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tv   LIVE Full Board of Supervisors  SFGTV  April 26, 2016 2:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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the city of san francisco sfgtv meeting of the board of supervisors occurring on april 26, 2016 will begin shortly.
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>> good afternoon everybody and welcome to san francisco board of supervisors meeting for tuesday april 26, 2016. madamclerk please call the roll >> supervisor avalos, present.
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president breed, present. supervisor compose, present. supervisor cohen, not present. supervisor farrell, present. supervisor kim, present. supervisor mar, present. supervisor peskin, present. supervisor tang, present. supervisor wiener, present. supervisor yee, present. supervisor cohen, present. madam president all membererize present. >> ladies and gentlemen, can you penalize please join in the pledge of allegiance. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> thank you madam clerk are there any communication? >> none to report today
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>> colleagues any change tooz the march 22, 2016 board meeting minutes? seeing none motion to approve. motion by supervisor kim and second by supervisor mar. take this without objection? without objection those meetings minutes pass after public comment. can you please read the consents agenda. >> items 1-7 are routine. a item may be removed and considered separately. item 1-7, supervisor kim, aye. mar, aye. peskin, aye. tang, aye. wiener, aye. yee, aye. avalos, aye. breed, aye. campos, aye. cohen, aye.
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farrell, aye. there are 11 aye's >> those items are finally passed and approved unanimously: >> item 8 is ordinance to approve a amendment to redevelopment plan fl transbay wedevelopment project area to increase height limit to 400 feet in block 1 of zone 1 and make the appropriate findings >> can we take this item same house same call? without objection the ordinances unanimously finally. item 9, please. >> ordinance to appropriate approximately 306,000 for legacy business registry and historic [inaudible] may rs office of economic
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and workforce development. >> same house same call? without objection the ordinance is finally passed unanimously. >> item 10, referred without recommend from budget and finance. resolution to authmunicipal transportation agency to [inaudible] for appreciately 7.3 acre of space to be use frd sfmta bus operator training. >> supervisor u? yee. >> i appreciate the mta has come back to the board with a alternative option in terms of their need for a training facility and has a significant cost savings compared to the initial proposal so today i would like to motion to refer item 10 back to committee. >> okay, supervisor yee made a
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motion to refer this item back, second by supervisor cohen. supervisor cohen some >> i second the motion jrbs seconded by supervisor cohen. supervisor farrell? >> to budget and finance committee? >> correct. >> so, supervisor yee is motion to send the item back to budget and finance subcommittee and second by supervisor cohen. without objection thist will be sent back to committee. >> item 11 is ordinance to anend green building code and environment code to establish requirements for building construction for renewable [inaudible] to set a january 1, 2017 operateative date and provide for appropriate
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findings and afirm the sequel findings. >> without objection the ordinances passed unanimously. next item >> item 12, ordinance to amnds the administrative code to codify the process for imposing sangzs for county adult system programs or cap program requirement jz establish a 3 year rental assistance project [inaudible] >> supervisor farrell. >> thank you. when colleagues passed [inaudible] provide benefit frz housing and services that will keep people stabilized. success of the program has spoken for itself. in work wg a number of advocates wie found a minor flaw that led to a handful of individuals being evicted which causes them
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to cycle into homelessness and cost more money if the individual remains house. [inaudible] non compliance with program requirement frz third time, hsa notified the individual the benefit may by discontinued. in some circumstances we can get the individual back into the [inaudible] clients who are sanctioned after inthird non compliance have no tublt pay rent and have their housing security threatens. i introduce this reform to cash housing program that creates a 3 year rental assistance project [inaudible] sanctions for failures to comply with requirements of [inaudible] to help keep vulnerable population in the housing and lower risk of eviction. the intent the program is reduce homelessness
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and improve the health and welfare of individuals. [inaudible] significant ly reduce the risk. under the proposal and ordinance which is 3 year rental assist nss project care not cash participant engaged in 3 acts of failure to comply will be ineligible to [inaudible] submit a annual report describing the effectiveness there of. individuals who receive the rental assistance must reinstate during the first muchckt the sanction paerd to reestablish a incorp xh source that
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allows them to pay rent kwr reestablish participation [inaudible] individuals will not be able to qual #2350i if the discontinuance of the benefit is due to rafraud, willful non compliance or loss of program eligibility due to other reasons including increase in income or [inaudible] over all cost the project it cost more to tree the people that are homeless on the street to house them, there is no anticipation of [inaudible] this is a cost savingpologist because it is far more [inaudible] we know homelessness continues to persist as a major issue and in san francisco and talk tit fwt all the time and providing housing opportunities for these individuals and families continues to be the most cost effective and hew humane way to deal with the issue. i ask for your
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support. i dop to thank a number of people who work on the program over the course of the last year, the general advocacy project, houmless housing providers including tenderloin housing project which operates the largest care not cash portfolio. [inaudible] noel simmons and their staff and my staff [inaudible] i ask for your support. >> thank you supervisor farrell. colleagues seeing no other names on the roster, can we take this item same house same call? without objection this ordinance passes unanimously on the first reading. >> item 13 is resolution to make change tooz the city special tax district 2009-1 to amend the financing purns to
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include accessibility financing and access for persons th disability >> without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously. >> item 14 is resolution to deging neeinate those agencies qualified to participate in the fund raising drive tr officers and employees. >> same house same call? without objection adopted >> authorize the director of properties on behalf of public works to execute [inaudible] 2,000 oakdale avenue at 1 thousand base year rent >> same house same call? without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously. >> item 16 is a resolution to authorize the director of risks manage
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mment to enter into second contract with alliant services ink for broker and risk management service to increase from all 32,000,000 to 59.8 million. >> without objection the resolution sudopted unanimously. >> rez dugz tew prove the second amendment to a lease at pier 1 with [inaudible] and exercise the tupgz extend the least for 15 year term and approve the first amendment to the port of san francisco sublease at pier 1. >> same house same call? without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously. >> item 18, resolution to authorize the dpreckter of transportation of the san francisco municipal transportation agency to enter into a contract with ski data ink for parking access
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and revenue control system at 422 on street park facilities not to exceed 19.9 million term june 30, 2029 >> same house same call? without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously. >> item 19, resolution to aproouv the ish united states of public utilities waste water revenue bonds in amount not to exceed 621 million benefiting the waste water introduce. [inaudible] >> same house same call? without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously. >> item 20 authorize the execution and pernormance of 99 year ground
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lease debetween had city and laurel gardens for property located at 1555 church street in connection with refinance of low income individuals for rent amount up to 950 thousand. >> without objection the resolution sudopted unanimously. >> item twin, resolution to declare intent thorf city to reimburse experndtures from future bonded indebtedness for residential housing bonds and principle amount not to exceed 175,000,000 to finance cost of construction of 311 rental housing units located on the first 21 floor of 42 story mixed use building constructed at 510 folsom street, transbay block 9. >> same house same call? woupt
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objection the resolution is adopted unanimously. >> item 22, ordinance to nend please code to authorize director of naurb nob based on certain criteria to relace a [inaudible] to residence with a mailed notice requirement to neighborhood organizations for place of entertainment permit applications in neighborhood commercial or mixed residential district and extend the 9 month deadline. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam president. this ledgeilation does a few things. first it clarifys how under what circumstances the entertainment commission can waive loud speaker fees. we all get communications from
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constituent and community or neighborhood groups organizeing outdoor event with a microphone and have to pay a loud speaker fee, about $500 and the commission grants wavers but there are no criteria so the legislation will provide criteria and guidance for the commission. it also uppidates and modernizing noticing frovisions for the commission and also makes reforms to the ish united states of application for [inaudible] in committee we diskiss adfew possible amendments i want to thank supervisor peskin for his work with the entertainment commission and today i want to make a amendment i distribute today you tighten up the language about waver of fees, specifically page 1 line 24 to replace or strike 4 event that receives
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city funding and replace it with, filed by a entity that received city funds specifically for the event subject of the permit application. that is the subject of the permit application. so, before i take further action i would like to move to make that specific amendment. >> okay, supervisor wiener made a motion to amend. second by supervisor peskin. can we take the amendment without objection? the amendment passes unanimously. >> regarding the noticing update , i think we need to do additional work clarify the language for the entertainment commission requested we send that portion back to committee to work it out and then can pass the rest the ordinance. what i like to do is first move to duplicate the file
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and then i'll request that the duplicateed version be sent back to committee and at that point i will make a motion to strike out section 1060.5 b runs from page 2 line 17 to page 4 line 3 so we will pass the entire ordinance accept for the noting section and with the duplicated file we can work that out in xhiny and pass that legislation at 1 time. i don't know if we can do that in one motion . >> are you asking before you duplicate the file to make a amendment to the specific file? >> no >> we cht to send the duplicated file back to committee. can we send the duplicated file without objection? the file is back to committee. the
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file before us- >> for the file before us i move to strike 1060.5 b which runs from page 2 line 17 and page 4 [inaudible] >> can we do that without objection? without objection that amendment passes and on item-supervisor peskin did you have comments? >> i want to thank supervisor wiener for the changes >> supervisor wiener additional comment snz ? >> can we take item 22 as amended? without objection the ord nnss passesue nan masly >> item 23 is resolution it receive and approve the march 31, 20s 16 housing balance report. >> supervisor kim?
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>> i want to thank the planning department where fr all it work to comply with this legislation the board unanimously passed prl of last year. finally the board of supervisor jz city is able to get accurate number of market rate aforeable and middle income housing we are building and also the number of rent control units we are losing to demilation, condo conversion and no fault eviction. i think the numbers are important helping us understand how to reemp the goal building 33 percent affordable housing and 50 percent middle income. the numbers help shape future policies but also tell how we doing today and provide a common understanding how we collect and dhount numbers and determine loss of units. i think that this is helpful in light of the legislation that will come up in item 28 and help threech common goal
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building as much affordable housing as possible. >> colleagues can we take item 23 same house same call? without objection the resolution is adopted unanimously. >> item 24 motion to appoint crutrenea hall shelter monitoring term. >> can we take this item same house same call? without objection the motion is approveduenen mississippily. >> item 25 is motion to appoint megan roar and michael pen n to citizen committee community development. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you president breed. colleagues i like to make a motion to amend item 25 and replace
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reverend megan roars name with peter cohen to insure he is reappoint today the citizens committee. >> that is muchbed by supervisor mar and second by peskin. supervisor tang. >> thank you for that request. i will disagree with that motion. in rules committee spl visor cohen and i also sat on and which we decide today put forth megan roars name i want to continue >> to support parser roar for the role. she came to district 4 to grace lutheran church where she opened up to the the chunch to the entire community throughout the entire city. there has been incredible impact that pastor roar made in the communey and given
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the interest serving in this cas pacity i would like to see pastor roar take up the seat. i don't know the city recallathize different seat qualification. for example, could peter cohen go in the seat miquel-looks like-seat 4 miquel penn was occupying. >> john gibner. if i can have a minute to pull up the qualification. >> do you want to finish the comments or move to other members of the board? >> i think probably supervisor cohen
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has comments. >> supervisor cohen. >> good afternoon colleagues mpt i also sat in the committee and found pastor roar to be incredibly committed, passionate and living the words that she is speaking. she is a pastor of a church on the west side the city, she is the assistant night minter which means she leaves the night ministry up and down the streets of san francisco particular ly in the tenderloin and mission work wg the homeless population administering prayer and giving people hope, particularly to people who last hope. she connects people to resrs squz serves and she is also member the lgbt committee and represents a variety of unique mixture. rarely do you find faith and the lgbt community represented in one body. i
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would encourage everyone to reconsider this motion by supervisor mar. i am interested hearing what the city attorney-how he will apine on this measure. i will be open to seeing pastor megan roarer on seat 9 and i am open to the conversation to peter cohen being on seat 4, however, i just wanted to just call to attention peter cohen was unable to come to the committee. he said in the letter of the qualifications mr. cohen sat on this body and was not reappointed just a little over a year ago. mr. cohen has done a tremendous amount of work in the community particularly with the
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organization he works to offer housing assistance and tenants counseling but want to caug call into one of the most basic and salient reasons why i'm supporting megan roarer is she truly embodies the manifestation and advocacy for those in need. the seat is to be filled by person who advocates for low income communities and is connected. i do not believe mr. cohen is as closely connected to these particular communities as the two respondents to the application. so, i hope that you will consider the committee recommendation and i will double check with deputy city attorney to see if he
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has a answer. >> mr. gibner. >> yes, john gibner. there are no bright line qualification frz this committee. the ordinance in the committee provides the board must consider whether it is appointee is reflect and advance the concern squz needs of low income neighborhood jz or communities in the city. there are restrictions on who can serve. i don't think they apply to mr. cohen or either of the candidates through the rules committee recommended, but members may not be employed by or serve on the governing board with a [inaudible] pending with the city. >> madam president. i'm done, thank you. >> thank you. supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam president. i strongly support megan roarer
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for this commission and thanks to the rules committee for the work and won't support the motion to amend. i have known pastor rorer for quite some time and it is hard to imagine a more qualified individual for the position. someone who has done horoic work around low income and homeless marginalized residence the city and pastor roarer deserves or support. we have seen incidents related to this particular committee, instances where the board does not-diverse appointment comes out of the rules committee and not honor bide the board. we saw a few months ago a strong entertainment
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commission nom nee, latino gay man come out of rules committee only to be stripped out by the board of supervisors on a divided vote. on this very committee, the committee dwept citizen committee a number of years ago you recall that nicole virera a young latino woman came out of the rules committee and stripped out on the floor of this boards and now we are seeing someone from the lgbt committee a transjendser member of the clergy who does stellar work and why would the board not honor the recommendation of the rules committee for someone who is so qualified and brings a perspective that i imagine this committee has not seen very often. there is absolutely no reason to strip out the recommendation from the rules committee of pastor roarer and
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hope the board defeats this motion. >> thank you supervisor wiener. supervisor kim. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you colleagues i have great respect for pastor roarer and during the discussion in the rules committee and appreciated her passion but think there is no better expert in affordable housing development acquisition and rehabilitation reach into low income communities to list toon their voices. peter cohen was on the committee and replaced [inaudible] built the counsel of community organizations as a broad coalition representing every low income neighborhood in the city. peter cohen continued to work developing new expertise in tenet houseb, out
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reach and assistance and housing staibltization work in low income neighborhoods. he has letters of support from a number of people you all received from senator mark len o to jennifer martinez to san francisco [inaudible] commissioner [inaudible] to college board president rafael [inaudible] sidy woo to many others reverends and communities leaders [inaudible] he comes strongly recommended by low income community leaders. peters work on a regional level is impressive. helped to build the leadership on regional approach to housing and jobs have & transportation linkage and to a regional perspective there is no better expert that
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should continue his work on the citizens committee on community development than peter cohen so strongly urge support to send back to the committee. i'm respectful of pastor roarer and hope she can fill a seat at some point but there is no reason not to have peter cohen on the body especially following the footsteps of [inaudible] please support peter cohen for the cccd committee. >> supervisor cohen. supervisor kim. >> thank you. i have just been walk around to see what openings are coming up in the cccdc in the future. i'm a fan of pastor megan roarer and peter cohen. they do a tremendous amount for the community and know this is
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a tough decision rules committee has to make every time they meet because they often have very highly qualified candidate said and don't have enough seats to hear all the representation. this helps determine how the dollars are distributed through the community in a way that increases affordability and provides cultural appropriate services in our neighborhood said and think those individuals will be tremendous additions to the committees. peter cohen served on the committee representing many community based affordable housing organizations so i request to the city attorney and clerks office to help determine upcoming vacancyerize coming forward and if it is possible there is a way to accommodate all the applicants within this year. i may ask the board if we continue the item to a later point in the meetic until we have the
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answers around these questions >> i'll take supervisor avalos and then we can-and supervisor cohen and have the continued discussion. >> thank you prezderant breed and want to thank supervisor kim for her comments. i think great minds think alike and in this case i asked the clerk of the board to show us what the vacancies are on this committee and there are a number of vacancies from the mayor appointments side and i think it is really important that we can actually-i wish we could have this discussion about competing candidates who are very well qualified and with the full range of seats open and vacant to us, but it seems like we haven't quite-don't have that before us. however, i wonder if it is possible we
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can hear from the mayors office on what intentions they may have helping resolve the impass i bleev can be easily resolved by the mayor putting forward as a name as a appointee we can have both peter cohen and megan rorer serve on this committee. we have [inaudible] hoping you can give us a response. >> we have indicated to peter mr. cohen that we welcome to the application to the body, he hasn't apply today the office but we are happy to consider him if that is something he is interested in pursuing mpt >> that is great to here. i know the mayor does make that appointment himself and the reason why i am
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putting forward peters name is he has done a tremendous amount of work in san francisco on affordable housing and community block grant program and that is something keen interest of mine and my district through the work of [inaudible] peter cohen serves on. we have upwards about 200 units in 2 different sites going forward and that effort was really brought forward by a huge collaboration between my office community groups and [inaudible] and peter cohen. we are looking at neighborhood revitalization which is what the community development federal block grant program is about and that vision is something that is important to have continuity on as we
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move forward as a city to help neighborhoodss like my that are strug wlg commercial corridors stuck in the trunthth century and housing that doesn't meet our needs so i want to see if there is a way maybe we can wait to the thofend meeting and hear whether the mayor can actually make an appointment and sing cume bia with a community that has the expertise of megan roar and peter cohen on it. >> i just want to make sure we are veer claer clear miquel penn we don't displace them. this is a black man i'm unwill toog support a motion. in this conversation we need to figure this out. megan hasn't had a opportunity to serve and demonstrated a willingness to serve and an ability to serve in the full capacity by satisfying the
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requirements where mr. cohen served for quite a number of years so let's make sure we don't leave out mr. penn in this who is a incredible assets and gotten people countless job tooz the mission hiring hall and a tremendous resource for the city. so, let's not forget- >> thank you supervisor cohen. >> to the president the board to supervisor cohen, i think we look for a solution that includes all the people on the committee. i hope by the end of the meeting we can have answers we whether we can move past the impass. i believe having the diversity is important on the committee. >> okay, so clearly there is things that need to be worked out because there is a committee process that has a decision has been made at the committee
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level. i would hope the board will take that into consideration and honor than process and try to figure out some sort of solution for mr. cohen in some other way but clearly that isn't the case at this time and will move this item to later in the agenda because we have 230 comidations with a number of individuals we plan to honor here today. the first member of the board i like to recognize is supervisor tang, who is honoring-or supervisor mar who is honoring carla johnson. >> this is a trio of supervisors doing this. supervisors tang and kim are honoringing a leader for the city carla johnson on the occasion of the requirement. >> i would like to be added to that as well, >> we are honoring on the retirement of
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director on office of disability. carla couldn't be here physically in the chambers she is watching this through sfgtv. before i begin out of respect to the office of the mayors office on disability i want to acknowledge the director [inaudible] deputy director joanna frughouly and staff members jim [inaudible] leaders chip [inaudible] cochair colleagues denise [inaudible] i also want to acknowledge our city admininator naomi kelly for being here as well. with supervisor tang and kim, it is a honor to acknowledge carla's incredible work. i really appreciated her
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patience with me, her huge heart and calm presence as she developed strategies to empower people with disabilities and change cultures so we don't see people with disabilities as a liability or detriment but as strong powerful resourceful people that really should play a role in city government and community leadership. mayor office on disability drecktd frr the past 3 years she helped to lead coalition of non profits with city government and leaders from our communities and starting the task force known as the advisory panel for persons with disabilitiess with many community based organizations so she bit that community and city partnership. the task force is regularly met in the past 2 years exploring how to expand civil right opportunities for people with disabilities and the importance of hiring people from our
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communities with different abilities. carly gene johnson started the career as a carpenter and know there are a lot of carpenters in the audience. she followed passion for re#120ering the beauty of old victorian and a license general building contractor before joining the department of public works in the late 1980. 1992 became a member of disability community with a industrial accidents that limited to ability to use her hands. following the passion she had she studied and continued her career at kapartment of building inspection where she worked for 15 years as a field inspector and building inspector. she became the director for dbi and [inaudible] during the tenure at dbi she dwem developed programs to provide a gator
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level of service and safety to the community. [inaudible] disability disaster planning and interim director in 2012 appointed director in 2014. she advocateed for full staff [inaudible] of the city and county of san francisco initiative. through her passion and knowledge she has focused on architectural access qu learned the importance of civil proith for people with disability including communication access and [inaudible] policy and practice and procedures but i will say treating people with disabilities and empowering them at the city level. she worked hard with xhisting staff to build a cohesive team in the city government who work well to provide service to the disabled community. some of the areas she was passionate
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include inclusion of accessibility performance standards in pure curement of soft weir application. height standard for public events such as san francisco giants events and superbowl 50 and town hall meetings. pedestrian safety promoting safety for senior jz people with disability. homeless shelter jz maximize access. pier 70 to other work she is instrumental. adhering to quality control standards. i'm not going to read the huge list of her accomplishments, but i'll say say she tire lassly working to empower people with disability squz improve the city government to be as accessible we can. carly is well known
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within the city by many elected officials staff and community members, but i see her as one of the most humble people. behine the scenes making major policy improvements for people with disabilities and seniors in the city. she a mentor to me and know many others here colleagues a friend to many staff member jz people in the community at large and she is always going above and beyawn the call of duty to help everyone in need. my hope is we think of carla in this moment at this time and express that same love and respect she always gave to allf us and want to hand it over to supervisors tang and kim. >> supervisor tang. >> thank you very much supervisor mar i think you summed up everything about carla perfectly. i ghot to know carla when we worked oen a 2 year
2:49 pm
journey to create land mark legislation in san francisco requiring all places of public accommodation are accessible to avenue wn. it sounds simple but it was difficult to bridge all the departments and ideas about how that would work out but it was threw corala's steady leadership and calm demeanor and thoughtfulness we came up with a piece of legislation that will apply city wide and that i hope will set a example for many other jurisdictions throughout our cuntsy. carla if you are watching i want to thank you for your service to san francisco, we miss you and hope to see you soon and cht to thank you for all the contributions you have made to our great city and beyond. all of us at the board of supervisors send our best wishes to you. >> supervisor kim. >> this is incredibly hard to
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acknowledge the leadership and public service of carla johnson under these circumstances, but i did write carla a note yesterday which i wanted to share. dear carla, you are one of my city hall heroes. i have so much love and respect for you, your sunaceous leadership and strong foundation of values. thank you for being a fiteer and never being scared to stand up for those with less of a voice or those who day to day liveerize overlooked in the city policy and what you believe in. i truly and genuinely enjoyed working with you and send my live and admueration. carla is representative of some the best we can expect and see from the public servants. she is someone who really fights. she isn't snit scared saying what she
2:51 pm
feels needs to be said rchlt the director of a agency in the city. she knows that if she doesn't stands up and say what she neez to say, no one else will say and that is very hard to do. it take courage to put your job on the line and say this is what i stand for and what the city needs to do to accommodate individualwise disabilities. we have been able to tremendous work with carla thanksgiving tooz honest and dedicated leadership with vision zero particularly for seniors and people can disabilities. she work today identify hot spots in the district where so many residents have a hards time walking from place to place. it was a tremendous pleasure working with carla to figure how 250 make the
2:52 pm
homeless [inaudible] because they have disabilities and so many of our brother jz sisters that live on the streets are individuals that live with disabilities on a daily basis and we are not accommodating all these needs in the shelter system. last re-sort so many of the community members depend on. carla, i'm so sad you won't be able to continue in your work on behalf of the city but want you to know we love you and your courage and leadership will not be for gotten hope we can continue to honor you passion and the work we foin to do here on behalf of the city and county. >> thank you supervisor kim. spl visor campos. >> thank you madam president and want to thank supervisor mar, tang
2:53 pm
and kim. i have to say that i think that it has been very hard for me and my office to know how to respond. just want to make two points, one is that carla johnson is also a fighter so i know that there is still a lot more that she is going to do and we look forward to being there with her when that happens. thp only thing i would say to people who are watching in the audience, you meet a lot of amazing people and sometimes you meet so not so amazing people, but carla is through my perspective one of the most remarkable people i have met in government. i have never
2:54 pm
met a more -a better stronger public servant than she is, and the fact that she is a incredible public serve ant is only overshodeed by the fact she is a better human being than a public servant. she a remarkable woman and want to say thank you and there are thousands of people who's lives have been improved by carla johnson that don't know it and it isn't just the disabled community. i want to specifically talk about the transjnder community. i can tell you the lgbt homeless shelter jazzy place we opened on south van ness, it would not have opened without carla
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johnson so thank you carla and we look forward work wg you in the very near future. >> thank you supervisor com pose. supervisor peskin >> i remember working with carla while at department of building inspection and that was a time in dbi's histrea that wasn't the brightest of times and she had that independent, that remarkable ethical behavior and always could be tough and firm and gentle and smiling at the same time and coming back to the city hall and was delighted carla was here in her new capacity and sorry i will not be work wg her but hope all the best for you carla. >> thank you. >> i just want to give carla a message. i hope she is a at home
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resting and listening and want to encourage her to rest easy and he has earned it and deserves it. she left a tremendous marx on san francisco and done more for the city and county of san francisco than people do in a life time and your service is greatly appreciated. i have -there are a few people you meet in life that are as principleed, ethical and responsive to the call of duty that of which you have displayed every day. i had many conversations with carl late into the evening on the weekends, she was always there and made herself available. she was such a humble-is such a humble person. i just want to thank her, she set a example of
2:57 pm
what strong woman looks like, sounds like and most porntsly acts like and for that i'm forever grateful. >> and i would just add before we finish up with supervisor mar to carla, thank you for your service to city and county of san francisco. i really have had tremendous pleasure work wg carla before i was on the board of supervisors at the african american art and culture complex. we did a major renovation with office of disability. the compassion and support, the involvement they had in hour small center just made me feel like i was important and that community mattered and was because of her and john paul scott and others in that department that stepped up and made sure the community was included, the community had a say. it just shows you
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that it isn't just about responding to electedficials or people in power, it is about responding to people and people in need and doing what we can as a city to make the livels of those in our disabilities community better see something as simple as something we take for granted like walking up the stairs or getting from into a bathroom or getting into a elevator, those things we take for granted are often times struggles for people in wheelchair jz people with disabilities and she wore her heart on her sleeve doing the job. she puts herself on the job trying to make changes and impact peoples live jz i will always be grateful for the respect and friendship that has shown me and the community and as a supervisor she will be true wlae missed in the city and county of san
2:59 pm
francisco. congratulations on your retirement carla and wish you sh very very best. supervisor avalos. >> thank you. i also want to mention my appreciation for carla johnson and the work she has done with my office over the years mpt actually know carla my second district, district 9 and i see her walking up and down the street in veterans homes and bruno heights and just see her as such a incredible asset to the city, one with a quite and strong leadership and who helped me to think better how to be a public official based on her integ trity and
3:00 pm
improving peoples lives. i want #d ed to say that carly expressed opposition to the the bike yield legislation i was working on and totally appreciated her reasoning and where she was coming from. it was hard for someone that i-who i respected see much to be on the opposite side of a issue i cared about but the fact you were saying that to me and your reasons i felt were really important that you were able to express yourself and stand for that and want to say thank you for your serve squs wish you the best in requirement and wish you all the love and closeness with your family as you can gather in your moments together. >> thank you supervisor avalos. supervisor mar. >> >> thank you. i wanted to ask if our
3:01 pm
city administrator naomi cell kelly [inaudible] come forward and also jessica lameen for senior disability action is here. i want to say to carla if you are watching i feel if you are in the room and wish i could give you a hug and thank you for giveic me new eyes to see the world through and how struggles people with disabilities are tied to other opressed people in the kunty and city with the 5 o4 sit ins and take over buildings with the [inaudible] drives change and cultural change and civil rights and just wanted to give you the biggest hug that i could and thank you for helpal to transform me to be a better person in city hall. naomi kelly. >> i wish i wasn't here to talk about the retirement of carla johnson, but i
3:02 pm
am glad she is home with her family. i feel like i have the unfinished agenda which many talked about today before i was to leave town we talked about going the homeless shementers and look at accessibility it at pier 80 and continue our fight for accessible websites, to finish off with reenvisioning public housing in rad and making sure that all our public housing sites are accessible and have the resources in mayors office of disability and want you to know carla, i'm keeping that on my agenda. when she became the director of mayors office of disability she came [inaudible] make sure all my business cards have braille and jen nifer [inaudible] make sure our cards are accessibility. her work with
3:03 pm
emergency planning and evacuation and making sure after disaster those with disabilities can be evacuated. her work is feemas best practice. i would be remiss to not talk about the 10 year captime plan chblt every we do she makeatize to every ground breaking public opening and worked closely with department of public works, our major construction department to make sure everything is accessible. i will continue on our curb cut program to make sure we are taking care of the curb cuts and making sure all the public work departments as they trench into intersections we make sure the curbs are accessible and the work she has done with our hiring practices making sure that we are promoting the disability in san francisco and in our
3:04 pm
government. so, carla, you are a mentor, a confidant and colleague squz friends to countless people no matter who they are and i couldn't agree more that the work you have done has benefited so many in san francisco and you personify generosity, love, kind heartedness, passion, straenth and compassion and a wonderful public servant. thank you. >> thank you. with that, i just want to say thank you again carla for your service to city and county of san francisco. and now i would like to recognize supervisor peskin to honor the men and women of central police stations. supervisor peskin. >> thank you, if i could ask
3:05 pm
captain dairfb udluzar and officers to come to the front. madam president, colleagues, members of the public, this is a extraordinary story of harrowism and bravery that happened just 10 days ago. the officers that you see before us actually come of you may remember them for some of them or at least one was in the mayors detail. at 815 a.m. saturday april 16, officer troy peal and benjamin san tana from san francisco station responded to burglyly r located at pacific avenue.
3:06 pm
the rizdant returned to the home [inaudible] assisted entering the unit while officer san tana searched the buildings. the apartment had beenren sacked she was sure the burglar must have entered through a wipdo using scaffolding. found a suit case on the roof. the resident confirmed it was hers and it was filled with items from her apartment. it appeared the burglar dropped the suit case as he fled and around this time police dispatch received a support of a suit case in alectomy well located on leavenworth, the roof at this location is ajaist toochbt the roof of the reported burglary on 1300 block of pacific. officers responded to this location as well. a third call soon came to police dispatch regarding a possible robbery in progress also located on the
3:07 pm
1500 block of leavenworth. a woman found a armed man inside her home and held at gun point and ordered her to remain quite while he hid from the police. she was on the phone with her husband and her husband called 911 and dispatchers sent officers from central to aid and rescue. officers anthony yang came across the roof top from one building to another. located at the 1500 block of leavenworth and rescued the woman. he entered a stair way and descented into the building. the suspect fled through the back of the building. the victim escaped through the front door. the suspect fled into the stair well encountering officer yang and pointed his gun at the officer. officer yang positioned himself around the corner, the suspect ran down the stairs and out the
3:08 pm
back door. officer pursued the suspect. a team of central officers including officers peal, darla mick bride, hillary harper, george [inaudible] sturly hayes and katelyn low led by sergeant [inaudible] and joseph fisher and molly [inaudible] participated in the pursuit. the sus spect ran across the rooch top and came to a dead end of 3 story buildic with no roof left to run on. officer san tana authorized the suspect to drop the weapon. the suspect jumped on a tree building and landed on a parked audi. the
3:09 pm
suspect was taken into custody not a shot fired. that is a incredible story. i want to cu-mind captain luzar for his leadership. [applause]. officer for your brevely and heroism and cool and cant thank you you enough. we are joined by officer san tana, peal, katelyn low and puchety. thank you for your service. i have comidations for other officers involved. >> thank you. i want to thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to recognize these hero of san francisco police officers. we are very grateful to be here today and very grateful to work with these men and women. officer peal and san
3:10 pm
tana 22 years in the police department responsible for roling fishermans wharf and russian hill. officer katelyn [inaudible] votes for funding of please academy classes. this is the fruit of your labor and result of hiring more police officers our communey early on a saturday morning to be hereees, help residents app hend burkelersism supervisor peskin thank you for taking a leadership role only public safety in district 3. pleasure to work with you and thank you for the invitation today. [applause]
3:11 pm
>> congratulations captain luzar z men and women of central police station, thank you so much for your service. [applause] supervisor peskin you have another commendation. >> thank you as you know i rarely do commendations so using up all [inaudible] >> sure you do. >> colleagues today i'm delighting to honor tina moilen who is a grassroots neighborhood leader as she is retiring from russian hill neighbors, a group i
3:12 pm
had the pleasure working with over many years on many issues from planning to open space, neighborhood beautification. i know supervisor farrell who we share tina as she spans two districts. russian hill is a remarkable and special neighborhood that is part the historic fabric the sirty and contributes so much beauty, iconic design and world renound esthetic. during her 5 long years as president, tinny helped build the group board of directors, guide the respect design zoning and land use committee known as disy lieu, reser rect committee on families with children, which is a active and positive force on the hill and has been a campion for neighborhood parks and open space. street sweep program is award winning model throughout the city and
3:13 pm
known as the hostess with the most est bringing together residence. tina is a problem solver and there are several folks out there that want to thank for the years in the neighborhood. in addition to captain lar zar [inaudible] commanders alike to offer opinion on just about anything is qu everything and known as someone who comes through with a solution to any problem. she is always updete, positive and always willing to roll up mur sleeve jz pitch in where she is needed. i think jamie [inaudible] who knows tina is everywhere you need her. i also like
3:14 pm
to recognize incoming rhn president emily herald as well as board member caral an rogers and think is jim dudly here? i know former captain jim dudly wanted to be here but like to bring up tina and husband mike and thank them for their work and present you with a proclamation on behalf of the san francisco board of supervisors. [applause] >> before we recognize we want to -supervirez farrell would like to say a few words. >> i think senator cop wants to cu-mind mrs. moorelen as well >> welcome senator and former state senator pr mr. cop. >> before that happens i want to take a moment to thank tina. tinny knows how i feel about her and worked together for years now and tinny, you
3:15 pm
are the best. we get to work with our neighborhood groups in the different districts,rision hill is one of the most amazing groups and tina and mike are amazing froneds and tina as a neighborhood leader you are irreplaceable. i want to thank you for being there and it has been a absolute pleasure to work together. couldn't think of a better leader for a neighborhood and all san francisco. we will miss you dearly. you have big shoes to fill but congratulations. >> thank you. >> can i say a couple words? >> of course >> thank you for visor peskin and farrell and all the supervisors. brf i came up here i felt like a pee in a pod compare thood accolades for the previous honorees, but are you sure you were speaking about me? that is like a shot of adrenalin. i have
3:16 pm
enjoyed my years on the board. it got to the point where my husband joined the board as communication director so he could see me more often. we have a out standing board of 22 people and this award is their award. i'm just the one they can call and complain to because i don't have small children or full time job so i do credit them but the main thing we do is collaborate. we try to collaborate with anybody on any issue and think kindness matters is so true. i grew up with it and i think what is good for san francisco is good for russian hill instead of the reverse. i have been up against people that says it doesn't work for russian hill if there isn't a left hand turn. it does work for russian hill because it works for san francisco. with that, i just
3:17 pm
thank you. i feel so honored and our new president emily herald is already taking it away so i'm thrilled so will safety chair so look for forums on safety. >> i believe captain luzar and [inaudible] >> thank you supervisors. i was tasked the job putting together a police community advisory board, new to san francisco. tinny moilen i had never met her and took off like a top. her tenacity and commitment. right away she said yes. to this day we are very good friends. thank you for honoring her and tina it is well deserved, and it is you. you were-it will continue
3:18 pm
going forward but it a great selection and great recognize noigz. thank you supervisor. >> captain lar zar. >> i want to congratulate tina. tina fs in my office giving me the lay the land welcoming me and wanting to introduce me to russian hill community and irked so closely together for the last 2 years while at central station. of the last 24 hours she is organizing a meeting in russian hill in response to things going on there. tina, thank you for everything you have done for the san francisco police department and community as well. >> thank you and congratulations. [applause]. >> thank you for your service
3:19 pm
to the city and county of san francisco mr. moran. i #wd like to recognize eric mar for our final commendation for today. >> you know on friday we celebrated the 46th earth day in throughout the kunty a world life celebration in support of environmental protection, environmental activism but this work is national parks week and 100 anniversary of national park service so it is
3:20 pm
fitting i believe we are honoring an amazing leader for national parks on a national level and just an amazing richmond district artist, park advocate and environmentalist mr. amy myer. mrs. myer, will you come forwards. the new guardian fwrz the golden gate how american got a great national park authors by amie myer with randolph [inaudible] tells the history of national park service and history of san francisco and bay area region. over 4 decades amie is a integral advocate and campion creating and preserving the ggna. she is a mother, gallen tear, guardian, author and visionary. amie myer born in brookland new york and graduated from
3:21 pm
overland college and married george myer. nob nab after service the couple stayed in san francisco. george passed in 1998. together they had two daughters who are now married and live near amie with fmlies in rich-round. they are always and our a close nit family and enjoys park adverners. after the first ether day amie myer nob nab 1972 is the ggnr, one the fers national parks established in a middle of sth urban area. i want to acknowledge sierra club becky evans who is a leader oof the sierra club and work with amie and others to develop a organization that is about preserving
3:22 pm
the environment. 1972 after a park enlarging campaign with outlandishly effective legislative menurfbs by elected representatives from local state to national , 34,000 acre park was signed into law by president nixon. amie established people for golden gate rec area serving as cochair for many years. advocacy led to the significant park expansions, prompt acquisition of park land and quality laning and development, park land protection and establishment of presidio trust. amie helped establish peem frl prusid yeworking on legislation with speaker pulosy to create pusidio trust and served as a chair in the past. 1997 was appointed by president clinton to be board of
3:23 pm
directors established by federal lechblg slaigz to carry out conversion of presidio from military post to national park and make it self sufficient. [inaudible] fort point national historic site and 80 thousand acres in 3 counties and share with point reyes. [inaudible] the only break is there golden gate and these parks with the city piece of unit nations golden gate bio sphere reserve that 17,000 people visit each year. i want to invite peep tool my office tomorrow from 5 to 7. amie
3:24 pm
myer and other leaders it is author day reception so please join us. i want to just say that amie has been a trusher to work with to learn about the history and fuch frr our parks and city and country. let me ask to give a round of applause for amie myer, the mother the golden gate recreational area. [applause]. >> thank you very much. i feel this is a very special time. it is earth day, it's the year of hundredth anniversary national park service. i also want to thank the supervisor and people sitting here, you are experiencing a heritage that started in san francisco
3:25 pm
in 1870 with the mayors who set aside golden gate park and parks and squares and then the later people who saved [inaudible] woods [inaudible] and point reyes national sea shore and that is some the pieces. 100 years after those mayors i had that history and work that had already been done and we used to joke at people for golden gate area is all we were doing is connecting it dots. 45 years after the park was authorized you here are part of this history and to have this kind of recognition of the centennial
3:26 pm
of national parks, i thank you very much. it isn't something you can say is just done because we have a saying among conservationist is all the gains are temporary and all the losses are permanent so always have to be guardians of our parks. thank you very much. [applause]. >> congratulations again mr. myer, thank you for your years of service on behalf of the environment and ggnra, thank you. with that, we will return to our regular agenda. madam
3:27 pm
clerk. >> item 25 is on the floor currently. it is the appointment to the citizens committee on community development. >> item 25 >> that is correct. >> so let's go to item 26 and we'll return to that later. >> motion to reappoint patricia web b patricia wooley, [inaudible] in home supportive service public support terms ended [inaudible] >> roll call vote >> supervisor kim, aye. mar, aye. peskin, aye. tang, aye. wiener, aye. yee, aye. avalos, aye. breed,
3:28 pm
aye. campos, aye. cohen, aye. farrell, aye. there are 11 ayes >> the motion is approving unanimously. let's go to committee reports. >> item 27 and 28 considered by there land use and transportation committee at meeting monday april 25 forwarded adcommittee rorlts. item 27 is ordinance to exempt the hume door located at 275 baltry street from [inaudible] in the tobacco sales ordinance for home doors new location at 1 embarcadero center for location within 500 feet of another permitted establishment and issuing the permit in a district with 45 or more such permits. >> colleagues take this item same house same call? without objection the ordinance passes on the first reading.
3:29 pm
>> item 28, orbd nns to amend planning to increase the affordable housing fee and other requirement tooz require the controller to prepare a feasibility report regarding the housing requirement and make recommendation by july 31, 2016 and every 3 years there after. . committee and aform the planning department ceqa determination. >> supervisor kim. >> thank you president breed and thank you for your consideration of the item to increase our inclusionary affordable housing fee both on and off site. this legislation is a commitment that was made by 11 member thofz board and beginning of march to address how we treat the 19,000 residential
3:30 pm
units in the pipeline post the unanimous passage of the charter amendment which will take out the ceiling we put in place how much affordable housing we can require the market rate developers to build. i want to thank you aaron peskin for all his work with our office on helping to make the legislation happen and to kate stacy from city attorneys aufss to draft and redraft this legislation over the last 2 months in short order, not a small amount of work. this ord nnss codifys the agreement major component included in the resolution sponsored by supervisor yee. this ordinance does 3 things, one, it setsfurcate new inclusionary housing requirement including temporary requirements for projects in the pipeline raising what we expect developers to build by 1
3:31 pm
percent if they submit environmental application in 2013. 1 and a half in 2014 and 2 and a half percent in 2015 treating all development projects equally depending on the tame thisubmitted the proposing. it requires the city to prepare a economic feasibility study by july 31 of this year so the board may determine what the new inclusionary housing requirements are after the passage of proposition c on june 7. in the mean time, we have set interim control asking developers to build 25 percent. the first time the city required production of low income housing and raising the off site fee to 33 percent. it aults establishes a technical advisory committee appoint bood thimayors office and board of
3:32 pm
supervisor tooz consult with the controller on the scope of the economic feasibility study. ledgeilation such as these are not easy to put together but we have brought together [inaudible] how to get to the solution of building more affordable housing in san francisco. this is something all steak hold rs grew ewoo need to do and we are making frup the 200 units of housing we lost decreesh the requirement from 15 percent to 12 percent. i do want to acknowledge the market rate developer community working with supervisor peskin and bhieself to filgier how we can solve for the 200 additional unit that we would like to build to make thup the units we lost over the last couple years to make sure our working class and middle class can continue to reside here in san francisco. we are also making good on compliment to the voter izen 2014 when they passed prop k asking the city to insure 33 percent of all new
3:33 pm
housing constructed in san francisco is affordable to low and moderate income housing or preserved and protected. additional 17 percent for middle income house holds. our inclusionary affordable housing program is one the most important components to create more affordable in san francisco. it is long acknowledged and national reports throughout the country that this is one-of the most important ordinances a city and implement to make sure they meet the needs of working class and middle income families. many of the families are one step away frame homelessness on the streets leaving from pay check to pay check and it is a moral delima when working families become the fastest growing dem grachic in our homeless count here today. this obligation doesn't just fall upon the city and our
3:34 pm
public taxpayers which it does because we continue to invest in affordable housing through the general fund dollars and tax increment but falls on the private developers. this legislation says the market should be accountable to building more affordable housing. the record amount of housing included to include more housing to our low and moderate income families is very important and this legislation will provide the balance and fairness to projects with current applications pending representing 19, 275 units in the pipeline. we are also increasing the number of bmr units and for the first time with proposition c including middle income house holds in the program. sthais significant and material increase and these are home frz 200 of our individuals and families. teachers, nurses,
3:35 pm
service and restaurant workers, the childcare providers. we have cafted this legislation work wg neighborhood advocateess, community housing dwept, labor, market rate developers and mayors office to create a fair and reasonable approach to addressing the pipeline and do want to acknowledge and thank the mayor himself for personally working on this legislation with supervisor peskin and myself to build trust and increase collaborative efforts for a goal we share which is we want the city to be a city for all. colleagues i ask for your support on this item and also supervisor peskin and i are available to answer questions >> thank you sfr visor kim. supervisor wiener. >> thank you very much madam president. i will not be supporting this legislation today. i did vote against it committee yesterday and will vote against it today. i supported
3:36 pm
placing prop c on the ballot because prop c allows to remove the inclusionary percentage out of the charter and to not have it frozen in time which is how it is now and that isn't good policy and taking it out of thcharter makes sense and also support raising inclusionary percentage. when we put prop c on the ballot it was 25 percent temporary percentage and i think the idea has always been that we would determine based on the feasibility analysis what the appropriate percentage or percentages would be to maximize the number of affordable units we produce. i think that is everyones goal. it is about the number of affordable units that we produce because we know that 25 percent
3:37 pm
of zero is zero so we can say 25 percent, 50 percent, 75 percent, we can say a number that sound good but if it means no housing or less housing is produced we may have fewer affordable units produced. we had a couple hearings in the land use committee on this legislation and what we know is there was no analytical basis for the 25 percent. it is a number that sound good, 33 percent also sound good and 50 percent sound good but there is no analytical basis saying 25 percent is the way we get to the highest number of affordable units. in fact, we knee and confident there are projects for which 25 percent makes the likely makes the
3:38 pm
project infeasible. we know as far as anyone can tell and i asked around and haven't been able to learn of a such project in san francisco, no project has hit 25 percent affordable units without a public subsidy or ubzoning. i asked people who i think have knowledge of it and as far as i can tell, no project in san francisco has hit 25 percent without public subsidy or ubzoining and this applies proiv percent across the borebd with any and all projects with 25 or more units. it doesn't distinshuish between the projects that have 30 units versus 8 hundred units. it doesn't distinshuish on building heights and where economics may be different t is one size fits all any project 25 or more. we
3:39 pm
should be adopted-pert the cart before the horse or this legislation purts the cart before the horse. we should be basing this legislation on the feasibility study, not adopting a percentage that is effectively throwing a dart at a dart board before we have the feasibility analysis. i know that the board wim have the option after the feasibility comes out i understand it will be this summer thmpt board has the option to change the percent based on the feasibility study but the board submit required to do so. i think we should have the feasibility study first and then base this legislation on that feasibility study so we maximize the number of units. in committee yesterday and asked a series of questions to the planning department, will this legislation with this
3:40 pm
percentage increase, decrease or keep the same the number of units produced in san francisco and the answer, we don't know. will this increase, decrease earcopy the same the number of afford #b8 units and answer, we don't know because we don't have a feasibility study what impact this legislation will have on houseic ing in san francisco. this legislation could become a de facto housing moratorium. i hope and pray i'm wrong with that but should base on analysis. if the board comes back based on the feasibility study and make as number of adjustments that is great and will be happy if and when that happens but think we should fwraitd the feasibility study to pass this legislation. >> thank you supervisor wiener. supervisor peskin. >> thank you madam president, colleagues. i think this is a historic
3:41 pm
moment in these chambers and i want to absolute supervisor kim who is leading in and around the issue but around the conversation building housing that is affordable to every day san franciscan whether they are low income, moderate or middle income, we are doing a fine job of building 5 million dollar daundo, but for the rest we have got to braing that into balance. we heard about the housing balance report and was in these chambers 15 years ago where without a fiscal feasibility analysis my then colleagues supervisor mark leno created san franciscos first inclusionary law at 12 percent and yes, we heard sky was going to fall, not another stick would be built, but we actually brought hundreds and hundreds of units of affordable housing
3:42 pm
that wasn't a part of it and very pleased that 8 years later we raised that to 15 percent and that was the first time we actually employed the use of fiscal feasibility study. this is a evolving field. in 2013, 14, 15 whether you are from build{construction or real ater or look frg housing we all know we could have built thousands of aadditional units of affordable housing in the town had nat not been stuck in the charter. what does this legislation do? it immediately for supervisor yee's ruzlution all 11 voted for will create approximately 200 units of affordable housing out of the existing pipeline and we were judicious and
3:43 pm
treated that pipeline lightly and don't think any have gotten a complaint from market rate housing developers they can't afford the 1 percent or 1 and a half percent or 2 and a half percent year we are getting out of the pipeline. 200 units of affordable housing unit out of the pipeline and that is first step. we will have a fiscome feasibility report i trust in our controller to do that as well as humanly possible. yes t is part art and science and thereat is why we will have discretion and retain authority and have to work with executive branch because we need 8 votes or 6 and signature. we have in and around this very sense tv, very politicized, very financially lukeative
3:44 pm
issue built relationship of trust work wg mayor lee and think what you have before you is consensus measure. all 11 voted to put the charter amendment on the ballot and that charter amendment we all know when we voted for it includes the interim 15 plus 10 percent, the 25 percent, that isn't nj transit bus operations, inc., nj transit rail operations, inc., nj transit mercer, inc., nj ew news to the board. we voted for supervisor yees motion which supervisor kim and i adhered to. that isn't news to this board. so, while any member of the body can ksents it is inconsistent given the actions and commend the legislation to you and hope it will pass at least a 10 to 1 vote. >> thank you, supervisor peskin. supervisor tang. >> thank you president breed. this was a very difficult for me because on the one hand in our conversation
3:45 pm
before prop c was on the ballot i had concerns and issues setting a percentage that wasn't based on analysis. i understand supervisor peskins explanation of how we arrived at it, however i would have also liked to have seen the economic feasibility study done before we had come up with the trailing legislation. on the flipe side i also understand we are potentially applying these new requirements to projects in the pipeline. i understand there are quite a number of [inaudible] in this legislation which isn't perfecktd but better non not having it in there. i will support the legislation on the condition we will follow up on the commitment as stated in this ordinance and resolution we will follow up with
3:46 pm
economic feasibility report that is due july 21, 2016 and will work adjusting the ordinance in the future based on the study to something that again is based on analysis potentially flexibility based on economic situation of our city and so that is what will allow me to support this particular legislation today. by all means it doesn't mean i support a hard cap of 25 percent across the board without that analysis. i will say as i work would the planning department and the mayors office on affordable housing bonus program here in san francisco, i can't understand why that conversation has been divorced from this particular conversation around inclusionary housing requirements mptd i think the two issues go hand in hand more so than some like to admit so i hope moving forwards we can merry those
3:47 pm
ishuses together to figure how we can collect ivly achieve affordable housing for low, very low and moderate income in san francisco. >> supervisor farrell. >> colleagues i am also not going to support this item today. just want a quick imobject thf two things. i do believe more affordable housing. i do believe it is comparative we promote viable projects. in march when we talked about the resolution it maximized the feasible affordable house requirement. we talked about the [inaudible] and believe we need to create more loyer and middle come income housing in san francisco and view that as a responsibility as well but don't believe the points are honored with this today. i
3:48 pm
think the maichb point from my perspective i do believe apologist of this magnitude should be driben by feasible and not arbitrary numbers put into had legislation. we agree we need affordable housing but i don't believe before feasibility study are conducted. unlike all previous changes this is not supported by a study like that. to the cost and consequences are real. we want to lower housing cost and this has the potential to increase and jeopardize 1 thousand units in the pipeline. a lack of analysis before hand like many analyst who looked at this legislation can curtail new housing and it isn't something i'm willing to support. the consequences of costing jobs, new units
3:49 pm
being built in the districts, as well as affordsal housing. i voted similarly to place prop c on the ballot and believe the inclusionary should be taken out. i vote frd the trailing resolution as a compromise in front the trailing ordinance to make sure we analyzed that but i don't believe the legislation in front of us today does what the resolution intended. i will support the building of more housing and support policies that build more affordable housing and economically feasible so want to go on record from my perspective and know i'll continue to support policies backed by analysis and not arbitrary numbers.
3:50 pm
>> supervisor yee. >> thank you president breed. when we discussed the charter amendment which is prop c there were issues and also a deadline and nobody felt like we were going to resolve some of those outstaning issues before the deadline. the reason why i authored that resolution to move us forward was to make sure that as we move forward and the planning matter we address these issues. two issues were outstanding, one being the grand fathering issue which again there was no definition at the time, but the idea was that the different sides come together and define as well as they can at this point. the other piece of this was is 25 percent the real number or not and
3:51 pm
for now we were saying use 25 and everybody knew that and at some point givethen timeline we put in the resolution and for this trailing ordinance piece of legislation to try to follow that timeline it is in there. the feasibility study will be done. we will base our new numbers as soon as possible when the feasibility study is completed and there is a promise it will be completed in a timely manner. i'm-for myself being the audibilityer of author of the resolution say lets get these things done. i think this piece of legislation does exactly that and the fath fact people have to come together and compromise and have spoken to different sides of the commize in
3:52 pm
terms of the grandfather and pretty much everybody is saying i wish it could be better but it is compromise and we understand that and can live with that. that is why i'm supporting this and think as supervisor peskin was saying, this is historic. we are going to get to that number as close as possible and it will be way better than 12 percent. the fact that we really need this and move forward with this, i'm very very happy to be a coauthor of this trailing legislation and i predict that we will do better than we have done and that in fact, the prop c and other things are not going to be the damper in terms of causing us to lose housing, the ability to build housing in san francisco. thank you. >> thank you supervisor yee.
3:53 pm
supervisor campos. >> thank you very much. i'm prepared to make a amendment if this will bring supervisor farrell z wiener along if we increase to 30 percent or perhaps 35 we'll do it. happy to make that amendment now, but on a serious note, i just want to say i want to say i thank supervisor kim and peskin for their leadership and believe it is one the most significant pieces of legislation we have seen on housing and know there are a number of people in my district want a number be higher but i think this is a step in the right direction. the other thing is i bow for folks in places like the mission kwr district 9 and 10 and 6, the issue of pdr, is a very important issue and look forward
3:54 pm
working on that issue in the very near furcher so happy to foret this today and congratulations to supervisor kim and peskin. >> thank you. supervisor avalos. >> supervisor campos to cummd supervisor kim and [inaudible] i recall in 2001 when the level was set and what a incredible thing it was and there were very few places around the country that had a inclusionary law what so ever so san francisco was taking lead across the country in that and i am part of a network of elected officials that look at our laws. there arevy few things i regret being othenboard of supervisor squz things i voted on. one of the things i regret is
3:55 pm
hearing the language that the americas cup organizing committee endeavor to raise $32,000. the other was at the tail end of the process, the charter amendment for prop c having trust fund developed. i was focused on trying to get the 32 million of gross receipts tax i didn't pay attention to the housing tax fund like i needed to. it was a tairl thing to do and understand how that language got in there, everyone felt the economic [inaudible] will continue the way it did, but we set the market free by lowering the inclusionary level and we actually now the city rents sky rocket. i heard that the rent leveled off and if they level at 5
3:56 pm
thousand dollar for a two bedroom place to me that isn't leveling off. that is the market finally settling in what the most wealthy people can affords. i'm thrill today vote on this today and thank you fl colleagues for bringing this forward. >> thank you supervisor avalos. spl visor kim. >> i want to thank my many colleagues who are supporting the legislation. i thought it was important to correct misconception what we are voting on. i heard comments from two colleagues they don't want to vote on legislation of one size fits all of 25 percent and 32 off site without a fiscal feasibility study in place. that was voted on in january when 11 member thofz board voted to put this on the ballot on june 7 making the interim controls once we eliminated the ceiling of 12
3:57 pm
percent, 25 and 33 percent so that decision has been made. what this legislation does today is we acknowledge there are projects in the pipeline that put in their application 3 years ago, 2 years ago, last year without notice we will increase our inclusionary housing requirement and acknowledge those projects have come in before the notification of the increase, we went into negotiation with our market rate developers to come up with a system we thought was fair yet build more affordable housing for our working class and middle class residents. that is what the ordinance that is here today does and if you vote against that, you are saying that everyone in the pipeline should build 25 and 33 percent. that is what the vote signifies. if you are concerned about the future of the pipeline that
3:58 pm
decision was made when the board voted unanimously in january and february to say we want to remove the ceil and all agreed developered can do more. the ordinance does the thing that came up as criticism which is we require a economic feasibility analysis completed by the sate on july 31 so the board does have time to evaluate the new interim controls in a timely fashion and determine this is inmaximum that we can ask more rate developers to build. that is what the feasibility study will provide and that number is the number we can move forward on and within that feasibility study we won't be looking at everything as a one size fits all. we will look that neighborhoods and height and density and multiple
3:59 pm
factors including cost of lands. this legislation is a modest piece of legislation that acknowledges i think many of the difficulties but uncertainty of doing development in san francisco while achieving the goal of building more affordable and middle income housing so your vote stood vote for more affordable housing in a way that insures fairness for developments in the pipeline and not requireic thel to a new standard they didn't have notice of when they submitted their environmental evaluation application so colleagues, i ask for your support today and thank you in your support over the last couple months in making sure we build more affordable housing and make that a realty here in san francisco. >> alright. since supervisor campos didn't have a second to the amendment, madamm clerk can you please call the roll. >> item 28, for visor kim, aye. supervisor mar, aye. peskin,
4:00 pm
aye. tang, aye. wiener, no. yee, aye. avalos, aye. breed, aye. compose, aye. cohen, aye. farrell, no. there are 9 aye and 2 no with supervisor wean urand farrell in descent, >> the ordinance passes on the first reading. [applause]. madam clerk -thank you ladies and gentlemen. should we return to item 25 or would you like to go to roll call for introduction? roll call? okay. we call item 25 supervisor avalos. >> thank you i believe we have a motion on the floor and before i like
4:01 pm
to see if we can go to a vote to support the motion from supervisor mar to support peter cohen for seat on the citizens committee for community development block program. mr. cohen has a wealth of experience all over the city and worked clously with my district which is somewhat i believe a example for the rest the country how to do community development work that led to a workforce sent squr housing going forwards in my district. i had the opportunity to meet megan roarer in the hall way and will sit with them tomorrow morning. i hope there are vacancies in the mayors office and they can consider megan for appointment i think it is great and best of
4:02 pm
both worlds we can unite on the committee that has qualified people to be part of it, but based on the work i have done with peter cohen i want to support him today for the committee. >> supervisor cohen. >> i thought we were going to be continuing this item. >> we continued the item to later in the agenda. >> i athought we were also going to hear a report out when the next seat was available. >> do we have that information available? >> i asked the mayors office about whether they can support fully vacancy they have on their side with peter cohen. i didn't get a definitive response so rather than just wait for uncertainty i want to have certainty.
4:03 pm
>> okay. so, >> i'm not finished. >> thank you madam president. so, it is very interesting, here we are again discusing this matter and i want to give the allies of peter cohen certain credit. i think you are some of the most fearest loyalist people i have work would and admire and respect that and think that if the ship was going down you would go down with it and it is a sign as solidarity and that is respectable. many people would abandon the ship for their own selfish desires to save their own lives. i'm not say thg ship is going down, you are picking up the wrong example that i'm trying to highlight. i'm trying to highlight sometimes i think loyalty can blind someone and i believe that a road for peter cohen is a vote in the
4:04 pm
wrong direction. i think that we need to be moving in a forward and progressive place and for me herepresents the establishment, straight white man property owner that he has a good heart and done work in non profit communities but in the end when you have the opportunity and believe supervisor wiener pointed out other opportunities where loyalist band together to prevent people of color and lgbt and gender questioning and women from moving ahead and having a seat otthe table so you can still remain in somewhat-some proverseideology of being in power. i want to go on the record i'm vi
4:05 pm
mently against this. appointment and emphaticly support pastor roarer as well as miquel. >> thank you supervisor cohen. supervisor wiener >> i could never say it as eloquently as supervisor cohen but i agree and think we see here and saw with the rejection of the recommended entertainment commissioner who was a new energy gay latino man who had not served and would bring new energy to the commission. not out of any disparagement of the person we did appoint who was highly qualified but bringing the new energy in someone who hasn't served before-when the board of supervisors saw 5 years ago
4:06 pm
rejected nicole revira a young latino woman in favor who was part the club, part of the click. unfortunate we keep doing this. i think megan roarer brings extraordinary service to the committee. the mayor from time to time can help the board out by saying you have two excellent candidates, we'll appoint one and have them both serve and when the mayor is willing to do that that is terrific and can be a great coom bia moment but it isn't the mayors responsibility to help it board make good choice jz the fact is we have rules committee recommendation here of a absolutely supurb candidate will do us proud who hadn't had the opportunity to serve before who will bring new fresh idea tooz the committee and
4:07 pm
should support this candidate and i will not be supporting the motion to swap in peter cohen. >> i know president breed would like to speak and hasn't spoken so i'll turn to president breed. >> thank you supervisor campos for the opportunity. you know, i think that the rules committee made a very good recommendation of two highly qualified diverse individuals. i had the pleasure of work wg mr. penn who was relentless trying to make sure opportunities were available to people who have a difficult to find employment for. i think she a great selection along with the pastor based on their history, their work ethics, things they have done in the community and
4:08 pm
it isn't to say mr. cohen isn't qualified or doesn't have the ability to do this work in the same capacity, but here we have a decision to make as a board and think that the rules committee made a good decision and think we should support that decision. i also like to say that as someone who has experienced some the challenges with affordable housing in the city and county of san francisco and watched as organizations like choochoocontinue to push for building more affordable housing continue to push for trying to support low income individuals that affordable housing and that work led from my perspective to a lot of dis instruction of the african american community. we have not until neighborhood
4:09 pm
preference legislation which wasn't necessarily supported by choochoohad a real access to affordable housing and it isn't a perfect solution to what we know as a real problem in san francisco, i understand that and not saying there are singling responsible pr that but clearly some of the failed policy of people involved in the affordable housing fight is partially why we rin the situation we are in the first place and why it is important to bring new people and idea tooz the table because we need new change and can't do the same thing expecting a different result and can't keep going backwards to failed policies. we have to bring forth people who understand and who live the way that the folks that we are trying to serve they have lived it and understand what it feels like.
4:10 pm
that is what this is about for me. not one person on the board lived in public housing in this city for over 20 years accept for me. this is why it is frustrating when we make decisions about people that we need to be thinking about appointing to bring ideas, to bring new perspectives, to change what we are doing on the board of supervisors. this is a great opportunity for change. it is a great opportunity to aproint two incredible individuals and not play politics on the board floor trying to create a seat for somebodys friend who they worked with in a political capacity. i don't support that and i hope that this board will say no to the amendment. there are plenty of opportunities to serve in the city and county of san francisco on
4:11 pm
many boards and i applaud anyone who wants to step up to the plate but no one is intite toold the seat. not one member is entitled to be on the board unless decided by the sate and county of san francisco, not one person is entitleed to any of the seats just because they surfbed in the past and i encourage you colleagues to support the two candidates who have been brought forward to us here today. thank you. >> thank you supervisor mar. >> thank you. i'm going to take a deep breath and say i won't sink to the level of charging nepotism and some other charges that have just come up but i'll say when yite politics come up and try to think who the st person for a position would be i try to think about empowering women people of color and lgbt and other under represented groups. i look at the politics
4:12 pm
and track records people have brought to the table. i have nothing but respect for the candidates that are being proposed by the rules committee which i kented on paester roarer but i think she will make a tremendous addition. peter cohen worked with many low income communities of color, 23 years san francisco resident, brilliant in policy but also connecting to community organizing at the grassroots level. i think as a white alley in broader movement for housing justice there is no better ally regardless of his identity that he represents. i'll just say that also that his experience is so valuable to this committee. his work as a expert in acquisition and rehabilitation reserving existing housing but pulling together communities to work together. the housing preference ordinance was
4:13 pm
brought up and know that ccdc was one of the apountants as was i and i believe for visor tang. i believe choochoowas neutral in that situation so think it is unfair to put peter cohen in that category but that is my understanding of inlooking at politics not just identitys of people and groups and looking at their track record of building supporting advocating for and building coalition that fight for housing justice and affordsability of all raisks throughout the city. i think peter cohen consistency of knowledge of the former redevelopment area to his current work and forward looking efforts, he didn't make the rules committee because he was testifying in sacramento before housing california i believe, so he notified the rules committee of that as well andgist want to call the question and urge people to consider peters
4:14 pm
long experience and how valuable he is to the committee. >> supervisor kim. >> i do have comments to make but before that i have a question for the mayors office and curious how many upcoming vac aensss there are for this committee? >> nicole elliott mayors office president to supervisor kim. i bleechb we have two vacancies on cccd and we are considering candidates for those seats. >> are there specific requirements or preferences in terms of whault the seats cover? >> similar to your appointment these appointments are charged to professional expertise in community development, community development
4:15 pm
fynance, affordable housing, [inaudible] neighborhood planning, workforce development, technical assistance to community base service provider squz capital project and public space improvements. >> i know that it is difficult to get a commitment today from the mayor being he isn't here to consider and appoint pastor megan roarer to the ccdc and while it isn't the mayors role to bring the com bia moments he has done it in the past and hope we will strongly consider pastor roarer because of her tremendous commitment to the poorest and most vulnerability members. there was a time the mayor came in and saved the day and that was over our mtc appointment. there were 2 members the board that wanted to serve on
4:16 pm
our metropolitan transportation commission in twen 2011. david compose was the most senior and differ to siniority about supervisor wiener wanted to serve as well. he called my friend and asked him if he uld be okay setting aside the nomination so sfr riser wiener could serve along with david compose which represents our transportation needs and he came squin made assure both were ail to serve. there is precedent for the mayor coming in and saying we have more qualified nominees and applicants the board would like to see in any given body and qud look to support that membership as well. i will call on behalf the board y
4:17 pm
have tremendous respect sfr pastor megan roarer beyond any type of identification she does serious work for our city. serious work service our poorest residence and it comes from her heart. she tremendous leader and public servant and know supervisor avalos and i work would her and very much like to see her on the [inaudible] that being said, i had long committed tie support to peter cohen weeks ago before i know the full portfolio of applicants applying for the seat. peter cohen has long represented a voice on cccd which represented our affordable housing developers. there was a seat held by renee [inaudible] in the past and held by peter cohen following and it is a important role on the committee and many of the aforeable housing organizations from sf organizing project to chinatown cdc to rebuild san francisco together
4:18 pm
and young community developers have written in support making sure their voices are representative through peter cohen who they all work very closely with. ideally on both of the members will serve and will do all i can to make sure megan has a voice on one of our committees. she is someone that should serve on a city body and represent the voice of the voiceless. thank you. >> thank you. supervisor peskin. >> thank you madam president. i'm delighted there is interest in the body. this is creation of ordinance and administrative code so if there is no desire to accommodate both candidates where think many of us hold in high esteem i hold miss rorer and mr. cohen in high esteem. it is true
4:19 pm
choochoohad a seat on the body but suggest we expand the body by 2 seats so it goes from 9 seats to 11 seats and if it pleases this body i'm happy to introduce the ordinance. >> thank you supervisor peskin. supervisor cohen. >> thank you madam president. i agree the mayor has the ability to come in and bring peace here but don't think it lets people off the hook for the double standard that is presented here and i agree that mr. cohen choochoo and more importantly honoring renee [inaudible] mr. cohen had to use supervisor kim's word long reputation. we are not talking someone who hasn't had a
4:20 pm
opportunity to occupy the seat, we are talking about someone who has and think it is fair to to allow someone else to have a crack and bite at the apple. mr. peskins remarks are interesting because last week one member wanted to split part of a resolution and it sounds like we are trying to bhee accommodating and walk and have it both ways instead of making a decision. adding a seat so we don't have to make a decision. the crux of the point i'm trying to make and supervisor or president breed was making is that we have to be consistent with our talk and walk about moving to be progressive and open minded and thinking forward squu pointing people when
4:21 pm
opportunities become available even if it is meanatize is a loss to us, if it shakes your power base or shakes your core power base, then that is really what it is about. i read a article talking about privilege and privilege is good and don't think a lot of people talk about wanting diversity and equity and paraied until it slaps them in the face and requires them themselves to sacrifice and that is the point we are trying to make is the talk is always one thing, tuesday 2 o'clock and on twitter and facebook but the walk isn't matching the talk. >> roll call vote on the amendment. madam clerk. >> supervisor kim, aye. mar, aye. peskin, aye. tang, no.
4:22 pm
wiener, no. yee, aye. avalos, aye. breed, no. campos, aye. cohen, no. farrell, no. there are 6 aye and 5 no, with tang, wiener cohen and [inaudible] >> the amendment passes. like to make a motion to divide the question. vote on the item separately. the individual separately. >> okay. we'll take the first vote on mrs.- >> i need a second. second by supervisor cohen. >> take the first vote on mr. penn and the second vote on mr. cohen? >> yes mpt . roll call.
4:23 pm
>> this vote is on appointing mr. cohen . kim, aye. mar, aye. peskin, aye. tang, no. wiener, no. yee, aye. avalos, aye. breed, no. compose, aye. cohen, no. farrell, no. 6 aye and 5 no with tang, wiener, breed, cohen and farrell in the descent. >> the resolution is adopted. on the second part the question. >> appointing mrs. roarer. sorry penn. >> kim, aye. mar, aye.
4:24 pm
peskin, aye mpt tang, aye. wiener, aye. yee, aye rchlt avalos, aye. breed, aye. campos, aye. cohen, aye. farrell, aye. 11 aye >> the resolution is adopted. let's go to roll call for introduction. >> supervisor kim is first member to introduce new business. >> thank you. today i'm introducing one resolution and hearing request. the first is legislation to rename the 100 block of taylor the gene [inaudible] cafeteria way. august of this year it will be the 5th anniversary of gene
4:25 pm
[inaudible] turning point not just in san francisco but lgbt community nation wide. it was a moment in time most-ly transwem squn lgbt people said no to police abuse and larger discriminatory practice of society ushering parts the civil right movement. the resolution was written 100 percent of the members of transcommunity including women there on the night of august in 1966. i want to acknowledge and thank fuleasha [inaudible] jasmine dillen and other leaders for the san francisco transmarch for their collaboration on the renaming and on the resolution and for speaking their truth. in the 50 and 60's the compton cafeteria was one of the few places in san
4:26 pm
francisco and probably the nation transgender people come together. even many gay bars shunned the transgender. in the 60 the cafeteria management call thd police and asking them to come and enforce against their patrons. the women and members of the lgbt community began to picket [inaudible] known as compton cafeteria riot. 50 years later we acknowledge the achievement and other community members and acknowledge there is still a long way to go. transwomen are subject to violence across the country squin north carolina we have seen the cod fiication of discrimination against transjener people. our city stands together with the transgender community and honor history juchievement and work
4:27 pm
as legislators and allies are far from done but look forward to the commemoration on transmarch in june. second, i am calling for hearing on below market rate housing with affordable housing unit city. one that was the topic of discussion today. i firstcologyed for a hearing on this item november of 20 freen 14 and was sus priced to discover some tof policies we have in place negatively impact the opportunity for members of the our commune tee who don't speak english proficiently and we dont translate affordable housing application and that many the translated applications i have seen didn't come from the city or market rate developers but from community based organizations who
4:28 pm
translated the application. i was advise there'd were reform and uniformity on marketing standards and tenet selection criteria across 24 programs over seeing the mayors of housing so speepal will not be surpriseed what certain developers allow or not allow and developer get consistent guidance from the city for the size of the add to duration. it is a year and a half since we held that hearing and want to conform what that looks [inaudible] part of the reason i believe the time is right is we are building more housing than we
4:29 pm
have before and what comes with that is we are bringing more below market rate units on line than we have ever before. i rene lee learned that the application process continues to include barriers instead of eliminating them for families and individuals who are eligible for the housing but can't speak english fluently. we heard these complaint for a project one block away from city hall. completing the application squz providing them in a cultural comitant way is the first step allowing everyone to acsays the opportunities. now no one should be treated like a second class citizen which was observed who we sent out to the offices to sigh how vujs who can't speak english were treated and horrified to learn of the
4:30 pm
observations. housing saves lives. i have many constituents but within in particular who is homeless my entire first term on had board who finally won a below market rate condo in rincon hill and it is amazing to see the difference housing has had in his life transforming physically within the first 3 months of having permanent secured housing in a safe neighborhood. there are hundred more the below market rate unit in the pipe line and need to make sure the process is fair and accessible for every member who is eligible. i am call frg a hearing on the below market rate policies and procedures and to answer the question whether the city is doing everything it can to remove unnecessary barrier jz treat all residents with dignity and respect regardless of their capac tee speak english fluently. i
4:31 pm
wanted to say words but will wait until after david compose introduces his legislation on fire safety which i think is important and excited to cosponsor. i would like to submit a in memoriam on behalf of one of our public school teachers. mr. sal va is a second grade teacher who died of a aneurysm. she taught in the philippines and japan and u.s. for over foiv u 45 year jz came to san francisco where she taught at beltsy car michael school for 10 years. [inaudible] her daughter wanted everyone to know how much her mother loved teaching and how much she loved her student many who thought of her as their second
4:32 pm
mother. the chapel where the memorial was held was full with standing room only. we want to send our deepest condolances to mrs. solva and family and also second grade class who lost their teacher . we want to acknowledge tina lang duman and betsy car miling car michael of the community public servant and educates. may you rest in peace. the rest i submit. >> thank you supervisor kim. supervisor mar. >> supervisor peskin. >> refer. >> supervisor tang. >> thank you president breed. today i'm introducing a resolution where i'll call upon the sate to urge the local businesses to actually support other local businesses and to shift additional 5 percent of their
4:33 pm
spending to small and local businesses. so, in san francisco we have over 90 thousand registered businesses and 52,000 of those are small businesses and together they employ about 326,000 residents. one thing we do is ask people to shop locjl buy locally because for every 10 million dollars we spend locally it leads to the creation of 57 jobs so what we are trying to do in connection with office of economic and workforce development and sf biz connect effort we hope the bigger businesses in san francisco can responds their dollars supporting our other local smaller businesses. one of the things that-there are a couple examples i would like to share how this is working. for example
4:34 pm
[inaudible] linked in order some products locally from social imprints which is a print shop in the [inaudible] hires previous incarcerated people. pinterest superated their largeicating contract so some are sourceed by a smaller kate. the warriors order custom chocolates from a dogpatch chocolate ear. [inaudible] made a t shirt for ainker brewing and guitar maker in the sun set working with a amplifying biltder in the bayview. these are examples what we can do when we encourage bigger businesses to also shop local see hope board members with join me encouraging to shift 5 percent of spending here in san francisco. with that, i submit. >> thank you supervisor tang. supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam clerk.
4:35 pm
today i introduce legislation to prohibit city spending both including travel, purchasing and contracting in states that passed lgbt haet laws. i want to thank you supervisor campos and farrell for cosponsor. this will target not just traffic but ban contracting with and purchasing from companies in states that enacted these despicable laws. the legislation was drafted in response to recent hateful laws passed in states like norths carolina and mississippi mptd laws that target the lgbt community for exclusion from full citizenship and status the community. theords nns will codify the existing executive order with modifications that
4:36 pm
mayor lee previously enacted and banned travel to these states so that travel ban will be codifyed in the municipal code. legislation will make san francisco the first jurisdiction in the country to ban city funded contracting with companies that are head quartered in the states as well as purchase of goods and service produced in these states. i am collaborating on the legislation with mayor lee who recently took the lead in creating mayors against discrimination, a national coalition of mayors formed to fight laws that discriminate against lgbt people. i want to note in termoffs business communities response and push back to this type of legislation the work of mark ben off and sales force helping to gal vunize the business community and boy coiting
4:37 pm
states taking this type of action. the ordinance sets forth limited triteria for city departments to appeal the ban for specific contracts or punchs for public health and emergency situations if there is only one source that provides a service or producted. the orbd nns requires the city administrator to create and periodically update the list of covered states to add states or remove states as things change. colleagues it is so critly important all of us in government and business throughout the community stand up and say enough that there will be economic consequences for states that take this unacceptable step. we need to move forward as a country, not backwards and the rest i submit.
4:38 pm
>> thank you supervisor wiener. supervisor yee. >> submit >> supervisor avalos. >> thank you madam clerk. today i'm introducing in memoriam for blanch [inaudible] passed peacefully on april 6, 2016 at the age of 89. she was active member of pilgrim community church on randolph street for all most 60s years serving on the trustee usher and stewardship boards. she was also a member giving responsibility on all boards at pilgrim. she had an desire to learn and ateneded sunday school, vacation bible school and bible study classes at pilgrim. [inaudible] and other local chunchs in san francisco. mrs. dill worth had a voice and sang in a choir and member of the
4:39 pm
interfaith choir in san francisco. she had associate of arts degree in retail floristry and used the talents for those in needs for funeial serving wedding hospital and homes. mr. dillworth was a active senior. she enjoyed traveling and boler and contributed into [inaudible] she especially enjoyed the [inaudible] sume zumba and line dancing [inaudible] she was the wife of late jose dimworth. mirther of helen and gwen dillworth [inaudible] great grand mother
4:40 pm
of ashly jones and sister of willie gibson [inaudible] she will be missed by family, church fally and community at large. >> president breed >> today i am introducing a hearing request to evaluate what san francisco is doing to protect janitor service industry workers, particularly immigrant workers. these are some of the most-vulnerable and tireless works in. many immigrant janitors are women and far too many subject to sexual harassment and exploitation on the job. at home they phase the rising pressure of displacement and eviction. the housing crisis is tuff for all but it is particularly threatening to low wage imgrjt works who jobs are often not guaranteed. the economic boom
4:41 pm
in the city has lifted many boats particularly in the tech sector but the janitors who clean the tech offices are often struggling to sur vive. this is a labor issue, a economic issue and most of all a moral issue. we must do more to help jan iter tooz insure they have a secure affordable place to live in san francisco. i request office of labor standsards and enforcement and economic and workforce development, the commission on status of women, the immigrant rights commission and the city administrator report san franciscos efforts to protect immigrant woman janitors from physical and exnomic exploitation, sexual harassment and displace: i'm look for data on efecktd the booming economy had on the janitorial sector, evaluation
4:42 pm
of the policies and procedures the janitorial service has in place to protect its workforce particularly female workers. what the city agencies are doing to protect janitorial worker squz how private sector companies particularly in tech negotiate their leases and janitorial service contracts. the industry standsered is have a master lease and would like sooto see if this is changing under tech company squz what effect it may have on this sector. i'm looking fordalitya so we can be more informed about this too often overlooked sector. [inaudible] representing 4 thousand janitors is pro pairing for a new contract for janitors. united service
4:43 pm
workers is a state wide negotiation for janitors who work in private office buildings. the janitors can face health care cuts or poverty wages. i hope with support and concentrated erfbts we can void those outcomes. this is a local and state wide fight for janitors. we need stronger protection against sexual assault on the job and contracts that pull janitors out of poverty and into affordable health care and homes. we stand up for emwithen, immigrants and those that work so hard t. is a state wide fight but san francisco can and should lead the way. i look forward to discussing how we will do just that. i want to thank ulgumerandsa president of sciu local 87 and treasurer of labor
4:44 pm
council. [inaudible] supervisor avalos for bringing the state wide issue to my attention and the rest i submit. >> thank you madam president. supervisor campos. >> thank you. i have a number of items i'll try to be as brief as i can. first i want to begin with very important issue which is short term rental and want to thank cosponsor supervisor peskin who is the main coauthor and have been working with him, my office and pretty broad coalition of pretty impressive people i want to thank you supervisor compose and mar and carolyn [inaudible] when fr all the work she put into the issue.
4:45 pm
air bnb numbers we know that we have to strengthen or enforcement of the current short term rental law. that law is not working, it isn't working because it lacks the proper enforcement mechanism. the budget and legislative analyst reports that 75 percent of active air bnb hosts in san francisco remain unregistered. that is all most 2 years since the law was passed. this represents nearly 6 thousand unregistered listings advertised on air bn b. 26 percent are renting unhosted homes for longer than the permitted 90 days. that report also states air bnb is refusing to share the data that helps the city bring the hosts into
4:46 pm
compliance. the legislation for visor peskin and i introduce today strengthens enforcement making the corporation the hosting plat forms accountable along with the host. the weakness of the law is the fact corporate accountability wasn't built into the law and it isn't surpriseing it wasn't a part the first iteration of the law since it was a law written in close partnership with air bnb. this is about not so much changing the substance of the law but focusing on the enforcement of the law. what the legislation that supervisor peskin and i der doing is mandate hosting plat forms verify the unit has a valid registration and there are 3 units hosting plat forms are giving
4:47 pm
to verify the registration. that can verify the registration number in the listing themselves, insure the host include their own registration number in that listing, 3, they can provide the verified registration number to the office of short term rentals prior to posting the listing. the plat forms are out of compliance and will face penalties up to athousand dpls a day per listing. the second item that i have and want to thank carolyn gusen for the work she has done is something that supervisor kim noted and that is legislation and response to the large number of fires we have seen in the mission district and i want to thank supervisor kim, mar, yee, tang and president breed for
4:48 pm
cosponsorship. the mission has seen many fires in the response to those fires we put together and passed a law voted by this board that created a task force of all city agencies responsibility for code enforcement and fire prevention and those agencies through the task force came up with a number of recommendations which are now essentially included in the law. it addresses a number of points. first, the fact that many tenants in san francisco to this day do not opative smoke alarms in their units and the lack of working smoke alarm is a major cause of death from fire. we are this law requiring loaners to provide nrfgz in english, spanish, chinese to renters every year on the importance of smoke alarms and their responsibility
4:49 pm
they as pauperty owners have. the second problem the law addresses is many biltdings don't have opative fire alarms in common areas. this means that in the case of a fire tenants often times are not aware that a fire is actually taking place and we heard this from a number of the people who survive some of the fires that they didn't hear the alarm so this law requires there is proper inspection and testing of fire alarms in these buildsings and also requires department of building inspection maintain a website where tenant can look up for themselves to find out whether or not the building where they live is in compliance mpt the third piece of this legislation addresses the fact many buildings have outidated fire alarm technology in common areas. one thing we have heard from some of the
4:50 pm
surviveers of the fires like at 22 and mission is they never herds the fire alarm. this legislation insures people hear the fire alarm by requiring that the departments follow new standards of the alarm meeting the so call, pillow test. that is the alarm has to be loud enough so that someone is sleeping in they are bed can actually hear it. the fourth point this piece of legislation addresses is often times fires spread too quickly from within bulding to the other and specifically what we do is to prevent the spread of fires or minimize the spread we are requiring that landlords place fire blocks, draft stops or fire safety installation in open accessible attics to insure or prevent as much as possible the spreading of the fire. the
4:51 pm
last piece, what we have seen when tenants are displaced by a fire is most of the time those tenants are left without access to belonging in the biltding and often times they don't know when they will return or information about when the building will be repaired. this legislation insures that once there is a fire that the landlord when a fire occurs must inform the tenants within 72 hours and then one 30 days when the building will be repaired. when they can come back to the building and actually collect belongings and they have basic information so they know what to espect. we heard in a conference from a senior couple the
4:52 pm
[inaudible] who had a fire that happened 4 months ago and haven't gotten any information from the lands lords and quite sadly they have been homeless since the fire and have been sleeping in their vehicle. we have to do bet frr those couples, for those families. we have to do better in san francisco. the next item is-i want to thank hillary roanen my chief of staff for working on this, a resolution i'm introducing at request of mill gr drid moussely, a mother and it is pretty shocking that we have to introduce such a resolution in san francisco, but this is a mother who was recently shamed and hurassed by a security guard for breast feeding her 4 month old son in the waiting room of the human
4:53 pm
services agency in that office which mrs. museny was waiting to apply there california work opportunity to cal works. it is hard to believe that you have to have this resolution, but mrs. museny was trying to feed her 4 month old baby and she was ridiculed by the worker at the hsa department. when mrs. museny called the san francisco police department for assistance because she felt intimidated the plus officer who arrived at the seen was dismissive of complaints and told her that if she nursed in public she might actually be charged with indecent exposure here in san francisco. of course it is a right to breast feed in public in california and government and public
4:54 pm
health agencies across the country passed policyed that encourage mother tooz breast feed their children given the enormous health benefits of breast feeding for the child and mother. given the treatment of this mother i introduce this resolution that is asking all city agencies here in san francisco to post a sign in any public waiting room that clearly welcomes breast feeding in that given the actions of the security gourd guard in this case who worked for the city agency and police officer involved i'm asking the human services agency in san francisco police department train all staff employees, contractor alike about the rights of mother tooz breast feed their babies here in san francisco. the last item is a resolution supporting a 1 day strike that is called apain by the aft local 2121 of
4:55 pm
city college. this resolution supports the right of city college faculty to strike tomorrow. we are at a critical juncture in city college history where we need visionary leadsership to restore city college to the leading community college institution in california. city college is undera tack by the discredited accjc which has been attacking them institution for years. faculty at city college sacrificed for many years to save and rebuild city college. today that faculty earns 35 percent below what they earned in 200 7 and life has gotten more expensive in san francisco since 2007. we need propotional like what supervisor kim introduced. that
4:56 pm
visionary proposal creates more enrollment at the coalage and who are spreading to advance career and make san francisco their home. we cannot grow city college if administration continues to bargain for salary increase that keep faculty at levels they were below in the past. i hope you will join me in supporting this important labor action and thank supervisor kim, mar, yee, avalos for their cosponsorship. the rest i submit. >> supervisor kim can go next. >> thank you i want to to speak in support for david com pose ordinanceory saelft legislation. it was a heavy lift and took over a year of task force meeting and multiple stakeholders including the private property owners, deunlt permit of building inspection and fire and tenant impacted by
4:57 pm
the fires here in san francisco. these fires had a devastating impact and on our most vulnerability residents many are seniors or immigrants who speak english as a second language. the fires impact the oldest buildings which do not have sprinklers and may not have everything in place and are wooden in structure. this legislation will take us many steps forwards down the road to make sure we prevent more fires in the solution keeping tenants in place so they don't lose their homes. it offers to set up a process tenant are allow to retrieve belongings rf a a fire. it is one of the most pornts components the legislation. we don't
4:58 pm
have a protocol in place residents can go and get some of thoest mare personal belongings whether families photo's clothing even if the units remember left unharmed. i want to acknowledge supervirez david compose and staff this was a lot of work and happy to see this is moving forward and thank you supervisor cohen for letting me speak on this ordinance. >> thank you supervisor kim. supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much. i have two meeting requests that i would like to discus today. in advance of the anticipated construction on hill side in the bayview committee, the hill side oof the ship yard project that is built by lunar i want to have a hearing to receive a update and as wrel as updating the community as well
4:59 pm
as board to protect the community from the dust and provide information obthe construction schedule to insure the community has notice and a opportunity to understand the development happening at this particular site. the second hearing request is a hearing to update the land use committee on marketing strategy for below market rate units to insure we are reaching out to qualified san francisco residents in all cornings of the city and insure those that have leftd the city are aware of the opportunities that are in san francisco and so that we encourage them to come back. i want to also hear about the ways and measures that the mayors office of housing is reaching out to qualified residence and insureing they are doing so in multiple languages so there is cultural companyitancy embedded in the outreach
5:00 pm
and media and marketing strat egy. >> thank you supervisor cohen. supervisor peskin. >> thank you madam clerk. i want to join in letting everybody know i'm honored and delighted to be joining supervisor campos in his effort to finally hold corporate on line hosting plat forms accountable for the role they have played and continue to play in exacerbated our housing crisis in san francisco chblt . i think everyone knows the numbers a. pennsylvania state study revealed 30 percent, 378 million of air bnb revenue came from full time operators with rentals available at least 360 days a year. individuals and entities renting out 2 or more residential propertys on air bn and b
5:01 pm
account for 17 percent of host in the 12 cities studies and drives 40 percent which a80s foomore than a half billion a eryoo. it is a business model. i don't have a problem if people want to rent out their places to make ends meet when they are out of town or want to rent a room but in san francisco the study estimates all most 2 thousand units were taken off the market as a result of the under regulate practice combined with limited city enforcement. this was legislated at a time when air bnb and short term rental industry was inunidated san francisco and san francisco politics with a flood of money and it was not a
5:02 pm
auspicious time but there were memberoffs the body particularly supervisor campos and kim and avalos who worked very hard to try to pass effective amendments that would have protected our housing stock while holding these on line plat forms accountable so i'm delighted this legislation has finally arrived and think it is narrowly crafted and will achieve what we need done and hopeful it will pass this body and become the law of san francisco so we can continue to lead the way. also we have been passing quite a number of resolutions in support of legislation at the state level. there is one of them on our agenda later this evening and it occurring to me that it is time i think
5:03 pm
for us to understand what our city lobious is doing, we are the policy body and we take support of the bill i know there is a committee our president serves on with representative oz thf mayors office but would like to call a hearing on the protocols to carrying out duties of representative of city and county of san francisco with policy makers in sacramento. finally, i would thrike adjourn todays meeting in the memory of lilgy yee, mother of dorathy lee, partner of gordon chin >> that concludes the introduction of new business. >> thank you madam clerk. can you read public comment. >> add this time it is the time for the public to address the board of supervisors for up to 2 minutes
5:04 pm
on items within the subject matter to include the minutes without reference to committee calendar. public comment isn't allowed when a item is previously subject to public comment. direct your remarks to the boards a a whole not to individual supervisors or the audience. if you like to display a document on the ovhead please state such to sfgtv and remove the document when you would like to the screen to return. >> first speaker, please. >> i think it is time we have public comment at about 215 so we can come here, speak our mind and leave. some of the mundane topics just go on and
5:05 pm
on. having said that i would like to the controller and city attorneying and naome kelly and mayor and public defender [inaudible] and others to whom i have addressed a personal letter, we have young men and [inaudible] protesting outside the mission police station and the captain of the police station has the adacity not to allow them to use the restroom and has been hurassing them. we need some the supervisors who have a heart to go visit the san francisco mission police station and do something about it. this is san francisco and it is
5:06 pm
not illegal to voice our opinion. i have been there and spent some hours and have seen that everybody keeps the place clean and i haven't seen any ruckus going on. there is more ruckus going on here at the board of supervisors than outside the mission police station. so, you fee supervisors who have your heart in the right place, could you please go to the police station and do something about it? they are lowing laying down their lives because the police bill of rights allow policeman to shoot and kill and ask questions later. >> thank you, next speaker, please. >> [inaudible]
5:07 pm
5:08 pm
>> thank you. next speaker, please. >> good afternoon president breed and supervisors. [singing]. you ask your red corvette, affordable housing mess. fix it up all the best. we'll put you the test. we'll be your housing
5:09 pm
affordable guest. i'm glad this historic item met. [singing]. protect us from the construction dust and make it right not wrong. please make us strong and from the dust and make us strong. we don't want to make another one gone and another gone and make us strong from the construction dust. [single] occd advisory committee pick a good one going away baby for affordable city and you will be to [inaudible] we are going to keep moving on. go [single] somewhere over
5:10 pm
the city hall rainbow, affordable housing flies. it flies over the city hall and it won't make us give to us give it a try. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker please. >> good afternoon. [inaudible] from san francisco. just a little nonsense here. a few months ago i read something about a little boy who thought he was superman but finally got over it but has another identity crisis so here it goes. a little boy walked up to his muthder anded, mom i have a secret i want to tell and she
5:11 pm
said if you tell me your secret it wochbt be a secret anymore. i don't care i want to tell you my secret anyway. mom, i am a girl. you could center fooled me. i have been changing your diapers for years and could have sworn you were a boy. so, how long will you be a girl. he said, forever and ever. you mean to tell me now i have to go out and buy you a whole new wardrobe? no way. forget it. thank you for listening. >> thank you next speaker please. >> hi. my name is merlin and a taxi driver and want to say thank you for letting me speak. i agree with the
5:12 pm
first speaker putting this before you have your meeting because when wree get to talk most give involved in your cell phones and texting while we sit through 2 hours of talking to have two minutes to speak. i also want to say what are you do for the taxi drivers? you are doing all this stuff for different groups but what are you do for the epipool who dedicated the last 30 or 40 years in the city. the big companies air bnb andubeer come here and get this free avenue to do whatever they are doing, they use techniques like brain entrainment and put up ads all over the city to get people to consume products that are not safe. lift driver killed a passenger and mother the son who died is the person who takes liftd is held accountable for taking services
5:13 pm
and the companies put out ads and all these campaign tooz make it like they are soft weir is safe. the drivererize not trained by the sate city or finger printed. it takes forever for things like this to come into talks and feel like you owe it to the people who center have been following the rules and trained. i put in my two weeks at my taxi company and it was hard because i worked with them and have seen the struggles they are going through and i wanted to be there but it is just hard, i can't ufford a sro in san francisco. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker, please. >> tom gillburty. a growth
5:14 pm
development density hub more housing, 88 percent of san francisco can't afford. but do it now affordable housing [inaudible] build build build. we need a now algorithm, it is obvious. we say we need a new change and new policy. new direction. we love leadership from the mayor but he isn't part of that. as long as the developers get their money everything is fine. i applaud 25 percent but think market rate should be only 30 percent. more about that in fact the overhead [inaudible]
5:15 pm
can we see the overhead? just pass that along. just in housing we need a new policy and what we need with the police department we need a new policy. we just had a bravo company applaud 10 years veterans 10 year experience they don't pull a gun, we need them to the defy policy and procedure picking out the police department for our future. applause a new direction. the eastern neighborhood south of market a city booming, a new city bit and yet we have light -rails built with less cars for seats and more room for standing. in state of the affordable housing
5:16 pm
rule i'm for the local zip code rule. i would like to see some people from our neighborhoods investing and enjoying the reaps of new development. we need new direction and security and dignity for those that live in the city. >> thank you next speaker please. >> choochoochoochoo. [inaudible] i live nearby. some years aago and experienced the experience of appointment is done by formula and how all sorts of opportunities simplistic formula, and all sorts of opportunities are lost when that happens. i like the
5:17 pm
idea of if you go with aopponentment looking to newer people and maybe different identity groups. i like that a lot and i wonder where that thinking fs when michael antinni was appointed to the planning commission. i heard commissioner antinina equate into support of urban infill, the idea of putting new housing in denser neighborhoods and led me too cont plate the idea that maybe urban infill isn't cool anymore. by that i mean it is simply not sufficient. it is absolutely not sufficient. >> thank you. any other members that like to provide public comment at this time? please come forward.
5:18 pm
seeing none, public comment is closed. can we go to the without reference to committee items >> 31-34 are considered for immediate adoption without committee reference. a single roll call may enact. a member may have a item considered separately >> any members who would like to sever any items listed. >> 34, please. >> anyone else? >> i like to sever item 31. >> 31. okay. farrell you said 34? >> he said 34 madam president. >> seeing no other names-
5:19 pm
>> supervisor farrell said do not pull 34 but pull 33. >> okay, colleagues. as has been our tradition for the past couple weeks we'll call each item individually rather than collectively as they should be. madam clerk please call item number 31. >> item 31 to urge california attorney general [inaudible] heiress into san francisco please department racial text messages. >> supervisor cohen. >> thank you very much. colleagues the item that is before us today is a resolution requesting that our state attorney general initiate a investigation into the racist text messages and other practices that have been found in our police department. i also circulated a few clean up
5:20 pm
amendment tooz the resolution which corrects a reference to operation safety school which is found on page 1. it add it citation to data reference on page 2 and replaces 2 clauses on state 3 with authority under civil code section 52.3. i'm sure all of us were appalled and angered when we learned a few weeks ago a new group of san francisco police officers were exchanging racial texts and the conitant of the messages were very revealing as well as discussed on national television. we are converted with bias of those who sworn a oath to protect and serve the city and think we heard this cry but when is enough enough? the resolution is asking for
5:21 pm
attorney general to look into a more broadly the practice of our police department. the residents of all of us -we represent the residence and all expressed a concern about the arrest detention and use of force policy in the police department and demanding a change and that there has to be more done to address the concerns. the police department-i'll submit the rest of that. if you don't mind i like to go into detail about the amendment. page 1, line 16 addition of word, whom where and clarify the second part of the sentence by changing file suit alleging to alleged in legaling filings. page 2 line 16 and
5:22 pm
22, the addition of citation where the data in those where as clauses derive from san francisco chronicle and hayward burns institute. page 3, 3-9 will be deleted. like to make a motion to dopt the amendments. i circulated the amendments and ask for your support. thank you. >> supervisor cohen has made a motion to amend and second by wiener. can we take the amendment without objection. without objection the amendments pass unanimously. supervisor cohen, is that it? >> yes, thank you. >> okay. on the items as amended madam clerk can you call the roll. >> supervisor kim, aye. mar, aye. peskin, aye. tang, aye.
5:23 pm
wiener, aye. yee, aye. avalos, aye. breed, aye. campos, aye. cohen, aye. farrell, aye. 11 ayes >> thiz resolution is adopted unanimously. on item 32 and 34 do we need to call those items to take a vote? >> 32 and 34 you can do those without objection. >> i called out item 34. >> not 33? >> both. >> madam clerk please call item 322 >> resolution to commend the men and wem ochb san francisco public work squz declare april 25-29 as public works
5:24 pm
week in san francisco. >> take this item same house and call? without objection the resolution sudoptedue naninously. >> item 33 urge the california state legislation to pose stailt senate bill 1102 which could [inaudible] san francisco and other local jurisdictions ability to enforce regulation of short term rent jl collect transit occupancy tax for rental unit in the city. >> supervisor farrell >> colleagues i know this is just a resolution but i will ask to be excused. as of last month the firm i am involved in has interest in a company that is connect today the short termerant lt company else where and the city attorney informed me i'm not legally required to refrain frame voting [inaudible] >> motion by supervisor campos
5:25 pm
and second by cohen. without objection supervisor farrell is excused. on the item please-supervisor campos. >> thank you madam president. colleagues i have a set of amendments that i have circulated and hopefully you received. >> we have yet to receive them. >> i'm sorry. i know there will be a motion continue for a week so hopefully that gives you time to digest the amendments but essentially this is a resolution i introduced last week apoise posing senate bill 1102 which deals with tax correcting of short term rental. it gives the ability of the state [inaudible] restrict access to data. i want to thank san francisco city attorneys office and tax
5:26 pm
collectors office in san francisco because they have actually made changes to this resolution to strengthen the resolution and to actually enhance protection relative to san francisco. i also want to note the only entity that is currently endorsing this legislation is sacramento is air bnb. the cities pulled their support there bill last week and the reason for the very limited support this legislation has is that the state plays no role anywhere in collecting this tax. i also cht to note the law sets precedent for restricting public right to know which is the reason the sacramento be came out in opposition to the bill in the editorial. i ask for your support and want to thank supervisor peskin, yee, avalos, mar and kim for their cosponsorship.
5:27 pm
>> supervisor campos made a motion to amend. seconded by supervisor wiener. >> thank you. i move to continue the item 1 week. from what i have seen the legislation does raise concerns for me but i haven't had a opportunity to speak with senator mu gire and like that opportunity so ask we continue the item 1 week. >> supervisor wiener made a motion to continue 1 week to the meeting of may 3, is there a second. >> we have to vote on the amendment first. >> if we can vote on the amendment. >> colleagues, the amendment was moved and seconded, can we take the amendment without-it wasn't seconded? >> yes, it was. supervisor
5:28 pm
campos >> we take it without objection. >> it was supervisor wiener. >> supervisor wiener made a motion to amen, can we take without objection? >> i second the motion tew mend and house changed so think we may need a roll call. >> my understanding is we don't need a roll call bought because it is without objection. >> we always indicate in our rules that when the house changed a roll call is taken. >> even for the purpose of a amendment without objection? >> i would just air on the side of caution. >> okay. since we want to prolong the meeting madam clerk can you please call the roll on the specific amendment? >> offered by supervisor campos >> and seconded by supervisor wiener. >> supervisor kim, >> for mr. know it all >>
5:29 pm
>> aye. mar, aye. peskin aye. tang, aye. wiener, aye. yee, aye. avalos, aye. breed, aye. campos, aye. cohen, aye. 10i >> the amendment passes without objection. voted for unanimously. on the item to continue to may 3, 2016 is there a second? seconded by supervisor cohen. colleagues can we take the motion to continue to may 3, 2016 without objection? without objection the motion passes unanimously. alright. madam clerk, let's go
5:30 pm
to had next item >> item resolution declare kfog dj appreciation day >> appreciate you entertain this one. since 82 the disk jockeys of kfog have been a big part of the city in san francisco and many were disheartened to hear they are going away. they helped select record produce live from the archives which raised 4.8 million in the years and contributor to bay-air area food baj banks. great disk
5:31 pm
jockeys [inaudible] shot out to our ish rsh peeps and many others and [inaudible] k fog so unique on the reaio seen. we want to recognize the service of them and all the or the k fog dj and colleagues i hope you join me in this resolution. >> seeing no other names madam clerk can you please call the roll? >> item 34, supervisor kim, aye. mar, aye. peskin, aye. tang, aye. wiener, aye. yee, aye. avalos, aye. breed, aye. campos, aye. cohen, aye. farrell, aye. 11 aye's >> the resolution is adopted.
5:32 pm
>> todays meeting is adjourned in the memory of the beloved individuals on behalf of have visor kim for the late mrs. asenseian [inaudible] supervisor peskin for the late mrs. lily yee and behalf of supervisor avalos for the mrs. blanch wawneta dillwort >> this bring tooz the send of the agenda. madam clerk is there any further business before us today? >> that concludes our business for us today. >> great, we are adjourned. have a great day. [meeting adjourned]
5:33 pm
5:34 pm
5:35 pm
>> good afternoon everybody and welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors' meeting of march 22nd, 2016. madam clerk, please call the roll. >> thank you, madam president. supervisor avalos. >> supervisor avalos? avalos present. president breed? >> here. >> breed present. >> campos present. supervisor cohen. >> present. >> cohen present. >> supervisor farrell not present. supervisor kim? kim present.
5:36 pm
supervisor mar. >> here. >> mar present, supervisor peskin present. >> tang present. supervisor wiener? wiener present. supervisor yee? yee present, madam president you have a quorum. >> thank you, ladies and gentlemen, please join us for the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> thank you. madam clerk, are there any communications? >> yes, madam president. from supervisor farrell, dated march 8th, requesting that he be excused from today's meet colleagues, is there a motion to excuse supervisor faler? motion by supervisor avalos, seconded by supervisor cohen, colleagues can we take this without objection? without objection, supervisor farrell is excused. [ gavel ] >> all right.
5:37 pm
madam clerk, please call the first item? >> item no. 1 is the consideration of the mayor's veto pursuant to charter section 2.106. of an ordinance amending the planning code to increase the transportation sustainability fee for non-residential projects. this ordinance was approved by the board on march 1st, and vetoed on march 11, 2016. the question before the board is shall the mayor's veto be overridden and the ordinance finally passed? the yes-vote overrides mayor's vote and no-vote sustains the mayor's vote. this action requires two-thirds vote, eight affirmative votes despite the absence of a member. >> supervisor avalos. >> i will start with a quote from franklyn roosevelt, test of our progress is rather we
5:38 pm
add more to the abudance of those who have enough, but to provide enough for had those who are little? before us today is the choice to support those who have much, big developers, or those who have little, the working people of san francisco. as we come to the conclusion of the effort on the transportation sustainability fee, i want to thank all of the many people who worked to create this measure, that is before us today. the planning department, and the planning commission, the sfmta, the train providers union and equity coalition and i would like to thank by ladies and gentlemen ive aid jeremy pollack for his tireless work on this version of the transportation sustainability fee. this veto underscores the economic bias of mayor ed lee, a bias that favors the wealthy at the expense of work people. mayor lee has you to thed his reputation to bring people together, however this veto calls into question the
5:39 pm
mayor's consensus approach. i would dual at the end of the concessions approach, get a bunch of people in the room and stack it with the rich and powerful and force the less powerful to make concessions. in the end the working people get less and end up paying more out their own personal pocketbooks for basic city services. the concessions approach, brought us a lower inclusionary-level in the housing trust fund, a lower-level that we're now trying to fix and gave us tepid gross receipts tax that left millions on the table for tech companies to pick up and you now the tsf. when muni has an enorthrop grumman backlog of deferred maintenance, $10 billion deferred backlog as identified by the process, it makes no sense that the city concedes and leaves money on the table for big developers to pick up. the tsf that passed in december was not a consensus measure. , it was a measure that in
5:40 pm
december 7 members of this body voted as inadequate and it make stronger. the 7 voted to bank the revenue from the inadequate tsf and send a stronger measure to committee for approval in accordance with our board rules. the media especially the chronicle has completely blocked out the content of this stronger measure and reported the veto as some sort of political game rather than an effort to give developers a break or to increase revenue for the shortfall in our transportation system. one of our members called the inadequate tsf fair. i asked again fair to whom? notice to the riders of muni who face inadequate funding and knot to the workers of muni, who have to contend with less and certainly not to the taxpayers that foot the bill that sub disses of
5:41 pm
rich and powerful developers are getting. there has been a long public process of the measure before us today and most noteworthy is the planning commission meeting where commissioners unanimously supported all of the amendments i recommended before them, and approved and even stronger measure than the one that is before us today. i also brought all of these amendments up at multiple board of supervisors' land use and transportation committee and here at the board of supervisors. despite the mayor's claim of consensus, with the extension of one letter from the chamber of commerce, i have not heard from a single person who is opposed to this measure before us today. so why the blockout and why the veto? this measure charges $2 per square foot for commercial developments over 100,000 square feet. $2 more. up to $21 a square foot. for commercial property that is in the pipeline, but not
5:42 pm
yet received entitlement from the planning commission and also grandfathers in a new fee set at half the difference between the old tidf and tsf. this before us today raises $2 million annually and $30 million in one-time funds with our enormous transportation needs and huge demands on transit, san francisco cannot afford to turn this money down. adding to the wealth of the wealthy is no why to promote development, nor fulfill our transportation needs. i urge you colleagues to support this measure and be fair to the people of san francisco, the taxpayers, the muni riders and workers and not just to the rich and powerful developers. >> thank you, supervisor avalos. supervisor wiener. >> thank you very much, madam president >> i'll be voting to sustain the veto based on merchant years' of work that went into crafting an excellent transportation
5:43 pm
sustainability fee and did it in a broad-based collaborative way that will significantly benefit our transportation system over time. i want to commend supervisor avalos for that. i thought it was just a really barn-burner speech that if you didn't know anything about what has land happened to-date, you might say wow how could i make a different position? the problem with the comments that we just heard frankly completely ignores everything that went before. the transportation sustainability fee is not a new thing that just materialized out of thin air. for years and years five years for me, and i know there was work even before i got involved, we had been working to take our transportation impact development fee that has been on the books for 35 years, and to bring it into 21st century to have developers pay significantly more and that is exactly what we did. when you look at what the
5:44 pm
tif d the item that was passed by this board last yeah, takes the annual contribution of developers to our transportation system from $26 million, a year. to $45 million a year. it almost doubled what developers will pay per year into our transportation system, nearly a $20 million increase. that tsf, that $20 million increasing, the near doubling the transportation sustainability fee was achieved because what we did for the first time ever in 35 years we extended transportation impact fees to be residential development. residential development for 35 years did not pay a penny under our transportation impact development fees and we fixed that by including residential development for the first time. in addition under what we passed late last year, we
5:45 pm
significantly increased what commercial development had to pay compared to what they had previously paid and not only did we increase it, we increased it in what was initially introduced and supervisor cohen and i in committee increased it onn commercial development yet again. so for years we worked on this. we came out with an excellent product that will produce almost $20 million a year more than what they were paying otherwise. so to suggest that anyone, the mayor or members of this board of supervisors are trying to cut developers a break, frankly is ridiculous. developers are going to pay almost $20 million a year more than they would have otherwise for a total of approximately $45 million a year in transportation impact development fees, paid for by developers. to say that if you are not in favor of increasing it from $45 million to $47 a year, you are somehow not
5:46 pm
supporting working people and you are siding with the 1% is absolutely specious and political game and that is what this is really about. we took a gigantic step forward putting legislation together in the way that you should put it together and we passed it and it's done. at some point the legislative process ends and you move forward with implementation. anyone can always take the position it's not enough and that developers should pay more, but what we did was a gigantic step forward. what is being proposed today, frankly, is very, very small. it's not going to accomplish anything, but i do understand it makes for good political theater. i will be supporting the veto today. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. supervisor mar. >> thank you. i wanted to respond to a few of the points that supervisor wiener made ands will thank
5:47 pm
supervisor avalos and vision zero and pro-transportation coalition for standing up to override the mayor's veto. it's $2.4 million a year that would go into a better transit system and $30 million in one-time revenue. i don't think that is a little amount. though we need much more. but i think this is about equity and it's about requiring the largest developers to pay their fair share as supervisor avalos mentioned. so i urge my colleagues to join supervisor avalos and myself and others to override mayor lee's unfortunate vetov this task force measure. thank you. >> thank you, supervisor mar. supervisor campos. >> thank you, madam president and with all due respect to my colleagues, who will be voting to sustain this veto, the argument that is being made by these developers is sort of what happened with airbnb. it took airbnb so many years to pay its back taxes, and it
5:48 pm
was so used to not playing by the rules for so long that when it finally followed the rules, it was actually boosting about that. in this case, these developers are not used to paying nothing for so long that when they are paying an amount, even if it's a small amount relative to what they should be paying they somehow think they are giving their -- they doing us a favor. let's be clear here, it is a giveaway to big developers and it so happens in this case , people say, at one point legislative process those end. why is it that the legislative process has to end when it actually benefits developers? how about stopping the legislative process when it gets to the point of actually helping real people, regular people? that is what we are saying. you know, they may argue all
5:49 pm
they want, but at the end of the day, they are giving a big giveaway to development community. >> thank you, supervisor campos. supervisor kim. >> just want to speak in support of supervisor avalos' amendments to the transportation sustainability fee. this has been a long-term discussion and, in fact all of these amendments were before the planning commission and, in fact they supported more tiered fee structure for how we do transportation fees for particularly our commercial buildings and our residential, depending on size. we know that those who build larger projects not only have a larger impact on our transit system, they can also usually afford to pay more. this is modest change, but more fair change not just for the every day residents of san francisco, but developers as well. each project is not equal and it makes sense that we tier
5:50 pm
our fee as the projects get larger he you pay a little bit more. as you create more jobs and put more workers in the downtown area, you pay a little bit more to help support our transit system. over the last couple of weeks we have been having conversations about what is the most appropriate revenue source for funding public transit? and this board agreed that one of the ways to do that was not a flat fee on tow away charges that can change anywhere from $600-$800 that really impoverished low-income and working-class households and residents in the city. we worked with sfmta to reduce the fees and acknowledging there would be a hole in the budget when we took that revenue source away. now the more appropriate revenue source for funding our public transit system is a progressive tiered fee. this is one of those options and alternates. we can ask for developers who can give more to our public transit system and certainly a lot more than our working-class residents that get slapped with a $600-800
5:51 pm
tow away charge for one singular mistake and yet this board is now going to stay they can't support a slight increase in the transportation sustainability fee. i think that this is an important policy question for this board to continue to tackle? there there are ways that are not as regressive to continue to invest in our transit system and members have said they would introduce a set aside or supplemental appropriation if of which i think we all agree is right thing to do. i think this is one of those appropriate revenue sources to help continue to support our rich and well-developed public transit system. so i will be voting to support supervisor avalos' amendments today. >> thank you, supervisor kim. supervisor avalos. >> thank you. just to continue my political
5:52 pm
theater, i actually agree with supervisor wiener. there has been a great deal of work on creating a new tsf and i would say that supervisor wiener has done a lot of work only that. and i do appreciate his movement to build a new framework for the tsf. we needed that new framework because we left a lot of money on the table compared -- compared to what we have in place now. by not approving the tsf and that was something that was really important to me. we developed a framework for the tsf, but how we settled on a fee that is anemic compared to what it could be with this measure is something beyond me? i don't know how we got to settle on the fee that we have today? we had discussion in committee to raise the fee. there were votes in committee to do that and the votes kept it in committee to be the lower fee until we actually made this new improved
5:53 pm
version before us today. we had six members of the board of supervisors who supported -- that is the majority -- who supported this higher fee, which will raise $2 million a year and $30 million in one-time funds. that to me says there are many ways that we could have crafted the fee beyond the framework that we put together over the years. so this framework, this fee that we have before us today, means that we approve it, and override this veto, we're saying to the taxpayers you will not have to subsidize the transportation impacts of big development. that is the final vote we have today. by sustaining the veto, you are saying to the taxpayers, it's you who have to pay for the impacts of big development and not the developers themselves. that is the clear choice that is before us today. >> thank you, supervisor avalos. supervisor wiener. >> thank you. you know, i just -- and
5:54 pm
supervisor avalos, we actually work well together on a lot of transportation issues and i know we will, we just have a real disagreement on this one. to suggest that the tsf is telling developers that they don't have to pay is just not consistent with the facts. developers are going to pay $45 million a year under the tsf, $19 million a more year than they would have paid. we almost doubled what developers have to pay. we extended it the first time to residential and increased it repeatedly on commercial. so if someone wants to argue that we need to -- that there is some sort of meaningful difference between $45 million a year and $47 million a year, let's be real clear. that is what the argument is here, should they pay $45 a year or should they pay $47 million a year? that is what this big argument is about
5:55 pm
and to suggest that is the difference between developer s paying their fair share and not paying their fair share, that -- there is no basis for doing that and that is why i referred to this as a " political theater." because it's not about the actual money. i have fought very hard for funding for transit. authored proposition b, that is generating almost $30 million a year for transportation in the city. now every member of this board of supervisors supported proposition b. it made it barely out of this body to the voters. so i get it; that we need more funding for our transportation system. but to have a fight between $45 million and $47 million it is not about the money. that is about scoring political points vis-a-vis the mayor or whoever else. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. supervisor avalos. >> thank you. i have just wanted to have the last word. [laughter ] thank you supervisor.
5:56 pm
and with that, colleagues, madam clerk, can you please call the roll? >> on item 1, supervisor breed? >> no. >> breed no. supervisor campos? >> aye. >> campos aye. >> supervisor cohen? >> no. >> cohen no. >> supervisor kim? >> aye. >> kim, aye. >> supervisor mar? >> aye. >> supervisor peskin. >> a. >> supervisor tang? >> no. >> supervisor wiener? >> no. >> supervisor yee. >> yee aye. >> supervisors avalos. >> avalos aye. >> six ayes and four twos supervisors breed, cohen, tang and wiener in the dissent. >> the veto is sustained and the ordinance fails. [ gavel ] >> madam clerk, please call the next item. >> item 2 is an ordinance to suspend administrative code section 21.1. the competitive solicitation process for electronic health
5:57 pm
record system for the department of public health san francisco health network to approve the selection of the regents of university of california as the preferred contractor. >> roll-call vote on item 2. >> supervisor breed? >> aye. >> breed aye. >> supervisor campos? >> aye. >> campos aye. >> supervisor cohen. >> no, cohen no. >> supervisor kim? >> no. >> kim, no. >> supervisor mar? >> aye. >> mar aye? >> supervisor peskin? >> peskin aye. >> supervisor tang? >> tang aye. >> supervisor wiener? >> wiener aye. >> supervisor yee? >> yee aye. >> supervisor avalos? >> aye. >> avalos aye. >> there are eight ayes and two nots with supervisors cohen and kim in the dissent. >> the ordinance finally passes. [ gavel ] . >> next item, please. >> item 3-5 were referred without recommendation from the budget and finance committee. item 3, is an ordinance to appropriate $2.5 million from the general fund reserve to the recreation and park
5:58 pm
department for facilities improvements in the geneva car barn in 2015-16. >> supervisor avalos? >> thank you, president breed. colleagues, i first want to thank the budget committee for forwarding -- for hearing this item and moving it forward. this supplemental, was something that i had introduced in early december before the mayor's budget instructions had come out. this is a project, geneva office building powerhouse has been a project decades in the making. it sit on the corner of san josé and geneva avenue. and it's an industry area that is passed through by thousands and thousands of people going to muni and bart every morning and evening. this is an industrial area right in the middle of district 11, between mission
5:59 pm
terrace neighborhood, cuyahoga neighborhood and it would be a vital place to put together a place to go through, that is just not a place to pass through on your way to bart or muni. we are already making a neighborhood here in this neighborhood by building affordable housing across the street from geneva office building. the powerhouse that is before us today, that this supplemental would fund would fund phase 1 of the building that would create an arts space, performance space, and practice space, that would be used by arts organizations in the southern part of san francisco. heretofore in the city's history we have never had such a facility in the southern part of san francisco and it's vitally needed especially when we see in district 11, there are hundreds of artists who make their art in the city, but practice it elsewhere. we also have a really great organization called the
6:00 pm
youth art exchange, that does some incredible work and does a lot of community development work through art, and this would provide a great venue for them to showcase their work in the district. right now they do it soma, rather than district 11 where they are based. there are a lot of things i could say about this neighborhood and how its been passed over by decades' of neglect from the city, and during our economic boom, we have seen much of san francisco transform itself before you are as and not just new buildings maze made for the private sector, but development fees and neighborhood impact fees around those developments as well. but we see no development in district is he and general fund dollars that go from our city budget to support the developments around big developments in other part of th


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