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tv   LIVE Full Board of Supervisors  SFGTV  January 26, 2016 2:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> good afternoon, everybody and welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of wednesday, january 20, 2016, madam clerk call the role.
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>> supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor kim? supervisor mar not present supervisor peskin commissioner hwang not present supervisor wiener scott wiener for the present supervisor yee >> we have quorum ladies and gentlemen, please join us in the pledge of allegiance and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> thank you, madam clerk any incumbrance. >> we're in receipt of that
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communication from mayor ed lee dated january 19th communicating his veto of bicycle yield policy pursuant to the charter session the board any override thirty days not less than two-thirds of the board. >> colleagues, any changes to the meeting minutes of december 8th percent or 15 seeing no other names on the roster, is there a motion to approve the minutes by supervisor campos and seconded by supervisor mar colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. those meeting minutes pass after. all right. madam clerk call the first item >> time for the policy discussion between the honorable mayor ed lee and the board of supervisors the mayor may provide remarks up up to 5 minutes and from the odd
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district foul questions so long as the discussion didn't go past 5 minutes. >> welcome to the chamber mrptd i mean mr. mayor mr. mayor any opening remarks. >> thank you supervisor breed and supervisors and audience for being here today before i begin to we are the questions i'll make one comment about a good friend that recently passed dr. espanola jackson i wanted to join with the many members i know of the board and the audience that will recognize her as one of the outstanding citizens and certainly one that helped to educate me from environmental justice to community work. >> i want to discuss an issue we've been focused on i'm talking about the trust
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between communities of ancestor and our police department more specifically the breakdown of that trust most awe cuttingly since the death of mario woods last month i recognize mr. woods here as well since that disturbing incident i've ordered a number of policies with the use of force prevent the police involved shootings on january 6th i recorded to the board all the reforms that are already underway i urge the board to carefully review this update and share that with the community members response to 9 system moreover i've asked the chief of police and commission to respond by february 15th with a detailed plan to implement further reforms we are holding a series of
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community meetings around the city to build up the proposals and sdrshd the information to each of your offices and finally when i was in washington, d.c. i requested from the first year loretta lynch into a full investigation of mr. woods death and reiterateed my call 0 for a top to bottom review of the use of force policies as a city we must rebuild trust between the community and law enforcement this is no simple task and it requires serious effort on police reform, job training and violence preventions and so much more i'm committed to this work i know all of you are as well
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much more remains to be said we'll continue this dialogue and action to follow that are so with that, let's proceeded to our questions supervisor. >> thank you, mr. mayor and at this point, i'd like to recognize a supervisor from district 3 supervisor peskin. >> thank you planning department he rides with regard to a question about the super bowl as the district 3rd supervisor i've been fielding a high number of complaints via e-mail and by telephone on the streets that the city didn't act as relocate roe responsibly with the nfl to host the super bowl 50 and taken precautions to make sure that san francisco will be reimbursed to accommodate those vents and complaints about the
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lack of transparency i'm interested in knowing who in the midsts was the lead negotiator at it tale deal and who are the members of the action committee as you may know i'm a recent rearrival i'm missing the last couple of years and i come to it with an open mind love to hear our response supervisor peskin thank you for that question i've heard a number of accurate address misleading question about the super bowl 50 and take this opportunity to clarify and set the record straight first many of you remember that san francisco and the bay area had to compete to host the 50th super bowl competing with miami and houston what a bid that was backed by the board of supervisors in a rare solution of support on october of 2012
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and most relevance recently by the small business commission last time the bay area bid has an economic and culture benefits including u including international support and tax revenues and private sector investment but most importantly for the unprecedented commitment to charity and philanthropy that our super bowl 50 host committee has pledged 25 percent of all fund raised going to local nonprofits that host committee as you may know is led by our open tipping point leader and is compromised of business and sport and philanthropic leaders in san francisco and throughout the san francisco bay area supervisor you asked about the membership the complete mile-per-hour can be found on the website
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all right. the host committee given millions of grants by mo' magic and the third youth and the lgbt community center and the telegraph hill center in your own district supervisor peskin and form of we've working hard through the office of economic workforce development to make sure that the super bowl leads to impactful local spending to the business connect program making ours the first super bowl to specifically target local lgbt and small contractors thousands of workers in the private sector and building trade members benefit from the wages and over time pay from work-related to super bowl 50 leader of organized labor the hotel workers and building trades wrote a letter for the
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tremendous benefit that super bowl 50 is bringing to san francisco. >> well, you know i've encouraged some people trying to compare the super bowl 50 to the america's cup but well, that's kind of like football to needing it didn't make sense every city that has hosted did super bowl is eager but to have it back and, yes there are some has nothing to do with hassles and traffic but the positive economic impact is measured after the game totals in hundreds of dollars of million dollars dollars and million dollars 2, 3, 4 direct revenues for the host regions we will see the same here in doubt after review by the controller i've requested the terms felt quote/unquote deal between san francisco and the super bowl are actually quite simple in return for
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letting us host super bowl 50 in the city a free public festival we as a city provide the basic serves of the transit and public works it is the same relationship between the city and all the great free public event in san francisco from the annual pride and chinese new year parade to fleet week and every cough of years the world series for our giant i'm comfortable with the event it is part of what makes our city a world-class city sadly people see the negative aspects of super bowl 50 it didn't help our city i'm proud to be the mayor to help host super bowl 50 and proud the host economy has devoted mills to charity and free opportunity for the public to celebrate super bowl
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i'm excited for the city's time in the international spotlight and hope you'll join me in promoting and sharing the where you have place we call home the only regret i must admit our own 49ers are not going to the super bowl thank you. >> now we'll have a question from our colleague from district 11 i'm sorry supervisor peskin unfortunately, we won't be able to do any followup i apologize supervisor campos thank you, mr. mayor for coming here today last tuesday you introduced a enlightenment to double the inclusionary requirement on the june ballot in out of the out of control release market we agree we are
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in are you going to on the record be on the record of supporting the charter amendment as released that 71 percent of the voters feel. >> supervisor campos that's a good question you know back in did he december of last year, i along with supervisor president london breed announced a consensus to increase the inclusionary housing requirement you supervisor were invited to participate as supervisor kim and all members of the board well, we all share a goal as you indicate we all agree on that much more on this than we disagree when it comes to affordable housing we need nor affordable housing and we should require market-rate developers to build and pay for which of it our housing crisis calls for a significant increase to the city's inclusionary requirement we agreed to that
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where we seem to differ supervisor is whether or not increases should be based on professional and independent economic data and shareholders unquote about i can't support on approach that arrest trilateral shows the percentages regardless of building size or geography the measure i introduced last week is a critical addition to the charter amendment that's been proposed we will raise our city's inclusionary requirement the question simply is how i want to answer that question quickly with a study by our independent controller and the planning department economic feasibility needs to be our guiding principle for an dramatic untints circumstances would result if we set the inclusionary rates too low, of
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course, we now h have as our 12 percent inflexible we leave affordable housing on the table and we don't maximize affordability on that i think we agree on the other hand, if you set rates too high it is possible that fewer unit will be built over the next couple of years particularly for middle-income san franciscans i'm concerned that the result of the charter amendment and the ordinance setting an inflexible floor only luxurious high-rise sell for millions of dollars each will not move forward while thousands of desperately moderately units blow in case will be stopped in their tracks by onerous regulations my ballot measure is not a champion to the
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others a crippled security guard against businesses it take into account no analysis or process i want to build as much avenue as possible i believe my ballot measure gets to if goal owe and two months ago i called stakeholder of affordable housing developers and housing activists and all interested parties with the city staff to hammer out the changes to the laws that allows us to ask and demand nor affordable housing from our developers i charged them to do anaphic analysis from around the country we need their input before we set new inclusionary rates for the minimum we must allow for flexibility inform our own laws to incorporate their feedback and this of our controller and chief consist the measure
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directs the planning department and controllers staff to insure that a appropriate study and analysis is done before the board considers changes to the affordable housing laws was it didn't do is arbitrarily impose more regulars who's effects are not known and hamper the avenue in san francisco supervisors there is plenty of time to cooperate to create the results we all want more affordable housing for low and madam clerk, any announcements? >> middle-income i look forward to working with supervisor kim and all of you in the next couple of weeks thank you. >> thank you, mr. mayor with that colleagues let's get to our agenda madam clerk read the concept.
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>> items two and three empathize of discussion of these items unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests. >> seeing no other names on the roster, madam clerk call the roll. >> on items two and three supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell there are 11 i's. >> thoseions are approved unanimously item 4 to require a prevailing wages for broadcast prospers purposes. >> supervisor wiener thank
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you, very much. this legislation will expand the scope of our prevailing wage to cover the broadcast services on city property as you may know your prevailing wage ordinance is a critical way for san francisco as a city to acknowledge and support the need for good paying jobs for people that work in the city the city is incredibly expensive and we have affordability crisis we're not just around housing but in a number of aspects and need to make sure that workers in san francisco are paid a good wage and good benefits and are recently to have a shot of living and surviving here our prevailing wage ordinance helped us to do it that i want to thank supervisor farrell of his co-sponsorship and want to thank the local 119 and others for
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their work broadcast services include the work for electronically capture events liken sporting event and large concerts and other similar events for broadcast use specifically on television network television or cable this focuses on commercial activities and exemption smaller events i request our support. >> seeing no other names on the roster, colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the ordinance passes unanimously on the first reading. >> item 5 please. item 5 an ordinance to approve the amendment to the tower, llc to authorize online elevator ticket saddles with the fees among other certain respects and referring the ceqa determination
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and supervisor peskin thank you madam president he rides to first of all, recommend the lease to this body as amended thank you to the chair of the finance committee for accommodating those amendments and represent rec and park for listening to the community i want to acknowledge the very good effort to protect the tower that spearheaded a ballot measure prop b that has lead to the restoration of those w pa era murals which are part of our pat anyone and led to the leaks they're being fixed and finally in addition to that i want to say that there's a lot of controversial around the use of coit tower for that was solved by prop b but we'll need oversight i'll be working with
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the department and community to have an mou or necessary by action of this board we can have that level of oversight going forward thank you. >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. go the ordinance is passed anonymously on the first reading. >> item 6. >> item of a resolution to amend the prevailing wage rates for workers professionalism under aide contract for various contract. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously item 7. >> resolution to approve an agreement for $39 million between the city and joint powders board for the overlay positive control project and the peninsula electrification for the term of december 21st, 2020. >> same house, same call?
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we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously item 8 please. >> item 8 a resolution to retroactively approve the 2015 for the united states housing and urban development care program not to exceed $34 million and fulfill the board of supervisors approval for all annual or reoccurring entrants of $5 million. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously item 9 a to authorize an amendment to the daytime that extends to january 31st, 2021, by the department want technology for passenger seat approximately $22. million and an annual raise of 4 percent. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. unanimously madam clerk can you read items
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10, 11, 19, 20 and 21 together. >> 10, 1112, 19, and 20 madam president? 10, 11 and 21 thank you >> item 10 resolution to relieving authorize the off the of city attorney's office to accept and expend a grant from the california for the human trafficking advocacy program for the per day period of 2016 for the expensive services to enhance the task force on anti human trafficking and item 11 to retroactively authorize the public health to accept and expend a $2.9 million grant from the cdc to care demonstration projects through september 20, 2016, and item 12 retroactively
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authorizing the department of the environment to accept and expend a $6.9 million from the through 9 pacific gas & electric to continue an energy reduction efficiency program through 2016 and item 19 resolution to retroactively authorize the san francisco public library to accept and expend a seven hundred and 38 thoughts u u thousand dollars award for cash monies from the friends of san francisco public library for direct support for services in fiscal year 2015-2016 item 20 resolution retroactively to authorize the public health to accept and expend from the control board from the quality safety board program for this through 2016 and item 21 to retroactively authorize the san
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francisco public works to accept and expend a 200 and $80,000 for trauma approaches to care for october current period through october 2016 to september 2017. >> thank you colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution are adopted unanimously item 13. >> a resolution to authorize an amendment to the master terms and conditions with the entities for paul street that extend the term for two years which double the fiber connection for approximately one hundred and telephone thousand in the year. >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously item 14 resolution to establish the proimsdz limit for 2015-2016 at
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a approximately $3 billion pursuant to the called constitution article 13 b. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously next item, please. >> item 15 to authorize the release from sprint on the roof of property be located at 887 potrero for a 5 year term of base rent 70 thousand through 2021. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution to adopted unanimously 16. >> 1610 retroactively approve a lease with the u.s. government for offices to be cupped by the federal bureau of investigation fbi at a international airport with rent 1 about the $6 million inform executive rent from 2019. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without
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objection. the resolution is adopted anonymously next item, please. >> item 17 to authorize the early termination of a lease between llp and the airport commission for the domestic terminal program. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted anonymously schmidt. >> the mayor's office of housing and community development to extend the stabilization funds in the amount of $3 million for rehabilitation loans for eligible projects under the sites program. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopt unanimously item 22. >> item 22 motion to respond to the 2014 through 2015 civil grand jury for a status update on the report regarding clean power. >> madam clerk read items 23 and 24 to a resident to the
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2015-2016 civil grand jury for the status update on in the report regarding the city construction program and item 24 a motion to respond to the 2014-2015 civil grand jury for the status update opts on the recommendation regarding the department of telecommunications colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the motions are approved anonymously item 25. >> item 25 resolution to grant the revocable permission for the peru public right-of-way between fulsome street and maintain a new driveway for the foundation adjacent to peru avenue with conditions to affirm the city ceqa determination and make other appropriate finding. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted anonymously
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madam clerk can you please call item 26. >> an ordinance to amend the administrative code for the voir dire's code sections and provide for sunset date. >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the ordinance is passed anonymously on the first reading madam clerk can you call items 27 and 28 together. >> item 27 and 8 the motions to appoint supervisor peskin the first is to the bay bridge and 28 to the conservatism commission as a alternate for an i think definite term par colleagues a motion to excuse supervisor peskin motion by supervisor tang and sshthd by
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supervisor farrell we'll take that without objection. supervisor peskin is excused madam clerk call the roll. >> supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell there are 10 i's. >> okay. those motions are approved anonymously all right. this brings us to our 2:30 accommodations i know we have two accommodations one from supervisor farrell additional supervisor mar you have an accommodations you have up to 5 minutes. >> thank you madam president colleagues, i have the great
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honor of introducing someone to the landscape for a long time she is a woman that takes care of the flowers our the crooked street instead of district 3 and borders supervisor peskin he'll join me i want to recognize her for all her contributions to the city and keep the iconic parts of san francisco so jennifer are you here come on up jennifer. >> so colleagues it is jennifer board you know although lombard street a city street what people don't know two years ago all the flowers that are represented on them in the movies and around the world have been take care of and fund by the local neighborhood group the lombard improvement association we want
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to thank the folks for the leadership they've done an amazing job and want to thank you for your leadership the past few years the flowers are not as beautiful and thank you jennifer thank you for all your hard work we continue in the city and as a neighborhood to work on traffic concerns and so forth i know you've take care of give you a little bit of background on jennifer her mother and grandmother are born and raised here in the bay area from an early age a significant interest in the area. >> she pictured a degree in california i'll embarrass you lucky turned to some of her passions and give you an idea
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she studied no new york at the became a new life floral designer at the museums and worked for several well known flower designers and works on gardens and has a lot for roses and eventually joined the board in care of for the roses in san francisco golden gate park and again, thank you on behalf of the neighborhood i have to say that i got flowers from you, your mom said i felt inadequate to give flowers to you i'll embarrass myself i thought it was appropriated but want to recognize you and thank you so much on behalf of the entire city really you represent our city and across the world so thank you very much and offer
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you a chance to say a few words thank you. >> (clapping.) i want to say thank you to commissioner renne for your support i know you've been a tremendous help and kathy and thank you to the neighborhood association and shout out specifically to greg my boss and wanting on lombard hill those who don't know the lombard association has been around for many years and has completely been responsible for funding the support and beautiful indication of that area and to me it is a pleasure and huge honor and enlist to make just a small part of san francisco beautiful so thank you very much i appreciate this
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(clapping.) >> thank you. congratulations and at this time, i'd like to recognize supervisor eric mar to give his accumulation. >> thank you, colleagues last week supervisor cowen acknowledged and congratulated mr. jones and many of his supporter i'm introducing a recess we declare tuesday, january 26, 2016, clarence b jones in the city and county of san francisco i should start by acknowledging one of the people your background and many of the
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people in the audience go back to the civil rights but clarence want to acknowledge not only hit 85 birthday but as a pylon and mentor of many people you usf especially in my district one currently doctor jones is the visiting professor at usf and writer and at the martin luther king educational institute at as far as i am concerned thank you, ms. fittings go right ahead for the reason of the fist and civil justice at the core of the university and bringing doctor jones to usf and served as a political advisor for the doctor martin luther king, jr. until his death in 68 and assisted
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doctor martin in the i have a dream speak in 1963 the first african-american in the wall street arthur in carter and real inc. and anal lid member the storage he's written what would martin say if 2008 and behind the dream the making the speech to transformed the nation in 2011 and meredith as a role model for men and women who are drawn 0 for political justice in you'll atmospheres and as a practice throughout his life of being part of freedom struggle for san franciscans and beyond please join me in congratulating dr. jones and supporting the resolution declaring tuesday,
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january 26, 2016, clarence b jones day in the city and county of san francisco now i will that to over to supervisor cowen. >> good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, it is fortunate we have dr. jones in the chamber he is living history you've heard his obey grateful it is modest this is an incredible man, if you ever audit or take a course sit and lesson to this man oftentimes we quote from martin luther king speeches any time of year. >> particularly we celebrate of the life and work of him a strong team that stood behind him so dr. jones it is a privilege to say birthday and we salute you we're very, very grateful for the contribution not only in san francisco bay area but cross the world you've
2:43 pm
inspired many people and generations for that we're grateful. >> thank you (clapping.) >> hi, i'm the only child of the living do administration household my mother was a maid and cook, any father was a chauffeuring and there was a time when i was 6 years old when they decided to put me in a catholic broadly school for at that time poor colored boys and
2:44 pm
indian-americans so the shorthand of my early life i proudly say i was raised by irish nuns i say that those who had writing in english when i wrote my first book the editor said you know mr. jones we don't see myelogram california errors in you're writing. >> i was taught english the old-fashioned way i think this is impossible for me to write ingramly incorrect sentences in everyone because i remember having my palms hit by a pointer let me say that some of you may have heard me
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speak i'll try to be brief the dividing lines tell their stories but get all the credit i don't know why but i have been blessed with longevity and as a result of that long ghetto as i've gotten older and older i have dedicated any time and life to doing something which i feel i must do and that is my beloved brother was a assassinated at the age of 39 when i was 27 i try as best as i can to interpret his legacy
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now, it's not very complicated yes there are many speeches the average speech the speech opposing the war in vietnam but if you read the letter from the jails it is 21st century justice manifest so i accept this honor but have to say i would be remiss in accepting this honor if i didn't speak as he would speak if he were here you here what i'm saying now had he lived on january 15th he would have been 87 my birthday was a week ahead i just turned 85 that's why we're celebrating the question that is first and
2:47 pm
foremost on his mind how is it possible in the richest nation in the world that on the streets of boston philadelphia, san francisco, los angeles, new york, pittsburgh, people are sleeping on the sidewalks. (clapping.) >> and the richest in the richest nation in the world how is that possible? how that possible? so i suggest that when we talk about mortal and ethic ikdz in interpreting martin luther king we have to look at a new definition of what mortality is
2:48 pm
it is obscene and i am moral in the wealth of that country and skews where i live in asian pacific islander left to right there should be people not sleep on the sidewalks that is what he would say and the other thing he'd say is that you know you know, we have gun violence gripping us like we're entrapped by it and this is the effective and fair use of police power in our communities
2:49 pm
not just in san francisco but nationwide huh? >> the police in our communities are dictated with the power of the state to protect us and guess what to protect our children. >> uh-huh (clapping.) >> so dr. king would say how is it possible in the expense exercise of police power that the choose of the application of leigh choice it the first choice (clapping.) now you know when you were
2:50 pm
whether a corporation or business on a political situation you don't choose the problems you have to deal with you have to deal with them okay. >> so i'm deeply honored by this accommodations thank you. >> but not but, but i am a derive example but i did them i did them to try to celebrate the legacy of the greatest man, i knew i try to do if you want to - i thank you so much for this accommodations but if you wanted to look behind me and forgot about the
2:51 pm
accumulation it if you want to say we had an opportunity to commend in lane mann that had a chance to work with martin luther king 24/7 is it the way you honor me as you honor his legacy and you honor his legacy by not shoveling - come forth rightly and deal with the issues we know what they are
2:52 pm
(clapping.) thank you very much you know you know doctor king sometime when i was with doctor king we have to stop talking like a lawyer i talk stupid sometimes you have to get up and say something i hung around the brother i know how to preach thank you very much
2:53 pm
(clapping.) >> dr. jones truly an honor to have you in the chamber happy birthday and congratulations (clapping) and with that, madam clerk we're going 0 going to move to committee reports item 41 was considered by the public safety and neighborhood committee at a regular meeting on thursday at 2:00 p.m. and recommended as a committee report item 41 a resolution to make july 22nd mario woods remembrance day in the city and county of san francisco
2:54 pm
(clapping.) and colleagues before we move to a vote i'd like to we'll take that without objection. allow many woods to come up and say a few few words colleagues we'll take that without objection. (clapping.) >> thank you. >> i wasn't going to come but there was a need someone asked me i didn't give any thought to
2:55 pm
this day actually this very moment what my rely i have to live my life and all the hopes he had for him and the dreams yeah. they can have a day for any baby secondly, i had to think this i felt the poa was going to be here when i received any babies high school diploma it could have been like it came from princeton to me (clapping) >> when i heard the poa tried to strong-arm a bullying sheriff hennessy thank her for me she stood her ground to keep me out of my child's graduation so sometimes you have to stand and
2:56 pm
look at the going life in the eye if i have to be the >> (repeated.) >> the constitution of the united states. and god any slingshot i want you know to know everyone can't be bullied i have to be his voice (clapping.) i was standing by mario's shine and go to put flowers 3 little boys said are you mario's mom i went late i said i'll mario's mom they would schizophrenia i take a picture of them embracing them they might have been 7 or 8 we/to make those streets save for them to walk in their community not scared to come out of their hours our brothers shouldn't be scared to be pulled
2:57 pm
over by the police officers and be struck in the mouth this is happening it is real it is they're real it i have to thank you london and thank you, thank you campbell and avalos thank you so much thank you thank you. >> thank you (clapping.) >> with that, i'd like to acknowledge supervisor campos
2:58 pm
the author of the resolution. >> yeah. yeah, yeah. (clapping.) >> thank you thank you supervisor president breed and thank you for asking ms. woods to come up and say a few words i don't know if we can follow clarence jones and ms. woods this resolution is ultimately because of everything they have said because of everything that we as a city have fought for and i really don't have the words to capture the importance of this you thank us quentin lynwood's i want to thank you because by standing up to the bullying and
2:59 pm
intamentsz we've seen not only standing up for yourself for your family but you're standing up for an entire city that says we do not have to choose between intimations and compassionate we as san francisco the city of st. francis see nothing wrong with recognizing we have a problem (clapping.) through this day of remembrance not only are rehonoring the memory of mario woods but honoring all the people that have been impacted by this lack of trust in our police department i see seen the father
3:00 pm
of alex also in the audience and the mother (clapping.) and i would ask them (clapping.) - this day of remembrance is for them too it is for the family of lopez (clapping.) and i - chp. >> i will note that i know that supervisor avalos has an item later on because what we welcome the mayor is calling for
3:01 pm
a federal investigation which actually had previously been called for the by the president and supervisor cowen not limited to one case but these kinds (clapping.) - then and then end up with this one of the of the things the letter from the poa was that they talked about how by doing this day of remembrance and offering our condolences we are disrespecting the memory of officers that have fallen in the line of duty i know that supervisor farrell will be dealing with that we as san
3:02 pm
franciscans don't have a choice to make between our people you can honor what happened with mario woods and still honor the officers that have given their lives to the city (clapping.) those two issues are not mooucht exclusive i think that is sad that instead of recognizing we have a problem the union that represents the police officers is trying to pit one family against another (clapping.) and we in san francisco are better than that we're not going to let it happen thank you very much (clapping.) >> thank you supervisor campos
3:03 pm
for your leadership on this issue clearly the coalition for justice for mario woods i know is here with tfa les lecture jones and mohammed nuru thank you thank y thank you referred refer rent-controlled unit mohammed and also brothers against sons for your advocacy in the community and reverend from the
3:04 pm
naacp we talked about a lot of challenges in our community and two weeks ago i introduced not only a resolution for the department of justice to do an extinct e independent in the shooting death of moody's but introduced a request to for our reward fund for 200 and $50,000 leading for the arresting and conviction for those who plague our streets with guns and prey on our kids that resolution came b.a. about because of people in the audience today (clapping.)
3:05 pm
mothers like sal la and molly and other folks sadly have lost their children lives way before their time i see many of the folks in the audience people i grew up with we've seen too much losses in our community and finally, finally through this board have an opportunity to work to make our streets safer for the next generation yes, this is a victory but we have there's more work to do there's more work to do i want to thank every single one of you for your advocacy and consistency thank you all for continuing to support ms. woods during this time i rem remember some of the mothers saying you
3:06 pm
never want to be part of this club never want to be part of this club that mourn the death of their children i don't want to see that happen this is why we're introducing the resolution and that's why we won't be intimidated by the poa or anyone else (clapping.) and it is why when we stand together we're stronger for it thank you all so much for being here with that, i see that supervisor yee is on the roster supervisor yee. >> just want to say quickly that have not had an opportunity to ask the co-author i want to be
3:07 pm
the co-author thank you, thank you supervisor yee (clapping.) >> supervisor kim. >> thank you. i did already speak last week and to ms. woods as well want to add some comments given some of the intimidation tactics i want to reiterate that just as the members of the board as supervisors i honor the men and women that put their lives at risk everyday to keep our lives safer and this day of remedy bransz for mario woods didn't in any way diminish what our police officers do we live in a sovereignty we've seen it government funded homicides largely of young memory of color seen the status are unfortunate
3:08 pm
necessity of keeping our neighborhoods safer i know ms. that is not the way we are making the commitment in the day of remembrance hold ourselves accountable to what makes a safer and police reform has happened but we should say police reform is it not an attack on the san francisco police department we fund this organization we fund the training programs that hold our officers to shot individual like mario woods this that sob with his mother if those are the tools we give the officers we need to change that (clapping.) this has to happen at the exclusive level if leadership in
3:09 pm
the mayor's office and at the board of supervisors as well and we need our citizens to hold us accountable we're imitated by organizations like the poa and he just want to say one other thing i don't believe the poa is representative of their members i can't tell you the number of officers saying the poa didn't represent them they don't share their prospective when they said race has nothing to do with with ferguson or battling they acknowledged to the not the trust with the larger community and the city so i stand in solidarity with you ms. woods in recognizing our son what it symptoms as what is
3:10 pm
wrong so thank you. >> thank you. >> (clapping). >> supervisor wiener. >> supervisor wiener is going to let me go first. >> supervisor cowen good afternoon good to see you in the chamber i want to recognize and i also want to pufb thank overseeing who have pubically defend me in any honor of the attacks the poa has put out there i want to talk about something i heard from sister winning she talked about remembrance everyone can't be bullied i want us to remember that as we stand here collectively all the pain and turmoil we have experienced and we need to collectively tap into that and remember we also need to remember those who would
3:11 pm
have died in the unsolved murders we today, we call out mario woods the mario woods is a symptom for all those that don't have a place in history that may have died tragically and nameless but we remember i think that is absolutely critical we do something on an unanimous basis to remember those that have fallen we never forgot we can continue to teach the future from the mistakes we've made and learned from in the past we don't duplicate them and make the same mistakes i want to recognize all the leadership that have colonel together i hope you'll sacrifice for the entire meeting for the legislation you'll be interested 2, 3, 4 knowing about a movement afoot for a moment i'm fearful i was afraid we'd pass over san
3:12 pm
francisco the movement that sweeps the nation at a small point in time to get justice for those who experience unjudged justice for decades for some an entire lifetime so if you're here in the chamber please make sure it is not your last time make that place a regular place we need you in the committee room i know sometimes it is broerg don't get me wrong but critical for your collective future that we appendix and that we hold those accountability accountable supervisor breed will not always be the president and one thing is consistent is policy and the rules that govern this nation that is our job to
3:13 pm
make sure we shaping those rules they're fair and their balanced and their thoughtful (clapping.) thank you supervisor cowen supervisor wiener. >> thank you very much madam president and i'll be supporting the resolution today (clapping.) - i think no mother should ever lose her child and it is appropriate to be part of national conversation around taking a hard look at force not only in san francisco but around the country and important conversation i also want to no commit that this resolution does for the broad rush in terms of police
3:14 pm
officers there are many, many police officers that are in it for the right reason that work with the community every single day and i believe we're not rush no matter would what the context and don't believe this is on the issues we're trying to address i do have an amendment we want to offer i've shown it to supervisor campos and he support it adding an whereas as the third whereas clause multiple investigations and we requested a federal will investigation into the investigation they're ongoing and not concluded and determine the facts and what happened here and so i will make that motion to amend and have distributed the language to everyone. >> supervisor wiener made a motion is there a second. >> seconded by supervisor campos colleagues we'll take
3:15 pm
that without objection. we'll take that without objection. that passes madam clerk call the roll. >> on item 41 supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell there are 11 i's. >> the resolution is adopted as amended unanimously (clapping.) colleagues - let's - (clapping.)
3:16 pm
thank you we'll take a 5 minute recess.
3:17 pm
3:18 pm
3:19 pm
3:20 pm
3:21 pm
3:22 pm
>> all right. we're back from recess and here we go with the boring yet meeting work that supervisor cowen has been referring to in her remarks we have several p.m. special orders i think that almost all of them with possible will be continued so i will start with the first 3:00 p.m. special order madam clerk please call item 29 to 32. >> items impose the special
3:23 pm
order at 3:00 p.m. for persons interested in the public works dated 2014 approving a new construction condominium project on avenue items thirty through 32 the tentative map. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you madam president by colleagues i'd like to request a continuance of this item we have a situation were there was emotion that emotion didn't result in a she means with the hope and understanding the meter will try to solve this
3:24 pm
case i here by ask to continue this item to may 24, 2016. >> supervisor campos has made a motion to continue this item to may 24th seconded by supervisor farrell before we take this motion is there any public comment on the continuance seeing none, public comment is closed colleagues we'll take that without objection. we'll take that without objection. >> madam president i'll state that commissioner yee is not in the room. >> just for the record colleagues to continue to the meeting of may 24th we'll take that without objection. we'll take that without objection. it passes anonymously. >> mr. clerk the next 3:00 p.m. special order. >> 33 to 36 for a public hearings for a demonstration
3:25 pm
under second 2015 and further confirmed by the municipal transportation agency for a proposed shuttle program items 34 to 36 are the motion that pertain to that item. >> okay supervisor campos. >> thank you madam president it is my understanding that supervisor yee is will be making a motion to continue but i think that the point here is that to give additional time so we have the parties come together to see if there is a way to find a resolution and perhaps agree
3:26 pm
mediations supervisor campos has asked to continue to february 9th seconded by supervisor peskin and supervisor wiener thank you, thank you very much madam president well, i appreciate the motion the entire for more time i'll not be supporting to continue today, i think we're ready to hear the ceqa appeal today it is hard to imagine an issue that is more fully vetted than this one and no more information we need i'll say this issue the commuter pilot shutter program has studied i'm a strong supporter of counterpart shuttle while the
3:27 pm
ceqa we'll hear during the hearing i'll say i've reviewed the briefs and not seeing a ceqa issue i'll listen to the argument and see if i come to a different conclusion but there's a lot there i'll say about the commuter shuttle program abusive it expires on sunday so as of 12 on one on monday morning if in the resolved today, there will not that a commuter shuttle program the mta will not are regulatory power the point of having a pilot program and then presuming the permitted program to address the wild west that is happening on our streets for a number of requesters years with the shuttles the shuttle to come together and come up with
3:28 pm
regulations about where they can go and reputes and type of fees and what stops at the can and cannot do use as of telephone on one monday morning that will expire the mta will no longer have regulatory power to do that they'll no longer be in the parking control officers dedicated under the program the feeds won't be paid and i just don't think that is the right way to go i also just want to say i think a lot of time the arguments about the shuttle program don't really acknowledge some of the realty about this program we know from the study that the mta did as part of pilot program approximately 8 thousand san francisco residents 8 thousands of our neighbors rely on the shuttles to get to work (clapping.) and he speak as a supervisor who
3:29 pm
represents a district that likely has the highest number of residents that ride those shuttles and the neighborhood that are impacted by the shuttles in terms of the route the shuttles use i am deeply involved in this issue for 0 a long time we know that these shuttle take cars off the road they take carbon out of reduce the amount of carbon into the sphere we know not based on this study we know based on previous surveys done of the shuttle riders it from the shuttles disappear tomorrow overwhelmingly those rider will continue to live in san francisco and so the whole notions that the are shuttle are bringing people to the city is actually not borne out by the data and so i think that we need to
3:30 pm
keep in mind that as we move forward we received a letter from caltrain their over capacity and going to be a long time before caltrain has the capability to absorb all the rider we want them to the idea people are going to that the shuttle don't operate they'll take 3 buses to get to caltrain and maybe squeeze into a caltrain and their this will get both their car and drive there or find a job in the city and live here so i think that is really important to keep it in mind and understand we have a major housing crisis to address and address it by actually fixing our housing policy and having enough affordable housing rather
3:31 pm
than scapegoating people's ability to get to work so we have all the information we need we don't need more information i'm prepared to hear this appeal today and i will be voting against the motion to continue. >> thank you, supervisor wiener supervisor yee thank you supervisor president london breed i apologize for being out of the room whether this was a motion i was pulled out by a reporter but i'm going to make a statement to reimburse the motion there it is important for the shuttle for the residents today, i heard transportation pedestrian safety are tape priorities in my office many should the pilot be a permanent program an increase in the number of shuttle thus
3:32 pm
increasing emissions for collisions and although the ceqa appeal is in scope i can't in good conscious vote in support of program today as a city we have to do not done enough i want the opportunity to work with the shuttle companies to find common sense solutions to make sure that the environmental impact will not be compromised with the program we need to make sure that the benefits extend beyond the employees and residents many corporates rely on this program and ought to have an opportunity to work with us and everyone to come up with a solution not only to benefit their own employees but socially responsible and corporate
3:33 pm
citizens make sure they benefit from the significant transportation system as a city we must be responsive to what we have been hearing from the public come it an argument agreement with additional compacts and for those reasons madam president i will support the motion to continue this item for two weeks to be heard at the board of supervisors on february 9th i know that mta has raised concerns about the ending of the pilot but i encourage them to extend the pilot 90 pilot in order for the board of supervisors to have a stronger program that works for all san franciscans and it's residents thank you very much. >> thank you supervisor yee supervisor tang thank you. i felt compelled to say a few words i feel like we have all the information we need
3:34 pm
to vote i'm alarmed by this discourse around those vehicles are taking more cars off the road let's remember that (clapping.) so today before us is an appeal and it is regarding the environmental review those vehicles are carrying hundreds and hundreds probably thousands of passersby not in their individual cards so again, i feel we have all the information today. >> thank you supervisor campos thank you. i just want to make a couple of points i didn't make in terms of the continuance what i think a continuance does first and foremost it allows this pilot to continue and the mta can take steps to make sure that happens none of us here believes that those shuttles should go away and no one is
3:35 pm
against the shuttle continuing to play the roll for san francisco the continuance allows more time to do something that is consistent with what i think that clear out there in the public which is the public want to support this program but also wants to be properly regulated i that that that is an opportunity in the next two weeks to address the additional concerns and et seq. piece the public want those companies to pay their fair share and something that can be considered and discuses as part of continuance the point here is that contrary to the parade of horror hoshlz the members of the public wants this program to remain a part of san francisco but to do so in a way that allows proper
3:36 pm
regulation consideration of concerned that neighborhood have that is, i think what the public wants and precisely what we'll do today. >> supervisor peskin thank you. i rise in support of the continuance obviously there is a ceqa mattered before us i will not prejudge that albeit not a judicial matter but want to say i absolutely support opening up a negotiation when i was on that side of dial the way the program roles out initial was quit disturbing yes, it should be regulated and, yes treat them in the same way but at the beginning of the stop it was american people insult to muni rider and neighborhood we're starting to get that under control it is in the permit program i note this program has not honored the men and women in
3:37 pm
labor particularly in teamsters that is in the program and quite frankly if the pilot and any temporary program but i think giving a space for two weeks is used this to negotiate something that can make the program better is absolutely the right way to go. >> thank you supervisor peskin supervisor kim. >> i want to reiterate what supervisor campos and supervisor peskin said we reached an agreement with the stakeholder that are centered in seeing interest program continue and an additional two weeks helps us to come back with an better program and tom maguire is here is working curiously to get something we can put a temporary program in place we work to create a better program that regulates those commuter shuttle buses so i don't want to put tom maguire on the spot i know that
3:38 pm
sfmta has a board meeting on the second and make sure there is something in place while we continue the sdpugsz on the commuter bus program. >> mr. maguire i want to answer that. >> thank you, supervisors and take the opportunity to talk about that as supervisor kim said she has asked us we are looking at options to continue the program in some way but i want to distinguish between the pilot program expires on february 1st and sometimes called the permanent program we are relying with the permanent program relying on the ceqa before you today and we're still looking at the issue to where we will have the ability
3:39 pm
to create a temporary program in the absence of the ceqa determination the pilot program will continue until february 1st and rely on the positive working relationship with many of the shuttle providers to see if we can during some period some sort of continuous period to have 19 it continued to on the streets but not something i'm able to promise in the confuse our relationships. >> thank you, supervisor kim anything else. >> no. >> supervisor mar. >> i'll say that i've appreciated the mta working on a strengthening of the pilot program i know that a lot of work from others have gone into that i worry about as we continue this and we won't have regulation over a period of time that real worries me but other
3:40 pm
colleagues state i want to stronger program from cleaner vehicles to mitigating the gentrifying i'll call the horrible social impacts of too many shuttles taking up public space and those impacts in the neighborhood i hope in the two weeks we come up with those strengthening the programs so we as a body can support the mtas effort i know there is a lot of preexception issues and what we can do locally but, do better i appreciate the work of the staff not only from the mta my hope also as looking at the california vehicle code we doing everything we can to protect the neighborhood from being overrun by those commuter shuttles within the pilot program but the existing charge yots from uber
3:41 pm
to lyft that are flooding the streets in san francisco two week continuance i'll be supportive of but my hope we u we put our heads together but my appreciation to the staff thank you for all you do and to 10 to think one and the environmental and other groups thank you very much for staying on top of and having san francisco police commission san francisco to have the stroke it policy. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam president it is important to acknowledge what is going on here the when supervisor kim refers to the stakeholder agreeing there should be a continuous not an agreement that everyone wanted an agreement that was age acknowledge of the majority of board of supervisors including the supervisors that have spoken
3:42 pm
in favor are opposed to the shuttle program we're not prepared to effectively overturn the permit shurment program today, i think not that people are dying to have a continuance other than the appellants in this case really think we should be continuing this i think that people feel they're in position to not have a choice other than the categorical exemption will be overturned and no program whatsoever and the program will go urban widen i'm concerned over the next two weeks under the guise of dialogue there will be a limit to it so significantly it is difficult for the instrumental to operate to make that harder hear harder for workers to get to their homes and people will be hard to get there and end up driving
3:43 pm
that's my concern what could happen over the next two weeks it is important to be transparent who is going on not about odds and end and sueing things up but the board of supervisors opposed to the shuttle program and supporting alternates that make it hard for people to use the shuttle i neglected to mention in addition to the importance of the shuttles for san francisco residents i want to enlightenment the mta for its work to deal with the neighborhood impacts of those shuttles and again in my district particularly in noah valley and glen park and the castro a lot of shuttles going through and the 34569 has working hard that is a part of this program to try to get the
3:44 pm
shuttles off of the appropriate streets and keep them off the side streets duncan or three 6 street we're experiencing 20 or thirty shuttles awning hour and have more of a diversion this plan has a good solid regulations and a harmony piece this board to urge for harmony and commend the mta for listening to this board and incorporating the ham i didn't corporation into the program so this program does so much of exactly what we've asked did mta good regulation, higher fees, making it usable not just for the rider but making it comfortable in our neighborhood this is no reason to delay other than an effort by some members
3:45 pm
of the board to make the shutters much less also he an issue. >> thank you, supervisor wiener (clapping.) open up for public comment on the continuance only if you like to make comments about the continuance please come forward seeing none, public comment is closed. oh, okay. well i'll reopen p.m. public school and only speak to the actual tennis thank you hello good morning. >> thank you supervisors for hearing this i'm rising to support not support the continuance i actually am someone that rides a counterpart shuttle i maybe - i use it to commute to my work and home and i hope you'll be in
3:46 pm
support and thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors sacramento the teamster joint 7 representing 13 thousands teamsters in the city and county of san francisco rising to speak in support of the anything that this board does that keeps the labor harmony provision in the program not in the temporary but in the photograph active program the issues raised around this shuttle program are being addressed by the efforts of workers like the brother that will speak who are organizing the teamsters without that labor harmony provisions everything will unravel thousands of workers will lose middle-income
3:47 pm
jobs. >> hello, i'm trashing kelly a driver for a company and drive for yahoo i want to speak on continuing the program as well as the labor harmony it is vitally that you continue this program it is not only for the individuals that ride these buses evidence this is thousands of money not just hundreds thousands and the companies they support all those folks live in san francisco they support san francisco businesses they pay taxes in san francisco it is extremely important that the city continue to provide 24 opportunity for those individuals if it goes away we have more cars on the street, we have people that will leave the
3:48 pm
city and an effort to maintain their jobs we don't have the proper infrastructure today to continue to commute those people back and forth to work a lot of the people use muni on a daily basis in order to make it to work that not they're able to work from walk from home and ride to work they have to use muni in order to get to the bus stop to get to their location of employment it is very important we continue this this support of the whole program is extremely important not only it it important for us to maintain the labor harmony hundreds of derivatives that support this program without this program we'll not have jobs several of the companies have organized under the teamsters organization improves the
3:49 pm
quality of life through was this and over time, all of those things are importantly - >> thank you very much thank you. >> i'd like to remind the members of the public this is only to speak regarding the continuance not specific about the program so if you have any public comment regarding the specific continuance please come forward. >> this is about the continuance. >> and i hope you recognize that these buses sit around and idle this is air pollution should be a limit to the amount of time i'm speaking for everyone you know we have to breathe a lot of the pollution in the city and where it will get a lot worse more buses you sit here and all the buses sitting there idling you have to breathe it
3:50 pm
our lives maybe shortened maybe something in the bus that will shut it down you know automatic id e ill we have to recognize what we are doing maybe a hybrid buses madam president i'm pausing the gentleman's time to the speakers mr. speaker no, no mr. speaker we'll review your time. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is a chris i'm also a shuttle rider i would like to encourage you not to have voted for a continuance i that think it is important to recognize data that is shared and i think that there is enough information to make a decision i want to thank you for your comments and
3:51 pm
you know to take a chance to recognize this you know the program allows me to not purchase a car it is pretty important i don't want to be an interest rate for the pollution around here from individual cars thank you for not voting to continue thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm co-chair the noah committee i support the continuance we have double decker i buses coming down the street we need to look at deeply into regulating this and that's why i feel a continuance and continuance and end in the shuttle they're not mooucht sensitive. >> i'm anthony a member of the mission and worked for galileo for the past 10
3:52 pm
i want to say i'm proud of my employer for doing their part to fight climatic change and reduces the footprint to get to work on computer shuttle i'm not fooled by the motion this is continuance is not a disruption that will doorstep r disrupt me thank you, supervisor wiener so far being an advocate and want to express my disappointment you vote against this for my job thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm cynthia a shuttle rider born and raised in the richmond and when i moved to san francisco i gave up my car because i have the shuttle it get me to work day to day and so the shuttle program is cancelled
3:53 pm
will impede any job and take my car from the east bay and drive it everyday which create nor pollution and chart parking i know my colleagues will do the same i live no where near caltrain it is hard so i would like if you guys can support the shuttle program thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon and rode the 49 from the excelsior i live in district 11 and proud member of the teamster i'm a supporter of continuance and i think that the lyft cars and more buses is good for the people so basically that's all i want to say i support the
3:54 pm
continuance thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm andrew a shuttle rider i ask you to vote against the continuance the data is there i think you've discussed the issues and am concerned what will happen in the next 3 y weeks i've been taking shuttle for 5 years i remember the days when there before the shuttle pilot program was in place the current program is adequate and we have the data to make a decision so you encourage you to vote against the turns thank >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi sorry 10 to one i want to thank some of the supervisors for your comments we are in support of continuance and we all those those shuttle buses are not
3:55 pm
going away so people will continue to ride i hope in two weeks we get to a place we can address all the concerns the board thought about the imperial people bought and continue with the taermdz i think that is doable and look forward to the next two weeks in getting a resolution in supporting all the community in you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm north america than against the continuance i attended some of the public hearings i was impressed with the amount of data and research that went into this program i'm surprised to hear it is brought up you don't think you have enough information and need more time this is a thank you thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> edward and i think we need to have the turns the reason is
3:56 pm
there is a lack of enforcement for the last month in december sf reporter paraded without a license and finally after the second week in january they have lipdz and decals and youtube will only have 12r7 riders on the bus so i think there should be consolidation of the individual companies consolidating their people on this it is scare tactics everything will that fall apart it fell apart when the busses were allowed and not ticketed you need the route is set so come monday things will not fall apart that is a given and you have boring operating on 3 ton restricted streets for 4
3:57 pm
months i can't get them off that street 4 months there are restrictive streets 26 and 25, chavez in noah valley and those buses continue to operate with immunity none goes and tickets them this is what i want to see enforcement. >> madam president i'll ask the gentleman's time thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> thank you thank you for the opportunity to speak i'm sarah residents off san francisco and also speak on the noah valley. >> speak up into the microphone. >> on behalf of the silicon valley and a residents of san francisco we're supportive of continuing the shuttle program an environmentally friend of mine way the program is
3:58 pm
successful and increasing the co-negation and additionally it helps to fund other infrastructure and safety improvements in san francisco this program is treated bye like other programs when it comes down to ceqa. >> madam president i'm pawing the speakers time. >> ma'am, speak directly about the turns thank you. >> thank you and we'll remind the people in line this is to speak only about the continuance and not the specifically about the actual appeal please. >> next speaker. >> hello my name is sarah i'm the director of housing right we're here to support the sculpting we are glad supervisors are taking want time
3:59 pm
to look at effects like displacement we think there needs to be an environmental review we watch the craigslist adds all list the counterpart bus stops and thousands of tenants being pushed out of san francisco that lived and worked here now with the modesty hour this this has not been appropriate will studied and that are in support of continuance to have more time to talk about this >> thank you (clapping.) >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm james a bus rider i'm against the continuance not only be able to get to work next week mainly to moved on this issue this is an divisive issue this is a great opportunity for collaboration and cooperation it is hurtful for everyone in the
4:00 pm
city to talk about those issues that are dividing us with so much work to be done and so many people making sure it is going to be a plays whether they ride a shuttle or not the sooner we get past the issue of that instrumental if we bypass the continuance how to acholic beverage and stop focusing on the issues it is heartbreaking thank you for your time and consideration. >> thank you. next speaker. >> madam president donald retained of san francisco we live in a progressive city and we deserve to have progress today not tomorrow not next week or next month we have issues that are ready to be discussed if those supervisors when be asking for a continuance are serious they'll be adding an
4:01 pm
amendment to the legislation today not next month against the continuance please. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> i'm here in support of continuance and please don't stop the commuter are shutters upside down the boulevard of commuters searching in the night and don't stop believing in commuters and going upside down the boulevards of commuter shuttles searching in the night. (clapping.) >> thank you. >> thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm by those betty here to speak in
4:02 pm
support of continuance there is been insufficient environmental impact report and it is hard to know you want to look at the full brake of what is going on with the instrumental not only that you're taking cars off the street people are not driving to work people are driving from modesto and missing their times with their family and hunk to know your commuting three or four hours a day from a place you've been displaced from i highly recommend that you look at the facts that the busses are all loan how is that as a large impact for the two or three years and the cars that go down to this peninsula or other companies within the east bay are not that much of on impact
4:03 pm
compared to the displacement and people traveling so far to come here for their minimum wage jobs i ask you to consider that and will postpone this and take a longer look it for the future thank you. >> madam president before the mexico speaker if i add as your humble clerk in 2, 3, 4 chamber there is no vocational expression of any support or opposition against a matter you may use our fingers instead. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm dan in favor of the continuance the world will not come to an end to take two weeks to devolve into this dealing with the industries that don't like to be regulated and have to be part of this and the effect on muni if we undercut them in any way so,
4:04 pm
please vote for the continuance the world will not end tomorrow. >> thank you. next speaker. >> supervisors this city as an audience called the precautionary principle i'll direct to go to the people that are here we need a continuance for the planning department to really going to the precautionary principle a number of things have been said today about 10 things percentage make a check list like particular tracks and enforcement and so on and so forth and so you need to advise the supervisors that when we try to favor people that push we have to pay attention to the precautionary principle and to audience that's the law thank you very much. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment to the
4:05 pm
continuance seeing none, public comment is closed and madam clerk there was a motion to continue this item for two weeks to the meeting of february 9th. >> february 9, 2016, that was seconded so at this time colleagues, we will - supervisor farrell. >> thank you madam president i believe there is the vote to continue this item i want to respect my colleagues have been working to resolve this issue i want to go strongly on record as a supporter for all the obvious reasons that have been mentions by the colleagues and members of the public in taking cars off the road i have so many people in the district that allows them to work but allows them to live in the city without cars from any prospective it is exactly
4:06 pm
what we should be encouraging i know there is logical issues we work with buses i do living near people's homes and not an easy situation our roads are overcrowded with that said, i think the right thing to do i'm a huge supporter i will be when it comes down voting to support the program and as the time comes keep my mind open on the second matters but right for san francisco i think this is something we've vetted for a long time and my office has been in constant contract with the pilot program over the past 18 months today i'll add a difference for the appropriate - i'll not be in support of doing
4:07 pm
it past two weeks and this gentleman mentioned bringing our city together. >> thank you supervisor farrell and supervisor wiener. >> a clarifying question to mr. maguire when this program expires on sunday night so mr. ma inquiring what happens there will there is enforcement and fees collected we see for a continuance today maybe it will be only two weeks with who knows if this will gone longer than that given how long we are hearing not enough information that is surprising it is unclear if this will be resolved in less than two weeks what happened on sunday night. >> thank you, supervisor first of all, we not been able to collect fees after february 1st in the terms of the
4:08 pm
permitted program that the mta created will netted ghetto the mta one hundred thousand dollars per week we'll not been able to collect those fees starting on february 1st and secondly, the parking control officers the 10 pcos were dedicated to reinforcing the rules they'll not been able to enforce those rules itself violations are against the permit the permit won't exist after february 1st those pcos will not be able to write those violations. >> so in terms of you know the pilot program and the permitted program fines the parking control officers to then to enforce them under the ticket if they violate the terms of permit they'll no longer be able to do that. >> that's correct. >> and the program is projected to generated one thousand dollars a week for the
4:09 pm
mta. >> that's right your cost is $5 million per year that worked workout in part funds the parking control officers that do the enforcement. >> that's the sole source of revenue. >> great those parking control officers are members of the 10 to one little appellant here; right? >> that's correct. >> thank you. >> mr. maguire a clarifying question because the mta is povshl looking at a temporary program the temporary program has to be retroactive until february 1st isn't that correct. >> i don't know. >> you could not do a program you retroactive a program until february 1st i mean for example, you have brought to us leasing
4:10 pm
leases asking for retroactive to bring the approvals of applications and other things asking for a retroactive start date even though a program starred and even though a lease started even though you've move forward and so i i guess i'm trying to understand this is a same concept if this is probable when we are talking about specifically about the possibility of a temporary program is doing retroactiving making it retroactive to the start of month even though it is being passed over after the most is started i guess is that possible to do. >> the services that you are the fees we collect in the pilot residents from the programs are pagan for we'll not be able to provide those services so we couldn't fund the pcos and great
4:11 pm
white zones we'll do those operational things that we the mta bears to the providers pay for. >> we'll only be able to move the program forward if it is approved by the mta board to start on a specific date after the board approved it not a retroactive date. >> that's mined. >> do you know that for certain i want to get clarity this is really why we're needing the continuance so we can get clarity what we can and cannot do as it relates to this particular program. >> i'll ask the city attorney. >> john gibner, deputy city attorney legally if the mta adopts it on february 2nd assuming there were merits i know is an issue the mta would discuss with planning
4:12 pm
the program could be retroactive i think perhaps there will be practical problems on february 1st when no program in place will the shuttle buses be shopping stopping in the zoned and what will the pcos do when the buses stop on february 1st before the retroactive pilot extension goes into place maybe some problems impractical speaking about enforcement but the program could be adopted retroactively. >> another question were there any new traffic controversial officers hired as a result of this program. >> we expanded the parking control officers when we created the pilot program. >> so you hired 10 new traffic
4:13 pm
control officers. >> that's correct. >> once this program xiefrdz they're no longer working for the department or rerouted. >> in the 140r789 we willy assign them to other duties but a lot of and i transition and not back them when they left their positions. >> okay supervisor kim. >> thank you. i do appreciate supervisor breed question i'm to say i rewatched the hearings in 2014 and sfmta clearly stated several times they will not be hiring any additional parking control officers because it was a temporary program i asked multiple questions we assumed only spent roughly under $500,000 a year the response was well, because of temporary program we're not going to hire any new parking control officers what we are going to do reallocate the pcos and put them
4:14 pm
out into the pilot program and that's why the number is so although it was one of my questions because you know we were limited by cost recovery in terms of fees but i really questioned how the fees we are tabulated it is continually low and so few parking control officers adding 200 stops potentially in the pilot program a and b you know point i've made that they you know, i see these officers sometimes 7 of them on market and van ness ticketing people that are not paying the $2 to get on muni yet we can't enforce this before the pilot program i'm confused because i was told explicitly that we were not
4:15 pm
hiring pcos for the pilot program now i'm hearing we did. >> yes mr. maguire i'd like to ask the head of enforcement for mta to join me. >> supervisors camtc and sammy we hired 10 pcos to assist with the private but primarily because we were- roughly 20 to 25 pcos. >> we didn't hire 10 pcos specifically for this pilot we're not going to layoff people if this is not continuing we need to fill those we directed
4:16 pm
them to work on the program; is that correct? >> yes. >> just to follow up on the retroactive activity it is really frustrating not to make the program effective as supervisor breed actually powder we get countless contract that are done for months i assume we're asked to approve those they've been in force for months; is that correct. >> the thing just to be clear we will not be able to issue a permit it will not be a valid permit starting february 1st. >> yet retroactive contracts that do have approval how are those contracts in place. >> i'm talking about the credential that the vehicle has that allows it to stop on the
4:17 pm
street so you know on february 2nd a shuttle that is whose permit exteriors on february 1st no way for us - a permit is a contract you pay. >> give consideration to the city, you agree to participate in the program under rules and in return the city gives us a permit similar to a contract. >> right. >> how is it that the city engages in all the contracts brings them to the board months after they've gone without approval and can't have a temporary program retroactive for a day. >> i believe the rules you're describing i believe are subject to the second determination today so i don't know that - >> i'm not sure i understand your square the rules that governs the bus. >> that's not my question
4:18 pm
the question that supervisor president london breed asked can we not put forward a temporary program i'm getting a headache hearing we could do this yesterday but not today, if sfmta but second that how we retroactive there is an approval yet but for some reason the contract is going then we approve that retroactively and say that was february 1st when in fact, it was february 2nd. >> we talked about extending the piloted. >> now i realize not everyone was part of discussion yesterday you were clear that was challenging to extend the pilot given the classic to the study that was also you know
4:19 pm
articulated by sarah jones to our office yesterday not to speak for her so the conversation yesterday was that we issue a class a they're the one that is before us for a temporary program on february 2nd the temporary program will be in place while we work on developing a stronger and more robust counterpart bus program that will be sponsored and given consideration whether to have a environmental review that was my understanding of the discussion yesterday. >> so sarah do you want to - >> sarah jones environmental officer through the president- we have a lot of exemptions underlying around and temporary pilots, etc. that we're discussing if the question on the table is
4:20 pm
extension of the pilot program for two weeks until the class 8 exemption is heard for that the way we handle extension of the pilot program under second is that would be a minor modification of the program we exempted under that exemption just a couple of weeks i have concerns about a long term extension of the pilot under that conversation the permitted program is more prevent of the pilot so but for a short extension of the pilot program we'll handle through essentially ice the same exemption and appealed a year and a half going
4:21 pm
ago in terms of consideration of any changes to the permitted program that the mta board has approved that is something that until the board acts on the appeal before them nothing can be done on the exemption we've issued. >> we can't give a different class a exemption so we have to finally decided on the class a exemption for the program. >> we could issue a new exemption. >> that was my understanding. >> that is newly appealable. >> my understanding we have two onramps moving forward one is that we extend the classic exemption for a couple of weeks or we issue a new class a exemption for a temporary program while we work on
4:22 pm
finalizing we have two pathways and not what people refer to and continue while we issue a better program. >> thank you, supervisor kim supervisor peskin >> thank you madam president that is referred to in the documents from the appellant and also the subject of litigation and by way of colleagues and members of the public on whatever side of issue if we do our jobs right not only dispense with the ceqa but actually settle the litigation and avoid future litigations the one thing we're talking about fines is that the cool vehicle code is 3w5u7b8 clear in section 22500 that size that private vehicles can't stop in private bus stops
4:23 pm
that's been true the subject of this litigation i don't know how the judge will rule i read the black and white letters that preempts the local law with respect the mta generates one hundred thousand dollars a week you can take private vehicles and parking in muni stops about one hospitals the mta is extend and maybe throat chair and supervisor wiener we can dispense with the litigation have some remarkably oversight by the board of supervisors and put this issue behind us i for one not thinking the dark having had aruba's will be put back many, many people whether they're your constituents in noah valley or my constituents on in small streets and in north
4:24 pm
beach who would like to get them off the islanders i don't understand i was not here where harmony is not part of program through the president suggest if we are doing a one or two week or temporary program which ms. jones said we can do with the ceqa document you incorporate that that will make that happen. >> thank you supervisor peskin supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam president first of all, i want to agree with supervisor peskin about the neighborhood needs here and we have i know i've spent on numerous amount of time in this office in working with our neighbors in noah valley and other neighborhoods to try to not have an over concentration and getting the busses off
4:25 pm
appropriate streets this program really makes good efforts to do that it is not perfect and when we try to reroute a muni bus polling people get upset about that this is you know buses are big and people don't like them on their streets but mta has a job to make the best of the situation for people to get to work but trying to respect their neighborhood i want to again in the spirit of having full transparent what the board is about and supervisor peskin through the chair if we can have a resolution resolves the permit program and resolves the litigation and keeps the shuttle program strong so our constituents can use them that's a great thing i'll say supervisor kim says we need to work towards a quote moral stronger and more robust
4:26 pm
quote/unquote program it strikes me a little bit like opposite die because what i've been hearing in terms of the demands if there are accepted makes the shuttles anything but more robust we reduce the stops significantly i've heard about moving away from muni stops when on a bus that comes by every 10 or 15 minutes and underutilized and moving towards hundred and hundreds and hundreds of parking space to create shuttle only i don't think that will go over well but reducing the number of stops and moving away from muni stops and doing a housing study it is designed to escape goat the busses and residents of san francisco who ride them for all the housing practicing problems that has no basis so this is the
4:27 pm
continuance day is not an eye towards making the program quote/unquote robust towards making it harder for people to lie down them with the people moving out of the city they'll not do that they'll stay in their cars. >> supervisor campos. >> listen i know san francisco people would like to simply have the appeal rejected so it this item to be vote on there is a majority of us that believe there is still work to be done and my suggestion to instead of exaggerating what happens the sky will not fall let's vote it is actually kind of the lap rule the mta can say we can't do anything retroactively we do
4:28 pm
this all the time how many have we voted on call the question and let's vote yes or no on the continuance i know there are other issues to deal with. >> there is a motion to continue this item to february 9th and it was seconded madam clerk on the motion to continue can you please call the roll. >> supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang no supervisor wiener no supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell there are 9 i's with supervisor tang and supervisor wiener isn't dissent the motion to continue passes.
4:29 pm
>> madam clerk can you please call the next item. >> >> item 37 through 40 a special order by the board of supervisors may convene as a committee as a whole to a resolution of 416 approved in 2016 on the following matter related to the infrastructure financing district number 2 for the port of san francisco and 37 the public hearings and 38 the ordinance for the financing district, item 39 a resolution for the ordinances of bonds and item inform to approve the memorandum of understanding pier 70 historic court. >> colleagues, i understand we're going to be continuing this item as well and at this time, i'd like to recognize supervisor cowen. >> okay. thank you very much
4:30 pm
well supervisor breed you took my thunder about continuing the item but thank you so real quick that it is a hearing an infrastructure in the finance district proposed by mayor ed lee and myself the purpose of the i f d to form the infrastructure district number 2 and compromising the port of san francisco and to adopt a appendix g is including a financed townhouse fund the parks and street improvements and new electrical infrastructure located at pier 70 at the request of the staff i'm moving this hearing and the are corresponding items be continued until february 23, 2016, the port and the controller have jointly requested this continuance to finalize the delays and provide we'll use or
4:31 pm
provide a time an opportunity to continue to belief other members of the board regarding the final proposal. >> so i'd like to make a motion to continue to february 23rd. >> supervisor cowen has made a motion to february 23rd is there a second seconded by supervisor campos okay brown-bag we take on the continuance any public comment on the continuance of this item seeing none, public comment is closed colleagues, can we take the continuance we'll take that without objection. we'll take that without objection. the continues passes anonymously next item, please. >> madam clerk and i believe that is roll call vote for introduction. >> roll call for introduction. >> supervisor kim. >> all right. submit >> so supervisor kim just submitted
4:32 pm
okay. thank you supervisor mar supervisor cowen. >> thank you very much thank you. okay everyone so colleagues, i wanted to bring something to you i'm existed we've been working on in for a time i'm introducing a ballot for 2016 booklet that measure is easy and clean and straightforward it requires the office of citizens complaints will perform an impartial investigation anytime on over discharges his or her weapon that means whatever we injury someone or kill someone this investigation will occur if the results are in death or injury and critical that i point out that you note that it is also will trigger an
4:33 pm
investigation whether the officer michaelly disregard his weapon or did it on purpoor did (clapping.) currently they're only performed with an individual submit a written request to the office of citizens complaints or when the incident involves death this unfortunately leads to an investigation rate of somewhere from 40 to 50 percent in no one is asking for occ to investigate investigations are happening and most people are unaware of this process 0 we're slating the conversation and making it legal that whenever an officer
4:34 pm
discharges their weapon an investigation will automatically happen (clapping.) the reason why let's talk about the spirit we're living in really challenging times you're hearing testimony and seen the protests across the country not just in the city people are worried about the fairness and the district of that not only local governments but a department of doing on external investigation headed elites make investigations fair and impartial and make of unbias to move this conversation forward and move to a justice system i was speaking about earlier something you should know 76 percent of african-american and 40 percent caucasian across the united states have this to no confidence in the police governing investigations according to a research poll and
4:35 pm
important to know there are examples not only internationally by the way, also locally of systems in place to set up to have a bias investigation and i think a bias investigation will enhance the public trust. >> (clapping.) and not only didn't it enhance the public trust but brings back legitimate sill to local government (clapping.) the other thing important to note it is actually a measure i'm bringing to the voters for the june 7th we actually as a board of supervisors have the authority to do that the reason i'm bringing up to voter everyone needs to know what is going on this is not an incident that happen on the southeast or
4:36 pm
in the fillmore bullets ring out their they can maim anyone it is critical we as a city stand together to begin to right some of the wrongs that's why i'll bring to the voters i look forward to your sport and want to recognize george gascon and judge who is equally instrumental in modeling not only the legislation in terms of unbiased investigation to bring those to san francisco and you know you guys read the news this morning mississippi is on board with our requests for independent investigations that's a victory congratulations (clapping.) and also critical partner is joyce hicks the direction of the office of citizens complaints now he spent to see every single in those seats when it comes to
4:37 pm
budget time we need the investors and resources to continue to elevate and investigate those shootings she's critical in that plan so you know supervisor president london breed is great been meeting with the community members (clapping.) she been my prayer partner my prayer partner we continue to gastroglossing the growing pains and also want to recognize the men and women that work working hard for the san francisco police department we know that not all blacks or murderers and killers and not outline police officers that are good people in
4:38 pm
the entire community and uplift those that are doing the do the right thing and serving and protecting our city (clapping.) so you think supervisor campos made this point in his remarks we can't let the reputations of a few bad people affiliate for all of us and ruin it for all of us create a culture within our law enforcement community to weed out the bad ones you know that no stick policy on the streets that also exists inside our law enforcement agencies and we need to create environment people come out and point out those who are doing 0 wrong i want to thank the community specifically that were courageously pushing and joyce hicks has given us a list of reforms to bring to the police
4:39 pm
commission and give them that level of support and some days force to make the changes that need to happen immediately (clapping.) and one last thing in the spirits of being a warrior i want to recognize dr. espanola jackson (clapping.) so colleagues many of you have already, that dr. espanola jackson passed away on sunday january 24th and we know i know you all know who she was they sat that day to day advocating on behalf of her community and on the issues that were incredible important to her i'm asking we close the meeting if;
4:40 pm
however, of her memory and however her legacy and not not allow it to die she may have left us she's taught us many incredible principles and we can't forgot that she dedicated her life and fought for affordable housing, education and social justice and the environment an environmentalist when not many african-americans fighting to be environmentalist ton neighborhood issues i say that to say we're not always on the on the same page on oppose side but the wisdom to recognize greatness and that was a great woman i don't know if any of her family members are here in the chamber but thank the family members who loaned us her and they're hurting she was a mother and leader and
4:41 pm
advocate and a strong parole the community i'd like to offer the condolences to the family and together as we collectively celebrate the life of our dear friend dr. espanola jackson she will be missed i'm sure her legacy will exist with us. >> (clapping.) commissioners and i'd like to do that on behalf of the entire board we'll take that without objection. on the intiesh objection we'll younger in the memory of the great lady dr. espanola jackson. >> thank you madam president and supervisor mar. >> to add to what may colleague supervisor cowen said i want to thank francisco da costa for being alongside dr. espanola jackson as she spoke out for environmental and social
4:42 pm
justice i want to thank dr. espanola jackson for the awareness for inbegins people of this land the people in much of what you do dr. espanola jackson was pretty amazing in raising and planting seeds from green action and many others in the environment justice movement with her amazing way with people i i know show used to call some of us babies in committee meetings i thought that was an item of endearment she guided us i appreciate that i didn't see that as patron ingress we put the peendz or workers put the solar panels open her home it was a amazing community time i want to thank bright line owe
4:43 pm
others being there i'll miss her from the committee meetings with the spirit of her 6 children and community she helped to nurture thank you to her for making me a better person walking landry's and behind her i want to say i'm introducing with our vision zero coalition a resolution along with any colleagues supervisor yee a resolution urging our california legislator to pass this that authorizes san francisco 0 use speed cameras or ac technology similar to red light cameras it is really about changing our culture of speeding to a culture of save colleagues as you may know our mta and transportation authority and our vision zero coalition is really led by walk sf and many others to really make our neighborhood
4:44 pm
and streets safer last december sitting within the transportation authority we passe a resolution to support those efforts at the state level as we approach the february 19th deadline for state legislation to be introduced i hope you'll join me and supervisor yee so send a strong message to the legislators and friends in santa fe especially to support this effort as we combat speeding in our neighborhoods and move towards culture safety has nothing to do with speed cameras to encourage people to slow down especially with people with disabilities and parks and vulnerable people that is important that the key goal the vision zero work to end all death by 2024 i respectfully ask for your support i'm introducing a resolution on the agenda to urge the legislative and to pass
4:45 pm
the senate bill wells the coalition we call the preservation coalition lead by youth from many community-based organizations alcohol justice and california senators bob, huh? introduced the new technology by big alcohol it is powder alcohol and assemblywoman from thousands oaks introduced it i want to thank the alcohol preservation the youth of color and communities of color fighting for healthy community are san francisco police department alcohol licensing unit and usf and professors are own public health for really raising awareness of this issue i urge you to support this effort we will keep brunn the local action it as we push and
4:46 pm
state level i know the lunar new years and chinese new year ours if supervisor peskin district i want to alert the people that flower fair is precedes the chinese new year activities it is really a time for in many ways the chinese-american to show strength and respect throughout the year the flower fair is a place to put candy and other supplies for the homes again, the lunar new years the year the monkey and there's many performances traditionally chinese moo shuns and opera and music and arts take advantage please join us the
4:47 pm
february 28th is as lunar new years so the parade on phobia 20 we hope you'll all join us as well and something i enjoy is beer week it is throughout the san francisco and the whole bay area i wanted to highlight a cough of the richmond breweries and people can celebrate an incredible nurturing drink that many of us engage in richmond on clemente street 540 club on clemente and the lounge and the beer haul on district one in polk and market if you want to make our own beer come to to this on clemente to start making your own beer for more information beer thank you. >> thank you supervisor peskin. >> thank you madam president and colleagues i'll submit a
4:48 pm
number of items would like to adjourn choice board meeting in memory of a few individuals fir barrel is buddy who left us last year two soon at the age of 58 the son of miles of new york we was rated and worked throughout high school as a cabbie for commuters coming in from manhattan later, he moved to increase under they spent spent times in san francisco buddy made friends and turned those friends into family whenever we went and full of life and curious non-spot talker with a bounce and step
4:49 pm
sometimes a lane pain in the butt thought of himself as a activist and arriving in san francisco became a political junky dedicated to issues and candidates who made his apartment community a better place to live i want to express any sorry to his wife karen to his or his widow and brother jimmy and sister joanne and san francisco family our dear friends kevin and jane and neil and others he was a beautiful music lover he loved his wife from all of us buddy we love you and celebrate
4:50 pm
our life and spirit. >> i'd like to adjourn today's meeting in the memory of silva with an the 3 incredible women that founded save did bay and ultimately lead to the master the fitting day and as far as colleagues you saw fit to reappoint me to that agency groundbreaking agency the bay commission that stemmed the tide of dirt that had filed in over a third of bay since the original gold rush to just 40 something years ago she died at the age of 99 she was and mentor to me personally in the words of defied louis the executive director of save the bay we have a cleaner and healthier bay because of the
4:51 pm
drive and determination and spark an supervision to us all i believe that she was friends with dr. espanola jackson and then i'd like to adjourn today's meeting in the memory of any friend locate community leader albert chin that passed away on saturday, he recently finished his second term of the chinese benevolent association an elderly of the chow benevolent association and past president of the broadcasting was unfortunately not there to attend his installation yesterday for that institution nor to see the day that the new chinese hospital will open later this year and mr. chin thank you for all of our support he was one of the first people in chinatown to support m me when
4:52 pm
we ran for supervisor 15 years and finally i'd like to adjourn today's board meeting in professor alien of combrlg he was a distinguished labor and constitutional attorney and died at the age of 95 on november 30th of 2015 he is survived by his daughters china and ellen his son danielle and 11 grandchildren all of whom loved him dealer the rest i submit. >> supervisor wiener submit and supervisor yee. >> thank you very much madam clerk colleagues i find it really heartbreaking and unacceptable
4:53 pm
that we had another tour bus pedestrian facility fatality one is too much but less than two weeks ago a retired san francisco teacher was killed last november and 20 people railroad injured when a site seeing double decker bus crashed at union square and yet another tour bus killed one of our own employees outside of this building in 2014 i don't want to have another fatality to read about that is caused by a tour bus collision we can't call those things isolated incidents a majority ever tour buses are regulated by the state that explicit mean that san francisco we should simply wait for another tragedy in april of last year, i
4:54 pm
introduced legislation that was amounting passed prohibiting did local tour companies from narrating wide driving this was a step in the right direction but subsequent we've lost a long time teacher i've been asking myself are there simple steps like mandating motion sensors that decrease the likelihood of a tragedy we just saw i recognize assembly chow and senator hill recently introduced legislation that will increase oversight communication between the dpvm and puc hsa as safety inspection requirements this is also a step in the right direction taking time to pass i don't think we can sit around
4:55 pm
and elevate what and enforcement can we enhance and what new strategies that can we implement if and when the state, legislative passes we need to probable cause the tour bus driver in narrating we need to apprise of what we can do as a city for this reason and in order for the city to be in alignment with san francisco police commission vision zero goals i'll calling a hearing and cowling u calling on mta and the police department and the california puc to present safety protocol enforcements we consider to reduce the number of charter bus accidents and fatalities on another item i want to
4:56 pm
announce that several months ago any office has been working to reach compromises on prevention that was introduced back in june 1st, i am looking forward to work with my colleagues to moved on ordinance expanding the use of telephone masks technology into the city fleet of vehicles further we have already secured the funding fords the installation prestige is a priority since taking office and using this as a strategy is successfully implemented in new york as part of their vision zero policy telling mavkdz is it in the fleets of expansion this would further my own with san francisco vision zero to increase the pedestrian safety and eliminate deaths by 2024 the
4:57 pm
staff conducted a thorough study and concluded that 12 e telling matters of fact can help reduces and encourage safer driving that is a potential for a significant financial benefit considering in the last 5 years the city paid a total of $5 million in claims and litigations related to our own city vehicles expanding the program to cover the majority of fees in order to increase of motor and pedestrian safety by using our city funds in a smart effective manner is a strategy we can't wait to pursue i look forward to working to expand the telling matters of fact program and february 4th hearing in the governance and
4:58 pm
oversig committee - the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor yee supervisor avalos thank you, madam clerk we'll indicated co-sponsors the millennium for dr. espanola jackson i wanted to put in a couple of words for dr. jackson i love being called a baby by her it was good to be called baby to be considered it as in a good grace i look at dr. espanola jackson as the godmother of local hiring to be one of the tools we have that deals with the out migration of
4:59 pm
african-americans to stable people and have job opportunities to make sure we're economically stable she was a big part the night before the first vote on the local hire december of 2010 we were another grace tabernacle church with the members of the community we talked about making history that day i want to thank her for making history in many, many ways in san francisco and she'll be trooem missed by people that are doing work because of her efforts (clapping.) i also have a couple of other items for submission one a hearing on the judge released budget analysts called best
5:00 pm
practices related to police staffing and funding levels that that was a report i asked for last year i'm calling for and hearing on the report and we'll looking to actually do that next week in june of last year colleagues you might recall the board passed a policy that police staffing levels should be adjusted based on population growth unfortunately, that vote came shortly arrest the police department racism text message scandal that shocked the city that day the board of supervisors chamber was filled with protesters we based on the population on - there are many community members upset to see the board hiring for please not addressing their concerns of the training and culture of the department (clapping.)


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