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tv   LIVE Police Commission  SFGTV  April 13, 2016 5:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> ladies and gentlemen, the
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chair call thd meeting to order. can you please turn off your electronic devices as they tend to interfere with the equipment in the room and please rise for the pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. i like to call the roll. >> please do, sergeant. >> commission president lofts, here. commissioner vice president turman, here. commissioner marshzal is in root. commissioner dejesus is route. commissioner wong excused. you have a quorum also with us is chief of
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police greg ory suhr and joyce hicks. >> in light of the significant amount of public comment we opet tonight i'll limit comments to two minutes. >> item 1 adoption of minutes action for the meeting of february 10, 17, 9 and [inaudible] >> you have in your packet minutes from those meetings and have one correction and if anyone has others notify. correction is meeting march 9, 2016 on the second page, section c under commissions reports. it says a gave a update on the tenderloin. it
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indicates the district attorney is looking into taking her child to scoog and look into drug dealers. that isn't true. [inaudible] work wg assistant district attorney to deal with these issues is correct. if we could strike the sentence about what i state thd district attorney is doing and invite corrections or addition to the minutes. invite a motion with that correction >> so moved >> second. >> all in favor? >> aye. >> opposed? motion passes. any public comment on that matter? hearing none public comment is closed. >> item 2, consent calendar, receive and file action please commission report of disciplinary actions first quarter 2016 >> colleagues you have in the
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packet report on disciplines any comments or questions? do i have a plosion? >> so moved >> all in favor? opposed? any public comment on this matter. hearing none public comment is closed. next item >> item 3 public comment >> the public cak address the commission on items not on tonights genda. speakers address the remarks as a commission as a whole and not individual commissioners or department or occ penitentiary el. during public comment police or occ personnel are not required to respond to the comments of the public. refrain from entering into debate or discussion. please limit the comments to 2 minutes. >> i want to talk about
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transaerns and i'll try to be quick. transparency is a theme and very important and i just wanted to emphasize the transparence isn't a slogan. you don't become transparent by saying it you do it through action. the state of transaerns isn't the absence of lives but the presence of truth. the voluntary release of information even if it is inconvenient or good the short term is how you establish trust even during periods where it may make you uncomfort. the events the last few weeks are so discouraging. we know how that racist text messages were discovered back in august. that could have been revealed to the public and should have been revealed. you don't need to release the officers
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names but the choice was made not to let the public know what they had a right to know and that has consequences. february 1 there was a great press conference at the federal depermanent and cops office and chief and mayor with review to rebuild trust. the next day the chief was asked on kqd forum about the scope of racism in the department. he chose not to tell what he had known is there were racist messages not revealed. were the cops office told whether to do a review or civil rights investigation. was ofj or officers of color told racism was in the department. you can't build trust
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without transparence. transparency isn't telling what you want to know when you want them to know that. that is public relations and bad public relations. >> thank you. next speaker. [applause] >> my name is rustle baits and come from burgly california. i want to talk about the recent siege of people in the san francisco by the san francisco police department and the failure to respond diligently to knife being drawn rather than drawing the guns and shooting them dead i think perhaps a baton stroke could be used. negotiating with them could be used. [inaudible] major general united states marine corp. wrote a book called war
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is a racket. he was brought into the fill philadelphia and the please department had fraud and they brought him to the fix it. it brought the rool it is as easy to shoot and wound someone as takill. he taught that to the marines. there are killings after that and a bit of a better situation resulted. this reminds me very much what is going on in fob nob 48 now where young people are killed and shot when they could easily be talked down or waited out. it seems there is way too much energy being dispensed trying to account for what cannot be accounted for in the use of homicides of people in san francisco. chief, i
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suggest that you instruct your officers that it is in deed just as easy to shoot to wound somebody as shood chute to kill. >> next speaker. [applause] >> good evening. [inaudible] i'm sure you all remember last year [inaudible] in brazil the police were shooting down at homeless children to clean the area before the game. i'm sure that reminds you of something that happened on [inaudible] i remember also the chief contending to [inaudible] that it was going to be calmer and more sensible intervention and moving towards
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being patient and waiting it out. [inaudible] well maybe the officer should shoot twice and then after twice approach the subject and assess the immediacy of the threat. this isn't what happened last week, there was 7 shots. [inaudible] it is dish heartening to live in san francisco. as a poor person of mixed heritage if i had to option i would be so far away from here. it has nothing to do with san francisco i came to 40 years ago to live here with suposeedly the most liberal city in the world. it is indicative of the war against
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the old san francisco. i would like to see it as a war of losing or winning about the negotiation that hopefully we'll restore soon so we can all live here without fear of being killed. >> thank you. next speaker. [applause] >> my name is stephen york and civil rights lawyer. i specialized in representing the victims of police abuse. i never addressed the commission before. i want to share a few thoughts. i know my time is brief. i feel that we are-must take cog sns of the fact we are living in a change in our nation. there is a democracy movement i haven't seen the likes of since the death of matin luther king. this issue of police abuse is
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not going away. not any time soon and it is going to have to be addressed by it powers that be. the forces then street will not go away. let me say this, we have sth issue of the country with the militarization with the police. the problem isn't the lack of training it is the training. the motto of the san francisco police must be changed. it says in peace we are gold, in war we are fire, there is no place for the police in war. the police are not an army, they are there to protect and serve the people, they are not there to kill. alright? we should stop recruiting new police officers from the ranks of the armed forces. the armed forces and the police are
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charged with diametically opposed values and opposed functions. the purpose the soldiers is kill the enemy, the purpose of the police is protect the people. the only thing they have in common is they carry guns. if the number one priority of the police as stated in the recent recommendations and i concur with those, that-may have one more minute? okay. >> that's it. i have to give the same amount of time to everybody . the rules don't work that way and obliged to follow them for everybody. thank you for your comments. next speaker. [applause] >> good evening. i haven't appeared before you since 1998 which wh i receivered a citizen
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accommodation. for 15 years i worked with thederment of public health and last 8 a manager for homeless outreach team. i'm employed as behavioral health responder. no way do i represent the viewoffs the county or speak for the department of public health or that department of behavioral hemth. i advocate for the use and deployment of tasers. yesterday i was asked to row spond with a gentlemen who disregulated and had bipoll squr alerted to his challenge and we found him in a hotel. he had a box cutter and held the boxicateer to his throat and didn't respond to requests to open the door. law enforcement made entry. he
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didn't drop the box cutter and rfs taized and 10 minutes later i spoke to him and he was aminable. he was uninjured and he asked why his cousin who is a deputy sheriff had not responded to the scene make thg joke, my cousin is too busy to see me. i believe law enforcement officerss need the option to keep people alive. the other choices are very dangerous. thank you. >> thank you and so everybody knows there is a buzzer that gives a 30 second warning so there are two. that is why sometimes gets 30 seconds more. next speaker. good evening. >> good evening. i want to address 2 issues . okay. let's be
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honest. the tasers-where are they? you want to play politics with them. where is mayor lee? come on people. i want to express my thanks to joyce hicks, her article about the young man in the chronicle. you go girl. where are the tasers people? come on. every police department in the nation has them but you people won't do it. [inaudible] please shooting. the man couldn't speak english, the officers were violating the 21 feet rule. greg you know about that. he had to get 21 feet away from the assault. we violated that. [inaudible] we screwed that up, we really screwed that
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up. have a good evening. >> thank you, next speaker. [applause] >> i was hoping we would get tasers and there is a possibility we might now but if we have cameras at the same time that makes it a lot better. as far as the man speaking about crazy people and shock treatments and stuff, they have given them to me and it's horrendous and i don't think they should allow that. tasers thank you please because this is like satans work and he's getting away with murder. we don't need guns used on homeless people on the street. it is a sad case
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what we are doing here. i was going to tell you are story but i'll tell you later because i wanted to speak for homeless people, people on the boarder. when i was speaking about them and seeing what happened to this-it was a miracle what i was speaking about before. i was on the boarder and a lady said spare change and i said here. everybody jumped up from the restaurant and said spare change and i gave it-i gave one penny and she gave it back. i said there is something strange about this. i looked at the penny and i said, okay ma'am can you give me the pennies and i'm give a dollar. i said see this penny, it is misprint. i gave
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it to one person and went 50 strong out the door and about half way down the line the waitress said wots going on. she saw all this. it is miracle and i want back. i'll let you go. >> thank you, sir. two minutes for everybody. thank you. is there further general public comment? >> hello. my name is dareal rogers and a resident in san francisco my entire life. i'm 70 years old. as for the point of using tasers, if we don't change the systemic problems that the cause the use of force, then it doesn't matter if it is a taser, if is
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a billie club, if it is a gun. the facts remain the same, the same things are going to happen. simply to say a taser will change this particular situation, i doubt it. the only thing that will change this is change. i'm sorry, that is the only thing that will change it. the arms are not going to do it as long as officers are on the street and come out of their cars with the per ception that the enemy is on the other side, as long as they see everyone they confront as the enemy it doesn't matter what they use. they were using bean bags. it gets to the point where
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legal force is forced. [applaus] >> further general public comment? come on up. you can feel free to line up if you want to speak. >> thank you. [inaudible] i come from berkeley and came tonight because i have so many questions. i guess one question i have about the killing of luis gon gorea, the timing is pretty bad, isn't it? it seems like there is nothing happening in the town that is stopping the killy. there no intervention effective with the san francisco police department and curious if the officers are so confident they acted in punity that it will continue. i don't see it stopping. i guess what the question i have tonight is what i read in the paper is mayor ed
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lee said the encampments have to go. he said it in the newspaper and watt a eerie consequences dns. the next day officers come and tearize homeless residence of san francisco at the same site where mr. gun gorea was killed. you read about that, right? the officer slash open tents with knives tererizing them. i ask you to consider, i don't think we believe these are isolated incident and the pattern is very clear. the political use thoof san francisco police department to attack homeless people is veer claer and need to dig deeper and understand who makes the decisions and who know what when and when will it
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stop. this is terrorism. this is govern by fear and make people afraid they will be killed for doing the most mundane activities because it is on the street. chief maybe you know, who told those officers to go and conduct themselves in that way and can we expect more of it? thank you >> thank you, next speaker. >> so, i mean the pattern i have been seeing since the 1980's when this problem starded is chronicle runs a article about discraseful conditions in a certain area and we sweep them out because what else will they do. the chronicle runs a article about discraseful conditions, police roust them. this has been going on for decades. the new part though
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is these frequent shootings. when i-i'm a protester and the police would show up and some would yell at them and i would say san francisco police are actually pretty cool compare today the rest of the kunty, but i'm not saying that anymore because they are behaving-there is something going on nation wide clearly that is causing all these shootings to be happening simultaneously everywhere including our super liberal san francisco but more right wing-i like it to stop. i don't believe all police are evil, even still but i would just like people to
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not be shot if there is any other way to deal with them at all. that's it. >> thank you, sir. [applause] >> any further general public comment? >> i would like to try to be objective about the recent killing of luis and discussing the 30 second video. what we saw from that video was 3 parole cars come in from the left, we saw 3 officers get out, it should be noted not one officer had a night stick. i assume that on the right hand side at that street that probably a parole car cut off that and one officer was there. so, up till that point one could say that the scene was contained.
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and then subsquentsly-isn't there time given to evaluating the situation? one witness said he saw luis sitting on the ground up against the wall when she went by. a man appears frightened, he is being yelled at and doesn't seem to understand. this is the mission district, people don't speak english mpt if you look at this man he is very indian looking, indian latino so wasn't a evaluation taken to call maybe one parole men who spoke spanish to say something? 30 seconds and where was the evaluation? 30 seconds of evaluation somebody coming over and speaking in spanish maybe luis would be alive today. we don't know
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what happened but there are 6 witnesses who have contrary opinions to what they saw and should be taken into consideration and hope the commissioners here tonight will get serious about reining out of control police force. >> next speaker. [applause] any further public comment? good evening mrs. brown, welcome. >> holeo good evening everyone. my name is poly brown and as usual i'm here to talk about my son and like to use the overhead. as i was here last week i brought my son arbry murdered august 14, 2006 shot with a sem iautomatic gun and to this day no closure or justice. his case remains unsolved and i want to bring awareness
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to the last time i was told that i would have a private investigators rehired to investigate the unsolved homside. i have want heard from anyone i would thrike hear from someone to work with me about solving our childrens cases. we just left sacramento concerning victims voices up there with jerry brown and was a good meetic with mothers and fathers like my self who are still suffering and the caseerize not solved. we want that. we talk about police killings and again as i say, it doesn't matter where the bullet come from, the mothers and father are still in pain. i brought up that-all these case squz homicides are still on solved. what do we do about it? we hire the investigators to help
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us get some closure, give us a little closure just as well as you gave the mayor gave kate styling at pier 14. a bench and everything, give us closure too because i'm tired of seeing this and having to bring this and sit it here for everyone to see my pain. i can tell you all day but need you to see it. this is my son, just turn 17 year old boy was murdered >> anyone here or watching has information to the murder of obry obcososthere is tip line, 415-575-4444. >> my name is magic at the last police commission meeting in which
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there were 2 video how to disarm two men with machetes. there were 4 police officers and asked what they said they were thought and they said the police were lucky. i said they were patientgregious and passionate. we need to stop living in a culture of fear and need restoreative justice so officers have a opportunity to ask for for giveness for murdering people. to listen the woman before me another mother, des pritly wanting justice, we cannot have a callture of fear. today at the town hall i asked chief suhr if they wanted to make the people feel there was a public dialogue, we
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would like a moting where no officers have their guns. [applause] and that would be the first step towards a 6 month moratorium on weapons on the streets with only backup of trained people like they have in the united kingdom. we must have a culture of trust and love in our community. we can no longer live in fear of people in blue who do not sur mise the situation or have a way to deal with mental illness. also, i asked chief suhr why there were no women on the panel at the town hall and said the woman were use today make sure people didn't talk too long. i didn't consider that respectful of women. i like to hear what the woman in the police force think and how they might be handling the situation differently. thank you.
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>> thank you. [applause]. further general public comment? good evening mr. miller. >> good evening commission, chief. jose [inaudible] did not need to die. in 30 seconds two officerss in the saf police department made a decision they were not authorized by law ethics or any other code to make. now jose luis is dead. tasers would not have saved him. any weapon wielded by officers so unaccountable can be fatal. people have been lumenting this event and subsquents alault salts media and physical on our homeless brothers and sisters. i'm not here to lument i'm
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here 250 suggest crimical charges. first degree homicide for the officers who shot jose luis gun gorea. second off, distrunkz of evidence and private property or crime scene and the tents the people that live there. third and coercion. conspiracy in the service of a homicide. let's be veer claer, the brother that came before me said we are trying to be objective and that is fine. i'm ready to see the full accounting of all fack facts. if that were anyone in this room we would be in jail right with murder charges against us, what is what the office rbs who killed luis gun gorea deserve and if
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this doesn't happen we will pux harder than ever and demand the resignation for chief suhr and crimeinal criminal charges to be [inaudible] if we don't get justice we'll seek the recall of mayor ed lee. [applause] >> any general public comment? come on up. good evening and welcome. >> my name is loren chin, san francisco native and never lived anywhere else. [inaudible] these are my neighborhoods. this is my city. the violence and [inaudible] perpetrates breaks my heart. it is assumed people with my resume don't care about the issue. as a middle class petite asian woman
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[inaudible] that makeatize my problem. i don't know alex [inaudible] mario luis or others who died at hands of police but have several dear friends that can wind up like this because of a small mistake on their part and i'm terrifyed for them. my desire soorelationship between the community and police. i want to work with you and trust you and call when i need you. i get you are responsible for protection of over 800 thousand but [inaudible] the evidence suggests the stories police are telling are not true. this ruins the trust the community because we dont see an accountable police force, we see a string of dead youngman. i can't imagine the stress i would be under as a police officers [inaudible] this issue is much bigger than what the individualophorousers did. we need to dig deeper and get to the root
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of the problem but can't move forward without the truth. when a city loses trust in the peace officer s we get chaos. like martin luther king quoted let justice role down like water and righteousness like a ever flowing stream. and urge you to tell the trul and execute justice. i will close in prayer [inaudible] rein down justice mercy grace [inaudible] >> thank you. [applause] >> everybody gets two minutes. this is just general public comment and there will be another opportunity. i'm sorry there will be another
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opportunity. any general public comment? okay. good evening sir, welcome. >> well, we had several killings at this rate we are having one killing every 5 months and i'm wondering what you are doing about it? i knee you have a bunch of reforms but it just doesn't seem fast enough or good enough. how many more people are going to die while you are working on this process? i'm-at this rate it is 3 orfore other people before you are finish would the process. i thought the killings would be every 12 months but it seems every 5 months. the solutions were very simple. i gave you a rough draft in the 67.5-a.
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[inaudible] could have got their shields and interacted with them, but remember the witnesses say that this person was standing and these weapons were on the ground, whatever weapons they had were on the ground and this person was standing, so whatever weapons they are saying the person was lunging with the witnesses don'ts agree. the campus scanner i feel they have been hurassed and bribed by dumping them into a [inaudible] to intimidate them somehow. i just the officers that threaten to kill me about 8 years ago, i just gary barkner, officer 13, 14, i just wonder is this part of the pattern to threaten
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and kill people who are poor? how do we get faith in the police department? >> thank you. [applause] any final general public comment? come on up, guys. alright. anybody else wants to speak just come on up >> my name is renay davis, citizen of san francisco for the last all most 40 years. i too and horrified by the current state of affairs between the police and public and the indiscriminate shooting of young people on color. it is horrifying. i don't think tasers is the right answer either because it would be one more tool for a police department that just does not seem to have the proper
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training. i may be wrong but i think i read there will be a new class of police academy recruits. i think that should absolutely not happen until there is a change in the-how they are trained so that we dont send another thousand or so cops on to the street who are trained the way the current ones are trained because they are not doing the right thing and as a white woman of some privilege i still feel afraid when i walk down the street and see the police these days because i don't know who they will next suddenly decide to pull their guns on. for the people who are having the guns pulled on them, my heart breaks and i say no more police recruit academies until their policies of how hay are trained are
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changed. it cost a lot of money to train recruits and say don't use the money until they are trained differently. >> any more public comment? welcome. >> high, nancy tile frr the mission and i-right after the service today , right after that my question to myself and right after the ferguson thing there was a new police killing. i said why-after the ferguson thing each police chief say to their people, we dont want something like that to happen here. we have to do our best not to make the news like ferguson did. we want to be a example. wouldn't that be the first thing you all would
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teach your guys and women? that is all i got to say. i think we should think about that. [applause] >> any further public comment? public comment is closed. call the next item >> item 4, reports the commission discussion chief report. allow the chief of police to areport on police department activities squu nounlsments. update on development relate today officer involved shooting august 7, 2016 >> we did have our town hall today at 18th and shotwell. i thought i would go over but i appall jize to the people that were there but to update on where we are. the statements i will read came not from general comment but from interviews and i will attribute
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those to who said what. thursday april 7 approximately 957 a.m. department of public health outreach team responded to 17, and 18th street to fallee up on a baby crying in a homeless encampment. upon arrival the members saw a male subject identified as luis gone gorea 45 year old [inaudible] forcefully kicking and bouncing a basical ball. they searched for a baby and wasn't located. they spoke with a pregnant common and offered assistance with appoint relate today pregnancy and after that contract the outreach team prepared to leave when they observed mr. gone gorea again. appearing in a altered state medically or chemically induced and in position of a
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knife. the hot team member describes swinging the knife in a chopping motion. the police department need today be call squd called 911 and provided a physical and clothing description of mr. gone gore paw and actions. the senior hot team member told investigators this is the 5th time she felt the need to call the police. the first two mission units arrived on scene, one was a sergeant with approximately 17 years in the department, the other is a officer with threne years. 9 with the prior department and 4 with san francisco police department and cit trained. the officer told investigates their existing parole vehicles. the third officer who was a spanish speaker and
6:20 pm
cit trained arrived on scene as the first 2 officers were contacting mr. gone gorea. according to the officer interviews, the officer said they found mr. gone gorea on the side walk with a knife with the blai up. they ordered him to put it down multiple times which is audible on the video. the verbal orders were given in english and spanish. the mr. gone gorea placed it down with picked the knife up again. the officer delivered 4 bean bag rounds to mr. gone gorea attempting to hit in the arm and disarm. mr. gone gore taw stood up and the officers say hooran at them with a knife in hand. preliminary officer investigated 12 witnesses. the witness testimony some of which is in the media range from one once daying they observed the subspect get off the
6:21 pm
ground and lunge, another said they saw the suspect rise up with the knife and run twhord officers. two other witnesses said they never saw the knife in his hand. after he was shot they saw the knife fall. oorlth said they herds theophorousers yelling and the shots but not the shooting. as mr. gone gorea advanced they backed away and feared he would kill one of them and fired in defense. he was struck and fell to the ground. the officers secured the knife as he was on the ground. medical personnel arrive said in seconds. we received a medical report from the medical examers office that 7 rounds were fooired, 6 struck mr. gan gorea and he didn't sur
6:22 pm
vive from the injuries. we heard from the community at length as to why it didn't appear there was effort to create time and distance when that is a huge emphasis of this department in the last year. and again that will be part the investigation as it always is after a officer ininvolved shooting of the tactics employed and if they could have done it get r better. >> so chief i have a question. the concern that we heard with regards to the town halls is we are saying there is a investigation ongoing and provide facts, so can you explain sort of what the thinking is on that because know i have seen on news reports there are individuals who give a different version the facts. that leaves
6:23 pm
folks feeling like one version the facts is presenting when it is ongoing. >> the investigation is onpen going. there are 3 investigations, ours, da office and the mare asked occ to initiate a investigation thmpt statements are not my statements, they came from the interviews. over the years many police chiefs didn't provide information is within 10 days of a officer involved chute shooting to make the community aware where we are at that time, we provide that within 10 days. obviously there are conflicting testimonys, homicide has spoken to some of the witnesses if not all the witnesses. we interviewed some of them and anybody that has further information or anybody of interest we may talk to we love that
6:24 pm
information and if there is any other video would like to have that >> is there a way for people to contact the department if they have their witness or feel they have evidence? >> you can contact my office directly or call the homside division, all the phone numbers are available. >> maybe someone can pull up the phone number. any question frz the chief? >> i saw the video on the news and-can i talk, please? we just had a meeting the night before i talked about put nothing to effect the training and de-escalation and trying to talk and calming the scene and saw the 3 officers crossing over and heard shouting. i didn't hear anything that would indicate de-escalation or
6:25 pm
put time and space. i think that is also one the concerns is that we are talking about ways to [inaudible] we talked about ways to change and it is a cit officer was present but we didn't see anything or hear anything in action because we can't see what is off the frame and that is a concern the public have and we have and sure it is a concern you have and don't know how you will address that because it isn't changing the policy. it is seeing it in action and we are not seeing it >> when i saw the video it unfolded very quickly. some of these things do unfold very quickly. that said, the conversation is robust and has been robust at all the station. the training itself is for 2 thousand people who over the course of their
6:26 pm
career are trained to move to threat. that is why we call it reengineering the officer involved in this incident haven't gone through the training. a lot of officers, more officers will. all officers will go through the it biannually but this is new and trying to move it in as fast we can. >> i'm a very strong proponent of the billie club and didn't see a billie club and i know they don't center to use that tool but it is a tool in the tool box and don't understand why that tool isn't being used. >> that a training of a 26 or 36 inch baton didn't play a role in this incident. >> could you give an idea how long mr. gon gorea was observed before officers actually approved him?
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>> the question was how long was am gone gorea observed before they approached him . they were directed to the northernened of the block and got out of the car and saw him on the ground in the distance from whatever it was the car as described accurately, less than 30 seconds is the time for this whole incident to unfold. >> the first officer approached was a cit officer? >> arm would the bean bag shot gun. >> thank you, chief. >> commissioner wong. >> chief, you said that they contacted the hot team prior to-do they brief with the hot team? >> they came down as i understand it, they comfrom 9th street to 18th street located the hot team closer to
6:28 pm
18th street and were directed back up a block. they had driven by the location and turned and came back up. >> they [inaudible] >> i have only seen what is on the video. the two vehicles dry through the video and go out of frame to the north and then the two vehicles come back into frame and park within the video facing south. >> my second question, is there any indication mr. gone gorea was a threat to anybody else? was there anybody else in his immediate-air eye? >> all i have so far is the original waving the knife and seated with the knife in his hand. >> commissioner dejesus. >> the training and i understand there are 2,000 officers so we have a vision and the policy and the question is how
6:29 pm
we enact it and enact it quickly so fr the parole officers on the street? how do we get the message and training across? >> the training i have a officer in nigh york can 50 other physical training deffsive tactics with other instructors because the training we designed the new 8 hours training that emphasize time and distance for de-escalation before the fire arm is something we put together. now they are trying to put together a formal training a national standard and the officer will be bringing that back and we'll meet monday and updating what we can to the current train toog make it even better. >> thank you >> chief i have concerns when we throw out this idea of cit is there a cit officer there and think folks
6:30 pm
make that mean somebody about if the ultimate outcome was what this was, how do we square that with the investment we have with crisis intervention training. i think what is important to acknowledge is cit is training of the disescalation efforts. some strategies that can be used in partnership with mental health folks but the greater policy reengineering use of force is about putting tactics behind that. at the scene who is in charge and make thg call and saying slow it down. in terms where we are versus where we are going i don't know if there is anything you want to say about that. the process of de-escalation what you shall do unless it is not safe is the direction we are going in and cit is important part. b my sense from the puffer
6:31 pm
meeting in washington is departments are strug wlg how you operationalize that >> i take the conversation directly to the offices. yesterday i was at mission station from lev to 12:30 and came back from 9 p.m. to 11:30. we closed mission station and all we talked about was reengineering use of force and time and distance. i'll talk to all the stations in the coming weeks. personally >> commissioner wong. >> similar the way the department changed the hol #12r with that one incident is there thinking-before we have a perfect policy to roll
6:32 pm
out is there something we can learn from this incident? you talked about having a weapon policy. is there a smaller piece we can roll out first to address the types of incidence before we get to the larger discussion of more competence of use of force policy. >> i'm happy to look at any options? >> has there been any recommendation from the-what is the group that looks at this? the internal group. >> the working group? [inaudible] >> they come windup the interim policy fixes while we talk about the bigger fixes? >> they would make a policy recommendation and/or [inaudible] as tactics and quee had a conversation at length today both deputy chief redman of operations and my chief of
6:33 pm
staff and i what can we arrive at. too late in this instance to put in place immediately to create that time and distance requirement. >> how about the edge weapon? >> same thought, to create time and distance. >> thank you. >> further questions for the chief? chief, just to follow up if there is any comments you have, some of the public comment around is there any ability or timeframe for bringing back the retired homicide detects to help with unsolved homicide >> i'll check with the chief financial officer because it was a budget issue and think i can get past. >> i didn't see this but tonight slashing into tents is that something that happened? >> the department of pubhook
6:34 pm
health hot teams went out kw moved what was left on encampment for safety issues and into the navigation center one tent was left behind and it was empty and the officers used a knifep to help take it down and dpw took the property and stored it. >> i'm told there is a video of the whole thij i haven't seen. i have the officers star number who spoke to a woman video taping it and alijed a complaint. >> in terms of process because this important somebody raised a concern that a officer mishandled the situation. you are aware there is video and you are looking for to it? >> yes >> we'll continue to follow that >> i saw the video and i was
6:35 pm
really concerned and didn't understand why it was late at night and they were evicting people. it was empty and they take a knoif and dis#3457b9al it and hear them stepping and break thg poles to take it down and my concern is that-is that our job is empty the streets and take theitants and rip them to pieces? i say a dpw truck and dpw nearby t. is a concerning film so you need to watch it. they are talking it down and stepping on the poles and did use a knife. it is disconcerting. >> i'll work with director hicks to investigate it. >> especially on a rainy night >> anyone who does center concerns or witnesses to the incident on thursday
6:36 pm
on shot pep wole 415-553-1145 for any witnesses. anything further on this matter colleagues? call the next item >> 4 bocc directors report. report on orks cc activities squu nouncements. director hicks will give a update on sb 1286 and presentation of occ reports, summaries of caizs received, mediation of complaints, sustained complaints march 2016 and companion reports. >> good evening director hicks. >> if you have some brief announcements to make before going into the other agendized items the first the
6:37 pm
occ is conducting a independent investigation of thursdays officer involved shooting. the occ investigator assigned is in the audience and that is jason waechter. i was speaking to about investigator jason waechter who is sitting out with you all and if there is -maybe mr. waechter if you can stand up, i think that would be helpful. the occ is located at 25 van ness should anyone wish to go there to make independent complaints. the occ can be
6:38 pm
reached at 415-241-7711. should you have any evidence or information that you would like to share, please do so. ipmarch the occ engage in the following outreach activities. eric [inaudible] acting senior investigator steve ball who is also sitting out with the public this evening gave a presentation on the function the occ to the 251 lateral class of the police academy. gave a presentation on oversight of law enforcement from vigilance committee from india. also on march attorney [inaudible] participated in a know your rights panel at the youth panel fund
6:39 pm
utadvose day. additionally occ investigator michael lily staffed a table at project homeless connect. last thursday 4 occ members, staff members and i ateneded a national association for civilian oversight of law enforcement hosted by oakland citizen police review board. the training was on profiling, developing a mechanism to identify profiling allegations against the police. the speakers include oakland assistant chief of staff paul fig eroa, academics from uc berkeley and stanford who with wurng wg the oakland police department is walter katz who is san joses
6:40 pm
independent police auditors. oakland chief of staff paul fig eroa spoke how oakland police department command staff can pull up data on any officer and based on the information that they view they can rem training or policy and he indicated how difficult it is to prove a individual basis of a particular person that person engaged in profiling, however, with data a department can look at patterns and make policy and training recommendations. so, that concludes my remarks on occ recent activities. moving to the next item which is senator leno's senate bill 1286. you have in your material a proposal that i
6:41 pm
submit today the cities state legislation committee requesting that committee take it a position in support of this transparence bill, senate bill 1286. pursuant to the cities administrative code as a department head i'm procluded taking a position on the legislation but the process is the department request the city state ledgeilation committee to take a position which i did. i asked the committee to take a position in support of the bill. i was informed friday however, the committee was not yet ready to take a position on the bill. they were gathering more information and there were unanswered questions. what i can say is that bill did pass and they sent a public safety committee by a vote of 5 to 1 and is now
6:42 pm
being referred to the senate appropriation committee and that concludes my report. >> on the next-independence there are questions on report. i'll report back to the commission when the state legislation committee places this matter-determines to place the matter on the agenda. moving on to the march statistical report. you have them in your packets and i will answer any question you may have. with mediations the occ conducted in march, 5 cases were mediated for a total of 15 cases mediated for the first 3 months of 2016. looking at last years comparables there were 12 cases
6:43 pm
mediated. moving then to the chiefs proposed discipline or action on occ complaints in march twnt 16. there are 9 summaries in your packet and i'll briefly go through them. the within one is a officer failed to comply with americans with disability act when failed to have effective communication. the officer was trained. the second a officer engaged in conduct distruckting discredit by tell thg complaintant he sigh siteded next time if the police officers asks why you are doing smck you should say you are sorry and the officer received a written rep mand and rethrained. third iletm nudged duty when the complaints required a
6:44 pm
private person request and the officer denied request. there were cases to failure to collect traffic data. in the next case there were two sergeant involved using hash and profane language. each sergeant received a one day suspension. in the next item a officer negligented duty responding to a call for service for batly by a juvenile on the staff member at a juvenile facility. the officer failed to prepare a incident report and received a one day suspension. the next item an officer negligented duty by failing to prepare a incident report responds toog a call for service from a 808 year old wheelchair user in supportive
6:45 pm
couzing and the call for service was the complaintant had been robbed earlier in the day of $200, the officer received a written rep mand and retraining. the last item, this matter was jointly investigated by the internal affairs. separately investigated and the office of citizen complaint a. surgeant engaged in discredit by using the cell phone number to send a text message offering to lonel money to pay for the citation he cite the night before. cautioned 2 complaint not to tell. got the cell number with the citation. the officer received rep mand and retraining. that concludes my report.
6:46 pm
>> so, i have questions in particular about the two incident dns involving sergeants because sergeants are held to a higher standards. they are supervisors so the two ens dnss a sergeant used sex wale derogitary language and hash and profane language so i like to know about that and the sergeant with a represent mands for texting someone and saying he would pay her ticket. chief if you have the-anyone can give more insight into those? >> in the case involving the two sergeants the occ investigated those cases and recommended discipline for
6:47 pm
those sergeants as the police commission knows the chief of police has jurisdiction to impose discipline up to 10 days suspension. with regard to the second case involving the officer engaging in conduct reflecting by using the complaintants cell phone number, unfortunately the internal affairs division conducted a separate investigation and didn't consult with the occ before discipline was imposed. so, that-under the charter the chief has jurisdiction to investigate any complaint that the occ receives and however the chief and i have
6:48 pm
talked about in the future that there will be coordination. >> so, i have a question real quick. did doo you concur with the one day suspension for each of the sergeants? do you concur with that discipline? >> i concur that the sergeants should have been suspended. there is a discipline matrix. without having the full history of those other disciplines that those sergeants may have received from the department it is difficult to say whether it should have been
6:49 pm
harsher. however, recently it has been agrode that the occ will have access to that information. with regards to the sergeant receiving the written reprimand for using the cell phone number i don't agree with that discipline. i believe that the nature of that violation and the impact that it had on the complainant should have resulted in a much more severe discipline >> chief suhr >> i will look up-i don't have the brief here on what the language was. i will look at that up and get back to the commission. i will say the officer that used the phone number to suggest he would help out that was brought to the attention the department by
6:50 pm
other police officers. retired officer and another officer. there were two police officers involved that thought troubling enough she should bring it forward. >> president loftus and chief suhr. the complaintant was upset about receiving a text message that had an emote cone of someone winking mpts she went to someone who was retired and told that retired officer i'm upset but afraid to report this and that officer encouraged her to go to the district station and the captain referred the matter to the police department and occ. in that regard procedures
6:51 pm
were followed. there was a disconnect and my office did not have a opportunity to speak to the chief before discipline was imposed. when the chief was advised by his investigators about the case and without the benefit of the perspective of the occ. >> commissioner wong. >> it is hard to discuss this because we don't know the underlying facts if this were in the 6 paragraph racialry dur augtory language it would be a offense considered for termination so there must be something going on behind the scenes we dont know about. more of a process question, in the case of oo recommended discipline if you
6:52 pm
don't agree is there a mechanism to file charges directly with the commission because otherwise we are second guessing. we have a vore short summary what happened and don't know the longer discussion? >> i would like to address that commissioner wong. with regard to the case involving the two sergeants using harsh frofeign and offensive language and it wasn't racially it was sexually derogtory. it was in spanish, but we the occ, i didn't recommend charges with the commission because i believed that the punishment should not exceed 10 days. that is a lot of days, 10 days suspension. now with
6:53 pm
regard to the second case, in my opinion that could have come to the police commission but we never had a opportunity, the occ to make that recommendation because there is a dual process and rarely occurs where a case that we are investigating is investigated by the department without any communication. >> so- >> i remember this case now. the two sergeants involved are female and used a single spanish word that is a offensive towards women toward a male. that was the complaint. >> i recall the word and it could be either gender or any jener.
6:54 pm
>> they were wem squn he was a male. >> so i'm going to ask that it sounds like the commission would like more information on these two particular these and if the occ has a disagreement it sounds like there may not be a remedy but if there is we can agendize it for next week and talk about it. >> if there is a disagrooment with the chief on chief level discipline the occ has no remied. if there there sadis agreement on commission level if the occ asked the chief to allow to file charges on haze behalf and the
6:55 pm
chief declines, then i may bring the charges myself. i have done that under a previous police chief here in san francisco which resulted in that commission terminating that officer. it was a very different situation there. however, again with the last case it was a matter of not having a opportunity. >> so, i'll be pointant, the question i have is, is whatever the issue was that was the gap that made it so you don't have that opportunity, that needs to be fixed and it sound like it has been fixed but like a report next week with what happened and how we make sure it doesn't happen again >> it sound like we need a rule. i
6:56 pm
understand they discussed it and moving forward but we need to look at our rules and decide there is a written rule we need to implement so that the next time it happens we know how to deal with it and we know how to deal with it. >> director hicks. >> i would concur that what is looking here are written procedures for addressing cases that are within the occ jurisdiction. being investigated by the occ and investigated by the chief. >> i think this may be a instance because the charter says occ investigates when a citizen brings complaint but this was a peace officer bringing a complaint that goes up throw ia. >> no, the civilian actually brought the complaint. >> to both places.
6:57 pm
>> by general order once a civilian complains to the police department the police department by your approved general order is required to advise off of that complaint as well. most of the time the police department choosing not to investigate and just leave it within the jurisdiction of the occ, but again, the charter provides that the department can investigate should it so determine what we are looking for here is coordination of the chief and i have had that conversation but there isn't a rule. >> if there is a rule you would like to propose put it back on the agenda and have a discussion because if we learned there is a gap and needs more clarity we can add that.
6:58 pm
anything further on this matter colleague all. ? >> item 4 c, commission reports. commission president report. commissioners reports. >> i have a brief report and touch on this. vice president turman and i met the usdoj team doing the collaborative reform and talked about the process they have undergone. it was a very productive meeting. there is the opportunity for them to bring in a great deal of training. i think we'll learn more about what their plans are in the coming weeks but they have a series oof community meetings and stakeholder communications. i encourage members of the public mere and people watching at home to the extent you have ourticulated a dist truckt with any systems that
6:59 pm
exist, usdoj is on the ground and conduct interview jz we can connect you to them if you like a conversation with them. my sns is there a great dealf openness to get a idea of the main concerns. i know the information is on our website, but i would direct folk tooz let myself know or the sergeant know or any police commissioner know if you want to be put in touch with the folks working here from doj. i also learned from them we do have the use of force draft policy which is gotten the input from the local stakeholder jz discussed we want to hear doj's recommendation because while the collaborative reforchl process can be up to 3 years doj abbreviated their schedule to give recommendations with a more accelerated timeline. this friday they-the time it
7:00 pm
will take to get back with us the recommendations on the actual use of force policy we we will know friday and as we said before rfx we will take those recommendations, they go on the website and everybody will have and review them and have 2 more community meetings before the commission will take a vote on the use of force policies. that is my report. colleagues does anyone have any reports or questions for me? no. okay. sergeant call the next line item >> item 4 d commission announcements and scheduling of announcements for future line items >> i have a couple items. the first is i would like a update from department of human resources on the status of body worn cam raw policy and negotiations ongoing in the meet and confer process. i like to schedule that for next week 4-20. so,
7:01 pm
the commission needs a update on that process and what is going on and what we can expect because i know there is a great deal oof urgency to get the body cameras on as soon as possible. the second item is one we discussed a mupth ago and that is calendaring the resolution that i propose on requiring the department to give us a annual report on the status of back logs of sexual assault cases and a audit of the unit order round communicating with sur vaivs of assaults. that is a new ardor i want to make sure we put the right mechanisms in place to track that. colleagues anything else we need to put on the agenda? okay. sergeant >> just for the public to know that the meeting next week will be held here at city hall 5:30 april 20 at city hall
7:02 pm
not in the community. >> is there public comment on item 4 a-4 d? welcome back. >> i want to repeat myself. transparency is the state marked by the presence of truth freely volunteer. it is the answer to your problem. the problem you discussed is easily addressed and can get the reports from the occ instead of saying what the chief did you can include the occ recommendation. the occ can say i concur or the cheerf gave 2 days and i gave 5. that transparency is informative and encourages the department to take the occ seriously. the chief we talk about reengineering the use of force policy, the
7:03 pm
chief talked about training, the truth is you had a policy for at least 3 years. the chief issued training, there are copies on the table that apply to this situation and they require officers to create time, distance and establish repore with people in crisis who are only a danger to themselves. thais existing policy mpts you can make it better, that is existing policy is the case for 3 yearsism . you have racial profiling data complaints sustained with no punishment what so ever. ree taining as a response to that finding is insulting. they know how to collect the data. they write it on incident reports and citation. training is response to teach someone how to do
7:04 pm
something they dont know how to do or especiallyized skill they work on. commissioner loftus i talked about you this, it is a very serious issue racial profiling. it is serious to me. my kids are kids of color. you have data that shows that if you are african american or latino you are more likely to be stopped and searched but the [inaudible] >> thank you. >> [inaudible] i want to say about the occ that [inaudible] over 300 facebook groups justice for so and so, i see a
7:05 pm
lot of public opinion that is doubting the efficiency and [inaudible] it becomes a vicious cycle. if we do not bring our complaints you have less material to look at. people say only 6 percent of the complaints are validated but i walked fl into the public [inaudible] go to the occ you can do by phone or e-mail or do it face to face and report the violations that occurred last week in the assassination. you don't have it be a direct witness to report to occ if you feel you are directly impacted please bring your report. [inaudible] i want to say that also manage justice for
7:06 pm
[inaudible] very brave woman coming here every week and you can not not hear her. thank you. [applause]. >> thank you. next speaker. >> hello. my name is luteeshia and want to address two things that i thought were important and heard from the discussion. one is that i wanted to address i think the way that discussions are even had in this commission. one is the implication i think of guilt or the severity of these issues. i heard a few times the way things are discussed in terms of what officer did what and the gender of the officer and implication of that being a lighter issue if it was a certain gender versing a different
7:07 pm
gender is a problem and seems like the way that things are addressed in the commission needs to be taken very seriously no matter who's gender was taken into consideration. i think that also part of that is addressing some of the issues as if they were different job positions because it appears to me as a citizen of san francisco and as a person who cares about these things is that if i were to do any of these things or if you were to do any of those things you would be out of a job a lot more quickly that police officers who wield gun and have power in the communities are being treated in these position. to discussion a suspension of 1 to 10 days of something that is severe is interesting to me who would be fired for these things. i would like to take the opportunity to
7:08 pm
relay i think it is important as a community while watching the commissions i think feel like these things are being taken into consideration and like they are important. i have seen several commissioners look like they are not paying as much attention and not as involved in this and not sure how you got here but feel it is important to pay a little more attention. >> any public comment on 4 a-d? >> i want to speak for the police. i was out in front of my place and one day just last week and there was a assault on a homeless person assaulted somebody and i could see him chase thg guy down the street. i didn't see if he had knife but there was more than one witness so when the police did show
7:09 pm
up i said, he is right there down the street. he went down there and had his shot done but it was a bean bag gun and he positioned himself on the other side of the car. he was more interested in one thing, finding out what is going on. it was de-escalation and as the policeman left i said why did want you arrest the man, i saw him? he says well he had a knife and everything but i have no one here to witness the assault other than you and you did want see a knife. he was not allowed to arrest the man at the time. as far as police the de-escalation thing is probably the main in the thing because i have seen that on amie goodman where they jumped out and ran over there and
7:10 pm
was it over. this man has a billie club. there is a need for it. thank you. >> thank you. any further public comment? mr. miller. >> thank you. i would like to begin my public comment on this item by expressing appreciation to director hicks for the initiative supporting the new senate bill. we greatly need that transparence it is dres pritly lacking since the [inaudible] decision which was completely unjust in 2006. i really appreciate the local endorsement and hope that this goes through and complete the full journey. i want to also speak on director hicks presentation of the sustained
7:11 pm
investigations this month and speak on the issue of these one day suspensions especially without consalitation with the occ or oversight bodies. it is painfully obvious the tap on the wrist punishments or consequences for these violations are clearly designed by the san francisco police departments so called union poa and legal team to prevent further consequences that are warranted by such despicable actions that could actually change the nation of the police department. it is a completely shiftless move and it is obvious and plain as day tin public we demand real accountability for all violation ofophorousers ranging
7:12 pm
from minor abuses to murders that i have to come here to discuss. >> thank you. any further public comment? good evening and welcome >> good evening. this is a comment or question regarding chief suhr report regarding the two officers that stated that had cit training. i have a question when these officers took that training. i know before that it was mandatory or recommend officers go to that. i know that from a reliable source that officers that went through that half didn't stay for the full course so you may want to check if they stayed for the full course and what got out of that. >> thank you. [applause] any further public comment? hearing none public comment is closed. sergeant-i'll use my discretion to go back it report 4 d.
7:13 pm
commissioner dejesus has something to add >> i was focused on the officer involved shooting and did bring the article regard thg new chronicle report showing san francisco cops are [inaudible] we have a report i like to agendize that. if we can have a report regarding that particular study. >> sergeant call the next item >> item 5, public comment on all matters pertaining to 7 below closed session including whenever wl to hold item 7 in closed session. >> okay, colleagues is there public comment on all matters per taining to item 7? mr. miller? >> should be painfully obvious
7:14 pm
by now over the last several months performance or lack there of of chief greg suhr a matter of extreme concern not only as a matter of interest to the public but as public safety issue. [applause] it is in light of that that if there is any legal allowance for this matter to be publicly heard there is absolutely no justifiable reason why it should not be publicly heard. that is all got. that is all i got. we the people have a right to be present for a view of this chiefs employee performance. we have a right
7:15 pm
to be present to see what this body does in this regard. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. next speaker. >> in case the review that you have on aclu last week comes in closed session mr. [inaudible] of the aclu did a presentation where there were a couple comments. namely the aclu report states that it is mr. alex [inaudible] had extreme mental health conditions that were well documented [inaudible] public apology. [inaudible] who was only the nob fub after his death. mr. nito never had a diagnosis of mental illness and so the apology is accepted
7:16 pm
and hope that you take that [inaudible] >> any further public comment on this matter? >> whether you choose tahold the performance review in public i think it is important you share what the standards and expectations are. it isn't about a particular chief of police but it things the public has a right to know what you expect of the leader of this department. what particular progress marks are needed and what things are promised that haven't been delivered. simple supervision and think that is a reasonable request at least that be publicly shared. >> any further public comment? hearing none public comment is closed. sergeant call the next item >> 6, vote to whether to hold item 7 in closed session. >> motion to hold the item in
7:17 pm
closed session? >> all in favor? opposed? motion passes. ladies and gentlemen, we are in closed session. [closed session] at 62942 working with
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together we can support your children. it's been my dream to start is a valley school since i was a little girl. i'm having a lot of fun with it (clapping) the biggest thing we really want the kids to have fun. a lot of times parents say that valley schools have a lot of problems but we want them to follow directions but we want them to have a wonderful time and be an affordable time so the
8:21 pm
kids will go to school here. we hold the classes to no longer 12 and there's 23 teachers. i go around and i watch each class and there's certain children i watched from babies and it's exciting to see them after today. the children learn how to follow directions and it ends up helping them in their regular schooling. they get self-confidents and today, we had a residual and a lot of time go on stage and i hope they get the bug and want
8:22 pm
to dance for the rest of their >> good morning ladies and gentlemen, if i can have our attention please thank you all. coming to this joyous celebration the fact reopening of franciscan towers (clapping.) its been a long time coming 8 hours short of exactly 5 years with all due respect please give a warm welcome to mayor ed lee (clapping.) thank you, don i know that short welcome has everything to do with the fact real purpose that say we need to get people into units and this franciscan towers
8:23 pm
as you may know and that it was a victim of a big fire in 2011 and you know a lot of victims of fires particularly residents i think very few get the side the fact day tare, is reopened because it take a step back a long time to battle with insurance companies all kinds of things make it difficult again that's why we celebrate those opportunities this franciscan towers a hundred and 4 units of affordable housing the middle of tenderloin reopening the middle of a housing crisis and so it is blessed with being is very, very helpful solution to many and i know that supervisor kim understands this she and i have been working to get more affordable housing built if not rehabbed and also the middle of
8:24 pm
that whether a conversation or working with the fact private developers or work with our city tame family to produce more housing we made a commitment at least 10 thousand affordable units built by 2020 this helps interpreting the fact story is not just about the fact this is rehabbed and reopened lives have been here the middle of tenderloin that also need to be rebuilt that's why this investment is too important that's why the tenderloin neighborhood development corporation valued in the city they keep increasing that portfolio of love i call it actually up to 33 different proposals the city in directly helping 6 thousand plus people to make sure they do more than survive in the city this is what the fact tndc does we we partner
8:25 pm
up so the clerk will take the roll with them and more to come i i know that portfolio they got a lot of projects we've got to announce and we have in a had your we don't want to take 5 years to do this when you look at the building you see how it was damaged and and the units that are very, very small studios are one bedrooms 95 e 35 of the one and 35 are dedicated to formally homeless people this is incredible and burglary hips oh, help us with our challenge facing the fact homeless as i this more navigation centers and add supportive housing working with the fact board to make sure we can do with the last round and we're going to get 8 thousand people off the fact streets by the end i finish that
8:26 pm
will no longer have to be a victim this is our promise behind the fact naefktss and the nexus we're building so we don't have to talk about the fact shifters we have access out of homelessness and that projects like this the middlef communities like the tenderloin are really important to getting that story completed i want to say thank you to the tndc and all the corporate sponsors others are are part of solution to make sure that the financial part of this is done because that's when what is it takes creativity initiative financed not just again money but the creative relationship with the fact financial products that really helps to accelerate this housing and want to thank tom
8:27 pm
dbi and some of the other agencies i know your staff was around and have been inspecting a fire building your probably happy this building will be with good lives thank you, everyone for the fact elephant e tenant and the former building that were patient and the team of people that have brought this to fruition congratulations to the corps (clapping.) thank you, mayor ed lee please welcome supervisor jane kim (clapping.) >> i just want to congratulate the entire team that, ma'am r made this happen 0 over the last 4 years a tremendous mulch work to building that after a major
8:28 pm
fire actually, i think this happened on a tuesday 5 years ago i left really late that evening around 8:30 i decided to have dinner and the middle of the are dinner i heard a major fire i ran over here and got to talk to the tenants at the alexander across the street and it was my first time experiencing a major fire as member of the board of supervisors and it is incredibly frightening one of most unfortunate things when a major disaster you have a responsible and consciousness property owner with a protocol portfolio to house the fact tenants i just have to congratulate tndc that's one of the most did the things to actually, the humans were
8:29 pm
enacted and the fact staff did a tremendous job providing a compassion that for weeks to come after to find new housing and help support people with the fact tradition and work quickly in fact, i had little work in the case of my first fire because the fact frng was taking care of and had staff on hand and work to make sure that tenants were able to transition i think actually in many ways a bigger accomplishment that tenant didn't move back they were able to find permanent housing they felt was secure and wanted to stay in this is actually new housing and will house many that individuals that live on the fact streets it is a tremendous accomplishment i want to say this because this
8:30 pm
is as an opportunity to talk about tndc and the fact partnership i'm lucky to serve under a mayor with affordable housing is clearly his top priority for the fact city and an extensive history to have as much affordable housing and we'll work together to secure the gap furnld for the fact what will be affordable housing for formally homeless families an eddie-taylor a tremendous project we're able to work with tndc and the mayor's office to get the fact funding for the 5 m project project and excited for a project coming online we've been talking about the fact fortunate we we have in long time institutions like be tndc that will have been building in the tenderloin for decades that's in many ways why the
8:31 pm
tenderloin continues to be a working class neighborhood we have nonprofit and leader this stuck around for decades to continue doing this work and one of the reasons i love tndc and come back and see the fact same people continuing to do the fact work with the a testament hard to find nonprofits to do that and frankly you get paid this to d this work yet you believe in it and a tremendous leadership to run an organization that people continue to believe in and finally i just want to acknowledge your organizers go amazing work (clapping.) i've saying this because because wants legislation and funding more affordable housing the community didn't come out and residents not informed at the local and state level putting pressure on the stories out the
8:32 pm
media that's ultimately had drives our accomplishments we're not able to do that and beyond housing building and housing neighborhood not just about neighborhood we need to convert and build a healthier and stable environment outside of the residents i want to thank tndc for your comprehensive vision and for the fact neighborhood in helping us build not only more audible city but a healthier one thank you (clapping.) thank you jan bank of america (clapping.) >> thank you don. >> how you doing i just wanted to thank tndc for building this amazing or rebuilding i had the fact honor of being here years ago and as beautiful we see that
8:33 pm
again with new community groups i aim thankful for the mayor and city for building affordable housing and an honor to see a city that is so committed to building affordable housing and make sure that you know our residents are the place to be bank of america buildings we are better when we're connected we truly are that's why we build save and secure communities in 2014 alone bank of america provided 4.5 whether they would say in financing across the country most importantly in san francisco in the past 10 years bank of america has 1/3rd of affordable housing not including the fact investment money today and great to be a partner with you guys and with tndc a number
8:34 pm
of projects and our apprenticeship didn't aspire we worked for bank of america now for the fact greater innovation thank you. >> thank you (clapping.) >> it is my great pleasure to introduce to say tndcs social work manager doreen franklin kin (clapping.) a >> okay good morning i'm here to honored to be here today with you and in a brewing
8:35 pm
community room of the franciscan towers this is a day i've been hoping and dreaming of for 5 years please forgive me my role this morning two-fold first i'd like to over some reflection aftermath of fire in second give thanks to the unimagineably folks that 2rshd to the resilient community in 2011 was an average day for me, the walking through the intend to to get to another meeting when i left work at 4:00 p.m. i never imagined i'd be bad actor in back in a few hours at 8:30 the fact crowds were coming in there's a fire at
8:36 pm
the towers - okay there was a fire at the towers and arrest rick were on the scene and everything under control while talking on the phone he glantd at the tv i saw the franciscan towers on fire when i arrived most of the tenant were across the street the lobby of the alexander residence told me and in they're afraid pa ganlz and others in mire bathrobes in a few hours as the fact disaster in two things were really clear the first that tenants wouldn't be going home imagine having been unhoused in a single second without notice and having only one minute to gather a few
8:37 pm
blorjz imagine arriving in the building after a long day of work with no place to go no food, no water, inform id, no money, no tone phone and no clothes the fact second thing that was clear to me that tndc staff would not rests until all the fact tenants we are safe and secure by 8 a.m. all of the tenants were, in fact, safe and secure while many that few weeks stayed with folks and family families be doubled up in apartments and adults were the streetcars in the ambassador and cc r the next 10 days at tndc were controlled chaos the fact workers the shelters while
8:38 pm
property management searched for alternative housing for one and some tenants tndc was a blessing we had amazing staff, we had a lot of building, and we have some really good friends the community to r two of our best friends are he american red cross and by 12 p.m. all one and 25 tenants we are settled in temporary housing and properties and dish properties or with friends and families while this data was a milestone for us it was really just the fact end of chapter one the fact rest of the story unfolds with with tndc tireless purity of hours after one year of working with the fact community partners the fact late tenants was housed on march
8:39 pm
3, 2012 equally important that tndc would not settles for a red-tagged icon. >> equally important tndc would not settle are are for a red-tagged icon in the middle of the tenderloin after several years of having a vacant property on the famous corner of two-thirds they began to rebuild the fact towers there are many significant milestones each of them leaving me at times bracket also and overwhelmsed i remember that the fact admin
8:40 pm
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>> yep okay
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>> welcome to "culturewire." today we are at recology. they are celebrate 20 years of one of the most incredibly unique artist residency programs. we are here to learn more from one of the resident artists. welcome to the show, deborah. tell us how this program began 20 years ago. >> the program began 20 years ago. our founder was an environmentalist and an activist and an artist in the 1970's. she started these street sweeping campaigns in the city. she started with kids.
8:52 pm
they had an exhibition at city hall. city officials heard about her efforts and they invited her to this facility. we thought it would coincide with our efforts to get folks to recycle, it is a great educational tool. since then, we have had 95 professional artists come through. >> how has the program changed over the years? how has the program -- what can the public has an artist engage with? >> for the most part, we worked with metal and wood, what you would expect from a program like ours. over the years, we tried to include artists and all types of mediums. conceptual artists, at installation, photographers, videographers. >> that has really expanded the program out. it is becoming so dynamic right now with your vision of
8:53 pm
interesting artists in gauging here. why would an artist when to come here? >> mainly, access to the materials. we also give them a lot of support. when they start, it is an empty studio. they go out to the public area and -- we call it the big store. they go out shopping, take the materials that, and get to work. it is kind of like a reprieve, so they can really focus on their body of work. >> when you are talking about recology, do you have the only sculpture garden at the top? >> it is based on work that was done many years ago in new york. it is the only kind of structured, artist program. weit is beautiful. a lot of the plants you see were
8:54 pm
pulled out of the garbage, and we use our compost to transplant them. the pathway is lined with rubble from the earthquake from the freeways we tour about 5000 people a year to our facility, adults and children. we talk about recycling and conservation. they can meet the artists. >> fantastic. let's go meet some of your current artists. here we are with lauren. can you tell us how long have been here so far and what you're working on? >> we started our residency on june 1, so we came into the studio then and spent most of the first couple weeks just digging around in the trash. i am continuing my body of work, kind of making these hand- embroidered objects from our day-to-day life. >> can you describe some of the things you have been making here? this is amazing. >> i think i started a lot of my
8:55 pm
work about the qualities of light is in the weight. i have been thinking a lot about things floating through the air. it is also very windy down here. there is a piece of sheet music up there that i have embroidered third. there is a pamphlet about hearing dea -- nearing death. this is a dead rabbit. this is what i am working on now. this is a greeting card that i found, making it embroidered. it is for a very special friend. >> while we were looking at this, i glanced down and this is amazing, and it is on top of a book, it is ridiculous and amazing. >> i am interested in the serendipity of these still life compositions. when he got to the garbage and to see the arrangement of objects that is completely
8:56 pm
spontaneous. it is probably one of the least thought of compositions. people are getting rid of this stuff. it holds no real value to them, because they're disposing of it. >> we're here in another recology studio with abel. what attracted you to apply for this special program? >> who would not want to come to the dump? but is the first question. for me, being in a situation that you're not comfortable in has always been the best. >> what materials were you immediately attracted to when you started and so what was available here? >> there are a lot of books. that is one of the thing that hits me the most. books are good for understanding, language, and art in general. also being a graphic designer, going straight to the magazines and seeing all this printed material being discarded has also been part of my work. of course, always wood or any
8:57 pm
kind of plastic form or anything like that. >> job mr. some of the pieces you have made while you have been here. -- taught me through some of the pieces you have made while you have been here. >> the first thing that attracted me to this was the printed surface. it was actually a poster. it was a silk screen watercolor, about 8 feet long. in terms of the flatwork, i work with a lot of cloddish. so being able to cut into it come at into it, removed parts, it is part of the process of negotiating the final form. >> how do you jump from the two dimensional work that you create to the three-dimensional? maybe going back from the 3f to 2d. >> everything is in the process of becoming. things are never said or settled. the sculptures are being made while i am doing the collages,
8:58 pm
and vice versa. it becomes a part of something else. there's always this figuring out of where things belong or where they could parapets something else. at the end goal is to possibly see one of these collage plans be built out and create a structure that reflects back into the flat work. >> thank you so much for allowing "culturewire" to visit this amazing facility and to learn more about the artists in residence program. is there anything you like our viewers to know? >> we have art exhibitions every four months, and a win by the public to come out. everybody is welcome to come out. we have food. sometimes we have gains and bands. it is great time. from june to september, we accept applications from bay area artists. we encouraged artists from all mediums to apply. we want as many artists from the bay area out here so they can have the same experience. >> how many artists to do your
8:59 pm
host here? >> 6 artist a year, and we receive about 108 applications. very competitive. >> but everyone should be encouraged to apply. thank you again for hosting us. >> thank you for including us in "culturewire." ♪ >> good morning, everybody. welcome to the board of supervisors budget and finance committee for wednesday, april 13, 2016, my name is mark farrell joined by sxhangs. >> thank you; correct and charles kremack and other staff madam clerk, any announcements? >> yes. completed speaker cards and
9:00 pm
documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the april 19th board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> okay thank you very much madam clerk call item one. >> item one an ordinance amending the building code for the inspection and maintenance and establishing a fee. >> thank you very much. we have the gentleman to speak on the item. >> patrick resiliency over for the city the ordinance should be no spice up you 3 are co-sponsors and supervisor wiener and supervisor breed and supervisor mar this ordinance really is a chance to kind of talk about resilience in the way that san francisco independence that specializations of building facade 5 or more cities in height with the materials decaying over time and helps after a major earth from the one


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