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tv   Transportation Authority Finance Committee 41216  SFGTV  April 15, 2016 2:30am-4:01am PDT

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lane we've approved those that effectiveness particularly in the bayer we're seeing extra congestion because of that that's why we're not opposing but seeking the amendment get that portion of the bill amended out the second position it operationally is the posted position on senate bill 885 public agencies to accept liability and financial repercussions in defense of design professionals and their work so it is a bill that puts burden on public agencies and opposed by other coalitions of public segment agencies another quick update on the ab 2374 the construction manager
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general contractor bill we are supported by assemblyman chiu heard at the transportation it passed out of committee eric of our staff and soould presented it and others were in support so i think you're working with the coalitions and interests that have been expressed concern over similar bills their satisfied that is a narrow scope of application of the delivery mechanism their satisfied that they're not going to approve it so hopefully that move forward and finally just you know we've been present on what was going on in the measure for the state level the 3 proposals that are on the table in the assembly the
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senate discretion on transportation and the governors proposal nothing has happened but we expect activities in general there are on the one hand it will be a challenge to there the revenue to require 3/4ths so the real battle over the cap & trade fund that are left at the discretion of the legislator and the governor with that, i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> or ask mark to get back with you. >> i want to ask about the ab 2292 on the watch list the summary defining what a disadvantaged community it is that more in line with being broader on the definition versus what the state requires could
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you go a little bit detail. >> so to moves in the right direction a little bit you've been concerned about the definition is didn't address most of larger concerns eve it moves in the in the right direction is will not effect the needle we'll monitor and hopefully increase the effective in essenceness of the definition. >> any other questions opening up for public comment minute from the public anyone wish to comment two recommendations on the summary sheet and a number of watches and this is an action item can we take this recommendation same house, same call? the house has changed with supervisor kim so a roll call. >> on item 3 commissioner campos
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absent commissioner cohen commissioner kim commissioner mar commissioner yee the item is approved. >> thank you please call item 4 item 4 recommending wandering 3 contacts for two additional rackets to american and nelson consulting and staten consulting services and w s-2 not to exceed $2 million for on call transportation planning services and authorize the executive director for contract terms this is an action item. >> ranch a transportation planner those on call support a wide range of planning in the ta the item in the memo starting other than page 49 describes the range of services we're seeking an call support for
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everything from supporting our long-range transportations at sfmta to the neighborhood transportation planning studies that really lead to the corridor supporting the vision zero ramps, safety analysis to the treasure island planning work that we do we are recommending an award of 5 contracts to 5 teams who capture the breathe of skills we're looking for and those skill sets are described on imagine 41 of your packet everything from project management skills basic transportation and community planning to spfld skills in the area of jerry and cost estimating modeling and simulation to expertise in technology and
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transportation and transportation systems engineering which is to some of the software needs that support things like our park incentives project i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> i also have to share a summary of how our existing seem to expire on call planning contract has been used the current on call contract tree team 3 contract with 3 different teams the total contact capabilities or authorized is one $.8 million a little bit of contract capacity but pending things in need for some of that remaining capacity so the range of studies and
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planning efforts this supported and shown here. >> commissioner cohen has a question. >> i understand there were a total of 37 responses to the rfp we selected 5. >> there were 6 responses let's see that may have encompassed 37 individuals where's the 37. >> the preproposed. >> oh, that's the number that attended on the - >> okay okay yes 37 firms attempt the preproposals conference so the our process goes like this we hold the issues rfp and have a database of firms that are registered with us to receive the notifications of our contract analysis our rfp and
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rfp q's we invite any interested firms we answer questions about the scope of work and it is an opportunity for potential vendors to network with each other in the team. >> is it mandatory. >> i know you continue to advance in the process to prequalifying meeting. >> not mandatory we ask all the participants to sign in and provide the contact information we post that as well as questions asked during the conference and the answers that we provided as well q and a we received from e-mail and other needs by the deadline for questions or comments that we provide in the rfp q. >> how do we determine the 5 agencies. >> what happens there is a period of - let's see our schedule i wonder if where we
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have the schedule in here we post of the rfp q and a schedule with certain meanwhile dates all culminating in the dates the proposals or the statement of kwfks we do so some of the interim miles are a preconference and date for questions to be submit by any interested potential vendors and provide a date for our transportation authority to provide a written response to those questions and the next milestone after that the date when the statement of qualifications are due to the transportation authority we allow a month between our requests for rfp q issued at statements of kwflgz due. >> on that line it is too long narrow it down so is there a
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point system that is attributed can you. >> - >> competitive process yeah. >> to rachel's answer the decision is made by interviews from a panel comprised of other agencies that host the process they make presentations a point system laid in the rfp and they're scored and recommended. >> how do you select the panel. >> i think the team has several internal folks to use and identify an external number from a partnership agencies. >> in this case that was mta. >> within the database you e-mail our information do you keep track of how many women and minorities that are inside the database. >> that's a good question i
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believe see they fill out the former then we'll track that. >> is there a dbe we have a dbe be start. the contract in this case how are the proposals xeeftd that contract and so the 5 that were paroled exceeded that and the make up of their teams is included in the page 58 >> right. >> my final question what kind of services will they be doing we can't handle in house. >> absolutely everything let's see if we go to throw the scope of work on page 44 we sometimes use the on calls as an extension of staff transportation planning we actually have consultants do love of the daily work more cost
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effectively like conceptually engineering design those firms have can do and others pools in their shops allergy i s mapping the community involvements we've work with the consultant firms more cost effectively then we can with the facilitation or community organizing work that supports the mr. larkin the cost estimation is a situation and modeling where those folks are either civil engineers for transportation modeling engineers they have you know the software that supports the modeling simulation work we don't have in house or experience from what they focus on. >> thank you. >> the technological skills with the equipment themselves. >> that's right. >> we don't have
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mr. chair that's all the questions. >> i was going to reiterate we choose the top 5 or 6 firms that submitted the qualifications we choose the ones that submitted - and the enterprise verification you breakdown by consultants some say woman some say asian specific and a asian subcontractors are that noted what do you mean. >> i'll have to ask cynthia. >> cynthia executive director for the finance those are categories by caltrain since the majority of finland we'll be combats grant they've defined the asian-american as a category with indian and bangladesh and others while asian specific are
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cam biology and filipinos and japanese, etc. >> thank you. any other questions thanks for the preemption opening up for public comment i have card for later but if anyone wants to speak please step forward. >> my comment is this too many words too much subcommittees wherever you breakdown that much the money is lost your subbing it out subbing it out to every little dime to someone else's pockets you take out of your own pocket you if have a job to do if someone can't speak the language when you go to work for example, i worked for people i didn't understand you get to the point where you're doing the job
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you just do it you don't pay someone to tell someone how to do the job the guy in charge makes sure everyone is there when you subbing things out. >> we don't see the document oh, there we go. >> it was san francisco when this was beautiful in 1951 that was beautiful then because there was no so much things to do you see now we've marched into the future everyone subbing and taking a little bit san francisco needs to take care of their own projects and not have to distributed it out i'm trying to get you be to aware of every time you spend a nickel getting someone to consult you've waste your own money i don't know if you understand clearly if you
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over sub sub you're taking our own money $10 i paid someone $0.05 to spend a dollar i've wasted a nickel a comment i want you to think about your dignity integrity of san francisco not the rest of the world my only comment and this is what i'll show you san francisco in 1941 man thank you. >> anyone wish to comment public comment is closed. colleagues a recommendation so supervisor yee. >> i think you were just about ready to put a slide up there les are looks like 6 things what was that for i don't hear you. >> yes. i have information that shows how the previous on call contract prior to this was was used as cash orders we've
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executed through that contract. >> you have copies of that. >> yes. we can get you copies. >> is it in here? what page is it on >> oh, this one sorry. >> i can - yeah, so this is the first page of one of two and this is the same information you have there and then on the second page 2 of 2. >> these projects which business was actually contracted to do this work. >> sure i have a breakdown by firmer as well the previous round of on calls we awarded 3 contracts to the previous on call these are the 3 primary consultants and is award to each
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team. >> i can't read it what does it say. >> the 91 guard consultants will be awarded $971,000 dollars plus and sanford awarded total value of $372,000 plus and to in the interest of time america awarded $349,000 plus. >> think what will be helpful in the future you have the total and the projects i don't know which one is associated with which one it would be good to say here's the firm and the projects under that total to this so we can actually understand that a little bit
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better. >> sure. >> what actually went on and to give us a sense of how those $2 million is spent that had been a good check for us to make sure that is done properly. >> so a report announcing we show the totals each task order waterway by firm. >> yes. we might sees a pattern it our responsibility to not only approve the overall contract but allocating $2 million to those potential firms at the end of the day we would like to know how it is spent okay. >> okay. >> thank you. any other questions so we've already open up for public comment is there a motion it is an action item.
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>> there is a motion and a second oh, the house changed again let's have a roll call. >> commissioner campos commissioner cohen commissioner kim commissioner mar commissioner yee that item passes. >> please call item 5. >> item 5 recommended amendment at the fiscal year 2015-2016 to decrease revenues by $3 million plus and increase the expenditures by $23 million plus and total net decrease of $26 million plus this is an action item. >> thank you. we have deputy director functioning. >> i guess a packet we have before you the summary of changes that we are making or proposing to the fiscal year 2015-2016 budget amendment following that attachment a your
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executive order of supposed changes that shows the 5 funds along with what was originally proposed what the increase and decrease change requested and what the new adopted budgeted for fiscal year 2015-2016 would be if all items were passed following those pages attachment b the detailed level of revenues and expenditures we're changing attachment c a line item by item explained the nature and the status let me quickly go over why we're could go this each fiscal year we take stock of new trend and recognize the grants and other funds and the expenditure carry offers increases in the increases for the budget i can walk you through attachment a that is on page 61 of your
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packet as you can see in terms of revenues we're asking to decrease revenues by $3.6 million the majority of changes due to new grants by the bart and transit reliability research grant and the late night and the moldings all new grants we've received in the past 9 months in terms of grants we are decreasing the amount we spends earlier car sharing projects the y b i and improvement project the sf long transportation and a few grant we are increasing the amount we anticipate to receive that is the 19th avenue ocean avenue project we also have in terms of revenue changes $2.8 million decrease not a revenue decrease but a change of
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recognition of how we budget and how we recognize the loan previously we were able to record that as a revenue, however, we've changed the accounting basis through a gap basis due to the change in the new accounting city hall we're no longer able to recognize this but we're not receiving the loan payments as anticipated and originally schedule. >> moving to expenditures there's a total of $23.3 million increase in the expenditures under the capital costs line item due to the costs we're not anticipating early on in the year but sfmta vehicle procurement reimbursement we anticipate those in the next few months approximately $23 million also following blow that a decrease in administrative costs
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approximately $18,000 we thought we'd save we it out we'd have temporary staff and additional audit and legal fees because of the procurement of negotiating over the contract amounts we have a decrease of $800,000 that is remember a revolving loan this committee approved in may this resolveer loan replaced a program with $800,000 in commercial paper fees and lastly we have prior expenditures carry over contracts that did not cost our revenues were anticipated but in the happen at the year ends those projects were decreased and cost that didn't occur for the yerba buena gardens because of the ramps we
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had some contamination issues and that end up in the fiscal year and the 8 categorizing we carried over that change in the type of items they wanted to procure within that with that, i'd like to open for any questions i may go into more detail for any items. >> i don't see any thanks deputy director functioning opening up for public comment anyone wish to comment seeing none, public comment is closed colleagues, can we approve that action item we'll take that without objection. it's been moved and seconded thank you thank you, mr. stamos please call the next item. >> >> item 6 introduction of new items informational. >> no colleagues anyone from the public that
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would like to speak seeing none, public comment is closed. next item please item 7 general public comment >> two names mr. andrew yip. >> good morning, commissioners in xeventd the holy teaching of principles follow the holy way and living culinary practices and as well as enforcing communication of holiness into the society the importance of holiness and cultural is heard the reck outlining of say so - we take a cause of human beings universally to have a pure land of the kingdom and for level of
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attainment and through knowledge that will support of an exceptional destiny for divided poverty for preaching to the holy people one needs only to stay in boundary and secure one's life of destiny to wit out poverty and making successful once a destiny for all special relationships of devine order one expands the teaching of holyness of virtue in nature and know about people with mediation and mercy with recognizing 40 - shall come to successful of poichlt for destiny of all. >> thank you, mr. yip is mr. lee is here please step forward
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if you want to speak. >> i just spoke earlier about some things. >> see what is really happening in the streets of san francisco for real are drug cartels that are taking over the city wars within wars the bullets the bullets that are killing people are coming from the drug cartels themselves this is a fact of life for poor people in the city i ran all the way downstairs to get my smoking that's my major bad addiction there is so many addictions their fueling lots of money for people that do illegal drugs that's where the bullets they're carrying san francisco whatever you want to hear lies about i've
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been living on the streets since october i've survived barely barely by keeping myself away from that when i was out at pier 80 it was dangerous not just a bad place to live no good planning about that shelter shelter that was disgust purely i didn't like living there the night i left there were guns awe blazing what anyone cares about i abandoned ship i refused to live there because it became another war of bullets as i least someone appointed to the sky oh, that's just fireworks bull san francisco is shot up by cartels and police were running i abandoned pier 80 forever he
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refused to be shot period that's my comment thank you. >> thank you is there any additional public comment? >> public comment is closed. >> mr. stamos mr. clerk, is there any additional business to come before this body? >> no item 8 adjournment. >> we're adjourned everyone thank >> good afternoon, everyone the meeting will come to order this is the regular meeting of luvengs i'm supervisor malia
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cowen chair and to my right is supervisor wiener the vice chair and commissioner peskin our clerk is ms. andrea thank you. the folks jim smith and leo for helping us broadcaster this meeting completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the april 19, 2016, oikdz thank you call item one. >> ordinance for the human did care in the tobacco sales ordinance. >> supervisor peskin you're up the sposh of this piece of - this item. >> thank you, madam chair and supervisor wiener this origin about have one long term business in district 3 from the
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aufrsz piece of legislation give you a little bit of background a couple years ago the board of supervisors passed an ordinance that limited the number of tobacco sales permits per district to 45 per district district 3 as most supervisorial district has in excess of that number of what the legislation was developed no ability for an individual with a valid existing permit to move to another location in this particular instance the individual who is hsa had this long-term institution is actually the victim of rent increases and found another location interesting enough in a property he was ones previously located in and i think actually as i look back on code section 19 h1 thing that occurred which
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is that district 3 is significantly different than the rest of the city in one go profound way i know that supervisor wiener is about to hear which is that by night we have the same number of residents as every other district in the city again day by virtue of downtown and virtue of the remarkable number of tourist that come to the northeast corner of city we have hundreds of thousands for people by day and had i been around representing district 3 in those days, i might have made an amendment it district 3 should have gun allowed a more significant number but the business is nominated for inclusion in the legacy business registry the binding is in
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operation i'd like to take the opportunity with no breaks in excess of two years for over a quarter of a century it is a family business run by the box family and employees a number of individuals i think this measure is in the public interest we should go forward that concludes my presentation. >> tell you why not move to public comment at this time i've got some cards in front of me by that (calling names) welcome just a reminder you have 2 minutes. >> i'm benefit the owner of the business in san francisco thank you for giving me this opportunity i'm a little bit nervous and allowed to - do my best this is a small business
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it is a family business i've been in san francisco for over 20 years almost 26 years i would gratefully appreciate if you consider allowing me to move into this new- to it location i've occupied in the past back in 199 - 1990s early 1990s in the embarcadero and this would allow will continue to flourish my business and allow me to support my family and like i said, i'm married i've got two kids and have to put my kids through college this
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is really my livelihood and hoping i'll able to move to my original location as i was displaced by the new owner of the building i was in they jacked the rents so much i couldn't afford and had to give up the space i would gratefully appreciate you're considering this and move up permit thank you very much. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon my name is fernando thank you for having me. i work with benefit since i was in my mid 20s and he's taught me how to run a small business owner if you guys give him the chance to move into a location
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literally across the street that would be great he's taught me everything in running a business i feel like anything he's done i owe to be there for him in this regard i hope you guys let him move into the location to continue to grow his small business thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm stanley kohlman that customer of benefits i commute from fremont and do construction in the city when i'm downtown i like to stop by on the way out of town to get a cigar to enjoy in going down beetle it is convenient in moving just a
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couple hundred feet away is more i'll appreciate not to drive out of my way to find a cigar i've joined. >> his employees they've courteous and professional and i appreciate that much thank you very much >> thank you. next speaker. >> hi i am ann marie i'm with cul-de-sack jars central here on behalf of the boston properties he was and tenants on embarcadero in the early 90s we'll to welcome him back to the he adds to our current tenant mix and we countering have regional and national and other tenants we want in support of locals we have seeing a influx of national tenants to the
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district but want to support the localhey're a local business where a relationship with boston properties a complimentary and have interesting base in the financial district their locate across the street from the where they want to locate thank you for considering this and letting them come back to market street square. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> hi, i'm peter a real estate broker and known benefit and his broth and his broth passed away i know they came as immigrant and been working hard and entrepreneurial particularly how the cigar is going and i've stopped by there for a cigar and
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hope you grant the use permit they're looking for thank you anyone wish to comment 0 on item one seeing none, public comment is closed supervisor peskin anything any last remarks. >> thank you, madam chair for scheduling this and be willing to sends it as a committee reports at the full board of supervisors if there's no objection pending supervisor wiener's comments i move we send it to the full board with a positive recommendation as a committee report inform april 12th. >> we'll take that under consideration. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you, madam chair i'm happy to support this i think very limited expectation i was a co-sponsor of i think you madam chair of the legislation that was really designed to reduce the number of tobacco
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outlets that a very, very important piece of legislation we need to reduce in certain neighborhoods the number of tobacco outlets about there are times exceptions to consider i think this one of them i'm told this not an outlet it sells cigarettes or seeing none, public comment is closed r e e cigarettes this is an existing family owned business the kind of business to support in san francisco o san francisco and not adding to the number of tobacco outlets it is simply allowing a long time existing use to move a few hundred feet away from something outside of their control in terms of landlord i think whether it was raising represented or bring in
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a higher paying tenants that so often happens into our neighborhood businesses those days unfortunately, this is a good opportunity for us to support a small family owned neighborhood business without undermining our goals in the legislation around reducing but number of tobacco outlets i'm happy to support this and send it out with a positive recommendation. >> thank you seeking a seeing no other public comment public comment is closed. there is a motion made to send this to the full board did you want to - let's do that unanimously. >> that motion passes unanimously this item will be going to the full board madam clerk item 2. >> amending the green building for the requirements of for energy. >> thank you supervisor wiener is the author of this item item
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2 we'll speak and lead the discussion going forward. >> okay. thank you very much madam chair this legislation will help us to meet our goal in california aggressive goal to move towards a new and renewable future in a way from fossil fuels the increase of solar energy in san francisco the legislation is simple and straightforward in any construction projects between one and 10 stories in height will be required to install solar lemons on the projects rooftops either solar panels for electrical or heating the legislation was considered and supported unanimously by both the building inspection commission and the commission on the environment today california's existing state
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building codes on title 24 requires month new construction to designate 15 percent of rooftop area quote/unquote solar ready free ofbstacles and enbunts a future owner felt building is consider to place solar panels on the roof the legislation before us today takes us to the next step by saying that in san francisco instead of the roof 15 percent of roof being solar ready that rather 15 percent needs to be solar installed meaningless the solar panels for electricity will be placed as part of the project colleagues in an era we're remind daily and how are you or by the minute of a rapidly changing wliement it is
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critical important we do the best we can locally and ultimately at a state level internationally and nationally to make our environment more sustainable reducing energy accumulations and carbon emissions is a result of more sustainable city this legislation which focuses on solar is the first part of what will be a two part effort to promote san francisco rooftops added to the city the next expands the provision to promote greener roofs in general i'd like to thank the staff of the department of the environment their support on the legislation and also thank andrea for his work colleagues no initial questions or comments i'd like to invite up barry from
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the investment & infrastructure to make a brief presentation. >> i'm may we have on behalf of our decoration to recommend our approval for this ordinance the goal of the city encap sludz in the zero waste 50 percent of trips by sustainable modes of transportation and 100 percent renewal energy and carbon back into our trees and soil 0 so it 100 percent renewable energy for the resources and continued improvement in terms of efficiency san francisco has lead the way and adopted the standards more consistent nanny other city in california and bring the recommended to you in
3:17 am
the future we're talking about the office how to develop the generation resources and san francisco, of course, is a leader there for the city's a facility for the 100 percent electricity and confusing sf for the electricity option for a wide variety of constituents this ordinance represents. >> pleases speak into the mike thank you. >> excuse me - >> the ordinance represents one more straightforward and pragmatic step towards that goal it's been demonstrated highly cost fiscal the ordinance is a product of considerable throughout the key question have been cost and benefits since 2008 the cost to install is gown 50 percent and the analysis that was conducted by the department of the environment in part of the light recognizes that's cost
3:18 am
fiscal on all buildings we've analyzed with an san francisco climate zone conducted 1984 meetings with a way variety of sfrrld with the department of building inspection and the building department's commission and held numberable meetings particularly with the affordable housing be developers that indicated in many cases ahead of the ordinance in terms of of the new properties and the result is reasonable and practical it building on a state coat and cost effective and therefore the department of the environment recommends your approval thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you why not go to public comment. >> oh, supervisor peskin do you want to q ask a question. >> on to supervisor wiener on
3:19 am
page of a provision a new provision that says any new building of group occupancy with electric data progressing will be the exempt from the energy exemptions by the sections mentioned can you explain why that is in there. >> i think i'll ask mr. hooper to explain that provision. >> sure that was inserted at the request of the stakeholder that was responsible for city agency that is developed some data centers and the main issue is practicality the data center is served by a network of individual rooftop units across the rooftop it is changing to reserve a space for the solar. >> so if it was just for one public agency presumably and not
3:20 am
heard from the rest of the stakeholder community why did we write such a broad exemption. >> to facilities today that are stand alone data centers one under construction it is they're used type in general to be constructed i think the impact is small but - >> so if if i may respect through the charge to supervisor wiener i think we should probably better define electronic data processing because clearly the way staff is presenting it, it is a very narrow definition but the way it is written it seems like it could apply to a broad swap of building types we need to look at language i mean electronic data processing could be a lot of people do everyday and but i
3:21 am
think there is a section between data progressing and a processing central we have to define is it so this is not end up being an unat the end broader will that - >> so supervisor thank you for bringing that up why not over the next week weigh take a look at appropriate clarifying language it is fairly intend to an narrow category and to be a valid point you raised so we'll work on the language i don't think that it would be a substantive amendment. >> the comment it is good it staff is here we're requiring that installation of solar which i'm absolutely supportive of -
3:22 am
should we consider the impact of on buildings that will be required to install that when other buildings will ultimate shadow those installations is it fair for us to say you have to install those and next to a 10 story building we permit a 80 story building that shadows that roof is that a fair thing to do i don't think expect to answer that but a conversation 3 is had at department of the environment and start having at the board of supervisors as we start mauntd the installation. >> if you have a comment on that. >> sure two parts it is an insightful question we've thought about a little bit this is part of the reason the trailing legislation we're working with the planning
3:23 am
department on will provide living roofs as a compliance option so the developer will have more fleblthd how a taller building in the solar system to be constructed between the 15 or 20 years after construction the other factor we looked at was that the given the economic imperative to build to whatever the height to build to at a give time it is going to be less frequent that somewhere comes to past we need first a new building subject to the ordinance and then a new building after that to be built the first building so we're depending on second building being permitted construction and delivered within the first 15 or 20 years after the initial
3:24 am
building a of story was completed given the construction timeline will be relatively aware but a living - >> we are as i to build on what i mentioned briefly any opening remarks we're working on trailing legislation that will provide an opening statements instead of instead of the 15 percent solar could choose thirty percent for green roof and so if you're building a building is already shadow that might not might be a good choice to give you that flexibility. >> if i may if you're building a building that is shadowed under this version the ordinance will not apply. >> all right. thank you very much 3 cards in front of me
3:25 am
(calling names). >> good afternoon. my name is a jeanine carter the co-founder of a solar building firm and i'm also a member of the board of directors our state trade organizations for solar installer and rooftop solar state of california and i'm here in support of this legislation san francisco has always been a leader in he and continues to be a leader with groundbreaking legislation this is where we need to go as a planets i'm pleased to be here in supportive and lancaster, california both have mandate and there's no reason why san francisco shouldn't lead the way for the large city and state rooftop solar is eloquent and efficient way to deal with
3:26 am
greening and decategorization of the supply when the panels are generating 2rb89 they serve the trouble load of the building so when i plug my electrical car in when the sun is shining my car is driving on sunshine there is no better way to drive the clean green energy in san francisco than providing four generation and rooftop solar it is the democracy of our electricity supply thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon delaney from bright like that in support of this ordinance a very simple way to encourage the solar jobs in san francisco as well as increases our captain for this
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generation thank you, thank you. >> next speaker >> good afternoon my name is brendon the director of the u.s. green policy of northern california office here to express mire organizations sport for the proposed ordinance for better roof requirements the council has over 12 though organizational members and credentialed professionals since the inception of our system both green roofs and energy have been a design of green building in the public and private segments san francisco is an early lead san francisco is closing on 6 millions square feet of report by the range as san francisco the second best market for the green market where 40 percent of the
3:28 am
buildings have a certification cal green raise the professional buildings in the sate and yet with climatic change adding global risk everyday with the california zero waste we're a global leader it is clear we need to raise the bar again, the solar provides clean energy and reducing the green house gas emissions and costs have dropped in the recently years as technology is moving into a different scale they help with the san francisco entertainment commission run offices the requirement makes the sustainable use in an area where the state has scarce resources in an industry investing the math with the estimating- given the risks that is important that government policies to improve the performance are crafted the
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staff proposals that meaningful and a step in moving forward awhile having better perform of the building. >> thank you. any other speakers seeing none, public comment is closed on this item. >> supervisor peskin your name was on the. >> oh, no. >> supervisor wiener colleagues thank you for hearing this and for the members of the public that came out and all the people that will been doing amazing work for solar incur here in san francisco but around the state and country a stricken been many fights and but it is an industry that is moving in a good direction and one that will make our city and state for sustainable as we continue to combat climatic change i ask we
3:30 am
i move we send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> correct me if i am wrong does this item need to no, that's item 3. >> a motion has been made without objection so moved i move we send it to the full board with a positive recommendation madam clerk item 3. >> the general plan for the downtown area plan blocks one and two of the transbay plan. >> so colleagues this is an item that we continued from our meeting last week we had a planning department and representatives from ocii to present. >> madam chair, i want to indicate that the board of supervisors and this committee is no in receipt of the jean plan amendment regards to the affordable housing bonus plan. >> thank you very much for that update please take it away.
3:31 am
>> good afternoon. i'm jewish with the planning department so the item before you today is the amendment this is relate to an item before the full board as the community as a whole with the transbay change to block one before i go into the details for the general plan mainstreamed we are not to put it into context i'll i'm going to turn it over to for the ocii manager that will give you an overview of the block one and i'll be back to explain how this general amendment fits into the context. >> thank you. >> thank you josh chair cohen and supervisor
3:32 am
peskin and supervisor wiener i'm shawn i work with ocii the project manager for transbay and like to introduce jose campos and jim morales with the general council of ocii as josh mentioned today, you'll be taking action on is general plan amendment tomorrow the redevelopment for transbay block one will be coming before the board the purpose to increase the height if two to four hundred feet an block one i that would be helpful to provide background and the block one project 1994 the board of supervisors
3:33 am
established the transbay area in 2002, the draft eir was published in 2003 the redevelopments agency published a development and in 2004, it was certified and the 2005 it was adopted also in 2005 the rincon hill plan was adopted and in 2012, the transit center plan was adopted the gray area in the middle of the slide is the transbay plan area it is boundary is following blighted conditions within the area at the heart of redevelopment is the transbay transit center it is gifted into 3 zones one by the controls and design guidelines to the plan and zone one ocii has the land use jurisdiction two is by the
3:34 am
planning code and the - the larger rectangle area in red is the transit center adopted in 2012 which unsustainable increased the heights of the buildings in the area the affordability within transbay assembly bill 812 and the transbay required 25 percent b be affordable the redevelopment plan requires the individual projects within zone one and two 15 percent affordability on site within zone one are 12 blocks of various stages of development block 64 hundred and 79 affordable units and blocks 7, 8
3:35 am
and 912 affordable unit and about to begin construction and bloke 5 is office space under construction and the from the sales of the 11 to 12 is the construction of transit center. >> bloke one is located on fulsome street between main and spear streets this slide shows block one proposed development program on the parcels the top 2/3rd's owned by ocii consists of 35 thousand square feet purchased by ocii in 20031/3rd or four parcels owned by tishman duo to the zone little sites have to be zoned together
3:36 am
regarding the proposed block one project the developers is proposing a health from three to four hundred feet a mixed use owner consisting of three hundred plus units the benefits are increases the total housing units and three to four more units in the tower, 40 percent will be affordable didn't consists of 4 hundred plus units for households between one and 20 percent ami the units will be dispersed in the tower a separate homeowners sfoeshgs the bmr residents we found insignificant shadow impacts on the parks the purposes of the slide to show the benefits of the 4 hundred height verse the three
3:37 am
hundred height limit the far right hand is 73 more units with the 44 more units will be bmr which represents translates into one and 20 more residents this view is of the proposed project looking west from embarcadero and fulsome and this is a view from the bay bridge and it shows what the skyline about look like with the proposed project along with the projects currently in planning and with that, i thank you and i am sorry to josh. >> thank you shawn so, now do e you have the context for block one in the veerments area and i'll focus on the general plan before you on the screen is map 5 the height map in the downtown plan
3:38 am
when the transbay redevelopment area was adopted in 2005 some amendments were adopted as part of this effort and this included adjusting the height on the height mass and as you can see zone one of the redevelopment in red and were there previously heights on the downtown plan indicated p d x the amendments made at the time removed that to reference the downtown transbay nfl an oversight and not lablgd about that indication as neither of the sites in her t 2 b x were the height and once the development plan was adopted again, here's the block noted on
3:39 am
the left out of that amendment with the block one and a small piece of going block two as you can see this for the transbay r50er789 the height currently of block one is 3 and block 2 one of 5 they're out of sync with the general plan and discovered that oversight when we did the consistency finding for the proposal for block one and revised by the office to make it consistent for block one we needed to correct this oversight to reference the plan and erase the other non-applicable of the height that's what is proposed and an additional notion to the map removing the label from the assessors oversees block from the following lots
3:40 am
37 and lot 4 replace that with see the tribute plans it is as simple as that and the planning commission needs to make the amendment to adjust the consistency finding for the changes to block one so this is a precondition of making that finding for block one height amendment not determine the outcome of the amendment only brings the general plan in conformity with the general plan so that that concludes my presentation. and i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> good thank you very much i appreciate your prediction e presentation and thank you for being flexible see if any questions from the colleagues supervisor wiener none supervisor peskin none let's go ahead and take public comment anyone wish to comment feel free i have (calling names)
3:41 am
please come on up and speak at this time. >> good afternoon madam chair and supervisors my name is adrian representing carpenters local 22 about 3200 xarpdz here in san francisco normally i come up and speak about jobs i'll get to that in a minute this provides housing it is below-market-rate housing affordable housing for san francisco and that's really what is more and more most important in san francisco today we hope you would forward this amendment to the board of supervisors it is going to provide jobs, benefits, health, welfare for young san franciscans carpenters at a local 22 and other locals and a place to work and much needed housing for san francisco to add to that market-rate
3:42 am
housing we need the housing thank you. >> good afternoon supervisors supervisor cowen and supervisor peskin and supervisor wiener i'm a resident of rincon hill and here to represent the neighborhoods and communities groups in opposition to increasing the height from three to four feet i'll talk about the compliance the district plan with the environmental impact reports and the financial deal compliance the triplet is not enacted after review to make sure all the buildings conform to the principles of the plan most importantly building heights tripling to the waterfront with a view from the northern prospective as the
3:43 am
highest point with the tower block one was designated to be three hundred feet it didn't conform to the stepping down that will required to conform to the height limits specifically the gap at 200 and 14 feet eat plaza 200 plus and infinity at three hundred plus allowing a one hundred feet from the prospective of the waterfront it is illicit one block away the out liar is a mr. sartipi the developer of block 4 across the street on howard at main and beal will come before planning to approve the additional one hundred feet makes it urban liken the block 4 will request from 4 to 5 hundred feet the city has failed to ask for a
3:44 am
revised eir the 2006 eir is out dictated and not assess the impact on traffic and noise to say true for a three hundred foot not true for a 4 hundred foot on the does the city has - >> that's it thank you very much is there any additional public comment on item number 3 nope okay. is there a motion we need to send this specifically to the committee as a whole on the redevelopment plan amendment. >> do we know yet what the district supervisors position is on this project or any of the issues raised for - we've heard comment and received a letter i've not every gotten a sense of what supervisor kim's position is on this. >> supervisor kim has not
3:45 am
indicated here position my office reached out to her last week and today, we don't have a firmer conformation on this issue. >> was it they said she didn't have a position or sending out a response. >> we got no response i know as i mentioned she announced she gotten a commitment of 40 percent and others vertical is doing 20 percent the taxpayers are pagan for the other 20 percent that's the last i heard i know that supervisor peskin in terms of. >> supervisor peskin has indicated he's reserve his remark forces tonight with supervisor kim at the full board meeting this is a reminder we'll be sitting as a committee as a whole. >> so tomorrow. >> we'll hear it. >> tomorrow hear the full
3:46 am
merits fsd project. >> that's correct i'll have a few questions to ask staff specifically about the concerns i have about the shadow additional shadows i have questions about the evaluation of the parcels versus the transbay plan area but i will wait until tomorrow. >> so madam clerk i think we need to have a motion; is that correct? >> yes. >> for committee report we have a motion to go forward to the full board as a committee report i need a motion. >> all right. by supervisor peskin and the decision was unanimous call item 4. >> an ordinance commiserating in honor of the childhood home of andy garcia the wonderful district of district 11 has
3:47 am
joined us supervisor avalos. >> thank you chair cohen and, yes it's been a long time in working and strange trip here we are with legislation before us to authorize the installation of sidewalk plaques at two locations in the combhoir close to the home of jerry garcia born and raised in san francisco on august 1st, 1942, is with greens and the grateful dead are associated with the hate ashbury garcia grew up in the conspiring district the first 5 years on amazon avenue and after hesitate fathers death jerry and his brother moved in with their grandparents think harrington street it was an important part of his child the garcia wrote a
3:48 am
childhood story called harrington street the 3 by 3 blonde plaques will be on mission street they'll get the most foot traffic and encourage the businesses to be with two the two plaques on mission cord and working with the garcia family with the plaques and we have mr. murphy had will be here during junior embarrassing in the amphitheater was part of theatre part two a lot of work people have been doing to honor the legacy of jerry garcia in san francisco in the excelsior beth volunteered her time and corps the herb classic picture with the heritage house by the
3:49 am
affirmative mike guzman the civic design committee is scheduled to review the design we're working with the engineering garcia family with the sign of the second plaque on the corner of amazon but have herb green photo as well we're working with artworks to forge the plaques they'll be uber's the same process with the plaques for the rainbow walk in the castro this waves the permit and inspection fees and added to the location one on mission and harrington and one on amazon for the sites and last year, we set aside funding in the budget to be able to have for construction for the first plaque be using if you
3:50 am
have any questions, we'll be happy to answer theming for the second plaque we hope to go in later this year commemorating the homes of jerry garcia for the unique contributions to the social and cultural life and helped to promote the k30ir district in how it is in his form actually years of san franciscan best known throughout the years colleagues admit my presentation if you're interested i'll pass out maps of the first location and have andy put-down it on the overhead and pass those to you and open up for public comment. >> supervisor avalos congratulations this is existing news from district 11 congratulations i grew up in the season part of neighborhood and frequented the mclaren park with the jerry garage amphitheater
3:51 am
that is an existing time to have one of the natives commemorated this is excellent i know there are community organizations and more will take place to come to fruition i want to applaud the neighbors in the chamber and i know others are possibly watching open up for public comment come to the podium you'll have 2 minutes to speak whether your in favor or opposed of this legislation and come on to the microphone of the podium over here. >> well. >> hi my name is jackie harbor i flew in from san diego california for this meeting i will be underlying out this evening jerry garcia is a ripple effect
3:52 am
in any lives we're here to represent him when we passed away i couldn't come where i was living to be at the field to represent him, i thought that was important to be here i brought a copy of the book i don't know how to get this on the overhead. >> you can too the thing on our right. >> the overhead projector. >> sfgovtv there we go. >> i brought a copy of jerry garcia harrington bingo during my travels the reason i came to support in idea that has been and thank you for your time and i appreciate all that you're here to do there is a lot of people in the world that couldn't be here today to tell you how important jerry and his life taught us to be kind and loving to mother earth and
3:53 am
representing many thank you. >> thank you for being here welcome and i'd like to welcome the next speaker. >> thank you. >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is linda i live in district 11 i'm very much in support of this project and the chair of a group calls friends and advocates of the amazon mentioned in the legislation a group that took on a role of the custodian we'll monitor the care and upkeep and work with the dpw to do actually repair other needs if this should arise we're very excited about this this is a project that we talked about and advocated for since 2003 we hope that the engineering plaque will be part of eventually come on excelsior
3:54 am
walk of familiar simple other walk of fame and the boasting trail we have much to celebrate and we're proud of the work that supervisor avalos has done to support our efforts to support that history our neighborhood has had very many people in this - over the past years and many more to come to be deferring for plaques like this this is particularly cbos close to our hearts because of the work in the community to support jerseys legacy and community what with the meaningless of the amphitheater and many projects we are grateful to supervisor avalos in 4e7 us get historic street names like china and india are part of
3:55 am
that walk of fame so thank you and hope this passes. >> thank you. i also want to thank you for working so many years as well as our volunteering for the friends and advocates of the excelsior to do the everyday maintenance upkeep that is great you're continuing that work thank you. >> hello my name is wayne at first when i saw the white rablts i thought that was doing o something for fall canning in her my wife karen at the time knew couldn't come today knew jerry garcia in elementary school and middle school and high school by meeting him in the excelsior she said that jerry father owned the grocery stores in mission san juan and ray ramos would meet
3:56 am
jerome embarrassing on mission and harrington street to walk to the middle school and smokey how did she know that she's good friends with ramos wished him a birthday i think that is appropriate to have 3 plaques honoring the memory of jerry garcia in the excelsior thank you. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my mind's a rachel and i just wanted to say thank you to the communities i'm new to san francisco and the way you guys preserved the history and legacy of the values and just this is the most amazing place i'll grateful to people like tom and people that keep the music and community alive those plaques will be a nice addition so people can be curious the history and learn about the
3:57 am
legacy and not question but be desired i appreciate anyone you to do to expire love and other legacies. >> thank you. i think i said mike murphy but tom murphy. >> thank you, supervisors this is been a like john said a long strange trip but all good things and all good times it has been to the jerry garcia and the statistic and jeremy pollack for helping that and supervisor avalos and malia cohen for scheduling that and jackie from traveling from san diego thank you this is an important project that embraced the city we have been blessed over the 50 plus years to have this a great deal
3:58 am
of dead oriented from san francisco hopefully we can embrace more and protect them in the long haul this is truly a san francisco moment spent a lot of years in the making and appreciate you guys supporting this thank you. >> also that to thank you for your hayward with the general annual jerry garcia day. >> i want to show what the current the first design and jerry any pollack will bring this up. >> public comment is closed. jeremy all yours. >> okay i poet by green and in the background jerry garcia made for this house or it was a festivity. >> it is a photo of house from that was in the examiner article
3:59 am
that mike allowed us to use the public commenter showed the coffer of the book on harrington street that was also a quote if jerry garcia himself and the jerry garcia family approved the design it is modest by beth burn we sent when she was leaving her job we gave her an accommodation she's proud of working on that and in support of family and it is very famous photograph of jerry garcia with kissing his fingers. >> mr. pollack. >> it does it justice thank you. >> a motion colleagues to move with a positive recommendation made by commissioner peskin and we'll take that without objection. that item passes unanimously congratulations to all the folks
4:00 am
that work hard we're almost there. >> thank you for your co-sponsorship chair cohen. >> thank you madam clerk, is there any other business before this body? there's no further business. >> almost this meeting is adjournedof the san francisco commission on community investment and infrastuck khur successor agency will come to order. er >> the first order of business is item 1, roll call. commission members, please respond when i call


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