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tv   LIVE CCII Commission on Community Investment and Infrastructure  SFGTV  January 19, 2016 9:00pm-12:01am PST

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the community's art and i hope we haven't gone away from that. that was one of the many reasons why we wanted to support the project. >> i wanted to provide the commission on an update to the public art project. these are the nine pieces of art that ocii commissioned with federal grant dollars. it did include a piece that does honor the ohlone people. a canoe installed at the park and all nine pieces have been completed and installed, the bayview horn is one of those pieces as well. which is in the store house plaza. >> so going back to the store house. again, i remember when we looked at
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the renderings of that building and what it was going to look like and we were going to use it as a community space to begin with, but it would then be a place where people can go and learn about the ohlone peoples. so like i said, i hope we haven't forgotten about that. >> i node need to do some more research. i hadn't heard about that. the art for that modular is the horn and quilts, but there isn't anything specific to the ohlone people. so we should have a conversation about that. >> yes. you can go back to the tapes or transcripts, we did talk about that. and like i said, it was for several -- it was two or three meetings as we went through talking about this,
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that came up over and over again and we said it would be a nice tribute to the original peoples of this area. >> okay. >> if you can check on that and report-back, that would be great. >> sure. >> okay. motions? >> i'll move. >> second. >> it's moved by commissioner bustos and seconded by commissioner singh. please call the roll. >> commission members please announce your vote when i call your name, commissioner pimentel. >> yes. >> commissioner mondejar is absent. commissioner singh? >> yes. >> commissioner bustos? >> yes. >> madame chair rosales? >> yes. >> madame chair, i have four ayes and one absent. >> 5d is adopted. thank you. please call 5e. and i don't know how much longer we have this room. i just want folks to know, that we have got three more items at least -- >> we have to be out of
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this room by 5:00. i can call and check. [ inaudible ] >> we can check. >> i'm not advocating for more time -- [laughter ] >> thank you. >> okay. 5e. >> 5e is delegating to the executive director of the successor agency the authority to settle claims in an amount not greater than $50,000. discussion and action resolution no. 4-2016. madame director. >> commissioners, as you recall, there have been a number of -- since dissolution and since you have been serving as successor agency, there have been a number of
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specific municipal derivatives claims that you have settled and considered that have been all for a nominal amount. because we do expect additional claims to come before you for your consideration, this is a delegation agreement form for settlements look at your policy, dissolution law and citywide policy, so delegation is set at $50,000. jim morales, ocii general counsel and deputy director can provide additional details. >> president rosales and members of the question, my name is jim morales. this is a pretty straightforwardtrousing delegate to the executive director certain authority. there is no question under sort of redevelopment law and historic practice you have the authority to do this. in fact,, i think as the director
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alluded to, the director already has the authority to enter into contracts at the $50,000 or less mark this. would extend that to settlement of claims. in light of dissolution law we have had to send up some very small settlements, both to the oversight board and then to the department of finance for their approval. and this has caused some inconvenience and difficulty in resolving these claims quickly. this all relates to the affirmative lawsuit related to banks and lenders received by bond issuances and how that money was used was the subject of this nationwide lawsuit. we have an individual case
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pending still, and there were a number of defendants, many of the major banks, investors and others, that are defendants. and they are now settling for relatively small amounts. and so the idea originally here was to try to delegate to the executive director the authority to settle these matters without having to go to the commission to the oversight board and the department of finance. in looking at the matter, it seemed like given the convenience and efficiencies associated with resolving other types of claims under $50,000, given the city laws that authorize city departments to do that, that we would propose to you a more general authority, not only to resolve claims within this particular litigation that are $50,000 or less, but all claims.
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whether they are claims where we receive money, or whether they are claims where we have to pay money? we intend by this to, if you approve it today, to take it to the oversight board for its review and approval and once it goes to the oversight board, it they approve it, it then goes to the department of finance. and if ultimately the department of finance blesses this, authorizes this, then this resolution would go into effect and it would provide a relative amount of efficiency and convenience in resolving claims. we don't have a lot of claims in general, nor do we have claims at the $50,000 or less. they are rather rare. nonetheless, it just seemed like good, public policy to establish this type of delegation for the executive director. so that it can
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avoid cluttering your calendars and avoid ing to the oversite and department of finance process. the key point i think for the oversight board and the department of finance and it's stated in the resolution is that we would make -- the director would make a finding that entering into a settlement agreement of $50,000 or less, complis with enforceable obligation. and make a connection between one of our existing enforceable obligations that the state has recognized such as the mission bay owner participation agreement oppurthe disposition and development agreements for hunter's point shipyard and candlestick and we would always make a finding -- not always -- only it it's true obviously, but we would use this resolution only if there was a direct connection to those
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enforceable obligations or our obligations as property owners prior to transfer of our properties to the city. and we believe that is the key to getting the department of finance to approve this. it is somewhat untested. we have no precedent under dissolution law for this. the department of finance to our knowledge has not seen these type of resolutions before, but we wanted to take it up, and try to get their approval for what appears to be a very reasonable, logical approach, that serves the interest of dissolution and the agency. and with that, i'd answer any questions that you might have. >> thank you. do we have public comment cards? >> we do not. >> okay. so any questions? for the general counsel? commissioner singh? >> mr. morales, did we
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approve this also -- the authority? >> in 2002, the commission approved increasing the executive director's authority to approve contracts at $50,000 or less under the purchasing policy. it did not explicitly cover settlement agreements or resolution of claims in litigation. it was more for professional service contracts, and other forms of contracts that the agency enters into. i think the limit before that was $20,000. it was very low. and so the idea was to delegate to the director the authority to follow the purchasing policy, engage in competitive solicitation, if appropriate, but to make a final decision on smaller contracts. >> okay. thank you. >> this is consistent with
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that. >> i think this is good public policy, as general counsel morales said and mirrors what department heads have. i actually thought $50,000 was low, but willing to go along with that threshold. >> so moved. >> commission by commission bustos. >> seconded. >> seconded by commissioner pimentel. please call the roll. >> please announce your vote which i call your name. commissioner pimentel? >> yes. >> commissioner mondejar is absent. commissioner singh? >> yes. >> commissioner bustos? >> yes. >> madame chair rosales? >> yes. >> madame chair, four ayes and one absent. >> the motion passes. please call item 5f? >> 5f workshop on the
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july-december 20 [#20*-/] 15 reports on ocii's small business enterprise and local hiring goals practices, discussion. madame director. >> commissioner >> how are we on time? >> we're having staff check. there is conflicting information about the ethics commission. it's canceled online, but there is still an agenda posted. maybe we'll have a check-in from lucinda. >> ray are you going an introduction? that would be great. commissioners this is our twice-annual report, really reflecting the significant input from you and engaged stakeholders
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and thank the public. this is a workshop and look ahead and look-back, actually, have we have done. i will first turn it over to raymond lee, the manager of our contract compliance division and the presentation will be turned over from there. >> good afternoon, rayleigh, contract compliance supervisor. thank you, director bohee and chair rose rosales and commission members. i would to you introduce you to ms. mckinney, who has been with us a little over a year and will present the information over the past six months and certainly i will step up on occasion to provide some further detail and color to what the
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prior commission requested in terms of information. >> great. >> good afternoon, president rosales, commissioners, director bohee. my name is kashicka mckinney and i will provide an update on the sbe contracting and workforce activities from july-december, 2015. i will begin with just three things that ocii considers when determining if a firm can be considered an sbe? and i'll go back -- step back. so first i will discuss the sbe program overall. and there is a 50% goal for
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sbe contracting. with a good-faith effort to ensure that sbes have an opportunity to compete for and participate in agency-assisted contracts. first consideration goes to the project area sbes. followed by san francisco-based sbes. and as i started to explain, there are three things we consider when determining if a firm is considered a sbe? we look at ownership and control. we look to see that they have a license to actually perform the type of work that they are looking to perform. we also look at the size. and we use a 3-year average of annual gross receipts to determine that they meet the ocii thresholds. and in july of 2015, the commission voted to actually increase or raise the thresholds to mirror that of the city of san francisco's. so you'll see the information on the
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ocii sbe standards listed in the chart. in addition to these three things we also look to make sure that the firm has been certified, and ocii has of march, 2012 no longer certifies within in-house at the agency, but we do recognize certifications from cmd, the contract monitoring division in san francisco. next you will see a slide that details the summary of the contracts that were awarded july 2015 through december 2015. and this is a summary of all of contracts including the number of projects from this time period, and the total dollars in sbe credits. and total, if you look at
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the bottom is $201,816,365. the next slide details the six-month activity for the type of work and we broke it down between professional services, and construction and supplies. you will see the total dollars for professional services and below it, the total dollar amount for construction and supplies. and just as a quick note, we just want note that the construction supplies category continues to be an aggregate total of all of the construction activities due to the way the bid information is received from construction subcontractors, and generally it's a lump-sum basis and not separated, or disaggregated for the contract and the
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supplies. this practice is also consistent with the federal reporting practices. the next slide shows the six-month activity for professional services. and it provides a breakdown of ethnicity and non-minority female, as well as non-minority male. and the first category we have a total for asian-pacific americans of 7,528,951. for black or african-american, 1,761,888 dollars, latino $877,210.
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other 1,032,370 and subcontinental asian, 1,469,520 and non-matt minority female and lastly non-minority male. total of 24,512,788 dollars. and the next slide similar to the previous for professional services gives a breakdown for construction and supplies. and in asian-pacific american category listed $2,331,178. black or african-american, $9,800 [#4*-rbgs/] 441, latino,
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$5,299,088. non-minority female, $480,638. non-minority male, et cetera. the next slide provides again a breakdown given by ethnicity and non-minority female, non-minority male, with some additional analyses on the distribution of contracts. and now i'll go ahead and turn it over to raymond lee contractor compliance supervisor to elaborate on the analysiss and address commissioners' previous questions. >> there were questions about look
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the the number of firms that are getting contracts, along with the availability of the firms and utilization that these particular firms? what i have provided here is a chart that shows the awards to sbes and the percentage of small business awards. looking at the distribution of how those particular dollars were distributed within the ethnic/gender categories. that is what is reflected in the third column. what is next shown are the number of firms that received contracts during this past six months. so just to read off very quickly as an example asian-american businesses, there were approximately 15 firms that received $9.8 million. 15 firms of black african-american and so forth. the distribution by percentage within
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the ethnic/gender categories 12% represented by asian-americans in terms of getting awards. and then the availability of sbes that is gathered from the city's lbe database and for those that are not fully familiar with the city's program, the city has a local business program, which tacks on to that small business criterias. while much of what we focused on are our local business enterprises with our contractors and with our consultants, we encouraged them highly to use the city's lbe database. so we looked at the city's database as being the pool of available firms, along with that are the addition of outside bidders, that we have gathered over the period. so in aggregation of that, in look at sbe availability, and i want to quantify that by saying that the total lbe database is about
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1300 firms. it's roughly 1296, i believe. what we have done, we have taken a look at specifically the type of disciplines that folks have bidded on your contracts and have received contracts. so these are specific to architects, engineers for professional services as an example, along with cad, environmental consultion, environmental assessments, a number of things. along with that are the construction areas being both general engineering contractors, building contractors, b and c licensed contractors and suppliers within the san francisco area. so the distribution that is shown on the far right two columns are availability and percentage of distributions within that. the attempt here is really not to conduct any type of availability
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utilization study per se. it's certainly by no means to the extent of a disparity study, but at least gives staff an idea where the dollars are being awarded to? whether there have certain discrepancies that we needed to pay particular attention to? i know one thing that has been talked about nast -- in the past are the low figures of latino-owned business utilization. we can do better, but for the six months to tackle that head-on, in terms of looking at what are the specific deficiencies that we need to pay attention for? for these past six months it looks like in terms of the awards of contracts it's distributed on a fairly -- i wouldn't say equitable basis, but on a pro rata basis one should expect given the availability of firms. that is what is
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attempted with this particular slide. with that said, i'm going to go ahead and have kashicka walk you through the remaining slides and i'll be back up to give you additional color. the next slide is an overall summary from july 2015 to december 2015. and details the number of dollars towards the 50% goal and details professional services at 105.4 million and construction and supplies at $485.1 million.
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and next graph, so you can see the percentage and any fluctuations and changes and professional services continued to exceed the sbe goal and construction and supplies is 36.5%, very slight change from over the course, but again, given some of the fluctuations in the market,
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this was to be expected and is not really alarming to us. >> the next slide speaks to the prior commitments and in terms of payment information, we have done an analysis in terms of the systems. their collection of payment information and how that is gathered and triggered? there are some barriers collecting monthly payment information with respect to relations. the system was built with the expectation that payment is initiated by a public entity or public agency. many of our contracts were not the direct awarding body, so we don't actually make a particular payment.
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we oversee the particular projects. and along with that are a number of security measures, in terms of how the projects are created within the system. so in short, the collection of payment information directly through the system posess a barrier. what we're looking at is certainly the continued practice and we're still gathering payment information as the contracts are completed. there is no doubt about that, but in terms of looking at the gathering more timely payment information, we're still exploring that. we know that a lot of contractors use tex tura, as an example. it's an industry-based cash-flow management system for construction contractors.
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so what we're look at is possibly getting monthly reports from these contractors that use textura and also looking at possibly putting textura as maybe a contractual requirement or something to that effect? we're not certain as yet. we're certainly continuing to explore that to see how we can effectively and efficiently gather payment information? but as it currently stands, the administrative requirement to gather monthly paper information is not feasible. and to gather within the elation system doesn't seem workable that the particular point. so what we're looking at possibly check register printouts or preferably within textura. with that said, what has
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been provided in shslide are what has been awarded and committed to two projects based on what we heard from the commission at the end of 2014. we began collecting in the early part of 2015, two projects that were completed and award commitments for these two particular projects are shown. with respect to the percentage, for 1180 4th street, 24.4% what was was actually reported within their payments. for block 50, it was 53% that was committed to at the onset. in the final payments were 58.2%. there were substantial changes within that particular project in terms of the construction.
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one thing that has been asked of staff in the past also was our outreach activitis? what is shown here are outreach activities for the past six months really in terms of the particular numbers that you see. first and foremost, each of our contractors and consultants do utilize direct notifications, email notifications to relevant small businesses, and again, we encourage specifically the use of the city's lbe database. advertisements are made in general media and also in sbe-focused media. a perfect example was the small business exchange. each of the contracts that are publicly advertised and solicited on the office of contract administration and where ocii is essentially listed
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as if it was another city agency within the city's overall procurement system. what is good about that is that when con contractors do subscieed to the rss fee and i'm not technically savvy to know what rss means, but basically when contracts are advertised there is notification that it's pushed to the corn tractors who subscribe to these particular fees to get timely notification of bid opportunities. we have attended 23 pre-ed by -- preproposal meetings and each contractor is required to hold these meetings before accepting bids. those are typically held two weeks before bids are accepted, to allow sufficient time for contractors to respond. on an ongoing basis we do and have met with a number of groups,
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and a number of bayview subcontractors and held some general contractor focus groups and the national association of minority contractors we have been engaged with and the president is here today. so a number of steps that we have taken certainly to get our projects be made aware and known to the contractors community and specifically the small business community >> now i'll go ahead and move on to the workforce program. and similar to the 50% sbe contracting goal, we also have a 50% goal for the workforce program. and there is a good-faith
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effort to employ san francisco residents. so 50% of the total workforce and this is on a contract-by-contract basis should be san francisco residents. first consideration is given to residents of the project area for hunter's point shipyard. and we currently have three major project areas. that is the hunter's point shipyard candlestick point, mission bay and transbay. ocii actually has an agreement with oewd, who administering the program and handles referrals to san francisco residents and deals with the day-to-day compliance. and even though we do have this agreement in place, ocii compliance staff works very closely with oewd staff and city staff to make sure that the good-faith efforts are being
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made and that compliance is being followed. the next slide details the ocii work performance for july 2015 through december 20 15. this gives a total work hours for local workers for san francisco a 330,794 hours that is out of 1,206,107 hours. for a total of 27.4%. and below that is a detail of the breakdown by project area. for the local hours, as well as a total hours in that project area with the percentage as well.
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the next slide gives a breakdown by ethnicity of the total work hours for local residents. that was performed from july 2015 to december 2015. that is a total of 1,206,107 hours. next you will see information on all active projects with a total local workforce hours at 1,310,668 hours. that is out of a total of 4,884,003 hours and that say total of 26.8% of total for active projects and that is a slighting increase of .2%
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as the other slide detailed below this, you will see a breakdown on the active projects as well by project area. the next slide givess a breakdown of local resident by area. you will see the percentage of total hours by project. we should also just discuss some of the workforce challenges. because some of the project areas had a slight decrease, even though others
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have remained pretty constant, and workforce challenges sounds bad, but it's actually not a bad thing. because that means that a lot of people are working, and that is what we're hearing from city build and oewd is that we're getting a lot of people to work on our projects. so i have heard from many of them that the halls are empty because people are working. there is a limited pool for local residents to perform the work and again, that is a good thing, mean interesting that meaning that the people are working and the city is also facing similar challenges to what ocii is facing.
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some of the corrective measures to increase and get more people working is closely monitoring the contractor's performance. and as ray mentioned earlier, ocii staff, the compliance staff, we attend a lot of pretty much all of the pre-bid meetings. and when the contractors are brought on, we are there to remind them and to make sure that they understand that this is something that we take very seriously. and that we're looking at how they perform and that we'll continue throughout the life of the project to make sure that they are making these good-faith efforts and assisting with contractors for referrals and work closely with city build and other community organizations that may be
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referring workers. we assist city build and conducting additional outreach. i know that city build i believe had added some additional classs to try to get even more people involved and qualified to go ahead and begin working. citybuild is our industry and community partners to work with them to build a pipeline that is stronger than the one we already have. so now we'll move on to next steps. and sbe participation in professional services is lower, but as i mentioned, we do expect some fluctuations. the continued efforts to increase sbe participation in construction with outgoing efforts to minority and women organizations and
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ethnic chamber of commerce and sbe networking events. continuing efforts to continue local workforce participation, educating and promoting lbe certification, that is something that we do at all of the pre-bid/pre-proposal conferences and we do ask and give information about becoming certified, if they qualify as an sbe. and then the semi-annual reports that we provide and updates. i will turn it over to raymond, to add any comments. >> pat mulligan from the oewd citybuild is here as well to answer any questions about the workforce. so we'd be happy to answer any questions that you have. >> we'll take public comment first. >> i do have one speaker card for mr. oscar james.
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>> good afternoon again. oscar james. two concerns. one is minority contractors and their pay, being paid within the 45-days so they can pay their staff and what have you? if you want minority contractors to become self-sustaining, to pay their payrolls and build a good record, they have to pay on-time and they have to pay their employees on-time and their insurance and what have you. the other concern is that my brothers and sisters coming home from the penitentiaries and from the jails. we need to set a special project up for them. a lot of them come home and they have trades under their builts. some of them are architects. some of them are plumbers and they have other skills. and you need to have a special program set up for them to help them get in these unions. 261 operating engineers and what have
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you? those are some of the programs that we found many, many years ago before we started young community developers and hiring hall to get these unions to help people pay their union dues and what have you? i know manpower has a program, where they help people get in the unions, different unions different trades once they complete their projects. i would ask them to ask you to ask them to extend that to people who are coming home and cannot pay union dues and get into the unions, even though they have these skills about they come when they come home? we need to help our brothers and sisters and basically i'm thinking of the african-american and mexican-american that the
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young kids 18, 19 beyond years old, standing on corners and will get off those corners when they see their mothers and fathers coming home and getting work and they can see a parent setting an example. they come home and go to work that will help those kid goes to work also. i see a lot of my people still standing on the corners, even though we have young community developers and commission hiring hall and different trades. they still need to have someone who has been away, come home and want to work and go to work. okay? so help those brothers and sisters who are coming home from jail get into these programs and get into the unions. i ask for something separate to be
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said for them -- you have minority contractors and you have all of these other contractors and have a separate program for them. thank you very much. >> good afternoon, commissioners. happy new year. look forward to working with you folks this year again. first of all, i wanted to thank a couple of things. from last year i saw the reports of contracting for minority contractors -- i'm focusing on minority contractors especially based in san francisco, as we call it lbe certified. and also, minority suppliers. we have quite a few of them in the bayview. but before i go there, first of all, i wanted to thank raymond and his
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team for collaborating. we had some success with minority contractors. so that is a good sign of things that are moving forward. in reference to one particular contractor presidio builders, whereby he was not able to win some of the projects in the bayview, come to find out that he had signed a contract with one of the general contractors. thanks for the help for these folks meeting with the general contractors and utilizing local contractors and to continue to build on that success to reach those 50% goals that ocii has. 50% for minority contractors and suppliers. it would be great to separate them, because suppliers wear different hats. they are non-union. they spend their money
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buying materials from manufacturers. they, in fact, act as a banker. they don't get paid in 30 days by contracts. most of time contractors pay suppliers 45-60 days and that category definitely needs to be separated. on the one hand, these are union contractors who pay their dues, based in san francisco and hires workers. and we do, too and the suppliers as well. as it increases, suppliers will hire more workers for deliveries, for sourcing and procurement types of work. so there is balance in both ends to look into. i would definitely like to work with ocii staff to help them implement some of the programs that could benefit both sides, the general contractor, the suppliers and also the small minority contracts. because it's time for us to now bring it to another level. with that said, the
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percentages that i looked at still is smaller compared to a small business. because when you are a small business, you are certified it's a self-certification. sba. so anybody can be a small business. whereas for minority-owned companies we need to pay to get certified as a minority-owned company to the entities. in self-certification, anybody can be a small business and i would encourage ocii to look at these types of certification? because we have to spend money. in order to be a supplier in san francisco and have lbe certification, you have to have a warehouse with those materials in stock. otherwise you won't get that certification. so there is a lot of investment done on behalf of the contractors and suppliers to be looked at. to solve some of these
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issues and problems, what we have done and i have been meeting with many minority contractors and suppliers, we're just about to launch an organization that is going to consist of a large minority gec and a developer. to go after a lot of these projects under the ocii, it's pretty much as oust outlined and consists of close to 100 minority contracts from the san francisco market area. so we're looking at northern california. because if we don't step up to the plate as a trade association and help minority contractors succeed, we still will be subcontractor, many of them for a number of years and go after smaller projects. we're looking into if we can manage large contracts, large projects under the ocii, we can hire all minority contractors. we will meet 100% goals. that is what the criteria is.
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because we have been struggling and fighting against the general contractor, large contractors, it's time that we decided that we should do this, and as soon as it's all approved, and all our certification and license agreement we'll surely let you know. thank you. >> great. thank you. no more cards? >> no. >> okay, this is a workshop. commissioner singh, you had a question? >> thank you, madame president. mr. lee, page 7 of this presentation you have, i see the minority male and female is 25 million to only 480,000?
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>> in slide 7, the figure that is shown is $43 million total sbes of which minority and female would be the difference between $43 and $25, roughly $18 million. >> yes, why is there so much difference between male and female? >> oh, no. i think i want to make a distinction. the non-minority female is $480,000 and you are saying that the vast difference between non-minority female and non-minority male, why is there such a vast difference? >> why where the men getting $25 million more? >> that is the $9 million question. >> thank you, commissioner singh for pointing that out. >> that is the big
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question, of course. this is specifically in construction. getting female participation in construction has been a challenge. it's still a challenge and we foresee it still continues to be a challenge. basically we need more women entering into the union workforce for construction trades and coming out of that as business owners. >> i wanted to make sure that we increase that from 430%, at least one percent if not more? >> as you can see from non-minority female professional services, those figures are different. >> yes. >> there is a much higher participation of non-minority female in professional services. >> the other thing is who certified this? >> i do want to address the comment about certification? >> yes. >> ocii no longer certifies, but
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that doesn't mean we take self-certification. we do require that the firm is certified through a governmental entity and that is important because with certification programs what you want to do, you want to weed out essentially fraud firms that are by appearance manage d by a figure head, but in actuality, being performed by someone else. we require certification through governmental entities because the programs look at control and do look at owner ship control and management of a firm before certification. so what we have basically done, we have basically for a lack of staff resources passed that onus to another governmental entities and i'm sure other governmental entities probably
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don't want to hear this, but we would accept their certification, provided that they certify the firm. as an example, we do accept certification that is certified by the california public utilities commission wmbe clearinghouse program, a certification process that takes place there and we do accept certification through the department of general services, office of small disadvantaged/disabled business and they go through a certification process in that respect. we certainly accept the california unified certification program, which is the u.s. department of transportation disadvantaged business enterprise program certifications. and they undergo a rigorous certification process there. the one thing that we do look at among all of the certification programs is the caveat that the firm's revenue meet the size and standards established by this commission. so with the
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clearinghouse program is an example, the california public utilities commission program, there is not a size limit to that. so we confirm/affirm size and standardss by looking at and requesting their three-years' tax returns, so we can take the average and ensure it meet ours size and standards. >> it used to be a long time ago, we used to be certified by the city and then we started our own. i don't know why we can't do that now? >> certainly if i may, through the chair, it's more than just a lack of resources. for the small business, whether professional services or construction, that small business or micro-lbe/dbe would be certifying many, many times, producing tax returns for the city and
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county of san francisco and producing that same set of certifications to get certify the feds. same documentation to get certified with state and on top of it, we were asking for that. we have found also through the feedback, yes, we used to do certification and quite burdensome from owners, who said they just produced that information from the city and county and states and feds. it was really frankly burden some on the businesses. -
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>> good morning, everybody. thank you for coming to city hall first of all, thank to all the departments it under the general umbrella of the emergency management public works and area our economic & workforce development office including our faith cbo community and penguin and others we've been explicit expecting some big storms to come our way as conversations with
10:46 pm
meteorologists i think that's their property name and scientists warn us of the nino storms that are coming here that will certainly our city and our area will be a focus of what necessary expect to be flooding i haven't seen any rain yet but i want to be and so our department desirable reduce if we lucky we'll be offeringly prepared we deal with unexpected dangers about you it is good he appreciate the departments and our direction coming together and doing everything we can to prepare not only themselves and their operations but to the public to the medium large and small businesses particularly to the residents for most now we know that with the exceptions
10:47 pm
we've been working in the private segment and public sector as well as with the faith based partners to make sure we're all ready and reemphasis that everyone should continue at their time when there isn't a big flooding going on to assess sf that is where there is good information we work on that site very well to prepare everybody and again thank our department of emergency services for putting out robust sets of information for i cannot we will definitely be taking care of people on the streets as much as possible and hear more detail but 11 hundred more beds more than the shelter beds and in addition to the winter she will not beds that enter faith
10:48 pm
council is helping us to identify that are human services will identify an additional 11 hundred shelter beds for those people that that she will not should that large storm come our way we're preparing those sites and want to make sure that people who are on the streets know we have your outreach teams letting them know we have additional shelter so we simply do not try to experience the effects of a large storm by themselves but reach out to as much as possible thank you to public works and the public utilities commission for work together i've seen the crews and done videos with their volume trucks i know how loud 38 they are they've been looking every
10:49 pm
catch bacon and with all the leaves they'll be plugged so we have to refresh those catch bacons by unfleg influencing them and any residents that see them plugged for trash or leafs report those to 311 and those agencies will get out to take care of them and make sure our infrastructure can go as much as they can to deal with 9 emergency our office of economic workforce development i want to thank them they've been in communications aimed at our small businesses that are particular flowed prone areas their preparing and making sure we know what they can do and the services we office public works
10:50 pm
and other agencies working on those sites we'll have those sites up where residents and visitors can object 10 i think 10 free he moomd for their use at locations that convenient for them this is one location we'll have them at a number of locations nearby historically identified places of flooding but i do want to say our attitude as city hall is one we want everyone to know that alert sf and the 72 is there we're preparing for a disagreeing discharge that is man made or otherwise we're prepared and want to put out as much free information as possible so when people plan for
10:51 pm
those disasters it is less changing more before corning sea making sure they take care of the communications and their families and businesses and their neighbors i want to say again, thank you to our event our police department they'll be out there making sure they respond to any specific needs that are there along with public works as we have our deniable that can assist people in inspecting areas the city or the homes and apartments what might be needed as well as public works we emphasis that if there is any life-threatening emergency people for sure call 9-1-1 but when no life-threatening emergency please call 311 steady and that will be taken
10:52 pm
care of and the distinctions are in the tree branch falls on the street none it hurt that's the 311 but if a life wire ryan falls and people around that that is a 9-1-1 it is life-threatening we need to distinguish that so we don't have our lines filled with inappropriate calls to those lines we want the public to be read i again offer my thanks to the departments that are here today they are ready and they're willing they're able to engage in the departments and we want our city to be safe and prepared and doing what we do early and often so again, thank you and up now with more details along with the other departments is ann from our department of emergency services. >> thank you, mr. mayor and
10:53 pm
good morning in the early 80s and the late 90s we had huge storms here in the bay area well, actually throughout california according to a recent released e released report 46 days of rain in january and february of 1998 that's a lot of rain we learned from each experience each large storm that go things happy you you know you have downed power lines and the mayor said and power outages and flooding all sorts of thing we need to prepare we've gone through 4 years of drought a lot of trees coming down they don't have the root structures and the mudslides we have been preparing for this the impact is on the whole community of san francisco
10:54 pm
we started developing plans last fall working with all of our city departments agency and our nonprofit partners in the faith community and developing a game plan for el nino this year our concept of proclamations or game plan is continuous operations through a storm it if a severe storm tweezer in constant contract with the national weather service that provides us with information on point telling you the impact and severity of the storm and the potential hazards to san francisco we will queen a conference call with the city storm incident management team or i m t to update the partner agencies what to expect with the
10:55 pm
upcoming storm if necessary we'll open our emergency operations on 1011 turk to make sure we're court reporting our response activity with rains as the little spitting rains out p there and right now our city is preempt twenty-four hour to make sure that the residents and citizens and the visitors to san francisco are safe our game plan relies on the corridor response at all levels of government navigate our lead integer managers my lead el nino plan is meeting with fema to talk about our court reporting response effort our success relies on all our partners like pg&e, and our community-based organizations who are integrated with us at all levels of
10:56 pm
emergency operations in the field on the tv monitor you'll see sf 72 hour or city now the information hub and find information updates i'd like to take the opportunity when not an emergency this is a live site i encourage people to go check it out and finally with alert sf our text merchandising service in san francisco we have a new feature that will make that easier for people to sign up all you have to do a text 888777 triple 8, triple 7 and type in alert sf you're connected to this environmental service i encourage all people in san francisco and visitors to sign up for alert sf by registering
10:57 pm
you'll be able to keep yourselves save. >> what to expect as we approach the el nino storm on that note i'm going to turn it over to trent roar the director of our emergency services. >> thank you. i'm trent the human services and hsa is the lead agency for providing shelters in emergencies and we're stepping up for el nino on both ann and i were actually involved that the shelters in the 7, 98 a lot of lessons we learned the biggest one we don't want a single shelter with one thousand plus people but shelters where the homeless are and a plan as the mayor said 11
10:58 pm
hundred shelter beds with others depending on the demand located throughout the neighborhoods in san francisco admission and south of market, tenderloin, civically and southeast part of city and bayview and the hatred golden gate park but the process we'll undertake when we prepare for this storm will be meeting with the national weather service we'll look at winds and temperature and duration and amount of projected precipitation based on those factors we'll decide whether or not to activate the shelters we'll prepare in phases so if we do make the determination we need to activate for our long phases do it in phases the way we stage the locations allows us to bring the shelters up to two
10:59 pm
or three hours so that excludes mats and partnering with meals on wheel easy this salvation army and others meals on wheels and staffed with city staff as well as the nonprofits the shelter will operate on to a form 700 to project how long it will last and probable a half or a day after the transitioning out of the shelters the types of location the first thing we look at where are the existing be shelters are providing shelters for folks our emergency shelter some is 15 hundred and 25 beds right now at hsa and that's 1 hundred plus for single adults women and families and some have drop in areas or cafeterias to
11:00 pm
allow individuals that's the first place we'll look and activate and have our partners with the rec and park department their 3 rec centers that will be used and then the nonprofit partners and others who have facilities we can use and lastly other facilities ymca for example, has stepped up to provide their give him nature in the western edition and activating weasel be learning was a as we go it is hard to anticipate but in 1998 we had a thousand beds that seems to me you looked at sort of the homeless places in the at any given time 3 thousand people on the streets some don't want to good indoors and at risk of our
11:01 pm
harming themselves partnership with other agencies and temporary accommodations for two or three nights and others for the homeward bound the transportation program in other cities and shelter the remainder as we assess the storm and the demand and already have contingencies for hundred additional beds should we need that the facilities will not be some discussion or word on the street to have tents they're not tempts those are permanent structures that will be adding mats and other things to - some of the facilities some of the bigger sheds might be heat and in those cases erect a tent inside of a structure but no
11:02 pm
plans for tents on the city streets and thanks to the partnering with tdm and others nonprofit partners with the department of health we'll be doing the street outreach and the hope sf so we feel that we're prepared and almost finished with the memorandum of understanding and contract for locates we'll be ready to activate within a couple of weeks we anticipate the weather is hard to anticipate but the heavy el nino rains from january so february we'll be prepared for the homeless residents thanks. >> thank you's interpreting we'll hear from barbara garcia. >> good morning the district will have roving teams to make sure that the medical needs and the mental health needs of clients are taken care of we're
11:03 pm
working with the outreach teams for the serviced to make sure they know that the sheltered will be available particularly our homeless outreach team that have mooeveng relationships with the people over the years will have the ability to get the people into is the she recalls we feel confident about that and our teams will insure that any individuals that needs services and ongoing support will be provided by the teams the roving teams are ready to go thank you very much. >> thank you bearing now we'll hear in mohammed nuru the director for public works from san francisco. >> thank you like the mayor said over the last few months all the agencies have been working to present prepare for the upcoming storms as part of work we've done over
11:04 pm
the last few weeks had a couple of sandbags give away gaze and 15 thousand sandbags were given out we still have a large supply of sandbags and any residents feels their vulnerable to any kind of flooding through the garage or door or the back of their house come to our yard chavez a large number to supply people and in addition our crews are scheduled to work around the clock performing inspections of trees any potential tree hazard that the public seize they should let us know when we have storms we're vulnerable to branches and trees falling so call 311 number will allow us to
11:05 pm
get and work on that emergency preparation for the storm it is fall and with the fall we all see the leaves with a little bit of wind the wind leaves can clog our cap baselines so if you see any catch by an that has a number of leaves again call the 311 number the 311 comes through the system to us we'll have crews that will be out there to clean up the catch baselines with the rain like el nino can flowed pretty fast and if that catch by an is not clean quickly water raise and jumps the curbs and gets into homes the public can help us you know when you see a situation like that it is
11:06 pm
an easy job get a rack or broom and put the leaves in a bag so we're ready for the storms and we'll be working around the clock but possess importantly the public eyes on the streets so when you see things you believe that creates a situation please call 311 and we'll be out there thank you. >> thank you, mohammed next michael deputy general manager of the public utilities commission. >> michael. >> good morning so we're you're wart and power providers in san francisco and the bay area many of the remarks are my remarks on that and i think to emphasize with the mayor said we need to be prepared we are we have been working on this for
11:07 pm
quite sometime and corridor with the public works and actually working with the city attorney's office if we do get into a situation where there is damage in the city one of the things that mohammed said i want to emphasize you'll help yourselves by clearing storm drains 25 storm drains in san francisco we can get to 9 thousand plus so many we'll not be able to get to if you get out there and make sure that the water goes away from buildings and protects the property the other thing in a low lying area you're there elevate our belongings and put them up high to not get disadvantaged i don't know wants to lose their prized possessions and fled insurance you can take
11:08 pm
out flowed insurance and lastly we have a grant program at the public utilities commission for eligible pertaining to help to protect their property from flooding and finally if flooding 311 we're monitoring that our crews without with the department of public works and that's the best way to respond to our concerns thank you. >> thank you very much, michael this time i'd like to acknowledge our partner here with us today ashley from the meals an wheels, bruce makinna with the corporation thank you. >> major sheryl with salvation army and marty with project open hand thank you. >> and charles from st. anthony's and berry anderson
11:09 pm
from pg&e that concludes our press conference we'll stick around and answer questions if i want to do individual interviews thank you all for coming thank interviews thank you all for coming thank ui want to do indi interviews thank you all for coming thank want to do indivi interviews thank you all for coming thank welcome to the ep did you know that many buildings in san francisco are not bolted to the foundation on today's episode we'll learn how the option to bolt our foundation in an earthquake. >> hi, everybody welcome to
11:10 pm
another episode of stay safe i'm the director of earthquake safety in the city and county of san francisco i'm joined by a friend matt. >> thank you thanks for being with us we're in a garage but at the el cap center south of market in san francisco what we've done a simulated the garage to show you what it is like to make the improvements and reduce the reflexes of earthquake we're looking at foundation bolts what do they do. >> the foundation bolts are one of the strengthening system they hold the lowest piece of wood onto the foundation that prevents the allows from sliding during an earthquake that is a bolt over the original construction and these are typically put in along the
11:11 pm
foundation to secure the house to the foundation one of the things we'll show you many types of bolts let's go outside and show the vufrdz we're outside the epic center in downtown san francisco we'll show 3 different types of bolts we have a e poxy anchor. >> it is a type of anchor that is adhesive and this is a rod we'll embed both the awe hey that embeds it into the foundation that will flip over a big square washer so it secured the mud sell to the foundation we'll need to big drill luckily we have peter from the company that will help us drill the
11:12 pm
first hole. >> so, now we have the hole drilled i'll stick the bolt in and e post-office box it. >> that wouldn't be a bad idea but the dust will prevent the e post-office box from bonding we need to clean the hole out first. >> so, now we have properly cleaned hole what's the next step. >> the next step to use e post-office box 2 consultants that mixes this together and get them into tubes and put a notice he will into the hole and put the e post-office box slowly and have a hole with e post-office box. >> now it is important to worm or remember when you bolt our
11:13 pm
own foundation you have to go to 9 department of building inspection and get a permit before you start what should we look at next what i did next bolt. >> a couple of anchors that expand and we can try to next that will take a hole that hole is drilled slightly larger marathon the anchor size for the e post-office box to flow around the anchor and at expansion is going into the hole the same dinning room we'll switch tamet so, now we have the second hole drilled what next.
11:14 pm
>> this is the anchor and this one has hard and steel threads that cuts their way into the concrete it is a ti ton anchor with the same large square so similar this didn't require e post-office box. >> that's correct you don't needed for the e post-office box to adhere overnight it will stick more easily. >> and so, now it is good to go is that it. >> that's it. >> the third anchor is a universal foundation plate when you don't have room above our foundation to drill from the
11:15 pm
top. >> so, now we have our foundation plate and the tightened screw a couple of ways to take care of a foundation what's the best. >> the best one depends on what your house is like and our contractors experience they're sometimes considered the cadillac anchor and triplely
11:16 pm
instead of not witting for the e post-office box this is essentially to use when you don't have the overhead for the foundation it really depends on the contractor and engineering what they prefer. >> talking to a qualified professional and see what.
11:17 pm
11:18 pm
11:19 pm
>> working for the city and county of san francisco will immerse you in a vibrate and
11:20 pm
dynamic city on sfroert of the art and social change we've been on the edge after all we're at the meeting of land and sea world-class style it is the burn of blew jeans where the rock holds court over the harbor the city's information technology xoflz work on the rulers project for free wifi and developing projects and insuring patient state of at san francisco general hospital our it professionals make guilty or innocent available and support the house/senate regional wear-out system your our employees joy excessive salaries but working for the city and
11:21 pm
county of san francisco give us employees the unities to contribute their ideas and energy and commitment to shape the city's future but for considering a career with the city and county of san francisco >> what if you could make a memorial that is more about information and you are never fixed and it can go wherever it wants to go? everyone who has donated to it could use it, host it, share it. >> for quite a great deal of team she was hired in 2005, she struggled with finding the correct and appropriate visual expression. >> it was a bench at one point. it was a darkened room at another point. but the theme always was a theme of how do we call people's
11:22 pm
attention to the issue of speci species extinction. >> many exhibits do make long detailed explanations about species decline and biology of birds and that is very useful for lots of purposes. but i think it is also important to try to pull at the strings inside people. >> missing is not just about specific extinct or endangered species. it is about absence and a more fundamental level of not knowing what we are losing and we need to link species loss to habitat loss and really focuses much on the habitat. >> of course the overall mission of the academy has to do with two really fundamental and important questions. one of which is the nature of life. how did we get here?
11:23 pm
the second is the challenge of sustainability. if we are here how are we going to find a way to stay? these questions resonated very strongly with maya. >> on average a species disappears every 20 minutes. this is the only media work that i have done. i might never do another one because i'm not a media artist per se but i have used the medium because it seemed to be the one that could allow me to convey the sounds and images here. memorials to me are different from artworks. they are artistic, but memorials have a function. >> it is a beautiful scupltural objective made with bronze and lined with red wood from water
11:24 pm
tanks in clear lake. that is the scupltural form that gives expression to maya's project. if you think about a cone or a bull horn, they are used to get the attention of the crowd, often to communicate an important message. this project has a very important message and it is about our earth and what we are losing and what we are missing and what we don't even know is gone. >> so, what is missing is starting with an idea of loss, but in a funny way the shape of this cone is, whether you want to call it like the r.c.a. victor dog, it is listen to the earth and what if we could create a portal that could look at the past, the present and the future? >> you can change what is then missing by changing the software, by changing what is projected and missing. so, missing isn't a static installation. it is an installation that is going to grow and change over time. and she has worked to bring all of this information together
11:25 pm
from laboratory after laboratory including, fortunately, our great fwroup of researche e-- g researchers at the california academy. >> this couldn't have been more site specific to this place and we think just visually in terms of its scupltural form it really holds its own against the architectural largest and grandeur of the building. it is an unusual compelling object. we think it will draw people out on the terrace, they will see the big cone and say what is that. then as they approach the cone tell hear these very unusual sounds that were obtained from the cornell orinthology lab. >> we have the largest recording of birds, mammals, frogs and insects and a huge library of videos. so this is an absolutely perfect opportunity for us to team up with a world renown, very creative inspirational artist
11:26 pm
and put the sounds and sights of the animals that we study into a brand-new context, a context that really allows people to appreciate an esthetic way of the idea that we might live in the world without these sounds or sites. >> in the scientific realm it is shifting baselines. we get used to less and less, diminished expectations of what it was. >> when i came along lobsters six feet long and oysters 12 inches within they days all the oyster beds in new york, manhattan, the harbor would clean the water. so, just getting people to wake up to what was just literally there 200 years ago, 150 years ago. you see the object and say what is that. you come out and hear these intriguing sounds, sounds like i have never heard in my life. and then you step closer and you
11:27 pm
almost have a very intimate experience. >> we could link to different institutions around the globe, maybe one per continent, maybe two or three in this country, then once they are all networked, they begin to communicate with one another and share information. in 2010 the website will launch, but it will be what you would call an informational website and then we are going to try to, by 2011, invite people to add a memory. so in a funny way the member rely grows and there is something organic about how this memorial begins to have legs so to speak. so we don't know quite where it will go but i promise to keep on it 10 years. my goal is to raise awareness and then either protect forests from being cut down or reforest in ways that promote biodiversity. >> biodiverse city often argued to be important for the world's
11:28 pm
human populations because all of the medicinal plants and uses that we can put to it and fiber that it gives us and food that it gives us. while these are vital and important and worth literally hundreds of billions of dollars, the part that we also have to be able to communicate is the more spiritual sense of how important it is that we get to live side by side with all of these forms that have three billion years of history behind them and how tragic it would be not commercially and not in a utilitarian way but an emotio l emotional, psychological, spiritual way if we watch them one by one disappear. >> this is sort of a merger between art and science and advocacy in a funny way getting people to wake unand realize what is going on -- wake up and realize what is going on. so it is a memborial trying to
11:29 pm
get us to interpret history and look to the past. they have always been about lacking at the past so we proceed forward and maybe don't commit the same mistakes. >> hello, my name is jamie harper. in this episode, we are featuring the park locations in your very own backyard. this is your chance to find your heart in san francisco with someone special.
11:30 pm
golden gate park's largest body of water is this lake, a popular spot for strolling and paddling around in boats, which can be rented. created in 1893, it was designed foreboding and -- for boating. it is named for the wild strawberries that once flores. a pleasant trail follows the perimeter past huntington falls, 110 foot waterfall. two bridges connect the trail to the island. the climb to the hills summit, the highest point in golden gate park at more than four hundred feet. you can get quinces of the western side of the city through -- glimpes of the western side of city through a thick trees. the lake is ada accessible.
11:31 pm
it has a peaceful atmosphere where you can enjoy a warm day. walk along the lake and watched many ducks, and swans, and seagulls. it is a tranquil spot to stroll, enjoy each other's company, and sail away. many couples come here to take a ride around the lake, floating under the bridges, past the pavilion and waterfall. for a quiet getaway, it makes for a memorable and magical experience. located on 19th avenue, this grove is the place to wear your hiking boots, bring your family, and bring the dog because it has so much to offer you and your loved ones. it is a truly hidden gem in the city.
11:32 pm
the part is rich with eucalyptus trees. long paths allow you to meander, perfect for dog walking in a wooded environment. >> i enjoy this base and the history behind it. the diversity that exists in such an urban city, the concrete, the streets, cars, we have this oasis of a natural environment. it reminds us of what san francisco initially was. >> this is a section for dogs and plenty of parking. transit is available to get you there easily. and the part is ada -- park is ada accessible. there is also a natural lake. this is your chance to stroll and let the kids run free. it also has many birds to watch.
11:33 pm
it is the place to find some solitude from the city and appreciate what you share with a wonderful breath of fresh air. , an experienced this park and enjoy the peoples, picnics, and sunshine. this is a lovely place to take a stroll with your loved one hand in hand. located in the middle of pacific heights on top of a hill, lafayette park offers a great square a of a peaceful beauty. large trees border greenery. it features tables and benches, a playground, restaurants, and tennis courts. there are plenty of areas for football, frisbee, and picnics. it is very much a couple's part and there are a multitude of experiences you can have
11:34 pm
together. bring your dog and watch the mean go with the community or just picnic at one of the many tables and enjoy all of the park has to offer. many couples find this is the perfect place to put down a blanket and soak up the sun. it is a majestic place you can share with someone you cherish. it is located along the 1 and 10 buses and is accessed from the 47 and 90 buses. it is ada accessible. for more information about reserving one of these locations, call 831-5500. this number is best for special events, weddings, picnics, and the county fair building. for any athletic fields and neighborhood parks, 831-5510. you can also write us.
11:35 pm
or walking in and say hello at old lock cabin, golden gate park. and of course you can find more information and reach us at - >> all right. so first of all, i want to welcome everybody who is here the press, all our communities partners are here come on matt we have matt right there are for the school district thank you for making it this press conference happen that is
11:36 pm
probable one of the month crucial and important issues and topics that is going on about gun violence you know taking into consideration what is happening all around the world and country and city we're here as a community everybody is one to eradicate gun violence i'm rudy the ed of the analyzing an organization that has been standing and fighting against gun violence for the last 21 years i'm here with my people my community and everybody that is here who is serious about this issue we we want to make sure we eradicate gun voipgsz that we are here you take this issue serious one of the most important protections is dealing with the mothers the mothers have lost their sons to gun violence we want to make sure we let them know that also they're
11:37 pm
being heard and they're being dealt with prove or disprove so me being involved in the violence field for 21 years we tale with youth kids from all over the community all over the city with the help of brothers like brother rich from project and from the vip team in the building and so without further ado, i want to invite mayor ed lee to come on up we've got to put him on pause the president of the united states we have to put on mayor ed lee let's welcome the ferry rosz robber mayor the city mayor ed lee (clapping.) >> rudy thank you to you and your staff for making your house
11:38 pm
available to co-host this important press event that announces our intention to join you you're police chief and mothers, people who really want to embrace non-violence to do this gun buy back this start saturday in the morning i want to emphasize now working with united playaz and others community-based organizations and important as education is to us i know we have a school board member matt haney as important we want good jobs and everyone it this room that wants better paying jobs in this city we want training, we want economic development and other nonprofits to be on their own buildings like the united playaz all of that becomes nearly
11:39 pm
enforceable inform you got violence violence distracts you from everybody and the trauma lasts for generation unfortunately for families and the communities that are involved and so it is our attempt with this gun buy back to reduce the opportunity for violence people can have disagreements purely disagreement between me and the board of supervisors sometimes can create some good solutions but if people resort to violence to resolve their it didn't make any difference to make their presence known or try to get something that is not going to solve anything that worsens the situation for everyone so i want to take a big that, of course, because this country as rudy indicated with
11:40 pm
the call from the president there is a lot of violence under our entire country and the bay area is no different and we got to reach out to more young people reach out to not so i don't know people that resort to violence we can't that that as an alternative we'll do our best working with the department and along with the community groups and along with mothers and victims of violence that i know have every right to say what we need to say in front of the city hall or the mayor's office e.r. community groups i support that you mean at the end the message is less violence and embrace each other find a way to communicate with less violence if we do so you'll see advancements in education and advancements in jobs and more
11:41 pm
enhancement in community economic development that is what we're doing in our housing public housing that is the site of so many violence we're trying to champion that with community policing pea new techniques and 0 investing in our community and people and make sure we educate our kids it is no, no good answer and solution if you use violence and if we use good afternoon. welcome so getting the guns it is effective over the years i think we gotten over worsening one how guns off the streets month of them not properly purchased if doesn't matter their illegally purchased that violence didn't mean if you purchased that illegal or legally it is the use of goes on to prevent violence we come
11:42 pm
together i'm united of the united playaz and their friends and communities and groups and individuals that want to change their lives would hope that others would just put the guns down and let's talk through this city got resources not like we're not offering anything we have making the go bhith investment in the history of the country but trying to get jobs for everyone including those who have a questionable background we'll help you to erase those background and train you in all the industries that the city has been successful we have so many promise as a city question shouldn't have to resort to violence we stand with the united playaz and the officers and community groups and everything that from out of you're prison system we need to
11:43 pm
do better and need to find alternatives to prison to get people jobs to raise their families and get people where we need to be this is a great city we will be better if we reduce the violence thank you, rudy and everyone for making sure we'll do this and continue to do this we will be joining next year oakland and doing gun buy backs crime knows no boundary we'll be more successful by embracing this thank you (clapping.) >> thank you, mayor ed lee give a hand one more time for mayor ed lee. >> (clapping.) i also want to say we're here to eradicate gun violence all of the city one or more gun we can
11:44 pm
get off the streets is that gun that may save you're life or child's you don't know when the bullet leaves the chamber it does not discriminate no name be 0 the bullet that we can get rid of guns we can i guarantee that one gun that save everybody this this room let's continue to support each other we can agree or sgraur like the mayor said at the end of the day, we'll have each other's back the next person is also is doing an amazing job of stopping the violence in san francisco he is the police chief of san francisco he plays a major roll in get rid ofing of guns give it up for greg suhr (clapping.)
11:45 pm
i want to thank rudy and the analyzing for the buy back as the mayor said the focus has been on gun violence as standing to applying manipulate left is ms. paulette brown lost here son to gun violence aubrey brown she's working tireless at any very often that speaks to the reduction of gun violence in 201498 people were killed many by firearms and working with organizations like united playaz and other communities groups and the leadership of our mayor and doesn't to the young people and education and jobs we've been able to better have those numbers last year, we had 46 homicides but still thirty of these were by firearms every
11:46 pm
year year in and out the self-employed takes over one thousand dwnz off the streets of san francisco gun buy backs have taken over nine hundred guns and i'm confident this saturday will be over one thousand any guns as rudy spoke to any gun that comes off the is are streets of san francisco, california have no harm if you have a firearm in the house and knows of someone in the house with a firearm please think about thank you for the opportunity is in on saturday and pick up a little bit of holiday shopping money and it will go a long way to keep san francisco safe and the children of those mothers might be here today and not have to have mothers hurting please turn the guns in
11:47 pm
(clapping.) >> thank you excessive greg suhr and tmc thank you to matt we have mothers that have lost a son to gun violence the wall are all unsolved murders we want to make sure we acknowledge them and try to find solutions they're part of solutions major and so just to move on we have two more speakers and waiting is our supervisor jane kim but the next gentleman i want to bring up he's also an employee of the united playaz and someone that say was a monster now a mentor my brother damn i don't think so share also thank you.
11:48 pm
>> (clapping). >> i want to thank everyone for coming out today i want to implore and touch the hearts of people that might be watching many seller to the hood to the mothers to the grandmothers to the brothers and sisters if you got guns in our home come out december 12, 8 to 12 tenth street and turn them in i've been on both sides shot ten times and 10 years in prison i changed my life and here with united playaz and doing working everyday on gun violence along with the mothers beside me to get the guns off the street to make it safer for the children like rudy said you don't know when that gun will hurt you or someone you love i've stolen
11:49 pm
guns out of people's houses it is so the people i don't know what happened to them that want to get get rid of get rid of of the guns a little boy killed his own brother he found his gun there are other ways so all the community of the people matters what you're race or color or creed and economic level gun buy back you'll be surprised it, the people the camera man a was thinking about turning in his gun i implore him and everyone if you have guns if in you're home not locked up you never know when you're own gun might be used against you i implore
11:50 pm
from the body o my body from the mothers children i ask you to come in and turn in the guns and find a better way thank you very much (clapping.) >> thank you damon i've been a victim of gun violence myself see this right here? this is for real you talking about real front line soldier in the battlefield an ground zero come up here boo my brother from new york this brother foster back here you're talking about re-entry you're talking about helping brothers from the penitentiary he did 45 years before foster g did a gang of time and new york back there
11:51 pm
the guy at front door did one and 50 years total but talk about solutions the moms and brothers who been there deny that and the mayor; right? you got the community and the police chief and you've got to school district what other part is missing in the evaluation we have our supporters who helped us fund this gun buy back ron conway that people don't know he do not to the cause the brothers from the medical marijuana the grassroots from barbary coast, hal even and brendon do that donates resources to make this all happen one of the main guys who we have to address who oriented the gun buy back is
11:52 pm
name a eon; right? his father got killed was a young kid the perpetrator stole the gun out of a home and we don't want to see this we want to get the guns now so this brother who is helping us he said some incredible things we forgot to mention no questions asked they ask you nothing you turn them in and get our money you can leave so this is a serious serious irk right here you turn on the tv you don't see something about gun voijsz what is the solution right here not wait until the camera is in front of you and you know what i want to be on
11:53 pm
this side because it ain't about a color or gender or national outlet or gaze some when someone pulls the trigger you can't stop i know look this is saved any envelopes life we all got shot at one of the guys any son get hit 5 times may he rest in peace that would have been my life i'm still here i want to bring up someone from our community that loves and cares about our people who's heart in is in the hood and lives in the hood i want to have our district supervisor jane kim come up and share thank you (clapping.) >> thank you all so much for
11:54 pm
being are here today and also to the media for helping us with the outreach and education it is important on saturday, i got to participate in the gun buy back and a lot of the residents come out to volunteer this is one of the best and direct ways to reduce gun violence on the street on a weekly basis we have a massive gun violence kroisz when you see where we have less gun violence 1942 where we have a stronger gun control laws and less guns on the street this is one of the ways with we do that without obstructs and any questions asked this is the time to turn them in and brings less violence on the street so it is so important south of market but here in san francisco and most importantly i know to
11:55 pm
acknowledge and thank the amazing donors to contribute money again with no questions asked so i want to thank rudy and the united playaz for this program and we'll have gun buy backs all the time but not a little bring you you mention the fruition you want to see and the outreach and education so i hope everyone is able to get the word out and volunteer with the organization but you thank you to all the donors for making this possible so we have a success thank you. >> (clapping.) thank you. >> thank you jane kim after we complete the press conference he have people that want to share but i'm going to read you alarming statistics one in 3
11:56 pm
homes with children have guns many left urban locked or loaded you didn't hear me one in 3 homes with children have homes many left unlocked and loaded i'm sure never been the same 80 percent of unintentional firearm deaths of kids under 1 occur in their home with this this is the holidays hospitals and suicide by gun increases during the holiday so you want to be involved in helping out here it is right here the great matt scott we want to go to graduations not funneled and able or be part of the solution not the pollution we're involved we'll not wait until things happen we don't want to
11:57 pm
go to funnels or hospital where a person is walking around with a bag once you get shot and die you ain't never coming back those brothers it they'll be standing with us but it needs to be heard i'm not against people that have guns, you know who responsible knows how to do it or the safety behind guns we live in a real world but people with 34b9 issues people shot reck also no questions asked and make sure we honor the mayor the police chief, the medical marijuana store, the community people, the vip and project level and most important the mothers you're fierce district supervisor jane kim love you
11:58 pm
girl and the school district right here matt haney our capita of our neighborhood sherry right and the leader the rest of you guys and brothers and sisters who came home from prison who's out here doing good okay shout outs to mike and the rest of the guys please ask questions thank you for coming
11:59 pm
12:00 am
>> good afternoon. and welcome to the land use & transportation committee of the san francisco board of supervisors i'm scott wiener i'm the vice chair of the committee our committee chair supervisor cowen will not be able to attend today's meagerly to my left is supervisor jane kim to my right is mark farrell pointed out to sit in the committee 2, 3, 4 place of supervisor cowen i want to thank probation officer sfgovtv for broadcasting today's he or she phil jackson and jim smith madam clerk, any announcements? >> yes.


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