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tv   BOS Full Board of Supervisors 32216  SFGTV  March 29, 2016 6:10pm-10:31pm PDT

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>>[adjournment] >> good afternoon everybody and welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors' meeting of march 22nd, 2016. madam clerk, please call the roll. >> thank you, madam president. supervisor avalos. >> supervisor avalos?
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avalos present. president breed? >> here. >> breed present. >> campos present. supervisor cohen. >> present. >> cohen present. >> supervisor farrell not present. supervisor kim? kim present. supervisor mar. >> here. >> mar present, supervisor peskin present. >> tang present. supervisor wiener? wiener present. supervisor yee? yee present, madam president you have a quorum. >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen, please join us for the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> thank you. madam clerk, are there any communications? >> yes, madam president. from supervisor farrell, dated march 8th, requesting that he be excused from
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today's meet colleagues, is there a motion to excuse supervisor faler? motion by supervisor avalos, seconded by supervisor cohen, colleagues can we take this without objection? without objection, supervisor farrell is excused. [ gavel ] >> all right. madam clerk, please call the first item? >> item no. 1 is the consideration of the mayor's veto pursuant to charter section 2.106. of an ordinance amending the planning code to increase the transportation sustainability fee for non-residential projects. this ordinance was approved by the board on march 1st, and vetoed on march 11, 2016. the question before the board is shall the mayor's veto be overridden and the ordinance finally passed? the yes-vote overrides mayor's vote and no-vote sustains the mayor's vote. this action requires two-thirds vote, eight
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affirmative votes despite the absence of a member. >> supervisor avalos. >> i will start with a quote from franklyn roosevelt, test of our progress is rather we add more to the abudance of those who have enough, but to provide enough for had those who are little? before us today is the choice to support those who have much, big developers, or those who have little, the working people of san francisco. as we come to the conclusion of the effort on the transportation sustainability fee, i want to thank all of the many people who worked to create this measure, that is before us today. the planning department, and the planning commission, the sfmta, the train providers union and equity coalition and i would like to thank by ladies and gentlemen ive aid jeremy pollack for his tireless work on this version of the transportation sustainability fee. this veto underscores the economic bias of mayor ed
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lee, a bias that favors the wealthy at the expense of work people. mayor lee has you to thed his reputation to bring people together, however this veto calls into question the mayor's consensus approach. i would dual at the end of the concessions approach, get a bunch of people in the room and stack it with the rich and powerful and force the less powerful to make concessions. in the end the working people get less and end up paying more out their own personal pocketbooks for basic city services. the concessions approach, brought us a lower inclusionary-level in the housing trust fund, a lower-level that we're now trying to fix and gave us tepid gross receipts tax that left millions on the table for tech companies to pick up and you now the tsf. when muni has an enorthrop grumman backlog of deferred maintenance, $10 billion deferred backlog as
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identified by the process, it makes no sense that the city concedes and leaves money on the table for big developers to pick up. the tsf that passed in december was not a consensus measure. , it was a measure that in december 7 members of this body voted as inadequate and it make stronger. the 7 voted to bank the revenue from the inadequate tsf and send a stronger measure to committee for approval in accordance with our board rules. the media especially the chronicle has completely blocked out the content of this stronger measure and reported the veto as some sort of political game rather than an effort to give developers a break or to increase revenue for the shortfall in our transportation system. one of our members called the inadequate tsf fair. i asked again fair to whom?
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notice to the riders of muni who face inadequate funding and knot to the workers of muni, who have to contend with less and certainly not to the taxpayers that foot the bill that sub disses of rich and powerful developers are getting. there has been a long public process of the measure before us today and most noteworthy is the planning commission meeting where commissioners unanimously supported all of the amendments i recommended before them, and approved and even stronger measure than the one that is before us today. i also brought all of these amendments up at multiple board of supervisors' land use and transportation committee and here at the board of supervisors. despite the mayor's claim of consensus, with the extension of one letter from the chamber of commerce, i have not heard from a single person who is opposed to this measure before us today. so
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why the blockout and why the veto? this measure charges $2 per square foot for commercial developments over 100,000 square feet. $2 more. up to $21 a square foot. for commercial property that is in the pipeline, but not yet received entitlement from the planning commission and also grandfathers in a new fee set at half the difference between the old tidf and tsf. this before us today raises $2 million annually and $30 million in one-time funds with our enormous transportation needs and huge demands on transit, san francisco cannot afford to turn this money down. adding to the wealth of the wealthy is no why to promote development, nor fulfill our transportation needs. i urge you colleagues to support this measure and be fair to the people of san francisco, the taxpayers, the muni riders and workers and not just to the rich and powerful developers.
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>> thank you, supervisor avalos. supervisor wiener. >> thank you very much, madam president >> i'll be voting to sustain the veto based on merchant years' of work that went into crafting an excellent transportation sustainability fee and did it in a broad-based collaborative way that will significantly benefit our transportation system over time. i want to commend supervisor avalos for that. i thought it was just a really barn-burner speech that if you didn't know anything about what has land happened to-date, you might say wow how could i make a different position? the problem with the comments that we just heard frankly completely ignores everything that went before. the transportation sustainability fee is not a new thing that just materialized out of thin air. for years and years five years for me, and i know there was work even before i got involved, we had been working to take our transportation impact
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development fee that has been on the books for 35 years, and to bring into 21st century to have developers pay significantly more and that is exactly what we did. when you look at what the tif d the item that was passed by this board last yeah, takes the annual contribution of developers to our transportation system from $26 million, a year. to $45 million a year. it almost doubled what developers will pay per year into our transportation system, nearly a $20 million increase. that tsf, that $20 million increasing, the near doubling the transportation sustainability fee was achieved because what we did for the first time ever in 35 years we extended transportation impact fees to be residential development. residential development for
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35 years did not pay a penny under our transportation impact development fees and we fixed that by including residential development for the first time. in addition under what we passed late last year, we significantly increased what commercial development had to pay compared to what they had previously paid and not only did we increase it, we increased it in what was initially introduced and supervisor cohen and i in committee increased it onn commercial development yet again. so for years we worked on this. we came out with an excellent product that will produce almost $20 million a year more than what they were paying otherwise. so to suggest that anyone, the mayor or members of this board of supervisors are trying to cut developers a break, frankly is ridiculous. developers are going to pay almost $20 million a year more than they would have otherwise for a total of approximately $45 million a
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year in transportation impact development fees, paid for by developers. to say that if you are not in favor of increasing it from $45 million to $47 a year, you are somehow not supporting working people and you are siding with the 1% is absolutely specious and political game and that is what this is really about. we took a gigantic step forward putting legislation together in the way that you should put it together and we passed it and it's done. at some point the legislative process ends and you move forward with implementation. anyone can always take the position it's not enough and that developers should pay more, but what we did was a gigantic step forward. what is being proposed today, frankly, is very, very small. it's not going to accomplish
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anything, but i do understand it makes for good political theater. i will be supporting the veto today. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. supervisor mar. >> thank you. i wanted to respond to a few of the points that supervisor wiener made ands will thank supervisor avalos and vision zero and pro-transportation coalition for standing up to override the mayor's veto. it's $2.4 million a year that would go into a better transit system and $30 million in one-time revenue. i don't think that is a little amount. though we need much more. but i think this is about equity and it's about requiring the largest developers to pay their fair share as supervisor avalos mentioned. so i urge my colleagues to join supervisor avalos and myself and others to override mayor lee's unfortunate vetov this task force measure. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor mar. supervisor campos. >> thank you, madam president and with all due respect to my colleagues,
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who will be voting to sustain this veto, the argument that is being made by these developers is sort of what happened with airbnb. it took airbnb so many years to pay its back taxes, and it was so used to not playing by the rules for so long that when it finally followed the rules, it was actually boosting about that. in this case, these developers are not used to paying nothing for so long that when they are paying an amount, even if it's a small amount relative to what they should be paying they somehow think they are giving their -- they doing us a favor. let's be clear here, it is a giveaway to big developers and it so happens in this case , people say, at one point legislative process those end. why is it that the legislative process has to
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end when it actually benefits developers? how about stopping the legislative process when it gets to the point of actually helping real people, regular people? that is what we are saying. you know, they may argue all they want, but at the end of the day, they are giving a big giveaway to development community. >> thank you, supervisor campos. supervisor kim. >> just want to speak in support of supervisor avalos' amendments to the transportation sustainability fee. this has been a long-term discussion and, in fact all of these amendments were before the planning commission and, in fact they supported more tiered fee structure for how we do transportation fees for particularly our commercial buildings and our residential, depending on size. we know that those who build larger projects not only have a larger impact on our transit system, they can also usually afford to pay more.
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this is modest change, but more fair change not just for the every day residents of san francisco, but developers as well. each project is not equal and it makes sense that we tier our fee as the projects get larger he you pay a little bit more. as you create more jobs and put more workers in the downtown area, you pay a little bit more to help support our transit system. over the last couple of weeks we have been having conversations about what is the most appropriate revenue source for funding public transit? and this board agreed that one of the ways to do that was not a flat fee on tow away charges that can change anywhere from $600-$800 that really impoverished low-income and working-class households and residents in the city. we worked with sfmta to reduce the fees and acknowledging there would be a hole in the budget when we took that revenue source away. now the more appropriate
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revenue source for funding our public transit system is a progressive tiered fee. this is one of those options and alternates. we can ask for developers who can give more to our public transit system and certainly a lot more than our working-class residents that get slapped with a $600-800 tow away charge for one singular mistake and yet this board is now going to stay they can't support a slight increase in the transportation sustainability fee. i think that this is an important policy question for this board to continue to tackle? there there are ways that are not as regressive to continue to invest in our transit system and members have said they would introduce a set aside or supplemental appropriation if of which i think we all agree is right thing to do. i think this is one of those appropriate revenue sources to help continue to support our rich and well-developed
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public transit system. so i will be voting to support supervisor avalos' amendments today. >> thank you, supervisor kim. supervisor avalos. >> thank you. just to continue my political theater, i actually agree with supervisor wiener. there has been a great deal of work on creating a new tsf and i would say that supervisor wiener has done a lot of work only that. and i do appreciate his movement to build a new framework for the tsf. we needed that new framework because we left a lot of money on the table compared -- compared to what we have in place now. by not approving the tsf and that was something that was really important to me. we developed a framework for the tsf, but how we settled on a fee that is anemic compared to what it could be with this measure is something beyond me?
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i don't know how we got to settle on the fee that we have today? we had discussion in committee to raise the fee. there were votes in committee to do that and the votes kept it in committee to be the lower fee until we actually made this new improved version before us today. we had six members of the board of supervisors who supported -- that is the majority -- who supported this higher fee, which will raise $2 million a year and $30 million in one-time funds. that to me says there are many ways that we could have crafted the fee beyond the framework that we put together over the years. so this framework, this fee that we have before us today, means that we approve it, and override this veto, we're saying to the taxpayers you will not have to subsidize the transportation impacts of big development. that is the final vote we have today. by sustaining the veto, you are saying to the taxpayers,
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it's you who have to pay for the impacts of big development and not the developers themselves. that is the clear choice that is before us today. >> thank you, supervisor avalos. supervisor wiener. >> thank you. you know, i just -- and supervisor avalos, we actually work well together on a lot of transportation issues and i know we will, we just have a real disagreement on this one. to suggest that the tsf is telling developers that they don't have to pay is just not consistent with the facts. developers are going to pay $45 million a year under the tsf, $19 million a more year than they would have paid. we almost doubled what developers have to pay. we extended it the first time to residential and increased it repeatedly on commercial. so if someone wants to argue that we need to -- that there is some sort of
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meaningful difference between $45 million a year and $47 million a year, let's be real clear. that is what the argument is here, should they pay $45 a year or should they pay $47 million a year? that is what this big argument is about and to suggest that is the difference between developer s paying their fair share and not paying their fair share, that -- there is no basis for doing that and that is why i referred to this as a " political theater." because it's not about the actual money. i have fought very hard for funding for transit. authored proposition b, that is generating almost $30 million a year for transportation in the city. now every member of this board of supervisors supported proposition b. it made it barely out of this body to the voters. so i get it; that we need more funding for our transportation system. but to have a fight between $45 million and $47 million it is not about the money. that is about scoring
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political points vis-a-vis the mayor or whoever else. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. supervisor avalos. >> thank you. i have just wanted to have the last word. [laughter ] thank you supervisor. and with that, colleagues, madam clerk, can you please call the roll? >> on item 1, supervisor breed? >> no. >> breed no. supervisor campos? >> aye. >> campos aye. >> supervisor cohen? >> no. >> cohen no. >> supervisor kim? >> aye. >> kim, aye. >> supervisor mar? >> aye. >> supervisor peskin. >> a. >> supervisor tang? >> no. >> supervisor wiener? >> no. >> supervisor yee. >> yee aye. >> supervisors avalos. >> avalos aye. >> six ayes and four twos supervisors breed, cohen, tang and wiener in the dissent. >> the veto is sustained and the ordinance fails.
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[ gavel ] >> madam clerk, please call the next item. >> item 2 is an ordinance to suspend administrative code section 21.1. the competitive solicitation process for electronic health record system for the department of public health san francisco health network to approve the selection of the regents of university of california as the preferred contractor. >> roll-call vote on item 2. >> supervisor breed? >> aye. >> breed aye. >> supervisor campos? >> aye. >> campos aye. >> supervisor cohen. >> no, cohen no. >> supervisor kim? >> no. >> kim, no. >> supervisor mar? >> aye. >> mar aye? >> supervisor peskin? >> peskin aye. >> supervisor tang? >> tang aye. >> supervisor wiener? >> wiener aye. >> supervisor yee? >> yee aye. >> supervisor avalos? >> aye. >> avalos aye. >> there are eight ayes and two nots with supervisors cohen and kim in the dissent.
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>> the ordinance finally passes. [ gavel ] . >> next item, please. >> item 3-5 were referred without recommendation from the budget and finance committee. item 3, is an ordinance to appropriate $2.5 million from the general fund reserve to the recreation and park department for facilities improvements in the geneva car barn in 2015-16. >> supervisor avalos? >> thank you, president breed. colleagues, i first want to thank the budget committee for forwarding -- for hearing this item and moving it forward. this supplemental, was something that i had introduced in early december before the mayor's budget instructions had come out. this is a project, geneva office building powerhouse has been a project decades in the making. it sit on the corner of san josé and geneva avenue. and it's an industry area that is passed through by thousands and thousands of people going to muni and
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bart every morning and evening. this is an industrial area right in the middle of district 11, between mission terrace neighborhood, cuyahoga neighborhood and it would be a vital place to put together a place to go through, that is just not a place to pass through on your way to bart or muni. we are already making a neighborhood here in this neighborhood by building affordable housing across the street from geneva office building. the powerhouse that is before us today, that this supplemental would fund would fund phase 1 of the building that would create an arts space, performance space, and practice space, that would be used by arts organizations in the southern part of san francisco. heretofore in the city's history we have never had such a facility in the
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southern part of san francisco and it's vitally needed especially when we see in district 11, there are hundreds of artists who make their art in the city, but practice it elsewhere. we also have a really great organization called the youth art exchange, that does some incredible work and does a lot of community development work through art, and this would provide a great venue for them to showcase their work in the district. right now they do it soma, rather than district 11 where they are based. there are a lot of things i could say about this neighborhood and how its been passed over by decades' of neglect from the city, and during our economic boom, we have seen much of san francisco transform itself before you are as and not just new buildings maze made for the private sector, but development fees and
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neighborhood impact fees around those developments as well. but we see no development in district is he and general fund dollars that go from our city budget to support the developments around big developments in other part of the san francisco, south of market, along our waterfront and along market street, but we don't have that kind of development in the district 11. it makes so much sense that we help to build the equity that we don't have in our development and general fund dollars that go to neighborhoods based on that development. that is what this supplemental really does. while we see this great economic boom, and we're not saying that revenue come and trickle down to our neighborhoods. most of all, we don't have the plumbing for that to trickle down. this supplemental is a form of plumbing to be able to get some of our wealth that is generated to a neighborhood that greatly needs it; that will help to jump-start the development in an area that
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has seen such neglect and really bring it up to the 21st century. so i have beth reuben stein from my office, who will show you the images of geneva office building and powerhouse. if we can get that lined up? this is the neighborhood. could you point to where the -- i guess you have to do it there, no? that is the building in question, 280 and muni yards and we're building a neighborhood in the middle. one of the key public facilities will be the geneva office development and across the street from there will be the upper yard, 100%
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affordable housing 85 units will be built and it's just one way to complement the effort. our next view and we probably don't have to go so to the screen. this is how the building looked in the '70s when it was in use and how it currently looks right now. it is a really great facade and great beauty and great potential, but still, more or less an eyesore in the neighborhood. the next slide is the current powerhouse, which is actually the site of phase 1 that the supplemental will help close the gap in funding to make happen. and this is the final version of the entire building when it's fully developed, still looking for the entire amount of money for that. the next slide will be what is actual phase 1 of the powerhouse site will be the performance space and practice space that this supplemental will help fund. there is currently money from the last park bond $3
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million, that is there. we have actually contribute edsome funds from our budget over the years for design documents and this $2.5 million that is before us today will finally close the gap so we can move forward on this project. colleagues, there is no better time to support district 11. we have had multiple opportunities to show that and each time the board of supervisors has risen to the occasion to support this neighborhood. our district, district 11 is completely united behind this, from every walk of life from every economic sector, from all of our neighborhood associations and social justice organizations are all behind this measure, and really hoping that you can help move this forward and support it. thank you, colleagues. >> thank you. supervisor tang. >> thank you. first i will start by saying that i think this is an incredible project that i really look forward to seeing happen. i think that there has been a lot of uniformity around it with constituents and supervisor avalos has certainly been a really good
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champion for this partnership for many, many years. as i said in budget committee, i think that for me, i'm just not comfortable with supporting a supplemental for this at this moment. i think this really belongs in the budget process and deliberations and year and year after i have seen even before i became a supervisor there has been a commitment to fund this project. we have all supported it in our various forms and various budget processes. i think that is something, again, a conversation that belongs in the budget process. so i do not have anything against this project. i think that it's going to serve the community very well it's complete and i think there have been funds set aside as well in previous parks bonds that have passed by voters. i think $2 million, for example, for construction. so i know there is a funding gap. i think if it came before the board of supervisors and budget committee, it's
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something that againly continue to support. but just not in this form. >> president breed. >> thank you. i would like to associate myself with the comments of supervisor tang. i, too, think this is a great project and i do think it belongs in the budget process. we have a process for this particular matter for a reason. i remember over the past three years, before we were able to fund keizer track to get that done it was turned down year over year by the capital budget committee and finally funded after being rejected aat least three times by recreation and park and keizer drive is basically the responsibility of rec and parks, but a major thoroughfare for people who drive through the park and has been in a state of disrepair and recreation and park didn't fund repairing that particular keizer drive. it was funded by dpw.
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i just think that although there is a lot of great intentions i have an amazing project in my district, the muni substation, which is a bright on the filmore. i would like $2.5 million to rehabilitate the station and make what has been promised to the community for so many years, but i realize there are so many projects in in the city and so much to do and challenges to getting everything that we want done in a timely manner. it's not to say that i wouldn't support this project through the process in the process. i have supported funding for this project in the past, but with our budget process coming up i do think it's more appropriate to include a project of this nature in the budget process and not as a supplemental at this time. so unfortunately, i can't support the supplemental. thank you.
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>> supervisor yee. >> thank you. when we had this discussion at the budget committee, we actually continued this item for a week, in the hope that supervisor avalos would be able to have a discussion with the mayor's office to see a clear pathway in funding this project. yes, this project is in district 11 and borders about two blocks from my district. so in many ways this project really impacts both our districts, both 11 and 7 directly. i have been supportive of this project, really exciting project that has been sitting there for a while. i'm going to be supporting this supplemental, and hope -- my hope is that even if we get the supplemental today, that this discussion
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at the budget -- during the budget process will happen any way. we'll be still be far short of the funding required to complete the whole project. so colleagues, i really hope that i'm hearing the right thing, which is that people will continue to support this project in one form or another. i'm hoping today that many of you can actually vote-yes on this item. >> thank you, supervisor yee. supervisor campos. >> thank you, madam president. my understanding from what has been said about this project is that this project is ready to go. and while i understand and respect the fact that people as a general rule don't want to do supplementals, i think that in terms of moving this project forward it might actually be more expensive to wait to actually begin the work. and i certainly was very impressed with the feedback from this community and to
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me, if we're going to end up approving this funding a few months down the road, i think that we should not let form dictate over substance. i think we should just move this forward. i know from being on this board that supervisor avalos has been very responsible in how he brings any supplemental before this board. it's not something that he does, and so i'm going to defer to his judgment, and he believes this is something that is needed for his district. >> >> thank you, supervisor campos. supervisor peskin. >> thank you. some 15 years ago when the mta owned this property, it was actually going to be demolished. the city rallied and then my
6:46 pm
then college supervisor sandoval rallied and district 11 rallied and we were able to make, i think, a courageous decision under the leadership of then rec and parks general manager elizabeth gold stein to transfer that facility to rec and parks. it's been a decade-and-a-half. supervisor sandoval endeavored for eight years. supervisor avalos has endeavored now for an additional eight years. i think the time has come. this is not about district 11. this is part of the city's patrimony. this is a great historic resource. we can breathe new life into this resource. it will create jobs. it will create housing >> it will create a much-needed facility and save one of the greatest early-century buildings of this city. i urge all of you to consider this and to vote for it. it is time to get it done. >> thank you,supervisor peskin. with, that seeing no other names on the roster, madam
6:47 pm
clerk please call the roll. >> on item 3 supervisor breed? >> no. >> breed no. supervisor campos? >> aye. >> campos aye. >> supervisor cohen? >> aye. >> cohen aye. >> supervisor kim? >> aye. >> kim aye. >> supervisor mar? >> aye. >> mar aye. >> supervisor peskin? >> aye. >> peskin aye. >> supervisor tang? >> no. >> tang no. >> supervisor wiener. >> aye. >> wiener aye. >> supervisor yee >> aye. >> yee aye. >> supervisor avalos. >> aye. >> avalos aye. >> eight ayes and two nos where supervisors breed and tang in the dissent. >> the ordinance passs on the first reading. [ gavel ] also it's now past 2:30 and we'll be going into our 2:30 commendations and we have a few on our schedule today i will start with supervisor campos and supervisor avalos.
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>> supervisor avalos, would you like to begin? >> for john rodney? >> aren't you honoring someone together? >> yes. great. >> why don't you start? great, i will start. if i may call on the incredible -- i guess are we going to do -- we'll do that one first. the first one is a proclamation that is actually recognizing and remembering the legacy and the memory of a great man, the archbishop of el salvador oscar and to recognize the consulate general of el salvador, who is here and those who have
6:49 pm
followed latin-american and know ocean bishop romero was a courageous priest who spoke up continuously on behalf of those that were less fortunate, on behalf of the poor, the oppressed in that country of el salvador. he always preached a vision of unite. the killing of bishop romero not only shocked that country, but of latin america and the whole world.
6:50 pm
on the eve of his death, archbishop romero's teaching guide not only the western hemisphere, but the whole world and we know his presence is a very vibrant one in the bay area, where his memory lives in the hearts of so many people. a commendation for the legacy of monmonsignor romero on this very special day we
6:51 pm
would like to also join this, with these couple of words from the government of el salvador condemns the terrorist bombings in brussels, belgium and expresses solidarity to the government of belgium and to sends our condolences to the families of the deceased and expect the speedy recovery of those injured. we hope that tranquility is shortly restored in that country. i'm honored to be here today and the graveful to supervisor david campos, john avalos and the rest of the board members for recognizing monsignor romero and his legacy. we celebritied the remembrance of his message and to recognize the honorable consulate and members of the salvadorarian community that are here
6:52 pm
today and to ask the executive director of share foundation to give a couple of words regarding this exceptional human being. >> thank you very much for recognizing romero, as many salvadorarians say, it belongs to the larger community of people that want peace. but in wanting peace, he also wants justice, and he decided to have a preferential option for the suffering ones, for the poor. so we want to invite you today, for next year will be his 100th birthday and we're organizing an international party, both in el salvador and we wish in many citis to honor and remember romero. you are invited and we'll follow-up with you to make sure there is a strong
6:53 pm
delegation to el salvador to be part of this party. thank you. >> thank you. i would like to pass this beautification of monsignor romero and we're going to give this to the public as well. thank you very much. >> thank you. [ applause ]
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colleagues i have one more commendation that i'm doing with supervisor avalos. and if i may ask this incredible individual to please come on up to the podium? john rodney. [ applause ] >> you know, how do i put this? if you live in gotham city, you have batman and you call on batman whenever the city is in danger, and if you are an immigrant in the bay area, and you are under
6:55 pm
attack, you have to put out the signal for john rodney to come to the rescue. i want to ask everyone who is in the audience to honor john rodney to please stand. take that bruce wayne. thank you. [laughter ]john rodney is loved by so many people. my office and myself have been talking about honoring john for so many years, probably the first year we came into office and yet, life gets in the way, because at every turn, there is? issue, some attack against immigrants. so john is the communications mastermind for the bay area immigrants
6:56 pm
right movement and information guru in every case that the san francisco bay area has had in years. he has been on the frontlines of this effort to gain comprehensive immigration at the national level and led the first major piece of legislationion we passed for. te was the communications guru behind cy id card and local efforts to pass the dream act and daka and fight against car impoundment and fight for trust act, fight for due process for all, the effort to guarantee legal representation for every child placed in the fast-track, the so-called
6:57 pm
rocket dockett in immigration court and the list goes on and on and what else can i say except for being you are in great hands. he is truly an unsung hero. he is smart and has an amazing memory and speaks spanish with an accent that sounds native. anyway, i will turn it over to supervisor avalos but john, thank you for everything, and like i said, you really are our super hero in the bay area. [ applause ] >> gosh, a long time ago i actually had some training in media and have some kind of fascination with it and
6:58 pm
media advocacy. and i learned so much from you, after all of that. and it's really great to see that you are among us in the bay area to help us do all of the really challenging work of creating a world that supports immigrants, and i just want to say, i love you, man. and all of these people who actually share their love and respect for you. i just wanted to say it on the mic and just thank you for your work, and what is your dog's name again? >> tony. >> thank you for bringing tony with you as. we would not be as strong a coalition fighting for immigration right without our work and all of us have benefited from your wisdom. thank you. >> [ applause ] >> john, if you and tony would like to say a few words. >> yes. this is a lot -- thank you. i brought tony with me,
6:59 pm
because i do have a confession. tony actually writes the press releases. [laughter ] >> i just edit them -- sometimes i don't. i was not expecting this. i'm very humbled. it's wonderful to work with both you, david and you john, all of you and our offices as this board has challenged the cruel and unjust deportation machinery this country has. i think what communications work is really about is standing with people who are standing up against injustice. and challenging this hateful idea of the "other" that has really been plaguing the discourse and embracing folks who come out and support their stores. supporting people like many in this room who have faced deportation and stood up and supporting people like the
7:00 pm
families of mario and alex, who are still fighting for justice, and i think it's about supporting people who are fighting displacement, and exploitation in an economy that every day is more unequal. and this is a pretty scary time that we're all living in, but i think that what communications work should really do is really lift up our best ideals rather than retreat from them and i think this board has done this, last october with the votes for due process and rejection of the jails and many other great examples and we're all looking forward to working with you for more exciting stuff like that. so thank you. [ applause ]
7:01 pm
thank you. [ applause ] >> thank you for your work, john and congratulations. now i would like to recognize supervisor eric mar for other commendsation. >> thank you, since we're
7:02 pm
referring to super heroes i will just say it there is a wonderful woman for economic justice in the room for us today. would donna levitt, the director, and i see labor and community activists from grassroots organizations to labor council here in the house with us as well. we're going to be commending donna levitt on her retirement from olse. she has led the office of labor enforcement for years and her work has helped thousands and thousands of families who have been victims of wage-theft and other abuses. when donnaaz hired to lead the olse in 2002, she brought over 20 years of construction and labor experience. she was a pioneering tradeswoman who began her apprentice as a carpenter in 1980 where she progressed to
7:03 pm
superintendent, estimator and union representative. donna was the first woman to head a major construction local at the united brotherhood of carpenters and joiners of america and her distinguished career -- her amazing career, i think has included service on the california building standards commission, the san francisco landmarks preservation advisory board and executive board of the san francisco labor council and thank you to tim and connie for being here with us too. donna's experience in prevailing wage enabled her to develop effective enforcement strategies. during her tenure, san francisco has led the nation in passing landmark labor laws, which the olse was assigned to enforce. because of young workers united and progressive workers alliance we have the first in the nation raising the minimum wage paid sick-leave and a number of other laws, wage-theft laws as well and donna's leader,
7:04 pm
the osle enforces fair chance ordinance, family-friendly workplace and the most recent addition, which i'm very proud of, the retail workers bill of rights, which i helped to author, along with jobs for justice and assemblyman david chiu, the challenges of rule-making show donna's experience and her understanding of the regulatory frameworks of local, state and federal laws. because of olse's successful model, donnas a commitment to work welcome the grassroots communication organizers has helped the most disenfranchised workers to fighttor their works and build empowerment efforts and combat wage-theft. san francisco has been so fortunate to have donna's dedication to workers' rights. donnella, you have left a remarkable legacy behind and hopefully one that will
7:05 pm
remain with us for years to come. we have big shoes to fill that you are leaving. donna, as we move forward, i and my colleagues hope that the mayor and the city will fill this position with a strong champion like you, for workers' rights. as you have been and that we find the same steady and skilled leadership that you have provided, especially someone with the understanding of the legislative framework. >> supervisor campos is on the roster. >> thank you very much. madam president. i will be very brief. what a day today. monsignor romero and john rodney and now donna levitt and it's hard to imagine our city government without donna and her presence at olse. when you look at the
7:06 pm
prosperity that we have had as a city, there are things still not right and we have the office of labor standards enforcement and that office has become the great equalizer, when it comes to so many low-paid workers; for whatever reason, you know, are the victims of the system. whether it's wage-theft or employers not following the rules, i have seen donna and her office do justice for so many of these workers time and time again. i can only imagine the thousands and thousands of people whose lives are better because of the work that you have done, done donna and that is quite a legacy you take with you. i want to say as the
7:07 pm
supervisor for district 9 and as a resident of san francisco, i'm eternally grateful to you, for being there, for workers, for making sure that we do right by every worker. and for the integrity and commitment that you bring to the job. it will always be remembered, and it's a legacy that you should be very proud of; and i hope that you get to take some time and enjoy with family, but i just want to say a job well-done. thank you very much. >> thank you, supervisor campos >> supervisor avalos. you have a lot of fans, donna. >> donna, just wanted to say thank you for running this office for so many years. it seem like every year we added a new mandate for your office to take up and you never said no.
7:08 pm
you were always understanding just how you were going to do that, but i just wanted to say thank you. you ran a really great ship and you have tremendous stapp staff working under you that have done a very fine job. your office does a lot of work with immigrants, the ones who seem to bear the brunt of wage-theft and employers not following the rules. my district is 50-foreign-born and i just want to say thank you for taking on that responsibility for training really great staff do that work and we want to make sure that the person who comes after you understands the regulatoriv framework and knows how to work with different systems that you have to work with the plumbing and regulatory system. i wanted to add that a lot of groups -- a lot of cities
7:09 pm
in the country doing work increasing worker's rights and minimum wage and health care type of ordinances, but a lot of them don't think about having a labors standards enforcement office to do that work and your office has been a great example for the entire country how do this work. i know a lot of people have come and visited and talked to you and your staff of how you get this work done? so thank you for leading the way across the country as well. >> thank you, supervisor avalos. supervisor peskin. >> thank you, madam president. it has been a pleasure over the last decade-and-a-half to watch the olse go from weekend being a one-ordinance shop to 15-ordinance shop. when i first became a supervisor, this was the ask from the house of labor. i don't think any of us realized it would become a national model, and to donna, i want to say, that you have been tough, and fair, and
7:10 pm
most importantly, impervious to political interference. supervisor avaloss is that you ran a good ship. i want to say that you navigated the political waters very, very well. you didn't let any of us or the chief executive tell you what do or when to do it. you applied it fairly and it's a tough job. because when you are enforcing against folks, it's never easy and it's never fun, but you always did it calmly and i look forward to having someone who fill yours shoes that is going to navigate those waters without being politically enphered interfered and to envision what olse was. thank you for your service. >> thank you, supervisor peskin [ applause ] . >> supervisor kim. >> i wanted to acknowledge
7:11 pm
donna on your leadership at osle and it requires using a scalpel and not a knife and i want to acknowledge your work. we had an opportunity to work with your department where [speaker not understood] and we would not have been able to do our work as effectively in achieving our goals if not for your input during the legislative process and certainly afterwards you and your staff ensuring that our laws actually get implemented. it's one thing to write great laws, but without enforcement, and i know this takes an incredible amount of work and leadership. thank you. i'm very sad to see you go. i hope we can find someone that can certainly physical your big shoes.
7:12 pm
thank you for your service tour city. our city. >> thank you. supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much. donna, here we are -- sharing wonderful thoughts and experiences that we have over the years and i have come to know you only in last six years, but we're recognizing you and your wonderful attributes and talents that you have brought to the city and makes me wonder who you have coached to fill the big shoes that you now leave vacant? i'm particularly reminded on ban the box work and helping particularly communities of color and those reentering from the justice system back into the community to get jobs and to get housing. and much of what supervisor kim was saying, these laws mean nothing if there is no one watching, if there is no
7:13 pm
one enforcing and this role you have filled for many years is absolutely incredible. i'm happy and excited for you, but i do lament as to what we are left with? not to say that next person beyond you won't be as great, but there is something special that you brought, a product of your personality, a very delicate, but firm touch. you are very thoughtful and very insightful and personable and easy to work with and you led a tremendous team, tremendous team and you have helped to make san francisco that much better and more aggressive in protecting the working environment for communities of color, as well as just working-class people. i just wanted to lend my voice to say thank you to you and let you know how grateful am. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor cohen. supervisor wiener. >> thank you, madam president. i want to also join the chorous saying what a pleasure it has been to work with you. i think sometimes much to the chagrin of my staff, we have
7:14 pm
done a lot of prevailing wage legislation, even though it's incredibly important legislation, it's unbelievable hard and complicated and you are always on the verge of jurisdictional dispute between unions it's just really hard pieces of legislation to navigate, even if they seem simple i going in. you have helped to make it a lot easier. we have always been able to rely on to you give us information and guidance and the history to make sure that we have that context. this legislative work around prevailing wage is so incredibly important to support our middle-class and that people have living wage jobs and are able to succeed. so i just want to thank you for helping us and our office through difficult pieces of legislation, but also for your support for working people and we're going to miss you. >> thank you. with that, donna, you have
7:15 pm
the microphone. >> thank you so much, supervisors. i feel humbled and honored. i would like to ask, if i may, if the staff people former and past, who are here there olse please stand with me. [ applause ] i want to express my heartfelt thanks to three mayors, mayor willie brown, mr. gavin newsom and mayor ed lee for having the confidence in me and giving me this opportunity to serve. i want to thank city administrator naomi kelly and her team for their support and guidance. city attorney dennis herrera
7:16 pm
and deputis for their sound advice and our community collaborators and friends and the dedicated and talented staff at olse. amany of you know and has been mentioned today olse was create by ordinance in 2001. with the vision of stan smith, who is here with us today. >> hey stan ! [ applause ] we were created to enforce one law, which was prevailing wage on the city's public works construction contracts. and i have kind of seen it since then, coming from construction, like building a high-rise. in 2003, the voters approved one of the first in the nation's minimum wage ordinances. the living wage ordinances were moved into our shop.
7:17 pm
the sweat-free ordinance was passed by the board in 2006. the voters passed the first in the country paid sick-leave ordinance. you passed the health care security ordinance. followed by the family-friendly workplace ordinance, fair chance ordinance and retailer workers bill of rights and not to mention those that are in committee just this week. i think we have got a couple more. with each new law, we have done our best to turn your progressive vision of workplace justice into reality. and to make these laws meaningful in the everyday lives of workers in san francisco. we have uncovered $10 million plus another $5 million where we collaborated with the labor commission's and these cases involved san francisco's most vulnerable workers, oven non-english [spa-erbz/] and work in the
7:18 pm
nurd ground economy paid in cash at less than the minimum wage often work long hours without overtime pay, often under the threat of deportation if they complain. i think back on our hard-fought victories when we got proof it was the employer who called i.c.e. only the husband of a claimant and do stop them from selling off or hiding their assets. the great organizings done by the filipino community center that led to recovery of over $1 million for workers in residential care home cases and uplifting work of the chinese progressive association, with restaurant workers, including the case where workers were awared
7:19 pm
back wages. as you know, san francisco was the first city in the country to require employers to provide paid sick-leave and you know what? the sky didn't fall. and now over 22 cities and five states have their own paid sick-leave ordinances modeled on ours. it's been an honor for me to testify before other jurisdictions about our experiences implementing san francisco's law and our conclusion that paid sick-leave can be easily enforced, is good for workers, good for employer and good public policy. one of the boldest pieces of legislation, which with stood [speaker not understood] it coefficient part time employees and businesss than
7:20 pm
the aca. to-date; concluding over 250 compliance reviews initiated by worker complaints that have resulted in health care benefits for over 8 300 workers. i'm also happy to report that nearly 20% of covered employers who submitted and forms to the olse -- said that they changed their hiring practices to complain -- i'm sorry, to comply with the fair chance ordinance. and to provide a fair shot at job opportunities for people with arrest and conviction records. i would be remiss if i didn't also highlight our successes enforcing prevailing wages on the city's public works contracts. we have recovered over $6 million in back wages for construction workers, and over $2 million in penalties to the city's general fund. four contractors have been debared from bidding city contractors and two referred for criminal prosecution n. two of our most memorable
7:21 pm
cases olse subpoenaed copies of checks from the contractor's bank to prove that they had two sets of books. actual checks used to pay workers and checks shown to the city. and these were contractors who have been done doing public works contracts in san francisco for many years. the record is near and dear to my hart and we have not only recovered some serious monies, but leveled the playing field for law-abiding contractors to successfully bid on city contracts. i'm proud that olse has billion a state and national model for enforcement. we work with the community collaborative to ensure that we're reaching those workers most acted by wage theft. we protect the identity of workers who filed compliants and conduct company-wide audits going back three
7:22 pm
years. we work hard to educate employers about their obligations, to provide clear guidance and make ourselves available to field questions about san francisco's laws and hold violators auto a cannotable. supervisors, i'm truly honored by your kind words, but please know this commendation is real will the not for me, but for the entire staff of the olse. they are the ones on the front oflines, they show up at restaurants to interview workers at 10 -p.m. when the time sheets show that nobody works after 9:00 p.m. they do home visits it find workers who may have been underpaid in order to hear their stories. they speak to workers in their native languages to make them feel comfortable and earn their trust. they perform audits on their computers until their necks and shoulders ache and spend week on thes phones answering employer's questions each year when the annual reporting forms become due. they hound employers when their payments are late. they are respectful with employees and maintain a
7:23 pm
positive attitude when they hear excuses about what happened to the missing pay records, et cetera. i am indebted to all of them for any successes i have achieve in my time here. thank you. [ applause ] >> secretary-treasurer -- -- they [speaker not understood] i want to thank her publicly
7:24 pm
for all the work she has done at the building trades. [ applause ]
7:25 pm
again congratulations donna and thank you for all your hard work for the city and county of san francisco. [ applause ] all right, colleagues, we have one more commendation. just one more. later today, we will vote on my legislation to establish the san francisco homicide reward fund for unsolved murders in our city. this reward fund encourages witnesss to come forward. it puts those responsible behind bars, and it gives solace for those who lost loved ones. right now i want to recognize the importance of preventing these unfortunate and untimely deaths in the first place. and as a result of a lot of hard work, i want to basically bring forward a
7:26 pm
woman who i have known as long as i have remember, ms. maddie scott. please come forward. a fierce leader to prevent gun violence here in our city. ms. scott. [ applause ] maddie scott is the president of the brady campaign to prevent gun violence, the san francisco chapter. she is also executive director of healing for her families and our nation, and she is chapter leader of the san francisco mothers in charge. and she is the founder of the healing circle, which has done so much to uplift so many members of our community, who have lost loved ones. but more importantly, maddie is a mother, a mother who lost her son to gun violence, a mother who turned her grief and her pain into meaningful
7:27 pm
action, a mother who is giving a voice to the victims of this sad epidemic in our community. she has organized gun buybacks in city hall with united players, to take hundreds of guns off the streets. she has also worked with the board of education to passes a resolution calleding for the school district to support gun control policies and communicate information about gun buyback events and gun safety practices with families. and expand upon lessons in the classroom, around violence-prevention. every year on the anniversary of the sandy hook elementary school oshooting in connecticut, she works with other organizations in the city to raise awareness by gun violence and to remember the lives that we have lost over the years to gun violence. she also organizes during mother's day, when she bring those mothers together for healing, for prayer, for
7:28 pm
support, for love, for comfort. this is hard work. this is emotional work. and maddie is doing this work with grace and zeal. she is a tireless self-less leader, and i am proud to honor her today for always being on the frontlines, every time there is, sadly, a loss of life in our community. maddie is the first person who i call and often times the first person there with the mother and the family, praying, supporting, and encouraging, lifting them up. as i had said before, unfortunately in this chamber about the fact that in our community, we have experienced far too much loss to gun violence. and sometimes we get so caught up in our grief, that we forget as sean richard
7:29 pm
would say, brothers against guns, we forget to honor the living. we forget to honor those who continue to support us, those who continue to lift us up. and today, for your love, for your courage, for your inspiration, for all that you continue to do, and have done for over 20 years in our community, ms. maddie scott on behalf of the city and county of san francisco, we commend you. [ applause ] with that, i would like to recognize my colleagues, who would like to say a few words as well. supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much. good afternoon, maddie scott. >> good afternoon. >> i think this commendation is long overdue. you have been a tremendous leader of helping mothers who have lost their children and who are grieving, helping them heal. i admire you, and i have a tremendous amount of respect for you and the work that you have done and will continue to do. we haven't seen eye-to-eye
7:30 pm
all the time, but i think that is normal. i think there is certainly room in the community to embrace you and to uplift you and to celebrate you. the work that you do, i find that most people don't want to do, because that is the hard work. it's hard to console a grieving mother after the funeral has come and gone. six months, a year after, and to help build not only the community, but families and help them put their lives back together. there is a saying that sometimes, even the healers need to be healed, and we recognize you as a healer in our community and hopefully you will find some solace and some healing aspect into this commendation that we're presenting to you today. it's a beautiful honor. you are of a beautiful person, a beautiful human being with a heart of gold and i'm so grateful to know you, and to support your work. and i also want to recognize
7:31 pm
the legions of other women who may not stand in this chamber today, but they stand with you. and you are often the strength and the spine, the backbone when many people don't have the courage to stand up for themselves. so for you and your team of volunteers, i just want to say thank you. it mean as great deal to have you be a part of this work. and i know it's not easy. i know it's not easy. i know you wear the pain on your sleeve every day, but we wanted to recognize you and uplift you and give voice to the work that you are doing and the work that will you will do continue to do and we thank you. [ applause ] . >> supervisor campos >> thank you, i want to thank you for the recognition of ms. scott and i'm simply going to say that the think the city and county of san francisco has a great deal
7:32 pm
of gratitude and owes you a great deal of debt, not only to you, but to the mothers of victims of violence, who remind us everyday to do something about this crisis. i'm a better person, a better legislator because of the fact that i have gotten to know you and so many of the other mothers. i just want to thank you for the dignity, the grace and the class with which you approach this very difficult subject. greatly, greatly deserved. god bless. >> thank you, supervisor campos. supervisor kim. >> ms. scott, it was really great that we as a board can honor you today for over decades' of work for those families who have experienced violence in their lives. i first met you in 2005, when we worked on proportion a. >> yes.
7:33 pm
>> a set a-side to invest in violence preventing in our city, after we had experienced a high of 96 homicides in the previous years. this was the community response saying enough is enough. we actually need to put our money where our mouths are, and actually invest in programs that will systematically counter the violence we're experiencing in our communities. even when that violence is isolated in certain neighborhoodss, it impacts everyone in san francisco. but not everyone is able to give it voice, because it's actually one of the most difficult areas to work in the arena of public service. it's emotionally exhausting, and drawing, and for those who continue to do that everyday and to reexperience the trauma and emotional loss with all of the mothers and families, when it's not necessarily your own family is a tremendous service, and also sacrifice on behalf of
7:34 pm
our community. so thank you for doing this work as long as you have. it is not easy to do, but it is so needed >> thank you for continuing to be a voice around this issue. thank you. >> thank you. supervisor avalos. >> thank you. ms. scott it's been ten years since i have known you and worked with you. you were part of helping to draft violence prevention set aside that we passed at the board of supervisors 2006, before i was on the board. actually i think it was the only set aside that supervisor peskin supported was that one. so that wasn't easy to get his moment no. >> but i think the exampleful of the bleeding that has been going on in our communitis and in yours in particular. in '95 we had scores of homicides in the western
7:35 pm
edition and '96 again and really showed that we needed to do something. the answer wasn't -- we wanted to have effective law enforcement, but the answer wasn't more police officers, but really trying to get at the root causes. part of it, as well as the mental health services and mutual support that helps familis to bear the heavy burden of losing loved ones to violence. and that is what you brought together and i just want to thank you for giving your heart the way you have. because you have given your heart after your heart was torn by loss and that is giving above and beyond what anyone can give. i know it's taken a toll on you, but you are standing here before us with a packed room that has a lot of love for your, and for your service. so i just want to say thank you and i really appreciate that president breed has brought this commendation before us today
7:36 pm
to honor you here in this room. >> thank you. ms. scott, again for everything that you continue to do to support others and lift others up we are here to say we lift you up today. we are thankful. we thank god for you for the love and for the inspiration that you continue to provide to so many people. i am just so honored to know you and just grateful for all you have done for the city and county of san francisco. [ applause ] >> thank you, supervisors. i'm just really at a loss for words right now. but president breed and supervisor cohen and all of
7:37 pm
you, i want to say, i don't do this work alone. you can't do this work by yourself. you need others to help you. i just want to give honor to god, who gives me the strength to do this work. knowing this is resurrection and easter week, he rose, because they crucified him. he did nothing, but try to help other people, and he just didn't die for black folks, white folks, lgbt, or our children. he died for all of us. he died for all of us and he rose. because he gave me that gift, because i was on the path of destruction, i was angry, i was mad. you know, drugged-out, alcoholed-out and just angry and god gave me a gift to see my son crossover and because of that gift, i promised
7:38 pm
him, they can do whatever they want, i don't care, i will do that work for that mother to get off that sofa. i will do the work to keep that young man from picking up that gun and to do that work for those coming out of prison and those in foster care. i will do this work, i don't care, until i take the last breath in my body. my grandson stands here today. he was a year-and-a-half when his dad was killed 19 years ago. it will be 20 years this year. and i'm glad he served on the youth commission and we helped raise him right to do the right thing. i'm proud of that. i'm proud to stand before you, was coletta jackson lange my colleague and her mother kept our doors opening and kept healing open when all hell broke loose and i wanted to quit. i thank god for mothers in charge and i thank god for the prayers and united
7:39 pm
players and sean and reverend and keeping the cameras on us and thank each and every of you for hearing our voices and getting this reward money passed to help somebody to come in, so they can give the right information to help get a murderer off the street and then to rehabilitate that person. i think god for elizabeth torres and all the other mothers and fathers and paulette brown, whose son was shot 37 times in front of her house and all the other mothers and vivienne and sharon hewitt, the list goes on, mothers and fathers. i stand before you as a servant of god to do this work, to make our city and city and county of san francisco a better place. to get guns off our streets, to educate our children.
7:40 pm
to provide opportunities for our loved ones, and that everybody will have affordable housing and everybody would have a job, and then we could see the violence stop, each one must reach one and teach one. it's about all of us or none of [-ufrs/]. i love all of you. god bless you and thank you for this honor. [ applause ] >> thank you. madam clerk,
7:41 pm
if could you call items 4 and 5 together. >> item 4s and 5 will two ordinances that pertain to the san francisco super bowl 50, item 4 is an ordinance to amend the administrative code to be establish a san francisco super bowl 50 impact fund to be used to provide financial support to small businesses specifically impacted by the super bowl-related events. and item 5, ordinance appropriating $100,000 from the general fund reserve to fund the super bowl 50 impact fund in 2015-16. >>
7:42 pm
supervisor peskin. >> thank you, madam president and colleagues. last week we held a hearing in budget and finance committee with regard to the two ordinances and first ordinance creates super bowl 50 impact fund and second ordinance puts $100,000 into the fund specifically for those individuals that i believe the city has a direct moral responsibility for namely the 116 street artists and the other dpw valid licensees and permitees, be they food cart vendors, shoeshine vendors displaced for a period of up to 24 days where they make their living day in and day out. this offers them really a very small modicum of support of $600 per valid claimant,
7:43 pm
not to exceed $100,000. item no. 4 also allows for other sources of revenue to the fund, be it contributions from the host committee, should it so willing and national football league should it desire or revenues from the super bowl 50-related events exceed expense as determined by the controller, this board could choose to appropriate additional funds to the fund. but at this point, it's really about showing that san francisco is the city that knows how to take care of our own tenants, those 116th street artists who already lost over ght days to rain, some of whom we heard from in committee, who had very compelling and moving testimony. this $600 is the difference for many of them to be able to pay their rent. some of them in sros and some
7:44 pm
have come out of homeless and i recommend these ordinances to you and hope you support them. >> thank you supervisor peskin. supervisor cohen. >> thank you, president breed. through the chair, with all due respect, i would like to direct my comments, my questions to supervisor peskin. i wasn't able to listen to the entire testimony last week in the budget committee. but i wanted to ask, how did you come to $100,000? >> supervisor peskin. >> thank you. through the president to supervisor cohen, so we met with tom decainey, who is here from arts commission and met with representatives from the department of public works and we thought it was the lowest amount to give some immediate relief to the universe of people who were directly impacted by the city assists city's action. as far as the castro and fisherman's wharf, who were not our permitees, who did
7:45 pm
speak to negative financial impacts. if there are sufficient funds we can address those other companies and individuals, but we came to that after discussions with the art commission after the universe of street artists who have been our permitees and worked there for decades and that is how we came to that figure. >> thank you. you talked about looking at the universe of permitees. how did you identify this universe? and how do we honor those that were adversely affected and not and weed out those who are not really in the area? >> right. >> there are 116 street artist stalls under the arts commission street artist program in that location. and we can hear from tom decainey, but in meeting with the arts commission, they know who those individuals
7:46 pm
are under the program. any application that is submitted would be reviewed by the arts commission and the controller's office. i want to thank ben rosenfield for being willing to administer this program. as to the dpw licensees and permitees, those were numbers that were finished to us by the department of public works. >> supervisor peskin, i think it's a really good idea and i will be supporting items 4 and 56789 thank you for answering my questions. >> thank you supervisor. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam president. so we had a long discussion about this in committee and supervisor peskin made some amendments that narrowed the scope in terms of who would be eligible for these funds? and it is -- i think it's a challenging issue in a lot of ways in terms of -- in
7:47 pm
terms of how to approve this kind of issue. of course this could have been negotiated as part of the host committee agreement n terms of compensation for specific merchants being displaced. my concern and why i will not be able to support this legislation and appropriation today is that it does really narrow down to one class of merchants. and supervisor peskin was very transparent in terms of his amendments. -- -- merchants in the castro were negatively impacted during the f market and original legislation would have allowed broader access.
7:48 pm
amendments in committee really narrow it down and give full priority to the vendors at justice herman plaza and if they all submit for the $600 and presumably that accounts for more than $100,000 and there would be no access for other merchants. while i completely understand and respect the thinking behind that, i'm not in any way critical of the motives or the tactics of the author, i do -- it does leave me feeling uneasy about the legislation. particularly given that i have a particular set of merchants in my district, who weren't theoretically impacted, who literally had a major tourist muni line, f market cutoff and all saw a noticacle drop in business over the course of the super bowl period. so i will not be supporting this legislation today. >> thank you, supervisor
7:49 pm
wiener. supervisor tang. >> thank you. so as i said in budget committee, i fully understand the difficulties that the street artists faced and highly respect them and since i was younger did my best to support them as well. i had asked the arts commission at budget committee, what was done before the event occurred and what sort of outreach happened? and i'm wondering for the purposes of full boards meeting and i see the director here if you could shed light on the outreach down prior to the event to ensure as many people as possible were not displaced. >> as i reported at last week's budget and finance committee, the arts commission first discussed the potential impacts of super bowl 50 on the street artists' stalls in justin
7:50 pm
herman plaza november 20, 2014 and the commissions discussed the potential impact of the super bowl dates in january that would potentially displace the artists' stalls. we were still at that time negotiating alternative spaces with the super bowl host committee. in the end we were able to allocate ten now additional spaces near super bowl city, not directly within the confines of city. but between super bowl city and the nfl experience along market street. on january 4th, the arts commission sent a preliminario it all community street artist licensing-holders that during that period license holders not be able to sell between stuart and drum streets and notified that they could apply for the ten additional faces. by legislation the programrior requires a daily lottery. so no artist is guaranteed a daily location
7:51 pm
and they show up to three different lotteris in the city run by volunteers to draw their spaces for the day. that ensures diversity of opportunities for artists, on any given day, to access those prime locations throughout the city, as well as those located in justin herman plaza. it would enable artists to participate in super bowl week in the additional foot traffic and those spaces between 3th and 4th street in marked and addition to the approximate to the 100 spaces between 1st and 5th street on market. >> in terms of this fund, i don't know if this question would be directed to the author, or to you, but administering the funds, what if someone for example was given the option of going to the alternative spaces, but on their only decided not to. would they qualify for the
7:52 pm
funding? >> we currently surveyed our street artists for those who could, approximately 150 respondent and doing other data collection to determine which street artists would occupy a space in justin herman plaza and still working to finalize the most appropriate, fair and transparent way to administer the fund, but imagine we would consider applications from street artist and our advisory panel or street arts committee of the commission would review those claims to award an allocation as deemed appropriate based on the board's designation. >> okay. thank you.
7:53 pm
there are a couple of outstanding issues for me. one is that perhaps another underlying issue we could tackle another time, but just the fact there is no kind of grapes of wrathed guaranteed space for the street artists and they have to go through a lottery. so it's difficult to say it was solely because of the super bowl event or the lottery system. secondly, we haven't had the report from the controller's office about the economic generation this event -- i think some of us anticipate there was economic generation from the super bowl festivities and what it means to the city's bottom-line. lastly, my preference is that we work to address these issues before the event had occurred, and so i know
7:54 pm
there may be some disagreement about that, but that is just how i feel, that we should make sure to take care of the street artists, make it as part of the negotiations, when the events were coming to san francisco. so at this time, i don't feel comfortable supporting those two items. but i hope that in the future, we can sort out things before hand to prevent the displacement of the street artist s. >> thank you, supervisor tang >> supervisor yee. >> thank you, president breed. i agree with supervisor tang we should have taken care of this beforehand, like a lot of things we're supposed to be doing and the fact is that we didn't take care of it. i don't think we should walk away from it, personally. i just want to say for the audience that is listening that didn't listen to the budget committee, that we really only talking $600 per person.
7:55 pm
we're not talking, like, somebody is going to get rich over this. so this $600 something means a lot of these street artists. it could be half their rent. and we need to just support them for all of san francisco. >> supervisor peskin. >> thank you, i would like to address the statements of supervisor tang. that the board should have anticipated and the mayor's office should have anticipated and department should have anticipated the impacts to our own tenant, as well as impacts to businesss in the area. the fact that they were not anticipated, the fact that this body did not require some payments to individuals
7:56 pm
who have been displaced and historically when displaced by films have been. the reality is when there is an oversight or if i can be more frank, a mistake, it's not too late for us to fix it now. in an environment where the arts and artists and small businesses are finding it so difficult to survive, much less thrive in san francisco. this $600 is a symbolic payment. many of them lost many, many more. have you seen the emails that we have all gotten in last several days, much more than $600 and one individual sent us an email $600 was an insult for what she had lost in those days. i think it shows that this city cares, at least
7:57 pm
symbolically, it shows that we care. and if for no other reason, please vote for items 4 and 5 for those reasons. >> thank you, supervisor peskin. [ applause ] >> roll-call vote. >> on item 4s and 5, supervisor breed? >> aye. >> breed aye. supervisor campos? >> aye. >> campos aye. >> supervisor cohen? >> aye. >> cohen aye. >> supervisor kim? >> aye. >> kim aye. >> supervisor mar? >> aye. >> mar aye. >> supervisor peskin? >> aye. >> peskin aye. >> supervisor tang. >> no tang no. >> supervisor wiener. >> wiener no. >> supervisor yee. >> yee. >> supervisor avalos >> aye. >> avalos aye. >> [a-euts/] ayes and two nos with supervisors tang and wiener in the dissent. >> ordinances passs on the first reading. [ applause ] >> madam clerk, can you call items 6-11. >> item 6 is an ordinance to appropriate approximately $46.5 million of 2011 general obligation bond proceeds and
7:58 pm
approximately $2.3 million of accumulate ed bond interest earnings to the department of public workss and municipal transportation agency. for street resurfacing, redesign of street [stkpha-eupz/] 2015-16. item 7, ordinance to appropriate approximately $29.7 million of 2016 earthquake safety and emergency response general obligation bond proceeds and accumulated bond interest to public works in 2015-16 for the necessary repairs and seismic improvements. item 8 ordinance to propriety approximately $1 11 million of 2016 series earthquake safety and emergency response general obligation bond pros to the department of public works in fys 2015-616 for necessary repairs and seismic improvements. inez tenenbaum 9, resolution to authorize and direct the sale not to exceed approximately $25.2 pl had of [tkpwra-g/] are gratprincipal amount of general obligation bonds, earthquake safety and emergency response 2010. item 101 is resolution to authorize and direct the
7:59 pm
sale of not to exceed approximately $1 11 million of city's general obligation bonds series 2016 d, and item 11 is a resolution to authorize and direct the sale of a not to skeet approximately $44.1 million of general obligation bonds for road repaving and street safety in 2011. >> thank you, seeing no names on the roster for items 6-11, please call the roll. >> items 67-11, supervisor breed? >> aye. >> breed aye. >> supervisor campos? >> aye. >> campos aye. >> supervisor cohen? >> cohen aye. >> supervisor kim? kim aye. >> supervisor mar? >> aye. >> mar aye. >> supervisor peskin? >> aye. >> peskin aye. >> supervisor tang. >> tang aye. >> supervisor wiener. >> aye. >> wiener aye. >> supervisor yee? >> aye. >> yee aye. >> supervisor avalos. >> aye. >> avalos aye. >> ten a ayes.
8:00 pm
>> ordinances passes on first reading and resolutions adopted unanimously. item 12, please. >> item 12 is a resolution to retroactively authorize the children and families commission to to accept and expends a grant in the amount of $2.59 million from the california department of education, et cetera. >> colleagues can we take this item, same house, same call? without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously. next item, please. >> item 13 resolution to authorize the controller to enter into the 10th amendment of a software license and support agreement with oracle america, inc. for perpetual software licenses and software support services for the controller's emerge project, extending the contract term through april 22, 2021 and increasing the maximum expenditure to approximately $14.3 million. >> same house, same call. without objection, the
8:01 pm
resolution is adopted unanimously. [ gavel ] >> next item, please. >> item 14, ordinance to amend the administrative code to establish the san francisco homicide reward fund. x president breed. >> thank you, colleagues, i'll be brief, but i know we have a number of members of audience who have been waiting for this item to pass. this legislation creates a permanent city reward fund to compensate those who provide information leading to an arrest and conviction in an unsolved murder case in san francisco. there past six years, san francisco has averaged about 50 homicides per year, each one is tragic, each one is a loss of a son, a sister, a father, or a friend. and each one should have never happened and each one deserves our ever effort to bring justice. the city has at times
8:02 pm
offered rewards in specific cases, but it's done so on an ad hoc basis and there is no specific way or process determining how this should be done? my legislation creates a perm permanent rewards up to $250,000 to help solve and prosecute these unsolved murder cases. and this legislation was brought about from the persistence of mothers who continue to ask for support for their children. it is limited to cases that have gone unsolved -- excuse me, in which the police have exhausted all levels of their investigation, and which the chief of police has determined that public assistance and a reward is necessary. the recipient of the reward
8:03 pm
cannot have been involved in the crime. and the fund can also accept donations, all in all it requires a small a. taxpayer money, because thankfully we're talking about a small number of cases, but in those cases this reward can make a world of difference and in those cases we should be doing everything we can. i want to thank the police department for their assistance, our deputy city attorney, and i want to thank the mothers who continue to hold us accountable. thank you to paulette and thank you to sala and thank to ms. maddie scott and carolota and sean richards on the frontlines with brothers against guns and thank my co-sponsors supervisor cohen and supervisor peskin and supervisor yee and with that, colleagues, i ask for your
8:04 pm
support. >> colleagues any other comments? supervisor cohen? >> thank you.thank you, president breed, for bringing this piece of legislation. i think it's abeen a long time and we have had paulest brown in the chambers for the six years that i have been on the board and the five you have been here, asking for and pleaing for this type of reward to happen. i am glad that we have the courage to do that and colleagues i'm anticipating unanimous support in this vote. i want to commend and recognize prose breed for her leadership in bringing an important measure to our attention, and giving it voice to those folks that, again, don't have a voice and that are not in the chamber advocating on their own behalf. >> thank you, supervisor cohen. thank you again, colleagues. can we take this item same house, same call? without objection the ordinance passes unanimously
8:05 pm
on first reading [ applause ] managemented clerk, can you please call the next item. >> item 15 is an ordinance to amend the public works code to clarify that prohibited graffiti extends to all public property including all city assets, and to establish expedited notice and hearing procedures, create administrative penalties for an offending party and renumber code sections and affirming the planning department's ceqa determination. >> supervisor peskin. >> thank you, madam president and colleagues. this is legislation that would help abate the problem of gorilla corporate graffiti marketing apparently folks have not gotten the message out there whether it's nbc, universal, last night it -- i was out with puc enforcement crew and there is more of this stuff on the sidewalks of district 3. so
8:06 pm
we really need this kind of legislation. i want to thank the city attorney for his collaboration, the deputy city attorney for drafting it. also i was approached by the public utilities commission last week with respect to a public education campaign that they want to implement that uses sidewalk logos to dissuade the public from dumping oil and chemicals into our sewer. the intent is to identify a range of city-sanctioned exemptions from provide more clarity with respect to defining for the general public what street marking is acceptable and what is not? so in light of this, i offer the following non-substantive amendment on page 4, line 20: which would add a subsection 3 to read "or any painting or marking that a city department makes in the course of its official duties or as part of a public education campaign, or subsection 4, any painting or marking required for compliance with any local,
8:07 pm
state, or federal law." so i would like to make that motion to amend the subject ordinance. >> supervisor peskin has made a motion to amend, seconded by supervisor cohen. colleagues can we take that without objection? that passes. can we take the item as amended same house, same call. without objection, the ordinance passes unanimously as amended on the first reading. madam clerk, please call 16 and 17 together. >> item 16 is resolution to receive and approve the annual for the fort noe valley centers chronic , et cetera >> supervisor wiener.
8:08 pm
>> community benefit district for the incredible and often thankful work that they do to improve these two neighborhoods in the district i represent. they are really the unsung heroes, who help keep these neighborhoods clean, and safe. and really do spear heads a lot of work to beautify them. both of these organizations are essential collaborators with my office in terms of the work that we need to get done in the neighbors and us supporting their efforts. i want to call out particularly the castro upper markets community benefit district. the castro is a very active neighborhood and a lot going on in keeping that neighborhood clean is a 24/7/365-day a year challenge and the cbd works very, very hard to do that. so i just want to thank both organizations. >> thank you, supervisor
8:09 pm
wiener. colleagues can we take those items same house, same call? without objection, the resolutions are adopted unanimously. [ gavel ] >> madam clerk, can we call item no. 18 >> item 18 is a resolution to determine that the issuance of a type 42 on-sale beer and wine license to aoa ben >> reporter: marsh for nighthawks dbaa as pinot's palette will serve the public's convenience. >> colleagues, same house, same call -- without objection the ordinance is a[tko-pts/] unanimously. all right 19. >> to determine the issuance of type 64 general theater license to gray area foundation will serv of generate public. >> same house, same call without objection adopted nutritionally. >> item 20, motion to confirm the re-appointments
8:10 pm
of nadia sesay and alwaysone lee to the redevelopment successor agency oversight board. >> same house, same call without objection, the motion is approved unanimously. [ gavel ] >> next item. >> item 21, motion to repaint candace wong to the child-care planning and advisory council term ending march 19, 2018. >> supervisor peskin. >> thank you, madam president, colleagues. i want to thank candace wong for not only sitting here patiently throughout this meeting, but for sitting patiently and serving the cpac for the last dozen years. i think i presided over her original appointment. she grew up in district 3 and her work to obtain expansion of child-care facilities has been exemplary. i'm delighted that she is willing to continue to advocate for early childhood providers and the clients and families that they serve. so i commend candace for doing
8:11 pm
it and commend her to all of you. thank you, ms. wong. >> thank you. supervisor yee. >> i also want to lend good words to candace wong. she is somebody that i know very, very well. her and i actually worked in the same organization for many years as we built and grew the organization to serve not only the chinatown and tenderloin community, but beyond that and citywide and she knows a lot about early childhood education and just a perfect person to be part of the cpac. i am really glad she is willing to continue serving on it, because it's very time-consuming. i hope you all support her. >> thank you. colleagues can we take this item same house, same call? without objection, the motion is approved unanimously. [ gavel ] >> item 22. >> item 22 is a motion appointing priti rane,
8:12 pm
residency requirement waved to the food certificate to affect. >> same house same cout, approved unanimousingly. let's go to roll call for introduction. >> supervisor campos is first to introduce new business. >> thank you, very much, madam clerk. colleagues recently there have been a variety of food and worker safety, as well as racial and gender complaints levied against taylor farms specific. in addition region 32 of the national labor relations board has found credible evidence of flarely 60 serious violations of law involving threats, intimidation, and the termination of taylor farm workers for exercising their fundamental right to seek union representation. given these disturbing practices of taylor farms
8:13 pm
specific i'm calling to a hearing to inquire whether the city and county of san francisco -- if they do source products from this company, i want you to know that i -- i want to know what alternative sources we may have in terms of purchasing these products? please include this hearing any items purchased directly or indirectly through other suppliers, if necessary prior to this hearing, we want to know whether vendors that may be sourcing products through taylor farms are doing any business with the city? i am requesting this hearing be assigned to the public safety and neighborhood services committee. we as san franciscans have a long history of making sure that we stand up against this kind of injustice and this
8:14 pm
hearing is about ensuring that we're not dooing business with any kind of company that engages in that kind of unfair and illegal activity. the second item say follow-up item to an ordinance that i introduced a couple of weeks ago. i introduced an ordinance declaring a state of emergency on the issue of homelessness. colleagues today i'm introducing legislation that follows up on that issue. homeless people in the city and county of san francisco are suffering. the residents of city and county of san francisco including residents of my district, district 9, are bearing the bureaued, the brunt of this crisis. we believe that we have reached a state of emergency in the city around the issue of homelessness. and today, i'm introducing an ordinance that calls and outlines a time line for
8:15 pm
opening of additional navigational centers. this legislation takes the next step. of the ordinance that i'm introducing requires that the executive branch of this government build six additional navigation centers within the next 12 months. the first three of these centers must be built within the next four months. and i want to thank supervisors avalos and mar for their co-sponsorship of this item. as many of you know the navigation center that first opened and the only center that remains open in the city was opened by my office working with the hope office and the mayor's office in march of last year. that navigation center has been a success and a model for addressing the encampments that have been springing up throughout the city. the time to expand a model that has worked is now. my legislation requiring the city to build navigation
8:16 pm
centers calls upon the city to use proven, effective and humane methods to specifically address the proliferation of street encampments throughout the city. this is a critical step -- we wanted to make sure we were careful to define what a " navigation center" looks like and it's defined in the legislation based on what we have seen works "navigation centers are temporary, low-barrier to entry shelters that through case management, and social service programs aid in moving homeless people off the streets, out of encampments and into permanent housing or transitional housing that eventually leads to permanent housing." these navigation centers offer comprehensive health, mental health and
8:17 pm
other services to homeless people including case management, social service programs, and the integration of other relevant city services. in my legislation i specify one of these centers shall be a managed alcohol shelter that will allow residents to consume alcohol within the facility, and will provide those residents other relevant -- provide those residents with alcohol treatment and supportive shelter services. the legislation will also call that one of the navigation centers focus on the needs of transitional-age youth, age 18-29; who experience long-term street homelessness. additionally, it calls that one of the navigation centers explore the possibility of placing a safe injection
8:18 pm
site, a successful public health model that is used in other countries, and actually 66 cities around the world. a supervised injection site would allow residents to engage in medically-supervised drug use within that facility and would provide those residents with detoxification and substance-abuse treatment services. navigation centers are temporary facilities. my legislation specifis that once opened, navigation centers shall operate on a specific site for no more than two years without the approval an extension by resolution of the board of supervisors. this legislation and this is very important, also requires community input, a community process. whereby after identifiesing a site where a navigation center could be located, but before opening that navigation center, the city administrator, and the
8:19 pm
member the board of supervisors who represents the district where the nav navigation be placed seek community input. it also specifis that the city shall give priority to new and vacant sites owned or controlled by the city and county of san francisco and second priorities go to sites controlled or owns by the county that could feasibly be converted to a navigation center and third priority goes property own by non-city public agencies that could belesed or acquired by the city. the legislation requires that the city administrator and the mayor's office of hope provide the board with an implementation and funding plan for navigation centers within 30 days after passage of ordinance. and finally, the legislation requires that the office of hope, the city administrator
8:20 pm
and the mayor's office of housing present the board of supervisors with a housing exit plan within three months of a center, of a navigation center opening. this ensures regular turnover of those residents. this housing exit plan shall include stable housing options, include, but not limited to sro beds, public housing and below market housing. this housing exit plan may include transational or temporary housing, but should be part of a long-term housing strategy. colleagues, we have a crisis in our hands and the executive branch of this government is not able or willing to respond to what is happening as a crisis, then it is the responsibility of our legislative branch and for us as members of this
8:21 pm
branch to intervene. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor campos. supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much. colleagues, today, ia long with president breed am introducing in memoriam to commemorate and celebrate the passing of one of our city's great pioneers, mr. walton flynn. for those who may not know walton flynn was san francisco's first african-american commissioner appointed in 1970. and served longer -- he served longer than any other commissioner in san francisco's history. mr. flynn served on various bodies governing muni for over 30 years. and it's under his tenure he led efforts to increase diversion at sfmta and includes hiring the first
8:22 pm
african-american director. he helped establish the minority and disadvantaged business enterprise program. he improved muni services to the african-american, as well as another communities of color and helped to shape muni's capital program that includes the restoration of our historic cable cars and construction of our subway system that we use today. he also worked to establish the very popular paratransit system program, that many of our seniors depend on every day. mr. flynn was one of the first african-americans appointed to the public utilities commission. mr. flynn was recognized by the naacp legal defense fund, elected into the american public transportation association hall of fame, and has received numerous awards and commendations from the national organization of
8:23 pm
architects and san francisco black chamber of commerce. some of us forget the time in the city when it was acceptable if employer were not inclusive and a time which city jobs were rarely filled by african-americans and people of color. we have come a long way, but there is still work that needs to be done and also let's remember that we owe mr. flynn, because he made it only for city contracts to be awardsed to people of color, and small business owners. mr. flynn is one of the individuals who helped to change the narrative for many people in this city. we sit in this board's chamber every week and debate the merit of a proposal contract and our city's openness and tolerance to all communities, but it's because of people like mr. flynn that we have those conversations. now without the dedication and leadership of individuals like mr. flynn, san francisco would not be the inclusionive, diverse city
8:24 pm
that we all love and celebrate today. his commitment and dedication to the city and to public service is unmatched. and with that, he will truly be missed. so colleges i would likes to close this board meeting in the honor of legacy he leaves behind. madam president, if it's possible, we could close the board meeting out in memory of mr. flynn. >> without objection. >> thank you. >> i want to speak a moment to the residents of district 10, particularly the community in the chamber today and at home, possibly watching this broadcast. many of you have brought to my attention concerns that you had about a story that nbc 11 recently ran march 10th talking about a
8:25 pm
whistle-blower toxic chemicals on the ground in bayview hunter's point neighborhood and to let you know that i have reached out to the epa, dph, as well as the california department of publication health and tech tetra to investigate the allegations that i take very seriously and proceed down the path to get down to where the truth and to recognize mr. charlie walker for taking time to share with me many of the conversations he has had personally with constituents. madam president, the rest i submit. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor cohen. supervisor kim >> i submit. >> supervisor mar. >> representing faculty
8:26 pm
across the university system, 26,000 faculty. if they do not receive their demands of minor salary increase for two-years' of this contract the california faculty association has been negotiating with csu chancellor timothy white for two years. i know how serious this is as a former california faculty association member and teacher at sf state for 16 years. faculty working conditions are student-learning conditions and i will repeat that, faculty working conditions are student-learning conditions. the average faculty member earns $45,000 a year. the average faculty member of csu system earns $45,000 a year. this is because the majority are temporary low --
8:27 pm
temporary low-wage lecturers like i was the csu faculty have not received significant salary increasings in nearly a decade. i remember at sf state when i statute in 2006, 11% salary increase was canceled by management. in 2009 faculty were furloughed, resulting in 9.3% pay cut. the $5 billion csu budget statewide was increased by an additional $216 million. also faculty and staff believe that the money is there for the 5% increase that they have requested more than governor brown or president obama. so i urge support for that resolution when it comes up. also, i wanted to close the meeting in memoriam for jane
8:28 pm
kim from balboa sushi house on balboa and 5th avenue. it was a restaurant i went to around the corner from the inner richmond for years. chef james kim with his wife annie kim ran an extremely popular little tiny restaurant on balboa and 5th. it felt like home with plants and arts and children's art all over the place. a lot of people that have written their condolences online, commonly mentioned the warmth that they felt and how annie and chef james kim made them feel their their family. the balboa sushi house is known as a unique place, but it's the couple's radiant personalities that maybe everyone, include meg feel welcome w. chef james kim passing balboa sushi house will close its doors unfortunately and leaving us
8:29 pm
with warm memories of a truly unique space. we send our appreciation to chef kim and the balboa sushi house for the last two decades -ades' of serving the community and our condolences and thanks to annie kim and her family. i wanted to give a special thank you to sarah from the sf blog for sharing the sad news and allowing people to post amazing memories of a great community institution. the rest i will submit. >> thank you, supervisor mar. supervisor peskin. >> thank you, madam clerk and colleagues. i can't think of a more fitting day, the day we honored our office of labor standards enforcement and ms. donna levitt to be introducing the resolution that i'm about to introduce. i want to thank the many co-sponsors, supervisors avalos, breed, campos, kim, mar, tang and wiener. this morning, at 7:30 i had
8:30 pm
the privilege of joining some of our brothers and sisters from the teamsters joint council 7 in an action on market street to promote honest, fair and just labor conditions for the 80 drivers employed by bowers transportation which recently based their operations out of my district in the northeast corner of san francisco. it is also owner fitting that this is the approximate one-year anniversary of the enactment of supervisor wiener's resolution 96-15 which urged the san francisco municipal transportation agency to adopt broad labor harmony requirements as a condition of the sfmta's commuter shuttle program process. today we are not here to argue about the commuter shuttle program. today we are actually here to stand with the working men and women of san francisco, fighting for the right to unionize, receive representation in an
8:31 pm
increasing difficult job market and to receive a decent rate of pay, and decent benefits. the resolution that we are introducing urges the sfmta and it's board of directors to deny the commuter shuttle program permit application submitted by bauers transportation until such time that bauers demonstrated full compliance with the labor harmony provisions in supervisor wiener's resolution 96-15. i note that many if not all of the other commuter shuttles have honored the house of labor, whether it is google, or facebook. but i do want to call cisco and zinga. and finally to
8:32 pm
associate myself with the comments of supervisor cohen, i knew welton flynn very, very well. he was an exemplary public servant. i knew him in his capacity as a member of the mta commission. i know that if this resolution is passed by this board, welton flynn would have been the first person to stand up for the working men and women in the team sters and i will submit the rest. >> thank you. supervisor peskin. supervisor wiener. >> thank you, madam clerk. today is day international water day, a day of international observation to talk about water-related issues and water challenges that we face not just in california, but in many parts of the world for this precious resource. in that spirit, today i'm introducing legislation to help issue think how we can
8:33 pm
conserve water by requiring water submetering to be installed in all residential multi-unit buildings instead of doing what we have always done which is to have one unit for the entire building. so that individual occupants have no idea how much water they are using. i want to thank jeff in my office for his work to move this legislationing forward. currently, colleagues we treat water very differently than electricity, which is individually metered. a single water bill goes to the entire building. it is either just absorbs by an hoa or landlord and building residents never see a bill, never know how much water they are that using and never have any incentive to use less water. by contrast, when you think about how electricity is treated, typically, a tenant or a condo owner will receive an individual electricity bill. so you know, if you
8:34 pm
are overusing electricity, your bill is going to be higher and you can have an incentive and information so that you can conserve. so we have developed the system that we treat waters as an infinity resource and electricity as a scarce resource. water is scarce. it's scarce in california. it's scarce in many places, but particularly here and despite the rain we have had recently, we're still in a drought and we do have a structural water shortage. we need to give people all the tools that they need to conserve water. by allowing -- by requiring each units to have a separate meter, they know how many much they are using and have incentives to conserve. this will apply to all buildings with two or more residential units. the legislation sets clear rules and regulations for how property owners or hoas will be allowed to bill residences
8:35 pm
for water. the legislation contains strong protections for the rights of tenants, including establishing fair and transparent billing procedures and setting clear rules around liabilities when there are leaks or other service issues, and providing the right to appeal any disputes about meter-reading the san diego passed the submeter ordinance in 2010. for years there have been attempts to get this passed at the state-level and i was prepared to introduce this legislation a year-ago and held off because we were informed it was very likely state would pass legislation. but once again, the state legislature failed to do so and now we're moving forward locally at san francisco. we have taken aggressive action at the board of supervisors to address our water shortage. last yeah, year, colleagues thank you for passing resolution that i authored to make san francisco the first city in the country to
8:36 pm
require water recycling in new construction this. legislation will continue that effort by keeping san francisco in the vanguard of smart and progressive water practices and the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. supervisor yee. >> thank you, madam clerk. colleagues, today, i am going to be introducing legislation that will be part of a series of policies to encourage more family-friendly housing in san francisco. over the past year i have been working with the planning department on developing a white paper and design guidelines for on what family-friendly housing could look like? this has been a very robust and exciting discussion which we are having, while studying what is working in other cities in the bay area, nationwide and
8:37 pm
internationally? we have to have a serious conversation now about what type of city we want to become? already we have sad distinction of being thecy with the least number of children in my major city percentagewise. however, that trends is reversing in bustling neighbors. the question is will we be able to keep the families here? we are seeing families with children getting priced out or displaced and for those who can afford to live here couldn't find san francisco a place to thrive. i'm going to give you a perfect example of this. personal example. one of my daughters is going to have a baby soon. yes, i'm going to be a
8:38 pm
granddad soon. unfortunately she is not able to live in the city. she can't find anything. she can't find anything affordable and i'm really sad to see that and what we need then is to be much more aggressive about family housing. i recognize that there are a lot of factors that play into a family's decision to live somewhere by schools, transportation, to safety. however, i do realize that how we are designing and planning our city can play a major role in that decision. we are envisioning building a city with family of childrens of all ages, a city to make housing more family-friendly by design. in the coming several months, we will be working to change policies on zoning, to promote family-friendly housing and engineering to focus on needs of families with children. we are also looking at
8:39 pm
policy changes for developers to incentivize building more housing designed for families at all income-levels. to encourage more family housing. one of the issues that developers brought to my attention, the current mix in certain neighborhood plans was not conducive to building larger units with two and three bedrooms. therefore, i am including a new option to allow for more flexibility to incentivize the building of more larger units. this is a small step towards a larger discussion to really change the culture of san francisco. i'm hoping in the near-future, i will be bringing up legislation that will talk about minimum size for family units. things, like, what kind of elements we like to see when we build buildings that are
8:40 pm
really considered family-friendly? so i look forward to working with many of you to move this forward. the rest i submit. >> thank you, supervisor yee. >> i have to say one more thing. i would like to -- this is in regards to supervisor peskin's resolution. he named off a bunch of people that are co-authoring and i read it more carefully and i would like to be listed as a co-author also. thank you very much. >> thank you, supervisor yee. supervisor avalos. >> thank you. i thought it was another avalos. >> i thought i heard campos [hra*-ufpt/]. >> it's been seven years and a few months in office now and lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip it's been, to serve on the board of supervisors. case in point is the many
8:41 pm
years i have spent working on getting place of jerry garcia plaques on mission street and now we have an ordinance before us that would add two sites to the city's official map of commemorative street plaques and they be will be in the excelsior district, jerry garcia's home that he grew up as a child and teenager and i couldn't think of a better time to do it in my last year in office. and so this is something that these plaques will be very welcomed by people in district 11, who take a lot of pride in the history of jerry garcia's presentation in the excelsior neighborhood and we see it as the start of other plaques to commemorate or great history. and legislation to move
8:42 pm
forward with the commemorative plaque in the excelsior district. the next item is an update to the due process for all ordinance in the sanctuary city policy. last year, with the way that immigration was politicalized, especially after the tragic kate steenley killing -- accidental killing by kate steenley. and last year the board of supervisors had passed a resolution that was setting forward we do not want to see any diminishment or lessening of our sanctuary city policies and today i'm introducing an ordinance that would clarify what our policies will be, setting the due process for our ordinance as the standard for how local law enforcement will communicate with federal immigration officials.
8:43 pm
this legislation will affect both due process for all and sanctuary city policy and will be seamless how these policies will be implemented. overall, we want to make sure that local law enforcement is not taking part in the deportation business that is a federal/civil effort, not one that our local law enforcement should be involved in at the great detriment of trust between our communitis and law enforcement. the rest i will submit. >> thank you, supervisor avalos and i apologize, i should have called on you first. >> thank you. not a problem, madam clerk. colleagues, today i would like to adjourn our meeting in memory of two individuals. one is a community member in district 5, and the other a national leader. miss claudette brown was born may 12th, 1949 and raised in the western
8:44 pm
addition neighborhood and she passed away sunday, march 13th with her grandson deanthony jones helding her hand. not only was she very well-educated academically, but also street smart and very clever. her children and grandchildren inherited her strong work ethic and leadership skills. she was also art artisticalally talented and enjoyed writing poetry. her friendliness and kindsness and her family is a tribute to her beauty of her heart and soul. her inspiring presence will deeply be missed by though who had the privilege of knowing her. the second person i would like to adjourn the meeting on behalf is, along with supervisor cohen, is mr. percy pinkey. a state president of the black american political association of california,
8:45 pm
and he passed away last friday. mr. pinkney was born macomb,mississippi. he began his career as a social worker, specializing in gang intervention and diversion programs for san francisco's youth. in 1975 he served as special assistant for governor brown and before joining senator feinstein.
8:46 pm
mr. pinkney was a loyal friend, family member, distinguished leader and fierce advocate for social justice worldwide and his friendship was a special gift that touched the hearts of many lives and changed california for the better. he had an impact on every person he met, his contributions, his smile, his general spirit and loyalty will be sorely missed. he has joined his son percy pinkney and survived by his family. colleagues without objection, i would like to adjourn the meeting on behalf of the entire board of supervisors in mr. pinkney's honor. without objection, we will do that on behalf of the entire board. [ gavel ] and madam clerk, the rest i submit. >> thank you, madam
8:47 pm
president. and now supervisor campos. >> thank you. my apologies. i misheard the name earlier. i simply ask that to my colleagues if we can adjourn the meeting on behalf of the entire board in memory of the tragedy that happened in brussels and in memory of those folks on behalf of the whole board. >> thank you, colleagues can we do that without objection in without objection, the meeting will be adjourned on behalf of the entire board. >> thank you, supervisor campos and madam president that concludes the introduction of new business. >> at this time, madam clerk, can you read public expect. >> the public can address the board of supervisors for up to two minutes within the
8:48 pm
subject-matter to the board to include items 25-30. public comment is not allowed when an item was previous subject to public comment at a board or commit. direct your remarks to the board as a whole and not to individual members or the audience. speakers using translacesing assistance will be allowed twice the amount of time to testify and if you would like to display our document on the overhead projector, please clearly state such to sfgovtv and remove the document when you want the screen to return to live coverage of the meeting. >> thank you. colleagues today we have some special guests. welcome to the board chambers. >> my name is jennifer grant on the board of dance and a parent of one of these lovely young ladies.
8:49 pm
i spoke at the budget and finance committee last week with the fund being admered [speaker not understood] dance mission is located at 24th and mission. we're in an historical building. our landlord is basically refusing to play ball with us. he will not give us more than a one-year lease. it's gone up by $44,000 in last two years. he is unwilling and we have made an offer to buy the building and is he just basically freezing us out. we're looking at new options, which would be sad for us, for the community and for the history of dance mission. i want to thank the board of
8:50 pm
supervisors for all of your past support, and i hope that we'll have your continued support and we have brownies to pass out to you. >> thank you very much. anybody else want to make any comments? please come forward. i'm going let a couple of girls introduce themselves and say what dance mission mean s to them. >> starting with malia. >> my name is -- -- my name is malia. i like dance mission because you can just dance and have fun. >> thank you >> thank you. >> hi. i love dance mission a lot, and it would be very sad if we had to move out of the mission. so hopefully we don't have to. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
8:51 pm
>> i just want to say as a mother, and as a former high school teacher of 25 years, this program is crucial for our neighborhoods's mission and thank you to supervisors campos and avalos and supervisor jane kim. it was improved the neighborhood and provides opportunities for people like my daughter, who walks directly from her school, from buena vista to the program and participates and not only dance, but empowerment training and are involved in many socially relevant issues. we apologize that you can't eat the brownies in the room. we brought cookies for the audience, which i'm told we can't pass out. sorry, audience. >> you can't pass them out if they are cannabis cookies. >> no, sorry -- >> we do hope that you will help us in keeping the
8:52 pm
building there. it's a huge and vital part of the neighborhood community, and the youth, it motivates them to do well in school. it gives them positive things to do. and yes, paying $44,000 more than we did two years is a huge hindrance to staying in our neighborhood. so we welcome every help you can, and i just have to bring my daughter here, who because of dance mission, come on drina, they is now going to soda next year, school of the arts and that is one thing that dance mission did, transforming people's lives and allowing them to become social activists and active in the community. thank you ! thank you. [ applause ] is there anyone who hasn't had an opportunity to speak from dance mission that would like to make public comment at this time? well, thank you very much for the brownies. they are very good. and i forgot you are not supposed to eat them in the chambers, but i don't see any of my colleagues stopping
8:53 pm
themselves. [ laughter ] next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm amazed being here today to notice all of the awards and everything that were handed out. i don't know if any of you members of the board of supervisors are aware of flint, michigan, where black people are being poisoned by lead in the water? well, in case you don't know it, in bayview-hunters point we have had had several deaths and we have been complaining for the last ten years. on nbc, on the advice of some friends of mine, did an exposee, and one of the white contractors said that they intentionally spread it nuclear waste in the community where black people live out in bayview-hunters point. that accounts for why the
8:54 pm
large amount of miscarriages, colon cancer, prostate cancer and all of the things that are going on, but it's happening to black people, america is totally dumb to it and don't know anything about it. how can you all have a television and look at it and don't know what is happening in bayview hunter's point in the naval shipyard, where the contractor said and admitted on television, that they spread this stuff in our community where black people live. this is the same thing that hitler did. this is the same thing that was done in flint, michigan and now it's in san francisco and the board of supervisors gave the contract to the contractor who received $310 million -- this is all on
8:55 pm
public television and public information. what we are here today to say to you, we want that job stopped until there is an investigation, change the contractor, do whatever you got to do. but that is an inordinate amount of black people -- >> thank you, mr. walker. next speaker, please. >> i just wanted to say that i'm one of the mothers of the four boys that were killed january 9th, 2015. this has torn my family completely down. my granddaughter grows up without a father.
8:56 pm
because of this i can't see my granddaughter. because of this, it's broken up my family. it's broken up my home. my son -- i have one other son who is underaged has received threat from the same boys that have killed my son, and it's not unnoticed by the police department. people are seeing it and telling me there is nothing that they can do. they are seeing the threats. they see the boys. they know who killed my son. i know who killed my son. i know the reward is out there. i think it's not being pursued as heavily as it could be, because people think my son didn't matter. but my son mattered to me. what i want san francisco to know is that there are four killers still out there. four serial killers. what you need to know is not only do my son's life mattered,
8:57 pm
but the other three boys' lives mattered also and you need to know your city has four killers run around and they are going to continue to do this, because san francisco has told them it's okay that they can do this and they can get away with it. i ask that you guys pursue, pursue, pursue, the money to get these boys off the street. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, my name is vivian ellis and i'm here with sala, not just to speak of the crime, but i need to say this it's necessary. san francisco has lost its integrity. you remember twilight zone?
8:58 pm
that is what san francisco reminds me of. i have worked with the youth and seniors and they steal from me and steal my business plans and yes, i'm upset. my son would have been 40 years old this year and he wrote some poems that are anointed that is really keeping me going. i'm still going and still teaching the youth and working with the seniors at george davis senior center place. but i'm tired of the thieves in bayview and i'm not speaking of any particular color. they just steal and expect us to be normal. this is something that you guys don't know. there is a lot of youth out there that are angry from losing their parents and their loved ones. so when it hits downtown, than what do you say? do we have a statue that says oh, this person was notorious, so we're note going to recognize them? i don't understand.
8:59 pm
i'm really confused, but can say by the grace of god i'm still here, but i'm tired of people stealing my paperwork, when they come to apply for different grants, i'm tires tired of it and i want to know if anything can give me a solution for my own community? i have been in bayview-hunters point for 62 years and there is no solution and a lot of work that needs to get done. thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> over here, please. my name is sala chandler. over here, please. this is my son, in october, with willie brown's daughter shaking her hand and former mayor willie brown's mentorship program.
9:00 pm
as i mentioned before he was in the star-rise program and chosen by san francisco city college and written a letter, an essay -- baltimore flies in april 24th to interview me and a couple of the other mothers. this story will be traveling all over the nation from the chicago times, new york times and l.a. times, this is an issue that should have been addressed many years ago. you are running off the slogan "black lives matter." it's unfortunate that these children's cases, the majority have been unsolved and you are giving plaques to another nationalities and praising them and the abandonment of these mothers, you don't know the grief and
9:01 pm
pain, you know? i hear, and you give awards and you acknowledge so-called leaders, but [ inaudible ] not one mother to stand. you know, you are playing games. we really need some leaders that care enough about these mothers to the point that you call and check on them. i'm grieving, but i call and check on these mothers, because it's like you have died on the inside. we don't have any wrap-around programs. we're hurting. [ inaudible ]
9:02 pm
>> thank you, sala. >> as dr. espinola jackson has asked me to carry on the torch. thank you for the reward, but i know that this is just the beginning. >> thank you. thank you very much for being here. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm ken johnson. i'm in support of the ladies, the mothers who lost their children, and i think you guys really need to put that money to work, put the reward there. because my car was broken into right across the street from the police station on filmore street. they have cameras up there and they tell me that the cameras don't work. across the street from that park is a police station and they have got cameras there
9:03 pm
that don't work. a few guys got killed, so it might be these killers might be in the police department. so you don't know. and also, i want to support what mr. walker was saying about hunters point. i saw the article, i mean the program on the news. he is right. now the city gave the contractor $300 million to clean up the shipyard, and here you have one of the workers saying that they dumped the stuff -- you know, they took clean dirt from one place and put it where the dirty dirt was. so i mean, it seems like you should have some sort of compliance officers or somebody that lives in hunters point, who could be affected by that to be part of the clean-up? because
9:04 pm
with the jobs, black people are having a hard time in san francisco. so i really want the board to really pay attention to even your own newscast, look at it and you will find out a lot of stuff, if you don't know it already. but we got to do something. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> supervisors, i think public comment should be held right at the beginning. so that the people speak and leave, because you are all boring, i repeat you are all boring. i heard one supervisor say when charlie walker was saying whatever he was saying, that you know, oh, you know, i look into it. let me tell you, taking over $310 million, but over $850 million has been spent on the shipyard. and we're talking about
9:05 pm
plutonum and cesium and the supervisor doesn't get it on shipyard or pier 70, which is contaminated lands. it's pathetic seeing ignorant people that are not educated on issues. having said that, i do what i can to help those mothers, and to help others who are victims, because of crime. in fact,, at my big office at executive park, i turn over my whole office to the street violence intervention program, so this city could do something. this city talks a lot, much like the supervisors and if you read my blog, the supervisors, they mo who they represent, but the ones who are political hos and pimps
9:06 pm
know who they are, because i named them. and they are in in chamber and they better represent, because people are fed up. we came here on friday. we visited two supervisors, none of them were there. you have to be there doing the people's work. if you cannot do the people's work, step down. i'm giving you 12 seconds back of the two minutes you gave me to speak. [ applause ] . >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> [speaker not understood] therefore, one can be a hero -- establishes [speaker not understood] makings of people, [speaker not understood]
9:07 pm
9:08 pm
>> thank you,. next speaker, please. >> madam president, before the next speaker, i will remind the audience there is no applause in support or if you are not interested in hearing further about an item, you may use your supportive fingers, please? >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon, president breed and supervisors. you might get too hungry for
9:09 pm
easter dinner at 8:00, your anticipating that easter's going to be great. and you'd like that chocolate easter basket, and it's really chocolate cramped -- that is why the easter bunny, that is why easter bun is a champ! here comes city peter cottontail, hopping down the city hall bunny trail, hipitiy hop, easter's on its way. maybe if you are have good, he'll bring lots of easter-eggs your way. well, you know what? for some, affordable housing you found a new place to
9:10 pm
dwelling in a city hotel. you wish you had affordable housing and you can hardly wait, but if you don't have funding, it's going to be too late. you are like the housing guys -- -- some easter baskets may be larger, and some easter baskets may be small and remember give lots of things in the basket, make it really tall. go ask city alice and she'll know and you'll have lots of easter dinner and it's great, and you are gaining weight -- go ask city alice - [speaker not understood]
9:11 pm
>> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> good evening, supervisors. with easter soon approaching, i am here to deliver a message to you all, in this room and in tvland, from our heavenly father who stated open thy mouth and i will speak for you. i'm appealing to all members of the clergy to do the same this easter sunday while giving your service and please be sure to speak on the rapid and senseless killings taking place in america by citizens and peace officers. you can make an impact. these killedings are desensitive eyesing our society. easter is a golden opportunity to bring the topic to the light of day, as it is a special day, when the entire world shows up to worship. i am asking the san francisco city government, dedicate this easter weekend as a day of remembrance for all of the young teens and peace
9:12 pm
officers who have lost their lives to violence and handguns. i propose that the government sounds the city alarm and let the bells toll at 10:00 a.m. to mark this event. i am also asking that all caring and concerned citizens send prompts to clergy to speak about gun violence. let's us fall down to our knees and lift our face for the rising sun, oh, lord have mercy on me, let us break break together on our knees. it ain't no harm in getting together. thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening. my name is andrew king. i am a native here, san francisco. my reason for being here is unfortunately it's not a
9:13 pm
good reason -- i work for the city and county of san francisco for 27 years. unfortunately i had to retire, due to a serious health condition. i was very blessed to be able to purchase some properties here in the city. but i have a strong concern of unsolved homicides. i am a firm believer that all lives do matter. i believe we were created all by god. black lives matter also. and something is not right for people -- for the young men to get killed, and unsolved homicides. it's like you can come to the city of san francisco or the city of oakland, and if you want to get away with murder, you can do it. we don't know -- who is
9:14 pm
killing her children? some say the police, say some seas black-on-black crime, but whoever it is, it has to stop. i know sala, very good friend of hers and have known her for some time and known her son. and i can't believe he is gone. four young men killed in a car and still there is no answer to who killed these men? i don't think no one has the right to take any life, no matter black, white, asian, whatever race you may be. but something is wrong in this community when you have unsolved homicides. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please.
9:15 pm
>> michael fisher is my name and i want to reiterate what charlie walker was talk baton rouge i talking about and saying that the killing is very bad in san francisco, and it has to stop. along with people shooting each other, we have people putting poison in the ground. we need you to really, really pay attention to what is gone on and now that you are abreast of it, we were told some of you didn't know about it and you know about it now. we would ask that you really pay attention and think about it on your way back home or before you leave here today and walk out the front door to think about it. it was on tv not too long ago and said he was paid to do it. that is bad. killing is bad. so just
9:16 pm
think about it and kind of work with us. i'm a member of the blue-ribbon coalition, blue -- thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> i agree with what charlie walker was saying about the contamination at bayview-hunters point and also a member of the blue-ribbon coalition. and i want you to know it's not just the contamination that we have to worry about, but we have young black men not getting jobs. i go to the sites and see hundreds of men working there and maybe one, two older black men working on their way to retirement. it's not equaling out a balance. the older ones that are being retired and those replacing them are not black and something needs to be done about that. that is all i have to say about that. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, my name
9:17 pm
is gary bauers with bauers transportation and to thank the board for the time you have given me. i started as a single limousine 20 years ago and over the years i have built a company with strong support of wonderful employees who i consider my family. i have spent vast majority of time with them in the city of san francisco and i have been a great tenant for san francisco and port of san francisco since 1996 for over 20 years. supervisors, may be aware of the many challenges that face business owners in san francisco, particularly those with employee/s workers that are not high-tech employees. payroll taxes and other costs make it challenging to stay in san francisco. most of my competitors are not in the city of san francisco and not invested in the city in the way i have. and continue to do.
9:18 pm
in august and september of last year, the teamsters asked us -- we agreed to let the teamsters come in and have them vote or keep it wait we have done for 27 years. after weeks' of meetings with the teamsters and chauffeurs to make the case on their situation, on september 30th, the secret ballot and election with chauffeurs, only 25 of the 79-80 chauffeurs voted to bring in the teamsters as they are very clear and still very clear on the chauffeurs voted and choose not to have the teamsters represent them. it's employees respects and decisions. we have had decisions -- we have had discussion and conversations with the teamsters and will continue
9:19 pm
have conversations >> madame president, the speaker's time has concluded. >> thank you and feel free to submit your comments to the entire board. thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, bart gleason with the teamster's union and following up on what you just heard. i want to appreciate supervisor peskin coming out today, and putting that resolution, and as well, everybody on the board; who has lent their ear to the situation. they have been engaged in an organizing campaign, the likes of which none of us have seen certainly in decades around here and really something that is reflective of less enlightened parts of the world.
9:20 pm
it includes termination of drivers for union organizing, which started in october of '14 and continues today. the erection of a company union, that took us months to fight, and indeed, the election that mr. bauers referred to which was held in august to this day, the national labor relations board still refuses to certify because of the egregious conduct that took place all through the that campaign. i would tell you that what we have witnessed is a a business model that says anything goes and the rules don't apply to me. i hate to tell you unfortunately this business model soon enough will spill into the streets of san francisco to the bus stops and other painted passenger zones that these shuttle buss are pulling into. we don't ask anything of this company that the other responsible operators have agreed to.
9:21 pm
but unfortunately, again, we're confronted with the business model that is toxic and oppressive to the driver and frankly a subsidy for substandard work and we'll continue to report on the progress with this company for the next coming months thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening, supervisors. doug block, representing 12,000 teamsters in the city and county of san francisco including those in the audience. i'm so proud of this city today. whether it was honoring donna levitt, whether it was supervisor campos talking about the organizing e campaign of 900 workers at
9:22 pm
taylor farms or those in front of bauers buses with supervisor peskin or labor harmony by supervisor wiener. this is all about labor justice and i find it ironic of the hundreds of shuttle bus drivers that have organized with the teamsters and joined the middle-class through strong contracts the one fighting the strongest is the home-grown company that we just heard from. if anything, in my opinion, that should be the one outfront, because it has enjoyed work here, that is very san francisco. from sales force to outside lands to bay to brakers, bauers is part of the san francisco institutions and as such we feel they should up
9:23 pm
hold labor standards as well. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> did you just cut in line, ace? >> [ laughter ]. >> just kidding with you. >> madam clerk, please start his time over. >> i want to give honor to my sisters here. hi jazz. i know she didn't want me to say it. item talking about the feel no more -- yeah. you know i'm talking about the feel no more. yeah. i'm talking about about the feel, feel, feel oh, lord, i can't feel it no more. yeah.
9:24 pm
i'm talking about the feel no more -- can you hear me queen bee? >> yes. >> i'm talking about the feel no more, yeah. listen, i have got about a minute. i just wanted to say i came last week to let everybody know that i retired from community activist and now i'm an entrepreneur and filmore ambassador and will try to bring stability with the help and endorsement of my queen. because i know it's election-year and she is going to need boots out there and i'm getting ready to put all the problems into a capsule to have a solution to the pollution. we need some legislation to make it happen, queen bee. i'm just tickled black that i'm in the filmore and have opportunity to bring a marvin gay review this year. i need the support of the legislators, oecd, mayor's
9:25 pm
office of neighborhoods and all of the different agencies over one little property, one little property. and i have been trying my best to find out how do i get in? i want to do a marvin gay review and have my insurance and everything and yours truly -- so y'all just stay tuned. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good evening/good afternoon. my name isloranda smith. my oldest brother, donald smith -- i don't know if can i can put his picture here? sfgovtv, please there is >> so this is my oldest
9:26 pm
brother. he worked for the san francisco housing authority as an inspector in section 8 housing primarily in the bayview-hunters point area. he died of cancer. his cancer metasized all over his body and i'm asking that the people consider cleaning up the shipyard here in hunters point. shut it down. the people who live there now, let them find another place to live until this is cleaned up. i also had the privilege of having another family here, the family of chris carpenter, who is going to use my venue to have their repath this coming friday. they are coming up behind me. i'm just asking you -- he was one of the whistle-blowers at the shipyard and to have pray for his family, as well as mine. thank you.
9:27 pm
>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> first i would like to thank the board of supervisors for adjourning the meeting last week in my husband's christopher carpenter's honor. in 2006, he work as a laborer in the bayview-hunters point shipyard yawn chris would often come home and explain about the unsafe working conditions at shipyard. chris strongly felt they were not putting his safety or any of the other workers' safety as i priority. chris would express to me how he was trained to protection his gear, complete suit and respirator and daily were not given complete protective way. on one occasion we went to hotel and chris bought his own recipiate respirator.
9:28 pm
chris continues to express his fears about working on the ship yards with hazardous conditions. we just purchased a home and one day chris noticed that duster was blowing and monitor and poles were not sounding. he asked the worker who was using the backhoe to stop digging while he found the foreman to ask him to water the ground as trained to do so before he continued digging. the supervisor was upset that chris, a regular worker was questioning him about his work, digging and asking him to follow protocol. chris stopped working at lenoir, but the itching continued and after silver visits to dermatologiologists and biopsies showed nothing he was diagnosised with t-cell lymphoma at stage iv that started on the outside of his skin and worked in. my husband felt a long hard battle for two years and six
9:29 pm
months after being diagnosed. sunday march 6th at 2015, at city of hope in los angeles. i watched the family members -- and blood pressure and oxygen-levels come down [ inaudible ] >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> yes, my name is pamela -- national council jewish women, also a friend and family member -- i have
9:30 pm
been lucky enough to been with chris carpenter and loranda. i live in daly city and we had a fundraiser and members came from bayview who all will different forms of the cancer. i witnessed this as all age groups and i calleds abc news and able to get chris' story on the news, because it didn't seem like anybody was listening. i know some of you supervisors really care about this. you have the political power. there is an environmental committee that meets once a month. cancer doesn't wait once a month. we have loranda smith's aunt and uncle who have cancer and i call on all of you, because supervisor cohen, while she wants to do the right thing, she needs everyone in this room to support her and use legislative power and elected official policy to come forward to the state lovell as i know is monitored by
9:31 pm
mark leno and others. we have to do something like they are doing in flint,michigan, because it's unacceptable and as a survivor of cancer, it doesn't matter who you are and what your background is, watching this, it could have been avoided. we can avoid more and do the right thing. stop the development and get the systematic part and clean it up and maybe it won't work, but maybe it will. these lives matter, all lives matter and chris carpenter and loranda smith and her family matter, as well as all of these in bay view. join together with the policy power to step up and have the courage. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> yes. my name is james glover. this morning the stuff that happened in brussels is going to happen in san francisco, because people keep
9:32 pm
overlooking the disenfranchised people. that is where radicals -- that is where you find their people among the disenfranchised. for the last couple of years i have been pushing this business proposition to hire 700 people. but i always get these looks. you know, it's like can he do it? i have got somebody working with me, but the thing is it's a systematic problem in the system. because you constantly overlooking people -- supervisor campos with the navigation center. it's cool to have a navigation center, but while you are navigating that center to get to a room, you still don't have a job. so the navigation, you are just
9:33 pm
going through the motions i have sent a few of you emails to show that i do -- i could hire 700 people off the streets and nobody said well, i wonder if he can really do that? nobody, not one of you has just came and said, can you really do that? how can you do it? right? you don't ask. because i don't talk the business lecture time; right? i don't have all of the catch words that the little tech words that people use to get people's attention and let them know they have got something. so i'm going to leave my card. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please.
9:34 pm
>> yesterday's i was on the show on kf ax and my call was deleted from the show and to talk to you about it to some degree. i mentioned a poor woman by the name of cathy o'brien who wrote the book called "transformation of america and access denied for reasons ever national security." there is sex trafficking happening all over. on my tv shirt with alex jones interviewing senate decamp and i know as a christian, god on the day of the judgment, all the secrets are going to be open. really, all of the secrets are going to be opened. i would like to talk today also about luke chapter 13. i was listening on february 12th to rc sprouls on renewing your mind on providence and evil and talked -- let me put it this way and this is not a
9:35 pm
personal threat, because i asked this to people individually and on the streets. so don't be afraid and hopefully you know me and wouldn't do anything bad. what would you say if i asked you did you thank god that every time a cop drives by that he doesn't turn on the siren, pull you over and shoot you dead than a hammer for your sins? you would say you thanked god for that today and if you asked the question, every time you walk under a bottleding that didn't kill you pore your sins, did you thank god for that? if you read the chapter of luke, these people came to christ and tomb him about the tragedy and jesus responded, do you think they were more evil than anybody else? nay, unless you repent, you will likewise perish. the perspective everybody ought to have, really,
9:36 pm
because this is what god says, jesus says this -- two minutes. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> tom gilberty. last week our starting point, hand picked mayor and went into my perceptions of the cog in the political machine and power -- -- glorified cheerleader for anything corporate, uber, nfl, corporate buses. and then associated with pay-to-play better than the mafia. and the only contributions i'm aware of is the willie brown article in the
9:37 pm
chronicle before the election about how a hotel -- he watched the developers go downstairs and supposedly contribute $1.2 million. but that must have been to a super pac fund and not to mayor lee. and the other contribution i'm kind of aware is the fda taping lee's aknowledging taking $20,000 from the fbi. after being professionally laundered. anyway, mayor lee is very presidential. he reminds me of reagan, reagan fired flight controllers, and muni drivers after they got $0.25 had to pay $25 to park in a muni yard for their shift. white house solar panels came down under president reagan and mayor lee didn't sign
9:38 pm
clear until pg&e and puc bad press. [speaker not understood] trickle down to the poor. we need a new direction. thank you. >> thank you very much. are there any other members of the public that would like to provide public comment at this time? seeing none, public comment is closed. [ gavel ] madam clerk, can we go to the without reference to committee items please. >> items 25-30, are being considered for adoption without committee reference. roll call vote may enact these athletes and in a member objects to have these considered separate life.
9:39 pm
>> supervisor cohen. >> i would like to sever item 27. >> supervisor tang. >> item 25. >> all right, well, supervisor yee? >> >> supervisor mar? >> sever item 26, please. >> 26 and what else? >> 29. >> i guess we'll go one at time. 25 gleiz. >> 25 is an resolution to urge governor jerry brown to declare a state of emergency on hotel th to help coordinate region and state wd responses to the growing crisis and provide supplemental state assistance to cities and counties to provide needed supportive services. >> supervisor cohen, is this your item? >> supervisor tang. >> supervisor tang. >> i would like to defer to
9:40 pm
the author first to speak. >> all right. supervisor -- you have all of these names up here. hold on. supervisor kim. >> thank you, president breed. two weeks ago i introduced a resolution calling on our governor to declare a state of meth to help cities and counties throughout california to decrease homelessness. this is a crisis that has been years in the making, a little over 30 years with many contributing factors, including changes to prixs that fund affordable housing, including seeing 50% reduction in funding for hud, in the '90s and '80s, et cetera. today california home to 21% of the entire nation's homeless population, which numbers at 600,000, roughly. and jurisdictions around the states have already mobilized to address this problem, including the city of los
9:41 pm
angeles. and through supervisor campos, here in san francisco, in requestinganes from the governor, i'm asking the state to recognize that this is not a problem just in area urban cities such as san francisco and l.a., but it is an issue that crosses city and county lines. in san francisco alone, we have -- while the vast majority of individuals become homeless in the city, still close to 30% of our homeless population becomes homeless outside of the city and response can oalleviate suffering -- we know counties in california that do note have a 365-day shelter system and where are these individuals left to go, but in the cities that provide these services and shelters. my resolution calls on the state to work with local governments on a coordinated response to include both short-term and long-term solutions. because we know this is
9:42 pm
issue is not local and the solution must be regional and statewide. to look at an inventory of surplus public properties. making these available for standing up shelters designed specifically for communities of need, including individuals identified as lesbian, gay, bisexual, esbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or questioning and finally in the long-term, investing in solutions that we all know can end homelessness and that is an immediate investment in affordable housing. so that municipalities can put shovels in the ground on affordable housing projects that have been in the pipeline. and, in fact at our association of bay area governments meeting we discussed a regional housing
9:43 pm
trust fund to help production of affordable housing in the bay area region. part of that is looking at the universe of all affordable housing projects that are in the pipeline, and just need gap funding in order to put shovels in the ground. i have one such project in my district that has been entitled and gone through the community process. and environmental review. and literally is just -- and has gotten some state and federal funding and just waiting for gap funding of $17-18 million to finally build this project. we should be expediting projects to quickly house people and not let my district stand alone in a homeless emergency occuring throughout the state. it's not just rising in san francisco, but rising in city of los angeles and quite frankly throughout the
9:44 pm
country in austin, new york and hawai'i. we know that housing is the crisis and to recognize my colleagues co-sponsors to the resolution currently supervisors cohen, campos, peskin, mar and los avalos, thank you for your support. supervisor wiener thank you madam president. i think it's important for us to view homelessness and many parts of our housing crisis and mental illness and substance-abuse as a statewide issue and not just limited to one city or one region. so calling on the state to do more is important. there is one whereas clause in this resolution however that i think goes beyond that. it's whereas clause starting page 1 line 22.
9:45 pm
going to page 2, line 2. which criticizes the city of san francisco or criticizing recent efforts to "remove the homeless through sweeps." and we know that in san francisco we recently had a real challenge along and around division street with ten encampments and the city ultimately address with a strong effort to transition people into shelter, into housing. so i distributed an amendment that removes that whereas clause and replaces with language stating the following "whereas city of san francisco correctly declared the tent encampment on division street a public health hazard and correctly removed the division street encampment, since that encampment was unsafe, unhealthy and unsanitary for
9:46 pm
the occupants, as well as surrounding neighbors and whereas tents are not a viable housing policy, and it should be the policy of the city and county of san francisco to transition people living in tents from those tents into shelter, and housing." so that is my first amendment. and the second amendment is regarding the resolved clause, first one talking about surplus public property. which we of course unanimously placed surplus property ordinance on the ballot that the voters passed and i supported and included an exemption for parks and neighborhood open space. i would just ask that on page 3, line 3, after "properties statewide." we include "except for parks and neighborhood open space." so those are my two amendments separate amendments that i
9:47 pm
would like to offer. >> supervisor wiener is that a motion? >> two separate motions. >> two separate motions. >> okay. >> so we have a second on those two motions. second each motion. both motions by supervisor cohen. supervisor tang. >> thank you. i also did want to acknowledge supervisor kim and really trying to bring this attention to the state-level. i think they certainly have not been doing -- at state-level not, as much as what san franciscans have been pushing to in dealing with the homeless issue. the only reason why i'm not supporting this particular resolution and my comments really are also aligned in terms of the local declaration that has been proposed as well; is that i don't feel it's actually changing what we are able to do at a local-level. so again, it does not go to say that i don't think homelessness is not an incredibly important issue
9:48 pm
that we need to work on and have been working on, but to make a declaration of emergency should be for the natural disaster emergency situations, reserving that right for that. but also, just trying to acknowledge that we have done so much in san francisco. there is more that we can do. so that is really my comments around today's resolution. >> supervisor kim. >> thank you acting chair. i just wanted to express as the author of this resolution that i do not support the first motion to amend. i think there is a disagreement amongst board about city-authorized sweeps and certainly agree that tent encampment is not a viable housing policy, we also need to ensure that we have places to put these residents and frankly families. there are families in those tents under division street. if we don't have shelters
9:49 pm
for these residents and families to simply sweep them only moves these residents to your doorsteps and that is exactly what happened when the city did the sweep on division street a couple of weeks ago. i got many emails soon after the sweeps because residents had been moved away from underneath division street, straight into the doorsteps of many of our residents. and so moving the "problem" around, does not get rid of homelessness, but merely shifts it to a different corner. while i would like to make sure that no one has to sleep in their tents under division, i don't support declaring that sweeps are appropriate policy. if you cannot support the whereas clause as currently exists in the resolution that you simply vote against the
9:50 pm
resolution. the ebteding amendment i do believe that open space and parks are not considered "surplus property." but to make it clearer is important, i can accept that motion to amend in the resolution. >> >> supervisor cohen. >> thank you. a couple of thoughts. first i want to recognize the work that the san francisco interfaith council has done here in san francisco. they have been on the frontline as service providers, well-before this board stepped into action. the interfaith council was instrumental in helping get the first navigation center up off the ground, and operational. so i just wanted to take a moment to recognize that leadership. the second thing, i want to push back on some of the comment that supervisor tang mentioned, voicing the main reason she would not be supporting this measure because it's not changing
9:51 pm
anything on the local-level and i want to push-back that sometimes change is not great in sweeping. you may not see the manifest ations of change immediately and certain routes will change a perception and i think when you have a different attude or changing thought or perception, that, in fact, is change and the kind of change in thinking and focus that we need to be seeing in order to see change manifest itself. there needs to be a change in conversation sew that is the reason why i'm supporting this measure. i'm also interested in supporting the amendment that supervisor wiener is proposing, because i do believe that people have a place to go and that we have opened up locations. during the first days of the sweep around division, folks were just -- were dispersed. and there was a misconception there was no place for them to go, but there is
9:52 pm
certainly pier 80 is opened and not quite at capacity at least not to the best of my knowledge as of right now as i am making these statements. not quite at capacity and therefore, there is room to get people off of the streets so we can triage them and get of connect them to services and figure out a long-term plan. with that i will also say there should also be an effort to move the rvs that are also occupying the streets, and moving several those vehicles to also to pier 80 which also has capacity and i don't know if anyone has taken a moment to visit the site. i would encourage you to take a look at the site, encourage you to also actively engage in the conversations that we're having citywide to create navigation centers in each one of our districts. each one of our districts need to shoulder the
9:53 pm
responsibility of this housing crisis. thank you. >> supervisor yee. >> thank you. first of all, i want to say that i really appreciate any of any colleagues' efforts to address this issue in one form another and certainly, especially appreciate supervisor kim's efforts for this resolution. however, there is a piece of this where it's a little bit troublesome for myself; that is seems like this resolution, although it's a resolution can translate to the state having too much authority over local jurisdictions, and i really prefer us to make our own decisions locally about what we should be using our land
9:54 pm
for? so today, i will not be able to support this particular resolution. >> supervisor peskin? >> thank you, mr. chairman. through the chair to supervisor wiener, this is a recital -- and i don't want to try to mediate between you and supervisor kim, but as an individual who has been on division street in the last four days, and been notice surrounding neighborhood in the last four days i believe this recital is an accurate state of events. since the tents have been removed from division street they have been dispersed in the neighborhood and you need only go two blocks in either direction to see tents on sidewalks where they were not previously before. so i
9:55 pm
think this is just a statement of fact; perhaps the two of you could negotiate this here in public, which wouldn't hurt my feelings. the only thing in the second in your recital is a kind of statement of opinion, which is the word "correctly." but it is a fact that the city of san francisco declared the tent encampment on division street, done by executive branch of government a public health hazard and remove those tents. that is a statement of fact. i think the previous recital is a statement of fact. as to the third one, that is an issue of policy, but i think that supervisor kim's first statement is a fact. >> thank you, supervisor peskin. supervisor campos.
9:56 pm
>> thank madam president. i simply note on the removal of the language that supervisor kim has in the resolution i think along the lines of what supervisor peskin was saying, i'm not sure what the problem is with the language that is here? if you actually look at -- there is an article that sf weekly did following the sweeps of folks from division street and in that article it's very clear that while indeed housing may have been provided for some of the people removed from division, that a lot of people who were removed from division were not actually given a place to go. and that, in fact, they were simply pushed over to some
9:57 pm
of the smaller streets. so i just don't think that it is accurate to say what is here. so i will be voting against the first amendment, because of that. >> first amendment to this legislation, not the first amendment itself. >> thank you for that clarity, supervisor campos. [ laughter ] supervisor wiener. >> i just first of all want to reiterate what supervisor -- thank you -- what supervisor cohen said, and actually when i was on a forum speaking with sam dodge and jennifer freeden bach a few weeks ago and supervisor was kind enough to call in and it's not accurate to
9:58 pm
suggest there was nowhere for people to go. think our office of hope and human services agency have done really not to mention interfaith council and all of the these amazing cbos that we have have done heroic work in trying to transition people off the streets out of tents into shelters. so i appreciate the comments, but i think that the amendment is appropriate. and i think we should vote on them. >> okay. i don't see any other names on the roster. but i'm trying to take a moment to read the amendment. no other comments? okay. just a second. so your motion was to strike this particular line out of supervisor kim's resolution and to secondly add the two
9:59 pm
whereas clauses? >> correct. the paper is the one motion and the other motion is the one that supervisor kim, i believe accepted. >> okay. i just need to ask supervisor kim a question, because it was my understanding specifically in the resolution that you have whereas recent efforts to remove the homeless through sweeps without providing viable options for both emergency shelter and permanent shelter -- so it was my understanding that an option for an emergency shelter was offered in this particular case. can you clarify with that because i'm really uncertain about that? >> yes. there has been a lot of discussion whether pier 80 was really a viable option for many of the individuals in encampment? i think
10:00 pm
there were multiple perspectives even from the mayor's office, the mayor's office sam dodge, who is now the interim director of hope himself came and stateded at a hearing at budget committee pier 80 wasn't effective space because they didn't have bathrooms and showers and no good public transit to that location and frankly, just cold and austere and not very welcoming environment and not a place he really wanted to continue to use as a permanent shelter site without some significant, i think, improvements to that site. that is why the mayor's office has been examining other options for navigation center. but it was an option that was out there. i'm not sure if we had enough spot s available at pier 80 for all the tents that we saw on division street. i think everyone in this chamber agrees that we don't want to see any of our residents sleeping in tents
10:01 pm
under freeways, but also agree sweeping them just moves them to certain of different corners and against the regulations developed by the interagency council on homelessness. as to the amendments that supervisor wiener has put forward, this is my first time seeing them. if i had an opportunity perhaps yesterday or even this morning, perhaps we could have worked out a compromise on this language. i'm seeing it for the first time today after this hour. so i just cannot support this language at this time. and frankly, we veted this resolution with many different stakeholders and i would be afraid to make these changes without going back to the stakeholders again, to talk about tent encampments which is frankly, a very controversial issue, in our homeless advocate community. >> to go back to my concern, the only thing i would say, yes "viable" could be left
10:02 pm
to interpretation. so "viable options." that is kind of really hard to define specifically without understanding or -- i mean, my understanding the shelter did have rest rooms which were port-a-potties at the location. and i'm not 100% certain about the shower situation, but there were restrooms. and then i think the concern i have about the whereas clause for supervisor wiener's is "whereas tents are not a viable housing policy," and i don't know if i necessarily agree with that and wanted to put that on the table. >> supervisor cohen. >> thank you. i just wanted to speak to -- from questions that you raised, president breed. at the time of the sweep it was approximately happening about one week after pier 80
10:03 pm
opens. and it was also during the same -- just a few days prior to that, i visited the pier 80 site myself and my staff. and they had completed the bathrooms, as well as the showers, president breed. so. >> that was before the sweep? >> yes. >> okay. >> it was before the sweep. i agree with you. i think by definition of what "viable" "viable is a relative term and one thing that i think we're in agreement with is what is "unviable and undesirable," to allow people to languish in the cold on the streets in a tent. that is not a viable option. to get people out of the elements and this is a multi-layered approach and i'm a co-sponsor and i too haven't had an opportunity to fully digest supervisor wiener's amendments up until just now reading them just
10:04 pm
like supervisor kim. these amendments are actually very simple. there is like, four sentences, two whereas clauses. one is four sentences and the other has three lines and the other is four lines. so it's not that complicated and i feel like it's more a declarative statement about the encampments that were on division that are no longer on division. >> okay. >> thanks. >> thank you. supervisor wiener, no comments? shoot, this is tough. >> not really. not really, supervisor. >> all right. supervisor tang. >> can i just suggest that perhaps for supervisor wiener's first set of amendments he proposed that we remove the word "correctly." and that it is then even more factual, i guess. >> excuse me, one second
10:05 pm
supervisor wein. wiener, can you please explain, supervisor tang? ? >> the word "correctly" was used twice in there and i'm just proposing that perhaps we strike the word "correctly." okay >> supervisor wiener. >> the wording of this is very intentional and i think it's clear. it's not factual, but actually a criticism of what our city agencies did in terms of the transition from away from the tent encampment on division street. it's very clear. so this is a statement that the city was correct to do that; that allowing tent encampments to proliferate is not okay and
10:06 pm
not humane and the city was correct to do that. so that was i have intentional and i think appropriate. >> supervisor avalos. >> i kind of see that as not a factual statement, but if we were to say that whereas the city of san francisco may have or may have not correctly declared the tent encampment on division street a public health hazard, and may have or may have not correctly removed division street, then i think it would be kind of factual. >> thank you for making this evening more complicated than it already is, supervisor avalos. supervisor wiener. >> you know, i think -- i think there are people who have different opinions. there are people who have definitely advocated that we should have let the tents just stay, and that the city was wrong to remove the
10:07 pm
tents. i don't agree with that. i think what the city did was correct. it was the right way to proceed in terms of not allowing what was growing into an unsafe and unhealthy situation both for the tent occupants and for the surrounding neighborhoods by not allowing that to continue and providing notice, declaring it a health hazard and transitioning people, whether it's to pier 80 or elsewhere, that that was the correct thing to do. so that, i think, this is an appropriate whereas clause. and i think we should go on record and say that, because it was the correct thing to do. >> supervisor wiener, is it necessary to have the two -- i know you said it's deliberate. but i find the two "correctlies" unnecessary, because the whereas makes the point clearly. so is it necessary? i'm just asking if it's something that could possibly be removed based on what supervisor tang suggested?
10:08 pm
>> well, i think people can think whatever they want. i put in this there because i personally and i think a lot of people believe that the city was correct not to allow the tent encampment to continue to be there, and to proliferate and to grow and that the city was correct to take action. i think this board should go on record, agreeing, that the city was correct to take action and to transition people from the tents. >> but the whereas basically make that clear without necessarily adding "correctly" in it, from my perspective, i guess. >> if you remove the word "correctly," then it's not saying that the city was correct to do that. and i understand why people who want to remove this, who may -- some people may disagree with what the city did and if you disagree with what the city did, then i totally understand why you would want to remove those words. in one agrees it was the correct thing to do, to remove the tents from
10:09 pm
division street, those words should be in there, we should say that the city was correct in doing this. >> madam president? >> call the roll. >> i make a motion to call the roll. we need two seconds for that >> and eight votes >> second. >> two seconds. >> second by supervisor cohen. forget it, call the roll on the amendment to strike the first line which would be the first whereas clause. only the motion to strike that completely, call the roll. >> and motion to replace with -- >> i thought there were two separate amendments. >> the paper is one motion. the separate motion is the surplus property section that supervisor kim, i believe, has agreed to. this is one amendment to strike and replace. >> oh, okay.
10:10 pm
thank you. all right, call the roll on the first amendment. >> page 1 line 22 striking that paragraph and replaysing with those two paragraphs from the piece of paper submitted by supervisor wein and second by supervisor cohen, supervisor breed? >> >> i'm still thinking about it. i will say that i don't agree with the amendment. so i'm torn right now. i'm just going say no. >> breed no. supervisor campos? >> no. >> campos no. >> supervisor cohen?
10:11 pm
>> aye. >> >> >> cohen aye. >> thank you. >> supervisor kim? kim no. supervisor mar? >> no. >> mar no. supervisor peskin. >> peskin no. >> supervisor tang? >> aye. >> tang aye. >> supervisor wiener? >> aye. >> wiener aye. >> supervisor yee? >> no. >> yee no. >> supervisor avalos? >> no. >> avalos no >> there are three ayes and seven nos with supervisors breed, campos, kim, mar, peskin, yee and avalos in the dissent. >> okay the amendment fails [ gavel ] . madam clerk, what was the second? >> the second motion made by supervisor wiener, seconded by supervisor cohen on page 3 line 3. i believe supervisor wiener after property statewide -- except for parks and open space. >> except for parks and -- yes. >> okay. >> okay, i'm sorry, i need to pull up the resolution to understand that specifically.
10:12 pm
>> okay. >> madam president, i think we can take that without objection. >> okay. colleagues can we take that amendment without objection, without objection the amendment passes. [ gavel ] >> and on item 25 as amended, madam clerk, please call the roll. >> madam president. >> supervisor wiener. >> just a question to the city attorney. as i indicated before, i support all of this resolution, except for that one whereas clause that was not amended per my motion. and so to the city attorney, is it possible to divide the question so that we vote separately on that one whereas clause on page -- starting on page 1, line 22? >> deputy city attorney jon givner, you can divide if they stand a[hro-efpblt/] here the whereas clause
10:13 pm
could not stand on its own, if the rest of the resolution failed, but the whereas clause passed. , it would not be a resolution that could stand on its own. so the question cannot be divided in this case. >> okay. this item needs eight votes in order to pass. >> thank you. so just madam president, as i mentioned, i support this entire resolution extend for that one whereas clause. i cannot support that whereas clause and so as a result i'm going to be votes against the entire resolution and my rationale is different from what supervisor tang articulated, but i will vote-no, because i believe that how the city approached the tent encampment on division street was correct and this is critical of that decision and i can't support a resolution that levels that, what i believe, to be an incorrect criticism. >> okay. 25 neets eight votes madam clerk please crawl kaufeldt the roll on item 25 as
10:14 pm
amendsed supervisor breed -- i apologize, it was not amended. >> it was amended. >> my apologies mad president. breed aye, supervisor campos? >> aye. >> campos aye. >> supervisor cohen. >> aye. >> supervisor kim? >> aye. >> kim aye. >> supervisor mar. >> aye. >> particular aye. >> supervisor peskin peskin aye. >> supervisor tang? >> tang no. >> supervisor wiener. >> no. >> supervisor yee? >> no. >> yee no. >> supervisor avalos. >> aye. >> avalos aye. >> there are seven ayes and three nos with supervisors tang, wiener and yee in the dissent. >> so this item needs eight votes to pass. >> rescind the vote. >> unfortunately it fails. [ gavel ] >> supervisor kim? >> madam clerk, is it possible you said there is an opportunity to rescind the vote and send it to committee? >>
10:15 pm
>> once the vote is rescinded a number of things can happen to the item. >> i will make a motion to rescind the vote. >> supervisor kim has made what she famously does a motion to rescind the vote and it was seconded by supervisor cohen. colleagues can we take that out objection? without objection the vote has been rescinded >> supervisor kim. >> i am going to make the motion to send this to committee >> it goes to committee, let's move to item 26 madam president at this point we would need a second and majority. >> seconded by supervisor campos. colleagues can we take that out objection? without objection this item will go to committee. item 26, please. >> item 26 is a resolution to urge the california department alcoholic beverage control to deny alcohol license application of non-traditional alcohol retail businesss in the city. >> supervisor mar. >> thanks [-frpbts/], i
10:16 pm
month continue to april 5th. >> seconded by supervisor avalos, colleagues we take that out objection? without objection this is continued tot meeting of april 5 2016. next item. >> item 27 istrousing support california state senate bill 1286 author by senator mark leno, increasing government transparency by allowing the public to access information on police mic conduct and misuse of force. >> supervisor chomp. >> i would like to continue this item to the april 12th board meeting. >> supervisor cohen has made a motion to continue to april 12, 2016, seconded by supervisor avalos, colleagues can we take this without objection? without objection this item is continued to april 12, 2016 meeting. [ gavel ]
10:17 pm
did anyone ask for these other items to be taken off? >> which ones? >> 29. >> all right. madam clerk, can you please call item no. 28. >> 28 resolution to declare march 19th, 2016 as arbor day 2016 in the city and county of san francisco. >> roll-call vote. >> on item 28. >> supervisor breed. >> aye. >> breed aye. >> supervisor campos. >> aye. >> campos aye. >> supervisor cohen. >> cohen aye. >> supervisor quim? >> aye. >> kim aye. >> supervisor mar. >> mar aye. >> supervisor peskin. >> peskin sai. >> supervisor tang? >> aye. >> tang aye. >> supervisor wiener. >> aye. >> wiener aye. >> y [sao*-er/]. >> y aye. >> supervisor avalos. >> aye. >> ten ayes item is adopted resolution. >> item 29. >> an resolution to urge our children our families council to convene a chronic [a-bts/]eism working group
10:18 pm
and action develop within six months of their first meeting. >> supervisor yee. >> we just had a hearing on this recently and it's something that has been a problem for the san francisco unified school district for many years now. when i first pointed out this as a problem in 2010, in which we started -- we -- all right, the school board or school district started focusing on this particularly issue. there were some improvements made, but then it has gotten a little flat. during the hearing it was pretty obvious it's still a problem. why is it a problem? i want to make sure that people understand what i am talking about when we talk about chronic absenteeism is which students miss at least 10%, sometimes, as much as 50%, but at least 10% of the school year, whether it's
10:19 pm
excused or unexcused. some people get it confused with truancy and when we look at the very young, people don't really know this, the very young are having the problems. at the time in 2010 we were focused on kindergarten, because that is the only data that we had. we had schools, and it's pretty obvious, the schools that had the highest percentage of chronic absenteeism were the schools that were failing at the time and still remains the same. the school requests the highest absenteeism today are the schools that score the lowest. it's a direct correlation. it's a problem. we're seeing by the time they reach 3rd-grade, the same kids that are missing school are not reading at grade-level and when they are not reading at grade-level, research shows those are the kids that will be dropping
10:20 pm
out. we have got do something about it today. what i have asked for is for us to really focus on it, considering that now the school district has developed a very good data system; to collect data, and it's realtime data, that will tell you which students are actually missing school? we need a partnership between the school district, the city and community group to work together. this is an issue -- people always talk about the other end of the spectrum, when people are failing, 24 this is where they start failing. so i just want to make sure that we focus, and i'm asking for a work group. the school district was at the hearing. first five was at the hearing. the department of children, youth and families were there and our staff from family council was there. people were there and they knew, and what i said we're
10:21 pm
going create this work group and pretty much everybody seems to be in agreement. so i hope you support me, because i really feel if we're going do something about achieving opportunity in the gap, this is where it starts. i'm just asking for a work group to work together to actually figure out a good plan and some strategies that really work and to implement these things. and i'm giving them six months. so colleagues, please, i hope you can support this. >> thank you. supervisor yee, thank you for your leadership on this issue. colleagues, can we take item 29 same house, same call without objection, the resolution adopted unanimously. please read item no. 30. >> item 30 is a motion to approve final map 8326 a six-unit residential condominium project located at 1267 chestnut street. >> same house, same call? without objection, the motion is approved unanimously. [ gavel ] . all right.
10:22 pm
seeing no imperative items from supervisor mar, madam clerk, please read the inpeople ram. >> today's meet willing adjourned many meming of the follow, beloved individuals at the suggestion of president breed and supervisor cohen and on behalf of the entire board of supervisors, for mr. percy pinkney, and ms. claudette brown a. the at suggestion of supervisor campos on behalf of the entire bird board of supervisors on the victims of terrorist attack in brussels belgium and in memory of mr. welton flynn. >> that concludes our business today >> . thank you, colleagues, we're journeyed [ gavel ]
10:23 pm
>> you're watching quick bites, the show that is san francisco. and today you're in for a real treat. oh, my! food inspired by the mediterranean and middle east with a twist so unique you can only find it in one place in san francisco. we're at the 55th annual armenian festival and bizarre. this is extra special not only because i happen to be armenian, but there is so much
10:24 pm
delicious food here. and i can't wait to share it with all of you. let's go. armenia, culture and cusine has had much cultural exchanges with its neighbors. today armenian food infuses he flavor from the mediterranean, middle east, and eastern europe. >> this is our 55th year and in san francisco we're the largest armenian food festival and widely recognized as one of the best food festivals in the area. we have vendors that come up from fresno, from los angeles showing off their craft. we really feel like we have something for everyone in the neighborhood and that's really what it is, is drawing people to see a little bit of our culture and experience what we experience weekend in and weekend out. >> we are behind the scenes now watching the chef at work preparing some delicious armenian kabob. a staple in armenian cooking, is that right? >> absolutely, since the beginning of time. our soldiers used to skewer it
10:25 pm
on the swords. we have a combination of beef and lam and parsley. and every september over 2000 pounds of meat being cooked in three days. >> after all that savory protein, i was ready to check out the fresh veggie options. >> this is armenian cheat sheet. it's tomatos and mint and olive oil. that makes summer food. and what i'm doing is i'm putting some nutmeg. it is kind of like cream cheese. in armenia when they offer you food, you have to eat it. they would welcome you and food is very important for them. >> in every armenian community we feel like we're a "smallville"age and they come together to put on something like this. what i find really interesting about san francisco is the blends of armenia that come together. once they are here, the way people work together at any
10:26 pm
age, including our grandmothers, our grandfathers, skewering the meat, it's fun to see. fun to see everybody get together. >> we call it subarek. it's a cheese turn over if you want. we make the dough from scratch. we boil it like you do for la san i can't. >> the amount of love and karin fused in these foods is tremendous. they come in every day to prepare, cook and bake bread, all in preparation for this big festival. >> nobody says no. when you come them, they have to come tomorrow for the feast. >> what a treat it is to taste a delicious recipe, all made from scratch and passed down through generations. it really makes you appreciate the little things. >> it's one of the best festivals. it's outstanding, a marvelous occasion. >> we're outside checking some of the food to go options. i grabbed myself a ka bob sandwich, all kinds of herbs
10:27 pm
and spices. i'm going to taste this. looking fantastic. one of the best i've had in a long time. you know it's delicious b i have just enough room for dessert, my favorite part. we're behind the scenes right now watching how all the pastries get made. and we've got a whole array of pastries here. honey and nuts and cinnamon, all kinds of great ingredients. this is amazing. here's another yummy pastry made with filo dough. oh, my god. really sweet and similar, it's lighter. this is what i like. we have a lovely row here. looks like a very delicious and exciting surprise. i'm going to bite into it. here we go. um. this is great with armenian
10:28 pm
coffee. now we're making some incredible armenian coffee. >> we buy our coffee, they have the best coffee. they come from armenia, specially made. and would you like to try it? >> i would like to try. >> would you like sugar or no sugar? >> no sugar today. i'm so excited. really earthy. you can really taste the grain. i think that's what makes it so special. really comes out. i hope you try it. we're having a great time at the armenian festival. we ate, we saw, and we definitely conquered. i don't know about you, but i have to go down to the food. check out our blog for so much more at sf bites at tums
10:29 pm until next time, may the force be with you. ♪ ♪ >> first of all, everybody is welcome and we ask two things when they get here. one, that they try something they've never tried before. be it food or be it dancing or doing something. and if they feel like it was worth their while to tell one person and bring that person, that family member, that friend down the street to come with them. >> we're going to have to do a lot of eating so get ready. >> get ready. and you diet tomorrow. .
10:30 pm
>> ladies and gentlemen, the chair has called the meeting to order. can i please ask you to turn off your electronic device sz as they tend to interfere with the equipment in the room and can we please rise for the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible with liberty and justice is for all. president loftus, i'd like to call roll. president loftus, here. turman


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