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tv   San Francisco Government Television  SFGTV  March 26, 2016 10:00pm-12:01am PDT

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housing and you can hardly wait, but if you don't have funding, it's going to be too late. you are like the housing guys -- -- some easter baskets may be larger, and some easter baskets may be small and remember give lots of things in the basket, make it really tall. go ask city alice and she'll know and you'll have lots of easter dinner and it's great, and you are gaining weight -- go ask city alice - [speaker not understood] >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good evening, supervisors. with easter soon approaching, i am here to deliver a
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message to you all, in this room and in tvland, from our heavenly father who stated open thy mouth and i will speak for you. i'm appealing to all members of the clergy to do the same this easter sunday while giving your service and please be sure to speak on the rapid and senseless killings taking place in america by citizens and peace officers. you can make an impact. these killedings are desensitive eyesing our society. easter is a golden opportunity to bring the topic to the light of day, as it is a special day, when the entire world shows up to worship. i am asking the san francisco city government, dedicate this easter weekend as a day of remembrance for all of the young teens and peace officers who have lost their lives to violence and handguns. i propose that the government sounds the city alarm and let the bells toll at 10:00 a.m.
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to mark this event. i am also asking that all caring and concerned citizens send prompts to clergy to speak about gun violence. let's us fall down to our knees and lift our face for the rising sun, oh, lord have mercy on me, let us break break together on our knees. it ain't no harm in getting together. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening. my name is andrew king. i am a native here, san francisco. my reason for being here is unfortunately it's not a good reason -- i work for the city and county of san francisco for 27 years. unfortunately i had to retire, due to a serious
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health condition. i was very blessed to be able to purchase some properties here in the city. but i have a strong concern of unsolved homicides. i am a firm believer that all lives do matter. i believe we were created all by god. black lives matter also. and something is not right for people -- for the young men to get killed, and unsolved homicides. it's like you can come to the city of san francisco or the city of oakland, and if you want to get away with murder, you can do it. we don't know -- who is killing her children? some say the police, say some seas black-on-black crime, but whoever it is, it has to
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stop. i know sala, very good friend of hers and have known her for some time and known her son. and i can't believe he is gone. four young men killed in a car and still there is no answer to who killed these men? i don't think no one has the right to take any life, no matter black, white, asian, whatever race you may be. but something is wrong in this community when you have unsolved homicides. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> michael fisher is my name and i want to reiterate what charlie walker was talk baton
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rouge i talking about and saying that the killing is very bad in san francisco, and it has to stop. along with people shooting each other, we have people putting poison in the ground. we need you to really, really pay attention to what is gone on and now that you are abreast of it, we were told some of you didn't know about it and you know about it now. we would ask that you really pay attention and think about it on your way back home or before you leave here today and walk out the front door to think about it. it was on tv not too long ago and said he was paid to do it. that is bad. killing is bad. so just think about it and kind of work with us. i'm a member of the blue-ribbon coalition, blue -- thank you. >> thank you very much.
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next speaker, please. >> i agree with what charlie walker was saying about the contamination at bayview-hunters point and also a member of the blue-ribbon coalition. and i want you to know it's not just the contamination that we have to worry about, but we have young black men not getting jobs. i go to the sites and see hundreds of men working there and maybe one, two older black men working on their way to retirement. it's not equaling out a balance. the older ones that are being retired and those replacing them are not black and something needs to be done about that. that is all i have to say about that. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, my name is gary bauers with bauers transportation and to thank the board for the time you have given me. i started as a single
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limousine 20 years ago and over the years i have built a company with strong support of wonderful employees who i consider my family. i have spent vast majority of time with them in the city of san francisco and i have been a great tenant for san francisco and port of san francisco since 1996 for over 20 years. supervisors, may be aware of the many challenges that face business owners in san francisco, particularly those with employee/s workers that are not high-tech employees. payroll taxes and other costs make it challenging to stay in san francisco. most of my competitors are not in the city of san francisco and not invested in the city in the way i have. and continue to do. in august and september of
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last year, the teamsters asked us -- we agreed to let the teamsters come in and have them vote or keep it wait we have done for 27 years. after weeks' of meetings with the teamsters and chauffeurs to make the case on their situation, on september 30th, the secret ballot and election with chauffeurs, only 25 of the 79-80 chauffeurs voted to bring in the teamsters as they are very clear and still very clear on the chauffeurs voted and choose not to have the teamsters represent them. it's employees respects and decisions. we have had decisions -- we have had discussion and conversations with the teamsters and will continue have conversations >> madame president, the speaker's time has concluded.
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>> thank you and feel free to submit your comments to the entire board. thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, bart gleason with the teamster's union and following up on what you just heard. i want to appreciate supervisor peskin coming out today, and putting that resolution, and as well, everybody on the board; who has lent their ear to the situation. they have been engaged in an organizing campaign, the likes of which none of us have seen certainly in decades around here and really something that is reflective of less enlightened parts of the world. it includes termination of drivers for union organizing, which started in october of '14 and continues today. the erection of a company union, that took us months to fight, and indeed, the
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election that mr. bauers referred to which was held in august to this day, the national labor relations board still refuses to certify because of the egregious conduct that took place all through the that campaign. i would tell you that what we have witnessed is a a business model that says anything goes and the rules don't apply to me. i hate to tell you unfortunately this business model soon enough will spill into the streets of san francisco to the bus stops and other painted passenger zones that these shuttle buss are pulling into. we don't ask anything of this company that the other responsible operators have agreed to. but unfortunately, again, we're confronted with the business model that is toxic and oppressive to the driver
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and frankly a subsidy for substandard work and we'll continue to report on the progress with this company for the next coming months thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening, supervisors. doug block, representing 12,000 teamsters in the city and county of san francisco including those in the audience. i'm so proud of this city today. whether it was honoring donna levitt, whether it was supervisor campos talking about the organizing e campaign of 900 workers at taylor farms or those in front of bauers buses with supervisor peskin or labor
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harmony by supervisor wiener. this is all about labor justice and i find it ironic of the hundreds of shuttle bus drivers that have organized with the teamsters and joined the middle-class through strong contracts the one fighting the strongest is the home-grown company that we just heard from. if anything, in my opinion, that should be the one outfront, because it has enjoyed work here, that is very san francisco. from sales force to outside lands to bay to brakers, bauers is part of the san francisco institutions and as such we feel they should up hold labor standards as well. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker, please.
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>> did you just cut in line, ace? >> [ laughter ]. >> just kidding with you. >> madam clerk, please start his time over. >> i want to give honor to my sisters here. hi jazz. i know she didn't want me to say it. item talking about the feel no more -- yeah. you know i'm talking about the feel no more. yeah. i'm talking about about the feel, feel, feel oh, lord, i can't feel it no more. yeah. i'm talking about the feel no more -- can you hear me queen bee? >> yes. >> i'm talking about the feel no more, yeah. listen, i have got about a
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minute. i just wanted to say i came last week to let everybody know that i retired from community activist and now i'm an entrepreneur and filmore ambassador and will try to bring stability with the help and endorsement of my queen. because i know it's election-year and she is going to need boots out there and i'm getting ready to put all the problems into a capsule to have a solution to the pollution. we need some legislation to make it happen, queen bee. i'm just tickled black that i'm in the filmore and have opportunity to bring a marvin gay review this year. i need the support of the legislators, oecd, mayor's office of neighborhoods and all of the different agencies over one little property, one little property. and i have been trying my best to find out how do i get in? i want to do a marvin gay
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review and have my insurance and everything and yours truly -- so y'all just stay tuned. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening/good afternoon. my name isloranda smith. my oldest brother, donald smith -- i don't know if can i can put his picture here? sfgovtv, please there is >> so this is my oldest brother. he worked for the san francisco housing authority as an inspector in section 8 housing primarily in the bayview-hunters point area. he died of cancer.
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his cancer metasized all over his body and i'm asking that the people consider cleaning up the shipyard here in hunters point. shut it down. the people who live there now, let them find another place to live until this is cleaned up. i also had the privilege of having another family here, the family of chris carpenter, who is going to use my venue to have their repath this coming friday. they are coming up behind me. i'm just asking you -- he was one of the whistle-blowers at the shipyard and to have pray for his family, as well as mine. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> first i would like to thank the board of supervisors for adjourning
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the meeting last week in my husband's christopher carpenter's honor. in 2006, he work as a laborer in the bayview-hunters point shipyard yawn chris would often come home and explain about the unsafe working conditions at shipyard. chris strongly felt they were not putting his safety or any of the other workers' safety as i priority. chris would express to me how he was trained to protection his gear, complete suit and respirator and daily were not given complete protective way. on one occasion we went to hotel and chris bought his own recipiate respirator. chris continues to express his fears about working on the ship yards with hazardous conditions. we just purchased a home and
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one day chris noticed that duster was blowing and monitor and poles were not sounding. he asked the worker who was using the backhoe to stop digging while he found the foreman to ask him to water the ground as trained to do so before he continued digging. the supervisor was upset that chris, a regular worker was questioning him about his work, digging and asking him to follow protocol. chris stopped working at lenoir, but the itching continued and after silver visits to dermatologiologists and biopsies showed nothing he was diagnosised with t-cell lymphoma at stage iv that started on the outside of his skin and worked in. my husband felt a long hard battle for two years and six months after being diagnosed. sunday march 6th at 2015, at city of hope in los angeles. i watched the family members
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-- and blood pressure and oxygen-levels come down [ inaudible ] >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> yes, my name is pamela -- national council jewish women, also a friend and family member -- i have been lucky enough to been with chris carpenter and loranda. i live in daly city and we had a fundraiser and members
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came from bayview who all will different forms of the cancer. i witnessed this as all age groups and i calleds abc news and able to get chris' story on the news, because it didn't seem like anybody was listening. i know some of you supervisors really care about this. you have the political power. there is an environmental committee that meets once a month. cancer doesn't wait once a month. we have loranda smith's aunt and uncle who have cancer and i call on all of you, because supervisor cohen, while she wants to do the right thing, she needs everyone in this room to support her and use legislative power and elected official policy to come forward to the state lovell as i know is monitored by mark leno and others. we have to do something like they are doing in flint,michigan, because it's unacceptable and as a
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survivor of cancer, it doesn't matter who you are and what your background is, watching this, it could have been avoided. we can avoid more and do the right thing. stop the development and get the systematic part and clean it up and maybe it won't work, but maybe it will. these lives matter, all lives matter and chris carpenter and loranda smith and her family matter, as well as all of these in bay view. join together with the policy power to step up and have the courage. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> yes. my name is james glover. this morning the stuff that happened in brussels is going to happen in san francisco, because people keep overlooking the disenfranchised people. that is where radicals -- that is where you find their
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people among the disenfranchised. for the last couple of years i have been pushing this business proposition to hire 700 people. but i always get these looks. you know, it's like can he do it? i have got somebody working with me, but the thing is it's a systematic problem in the system. because you constantly overlooking people -- supervisor campos with the navigation center. it's cool to have a navigation center, but while you are navigating that center to get to a room, you still don't have a job. so the navigation, you are just going through the motions i have sent a few of you emails to show that i do -- i could hire 700 people off
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the streets and nobody said well, i wonder if he can really do that? nobody, not one of you has just came and said, can you really do that? how can you do it? right? you don't ask. because i don't talk the business lecture time; right? i don't have all of the catch words that the little tech words that people use to get people's attention and let them know they have got something. so i'm going to leave my card. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> yesterday's i was on the show on kf ax and my call
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was deleted from the show and to talk to you about it to some degree. i mentioned a poor woman by the name of cathy o'brien who wrote the book called "transformation of america and access denied for reasons ever national security." there is sex trafficking happening all over. on my tv shirt with alex jones interviewing senate decamp and i know as a christian, god on the day of the judgment, all the secrets are going to be open. really, all of the secrets are going to be opened. i would like to talk today also about luke chapter 13. i was listening on february 12th to rc sprouls on renewing your mind on providence and evil and talked -- let me put it this way and this is not a personal threat, because i asked this to people individually and on the streets. so don't be afraid and hopefully you know me and wouldn't do anything bad.
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what would you say if i asked you did you thank god that every time a cop drives by that he doesn't turn on the siren, pull you over and shoot you dead than a hammer for your sins? you would say you thanked god for that today and if you asked the question, every time you walk under a bottleding that didn't kill you pore your sins, did you thank god for that? if you read the chapter of luke, these people came to christ and tomb him about the tragedy and jesus responded, do you think they were more evil than anybody else? nay, unless you repent, you will likewise perish. the perspective everybody ought to have, really, because this is what god says, jesus says this -- two minutes. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
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>> tom gilberty. last week our starting point, hand picked mayor and went into my perceptions of the cog in the political machine and power -- -- glorified cheerleader for anything corporate, uber, nfl, corporate buses. and then associated with pay-to-play better than the mafia. and the only contributions i'm aware of is the willie brown article in the chronicle before the election about how a hotel -- he watched the developers go downstairs and supposedly contribute $1.2 million. but that must have been to a
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super pac fund and not to mayor lee. and the other contribution i'm kind of aware is the fda taping lee's aknowledging taking $20,000 from the fbi. after being professionally laundered. anyway, mayor lee is very presidential. he reminds me of reagan, reagan fired flight controllers, and muni drivers after they got $0.25 had to pay $25 to park in a muni yard for their shift. white house solar panels came down under president reagan and mayor lee didn't sign clear until pg&e and puc bad press. [speaker not understood]
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trickle down to the poor. we need a new direction. thank you. >> thank you very much. are there any other members of the public that would like to provide public comment at this time? seeing none, public comment is closed. [ gavel ] madam clerk, can we go to the without reference to committee items please. >> items 25-30, are being considered for adoption without committee reference. roll call vote may enact these athletes and in a member objects to have these considered separate life. >> supervisor cohen. >> i would like to sever item 27. >> supervisor tang. >> item 25. >> all right, well,
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supervisor yee? >> >> supervisor mar? >> sever item 26, please. >> 26 and what else? >> 29. >> i guess we'll go one at time. 25 gleiz. >> 25 is an resolution to urge governor jerry brown to declare a state of emergency on hotel th to help coordinate region and state wd responses to the growing crisis and provide supplemental state assistance to cities and counties to provide needed supportive services. >> supervisor cohen, is this your item? >> supervisor tang. >> supervisor tang. >> i would like to defer to the author first to speak. >> all right. supervisor -- you have all of these names up here. hold on. supervisor kim. >> thank you, president breed. two weeks ago i introduced a
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resolution calling on our governor to declare a state of meth to help cities and counties throughout california to decrease homelessness. this is a crisis that has been years in the making, a little over 30 years with many contributing factors, including changes to prixs that fund affordable housing, including seeing 50% reduction in funding for hud, in the '90s and '80s, et cetera. today california home to 21% of the entire nation's homeless population, which numbers at 600,000, roughly. and jurisdictions around the states have already mobilized to address this problem, including the city of los angeles. and through supervisor campos, here in san francisco, in requestinganes from the governor, i'm asking the state to recognize that this is not a problem just in area urban cities such as san francisco and l.a., but it
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is an issue that crosses city and county lines. in san francisco alone, we have -- while the vast majority of individuals become homeless in the city, still close to 30% of our homeless population becomes homeless outside of the city and response can oalleviate suffering -- we know counties in california that do note have a 365-day shelter system and where are these individuals left to go, but in the cities that provide these services and shelters. my resolution calls on the state to work with local governments on a coordinated response to include both short-term and long-term solutions. because we know this is issue is not local and the solution must be regional and statewide. to look at an inventory of
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surplus public properties. making these available for standing up shelters designed specifically for communities of need, including individuals identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual, esbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or questioning and finally in the long-term, investing in solutions that we all know can end homelessness and that is an immediate investment in affordable housing. so that municipalities can put shovels in the ground on affordable housing projects that have been in the pipeline. and, in fact at our association of bay area governments meeting we discussed a regional housing trust fund to help production of affordable housing in the bay area region. part of that is looking at the universe of all affordable housing projects that are in the pipeline, and just need gap funding in order to put shovels in the
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ground. i have one such project in my district that has been entitled and gone through the community process. and environmental review. and literally is just -- and has gotten some state and federal funding and just waiting for gap funding of $17-18 million to finally build this project. we should be expediting projects to quickly house people and not let my district stand alone in a homeless emergency occuring throughout the state. it's not just rising in san francisco, but rising in city of los angeles and quite frankly throughout the country in austin, new york and hawai'i. we know that housing is the crisis and to recognize my colleagues co-sponsors to the
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resolution currently supervisors cohen, campos, peskin, mar and los avalos, thank you for your support. supervisor wiener thank you madam president. i think it's important for us to view homelessness and many parts of our housing crisis and mental illness and substance-abuse as a statewide issue and not just limited to one city or one region. so calling on the state to do more is important. there is one whereas clause in this resolution however that i think goes beyond that. it's whereas clause starting page 1 line 22. going to page 2, line 2. which criticizes the city of san francisco or criticizing
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recent efforts to "remove the homeless through sweeps." and we know that in san francisco we recently had a real challenge along and around division street with ten encampments and the city ultimately address with a strong effort to transition people into shelter, into housing. so i distributed an amendment that removes that whereas clause and replaces with language stating the following "whereas city of san francisco correctly declared the tent encampment on division street a public health hazard and correctly removed the division street encampment, since that encampment was unsafe, unhealthy and unsanitary for the occupants, as well as surrounding neighbors and whereas tents are not a viable housing policy, and it should be the policy of the city and county of san francisco to transition people living in tents from
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those tents into shelter, and housing." so that is my first amendment. and the second amendment is regarding the resolved clause, first one talking about surplus public property. which we of course unanimously placed surplus property ordinance on the ballot that the voters passed and i supported and included an exemption for parks and neighborhood open space. i would just ask that on page 3, line 3, after "properties statewide." we include "except for parks and neighborhood open space." so those are my two amendments separate amendments that i would like to offer. >> supervisor wiener is that a motion? >> two separate motions. >> two separate motions. >> okay. >> so we have a second on those two motions. second each motion.
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both motions by supervisor cohen. supervisor tang. >> thank you. i also did want to acknowledge supervisor kim and really trying to bring this attention to the state-level. i think they certainly have not been doing -- at state-level not, as much as what san franciscans have been pushing to in dealing with the homeless issue. the only reason why i'm not supporting this particular resolution and my comments really are also aligned in terms of the local declaration that has been proposed as well; is that i don't feel it's actually changing what we are able to do at a local-level. so again, it does not go to say that i don't think homelessness is not an incredibly important issue that we need to work on and have been working on, but to make a declaration of emergency should be for the natural disaster emergency situations, reserving that right for that.
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but also, just trying to acknowledge that we have done so much in san francisco. there is more that we can do. so that is really my comments around today's resolution. >> supervisor kim. >> thank you acting chair. i just wanted to express as the author of this resolution that i do not support the first motion to amend. i think there is a disagreement amongst board about city-authorized sweeps and certainly agree that tent encampment is not a viable housing policy, we also need to ensure that we have places to put these residents and frankly families. there are families in those tents under division street. if we don't have shelters for these residents and families to simply sweep them only moves these residents to your doorsteps and that is exactly what happened when the city did the sweep on division street a couple of weeks ago.
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i got many emails soon after the sweeps because residents had been moved away from underneath division street, straight into the doorsteps of many of our residents. and so moving the "problem" around, does not get rid of homelessness, but merely shifts it to a different corner. while i would like to make sure that no one has to sleep in their tents under division, i don't support declaring that sweeps are appropriate policy. if you cannot support the whereas clause as currently exists in the resolution that you simply vote against the resolution. the ebteding amendment i do believe that open space and parks are not considered "surplus property." but to make it clearer is important, i can accept that motion to
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amend in the resolution. >> >> supervisor cohen. >> thank you. a couple of thoughts. first i want to recognize the work that the san francisco interfaith council has done here in san francisco. they have been on the frontline as service providers, well-before this board stepped into action. the interfaith council was instrumental in helping get the first navigation center up off the ground, and operational. so i just wanted to take a moment to recognize that leadership. the second thing, i want to push back on some of the comment that supervisor tang mentioned, voicing the main reason she would not be supporting this measure because it's not changing anything on the local-level and i want to push-back that sometimes change is not great in sweeping. you may not see the manifest ations of change immediately
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and certain routes will change a perception and i think when you have a different attude or changing thought or perception, that, in fact, is change and the kind of change in thinking and focus that we need to be seeing in order to see change manifest itself. there needs to be a change in conversation sew that is the reason why i'm supporting this measure. i'm also interested in supporting the amendment that supervisor wiener is proposing, because i do believe that people have a place to go and that we have opened up locations. during the first days of the sweep around division, folks were just -- were dispersed. and there was a misconception there was no place for them to go, but there is certainly pier 80 is opened and not quite at capacity at least not to the best of my knowledge as of right now as i am making these statements. not quite at capacity and
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therefore, there is room to get people off of the streets so we can triage them and get of connect them to services and figure out a long-term plan. with that i will also say there should also be an effort to move the rvs that are also occupying the streets, and moving several those vehicles to also to pier 80 which also has capacity and i don't know if anyone has taken a moment to visit the site. i would encourage you to take a look at the site, encourage you to also actively engage in the conversations that we're having citywide to create navigation centers in each one of our districts. each one of our districts need to shoulder the responsibility of this housing crisis. thank you. >> supervisor yee. >> thank you. first of all, i want to say
10:43 pm
that i really appreciate any of any colleagues' efforts to address this issue in one form another and certainly, especially appreciate supervisor kim's efforts for this resolution. however, there is a piece of this where it's a little bit troublesome for myself; that is seems like this resolution, although it's a resolution can translate to the state having too much authority over local jurisdictions, and i really prefer us to make our own decisions locally about what we should be using our land for? so today, i will not be able to support this particular resolution. >> supervisor peskin?
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>> thank you, mr. chairman. through the chair to supervisor wiener, this is a recital -- and i don't want to try to mediate between you and supervisor kim, but as an individual who has been on division street in the last four days, and been notice surrounding neighborhood in the last four days i believe this recital is an accurate state of events. since the tents have been removed from division street they have been dispersed in the neighborhood and you need only go two blocks in either direction to see tents on sidewalks where they were not previously before. so i think this is just a statement of fact; perhaps the two of you could negotiate this here in public, which wouldn't hurt my feelings. the only thing in the second
10:45 pm
in your recital is a kind of statement of opinion, which is the word "correctly." but it is a fact that the city of san francisco declared the tent encampment on division street, done by executive branch of government a public health hazard and remove those tents. that is a statement of fact. i think the previous recital is a statement of fact. as to the third one, that is an issue of policy, but i think that supervisor kim's first statement is a fact. >> thank you, supervisor peskin. supervisor campos. >> thank madam president. i simply note on the removal of the language that
10:46 pm
supervisor kim has in the resolution i think along the lines of what supervisor peskin was saying, i'm not sure what the problem is with the language that is here? if you actually look at -- there is an article that sf weekly did following the sweeps of folks from division street and in that article it's very clear that while indeed housing may have been provided for some of the people removed from division, that a lot of people who were removed from division were not actually given a place to go. and that, in fact, they were simply pushed over to some of the smaller streets. so i just don't think that it is accurate to say what is
10:47 pm
here. so i will be voting against the first amendment, because of that. >> first amendment to this legislation, not the first amendment itself. >> thank you for that clarity, supervisor campos. [ laughter ] supervisor wiener. >> i just first of all want to reiterate what supervisor -- thank you -- what supervisor cohen said, and actually when i was on a forum speaking with sam dodge and jennifer freeden bach a few weeks ago and supervisor was kind enough to call in and it's not accurate to suggest there was nowhere for people to go. think our office of hope and human services agency have done really not to mention interfaith council and all of
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the these amazing cbos that we have have done heroic work in trying to transition people off the streets out of tents into shelters. so i appreciate the comments, but i think that the amendment is appropriate. and i think we should vote on them. >> okay. i don't see any other names on the roster. but i'm trying to take a moment to read the amendment. no other comments? okay. just a second. so your motion was to strike this particular line out of supervisor kim's resolution and to secondly add the two whereas clauses? >> correct. the paper is the one motion and the other motion is the one that supervisor kim, i believe accepted.
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>> okay. i just need to ask supervisor kim a question, because it was my understanding specifically in the resolution that you have whereas recent efforts to remove the homeless through sweeps without providing viable options for both emergency shelter and permanent shelter -- so it was my understanding that an option for an emergency shelter was offered in this particular case. can you clarify with that because i'm really uncertain about that? >> yes. there has been a lot of discussion whether pier 80 was really a viable option for many of the individuals in encampment? i think there were multiple perspectives even from the mayor's office, the mayor's office sam dodge, who is now the interim director of hope himself came and stateded at a hearing at
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budget committee pier 80 wasn't effective space because they didn't have bathrooms and showers and no good public transit to that location and frankly, just cold and austere and not very welcoming environment and not a place he really wanted to continue to use as a permanent shelter site without some significant, i think, improvements to that site. that is why the mayor's office has been examining other options for navigation center. but it was an option that was out there. i'm not sure if we had enough spot s available at pier 80 for all the tents that we saw on division street. i think everyone in this chamber agrees that we don't want to see any of our residents sleeping in tents under freeways, but also agree sweeping them just moves them to certain of different corners and against
10:51 pm
the regulations developed by the interagency council on homelessness. as to the amendments that supervisor wiener has put forward, this is my first time seeing them. if i had an opportunity perhaps yesterday or even this morning, perhaps we could have worked out a compromise on this language. i'm seeing it for the first time today after this hour. so i just cannot support this language at this time. and frankly, we veted this resolution with many different stakeholders and i would be afraid to make these changes without going back to the stakeholders again, to talk about tent encampments which is frankly, a very controversial issue, in our homeless advocate community. >> to go back to my concern, the only thing i would say, yes "viable" could be left to interpretation. so "viable options." that is kind of really hard to define specifically without understanding or -- i
10:52 pm
mean, my understanding the shelter did have rest rooms which were port-a-potties at the location. and i'm not 100% certain about the shower situation, but there were restrooms. and then i think the concern i have about the whereas clause for supervisor wiener's is "whereas tents are not a viable housing policy," and i don't know if i necessarily agree with that and wanted to put that on the table. >> supervisor cohen. >> thank you. i just wanted to speak to -- from questions that you raised, president breed. at the time of the sweep it was approximately happening about one week after pier 80 opens. and it was also during the same -- just a few days prior to that, i visited the pier 80 site myself and my staff. and they had completed the
10:53 pm
bathrooms, as well as the showers, president breed. so. >> that was before the sweep? >> yes. >> okay. >> it was before the sweep. i agree with you. i think by definition of what "viable" "viable is a relative term and one thing that i think we're in agreement with is what is "unviable and undesirable," to allow people to languish in the cold on the streets in a tent. that is not a viable option. to get people out of the elements and this is a multi-layered approach and i'm a co-sponsor and i too haven't had an opportunity to fully digest supervisor wiener's amendments up until just now reading them just like supervisor kim. these amendments are actually very simple. there is like, four sentences, two whereas clauses. one is four sentences and
10:54 pm
the other has three lines and the other is four lines. so it's not that complicated and i feel like it's more a declarative statement about the encampments that were on division that are no longer on division. >> okay. >> thanks. >> thank you. supervisor wiener, no comments? shoot, this is tough. >> not really. not really, supervisor. >> all right. supervisor tang. >> can i just suggest that perhaps for supervisor wiener's first set of amendments he proposed that we remove the word "correctly." and that it is then even more factual, i guess. >> excuse me, one second supervisor wein. wiener, can you please explain, supervisor tang? ? >> the word "correctly" was
10:55 pm
used twice in there and i'm just proposing that perhaps we strike the word "correctly." okay >> supervisor wiener. >> the wording of this is very intentional and i think it's clear. it's not factual, but actually a criticism of what our city agencies did in terms of the transition from away from the tent encampment on division street. it's very clear. so this is a statement that the city was correct to do that; that allowing tent encampments to proliferate is not okay and not humane and the city was correct to do that. so that was i have intentional and i think appropriate. >> supervisor avalos.
10:56 pm
>> i kind of see that as not a factual statement, but if we were to say that whereas the city of san francisco may have or may have not correctly declared the tent encampment on division street a public health hazard, and may have or may have not correctly removed division street, then i think it would be kind of factual. >> thank you for making this evening more complicated than it already is, supervisor avalos. supervisor wiener. >> you know, i think -- i think there are people who have different opinions. there are people who have definitely advocated that we should have let the tents just stay, and that the city was wrong to remove the tents. i don't agree with that. i think what the city did was correct. it was the right way to proceed in terms of not allowing what was growing into an unsafe and unhealthy
10:57 pm
situation both for the tent occupants and for the surrounding neighborhoods by not allowing that to continue and providing notice, declaring it a health hazard and transitioning people, whether it's to pier 80 or elsewhere, that that was the correct thing to do. so that, i think, this is an appropriate whereas clause. and i think we should go on record and say that, because it was the correct thing to do. >> supervisor wiener, is it necessary to have the two -- i know you said it's deliberate. but i find the two "correctlies" unnecessary, because the whereas makes the point clearly. so is it necessary? i'm just asking if it's something that could possibly be removed based on what supervisor tang suggested? >> well, i think people can think whatever they want. i put in this there because i personally and i think a lot of people believe that the city was correct not to
10:58 pm
allow the tent encampment to continue to be there, and to proliferate and to grow and that the city was correct to take action. i think this board should go on record, agreeing, that the city was correct to take action and to transition people from the tents. >> but the whereas basically make that clear without necessarily adding "correctly" in it, from my perspective, i guess. >> if you remove the word "correctly," then it's not saying that the city was correct to do that. and i understand why people who want to remove this, who may -- some people may disagree with what the city did and if you disagree with what the city did, then i totally understand why you would want to remove those words. in one agrees it was the correct thing to do, to remove the tents from division street, those words should be in there, we should say that the city was correct in doing this. >> madam president? >> call the roll. >> i make a motion to call
10:59 pm
the roll. we need two seconds for that >> and eight votes >> second. >> two seconds. >> second by supervisor cohen. forget it, call the roll on the amendment to strike the first line which would be the first whereas clause. only the motion to strike that completely, call the roll. >> and motion to replace with -- >> i thought there were two separate amendments. >> the paper is one motion. the separate motion is the surplus property section that supervisor kim, i believe, has agreed to. this is one amendment to strike and replace. >> oh, okay.
11:00 pm
thank you. all right, call the roll on the first amendment. >> page 1 line 22 striking that paragraph and replaysing with those two paragraphs from the piece of paper submitted by supervisor wein and second by supervisor cohen, supervisor breed? >> >> i'm still thinking about it. i will say that i don't agree with the amendment. so i'm torn right now. i'm just going say no. >> breed no. supervisor campos? >> no. >> campos no. >> supervisor cohen? >> aye. >> >> >> cohen aye. >> thank you. >> supervisor kim? kim no. supervisor mar? >> no. >> mar no.
11:01 pm
supervisor peskin. >> peskin no. >> supervisor tang? >> aye. >> tang aye. >> supervisor wiener? >> aye. >> wiener aye. >> supervisor yee? >> no. >> yee no. >> supervisor avalos? >> no. >> avalos no >> there are three ayes and seven nos with supervisors breed, campos, kim, mar, peskin, yee and avalos in the dissent. >> okay the amendment fails [ gavel ] . madam clerk, what was the second? >> the second motion made by supervisor wiener, seconded by supervisor cohen on page 3 line 3. i believe supervisor wiener after property statewide -- except for parks and open space. >> except for parks and -- yes. >> okay. >> okay, i'm sorry, i need to pull up the resolution to understand that specifically. >> okay. >> madam president, i think we can take that without objection. >> okay. colleagues can we take that amendment without objection, without objection the
11:02 pm
amendment passes. [ gavel ] >> and on item 25 as amended, madam clerk, please call the roll. >> madam president. >> supervisor wiener. >> just a question to the city attorney. as i indicated before, i support all of this resolution, except for that one whereas clause that was not amended per my motion. and so to the city attorney, is it possible to divide the question so that we vote separately on that one whereas clause on page -- starting on page 1, line 22? >> deputy city attorney jon givner, you can divide if they stand a[hro-efpblt/] here the whereas clause could not stand on its own, if the rest of the resolution failed, but the whereas clause passed. , it would not be a resolution that could stand on its own. so the question cannot be divided in this
11:03 pm
case. >> okay. this item needs eight votes in order to pass. >> thank you. so just madam president, as i mentioned, i support this entire resolution extend for that one whereas clause. i cannot support that whereas clause and so as a result i'm going to be votes against the entire resolution and my rationale is different from what supervisor tang articulated, but i will vote-no, because i believe that how the city approached the tent encampment on division street was correct and this is critical of that decision and i can't support a resolution that levels that, what i believe, to be an incorrect criticism. >> okay. 25 neets eight votes madam clerk please crawl kaufeldt the roll on item 25 as amendsed supervisor breed -- i apologize, it was not amended. >> it was amended. >> my apologies mad president. breed aye, supervisor campos? >> aye. >> campos aye.
11:04 pm
>> supervisor cohen. >> aye. >> supervisor kim? >> aye. >> kim aye. >> supervisor mar. >> aye. >> particular aye. >> supervisor peskin peskin aye. >> supervisor tang? >> tang no. >> supervisor wiener. >> no. >> supervisor yee? >> no. >> yee no. >> supervisor avalos. >> aye. >> avalos aye. >> there are seven ayes and three nos with supervisors tang, wiener and yee in the dissent. >> so this item needs eight votes to pass. >> rescind the vote. >> unfortunately it fails. [ gavel ] >> supervisor kim? >> madam clerk, is it possible you said there is an opportunity to rescind the vote and send it to committee? >> >> once the vote is rescinded a number of things can happen to the item. >> i will make a motion to rescind the vote. >> supervisor kim has made what she famously does a motion to rescind the vote and it was seconded by
11:05 pm
supervisor cohen. colleagues can we take that out objection? without objection the vote has been rescinded >> supervisor kim. >> i am going to make the motion to send this to committee >> it goes to committee, let's move to item 26 madam president at this point we would need a second and majority. >> seconded by supervisor campos. colleagues can we take that out objection? without objection this item will go to committee. item 26, please. >> item 26 is a resolution to urge the california department alcoholic beverage control to deny alcohol license application of non-traditional alcohol retail businesss in the city. >> supervisor mar. >> thanks [-frpbts/], i month continue to april 5th. >> seconded by supervisor avalos, colleagues we take that out objection?
11:06 pm
without objection this is continued tot meeting of april 5 2016. next item. >> item 27 istrousing support california state senate bill 1286 author by senator mark leno, increasing government transparency by allowing the public to access information on police mic conduct and misuse of force. >> supervisor chomp. >> i would like to continue this item to the april 12th board meeting. >> supervisor cohen has made a motion to continue to april 12, 2016, seconded by supervisor avalos, colleagues can we take this without objection? without objection this item is continued to april 12, 2016 meeting. [ gavel ] did anyone ask for these other items to be taken off? >> which ones? >> 29. >> all right. madam clerk, can you please call item no. 28.
11:07 pm
>> 28 resolution to declare march 19th, 2016 as arbor day 2016 in the city and county of san francisco. >> roll-call vote. >> on item 28. >> supervisor breed. >> aye. >> breed aye. >> supervisor campos. >> aye. >> campos aye. >> supervisor cohen. >> cohen aye. >> supervisor quim? >> aye. >> kim aye. >> supervisor mar. >> mar aye. >> supervisor peskin. >> peskin sai. >> supervisor tang? >> aye. >> tang aye. >> supervisor wiener. >> aye. >> wiener aye. >> y [sao*-er/]. >> y aye. >> supervisor avalos. >> aye. >> ten ayes item is adopted resolution. >> item 29. >> an resolution to urge our children our families council to convene a chronic [a-bts/]eism working group and action develop within six months of their first meeting. >> supervisor yee. >> we just had a hearing on this recently and it's something that has been a
11:08 pm
problem for the san francisco unified school district for many years now. when i first pointed out this as a problem in 2010, in which we started -- we -- all right, the school board or school district started focusing on this particularly issue. there were some improvements made, but then it has gotten a little flat. during the hearing it was pretty obvious it's still a problem. why is it a problem? i want to make sure that people understand what i am talking about when we talk about chronic absenteeism is which students miss at least 10%, sometimes, as much as 50%, but at least 10% of the school year, whether it's excused or unexcused. some people get it confused with truancy and when we look at the very young, people
11:09 pm
don't really know this, the very young are having the problems. at the time in 2010 we were focused on kindergarten, because that is the only data that we had. we had schools, and it's pretty obvious, the schools that had the highest percentage of chronic absenteeism were the schools that were failing at the time and still remains the same. the school requests the highest absenteeism today are the schools that score the lowest. it's a direct correlation. it's a problem. we're seeing by the time they reach 3rd-grade, the same kids that are missing school are not reading at grade-level and when they are not reading at grade-level, research shows those are the kids that will be dropping out. we have got do something about it today. what i have asked for is for us to really focus on it, considering that now the school district has developed a very good data
11:10 pm
system; to collect data, and it's realtime data, that will tell you which students are actually missing school? we need a partnership between the school district, the city and community group to work together. this is an issue -- people always talk about the other end of the spectrum, when people are failing, 24 this is where they start failing. so i just want to make sure that we focus, and i'm asking for a work group. the school district was at the hearing. first five was at the hearing. the department of children, youth and families were there and our staff from family council was there. people were there and they knew, and what i said we're going create this work group and pretty much everybody seems to be in agreement. so i hope you support me, because i really feel if we're going do something
11:11 pm
about achieving opportunity in the gap, this is where it starts. i'm just asking for a work group to work together to actually figure out a good plan and some strategies that really work and to implement these things. and i'm giving them six months. so colleagues, please, i hope you can support this. >> thank you. supervisor yee, thank you for your leadership on this issue. colleagues, can we take item 29 same house, same call without objection, the resolution adopted unanimously. please read item no. 30. >> item 30 is a motion to approve final map 8326 a six-unit residential condominium project located at 1267 chestnut street. >> same house, same call? without objection, the motion is approved unanimously. [ gavel ] . all right. seeing no imperative items from supervisor mar, madam clerk, please read the inpeople ram. >> today's meet willing adjourned many meming of the
11:12 pm
follow, beloved individuals at the suggestion of president breed and supervisor cohen and on behalf of the entire board of supervisors, for mr. percy pinkney, and ms. claudette brown a. the at suggestion of supervisor campos on behalf of the entire bird board of supervisors on the victims of terrorist attack in brussels belgium and in memory of mr. welton flynn. >> that concludes our business today >> . thank you, colleagues, we're journeyed [ gavel ] good afternoon
11:13 pm
thank you for joining us i'm bryan stretch the acting united states attorney in the northern california i'm joined by to my right is by ron davis the director of community oriented policing services office the division of the dictionary o g in one way or another director district attorney's office has been appointed by the president to be the executive director of president task force on 21st century policing and as the director noble ray to my far
11:14 pm
right chief ray reports drabl to director davis and the chief of the policing practices and other initiative division also known as p pa i say creation follows the rumsz of the president task force on the 21st century policing and it l will oversees and evaluate the rocky mountain for strategies that implement the president's task force recommendations throughout the country transportation authority i'm joined by mayor ed lee as well as tsthe chief greg suhr this anyone city officials and federal authorities are jointly now and then the spark the doj acholic beverage reform initiative for technical assistance fireman to the sfod the review is in response by
11:15 pm
requests by the mayor, from the chief, from elected city officials and community members asking the justifying to look at the san francisco police department and their use of force and practices the acholic beverage reform will focus on san francisco's police departments operations e operational policies and training and practices and accountability system for pertaining to stops and searchers and for the use of force and importantly there review will examine whether racial and ethic disparliaments exists with respect to the action taken and not taken by the san francisco police department director davtsz will explain in future detail by about the program the mayor and chief have requested an exhaust transparent review of the
11:16 pm
san francisco police department of justice and that is what they're going to get new let me say b a quick word that calls for an investigation into the shooting death of mario woods immediately following the shootings our office and the district attorney's office were in close communication and jointly determined that the district attorney's office will pursue and lead an investigation into the shooting following well established doj civil rights protocols the fbi and our office communicates with the district attorney's office and we're monitoring the investigation at the conclusion of the investigation the federal authorities will is a full review fifth after that full review we have identified an
11:17 pm
unvindicated federal interest we'll pursue a separate fell investigation at that time and now i'll ask director davis for the details about the collaboration. >> director. >> good afternoon, everyone this is a tight room so as the u.s. attorney mentioned i'm bryan the director of the departments community services office in short the office was created in 1994 with the task of nationwide nationwide we do have grants and over $14 million in grant and through tech adjoins we're here to announce the acholic beverage initiative that provides the kind of assessment and tech assistance requested before i get there i'll explain fully was we look at policing across the united states we
11:18 pm
have a defining momentum and understandable high calls for increased taint and accountability the way the police engages our concerns and the tragedy that occurr ed coward in ferguson and new york and last year put together a task force for the 21st century policing since that time the task force has put out a report that has recommended for implementation and one as t the executive director how job to make sure we can help law enforcement implement those recommendations as bryan mentions in responded to the president task force we created a policing accountability initiative we appoint will you'll hear if to work with over 16 thousand law enforcement agencies with the united states one of the best
11:19 pm
ways to implement those and how to build electrotrust that is about this trust and priority the president ae ts and the terrorizing so we look at the acholic beverage form of san francisco and most of cities we're seeing working around the country noble chief ray will talk about that but when san francisco asked for the process in diego to do this process a process we looked at talked to the attorney general and the civil rights division and looked at it where san francisco is at and the teaches elected leadership and support of the leadership and whether the police commission or the board of supervisors and came to the conclusion that the best services we provide san francisco at the this specific time and look at the community lisped eir leadership is the review it will be independent and comprehensive it will be
11:20 pm
very thorough we'll see a candid response what is and not working and help to equip the san francisco community to better understand where the police department is at and good afternoon them to hold the department will accountable not only to the law but the law is a lower bar but to the best practices of the policing in the country we have a police department that can became become a model agency the 21st century policing that's your goal and objective and the way to make sure that we, in fact, do engage at a very thorough assessment i want to make sure that before we goat questions or comments that you keep in mind san francisco a unique opportunity to deal with the challenges not unique to san francisco the trust and losing the the record will reflect happens around the crisis we know that many community of color like the
11:21 pm
franchise do have a trust the law enforcement and we hope that the lessons lenders from san francisco and others incident will help to guides the 16 thousand agencies we can call it a better perform this is to get the elected professionals and don't deeply into the department what is working and not working and have a public process you'll know exactly and come up with a recommendation that will help transform the department that we can be proud that will serve all of san francisco a department that is a model for the nation so it may seem like american people ambitious goal we tell the department chief and i have had several communications to know exactly what is happening this is asking for transparency, accountability
11:22 pm
this is what the chief says and the business is facility not knowing deciding not to know and deciding we don't want to know the truth if so fatality to the relationship of law enforcement the community that is whether an opportunity to talk about the policing our public safety is not just for the criminal justice but to make sure the explicit did living up to the standards of best practices and 72 hours accountable to the community and accountable to the officials and that you have the confidence in the ability to provide those kinds of services this is the first step and it is a volunteer process it requires commitment on behalf of the city and when we decide whether to come to a location part of it we need to see the commitment not only from the police and the mayor's making a request but the confidence
11:23 pm
that the whole city and community want that kind of transformation and they play a significant roll in the process from the elected officials to the board of supervisors and the police department and everyone has to be reformed this process to work if t sit is not it is not a good process we're confident we'll start with the people are committed and willing to achieve 2 we're happy to make that announcement and work together i'll bring up as i said we created this office as a retro office to find some place to lead this national district court and chief ray is a long dwifshd career in law enforcement and known for being a social justice advocate and served time the the president and
11:24 pm
so someone that practices what we preachers and this is the kind of or more we see this and throughout the nation to work alcohol with the capitol hill and other advanced recommendations e recommendations so we brought him here to make sure it san francisco is exactly the amount of services and we're proud and how importanfor this is to us. >> well i'm not the go going to take long people are starting to sweat. >> good afternoon and welcome let me start off by saying i'll coffer two things one to explain with acholic beverage reform is so you have a good acceptance of as a federal initiative this is relatively new i want to get into that and talk about the implementation san francisco as well as talk about the open data initiative i understand the mayor and chief has talked about earlier but we'll talk about
11:25 pm
that and we're formally launching the process for san francisco police department the continue of services the department of justice is calling for it was determined as director davis and he's attorney mentioned the acholic beverage process was the best code of ethics that began with the technical assistance 4 years ago in las vegas and the cops offend the reform efforts have developed a number of excellent responses and has become a resource that the law enforcement agencies across the you understand we're currently have reform projects in spokane washington and philadelphia and columbia and california ae
11:26 pm
and north carolina and other plays in california and milwaukee the acholic beverage initiative is just a collaboration it is important to note that is an independent as what was mentioned and condition to emphasize that objective assessment that the police department has entered into willfully and the cooperation to do this is critical for the success the purpose of collaboration to #k3406 trust providing a means to trochlgs around specific issues it is not a short-term solution for a serious efficiency that identifies the issues within an agency that may affect the public trust and offers recommendations based on a comprehensive assessment for how to resolve those issues and enhance the public trust in relationship to the community agency participation the acholic beverage process is
11:27 pm
voluntary i repeat voluntary it covers the agencies they must demonstrate a recommendation and undertake significant changes as efforts to reform i am confident i am indeed confident chief suhr and mayor ed lee and otherser leaders would be involved let me start by assessing how the process starts it starts by focusing on this the assessment process senators by developing some preliminary input did we get to some goals and objectives these are community-based the police department and the community be the community etc. but the goal to create some goals and objectives that will allow us to get to a focus on our assessment following the assessment i'll going get to the assessment following the assessment the
11:28 pm
cops office has a report detailing the specific recommendation there will be a serious of reports we're talking about transparent we have to practice what we preach and the report my office will help with the recommendations at a 6-month mark and again at 12-month mark and again at the end of 6-month point is takes over 2 years we're robert's rules of order rosters and have our experts and cops representatives that are monitoring the process that is being made the goal of the acholic beverage reform is so change the way that law enforcement agencies build with the community partnerships and help it to transformer the community and establish reforms with integrated accountable to do this this is at resources
11:29 pm
that we have on the ground to conduct our work the cops office had been a group of the interprets the fied the bright and conducting combrufz with the command staff aeand as well as as long as community leaders and advocates and bring in technical assistance to conduct interviews and prepare and deliver the recommends for change the city will not ask to contribute many of in their own assets to the assessment other than as mentioned voluntary cooperation and available in support of this #234i6789 we consider this a a valuable errors for the police not only for san francisco but w will take what we learn from san francisco and use it as best practices across the nation that's why i have been
11:30 pm
assigned to the police and practices and accountability we want to replicate some of the things out of the process across the united states acholic beverage remorseful is an opportunity for progressively and better steps and acknowledge there are challenges at various concerns and in the ends the opportunity to part in a transparent process that should improve the best practices and improve the relationships with the community that is the bottom line here when we talk about those things of trust now to start theit is process to start we'll be back here on february 24th i will also on february 24th is wednesday the department of justice will host the first of several sessions in san francisco and as of the location to be determined we're in the process of determining the location i
11:31 pm
wanted to emphasize it is several locations we want to make sure we are hearing from month folks that are effected by the issues we're here today for so this is a number of locations across the city let me contribution to the last issue and talk about something that is a white house initiative as a result the present task force the 15 policing the president kicked off in may of 2015 he announced the lounge of the open police data initiative peace officer and let me explain what it is about the purpose of initiative to encourage the police departments cross the country to make better use of their data and some of you requested data an annual report but that report is
11:32 pm
summarized and your innovate getting the sense of it but open data you can look at and get a better sense of what guess golden going on so better use of data and #2r5i7b89 and to improve policing outcomes the goal is for agencies around the country to release data in an open format like cops and searchers and use of force and officer involved shooting and complaint etc. the police data helps the last night to leverage data from the processes within the department and we've seen the pro tem developing bras of data and technology the areas of earlier pension systems, body cameras and #340r79 use of force in incidents and the success of this program is really, really taken hold less than a year it was announced in may 30th departments have as i said open to the police officers
11:33 pm
open data initiative and have released 50 different data sets from use of force and pedestrian and community meetings and a whole lot more san francisco has signed on to be a site for ltthe police open data initiated which is an important first step the cops office as well as the white house we will cooperate our efforts to move forward with the certificate of appropriateness open data ems to the honorable 3 and 4 >> (clapping.) thank you chief ray let me express my appreciation to attorney general lynch and assistant bryan stretch that answered the call that police chief and i made to an independent review of the police practices here in san
11:34 pm
francisco you've already heard if the chief and director davis what they're approach will be i want to mayor you knew the request was an open effort to make sure that we have the best practices that we can possibly have and that we measure up to the police practices of 21st century as the presidents has articulated and the experience of director davis and chief ray and the others that they'll occur to have on the staffs to review the data we will eventually come out with we know that it is an expression that our city our police commission our office of citizens complaints our stakeholders and community and the board of supervisors are all working together to make sure we do doing everything we can to rebuild trust between our police department and the community
11:35 pm
it serves and make sure we're doing it in a verifiable way in a data driven way in a true way it can be reviewed so that we can off ourselves up in a transparency like never before i think this is good for the city i asked the chief this b be done we quite frankly needs to get the trust and move quickly that didn't mean on a day to day basis we give up on good policing every single day we're working with the community to do that we're working during this event we're hosting to make sure everyone is safe and conduct ourselves the higher way and informed way with all our communities members but this review is important to us important simple that we get victims of crime that
11:36 pm
is truly transparent to everyone that we are more than willing to be the best standard police department the country and that put ourselves out there to insure we gain the criticism that we need to have in order to be a better city i welcomed this i applaud the efforts of our department of justice to do that and come in i know that in talking with mr. davis and attorney stretch that is relatedly a new service the past the department of justice had to force their way into many cities without the need of cooperation and as chief ray said this is a acholic beverage effort we'll give up the information and allow ourselves to be imposed by
11:37 pm
way of practices and the practices we should have and those we should adopt this is what more than cities should do to increase the safety and the trust that we all are the process of building in everything we do i want to see is that it didn't end or start with our police department this is obviously one of the most important things we're doing with the department of justice as the mayor i have to be finding on education and focused on in equality and focused on affordable housing have to be focused on making sure our neighborhoods are not living in isolation a lot of people feel that they do sometimes and it starts with the eyes needs for the attitudes that point those goals our city continues to improve itself in every community the city to make sure that our city is responsive i want to say thank you to doj it is just a start we'll put the necessary resources when they're
11:38 pm
recommendations that are made they won't be in follow-up with the board of supervisors and the city and making sure that we comply more than comply we equally seize the opportunity to be a more modern city. >> thank you and for this chief suhr. >> i too want to join in the mayors comments and saying how appreciatively for the attorney stench and correct davis and others bryan stretch for agreeing to help us to come in and do the acholic beverage reform initiative as the appropriate level of review requested we point mayor thank you for your leadership and i will be remiss if i didn't recognize some of the local leaders on the side supervisor cowen who's the supervisor the district 10 the officer involved shooting mario
11:39 pm
woods and our president of the police commission commissioner loftus and the director of our office of citizens complaints that director joyce hicks and of course there almost goes without no introduction from the very onset has been requesting the review it is important to note that almost immediately after the use of mario woods it was not often anybody the trust for many residents in san francisco was shaken and to that end i have conversations with the cops office specifically chief ray and director davis to see if we can engage in a review they thought was appropriate i was familiar about the las vegas police department acholic beverage youth from some years ago the 71
11:40 pm
recommends we've began to work on with the police commission i assure you we've talked about the reengineering the use of force as an issue as director davis said they're all struggling across the country with a weapons short of a firearm we have to deal with folks with beverage weapons and other weapons especially folks in country having with something other than a firearm so to that we said on the other hand, ends up we'll speak to the deesclation and remind the officers the sanctity of life and not only them but the community and could be suspects of crime to say it work in process we've undertaken the initial
11:41 pm
start to this with a full review and the help of the department of justice and doing what we can to rebuild the trust shaken. >> open up for questions. >> one comment. >> just one thing i don't know about the timeline i apologize to the community knows how this works over the next - approximately 8 to 10 months will be the assessment and the besides the inspector duffy the officers and thoughts of documents and use of force cases going back several years and the toll members of the committee engaging the community-based and one is usually less talked about but the youth organization what are the youths of san francisco that may have concerns especially young felons so take into
11:42 pm
account the best practices and policy and imperial discipline and others policies and come up with a report we'll stay we'll continue to provide technical assistance and necessary bring in the experts along the way and give you the public report and monitoring our city of los angeles process to engage the community because our #12e789 r assessment may be one part didn't but explicit mean much the community didn't said we're aware that people have difficulty getting this we'll move around the city to people have you know through our preschool process that people have to have a voice they have to know that city government and governments are listening they have a fair opportunity to share their examiners we can learn from that. >> at this time i'll open up for questions. >> my apologies at this point.
11:43 pm
>> the district attorney said there was an obstruction in the investigation for getting documents and is your office go about to an investigation and district attorney can't get the (inaudible) on the murder of mario woods so a great question later today, we'll be meeting with folks our process is without contradiction and one of the things we'll be looking at want transparent of the bart and the sfefkz year and a half enough detail whether they should and shouldn't get the documents but leave it up to the district attorney and the families put together our intent to meet with them and the community leader to see their prospective we'll be open and transparent and share and it is we'll be candid if there is an
11:44 pm
obstruction weigh be crystal before waiting 6 to 8 months to share we share it with the department and now with that said, that is not what is happening i'll leave it up to the city but our process is about trained we'll evaluate that. >> how so that diversity from the civil rights versus the division and any requirement to input our recommendation and would there is requirement (inaudible) how. >> that's a great question when 9 gentleman a referring to on the continuances of services there's a process called a pattern practice investigation that's a civil process and a proposals the difference what they're
11:45 pm
similar and the process the initial assessment 8 to 10 months neiman is where your los gatos an in depth top to bottom investigation and the recommendations and the didn't even did recommendations we come up with the specific recommendations if it is the civil rights they'll be entered spots city and impossible requirements with our process it is not encompassed with a cul-de-sacks but with the public opinion that can be just as important when the community knows when the police department is supposed to be doing we're not a civil or a enforcement arm of united states but you'll get an in depth assessment and understanding where the department is at and the recommendation to get mind of them that is not only
11:46 pm
constitutional but amongst the best practices the 12 policing and the community will be empowered to hold us accountable to those standards this is quite frankly where is the mayor and board of supervisors look at how they embrace those recommendations that is with the police department. >> was there not cops you are in cooperation with the sfpd with them 2 years ago with the lindsey review was conducted by your department and the agreement of the san francisco police department. >> no, i don't believe so we have the reform around since 2011 we named san francisco the teeth we've node done an assessment of the san francisco police department. >> is there a element of
11:47 pm
confidentiality in the mission of transparent the request for candor (inaudible) really. >> without the community being (inaudible). >> absolutely it will be impossible to garter the information so we'll be hearing from the interview but the report one way or the other won't identify the officers alibi as is team goes 2, 3, 4 ride along these we know that part will be confidentiality we'll have an opportunity for interviews and talk to the police union and the community-based organizations and concerned about at their own - we're talk to them this is there are issues we should be focusing on but that part we'll not say who we talk to
11:48 pm
and get people to be open i see our experience your challenge any city we're not - we're starting the process in san francisco one they know i'll ask the community to look at because people are concerned many cases i think my cherns shows the for the right of police officers want to do do right thing this is the opportunity they become very vocal and supportive of the idea of change who wants to be not disrespect two wants to want the community to respect them and not have respect to make their jobs safer that makes it better and the crime fooishth relationship better so the level is important, however,
11:49 pm
we'll not support that's an issue that is a culture whether this is an ongoing investigation. >> go i'm paulette brown i lost my son 9 years ago the homicide on here in to and we want to bring up about the racism we're not (inaudible) i understand mario woods issue but here i've been on the battlefield and met with the mayor and i've may be seated point chief suhr for the last 9 years and if you wanted - more mothers like myself we need to be healed i've been around supervisor cowen, commissioner president loftus and everyone knows me, i'm bringing awareness to every mother suffering florida in silence to homicide we want to understand mario woods and
11:50 pm
we understand but we want the same uproar but our children being murdered and what is happening in our community. >> i'm sorry for your loss i agree with you very much so as we look at building trust the police department the community as we look at the engaging of the best practices we also know that this is also the best way to fight claim to enhance public safety and monitor the trust you have a hive case vicinity people will come forward and talk about the murders and find many ways would be against here on behalf of the appellant i think we share that and from the attorney general we're linked fetch constitutional basis to president obama policing is a way to make your community safer and established
11:51 pm
relationships so with your lost in mind this important it is not about a triggering case but looking at where the department what two as a nation and it is about thousands of cases we're talking about so thank you very much for that question. >> i still want to be on the advisory board. >> i'd like to you to respond (inaudible) . >> so i can - afford you the latter the bottom line i appeared before the blue-ribbon committee no stonewalling and the documents that blue-ribbon committee asked for where for the to the da to pass to the
11:52 pm
blue-ribbon committee by whatever law some of those are confidential developments and the resources we're thank you for the opportunity overseeing documents to us saying the committee was not attached to the district attorney's office an advisory committee to it end the documents were there to provide the public documents. >> right here. >> chief he one way or another in the da interviews the rank and file pedicabs from the blue-ribbon and the poa will that will your ral quirement for the fede review. >> no didn't we were informed by the district attorney and the blue-ribbon panel all the officers will be voluntary their entitled per the constitution that appears from the public defender's office to search
11:53 pm
representation and in this sensations the department asked the department of justice to come in and anybody the dufts coming with the full weight of the department of justice wishes to speak to us. >> the contribute contributor for the u.s. district attorney given the san francisco police department and the tech instantaneously and some of the concerns of the community leaders if you were asked for a civil rights investigation and why you if not or why decided not to get into the civil rights investigation. >> you know the federal
11:54 pm
authorities, you know, also have their eyes open and receive the questions requests for investigations when we have a request for a practice investigation we're referring to which is really the next step up from the weather form it is saluted by avoided by the department we can see the 93 u.s. city attorney's office and consult with the sifting division at woovshd to see what we know at the time whether a civil rights investigation is appropriate that is is a complication occurred and the decision was made to go forward of course, what we have acholic beverage reform for the department you know will continue to pursue anything that comes in appropriate. >> so i'll go ahead i think i'll city ask a question in making the decision i understand the communities concern the city of jurisdiction may ask for usually, we're looking at an independent review investigation we've seen the process as part of progress
11:55 pm
for me in determining we'll say yes there is a full investigation and including the conversations with the leadership of the department of justice community the attorney general to see the best response nothing we're doing today whether preclude the sifting folks from come in the circumstances or didn't exist or changes needed resulted with the constitution of violations so the department of justice maintenance adversities ability to do the practices i'll make that clear quite frankly no way around that exposure the only way around any exposure for the best practices is not engaging with the constitution of the violations and basically happening the police department not justified to do do investigations so i do want i did is an important question i caution us about
11:56 pm
this because they are completely different programs but the services that the departments have to have and it is st. francis the decision of the department of justice that the acholic beverage reform can work not because 4 the pd police department asked for that but a strong community and holding all departments accountable they've approved the condition of the oversight board so we can good afternoon them to do what they're elected to do it can absolutely work if 2 didn't things change we make - not the full cooperations a practices that can't be changed to the process we'll definitely refer the matter to up to the levied and the only thing we'll start with one thing in mind we provide the best services to the people of san francisco and
11:57 pm
as promised and the people of san francisco deserve and provider that we will make the best opportunity we believe this is the best response based on requests and we got requests not only from the mayor and the police chief. >> the civil rights and the attorneys for more in depth private practices we take into consideration and had a discussion. >> (inaudible) have confidence in this process (inaudible) and the public especially in a public commission here is that the way they behave in their oversight how did that happen on the streets this change needs to be now i carry this on. >> i think that is the
11:58 pm
purchase of progress there remains this culture the first way to abort to identify it and said where and how a and a what stent and the practices that allow this in responsive to our question. >> yes. the champ will not be the first assessment you're getting the word the united states department of justice will be independent you look at the report it will be brutally honestly and candidly handout i make p that kroifrl i want to know that the obligation i can't help you but can help you once the recommendation is there this is where the city i think that question i have a powerful question one that is predicament even that is the
11:59 pm
organization alike if it didn't change we'll take into account the options i can't promise other than we will continue to provide candid responses and get to the first 6 months report you'll see the responses we provided no philadelphia 91 recommendations made and their pretty sure on their way an, an example philadelphia we had a six months repo6 months report and officer involved shooting were down 41 percent and davis shootings are down the police trust is building up we identified some troubling statistics and disparmentd racial disparticipated unbeknownst armed african-american men so the community has a to get data and say side by side with the department and the leadership is committed but used to
12:00 am
live in the bay area i don't this is your home with the people can and cannot do i think they'll offer this to all the community-baseds this is a long term journey let's see if this works and it empowers you with the issues to hold the police department accountable if we are not pursuing it didn't tie our hands as a mentions the attorney general has options and services she can call upon but we're at the stamp with loot communities are are disfranchised people feel the department is not listening and pause and make that a unique opportunity to give voice and share and see if we make a difference together that's all i ask i'll not say


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