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tv   Mayors Press Availabiltiy  SFGTV  March 6, 2016 11:40am-12:01pm PST

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together with the 10 year capital planning staff, that makes sure we only present bonds that reflect room in the bond capacity that don't raise property tax squz fit into that. that st. the magic, but it isn't magic for finance people, it is magic we can present new thing for people to embrace in like the voter jz not have to raise property tax to get those new things mptd in this case i want to make sure people understand while we talk about the zuckerbering sf general facility we know we vanew facility that reflects the larger bond in the history of the city but we are also moving all those operations into the hospital as we speak, we are leaving a building that is not seismically safe and we are snot interested ichb demaunshing the bity.
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we are interested making sure the needs the public are reflected in the ongoing use of the 1970's era building we have ajaistant to the new hospital and how do we do nat? we need to make it seismically safe, we need to invite the services that we don't have in a new hospital as much as we have and reflect the ongoing needs that we have while ongoing with the leadership of ourpublic health department has been the conversation we need more mental health facilities. this is where the judges are asking for more beds, the community asks us to take care of more of our mental health needs in the community and we want to use the facility we have and expand those services. at the same time, there is incredible need to make sure we work with our fire department because they are and continue to be the
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emergency response team that we have when ever something happens in the city. they have also informed us in addition to supporting more mental health facilities in the city, we need a ambulance response facility to meet the demands we have. we find in the community based fire station squz the stations that house the ambulances not to have the facilities safe enough for the operation to expand and want you to know they are enthuse astic because more and more as our fire department and all of us are having a experience where knock on wood, we have less fires, we increase the calls for medical services and this is where i enjoyed work with our fire department to increase every facility that we have
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particularly the ambulance response and particularly the emt staffing that we increased over the last few years to respond to the ambulance calls and make sure we have that capacity. it just so happens that many the fire stations we actually have over all most a $600,000,000 need to increase and make sure we have seismically safe fire hours and can't do tin just one bond and keep the promise of having the bond not increase property taxes so we do it in a way in which we can identify what is the most critical and respond tothat and this is what this particular $350,000,000 bond will do is help a number of critical fire stations particularly where we house ambulance squz make sure they are safe. we also want to make sure we respond to the ongoing need and i know media is here
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to talk about our ongoing efforts to house more homeless and make sure we have facilities that are transitional in nature as we struggle to rebuild and rehabilitation permanent house frg the homeless. while we do that the navigation centers are very success ful and people want more of that and this is where we will take the opportunity to place another $20,000,000 of support effort here and know the voters get it when they see and have a opportunity to see our navigation centers that we know these are more than just shelters. they are gathering of all the support services we need to allow people to go back to their homes if that is their wishes so get the best service to transition them into permanent housing that we are building and we have places
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like hamilton and other places we are building but it takes time and a lot of money and we are do that bond after bond and done that with the $350 mill ,000,000 bond to find the land and make sure we build in an affordable way. we have many more ideas but these are the at buttes of the $350,000,000 bond we place before the voters this june. we don't have a bond for november so this is critical to have it to the voter squz educate them on the bond. i'm happy to work with general hospital and public health department because they have #250i78 time and time again shown wrathe need is respond to need and authenthuse astic about the
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ways we built the navigation centers because pier 80 and 16th and mission are the examples of what woe can do more with public private partnerships we engage in into help the navigation centers become more than [inaudible] they are life savingsenters for people who shouldn't be living on our streerts and shouldn't be in tent encampments. we want to take them out but want to do it the right way. we dont want to take people moving from corner to corner, we want to make sure they are taken care of and have long term solutions to them. even those that resist ourerts when they get into the the navigation centers they realize the humanity we do there is more than inviting in the long term. this is and will continue to say, this is the city of saint
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francis and never turn our backs in those in need. people come to our city or end up here for many different reasons without the social safetyinate net we are used to. we have the robustness in the neighborhood clinics and response and navigation centers and want to make sure you know our neighborhood health clinics are touched strongly, all most $50,000,000 bond because the clinics need the capacity to help with mental illness as well and this is a theme that we are increasingly hearing and respawning effectively by talking with all the partners within the justice system or health system, the [inaudible] needs more facilities for this to happen, more beds and treatment centers and more professional care that our public health providers can provide, so i want to say thank
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you to the all the airjs that are here reflective of the bond program including the mayors office of disability too because they are out there helping us figure out not only facilities but services that we need along with public health. i have a special guest speaker today, someone who is living here at the hamilton family residence, her name is precious sharia, she a single mother of 3 children 8 years old, 5 years old and 2 years old and the sureara family stayed at the hamilton famry residences for the past 4 muchckt months and needed the service of the emergency care. the good example of the kind of families we want to help but not just help. i know at some point in time when she
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knows her family is being taken care of, i know mrs. sharia will want to be part of that work force, the incredible workforce we are training people to get into the new economy on. let me introduce to you mrs. precious sharia. [applause] >> yes, sir. i lived here about 4 months. the shelter took me in when i was on the street and called every day to get in the emergency beds. i finally got in and then once i reached my room up stairs it gave me to about june. my kids live in the shelter but they don't realize it is a shelter because they have good programs such as the children program, helping with the homework, they give a dj party on the roof and make it so fun by kids dont know they are homeless sometimes. i
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like the-they feed us 3 times a day so don't have to worry about that. the shelter has ups and downs, but most of all it is a plus because if it want fl the shelter i would be on the stroostreet and worry where my kids will eat or sleep or give them up. if i'm in the shelter my kids can stay with me. in the streets i wouldn't permit them to live on the streets so probably would have gave them up. i'm thankful and grateful. people have their different opinions about the shelters. some complain all day but at the end of the day you have a place to stay and sleep and it helps you. i'm starbting chef school tuesday so i'm doing something with my life. trying to make something better and the situation. this is my first time being homeless and from the experience it will be my last because this helped me
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but i am glad i was homeless because it showed a different side of me i didn't know, the strengths and dpoles goals and think it helped me a lot. sorry. it had so many opportunities. they constantly post jobs or injrj you to do. you can only do so much. hamilton can only do so much if you dont want to do for yourself. me, i'm taking a stand and doing for myself so i won't be here and hopefully i will be a chef so i can cook for the shelter or homeless program. i will give back to the community as much as i can, i voluntary also. i don't have much to say, i thank god and the thank the people that donate and make this place possible because i see the ups and very grateful and thank you. >> [applause] >> thank you precious and thank you for everything you are doing to
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improve your life and also take care of the children that you have. as i said for this particular bond, i want to make sure you know if i can simplify it it is 3 words, it about access to good care, it is about emergency response, and about navigating and 33 word i thipgs are reflective in this. i just 79 to say our public health department is incredible partner reponding to everything that happens in the city and next for tim episteen who is director of sf children youth and families community behavioral health at our public health department to say a few words about how important the bod is to the care we want and access that we want people to have to our
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healthcare facilities. ken. [applause] >> first i want to say before i start speaking precious told us her cheern use san francisco general hospital mayor all 3 children use the hospital so the connections are clear between what we are doing today and our future and i want to thank the mayor and city for your support for this incredibly important bod for the residence of san francisco. today this bond will improve and expand access to services and medical care and mental hemth care in the community and community clinic squz san francisco general hospital. it will prurfb or 24 hour psychiatric care that is so critical to the citizens of the san francisco to have a place to go 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 14 community clinics will be able to build access to behavioral and minuteal health and substance
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abuse services in the clinics so when you see your doctor in the same place you can get the mental health and substance abuse. the funding will improve access and amountimately help us renovate and build a better and stronger system of care for the children, youth, families, adults and other adults in san francisco. we know that there is a tremendous need for healthal health and substance abuse care and the mayor mentioned. we also know folks will better utilize the services when it is isn't stigmatized where they have to go to a different place for it. we hope public helths can partner with the cities to build integrated care and using the bond to expand the services. thank the mayor again and the city for your support and public health department is ready to move
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forward this with initiative. thank you. >> [applause] >> okay, well like i usually said it is time to go to work everybody and by signing this document it sigal ins we ready to talk to the public and got on with it. let's sign this so we can start work on it. everybody come on over. [applause]
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>> >> >>you. >> what do you think about working at an airport and i love it is busy all the time. >> we want it to be an those away was this is a venture if i didn't love it i'll be an accountant. >> we want the experience that
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is a non-airport experience the negative stigma we're trying to erase that. >> everything is in a bad food to excite them about the food and they have time to learn about us. >> people are imitated by traveling and the last thing to do is come to a place fill of chaos. >> telling me how the extent of napa a farms came about. >> it was a vision of the airport director he had a suspicion of a really cool gourmet speciality market locally friendly products this market local flavors this is the best. >> can we get a little tour. >> absolutely (laughter) ♪ ♪
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>> so first on our tour. >> we have the clock we like to call it. >> this is coordinating it is made in san francisco. >> what about the customer presence. >> we like to get the permanent farther i love the cappuccino and you have to go to multiple places for the cupcakes the cup a cakes from kari's people want to live here they're longing phone call for one thing in one spot in you know anything about san francisco the cheese the most popular cheesy think a lot of the people from the west coast say so this the real san francisco sour dough and they're curious. >> you find people respond to the idea of organic and
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absolutely. >> this is autumn. >> thank you, thank you and there's a lot of personal touch. >> i see san francisco. >> it's very hands on. >> what's the most popular items. >> this is quite surprising our fresh jotting this is the chronicle special a bowl of warm oats and coconut that's mites farther. >> and speaking of drinks tell me again the cocktail scenes is that one, the things your known for . >> the cocktails are fantastic. >> really. >> fresh ingredients we don't have a mixture it to order this is our marcus bloody mayor.
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>> farmer's market bloody mary the bloody marys in the airport are great shikz it up. and then we're going to garnish it with olives. and some lime and a fresh stalk of selly. right on. >> we like >> good morning everybody. welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors budget and finance sub-committee for wednesday march 2, 2016. my name is mark farrell. a