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tv   BOS GAO Committee 21116  SFGTV  February 18, 2016 10:30pm-11:41pm PST

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school has the opportunity to receive these and more importantly, city college has a incredible program and we have to make sure the folks we are training for tomorrows workforce especially potentially with the fire department rfx they have the equipment and support they need and we as a city have quality emergency equipment when we sponding to our constituents and have to build that capacity and excited about these items today and mark [inaudible] is hear from the fire kapartment to talk about this in more detail. >> welcome >> good morning mr. chair and supervisor breed. the first item is request from department for acceptance oaffjen rgz donation for purchase of 2 new ambulances from mr. and mrs.
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osher. the department had difficulty replacing the ambulance fleet so this go as long way. if approved with federal grant fund{other allocation we can purchase 9 additional new ambulances this fiscal year so on behalf the fire department and commission want to thank mr. and mrs. osher for their generous donation and happy to answer any questions. the second item is request to donate a obsolete fire inkwrn to city college for the fire academy. this is a 1998 engine no longer of use and used for training purposes for city colleges fire academy program. the fire department has a good working relationship with city college and believe this will be value there. the first item is donation of obsolete ambulance to galileo
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high school and health academy of san francisco unified school district. the health academy assist in the health science courses and also helpwise enrollment to the city college emergency medical technician at city college. this is a 1998 ambulance that is no longer operational use to the fire department due to age and a variety of maintenance issues but extreme lee valuable hands on tool for students. >> thank you. supervisor breed any questions? >> no, i hope you will support this item and with that i would like to- >> before we open to public comment i want to add words of thank you to barny and barbara osher for the donation of $350,000. anyone like to comment on item 1, 2 or 3?
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seeing none public comment is closed >> i like to make a motion we forward all 3 items to full board >> without objection that is theordser of knhity. committee. >> imetm 4 receivelution receiving apruchbing annual reports for miracle mile for 2010-2015 >> these 3 will be the last of our catch up on annual reports for business improvement districts and community benefit districts. with that from theophilus of workforce and economic development, mr. chris cor gg if you like to present on the mission miracle mile business improvement district. >> mr. corgp is.
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>> good morning chair peskin and president breed. richard [inaudible] project manager office of economic and workforce development. i assist with the business improvement district or [inaudible] program. i have a powerpoint presentation on the laptop. >> please proceed. >> cbd or bid are governed by 2 pieces of legislation, the first is california street and high way code, section 3600 known as the 1994 act. the second is business and tax regulation code part of article
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15. oewd is charged insureing all bids emeet the management plan, specifically they provide services outlined in the plans and spend assessment funds accordingly. today i provide the findings conducted from 2010 to 2015. the findings are detailed in the mome and summarized in todays presentation >> knroe this came up at the last meeting but if you want to give the panel and public background why we are doing 5 years at once. i don't want to berate you but think it is important everybody knows there is normally happening on a annual basis but we are catching up >> yes, we are in the process of streamlines these to bring it oo the board yearly and so we have spent time coming up
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with procedures and streamlining the reports and make it easier to bring these to you annually so we had a few that were multiyear jz this is one of the last multiyear and we'll start with the 14/15 reports after this presentation so we are pretty much caught up and this is the last of the multiyears. i think there may be one more. commission bid assesss 20 parcels on mission from 21 to 22 streets. mission bid generates 85, 851 subject to annual cost adjustment. the bid exspired june 30, 2015.
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phillip weser was the executive director. service areas include maintenance and greening and spublic safety and administration. commission bids activities include twice daily sweep ing of side walk squz curbs, [inaudible] graffiti removal, maintenance of flower baskets, bid ambassadors and installation of maintenance and security cameras. before the mission bay established in 2005 graffiti and trash were a major problem. the mission bid removed graffiti from buildings rb public fixtures and side walks. removed unauthorized posters and stickers from public and private property and grime and trash from side walks. before pictures on the
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left, after pictures are on the right. transformation was notable. before pictures are on the top and after pictures on the bottom. all 5 members the organization boards of directors served on the safe committee, clean committee and green committee. property owners within the bid donated office space, wall areas #23r surveillance cameras, electricity and server room space. oewd staff reviewed the budget related benchmark, 1, current year budget versus management plan, confirming the mission bid raised 1 percent of [inaudible] confirming the mission bid budget to
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actualerize within 10 percent and 4, sur plus or deficit revenue is to be identified and [inaudible] sur plus as designated. bench mark one is management plan versus annual budgets. on this chart management plan is on the left side. 4 to 6 years the mission bid met this requirement. for calendar year 2014 and 15 proposed to fund new surveill nss cameras under public safety program which made the various for the budget amount more than 10 percent than the budget identified in a management plan. bench mark 2, for all 6 years the mission bid exceeded requirement of raising 1 percent from non assessment revenue. benchmark 3, budget
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versus actuals, the mission bid met the requirement for 4 to 6 years. calendar year 2010 incurs a tax penalty for late filing of tax returns in 2008 and 9. the mission bid paid the penalties in full. [inaudible] totally 21, 619 dollars which were included in public safety and administrative program. bench mark 4, the mission bid did indicate carried forward amount but not in the annual report ow it is allocated among the different service categories. there is no carry forward at the end of 2015. the mission bid expired june 30, 2015 and not renew frd the following,
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the small size the mission bid was not representative of the community as a whole, small districts are as labor time and budget intensive as large districts for city staff, the small bid budget didn't provide enough funds for administration. the mission bid did perform well in implementing the service plan in the district. implemented the core programs of bufiication cleaning and maintenance, greening public safety administration from calendar year 2010-15. they maintain board of director jz free committee and maintained and established good relationship with property owners. the mission bid will not be rerenewed beyond 2015. the corporation did wind down the operations and dissolve the current funds by the end of 2015 and the bid has seized
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operation. oewd will support future effort to establish a larger district should the community and board of supervisors wish to do so. >> thank you mr. [inaudible] supervisor breed, any questions or comments? seeing none before we open to public comment i want to thank mr. lesser for his long involvement with the miracle mile and mission street and all he did and hope at some point your and the communities efforts to create a larger cbd or bid in the area will come to fruition and with that any members of the public who would like to testify on item number 4? seeing none, public comment is closed. thank you mr. krillo. supervisor breed would you like to make a motion? we move the resolution to full board with recommendation without objection. madam clerk
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could you read the next item >> item 5 is resolution receiving and approve the annual record report for the greater union [inaudible] >> thank you mr. majors. i will get this right this time. i'm new at this mr. corgisfrom office of work force and economic development, welcome and before you start let me just say i'm delighted that the union square bid is such a successful source. thank you to [inaudible] and members and directors let me say we all notice and appreciate it. with that, mr. corg isthe floor is yours. >> my name is chris chorus and project manager with office of economic and work force development and part the cbd team. today we have a presentation on power er point
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for union square business districts for the 14, 15 report. as mentioned in the mission miracle mile presentation there are two laws that guven the business improvement district and cbd. they are state lot known as the 1994 act and article 15 of the business and tax regulations code. the resolutions covers the annual report for 14 and 15. [inaudible] meeting requirements of the management plan and put on the state codes. conducts a annual ro review and provides the board of supervisors with a summary memo in your packets. the union scare bid composes the area arounds union scare
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neighborhood and assess 5 88 parcels. it was established in 2009 or renewed in 2009 and expires 2019. currently the executive director is karen flood. they have a robust staff to make sure they meet the service area jz management plan which include clean and safe streetscape improvements. oewd reviews 4 benchmarks to insure cbd is meeting the goals. they are currents eurobudget. conforming the uniier square bid raise more than 1 pofert the budget from non assessment revenue. conform the budget to actuals within 10 percent variance spoints qu carry forward is
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identified. in the first bench mark the management plan the uniier square bid met this requirement within all various points. the second benchmark union square bid received more than half the operating budget from non assessment revenue due to grants and acquiring donations from private donors. benchmark 3 met the requirements of insureing the actuals and budget were within 10 variance points. careo over, union square gave oewd in the annual report their carry over budget and how they planned breaking it down in the coming year. oewd find out of this years review union square
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exceeded the requirement, successful in acquiring grant dollars and maintaining the management plan and achieving the implementation goals. now with me is karen flood from union square bid who will continue. >> [inaudible] welcome. >> great, thank you chris for that excellent report and good morning everybody. present chair peskin, how are you this morning? karen flood executive director of union square bid and here to present the report for fiscal year 14/15. we did 4 years in one minute last time. i believe i have the same amount of time for one
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year. just to give you a little bit of background and chris wnt through this but a overview, this is the district, the heart is union square park and cover about 27 blocks around the area. we have over a thousand businesses in our district, 500 property owners. the assessment budget is 3.3 million and 2.1 is clean and safe. and then we were tibel double our budget through grant money and other fund raising efforts to about 6.6 million. core services, clean and safe. we have 3 types of ambassadors, we call all the uniformed personnel ambassadors. we have safety ambassador squz cleaning that sweep up and keep the side walks clean and remove
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graffiti. we have project personnel who does a great job of fixing things, painting to keep it looking sharp. we also police officers 7 day as week 10 hours a day and that is key taimprove the safety the district. we are governed by a 23 member board which is representative the use in the district, hotel, theaters and arts. we have executive committees subset the board, finance, market, public affairs, services and streetscape and public realm. we have a actf board and very engaged in the district and care about the area. we also partner with a organization first and foremost city of san francisco our primary liaison with the city is oewd so work
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with them closely. next is the pd and dpw, we work with them all the time and partner to keep the dist rict looking clean and maintain the safety. mta, planning, public health we work with a variety of departments. we partner with a lot of business organizations especially on the advocacy side, chamber of commerce, sf travel. we have common interest to make sure the area is clean safe and welcome. we have a fiscal partner the last 2 years the silicon valley community foundation which we hope to continue to main thane that partnership going forwards. grant and other funds, here with me today is ben horn who is the deputy director and handles all the number jz does a great job so if you have questions he is happy to answer the questions.
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again, we raised all most-doubled our budget and primarily with a big donor, silicon valley gave 3 million in the fiscal year 14/15. about 1 million went to police presence and that is what the donor wanted. we have a safe shopper program for union square because we get incredible increase in the number of visitors so this was key to enhance the safety. we have a very successful security camera on private buildings in the area so 2 million of that went to increase number of cameras in the area. we did share about 700 thousand with the neighboring district, central market kwr tenderloin. they received $250 thousand each to bolter the safety. we
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received a grant from oewd and planning for the ida conference, international downtown association. we were delight today be the host past september and spent a good amount of time planning for that in this fiscal year. [inaudible] gave a million dollars back in 2011 to create the pal street promenade and give 33 thousand a year. this is the 5th and final year so we are negotiating to continue. winter walk we received 25 thousand from oewd. this was the pedestrian pop up plaza on stockton and the [inaudible] is give relief on stockton who feel the impact of the subway construction which is about 8 years. this was a give back to them and welcoming pedestrian
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for visitors. we raised about 187 thousand in other grants. we have a annual lunch that we host every year, also sponsorship for map and guide and what not. overall accomplishment the big is the grant from silicon valley. about 10 thousand hours of sfpd officers were able to be delivered in the area and we kept or the police kept good records as we asked them to in how many incident were recorded about 13 thousand ins lnts. we were able to spread cameras.
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we started with about 38 and then at the end of fiscal year 15 we now have over 100 and today have over 250 cameras. i mentioned the grants. back to clean and safe. in particular this fiscal year we changed service providers. we had a service provider for 15 years and the board was eager to see what other companies are out there so we made a change and hired block by block and they are doing a good job providing the same services but work with us closely. weologist hire adsocial worker from the [inaudible] we needed to do a better job on outreach so have a full time [inaudible] that works us and keeps statistics every munthd how many are being
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refer to the 311 shelter list and how many go to drug and alcohol, shelter, case management so we keep these stats and the t is somewhat successful, we are discovered about 50 percent resist service, but remaim commitmented as is the social worker into making a difference for the folks in need. we have 13 safety and hospitality [inaudible] this is off the charge how many calls for assistance. i bow i call 2 or 3 times a day. feel free to call the dist patch number if you see issues. those are essentially or services there. about 10 percent of the budget goes to market, streetscape and
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public affairs so i'll starkt with marketing. the website is the corner stone of the marketing program. we have a social media program, on facebook and twitter. genie does a great job about keeping the budge with union square. we do a news letter everything friday. hopefully you are on the list and if you are not we can add you. we produce a map and guide for the tourist listing all the murchints the area so people can find us. streetscape and public realm is a area that excites me creating a public space within our district that are clean and safe and active and interesting and give people a reez toon come to union square. winter walk was a huge success. we
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were excited to partner with mta. they came together and partnered with us on this and made a significant investment for those 5 weeks over the holidays. merchants benefit and enjoyed it and now we are working with the city to look at stockton street as you know so what is stockton street going to be? bring the cars back or pedestrian thorough fair so we had a [inaudible] and excited to keep you informed and involved and work you on this. stockton street and also pal street, what do we do with pal street? they took the cars off and there is red paint so we are looking at pal street. what will that be in the future do we keep a side walk and just a cable car. those streets are key because they connect market to union
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square. we feel we need to accommodate pedestrians without losing site to create more congestions and have to give the hotel access for the guest s to come and go so looking at that with mta and dpw and other departments so exciting time in the public realm. we are also looking that back alleys. we have a number of alleys now we spend more time cleaning up than keeping safe. we feel we can activate them positively. we are looking at [inaudible] alley, the city will help repave if t and look to put arts and food trucks in there to create a exciting alley. of course main lane we don't want to let that go, that is gem in the district so looking to activate that with food trucks maybe as well. public affairs,
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i mentioned this ida conference was a big success for us, the bid, it was a chance to show case all that we do and also a opportunity not only for us but all the other cbd and [inaudible] in san francisco to learn best practices. the other bid across the country and also the networks to make the connections and share best practice, so huge success. we had over 800 attend and raised over $250 thousand are the ida our partner and a great opportunity. thank you oewd and planning for partnering on this. i believe they saw a benefit as well to the conference so huge success. day to day we advocate for clean and safe issues. more police officers in union square to provide a welcoming presence to cut down on the quality of
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life issueess we see and serious crime. we have retail threft and assaults. we advocate for policeman and mobile food facilities and better public space, all kinds of things that will make sure the area can clean safe and vibrant. challenges, despite the investment we make and our strong partnership with the city agencies we continue to have challenges. this is what the district looks like many mornings when we come in and it is discorjing for our workers to deal with this day and in day out. a lot of it is the illegal scavaging at night. we don't have services at night so they go through the trash. some of it is own the
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merchants. they put out card board illegally. the city has limited resource squz think they are 2 enforcement officers >> there used to be twoir 24 >> i know, i had 8 working for me when i was at dpw. they do a good job. this is a serious challenge for us. and then on the safety side too or public realm, i think more enforcement is needed oin terms of what is in the public right of way. we get illegal vendors out there, we get art vendors that are not don't have a permit at all. now there is no quality design stand frrds the street artist, we would like to see that implemented so the presentation
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of the street artist matching the presentation in the high end retail stores. some is slaucky. we are working with howard [inaudible] to get basic design standards so think that is important. and then traffic enforcement we have a lot of congestion in union square. a lot of the interections are backed up so more enforcement is helpful. i touched on crime, we have seen a spike for property crimes, breaking into car windows, breaking into store windows, crazy things happening. huge thefts all most 200 thousand of merchandise and you think it is a high end store but the individuals working are victims too. it is intimidating what is going on when you get charged with a gang stealing.
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more police presence would help. we had a meeting with a investigator from the police so hopefully they will catch these individuals. more of that is needed. also we have been focused on the homeless issue and i know the city is also doing which is very important. important to having a comprehensive continuum of care. we become familiar with what is available but it isn't all coordinateed. there needs to be more housing or safe shelters, housing, more services. our social outreach worker doesn't always have places to snd people or things to give people and it can be frustrating so there do need to be more services for folks especially the mentally ill y. have seen a increase of more mentally ill and they are more vocal. they are in a active
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state of psychosis so this isn't good for them or the city. the outreach worker can't necessarily handle individuals like that. they need to be taken into custody and given the care they need so we are commitmented to that. however we make that happen with the city to create more services for the mentally ill. upcoming opportunities, [inaudible] this is really our program to address homelessness in meaningful ways. couple components the oitreach worker is one component. law enforcement when it is need today enforce the quality of life law jz also education. we are trying to educate the merchants and property owners about how to address individuals in need in the street and say call if you see someone in distress, dribet social service organizations and connect. learn what the city is doing and learn what we are doing. this year we will
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embark on a strategic plan. we want to understand the direction the bid so we will come together and do that. renewal, ofend next year we have to think about renewing the bid and [inaudible] you were instrumental helping renew in 2004 so talk to you again about renewing if the stakeholders want to renew. security cameras, continuing to expand the program. silicon valley, we hope they will be a on going partner in safety. pal and stockton is a focus this year to determine with the city what the streets should be. and again, more activation the alleys and advocacy. sit
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on the california downtone association board so we look at advocacy across california and what may impact us in san francisco in terms of clean, safe homeless policy so think that is important for us and will continue to do that. our vision-i'm having a hard time seeing that but i do know the vision. clean and safe. we want to keep the side walks immaculate and the district safe so the people feel comfortable walking around and want to come to the district. increase the number tooz union square and keep it a vibrant place and make sure business is good and property values are strong. fiscally we want to maintain solid finances and ben does a excellent doing that. and creating a vibrant district where we have public spaces that are activated and clean and safe, welcoming. union
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square is the heart of san francisco and a gem and we heap to keep it that way frayears to come. thank you. >> thank you mr. flood mrs. flood and let me say it was a pleasure renewing the bid in 2004. when it started in the 90's it a countversal notion to create a business improvement district that was renewing the bid thatsent me down the road of creating the community benefit district enabling law and want to thank you for being a resource to the other cbd and bid in the city. you were the first that union square bid was dh first and become the model and flag ship and think we should also acknowledge all of the donors which are the individuals that agreed to tax themselves to augment city
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services. there are absolutely challenges, it is a microcosm of all the challenges we are facing in the city, but as you said, there are also remarkable opportunities. i never would have thought a decade ago that the union square association and cbd would a advocate a street dlozeier on stockton street but the traffic patterns have changed overthe years we have the opportunity. i can't tell you how many people loved the winter walk and delighted it is spurring a new set of opportunities. i am excited about the public realm changes and thank you to you and mr. horn for taking the time to brief me couple months ago when i first became a supervisor. there are challenges, i would love to work with you particularly around trash clean up which isn't emdemic to union square but the entire city but
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in commercial corridors we should consider pursuing legislation to require toters and the larger 3 art beens be locked at night. all the pictures you see that happen ons the polk street corridor and the broadway and north beach the trash cans go out at 10 at night and between scavagers and individuals pushing them over and toters over loaded and the wind comes is a large part the cleanliness problem so love to persee that with you. you is a lot to teach us here and thank you for grap wlg the homeless issues, hire a social service worker is a a remarkable thing from a community based non profit, so thank you for doing that and with that, supervisor breed you have any questions? >> yes, i don't have questions i just had-well questions and compants. i think union square
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bid is definitely a model. i know that over the years including fillmore street we had a bid and unfortunately that failed, mission street has had the challenges and no longer in existence and i do appreciate the work that you have done to try to help and support other bids but i think what makes this bid a success is the leadership and the team that actually implements what is necessary north north s to look at the-air i as a whole and make sure changes are made and going after fundsing sources is key to do that. i applaud you for the work you have done as a frequent work it oo the area. things have chaichcks especially around traffic. i know that is a
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frustration for mean personally with ellis street in particular and the lines of cars and trying to access the garage and just i'm glad it opened up, the walk has been incredible. i love just walking through that area. it feels open and free and it is crowdedx but you know what happened throughout the year. we will have to go through the motions of letting the central subway do what it needs to do, but i really appreciate you taking a real look at making that walk available potentially on a permanent basis. union square is always crowded with people is qu want to make sure delivery trucks and taxis and folks who drop folks off have
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public access but think a public realm can be great. the strategic plan you are proposing, i'm a fan of strategic plans and glad you are looking where are we now and where do we need to go and how can we make downtown one the best experiences not just the visitors but the residents who are saying i don't want to go downtown. i talk to the guy who i buy my beauty hair supplies from near macey's near beauty land and they are frustrated because they know the locals are saying we don't want to come down here anymore. i think it is important to have the bid take the lead on trying to figure how we make downtown better and safer and i think the cameras, the additional police officers are a big big big big addition to
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that and grateful for that. but, i know that the responsibility of what is happening down there with the mentally ill individuals it isn't something you should have the bear the burden of. we as a city have a obligation to do better which is why i pushed to put a bond on the june ballot to help prepare our locum facilities so there are places to take these individual jz also have to make sure there are folks to receive them and those individuals are trained in helping real challenges because i see the difference. i see not just a significant number of mentally ill individuals in the downtown area , i see in the all neighborhoods so as a city you have to look at that and make changes and beheld accountable to pushing through the policies that will make a difference so it is just not on a particular
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neighborhood to figure out a solution. so, i want to thank you for your efforts. this is really exciting and i just hope that when other bids are moving forward that they somehow immolate the work you have been able to do. this is the gold standard and a model and don't have to reinvent the wheel but ultimately i want to see fillmore have a bid again but i want to make sure we do it right and successful long term so you very fortunate this bid is as successful as it is. i know there challenges and committed to try to work with you on the challenges so again thank you for your work. >> great so very much president breed and peskin. >> any member thofz public who
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would like to testify on item 5? seeing none public comment is closed. supervisor breed do we have a motion to send this matter to the full board with recommendation? >> so moved >> without objection the motion is forwarded to full board with recommendation. madam clerk can you read item 6 >> resolution receiving approving a annual report for lower puck community district for fy 14/15 >> today i will pent on fy 14, 15 annual report for lower polk community district. we have a power point presentation. >> our newest cbd in district 3. >> absolutely. in memory of [inaudible] as mentioned
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earlier, two codes governed the community benefit district and business improvement district program in san francisco. the 1994 act which is california street and high way code [inaudible] and local law article 15 of the san francisco business and tax regulation code. in the review process oewd insures cbd met the management plan objectives that our stuff conducts a annual review and financial review and that we provide the board of supervisors with a summary memo of our findings. lower polk cbd begins on california street and runs down to alice [inaudible] north and south and van ness to larkin west to east and 307 parcel squz property based district. the assessment budget was $846,000 and
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established in 2014 and set to exspire june 30, 29. their executive director is [inaudible] the cbd operated without a executive director. chris [inaudible] who is here today to speak later conducted business with oewd on behalf the cbd. the service area are cleaning smains i safety which includes side walk sweeping, alley cleaning and painting. [inaudible] buf fiication which includes recruitment of new business. management and operations. oewd refused 4 benchmarks. benchmark 1 is
11:18 pm
[inaudible] nob raise the minimum from non assessment revenue. [inaudible] are within 10 percent variance sknoints benchmark 4, make sure the carry forward is yoirfed in projects and are designated. benchmark one the management plan and first year budget were identical so met bench mark 1 requirements. in terms of assessment revenue and other income, lower poick didn't receive assessment revenue within the first year of operations which i'm happy to speak to if there are questions. they did receive a donation or grant that went to anagement and operation jz as such they met their requirement of most the revenues knhing from non assessment dollars. in the budget versus aquils they didn't meet the benchmark
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and this is due to the result of not receiving assessment dollars in 14, 15. lower polk successfully identified the carry over which is the entirety of the fy 14 and 15 assessment and how they will spend it in 15, 16. oewd recommendation for lower polk cbd, they didn't begin service because there was no management contract in 14, 15, chris [inaudible] worked expeditiously to get in compliance with the cities management contract agreement. this wasn't completed until fy 15/16. they received the first year revenue and worked to get into compliance. oewd will work to make sure the spend down plan is met and maintain
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compliance. overall lower polk cbd worked well meeting bnchmarks but not providing services for 14/15. they hired a executive director and provide suvs in the district in fy 15/16 and maintain a active [inaudible] chris shulman is here with the lower polk. do you have questions for oewd? >> thank you and let me start out by acknowledging that this was a multiyear effort to get this thing up and running. i particularly want to acknowledge a friend of mine who has since passed, shell thomas who did a inordinant amount of work as a community person and as a part time oewd staffer and unfortunately he
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didn't long enough to see this come to fruition. this is indawn of the polk street community district benefit and benefit with shells untimely passing and the transition why we got off to a slow start in 14/15 i want to absolute chris shulman who works closely with shell and stepped into the breach as a volunteer for the benefit of polk street which is [inaudible] a land of much more opportunity and challenge and much less resource than you all enjoy in union square so thank you chris for another former oewd staffer for being the pide piper of the polk street community benefit dristricate. i'm delighted and already seeing change on the grounds. you put a amount of time and energy into it as i was
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campaigning this last summer and fall. i got to meet proponents and occasionally opponentss of incommunity benefit district but it is here to stay and know between now and the end of its first term you will do incredible work and with that i like to welcome my friend and neighbor, chris shellman >> thank you chair peskin and president breed for taking parts in this hearing today. i want to start off by thank you oewd chris [inaudible] and [inaudible] all the colleagues, rick is here, they have been very supportive and appreciate everything. we also appreciate your supervisors we worked with including supervisor peskin and breed as well as staff for all their efforts. i will try to be brief. a number of things in the slides may have been touched upon by mr. corgsism
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most the presentation is looking back autothe plan, what we will be doing and how we will spend the funds. any members can go on the dweb site, lower polk cbd .org. for the supervisors i am happy to cover in more detail. at the end this year we didn't provide services or have staffing or assessments in 14/15 and will take a moment where we will go from here. lower polk community benefit district 14/15 is what we focus on. articles of incorporation, secretary of state, 501 c 3 with the feds and state. we formed a inclusive board and proud the board. we have local community members business owner and largest property owner down to wouldn't say the smallest but they are the
11:24 pm
smallest. we have night life, we have president of the pta of reding elementary is on the board. very proud of them and know a lot of them work with your offices. roulyes. we have bylaws, city vendor and [inaudible] ethics, management agreement. all the flity gritty that takes week tooz edit and worked to get that done. we didn't receive assessments, we did receive a little over 10 thousand in contributions and then in september which is the next fiscal year we'll cover next year we received our assessment. we have a carry over for this year. we are actively taking steps to pragmatically and smartly send our money in a manner that builds resources and helps with
11:25 pm
long term strategy. i will mention later the things we are using with the carry over. a snap shot the board of directors. we have a good mix. we have more seats available and actively recruiting if you have a interest being on the boret or members or properties owners are listening go to the website. there is a board packet on the website. just our vision is very inclusive. clean and safe [inaudible] welcoming diverse populations and reflects a mix of business that offer goods and services that meet the needs the residents. promote art and culture. viberant and viable [inaudible] reflects local history and culture. it is very important to respect the neighborhood and enhance the vibrant city we have already.
11:26 pm
community based partnerships that address issue squz serve for steward for change. architectural street design to promote interesting experience. for cpmc we are forninate to have a little over a million dollars in funds and will focus those on community safety, health, cleanliness, events and improvements in the neighborhood and looking forward to leverage the funds to do more things than we have been able to do. i will skip this slide. i just want to note sfr visor breed we look forward to the hospital opening in a couple year jz provide the service. now we are not too much to do on that parcel. priorities, community ambassador program. clean streets program. streetscape impruchbment and buf fiication.
11:27 pm
marketing outreach. community events and activation. [inaudible] advocacy project planning. the annual budget i do want to point most is cleaning safety and maintenance. these numbers right here directly reflect the results of a community survey we took in 13 which basically confirmed what we thought is boots on the ground cleaning and safety, graffiti abatement, social service is what we need and that is what we'll provide. we have district identity market and events. [inaudible] 3 staff members down to the rents which is the realty we have to pay and all other aspects of our operation, inshurnsh and liability. mr. corgs covered the service, which includes the cleaning and
11:28 pm
maintenance, corridor safety, market and streetscape improvement. social sunchs and outreach acbasder is part the plan day 1. it is in the business plan and hired a social services coordinator, i gentlemen i know all will meet jame fontaine. we already started with refurls and successs and look forwards next year. we will do it incremental to your office but next year coming to the board with excellent numbers and hopefully success stories. cleaning services, this is mostly speculative i want to say starting in december we began service and doing significant trash pick up, significant pressure washing, we ramp up graffiti abatement
11:29 pm
soon, spruce up the tree basin, replacing trees and the services are off to a wonderful start and thinkathize folks in the community are absolutely noticing what we are doing. we have done things folks tell us about dog waste so we put in dog waste stations. we are trying to react in a way that benefits the community. the ambassador services our primary services are general if safety, outreach, way finding, dispatching and mentioned we have the social service components we are ramping up. economic development, business attraction and retention. business retention is very important and work with lower polk neighbors on a joint project to support the retention of our businesses and also the attraction of positive businesses because we want to build our murchen corridor in a
11:30 pm
way that keeps services for rizdants recollect products we want the hardware and produce store to stay and will work with stakeholder tooz insure we systematically get a good mix that benefits the residents and visitors including the night life. we want to support the businesses that continue to the vibrant night life scene. management services we have day to day operations, advocacy, grant writing and fund raising. we are a [inaudible] discover polk cbd. we are proud to work with them and provide them the fiscal support and hope that moves forwards. -for the neighborhoods and we'll partner with them on many levels. then we have ood ministration. marketing identity is pretty straight forward. marketing and brandsing isn't our
11:31 pm
priority. we will do it this year but we are building a foundation and bring in the process on a brand and identity that reflects the neighborhood and the diversity. things like banners events will be happening. [inaudible] is a amazing hub for community activity. public space activation, streetscape. that conclude the power poinlt. we started the service in december and have a half dozen people out cleaning and providing safety. we [inaudible] there is significant safety improvements. the bathroom at sergeant mu collie park has more than doubled in one month and see children and families use the rest room. the social service program we are exstatic to get started. the regular assessments will not fund that
11:32 pm
long term. they will hire a social outreach worker and supply. we are fundsing the first year through the carry over assessment squz have a commitment to fund it is a second year through the cpmc mitigation funds and wree hopeful we will come to stakeholders including the cities and foundations and show successs. numbers that back up what we hope to see and pursue long term fundsing for the program and make adjustments to insure success. i look forward in the next week or 2 we will send out a litter to the property owners where we are at. we will hold community forum squz look forward meeting with your office as appropriate to keep you briefed. available for any questions. >> thank you mr. shulman. i cannot thank you enough for putting so many years into this selflessly without compensation. i'm very excited
11:33 pm
about the process pckts of what the polk street cbd holds. it looks like zee emerging effort to spread that to middle polk and that group of folks are very talented and committed and so hope this will be a continuous corridor of cbd and coupled with efforts by the city to do public realm improvements in a number of alleys including fern alley. we have now found attention from northern station company e and captainmic eccrine is committed to try to improve things on lower polk so excited what is going on and already in a month we are seeing real on the ground changes. so, with that president breed are there any members of the public who
11:34 pm
would like to testify on this matter? if not public comment is closed and supervisor breed can we have a motion to send this matter to the full board with recommendation? >> yes, but before i do that i want to say congratulations, i knroe the bid got off to a rocky start and looking forward to seeing what can happen when things begin to move forward in a positive direction. polk street is a great area, a lot of great shops and wonderful businesses and i hope this make as significant difference for all of the merchants and resident who live along the corridor. thank you for this and good luck. i would like to muchb this to the full fwored >> that is theorder of the
11:35 pm
knhity. madam clerk is there further business? >> no further business. >> then we are adjourned. thank you very much. [meeting adjourned] >> hello. my name is-chief
11:36 pm
operating officer of cdm see i'm here to welcome you all and thank you for joining us here today for this milestone in the history of california specific article said that as the dmc yutaka vibrant history to a clinic which was built in 1852. sorry about that 1852 on mission-we have been serving generations of san franciscans and san francisco residents for over 150 years. today, we begin a new chapter in our history. this popping out ceremony is designed to recognize a terminus effort of our workers, constructing this holiday, working safely together, and to ensure we get her hospital bill on time and on schedule. truly, an honor to be part of this event and to be part of history in the making. thank you to our construction workers for your dedication to your craft and for the work you have completed so far in the construction of
11:37 pm
our new southern hosford to hospitals in san francisco. again, one more round of applause for our workers behind us since they are not down here all working. >>[applause] >> they've been working on minutes before us and they just stopped right down to observe the ceremony. now, i would like to ask dr. brammer, our ceo, to come up to the podium to provide a few remarks. >> thanks, pamela, and welcome to everybody. hey, guys. this is a great day for all of us as we begin our second 150 years here in this phenomenal city that we call home. we are delighted that so many of you could join us today. this new
11:38 pm
hospital, as well as the one we are building down at our st. luke's campus, by the beginning of a whole new era of for healthcare in san francisco. it is taken us a long time to get to this point but were good to be around for many many years as a result of all the hard work being done by the folks back there working on this building. but, before much go much further, i want to note several people further help because without them we would not actually have made it to this day. i'm going to begin with the mayor, who you'll hear from charlotte. mayor ed lee >>[applause] >> the mayor and his staff have been with us on this journey from the very beginning and their support was absolutely critical in formulating this project and getting it to this point. sitting right here in the front row, right within five range is
11:39 pm
lou tirado. i think everybody the city owes lew a debt of thanks. >>[applause] >> for the work he did to make sure we were able to build this project. he was a key stakeholder in getting this done, along with the famous three amigos from the board of supervisors, david campos who cannot be with us, david chiu who is with us now represent us up in sacramento, and mark farrell. where is mark? mark is over here. we like to thank all of them >>[applause] . >> phil are some women is with us but i understand he had to be. i want to into some of the other folks on the stage with. bob tomasello was the chairman of our board. michael terry of the present in the building trades. vernon chiang our
11:40 pm
chief medical executive. mike colville, former president of the west bay region of sutter health. jeff gerard, our current president of the center health bay area. tony wagner, the chairman of the board of center health bay area. and julie pacitti the ceo of the hospital for the sutter of bay area. now, of course, most of this event is about the team building the hospital there represented by the management and the workers from herero bold and we want to thank them. we want to figure architecture group the mother smith group, jj argument in the many trade partners, subcontractors and consultants who have helped us get this project off the ground.


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