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tv   Board of Education 11216  SFGTV  January 22, 2016 4:00am-6:01am PST

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loading zones available use side streets never stop in bike lanes or traffic lanes. >> bad weathering and visible rain and fog or low lighting make it hard to see you're vehicle is likely to slide or loss control in eye i didn't controls and create issues for people walking and biking they tried try to avoid pulled and umbrellas and construction get slippery for people the safety thing to do in conditions whether wet or icy or dark slow down and drive more carefully remember going fast may on this save you a few semiautomatic but
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speeding may cause you a life or you're job people walking and biking are vulnerable people can be distracted or make unsafe decisions as a driver the responsibility for safety lies with you a collision could mean the loss of our life or you're job and dealing with the legal implementations could take years or an emotional toll if someone is killed in a crash help us achieve vision zero and everyone can use the streets safely. >> thank you for watch and following the important driving tests your remember we're counting on you
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ms. casco roll call thank you ms. fewer mr. haney marry mentioning dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns ms. chin and mr. totiano thank you. >> please join me in the pledge of allegiance. >> happy new year everyone as a point privilege privilege i'll take a come up of minutes this is my final meeting as president i'll reflect that on the past year in january
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recognized a natural board national teachers with the exceptional teachers in thai state in february we reaffirmed the commitment to vision 2025 as a strategy plan in march we begin the process of overhauling district policies for district action in april the board adopted a plan to fight abate and the success of all african-american in the san francisco unified school district in june the board adopted the computer science pre k to telephone grade we have a new nonprofit in support of implementation of vision 2025 strategic plan together with our philanthropic partners then in august the board took a stand to
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grant dilemmas to students that are denied the opportunity to take the high school exiting exam and paved the way for other district to change the policies in september the board has internship and fire board education in october the board adopted a landmark policy to train all educators to recognize human trafficking and educate students about more than day slavery in san francisco in november by the preempted to honor the contributions of the chinese-american leader of whom our city council's schools are named and we supported the sustainable student transportation it is been a very busy and regarding year i want to thank all my colleagues the superintendent and the dedicated sfusd staff for supporting me
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thank you. >> we will now move to special order of business as stipulated in series 9 thousand the board shall readopt the board meeting the year may i have a motion and a second and second for a readoption of the procedures series 9 thousand. >> so moved and second. >> thank you. >> is there any public comment on this item? >> seeing none, oh, let's see i'll take public comment public comment is closed. comments from my colleagues sxhinlz. >> you know it is interesting we changed the rules to do this reround of applause on the series we'll pay attention and since is it so become a performa we should think about when we discuss our rules and how if we want to you read most of them in
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preparation and want to say i want to suggest that by the plan that both this year and do summary exclamation i found a few things kind of on the very itself second page the first page two items a student erupt shall be at board and the board has two student members correct but both kind of should be fixed i think this is an example i want to make a request we'll plan to do this sometime this year and at sometime we should discuss if we want to talk about them you know, i support it and still support this idea at the beginning of the year those are
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the rules and any affirm them but it would be better if they were substantive and real. >> i believe the appropriate committee to examine is the rules committee any other comments if not roll call vote. >> thank you ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton and ms. wynns. >> 7 i's. >> thank you very much the next item is the election of officers of the board of education as a reminder to the board and the public this type of election is by voice vote a second is not needed for nominations and permissible for a member minus nominate to vote for he or she
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board members if more than one nomination only one nomination you'll be saying yay or nay i declare it the open for the president of the board of education for the year 2016 are there any nominations? ms. fewer >> thank you 2kru78 i would be honored colleagues i'm honored to recommend commissioner vice president haney for the position of president. >> are there any other nominations? seeing none, i declare the nomination closed so commissioner vice president haney has been nominated to be president ms. casco roll call vote on the anatomies. >> ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase
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thank you ms. norton mr. walton ms. wynns matt haney has been elected budget & finance committee for 2016 congratulations i they're nomination for the vice president of the board of education for the year 2016 any nominations ms. mendoza-mcdonnell thank you it's my profoundly to nominate shamann walton a good friend shamann walton our vice president of the board of education any other nominations for the office of vice president seeing none, i declare nominations closed commissioner shamann walton is nominate for the office of vice president ms. casco roll call. >> ms. fewer
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mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton and ms. wynns that's 7 i's (clapping.) shamann walton has been nominated vice president of the board of education (clapping.) (clapping.)
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>> pack our things fourth the big move i want to say something quickly the most sacred responsibility the board moves quickly and smoothly i want to first thank president murase her calendar was a busy year and left lead the board with grace and encourage (clapping.) and i want to say thank you to the entire board fewer support and trust i'm looking forward to leading this board at that moment when i think there is a tremendous amount we can do incredible amount of shared vision and unity i want to congratulate any good friend and have the privilege of serving
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with president shamann walton and also recognize you saw when i ran up here my family my mom and sister and brother thank you for coming and the entire staff and students and city and county of san francisco for putting your trust and faith in me and the entire board to serve the students of our district thank you and let's continue with the meeting so approval the board minutes the regular meeting of the december 8th can i have a motion and a second? >> moved second and corrections? seeing none roll call vote >> ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton
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and ms. wynns 7 i's. >> okay. so for members of the public if you wish to address the board of education you can complete a speaker card prior to the item being called and presented to the ms. casco according to board reels and procedures speaker cards will not be accepted for items before the board and item b superintendant report. >> thank you commissioner vice president haney this is an honor on behalf of the entire staff to congratulate i an the presidency of the board of education we look forward to working with i in san francisco and i'd like to say congratulate vice president wul walton and look forward to working with you as we move our equality agenda forward congratulations to both of you
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i'd like to say congratulations to everyone for a second semester it started smoothly school is in session for over a walk wish you all for a happy new year we look forward to continuing our important work in the year 2016 a couple of announcements to the community this week the mission high school along with supervisor wiener will unveil their tap system to the foundation they've been installed since snooifl but students get a free new water bottle the initiative in san francisco is a partnership between san francisco unified school district, the san francisco public utilities commission are department of the environment and the self-department of public health this is one of the ways we promote 9 sustainable habits among the district students to date an comprehensive to date 32
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tap foundations in the school your goal to have withholding to congratulations mission high school i'd like to announce that bret heart elementary school get a installed successor field part of largest 110 thousand square feet it was built by our very good friends america scores a program that helps to have team based soccer programs and learning thank you to the american score for the field and building and for major league and wells fargo for the funding this past saturday had an opportunity to have any my brother's keeper san francisco host the black cradle to school
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and this is held at mission high school this is the second event of its kind this school year specifically for sfusd black students and families the day was an enforcement fair the students had an opportunity to sign up for engrossment and attendees had the opportunity to enroll in camps and apply for jobs and attend workshops on topics of interests to parents and team thank you to everyone when that was involved our own african-american chuchltd and leadership initiative under the leadership of special assistant landon dickey our community-based organization the alliance of black school educators and the black educators for youth and mo' magic it was aimed as supporting our african-american students in san francisco
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also as previously mentioned a deadline is fast approaching january 15th for the first round enrollment forever the 2016-2017 the march placement period if you're applying for kindergarten or high school or middle school by january 15th applications can be turned in at the education and placement center at 5 franklin street and if you're children that sfusd students you can turn in the applications at their schools any questions whatsoever you can come to talk to a placement council or e-mail at immoral in school enr o l l e n at i'll encourage a topic of my article get our application in by the january 15th deadline for those
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families 80 percent of the families get top 2 choices and one pace of late break news last semester we announced how our students did on the assessment in go san francisco and at that time, we announced the large urban school sfusd were about 20 points higher in terms of their proficiency than students across the state of california our assessment shared more of detailed information and ladies and gentlemen, this is something to be proud of san francisco is part of core acholic beverage of district the 10 systems or some of the largest school districts collectively we serve over would this million students in the state of california so of the
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core districts i'm very proud to report that the top two over all in the elementary school of all elementary in the core districts the top two schools from san francisco unified school district that means our two elementary schools are the highest 5 of the top 10 schools the elementary category owe are in the top 10 and 20 in the top 10 percent those are well, for you who say should i send my children to public school so it gets better at the middle school 5 of the top 10 top performing in the consortium are if san francisco unified school district and 6 of the top 10 from san francisco unified school district at the high school level one of the top 10 and 5 of the top 10 percent of
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high schools in the core acholic beverage are from san francisco unified school district so i want to send a huge congratulations to all our hard working paraprofessionals our teachers and administrators i want to thank our parents and students for taking these seriously and over academics seriously a great hand to our school to present this evaluated vision should look like in san francisco so congratulations to everyone give yourselves a round of applause. >> thank you, sir and in recognitions of rumbles and accommodations nun tonight and student delegate report thank you president matt haney and congratulations for our position iowa's wells vice president
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spault sea thank you suspend the advisory committee update just last night our conditioner engagement started with dr. laurie and the s ac met with her and provided the student input for oc o f project the doctor going over the logistics we're glad to take part to provide the student button exit as the the el cap we presented our el cap student voice and this thursday january 14th at 4:00 p.m. our team will be present 80 preventing to the entire el cap feedback pr we are hopefully, the entire team will be happy
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with the team and move forward as for the san francisco police department memorandum of understanding or mou just last night our student leaders took part of police mou and they started to create this mou committee in 19 of the residents signed up to be part of the committee has part of the decision making panel our team stakeholders had an opportunity to provide real student input in all matters occurring on the campus thank you to the san francisco police department litigant colleen for an excellent presentation and willingness to have our student leaders involved in the memorandum of understanding or mou. >> as the skaft control krgd program is in full swing we
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managed to incorporate jose elementary school to join our highly successful program as older student leaders we hold the responsibility to help over peers and most of us walk to school we focus on educating them and public safety and traffic awareness a good example of the student san francisco police department partnership programs happening everyday in our community we would like to thank the police department sergeant phil for his dedication and training he provides for younger youth and the 19 annual submit on march 18 through april and located at the fort mason at marina boulevard working on a poster i would also lastly like to welcome everyone to the new year
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a workshop for our nonprofit sour students represents in the homeless shelter we gave toys and goodies for kids in the year it ended happily we have rock star in the room it depended upon $500 we'll to thank deputy myong leigh for your donation. >> very nice sounds like a challenge (laughter). >> deputy superintendant. (laughter). >> a rock star. >> rocking it. >> the s ac meeting on monday
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january 25th at 5:00 p.m. the s a credit is a public council and as an added incentive outline dinner will be provided if you like to attend or make a presentation or a copy of our upcoming agenda go contact our are you point person and congratulations to men and women. >> appreciate it so alright our next item is the parents advisory committee report reporting is indicating lien and georgia sprat.
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>> >> (speaking spanish.) >> good evening, commissioners aim indicating less than and we have three children attending hechil happy new year to all superintendent and commissioners my name is a georgia sprat the corridor for the advisory committee the mission of the parents advisory committee to bring apartment voices to inform board of education decisions and decision-making process our report is sharing the finding and recommends out of community
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art council ex-we carried identity in november and through those conversations we reach over 200 and 50 participant in 20 conversations 5 were conducted in spanish or chinese and an additional languages we provided the conversation 2, 3, 4 chinese or spanish we were strategic and intentional how we engaged in the conversations we gave the opportunity to reach out to families that are experiencing some of the challenges and i think equality in our city as identified in the report our children, our council and later on in 2015 this louse allowed us to reach families in systems of consider care and support such a families needing the transmission and youth and
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foster care and children that are reaching special addition addition and immigrants in our city we also had an opportunity to reach out to families that experiences some of the disparity in our institution our system and our society as a whole the majority of our residents were african-american and latino followed by chinese, white, samoan and american indian and others 72 percent of the children quality for reduced lunch 76 percent of children receive special education and 38 that speak other than english at home and fosters parents themselves are providers work with students in foster care we're share a few of the finding we had that comes to a larger
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report we provided to the our children, our council at&t's on the website and listed on the pat website once in spanish and chinese. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> quality schools engaged and connected students and parents competence that cloormentsdz are two larger and impacted by the various needs of student and their diversifies learning needs as s and their diversifies learning needs as well.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> parents want schools to have quality teachers who can build on their students strength that are culturally incentive and trained to work with our children. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> paternities emphasis the need for greater support for
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parents to advocate for their children especially those who are new arrivals to the country and being able to navigate the i e p process for those who have limited literacy skills or children's that are falling through the cracks. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> they requested for support for their children's needs and basically a well-rounded education that include the arts and music and stem program both in and out of school.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> in nearly each conversation the behavorial issues were a concern within the classroom. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> for example, the so moan don't have an education they feel their children are passed over or fall through the cracks. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> the parents of newcomer
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students felt disoriented in trying to interact in the transition that their children are going through and felt disconnected within that school community. >> so another thing we've heard in numerous conversations concerns about transportation and parents emphasized the fact that transportation impacts the students attendance and school choice and access to after-school programs and felt their transportation impacted their children's ability to participate in after-school programs and sports and that had an impact on their students ability to connect with the community an issue of safety two
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or more school families with children of disability wanted more support on the school buses to and from school. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> work force and development plans and paternity identified for skill development program for both youth and adults so that if this way they'll have greater opportunities. >> (speaking foreign language. >>n
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>> many highlighted the need for more student internships that is local technical compani companies. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> african-american apartment in the bayview voice their frustration their children are not benefiting from the interims and jobs with technically companies growing in their own backyard. >> the other thing we've heard was access to technology and the internet many patients highlight the fact not a universal access
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to computers or the internet and how this impacts their students ability to extensively complete their assignment and projects and wonder how this might impact their assessments on the new computerized system they also talked about not all schools are computer labs or adequate computer onsite for the same reasons not being able to have adequate access to prepare for their projects and assignment and parents talked about i think vertically included from school and digital communication as a result of the compute
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assess. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> recognized bans what we're heard quality school quality engaged and connected students places the teacher in under performing schools and lower the class size for the meeting of students needs and providing the teacher see with support in classroom management. >> okay. >> okay.
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>> (speaking foreign language.) >> increase the port for discipline and behavorial issues no schools help the newcomers students and in their families understand the u.s. culture and navigate the agricultural system and provide the support as they transition into larger schools
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and expand the workforce programs improve the supports for the asian pacific islanders students to prevent them from failing through the cracks are you. >> the recommendation of transportation families like the board and district to revisit impact transportation service has on student attendance and engagement to determine whether there is it warrant increasing the transportation services also, they suggest it providing central drop off and pick up zones for district schools and they'd like to see the transportation to insure school
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stability. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> internship workforce sediment and employment the recommendation is to increase the number of summer jobs interning and workforce development programs available to youth. >> so regarding the access to technology and internet families ask that the district help them seeing greater access to use of computers to help bridge the digital divide and irregular the tech companies to provide for internship and even quote adopt a school or two unquote and create for mentoringship and
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support the transfer for folds for foster youth to increase expedite the report system for the classes using the schools we know that the district is doing a lot of actions to address many of the concerns raised in the report and many of them are not new at the same time, we feel there is needed to be a level of responsiveness to acknowledge that families have been heard as noted from one parent's from the african-american community we want to prove we've been heard many parents participated with the hope there is empower outcomes for the children and families and we pack feels a responsibility without communicating with how their input has an impact and increasing the outcomes for the
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students and families and to that end we really this is one of the key pieces of the community engagement to be able to circle back and let people know how their input made a difference to this end the pack wants to partner with the district make sure we create the chaunlz of communication where the families had a policy change and complete the actions that as a result of what they share in taking their time to come to give input to to the decisions especially we're enter into the whole budget process to think about what they've shared and what their identifying as the areas we'll be looking at with additional support we're interested in coming up with something we can circle back to folks and let them know what is happening and this transparent
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to increase that accountability. >> i saw ms. fewer and simulating. >> it's your fault. >> so i really want to thank the pack this is fabulous work it is really, really good work i'm astounded the population you interviewed that you got so many parents to talk honestly and openly about their experience i think also the idea that was we're in entirely in the parents primary language is not what we do often and we know that is the best practice and know that is important to get real true
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honest feedback so i want to say also that the majority of participant their african-american and latino their fabulous and also that you engaged the asian pacific islanders community should be commended i want to say thank you and i think this is such this information you're bringing to us today and tonight is so important and really, really valuable so i want to comment on a few things one is that i think that talking about salmmoan populati it is smaller population hello, however, it is a very population that needs to be looked at and to be actually called out so i'm
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going to recommend when we are doing our analysis around our achievement gap or achievement we definitely i've seen we used to track the achievement of ooulder children and in the reports i've not seen it i'll request we formally look at it how they keep an eye on on the population to see how well, they're doing and also not a lot of islander staff statistics 60 percent of samoan kids are raised by their grandparents i be understand loud and clear about the gap in the committee i asked the specific question i
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asked what is the disparity continue what school hazard ipads and computers and schools that don't and give us a number because we know that actually a lot of our families to they have this not a laptop or a device like this this is what the students were take on; right? their b be at disadvantaged definitely i saw something that was wonderful at the chinese-american ymca i saw a group of about was it about maybe about looks like thirty parents going for computer class and it was fabulous and it was conducted in their native language with ipads just as their children in the elementary and this was a fabulous thing i want to duplicate that you're
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absolutely right for the communication with their parents and we go more digital to log onto get fox about the success and lack of success our patent need the access to assess the information you're absolutely right the transportation issue is a huge one i like the ideas of shuttle and love the idea of providing a pickup truck and drop off zones i do think our choice system is a flailed we're not given equal access if you have resources you have choice but no resources very little choice in particular for those parents you've interviewed is a really important aspect you bring up about the lack of transportation really for the choices you have for our own children but absolutely then i think it is really so the
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pack has brought to us original equality report and well done i think there absolutely right they've demonstrated in some way they've been heard and what are we're going to do about it i'll open to the colleagues about ideas how we can more than that and the superintendant and deputy superintendant how to incorporate some of the recommendations we have a document that actually has great thifth so colleagues what's our idea who to incorporate those recommendations and what we've heard here tonight. >> are you asking how to incorporate into the oc f document. >> really what the pack is
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looking for some sort of system change; is that correct is not just an explicit report but they note that they have presented many reports so what is the impact i think of what they've presented to us today and there is such value this snapshot of the conversations i think give us a real true voice about what parents are feeling and how we can often not hear from what do you sawing well, we'll have commissioner norton and commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell. >> i wanted to ask another question i'll wait for the we are to commissioner fewers question. >> thank you. i agree? an amazing document and appreciate all the effort in reaching out to the families this submitted i
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presume into lauery and jennifer from oc i f this is a much large document with finding that pardon or pertain to housing and outside the things not necessarily related to the district what we included was the work of the district that impacts student learn and access to opportunity but the leaguer report is on the website i sent in yesterday ahead of time a larger document but, yeah dr. has it on the so for the framework 13 of our department heads on the school district sat on the board and into the framework that is crafted gone out to the
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community and survey information based on all this information that's being devised and going to the council on the 28 for review and for vote so this framework will actually help to set the tone for the 5 year plan in july and that will be utilized to help us determine how allocations for fund can go out so i think all the departments head have been part of council and been briefed on the 69 page document or, however, 62 is laura in the audience 62 pages this is what it is going from it was great you presented it here that's an opportunity for all the folks to hear so as we're going to the
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framework you guys can you all can pull out the pieces of that are critical to the framework and be sure those are plugged in whether measurements or, however, you want to frame them this is helpful so this is it will all of this information commissioner fewer will get incorporated into the framework. >> can i suggest that we each of us who are a committee head of whatever committee we take one of those topics and we agendize it and let the pack know we'll be discussing it i know that you know i'm the chair of the labor committee meeting i'll look at a topic of
4:53 am
whether the themes and let you know what if so on the committee so we'll thoroughly discuss it i'll suggest the budget committee and the and billings and grounldz take up those concerns and deeper dive into a solution what do you think colleagues? commissioner norton and commissioner wynns >> so i have some thoughts about what i suggested i wanted to ask actually, i was really and he completely agree doing an amazing job reaching the families hard to reach and a we struggle to communicate with the recommendation about developing our condominium conversion that is something i've been interested in for a long time
4:54 am
i'm wondering what that looks like or you had confuses with staff about what that modesty look like if you haven't i'd like to explore that because we sit up here and the day it is hard to hear so often families saying we never heard that we don't know about that feeling are disconnected and not having the information about the work of district i feel that is a game-changer for us if we engage more the families and engage the families how they can be involved and how to find out more and we're good a reaching some families but need more strategies i don't know if you have any strategies or talk about that later.
4:55 am
>> i'll invite you to come to the pack members above heard consistent that the communications that families don't get enough communication and channels though how to get the information and the communicate with the district about various initiatives happening it is clear there's need to be a structure to facilitate that communication and it is amazing i get you know, i have the privilege and access to hear about things take place their fantastic bull families don't know about them and not necessarily seeing the changes not equivalent on the ground there are responses to the concerns their raising but don't know their efforts put forward so change takes time and in the meanwhile to be aware
4:56 am
those things are take place so offline we sit down and talk about what that might look like and . >> so respond to the suggestion it is a great suggestion to dig deeper i'll maybe kick it back to the leadership to talk about what to talk about those topics a number of them are more they don't fit like they don't fit in a particular committee or two committees depending on how you talk about them maybe in the topic for some but dig deeper into the thoughts and recommendation are important but i think the way to do that i'll defer to the issue that superintendent wanted to get do you still maybe speak to some of our comments and
4:57 am
commissioner wynns. >> great, thank you wanting hastening i want to thank the pack for the engagement. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> it is greatly articulated what you presented we appreciate that i also want to join commissioner fewer and recognition we have you have been able to engage voices of community that not always are affirmed i appreciate that as well. to the questions that have been asked how this will be used we actually talked about as part of our budget development process and part of el cap we'll be communicating back out to the constituencies around the suggestions made and some of the ideas expressed we want to clearly keep this kind of input what the input from the various
4:58 am
stakeholders groups xhugsd how students at another lens which we'll process the budget recommendations this year one of the things i think we should be proud of if san francisco is that for a number of years we've done is keep the equality at a lens for the budget allocation in the darkest times of the district we've always readily peaked we've keep kept the fund where their needed the most and we now we have an opportunity to actually add robust programming we want to make sure it is going to where we feel the community needs it the most and the second thing to mention quickly we have a tradition in our school district of having to decentralized approach to funding we have absolutely hold ourselves
4:59 am
accountable at the district level but the parents to be paternity in their school relapse many of the decisions are made around the expenditure of funds are made at the school site level as i see the recommendations here those are things that should be robustly articulated in the balanced scorecards at the schools it is also a great place to make sure that what you have articulated a absolutely big deal being seen in the balance scorecards at the school site levels that's in my second recommendation and dr. carr in a taught me 3 the third thing this is really for us the board and senior leadership some of the things that are being asked for i'll i want to put that out there for example, access to technology and internet absolutely correct
5:00 am
there is a digital divide in san francisco in san francisco mind you a digital divide homes that don't have access to internet i'll bring forward to partner with an organization that gives very, very discounted rates to have collection this their homes no one else is oh, the program this whether follow with our anti commercialization policy noefrj is offering we need to do something to connect our parents right now as we talk about the policy issues and make those decisions parents and kids in homes in san francisco that don't have the basic connection activated activity if we are looking at vision 2025 it is important they have the tools to be able to do it i'll challenge us to look at the equality lens around some the provision for
5:01 am
the potential solutions for what our parents have brought to us in a articulate way thank you very much for what you've done >> science and president walton. >> thank you for the work it is extreme helpful i had a few things to bring up and one is what the superintendent discussed because we've had a lot of discussion in the past about facilitating access for parents providing devices, etc. and so i was going to ask if we could have an update on the efforts how they work and other things like the superintendents
5:02 am
referred we might need to make that more comprehendible or effective at all and this is the first thing although the second the first one is transportation because we've mentioned it several times in our discussions about assignment we've not examined the issue of whether you know when we cut back a lot in the transportation as part of our bickering budget cuts but part of the redesign the transportation one of the things we've found a lot of transportation providing was kind of the know of helping our assess equality we were providing transportation for middle-income families and we couldn't afford so we kit just get rid of of the general ed transportation which maybe didn't have such a big ferry building effect on the lives of
5:03 am
middle-income families but highly challenged families we've asked a few minutes and not gotten to that i'm hoping this is a impetus to do this is important we follow through and many of the other things mentioned i'd like to see how they what happened in the city's plan where we need to fold those into our own policy discussions like like the two things we were aligned and have for a long time thought we needed to follow up on the implementation things i hope we can kind of breakdown and get a feedback and report from the staff about how we're responding to all of these things. >> thank you again. >> president walton.
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>> thank you commissioner vice president haney definitely thank you to the pack for our focus work i love the fact we're hearing from families to focus on equality and internships to internet i love the feedback about careers and opportunities particularly families that are surrounding prosperity and also want to commend the families for working together and being inclusive in terms of the communication with the families i want to guarantee that you'll see is continue work and more support focusing on foster youth as well as a lot of the students in the district that are suffer from the gases that in the district and one the answers to provide to commissioner fewer one is that we'll definitely have a report and curriculum
5:05 am
program about african-american initiative what is going on and take place they've hired a great person to work with the families in the district for years i know she'll do a wonderful job in this work i'm excited but one the things the superintendent go said we're pay attention is the fact that we in terms of how we prioritize our resources in the budget circle and put the dollars to impact the work but aside from the resources allocation how we spend how time aside from being this this room so are we listening to parents and one of the things that needs to happen to the educators are we working with the leadership and spending time learning what is happening in our district and improvements need to be at the grassroots level so we'll be
5:06 am
prioritizing a lot of what you see and pushing for that to be a priority to make an impact but thank you for coming in today and doing the work and working together with a larger group thank you. >> commission. >> thank you. i want to acknowledge the tremendous amount of work going down to a 4 page document i understand many, many meetings and quite a bit of cooperation i support of suggestions of any colleagues how to segregate this on an ongoing basis i want to share responses to it so in terms of celebrity connectivity i've done with work the african-american programs this offers $10 a month internet for people that quality
5:07 am
for reduced lunch and the superintendent will offer additional information about that, and, secondly, on workforce development programs i know commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell can be a resource the city as many many programs for workforce development and we should talk about the best way to get that information out to families that might took advantage of and i love the idea of central pick up and drop off zones i like that in terms of transportation that is worthy exploring additional in terms of summer jobs the city departments are asked to project a number of positions to summer jobs plus website is europe and running in a couple of months a central clearing house for summer jobs and interning and
5:08 am
mayor ed lee has made a huge commitment over 7 thousand positions for youth and again commissioner mendosa-mcdonnell a resource on that and finally on the idea of adopting the schools i wanted to make folks aware that the san francisco education fund as rolled out circling the schools they've put care into match companies with individual schools and seen tremendous contributions hopefully in that relationship, however, they haven't gotten to all the schools only about half under half of the schools that are adopted so there is additional work that needs to be done and i know that laura moran and anthony gary's have a lot of information about the schools and so i wanted to give you that immediate reaction but thank you
5:09 am
for this tremendous work. >> any other comments from the board seen i also wanted to share my gratitude and appreciation for this i think in terms of how folks participated in this saw the impact i hope that was demonstrated tonight to effected the commissioners and how much we will continue to use this report as a guide as we go through the budget process and think about our priorities over the years i hope this is something that we see again and again in the coming months we know we can bring up and let's look back at the report we received and see what we're adopting whether a budget or policy is reflected in this thing i think this is will be a part of how we see the impact of it i also agree specific things we should either hear in committee
5:10 am
or deeper diveer he agree that transportation is important we started to talk about we need to dive in with a lens it is reflected here i also think this is some and wanting walton some specific pieces around foster youth i'd like to see us bring that conversation to our committee and have a deeper look at the recommendations that relate to the foster youth i think this as group of our students we don't always talk about in terms of meeting their needs i hope that if there are any tech companies that are listening i think there's a theme that comes up a lot if this report this is profound there is a lot of innovation and
5:11 am
process and economic opportunity that took place in our city mclaren park technologies that are not shared with the large group of the part of our city and families and students in our continentals in particular i hope we take that as a mandate as the leadership of the city in our own leadership to continue to push on that and do a lot more thank you for this i know it is going to be an ongoing conversation i hope you'll tells you what we need to do to hold ourselves accountable to everyone that participated in this and be doing everything we can if we're not doing enough you'll remind us i know you will thank you for your work appreciate it. >> all right. so the next is public comment on content items
5:12 am
i have none signed up item g the consent calendar do we have a motion and second and second air quality any items withdrawn or corrected by the superintendant. >> yes. carmen we have a few underbuilding go down and services on page 202 in the description changes the rules to gordon elementary school under the k items on page 276 credit in amount excuse me. should be a credit amount in brackets thus 26 hundred plus and k-27 the original and amended dates of service the ending should reflect 2016 not 2015 one 51 on page 314 to the name
5:13 am
of consultant delete the wrptd to the education services d.b.a. learning center. >> all right. thank you. >> any items removed for first reading by the board? any items severed by the board and superintendent for vote nun roll call vote will take place under section o item h proposals nun and i board members proposals nun and public comment on general matters i still think this is the first none >> wow. >> is it something i did wrong or people afraid of me or (laughter) don't get used to it something tells me it will not happen like this ever night so no public comment on general matters how about that that is a first
5:14 am
item k special order of business i now call for another motion and second on the review and adoption of annual and 5 year report to the election and expenditure of developer fees. >> so moved. >> second. >> and we don't have any speakers i believe that mr. gotten will read the recommendation into the record. >> good evening commissioners i'll david the chief facilitates officer first, i too want to congratulate president hastening and vice president walton and congratulate emily murase for a wonderful year of services and certainly together was president
5:15 am
obama my wife texted me gave quite a speech too this is an annual event the review and adoption of the one in 5 year developer fee report it is basically required by the government and education codes for the district to make zabl to the public ifthdz relative to the collection of developer impact fees as a condition of collecting such fees i want to read the requested action and give you a brief summary of the report the requested action together is that the board of education of the san francisco unified school district review and adopt the developer impact fee annuity year report for the
5:16 am
fiscal year ending june 30, 2015, the report dated december 8, 2015, and given to you basically under separate coffer relates to the collection and expenditure of developer fees that was prepared for the district by the consultant with expertise in preparation of such reports i have mr. laurie from the group and briefly i want to remind that you last year, we commissioned it the group to do a developer fee justification study at the end of this study the board of education reviewed the report which termed determined we were allowed to increase our commercial and residential rates to the highest amount loud by allow this report didn't reflect not effect those
5:17 am
rates they didn't go into effect in july and so the report is based on the old rates but this year, the election collection of rates for example, under residential is $3 and plus square feet and given the active and aggressive market in san francisco this is a really positive thing for us so we had a really good year as developer fee collection go last year, we collected about $8.4 million of developer impact fees that will go to offset the impacts of growth within the district you may remember during the revision in 2008, 4 we collected a million dollars and a half and maybe in the highest $9 million so the trending seems to be positive we'll be collecting certainly on the residential
5:18 am
side fairly reasonable rates for the next few years a positive indication for us so we collected $8.4 million and made 200 and $50,000 in interest and a security balance in the account of $35.9 million one of the things the report does not talk about are candidates made on the funds we have a high balance $9 million sits in the one 35 van ness reserve fund a restricted fund about $8 million is going for the construction of new classroom this and 2 and a half dedicated to the building and $57 million is already allocated to other projects for growth and early learning special ed and
5:19 am
the deaf and hard of hearing and programs that are requiring immediate expenditures so down the road the 5 year report indicates those funds are expected to be used to augment future funding for the potential of new schools both at motorbike, commented and the shipyard and potentially for the morris auditorium so there is a wide range of projects that we have the potential to allocate those funds for so with that, i will that's the ends of my report my colleague is here so thank you very much. >> thank you for the summary i want to make sure i'm reading is
5:20 am
correctly i appreciate lowell and the $9 million if i said to go through and see all the funds committed what would i look at table 5 to see which projects are noted as fund available and go back and add up the amount of table four. >> yes and no table 5 it the list of projects we potentially could fund the pc we're spebt to the world and state we have a need to collect fees we have to have a reason to assess the developers we actually have growth whether all the projects are funded by developer fees or bond funds we've listed all the
5:21 am
funds if you want to specific accounting of how projects i'll have to provide that. >> could you provide that, please thank you. >> commissioner wynns and commissioner fewer. >> could you - so i want to ask you a question about some the projects listed as school expansions do we replace the portable buildings with classrooms. >> yes. we have effected the developer fees to replace over one hundred modular buildings. >> where you have this where that says 6 classroom building and later it says elementary school expansion the difference is that the difference is about to be done.
5:22 am
>> correct. >> and the money is allocated already the things that we catalystries are the same thing but not designated that is what we want to do in the future. >> and in almost every case at sunny side and lowell if we're replacing 10 mod last year's we're building over 12 mod last year's building the building with 14 classrooms or 8 because a actual expansion. >> - >> we have pragmatic needs with special needs and early learning with the programs require us to have the spaces. >> since i mentioned this this is the new funds we use to build the new buildings at sunset. >> no monroe.
5:23 am
>> that was a great one thank you. >> commissioner fewer. >> yes. so mr. golgd if i heard you right we could use the money towards new school construction mission bay. >> we could commit all but that which is allocated for the one 35 haven the restricted fund those funds can be used for any growth in the district this is solely and inclusively new schools. >> so the money for the arts at one 35 phase one e van ness this fund is before in a bond; is that correct you collected those fees or only deliverable fees.
5:24 am
>> a convoluted history but collected money that was is designated in a restrictive fund for the reserve fund and has been for a number of years and designated in a restricted manner solely to be used at the one 35 van ness site. >> okay at the one 35 van ness at any rate site not necessarily at the school but at the one 35 van ness site. >> okay. that's a distinct clarification thank you very much so how would we go about assessing the rest of the funds to the new school construction like mission bay. >> it is a question of deciding the funding sources for each school whether typically most of our new school
5:25 am
constructions have been a composite and a funding from multiple sources how we fund betsey carmichael and dianne feinstein and willie brown, jr. was fund out go bonds so if a 2016 bond measure a lot of money to fund the new school construction at places we'll assume growth this is potentially in the bayview and mission bay these funds the developer fee funds by themselves is insufficient. >> right. >> to fund multiple schools and we actually have many other projects that are small in nature this funding source is a
5:26 am
valuable way to do things for the early learning they have growth school sites u sites this is a fund i can tap into i would be redundant to put that into one bucket i'm anticipating and telling people i'm expecting we'll be funding new construction for multiple school buckets including in the statewide facility bonds passed in november we'll go over he whatever is available. >> so nothing prohibits us from using the money it is convenient to have the fund to draw if for smaller projects no funding for; is that correct. >> correct. >> it is clear it is sort of would be up to the board will use of those funds and we would look at the other funds we have
5:27 am
so we don't have a lot of funding for the little jobs i'm hearing is that a go bond; is that correct. >> the state is more if i didn't the governor is tomato not supporting but, yes we're looking primarily to fund the construction of new schools through local go bonds if the residential market continues to be strong we continue to collect $8 million a year i think there is a potential to fund an augment funding at a number of the new construction school sites up to the board for facilities to present a fund scheme and program so the board can decide that's the way to go. >> okay. thank you very much i appreciate that.
5:28 am
>> comments or questions from the board? >> superintendant. >> i'm sorry, i have one more clarification you said the rates we adopted go into - the developers if start paying the new rates until july one ever 2015 in the report it said we made that change in 2013 i'm wondering is that - >> yes. >> we did it twice. >> yes. in fact, if the gentleman it is rather an expensive and lengthy process to do the justification study i don't think we want to do it to raise the fees $0.05 but this year we're allowed to raise it significantly again, because we go through the experience and prove we have enough demand so we did it in 2013 in 2015 and we
5:29 am
need to be careful because developers and cupboards to san francisco are paying a heavy fee across the board which our piece is very small if you look at the total amount of fees at any one project we're all part of same team and be mindful of what is going on in the industry wide basis but so for we're collecting $0.30 per square feet. >> what is the down side i mean, you you said that cost a lot of money to go the report but what's the less say we raise them again this year we decide we can justify it what happens if you raise the fees taken the economy tanks or i know do they come back and say
5:30 am
you can't do those fees do other justification study how do they push back. >> if the - when the economy tanked in 2009, 2008 did entire world grasped the big short in the movie to learn how this happened the rates didn't dial back the developers didn't move forward with the projects and not only not pay our fees they were not paying million dollars delores of other fees to the city over fees are 5 percent of the total fees the developer will pay on any project in san francisco it is our going to collect as responsibly as possible our fair share for what we feel we are due
5:31 am
so we just did that last whatever april and if it looks like we - we have a just it an comparisons you go it has to do with with the demographics and there is a substantial one in delta we'll do this this year. >> i'm asking what is to stop us from jack it up assuming we justify we're growing what is the down side of super high. >> we can only jake them up we're me maximum now i'm not sure the gentleman has raised their rate a little bit. >> it will be later the allocation board will look at this. >> so the stated sets the
5:32 am
levels we're lout we're at the current stouty level but if the rates are raised we can raise our rates again. >> correct. >> oh, oh jack them up in raise the rates superintendent and then commissioner shamann walton. >> thank you for this report, sir and one thing i want to say rents are increasing and developers are benefiting so should the district. >> right on i think any more comments or questions none. >> one more. >> one to commissioner mendoza-mcdonnell there was a public comment commissioner
5:33 am
mendoza-mcdonnell i'm wondering if the grounds committee can track those issues if there is the ceiling gets raised and perhaps we want to raise that and track that. >> thank you. >> maybe looking jack them up thank you for the presentation and report we'll take a vote yeah roll call vote. >> thank you ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton and ms. wynns 7 i's. >> thank you all right. discussion of other educational issue none tonight and m consent calendar resolutions there are none tonight and look on consent calendar move and second under section o roll call vote.
5:34 am
>> ms. chin mr. totiano mr. duffy mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell except for o except for case of. >> thank you dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton except i had to abstain on item 61 starts on page 272 the contract was collected impacts because the thought intraushths. >> chin thank you ms. wynns thank you. >> all right. item o consent calendar resolutions up for the board discussion none item p introduction of assignments to the committee we have an introduction and assignment of superintendents proposals according to the
5:35 am
board's rules i'll introduce to the superintendant and board members for first reading and ask for a motion and second and assign them to committee one of is dash 12 sp one for immunizations and deposition of boards policy students availability of condoms and adoption of board policy business and non-structural district records and next authorization to grants on the alternative or deny the petition for thomas and charter academic and next adoption of bylaws and sp one and open space two are referred to the curriculum committee and one of is open
5:36 am
space 5 referred to rules and sp 4 to the curriculum and advisory committee introduction of board members and committees proposals there are two first is expanding assess to the mandarin for commissioner fewer and ms. norton and for the curriculum services in the needs of usf with incarcerated parents and board members resolution are assigned to the budget committee i've read all the proposals is there a motion and second on all of these. >> second. >> all right. one public comment on this jamie gerber if you want to come up to the mike here. >> you'll have 2 minutes.
5:37 am
>> wonderful thank you and good evening. i'm jam i didn't the program coordinator for project one stand for the 2.7 million children in the united states i united states that have parents with children that are incarcerated i want to thank commissioner vice president haney and commissioner shamann walton for their hard work you have deny i encourage you to read it unfortunately, i was not able to bring any youth with me because of the time they were just in program with us from 5 to 7 and have homework to do i encouraged them to do that as you can see in the resolution on any given day approximately 18 thousand young people in the city of san francisco which means that are 18 thousand young people in the schools that have a parent incarcerated and young people needs the additional
5:38 am
services and teachers and guidance counselor that are koala trained to help them excel i've been privileged in any position to work with some of the most resilient youth and i definitely on a population that has been overlooked an incredible first step in supporting the youth and special thank you to matthew he spent a time with the youth read over the resolution and made comments they were the experts with their experienced and know we have projects that are existed about this resolution thank you. >> all right. item q introduction for proposals or immediate action i notice of suspension of board rules we have a motion and a
5:39 am
second on suspensions of the rules to hear the first reading adaptation of the board policies instruction criteria education and 4211 personnel remunerate >> move for suspensions of the rules. >> thank you ms. chin. >> mr. totiano ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell commissioner president murase ms. norton mr. walton and ms. wynns 7 i's motion and a second for formal introduction of the resolution. >> so moved. >> second. >> mrntd if you'll read the resolution thank you, president hastening i'll ask our consul general to
5:40 am
read it into the record. >> with the permission i'll read the requested action for the policy career technical education and policies recruitment and selection to update the sfusd to conform to the resolution pathways to san francisco unified school district crazy assessor and interim programrazy assessor an interim progrinterim programy assessor and interim programc assessor and interim programa assessor and interim progrr assessor and interim programe assessor and interim progre assessor and interim programr assessor and interim programs assessor and interim program. >> i'm curious why the suspension. >> it is not necessarily urgent but conforming to the resolution that was discussed and voted on it didn't need a
5:41 am
second reading. >> other comments thank you ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer dr. murase ms. mendoza-mcdonnell ms. norton mr. walton and ms. wynns 7 i's and motion and second on stipulation of rules to hear first reading adoption of board policy students child abuse preservation and reporting move both do a motion move suspension of the rules. >> second. >> ms. chin mr. totiano ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell
5:42 am
dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton and ms. wynns 7 i's. >> motion and sector the introduction of the resolution. >> thank you carmen i'll ask general council. >> offering only moved. >> sorry. >> carried away by echo please record to approve the adaptation child abuse preservation to update the policy to conform to the resolution of in support of countering human trafficking and commercial sexual expiation of children. >> ms. chin mr. totiano
5:43 am
ms. fewer mr. haney ms. mendoza-mcdonnell dr. murase ms. norton mr. walton and ms. wynns 7 i's. >> all right. item r board members reports let me start with the standing committees report from the curriculum and program committee. >> thank you commissioner haney thank you to the commissioners having faith in me supporting our president and thank you dr. murase for leadership i'm hujd to be able to serve in that capacity a report if curriculum and program committee on meeting on january 4th and we approved the authorization of the 3 charters one was the authorization to grant the or deny the charter
5:44 am
schools authorization to grant or in the alternative entrants the petition for intensity high and charter school and to grant or the alternative remove the petition for adult charter school they've received a positive recommendation for renewal and the new teacher project that was our application monitoring the outreach and also a report on the developments for the task force for the raw soda task force that was the jest of our meeting on january 4th. >> thank you commissioner walton and report from the services committee commissioner norton. >> yes. so the budget committee met on january 6,
5:45 am
2015, we unanimously recommended the key charters and we had a very interesting and very lengthy discussion on the department budget review for the it department i think it was great to hear the progress that we've made in upgrading many of of our it systems and see how much further we have to go the issues were discussed here but this is something that the board will need to keep an eye on on and a lot of their projects that are funded and progress and others projects that no funding a identified for so definitely something that needs to be part of our budget ongoing budget
5:46 am
priorities we have a short discussion and a lot of public comment on our future budget priorities for the 2016-2017 school year there were a number of parents that attended that wanted to talk about map and common core and math additionally we did heard a lot of the testimony and the board members that were in attendance identified the priorities for the next year the purpose of that item really was to get that discussion going earlier than it has been in the past and to have it be more transparent than in the past because board members have complained that you know budgeted priorities appeared after a commission said oh, i think we should fund it with the confusion with staff the idea was to collect some
5:47 am
ideas early on and have the staff think about and incorporate them into sort of a larger list of priorities and do analysis about ongoing work and what resources that ongoing work with consume so superintendent got ideas around the high schooly design around you know additional investment that some of us think we should make in the common core curriculum we also know a lot of ongoing work that is happening and we don't really actually, i guess the governor come out with his budget proposal that is go for k through 12 i've seen this for us i know the rules committee will talk about that technique and we'll talk about it in the first week of february i want to urge the commissioners, if you have a
5:48 am
particular interest you think be parrot of the budget discussion please communicate as we begin the budget development proposals next week month we'll look at holistically in context of ongoing work that needs to continue fund to be realized thank you. >> thank you commissioner norton we have a number of announcements of committees coming up people have individual board reports and reports board delegates we'll do it altogether. >> commissioner. >> the rules committee is meeting on the 21st not our usual evening wednesday not thursday our advocates from sacramento will be here and
5:49 am
they're going around the states beginning their forecast kind of conventions and not able to come on that evening we switched to this is the time whether all the bills are being introduced excuse me. and in the coming next month or two probable not only will be hearing about the bills introduced but talking to the commission about the district on in the legislative proposa proposals. >> (inaudible). >> we haven't set the date yet. >> this is not a monthly meeting so we checked we could meet that evening. >> committee on student assignment will meet in february
5:50 am
other dr. murase. >> i wanted to congratulate you are elected are reelected members of the city family including mayor ed lee and george gascon and sheriff vicki hennessey many of us attended the swearing in a congratulations and congratulation also to the congratulates of the charter high schools there was a ceremony wednesday january 20th anothers 11:00 a.m. at st. mary's cathedral for the student celebration and thursday january 28th at the hall of justice for the celebration. >> thank you commissioner norton. >> i forgot to say the budget committee will be february 3rdrd. >> other reports from board members
5:51 am
updates no one okay as i mention the ad hoc committee will be meeting in february we're working on setting a date i want to announce the ad hoc committee an city college joint committee will be meeting in february we're working 0 on setting a date as well and post 6 members two different bodies to be able to get if to work sometime in february and seeing no other reports item s informational items. >> offering commissioner vice president haney matt haney. >> i want to take a moment to congratulate dennis barry tell the executive director of the x tomorrow's an exceptional partner after 10 years stepping down and interims if his place
5:52 am
thank you dennis for all our incredible efforts. >> thank you supervisor. >> other informational item is the staff report on informational notice of personnel tracks we have a memorial adjournment i'll call on science to read that adjournment. >> i'm scald so annunciation that patty the nations admonish influential and pioneer advocate for child programs died american people christmas morning in her home died of the rare blood disease her name was the best of getting children to succeed and nancy pelosi said adding that who's just patty was an early champion that everywhere else
5:53 am
benefits and she changed childcare in america hundreds and hundreds of bills have gone to the protective and patty there born 1945 in oakland and graced with a degree in french after her first child she embarked in improving childcare services and started a coach in 1972 after having twins later become one of the first childcare resource for all agencies in 1980 founded and became the executive director of childcare resource and network the agencies advocated for more chair wiener providers and provide greater than transparent and had an impact at the federal
5:54 am
level one of the biggest achievement the passing the legislation creating the childcare and development block grants that provides subsidies and retired in 2012 to help her greater than and survived by her children and combrarn i want to mention ore husband a long time math teacher at lincoln high school died labor but that for patty and him have a profound loss and dedicated their lives to the children of san francisco so the board of education expressed their condolences to patty and her family. >> thank you commissioner wynns no closed session a report
5:55 am
of closed session actions a special meeting of january 5th in the matter of james versus sfusd the board by a vote of 6 i's gave the authority of district to pay up to a stipulated amount and the board by a vote of 6 votes absent commissioner vice president haney and the board by the vote of 6 absent hastening what a group of one classified employee and one absent hastening had an agreement of certificate of employee by and vote of 6 i's one absent hastening the agreement with the enforcement dowry the second semester to one
5:56 am
hopefully student in the district the meeting is adjourned thank you. >>
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