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tv   Mayors Press Conference  SFGTV  April 9, 2016 8:40pm-9:01pm PDT

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say thank you to the tndc and all the corporate sponsors others are are part of solution to make sure that the financial part of this is done because that's when what is it takes creativity initiative financed not just again money but the creative relationship with the fact financial products that really helps to accelerate this housing and want to thank tom dbi and some of the other agencies i know your staff was around and have been inspecting a fire building your probably happy this building will be with good lives thank you, everyone for the fact elephant e tenant and the former building that were patient and the team of
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people that have brought this to fruition congratulations to the corps (clapping.) thank you, mayor ed lee please welcome supervisor jane kim (clapping.) >> i just want to congratulate the entire team that, ma'am r made this happen 0 over the last 4 years a tremendous mulch work to building that after a major fire actually, i think this happened on a tuesday 5 years ago i left really late that evening around 8:30 i decided to have dinner and the middle of the are dinner i heard a major fire i ran over here and got to talk to the tenants at the alexander across the street and
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it was my first time experiencing a major fire as member of the board of supervisors and it is incredibly frightening one of most unfortunate things when a major disaster you have a responsible and consciousness property owner with a protocol portfolio to house the fact tenants i just have to congratulate tndc that's one of the most did the things to actually, the humans were enacted and the fact staff did a tremendous job providing a compassion that for weeks to come after to find new housing and help support people with the fact tradition and work quickly in fact, i had little work in the case of my first fire
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because the fact frng was taking care of and had staff on hand and work to make sure that tenants were able to transition i think actually in many ways a bigger accomplishment that tenant didn't move back they were able to find permanent housing they felt was secure and wanted to stay in this is actually new housing and will house many that individuals that live on the fact streets it is a tremendous accomplishment i want to say this because this is as an opportunity to talk about tndc and the fact partnership i'm lucky to serve under a mayor with affordable housing is clearly his top priority for the fact city and an extensive history to have as much affordable housing and we'll work together to secure the gap furnld for the fact what
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will be affordable housing for formally homeless families an eddie-taylor a tremendous project we're able to work with tndc and the mayor's office to get the fact funding for the 5 m project project and excited for a project coming online we've been talking about the fact fortunate we we have in long time institutions like be tndc that will have been building in the tenderloin for decades that's in many ways why the tenderloin continues to be a working class neighborhood we have nonprofit and leader this stuck around for decades to continue doing this work and one of the reasons i love tndc and come back and see the fact same people continuing to do the fact work with the a testament hard to find nonprofits to do that and frankly you get paid this to
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d this work yet you believe in it and a tremendous leadership to run an organization that people continue to believe in and finally i just want to acknowledge your organizers go amazing work (clapping.) i've saying this because because wants legislation and funding more affordable housing the community didn't come out and residents not informed at the local and state level putting pressure on the stories out the media that's ultimately had drives our accomplishments we're not able to do that and beyond housing building and housing neighborhood not just about neighborhood we need to convert and build a healthier and stable environment outside of the residents i want to thank tndc for your comprehensive vision
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and for the fact neighborhood in helping us build not only more audible city but a healthier one thank you (clapping.) thank you jan bank of america (clapping.) >> thank you don. >> how you doing i just wanted to thank tndc for building this amazing or rebuilding i had the fact honor of being here years ago and as beautiful we see that again with new community groups i aim thankful for the mayor and city for building affordable housing and an honor to see a city that is so committed to building affordable housing and make sure that you know our residents are the place to be bank of america buildings we are better when we're connected we
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truly are that's why we build save and secure communities in 2014 alone bank of america provided 4.5 whether they would say in financing across the country most importantly in san francisco in the past 10 years bank of america has 1/3rd of affordable housing not including the fact investment money today and great to be a partner with you guys and with tndc a number of projects and our apprenticeship didn't aspire we worked for bank of america now for the fact greater innovation thank you. >> thank you (clapping.) >> it is my great pleasure to introduce to say tndcs social
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work manager doreen franklin kin (clapping.) a >> okay good morning i'm here to honored to be here today with you and in a brewing community room of the franciscan towers this is a day i've been hoping and dreaming of for 5 years please forgive me my role this morning two-fold first i'd like to over some reflection aftermath of fire in second give thanks to the
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unimagineably folks that 2rshd to the resilient community in 2011 was an average day for me, the walking through the intend to to get to another meeting when i left work at 4:00 p.m. i never imagined i'd be bad actor in back in a few hours at 8:30 the fact crowds were coming in there's a fire at the towers - okay there was a fire at the towers and arrest rick were on the scene and everything under control while talking on the phone he glantd at the tv i saw the franciscan towers on fire
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when i arrived most of the tenant were across the street the lobby of the alexander residence told me and in they're afraid pa ganlz and others in mire bathrobes in a few hours as the fact disaster in two things were really clear the first that tenants wouldn't be going home imagine having been unhoused in a single second without notice and having only one minute to gather a few blorjz imagine arriving in the building after a long day of work with no place to go no food, no water, inform id, no money, no tone phone and no clothes the fact second thing that was clear to me that tndc staff would not rests until all the fact tenants we are safe and
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secure by 8 a.m. all of the tenants were, in fact, safe and secure while many that few weeks stayed with folks and family families be doubled up in apartments and adults were the streetcars in the ambassador and cc r the next 10 days at tndc were controlled chaos the fact workers the shelters while property management searched for alternative housing for one and some tenants tndc was a blessing we had amazing staff, we had a lot of building, and we have some really good friends the community to r two of our best friends are he american red cross and by 12 p.m. all one and
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25 tenants we are settled in temporary housing and properties and dish properties or with friends and families while this data was a milestone for us it was really just the fact end of chapter one the fact rest of the story unfolds with with tndc tireless purity of hours after one year of working with the fact community partners the fact late tenants was housed on march 3, 2012 equally important that tndc would not settles for a red-tagged icon. >> equally important tndc would not settle are are for a red-tagged icon in the middle of
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the tenderloin after several years of having a vacant property on the famous corner of two-thirds they began to rebuild the fact towers there are many significant milestones each of them leaving me at times bracket also and overwhelmsed i remember that the fact admin and the tndc after-school program was moved to the parking lot not we called the budget lows i remember the directive and the lottery i remember the fact day the knowledge was painted and the first i stood ♪ r5078 and cried i remember the fact day the first tenants came back home and another day of tears tears of joy and stand the franciscan towers very own
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community room something they deserve just above us one and 4 unit of beautifully renovated affordable apartments it's been 5 long years since this corner of eddie taylor felt like home i account reasonable doubt for hours for the fact folks that supported the fact tenants and tndc to recovery from such a tragedy i'd like to thank the franciscan towers tenants who were kind, caring and compassionate with each other they were patient and never gave up on tndc they taught me the true matt haney of human the fact san francisco fire
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department saving retrieved medication for people if the people and the tenants the back of residences that opened they're afraid home on the night of the fire and first responders dale, art, georgia, orlando are yvette and monique and linda, and state and federal the fact department of emergency services ben i'm not sure he's here we want to thank them on behalf of the fact city and county of san francisco tenants at the ambassador and cc r for 10 days graciously shared they're afraid home and tndc social work team operated the fact shelters around the fact
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clock and the american red cross that provided meals and three hundred and 34 hours hours of volunteer support the san francisco food bank for providing food and vouchers for basic household items and tndc precipitate management team for the fact 10 days to make sure that all tenants were in a safe and secure housing tndc admin and it team especially in a few days had the fact office up and running and tndc 65 for ooefg stability to the franciscan towers families and not missing a beat by operating out of the circulation the team that grashz left hand they're afraid rooms of temporary units and welcomed the
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fact tenants onto the community without question or gymnast the human services for continuing for the fact support the shuttle mrs. care especially shannon to help us to maintain and ultimately double our subsidies the dult who operated across the fact clinic the manor house for accepting the hundreds of vouchers that were provided for the fact tenants the fact san francisco housing authority for the fact emergency applications public school to a very special grew up of people that plays a role ms. jones john's, joe sanchez at the know that sanchez at the is here joanne goldberg and tfa list and
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others and the countless folks i imagine i've left out to the tndc leadership and most specifically don and paul and others and the face of such tragedy the 3 of you - dug deep and was forced to ask users the fact question who does tndc want to be at this time of crisis you made did the decisions and had care and compassion tndc staff and the tenderloin community the final group i'd like to thank all the fact people that
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believed in tndc those that believe that tndc will one day rebuild the franciscan towers on behalf of the tndc we want to thank you from the bottom of my heart (clapping.) thank you >> thank you. >> burnett it's your turn please welcome vernon (clapping). >> good morning, everybody. this is a brand new opening thank you thank you all for being here we go celebrating with us mooirns
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are very happy it have franciscan towers to call home my wife and i were homeless for a year people are homeless for no reason i believe you don't kick people when they're down we working hard to keep her healthy from diabetes she's lost both of her legs we tried to stay off the fact street and stay clean and healthy we have no family to support use it is just we have we found a place to say for 450 question had be out at soubs and ask for a shower it was better than the fact street but not good we got a connection to 3 social workers with them working together we