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tv   LIVE Transportation Authority Finance Committee  SFGTV  April 12, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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>> good morning, everyone. in
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is the transportation authority finance commission of san francisco county meeting of thursday, march 17, 2016, my name is eric mar the chair and our clerk steve stamos. >> you roll call commissioner campos absent commissioner cohen commissioner kim absent supervisor mar commissioner yee we have quorum thank you. i wanted to thank from sfgovtv for televising us for every meeting leo davis and nona nicole's from sfgovtv item 2 the minutes of the april 2016 meeting. >> no questions open up for public comment anyone wish to comment seeing none, public
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comment is closed can we approve the minutes we'll take that without objection. or roll call. >> on minutes commissioner campos absent commissioner cohen commissioner kim absent supervisor mar commissioner yee the minutes are approved. >> thank you next item please item 3. >> state and federal update an action item. >> a presentation. >> yeah. good morning mark presents sends his regrets he's in sacramento i'll step up if you have additional questions thankfully not too much to report a shorter magical than in the past few months as far as the positions two new positions we're recommend in page 5 seek
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amendment on the assembly bill 1841 a bill related to cleaning our vehicles so on the wooden resupport the measures to increase the point-of-sale on the other hand, it also included roving a cap that increases the amount of decals in the h m v lane we've approved those that effectiveness particularly in the bayer we're seeing extra congestion because of that that's why we're not opposing but seeking the amendment get that portion of the bill amended out the second position it operationally is the posted position on senate bill 885 public agencies to accept liability and financial
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repercussions in defense of design professionals and their work so it is a bill that puts burden on public agencies and opposed by other coalitions of public segment agencies another quick update on the ab 2374 the construction manager general contractor bill we are supported by assemblyman chiu heard at the transportation it passed out of committee eric of our staff and soould presented it and others were in support so i think you're working with the coalitions and interests that have been expressed concern over similar bills their satisfied that is a narrow scope of
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application of the delivery mechanism their satisfied that they're not going to approve it so hopefully that move forward and finally just you know we've been present on what was going on in the measure for the state level the 3 proposals that are on the table in the assembly the senate discretion on transportation and the governors proposal nothing has happened but we expect activities in general there are on the one hand it will be a challenge to there the revenue to require 3/4ths so the real battle over the cap & trade fund that are left at the discretion of the legislator and the governor with
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that, i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> or ask mark to get back with you. >> i want to ask about the ab 2292 on the watch list the summary defining what a disadvantaged community it is that more in line with being broader on the definition versus what the state requires could you go a little bit detail. >> so to moves in the right direction a little bit you've been concerned about the definition is didn't address most of larger concerns eve it moves in the in the right direction is will not effect the needle we'll monitor and hopefully increase the effective in essenceness of the definition. >> any other questions opening up for public comment minute
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from the public anyone wish to comment two recommendations on the summary sheet and a number of watches and this is an action item can we take this recommendation same house, same call? the house has changed with supervisor kim so a roll call. >> on item 3 commissioner campos absent commissioner cohen commissioner kim commissioner mar commissioner yee the item is approved. >> thank you please call item 4 item 4 recommending wandering 3 contacts for two additional rackets to american and nelson consulting and staten consulting services and w s-2 not to exceed $2 million for on call transportation planning services and authorize the executive
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director for contract terms this is an action item. >> ranch a transportation planner those on call support a wide range of planning in the ta the item in the memo starting other than page 49 describes the range of services we're seeking an call support for everything from supporting our long-range transportations at sfmta to the neighborhood transportation planning studies that really lead to the corridor supporting the vision zero ramps, safety analysis to the treasure island planning work that we do we are recommending an award of 5 contracts to 5 teams who capture the breathe of skills we're looking for and those skill sets are
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described on imagine 41 of your packet everything from project management skills basic transportation and community planning to spfld skills in the area of jerry and cost estimating modeling and simulation to expertise in technology and transportation and transportation systems engineering which is to some of the software needs that support things like our park incentives project i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> i also have to share a summary of how our existing seem to expire on call planning contract has been used the current on call contract tree team 3 contract with 3
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different teams the total contact capabilities or authorized is one $.8 million a little bit of contract capacity but pending things in need for some of that remaining capacity so the range of studies and planning efforts this supported and shown here. >> commissioner cohen has a question. >> i understand there were a total of 37 responses to the rfp we selected 5. >> there were 6 responses let's see that may have encompassed 37 individuals where's the 37. >> the preproposed. >> oh, that's the number that attended on the - >> okay
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okay yes 37 firms attempt the preproposals conference so the our process goes like this we hold the issues rfp and have a database of firms that are registered with us to receive the notifications of our contract analysis our rfp and rfp q's we invite any interested firms we answer questions about the scope of work and it is an opportunity for potential vendors to network with each other in the team. >> is it mandatory. >> i know you continue to advance in the process to prequalifying meeting. >> not mandatory we ask all the participants to sign in and provide the contact information we post that as well as questions asked during the
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conference and the answers that we provided as well q and a we received from e-mail and other needs by the deadline for questions or comments that we provide in the rfp q. >> how do we determine the 5 agencies. >> what happens there is a period of - let's see our schedule i wonder if where we have the schedule in here we post of the rfp q and a schedule with certain meanwhile dates all culminating in the dates the proposals or the statement of kwfks we do so some of the interim miles are a preconference and date for questions to be submit by any interested potential vendors and provide a date for our transportation authority to provide a written response to those questions and the next
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milestone after that the date when the statement of qualifications are due to the transportation authority we allow a month between our requests for rfp q issued at statements of kwflgz due. >> on that line it is too long narrow it down so is there a point system that is attributed can you. >> - >> competitive process yeah. >> to rachel's answer the decision is made by interviews from a panel comprised of other agencies that host the process they make presentations a point system laid in the rfp and they're scored and recommended. >> how do you select the panel. >> i think the team has
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several internal folks to use and identify an external number from a partnership agencies. >> in this case that was mta. >> within the database you e-mail our information do you keep track of how many women and minorities that are inside the database. >> that's a good question i believe see they fill out the former then we'll track that. >> is there a dbe we have a dbe be start. the contract in this case how are the proposals xeeftd that contract and so the 5 that were paroled exceeded that and the make up of their teams is included in the page 58 >> right. >> my final question what kind of services will they be doing we can't handle in house.
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>> absolutely everything let's see if we go to throw the scope of work on page 44 we sometimes use the on calls as an extension of staff transportation planning we actually have consultants do love of the daily work more cost effectively like conceptually engineering design those firms have can do and others pools in their shops allergy i s mapping the community involvements we've work with the consultant firms more cost effectively then we can with the facilitation or community organizing work that supports the mr. larkin the cost estimation is a situation and modeling where those folks are either civil engineers for
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transportation modeling engineers they have you know the software that supports the modeling simulation work we don't have in house or experience from what they focus on. >> thank you. >> the technological skills with the equipment themselves. >> that's right. >> we don't have mr. chair that's all the questions. >> i was going to reiterate we choose the top 5 or 6 firms that submitted the qualifications we choose the ones that submitted - and the enterprise verification you breakdown by consultants some say woman some say asian specific and a asian subcontractors are that noted what do you mean. >> i'll have to ask cynthia.
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>> cynthia executive director for the finance those are categories by caltrain since the majority of finland we'll be combats grant they've defined the asian-american as a category with indian and bangladesh and others while asian specific are cam biology and filipinos and japanese, etc. >> thank you. any other questions thanks for the preemption opening up for public comment i have card for later but if anyone wants to speak please step forward. >> my comment is this too many words too much subcommittees wherever you breakdown that much the money is lost your subbing
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it out subbing it out to every little dime to someone else's pockets you take out of your own pocket you if have a job to do if someone can't speak the language when you go to work for example, i worked for people i didn't understand you get to the point where you're doing the job you just do it you don't pay someone to tell someone how to do the job the guy in charge makes sure everyone is there when you subbing things out. >> we don't see the document oh, there we go. >> it was san francisco when this was beautiful in 1951 that was beautiful then because there was no so much things to do you see now we've marched into the future everyone subbing and
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taking a little bit san francisco needs to take care of their own projects and not have to distributed it out i'm trying to get you be to aware of every time you spend a nickel getting someone to consult you've waste your own money i don't know if you understand clearly if you over sub sub you're taking our own money $10 i paid someone $0.05 to spend a dollar i've wasted a nickel a comment i want you to think about your dignity integrity of san francisco not the rest of the world my only comment and this is what i'll show you san francisco in 1941 man thank you. >> anyone wish to comment public comment is closed. colleagues a recommendation
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so supervisor yee. >> i think you were just about ready to put a slide up there les are looks like 6 things what was that for i don't hear you. >> yes. i have information that shows how the previous on call contract prior to this was was used as cash orders we've executed through that contract. >> you have copies of that. >> yes. we can get you copies. >> is it in here? what page is it on >> oh, this one sorry. >> i can - yeah, so this is the first page of one of two and this is the same information you have there and then on the second page 2 of 2. >> these projects which
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business was actually contracted to do this work. >> sure i have a breakdown by firmer as well the previous round of on calls we awarded 3 contracts to the previous on call these are the 3 primary consultants and is award to each team. >> i can't read it what does it say. >> the 91 guard consultants will be awarded $971,000 dollars plus and sanford awarded total value of $372,000 plus and to in the interest of time america awarded $349,000 plus.
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>> think what will be helpful in the future you have the total and the projects i don't know which one is associated with which one it would be good to say here's the firm and the projects under that total to this so we can actually understand that a little bit better. >> sure. >> what actually went on and to give us a sense of how those $2 million is spent that had been a good check for us to make sure that is done properly. >> so a report announcing we show the totals each task order waterway by firm. >> yes. we might sees a
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pattern it our responsibility to not only approve the overall contract but allocating $2 million to those potential firms at the end of the day we would like to know how it is spent okay. >> okay. >> thank you. any other questions so we've already open up for public comment is there a motion it is an action item. >> there is a motion ana second oh, the house changed again let's have a roll call. >> commissioner campos commissioner cohen commissioner kim commissioner mar commissioner yee that item passes. >> please call item 5. >> item 5 recommended amendment at the fiscal year 2015-2016 to decrease revenues by $3 million plus and increase the expenditures by $23 million plus and total net decrease of
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$26 million plus this is an action item. >> thank you. we have deputy director functioning. >> i guess a packet we have before you the summary of changes that we are making or proposing to the fiscal year 2015-2016 budget amendment following that attachment a your executive order of supposed changes that shows the 5 funds along with what was originally proposed what the increase and decrease change requested and what the new adopted budgeted for fiscal year 2015-2016 would be if all items were passed following those pages attachment b the detailed level of revenues and expenditures we're changing attachment c a line item by item
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explained the nature and the status let me quickly go over why we're could go this each fiscal year we take stock of new trend and recognize the grants and other funds and the expenditure carry offers increases in the increases for the budget i can walk you through attachment a that is on page 61 of your packet as you can see in terms of revenues we're asking to decrease revenues by $3.6 million the majority of changes due to new grants by the bart and transit reliability research grant and the late night and the moldings all new grants we've received in the past 9 months in terms of grants we are decreasing the amount we spends earlier car sharing projects the y b i and improvement
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project the sf long transportation and a few grant we are increasing the amount we anticipate to receive that is the 19th avenue ocean avenue project we also have in terms of revenue changes $2.8 million decrease not a revenue decrease but a change of recognition of how we budget and how we recognize the loan previously we were able to record that as a revenue, however, we've changed the accounting basis through a gap basis due to the change in the new accounting city hall we're no longer able to recognize this but we're not receiving the loan payments as anticipated and originally schedule. >> moving to expenditures there's a total of $23.3 million increase in the expenditures
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under the capital costs line item due to the costs we're not anticipating early on in the year but sfmta vehicle procurement reimbursement we anticipate those in the next few months approximately $23 million also following blow that a decrease in administrative costs approximately $18,000 we thought we'd save we it out we'd have temporary staff and additional audit and legal fees because of the procurement of negotiating over the contract amounts we have a decrease of $800,000 that is remember a revolving loan this committee approved in may this resolveer loan replaced a program with $800,000 in commercial paper fees and lastly
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we have prior expenditures carry over contracts that did not cost our revenues were anticipated but in the happen at the year ends those projects were decreased and cost that didn't occur for the yerba buena gardens because of the ramps we had some contamination issues and that end up in the fiscal year and the 8 categorizing we carried over that change in the type of items they wanted to procure within that with that, i'd like to open for any questions i may go into more detail for any items. >> i don't see any thanks deputy director functioning opening up for public comment anyone wish to comment seeing
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none, public comment is closed colleagues, can we approve that action item we'll take that without objection. it's been moved and seconded thank you thank you, mr. stamos please call the next item. >> >> item 6 introduction of new items informational. >> no colleagues anyone from the public that would like to speak seeing none, public comment is closed. next item please item 7 general public comment >> two names mr. andrew yip. >> good morning, commissioners in xeventd the holy teaching of principles follow the holy way and living culinary practices and as well as enforcing communication of holiness into
11:42 am
the society the importance of holiness and cultural is heard the reck outlining of say so - we take a cause of human beings universally to have a pure land of the kingdom and for level of attainment and through knowledge that will support of an exceptional destiny for divided poverty for preaching to the holy people one needs only to stay in boundary and secure one's life of destiny to wit out poverty and making successful once a destiny for all special relationships of devine order one expands the teaching of
11:43 am
holyness of virtue in nature and know about people with mediation and mercy with recognizing 40 - shall come to successful of poichlt for destiny of all. >> thank you, mr. yip is mr. lee is here please step forward if you want to speak. >> i just spoke earlier about some things. >> see what is really happening in the streets of san francisco for real are drug cartels that are taking over the city wars within wars the bullets the bullets that are killing people are coming from the drug cartels themselves this is a fact of life for poor people in the city i ran all the
11:44 am
way downstairs to get my smoking that's my major bad addiction there is so many addictions their fueling lots of money for people that do illegal drugs that's where the bullets they're carrying san francisco whatever you want to hear lies about i've been living on the streets since october i've survived barely barely by keeping myself away from that when i was out at pier 80 it was dangerous not just a bad place to live no good planning about that shelter shelter that was disgust purely i didn't like living there the night i left there were guns awe blazing what anyone cares about i abandoned ship i refused to
11:45 am
live there because it became another war of bullets as i least someone appointed to the sky oh, that's just fireworks bull san francisco is shot up by cartels and police were running i abandoned pier 80 forever he refused to be shot period that's my comment thank you. >> thank you is there any additional public comment? >> public comment is closed. >> mr. stamos mr. clerk, is there any additional business to come before this body? >> no item 8 adjournment. >> we're adjourned everyone >> we're adjourned everyone thank
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announcer: b dreams and good grades aren't enough to get into college. there are actual steps you need to take. finding someone who can help is the first and most important. for the next steps, go to
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[train whistle blowing] global warming. [whistle blows] some say irreversible consequences are 30 years away. 30 years? that won't affect me. [brakes screech]
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>> 7 and a half million renovation is part of the clean and safe neighbor's park fund which was on the ballot four years ago and look at how that public investment has transformed our neighborhood. >> the playground is unique in that it serves a number of age groups, unlike many of the other properties, it serves small children with the children's play grounds and clubhouses that has basketball courts, it has an outdoor soccer field and so there were a lot of people that came to the table that had their wish list and we did our best to make sure that we kind of
11:49 am
divided up spaces and made sure that we kept the old features of the playground but we were able to enhance all of those features. >> the playground and the soccer field and the tennis fields and it is such a key part of this neighborhood. >> we want kids to be here. we want families to be here and we want people to have athletic opportunities. >> we are given a real responsibility to insure that the public's money is used appropriately and that something really special comes of these projects. we generally have about an
11:50 am
opportunity every 50 years to redo these spaces. and it is really, really rewarding to see children and families benefit, you know, from the change of culture, at each one of these properties >> and as a result of, what you see behind us, more kids are playing on our soccer fields than ever before. we have more girls playing sports than we have ever had before. [ applause ] fp >> and we are sending a strong message that san francisco families are welcome and we want you to stay. >> this park is open. ♪
11:51 am
>> just a few steps away from union square is a quiet corner stone of san francisco's our community to the meridian gallery has a 20-year history of supporting visual arts. experimental music concert, and also readings. >> give us this day our daily bread at least three times a day. and lead us not into temptation to often on weekdays. [laughter] >> meridians' stands apart from the commercial galleries around union square, and it is because of their core mission, to increase social, philosophical, and spiritual change my
11:52 am
isolated individuals and communities. >> it gives a statement, the idea that a significant art of any kind, in any discipline, creates change. >> it is philosophy that attracted david linger to mount a show at meridian. >> you want to feel like your work this summer that it can do some good. i felt like at meridian, it could do some good. we did not even talk about price until the day before the show. of course, meridian needs to support itself and support the community. but that was not the first consideration, so that made me very happy. >> his work is printed porcelain. he transfers images onto and spoils the surface a fragile shes of clay. each one, only one-tenth of an inch thick. >> it took about two years to get it down. i would say i lose 30% of the pieces that i made.
11:53 am
something happens to them. they cracked, the break during the process. it is very complex. they fall apart. but it is worth it to me. there are photographs i took 1 hours 99 the former soviet union. these are blown up to a gigantic images. they lose resolution. i do not mind that, because my images are about the images, but they're also about the idea, which is why there is text all over the entire surface. >> marie in moved into the mansion on powell street just five years ago. its galleries are housed in one of the very rare single family residences around union square. for the 100th anniversary of the mansion, meridian hosted a series of special events, including a world premiere reading by lawrence ferlinghetti. >> the birth of an american corporate fascism, the next to last free states radio, the
11:54 am
next-to-last independent newspaper raising hell, the next-to-last independent bookstore with a mind of its own, the next to last leftie looking for obama nirvana. [laughter] the first day of the wall street occupation set forth upon this continent a new revolutionary nation. [applause] >> in addition to its own programming as -- of artist talks, meridian has been a downtown host for san francisco states well-known port trees center. recent luminaries have included david meltzer, steve dixon, and jack hirsch man. >> you can black as out of the press, blog and arrest us, tear gas, mace, and shoot us, as we
11:55 am
know very well, you will, but this time we're not turning back. we know you are finished. desperate, near the end. hysterical in your flabbergastlyness. amen. >> after the readings, the crowd headed to a reception upstairs by wandering through the other gallery rooms in the historic home. the third floor is not usually reserved for just parties, however. it is the stage for live performances. ♪ under the guidance of musical curators, these three, meridian has maintained a strong commitment to new music,
11:56 am
compositions that are innovative, experimental, and sometimes challenging. sound art is an artistic and event that usually receives short shrift from most galleries because san francisco is musicians have responded by showing strong support for the programming. ♪ looking into meridian's future, she says she wants to keep doing the same thing that she has been doing since 1989. to enlighten and disturbed. >> i really believe that all the arts have a serious function and that it helps us find out who we are in a much wider sense than we were before we experienced that work of art.
11:57 am
♪ lee. >> well, good morning, everyone good morning tutor joining us at san francisco city hall regardless of what team happy openly day with the giants (laughter) i would, of course, want to say thank you for all of you for coming together and talking u u talking about the clams we have and locality in the regional and nationally and we want to commend specificallycy thank you to secretary csa to he's been doing those myers weigh fortunate for him he's been here many times but to have the focus
11:58 am
on the prosperity playbook and talk with all of us to see not only hear the fact problems but ideas we have to try to solve them i know as a mayor, i want to say thank you to all the fact mirrors mayors the room we don't have time for beater we're demanded to provides the answers we seek those answers every day of ever week i know the pressure is on me and you they have to have the answers no objection i appreciate with the secretary comes out and offering not just linking bus he's got answers he's been mooeshsz merging with the mayors that dope prediction he know that not only the secretary we president obama is thinking how has been working digital with mayors to get
11:59 am
things done that's why the country is moving forward i wanted to attaining jean and congresswoman barbara lee you're our strong advocates for the mayors when we as mayors raise up and scalding asked individually or as a group you've been there for us thank you very much and, of course, along about all the regional mayors i'm fortunate to work with libby schaaf and sam who have been more than architectural they've come up with so many other ideas i compliment the ones we are pushing and even go further cover areas eave not thought about we're leap year if each other and that's also a blessing i have with the other mayors we've had session to come together and deal with
12:00 pm
transportation and other things the other mayors come together with great idea plus you're all good folk you know secretary thanks for choosing san francisco to be part of the prosperity playbook initiate the fact meeting we need and want to develop with you and with all the flexibility and support of hud and again, i thank you fire marshall regional leadership as well you've got great people that helped us to think through and cautioned us and said he's how every time i've been on the phone that's okay. that's a problem think about this about that that and how you can do that that's the attitude that brought more success, more open attitudes and positive thinking if this great pinching so thank you. i you mentioned and i know that we
12:01 pm
deemed our naefthd all the mayor's should know that the fact challenges we want to be able to produce model after model what we can do to be more sought after to the navigation center has been our best model thank you to interfaith counsel that provide an exceptional documents now we have the model we're breaking down a kind of old shelters we had where people they were put in and kicked out and put in and kicked out it is kind of no different than american people encampment in many ways but forhe fact health and public health challenges we want to demonstrate there is a better model and that no less committed are those models that we have to have the end result that is
12:02 pm
permanent excellence exits out the fact homeless we've helped. >> veterans and responsibilities and chronic homeless for veterans and families you've backed up with appropriate funding where we demonstrated we can get something done that is appreciative the rad program as i mentioned earlier our stellar - that's much more successful and independent in hair lives
12:03 pm
we did this and the voters get it as well recently last november to supplies for you will have us we passed (11) 000-0000 homeless bond we've not done that for two decades the people respond and say that's a good investment that's what we want to do due to the creativity of working with the fact papering that $310 million bond will be a great benefit when we do infrastructure bonds this affordable housing bond will be a great contribution is secretary in collaboration with i i want to make sure you know amongst all of us there's a great preparation people want to get it right there will be requests that hud be as flexible as can be with the fact rules and regulations given the fact urban density champions we we
12:04 pm
have we also will be talking about issues like stableizing neighborhood with that credible economic upturn many parts of the neighborhoods are totally upset so long term ahbp africa be about stabilizing certain be neighborhood we create and build and finally, the homelessness population you deemed our seriousness by joining us with all the fact west coast mayors came up to portland and prepared notes we agreed homelessness is a challenge to all of us we needed months a partnerships with hud to end homelessness and number of us stood up and as i said of would we'll end hematomas we know of the cause of homelessness but have frjsz
12:05 pm
of what does so gathering that together having the best models and hud backing up us as a models model of ending homelessness is a great game so i want to give an opportunity to marry libby schaaf she's been thinking again and demonstrating the new coverage of what is happening in oakland kind of similar challenges and also hoping refresher ways to do that. >> mayor libby schaaf. >> thank you, thank you >> good morning ladies and
12:06 pm
gentlemen, if i can have our attention please thank you all. coming to this joyous celebration the fact reopening of franciscan towers (clapping.) its been a long time coming 8 hours short of exactly 5 years with all due respect please give a warm welcome to mayor ed lee (clapping.) thank you, don i know that short welcome has everything to do with the fact real purpose that say we need to get people into units and this franciscan towers as you may know and that it was a victim of a big fire in 2011 and you know a lot of victims of fires particularly residents i think very few get the side the fact day tare, is reopened
12:07 pm
because it take a step back a long time to battle with insurance companies all kinds of things make it difficult again that's why we celebrate those opportunities this franciscan towers a hundred and 4 units of affordable housing the middle of tenderloin reopening the middle of a housing crisis and so it is blessed with being is very, very helpful solution to many and i know that supervisor kim understands this she and i have been working to get more affordable housing built if not rehabbed and also the middle of that whether a conversation or working with the fact private developers or work with our city tame family to produce more housing we made a commitment at least 10 thousand affordable
12:08 pm
units built by 2020 this helps interpreting the fact story is not just about the fact this is rehabbed and reopened lives have been here the middle of tenderloin that also need to be rebuilt that's why this investment is too important that's why the tenderloin neighborhood development corporation valued in the city they keep increasing that portfolio of love i call it actually up to 33 different proposals the city in directly helping 6 thousand plus people to make sure they do more than survive in the city this is what the fact tndc does we we partner up so the clerk will take the roll with them and more to come i i know that portfolio they got a lot of projects we've got to announce and we have in a had your we don't want to take 5
12:09 pm
years to do this when you look at the building you see how it was damaged and and the units that are very, very small studios are one bedrooms 95 e 35 of the one and 35 are dedicated to formally homeless people this is incredible and burglary hips oh, help us with our challenge facing the fact homeless as i this more navigation centers and add supportive housing working with the fact board to make sure we can do with the last round and we're going to get 8 thousand people off the fact streets by the end i finish that will no longer have to be a victim this is our promise behind the fact naefktss and the nexus we're building so we don't have to talk about the fact shifters we have access out of
12:10 pm
homelessness and that projects like this the middle of communities like the tenderloin are really important to getting that story completed i want to say thank you to the tndc and all the corporate sponsors others are are part of solution to make sure that the financial part of this is done because that's when what is it takes creativity initiative financed not just again money but the creative relationship with the fact financial products that really helps to accelerate this housing and want to thank tom dbi and some of the other agencies i know your staff was around and have been inspecting a fire building your probably
12:11 pm
happy this building will be with good lives thank you, everyone for the fact elephant e tenant and the former building that were patient and the team of people that have brought this to fruition congratulations to the corps (clapping.) thank you, mayor ed lee please welcome supervisor jane kim (clapping.) >> i just want to congratulate the entire team that, ma'am r made this happen 0 over the last 4 years a tremendous mulch work to building that after a major fire actually, i think this happened on a tuesday 5 years ago i left really late that evening around 8:30 i decided to have dinner and the middle of
12:12 pm
the are dinner i heard a major fire i ran over here and got to talk to the tenants at the alexander across the street and it was my first time experiencing a major fire as member of the board of supervisors and it is incredibly frightening one of most unfortunate things when a major disaster you have a responsible and consciousness property owner with a protocol portfolio to house the fact tenants i just have to congratulate tndc that's one of the most did the things to actually, the humans were enacted and the fact staff did a tremendous job providing a compassion that for weeks to come after to find new housing
12:13 pm
and help support people with the fact tradition and work quickly in fact, i had little work in the case of my first fire because the fact frng was taking care of and had staff on hand and work to make sure that tenants were able to transition i think actually in many ways a bigger accomplishment that tenant didn't move back they were able to find permanent housing they felt was secure and wanted to stay in this is actually new housing and will house many that individuals that live on the fact streets it is a tremendous accomplishment i want to say this because this is as an opportunity to talk about tndc and the fact partnership i'm lucky to serve under a mayor with affordable housing is clearly his top priority for the fact city and
12:14 pm
an extensive history to have as much affordable housing and we'll work together to secure the gap furnld for the fact what will be affordable housing for formally homeless families an eddie-taylor a tremendous project we're able to work with tndc and the mayor's office to get the fact funding for the 5 m project project and excited for a project coming online we've been talking about the fact fortunate we we have in long time institutions like be tndc that will have been building in the tenderloin for decades that's in many ways why the tenderloin continues to be a working class neighborhood we have nonprofit and leader this stuck around for decades to continue doing this work and one of the reasons i love tndc and come back and see the fact same
12:15 pm
people continuing to do the fact work with the a testament hard to find nonprofits to do that and frankly you get paid this to d this work yet you believe in it and a tremendous leadership to run an organization that people continue to believe in and finally i just want to acknowledge your organizers go amazing work (clapping.) i've saying this because because wants legislation and funding more affordable housing the community didn't come out and residents not informed at the local and state level putting pressure on the stories out the media that's ultimately had drives our accomplishments we're not able to do that and beyond housing building and housing neighborhood not just about neighborhood we need to convert
12:16 pm
and build a healthier and stable environment outside of the residents i want to thank tndc for your comprehensive vision and for the fact neighborhood in helping us build not only more audible city but a healthier one thank you (clapping.) thank you jan bank of america (clapping.) >> thank you don. >> how you doing i just wanted to thank tndc for building this amazing or rebuilding i had the fact honor of being here years ago and as beautiful we see that again with new community groups i aim thankful for the mayor and city for building affordable housing and an honor to see a city that is so committed to building affordable housing and
12:17 pm
make sure that you know our residents are the place to be bank of america buildings we are better when we're connected we truly are that's why we build save and secure communities in 2014 alone bank of america provided 4.5 whether they would say in financing across the country most importantly in san francisco in the past 10 years bank of america has 1/3rd of affordable housing not including the fact investment money today and great to be a partner with you guys and with tndc a number of projects and our apprenticeship didn't aspire we worked for bank of america for the fact greater innovation
12:18 pm
thank you. >> thank you (clapping.) >> it is my great pleasure to introduce to say tndcs social work manager doreen franklin kin (clapping.) a >> okay good morning i'm here to honored to be here today with you and in a brewing community room of the franciscan towers this is a day i've been hoping and dreaming of for 5 years please forgive me my role this morning two-fold
12:19 pm
first i'd like to over some reflection aftermath of fire in second give thanks to the unimagineably folks that 2rshd to the resilient community in 2011 was an average day for me, the walking through the intend to to get to another meeting when i left work at 4:00 p.m. i never imagined i'd be bad actor in back in a few hours at 8:30 the fact crowds were coming in there's a fire at the towers - okay there was a fire at the towers and arrest rick were on the
12:20 pm
scene and everything under control while talking on the phone he glantd at the tv i saw the franciscan towers on fire when i arrived most of the tenant were across the street the lobby of the alexander residence told me and in they're afraid pa ganlz and others in mire bathrobes in a few hours as the fact disaster in two things were really clear the first that tenants wouldn't be going home imagine having been unhoused in a single second without notice and having only one minute to gather a few blorjz imagine arriving in the building after a long day of work with no place to go no food, no water, inform id, no
12:21 pm
money, no tone phone and no clothes the fact second thing that was clear to me that tndc staff would not rests until all the fact tenants we are safe and secure by 8 a.m. all of the tenants were, in fact, safe and secure while many that few weeks stayed with folks and family families be doubled up in apartments and adults were the streetcars in the ambassador and cc r the next 10 days at tndc were controlled chaos the fact workers the shelters while property management searched for alternative housing for one and some tenants tndc was a blessing we had amazing staff, we had a lot of building, and we have
12:22 pm
some really good friends the community to r two of our best friends are he american red cross and by 12 p.m. all one and 25 tenants we are settled in temporary housing and properties and dish properties or with friends and families while this data was a milestone for us it was really just the fact end of chapter one the fact rest of the story unfolds with with tndc tireless purity of hours after one year of working with the fact community partners the fact late tenants was housed on march 3, 2012 equally important that tndc would not settles for a red-tagged icon.
12:23 pm
>> equally important tndc would not settle are are for a red-tagged icon in the middle of the tenderloin after several years of having a vacant property on the famous corner of two-thirds they began to rebuild the fact towers there are many significant milestones each of them leaving me at times bracket also and overwhelmsed i remember that the fact admin and the tndc after-school program was moved to the parking lot not we called the budget lows i remember the directive and the lottery i remember the fact day the knowledge was painted and the first i stood ♪ r5078 and cried i remember the fact day the first tenants came
12:24 pm
back home and another day of tears tears of joy and stand the franciscan towers very own community room something they deserve just above us one and 4 unit of beautifully renovated affordable apartments it's been 5 long years since this corner of eddie taylor felt like home i account reasonable doubt for hours for the fact folks that supported the fact tenants and tndc to recovery from such a tragedy i'd like to thank the franciscan towers tenants who were kind, caring and compassionate with each other they were patient and never gave up on tndc they
12:25 pm
taught me the true matt haney of human the fact san francisco fire department saving retrieved medication for people if the people and the tenants the back of residences that opened they're afraid home on the night of the fire and first responders dale, art, georgia, orlando are yvette and monique and linda, and state and federal the fact department of emergency services ben i'm not sure he's here we want to thank them on behalf of the fact city and county of san francisco tenants at the ambassador and cc r for 10 days graciously shared
12:26 pm
they're afraid home and tndc social work team operated the fact shelters around the fact clock and the american red cross that provided meals and three hundred and 34 hours hours of volunteer support the san francisco food bank for providing food and vouchers for basic household items and tndc precipitate management team for the fact 10 days to make sure that all tenants were in a safe and secure housing tndc admin and it team especially in a few days had the fact office up and running and tndc 65 for ooefg stability to the franciscan towers families and not missing a beat by operating out of the
12:27 pm
circulation the team that grashz left hand they're afraid rooms of temporary units and welcomed the fact tenants onto the community without question or gymnast the human services for continuing for the fact support the shuttle mrs. care especially shannon to help us to maintain and ultimately double our subsidies the dult who operated across the fact clinic the manor house for accepting the hundreds of vouchers that were provided for the fact tenants the fact san francisco housing authority for the fact emergency applications public school to a very special grew up of people that plays a role ms. jones
12:28 pm
john's, joe sanchez at the know that sanchez at the is here joanne goldberg and tfa list and others and the countless folks i imagine i've left out to the tndc leadership and most specifically don and paul and others and the face of such tragedy the 3 of you - dug deep and was forced to ask users the fact question who does tndc want to be at this time of crisis you made did the decisions and had
12:29 pm
care and compassion tndc staff and the tenderloin community the final group i'd like to thank all the fact people that believed in tndc those that believe that tndc will one day rebuild the franciscan towers on behalf of the tndc we want to thank you from the bottom of my heart (clapping.) thank you >> thank you. >> burnett it's your turn please welcome vernon (clapping). >> good morning, everybody.
12:30 pm
this is a brand new opening thank you thank you all for being here we go celebrating with us mooirns are very happy it have franciscan towers to call home my wife and i were homeless for a year people are homeless for no reason i believe you don't kick people when they're down we working hard to keep her healthy from diabetes she's lost both of her legs we tried to stay off the fact street and stay clean and healthy we have no family to support use it is just we have we found a place to say for 450 question had be out at soubs and ask for a shower it was better than the fact street but not
12:31 pm
good we got a connection to 3 social workers with them working together we got a wheelchair for my wife and best of all a home we're happy to have a home we work hard and my wife says she's never leaving with our new home we get healthy and stable who knows what is possible (clapping.) >> now my turn for a few concluding remarks there are so people people i'm not xaefrg hundreds and hundreds the aftermath of a fire but putting together the new franciscan
12:32 pm
towers rather than call anyone out i want to direct you to a program recognizing those who contributed and we want to commend i guess replenishment on a couple of things because identify cabin sleeping by myself in my bet bed the first we tndc can't do anything alone we exist in a community that part of community and the community depends on us our success is he really a function how we work together and one can't see that anywhere better than the fact franciscan towers the other thing i've learned i want to share with people is that affordable housing is a safety net i really only understood how true when i saw what happened when
12:33 pm
affordable housing was jagged from flaerths people's lives so thank you all for coming question appreciate everything you've done and enjoy your lunc >> good morning, everyone good morning isn't this a beautiful day
12:34 pm
yes. >> i'm adrian the executive director of the office of civic engagement and immigrant affairs and we're here today to celebrate the fifth anniversary of community ambassadors program and all the people that made it happen so we're very fortunate to have a number of vips we'll announce them as we go along the program first of all, we're fortunate is mayor ed lee is here to open today's event the fact community ambassadors was the mayor's vision in 2010 to rational tense it was a that time program in 2011 and today, we're so lucky to be celebrating our fifth anniversary would you please join me in welcoming without the fact leadership vision and support of our dear mayor a police welcome mayor ed lee
12:35 pm
(clapping.) >> thank you adrian. >> thank you to the was office of civic gave me and affairs thank you. i want to say thank you to the various agencies that have been working with the fact mayor's office with the live and free program that has been instrumental in being a funding sources and a conduit we have organs lifework self-help for the fact elderly addresses the neighborhood services our administrator is here working with the fact community ambassadors and welcome supervisor peskin as well come on up supervisor he'll be you are newest recruits for the fact ambassadors program you you know as you may recall i wanted that makes sure we have been knows the fact history that
12:36 pm
the fact community ambassadors program was born out of a lot of conflict that occur began in the bayview we knew that has roots about peopleism safe in they're afraid community and at this point we had a number of seniors and some them taking muni and doing the work or visiting they're afraid families that suddenly became victims of street violence self-interest the interviews and the aftermath and the interviews with our police department that were trying to prevent this from happening and with any community leaderships we felt in cooperation with the fact organizations lifework chinese affirmative action and self-help for the fact elderly a number of community-based organizations like the awe alive and free program we felt if we can have additional eyes and areas working with the fact seniors, working with people going to
12:37 pm
work particularly on muni stops we can have the fact kind of assistance that people needs and the additional eyes and ears to prevent the fact violence if happening we had a number of community ambassadors that lived and worked and raised the bayview to come and work with us vufrl over a period of time they knew everyone on the street and say high to folks and they were coming to tourists and they couldn't get to a police or get just basic information how to assess 9-1-1 or p.i. and basic information and the best routes to get to home or work those ambassadors became very big connectors to ordinary people everyday to what was going on
12:38 pm
and basic information they've become invaluable to people that haven't been in community before and so valuable that the crime rates around those areas became lower people that walked to work and saw the ambassadors saw them on the streets walking around became a lot more comfortable with they're afraid experience on the streets we rolled this out beginning in the bayview now successful we brought it to mission street and visitacion valley and ambassadors to the tenderloin and to the mission and every one of overseeing areas not only has the fact street crime been reduced by r by people that walk the fact streets remain that much more comfortable and secure and having a friendly face in the what i call the buzzing bee colors the fact yellow and black
12:39 pm
being bright and recognized we identify as ambassadors working things with you're walking practicals and police officers but doing the fact extra services that go well beyond public safety just information sharing has been valuable to everyone who uses our streets so it's been so successful that literally every supervisor and every community has been asking for more of the ambassadors and wear glad to do them when we have a strong economy and have strong members of the community philosophically funding a number of the programs for a number of years so popular that today, we are happy to say we're launching this community ambassadors program with the support of your local supervisor the chinatown and that is a great (clapping.)
12:40 pm
- great addition they are bio cultural and bilingual be they're afraid incentive tied toe people that use the streets, in fact, those ambassadors have been so good they recognize people going to work and coming from work by their first names and they're recognized by they're first names i wanted to say that is another example of the community engagement that the office of immigrant rights does that's why we place the fact ambassadors program under the tool because they're a lot of people that come to the city that simply don't know how to assess the services so from understanding the municipal id card and getting information whether the events are happening, have access about the ever changing
12:41 pm
route asia time that muni might have, to where are things happening and how can i get access to the fact senior services and that wear using our community-based organizations from which to recruit residents of the neighborhood they serve i can't think of a better job to be in your neighborhood speaking languages that rehabilitate the fact culture of our district and doing to great service of not only safety but information and everyone feeling that once you have that yellow jacket all of a sudden the community is there and feel pretty special as an individual residential or visitor this is two can that combined engagement backed up with our law enforcement personnel is engaged and in fact, each of the ambassadors do glow several days
12:42 pm
training with the police department so they can help if anything maples they'll be there they'll be the fact first with ans to assess the emergency calls saying i need respond on the street and if you don't speak english the ambassadors will be that bridge they're true ambassadors to for what that name means and they'll work to make sure that everyone feels safe so i want to say congratulations to the fifth year of the community ambassadors program thank you for expanding it to chinatown where a lot of tourists and local residents a lot of seniors and everyone else needs to have that assess and needs to have a quick response but hopefully nothing ever happens but people having fun and american people caliber allergic time in the
12:43 pm
streets 24 will improve every single corridor and alleyway for people to know how to assess the information and get the fact information so congratulations adrian and congratulations to everyone that is associated with the fact community ambassadors program (clapping.) >> thank you, mr. mayor we want to take 80 a moment to thank so many people that made 24 possible from the fact early days dr. supervisor yee marshall and susan for ethics commission and eddy and sharon hewitt and most importantly someone that is our champion supported us if you wonder why the fact ambassadors are the bright iefrmz suggested it he's your hero police chief
12:44 pm
greg suhr (clapping.) so next up is somebody who is we're pleased to welcome back to district 3 it is exciting a have aaron peskin for all the residents the district 3. >> supervisor peskin as you may know was reelected to the sgrvrz and his leadership definitely been a positive diversities in enfuss spirit and energy into our procedures thank you very much and please welcome supervisor aaron peskin (clapping). >> >> (speaking foreign language.) good morning and thank you adrian and mayor ed lee city
12:45 pm
administrator naomi kelly and chief suhr is a pleasure to associate meaningful with the mayor with the first decade i'm delighted it the community ambassador program is coming to chinatown to augment our already rich our integrate web of neighborhood services provided through incredible nonprofits like self-help for the fact elderly thank you, andy chang autopsy and thank you for the fact work you do the fact fact all my colleagues want community ambassador programs speaks to the success of mayor ed lee and adrian program ether the last half decade chinatown needs those resources this is the densest community in an dense city and, yes we have elevated crime and, yes we have
12:46 pm
unfortunately terrible pedestrian safety within death in and around this community a community ambassador program will help with all of those things in conjunction with our san francisco police department and in conjunction with our rich web of neighborhood certifies providers i'm delighted thank you, mr. mayor and administrator kelly for bringing this to chinatown. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> (clapping.) thank you supervisor is good so have you back when we start the fact community ambassadors we had a small team ambassadors out in the the fact bayview and now 5 years later a team as the mayor said all over the city one of the reasons we grow the program is a steady support and leadership of our city administrator naomi kelly she's
12:47 pm
broken new ground a great role model we're fortunate to have her please help me welcome naomi kelly (clapping.) and. >> thank you adrian. >> what a beautiful day to have this to celebrate the fact 50 anniversary i want to personally take the men and women in the yellow jackets they've done a wonderful job and deserve a round of applause i know many of i've visited with you and done great work the tightened and the bayview and the valley they're from our community they're afraid residents and what everyone said earlier they know everyone by tare first name and vice versa he love the fact jacket they're afraid bright and yellow and they have the city feel on the jackets notice that
12:48 pm
you know they're the ones working for how and the community and the fact community ambassador program has so many contacts with the community about 33 thousand more or three hundred thousand contact over the life of the program - three hundred and thirty thousand over the life of the communicated sgraug with the fact community and what's nice they know all the city agencies and working closely is 311 and the department of public works and the clerk will take the roll with the county clerk's office many services within the city government i want to thank commissioner president suzy loftus, andy chang and commissioner marshall for the great work in training our community ambassadors so they know how to deescalate situation they run into and know what
12:49 pm
great services are thank you to everyone (clapping.) >> thank you, kelly now a nationally renowned invention preservation expert we wouldn't exist watt united states boys and girls club headed by dr. joseph marshall that serves on the police commission he's also an awful radio host a lot of fun so dr. marshall has been key in teaching our ambassadors and community for non-violation is the fact way dr. marshall
12:50 pm
(clapping.) >> check. >> okay. my radio voice is back so - >> this is great 5 years 5 years you know i don't want to underscore the seriousness of which the ambassador program was created you know you heard the mayor talk about it was serious at that time, there was i remember particular asian elderly that was i think attacked and other woman was thrown off the fact train it was tough it was really tough that he i remember the
12:51 pm
fact rallies at city hall we were concerned and we knew we had to do something that was creative and hoped we'll do small business week that worked sometimes you get a lot of people together maybe you can't come up with something but with a few of us in my offers and the bayview i was concerned the fact police commissioner and we met in my office i remember about you know several meetings and one dwayne jones and vincent's should be here affirmative action this guy was in the city administrator we sat down and what can we do what can we do we went through a few things the light popped on maybe
12:52 pm
we can create an urban peace corp urban peace corp for the fact community ambassadors and really the ambassadors go out interest and everyone everything from wal-mart walking people out of the houses from the fact train and question didn't know if it would work but it did it worked very, very well san francisco has a lot of programs and not a lot of them are love but this is this one universally loved program the city everyone loves the fact ambassadors (clapping.) i am proud that is one of the things i'm proud of i go around the fact country and talk about the fact ambassadors i'm surprised is the cities don't want to grab adrian and the mayor how could be in our city
12:53 pm
that's why the fact folks the jackets i'm close to them supporting them on the streets they have to go through me they're great i want to make sure they're prepared to deal with the challenges they face and passed the fact test very, very well, so 5 years later chinatown who knows pretty soon maybe oakland will time community ambassadors so great adrian and mr. mayor and supervisors and everyone that is part of this thank you and the reason we want to commend say you're part of this let's celebrate and celebrate celebrate 5 years of community ambassadors keep is going (clapping.) i'll introduce this guy chief suhr she's great this helps him in his job let me i turn this
12:54 pm
over to the chief. >> thanks deputy chief joe i want to tell you i was probably other than the fact bayview community the fact biggest beneficiary of the 3456r9d i love them i see them i can't help but hug them those jackets are getting more yellow i have to calling your attention to barbara she runs the fact bayview opera houses remembers how difficult 4 years ago, it was not going well when the fact ambassadors were born and coming in we talked about with them it got better overnight a completely different place the way that people get along and mergers the communities and doing no so moved small part to the ambassadors it made since the mayor traubd i talked about growing the program yes, yes,
12:55 pm
yes now coming to chinatown that is awful and the fact job they're talking about is that that you see them thank them they're really to put themselves in situations they make a safely and i have to tell you 5 years ago there were sort of restored a sense of calm immediately and that's the way it is god bless you please be savvy hope it continues to grow (clapping.) >> thank you, dr. marshall and joe affordable housing and chief suhr sorry. >> (laughter) i'm the queen bee so the fact next speaker is such a special leader and an inspiration to all
12:56 pm
of us trooerd the fact epitome of compassion and self-less and caring it was her vision to bring this to chinatown they working hard with the fact council to make sure that happened please help me welcome any dear friend and known as the mother teresa is a annie chang ceo of the self-help for the fact elderly (clapping.) >> thank you adrian and good morning, mayor supervisor peskin and naomi and chief suhr, dr. marshall and richard and my friend sarah on behalf of the apa council i council that sarah and i represent we went to the mayor two years ago and said mayor, we know you run a very, very successful community ambassador program but i think that is
12:57 pm
time; right? to bring it to chinatown because the fact problems we were seeing so i said to report back to you during the fact lounge of the ambassador program sarah and i walked the fact chinatown all over and later when i go to the house to see the fact reception we asked supervisor peskin to help us and the captain lazarus for this district because of the heels right outside of shop house smoking and gambling we couldn't run the fact programs inside i don't know with the fact china team does now now they were able to convince people to move ant farther so our students inside and the fact elderly will not bracket the fact smoke we want to commend thank mayor ed lee and the chinatown team to do their utmost best he loved you
12:58 pm
(clapping.) and as you walk around my staff will, having a self-help die they'll stop by the one time community center to make sure the fact building is safe and go up to the houselights clubhouse ape walk to the alleys i drive around schpt they'll be helping seniors crossing the fact centerpieces an stockton street and represent the fact best of the city hall and so mayor ed lee thank you for bringing this program to us and congratulations ambassadors 5 years (clapping.) and adrian and richard thank you. this program >> thank you, ann i didn't and members of the apa and want to recognize a few people from the fact community that helped to have the program in mission and
12:59 pm
the bayview and silicon valley that's it barbara from the fact bayview american people are house and laura from the fact mission center and marie from visitacion valley thank you so much. (clapping.) >> so the community ambassadors are out there the most vibrant and dangerous areas he helping residents and workings sea visitor and community groups and merchant they report crimes and inform of the people of the serves and volunteer the community and live in the community and they care about people they serve the city they live and work for so it is my pleasure to introduce the fact ambassadors team the fact team is led we want to commend redistribution two individuals that exceptional individuals that helped me building the houses of engagement to what is today wouldn't have been
1:00 pm
possible i need they're afraid help please give me it up for deputy direction richard (clapping.) and your cap immigrant rights commissioner (clapping.) and now to introduce the san francisco community ambassadors the ambassadors are led by 4 team leaders raise your hand t. >> who is a little bit hard to spot in public junior (clapping.) eddy (clapping.) miss cha have on (clapping.) and alton (clapping.) speaking on behalf of all the fact ambassadors this morning is our chinatown team