since is it so become a performa we should think about when we discuss our rules and how if we want to you read most of them in preparation and want to say i want to suggest that by the plan that both this year and do summary exclamation i found a few things kind of on the very itself second page the first page two items a student erupt shall be at board and the board
7:39 am
has two student members correct but both kind of should be fixed i think this is an example i want to make a request we'll plan to do this sometime this year and at sometime we should discuss if we want to talk about them you know, i support it and still support this idea at the beginning of the year those are the rules and any affirm them but it would be better if they were substantive and real. >> i believe the appropriate committee to examine is the rules committee any other comments if not roll call vote. >> thank you ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton
7:40 am
and ms. wynns. >> 7 i's. >> thank you very much the next item is the election of officers of the board of education as a reminder to the board and the public this type of election is by voice vote a second is not needed for nominations and permissible for a member minus nominate to vote for he or she board members if more than one nomination only one nomination you'll be saying yay or nay i declare it the open for the president of the board of education for the year 2016 are there any nominations? ms. fewer >> thank you 2kru78 i would be honored colleagues i'm honored to recommend commissioner vice president haney for the position of president. >> are there any other nominations? seeing none, i
7:41 am
declare the nomination closed so commissioner vice president haney has been nominated to be president ms. casco roll call vote on the anatomies. >> ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase thank you ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns matt haney has been elected budget & finance committee for 2016 congratulations i they're nomination for the vice president of the board of education for the year 2016 any nominations ms. mendoza-mcdonnell thank you it's my profoundly to
7:42 am
nominate shamann walton a good friend shamann walton our vice president of the board of education any other nominations for the office of vice president seeing none, i declare nominations closed commissioner shamann walton is nominate for the office of vice president ms. casco roll call. >> ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton and ms. wynns that's 7 i's (clapping.) shamann walton has been nominated vice president of the board of education (clapping.)
7:43 am
(clapping.) >> pack our things fourth the big move i want to say something quickly the most sacred responsibility the board moves quickly and smoothly i want to first thank president murase her calendar was a busy year and left lead the board with grace and encourage (clapping.)
7:44 am
and i want to say thank you to the entire board fewer support and trust i'm looking forward to leading this board at that moment when i think there is a tremendous amount we can do incredible amount of shared vision and unity i want to congratulate any good friend and have the privilege of serving with president shamann walton and also recognize you saw when i ran up here my family my mom and sister and brother thank you for coming and the entire staff and students and city and county of san francisco for putting your trust and faith in me and the entire board to serve the students of our district thank you and let's continue with the meeting so approval the board minutes the regular meeting of the
7:45 am
december 8th can i have a motion and a second? >> moved second and corrections? seeing none roll call vote >> ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton and ms. wynns 7 i's. >> okay. so for members of the public if you wish to address the board of education you can complete a speaker card prior to the item being called and presented to the ms. casco according to board reels and procedures speaker cards will not be accepted for items before the board and item b superintendant report. >> thank you commissioner vice president haney this is an honor
7:46 am
on behalf of the entire staff to congratulate i an the presidency of the board of education we look forward to working with i in san francisco and i'd like to say congratulate vice president wul walton and look forward to working with you as we move our equality agenda forward congratulations to both of you i'd like to say congratulations to everyone for a second semester it started smoothly school is in session for over a walk wish you all for a happy new year we look forward to continuing our important work in the year 2016 a couple of announcements to the community this week the mission high school along with supervisor wiener will unveil their tap system to the foundation they've been
7:47 am
installed since snooifl but students get a free new water bottle the initiative in san francisco is a partnership between san francisco unified school district, the san francisco public utilities commission are department of the environment and the self-department of public health this is one of the ways we promote 9 sustainable habits among the district students to date an comprehensive to date 32 tap foundations in the school your goal to have withholding to congratulations mission high school i'd like to announce that bret heart elementary school get a installed successor field part of largest 110 thousand square feet it was built by our very good friends america scores a
7:48 am
program that helps to have team based soccer programs and learning thank you to the american score for the field and building and for major league and wells fargo for the funding this past saturday had an opportunity to have any my brother's keeper san francisco host the black cradle to school and this is held at mission high school this is the second event of its kind this school year specifically for sfusd black students and families the day was an enforcement fair the students had an opportunity to sign up for engrossment and attendees had the opportunity to enroll in camps and apply for jobs and attend workshops on topics of interests to parents and team thank you to everyone when that was involved our own
7:49 am
african-american chuchltd and leadership initiative under the leadership of special assistant landon dickey our community-based organization the alliance of black school educators and the black educators for youth and mo' magic it was aimed as supporting our african-american students in san francisco also as previously mentioned a deadline is fast approaching january 15th for the first round enrollment forever the 2016-2017 the march placement period if you're applying for kindergarten or high school or middle school by january 15th applications can be turned in at the education and placement center at 5 franklin street and if you're children that sfusd students you can turn in the applications at their schools any questions
7:50 am
whatsoever you can come to talk to a placement council or e-mail at immoral in school enr o l l e n at i'll encourage a topic of my article get our application in by the january 15th deadline for those families 80 percent of the families get top 2 choices and one pace of late break news last semester we announced how our students did on the assessment in go san francisco and at that time, we announced the large urban school sfusd were about 20 points higher in terms of their proficiency than students across the state of
7:51 am
california our assessment shared more of detailed information and ladies and gentlemen, this is something to be proud of san francisco is part of core acholic beverage of district the 10 systems or some of the largest school districts collectively we serve over would this million students in the state of california so of the core districts i'm very proud to report that the top two over all in the elementary school of all elementary in the core districts the top two schools from san francisco unified school district that means our two elementary schools are the highest 5 of the top 10 schools the elementary category owe are in the top 10 and 20 in the top 10 percent those are well, for you who say should i send my
7:52 am
children to public school so it gets better at the middle school 5 of the top 10 top performing in the consortium are if san francisco unified school district and 6 of the top 10 from san francisco unified school district at the high school level one of the top 10 and 5 of the top 10 percent of high schools in the core acholic beverage are from san francisco unified school district so i want to send a huge congratulations to all our hard working paraprofessionals our teachers and administrators i want to thank our parents and students for taking these seriously and over academics seriously a great hand to our school to present this evaluated vision should look like in san
7:53 am
francisco so congratulations to everyone give yourselves a round of applause. >> thank you, sir and in recognitions of rumbles and accommodations nun tonight and student delegate report thank you president matt haney and congratulations for our position iowa's wells vice president spault sea thank you suspend the advisory committee update just last night our conditioner engagement started with dr. laurie and the s ac met with her and provided the student input for oc o f project the doctor going over the logistics we're glad to take part to provide the student button exit as the the
7:54 am
el cap we presented our el cap student voice and this thursday january 14th at 4:00 p.m. our team will be present 80 preventing to the entire el cap feedback pr we are hopefully, the entire team will be happy with the team and move forward as for the san francisco police department memorandum of understanding or mou just last night our student leaders took part of police mou and they started to create this mou committee in 19 of the residents signed up to be part of the committee has part of the decision making panel our team stakeholders had an opportunity to provide real student input in
7:55 am
all matters occurring on the campus thank you to the san francisco police department litigant colleen for an excellent presentation and willingness to have our student leaders involved in the memorandum of understanding or mou. >> as the skaft control krgd program is in full swing we managed to incorporate jose elementary school to join our highly successful program as older student leaders we hold the responsibility to help over peers and most of us walk to school we focus on educating them and public safety and traffic awareness a good example of the student san francisco police department partnership programs happening everyday in our community we would like to thank the police department sergeant phil for his dedication and training
7:56 am
he provides for younger youth and the 19 annual submit on march 18 through april and located at the fort mason at marina boulevard working on a poster i would also lastly like to welcome everyone to the new year a workshop for our nonprofit sour students represents in the homeless shelter we gave toys and goodies for kids in the year it ended happily we have rock star in the room it depended upon $500 we'll to thank deputy myong leigh for your donation.
7:57 am
>> very nice sounds like a challenge (laughter). >> deputy superintendant. (laughter). >> a rock star. >> rocking it. >> the s ac meeting on monday january 25th at 5:00 p.m. the s a credit is a public council and as an added incentive outline dinner will be provided if you like to attend or make a presentation or a copy of our upcoming agenda go contact our are you point person and congratulations to men and women. >> appreciate it so alright our next item is the parents
7:58 am
advisory committee report reporting is indicating lien and georgia sprat. >> >> (speaking spanish.) >> good evening, commissioners aim indicating less than and we have three children attending hechil
7:59 am
happy new year to all superintendent and commissioners my name is a georgia sprat the corridor for the advisory committee the mission of the parents advisory committee to bring apartment voices to inform board of education decisions and decision-making process our report is sharing the finding and recommends out of community art council ex-we carried identity in november and through those conversations we reach over 200 and 50 participant in 20 conversations 5 were conducted in spanish or chinese and an additional languages we provided the conversation 2, 3, 4 chinese or spanish we were strategic and intentional how we engaged in the conversations we gave the opportunity to reach out to
8:00 am
families that are experiencing some of the challenges and i think equality in our city as identified in the report our children, our council and later on in 2015 this louse allowed us to reach families in systems of consider care and support such a families needing the transmission and youth and foster care and children that are reaching special addition addition and immigrants in our city we also had an opportunity to reach out to families that experiences some of the disparity in our institution our system and our society as a whole the majority of our residents were african-american and latino followed by chinese, white, samoan and american indian


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