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tv   Building Inspection Commission 2316  SFGTV  February 14, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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wednesday, january 20, 2016, to is the special meeting of the building inspection commission of the audience that the commission does not tolerate disruptions of any kind. the first item is roll call commissioner president mccarthy commissioner konstin commissioner lee commissioner walker commissioner clinch is expected and commissioner melgar are excused we have quorum item 2. >> madam clerk before we go
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into that as it stands right now if we hold 2, 40 commissioners the hearing on the budget we'll not be able to vote we're kind of going with the condition we will hear the presentation by staff on the budget and with that, hope commissioner clinch will arrive and we'll have the 40 vote to pass it through dueling not it might not be the case but we'll continue it to the next meeting in late february. >> okay. thank you. >> item 2 the discussion and possible action on a proposed budget of the department of building inspection for fiscal years 2016-2017 and 2017-2018.
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>> good morning commission deputy director for the department of building inspection this is the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 promoted budget at the late meeting i'd like to take a couple of minutes for the highlights before we get into continued deduction this is a prior budget based on the departments goal we talked about the presented mr. huey the strategy plan we are funding items like salaries and out leash and technology and that will help us to reach the 5 goals. >> and those goals are, of course, reviewing the plan during the inspector outreach as
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well as christopher delivering a high-level of service and administrative policies so this year's budget is based on a budget that was approved last year the city does a two year budget in 2015-2016 as the current year did is 2016-2017 budget that served as the base of the budget basically what we're doing the coming year using that as a base and making minor chongz open changes forefront we've been increasing the budget over the past few years we have enough resources to actually get us where we are going we're moving around things but the bottom line the budget is staying the same
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one other note about the two year budget in prior years we've been doing a two year budget but at proposal is at the board at the department of building inspection along with a host of department to a two year budget if this passes what will happy the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 we won't revisit the budget until two years later so a 2 year fixture budget on the revenue side our revenues continue it to do well and for the first 6 months the fiscal year we've collected 11 millions more than last year and the budget were lowered based on anticipation of a slow down as long as the
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implementation of the fee schedule what we've done we've seen the strength we've bumped that up a little bit the base at $59 million we have it at $61 million you've heard me say this before revenue projections with don with a lot of caveat so we'll over the next few months continue to look at what is going on going on and do a research on the file permit to see if 2 the slowing down but right now we're project by project 6ing 61 million dollars in revenue. >> so on the expenditure side we're basically there are a few
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increases in expenditures the one increase in expenditures would be for salaries and infringes we are adding new positions have enough positions to cover it will that is a standards cola and retirement costs get off the ground and others fringe benefits that are get off the ground a slight there on the slight increase on the expenditures the community outreach policeman to make sure we maintain the seismic program those are originally adams back to the amount of time so we want to keep those going our second largest expenditure is normally the services to other departments work orders and see side work order numbers their going on we're increasing the work order budget it because we really want to focus on one of
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the goals of kind of outreach to dbi so dbi partners so the soft story buildings tier 2 whether go into effect we'd like to do mailings and costs will go up we're redoing a lot of the brochures to make them more customer friendly that's one of the things we heard about when we did the customer survey about a step-by-step instruction work orders we're doing a lot of our materials to be more customer friendly in different languages and that sort of thing so we'll be increasing we also will continue to have our vehicle replacement plan will be fund in the budget to replace the vehicles in the 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 after a certain amount of time the actual expires so we have to
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sometimes the cost of replaying it is sdaurjz to do the replacement that costs will be be more fuel-efficient and the other area that we see some slight increases would be in other court expenses that the advertising so we want to notice in the newspapers about things going on those are the main experiences that are changing forefront the net remains the same that our budget is $75 million so our budget it the same at the last meeting i think those questions were answered one outstanding question one person asked concerning the code
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compliant the revenues we reserves you'll see one $.5 million adding r added back in the current year 2015-2016 and then in 2016-2017 a two year plan, however, in 2017-2018 there was a discussion about did we want to continue that and see i had offered to go back and talk to the people the departments to see if it is the possible to put the reserve ms. up to the department and the director to discuss thank you very much for this a couple of things on the issues brought up about the letters going forward for the purposes of hopefully helping with those issues around legalizing unit and the code compliant with the tenants and landlord about the
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issues of bringing buildings code enforcement i and commissioner president mccarthy were at the land use committee meeting there was a discussion about an ad on to the leg listing units i think this is being discussed to require a conditional use it was a person wanted to demolish a unit so this came up as part of discussion at the board of supervisors they're very interested and supportive of this so i would really like the commission the commission to take a pro-active vote to add that for consideration and approval by the board and the mayor i think that it really is something that they're already the issue of the process of
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legalizing the unit and how a property owner will be able to do this this will help the process into both in being able to help with the code enforcement outreach we currently have with the tenants and landlords but a possible floating loan fund we've done that the past and some other - some other fund we would offer financial assistance to make sure that code enforcement issues were resolved and would be paid back in a number of ways i think administered by the mayor's office of housing and community development so this is an actual problematic place we can emit not just you know putting it on reserve for the concept it is really starting to happen and at details so i'd like to add maybe a millions and
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they, discuss it more at the board and the mayor's office in that budget for 2017-2018 the issue of communicated outreach i am happy that we are increasing that i think that our seismic program that we've offered there is really helping i think it helps to have our people the conversation when those complicate things happen i met with the human rights committee folks doing that periodically and he brought up the concern that many have we were discussing that will go folks living on the streets in tents the lack of the services i imagine our code enforcement outreach group can help with
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that as solutions come forward from the mayor's office the community outreach include people that live on the streets without homes especially as far as the health and services i don't know how we do that i think that maybe i can ask you an overall question if we find with the steps we need to amend we're able to do that; correct? can we say add more if it needs to be adams or change. >> so the way it works so - the goal is that we'll go to a two year how u right now only the big enterprise recycle puc and the port are there as i understand the way it works if there is something that needs to go into a second year we aren't going forward we have to work out that with the mayor's
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office not part of our budget per say but a part of a larger budget i'll have to get more information. >> thank you. >> no more questions. >> i have a question the reserve amount is for low interest loans. >> the current amount the amount that supervisor wiener put on reserve was for a list of code enforcement reform is includes cooperation better with other departments, many other departments are unable to budget within their budget to add personnel to fire, health and planning and city attorney's office are all involved in this and quite frankly it is not just our department issues k. throughout the city so it was for the purposes of that of sort
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of reforming the process and cooperating it better including our department and also for the discussion and possible implementation of helping building owners with a loan fund and the talk is similar to surplus fund you'll pay back with takes or on sale and grant attached to it if this is a financial issue with the property owners so the details of that with being worked out it is on reserve and not specific to anything that's what it is to be determined right now we are trying to collect information about past programs so we can make sure we have best practices when we do move it forward you know what it is a lot of money i mean $3.7 million is not a mall amount of money when you think about the average lifework
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are like for instance, legalizing a legal unit. >> that's a that's a good question i'd like to recognize commissioner clinch here so. >> welcome. >> we'll be able to get our business done today good question sxhaushgs that was a good question there is a disconnect as to what that dollar is if you ask people i'm getting the numbers from minimum 84 to 50 i know that supervisor wiener did a quick analysis that won't last the money will not last. >> and not everybody is going to sign in. >> i agree. >> but it is a start and i think that the interest that the board was to do it as a pilot funded in a realistic way it is
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a real pilot and then we would be able to get more details as we go forward. >> and i agree think the only way to go forward you donna know definitely a problem with the harding park the spirit of trying to do everything right so i think if you do put a number and agree we have to withstand it not going to cover everybody but revisit it and mildly accepted then. >> it is also the case that when you have a program locally it and to works and pilot their you can reach out to the state and federal we have a lot of
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affordable housing money and rehabilitating affordable housing that was put forward by assembly chiu and king upwards of a billion dollars for the state i think that there's always more willingness at the state level to find matching programs for the local entities are committed and have skin in the game. >> on the logics so it was implemented say it went through a couple codify months we're probably getting off topic but forgive me but - >> get into the weeds. >> but how long - so let's see the program is implemented so you don't - you run out of funding it is obviously there is a lot of funding we need more
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how hard to turn around midstream and sxhaushgs is talking about the state level that gets complicate; right? so in the meanwhile people are under violation under the cu process been told you should legalize the unit and fund available but they're not there they've been used of or up or whatever how is that situation handled. >> are you referring to the fund that dbi puts into it normally with anything the budget one it is approved that's what is approved and you have to wait until the next budget year are go in and request a supplemental proprietors but normally goes by whatever is in the budget you use what you have the budget. >> commissioner walker. >> to that issue the board brought the fact they've
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requested or for this from the housing trust fund the mayor ate board supported so even locally more funding that can be attached especially, if this is a really popper program i mean the goal is to legalize the housing and the issue is as we go forward with the stick of a mandatory conditional use for demolition requests there also a carrot of hoping people in harding pa hardship so the problem is a successful program it is the best kind of program but you have the argument to capitalized it. >> it does encourage people to come first. >> exactly and i was thinking about that i was thinking that if there is a limited pot we advertise you know first come,
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first serve and you better do it quickly we're having a kind of slow drip on legalizing so we could use it for the purpose of speeding up legalizing. >> okay. thank you. >> next item. >> so i think these were the only questions the next step the budget is due to the controller's office on february 22nd and then between then and june one is going to the board we'll be working with the mayor's and then to the board of supervisors and then the board sometime in june normally it has to be adopted by the end of july. >> commissioner clinch do you center any questions you're a very important man here this morning. >> apologizes for being late
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no questions. >> you're fine. >> yeah. yeah. >> so i don't think we have any more questions do we commissioners so if we want to call the motion then to. >> public comment. >> oh, i'm sorry public comment. >> that i am okay. seeing none then one of the commissions makes the motion. >> sxhaushgs. >> i'd like to make an amendment to add one million dollars into the r89z request in the designation for general reserve since we're working on a two year budget i want to make that hopeful if it works the intention to do it annually out of our budget but for the point of this discussion and vote it is for the 2017-2018 request for the designated general reserve add one million dollars into that. >> that will be revised on a
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annual basis. >> exactly that's the goal we would do a check. >> and just playing the devils advocate say the money is not used will you be requesting the one million dollars. >> no, just like the seismic retroactive money we did it to satisfy a need banks were not loaning money but once we actually did a bond measure and appropriated $350 million all of a sudden the bank said, huh? maybe we should do that the $350 million was not used we don't spend. >> i suppose we can revisit it halfway through the program and see what needs more money. >> we can get an update from
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the supervisor for the program once the details with in place. >> i'm sure they'll be happy to do that. >> i don't see any more so sxhaushgs can make a motion on the amendment. >> do you voted on the amendment and the whole or do bother go together. >> i would - >> leave it all altogether. >> i'd like the council to do it as a whole. >> i'll make a motion po to approve the budget with an additional of one million dollars in 2017-2018 line item for the general reserve. >> i'll add the cat i do not if there is something wrong with the language we'll do it as the city attorney gets back to us we'll correct it. >> ongoing that's a motion and
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then a second. >> i'll second it and we're fortunate our budget is very strong not like it was fifth story years ago we can add money for programs like this. >> i second it is good i mean you can we have a money to kind of share the community it is a good way of doing it. >> thank you now roll call vote on that motion commissioner president mccarthy commissioner clinch commissioner konstin commissioner lee sxhaushgs that motion carries unanimously we're on to item 3 a motion to adjourn. >> second. >> i did. >> second. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> okay. we're not adjourned it
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is 9:50 a.m. >> thank you. >>
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