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tv   BOS Public Safety Committee 21116  SFGTV  February 15, 2016 11:40am-12:01pm PST

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and alcohol and applications and events. i'm at the fillmore corridor ambassador who request in the same edition. we have three events. june sundays and jazz festivals. all of those three major events in my corridor. i want to put them on notice with the police department because they come in to fillmore. there is a new sheriff in town. that's me. all events have to coordinate with the police department to ensure that is a fair process through fillmore corridor. we have the jazz festival to make sure it's all okay with all the support. the oldest event which is
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the proclamation event for the blacks that were freed, there is not much the city is doing for those events. i want a little balance this year and here on out i'm going to have a corridor ambassador where i will reduce block to block. i want to put this city on notice as well as the city and county and the mayor that in fillmore we will not tolerate this to come to our community and do what you want not so long as i'm an live. my name is ace and i'm on the case. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. with that colleagues, again, i want to say that as noted by some of the folks in the
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audience that it's as basic and simple as having clear timeline and more transparent process can actually make a big difference in terms of how these events and these festivals are put together and not only what we are putting in terms of safety but how to make it easier as well. it's one of those rare things where you have a win win for everyone involved. i'm very proud of that. i would like to thank my staff, carole, for making it happen. i think it's a good day for the cultural life of san francisco. >>supervisor jane kim: thank
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you, supervisor camp os for offering this legislation. i think it's very apropos for having this discussion around san francisco who we subjects -- subsidize that we really should be supporting in san francisco because they come out to the community and live here and work here and create community events for our residents and our workers. we don't have a really good framework for a lot of our events. this is great to setting up some framework so at least there is coordination and getting to deal with
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the cost so we can enjoy these events. seeing no comment from committee members, can we take a motion on this ordinance? >> so moved. >> with a motion to move forward with recommendation. we can do that without objection. >> madam clerk, any other items for us today? >> there is no further business. >> seeing no further items, we are adjourned. [ meeting is adjourned ] >>
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. >> golden gate parks largest body of water ska great labor for scrolling and picnicking and both miking which can both be rented at the boat house and the lakewood design for leisure boatings and carriages and a treasure trove passing hunting ton water falls two bridges connect the strawberry island and inclient to the hills the highest upon the in golden gate
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park and more than free hundred feet and you can catch glimpses will from the city at the top of of a romantic look out and for ♪ from coast to coast, cops are cracking down... on seat belt violations. buckle up, dand night, or expect a ticket. it doesn't matter who you are or where you live, they'll be on the lookout. cops write tickets to save lives. ( seat belt clicks ) click it or ticket. >> good afternoon the commission will please come to order
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commissioner sanchez we'll move on to item 2 the approval of the minutes of january 2016 i'll note i misspelled a name. >> thank you yes a motion for the acceptance of the minutes with the correction of the name is in order. >> a motion for . >> did we approve the minutes okay. i heard a there is a motion and a second any other corrections to the minutes no other corrections to the minutes we'll vote on the minutes. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? and the minutes have passed. >> thank you, commissioners
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item 3 the director's report. >> good afternoon, commissioners i wanted to give you the late on the 2016 public health and safety bond we'll be proposing three hundred and 50 $350 million for other 0 ballot for the city vital facilities to protect public health and safety i want to let you know the amounts of do llars san francisco general which is building 4 where the hospital it today basically we're looking to ask communicated and the public for 200 and $22 million for symmetric safety addressed the clinics the outer part of essentially into the hospital including the improvements to the diagnoses center for our tech centers the dph 3 $3
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million for the integrated behavioral health and the ambulance first stations will be requesting 48 and our programs the home services is air force and we'll be giving you update on the plans coming shortly excellent news falling american people extensive nathan's search we've provided a new ceo for tsthe mark zuckerberg's san francisco general hospital her name is susan rh from san mateo medical center one of the backgrounds that susan has she was the policy and budget director for dpw and worked on the ambulance administration for the budget director and so she has been
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to medical school and worked at san mateo for over four years you'll overview she'll start in late april. >> thank you to the staff that was involved the hiring process their team members were involved with our department happy to announce that that and thank you to norma two or 3 hats on and relieve in april thank you and yvonne that has been the ceo of the hospital i think has provided good leadership and come back and forth between 101 grove and the
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general i also wanted to just acknowledge restraining order listen he will be receiving the goirdz black history month for bayer u bay area african-american leaders for another generation of black heralds and roland will be the speaker i know everybody wants to know if he'll get something from steve curry as you may know (clapping.) yeah. >> for all his help we've been looking forward and to let you know joe robison will be retiring in march done an invisible job over 20 years what the health director i've learned a lot if her we're happy she is going to retirement we're happy for her we'll have a goggling gave me the service that also a other service heidi want to annunciation is dr. espanola jackson has passed away this
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last week as you may know with an as incredible human rights advocate along with advocating for health for both the behaving and she does have a service on february 4th at 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. the directions will be that's the director's report i'd like our officer to give us an update on the policy and to give you the latest update in health. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is the health officer of san francisco and the director of the health division i'll give you an update on the decking can disease the american health association issued a letter from the disease in brazil it was the symptom
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and pregnant women giving bitter on february 1st, 2016, the dph dmrard the epididymis constitutes a putting national concern who is the decking ska can a infection disease that is was first time identified called the zeke virus about one in 5 people will develop the symbols there be fever and rash and eyewitnesses so czechoslovakia can has occurred in afghanistan and southeast asia and the may 15 we've noted it occurring in latin america it is spread by the mosquitos of two type of
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types of osmosis detectives are not native to california hover 90 in 2011 in several county this can say triumph it after people that have the virus in our blood in california they've been documented only in a few people that are enacted while traveling outside of the united states not touching or kissing contact but being close to the person but a recent case of skaulg contributiontransition as mentioned about the symptoms really the biggest southern is really in the reports in newborns and right now that the screen in brazil and there has been other reports of the outbreak syndrome that is the biggest concerns so
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the; correct? cdc is recommending pregnant women not to travel ta to ts the americans but take persuasion from the mosquitos there is no treatment and no vaccine for the czechoslovakia can virus and in san francisco we'll send out a health advisors and we are beefing up the control program we have indicted almost a year ago we were going to have the preventive program in general we don't have this in san francisco and the other county did do per diem because of the weather we're not like san mateo but occasionally we have hot spots with all the construction we have had a lot of problems with big rodent and beef up the
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program what we generally do we leverage the bay area if we need testing we rely on san mateo and they come and help you will say explain the testing we take advantage of the agreeing infrastructure that is very cost-effective we are in a position to focus the area so it is very good with the concern around the zeke can virus that's my report unless mile-an-hour questions. >> commissioner sanchez i want to thank you very much for that update and also perhaps the department can reinvest some of the calls with latin america over the years the reason i'm saying this is the past wanted of having an loll perhaps interaction and botox coming
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to stanford university to work on public and critical issues effecting the venezuela and other populations since that time the putting in venezuela have within dismantling so many of the training programs have been totally disengaged i know we have new activities going on with the world health organization and with usf international health programs i hope that folks can linkage or link because san francisco is very unique it is as you know and we know when some sports activities come we are very a number of venezuela families gun control who live in van wall and because of the baseball season and it is not just
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you don't mean miami they come here they can be used as outstanding preservation model on how to disseminate and help to bridge this really, really epidemic there was a nine hundred thousand in venezuela that or effected but they don't have the marketplace or the supplies or the training or the positions and alu a number of positions coming from cubing no more a interaction i'll saying we're looking at a reach out and the department of public health here usf and other institutions played roles if follow-up in research and bringing patient up i hope that we can look at some of the unique opportunities that
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are available now there is pages or whatever to put money into uc berkley and others fences it may not be a natural focus point and say hey here's something we can look at we are going to help you know help the effort to really understand what the outcomes long term outcomes for the rest ftof the. >> any questions. >> okay. >> i did have a question because it seems policies at - indicated they were working on a vaccine and the professor here at usf said that will take years you have a feeling as to whether or not it would be something in which we. look forward to in the near future e.r. real
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sort of a distant future. >> from what i've been reading i'll go with what the ucsf professor said there is no vaccine around the corner the infection has been considered as a middle infection not damage so until we know more we can't precinct whether this as vaccine that mutated rapid so the strings are different in different country's so that explains why we are seeing the neurology paternity and outbreak okay. >> you actually


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