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tv   LIVE Police Commission  SFGTV  April 6, 2016 5:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> ladies and gentlemen, the chair has called the meeting to order the meeting has come to order ladies and gentlemen, please silence all electronic devices. and can we please rise for the pledge of allegiance and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> for all who. >> commissioner president loftus airline pr commissioner suzy loftus
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commissioner vice president turman is excused commissioner marshall commissioner dejesus commissioner mazzucco commissioner wong. >> and just walked the door and commissioner melara present. >> commissioner president loftus you have a quorum also present is chief greg suhr the police chief and director joyce hicks director of office of citizens complaints well to the wednesday, april 6, 2016, meeting first thing i'll make some change to the agenda bans information kraushgs to item 3 it says update and use of use of force and rectify of dodging the doj needs month are time no presentation on the registrations in addition given the number of people and making sure we have time for that
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everybody public comment is limited to 2 minutes. >> sergeant, next line item. >> at this time, members of the public may address the commission to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission except agenda items. with respect to agenda items, items, department, occi or commissioners are to respond to questions but may provide a brief response. the commissioners, occi, nor the police commission should enter into debates and please limit your comments to 3 minutes, please. 2 minutes. >> just to clarify the item will still been discussed about the use of force and where we are not to the doing. >> ray hart for san francisco open government. i would like to refer this to
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the united states of the koulz versus the city of 70's suggest reading the chief just in part as follows: listensers is not a neutrality basis speech can't be punished because it might offend acy cus the commission can't spruce points of view they don't like that cart them off to jail more the constitutional rights was in the disruptive the fourth amendment open first amendment would be meaningful if they justified the arresting and are removal i'm doing with that it's amazing i have 24 orders against
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city agencies for denying me assess it public records or denying me a public comment i have one against commissioner mazzucco and the police chief for records issues the bottom line is when you start to say things you don't like oh, those rules supersede the constitution of the united states this article appeared in today's thing i'd like to say i think the police officers association is tune death to the shooting of mario woods all i see 5 armed officers in a shooting self-reliance with their guns aimed as a at a single individual with a knife the bottom line i don't know who was in charge but certainly not in control and the fact that 5 officers stand there not one think this is a horrible
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situation not going to end up well is unreasonable by turf. >> gone mr. washington. >> i'm here to tell you what the hell is going on in any community and northern station i wanted to, calm cool and directed and to commissioner marshall and the chief i need you out at the northern station ace on the case let me say i'm november been here for the corruption and the murder and stuff i've been studying and analyzing and came to a conclusion i've said that many years ago no reflection this city is the most racist and corrupt and maybe the most progressive and richest but all the negatives that come with that my name is ace on the case
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some of the people didn't want all in this place but it is no mystery just check black history oh, i've been working on some cases involved in a lot of conspiracy and some people don't like me what is going on down in this town. >> the black population is going down when the benefits come there might be no way around the 50 percent hiring is just a butch shut you know why you can't afford to pay the dog on relentless on trying to be a san francisco resident you, you all look around and where did the
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black folks went this didn't make no sense obama when got big problems in city by the bay let me say chief we'll have to talk. >> sir. >> next speaker, please. >> (clapping.) good evening public defender that's a hard act to follow well, i'm here with respect to advise the commission i sent a letter on monday to attorney general asking here to experiencing exercise her authority to open a civil rights investigation of the san francisco police department with the code of civil prouder and sent a letter to the xefr and
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the district attorney i sent the letter because i believe that the attorney general is the bank of the west agency to conduct an independent investigation the doj was to get involved the cops program didn't have the authority but a collaborative approach and come out with a report but not the authority to force changes only one state agency under law that's the attorney general and now attorney general harris said she'll not step in and would leave it to the district attorney george gascon blue ribbon commission as we've seen i don't know when whether the finding of the blue ribbon commission will be accepted given what is happened between
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the police department and the district attorney i think unfortunately, it is reached a situation where neither side is communicating at least to the extent they should be because we're not clear when this late group of wrafrt texts has occurred but the district attorney is saying something different i believe strongly that an attorney generals investigation is something that was done in the past should be done here i want to note my strong support so far the use of force policies indicated by he collaborative and the points by my office. >> thank you, thank you both (clapping.) >> next speaker. >> >> good evening and welcome. >> >> good evening. i'm
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tom, i happy new year i want to point out a couple of things not since 3 years the badge cam was begun not that i'm aware of of the functioning can you give me the news if not how long with transparent and working on the accounts and i want to say about the if you'll give folks a weapon to kill had used properly what is did argument for not a weapon used improperly i don't get that i'm not a fan of the cops and certainly now that is one aspect of giving the folks tasers he is begun and cut the corrupt poa don't get me wrong
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they're corrupt deeply corrupt but thai support of tasers the notion that chief suhr is under fire for mario woods murder he shouldn't be the excessive the long corruption that is published under the last year those are the reasons you shouldn't are a corrupt chief by the way, the da and chief are not getting long people are is tired i'm thrilled that's how you get people even their toes and the finally, the academy sheriff's another way things are operating people are not prosecuting their hone that's how you get accountability. >> thank you. next speaker. >> gag clyde and welcome. >> good evening first of all,
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wow, wow the racism the san francisco please let's be honest and clear 2 thousand offers give or take and we're so naive on this 20 or 25 are racist we're really naive come 200 and 250 look at in new york 50 50 of them a blackmail man off duty cops arrest him the middle of the street because eir i i e erratic driving he cut the mailman off and the mailman stopped by and said something he was thomas a. swift's electric rifle they get out of the car in civilian clothes and put him in handcuffs
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homeboy that's not happening your suspended effective immediately i mean come on people grew up we know what is going with racism dr. marshall you know a lot about it mrs. hicks we don't talk talk about it is an inconvenient topic the reality people are people people are people and greg you're not but people that work for you that are you said you'll root them out you i take it e it's your call, sir rooted them out. >> next speaker. >> >> good evening and welcome. >> >> thank you i'm going to read this i'm a little bit nervous i'm linda i've lived in san francisco for
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40 years and raised any two sons i was speaking about london london the police are pleased to please you that didn't seem to be true here why is that well, people are upset of people being killed by the police exaggerated their threatened why do the police them in danger when one thing no longer knows one is a person it is easy to jump to conclusions and too often the threat end up dead the police should stop and think first for instance, alex what would have happened the officers stayed in their cars and used they're loud speakers to communicate at the drove up the hill and jumped out
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of the cars and when he didn't show them his hands at that point that he intended to kill him why that okay oh, they felt threatened i read an article in the laments of a new policy considered this policy emphasize deesclation of violent situations police officers need to be mind fell and consider other option like keeping a distance to allow themselves time to find other ways to control the situation this is especially try in con fronting people december ordinary police need to use their heads we need our police professional to think and not shoot first i believe by training new officers and retraining to santa fe circulate they'll see the others as people and police will
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be pleased to please us. >> thank you (clapping.) >> . >>good evening and welcome. >> hi my name is ann i'm a thirty year residents of san francisco like the lady my kids were born and raised here and i own a house here so i've been paying for sfpd and the police chief salary for quite a while and the police has changed over 40 years i saw this is a positive institution and again paying attention about racial profiling i've watched the per speaker unless otherwise established by the presiding officer of the meeting. news and the text message that were racist and studied the police especially killing black people around the country i was shocked of the abusive behavior in a traffic stop i failed to
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report it; however, murder of mario woods and into the justice excuse me for mario woods co-relation i'm here to voice my voice of no confidence i'm not alone health professionals are seeing violation is increasing and black lives have raising racist issues a systemic problem for the most part my apologize to trees talk about a bad system it encourages bad actors you need to commissioner tang policy it is something we're watching and getting up to speed of the shooting of mario woods and lopez are justified the rules are wrong and next to enforce policies run the statute of limitations washes no more but public trust must be
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accountability we have to build in more real communicate oversight of the police department not a small group of people appointed by powerful other people and as far as murder charges we need a new chief. >> ma'am, thank you, ma'am (clapping.) >> next speaker >> good evening and welcome. >> my name is dearound i want to say off the start this is about policy it is not a local policy that is a policy that exists all over the country i ask you to show me one mrovgs that is not killing brown and black and people that basically are doing a bait-and-switch look this is not about tasers they've been bringing up the desire for tasers for many, many years and now while they're caught the in
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san francisco has the veneer of a progressive city and underneath a cesspool of homophobia texting is there any reason brown and black have shot down without a restraint not about taylor's they can torture you with a tasers and shoot you without tasers and shoot beanbags at moody's they said that and shoot him anyway, i can take any 6 of you out of the crowd and we could with handle that situation that mario woods far better than the police did (clapping.) are the situation with lopez or any other other people so i'm saying look this is right for people are fighting we make this need to make that a big
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issue inspiring many more people to say we'll not live in a country like this that don't this to their >> thank you. next speaker, please (clapping.) >> good evening and welcome. >> >> hi, i'm dwight from the occupy mario woods i'm unprepared i would think that sense alex seeing you've not done anything you would think after that murder 59 shots that you would video been bent over bartsdz for mario woods maybe in mental distress had a bad day or psychiatrist problems bend over backyards i have colleges colleagues p they want to kill they are jumping out of cars and shooting without hesitation
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related to gentrification or whatever okay. so anyway, i'm saying the 3 points of deriving indict the cops in an independent investigation thank you (clapping.) >> next speaker. >> >> good evening and welcome. >> hi there are 3 things i want to talk about i my talk fast first is ingo consistent in things i see and hear and read one from the sf poa on use of force starts with san francisco police department highest priority the safety the residents and visitors to san francisco and the men and women who protect them officers should demonstrate this in their daily subcontractors i was at alex
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trial officer shift show 23 shots into alex talking about they were approaching the hill they came across a person who just seemed to be walking like a normal person as opposed to to alex they said well that he passed the person who was walking like a normal person now to me fingertip a police officers and concerned by my community sir, you need to get out of the park there maybe someone with a gun okay, second i'm enraged that has happened to stanislaus it has similar story line the story line is similar ouch in all the
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statements what actually happened oh, the person alex had super human powers still standing off shot 23 times and holding the tasers out and turning alex into a monster and doing the same thing to go ramsey that filmed the eric garnering death is now they're getting. >> thank you, ma'am. >> thank you we have to be fair to everyone thank you very much. >> i need to comp call up the next speaker thank you for understanding there were two bells. >> good evening and welcome. >> >> how you doing ladies and gentlemen, i'm john, i gave a copy of this pamphlet ray hart
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for san francisco open government or regarding the tazer in the officers carry tasers there are certain things they need to do first of all, have the supervisors sign off the tasers should come out whether the cameras come out you'll be held audible the officers doesn't activate the cameras or the stun guns an automatic inclination defibrillation e combination at the same time change the officers uniforms policy of the and nothing but demonstrations you sitting down on a in a palm abandonment ones that activates this is why the fire department has protective gear if you bring if a tasers you have to change the uniforms and when it comes to mario woods there is some things that people didn't see
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and they haven't even address is it there was an officer on the right side of mario woods when they opened fire for him having a gun you didn't think of the safety of that officer on the right side of him shot him many times what about the safety that have that officer you can use friendly fire for that. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker >> . >> good evening and welcome. >> good evening chief suhr and commissioners my name is arrest lien drummerer one of the proud members of the first class of women officers i served for 26 years and retired for 15 years i've lived the city for 68 years in 1976 and again
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in 1978 i did a deposition the u.s. district court court to the way i was treated in the department and the wrong i saw while in the department so imagine if i was treated wrong what did you think happens to the people that were scorn to serve so it is nothing new what is different anything you do now is captured on video recorded or read about the press so the puck is new seeing first hand what is happening on the streets of south america and san francisco anyone that reads the newspapers or listens to the news realized this department has saviors problems and in need of change rather the newest text gate or the officer going to prison for
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criminal acts so it is saddened my heart to hear how the san francisco has been spent numerous hours attacking anyone that criticized this department there are numerous announcement and statement they take away under the issues and becomes a distraction do they feel this helps the cause or bridges the gallops between the community they she ever or serve my question what are you going to side to make that place a better place for the citizens or the officers to protect and serve the majority of the homeless. >> thank you, ma'am thank you. >> inc. thank you, thank you
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thanks for coming back (clapping.) >> next speaker. >> >> good evening and welcome. >> thank you. good evening i am virginia marshall long time educated two chief suhr commissioners on the roster i'm here in support of a wonderful police one of the few african-american women i feel i can trust one of the few african-american women out the community 24/7 on behalf of the naacp and on behalf of the educators in san francisco that are here in support of yolanda (clapping) last week as a moment's notice i said i have can you stop and talk to them within a moment's notice we carry the students to the richmond station and she has a phenomenal workshop and captain came out and talked to
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them we like to see our officers as a mother as a parent your police officers sometimes are not kind to people like me particularly our sons i say to my colleagues they'll not let your son have a pass i want you to know you have people the community that trust sergeant yolanda williams she's out the christmas drive and someone that lost a child and we step out of the classroom unfortunate, the i've gone to many funerals and had to bury our sons there are gang recommended issues or at the hands of the police chief suhr and some of i know fellow educators i want you to know that the african-american
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community in san francisco trusts buildings and support sergeant yolanda williams she's credential on the other hand, credible i hope you listen to her advice we need to make the community better thank you very much. >> thank you (clapping.) >> next speaker. >> >> good evening and welcome. >> we have two videos they're both short but probably run about 3 minutes there's two of us. >> i'm looking any city attorney she's doing this so. >> each one can play one. >> cannot combine the time. >> pause that maybe. >> you'll do it when i get to two minutes sorry and turn it up and combine. >> the point of the video so
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should there are alternatives to lethal. >> thanks for your cooperation. >> both of these men have machetes
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cops are moving in no lethal weapons. (clapping.) >> that's 16 seconds
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the next speaker. >> this is a prime example of san francisco not using common sense period nothing and this low iq crap of hiring police officers with low intelligence i know damn well the rest of us have common sense and it's like the city doesn't what the hell is wrong here see how simple that was but the they know you could have taken a
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belly club and hit the guy the knife and mario woods would still be alive what upsets me that he first bullet that mario woods is the head and we have proof of that right out of the phone frame by frame now i answer those questions. (clapping.) >> good evening and welcome. >> good evening i rushed to get here i'm actually on chevy african-american advisory committee and i am very happy to be able to 1i9d with him along with other leaders the community i don't know what the young lady said about yolanda williams she's a very good officers and want to acknowledge the officers the bay area e bayview that are
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designated for coastline we have sergeant hall and sergeant tracey and officers thompson used to have derrick but is not part of the situation they were very good officers there are a few other officers and so forth i am speaking as far as my son told me a long time ago it is common sense. >> he said common sense is not that common we all make mistakes and therefore the thing the chief is trying to correct those and to retrain the officers and want to say i don't know from the tasers suggestions has come up but since i won't be here i'm not saying tasers even though that didn't solve the problem
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and it's education and training with the officers it is the lessor of two evils if you get shot you'll die 98 percent of the time if you get hit with a tasers 99 percent of time you'll not die the lesser of the two overviews not just with the chief but the captains in our communities that's how you bring the young people to the table and led them as a for what their ideas are as well thank you, thank you. >> next speaker. >> >> good evening and welcome. >> i know we've been sgournld over and over not to say the t word no tasers it is unacceptable that the
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department would push another contract for the 5 time in san francisco the last time the people won and people came here and said that is unacceptable that we have the pretext to justify the use of tasers the way it is used mario woods would be alive if they have tasers not see from the officers use a tasers 200 and 50 volts they should get the electric chair he won't be alive no tasers you'll hear us again for the fifth time it is unacceptable we spend our energy and time to speak against this
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justice for mario woods (clapping.) >> next speaker. >> good evening. i'm adrian i want to address the issue of tasers in a way this commission and chief suhr is look at it you're looking at that as a lesser of use of force but the matter is still the use of force over nine hundred people are died from tasers and even people around the county not san francisco county but i applaud people you know if you are taking a backseat to examine this and thank you. i hope the rest of the commission will do that thank you. >> thank you (clapping.) >> next speaker. >> >> good evening and welcome. >> good evening i'm barbara
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i'm very saddened by what is the most recent events with police officer shooting those people i work for the department the battalion was standard procedure how come it got lost i worked with a civilian secretary with the san francisco police department baton was normal procedure that's my question and also, if they with the police academy they can't shoot hold, and shoot again why did it go boom, boom, boom, boom when you have someone with two dozen bullets and the gentleman at the park shot shoot the latino i blame the dog-walker with the
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german shepherd if this dog-walker hadn't have been around he might have not been shot thank you. good evening. >> commissioners yesterday, i was with a chaplain this is their land if they be go back 5 hundred years not any of the speaker that today deem they have authority 18 trustees signed between the united states government and the native-american tribes and not been glorified some people think because their here they can do as they please for over 40 years
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i've been on the front line and i know a lot about law enforcement because i worked for the united states park police law enforcement agency some of you may know about dr. espanola jackson s was as i am a representative of persons can can't represent and as i said earlier i had a talk a with an to one talk with a chairperson reuben, junius & rose mar camera and she didn't like what is happening with san francisco i know people in law enforcement and i have been watching of commissioners we need to rise up
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and do the right thing and there are people in law enforcement that think that they have authority and they don't understand the difference between freedom and license that's freedom and there's license the bills are freedom stop it and stop harry's sergeant yolanda williams stop it. >> future comment on items not on the agenda tonight. >> good evening and welcome. >> hi first ami i'd like to remind people are of something we need to be reminded those texts they were racist and home forgive i think described that or in that way a voice of the true nature they were advocating
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killing blacks remember they said that was the one of the cops said that was okay to shoot them down if their animals that are out of control so those texts are not simply insensitivity those indicate the murderous intentions of san francisco police to blacks, latinos and whites more whites are killed by police just a higher proportion of blacks and latino why where so many shots fired at mario woods when one shot could have killed him those shots were not fired at mario they were fired at
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blacks in san francisco who were driven out and they were fired against the who working-class of all races to try to intimate us remember in the 60s and 70's what happened from the police shot and murdered somebody we have had detroit where a plain of troopers that were going to vietnam were turned back to detroit in order to try to keep that rebellion down certainly we don't care the massive incarceration. >> thank you thank you, sir (clapping) general public comment items not on the agenda. >> next speaker. >> >> good evening and welcome. >> >> so i'm from the bayview i grew up here and i
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work in tech which is pretty rare to come to things like this and support the justice for mario woods and alex coalition which is what i am and growing up the bayview i grew up of fear of different people color i would wouldn't be antagonistic tisk b professed o pretends they were invisible and guided any fear only recently have i read articles how to treat brown and black in their community like they're part of your community i didn't think of and i have a feeling i had a pretty good experience but police officers deal with different folks that is understandable yet another traumatic experience
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they'll lash out over fear but placing a gun with a tasers didn't replace that fear with the support of your community and that's why i'm worried about with regard to putting tasers into the police force it is distracting in my mind which is a general fear by the police department which is again understandable day to day anyone that might seem different from them that's the rest of the public you should treat the public like the community especially brown and black not the enemy of fear (clapping.) thank you, sir any more general public comment on items not on the agenda ms. brown. >> good evening and welcome. >> hello good evening my name is paulette brown i'm here concerning any son i'm in a
6:26 pm
movement for justice for my son aubrey abrakasa i'd like to use the overhead and again, today is his birthday. >> oh, i'm so sorry. >> for the last couple of days i've not been able to make it to meetings i went up to the grave site today i did not think i would go about when i started filling out papers they asked me when will his burial on one of the signatures i broke down i didn't think i would august 14, 2006, of this year is 10 year this is it's tenth birthday since his death i continue to bring those names of the people that murdered my son
6:27 pm
this is the names down on my sons folder my private investigator gave thomas hannibal and moffett and jason thompson and marcus caterer one of them is deceased i'm still looking for justice so far my son i bring my pictures this is all i have left of my son i want the people to see how i feel we want the same uproar about radios and black think black crime the same support from the community people that are coming out we want the same support as mothers want the same support and not only fight for my son those fabricates and mothers of
6:28 pm
unsolved homicides thank you. >> thank you ms. brown anyone here that has information into the murder of aubrey abrakasa an anonymous tip line (415) 575-4444 thank you i'm sorry ms. brown. >> next speaker. >> i'm cesarean from the justice for mario woods coalition today was a hot day i think that will be a long hot summer and it has been 4 months since mario woods was executed by the sfpd and nothing has been changed other than a lot of hot air being expelled i urge this body to take a leadership role sorrowful commissioner dejesus
6:29 pm
and sxhapg i thank you for your about the tasers and why they were not the answer to the challenges we are facing right now really it is just a matter of times before another horrific killing occurs we need to come together and rehumanize each other i don't hate you chief suhr i don't hate sfpd's i have to tell you i'm a white marching and i'm scared of sfpd and i think of my brothers and sisters and how eventual vulnerable they feel this has to stop can we all meet each and have a barbecue together go to a baseball game do something to get to know each other as human
6:30 pm
beings so we stop hating on each other and when something happens instead of rushing to just we treat them as we would all brothers and sisters and treat them as our son or daughter that's the kind of leadership we're not getting it from our board of supervisors you have the oversight of this department and i urge you to take that responsibility very seriously and bring this community heal this community. >> thank you (clapping.) okay. any further general public comment? if anyone can line up sir, your fine but anything any other general public comment line up there >> good evening and welcome. >> >> david i'd like to reiterate my friend karen's
6:31 pm
speaking out to the commissioners who wrote the victor thank you very much for doing that that showed encourage and as far as the (clapping.) as far as the poa is concerned and the push for tasers which is really unseemly you know from the pen e 10 percent of the police chief suhr wants to have st. mary's they'll be the hands of the worst police officers and 100 percent of the officers that get tasers which is what the poa wants the poa has a tremendous amount of money to pay for oftentimes it is definitely the wrong thing to do and address the issue of the text that came out and really i feel unseemly battle between the
6:32 pm
chef and the district attorney over, you know who released it a very much he said she said makes the san francisco community look foolish the eyes of the rest of the country and i commend jeff adachi for written his letter asking for a civil rights i think the same thing needs to happen happen with the doj go forward along with the cops review the second wave of racist texts is to me prove positive we have a very substantial systemic proficient it is not an issue of a few racist white cops and with respect put out by asian
6:33 pm
officers. >> thank you, sir (clapping.) >> next speaker. >> >> good evening and welcome. >> >> good evening commissioner and chief suhr and community before i begin i would speak tonight my heart and mind with the families of jose killed by tasers on march 7 in southern california and nationally guarantor who was killed with tasers as part of the lethal combines combine that killed him in hayward california i want to begin by commending some of the community groups and community members who have worked including some members of
6:34 pm
the commission that worked, diligently trying to rise and craft a healthier use of force policy but i want to underscore the gravity of this task many people are upset again the racist text message but a body count associated i want to condemn completely the police officers association for trying to take act out accountability rock from the new policy (clapping.) because accountability is the most necessary piece of any reform and we want to clarify i want to clarify that while some may view these revised use of force policies as a compromised with those of us who dissents to police murder you've vtdz the
6:35 pm
situation we get characterized by your officers as vital and sometimes unfortunately killed by the officers but this the people coming to i is an exhibit of our peace this is an exhibit of our willingness to come to you for and try to come to a peaceful conclusion to this civil. >> thank you, sir thank you, mr. miller. >> thank you, mr. miller. >> thank you (clapping.) >> good evening and welcome. >> good evening. i'm roger scott i would like to convey a message the 3457b from the communities i've been living in san francisco since 1972 the
6:36 pm
police department has to simply stop killing young men especially young men of color without justification that's a very sensible and rational demand that must happen i think the last thing the san francisco police department needs is tasers i think the police officer should have shields i think they should have bulletproof vests i don't think they should have a chief like many sursay they did a good job of killing men of color i'm not a enemy of police i'm a teacher and one of the best students the city is an intelligent man and i hope i don't reveal his identity
6:37 pm
but he takes care of of his broth a heroin addict i have people and court reporters at guantanamo month this department needs a culture of accountability they should be subjected to the punishment that i or any civilians should be subjected to due process didn't include killing people when you're not face with a serious treat too much police officers comment murder and are exaggerated when they said i was in fear of my life that's wrong and must stop. >> thank you, mr. scott (clapping.) any further public comment
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general public comment? items not on the agenda. >> good evening and welcome. >> my name is stephen and i bernie sanders say he's in favor of all punishment by police that kill for all the incidents there are filmed hundreds not filmed and it is kind of difficult to do something about, about but when their filmed and obvious what happens it is incredibly difficult to get action so, you know, it takes time we get frustrated i'm with the oscar committee we - i'm with the justice for the committee but the oscar grand committee after
6:39 pm
a year of speaking out at the city council meeting we finally convinced the majority of the city council to have independent investigations of mr. perez shot down in front of a liquor store and have investigations like bernie sanders to take a year to speak out at the city council i want to encourage everyone who is - are working hard on behalf of mario woods continue the efforts sometimes those things it takes time and thank you (clapping.) >> thank you, sir any furthers public comment. >> good evening. i'm in this case i've fwraubd i'm outraged
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that you have not come to a deactive conclusion the san francisco police department should never have tasers the evidence is the same they're a lethal weapon of torture that hadn't changed what most disturbing you've let this string out for to long you need to come to a decisive rulings this department never gets tasers as long as you the commissioners are in charge your trying to wear us down to make us go away we're not going warrior away just do that and come to a ruling on this and don't keep holding meetings you think are going to produce a different result from the people of san francisco for what now a
6:41 pm
decade? thank you, sir >> next speaker. >> (clapping.) >> good evening and welcome. >> hi, i'm keep is short i throughout the tasers defense and didn't say i thought that was my tasers right after he shot officer grantee didn't say it on the platform he said it after he got a lawyer now just a reflex. >> any further general public comment general public comment is closed. sergeant, next item. >> item two reports and announcements chief announcements to allow the conceiving for reports on the recent activities operation genus for people in africa and the united kingdom home conference in london for law
6:42 pm
enforcement officials recent arrests of sfpd officers and undercover from the investigation and in regards to collaborative review status and presentation of quarterly statistic resolution save street for all adopted may 7, 2014. >> thank you, sergeant good evening chief. >> i realize we say a crowded agenda and some of the kids that came back from africa and jason johnson that were on the trip i ask them to come up and make a presentation on probation genesis (clapping.) operation genesis. >> good to see your cleaned up from saturday.
6:43 pm
>> good evening officer johnson and welcome. >> good evening so i don't know what angle you want me to go for those of you who don't know operation genesis is a program by the police department that connects skids to their culture in africa we obligate back from a successful trip and the experience is phenomenal we started we took 8 kids and this year telephone (clapping.) question actually had to create and waiting list with some many kids that applied as far as the trip that was great i'll let the kids talk about their experience. >> thank you, officer johnson. >> come on up. >> hi, i'm - go on in a was a
6:44 pm
life-changing experience i'm grateful for the police department for taking us to be on the trip and we really got to learn about where we come from and where we came first page yeah, we left hand about our roots and how people live and i'm really appreciative for of - for my dad because i'm sorry. i'm kind of nervous. >> you're doing great. >> i'm grateful for any dad, i know when i have i have it all and out there they don't have much their smiling and joyful i have no reason to be sad or mad or ungrateful so - >> thank you destiny. >> hi, i'm reasoning on this
6:45 pm
trip it made me thankful for what i have my mom provides for me i learned a lot on this trip a lot of things we don't learn in school and the difference from our community and theirs it was so much more peaceful out there. >> and . >> mike hale you'll recognize him he was one the interims this summer who gave us a number of the recommendations we're taking including the speaker that said we should have barbecues so this recommendations was in august of last year and we have been experiencing and hang kids help us create the barbecues so great minds think a lot. >> going to africa was a magical experience i was hesitant about certain things but i started to open my mind
6:46 pm
and open to doing some of the things they did with an thing that stuck with me was the slave bath they were doing before they were brought to the slave castles and we had to walk the grounds like they which it is barefoot i was hesitant i thought oh, my feet oh, my god i did it a felt good and got to the slaves bath it was a big river it felt good to be able to walk somewhere in my ancestors walked i was it stuck with me i experienced this and can tell my friends and families and basics was probably the best day i was
6:47 pm
out there this was when i take into consideration everyone from the slave to the people they taught us how to distance and know was monopoly was keeping your eyes on the ball at each other all that hit three and four i complain over certain things mom i don't want i to drive the car dang i'm so america in his and going with the things like any normal out here in san francisco i'm definitely budget committee back some of the things from africa and trying to do that now the process you you know i'm working towards it and being there with that whole process was really, really good, i want to appreciate chief suhr and officer johnson for the fact they actually care about our community usually you know chief
6:48 pm
suhr i want to appreciate you officer jason johnson gave his with an idea and you made it possible for us to go to africa and see where we came from you don't see from an officer of chief and have it experience i'll definitely show you i appreciate you what i will do the future references and to lieutenant danger field i'll show you that i'm thankful by how i act from now and then and lastly close out and say being on the trip was one of the greatest trips i'll remember especially because i learned many things that i'll implement starting with any unite and my family's are touching thank you
6:49 pm
(clapping.) thank you ma fwel i'm destiny's brother this was a life-saving existence wanted to go back next one thing that that stuck out the kids in gone in a have to they have to of a for elementary school one of the guys was 20 years old in the eight grade if you don't have an education you basically like get money basically i don't know. i - i'm sorry. i'm nervous. >> i take any education serious but they're dedicated on a regular college i want to plan
6:50 pm
to be more dedicated towards my studies without an education he learn you can't basically do anything with your lives going to go on in a was a - you get an idea ofhat you have and also thank you to chief suhr and officer johnso for inviting us for the trip thank you guys. >> (clapping.) thank you, mr. danger fields. >> they have a lot of schools and invited one middle school as a group they talked the things that cost $1,300 to support they'll give us coffee and drink and we'll support that school
6:51 pm
$1,300 is not a lot they've not done tick-tack-toe it was life-saving but they got a lot and give back to themselves by the supporting their school that is reactmarkable but to jay jay mean when you say it is officer johnson they know who he is this is all him his idea he had a college buddy in lieber he went out and figured the thing and actually they were going to take advantage of him he take care of that when he took the kids and year 3 an annual for years and years and years to come if
6:52 pm
not forever and keeps on getting buy out and you guys are chaperones as a companion danger field here so seems to enjoy the trip as much as the kids jay jay god bless you for doing that (clapping.) >> dr. joe. >> hi you guys i saw you at the boys and girls club you know it's a great thing i'm preparing you, you're on television coming home what was it sunday's sunday night and at the club last night talking and come back on the radio show millions of people can hear you about this trip
6:53 pm
but i just want to say a couple of things for those of you who don't know they don't a lot of preparation and really prepared one time i went to my office and there you were preparing for the trip they did fundraising and have to speak and do everything else and what a great thing going to africa and going to college here in fall it is a wonderful thing and you know none of this once again would wouldn't have been possible over johnson was a protein to type not only are you guys - i've got
6:54 pm
to say just a beacon of light in everything that going on around here you guys we celebrate every achievement because of negativity if you can is a real quick how many kids have you taken to go on in a. >> 27 and i want i to know folks he meets with them monthly. >> every other most r month ass. >> can say the person that went last year she still grows from that trip and you don't have to speak. >> oh, (laughter) now a big smile i see that. >> the latest to see you
6:55 pm
getting all the results and powerfully things being so our lives got some skype scholarship. >> how the kids apply for next year although write a essay and after that a ranging system their parents have been heavily involved with if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer thems and 8 week mandated you have to be at unless is an emergency and participate to go on this trip. >> so jay jay you'll know what i'm going to say it is going to be good so heelers the thing i
6:56 pm
think where why you are so important to me right now i see personally you remind me that one person that cares and know what they're trying to do the world could do something mind blowing all things you had to ocher come to make that possible and keep with that with everything going on mike hale you were here last summer and seen public comment where emotions are high a way to come together don't have to agree but see each other and have an experience that changes us so you know people will say to us no one program is the answer i agree but this program is an example to us and dr. joe said that best you guys with lit if
6:57 pm
inside a light that is shining the world needs to who much is given if you feel lucky who much is given much it expected i hope you'll go everywhere and take 9 mike and do what you did together thanks (clapping.) >> we're not letting you off the hook yet. >> we want to thank officer johnson and lieutenant danger field you guys are necessary and looking at the kids looking at those young men and women off to college that are influenced by great police officers he ask the community we think of the san
6:58 pm
francisco police department think of what you saw here tonight and not not just the one idiot text merge that's not the san francisco police department this is the san francisco police department i thank you. >> it's about the kids guys that's correct jay jay good night you guys are awful we changed information with scotland yard and the metropolitan police with regards to deesclation, technology, fraud their heavily involved in getting a new frieblg in crime and ids and things like that and
6:59 pm
property crime is up in san francisco and from my last piece an update without going on into it the text message that were redeveloped from last year this commission is aware of the charges have been filed here since the fall of last year from the investigation that started in early august into assault of on officer that ended up result in his arrest and charging by the district attorney's office on march 23 with with two misdemeanors of multiplication use of confidential dmv information without going into the data at the least the brady notifications were made from our office on brady that let them know the testimony that could be
7:00 pm
involved once on october 16th and january 2016 and all the information was provided to the da and has been in that office since january as they reached their charging decision on march 23. >> you can't make sudden outbursts railroad i want to ask deputy chief chaplain to make a review of the status in his bureau organization and chief can i ask i'm getting a lot of questions about people the ranker back and forth between you and the da i saw the letter to acid and talk about the ownerships is it getting better i'm hearing from folks the disappointing to see the administration of justice happening this way.
7:01 pm
>> i apologize at least for my part in the before and after i was surprised by the letter from the district attorney i felt that was important to clarify the record because i think the public is rightfully concerned about things like criminal conduct an the part of an officer's and text message i'm still not- i can't say the district attorney himself knew only the people below us were making the innovations again, i apologize a back and forth it is critical our officers work together i think they do and do well but i apologize for the unseeminglyness of mraefrt we meet a meeting schedule for this month and hopefully get to this.
7:02 pm
>> chief chaplain welcome. >> good evening director and chief i'll be brief we have a big agenda i'll start with the cops dof's they were completed workplace the communities and taken the recommendations and forwarded them to the cops office one of the things we want to smoolth out the ride along when they ride along with the officers in a week or two we'll have the smooth - they can show up and get a ride along and attending more line-ups this is to the captains to facilitated the viewing of the line-ups so see the marching order of the
7:03 pm
officers and link of the doj so those who are interested in following go to our website and link to the department of justice next the goals and oufshz this is currently to the dof's the team will be here to meet with the department anticipating on the draft goals and objectives they know about the issues with the community not having listening sessions i don't know they'll do telephone surveys when we return, we'll have a better understanding of more listening session the communities upset they didn't have sessions the community once that is done a work plan development begins and that's basically them sitting down and
7:04 pm
determining what we need to do based on the listening and feedback from the communities and after that we'll finalize the recommendations and a memoranda of agreement is drafted that is douftd by the sfpd that is way down the road they'll hit the ground running and that's when the program ramps up the staffing for the professional standards and principle policing bureau we've got our captain jack hearst i'm sorry standing to my left we now have lieutenant jennifer and looking to add two sergeants as well as a civilian to staff out the in any bureau and i want to go over the changes hearing some of the things behind me a lot of people
7:05 pm
don't realize those definition are the wks and pushed out to the rank and file the ranges and file are douptd this we have suggestions coming in the bureau all the time hallway the police department can do better deescalation one of the caps has a memo to track you how many times we deescalate situation especially the ones that turn into an unlawful situation that is being reviewed i mean it is a lot of great suggestions but some of the changes before mentioned the collaborative reform the procedure are developed by he did academies we're replicating the oakland model that teaches grace and trust and respect think january 12, 2016, we have members that attended the course
7:06 pm
by the police department the department has said some of the same members should be trained we plan on sending the rest to the course as it is available it is a popular course and had to have space while it is widely popular so spots in the bay area the members will be responsible for the training i'm sorry begin to train the entire department on purely justice which according to the deputy chief is the portion of the department trained by the end of the year with the priority as far as the training their outburst they're making contacts and the department of justice to offer training to the department so the review of so they are
7:07 pm
bringing training to san francisco and captain will facilitate that so they'll be a procedural justice course taught by us but one brought in by the doj and have made it easier to narrative the website to find out facts and part of the presidents open initiated we've got the scorn demographics on the website by ethnicity and the officer-involved shooting we've placed that with the officers what happened and that enconsumers 2009 to 2015 some of the units from the cit training we've completed 3 cit classes for 2016 and schedule 7 to 10 more for the year and with that, wife managed a number of cit classes 2, 3, 4 the first 3
7:08 pm
months the training coordinator sending dispatched personnel as well as in their participation is virtually they're the front line one of the things that came out in cleveland, ohio the dispatcher had a lot of information didn't pass it on to the officers this training will fix we'll have the defense for somewhere based training to make sure cit didn't contradict any use of force policy or training techniques moving down to the things in place some of them may seem that is all by huge like intuition e transitioning we had an officer-involved shooting because of a person took officers firearm out of his
7:09 pm
holster we transitioned to a better holster the results are tremendous the passenger seat of a firearm is a reportable use of force i say that i was on a radio talk show down in la that linked to baltimore and cleveland, ohio the cleveland said based on san francisco policy of making a firearm a reportable use of force their adopting it is more evidence that you know all eyes on san francisco police department reengineering the use of force there's a new bio unanimous use of force training the pistol certification the police officers the targets are not tushdz at the same time this
7:10 pm
requires the officers to see before firing at the threat it will be instead of in a laifshgd to used for treat and threat training done by jungle and early july and completion the qualifications will be modified that officers require no more than 2 shots from each phase of fire someone spoke you don't why not fire a couple of shots that is possible when the situation permits we're training the officers to do fire house fire two shots and see from the threat is over. >> as of february 2016 members are required to take 4 hours of classroom scenario practical training at the police officer range and take classroom for the other half talks about deesclation and time and
7:11 pm
distance supported by the doj the classroom address responding to people in crisis and force options and sanctity of life and passenger seat firearms and time and distance and slowing down incidents when possible and a last thing i'll cover our recruiting effort we're going to african-american colleges and advertised in black magazines and hiring at the campuses i won't go over the nape feel colleges that's the update questions commissioners. >> yes. commissioner dejesus. >> i have questions for the chief. >> oh, okay. you can do that now. >> stay up here. >> i want to complete your report. >> we'll go over the reports
7:12 pm
we have more for my report. >> right i wanted to finish and go back to the brady notification. >> oh, okay. so nothing on this particular reports i'm sorry, i misunderstood. >> commissioner vice president turman. >> sorry. >> thank you question for the deputy chief when there the procedural justice training begin do we know exactly the hours the police department. >> we're working on securing a space wear looking for the venue we have a lot of classes the academy is packed we're looking for a space the doj shot us dates they're looking at don't go it i believe it is august. >> okay. so. >> ours will be coordinated with the won their offering it will be one training by both departments; correct? >> correct with the ultimate
7:13 pm
goal our people attending the training to bring this to san francisco so we don't have to cross the bridge to oakland to get the training. >> at the end of the year how many members will meet that program. >> the majority will be through the end of year i don't have those figures. >> dr. marshall. >> you know deputy chief chaplain it is nice to hear as question move forward and make as much process and quibble as we can before you are use of force it would be nice a city last week cleveland has picked up on you know some of the things we're doing already and for me because of the work i do all the time i'm talking to love folks around the country and the
7:14 pm
police commission their ask me what you are doing what are you doing they can about the terrible imagination i know the judge in cleveland you were on talking about our progress report chief you know it is really nice to hear anything we do folks can help the situation and our goal to craft policies that will be the best in the nation it is nice to hear early on it is wonderful to hear. >> so chief chaplain i'm a fan of the training for everyone that is watching and following this you talked about trusted and neutrality and voice and respect this procedural justice train is into xhaevengz at yale
7:15 pm
and tracey that studied why does someone taunt the cops the raven shows factors that more voluntarily to comply if they're treated with respect they feel like the person they're talking to a neutral people are speeding so a basis and it is explained and the person's is more likely to trust trust the office regardless if you arresting me or not i'm more likely to come flipper treated with respect and dignity that is a goal of the police officers but in this train what i've seen officers recognize that is tough but many ways ankle that captain hart and academy but looking at it is in a different way that gives the
7:16 pm
officers in an interaction to have tools many have anyway but pressures for for those of you who don't know that might not a chance to make the day less stressfully and someone feels you were doing your job this training and watching and paying attention we heard from a lot of people in public comment and i'm hearing around san francisco an idea nothing that happening not everybody watches us on wednesday nights on channel 26 i hope we process and chief love to hear our ideas with the progress that is made the reportable use of force when the poa training i think that is important to let's the public i think enough people there is an american peop
7:17 pm
associated press it's to make sure that people that are watching across the country and can evaluate they are innovate left with the ideas - there's a sheet a 21st century policing and we do have the sheet done just going through the process 40 phase you'll have the sheet see what guess done we agree with and what we disagree needs to be done and as far as this sxhufrz that is huge i'll say 24 we heard behind me about transparency and transparency is something as simple when you pull someone over tell them why
7:18 pm
that's part of procedure of justice that's a huge piece so many of the conflicts start with the one go basic thing why and explain it to people it goes to the that point of firearm explaining after things are should hopefully everyone satisfaction why you pointed a firearm and necessary to do so frankly, if you can't explain you shouldn't have done it. >> thank you, chief chaplain and folks that are following the website chief referring to the 6 page memo sent to the may you'll update us on the process. >> i need to introduce our new captain jack and need to introduce to the commission he will be joining me for
7:19 pm
presentations. >> great well, captain jack hart nice to see you no out boosters everyone gets two minutes go ahead captain i'm jack hart honored to present with the. >> ma'am, if you have outbursts i'll have to ask to you leave but you don't get to make outbursts not fair to the speaker i'm going to ask you to comply and in public comment you'll get our time. >> captain good evening. >> i want to tell you about the principle policing bureau and what we stand for and what we hope to accomplish moving forward i it out i'll be able to tell you with a story author barry swat's in a book called practical wisdom the confidence if our institutions are federal and local we can't trust our
7:20 pm
teachers and banks have been passing rules and incentives to we have the detailed rules like no child left behind and banker and justices mandatory justice laws 83 we feel barry swakts felt we needed something else a concept called practical wisdom this is something aristotle talked about we're going to be teaching to the police officers and we're going go to tell you what that is about what aristotle said we want people to x - we're going to be teaching the moral skill and moral will our police officers need the moral skill and brapz pa is required and the moral will to
7:21 pm
make sure they have the courage to follow through in order to explain i'll tell you about john who is here and ref from you a commission certifies of merit pause the actions he takes on a daily basis annual be typical bravery that law enforcement is known for but the cabinet courage everyday and traeshg at this time, members of the public may address the commission on matters not on today's calendar. talks about about the goodwill cop and effective and rightful policing policing cannot be measured in things we're doing lawfully are effectively but whether the community building they feel replaced and esteemed and trust in what pillows is doing and office john is the good cop in 2013 a plain clothes officers and recognized by you by the police achieve a article
7:22 pm
talking about the work he did in esteeming and respectfully gang members they were masterful 2, 3, 4 doing his job in law enforcement he spoke and give them gave them a voice and asked them what they needed and followed through by getting them jobs and by getting a lot of people out of that life today officer casket is so i understand with working with the homeless and alerted to a blue cross between decision and 16th street an ongoing problem with the neighborhood and people e folks were fed up with the gang armed with the resource sheet he did something different owe listened to them and say people that choose choose to live on the streets he
7:23 pm
the spaca i'm happy to help them get on their way he brought community members together and met with an of the residents as a cit trained member and a blue courage think principle officer kathy decirculated the situation he listened to him and through the establishment of trust kathy listened officer kathy with the life coach instead of showing him how to be run off we police officers with tents city he listened to the long term goals and officer kathy is the personal coach we have nothing but officer kathy gives him me hope keeps me out of the abyss we forgotten and the hopeless the dignity and hope officer
7:24 pm
casket said thanks sfpd forgive me the courage to do something so to the highest principles of policing fewer community building and problem solving and compassion eave deemed over the past few years officer john skaeth your award this honor this day wednesday, april 6, 2016, (clapping.) not so fast (laughter) we need to hear from you even briefing. >> i wanted to say soon commissioners and hopefully soon under chief chaplain and you and the cops office and everyone else that will not be speaking special what officer kathy does is something we'll be.
7:25 pm
>> thank you, captain i think this is what i do but please. i want to thank lieutenant melena in the gang commission he served he tell me after one stop john never o not all contacts have to be a police contract contact we started getting gang members jobs and lieutenant hart's class tests lieutenant of blue courage and i thank the chief paul medina and people don't realize part of the mission statement to believe the sanctity of life and part of rules of conduct you know we're sponsored to show contraction people think of policing and arrest people you can't let a
7:26 pm
person sits anlsz that sidewalk and die slowing each of the elements but have 9 time to engage with them the gentleman talking about perry is hooked up with a small paper and going to be giving his satire from the streets and have a voice so far the other homeless people. >> keep up the good work officer. >> okay. >> off i'll add that next week we're sending an officer to new york there is 50 police units getting together to arrive and tactics and deesclation and proportionally that didn't exist but when it first came out here for us we've now been doing that training we're one of the
7:27 pm
departments going back to talk about the training and borrow from the other 409 departments so we can change our training for the best practices training prior to the beginning of 2016 it doesn't exist. >> our. >> sorry commissioner wong has a question and i sat that florida i'm optimistic about this request the leadership of chief chaplain and executive officer and all the folks that commended the piece that schoz and i wrote was a level of optimism that the department is doing something right for the public we can't say don't do this this not enough but point in the right direction the
7:28 pm
department is doing radical connecting stuff we need to push for the positive things i think this imply courage and the increasing of the cit and the changes those are the good things the department is doing i'll ask folks you're saying don't do this but a community push for the right direction all the stuff the department is not getting credit for . >> well said commissioner next item please. >> per commission resolution 14 dash. >> go ahead chief we're not at public comment all resolution 14 plus save streets commander maddox is here. >> well commander colleagues you recall was it december of 2013 when we have we have the 78
7:29 pm
or 7 or 8 naltdz fatalities. >> a timely girl was killed. >> a young girl killed own december 31st walking in the tenderloin but 7 people that died on the street at that time, a growing recognition more cars and beeblgz and vision zero we have a hearing at city hall the activism clear an engineering and education components but an enforcement component but enforcing the traffic law and increase the citations this is one of the areas we keep an eye on while everything else is happening and walk sf from the bicycle coalition this is one of the areas we can proliferates fatalities through effective
7:30 pm
enforcement one of the most important thing i know we have a robust agenda commander thank you for being here we require a quarterly report on enforcement. >> once we're getting ready with the power point presentation we'll be presenting the last two quarter for scheduling reasons we didn't get on the calendar i have the last 6 months of data. >> going forward thanks commissioner president loftus we've scheduled a may meeting to shear this information with that, jack - >> can we bring up the power point presentation great. >> a little bit of technical difficulties it should fill the whole screen again in 2014 we agreed again under transparency public school we will provide the data in our role as part of
7:31 pm
our role in achieving vision zero so under safe streets for all the campaign we committed to increasing our enforcement and this page is relatively self-explanatory you are goals - our citywide goals under vision zero get to zero traffic fatalities in 2024 in 2015 is he saw the same numbers fortunately but we have seen a huge increase in different modes of traveling around the city a lot more booikz and people walking and taking public transportation so san francisco police department has really increased their
7:32 pm
enforcement our role is education and we committed to focusing on the 5 primary factors that we're responsible for people crashing into one another and to repeat speed, running red lights, stop signs, failing to yield to pedestrians and failing to yes, we do on turns moving o moving on the vision zero partners is everyone the board of supervisors, the mayor the department of public works, mta, the district i wort with mta and the department of health and we all are attempting to chief one uniform set of data to provide to people that is a sprinkler for our department since 2014 to get building or account for all the data in the end of 2013 we began a representative method of
7:33 pm
collecting data and 2014 went to a third party to create collision data and did initiative things and accurate data as again as question move into 2016 the data blackberry more and more accurate so slide 3 - okay. he talked about the 5 collision factors and i lists them already and what we're doing we do tail enforcement through traffic and citywide enforcement but each police district this is a monthly traffic enforcement they focus on the top clinician factors and intersections as well apparently also, we focus on the enforcement based on the data getting better and better we're not anti at there randomly we focus on the high injury
7:34 pm
network collision corridors and the inspectors where the most collisions are occurring from july to december as you can see 10 enrollments around excuse me - let me back up our target population are the young children and the elderly slide later on that listed the amble demographics of who is unfortunately killed the collisions so again, we focused on 10 leverages and 6 middle schools and high schools a few of the names are we everett low and lincoln and golden gate park glen park and alice we focused citywide and many of the schools participated in the crossing guard program as well.
7:35 pm
>> talk about the according fwaurd. >> good memory thank you for your your continues service. >> moving on optimistically pedestrian yield operations every began and 10 district are focusing on the pedestrian obviously cars do more damage than the other modes of transportation you'll see a slide latent finger print showing the breakdown of collisions we're strengthening our relationship we don't have a good relationship as with the chp as of day the most important arenas we're take into account duis and speed with the partnering of dbi we'll receive a grants that has purchased lighter guns to get more
7:36 pm
officers shooting radar and more funding to focus on speeding vehicles. >> is everyone listening they'll will have more radar operations from the last 6 months 9 dui saturation practicals with 200 plus arrests they tell us the traffic citywide 5 hundred and 16 dui arrests the locations were selected due to the number of alcohol or dein the parts this is a conceives not randomly out there choosing we're take into account specific locations again move on down pedestrian and bicycle the district stations along with the traffic companies focusing on citywide we did that we issued telephone hiss hundreds relate
7:37 pm
to pedestrians and bicycle twelve hundred plus certification to cars and 18 to pedestrians and again remember our role not just enforcement but education that's the next session talks about so many things and quite a range of what we did we pass outs literature from the officer of traffic safety regarding the black history month and pedestrian safety we're going to schools and senior centers the one funny thing in november we went to a morning radio show you show and had a good following at is traffic ticket officers monday afternoon the hosts as they drank alcohol throughout the 4 hour seethe they promoted the alter months of transportation
7:38 pm
and monitored the blood alcohol. >> i'm getting a funny look. >> what was their blood-alcohol level. >> they were not passing out. >> and certainly didn't drive at the end of the show. >> i'm glad to hear that. >> slide 5 thanks okay partnerships and networking i'll tell you i haven't partnered with so many of the agencies weekly i meet that the department of public health and under the umbrella of shared goal of vision zero when i spoke about the increasing modes of alternatively transportation it is growing we have so many bike sharing programs that is amazing
7:39 pm
the increase in numbers and alternatives twrapgs i think that meet be through reengineering the streets and making that less friendly to drive around the city people are encouraged to drive other modes let's move on to the next slide here we go with our first data set you know it is pretty good news in 2013 third quarter there were 3 stations and a traffic company above the 50 percent our goal remember is reaching 50 percent of citations to be focusing on the top 5 collision factors eave mentioned already and the third quarter the fourth quarter traffic enforcement special assignments and traffic enforcements and parades and demonstration other things that officers are detailed out trags again, our numbers drop off but still first station managed to
7:40 pm
hover above 44 percent and the traffic company was above 50 percent can you name those stations for everyone that is watching it's not clear northern station 44 percent last year a quarter and the traffic company had 62 percent the third and richmond had 48 and efrng side cartel e very well and a traffic company. >> commander it was around 24 percent. >> or 16 percent hates that's a massive shift and the slide will show later. >> in light of 2014 the largest number of certifications we've drooefd and wrote a number
7:41 pm
of citations. >> okay. this can't say read it from here sorry this shows - a total of 13 thousand plus folks with violations comparing we're up 78 pece>> what slide with reon? 7 okay. the focus on the relinquishment and federal and local to yield with turns we're up 62 between 14 and 15 as you can see the percentage breakdown the lowest column row rather we're up in every category so again, the district captains are focusing on the things that maidz make people crash and if you can't say read the screen i'm sorry, i know had this is
7:42 pm
available on the website >> we have coops here for people to see mode size in slide 8, of course, we cite the most amount of citations to vehicles one plus violations were issued to cars 2 thousand plus to pedestrians and bicycle one thousand plus slide 9 again as you can see how of the officers and their focus has substantially increased between 14 and 15 two periods and 5 percent up 73 the largest being failing to yield while
7:43 pm
turning pretty devastating collision with all the efforts we see between 14 and 15 minimal change but again remember i've mentioned we've done a lot of - well the increasing modes of transportation through to the best of my knowledge and pedestrians and public transportation i believe mta had not done the changes and the comboorment we've been doing those numbers would be greater. >> not where we want to be but continue to work towards that and continue to do our role of education enforcement so 11 here's a demographic advise i told you about the breakdown in age again, we're focusing on the elderly well it's even over 6
7:44 pm
years old 16 fatalities under 60, 15 and as you can see the number the type of dedicates one driver, four bicyclists and 6 motorcyclists and 6 pedestrians 12 this is on the public health department shows where their occurring nine of the fatality collisions were on the out liars but on the high injury network as you can see numb rated by the math the red or ma run a that's
7:45 pm
it as far as second half the year presentation questions. >> what would be great i'd like to thank the partners that have been working on on this effort the leadership and walk sf and the bike coalition a collaborative process we don't all the parties don't agree it didn't mean you wave you're right to have an issue but work collaboratively to make that better and results here nicole and janice from the bicyclist coalition i know we have folks that want to give me public comment this is after the last item anyone from walk sf or the bicycle coalition we invite them to participate and pride a brief statement. >> i feel remiss i didn't call them out great partners i gave
7:46 pm
them a picture on slide 4 come on up. >> good evening, commissioners i can't tell if so evening i'm kathy with san francisco small business commission and so for the most part i'm here to thank the police department for the focus on the numbers that is a great increase under 20 percent we saw the last quarter the 40 percent citywide we're excited about that it is needed right now this year we're having record fatalities to date with calendar year this enforcement parents that is going to save lives we love to see there are certain stations downtown stations especially who focus on the 5 percentage are lower the teens and those areas are really those
7:47 pm
neighborhoods are high injury corridors with focused like the tenderloin and chinatown and soma we want to see tenderloin and station we're happy to work with them we're till work with captain lazarus and captain newsom and going on neighborhood walks and other community groups and actually will be going out walk sf and the coalition doing training on vision zero and the top 5 collision factors and strategic enforcements any help but, provide for the police station and officers understand vision zero and what it means and what it looks like and how to get there to statistical statement we are happy we're on board. >> thanks for your partnership. >> hello commissioners
7:48 pm
my name is janice lee the advocacy director of the bicycle coalition thanks to commissioner president loftus and champion maddox open vision zero i know two years ago chief suhr you made a commitment to report on this so we applaud this on the phone call focus on the 5 and see the significant increase with this we with that said, we know people are hit and killed on the streets while booking and walking of fatality makes me want to do my job better my first week on the job in october 2012 a gentleman was hit and skilled at the crazy street 11 by a muni bus in my first week that he was the china development center met with the
7:49 pm
family that spoke cantonese and something i carry with me everyday if i'm pushing myself to do my job is sfpd doing the same we want to make sure that sfpd is doing everything we can with the technology and everything in place to do so and get us to vision zero as i stand here urging sfpd is meet tare focus and continue daylight driven smart enforcement and lastly i know that vision zero and the leadership of the police kathy spoke to things in the outreach beyond push sfpd to focus on the 5 for example, i spoke on the vision zero committee pushing the sfmta to continue to deliver more and more projects for street safety when it comes to education we trained all the shufrlt drivers to have the people walking and
7:50 pm
booking we've continue to offer free bicycle education we are currently out the contract with the city we're actually this on our own dime to do do education we hope last week the sfpd feels the same urgency in england this and doing everything we can to get the vision zero we're not there yet but as a city that cares about people we need to get there. >> thank you janice for your partnership. >> colleagues can i add an update on the east side citations we're the only department in the country issuing advising first page a smart phone and this whole month we piloting 67 officers will go live with all the offices from the traffic company and working bugs it is
7:51 pm
exciting. >> doesn't that automate the implications of race and stops and helps us any questions. >> colleagues, any questions on vision zero for the commander. >> great i i want to give a shout out is a big deal. the chiefs to have to shift and a basis of our commander and captain silverman thank you for his leadership and captain at the terryville is the captain and another captain and captain over at traffic thank you to all the captains for meeting a goal people thought waltz ambitious >> you mean they're not watching. >> yes. they were thank you thanks commander. >> that concluded my report.
7:52 pm
>> commissioner loo's has a question and all right. i was waiting until the end i wanted to go back on the brady notification for the da issue you don't have to answer how was that provided reading the press i'm wondering do we have a continuous list is there a highlight for the new people they can see that information. >> right so the answer is a pending brady is something our brady attorney makes a phone call to their brady the president they'll be letters as appropriate feefsht and go to the list we have a brady list all the letters we've sent and the district attorney's office has that list and i'm told the da escapees an additional list.
7:53 pm
>> but i mean, they have - how do they know the new people on the list. >> brady let's them know the 832 point motion and gets assess to the file and that is provided. >> so the files with names they know. >> they know the names and call the police legal to make an appointment for files. >> one of the second things i want to talk about the text message the da made a large announcement but i'm wondering you know without dennis herreraing and - and charges
7:54 pm
have been brought up without disclosing how you got that but the letter you, you could have. >> the criminal investigation was going on and didn't come to a close until march 23 we gave the criminal case while the i a case were filed administratively in the fall of last year. >> when the charges were filed we build are made a - can we get ahead of that for what is going on with the department. >> just a suggestion something to think about talk with the city attorney but for transparency and in getting notification not only to us but the public that something we inviting might want to consider going forward. >> any further questions for
7:55 pm
the chief colleagues? okay thank you, chief sergeant, next line item. >> item 2 the occ director's report this is to allow the director to report on occ activities and make announcements. >> good evening director hicks. >> good evening commissioner fewer commissioner vice president turman and members of the audience the occ original. >> no. there's no outbursts we'll have public comment so, please hold your comments and respected the speakers thank you director hicks i'll respect the public the members of the public the occ right activities have included our participation the use of force grouping through the occ attorney sam who will give a presentation on the occ
7:56 pm
recommendations on item 3 she's also prepared a written report in that is available to the public as well as to the commission additionally yesterday he participated in a national socialization for law enforcement webinar that was for the purpose of describing two agencies how their police department could be involved in the police data initiative that deputy chief deputy chief chaplain talked about earlier this evening and some interesting data that some police departments have included have been about mediation as well as about civilian complaints in addition to the data that the san
7:57 pm
francisco police department is providing but what's significant is that thus far only had 2 law enforcement agencies are participate in this data initiative and the san francisco police department is the forefront of that. >> for you're next regular meeting or can be next week while provides the occ march statistical report tomorrow the fat association forcy and oversight law enforcement is hosting a one-day seminar on how to investigate racial profiling complaints and to gather data regarding those types of investigations and several occ
7:58 pm
investigators and attorneys will attend this training next week i will again meet with a representative from cops and finally under the city administrative code the city department heads are preexcluded from taking positions on harvey milk club, however, the depended heads can provide information to the city, state legislation committee in support of or other positions on a particular bill i have provided and written report to the city, state, legislation committee under senate bill leno for the purpose to provide transparency and pillow disciplinary matters civilian
7:59 pm
containments and administrative hearings and then that concluded my report. >> thank you director hicks colleagues, any questions for director hicks no okay. thank you director hicks. >> you're welcome and sergeant, next item. >> commissioner reports and wanting report and commissioner report. >> colleagues, any reports tonight? no okay sergeant, next item. >> item two commissions announcement and items for consideration at future commission meetings action. >> so colleagues i'm going to reserve the right to come back based on the use of force very with a couple community meetings planned to get input on the draft you under surveillance but new information we've not gotten the recommendations so we'll come back we'll need to make changes i think this is
8:00 pm
premature until a discussion but i'll flag that any other items we need to discuss for scheduling commissioner wong i know we have a busy agenda by calendar a followup on the redistricting of stations and see how we are doing. >> yes. absolutely when was the 6 moss month mark are we there yet. >> thank you, commissioner i'm hearing the simple request okay. commissioner. >> i want to ask when we review the k go about social media and what day do we have a date. >> i'm going to deter to the department i provided the draft to them. >> maybe we can schedule that next week for a meeting in may.
8:01 pm
>> okay and commissioner dejesus. >> so one of the things i want to talk about scheduling like the use of force it will come back on when it comes back back i ask we put that first or first so the community didn't have to sitter through the complete agenda to get to the points they come out so for the further put that first and handling that. >> the item that we think most of public is here for . >> correct. >> we can be flexible there are rules we follow but your point well-taken and as question look at the agendas we'll have at case by case analysis anything else from any other colleagues sergeant, next item. >> no now you've been patient time for matters through 2a tough d
8:02 pm
you're welcome to come up anything we discussed from 2a to d. >> yeah. no. this was everybody every everything it start with the chief and talked about the mayor and director hicks everything we've talked about public comment on that come on up don't be shy. >> >> good evening and welcome. >> thank you so i'm jimmy go in noah valley this in san francisco for 17 years i'm an entrepreneur and have children 8 and 5 and been biking i've been doing this the process is great the city and going on protected bike lanes in contrast overseeing protected bike lanes it is almost every block you have to put i pull out around a
8:03 pm
taxicab or truck many places 10 to 20 feats from a loading zone and a driveway bicycles and cars they cause chaos on the streets that is dangerous and the police and mta i've innovate heard of anyone get getting a technicality for double parking i know there is 4 but deals with something else endespairing people and reduces the impact of bicycle lane that's one matter and shocked that one police district or station could have nearly 4 times the rate of focus on the 5 as another and have that be somewhat consistent it makes me wonder is it really the enthusiasm of the individual
8:04 pm
captain that is leading them to you know to do this or like really firm incentives and consequence from the commander they're not xov. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening and welcome. >> >> hi, thank you so i bike the city everyday and first of all, want to say thank you to everyone for the efforts going into vision zero and focus on the 5 at the same time, i think that there is a lot of room to do more i second the previous comment about cars parking in bike lanes that is one of the most common places to me one of the most dangerous thing last week he watched as a car parked into a bicycle parking space and the police came and this was
8:05 pm
preventable when we don't have protected bike plains or lanes we don't need warning and in the long-term we need physically protected bike lanes the corridor and it has been in the works and a lot of progress made but i believe it can and needs to happen more quickly thank you but let's do more please further public comment on items 2a there d. >> >> good evening and welcome. >> good evening i'm a member of the community native san franciscan a stark craft that people come up and talk about bike lanes when other members are concerned of the safety at the hands of the police department and not enough you fired them it is enough you
8:06 pm
reform your police department you step down as chief of police i'm a taxpayer and we're tired of this we're tired of everyday we get up and the people that are supposed to serve and protect us and sending text message and it is time to create true police reform people can kill people are tasers but introducing try please reform that goes to the core at the sfpd and that's what i ask i want you to hear it and the head of the poa to here how far hear it your your like e.r. like the clan i'm a third-generation i come from a family of sfpd and don't feel safe at the hands of the stewardship it is time for the chief to step down and sxheven reform of stewardship no more
8:07 pm
gang in blue we're dysfunction we're all tired of it (clapping.) thank you. next speaker. is there any additional public comment on these items. >> >> good evening and welcome. >> >> hi good evening my name is mary cia he live in the tenderloin and he bike everyday bike rider i live in one of the more dangerous sections why things happen on the corner with the neighbor i ask you to use all the resources to focus on the 5 rather than kind of targeting the vulnerable users i mean pedestrians and cyclists we can do more to make the streets satisfactory more, more community members he encourage this commission to continue to do that thank you very much. >> further public comment?
8:08 pm
>> good evening and welcome. >> hello. thank you i came here with a kind of a speech prepared of improvement of cars stopping the stop signs we want to offer a picture of my daughter i don't know if you can although intro it up there she's 2 years old i walk to school everyday and concerned about the timely respect for motorists but after hearing the comments from the public i'm concerned about the lack of respect the police department there's a respect deficit and it is easy to understand why and so i wanted to let you know those of us the safe street and safe communities we're participation to the violation that is effects on those of us at the hands of the pollens that is a whole picture together and
8:09 pm
we're paying attention to this and i think we can stand together on that (clapping.) thank you. >> any further public comment? >> good evening and welcome. >> good evening. i'm max a native san franciscan this is ridiculous what is goopg right now with the sfpd i i mean it is news all over the nation everybody is talking about that you know and to get to the root of the problem it is obvious that the hiring standard are way don't allow way too although it is a fact that people who have higher i q's and college degrees where leg likely to be bigoted and ultimate make better decisions
8:10 pm
the standards to become an sfpd are ridiculous you know this police officers are not to protect and serve me i don't - to require higher i q's la jolla people become cops they're not qualified to find a job for the benefits that's why they become cops because of the good paying job and those people ca that can't a job that peace better this is for the money and benefits not a because they want to protect and serve the community not qualified to protect and serve our community agency evidenced when are you
8:11 pm
guys going to do something drastically to make change to show you guess we can trust the police department you have our best interests at heart instead of protecting one another the sanctity of the color imply it is ridiculous this is like a joke like a parody you know. >> thank you thank you max. >> next speaker. >> (clapping.) again from the foundation to second ma young we have officer joe who killed a 15 black san franciscan he is not working for the mission be precinct chief stop hiring known killers how
8:12 pm
simple will be officer moore's is one of the killers is now living in the district where i live and work in bayview i am not safe none of us are safe with killers the bayview stop lateral hiring and hiring killers thank you. >> any further public comment on items a-2 through 4 come on up. >> good evening and welcome. >> thank you. please if anything mire informal attire. >> got it you my name is mark sullivan i live in the mission and i'd like to thank the commission and the mr. benioff's for taking their steps towards the vision zero and this is an improvement we need more improvement along with the big 5 i'd like to echo the issue of the bike lanes
8:13 pm
we have unprotected bike lanes vulnerable bike lanes with vulnerable people used inform taxis and loading of trucks without those without that space the cyclists must merge into the flow of traffic that is a challenge for the cars not paying attention thank you, thank you maybe commander maddox can follow-up on the parking issue. >> good evening and welcome. >> i'm a residence of the mission district in san francisco work for the city and county of san francisco i ride my bike to work everyday and also attended the federal investigation of the alex situation recently and with my husband and i know grew up in a privileged environment and have
8:14 pm
a police officer in my family and relied on the police force as a steward of community and public safety that was heartbreaking at federal courthouse and stand in sloerld with folks i came to speak about biking and vision zero and i would like to urge the force and the commission to see that smart enforcement continues and that citations are continued to be promoter to the amount of danger represented by the modes of transit and also want to add may voice as someone watching the sfpd and i know heartened to hear about the efforts but i'm concerned thank you. >> (clapping.)
8:15 pm
further public comment on items ms. brown well, welcome. >> i was bringing up i if get to finish what i was saying about the unsolved homicides they have been several unsolved homicides in san francisco over the years since my son was murdered my sons case is not solved we want to bring lossness of hiring the retired police officers to investigate those cases so mothers like myself can heal he was told they would get retired police officers and people to come back not police officers but the homicide inspectors to come back and look at the investigation on the unsolved case we need that to happen sooerntd like yesterday
8:16 pm
so those unsolved homicides including my sons homicide which will be 10 years august 14th he was sisters and nephews and nieces that miss him his birthday is today and it is not easy for me i also stand for other mothers but when this comes to myself it is hard and it is easy for other mothers about when it comes to myself it is hard in doesn't matter where the bullet comes from the pain is still the same. >> thank you ms. brown (clapping.) any further public comment. >> good evening mrs. scott welcome. >> i'm maggie scott i'm the
8:17 pm
executive director for human and mothers in charge i want to say i've heard good news and bad news we're trying to move forward and it is hard we are going to agree and disagree i travel all over the country and see things not in place people don't get and they don't get in other places we're not perfect but all can citi looked at everyone i love each and every one of you my heart is ac for ms. woods i lost my son to gun violence we want justice for everybody and able to have our children to come home at the same time but our officers to get home safe and work with the officers of justice and other
8:18 pm
folks the community with the gun buy back in the 16 we hope you come and 200 and 46 guns off the streets and it is good to hear those young people go to africa with the police department we need more yes, we want many woods to be heard he hear you paulette brown and this is about to be implemented a new program we're moving forward and hang onto each other with positive energy and replacement for one another and making that happen he know we can do it we're in it to win that i'll stand until we have justice and the police department our children what look at i wanted to grow up and be a police officer of firefighter. >> thank you, ms. scott.
8:19 pm
>> any further public comment hearing off i'm sorry sir, i jumped uptake our time welcome. >> good evening i go representing san francisco a son of san francisco been here quite a few times when is enough is enough for you guys you know enough is enough for us and i'm clear that me and my friends and came radicals will organ until we're gone to take you guys down doing everything we can until you guys are accounted for what is going on roger and the facebook until you can face your employees and take them down and tell him he's wrong you gentlemen that is not
8:20 pm
enough we need more out of all of you we're going go to do all we can we are studying the policies and doing everything we can but we need something some show accountability on what is going on that is our future and kids and san francisco we'll denmark to take it back we're not going no where you are hiding mayor ed lee we'll shut him as soon as he shows his face you guys are civil grand jury for things against the homeless and the gentrification and the ethnic studies for the kids everybody everything in san francisco you working hard to use your voice it is simple very simple so hopefully, we e reach
8:21 pm
you and you guys are power your voices matters but we'll keep bring the people i hope you understand that so - >> (clapping). >> any furthers public comment? hearing none, public comment is closed. sergeant, next item. >> item 3 update and the use of force draft policy discussion. >> so colleagues, we're on for tonight for an update with the use of force policy the department i believe had the presentation chief chaplain this will orient everyone where we started from an december 9th and wherewith we are today and the number of stakeholders meeting he know people that participated in the working group chief chaplain with talk about that i
8:22 pm
want to say that everyone on the working group asked for more time to share your positions and i said i will limit everyone to public comment everyone has waited so long and spent hours each group recommended in the stakeholders you'll have 5 minutes after excessive of chief captain listen we want to hear from everyone and members of the public watching from home all the documents are on the website i need to give credible thank you to kilshaw we have a tiny staff and the level of effort for make sure those documents are organized for the commission is stwreerld thank you and their on the website you can follow along and assure you can't say everything you want to say in 5 minutes but we'll have 3 we'll have two more community meetings
8:23 pm
and more opportunities to discuss but the gel to on the us what is the status of policy and want to hear from the varies stakeholders a discussion not an action item so we're still the process of deliberating and discussing you can follow along you'll have everything we have in you go on the website. >> deputy chief. >> as the commissioner said this is will an overview of the process how it started and what happened and where we are right now with that, i'll get started open december 9th the commission 2015 a commission meeting was held commissioner president loftus directed the department to draft an update of use of force policy to present to the commission in february of 2016 the request they requested the
8:24 pm
police executive provide technical assistance for the draft of use of force and create a use of force on the web page and all the relevance use of force documents. >> january 6th are of 2016 commissioner suzy loftus attend a series of meetings for the communities to obtain the recommendations for that the draft use of force and to come apply with the mayor's policies and training relays by february 15th jam 12 and 13 commission and occ office of citizens complaints attends the first engineering and training on police ucsf in washington, d.c. and members of the department attended a series of meetings where the public
8:25 pm
provide comments and the use of force policy and the dates are listed january 21st of this year held and the third baptists and january the bayview at the ymca, january 27th at nations high school and the last one on the 27 in the tenderloin at bodecker park. >> those are the moving and the third baptist b mask and those forums were lead by young people from the community safety for the conversation thank you. >> february 3rd of 2016 the commission chief suhr requested the department be allowed to draft the use of force policy after meeting with the cops office on february 9th of 2016. >> february 10th commission
8:26 pm
meeting the sfpd presented 4 separate draft policies that covered the department all drafts and covered the general order use of force, 4.0 one use of force reporting and 2 fiefrmz and lethal force and a special operation for the energy or c e d the commissioner president loftus announced a working group to provide the recommendations on the draft use of force policies february 10th this year commission merging continues commissioner president loftus announced the process for the completion of the use of force policy and stakeholders recommendations and draft use of policies to be sent to doj has been done the department of justice to provide draft recommendations and asked for
8:27 pm
two additional weeks we spoke about to host two commission meetings for public comment on the draft use of force and this is earlier to mid-april of this month the commission to hold a meeting at city hall to talk about the use of force policies that will be early may and to hold a meeting on city hall whether not for the meeting and confer mid may february 17th chief suhr announced the deputy chief chaplain the achieve the industries and birthday the stakeholders working group along with d.c. i've done and captain "'question: presented on use of force fannie training for all members of the department and february 23, 2016, the stakeholders group met for one meeting and provided verbal
8:28 pm
recommendations to the four use of force they were unanimous to talk about at drafted policies that was granted the stakeholders working group included represents from the san francisco police department office of citizens complaints, the public defender's office, the district attorney's office, and they deferred instead of sent sent the blue ribbon panel the san francisco bar association the aclu and the department human services and crisis intervention team and coalition on homeless, human right and officer for justice and national latinos peace officers association and aging peace officer and the peace officers association and those were 18 members he know most of them i work on various
8:29 pm
committees and those were the best of best to represent their respect groups with respect to the ellis the department sent the draft use of force to at the direction of the commissioner president loftus and asked spur to provide recommendations on the draft policies retired philadelphia police department commissioner and co-chair the task force on 21st century mrool charles ramsey assistants bernard and personnel for captains and lieutenants and firearm instructors use of force 40 guiding promises for taking the police to a higher standard as a result of stakeholder request the department and commission agreed to hold two additional meetings from march
8:30 pm
2016 for the body worn camera policy throughout the policy areas of agreement and stakeholders certificate of occupancy repetitive consensus but areas where consensus was not reached march 21 the department present updated draft policies to commissioner president loftus after the completion of the 3 stakeholder michael's and commissioner president loftus september to the doj with the written recommends and department where consensus was not researched april 4th the doj contacted the commission and asked for time regarding the san francisco police department use of force policies that concludes my presentation. and at this point we'll take any
8:31 pm
questions. >> yeah. i think or want to hear from everyone or befsh by one meeting everyone gave in their feedback and a total of 3 meetings he, he have been told i wasn't at the meeting you limited the issues from 65 to 10 is that accurate that the progress. >> there were 65 comments not all bystander bad acknowledge comments from the stakeholders down to 24 comments non-consensus we identified 10 that were sticking points are their probably 14 issues that maishtd be able to we may not reach a consensus but down to 10 major issues but 24 totaled where we identified them as
8:32 pm
nonconsensus ordinances by significantly lower and the dynamics in the room was great the aclu and the president of the president - it was a good dynamic as a 27 year veteran i never it out i'd see those folks in the same room working together. >> it is remarkable to see commissioner vice president turman. >> on the 14 items was there a process to go forward to two of the meetings or coming to us. >> a total of 24 but 14 in may that maybe workable that ultimately will be up to the groups the president and oh, so is idea is to you remember our
8:33 pm
divisors not everyone agree but have a good discussion and whether the disagreement comes to us a more narrow group of body worn cameras we have had been in collaboration with the doj the next step commissioner vice president turman always you know is will go to doj for them to weigh in and come back to us to bring to the community and ultimately decide we'll have to make decisions on those individuals commissioners and evaluate the option. >> one piece the doj are data driven we're looking at best practices and asking for additional time to looked at what is implemented nationally on a federal level that meshes with that and may fix some of the issues and so when they show a is it back maybe a better process to get their
8:34 pm
recommendations and fix some of the 24 issues and rule them down so further meetings or not but if there are there maybe less issues of contention thank you, chief. >> commissioner i'll hear from everyone, everyone is waiting so long to be here. >> one of the areas of disagreement were some is of the issues has to do with with procedures that you know in my world i think of policies to be the sort of like the statement and that everything else procedures are in place when your latino-american the policy people want to add more language into the policy that miff for
8:35 pm
instance, for training. >> we have a lot of issues out of the 24 quite frankly issues and how things are worded that is some of the 14 items whereas it is the words where that appears in one location negative impact an order by someone wants it in another location. >> but there were disagreements were people putting things in the policy that should be more in the preferential manual that you're going have when you do do training not everything goes into a plo should be understood should be simple, should be you know anyone that reads it should be
8:36 pm
able to grasp what you're trying to say and once you move on move on you can expand on how to and i was feeling last week folks were trying to pit in they're the how to. >> yeah. there are like i said issues like that i think the doj may hash out the other see of coin we commit to take all suggestions and forward to the department of justice not just the stuff if the police department side or the communities side or some of the other entities that participated the stakeholders minded everybody's view and see out of best practices what should be in under there. >> commissioner dejesus. >> i'm sure the stakeholders
8:37 pm
will tell us i don't want to jump the gun when it comes to tasers you didn't have a report the aclu the bar association and public defenders the occ didn't participate in any of those discussions they were understanding the tasers were incorporated the use of force so i wonder if i pointed out that out there was no input from those particular fwroupz. >> and in some cases there was not and some of the stakeholders my mind though didn't have the authority to act for the groups in regards to that particular issue. >> i understand they were prepared it took a lot of studying for use of force they especially\feel they were ready to take on tasers that was my understanding. >> i'll say this saying it on the meetings he was not at the
8:38 pm
first meeting by people came in coming in with all covets tasers and the legality of tasers they were plenty prepared some folks in the present fox on tazer he saw information with regards to the tasers issue. >> so i'll let. >> he'll jump in hiring as the note just to clarify the point your making the coalition on homelessness has done a great deal of work and certain groups provided information and others choose not to provide feedback that happened if certain groups and reflected the information we have so message furthers chief before we invite up stakeholders 5 minutes and piece and i was being respect but the coalition
8:39 pm
of homelessness but that concludes my presentation. >> okay folks if you can library up i see a bunch of shareholders from the bar seeshgs we'll start with the oracle she's representing the office of citizens complaints which is a city departments you've done a tremendous amount of work and you don't have to stay standing if this is not comfortable it's been a link night but hang around there okay sandra well, thank you. >> i'll ask sergeant kelly shaw to keep us on track. >> thank you it was an informative progress we want to sxhendz the department many aspects of the is deesclation of the core of the policies and the
8:40 pm
prormentd it and a very realistic policy our agency is recommended many exponents of the use of force policy we agree with and wear glad the department has put those together and want to spend time highlighting 3 areas we hope will be strengthened we provided you a lengthy document as part of that i've looked at the policies across the country there all law enforcement agencies that have been with the doj they're practicing investigation consents or working with cops in collaborative reform and that's why i want to highlight 3 areas again, we hope to see much more stronger language the first is a minimum reliance on force those words mean a lot from you look at across the country there are over 9 billiards if in their pool they're saying the
8:41 pm
department is using a minimal responded open force our own police department the commitment is minimum reliance on force not a new ideas in the event of in fact the santa fe circulation the reestablishing rapport and distance all of those covets tactics in training and the ucsf policy are bans a commitment to use force in the most memorial way why not have that at the center of the ucsf policy that that when feasible and safe a reliable use of force he ask you to look at the across the country the department has used that language the past we ask the department keep the good language from the use of force and sxhurd that we've devised
8:42 pm
others language that really highlights the the minimum reliance on force and sanctity and the second thing should versus shall it 345kz a deficit dpsz in the forefront their seeking yes, we're changing how we're dealing with force their mandating and using the word shall mandating the deesclation and others tactics good consumption when feasible a so your agency and the community groups what they suggested make the policies mandatory but, of course, get a qualifying language that permits the when not feasible but if for the mandatory we know show maples permissible an officer can
8:43 pm
decide whether or not from the top down we're committed to a new way of policing the third thing has to do with with passenger seat an gun at an individual i want it spent a lot of time it is frightening if you look across the country many law enforcement agencies that recognize that that does it circulates and remits the opportunities for officers to do other things those departments use the standard that is consistent with a gun being pointed at an individual that is a reflex that the situation is circulating to require lethal force right now the departments the standard is simple safety a too low of the standard did fields operation gierdz the guides for
8:44 pm
krults that guides use of the higher standards if an officer's points a gun there recent a risk of serious boldz injury and that will be included the last thing i want to highlight there is the use of force department general orders on ucsf reporting i yes, ma'am polar specific language the university of california, san francisco data that be provided to the public and this commission on the website, quarterly to this commission in a yearling way and have that in the department general order no reason to wait it will serve goodwill and transparency thank you very much. >> thank you sandra please listen to her. >> thank you >> next speaker. >> good evening that is
8:45 pm
electronically and welcome. >> you know there is something about all those meetings they've lasted 6 hours i said to chief chaplain where's the foods we've done them without eating and again, he didn't bring the food. >> where's the food where's the food. >> i'm julia electronically from the bart association of san francisco and what i hundreds you an all of a couple of our comments we were within thought we doesn't liv our bar association has not studied that most of stakeholders felt that would be better to have a discussion regarding tasers once we roll
8:46 pm
out the dojs that significant in terms of how their reframing how we police and like to give the d go other opportunities our commission has the task force to study tasers we'll do that comprehensively and tolerantly one of the co-chairs of the task force has taken this on we'd like to report at a later date to true most stakeholders didn't participate so you don't have the benefit of our commentary i want to talk about one thing that chief chaplain identified angle area with agreed or sdraurld i'm not sure the stakeholders completely agree with that number. >> right. exactly.
8:47 pm
the problem is this that the process was such what person doing protruding commentary and we were providing commentary and frankly we listened to each other in this process many of us thought of things others had not we listened to the police he hope the police lindsey to us and things that some of the stakeholders raised guarantee he wish i thought of that everyone brought something different what would have been helpful to go through the areas where agreement and eastbound disagreement and i think san district attorney might do that from the prospective of the stakeholders that is an interesting addition for you to look at we know you're not in a position to make a discussion decision we hope we have the
8:48 pm
beneficial of seeing what the department recommendations from the department of justice recommend and perhaps another opportunities to speak from that my part i brought to the table i've been part of a world cup and chief chaplain a judge on the working group as well as we advised the ringing of and use of cell phones and other electronic devices are prohibited. police department we everything that is conceptual and while it is important to roll out new d go on the under surveillance to do that in the also known as absent of training it innovate particularly helpful to make the kind of changes for decades the politicians have asked our police department to act as a place holder from a worry to a guardian and what the presidents called for in 21st century
8:49 pm
policing and others call policing and watch video after video of police shooting involving men of color and ask the department to do we need to do serious work we undertook and shareholders was serious we've gone to other departments with candid discussions about the prosecutes they engaged in don't have to look far we spent one with was oakland in the last 5 years that has employed body worn cameras and reduced the use of force incidents by 72 percent their use of force dmraments by 44 percent and ross are the kind of prevent testify measures we need for your department for our
8:50 pm
city we look forward to continuing our work with you and continuing to offer the services of the bar association task force and presenting further once we've seen is dojs recommendations (clapping.) sir. >> good evening and welcome. >> with the american civil unions chief suhr. >> could you step closer to the meeting. >> yes. he can i have a link aversion to task force and working group i started that with trepidation and an incredible interesting process and open process but i've had a different conclusion about where we are than deputy chief chaplain i admire i felt clearing in that room was a kind
8:51 pm
of a reflex and comes centers around the use of level of forces versus the reasonable force if he thought not a big deal after wlns to the you know reason defense from the poa and others officers of why they'll innovate accept they couldn't live in a minimal regime it is dishastening went to the currently problem this movement is about i wrote and memo he was encouraged at the beginning of this process and discouraged now because i think that what you have front of the you is a document that gives some things to i am not i know there is a lot of pressure and politics rye
8:52 pm
you in the first page of the policy mention the sanctity of life but the bottom line is the toxicology supports in terms of use of force an outdated notion and, yes that is is constitutional floor but others police departments have duplicated minimal force and others police departments are proudly said their standard are higher than than the constitution you've done that in the general 8.012 but here it was clearing said i'm not talk for everyone they don't want a higher standards i felt that the insists open repeating a pencil keys from 1957 in the penal code
8:53 pm
that seriously says police officers don't have to retreat is just a wrong signal but more than a wrong signal if you come out with a document that does on the one way or another and on the other hand, give something to the police department they'll send mixed messages and it is absolutely to this notion of accountable abilities you can't holds people audible unless your clear if i want to continue the seam standards for 40 years you don't want to make a change it is even worse the document is two 19 nia until now a minimal force documents the drafts presented went to reasonable far
8:54 pm
as we asked about it under the advice of the city attorney the city attorney didn't make the decisions, in fact, the police department didn't make it so san francisco it the police commission makes the decision it is usual and the very reason you were puts on the earth is now the reason a exists is to exercise seven control of the police department i'm been overly dramatic but a moment of truth if i issue the draft documents with the good things and bad things this can't be called a reformed measure not willing to the promises by the mayor's and commissioner president loftus and the chief we're going to react with fundamental change, in fact, i feel the document is a resistance to clank and i
8:55 pm
thought that was a good process so it's up to thank you. >> thank you (clapping.) >> good evening and welcome. >> hi fred bad actor commissions on homelessness thanks so much and commissioner lang not here for giving the commission on homelessness the opportunities to be part of working group question represent a constituency but as an organization that works collaboratively very frequently with the bradyly city departments and members of the homeless community we were dismayed at the hardline that the many representatives from the police officers association
8:56 pm
took and this lack of acknowledgement this is a real needs for which was here in san francisco police department and a refusal to kind of recognize there is a next thing what guess acceptable for police and the community prospective was you know frustrating in other words, to forge true systemic change we recognize how difficult given that you have a very aggressive stance but is police officers association pushing for the status quo we need to move forward with the indifference that incorporates wants i'd like to cover the first one airbnb the idea as amended the department is science moving back to the stone ages by using the word use of force it didn't embrace the
8:57 pm
sanctities of life it is the lowest bar the perfect thing that police should hold themselves to a hero standard than grand versus connor and police departments are using the world around minimal force instead of reasonable, and, secondly, this use of word shall versus should, shall go used deesclation when safe or feasible gives is police officers contingency situations that allows for the other situations to happen the only reason that in our deconstruction of this not to use the word shall you want minimum to no accountability for officers there's innovate the reason for this language thirdly, we're really concerned
8:58 pm
about this crisis intervention team doj we've been told repeatedly by the department that and the commissioners that is considered a alongside the rest of the doj discussion this is not happened yet this is really critical for a number of reasons a lot of intersections with the 5.01 but the san francisco police department can't claim a country's intervention team fill it is fully operation listed we have half of the officer-involved shooting and psychiatrist country's a consensus that is important now time to move beyond training and really fully operationalize the pieces in the draft doj that has been obstruct to the department are there that came out of the
8:59 pm
working group and fourthly would like to see the removal of the electric control weapons we called u call them that is really the wrong time introducing the weapons throws fuel on the fire those new weapons are not safe you guys have seen complungsz from me which i have additional ones they'll share an increase not only in into custody dedicates in communities across the country that introduceds weapons but a two-fold increase in officer-involved shootings which is really flies the face those can be used instead of guns and lastly data critical we want the data on the use of force available for the communities that is commendable the department has taken on and the courage to take on the issue we ask you take not only the
9:00 pm
courage to amend the use of force that embraces the as an it's of life thank you. >> (clapping.) if anyone is hot i hope we're not voirlt 89 sunshine but it is the heat was turned up. >> i think i'm standing underneath a vent. >> what a great heating system in city hall. >> good evening. i'm bryan san francisco police officers assigned to the district section i'm a fields offers and the vice president of the san francisco asian peace officers association


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