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tv   Health Commission 11916  SFGTV  February 4, 2016 7:00am-9:31am PST

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an ongoing process that certainly is my view personally i think we should move forward and hoping we get environmental approval to continue to modify this and continue to with work others in the city government to make that better harmony within of the things we want to make sure we resolve not only for the implicit avoiding bronze blossoming of the transportation slow down will reset us it seems to me the best thing to do keep going this board is continuing to improve the program as we go along for those who are concerned out there this is not going to happen i can tell you from me personally and hearing it from others having a shuttle program is better than not
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having a shuttle program and the efforts to be perfect if keeping us going but at the same time here we go let's keep on listening to the community input and make that better. >> i'm hearing from the colleagues director reiskin and the staff to work with the board of supervisors on the next couple weeks if something comes back working through the people of the city of san francisco. >> yes. so that is with that direction we will engage with the stakeholders with the members of the public that have concerns to see if we can get to a adjusted reif i understand program that addresses some of those needs so it it our intent that therefore binge you back something at the next meeting on the 16 assuming that the board
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of supervisors advanced this on february 9th in any case we'll back on february 1, '67. >> thank you for the staff for bringing this please remain standing next item. >> >> no action being considered it is appropriate for item 13 whether or not to conduct a closed session. >> you said j yes are we still having one. >> motion for closed >> going so sloughlough ough us >> okay. >> all right. item 14 in the
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meantime of closed session the board members meet to address the cases and both matters were settled no announcement of the amended motion now a motion disclose or not disclose. >> not to disclose. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? we are adjourned thank you very much >> and can you please stand
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and join me in the pledge of allegiance. and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> i'd like to call roll at this time. commissioner president loftus commissioner vice president turman commissioner marshall he is room. >> commissioner dejesus commissioner mazzucco commissioner hwang commissioner melara commissioner president loftus you have a we have quorum and chief suhr e chief suhr is here. >> welcome to the wednesday, february 3, 2016, police commission meeting sergeant, next item. >> item one
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at this time, members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when through police commission reluctance of order we are not required to respond to the public individual commissioners and occ personnel should not get into discussion and members of the public may address the commission up to 3 minutes. >> thank you sergeant good evening and welcome. >> madam president jim senior native born and raised the mission district lived in san francisco my entire life and served there that panel at one time i'm here to say number one madam president at your on
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behalf of in 2013 i filed with the occ i was redundant those are the things that stay with the officers throughout the career, however, and risk of disskwaid people i have to say the occ doesn't have the resources to do certain types of investigations so at the end of the day ii if unfortunately had a difficult time with officer simpson we have problems there was a traffic stop on this sunday i pulled over immediately as soon as it was safe to do so and an officer i think center 2089 came up to the window and said license and register and proof of insurance i had my
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license in my hand and didn't reach over to the comboef commencement but the person was belittle and wouldn't know why someone would do that i'm a former police commissioner, i have respected for those two risk their lives you can imagine a boy from the black mountain community and lastly i came here to say this we'll follow suit and let that officer i've spoken to his commanding officer i came in here to say a chief suhr in private and over the years this you're a god sent you're the encounter police chief this supply as had i lament the fact you're in this situation i've
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watched you the black and brown community and know how dedicated and committed to the citizens of this great city so, please hang in there we've got a lot more work to do as commissioners you have a huge charge with problems and unfortunately, it falls on your shoulder this is not a full-time i worry about you well and happy new year. >> next speaker >> good evening and welcome. >> thank you my name is daniel i see that form poa president and now poa consultant gary is back the first time he was the news during the rodney king upcoming rising the police chief
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requested that some cops remove the offending newspapers called the bay times has showed somebody dressed in a police uniform with a face with a baton between their legs with a lead motion gary was one of the cops that confiscated those newspapers he should have been fired for that. >> that is a violation of first amendment when you have the police confiscating material for the public consumption hills defensive not theft the papers were free should basically he was a dirty cop
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and now as a consultant for the poa he is a been fined by the ethics commission some $5,600 for illegally lobbying politicians the police commission pays the fine he keeps on doing this he thinks like bad cops are blow the law they're not just the law but above the law that's what the police union does that protects cops whether homophobic or whatever so what i say to people if you want to police reform before you vote find out who the police union is endorsing and vote against that person let's turn support from the police union
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into a cadet for the political activists has anyone looked at the leadership of the police union it is mostly white and male. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> thank you. good evening commissioners and chief suhr that i'd like to take the opportunity i'm a senior staff lawyer i wanted to come here and talk about san francisco civil rights ordinance you mean we had a hearing on the 13 of january but the process cbos back much farther six or seven years ago community members tried to pass this 79 organizations supported this ordinance have been coming
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to you guys as you may know complaint backseats before the occ that raise questions whether or not the organization has followed that was filed one year ago there was a establishment and the understanding the officer has not been interviewed we're concerned we hope it didn't get thrown out and i wanted to raise the report that was submitted to us was steel circular with the fbi we sent a list of questions and concerns to the sfpd last year sfpd came back and addressed each of the concerns the january 13th meeting they didn't they didn't address any of the concerns we think there needs to be a fuller hearing and get to the bottom where sfpd is using this language and what we can do to
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get a report that understand the adjoining complaint so we hope to working closely with all of you to get to a point where this ordinance the law of the land in san francisco is awe hedhered t >> i'm here with any colleague i wanted to raise the concept of the illegal activity report i explained on january 13th those are reports that cbo through sfpd and are shared with the local center those reports are gathered award to the legal suspension and are often bans
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the biass the fewtion center release was as of the city of berkley net sfpd refuses to release the surveys from a request floor from my office the police department has not seen this report sf results in those received by the sfpd and the public has a environmental impact report right to see the racial precisely that runs reprimand rampant is not happening in sf i join and echo the comments of my colleagues. >> >> next speaker. >> good evening and welcome claude. >> doctor marshall you're good
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i listen to you ever word you say you olden a lot of truth this mayor is a tragedy all around okay. i said to someone this will be a unique and mario woods hey i'll not pass judgment but it is great a dialogue now at the end of the diplomacy i see that now people are talk well claude would you think that that i hope you get a bigger budget and more staff every time an officer discharges a weapon you need to be involved your office needs to be involved i e-mailed everyone but a bigger picture here a lot of things are happening chicago, new york all over
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look at florida a young african-american shot 3 times by sheriff people we have to look at this as i said we've got to change the cultural and chief suhr i thought about you quieting my passion overruled by better judgment you can be a catalyst of change in this police department i know you will we have to change the mindset of officers we can do that you're part of that we can't play the that politics clyde take out the politics we don't need the board of supervisors sticking their noses in but you've seen the political issue that is a service issue we have to look at that way thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening and welcome
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ms. brown. >> thank you. >> my name is paulette brown and i'm here as usual concern any son i'd like to use the overhead aubrey brown who was murdered august 14, 2006, to a semiautomatic cabin thirty rounds of bullets left that gun into my son you haven't shown the picture yet so maybe i'll start all over i'm looking for justice for my child and again, this is my son aubrey brown he was is it showing on sfgov? my son aubrey brown was murdered
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august 14, 2006, to a semiautomatic cabin i have been on the battlefield for will 9 years concerning my son a 200 and $50,000 reward i've had phenomenon 9 years none has come forth yet these are the perpetrators that were there these are the names of my son violators i was given thomas andrew and anthony carter and anthony hunter and marcus caterer i say the mayor the form mayors of 70 san francisco said i know who killed her son so if you
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know who killed my son homing this case is not solved if he was a white boy would this case be solved are a white woman would my sons case be solved if i had money would my sons case be solved i feel the same thing as mario's mother she'll never get over this it doesn't matter where the bullet came from see those names those boys are still walking the street it is a shame that i have to walk and come into meetings all the time to bring awareness of my son and still no justice it's been 9 years everybody 9 years and next year will be a
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decade 10 years how long will a mother impervious i say again, if my son was a little white boy i believe his case would be solved i say again, if i was a white woman my sons case would be solved liquor kate up here 14 i want the same justice i want the same thing that's what i'll asking for >> i didn't get to show this last picture really quick that's my son and that's what i have left so anyone else ever mother feeling this way if they had those pictures help me anyone who is watching here at home knows anything about the
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murder of aubrey brown an anonymous tipline (415) 575-4444 thank you ms. brown >> next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> hello michael i wanted to address a few points okay accountability and the police department is really out there the community and under discussion i have to call for this body to consider a resolution calling to strip the cops of confidentiality that protects them i have amuse complaints about 9 office of citizens complaints and the officers are showing up going into mediation and going through the process and the cops will never be named the cops have to be held accountable when the complaints
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with filed they are named i believe this body should consider a one paragraph resolution calling on mark len and david chiu to call on their colleagues in sacramento to change the cop protection law we have to name the cops when the complaints with filed the next matter is i filed a sunshine ordinance task force complaint against this body you are not adhering to the sunshine laws that call on commissions to put on specific your agenda say a report from the chief financial officer and the president when we show up you've got a long list of specific things you'll address that we need to know in advance you are going to address it is not okay to keep on saying chiefs report and that's it
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chief tells you what you're going to talk about i'm not buying in department of justice cops investigation of the department the d o jewelry box cops investigation for this police department for wrongs doing is not looking at the mario woods it is window dressing it is not a federal investigation that is going to carry legal weight chief financial officer you'll be able to dismiss with the doj cops come back you know when i looked at the news and you chief were there with the mayor and the cops fellow utensil not be appearing before the cameras if in the real genuine federal
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investigation with legal exclamations the last thing mayor ed lee get out of your office and come into the community and hole forums about police accountability this indoor approach he said he has is not okay he's going to every nfl event need to get out to the community about the police department thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hearings oh. >> yes. of course, come on up. >> well and good evening. >> i'm david i'm going to try to read this the police shootings of mario woods left to a federal probe of sfpd but without the mandates of the civil rights investigation the cops prone by design b will tap down community out rankle
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with a sfpuc we must reject this outcome and san francisco especially is working-class communities of color will not wait quietly for a no toast cops report of half measures by officials if this police commission can't get it's stuff together with the enforcement of policy there are those who will go ahead and persian through inform a ballot initiative to get the results we need to san francisco a clear eyed recognize that sfpd is a typical police department with a warrior and occupation mentality of the racism and impunity despite to the contrary all the data points out to that the history the chinatown and the tax squad
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address huge disparity between the black and brown the texting scandal and the many white papers but the diverse firing squad gunning down mario woods while lopez and over thirty of the hundred and 3 other shots since 2000 has gone without notice commissioners, i ask you to do your jobs find the courage to reform the police department and push back against the intimidation by the poa and don't imagine your fate socially and politically or crazy by maintaining a lethal status quo. >> thank you. any further public comment. >> good evening and welcome.
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>> good evening. i'm thomas i will just like to suppress a concern and the concern is i saw the paper a couple of days ago there is some internal dispute around yolanda king william's of the poa as you may know yolanda is an outspoken african-american and speaks here mind around issues around race and other issues and it so moved, commissioners, that motion passes from the article she finds herself standing alone around the police officers association and permanent there was a letter that was sent addressing here issues sent to the 2000 officers that are part of poa as a result of that it - she expressed concerns about her safety and not feeling safe
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i'm not an officer i don't know but one of the kind of phone call lower things about being a police officer if an officer who doesn't tow the line the other officers want them to tow possible they need assistance that assistance may not come or come a little bit late i'm here to ask that the chief be aware of this and help her secure her safety if there is an issue and that the commission be aware of this possibility so she can feel save doing what she's doing as well as the other officers also in terms of what i read about the poa is they can be pretty
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stern they've been recorded to bull supervisors they've been reported seeing in other places turning their backs on mayors the chief may have to walk a thin line of supporting and an officer or a group of officers but i hope it we all put here safety and her ability to do her job as one of the premiums for the department thank you. >> thank you, mr. simpson. >> is there any additional public comment? >> hearings public comment is closed. >> sergeant, next item. >> item 2 reports and announcements chiefs report and review of recent activities and just want regarding the use of force policy. >> again chief. >> good evening review of recent events it is busy right now in san francisco obviously one of the big things we're
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seeing the sister is busy with the few see something say something over the weekend when a citizen a matthew noticed a stolen van that was occupied by the expels from california a alerted the officers on the street and they were taken into custody and great example for anybody watching we say it is not just when you see something say smoking gun something and the officers where they needed to be the park district and made the arresting yesterday something happened added harrison a chp officers walked up to talk to a man almost on the freeway the superintendant slashed the chp throat and he
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fled the scene i spoke to the deputy chief and the officer is doing well, he will survive the suspect was taken into custody at the wells fargo and again, a very serious incident deployed and the event surrounding the superintendent carranza go forward large crowds no serious incidents recorded again, if anybody watching if you see something say something we want all the events to go forward safely we also spoken to by a couple of speakers we did attend at the invitation of the department of justice cops office specifically acting as the united states attorney for the director of the
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cops office they'll be 0 doing a acholic beverage review the san francisco police department this is something that we asked for and the department of justice will building this lead of review is appropriate at this time i assure the public any recommendations will be taken seriously this report comes monitored by the cops office we're right now as we look to draft a use of force order for this commission and the public to review we've incorporated already many of the comments we've discussed at the meeting emphasizing safety of life for everyone and the deesclation and the community workshops came forward with many recommendations are being
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incorporated for the draft and once the draft ready for the commission to consider we believe it will also be a good idea to over to the cops office and looking at prior acholic beverage reviews like las vegas and philadelphia this is something we require our policies are open at this time that will be manage that something that the public to get it right the first time as much as possible and then do get trained to that order with all the inclusions and the cops announcements came obtain monday, i will request that we be allowed to have until next week to get you the working draft it can be cleaned up and ready for the presentations the
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cops office as quickly as possible that concludes my report. >> questions for the chief colleagues commissioner wong two questions the first is that i heard antidotes there was increased police enforcement so i want to speak to that. >> that's not the case officers assigned to all the districts are in their regular deployment there is a specific plan with the plan with all the highly impacted areas but i meet with jennifer the coalition and assured her was we are moving through the cold and wet time we certainly are not putting anybody out into the cold. >> the second question i have to ask questions asked around the chp how fast was more seriously injured but how did
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sfpd get that the parallels in mario woods did he surrender. >> no. you actively the officers recognized the superintendents description and approached him he didn't have the knife in handicap there was a significant struggle the superintendant made a significant effort to get one of the officers gun but the safety holster kept it up the knife was in his rear pocket and discharged it and came back to gather it. >> other questions for the chief. >> chief i said to follow up on the update of the use of force policy thank you for the update we did have this conversation in december when we laid the need to revise and we
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set early february he appreciate the changed in particular, the resources from the doj and also we'll get a fuller update on the community forum there was a number of pieces of input from the community i want to be sure it is in there i met with ron davis from doj and made that request they make themselves strabl immediately to review the force i see that people in san francisco have been telegraph hill in this conversation and that would be great if we annoyance the efforts and allow feedback in realtime as opposed to to a report that comes 8 months later and considering the now policy to be trained open is important we get the best ideas i want to let my colleagues know
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that chief the doj was repetitive this is designed to be acholic beverage and given the review they want to bring the subject experts at no cost to san francisco that understand those issues and make recommendations which i will announce when we get is that part of agenda the process moving forward and how to get public comment but the director davis was pleased at the public input with our use of force and after that we'll come back and have conversation we're really endeavoring to use to process as a time to inform everyone the community why and how we're doing it i think the timing is incredible that doj is offering resources particularly to this
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commission. >> question for chief i share mr. simpson's concerns about the article that read about sergeant williams i don't know if it is a personnel matter we can discuss but it is very, very trouble and without a response the public feels there are not responses so whatever you can say please do. >> officer williams has been contacted and asked about to what degree she feels confront or u.s. bancorp comfortable and at this time she will remain in her assignment and we had a before and after if she wanted to be put in another assignment but she needs this. >> and with that comes we'll monitor did situation and make sure that even if this happens
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out of normal. >> absolutely. >> absolutely yes. >> okay so by way of update a question from 70s there was an article i think the gentleman said yeah we were referring to that. >> any further questions for the chief colleagues. >> thank you, chief sergeant, next item. >> >> occ director's report and review of recent activities. >> good evening director hicks and good evening commissioner president loftus and chief suhr and members of the public i'll make 4 brief announcement and from any of the announcements i'll be happy to agendize those items for a further report
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january 28th i participated in a press conference by supervisor cowen she announced a battle measure she proposed that will amend the san francisco charter to permit the occ to look at a officer involved shooting even though a report was not filled the second announcement he attended the department of justice cops division press conference on february 1st, it was discussed by chief suhr i believe also by commissioner president loftus that was on the acholic beverage reform initiative that the cops department will enter into with the san francisco police department. >> following the press conference i too met with director davidson and his staff
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and occ members as well as we could advise the cops office how the office of citizens complaints operates and this was an initial meeting we expect there will be many more the future and finally and that was also discussed by chief suhr occ staff and i participate in the community meetings on the use of force and found it enlightening and particularly happy to see youth was there members of the youth commission they were engaging in the forums and had a particular idea they addressed that concludes any announcement. >> thank you decorating any questions commissioner vice president turman. >> just to clarify supervisor
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cowen's legislation will amend the charter it says the office of citizens complaints will be loudly to investigate all officer involved shootings as it currently stands you investigate the officer involved shootings there is an citizen complaint. >> that's correct commissioner vice president turman and moimg that amendment. >> i'll be happy to to agendize that for our next regular meeting our next regular meeting and give you a followup report. >> that would be helpful i think the rest of the commission would like to here commissioner mazzucco. >> yes. director hicks it clear to the audience and public the office of citizens complaints does show up every officer involved shooting without a complaint being filed;
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is that correct? >> yes. commissioner mazzucco we roll out and notified bid the police department and to most officer involved shootings and discharges and but we are constrained from investigating them until and unless a sentence complaint is filed. >> but you review the scene and see what is take place so your investigation starts down the road immediately like all the other investigations; is that correct. >> thank you commissioner mazzucco for clarifying that's correct. >> thank you director hicks any further questions for director hicks. >> sergeant, next item. >> item 2 c commission report and commission president's report for the use of force and commission reports report on blue-ribbon panel. >> you recall one i think we
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met we talked about the desire to as quickly as possible to gain as much community input this but how the chief and i went to washington in january and gotten concepts that are nationally around is an thank you of life and deesclation we thought it was important we took out the concepts before the final draft it was given to us i want to thank you all for making yourselves available and attended the meeting i wanted to update the public it was on the website we had 3 use of force meetings we remember lead by the community partners i want to thank mo' magic and the human right and the ymca and the third
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by that point church and reverend brown the bianca's at bodecker park and but basically all the community partners created faith led by the young people that were the summary community initiative have a conversation about what the current rules are around force and what we want it to look like so i colleagues you have in your packet the notes from the meeting those are available to the public and also available on the use of force page on the website designed to be a process where we can be educated on what ideas are are out there i'm happy to touch on the few of the items and invite any fell commissioners to talk about their experience i can't stress enough if so not the way those meetings are normally done we
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got a lot of feedback there were small working groups woke up would choose to form a circle it was an incredible opportunity to talk about those issues i have to give gratitude to the people that took the time to give us the ideas i want to take a moment before i ask my commissioners to report on their experience to invite up mo' magic that worked with us this summer to give initial policy recommendations and ask you guys to report from our prospective what we're learned and i turn this over to my colleagues. >> first of all, thank you, commissioners and commissioner president loftus as well as chief suhr for having us up here we were very happy with the way those sessions went and took
7:47 am
surveys afterwards most were welcome and feel welcome in those spaces they also felt very you know comfortable in the spaces with the groups they were in and felt satisfied with the session and would attend another session felt engaged the process and satisfied with the discussion afterwards these iced from the survey is sometimes color-blind and specifically some white and other races besides black that have excess experience with the police department not just a black issue but most of reporters that answered "yes" when dealing with the excess force were african-american and i think that is also important to note that on the
7:48 am
same side of things most were very pleased with those sessions and would attend another one they also feel a sense of skeptical telling them moving forward thought hthought how th >> some of the common themes in the forums most the community feel that cit training should be universal and mandated and the officers should be extensively trained in circulation and put in plain clothes one of the things that was brought up to be effective an officer in uniform responding to country's and
7:49 am
someone in a mental health as police officers are trying to deescalating the situation a consideration of use of professional and maybe independent psychiatrists on call maybe external resources from the department of public health or other mlk organizations officer should be trained with protective shields that that came up around the talk of shields the video of the united kingdom that was brought up when talking about the decirculating the situation using sharp-edged obtains and officers should be cared for with the confidential
7:50 am
consultant there was brought up some officers over the years the force alone develop some things they midnight know from the situations necessary deal with and also the talk of maybe officers from coming from the military background may have a mental health undiagnosed and random drug tests of officers and more communication and data shairlg between the officers and keep in mind the patient policies and privacy that came up because some dealing with mental health issues may have a mental health background but from the officers can't assess that or not a ways to get points then you know they are not really prepared with the information
7:51 am
and vanlsz training on the close quarter training in situation with sharp-edged object instead of going to lethal force but figure out ways to engage in close quarters of those sharp-edged object and the mental state is not purposely aggressive and talking about the youth and individual that maybe nervous and snappy at officers that was talked about officers should keep their calmness it is easy to identify san francisco be that maybe snappy and aggressive as challenging their authority look at those with parents or alternated states slash mental health as a treat the video in london you see the officers treat the person with the
7:52 am
machete as a threat to themselves themselves talk the break out sessions that the officers should consider those individuals not as a suspect but as a threat to themselves and education an mental health issues quickly i'm going to have any colleague daniela participant the community safety initiative come up and share engage ideas. >> good evening daniel and welcome thank you for having me. i want to say thank you for everyone that came out to our forum we have a few commissioners and sergeant came out and really be able to you know open community eyes on the use of force policy and during the summer i worked the police
7:53 am
relations i have a few community that engages so i'll start out with background engagement for officers so under that we have visiting the organization so the community wants police officers to be engaged with community programs so that they have a sense of what the police are about and see them as someone to help them and not an enemy we have youth and teams that is school resource officers we have a few of those with the boys and girls clubs there's a 20 minute period very a police officer come in and engage and discuss with the teams how the policy
7:54 am
works nothing to be afraid of their meant to help and getting active into the school spirit you you know when schools have their spirit days have police officers engage with them also, they said not bring their guns an campus i know a lot of the - there's a lot of suggestions they want the police department to think about and you know have you know go through so they said have them come on campus but not a lethal weapon and gun so we had cultural competency train proportionate gun for gun and humanize themselves and relate to have them listen in certain
7:55 am
situations that are you know very you know situations that escalate we also have community aids to deescalating that is one i thought was important you you know when police officers respond to a 9-1-1 call the community there's a lot of it is reels heckic we want the community to engage or ask the families themselves about the you know the person the situation and how this community can be deescalating and study the successful use from study of force strategies from other agencies jurisdictions and countries so in this one means they want to see policies from all over the world and country what they did that was able to
7:56 am
work and have that implemented the sfpd and i just want to say thank you, again, for all you thank you for your time and to do the community and looking forward to the next forum this month and hope you can all be able to participate and have a you know better relationship with the community again, thank you and have a good evening. >> i want to emphasize the point i'm not sure that everyone except my mom watches the police commission every wednesday you all came this summer. >> worked with us since then part of the streaming not a one and done thing but a rip those forums will continue to the fall and this situation happened we wanted to look at use of force you guys said let's use what we
7:57 am
have a conversation between the community and police officers how to make it better so it as continuation of the work we started and i think we're in a really strong position because of all the work and dan you want to say something. >> finally to one of the last things that we wanted to mention there was a discussion i don't know at which forum but maybe looking at forming an independent commission arrest committee or council on use of force in and of itself and that council about include ideally xhaefksz from the psychologist and community members and experts and police officers and youth when dealing with use of force an additional errors united states police department can have an advisory panel on the use of force and policies and lastly daniel
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mentioned we'll have another forum that is the third forum of the kind of we've been doing this is out of the community safety initiative and one of the suggestions the community youth forum so our third one, if i can get the projector up on february 8th. >> 18 february 18th. >> i got did i'm looking forward to the end of the summer from 5 to 7:00 p.m. at city hall room 201 and food is provided targeting the youth to get them engaged and hear their voices so if you know any youth please send them for the forum if you have youth groups those listening on tv we invite you. >> thank you d anthony and damn so colleagues obviously we
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all of us most of us attended one, if you want to provide a report what you learned and experience share that with the commissioners we have the opportunity. >> thank you commissioner president loftus. >> i attended a meeting on the high school along with d anthony in mo' magic an attorney from the occ we have commander o'sullivan from the police department and captain from the terryville station i have to tell you we sit here as commissioners and people say why not respond we follow the rules but the community a lot of back and forth and the community is lead by the young men the people got talking about to the parents and children their teenagers about their concerns that was a valuable meeting we actually heard and had a dialogue i'd
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like to see the commission do more often we had the dialogue it was a difficult setting i learned a lot of things the good part of officers that were there immediately respond to the questions and explained what the officers do and why they do it the confusion is cleared up and talked about the use of force and the perspectives were great it comes from the youth thank you. it was a great idea. >> dr. marshall. >> it was a great i was at the one in bayview sorry i couldn't make the other one it is funny you give us suggestions that's what we wanted we ask for the suggestions from cops and everybody it is so refreshing, different, amazing there was a funny story i mean, i'll not
8:01 am
tell you but someone came and basically where are the commissioners are the commissioners and appointed i was there and another commission and looked me and said this is a classroom i don't want to be here there's dialogue going on that said it all to me it was great you guys were fabulous and you know it was you know that's what we want we wanted to hear how to improve things and let me say daniel and i've known you a long time you were great, great to see young people and maybe people leave young people alone and do their thing but wonderful, wonderful wonderful i just want to say thank you
8:02 am
very much commissioner president loftus and by way of everything i heard was great incorporated i heard people i'm around all the time no leaders no leader you're not looking at the right place so thank you wonderful. >> commissioner melara yeah, he went to the third street by that point church and so the the amazing thing and the - the fact you were redirecting people that were difficult in the conversation they're not focusing on what we were trying to do they wanted to take the conversation to the left or right not where we are what we were doing there and it was so
8:03 am
nice to see you redirect every confusion in a compassionate way but fun and so i of the really glad you were doing that and glad you do the it i sat back and looked at it you, you did it thank you. >> commissioner wong i attended it is the mission it was a have well taenltd event 50 folks that come out a diverse group some of the thoughts commissioner mazzucco was exactly right it was great we actually had dialogue a two or three minute comment and some of the quick thoughts i was a little bit disappointed not more officers it would be better to benefit the officers to be there i'm disappointed a lot of folks
8:04 am
that came up for public comment were not there they needed to here the comments as opposed to the diatribe it was a great session he hope we can do it in other features we have that dialogue and not just sitting here having public comment. >> commissioner vice president turman. >> i wanted to join everyone at the third baptist a very good meeting officers out there with experiences and some retired officers were you glad to see there as well and not only were the facilitators great at reindirectly the public but redirecting the commissioners and police officers with the real conversations and kept a good command of the material
8:05 am
that we were talking about and kept us on track and made that comfortable for everyone regardless of whether you were officers you know community member or commissioners and i'm grateful to you it was a great session we really need to do do more situations where smaller groups of commissioners go so we have more community dialogue it was very, very productive. >> yes dr. marshall. >> i want to underscore i couldn't commissioner president loftus said this is a continuation of what we started in the summer. >> you know how many times sheryl davis come here and say we don't want to lose that the good work we were unfortunate fortunate we had you guys to turn to so i just looked to - it
8:06 am
was fortunate to start that and have you ready when we were able to turn to there will be more so don't go anywhere. >> thank you, dr. marshall most of benefits of the things i'll say the destruction i was in someone actually said have you seen the what doj did in philadelphia there there was a acholic beverage process that was one of the ideas i think that person is probably happy to see that happened i've got a lot of questions about tasers when that will happen and the process i also there was a lot of discussion about the direction we talked about england and scott land again, the young people you know i'll call you the young people clearly i'm not there was you guys did a job of
8:07 am
deesclation on the approach that we are looking at i say you have the minutes? one of the ways to continue to hold us accountable i appreciate what someone said great to have the mayor edwin lee's meetings but the proof is in the pudding did it look different and the power to set it up everyone sought policy a number of pieces of paper so everyone will determining are denominator and again i don't know all the ideas will get in there we as a commission will benefit and dr. joe's point of hearing the best ideas not only from the united states department of justice and the research forum but the community interacting with the police force so want i wanted to lay
8:08 am
out as we wrap up this report and you all commissioners will give our individual reports given we have the input in the community forum i've asked chief you're going to get the commissioners on the tenth the version the department wants to submit for further graft for the use of force and colleagues, any proposal is that we do what we did with the body camera get the stakeholders together with a similar group like before i want to add a young person or person and someone from the mental health group give them the da and the aclu and folks with the body worn camera give them the
8:09 am
feedback from the department and reasonable minds can differ not an agreement but from the department has the same process of knowing where the department agrees or disagree floating it on the policy and that policy would go to o.j. to understand where the department is and give us their independent assessment before it comes to the commission for consideration that's my proposal we need to give thought to smaller conversation about the use of force policy i'd like to ask community inputs on policies before we vote but we've learned smaller eloquence so agendize for next week i'll lay out the dates for the process for that and have a more fully discussion
8:10 am
i'll leave it at that any questions on any of the items colleagues. >> no. >> okay. all right. so sergeant, next item. >> we're still in commissioners report. >> yes. i'd like i'd like to invite the commissioners forgive an individual report on the blue-ribbon panel autopsy i spoke on the transpire fairness of law enforcement that was investigate the racial bias at the san francisco police commission and data i can't remember the day but we were interviewed with folks but most of questions were about the disciplinary process how that worked and how we identify the
8:11 am
priorities and community trust and so forth and it actually didn't go how it was to go i thought it was a two hour thing i thought juicy was there right before me and surprised to see may be limited the amount of time i was asked to speak former joe reilly spoke he clarified a lot of things i would had to clarify so came and shook my hand and said good luck the questions were fair i talked about everybody everything i knew from my times on the commission that's it. >> commissioner wong. >> i want to report briefly and a couple of activities i attended the board of supervisors rules committee meeting on the use of force and
8:12 am
i thought there were two interesting presentations i recommend to my fellow commissioners, if you get a chance to watch a presentation from julie from the bar association of san francisco and she talked about a i guess they've been visiting with the opd and she thought they've made remarkable process with the police department and the process of presenting a report for our consideration and she recorded with that the opd has software that will work in conjunction with the body worn cameras so you can push a button and pull up the video of the officer and have a way to monitor the police officers body language to look for explicit bias and trigger the bias sounds like science fiction but o pd is
8:13 am
moving and ground floor if the academy i wanted to see in my opinion this is where we really need to focus a lot of the attention around rethinking how we use force and captain yee talked about changes at the academy i wanted to recommend we possible hold a future police commission meeting and they'll be open to have a public open house they're changing a lot of things at the academy to follow the task force on the 21st century policing and things like denufl the training model using more sensitive physical techniques and one of the biggest problems with the recruits recycle every other younger person thai come in knowing how to text on their phones and incorporating that
8:14 am
the academy there is a lot of rattled change happening which the root of a lot of our problems and the commission take into account what is happening in the academy and think about doing it and open up for public comment for training the officers the chief and i went opening statements the 22 chinese new year san francisco lunar new years kickoff and did a walk talk about the scams and those on the 30th i shock at the chinese new year flower event the reason i bring that up it is obstructed for a group by the alien for black lives matter they jumped in front of the program and held up signs i met with the group for about an hour and talked about their concerns and demand this is one of the
8:15 am
groups i appreciate coming to the community shoulder or stakeholder forums this is another group they've come before us i wish we would have a better dialogue with that group with public comment their smart folks they have passionate demands and i've drafted a pieced summarizing any thinking from doing a lot of thinking around the use of force it didn't address that so much action one of the prior public commenters talked about how the police department is moving towards the idea of a guardian model as opposed to a warrior model i believe it should be coming out sometime next week and finally i will say i met
8:16 am
with sergeant yolanda williams and i share our concerns about possible safety issues for sergeant williams. >> thank you commissioner dejesus. >> a new website out that tracks all those different police departments policies and go on nationality it is called sunlight foundation they gather the information i was looking at it i noticed the los angeles pout u put awe out an annual report and takes the three or four last year's and listed them and tell you if it is going up or down and analyzed why they believe if so up and down additional up and down and look at the policy and those things need a policy change it is they have tasers there one of the
8:17 am
things if he were or they were doing if you hold a tazer down is continues to fire and they don't have in their policy to disarm that and exercise that choice this is something if you talk about force important statistics and report and how it relates to the department i think we should also in terms of identifying you but this website is a good practice to look and see other people estate policies. >> okay on a couple those items for a new line item any furthers reports colleagues saebt apparently item 2 d commission and identified for
8:18 am
considerations at future commission meetings aforementioned. >> so i already cattle under my report for next week i will give-up give and a traffic ticket but be clear- and scheduling of these items i would also you know.
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>> we have a thorough understand not rush there but put it on the agenda to study is it to make sure the questions are answered because when we do the report we'll do them and move on to the next item let's try to i'll request we do this by no later than the end of mark. >> chief what we are asking when i have an update on the back and forth that is happened with the community members i think you can agenda device it under the recent activities and let us know when you guys have had the conversation and at this point if there recent still
8:24 am
things you think solved we'll hear from everyone and determine when. >> i'll ask for a timeframe by the end of march. >> for sure. >> the other thing so other colleagues, any items for future k the one thing i'll let you know that next week on february 10th the department will be doing a presentation on the budget it is relevant for a number of reasons the mayor's office asked to weigh in on the use of force and that conversation will happen next week we'll hear from the department and have a discussion at this point, i will say at this point given the level of improvement that the united states department of justice will have with us on the ideas and the fact we're midway to the process my sense our feedback will only be preliminary but
8:25 am
we'll share what we know we'll get that update next week anything further on this matter at this time i'll call for public comment on 2a through d. >> good evening. >> michael again first of all, chief again, no written report and i noticed you were read from notes when making public request you owe me and the public a report i brought you 5 pamper standard report that barbara garcia - you need to follow barbara's example i'll
8:26 am
give a copy and second tonight agenda doesn't mentioned that you leaders were going to be making a presentation that is going to be part of my vertical presentation to the sunshine task force if i knew from your printed agenda in advance you were going to be presenting their report back i really would have come here you've done the public and youth a disservice from omitting of time from the agenda that's the heart of my sunshine ordnance containment the third item is great reports back from the meetings but i didn't hear you talk about the police officers association showing up or cops showing up out of uniform it is great that you all were
8:27 am
there and maybe some folks from the brass side of the department but where are the patrol cops showing up if it happened i didn't hear you talk about that the next item chief back to you social media not regulations i've gone through the occ process with michael and he says there is a 4 pamper craft of the social media he had to present to you healed to get to you this month in february outside estimate when it can be presented to the public after you reviewed it is in march so i'm here to urge you to move on it because we went through the mediation and hashed out things were not able to see his 4 page
8:28 am
draft we really need to know what the department is going to be doing how it handles all the social media arms, if you will, online that's it i'll give you barbara's report. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> commissioners ray heart for san francisco open government i've been gone for awhile i'll be here on a regular basis i'd like to support mr. - traffic signal report i'm blank relating to the sunshine ordinance the ordinance titled reads the agendas items should be extensive specific so a person of average diligence to attend the meeting or seek further information and many of the agenda items are
8:29 am
not clear at these commissioners one of the commissioners said i had no idea what that agenda was about please try to be specific so the people know and the second thing a comment on the sunshine ordinance which commissioner mazzucco may have given the wrong impression nothing it stops the board or the commission to responder to the commission any board or commission can respond to the public they choose not to if they want to respond they can next i'd like to say i commend the facilitators i was a facilitator myself for 20 years when i lived in hawaii taught they university of hawaii it is a difficult job and difficult position you have a small window of opportunities hebecause they're
8:30 am
your off affordable housing to the community the community gives trust and show up and speak up but if they don't feel something will come they'll stop coming you have a small window of opportunities the thing over the years i've watched out the general orders drag on literally for years green before something finally comes of it you don't have that you have a small window of opportunities for them if they go back and ask people to come to the malia cohen's and speak up those people gets the impression you'll not do anything that will shut off really quick i want doesn't end they not only talked about what was important to the citizens the community but to the officers themselves the 5 officers involved the
8:31 am
incident i will guarantee every one of them is suffering to some degree we need to appreciate when we ask for those initiative talks about the lethal force not just concern for the citizens but for the officers that diesel with the out flow of dealing with the lethal force and lastly the thing that bother me about officer williams the juxtaposition from 9 police officers association that is hospital tills openly hostile to anyone that question a police officer at at the time including the board of supervisors. >> thank you, mr. heart. >> next speaker. >> i want to bring up about the youth forums that is going on i went to mrs. browns and the one in the tenderloin you know originally i thought that was
8:32 am
going to be a rally or something about the police killings but when i came i saw that the youth were engaging in also bringing awareness to the use of force and it was good to see you know it gives me hope that what is going on now it is sad that happened but what is going on it gives me me hope it is connected it is liltd all connected and see the youth engaging people push them away and the youth are running their own homes and parents so that was a good thing i saw that day you know and it remembered remind me of my own son doing a
8:33 am
presentation you know so that was a good thing and i think that should continue to go on and even those youth see me and give me a hug and their empowered now i think so you know and it doesn't matter what organization gets them where mo' magic or organization they should be involved and continue to be involved i'll make to more you know the mental health one of the youth ran with the mental health part and i am just finished my mental health license at city college so. >> congratulations. >> i was involved in that i really think that the officers should have counseling mentally
8:34 am
because i suffer from post traumatic so they do it all day that should be a mandated thing in that part of that session but all the things should be implemented thank you. >> thank you ms. brown. >> next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> thank you ami chelsea with the activities group from santa fe and i apologize for not coming up earlier for general public comment is closed. i was two damn nervous and had to work up the never been here i am and the last 5 years there's been vandalism and one bombing, two attempted murders and 3 murders at abortions clinics was
8:35 am
nursed was accosted they're allowed to have hatred and violence against women less than two months after the terrorists killed an officer outside of the planned parenthood thousands of people were the walks of life to tell women that life is okay. and they had signs as pro-life as pro women and one woman serving 20 years for a miss carriage i along with other activists interrupted a speaker by shouting fraud fake, liar as the speakers at at walks of life with the community substances counter protester and another held her in a choke hold
8:36 am
we were pushed towards officers one twisted my arm i shouted she was going to break any arm other officers despite the fact we wanted to press charges and sfpd condoned the violations or violence at the rally ensley the half naktd female protesters are facing charges of disord conduct as offense words will or that will provoke an immediate reaction they called women murderers and somehow their shield if arrest furthermore, when is violence an acceptable action does that have to be the
8:37 am
name of god unless you have a gun why are we facing fines has it been made illegal in san francisco is san francisco - where the suspect is met with with a bunch of bullets the next time i hear the crisis of going to hell i'll not be detained by the sfpd when i am manhandled off the premises thank you. >> if you do have a specific containment of officer semiautomatic if this incident there is a senior investigator from the office of citizens complaints you could raise your hand sir, that be investigate the allegations into a specific incident of police misconduct. >> next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> i'm rebecca i came here to
8:38 am
echo charley assess sentiments your organization is strictly non-vibrant in this protest we ask the sfpd respect you are first amendment there is will an injustice we'll protest not be silent no matter how scary or dangers the police make it i have suggestions to through out there i think more female officers on the force women are born negotiators and have been shown to be less likely in excess force i also agree there small business mandatory council i believe that aptitude test should give for weight to social skills and less prowess he look forward to the modification that
8:39 am
you guys come up with. >> thank you. i building to your point we're still hiring chief; right? >> yes. 24 percent of newest academy class is female. >> and people can learn how to be the. >> under police website you can apply together. >> amazing women apply so there any additional public comment? >> hearing public comment is closed. >> saebt item 3 public comment on all matters pertaining to blow closed session including public comment on whether to hold closed session. >> we'll have public comment on matters blow good evening. >> i'm here to object you going behind closed doors about those matters you'll consider 6
8:40 am
cases against basically bad cops in action so all the taxes talk of accountability and changes not going to mean anything when the bad cops have gone through the process you're considering disciplinary charges against them they're not named not a simple cop is named in this document that is a real problem item e says that the sdhooef review of finding and chiefs decision to return are not return officers to duty following an into custody dedicated your considering returning officers back to the force that are somehow involved in an into custody death and as a must be i'll not here what you're discussing or the
8:41 am
officer's name you've got to address the state law that protects the cops that preventive you from naming them and an open door to listen in on what you're discuss there really has to be verbal communication from this commission to our stat leveraged officials i'm name them mark leno and david dhoou and demanding the state law be changed that strips away the confidentiality that bad cops get you'll be able to hold your entire commission hearings in public you'll name the bad cops and be able to listen who what the chief thousands o has to say about returning those cops back to the force please open up the course about the disciplinary
8:42 am
charges and action. >> thank you, sir any public comment on 5 above hearing public comment is closed. >> item 4 vote an whether or not to hold item 5 administrative code action. >> colleagues do i have a motion to hold in closed loftus we're back on record we have quorum vote to disclose is any or all items san francisco code action >> colleagues do you have a motion not to disclose or >> i. >> opposed? sergeant, next line item. >> item 7 adjournment action item.
8:43 am
>> colleagues. >> move to. >> do i have a motion. >> move to adjourn. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> motion passed we're adjourned everyone
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