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tv   TA Plans and Programs Committee 11216  SFGTV  January 21, 2016 4:30pm-5:31pm PST

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>> all right good morning, everyone welcome to our tuesday, january, 12th, plans and programs, meeting of the san francisco plans and programs. i'm the chair commissioner tang and to my right, with he have norman yee and we would like to welcome today, peskin and with that we have our clerk, and with the sfgtv would like to thank. and now if we can go to roll
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call please. snechlt item one, breed? breed, absent. farrell. absent. >> peskin. present. >> yee. >> present. >> and tang. necht present. >> item two, citizen's advisory committee report, this is an information item. >> this is short because of the year end holidays the citizen advisory committee did not meet in december and so there will not be no report today and they will be back here next month to report. >> thank you any public on comment on item two? seeing none, closed. item three? snechlt approve the minutes of the december, 8, 2015 meeting, public comment, seeing none, public comment is closed. and item three, minutes are adopted. >> let's do the roll call. >> item three.
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>> should i abstain from this since i whats not at the december, 8th meeting? >> we do need three people. ; is that correct? ? >> i am happy to vote for it. >> i believe that we may have the minutes here. should we just maybe pass them along. >> i reviewed them. okay. since we need three votes, if there are no issues and we can go to the roll call vote on that. >> item three, breed. absent. >> farrell. >> absent. peskin. >> aye. tang, >> aye. >> yee? snechlt aye. >> minutes are approved. >> item four, please? >> recommend appointment of two members to the geary corridor bus rapid transit advisory committee this is action. >> thank you, we have mike here. >> good morning, the project seeks to implement the bus travel time for liability and
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improvements along the corridor, a public comment, period on the draft, and the eir was held in october and november and responses to the comments are being prepared now. and the final, eir is planned for release in the spring of 2016. geary project has a dead indicated meeting, that meets to provide input. the structure as shown in the memo and includes, the neighborhood based and at large, seats. and current numbers are shown in the memo and attachment one, there are two vacancies to address, for the seats, with the japan town, fillmore area. hosimoto is seeking reappointment, and one resigns, there are three eligible, candidate, and the information is summarized in attachment two. and found in attachment three. candidates are not required to appear before this committee. push
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pu thank you, would you like to come up and speak for two to three minutes. snechlt thank you for having me. my name is william and i have played for the committee, and i will be brief. i have lived there for ten years and i have ridden, ten to 15 times and so i have seen the best and the worst of it. >> i am also an attorney, and i have the experience with. erichlt, and not be lost, when going through that stuff. so i am happy to take any questions, otherwise i will submit my
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application. >> from my understanding because these are the japan town, fillmore appointments. we do understand that commissioner breed would like to recommend the appointment of richard hoshimoto who is serving on the committee and don't have a recommendation to the second position and given that she is not here, if it is okay, i would like to postpone that decision, until she has made a decision, or can show up at a meeting to discuss. does that sound good. okay. all right then, so with that, then, maybe perhaps we can go to the public comment, first? any members of the public that would like to speak on ilt em four? seeing none, public comment is closed. if we could get a position to
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that effect? >> moved. >> moved by commissioner, yee and seconded by peskin and with that, we are going to be appointing richard to the reappointment and continuing the other seat, until further date. item five, please? >> recommend allegation of $170,000 in prop k funds, to the san francisco municipal, transportation agency for the bicycle safety and educational out reach, and for the cash flow, distribution schedules. >> thank you, we have chad here and the senior, transportation planner and we have john, white from mta as well. good morning, and chad, with the transportation, authority and we have just one request for allocations today and that is $170,000 from the sfmta for the prop k funds for the support and the development of a 20 month, bike safety, and out reach, program, it includes, elbility and specifically for bike,
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safety and out reach, practice mz in the bike category. and there are $170,000 is just a portion of the over all, 2.3, million available in the bike category. in the passed, the authority has allocated funds to the sfmta for the classes and the workday events and, out reach, promotional and effort and with this round, sfmta is going forward with a new approach and will issue a request for proposals with the respond goals put together by the sfmta. the program will have three tiers, the largest will be a city wide event and maybe, soming similar to what we have had in the past and in san francisco, as the bike to workday, and a little tooir tier that is less frequent, the issues around biking and looking specifically at commuting to work, and then the third tier
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will be bicycle education, and delivering in the city for the past years. and so the program, will probably deliver these, three tiers over 20 months and starting in march of 2016, and be completed by 17, with the sfmta doing evaluation of how the programs are going and to inform the programs that the sfmta will put out there, and it includes, the funding for the contractor and the smfta and that would be used for the procurement process, and the over all project management and evaluati evaluation. and it increases in actual, biking, to which the mode chair in terms of the programs and increases in safety, knowledge by the people who have attended, the focus more on the increase in safety for the people biking in san francisco. with that i am happy to take questions and we do have a staff member on hand to address the questions. >> thank you, i know that
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commissioner yee has a question, first i would like to ask that you are did explain that we are doing it differently this time we are doing a one time instead of separate contracts, could you talk about how that might change things and improve, the way that things have been done in the past? through the defense in allocations? >> i am going to have craig, come up and speak to some of those. >> good morning, by adopting a comprehensive approach, we hope to look at them whole list tickly to evaluate them through one contractor rather than having to manage these efforts piece meal. and we can look at doing the out reach sorry.
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yeah, so it is our, it is our goal to be able to have a more comprehensive approach. >> okay. i know that you also, or chad mentioned the piece evaluation, i know from the previous meetings that something that several, of the commissioners highlighted that is important to do, and i am glad that see that is part of it, because we senator certainty want to know how they are, and if we need fine tuning and hopefully we can receive the presentations on how effective the programs are. and commissioner peskin has a question. >> through the chair, have you selected or rfp and has there been a selection? >> we have no the yet. >> so i guess, maybe this is a question to my colleagues on the panel, and sorry, it has been a few years since i have been here, but why would we disburse the funds before they have done
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the rfp process and we know has been selected? >> i mean, i would like to throw that question back to the ta and explain, i mean this is a different process than what we have done before. but if you can discuss why. >> okay, if they are going to start? march, which is 60 days from now, and they have not even with the rfp out yet, . >> it is the policy to have funds allocated before a contract is advertised or awarded. and also, the agencies need funds in place in order to procure, the contracts and so, it has been, how we have advanced contracts. there are certainly opportunities for reporting back from the agencies once the contract has been awarded on the scope of work, as awarded, if
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you wish. i guess the fundamentally questioning that policy. i certainly think that we should say, yes, go out and advertise it, i mean is there ccy is a w for us to reserve the funds that we know that the qualified outfit has been selected. i mean that is not a question to you, that is a question to my colleagues. >> i guess that through, you know, through the report, i would just ask, i understand that this is how, the ta has been doing things, but is there also potentially a way to allocate the sufficient, funds to the department, to actually do the rfp and then save the remaining portion for the actual, contract for later approval? do we divide it that way? >> we certainly, could, and it would bring the agencies back to the board with the awarded scope, in addition, to the opportunity to weigh in on the scope before it is advertised, which this opportunity provides. so if there are particular, aspects of policy, or direction
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that you would like to give to the agencies, before they go out, with an rfp on the street this is the opportunity. we can certainly, do a commitment to allocate, for the portion of funds that are anticipated to be used on the contract. would allow for the agencies to advertise, i don't know if it will allow them to award a contract. i don't think so. until you, or the board, acts to allocate, i would just want to put out there, that it may slightly impact schedule. whether that has a huge, impact on the progression of the bike program, but it may impact the schedule by a few weeks. >> i think that judging from the tone here, i think that is probably what we would feel comfortable. i don't know if you can tell us now what that break down of the funding would be? >> i believe that it is in the budget, that it allows for the portion that is for agency, staff, verses the contract, that
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about 150,000 of allocation is anticipated for the contract. and one other thing, this is maybe, a minor detail, but on page, 31 of the packet, my staff actually wilson did catch this. we want to clarify, whether the tran sit, planner three for the 5290 classification, if you punch that in it brings in the planner four and so i just wanted to make sure that was accurate. >> thank you for catching that. you are correct and it should be a transit planner four and we can up date that. >> okay. so, why don't we go to a question from commissioner yee first. >> when you talked about the allocation of staff time and you mentioned evaluation, where is
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the cost to indicate, that for the evaluation, through the 20,000 or the 149,000? >> yeah, i believe that it is the $20,000, of the mta staff waiver chl >> so the staff is doing the evaluation. >> working with the consultant, correct. >> and is it something, to get any funds for this? >> the evaluation, specifically? >> yes. >> i believe that there will be developed in coordination with them. and so it would be, the staff would give the evaluation, yes. but we would be, working with the consultant on it as well. >> is there any cost from the consultant? >> and that. >> i am just curious because it is not down where and it is not snowing if we are paying a consultant or not. and it seems like it is, and it is depending on the cost of the consultant, it should be a line item. >> yeah, that i am not sure.
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but i would be happy to get back to you on that. >> okay. so perhaps, then, the next time you know, the subsequent, item is before us, then, just to be able to see a better break down. because i know that it is kind of broken down into, you know, the three tiers and the types of events that you want to accomplish. through the contract. and it talks about the types of people, and the number of attendance that you want to reach and as commissioner lee mentioned we want to see a break down in terms of who is going to be doing or funding the evaluations and so forth. that would be great. >> sorry, and part of that will ultimately depend on the response to the rfp. >> okay. okay. any other questions commissioner yee? >> no. >> okay. so, then, at this time, i think that per our earlier discussion, then, i think that we would probably all feel comfortable, again, breaking down the contract and issue the fund that is needed to get the rfp out and
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save the approvals for the actual, contract awarding at a different time. okay? >> just to clarify. one option is to allocate, all of the funds at this time and to put $160,000 or you know, everything, except for what is required, to advertise the contract, and put that on reserve, pending the release of funds by the plans and programs committee. and that is one option. or we can put the funds in the commit to allocate box if you will that will require authority board action to allocate. >> i guess, commissioner breed? >> just a point of clarification, is it possible just to allocate the funds and return to the plans and programs committee for the approval of after the selection process is completed? can we add that in the language of the resolution? >> yes. we certainly can. >> okay. >> well i am open to either option. so i will leave it up to my colleagues to decide, i think
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that will give us the authority to address what the concerns are, we want to make sure if there is a fair process, we want to make sure that we have inpoo ut in that process and we understand, who the funds are allocated to. and so i think that either, way would work to either include in the resolution, a hold on the specific, amount of funds, or to include in the resolution, final pending final approval of the transportation authority. either one would work for me. >> okay. well would you like to make a motion to that effect? >> it depends. and seconded by commissioner peskin. >> all right. >> so we will amend the resolution. and any other questions or comments, from committee members? i think that my other question, touching upon this contract issue was that i asked, mta to also provide a bit of an up date to you know, the capitol, fito
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things because as we all know, the prop k funds can go to capitol improvements and i wanted to better understand where we are on that.
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>> there will be opportunity for the board and community input and we look for work with your offices as we move through the budget, process to finalize, which corridors will be moving through the process for implementation. >> all right, thank you very much. so, again, any other questions or comments? then on this item? no? okay, then, so for item four, then, i will at this time, open it up for public comment, then. i am sorry, item five. wait, item five. seeing none and it is closed. we had amended the resolution to part out the funding so that there is further approval needed at the plans and programs, committee and could i have a motion on the entire item itself? all right, commissioner, breed moved to approve the item, and second ld by commissioner, peskin thank you very much. >> and the house is changed and
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the roll call. >> item five, breed. >> aye. >> fer el. >> absent. >> peskin. >> aye. >> tang. >> aye. >> yee. >> aye. >> the amended item passes. >> all right. thank you and now if we can move on to item 6, please. and for item 6 we also have ana lafort. >> item six, neighborhood transportation improvement program, up date, this is an information item. >> good morning, supervisors. i am pleased to be presenting an up date on the neighborhood, transportation, improvement program just over one year since its creation. if you will allow me just a few moments to say a few thank yous. i would like to thank you, and your aids for working so closely with sfcta and mta staff on developing the skoepz and the projects. it has been, immensely helpful
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to get the back back early and i would also like to thank, craig who is here today and he is the sfmta coordinator who has been a great co-partner in this. and the project manager, that both the ta and the sfmta and as well as the planning department and received the funds for implementing the two projects and lastly, i would like to thank, tad who will be leaving the transportation authority to join, sfmta staff in a few weeks and so we wish him well at the sathly. >> and we know that we will continue to work with him. >> the program as i will refer to it, so, going forward. in 2014, the transportation, authority board adopted san francisco long range transportation plan, or the san francisco transportation plan, sftp, and advanced the investment for the sftp, and it implementation in the first five years with the adoption of the
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funding priorities and created the n-tip, program and so what is n-tip and why did we develop it? and so it is really a response to technical analysis that was done as part of the sftp and giving and we found that giving consideration to how we develop the projects and where we build the projects by the projects in particul particular. we heard from the board and the public is that we need to focus on neighborhoods and other under serveda irz that don't have an accomplished pipeline of projects. so that they are able to be implemented when grants become available. and agencies are prioritizing their capitol plans. we also, heard that we need to strengthen the project, delivery
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pipeline so that we can get these projects in the ground. and so just to recap, it is to build community awareness, and an ability and capacity, to provide input into the planning process. get establishing a steady pipeline of projects and areas that are typically or have historically been under served and then in the communities of concern rand as an overview, the bus to arm, there is 100,000 predict, per, district, and this is over a five year period thashgs is started in the fiscal year, 14, 15, and soar in year two of the five year period, and prop k, should leverage on funds to deliver, two neighborhood scale projects, small to mid sized projects and levelling is core to the prop k program and it continues to be core to the
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ntip, primarily on the capitol side. and there is also, funding for program, development for sfmta and to work together and to help to develop the projects. this outlines the amount of funds that are available predict and the amount that have been allocated to date and the funz that are remaining, we allocated six planning projects and three, capitol projects and in the subsequent, slides i will review what the status of those projects is. this is a map of p the projects that we funded, and the three capitol, and a little blurry on the screen and it shows the spread of the projects throughout the city. we have already, seen a number of positive results from the
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ntip program. from the projects that are out and run and this highlights a few of those out comes on the planning side. and we have been working to advance, the projects, possibly sooner, than they otherwise would have advanced. and including a wide range of community involvement that has been taylored for the project and you will see that demonstrated throughout the presentation, and the planning project, recommendations that the envision would become the capitol projects and establishing the pipeline obama the capital size, advancing projects quicker, and such as the v cha vez area or the projects that you will see further in the presentation and improving competitiveness, when the funds were put on the design phase and then it obtained the funds from the active
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transportation program, for construction. and so, advancing projects to show a demonstration of the local support. for the district one projects, for the district one project, rather, for this is annual , allocation, and as you heard, craig just describe the work that the mta is doing to prioritize, the capitol projects stemming from the bicycle strategy, this is picking a few of the corridors and the district one, and then advancing those as a stand alone, planning effort and this is for the safe walking and biking along the east and 23rd avenue as well as along a. rguello. and we can mending improvements for further study and the improvements on the corridor and coming up with designs for arguello and has completed that work and has multiple rounds of ouft reach that has been conducted. and the next round of public
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participation on is schedule for january, 28th, from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. and for the folks watching at home you can meet at the north east corner for the walk through that will be conducted at that time. and additional for this plan and the final report will come to the transportation, authority, board or sorry for the plans and program's complitty for adoption in june of 2016, as is the ka israel for all of the planning projects they will come back to the board for adoption. district two, the planning project funds have been allocated to sfcta for managing access for the crooked street portion which is determined the crookedest street in the world this is to evaluate and identify the circulation and we want to
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keep the street's character and manage congestion and avoid, spill over, but recognizing that there is, there is an issue to be at least, explored for how to manage this street's access. we have completed the condition analysis and we have done a first round of out reach, regarding condition and solutions working closely with superintendent far ral's office and will will work to bring it over the coming months and bring a final report in may of 2016, a lot of these reports will be coming doo you in may june and july that you will be seeing several presentations on these planning studies. for the capitol projects, the lumard street, and this is the larger corridor, project for the
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pedestrian and transit improvements and this is to be done ahead of the cal transpaving project, schedule for 2018. the scope of work includes 19 but and pedestrian bulbouts and mta has been working on this for the last several months and working to complete, engineering and working closely with the supervisor's office and with the public and also with cal transto come up with the design recommendations and integrate the feedback into the designs complicated as far as the number of agencies and there is a high level of enter agency, coordination and design and environmental and cost, estimates and construction. and so that is something that has been able to be advanced with the funds, and the prop k, funds are levelling as i mentioned the regional acting transportation grant and the general obligation bonds for the
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construction phase and it is an advertise indicated to be done this summer. >> the next project is the kearny street, for transit and performance and bike facilities and the project, limits are on kearny and montgomery from market to broad way and from washington to clay. sfmta has reviewed, existing conditions and has been putting together, work for out reach, and plans to do the final report, approximately, one year out from today. >> commissioner peskin has a question. >> i am new to this panel, and i have done a little bit of out reach to community groups in the area that i think that have actually worked with mta in the
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past that sounds to me like some of this has already been studied. i would love the opportunity to meet with you and your staff is maybe we can put a little pause on this until we do that? >> okay. >> certainly, all right. thank you. >> and i believe that the project manager is here as well. so he is hearing it first hand. and will work together on that. with your office. >> for the district five, the western plan, this has been a project that is focused on pedestrian safety, and security, throughout the project area. and i have a map on the subsequent page, but it is geary and fulton are the general areas for outlining the project area. $100,000 has been allocated and these funds are a community,
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based and so we are seeing the leveraging on the planning side and in addition to the capitol side. >> mta is partnering with mo magic and the existing condition analysis, and they are nearing the second round of out reach, and completing that and will integrate all of the feedback that has been done into a final report, which is expected in march of 2017 p. and the $100,000 for the study and to minimize the impacts of the potential future development of the reservoir, and the future
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and current activity at the city college and the activities in the side, and the sunny side, neighborhoods and it refers to a set of strategies. and that are aimed at reducing the demand for the roadway travel and particularly, the occupant, vehicles and so one of the studies is to come up with an invin tory of possible, measures that may include, transit passes or permit areas, or etc.
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and we expect a final report to be issued in october of 2016, and the project team, involved with sfmta as well as cal trans. and just to make a plug, if you were interested in getting involved a low on the left, high on the right, >> next up is cesar chavez., and this is to advance the design of
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wider, multiuse or separated bike and pedestrian path to make-up grades, lighting plans, for the interchange, area. and so the public works has already, surveyed the key areas, and it is coming up with the initial, lighting plans, and mta has had a walking audit of the area and working closely with the bike coalition, and supervisor cohen's office and other stake holders, and has actually performed a walk through of the project area. and this project stems from the transportation, authority, 2015, neighborhood, transportation plan, and for, a weak design for
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constructing the bulbouts with the planting at five intersections and in the area, and the terrace and the public housing sites and we are expecting to be completed in 2016, but we are working to get a revised, and this is part of the parks program which has been implementing a host of projects in 2015. >> just a question, who would be responsible for maintenance? >> that is a good question, unless somebody behind me knows the answer, i will get back to you. i don't want to say the wrong, agency, so let me get back to you. >> okay, because i am concerned, always, when we make improvements, and we beautify neighborhoods, and no one takes responsibility this happened to us on corridor with the trees
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and some of the improvements made and i just want to make sure that things that could be used to work with the folks who live there to have them actively involved in some way and i just want to make sthur that when the improvements are done, they are maintained and supported by the community in some way, thank you. >> all right, thank you for your questions. >> okay. >> and the final slide, is for the current and the future scoping efforts and so the ntip, planning fund has yet to be allocated for districts 4, 6, 8, 10, and 11, so we have allocated for six and these are five of the districts that remain, to have funds allocated for
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projects. the ntip capitol funds are available for every district, two of the district to highlight, where there is active, project, development, and are district six, for the pedestrian, safety, and soma youth, family zone and this is for the planning project that the board will likely see in march. and also, for the golden gate, buffered bicycle lane that you will see next month in february as well as the mid block crossings at bessie and that will be a capitol project, actually the last two would be capitol projects. and in district eleven for the san jose, gene va would be for planning and working with the station area, and cac and mta and bart, ta and a host of agencies on coming up with the best projects scope to advance and working closely with supervisor avalos as well as the
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traffic calming locations in the area. and we also look forward to working with chair tang. as well as others, to advance, projects in the other districts as well. so if you have any questions. there are several, project managers here to answer questions, that you might have. >> all right, thank you very much for your presentation. and any other questions or comments from committee members? >> okay, i just say that i do appreciate the ntip program. and if you put in place, and we do look forward to continuing working with you on this. and so, at this time, then i would like to see if there is any member of the p you believe that would like to speak on item six? seeing none, item six, the public comment is closed. and if we can get a motion on item six, please? >> information. >> i am sorry, it is an information item. and since, we have commissioner breed here, i apologize, i would like us to go back then to item four, on the geary brt, cac.
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and apologize, to keep the am mrip applicants waiting. >> thank you, and thank you. commissioner tang i just want to express my appreciation to the members here for appointing richard hoshimoto and i know that we have another, seat that we want to fill today. and he has been very involved with all things related to japan town, and geary and the corridor in that particular area and he has been instrumental in helping us, move things forward. and make the appropriate changes and he has been a great, representative for the community. and so i am gla glad that he will be continuing his service and with that, i know that there are two applicants and at this time, i guess, they can come forward to express their interest, starting with fong is
5:12 pm
the last name is that person here? >> commissioner breed, we just had one other applicant who was here today, newsome who gave a presentation, if you like to call him up again. >> if you could come up? >> thank you. >> thank you, commissioners. >> sorry i missed it, but i did take a look at your application and the other application, i was really impressed and if you could give me an overview of your desire to serve and what you want to do on the committee, that would be great. i have lived in your district, and the entire time that i have been there and i would love to anything that i can to improve it, and i am an attorney and i have some experience with e and eis and some understanding of what is going on there and i have a vested interest in doing that i can to improve it and the neighborhoods around it.
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>> and did you look at the meeting schedule, on the number of meetings and how often they meet and the time, that is involved and investing in those meetings as well? >> i did. and it doesn't seem unreasonable at all. >> attendance is really important to me, and so i just want to make sure that you are prepared to commit to time in order to represent our community, on this committee. and so, thank you for your interest, in serving. and i am happy to support, moving your name forward. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> thank you for being here. so, it sounds like why don't we go and re-scind the vote for item four. so moved. >> moved by breed, and seconded by yee. all right, so we have, and now commissioner breed do you want a make a motion? >> okay. i would like to make a motion to reappoint is this the are we
5:14 pm
re-scinding? >> for the whole entire thing. >> i would like to reappoint, richard hoshimoto and also to appoint, william, newsome. >> is there a second to that >> seconded by yee, thank you very much. and why don't we do, i guess that we could take this without, objection or actually you know what? we will do the roll call in case. because commissioner breed was not here earlier. >> and take a public comment. >> okay. >> any members of the public who wish to speak on item four? >> all right. thank you any other members of the public? >> seeing none, closed. >> on the motion to reappoint, hoshimoto and new so many. >> breed. >> aye. >> far ral? >> absent. >> peskin. >> aye. >> tang. >> aye. >> yee. >> aye. >> the item passes. >> thank you and congratulations
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to our appointments. all right. and now let's move on to item 7, please. >> item 7 >> introduction of new its ems. >> public comment on item seven? >> good morning, commissioners, representative a short of achieving of the common wealth of society, (inaudible) others to the people. stud j should be agreeable with passion (inaudible) this way. our self-nature and destiny (inaudible) nature, and so nature (inaudible) rest upon (inaudible) mighty nature (inaudible) personal (inaudible) self-direction on course
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(inaudible) internally (inaudible) and taking on (inaudible) with time, place, man and affairs. (inaudible) and well adjustment, naturally having (inaudible) >> all right, thank you very much. >> (inaudible) life obstacles. (inaudible) parental love bound ward (inaudible) manners, (inaudible) >> thank you. okay. any other members of the public on item 7? >> seeing none, okay. public comment is closed on item 7. and that was an information, item and item 8. >> public comment?
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>> all right, any members for item 8? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> and that leads to our adjournment. >> and the adjournment, thank you. >> our meeting is adjourned. *
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>> thank you and welcome i'll deputy chief of staff like to introduce a few honored guests hold our applause until i'm encourage i'd like to start off with the honorable mayor ed lee and president of the police commission suv's and greg suhr and the command staff the police department deputy smith and michael redman and gary tom and deputy chief ali and robert mows and o'sullivan and tom nolan
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chaplain and ann maddox and commander thank you and thank you for being here (clapping.) distinguished guests and family members and friends i'm the chief of staff and greg suhr i welcome you to the promotional ceremony between january 17th and september 26, 2015, ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ in >> thank you lieutenant o'connor will you rise for the
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posting of the colors.
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>> please remain stand for the national anthem present arms. >> oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight,
5:24 pm
o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? and the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air, gave proof through the night that our flag was still there. oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave o'er the land of the free and the home of the brave?
5:25 pm
(clapping.) >> thank you chanel i don't think she needed a microphone if everyone will be seed correction stand fast while we present the
5:26 pm
5:27 pm
5:28 pm
>> thank you color guard please take your seats he invite pastor stacey current to say a few words. >> good afternoon i woke up this morning with an overwhelm sensation of the joy of being alive if you're happy
5:29 pm
to be alive turn to our neighbor real quick and say it is good to be alive good to be alive. >> (repeated.) >> yeah. good to be alive and it is good to be here and to celebrate so as we begin this time of celebration of the promotion let us begin with a word of prayer let's pray together giver of life and sustaining god we come to you with gratitude in our hearts for all the gifts you give us each year each day family and friends and loved ones and laughter and the gift of being alive help is to receive those gifts with thanksgiving and may our hearts be stirred to remember all the blessing but today, we
5:30 pm
good faith to recognize pub those he men and women may we meaningful that have the wisdom for problems they'll, enfrustrated with a higher position of responsible rocket and leadership we call them peacemakers shaped by experience and prepared for the new task. so we ask our blessing that on if day a day of joy and deep gratitude we remember for years to come may all god's children thankfully for this day say amen amen >> thank you pastor current my please to introduce the honorable mayor of san francisco mooed mooe thank you deputy and thank you pastor curre


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