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tv   Small Business Commission 32816  SFGTV  April 11, 2016 4:00am-6:16am PDT

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>> thank you. >> i'd like to welcome everyone to the small business commission meeting on thursday, march 17, 2016, and the start time is 201 this is the regular meeting of the small business commission today's meeting it trifsz live and the small business commission thank 3 to 4 services and sfgovtv staff for trifgz and airing the small business commission meeting the meeting can be viewed on sfgov channel 78 or live streamed by and click on watch sfgov 2 members of the public please
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take this opportunity to silence our phones and other electronic devices and public comment during the meeting is limit it 3 minutes per speaker unless established by the presiding officer of the meeting speakers are requested but not required to state their name and. >> (speaking spanish.) and it will insure that proper spelling of the speakers name are the written record and please deliver to the secretary prior to approaching the elect legislature is sign-in sheet to be added to the mailing list 12306d if we could have the office of small business slide please. the office of small business owner small business is the central point and assistance and referrals for enterprises and small businesses in san francisco we provide free one-on-one
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assistance to help each client with their goals and needs our services are the check list of required registration permits and licenses and zoning requirement connect you the city resource partners to develop a plan, assess finance and legal and technical support or any other assistance you made need the san francisco small business commission is here to support you through the stages of our business presidential stop by our office city hall room 10 monday through friday call 4125454 6124 about 3 impression gov. and we provide services in english, chinese and spanish. >> thank you
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commissioner adams so we'll move on to item one sdmadz commissioner adams commissioner dooley commissioner dwight commissioner ortiz-cartagena commissioner tour-sarkissian commissioner yee-riley commissioner is a zone us mr. president, wroum move on to item two general public comment it allows member of the public to comment general on matters within the commission purview and suggests new agenda items for the commission future consideration that is public comment on items not on today's agenda. >> any members of the public that want to comment on items not on today's agenda welcome.
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>> thank you good afternoon small business commission and there's no businesslike small business like all business i know everybody about it is appealing everything that traffic will allow in any business before when your got that business bow no people like small business people they smile when hair low and you'll have a big money role and you got lots of dough because- your small business will grow. >> your small business will g w grow. >> yeah. thank you. >> awesome we wish the part about dough were true.
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>> any other members of the public that want to today before we precede well. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'll not sing i'm ace washington give you a little bit of background i've been around city hall for 20 something years around the districts before our director worked with us so i'm getting ready to say i have knowing i'm the fillmore corridor ambassador that's me so been there for many years and getting ready to have the fillmore ambassador state of fillmore i plan to give a 10 year review of what the fillmore was started in 2005 right now since this is the small business administration i have a few things to say i was very put it this way harden when i find out
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one of our members in our community business owner got much money from the city and county as a matter of fact she was the biggest recipient and there was a restaurant krolt from the city that was bankrupt is there any way for this a conflict of interest is person that was appointed to the san francisco small business commission small business commission and pujd up to the vice president of the small business and when i stopped putting the bugs the area how can this be the fillmore that is able to go past everything else and even to open a business across the street she's on our commission i guess you resolved that she's not on the commission but it is gray the fillmore we have history of corruption what you call pay to
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play and selected and protected that's what we have that's been our problem she can tell you the director how it has been stagnated and now leonardo she's the queen my queen i'm ace the coordinator ambassador i have to say i'm disappointed how does that work where one of our commissioners got loops to open up a business across the street in the fillmore but it costs over one hundred thousand dollars u thoughts you can't pay your rent this is not right in america you don't say thirty to pay your represent and open up 09 business that's a conflict of interest i know who i'm talking about my name is ace on the case i'd like to invite to you to the
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western edition that's the one thing see i'm having ocii coming out there i'll be with you, we need you commissioners that are involved to come out here my name is ace on the case i'll be back. >> thanks for your comments any other public comment public comment is closed. on to the first time item. >> item three and four the pertinent is sick so i'd like to recommend we move those later and move on to item 6 the pertinent is here i'll call into the record item 5 which is a excuse me - item yes 5 sorry a prosecution and discussion of office of the tax clerks online business
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popularity we have jorge's the treasurer of the office of tax collector providing you with a presentation. >> thank you. good afternoon. i'm jose cisneros the new business registration the act of registering a business is available entirely online by inviting the san francisco business portal i know you're familiar with ensues in 3 short steps businesses can apply and sign and pay remotely online from the k34069 of their home helping businesses to succeed is essential to the economy and will allow us for more revenue after the past 5 years we've focused on the business tax and payment and filings on line for the
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experience of the taxpayers and the annual business registration renewal has been online for all businesses for a number of years we know that businesses of all sizes will benefit but for small businesses like the contractors and seeking a building permit perhaps in a timely way and hairdressers for they're first stall or nonprofit being to register without having to come and traffic us to city hall or waiting for a mail that can take a number of days will save 7, 8, 9 and increase the efficiency for the businesses this milestone wouldn't have happened without this community and the commission mostly the office of economic workforce development the office of labor & standards enforcement and our xhifsh 311
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i want to talk about business registration here in san francisco again something i know. >> know a lot about san francisco has one and 5 thousand registered businesses which pay 1.2 builds her year to our office the business takes that includes the registration fee that was distrusted the grow resident and the business expenses and the transient that concludes my remarks and the user taxation r all are paid every year and the majority of one and 5 thousand businesses are, in fact, small businesses some of them very small businesses business registration under the law in san francisco is required for anyone engaging in san francisco common examples a fixed place of business and soliciting or having a business for 7 days or more or driving on
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san francisco streets for business purposes it is a required first step for anyone seeking a variety of permits or licenses to operate including the department of public health the office office of short-term rental and police department business registration is required within 15 days of operation and valid from july 1st to june 30th and annually registrations must be ruined by may 31st the fees for new businesses range if as little as $75 to as much as $35,000 per year based on the type of business activities asia annual gross resident of those businesses they were set by the voters as partly of i 2012 proposition e the grow recipient
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tax their pro rated for the businesses to start mid year picture the treasurer's office i'm proud to say the first city department to have the citywide contract with docking you sign for the electronic technology that replaces the need for a wet signature on the application with an easy and trusted digital signature online i'll talk about how we're doing 0 so far we offered this online just a month ago and that in that time nearly seven hundred businesses have registered online and 80 percent of those completed the application their digital signature and their payment in less than one hour pretty fast cleared to coming to city hall or waiting for a 2
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week period the rank of businesses covered the game bet in many of them city vendors that use the website to remedy and do business in the city i'm excited to bring this news and again want to appreciate auto the support and systems out of your commission as we are able to assist the businesses more efficiently every year thank you. >> great news will this help to streamline the registering for the or. >> everyone has to register the short-term rental folks would able to use this facility yes and i think 24 will be something speak might make sense for the businesses like that for everything else they do online. >> thank you for making this happen. >> thank you. >> commissioner. >> thank you for everything
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you've done for small businesses i know when i finishes got on the commission you were streamlined the business permit you know instead of getting you know having to pay 10 different times over the year one it is due in march and people know it now with the business portal and working with us we have ms. augustine your department did a very good job and again will say argue outreach from apparently tax receptors is great i hear barley a people from 9 q and a and others your team has done a fantastic job and letting people know what the deal say, i want to you're doing a great job.
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>> thank you commissioner adams you guys are a great channel for us to reach the small businesses from the city there are many and not connected to our office and not an easy way to reach them so we appreciate our partnership. >> great. thank you very much for coming and presenting today. >> any other questions or comments. >> okay awesome thank you. >> thank you treasurer cisneros. >> david. >> public comment sorry. >> do we have any public comment on this item seeing none, public comment is closed move on to the next item. >> we'll move on to item number 3 is the discussion and possible action to the board of supervisors on file number 160141 the public employee annual salary ordinance amendment to the small business commission and the mayor's
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office of economic workforce development for the fiscal year 2015-2016 and 2016-2017. >> so this particular - this is - this particular ordinance is establishing the position that is will be for the legacy business regulatory and management of the historical preservation fund. >> do we need to read into the record since hillary is not here i'm happy to take any questions for you the - there is a dollar amount associated with this registration targeted is the 9774 which is a senior community development specialist and the amount of money targeted for 3 months to get us through to the
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ends of this budget circle but looking at to the next budget - >> so a 3 month number. >> yes. a 3 month number and, yes oval office budget that position is included in with all the other positions. >> okay commissioner adams. >> this makes is that position a permanent position by the office of our office. >> right now i mean - it is a permanent exempt right now. >> that's fine. >> it establishes it and the doing the supplemental allows for the beginning of you know hiring for this position and having this position in this current budget circle. >> okay. any other comments before public comment? so what are we are doing today
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is meeting for the 3 months do we have to do it again for the next - >> well, you - we live in the next either next commission meeting our the following review the overall budget for the 2016-2017 which that. >> will include the ongoing solution. >> the supplemental is just to augment the current budget we're in so we have to first establish the position the dollar amount amount any public comment on related to this item only. >> absolutely positively no problem. >> i just left from mayor's office of economic workforce development i left there i told him the item is on this we have
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oewd in any community. >> would you like to comment on this item. >> sir, sir. >> i've been at this game for 25 years start my time over you didn't stop that guy from singing i'm serious about what i'm saying right now i see you have opportunity the oewd create a new position or something i'm sorry, i wasn't here but right now there is so much conflict of interest in city hall i call is silly hall mayor ed lee i don't know what the hell you're doing i don't care the fbi is watching him your department the small business commission you all fiddle with oewd i have big problems and create another position where is the paperwork
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what kind of a position you'll get to oewd is that the director you're talking about i don't know what you're talking about are you equating creating a new position for this agency and get it from oewd i don't know that about i'm my name is ace on the case damn it i'm on the case give me information 0 but it tells us you all going to get $300,000 for a position and i'm talking about what you commissioners have done in the fillmore let me say this i'll be back at city hall i'm the czar for t for the out ward immigration i'll be the prime example of media downstairs but i'm also
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the financial coordinator ambassador this gives me 3 i don't need our permission i'm on a mission so if we can work together in any community the best it is i'm not going to have the flimflam man and try to clean up like gas co-tried to clean up city hall we look at it as the fill no more we can't fill it we got no businesses you come down and found out no black businesses the fillmore have you read the papers all the businesses are clotted down except one or two you have the commissioners thriving and people openly up across the street you asked me about business-related to here you better ask somebody my name is
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ace on the case you'll see my face that is part of my case the question i want to get the information and talk with you mr. mayor and all of that do members of the public want to comment on this item seeing none, public comment is closed okay commissioners we have an action item here. >> i would motion to approve it the extra person for the office to take care of the legacy business the next 3 months o months. >> roll call vote commissioner adams commissioner dooley commissioner dwight commissioner ortiz-cartagena commissioner tour-sarkissian commissioner yee-riley and commissioner seiu. >> thank you, commissioners so the motion passes in support of
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establishment of position for the 2016-2017 actually, well anyway as it's written. >> okay next item, please. >> >> next item please is item number 4 which is discussion and possible action item for the board of supervisors on file number 160152 an operational to the smakz and the mayor's office of economic workforce development of $343,000 plus from the general reserve for the 2015-2016 budget so the total amount is an agree congratulated amount on page 2 broke down so we have there is a general fund for funding a portion of
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historic preservation grant program then there is $25,000 for general services for professional services and this is primarily to have a brand identity tool website so we have and marketing materials right. >> and then the general fund for the 3 months worth of salary for the position. >> uh-huh. >> so and at this point i've been - the establishment for the grant program will be primary targeted for the rent stabilization fund those fund can be allocated as long as there is funding the program for that. >> okay. >> for the record this is all related to prop f.
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>> like it is the registry. >> prop j commissioners any discussion on this item opening it up for public comment anyone from the public wish to comment seeing none, public comment is closed. okay. so do we have an action. >> do we have a motion. >> yes. i'll motion we approve the appropriating for the grants for the administrative costs for prop j the legacy business and the historic general fund. >> roll call vote please. commissioner adams commissioner dooley commissioner dwight commissioner ortiz-cartagena commissioner tour-sarkissian commissioner yee-riley and commissioner seiu
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all right. mr. president, that motion passes in support of supplemental. >> next speaker, please. >> discussion and possible action item to amend the board of supervisors file number 160064 this is the police code for the bonds for new child this ordinance i'll not read we've read into the record last at the last meeting commissioners you, you which i see not to take an official action but provided the verify with a list of amendment in your packet is a summary of those amendments and the results of what was take into consideration or not and i'm happy to read through and read into the record those
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amendments and like to let you know behind the list is the third version of the legislation i've highlighted all the changes as it relates to each of those items so it's right here. >> is it necessary to read into the record. >> i think maybe we might want to highlight the ones of particular importance to you and that way if you choose to have discussion around it i also would like to let you know there is one amendment you didn't get to discuss because it wasn't the first version when supervisor wiener presented it to you and it is around multiple employers and do want to let you know that was amended as recommendation by the chamber of commerce from the chamber of commerce here and if you like for him to speak to
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that. >> so, so our certainly welcome to invite him up in their they're proposed amendment that was put into the legislation. >> okay. >> just to review some of the key highlights some of the most more amendments you requested to amend the definition of a covered employer and not below 50 or more employers supervisor tang did work to try to amend to that existence and in the end didn't have the votes to do it she offered another alternative which was 60 employers or more the effective date is july or excuse me - the covered employer is 20 employees by july
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- january 1st, it will apply to 15 employees and jill excuse me - that should be 2017 not 2018 that that will apply to employees with 20 to 49 employees and amend this your second amendment is to that the covered employee will have to work for 12 months prior to leave and works two hours a week none of those amendments were expected and so it stays as to that the employees is able to take the leave after 90 days or - it's not they're able to take leave the employee takes the leave after 90 days the employer is subject to the paid leave requirement and that it applies to all employees that work 8 hours or more and the supervisor wiener did
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include the employee reimbursement clause the commission did recommend that it start as it if an employee returns to work after leave but leaves the employment 6 months after during that window of time that they would reinforce the employee six months was not expected at 90 days and then the civil reenforcement the private right of action was struck i want to highlight for o for the record that i as the on the wage tax board and one of the key finding of the taxation the wage task force was that the most fiscal means of dealing with wage theft best for the
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employee and is by having strong government actions so it reiterates the need of not needing to have the civil reenforcement the l l e was more effectively able to corridor the efforts with the city attorney and the district attorney and the state to be able to engage in action on on behalf of the employee so just want to remember that the what this assess task force which you know, i think kind of speaks their finding and recommendations speaks to the fact it the private right of action is not absolutely necessary and then we have the multiple employers amendment i don't know
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if you want to invite mr. lazarus up to - >> yes. of course. >> come on up. >> good afternoon, commissioners. >> thank you. >> here i am what do you want to know. >> the commission hadn't had an opportunity to read through the multiple employers so if you could maybe - >> i've read it but you had comments just this sounds like. >> we've had communications with our staff does this section hope will do what we hope it will do obviously the office of labor & standards enforcement can clarify any of the provisions we believe this does at least on the surface meet the concern about a covered employer properly commuting the amount of
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number of money owed an employee because of employers you have to be qualified under the the state law you have the document that says what your weekly pay is up to 6 weeks that is based on accumulation of wage information the employee provides for multiple employers you'll be able to get that documented and determine from our own was this you pay looking at the 55 percent the state is covering how much is our percentage and as i read it you'll apply that percentage shared to the 45 percent that you - and their supposed to provide prove of payment and maybe have to be defined more clearly i'm sure your department will be involved and this is about as clear as he make it the
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other change minimize the impact to the most important one that looks like the fact it an employer may require if it is on the books the apply to use 2 weeks of accumulated vacation and this is towards - it is a little bit unclear you have to understand how it works the state allows on employer so require 2 weeks of vacation to be termed before it starts you don't have to do it is the option of the employer is it i was the employer in this case i'll say use the two weeks under that ordinance which allows you to mandate the use of two weeks towards the 45 percent. >> right. >> so you're going into 3 e three or four weeks you're paying the person against an
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accrual of was this against the book the now exposure could be minimized as long as the employee has vacation on the books so there are a number of changes that minimize or recognize the concerns we had with that legislation still not perfect i think we're stuck with that definition of micro versus small versus the regular sized businesses we currently at the 20 thresholds probably exclude one thousand employees the city from coverage in this or other health care security ordinance for example, if you go to 50 your excluding 50 thousand of total 200 thousands of employers against the 60 thousand employees working for the city it is more than the supervisors with bite off we got the extension to the
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extra 6 months and maybe changes at the state level during that time to reduce the liability. >> thank you for everything on that jim. >> any questions. >> perfect thanks jim all right. commissioners any comments. >> can we make the board of supervisors like run a business and meet a payroll so they said how things work. >> (laughter). want to make snarly comments >> i think about this because i wonder do they know what it is like to meet a payroll again, i have been hearing from a lot of people on the street this one is really bugging people it just - and that's what i get as a small business commission commissioner, i need to get that off my chest lastly it has been
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a task and well, like when we considered minimum wage we see the state likely to adopt a $15 or minimum wage program and as we consented back then we thought this should have been taken care of at the state lovely level with no specific counties the state of california this is another similar ordinance i believe that should be deferred to the state if this is something that supervisor wiener would like to take on if he becomes a state represent that would be fantastic but don't see how this commission can endorse something that puts one more thing that puts san francisco businesses at a disadvantage to their counterparts not to mention simply the added burden on small
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businesses generally so i personally like to see this taken to the state and at the same time the i state can address the provision all of those things minimum wage this ordinance and the tip law that is a state of california law that we discussed during the minimum wage destruction are all things to be dealt with every time we deal with these on a local level we hurt the small businesses the city if we want all the small businesses to move out of our city we're doing the right thing but i don't know that is the right thing to do commissioner dooley. >> i agree with sxhths and particularly the first 3 items that were adopted particularly in terms of restaurants. >> uh-huh. >> i feel that you know saying
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you couldn't work 8 hours and still be able to get this covered is pretty outrage that means that many restaurants will have all kinds of very, very part time people qualify and of course the same with the 90 days saying if they leave after 90 days they don't have to repay it - if you'll make the employers pay the fees got to be commitment on the employees side to make it fair which say they cannot just you know run in do this and get the money and leave over 90 days that's only 3 months i think those are extremely negative small businesses and especially the food industry. >> i agree. >> commissioner yee-riley.
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>> yes. >> i read this economic environmental impact report the negative impacts on the small businesses as well as the city they recommend more gradual move up to 100 percent gradual wage improvement and given the benefits increases so would this be take into consideration as well. >> i think outside the box. >> given the responsiveness to the suggestions we've made so far no, they've shown they're not willing to bulge on anything about inconsequential items at this point. >> i this is one of the concerns around the timing of the ownerships of economic study reports so this economic study report came out the day before the budget committee hearing hearing so the ability for you
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to be able to have this exposition fogs to comment and have that information sort of defend our recommendations not able to and so one has to question as to how much the supervisors have the ability to be able to digest that information and give consideration so - >> well, i'll say this is one more example of how which points it the fact the motivation behind this legislation is something other than purely altruistic intentions towards the employee it certainly didn't take into consideration the effect on small businesses and the employers of the very people they're attempting to have her it is pretty obvious what is going on that is makes my oxen more strong
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commissioner ortiz-cartagena. >> i don't want to take up more time but for the record when will we stop with this crazy legislation that as you said not the interest of the small businesses i wanted to know when this stops. >> commissioners any other comments okay public comment? do we have any members of the public that want to comment on this item seeing none, public comment is closed so at this point, i think that we said we will not take a position until we had a response to our request at this point, i think that we either can take no action or take a position can do how think >> i like what william said i want to take a position and reject this and coming from the san francisco small business commission enough is enough is
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enough and i think we should take the position to you can what we're all represent small businesses it is bad and i want to give jim and the chamber kudos you have been fighting against this one but this is a bad piece of legislation i mean it should be take up at this stage and i would be happy to make the motion to say you know what this is wrong small businesses in san francisco have had enough and we are not going to go with this piece of legislation. >> the motion so reject this legislation and yeah. >> i second. >> okay. >> and commissioners if under recent milling any additional sort of things that you want to use as examples we can go
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through the motion but talk about i mean you've talked about for me to add - >> i will say add the 20 person it is ridiculous small businesses in my opinion is one and less employees. >> certainly is an issue with the inconsistentlycy we applied the term small businesses needs to be harmonized the city and county and in the state of california and the federal government. >> i would like to just say a couple of things again like mentioned to supervisor wiener i hate that we are confined to the benefits of a low wage worker has to be pinned against an owner i do think that i agree
4:46 am
with commissioner dooley a little bit more of a commitment on behalf of the 90 day element i think should have been considered accountant more, however, the precars stats of the businesses applies to the workers i can't stop thinking about 3 i feel frustrated we're in this position and someone that wants to support both worker rights and small business rights. >> again, i think that you can if this was dealt with at the state level levels the playing field but items that come before for our small businesses community as confronted within our confines the county lines
4:47 am
puts us at a disadvantage to our soured counties and other businesses the united states and the rest of the world you know. >> just to further our comments commissioner dwight so we take action on the last year and actually entertained for the amendment and nothing of real value so it is like come on man i'll motion enough is enough bringing this legislation up here. >> do we have a motion to reject this item do we have a second. >> i will. >> second. >> motion by commissioner hyde's and seconded by commissioner dooley. >> yes. >> yes commissioner yee-riley seconded the motion.
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>> second commissioner yee-riley sorry. >> all right. >> so commissioner adams commissioner dooley commissioner dwight commissioner ortiz-cartagena commissioner tour-sarkissian commissioner yee-riley and commissioner seiu no that motion passes 6, one and so commissioners because i am able to write a more eloquent response i do think that there might be some benefit for you including some additional comments to the supervisors in guidance around the fact that one that neither the - i mean,
4:49 am
we don't know by the fact that the economic analysis report comes out the day before the hearing didn't allow for either the decision maker body and the public let lesson it commission to take a look at the economic analysis. >> didn't allow for those who have experience running the businesses this effects to weigh in and provide our wisdom there that item or that any oat items that is rushed in agreement with commissioner it puts you us in an awkward position to be pitted against the employees and that also is frankly you know is an affront for the small business owners of that county so the supervisors in doing something like that puts us in a bad light and will pass it regardless of where we is so they'll add injury to insult and piles this
4:50 am
on top of of us as small business owners i'm a small business owner and they're not so they know not have what they speak and what they legislate and makes us look bad we look like we're 3i9d against the very people we day to day support with a paycheck so it is an affront to the commission and an affront for the small business communities. >> i'd like to add that ultimately this type of legislation ini ironicly harms the employees of small businesses because faced with more and more financial pits the small business employers who are generally pretty supportive of their employees will be pushed against the wall and the fallout will be hiring less employees. >> so the common refrain this
4:51 am
small business owners will find a way to make accommodation so i think i occurring the supervisors to look at what has happened to the manufacture in the united states of america our fellow trade policy has caused our middle-class jobs to be gutted in the merchandising sector not coming back by looking at this example you can see that if we continue to make it disadvantageous for small business to exist in this county they've leave as merchandising jobs left overseas and will not come back you'll lose them and there be replaced by formula retail use and big retailer and large companies and result the home generation of our city and
4:52 am
the reason that people come here it is different we've losses one of the major differentiation when is tourism hopefully, the weather will not change we'll lose the other ones this i think we've said enough at this point. >> but that provides me with with some supplemental information then providing a straight up and down. >> and navigate we have a responsibility to come to this commission given the time we have had to look at this and consider the first time.
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>> item 7 the embarcadero report you've heard the presentation last meeting so i did draft a letter to the sfmta board because of their timing the meeting was the next day the letter would not have gotten to them if i submit by e-mail i went and make a presentation on your behalf the board passed they approved the project but they did clearly state that because of approving the project things are not necessarily that didn't mean it is finalized and things can't be workout and directed the staff to work with the business communities on the issues period of time albert i highly
4:54 am
respect will help facilitate this over the next come up three to four months there are some unique residential issues that need to be deaea with and he provided a 134ur78 but we will be working on doing a much - he's going to work with the team and with me but motion his team will be developing a mustache stronger nexus not nexus but outreach and inventory of the list of concerns he'll work with me in terms of the feedback i will assess whether when it is appropriate time to come back before you and i will be giving you periodic update since it is two weeks i don't have much in
4:55 am
terms of what is happening with the outreach at this point so page 2 the outreach in terms of what peter is dealing with on that particular issues with that, i have reached to director reiskin working with our goals from the december planning session to now start scheduling at least bio monthly that we have it on our calendar bio monthly and/or schedule as needed with a presentation in between time presentations from the sfmta so again, this commission and the body is not hearing from the community at the 11th hour or
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11th hour hour and something minutes the commission can provide input and direction to the sfmta staff as they're developing the project on the page 2 item 7 there is different ways dee and i have had a conversation there is different ways to either approach this either but you know what are the current projects that are soon coming, you know, that will soon meet their timeline to deliver in terms of the lombard street do we work is that way or work at it by category such as muni forward and those are some of the specific projects under muni forward it has - there are
4:57 am
transit projects and block projects or do you want me to approach it by naked commercial district it didn't have to think one way or another but give thoughts in terms of by the neighborhood and what are all the projects that interact with muni and then i know that you know commissioner dwight is interested in terms of also looking at the infrastructure the planning this allows for me to schedule with deanne a presentation on not only 9 specific projects but operationsly how things function when do the projects get decided or what is muni forward i'm not sure i can answer with muni forward is under that umbrella
4:58 am
what do you mean and what are the goals and objectives they use am i - so there may be some large informational items you may want to have sfmta present open to give you the backward and knowledge when you're looking projects we have a better understanding as to the overall approach and the methodology that the department is taking in doing those projects if that makes sense. >> yeah. well, i think any major projects that are blooming the near term we should be know about those and then we should contact the business associations in business associations plural in the district that are effected the
4:59 am
areas that are effected and see if they have comment on what is happening you could imagine a case they've had enough discussion and it is going on but highly unlikely likely this will be a situation where some things are rushed along and both the business owners and perhaps the residential community feels they haven't had enough time so - >> i think we also need to at the beginning get the overview we might be well-off ahf with the next meeting about, about outreach and innovative the groups it out the city to focus on that as a general concept and move into the mower specifics after that. >> i think that is a good way
5:00 am
to get folks out to the meeting and we can also as a commission hear what they're saying you know the different groups and maybe help us to prioritize chronicles to deeper dive to after that. >> we should also at least reach out to if we this of a neighborhood associations in those cases you know for example, this proposed moratorium on formula retail on polk street is you know very interesting that it is being pushed through and yet recent polls the residents suggest there is a overwhelming support for the case they're trying to prevent through legislation that is the ability for whole foods to put in a market at the
5:01 am
lombard i location this is directed as a specific piece of property and unfortunately will cause a moratorium for the entire area and i think that is one thing for the business owners to weigh in on it but the community to weigh in so the business owners can also hear with the community is saying because when this item was discussed with the merchant the business owners decided to vote tore the moratorium on formula retail they might finds the customers local don't agree with them so the importance for the businesses community to hear this and this is a forum for that the same will happen with the infrastructure projects maybe i know as we're discussing the bulb outs and moving stops we might hear from the community does or does not want so the
5:02 am
dialogue between those two at least helps the business owners you know guide their own discussions; right? >> in this case of polk street i would say that there maybe need for more discussion and spent a lot of time with those groups they're generally speaking people including residents are owned and operated to formula retail but perhaps this particular project could be carved out if this is the case but this is a case where maybe we don't want to suggest throwing the whole thing out but coming to a majority decision on one case and let it go forward what i've heard it is not only about whole foods but thai have quite a few of formula retail and want to keep the small
5:03 am
business ratios in order. >> yeah. so that's a whole discussion but this general concept that while we intend to that of this for small business owners to come and talk about but a representative from the neighborhood come if they want to make the invitation to them those are certainly things that happened at the planning commission and that the sfmta meetings as well but you know we shouldn't be a silo for small businesses when it comes to issues that effects the business owners and the residents especially the business owners is not always perhaps even more and more frequently not recipient of those communities their - either commuting into the city or live somewhere else
5:04 am
in the city and hear in the dmuts not just the people from there. >> just also one of the things i'll bring up the 14 mission record project that is - there was outreach but it is weird how someone else happened. >> it happened overnight. >> yeah. the worse catastrophic effects have there been outreaches to the needles and the business association we could given a lot of input with the social impact. >> again, the spirit of this not to you know - my comments on the leave will no doubt provoke response from the supervisors
5:05 am
we're not obstructionist the problem when you don't engage the public being residents business owners and employees the dial you cut yourself off from the best source of information the people know day to day what the neighborhoods looks like and what is happening the neighborhood so when you broad brush stroke it and say oh, you know vision zero we have to make every street the city ha have bulb outs those blanket statements and moving on major infrastructure and projects based on a global view simply is not the right way it is not democratic and smart you have basically said oh, well we'll include a few surveys you can't pay people to spend time for the
5:06 am
people what we already know if you don't avail yourself of the best information you're not going to end up doing good prongs and law. >> that's why it is important to encourage the small business community and the small business organization to be in touch with their neighborhood residential organizations because then when you move forward you have more of a convenience even if you don't agree you know that the outreach at least amongst the people the community has been done and unfortunately, that is what happened sometimes with only the residential people know about something but it could affect the business communities. >> it didn't mean everything will get what we they want but can express their postures and agree to disagree or not agree
5:07 am
in their disagreement it is out there and discussed rather than happening and having a bunch of grumbling. >> this is one other forum we can bring together the residential and the business communities on things that effect both and those two are entering recommended because, in fact, most small businesses are community businesses in their neighborhoods so i'll bet if you look at most small businesses and drew a circle they get 80 percent of their consumers it is coagulate to be probably within walking distance of their site and ever more within walking distance and not drive or park anywhere you have to know what the people who are within walking distance thinks. >> great so what i hear from
5:08 am
the commission is that two things in terms of next steps is to get a list of projects and their dates, and then to invite well definitely invite sfmta and dee in a to oversee the engagement of sfmta to kind of present commissioner dooley you time to have other departments as well just to hear about the overall. >> yeah. the overall 0 process. >> muni forward is that they're working title for the outreach. >> muni forward as i said, i too am i'm not educated on exactly what the concept of muni forward if you go to their
5:09 am
website and you click on projects the category shuns they have are muni forward and transit and project by project street and sidewalk projects and can click on if you want to select by neighborhoods - so i think this is one of the reasons i'm thinking it might be good in terms of of anything under the muni forward project what is muni forward cover is it an umbrella for matt haney it is pedestrian and bicycle and - >> i think inviting mta here to give us a little bit more background on muni forward actually means the other thing we want to start the discussion on when we do, in fact, shatter those o start those projects how to make it less - how do we moderate the impacts on the neighborhoods both the businesses and residents i
5:10 am
suggested before how do we make those projects such that, you know, that they - they engage with the community rather than blocking off the community you know the digs is interesting why not in some way sounds like a little bit weird celebrate and explain to them and show the progress rather than directing people to a website with a web cam that engages people as to what is going on what is good that is happening so people are not grumbling and saying i'll take my business he was where i might be able to step agriculture the threshold and say this is better i'll suffer through and having you can i know going through the maze to get to the business rather than blowing it off once
5:11 am
you retrain yourselves so i think if we can prevent people from retraining themselves away from the area of impact and keep them engaged it had been better on the other side of the project look at what is happening on union square half of the businesses will leave and have - it will be everything will be a fresh start but a shame that the businesses that had to survive what is going on of 4 years of construction so i think they could have they meaning whoever the powers that be could have engaged the public better like the way the astro turf down the hall but now a walled avenue
5:12 am
disaster zone some ways to have an item eric garcetti through the lifecycle project commissioner ortiz-cartagena. >> you brought up something that popped on idea into any head some of the businesses the main scare area have been complaining about the parking and the employees and those two have been going up in pricing the community garages but a tangible piece this is under the office mta that the garages maybe they do offer something to the businesses that you know park and use those facilities but maybe they have a compensation for employees and owners working the area that are invented by the area. >> that's an interesting idea
5:13 am
yeah. >> commissioner dooley. >> did bottom line for us you will us will be going forward how can we work a way that the public is actively engaged the number one thing that people does not appreciate being told it is a done deal what something they never had any engagement with so we'll be asking how can we change that process. >> right how can we do our port a facilitate earlier engagement. >> i have a question commissioner tour-sarkissian. >> to sum up we'll invite sfmta to give us a general idea of things and some sfmta as well, a a subsequent stage of
5:14 am
presentation would be the outreach how they're doing and consider our outreach to the various local merchant organizations so i guess for us to be effective in our view we have to have an understanding of what is going on and second we need to know how they are connecting with the various neighborhoods and we have to invite the various groups to come in express their concerns and give their input. >> yeah you know my sort of global view of this this - our meeting is a place that the mta feels it can convene one of the
5:15 am
outreach modes to small businesses to have an outreach session here because - and in so doing and now and then they know where the project will happen and announcing to the business organizations in this neighborhood hey as part of our outreach program we convene a meeting at the small business commission and we you know here's when it will be on the agenda we invite you to attend that meeting so in this forum they can both - the mta can make their presentations and the business community can express their comments and that we can help to guide that conversation we are here as representatives of the small business community but representatives of city hall to help facilitate that dialogue so one will hope that you know
5:16 am
we might ask we see that the small business community might forgot to ask we deal it in every neighborhood as time goes on we'll have sort of our own institutional living to know when a here is the things we need to know and you're in our neighborhood you might not know you need to know this we know you need this we've seen it a dozen times and the benefit of having that here the commission is that it is on the record it is you know a forum that can be viewed by others watching the videos reading the transcripts at a at a later time rather than an outreach meeting that happens the community that everyone says oh, we accident that i didn't see the video ass things are not subject to the same kind of
5:17 am
sunshine rules. >> the lombard street axiliary is a textbook thought how we can help local businesses and if we had had the opportunity if we had given the opportunity for those people to come and express themselves and draw the attendance of sfmta we could have made an impact early on i think that is a very effective way of bringing the parties before this commission. >> yeah. >> it should be a process like we have to be educated and be aware of what is going on to be able to contradict and trick the attendance. >> we had a cha retina dog patch i can tell you you can't do it in one meeting we're looking at parking and all of
5:18 am
dog patch so the mta came in and they put down sheets of paper and said for the next thirty minutes we'll breakdown into groups and look at the that concludes my remarks and streets you can't talk about the places in front of our building in thirty minutes neither the times what do the residents and the business owners think they're important but if they go off and make a plan on that one design i am not nothing way accomplished we do we sit down and talk about that quite frankly i don't care i have parking in any building and tell my employees oh, well when i saw how complicate not only did he care i have a fantastic appreciation for how
5:19 am
compacted is not to say that the mta voters are nefarious but they go down their own path without having the full knowledge of the constituents there are in their minds their own best constituents they're the transportation professionals great you go to school so learn that's what they do everyday. >> urban mr. haney independence economics. >> they're living in their own world and can't possibly know the details the residents and the business owners know 0 looking at something that is simple as parking meters is really complicated let alone you talk about digging up the streets and moving the bulb outs and bus stops that hard wires the neighborhood and was that can't be undone so you will live
5:20 am
with for decades; right? and the effects will be there's no going back from this except in another lifetime so i think that you know the more we have the powwows and make that commission as part of progress the process will not play out here it is not practical but it should be one stop on the list of things that happen the process i think it has to be early. >> yeah. >> that's the main jest of our whole deal we would like we want to make a bit of a change in terms of how early the planning process the community gets to see a proposal with the possibility of having their input considered seriously where now we go to those communities
5:21 am
meetings and basically, they is a hero it is this is what we're doing and that is not working we know it is not working anywhere. >> that process simply provokes no and the process of getting to, yes is a long process but you know those things don't happen overnight years the plan lombard was years the planning now suddenly we see that it is actually driven by a deadline that is set by the state of california because of the paving lombard their nickel not ours we're in a rush to have a finality we have dealt with our own processes we wait until the last minute and we being the mta so, now we find ourselves in an awkward position yeah timing issues and connective issues but
5:22 am
it didn't say away with the fact that we have a lot of people that are effected and suddenly they are effected in ways that jeopardizes their way of life it effects them both so getting those things into the discussion process far, far earlier they will get much better results and happier consumers in the end and again, this is not as soon as everyone gets what we want those things are opposed so this is a sort of out of priorities and gaek there are be winners and losers but the losers don't feel stunned so - >> and just listening it
5:23 am
sounds like what is valuable too for the commission to create somewhat of a check list of things to insure that as each project come forward to make sure that you know if it is around parking the bus stops not just where the bus zones been but the bus stops the various things consisting or consistently one they will know they need to address and are prepared but to for you to say you know those are the key things were going to be always looking at and assessing including the outreach in terms of the physical - layout of the project in terms of a chick list. >> yeah. i think on that check list other adjacent projects happening simultaneously what is the process for outreach when do
5:24 am
they have a meeting here or the community and check back in perhaps here so we can say okay. is everything okay. and the final okay. we're going forward this is what will happen everyone has their say and not everybody will be happen their consist of the process the middle and make that process draws out over years who knows but anyway, i think having a check list a list of exceptions is not just us calling them on the carpet but exceptions from the small businesses community and the associations as well so - >> and then just one other kind of additional element from that meeting that relates to the scheduling of things we may move
5:25 am
up as an individual item maybe relevant to the budget which didn't come up at lombard but the sfmta meeting and the direction from the board to the staff to look at expending are parking meter hours to offset the budget the reduction in the budget by the sfmta board approved reducing the towing fees and so that's creating like a $3 million and something budget reduction in revenues and so the sfmta board directed the staff to look at parking meter extensions so this is not just some days but the evenings so i already mentioned it to
5:26 am
deanna this might be we might hear this is as a first item especially a budget item for the budget circle before we get into the other - so just to put that on your radar yes. >> mr. president, before we move on to the next item please this item is a discussion item i think that considering the importance of this item maybe the next meeting should be an also possible action item we talking about having a check list and having an approach this seems to be a crucial role for the commission and i heard you mr. president, talk about this i think we ought to have a quote/unquote protocol and maybe make it an action item.
5:27 am
>> that's a good idea and refine it and tweak it so speaks for itself and have it implemented as part of our you know activities and protocol is a great construct and thinking of that as a protocol and first design the protocol review it in a meeting and have an action item to ratify it and make that part of standard operating procedure and let others departments know about that and then, of course, welcome them to comment it on having a protocol that we blessed and taken action is a good idea thank you. >> thank you, commissioner. >> i agree with that but also think we need more sight into what parking pieces we can hold
5:28 am
accountability with mta and the response why you didn't include the community pollute well the community changed by the time we started the planning process a different group of people and now 10 years down the line we have to have a sense of where why they're a bit distracted from the the community in terms of of what we understand we should understand a little bit how had works and how we can actually do in terms of affordability with this i'll agree with you. >> okay. >> okay anyone from the public wish to comment seeing none, public comment is closed. >> what's next. >> so i'd like to provide you with an update those on the
5:29 am
legacy business and resolution fund so we do have on the website the application process and the application or the applications instructions and process and the application and that's under the programs drop down the o s d program i have distributed to you the job description for the person so and if you needed it again let me know but the person will be managing ever go from start to finish in terms of working with the supervisor or is nomineeably landowner inquires working with the application process, routing it to h pc and
5:30 am
prep it to you and agenda and predominantly work with the business and making staff relthsz to you and then managing the historic preservation grant program and in terms of the historic preservation grant program though i have been working with oewd to - i'm ready somewhat concerned about on the business assistance grant if - making sure that something is designed and developed it creates a certain amount of responsibility around the allocation of funding of government dollars; right? of taxpayer dollars. >> absolutely. >> and how do we construct that in relationship to who is
5:31 am
written so i just want you to know that i'm working with oewd to kind of figure out some ways in which we can do that and hopefully have something for you within the next month to give some consideration and look to. >> right. >> and then with that, and we'll also i need to work with commissioner tour-sarkissian to finalize over requirements for the rent stabilization grant it is probably a few things that we need a insure better in the needs or that the property owner provides. >> so you make a fantastic point we're looking at taxpayer
5:32 am
dollars and very important that we have a protocol for doing that which respect that those expenditures i think that that's why it is important to continue if think of that as a two-part one the registry and the martin of concept of legacy businesses this is straightforward you have a marketing campaign that is important to the fabric and the look and feel of the city the other is the fund how it gets dealt with i think that is vital important we don't let those two get their shoe laces tied toegd tote we need the registry to move forward as quickly as possible to populate that listed and promote those
5:33 am
businesses as part of our legacy business you know collection of legacy businesses and had discussion whether to concrete at tiers on that list 25 years is an arbitrary number but they regard them as full-time businesses we have the turns out to increase the marketing campaign with other tiers they're not eligible for financial assistance this is a lotta's fountain earthquake thing but fall into what makes san francisco special from a small business point of view so i think this in and of itself this is huge from the san francisco small business commission and the oewd i want this to move forward we have the
5:34 am
forum online that people what registration register and so i see the application for funding to be different from the application from registry it should be a smooth and quick one almost self-service can you you prove a bunch of things the application for funding is a total different bar for getting over because we have to make some judgment about whether the money that is spent really is going to do help that business or whether we're sort of delaying the invent of the taxpayer money. >> i'm concerned i'm sure we've heard the small businesses that would want to apply for the legacy program are being threatened with eviction they wanted to raise their rents and
5:35 am
that financial part of being able to perhaps off the landlord an incentive to allow them to stay is all right. coming up right now. >> i read about the market in favor ; right? we'll see more of that as people become aware of program so we do need to you know try to get these going. >> leases are come up for renegotiation everyday i agree the sooner i want to be acknowledge that those two things one is more involved that we should be no less diligent in making is happen as quickly as possible but the registry can happen sooner than later let's get that done. >> i think that commissioner dwight i'm very much of the same mind the registry is one thing and i do have some concerns that
5:36 am
there is a certain amount of not - we're looking at the registry second from the preservation fund; right? in terms of deciding you know - there's entities that may not consider the registry if not the fund there and so i've had to have some conversation with they're not necessarily for profit entities but nonprofit entities and you know you've - i've forwarded those some conversation that things get muddled in an entity losing their space that is visually
5:37 am
important we develop this why i propose the $25,000 to the program to develop a good marketing branding program that for our legacy businesses because we want legacy businesses who are not interested in engaging the preservation funds to be on there >> absolutely absolutely. >> and so we want businesses on the registry that don't qualify for some other age brackets, if you will, i think that you can actually make the case the registry itself will make the fund more palateable for taxpayers they'll see the value of registry yeah. this is a celebration of businesses and now i see it and in hits holistic sense i agree we should make an effort to help the
5:38 am
businesses older 25 you know blah please be advised the ringing of and use of cell phones, whatever that blas class the great thing about the registry you can kick someone out it was sfefr and now you've in there in a way we didn't intend but once you give someone money you can't take it back but oh, 14509d we have a loophole we're closing now and actually, you don't qualify or hey, we increased the registry another group of class a volunteer for 20 to 25 or 15 to 20 that can be more fluid but for the financial thing you have to nail it pretty tight but you start giving out money oh, my gosh can we take the money back no
5:39 am
so again, i see much less risk in moving forward fast with the registry i see much more of a need both as the fiduciary responsibility and also with respect to those whole e we'll get money no take backs we'll be krth of the program and not just forgot about it and oh, that will happen later but let's get the registry done make it as sfefr as not belabor the plants as applicants for financing we can come back to it and you know let's look at all the do it like a quarterly oh, down the list glad those guys are here does anyone know let's call them up and cherry pick companies we know. >> we have to be be careful
5:40 am
through our standards should, clear for the legacy. >> absolutely. >> because this is a the first step and you can't then is oh, well you, we may put you on the registry will you main you shouldn't be i'm sorry you're right we ought to have clear standards for legacy businesses and as far as disp,z&e, finance governance money we can be held responsible if we don't do our job properly. >> you can imagine a business that is 25 years old that will quality for the registry and not quality for the money there are requirements around the funding that they've been in and intellectualsly the city we might want to put someone on the
5:41 am
registry for example, from the dellly relocated to san francisco largely in san francisco a legacy business but today they'll not quality maybe for funding but not the registry if they moved into town i'll agree that day you can put them on registry their fount the city and over 25 years old and moved back to the city i'll not feel reluctant to put them on the registry whether they'll meet the qualification for a disbursement is an inspire different thing. >> one thing for the registry and one for support and financial. >> i'll not say two
5:42 am
definitions but a finer definition for funding than the definition for legacy i would call it there is here's all the criteria for the registry and then a level oh, you say by the way, if you want funding there are more criterias. >> rather than two existences independence. >> we'll move forward we should - see how it goes. >> i'm saying that registry can more over time to be more inclusive and representative of what wire trying to accomplish from a promotional stand point a large part is promoting those businesses and having people recognize them as legacy businesses the other the preservation angle and the preservation angle as it
5:43 am
relates to dispetersburg funds. >> 0 e so no tier for a i couldn't be number of years. >> no we've independence the legislation definition is 25 years and older. >> it is thirty years but then the but there is under circumstance like possibly losing their space this lob, of course, i think we'd have to write this i mean, i'm realizing there is more specification that will need to be provided to the nominate or it wior will be if
5:44 am
the criteria for the thirty-year-old businesses to be on the registry of which makes them eligible so that's the criteria that as additions the business to the community or neighborhood or some kind of you know something that the business closes or moves out of the city will be a significant loss to san francisco and or community so but those are the things i'm robert's rules of order we need to draft more specific direction to the nominator and let's not
5:45 am
say legacy business but that is we can define this notion of you know a long-standing business the city of san francisco the commission can do that find a supervisor in support of legislation that not not because of no money this is not something that needs to go before the voter, in fact, as a small business commission we believe there is a marketing program we of the want the city to expand the notion of quote legacy to include some younger businesses and so we would like to incorporate it into the promotion of the legacy business
5:46 am
that would be an interesting project to initiate and get sponsorship with the supervisor what supervisor will not want to my business other businesses less than thirty businesses there are businesses that are 10 and 15 and 5-year-old that people regard as institution in their neighborhoods today that would be unhappy if they left you know but we could find a broader marketing pronounce the reason we think about 3 we'll appropriate money for a campaign for the legacy if we even underneath the surfaced this might be bigger do do things that have a seal oh, we have been in business for thirty years but think of this as
5:47 am
system rather than all we're thinking about is we're getting more bang for your buck the formation of the pr campaign and the look and feel of the registry but the other parts didn't have to go to expanding the notion of the registry and it's a milestone. >> we could take a leadership role in benefiting san francisco; right? >> i would agree i think that that can also have tangib benefr someone to support their business or they have an engagement with the city to be
5:48 am
working out for ♪ a lot of ways and increase the businesses an example of landmark kind of businesses that corner store in the movie that was the corner store they have a renegotiate the lease it burned down and there was a movie about san francisco but not taking 25 year mark but is still considered a neighborhood landmark and they need a letter in terms of renegotiating might help >> might be so - and have a suggestion yeah. >> i think the idea of having a wider access to a registry is a good idea but from a management point of view from a legal point of view from a lending point of view we have to
5:49 am
be consistent if we are running a registry that is going to be a port of entry for the preparedness we ought to be careful not to be mick apples and oranges i'm saying under the circumstances to regard and assist and otherwise have a legacy business - businesses included the registry we may as a body if it is possible i don't know if it is possible to create a non-mandated registry and have that separate and distinct from something that is going to be the piping for financial i mean implementation i have a you know i'm kind of concerned in kind of
5:50 am
bringing the legacy businesses into the registry maybe we can but not maybe mix what was from us to pick and to create this legacy business registry and create this funding that's my. >> well the funding i mean the funding by definition already has constraint separate registry it. >> (multiple voices). >> i'm disagreeing we ought to be careful we have a form letter we're inviting people to complete the forum and join the registry and fulfill the requirements and so we ought not to confuse
5:51 am
the consumer the person that will be applying hoping this may be next they're on the registry they're a legacy business and oh, by the way, we didn't tell you there is another milestone if you're on the registry you have to qualify for the funded. >> the fact is if you meet the bar for registering as high for funding you'll not get anyone registered except companies that are dire straights if i'm an thirty-year-old business and want to be on the registry i don't want to give you the information required for the funding so i might say oh, well not worst the mind and effort i want to make registering as simple as possible and prove you were start before the date that makes you eligibility and prove will have a san francisco
5:52 am
business license not much more than that and give me some photos. >> is that a right of registry. >> (multiple voices) >> i mean we have two spate mandates i'd like to see the registry process be more sfefr and not because we have to - i know the we are from the funding we're the keepers of some taxpayers money here so that we should treat with you know - >> i think we need to do it right now as written okay.
5:53 am
>> that's fine that's fine. >> where we can review that. >> (multiple voices). >> the legacy business is a separate ordinance that went into effect already so. >> just for point of clarification prop j. >> should be listed as two separate items and not the same; right? >> prop j made some administrations to the registry so but this is the only relevance to the registry with prop j. >> so - >> proximate cause was a development item. >> right? but i would like to see the office of small business move on the registry for it is online i hey, i want to get on
5:54 am
the registry i want to point them to a forum we have one pdf they can fill out and we can modify that format let's get feedback from the people that fill it out and i'm total fine with not expanding the distinction but i think we ought to think about that i think that would be an awesome kind of - kind of enhancement, if you will, of that program that supervisors didn't contemplate at the time and then i think prop j we have to do we we need to do to make our thing to make that a
5:55 am
liability program so. >> if it passes we'll definitely the office will definitely have funding to develop the you know sort of the brand identity of the registry that $25 is more the marketing of the program for the historic preservation i don't think that that would need the marketing. >> going forward we have two separate items like item 9 and that's fair you're right. >> i mean yeah correct; right? so we have it. >> because the grant allocations vufb - not required to come before you for approval unless you decide that is something you want to do >> so once we set up the
5:56 am
administrative angela's and the grant and the approval guidelines for the two funds programs then it will be. >> the actual giving the grant. >> uh-huh. >> i'll suggest the commission review at least the first grants to make sure that that - >> being done. >> right. >> to our satisfaction. >> i have a point of clarification the $25,000 is to promote the registry; correct? >> to develop the marketing. >> the brand identity. >> the brand identity of the registry as a right now defined or as we're discussing it. >> as dined now. >> so marketing i would like to have i think a website you
5:57 am
know that is linked if our website but helps you know in whatever form or fashion it the website needs to be designed to market and brand that registry so for sf travel to other individuals to link to or people want to write a store. >> let's relook at the brief so. >> right. right continue rfp and the commission will be reviewing and approving the rfp. >> okay. all right. so i think we haven't called for public comment. >> any public comment on this item? that we've exhausted seeing none, public comment is closed. >> all right. move on to item 9 director's report so commissioners, i want to provide
5:58 am
you with an update on the staffing for the commission and the small business exaggerate team we'll be making final decisions and hopefully, i'll be able to report out on by the end of the week for the two positions donna the director of the office of labor & standards enforcement is retiring he hoped we'll be able to acknowledge her but her scheduled in permit and this week is her last week i want to wish her the best she's been an exemplar leader in the department for trying to facilitate what is mandated for her office to enforce but working well with the business community as well thank you for
5:59 am
that and acknowledge bob from the chamber of commerce who will be leaving his role as the director there and for his you know close work with the this body the commission is very supportive small business and the open space program development with the chamber want to acknowledge and thank him being a great partner also on friday i spoke with the president of the hates street merchant association in 2017 the 50 anniversary of the program and she reached out because - >> what. >> 50th. >> that long? >> yeah. >> so she reached out because
6:00 am
as part of the moving forward project that is verified to uc w they want to do a bulk of their work in 2017 not going to - which will be not a good converge of two things the 40 nancy pelosi was very big a lot of business and people that came to the upper hate she reached out to me and i talked with the director of the omens we might assembly a point and figure out how best to manage wanted to extend that you know again, the knowledge of the christmas has put it out with lombard street and willing to support our business is getting out there
6:01 am
so. >> let the record reflect i don't remember because i was sick (laughter). >> i think those are probably the essential things i want to just report out on for today. >> if you have any questions. >> nope. >> great. >> we will move on to item number ten which is president's report. >> president's report oh, so as you maishtd i'm on the board of the chamber of commerce it was with sadness we he had accepted bobs resignation a ascertain is about to begin for a new want for the chamber of commerce bob has done a great job in his 3 years we are sad is a to see him go it is for
6:02 am
personal reasons we had our board meeting so say our good bias to him i'm also the co-chair the small business week we have a meeting work hard regarding that things are great adam and his team do a fantastic job and exhausted their minimum goals and everything is on track for that week and the flavors event is well, almost through all the planning stages it is great and then i that's all i have to report this time around. >> thank you item 11 is vice president reports. >> i participated the working solutions breakfast along with dick - and commissioner dwight.
6:03 am
>> that was a great event. >> it was a great event. >> and also my case o'farrell street opened up two weeks ago in the castro going good stronger it one for midweek i'm very happy about that. >> item 12. >> i'm sorry commissioner tour-sarkissian. >> no. >> do we have any other offering they'd vice president report. >> item 12 commissioners report. >> commissioners any reports. >> i couldn't make it to the working solution breakfast but i conducted an interview for the candidates and we have a new secretary position along with commissioner dwight. >> any other all right. item number 13 is general public comment. >> so do we have any members of the public that would like to
6:04 am
comment on anything. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> item number 14 is new business. >> does anyone want to propose any new business and i want to mention on item 7 not necessarily the infrastructure of getting us all the stuff we've exhausted i need assistance with the rapid plan just a catastrophic on a fragile economic society we have it is literally effecting the latino coordinator from thirty to 16 and then in addition with the extension of the possibly the parking meters it is very scary especially a community think a month to month lease and is there a group or groups that we should invite or what's the next
6:05 am
- what can we do here. >> i will get with the nonprofit chair meta and see if we can't get the business constituents and try to organize unfortunately there are so many- there are not as strong and traditional neighborhoods but getting them one voice and coalesce was it here. >> i have a question what is is guidelines the milestones. >> it is all right there so. >> what are the next - >> well, first before the extension of the parking meters so that is another diagram and 24 to 16 not removed the parking meters it is done even though it is not in effect no going back but it will somehow to find
6:06 am
solutions in a retroactive. >> what can we do. >> what can we do and when can we do the timing is important what you propose so we can you know since we're talking about new business. >> like i said by the next meeting we'll cooperate with gabriel at meta and get sfmta the dialogue. >> i have the feedback but getting solutions as in terms of parking the segment for the people the demographics people don't drive the restaurants had to move out for gentrification and the cities policy of transit first is. >> they've paint the red line down the middle of mission. >> that is we're not surprised i want to back him up that
6:07 am
surprised a lot of people what two weeks notice that happened. >> talking about the taxi turn and bus on. >> i get it 24 guess my business burden from a city residents i have family in lovett so part of northern part of city i get it as a resident but the impact on businesses the funeral business it was urban intended consequences. >> in burr necessarily they've painted. >> but unfortunately sort of a postmortem to understand the effect this thing proposed elsewhere the city as well i think; right? >> those brt lanes; right? and i remember the commission proposing paint the sidewalks and the streets as paint it pave
6:08 am
it and paint it you can't undo concrete. >> there recent a consequence we're trifsz and bringing the folks out and wait for some of the others. >> and from this this is a good way to develop a check list and do sort of - you know an assessment in terms of of what the list to be working on and the concern and the deficit to the agency to the board of supervisors to the of it's done it's done but monitoring in terms of what are the result of that so it informs future projects.
6:09 am
>> best practices involve from the consequences of the actions good and bad we should understand the consequences so we can promote folding that into the best practices. >> it is quite a beginner typical case case study you have such a negative impact so in the sense of bringing these issues before the commission it is crucial that that happen i mean in that project. >> yeah. unfortunately in my community it is over behind because the leases are month to month. >> right. >> it is i don't get a loan or sell my lease boom gone gone forever. >> perhaps commissioner you can send me the list of concerns for the full commission what has been discussed i will send a
6:10 am
link to the from the sfmta that website so that for those that are not familiar with the projects you can do reading and background but then figure out you know ask sfmta to address some of the things that's on your list. >> okay. >> at the then invite the community and also i can invite the invested neighborhoods there is some overlap with the missions. >> there is there is. >> okay. so i can also invite - >> all right. any other new business. >> okay. so new business is closed. >> sfgovtv the slide show please or the slide. >> as our custom we begin those san francisco small business commission with a reminder that the office of
6:11 am
small business is the only plays to start our business and the best place for getting the answers with our new e.r. existing business the office of small business is your first stop when you have a question about what to do next and it is the official forum to voice our concerns regarding policies and projects and issues that effect the economic vitally felt small businesses the city of san francisco so if you need assistance with a small business matters start here okay all right. >> do - item number 15 is adjournment. >> i move >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> okay. we're done. >> the meeting is adjourned at
6:12 am
>> ♪ ♪ we are definitely pioneers in airport concession world a world of nationally if not entirely or internationally >> everybody is cop us right now. >> the people that were in charge of the retail this is where that began. >> i didn't think we would have a location at the airport. >> we've set the bar higher with the customer commerce. >> telling me about the
6:13 am
operator and how you go about finding them and they get from being in the city to being in the airport. >> so first, we actually find a table and once we know what we want a sit-down we go to the neighborhoods in san francisco and other people seminary of the retail let us know about the rain water and are excited to have the local operators in the airport. >> we have to go going through the conceive selective process and they award a lease to the restaurant. >> they are planning on extending. >> we that you could out the china and the length evens and the travel serve and fourth your
6:14 am
minds and it's all good. >> how long for a vendor to move through the process. >> i would say it could take 80 up to a year from the time we go out to bid until they actually open a restaurant. >> i don't know what we signed up for but the airport is happy to have us here. and, you know, even taking out the track simple things there's a learning curve >> with once we're here they are helpful. >> it's an award-winning program. >> we're prude of your awards we have won 11 awards the latest for the best overall food address beverage program and . >> like the oscars (laughter). >> the professional world. >> tell me about the future
6:15 am
food. >> all the sb national leases are xooirz and we're hoping to bring newer concepts out in san francisco and what your passengers want. >> well, i look forward to the future (laughter) air are we look fo >> [gavel] good afternoon. the commission meeting will please come to order and the secretary will call the roll. >> commissioner pating. >> present. >> commssioner singer. >> here. >> commissioner chow. >> present. >> commissioner chung. >> present. >> the second item on the agenda is approval of the minutes is for the minutes. >> there is a motion. >> second. >> are there any corrections for the minutes? if not we're prepare for the vote. all in favor of the minutes please say aye. >> aye.


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