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tv   San Francisco Government Television  SFGTV  April 17, 2016 8:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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good opportunity for us to support a small family owned neighborhood business without undermining our goals in the legislation around reducing but number of tobacco outlets i'm happy to support this and send it out with a positive recommendation. >> thank you seeking a seeing no other public comment public comment is closed. there is a motion made to send this to the full board did you want to - let's do that unanimously. >> that motion passes unanimously this item will be going to the full board madam clerk item 2. >> amending the green building for the requirements of for energy. >> thank you supervisor wiener is the author of this item item 2 we'll speak and lead the discussion going forward. >> okay. thank you very much madam chair
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this legislation will help us to meet our goal in california aggressive goal to move towards a new and renewable future in a way from fossil fuels the increase of solar energy in san francisco the legislation is simple and straightforward in any construction projects between one and 10 stories in height will be required to install solar lemons on the projects rooftops either solar panels for electrical or heating the legislation was considered and supported unanimously by both the building inspection commission and the commission on the environment today california's existing state building codes on title 24 requires month new construction to designate 15 percent of
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rooftop area quote/unquote solar ready free of obstacles and enbunts a future owner felt building is consider to place solar panels on the roof the legislation before us today takes us to the next step by saying that in san francisco instead of the roof 15 percent of roof being solar ready that rather 15 percent needs to be solar installed meaningless the solar panels for electricity will be placed as part of the project colleagues in an era we're remind daily and how are you or by the minute of a rapidly changing wliement it is critical important we do the best we can locally and ultimately at a state level
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internationally and nationally to make our environment more sustainable reducing energy accumulations and carbon emissions is a result of more sustainable city this legislation which focuses on solar is the first part of what will be a two part effort to promote san francisco rooftops added to the city the next expands the provision to promote greener roofs in general i'd like to thank the staff of the department of the environment their support on the legislation and also thank andrea for his work colleagues no initial questions or comments i'd like to invite up barry from the investment & infrastructure to make a brief presentation.
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>> i'm may we have on behalf of our decoration to recommend our approval for this ordinance the goal of the city encap sludz in the zero waste 50 percent of trips by sustainable modes of transportation and 100 percent renewal energy and carbon back into our trees and soil 0 so it 100 percent renewable energy for the resources and continued improvement in terms of efficiency san francisco has lead the way and adopted the standards more consistent nanny other city in california and bring the recommended to you in the future we're talking about the office how to develop the generation resources and san francisco, of course, is a leader there for the city's a
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facility for the 100 percent electricity and confusing sf for the electricity option for a wide variety of constituents this ordinance represents. >> pleases speak into the mike thank you. >> excuse me - >> the ordinance represents one more straightforward and pragmatic step towards that goal it's been demonstrated highly cost fiscal the ordinance is a product of considerable throughout the key question have been cost and benefits since 2008 the cost to install is gown 50 percent and the analysis that was conducted by the department of the environment in part of the light recognizes that's cost fiscal on all buildings we've analyzed with an san francisco climate zone conducted 1984
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meetings with a way variety of sfrrld with the department of building inspection and the building department's commission and held numberable meetings particularly with the affordable housing be developers that indicated in many cases ahead of the ordinance in terms of of the new properties and the result is reasonable and practical it building on a state coat and cost effective and therefore the department of the environment recommends your approval thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you why not go to public comment. >> oh, supervisor peskin do you want to q ask a question. >> on to supervisor wiener on page of a provision a new provision that says any new building of group occupancy with electric data progressing will
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be the exempt from the energy exemptions by the sections mentioned can you explain why that is in there. >> i think i'll ask mr. hooper to explain that provision. >> sure that was inserted at the request of the stakeholder that was responsible for city agency that is developed some data centers and the main issue is practicality the data center is served by a network of individual rooftop units across the rooftop it is changing to reserve a space for the solar. >> so if it was just for one public agency presumably and not heard from the rest of the stakeholder community why did we write such a broad exemption.
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>> to facilities today that are stand alone data centers one under construction it is they're used type in general to be constructed i think the impact is small but - >> so if if i may respect through the charge to supervisor wiener i think we should probably better define electronic data processing because clearly the way staff is presenting it, it is a very narrow definition but the way it is written it seems like it could apply to a broad swap of building types we need to look at language i mean electronic data processing could be a lot of people do everyday and but i think there is a section between data progressing and a processing central we have to define is it so this is not end
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up being an unat the end broader will that - >> so supervisor thank you for bringing that up why not over the next week weigh take a look at appropriate clarifying language it is fairly intend to an narrow category and to be a valid point you raised so we'll work on the language i don't think that it would be a substantive amendment. >> the comment it is good it staff is here we're requiring that installation of solar which i'm absolutely supportive of - should we consider the impact of on buildings that will be required to install that when other buildings will ultimate
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shadow those installations is it fair for us to say you have to install those and next to a 10 story building we permit a 80 story building that shadows that roof is that a fair thing to do i don't think expect to answer that but a conversation 3 is had at department of the environment and start having at the board of supervisors as we start mauntd the installation. >> if you have a comment on that. >> sure two parts it is an insightful question we've thought about a little bit this is part of the reason the trailing legislation we're working with the planning department on will provide living roofs as a compliance option so the developer will have more fleblthd how a taller
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building in the solar system to be constructed between the 15 or 20 years after construction the other factor we looked at was that the given the economic imperative to build to whatever the height to build to at a give time it is going to be less frequent that somewhere comes to past we need first a new building subject to the ordinance and then a new building after that to be built the first building so we're depending on second building being permitted construction and delivered within the first 15 or 20 years after the initial building a of story was completed given the construction timeline will be relatively aware but a living -
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>> we are as i to build on what i mentioned briefly any opening remarks we're working on trailing legislation that will provide an opening statements instead of instead of the 15 percent solar could choose thirty percent for green roof and so if you're building a building is already shadow that might not might be a good choice to give you that flexibility. >> if i may if you're building a building that is shadowed under this version the ordinance will not apply. >> all right. thank you very much 3 cards in front of me (calling names). >> good afternoon. my name is a jeanine carter the co-founder of
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a solar building firm and i'm also a member of the board of directors our state trade organizations for solar installer and rooftop solar state of california and i'm here in support of this legislation san francisco has always been a leader in he and continues to be a leader with groundbreaking legislation this is where we need to go as a planets i'm pleased to be here in supportive and lancaster, california both have mandate and there's no reason why san francisco shouldn't lead the way for the large city and state rooftop solar is eloquent and efficient way to deal with greening and decategorization of the supply when the panels are generating 2rb89 they serve the trouble load of the building so
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when i plug my electrical car in when the sun is shining my car is driving on sunshine there is no better way to drive the clean green energy in san francisco than providing four generation and rooftop solar it is the democracy of our electricity supply thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon delaney from bright like that in support of this ordinance a very simple way to encourage the solar jobs in san francisco as well as increases our captain for this generation thank you, thank you. >> next speaker >> good afternoon my name is brendon the director of the u.s.
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green policy of northern california office here to express mire organizations sport for the proposed ordinance for better roof requirements the council has over 12 though organizational members and credentialed professionals since the inception of our system both green roofs and energy have been a design of green building in the public and private segments san francisco is an early lead san francisco is closing on 6 millions square feet of report by the range as san francisco the second best market for the green market where 40 percent of the buildings have a certification cal green raise the professional buildings in the sate and yet
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with climatic change adding global risk everyday with the california zero waste we're a global leader it is clear we need to raise the bar again, the solar provides clean energy and reducing the green house gas emissions and costs have dropped in the recently years as technology is moving into a different scale they help with the san francisco entertainment commission run offices the requirement makes the sustainable use in an area where the state has scarce resources in an industry investing the math with the estimating- given the risks that is important that government policies to improve the performance are crafted the staff proposals that meaningful and a step in moving forward awhile having better perform of
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the building. >> thank you. any other speakers seeing none, public comment is closed on this item. >> supervisor peskin your name was on the. >> oh, no. >> supervisor wiener colleagues thank you for hearing this and for the members of the public that came out and all the people that will been doing amazing work for solar incur here in san francisco but around the state and country a stricken been many fights and but it is an industry that is moving in a good direction and one that will make our city and state for sustainable as we continue to combat climatic change i ask we i move we send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> correct me if i am wrong does this item need to no, that's item 3.
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>> a motion has been made without objection so moved i move we send it to the full board with a positive recommendation madam clerk item 3. >> the general plan for the downtown area plan blocks one and two of the transbay plan. >> so colleagues this is an item that we continued from our meeting last week we had a planning department and representatives from ocii to present. >> madam chair, i want to indicate that the board of supervisors and this committee is no in receipt of the jean plan amendment regards to the affordable housing bonus plan. >> thank you very much for that update please take it away. >> good afternoon. i'm jewish with the planning department so the item before you today is the amendment this is relate to
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an item before the full board as the community as a whole with the transbay change to block one before i go into the details for the general plan mainstreamed we are not to put it into context i'll i'm going to turn it over to for the ocii manager that will give you an overview of the block one and i'll be back to explain how this general amendment fits into the context. >> thank you. >> thank you josh chair cohen and supervisor peskin and supervisor wiener i'm shawn i work with ocii the project manager for transbay and like to introduce jose campos
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and jim morales with the general council of ocii as josh mentioned today, you'll be taking action on is general plan amendment tomorrow the redevelopment for transbay block one will be coming before the board the purpose to increase the height if two to four hundred feet an block one i that would be helpful to provide background and the block one project 1994 the board of supervisors established the transbay area in 2002, the draft eir was published in 2003 the redevelopments agency published
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a development and in 2004, it was certified and the 2005 it was adopted also in 2005 the rincon hill plan was adopted and in 2012, the transit center plan was adopted the gray area in the middle of the slide is the transbay plan area it is boundary is following blighted conditions within the area at the heart of redevelopment is the transbay transit center it is gifted into 3 zones one by the controls and design guidelines to the plan and zone one ocii has the land use jurisdiction two is by the planning code and the - the larger rectangle area in red
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is the transit center adopted in 2012 which unsustainable increased the heights of the buildings in the area the affordability within transbay assembly bill 812 and the transbay required 25 percent b be affordable the redevelopment plan requires the individual projects within zone one and two 15 percent affordability on site within zone one are 12 blocks of various stages of development block 64 hundred and 79 affordable units and blocks 7, 8 and 912 affordable unit and about to begin construction and bloke 5 is office space under
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construction and the from the sales of the 11 to 12 is the construction of transit center. >> bloke one is located on fulsome street between main and spear streets this slide shows block one proposed development program on the parcels the top 2/3rd's owned by ocii consists of 35 thousand square feet purchased by ocii in 20031/3rd or four parcels owned by tishman duo to the zone little sites have to be zoned together regarding the proposed block one project the developers is proposing a health from three to
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four hundred feet a mixed use owner consisting of three hundred plus units the benefits are increases the total housing units and three to four more units in the tower, 40 percent will be affordable didn't consists of 4 hundred plus units for households between one and 20 percent ami the units will be dispersed in the tower a separate homeowners sfoeshgs the bmr residents we found insignificant shadow impacts on the parks the purposes of the slide to show the benefits of the 4 hundred height verse the three hundred height limit the far right hand is 73 more units with the 44 more units will be bmr
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which represents translates into one and 20 more residents this view is of the proposed project looking west from embarcadero and fulsome and this is a view from the bay bridge and it shows what the skyline about look like with the proposed project along with the projects currently in planning and with that, i thank you and i am sorry to josh. >> thank you shawn so, now do e you have the context for block one in the veerments area and i'll focus on the general plan before you on the screen is map 5 the height map in the downtown plan when the transbay redevelopment area was adopted in 2005 some amendments were adopted as part of this effort
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and this included adjusting the height on the height mass and as you can see zone one of the redevelopment in red and were there previously heights on the downtown plan indicated p d x the amendments made at the time removed that to reference the downtown transbay nfl an oversight and not lablgd about that indication as neither of the sites in her t 2 b x were the height and once the development plan was adopted again, here's the block noted on the left out of that amendment with the block one and a small piece of going block two as you can see this for the transbay
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r50er789 the height currently of block one is 3 and block 2 one of 5 they're out of sync with the general plan and discovered that oversight when we did the consistency finding for the proposal for block one and revised by the office to make it consistent for block one we needed to correct this oversight to reference the plan and erase the other non-applicable of the height that's what is proposed and an additional notion to the map removing the label from the assessors oversees block from the following lots 37 and lot 4 replace that with see the tribute plans it is as simple as that and the planning commission needs to make the
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amendment to adjust the consistency finding for the changes to block one so this is a precondition of making that finding for block one height amendment not determine the outcome of the amendment only brings the general plan in conformity with the general plan so that that concludes my presentation. and i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> good thank you very much i appreciate your prediction e presentation and thank you for being flexible see if any questions from the colleagues supervisor wiener none supervisor peskin none let's go ahead and take public comment anyone wish to comment feel free i have (calling names) please come on up and speak at this time. >> good afternoon madam chair and supervisors
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my name is adrian representing carpenters local 22 about 3200 xarpdz here in san francisco normally i come up and speak about jobs i'll get to that in a minute this provides housing it is below-market-rate housing affordable housing for san francisco and that's really what is more and more most important in san francisco today we hope you would forward this amendment to the board of supervisors it is going to provide jobs, benefits, health, welfare for young san franciscans carpenters at a local 22 and other locals and a place to work and much needed housing for san francisco to add to that market-rate housing we need the housing thank you.
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>> good afternoon supervisors supervisor cowen and supervisor peskin and supervisor wiener i'm a resident of rincon hill and here to represent the neighborhoods and communities groups in opposition to increasing the height from three to four feet i'll talk about the compliance the district plan with the environmental impact reports and the financial deal compliance the triplet is not enacted after review to make sure all the buildings conform to the principles of the plan most importantly building heights tripling to the waterfront with a view from the northern prospective as the highest point with the tower block one was designated to be three hundred feet it didn't conform to the stepping down
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that will required to conform to the height limits specifically the gap at 200 and 14 feet eat plaza 200 plus and infinity at three hundred plus allowing a one hundred feet from the prospective of the waterfront it is illicit one block away the out liar is a mr. sartipi the developer of block 4 across the street on howard at main and beal will come before planning to approve the additional one hundred feet makes it urban liken the block 4 will request from 4 to 5 hundred feet the city has failed to ask for a revised eir the 2006 eir is out dictated and not assess the impact on traffic and noise to say true for a three hundred
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foot not true for a 4 hundred foot on the does the city has - >> that's it thank you very much is there any additional public comment on item number 3 nope okay. is there a motion we need to send this specifically to the committee as a whole on the redevelopment plan amendment. >> do we know yet what the district supervisors position is on this project or any of the issues raised for - we've heard comment and received a letter i've not every gotten a sense of what supervisor kim's position is on this. >> supervisor kim has not indicated here position my office reached out to her last week and today, we don't have a firmer conformation on this
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issue. >> was it they said she didn't have a position or sending out a response. >> we got no response i know as i mentioned she announced she gotten a commitment of 40 percent and others vertical is doing 20 percent the taxpayers are pagan for the other 20 percent that's the last i heard i know that supervisor peskin in terms of. >> supervisor peskin has indicated he's reserve his remark forces tonight with supervisor kim at the full board meeting this is a reminder we'll be sitting as a committee as a whole. >> so tomorrow. >> we'll hear it. >> tomorrow hear the full merits fsd project. >> that's correct i'll have a few questions to ask staff specifically about the concerns i have about the shadow
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additional shadows i have questions about the evaluation of the parcels versus the transbay plan area but i will wait until tomorrow. >> so madam clerk i think we need to have a motion; is that correct? >> yes. >> for committee report we have a motion to go forward to the full board as a committee report i need a motion. >> all right. by supervisor peskin and the decision was unanimous call item 4. >> an ordinance commiserating in honor of the childhood home of andy garcia the wonderful district of district 11 has joined us supervisor avalos. >> thank you chair cohen and, yes it's been a long time in working and strange trip here we
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are with legislation before us to authorize the installation of sidewalk plaques at two locations in the combhoir close to the home of jerry garcia born and raised in san francisco on august 1st, 1942, is with greens and the grateful dead are associated with the hate ashbury garcia grew up in the conspiring district the first 5 years on amazon avenue and after hesitate fathers death jerry and his brother moved in with their grandparents think harrington street it was an important part of his child the garcia wrote a childhood story called harrington street the 3 by 3 blonde plaques will be on mission street they'll get the
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most foot traffic and encourage the businesses to be with two the two plaques on mission cord and working with the garcia family with the plaques and we have mr. murphy had will be here during junior embarrassing in the amphitheater was part of theatre part two a lot of work people have been doing to honor the legacy of jerry garcia in san francisco in the excelsior beth volunteered her time and corps the herb classic picture with the heritage house by the affirmative mike guzman the civic design committee is scheduled to review the design we're working with the
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engineering garcia family with the sign of the second plaque on the corner of amazon but have herb green photo as well we're working with artworks to forge the plaques they'll be uber's the same process with the plaques for the rainbow walk in the castro this waves the permit and inspection fees and added to the location one on mission and harrington and one on amazon for the sites and last year, we set aside funding in the budget to be able to have for construction for the first plaque be using if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer theming for the second plaque we hope to go in later this year commemorating the homes of jerry garcia for
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the unique contributions to the social and cultural life and helped to promote the k30ir district in how it is in his form actually years of san franciscan best known throughout the years colleagues admit my presentation if you're interested i'll pass out maps of the first location and have andy put-down it on the overhead and pass those to you and open up for public comment. >> supervisor avalos congratulations this is existing news from district 11 congratulations i grew up in the season part of neighborhood and frequented the mclaren park with the jerry garage amphitheater that is an existing time to have one of the natives commemorated this is excellent i know there
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are community organizations and more will take place to come to fruition i want to applaud the neighbors in the chamber and i know others are possibly watching open up for public comment come to the podium you'll have 2 minutes to speak whether your in favor or opposed of this legislation and come on to the microphone of the podium over here. >> well. >> hi my name is jackie harbor i flew in from san diego california for this meeting i will be underlying out this evening jerry garcia is a ripple effect in any lives we're here to represent him when we passed away i couldn't come where i was living to be at the field to
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represent him, i thought that was important to be here i brought a copy of the book i don't know how to get this on the overhead. >> you can too the thing on our right. >> the overhead projector. >> sfgovtv there we go. >> i brought a copy of jerry garcia harrington bingo during my travels the reason i came to support in idea that has been and thank you for your time and i appreciate all that you're here to do there is a lot of people in the world that couldn't be here today to tell you how important jerry and his life taught us to be kind and loving to mother earth and representing many thank you. >> thank you for being here welcome and i'd like to welcome the next speaker. >> thank you.
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>> good afternoon, supervisors my name is linda i live in district 11 i'm very much in support of this project and the chair of a group calls friends and advocates of the amazon mentioned in the legislation a group that took on a role of the custodian we'll monitor the care and upkeep and work with the dpw to do actually repair other needs if this should arise we're very excited about this this is a project that we talked about and advocated for since 2003 we hope that the engineering plaque will be part of eventually come on excelsior walk of familiar simple other walk of fame and the boasting
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trail we have much to celebrate and we're proud of the work that supervisor avalos has done to support our efforts to support that history our neighborhood has had very many people in this - over the past years and many more to come to be deferring for plaques like this this is particularly cbos close to our hearts because of the work in the community to support jerseys legacy and community what with the meaningless of the amphitheater and many projects we are grateful to supervisor avalos in 4e7 us get historic street names like china and india are part of that walk of fame so thank you and hope this passes. >> thank you. i also want to thank you for working so many
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years as well as our volunteering for the friends and advocates of the excelsior to do the everyday maintenance upkeep that is great you're continuing that work thank you. >> hello my name is wayne at first when i saw the white rablts i thought that was doing o something for fall canning in her my wife karen at the time knew couldn't come today knew jerry garcia in elementary school and middle school and high school by meeting him in the excelsior she said that jerry father owned the grocery stores in mission san juan and ray ramos would meet jerome embarrassing on mission and harrington street to walk to the middle school and smokey
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how did she know that she's good friends with ramos wished him a birthday i think that is appropriate to have 3 plaques honoring the memory of jerry garcia in the excelsior thank you. >> >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my mind's a rachel and i just wanted to say thank you to the communities i'm new to san francisco and the way you guys preserved the history and legacy of the values and just this is the most amazing place i'll grateful to people like tom and people that keep the music and community alive those plaques will be a nice addition so people can be curious the history and learn about the legacy and not question but be desired i appreciate anyone you to do to expire love and other
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legacies. >> thank you. i think i said mike murphy but tom murphy. >> thank you, supervisors this is been a like john said a long strange trip but all good things and all good times it has been to the jerry garcia and the statistic and jeremy pollack for helping that and supervisor avalos and malia cohen for scheduling that and jackie from traveling from san diego thank you this is an important project that embraced the city we have been blessed over the 50 plus years to have this a great deal of dead oriented from san francisco hopefully we can embrace more and protect them in the long haul
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this is truly a san francisco moment spent a lot of years in the making and appreciate you guys supporting this thank you. >> also that to thank you for your hayward with the general annual jerry garcia day. >> i want to show what the current the first design and jerry any pollack will bring this up. >> public comment is closed. jeremy all yours. >> okay i poet by green and in the background jerry garcia made for this house or it was a festivity. >> it is a photo of house from that was in the examiner article that mike allowed us to use the public commenter showed the coffer of the book on harrington
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street that was also a quote if jerry garcia himself and the jerry garcia family approved the design it is modest by beth burn we sent when she was leaving her job we gave her an accommodation she's proud of working on that and in support of family and it is very famous photograph of jerry garcia with kissing his fingers. >> mr. pollack. >> it does it justice thank you. >> a motion colleagues to move with a positive recommendation made by commissioner peskin and we'll take that without objection. that item passes unanimously congratulations to all the folks that work hard we're almost there. >> thank you for your co-sponsorship chair cohen. >> thank you
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madam clerk, is there any other business before this body? there's no further business. >> almost this meeting is adjourned >> good morning, everybody. welcome to the board of
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supervisors budget and finance committee for wednesday, april 13, 2016, my name is mark farrell joined by sxhangs. >> thank you; correct and charles kremack and other staff madam clerk, any announcements? >> yes. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the april 19th board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> okay thank you very much madam clerk call item one. >> item one an ordinance amending the building code for the inspection and maintenance and establishing a fee. >> thank you very much. we have the gentleman to speak on the item. >> patrick resiliency over for the city the ordinance should be no spice up you 3 are
8:50 pm
co-sponsors and supervisor wiener and supervisor breed and supervisor mar this ordinance really is a chance to kind of talk about resilience in the way that san francisco independence that specializations of building facade 5 or more cities in height with the materials decaying over time and helps after a major earth from the one earth the streets were blocking access to first responders we know if we do the mitigation and inspect the buildings we'll be prepared for the inevitable earthquake i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> no people with disabilities anyone wish to comment seeing none, public comment is closed colleagues can i entertain a motion. >> like to send stem one
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move we send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> we'll take that without objection. collect item 2. >> authorizing the department of the environment to accept a grant from solar electrical vehicle charges with a value of one hundred and 40 thousand. >> susan hi, i'm susan the cleaner coordinators for the department of the environment those are solar charging stations to be that a parking lot and not hard-wired stand are alone the end of a project opportunity by the 11th hour foundation through the partnership are san francisco department of the environment and envision the manufacturer we placed these around san francisco collected data on them and now at the end their depended upon to the department that hosted the pilot
8:52 pm
program. >> a quick question where are they located. >> located prerl the sf court at bryant and embarcadero, rec and park at the innovation hanger and one thing at sfmta to go to the dpw parking lot to use for staff. >> thank you very much missing megan's colleagues anything further anyone wish to comment seeing none, public comment is closed and send to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> we'll take that without objection. >> item 3. >> resolution retroactively authorized the department of technology to accept a gift if sister could with $350,000 to provide free wireless to the internet in san francisco.
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>> mr. robin. >> i'm bryan with the demg it accepts a gift from cisco wifi assess points those will be deployed on market street and sue park and herman plaza the intent of those didn't see is they represent a new technology for wifi that allows better management to multiple users in the use area. >> a gift to enable us to do. >> colleagues, any questions okay. we'll move on to public comment on item 3 anyone wish to comment okay seeing none, public comment is closed colleagues can i get a motion. >> move with the positive
8:54 pm
recommendations to the board. >> moved by supervisor yee we'll take that without objection. and madam clerk item 4. >> approving the modifications to the 2011 granting the early interpretation between u.s. airway and port commission. >> keating wagner with the san francisco international airport the first item before you seeks the modification to terminate an existing lease with u.s. airways as a result of the 2005 merger with american airlines that will terminate the existing lease u.s. airlines currently has with the lease agreement this agreement is the mechanism that allows the airlines to provide slight operation and rent he terminal operations to the
8:55 pm
airport u.s. airways about replenish 20 thousand square feet of the exclusive square feet limiting their $2.7 million substantially american airlines adds 8 thousand plus square feet of exclusive square feet and increases the rent if 8.4 to $9. million plus the budget analyst recommends approval i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you, ms. wagner colleagues, any questions can we go to the report please. good morning chair farrell from the budget analyst office and ms. wagner said on page 3 there will be a reduction 2.7:00 friday's i million dollars it will be offset by an increase in
8:56 pm
the net about $1.6 million under the airports policy the rates methodology they'll be made because charges to the airline offset in the lease we recommend approval. >> thank you, very much. ms. campbell moving on to public comment anyone wish to comment seeing none, public comment is closed colleagues, we have a motion and recommendation to approve. >> make a motion to approve item 4 i move we send it to the full board with a positive recommendation. >> we'll take that without objection. madam clerk call item 5. >> approving the terms of 2011 lease and use agreement between airways in the city with the estimate lease of seven hundred and $50,000 for the lease for board approval to 200021.
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>> ms. wagner welcome back casket it deals with the lease agreement this time we're requesting our approval to do an new airline to the 2011 lease agreement for the remaining 4 years and 3 months we have on the agreement that expires in 2021 the modification as quantify to the agreement with the other airlines allowing them to occupy the terminal space quan it's was in effect in 2015 and estimates an annual a rent of $749,000 plus for the term of the lease that is for quan active to - the budget analyst
8:58 pm
recommendations approval i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> colleagues, any questions okay to your report please. on the quan active lease operating at the airport in december they're paying joint use one and $70,000 per month the rent in the fiscal year for the inclusive use is one and 24 thousands and over the term is one plus recommend approval. >> colleagues, any questions public comment on item 5 anyone wish to comment on this item seeing none, public comment is closed colleagues once again we have a recommendation to approve by the budget analyst. >> sure go ahead i'll move this to with a positive recommendation. >> we'll take that without objection. madam clerk item 6 please. item 6 the resolution approving the contract between the pilot construction management for the
8:59 pm
emergency filed zimmermann's for the pressure system retroactive not to exceed $4.4 million. >> thank you very much ms. wagner welcome back. >> thank you very much. >> kathy with the san francisco airport the last item requests our approval of an emergency contract with the construction management for interim fire suspension retrofit and watch services at the airport for the hanger not to exceed $4.3 million the hanger at sfo was constructed in 1969 and one of only 4 humanitarians in the country is accommodates 47 arthd at one time leased with the united airlines and another airline imagine it is old and in need of some repair
9:00 pm
in december of 2015 the staff noticed a drop in the water pressure within the pressure system and we've identified multiple leaks that brings light water from american people external pump into the hanger the fire department asked for a correction and deputy is a plan for fire protection for the hanger since that time actuary fire watch 9 work is done airport staff declared a breakdown the fire system and initiated did watch at the time the president declared an emergency contract with the management and the airport engineering staff conducted a cost at $4.6 million the emergency contract with pilot it an amount not to exceed
9:01 pm
4.3 of approximately 200 and 85 thousands than the jerseys estimate they continued to replace the system in the future with a new system estimated $20 million that will be for a bid and the proposal will be out this summer and, in fact, that contract will be before you for approval this is just a measure we can correct the problem and pull out the 24 fire watch budget analysts recommend approval i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> supervisor yee. >> so how long will this stopgap temporarily fix take in terms of emergency. >> they're in the process now the reason excuse me - they went with pilot management they were doing work at the bay and
9:02 pm
familiar with the facility and all the employees were bandaged i believe that we are soon to be done the problems are in december we were issued the notice by the fire department in january to have a 24 watch until the problem is corrected we believe i can confirm we're almost at the end of fixing the leaks. >> so in replacing this system i guess in the future is there anything being done now sort of fixing the leaks that guess actually be used or somehow reduce the pricing the system for different things. >> i don't believe so unfortunately my understanding unfortunately, the pipes the underground pipes that have the ability to bring the water into the super bay is in existence
9:03 pm
since 1969 the system will replace the existing system. >> thank you. >> okay. any future questions or comments little known fact my mother and supervisor tang's mother worked out together fixing the safety requirements there. >> yeah. they're both retired okay to your report please. ms. wagner covered most of it in the report the work performed is to be plowed beginning in march though june of this year and the fire watch to continue until june of 2017 excuse me - january of 2017 as ms. wagner said the total cost is $4.3 million 200 and 85 less than the engineering and
9:04 pm
complies with the administrative code with the emergency contract features. >> thank you very much colleagues, any questions okay. we'll move on to public comment anyone wish to comment on item 6? seeing none, public comment is closed colleagues motioned and i'd like to move it to i move we send it to the full board with a positive recommendation we'll take that without objection. >> all right. madam clerk now we're down to two hearings call the first item 7. >> item 7 hearing on the office of early care for the citywide plan financing the elements and the education reports. >> thank you very much this item was supported by supervisor yee so we'll i turn this over to him. >> thank you chair farrell as you may know this the week of i did not know child to no betterment to ask this particular early care and
9:05 pm
education citywide plan it is a time to acknowledge the value of young children and those that educate the youngest learners but investing in the early care and education is an investment in families and the city research shows providing quality early care and education has a tremendous impact on the growth and impact of children but the families stability and the economy from our accountability of public dollars addressing when children are most rapidly developing has the greatest return in investments it provides for economic sustainability as families are able to return to work and we must recognize that majority of d.c. workforce are women and
9:06 pm
women of color from an entity lens they must be able to take care of their families with the passage of prop c in 2014 the children's initiative san francisco commits 25 years of investments and career with the alignment of stronger systems and collaboration to better provide for san francisco families an early care and education was directed to expand the scope if preschool to early education meaning zero to 4 yesterday the board do board honors an early care education to dedicate her professional career in dedicating the most vulnerable children and families today, i call this hearing during the week of young child
9:07 pm
for the upper sunnydale of the office of early care and education for zero to 5 years old the recommendations in how we can improve and build on the investment it create a better system to serve all the youngest children and on top of that it's another reason why a good week barb our current director of office of education who has provided the leadership that it takes to make all this happen happens to be the last week on her job we'll be sad i want to say that now to the public i will be i think the public will be sad that we will no longer have her leadership after this week but today is about this hearing barbara carson.
9:08 pm
>> thank you supervisor yee and supervisor farrell and supervisor tang for allowing us to present the plan as you may know we're required to submit this plan per prop k i'll be prefrnt a high-level of review with the enforced realms from the advisory committee the full plan was databases will be valuable in 4 weeks give you a little bit of background this is a planning process that everyone participated in enthusiastically and took seriously city staff. >> wonderful advisory committee, the community in many formats or forums participated in many meetings over the past year as a highlight our cap meets 4 times and year and met 14 times since last april i want to say there are too big tossing
9:09 pm
everyone took it as an opportunity to step back and look at it what we have done in san francisco and figure out how to take it to scale and stop thinking incremental and recognize the excellence that happens in programs like the fee wamgz and the preschool for all it is nationally recognized and how those lessons can be applied i think you'll hear testimony supporting the bigger picture and there will be a lot of information coming over the next several months an analysis that will be helpful to you as you go through the budget process he'll launch into the recommendations the first thing to emphasize we have had many, many meetings office staff and other staffs
9:10 pm
and met with dcyf the first development of the recommendations we set to the advisory committee and as those recommendations were enforced we brought those back for feedback and made significant changes to the plans based on some of the feedback in resulting in the recommendations cat has endorsed the recommendations so our first set of recommendations around the system that supervisor yee into custody prop c directions us to look at broadly of the services for the zero to 5 years old in the city the first to build a system that enables all families with kids zero to 5 with the services to develop mechanisms to achieve continuous continuity of care for zero to 5 years old this night families came out so strongly on over the past year
9:11 pm
our federal and state subsidy programs to create clips where families fell avenue eligibility and with community and families feel strongly we need to work with the city funds to bridge the gaps to kids have a could a have continuous eligibility it is data driven and improved observing outcome next slide we're required by prop k to look at racial entity and diversity el cap wanted to go a high-level in feeling the kindergarten readiness it the measure to look across all income and racial groups so the recommendation is that the city adopt one kindergarten readiness standard that measures the kindergarten readiness that's the kindergarten form
9:12 pm
analyzed by the school district several times we will be moving to do that on a regular basis to measure not only in literacy and math but motorist development and social and mediation development we'll targeted populations that in the past have shown kindergarten readiness is a challenge nothing new to the board you've heard this in many testimonies over the time certainly i've been working in the city but in particular african-american children, latino children, dual language learners and children with disabilities having produceable u trouble meeting did readiness standard we can do better those are the same groups of kids we are targeting in hope
9:13 pm
sf and starting to measure our folks in this area qualify improvement recommendations you, i may have heard from testimony of first 5 over the past couple of years we're implementing here in san francisco something called a rating improvement system that was mandate as part of race to the top early challenge guatemala if so the direction the federal government is moving in to measure quality and seeking to increase the flexibility and use it as a way to measure quality across the board and make sure that we're offering resources to meet a minimum standard the task force feels strongly we require all providers for the district of columbia services meet an agreed on standard in other words, to qualify and we'll offer researchers to make sure they get there the family engagement this is
9:14 pm
the place we worked with the families in the communities we have broths in the recommendations in this area based on the feedback we got from families in particular i'd like to highlight the second well the first item including the families are equal partners but the gaps and reflect that value at the program level and our system level in all our oversight groups and to insure the access to make sure that families who want this program get them and make sure that the families get resources and referrals to make sure and was move forward with the systems we're incorporating family engagement there and that we have families involved with the decision making pursue so, now i'll move to an area which you heard a lot about i'm sure the was this and education staff in san francisco we started to do
9:15 pm
analysis looking at the gaps in was this and in the gaps in terms of the cost of quality this slide shows you the wage of a current education teacher $35,000 plus per year and what b.a. level teachers at the school district k through 8 through k through 12 is $46,000 plus if you are a school district and teaching in an early child you do better than 35 but not 44 those are the was this we're paying in san francisco to our teachers that are taking care of the youngest kids and expecting them to do even more as we measure our results more regularly as time goes on a gap we need to move towards our
9:16 pm
first recommendation in the office of economic workforce development to develop strategies to support encyclopedias pair did i with the k through 8 staff we can't do it over submitted i've talked with the mayor we need to look at we works and what we can leverage better at the state and federal level then begin to move our teachers to live and work in san francisco the second set of recommendations has to do with with developing a system we have a lot of components that address professional development in san francisco we've got a higher ed component and training and technical assistants want to move toward developing a system that addresses the needs of workforce professionals in particular these who are
9:17 pm
involved in providing caregiver exempt care that is give by families and friends and is paid for by public dollars we'll to start to address many instances the next category of care and address the needs of those providers as well as doing more in terms of system building for the school staff and caregiver providers moving to the next slide we've engaged in a pretty comprehensive analysis in the past year one of the things inch set out to do two years ago to look at what we have in the city in terms of revenue how much is it federal and state and how much is local which of the local programs are getting which providers closer to the cost of the providing care this slide with one example of
9:18 pm
the analysis that we did as you can see we talked earlier about moving towards the minimum level of quality so if you look at the red line on this slide this indicates the total per child annual expense for tier 3 the middle of the quality improvement system a 5 point system and that's the cost to get and infant provider to tier 3 and as you can see we don't have any providers we're making at this point in time so we have significant gaps probably the largest gap with the programs that are contracted our title 5 programs that are serving the total population of the kids didn't we have sixth gaps and how we can move towards addressing those in the next up to this point in time our recommendation in this area is not only to increase the resources you see on the left that is obviously necessary
9:19 pm
but also restructuring the system we have now to make it simple letter and easier for families to use and determine the funding based on the cost of providing qualify as defined in the system measuring the system with the q r s system driving the investments and organizing the funding to direct services and system supports we now have a number of programs we can give you more information on that if you like to be briefed in the future on the fiscal analysis and streamline the reporting requirements and that we want to integrate all of the systems and link those supports to the quality rating that we mentioned earlier so that's it for our recommendations this plan really, really represents moving to the next level and taking the good experience we have here in san
9:20 pm
francisco and with our preschool for all program our c was this program and taking it to a point all kids zero to 5 assess the quality we have a office of economic workforce development crisis in the ac a area one of the things i've done every weekday i look at craigslist for the early education countless positions open all the time i'm sure you'll hear today staff cannot afford to work and commute and certainly live in san francisco with the was this we're paying and not to the point where we can provide quality across the board this is a bicyclist will take a period of time this is the direction our community and our city staff and folks would like to go in. >> thank you very much ms.
9:21 pm
carson. >> it is interesting our presentation of strategies very different from what we usually hear in terms of departments coming in and talking about their budgets or strategies just based on the lack of service and how much we need to do what kind of services we should provide and so forth this is unusual because your strategy talks about the people that provide the services and as you may know the services would be the people that provide it here in this case can you say a little bit more about from your point of view why this report has so much emphasis on the people that provide the services. >> well, i mean other than
9:22 pm
kevin about who takes care of of our children in the city a general proposition a lot of research that links qualify to was this and in addition to that you can see from our fiscal analysis that research aside we're not getting to the point we're passerby providers to provide quality and those we have lots of tools developed over the last 10 or 15 years that measure the cost of quality and make sure we do that analysis careful or carefully but the compensation for staff is tied to research for the past 20 years to quality in terms of the wage gave him as well as elated big gap to get folks who were working with the population of kids we're seeing last week to target it a no brainier.
9:23 pm
>> part of my objections and you can confirm is that we know today, the value- we know the education from the teachers is very, very important most of us in the room don't know wasn't valuable 10 or 15 years ago. >> once upon a time, early education was roanoke county upon definitely as 70 years ago that's when i started this and to change the culture of how we think about that has taken several decades and the fact that was predominantly and still
9:24 pm
predominantly provided by a woman so the salaries you know as we know when a woman has dominated a fee is a lot less so, i mean are there ways to overcome this at this point in time we started so way behind the fees were way behind and it is hard to move the needle what can we do in san francisco nationally they're looking at san francisco as a model what can we do to bridge that dangerous weapon. >> i mean obviously the need for additional funding we're indicating in the plan we want to look at strategies to get there what we know that san francisco has taken the lead with the fee was this and tied
9:25 pm
that program to quality performers but the cost of living the sea wamgz is no longer working to bring people closer to parody it is a band-aid i don't want to say that money is the only answer we have to looking our structuring program but need to program that will get us there in a certain amount of years without that we're never getting to the quality for zero to 5 years old i mean we've done a great job with the po a and not providing the resources to the told her providers to get to the basic level of quality it will take a lot of people strategize i know we have a lot of energy in our
9:26 pm
community to come up with new approaches but need to begin that work. >> thank you very much and again, i'm sad your this is your last week. >> i've been back and forth supervisor yee and love to come back and it's been a privilege to be if this position thank you very much. >> colleagues do you have any questions. >> yeah. gave her a hand. >> (clapping.) any other questions. >> supervisor tang i want to say thank you for your service and especially in bringing this new office during that incredibly e exceptionally important time i want to thank you pubically.
9:27 pm
>> and likewise for your service gordon's and thanks again for everything you did. >> okay. i guess there's a bunch of speakers that want to make public comment at this point so i'll call some names i can are going to be speaking and many of them are part of cca. >> i'll call o e.c. a cracking and co-chair of co-ac a came back (calling names)
9:28 pm
hoed san francisco unified school district early childcare department and rosy kennedy and head of the childcare association and from the association line up first and speak and call other people later. >> thank you. good morning supervisors my name is september i've had the honorable and challenge of service as co-chair of the office and i'm here to fully endorse the plan by ms. carlson and want to speak in my role we're a family foundation with the person are the city since the mid to those as ms. carlson early education is comprised of a highly complex
9:29 pm
program multiple agencies with roles and responsibilities and finally very federal and state requirements the planning office little early care and education to organize it both is a common system envision for our young system is visual and inspiring work we need to do together who two elements are important for the roll you have and the committee to think about supporting the work going forward the first i'll highlight the no cost proposition i think the efficiency of our system and leveraging is critical the financing reforms that ms. carlson put forward are critical we've mirrored a chaotic and disruptive and dysfunctional education for low income families we can streamline and reorganize
9:30 pm
the local investments you all steward and make on behalf of the taxpayers to minimize the paperwork and make sure the time and resources are focused on the workers that is critical i didn't realize the time limits were briefly it is time to do right by the he recalls educators more than a $20,000 different and the pay for a year later a 4 years old teach will be paid $50,000 and next it 55 and not to recognize the brain development or to live in san francisco we look forward to our investment in early education to make sure the educators just pay for this important work with our children. >> thank you. >> good morning supervisors
9:31 pm
i'm kim yarz i've honor and privilege to work with amazing colleagues especially barbara i'm the representative for the family childcare providers that an honor and privilege as well as supervisor yee has - mentioned most of early childcare rear view mirrors are women and women of color and f c provider we represent the women ordinary businesses i've been a teacher many years in san francisco and not only when we provide quality work for the teachers we're also mentioning those teachers are often parents in our school system in order to and fro for them to do well, they need to be able to have a living wage it is important we
9:32 pm
lift all the aspects of early childhood from zero to 5 as we care for the teachers wear caring for the parents and teachers it's been amazingly encouraged by the work that the occ has done working in collaboration with the childcare centers and fcc we've seen bodies of the picture and work together to move forward thank you very much. >> thank you. >> hi, i'm sandy black man the executive director of children's council and actually, the current chair the children's advisory committee and representative on the advisory committee for the office every early care and education it's been a huge privilege to serve in those roles
9:33 pm
i want to commends barbara for her outstanding leadership of the office and for creating the vision to develop this plan i want to echo some of the things that were said barbara was a couple of points one all the research really shows it is qualify care that matters to our vulnerable children give them are these the leg up it tarts at birth i know that to aspires to be leaders and be the trend seters we have a tremendous opportunity in prop c and 2014 a really creating childcare for all children in the city i believe this plan that we barbara presented provides a vision echoing you know some of the things that were said yeah. the city has been making the
9:34 pm
tremendous investment in early care and education there is more we feed to do in order to address the inqualities of opportunities for the children 2, 3, 4 city there is definitely a need to restructure the system i also urge us to invest more in this to enable us to get to the vision of quality care and education thank you very much. >> thank you. good morning candice wong occ c pack and our council i wholeheartedly support this plan i think the opportunity for this city to really lay the foundation and around quality for occ i think this is important that our focus area is around how we support the quality in our teachers as a
9:35 pm
priority i think having this mechanism and taking a system wide approach will be key to laying the underground for the city to be model for the nation as well as opportunities for us to draw down federal and state resources this is a great plan i think there's more to do and continue to do that work through the various planning tables we have in the city i think that is important that we lay this plan out it will set a solid foundation for our work and moving forward i think there is opportunities for us to also continue to look at as we support quality and preschool we look at the some of the other gaps within the city in terms of infants and toddlers 80 percent of toddlers we need to continue to focus on the work of the area more work to come and look
9:36 pm
forward to working with the city moving the dial forward for occ. >> thank you. >> good morning supervisors my name is la guarantee a cast member and faculty at sfusd's for the past years we've look at the office of economic workforce development we are graduating hundreds of students that are passionate and dedicated and representative the children and families and many are natives, however, as of late more and more students are forced to move out of san francisco can't afford to live here facing evictions and we really need to address the wage issue if we want to keep and maintain the high quality of office of economic workforce development i fully endorse this plan and thank you. >> good morning. thank you
9:37 pm
for keeping the importance of early childhood education issue on the forefront of this city's attention how fortunate to say a supervisor like supervisor yee who seize the connection between the early which would care and education for the youth children and the economic and quality of life for everyone in the city if not for our supervisors like supervisor yee and all our supervisors and all our support we've had much cared for to the extent stent those who care for children will be in terrible despair i'm ms. kennedy's i'm the director of the childcare in san francisco there are over seven hundred chiropractors
9:38 pm
teaching the youth children everyday we're particularly pleased to see in the plans ms. carlson present a commitment to a verifiable approach the incentives 80 percent of the brain occurs in the first 3 years and so this is a time we should pay attention to the families childcare supports this plan it is the result of a thoughtful and deliverability deliberate fact basis and with anticipation from those who worked with the children and families everyday i thank you, very much. >> thank you, ms. kennedy. >> good morning, supervisors and staff my name is sarah i coordinate the san francisco chiropractors provider and appreciate being part of listening to this as a develops with the occ plan and i'm happy
9:39 pm
to be here to speak to that plan i want to take a moment to appreciate the conversation at the end of ms. carlson's presentation between supervisor yee and ms. carlson and talk about the supervisors here today of your leadership roll on this very important needed mind shift as supervisor yee used the word care as the way we viewed childcare for many years and now moved beyond that how for this time is in our lives and more children with cared for by people other than their families we need need to recognize that is absolutely crucial you as leaders are in a position to speak to that as as important as
9:40 pm
pay equality is and resources are they're important because they effect the reality of the system we're building and the ability to do the service we he had on a realize we're not talking about when we're talking about early education not rocket science but human development we feed to fund it and needed to make it a center of human work in building the city i thank you for the leadership that you will take in forwarding this plan thank you. >> good morning, supervisors. i'm mr. workers' comp with the san francisco representing the executive director who couldn't be here i want to voice our strong support for the plan and the process that went into this plan i think barbara carlson should be commend for bringing the voices and creating a plan that
9:41 pm
unifies people around a common vision for standing expanding the opportunity and making sure the quality of the education is high supporting the office of economic workforce development that is really the foundation of that endeavor and also you know expanding the scope of the city's responsibility in serving children age zero to 4 i think there is a lot of work ahead that is represented in the plan and funding will be 90 no small part of the history in san francisco has been very good the people of san francisco and this board have been generous with children you know starting you know as early as the children's fund the public enrichment fund most recently, the prop c the board recently accident around
9:42 pm
paid family leave is commendable that sets a clear path for what we need to do going forward so i'm optimistically that the people will come together to fund the important work of this plan thank you. >> other people that want to make public comment on this item line up. >> i'm lisa lee with the development felt quality of the system a component of this plan moving forward in the city we're here to endorse that plan fully it is the first time our community came forward to say let's not use public dollars unless it assures a positive experience for all children it is going to be a big lift for our city to do this because we
9:43 pm
fund programs to help parents but we need to fund programs to help children and make that list we ought to offer our childcare a good model so they can be there for every child and make sure our quality rating and improvements make sense we don't coaching and training for teachers jr. and they leave us we start at square one it is a poor investment unless we keep our teachers in the city and finally i'd like to applaud our community for the work it's done we are finally saying that every child deserves the same learning standard we've had like a zillion standards in san francisco we're saying infant to
9:44 pm
preschool the same expectation of service for our families and their children so we applaud the office in its work and the communities as well thank you. >> thank you, ms. lee. >> hi my name is amelia here on behalf of the get it downey done we're 2 thousand women in the bay area and have the policy goals for this year some of us are mothers and some not we want to raise our families in the city we love it here. >> thank you for your support. >> good morning, supervisors. i'm tammy i work in the tenderloin for 5 years had you already know people in any neighborhood continue to suffer money and love our limit option.
9:45 pm
>> excuse me - >> this is on the office of the ac e planning and next item is about - yeah, you might want to wait for the next item is food and security is that what you're talking about - yeah. okay anyone else from the public that wants to make comments on item 7 which is the plan for office of ac e. >> come on up quickly please. morning michelle. >> good morning marsh a family childcare provider for years since i've retired he come and represent the many, many childcare provides or providers that would like to be here to support this plan thank you. >> thank you very much. >> anyone else?
9:46 pm
seeing none, then we could just have public comment is closed. >> public comment is closed. >> okay any remarks anybody wants to make. >> supervisor tang. >> thank you supervisor yee for always sheen light on this issue for a long time and, of course, everyone that came out to speak i look forward to work with you supervisor yee and the rest of the budget office to figure how it is we can address this on or about moving forward so thank you. >> so i want to thank the public for coming out and the work of the office of ac e in pitting this together with the cca members and i can tell it is a good issue and i'm passionate about that and other colleagues that are on the board that is
9:47 pm
just as compassionate and supervisor farrell has young children and understand we'll have a lot of support on the board to try to move this some of those strategies forward we can't just as a lot of times we hear items here about things that happen and how we should not - how we can deal with that as a happens here's an opportunity i always said if we do those types of things we wouldn't have to have the issues that after the fact that till when something happens whether criminal activities or people failing i think what this does is say if we put the resources up front we're going to save a lot of money in the back end so
9:48 pm
thank you very much for coming out today and i'd like to go ahead and recommend we table this and file this item. >> okay motion motion by supervisor yee to file item no. 7 we'll take that without objection. thank you, everyone already the next hearing sporntsz by supervisor mar we'll have a 5 minute recess and reconvene inminutes. >> okay. everybody if we could take are seats we're coming from a recess want to recognize supervisor mar that is now phil in for supervisor tang on the subcommittee with that madam clerk item 8. >> hearing to representative
9:49 pm
the process of meeting the goals in the supervisors case committing to a hunger free san francisco and asking the task force two reports. >> this item was called by supervisor mar so supervisor mar i turn this over colleagues in the room are amazing leader if many of the neighborhoods in the neighborhood that fight for a hunger free san francisco for over 10 years i think or know a paul i can't jones has advanced as is 4-year-old institution across the bay food impacts you will have us a human right and not only access to acceptable food healthy and affordable food that everything has a right to i
9:50 pm
also want to talk about the adequate mall nutrition effects our children and seniors are more enlikely to develop dementia and alzheimer's and effects our security with mental illness and premature institution of homelessness people older or 0 people with disabilities for example, all increasing food security is a positive effort within our city over the past two years and supports our local competent for a strong san francisco and insures a happier and self-sufficient families in the city from the report done by the food security task force we know that one in four san franciscans that's over 2 had side thousand people in the neighborhoods and the communities are at risk of food enshutter or hunger going
9:51 pm
to sleep without enough to eat for example, or lacking access to affordable food so food and security exists across all neighborhoods in the city i think the food security task force amazing documentation of district by district and programs and work shows this in every single neighborhood for example, in the responding we're grappling with seniors and people with disabilities that are isolated it can't get enough food and nutrition we're looking at children with families it can't get it as well, it stretches across the districts at the initial hearing in november of 2013 we were presented with data think envelopes of levels of nutrition programs across the city and see high pirate recommendations from
9:52 pm
the task force i want to thank the tenderloin task force for their amazing work but the recommendations made from 2 1/2 years ago our city can achieve with i think stronger candidates and actions of support for a hunger free deadline by 2020 and in the future we're identifying at the end of the hearing a couple i do not really we introduced a resolution 2013 committing san franciscans will be hunger free we 2020 it is a bold statement like ending traffic deaths that is a human right and we need to do much more and thank you to the grassroots and leaders that are condominium with me and others we also ask for a future analysis on the solution to
9:53 pm
approve the securities from the task force which are pretty bad at the this hearing today and ask for the board of supervisors to be apprised on the goals for now until 2020 so today well be provided with the information and giving the board and others an opportunity to ask questions of task force since that time also tireless advocacy from the task force and the whole security task force and many others but we've seen the city have felt over $12 million over the past years advertise not enough for food security efforts efforts and wanted to thank the tenderloin task force members and the securities task force members in the audience i'll name the organizations community outlining campaign our own aging & adult services dos are dcyf. >> e pistol of life foundation
9:54 pm
are meals on wheels of san francisco project open hand and salvation army and san francisco harris or human services and the san francisco food banks and 70 and st. anthony's and tndc and u crook for vulnerable populations and many organizations as i said access to food is a human right and i'm really pleased that san francisco is in the leads on this issue moopthd many cities in the country and the nation to the agenda fires we'll hear from paula jones from the department of public health department and from the human services agency and listened from the aging & adult services and sister i didn't from sf and karen from
9:55 pm
the the en episcopal and one of the task force from the food bank i believe there might be a few others before jumping into public comment with that, i'm going to turn it over to ms. paula jones. >> thank you supervisor mar so far holding this hearing and chair farrell chair farrell and supervisor yee i'd like to thank the members of the public and the representatives if other city axes agencies that work together to make sure our residents are food secure wanted to thank nick from supervisor mar's office for assisting the task force with organizing today, we're here to talk about the issues of food security supervisor mar gave a great background i'll go quickly sweet spot slides we all care
9:56 pm
that all san franciscans have enough food and not going hunger and have the foods to be healthy we're blessed it live if this criminal region but this great food not one the reach of many san franciscans for many reasons people can't afford it they may not be able to leave their homes and not have a stable home some people may not are places to get food if they're able to travel and many don't have kitchens with other rent many people can't afford to buy healthy food we're to work together to change that as supervisor mar gave us the backward the board of supervisors set a bold goal in 2013 to some san franciscans inform to be hunger freebie 2020
9:57 pm
we with the board have significant funds to approve the security and thank you for your commitment to prepared. >> the innovations as supervisor mar told us about the hearing agenda the frame of the generated we wanted to provide basically what has happened since the frrtd funding all the program just wants we'll share victories and say what is next and then the chair will wrap up with budget and policy recommendations all of data here that is presented today was present by the task force that includes city agencies and nonprofit organizations and residents and the school district all of these agencies with working together to make sure the sfolsz have food and as
9:58 pm
supervisor mar said this is a human right need go to the next slide >> go ahead. >> oh, thank you. >> food a basic human need food and security is also difficult to measure we basically look at income as being a proximity for food and security we used blow 200 percent of poverty to show who's at risk of food and security as supervisor mar said this is one enforcement and to give you a context of what that look like living blow 200 percent of poverty for 3 is slight less than $8,000 a year one of the challenges in san francisco to reproduction that eligibility for food program is based on
9:59 pm
standard national federal measurement of 100 percent poverty weeping we're challenged in san francisco many of the residents are not eligibility for the programs like food stamps because that he have an income too high and two they maybe not have the proper documentation status that makes them eligible and 3 living on ssi in the statistic we're the only state makes them ineligible for calfresh we have many folks on ssi the next slide shows you look at what the city looks like in terms of who is living below 200 percent of poverty the green shows the contamination all the neighborhoods in san francisco have people living at risk of food and security
10:00 pm
the next slide shows you the responses to this problem and this is a map of where existing foods pantries are located and the food pantries are run write the marin food bank the bigger dots is the bigger pantries they're located throughout the city now the next slide is showing you the red dots that where the pantries are in the neighborhoods there's more demands for those food pantries than ability to meet the demands for a moment in san francisco we have a 200 food pantries serving one hundred thousand residents every week. >> as we said food is very linked to health we know that proper nutrition is essential for good health as the top leading caus


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