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tv   Planning Commission 42816  SFGTV  April 30, 2016 12:00am-2:01am PDT

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store of its size capacity within a quarter of a mill from the mc-3 and the only formula retail within the vicinity that will - the project meets the ms. hayward requirement and is desirable and compatible with the needs of neighborhood buildings that i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> opening up for public comment. >> this location south van ness 21 square feet building to be occupied by the foods going to the 1950s the commission approved that portion of space in 2012 but fresh and easy went out the business unfortunately, it is vacant for a number of years the store has 40 new
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employees and the grocery outlet is working with meta a assist with the hiring wooech we've committed to - month stores we're committing to 100 percent at that location we worked with the local nonprofits to replace a mural along south van ness and we're also working on a new mural on the interior wall of the site there is a type 21 alcohol license with wine and beer like fresh and easy we're not going to sell liquor that also associated with the site but not intend to sell liquor we'll add landscaping and fencing around the parking lot pursuant to the shaping ordinance we've done a lot of
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outreach for this store we held the community meeting in event with 20 attendees and met with communities and went through outreach efforts so again in closing i think this is a great fit when most of the retailers are serving one particular group is really provides many different communities in the city we request our support thank you. >> thank you opening up for public comment scott daniel. >> thank you commission in will only take a moment i was speaking on item 12 a mom ago i meant that for 13 so skis myself thank you. >> daniel
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(calling names). >> good evening i'm a teacher athletic director others visitacion valley in san francisco a native san franciscan and have the fortunate opportunity to live and work in the city and county of san francisco last thanksgiving after thanksgiving returned to the school and found our bike locker we use for kids to teach them how to ride bike every single bike in the locker was gone eric from the visitacion valley grocery outlet stepped forward between minutes of us posting on social media and paid for an entire new fleet of bikes grocery outlet is a company that talks the talk and don't what we
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said it would be detrimental not to consider them for permits they went they'll actually help you've heard from numerous speakers 24e8 they'll put people in jobs and allow people if live here in addition we have a petition to present to the board of 50 teachers from visitacion valley middle school in support of grocery outlet >> thank you. next speaker. any other speakers on this project seeing none, this portion of the meeting is closed commissioner moore. >> it was introduced in the previous project so i move to approve. >> second. >> second. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. for all the same reasons i'm supportive of this i think that is area that really
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needs a /* grocery store we heard of grocery stores reasonably priced and employ locally plus a wonderful project so i'm completely supportive. >> i have one question of the project sponsor project sponsor do any grocery outlets sell spirits. >> yes. approximately 20 or 25 do. >> but we do not in any of the san francisco locations. >> thank you there is a motion that has been seconded to approve that matter with conditions commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner wu and commissioner vice president richards so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously 6 to zero. >> next on 16th street the
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large project authorization. >> enact chris planning department staff it is a large project authorization for the proposed mixed use on 16th street under the lp a it is seeking the planning codes requirement for a rear yard and permitted obstructions over the street within the umu mixed use zoning district and 68 height and bulk within the castro hill neighborhood that is within a transitioning corridor a variety find one and two industrial building and mixed use
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development a restaurant and jackson playground are located within the broader neighborhood as well the property itself is a flat lot located on a double corner rectangle shaped on the advisory committee of 16th street between wisconsin the subject lot is a one story 36 thousand square feet that covers the lot to demolish the industrial building and construct a 6 story 60 feet would have had and 45 mixed use development with one hundred plus dwelling units and commercial space and 33 feet of pdr it is a mixed use of 10 three bedrooms and 64 two bedroom and two one bedrooms and
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studios 24 represents 14 percent of the composition as two bedrooms or larger it is in a u shaped it is a well defined strait wall providing the courtyard towards the interior beginning and second level podium the protection is contemporary in its design housing palate that is transparent glass and aluminum framed windows for the central lobby and vehicular access to the ground floor vehicular parking within a stack configuration to accommodate one and 11 office space is seated off wisconsin street with regards to the rear yard modifications the planning code requires a 25 percent rear yard whereas the project in the irked
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shaped configuration combrovpz into that in order to organize the massing towards a future mid block open space with regard to the obstructions over the street the modifications the sponsor seeks to have the dimension requirements of the frontage to better have a primary facade and also requiring modifications at the time the packet the department has letters of support from the san francisco action coalition and grow sf pr those groups cite the support for the program magnificent design and neighborhood outreach and density, family-sized composition and the composition provided the department has 3 letters of omissions expressing
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concerns and from safe the hill members this is the presidio's and in active ground floor and the lack of evaluation as well as lack of detail at the roof subsequent to the paunth they have letters of concern with the projects sustainability and the construction mitigation manufacture subsequent the department i'm sorry the project sponsor dialogues are the neighborhood groups would express concerns that results from the subsequent of the packet mailings that is in the associated plans which i'll hand out now to the group. >> there are 3 specific changes designating the ground floor 3 thousand plus square
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feet retail use at the corner from commercial to pdr i'm sorry from pdr to commercial that results in square feet of commercial, and, secondly, to designate 4 to 6 ground floor units of pdr resulting in 3 thousand plus square feet of approve or disapprove and lastly designating the last ground floor units as flexible occupancy units for the units to have accessy units the project sponsor is adding conditions of perusal that is the materiality elimination and rooftop concerns as well as being repetitive to the commissions concerns in the packet in anticipation of the new inclusionary housing
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legislation that might take effect the staff recognized and had added did language to the motion for the reference they're supportive and inclusive with the things i've outlined therefore staff asks for approval that incorporates those finding and subject to the continue condition in the staff report it compiles with the requirement of general plan planning code and as well as the castro hill area plan that is located within the zoning district where retail use and pdr are principally permitted with a mixed use development with landscape with the san francisco better streets plan and adds one hundred and 72
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units for the housing stock with commercial space and square feet of pdr to partial offset the existing pdr use and the project is compatible with the neighborhood context and the project complies with the program this that concludes my presentation. and i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> project sponsor please. >> good afternoon commissioner president fong and commissioner vice president richards i'll joined. >> by architect we're workshop one for t1 for the 130116th street the project varies slooiktd from the plan to the packet my apologies last minute changes we're happy about the changes we're able to negotiate
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chris passed out copies of letter outlining the changes for those of you who don't know with the project it is located within the base of castro hill along 16th street within carolyn and wisconsin street a mix of industrial residential and commercial and institutional uses you'll see a birds eye view as you can see one block north of jackson playground, and the existing neighborhood context is largely industrial with that said, a number of large projects that are approved as shown here our site the existing building is the single store 38 thousand pollute whatever built in 1972 and in short a gray windowless shed here's the view from the corner
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of wisconsin and 16th street here almost similar from streert and wisconsin i mean 16th street and carolyn this is the view of 17th street and wisconsin this is a large auto body repair shop the - ♪ picture you see at that location carolina is an unimproved student are no sidewalks that is zoned umu i to up a map seconds from the map 16th street a buffer zone pdr uses on one side mixed use developments on the our side of 16th street and as you go
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potrero hill it is residential height follows a similar plan concentrated on this coordinator and reduced as you head up castro hill we initially started this in march of 2012, 2013 and before starting we conducted a couple of analysis a shadow analysis and at a hillside analysis as with most analysis's we created a calculated did shadow and quickly devoted no shadow an jackson playground regarding the hillside we went to various locations across potrero hill and used the 3-d massing for this project this is a image of our massing from 20 and dzhokhar the views
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were not impacted over the course of the 3 years of planning as you can imagine we received a tremendous amount of community impact especially from the potrero boosters we'll have 6 altercations and four of those project renderings in your packet on sheet in 2014 we meet with the boosters and significantly reduced the massing of the exterior design and reduced the units count from 2 housing unit 76 to 74 it was smaller units with an average sized e size of housing unit 75 square feet take into account the students and usf staff in 2015 with the community input we had a change on the project
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adding more commercial space and units more towards families and reduced the count to one hundred and 72 with a size of seven hundred and 78 square feet the item before you is essentially the same it consists of one hundred and 672 units one hundred 4 are family-sized and 16 percent that rate goes up to 17 percent and an average size of seven hundred and 87 square feet there are 6 thousand plus square feet of high quality commercial 3 thousand seven hundred of 4 of pdr, 200 and 80 bike parking spaces that is one and a half per unit and one and 11 audible
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parking spaces with with that, i'll i'm going to turn it over to to mike to talk about the building >> i've got material - this lead to the design in design our product from 16th street and carolina it is a direct result of neighbors comments and communities before i discuss the products i want to discuss it's massing and configuration as shown in the courtyard plan the u shaped configuration with the southern orientation go facing the hill this courtyard manufacture 50 by one hundred and 50 feet and designed by the studio and predominantly visible the courtyard is through the
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building on 16th street dividing the project in half with a wide breezeway for the visible connecting courtyards on 16th street this breezeway establishes a massing along 16th street pr along carolina and wisconsin street the project is divided by this to create definition volumes for the overall mass creates landscaping the top level of the volume are setbacks to distinguish them from the the corner to the neighboring spiritual building overall the combined area of the courtyard are approximately a quarter of an area regarding our ground floor i'll present the changes in the last
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twenty-four hours with the result of neighbors requests along the ground floor we've aligned them with front page front street uses most importantly to have large beautifully prominent commercial spaces locate at the buildings corner and they break and enter from at all ceilings to articulated storefront and deep resolution in landscape bulb outs we think that will be a fantastic sidewalk location within between those and the projects residential and abundance is bicycle parking this shows the breezeway the rest of the carolina and we wisconsin are aligned with residential sites with two pdr spaces as shown in purple that
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has a beautiful escape and common open space designedcy fetcher studio one view from the hill the projects landscaping is of the courtyard and superimposed on the sidewalk back to the interior to emphasize this we'll providing a tone a high range that has a wood veneer a great product we think that it's newly outlet is because of the materials and each the buildings distinct buildings with the patterns and the decks with the finer details with the residential use with that, that concludes my presentation. and thank you for your time and consideration. >> okay. thank you
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opening up for public comment i have one speaker card ron. >> this is actually what i was here for (laughter) this is exactly what the eastern neighborhoods plan and umu zoning was designed for it is also an example what happens when active neighborhoods organizations work with people who are willing to work and listen to them and as we know and you in particular as well as my myself this doesn't always happen you have the 16th street corridor the new most important transit corridor in the city
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that is linking mission bay and usf in a beautiful kaiser medical office building together with the 16th street bart station and the changing industry all important what happens along this corridor as you saw from some of the diagrams mentioned to you that 16th street is sort of that divided line and the use of residential along there together with pdr and with flex space and very importantly having commercial space that close to the original major park in the level area of the hill is very, very important i will notice if you check the
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map during the p d m .6 was worked out to .6 this is interesting i have a situation again as i mentioned at a time of high rate bicycle park over the one for one units one and a half approximately it meets all the requirements i have met with the design team a number of times met with them as the potrero boosters. >> number of times and the dog patch association they've been working right up to last week, i had a bunch of questions they have been answered with the new material that was given to you i wish it came easily it would
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have made things easier but this is not how planning is done in san francisco there should be continuing efforts between the neighborhood and the department on some finishing and materials and that sorts of thing but that is easy to do so i urge you to approve the project with that as a condition thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners rob poole/san francisco housing action coalition. speaking our on behalf of the business individual members so we actually saw that iteration over two years ago about 2 a hundred and 74 units that was aggressive maximizing
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out the site at the cack and spoke of the massing and improved the design we like the conversion of units they had to cut out 64 unions of housing with the process and engagement with other neighbors and organizations so we're supportive of those that effort we think they have a good project with you know a lot of things that ron said were very high parking ratio we're trying to push for one space per bedroom that parking ratio is okay the streetscape improvements are tremendous and make that a better pedestrian area and a lot of activity on 16th street it is an emerging transit corridor we should pay attention to it and this is a project for the city
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it is good and you know basically like i said, we hope you support it today thank you for your time. >> good evening, commissioners austin with grow san francisco to start out i parked next to it building for all 2015 i'm so exciting to see it dull building and activated into the community that is about time this district was shown love i'm excited they're here i'm very excited, of course, for the height and density to the community i'm proud to say those developers reached to the folks and built to scale what the neighbors wanted this is something the commission should listen i want to point out i drove to this building every
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single day if we reduce park i would like this developer paid $2 million and so this helps so up encourage the commission to approve this project per staff recommendation thank you. >> good evening commissioners president of the potrero hill boosters association my first meeting and at sponsors was in october of 2013 out of the last 2 1/2 years we've seen the accommodation of the project from building envelope to the facade treatment we made a lot progress and while the boosters membership has no organization i'm pleased to report we're substantially talking about this in october of 2015 some of the
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concerns have conditions and the project sponsor has been working diligently to have them included will have angle active ground floor that is a mixed use you've seen the drichlz that the two large are commercial spaces and the pdrs spaces that have been roll call been and this neglect go unit that take an commercial or residential we hope that serves as projects in the neighborhood the developers were able to achieve this by scaling back the parking ratio so over 26 eyewitness news units we understand the flow of cars is a burdensome and also parking make appropriate we want this to be the most transit rich and the developers willing to create
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space for people i mentioned the treatment of the facade we felt the southern side is for the visitors to have the same careful finished design as shown in the renderings the front the project sponsor - to insure the quality of the design on all the building spaces last we request the community schedule for the project the project sponsor have agreed through a public merging for a 311 to discuss this site mitigation plan in context with the e-mail innovations on the construction and serve as a point of contact and this should be made a condition of the projects approval it has come a long ways we ask this by the
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boosters and the project sponsor b be included new year in your view the project thank ewyea in project thank in your view the project thank you. >> hi alison with booster responsibility let me begin by saying we're appreciative of the 11th hour go changes negotiated by the boosters by our letter in particular we heartily welcome the proposed process for engagement with the neighbors on construction go activities and hazardous materials those conditions add a layer of public notification and accountability that has been lacking in the program we hope that proposal is the new normal for the projects as development on contaminated
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sites and want to participate in the rooftop in order to insure the neighborhood input and our concerns with addressed we ask the commission to provide oversight through the review of the final design now i'm afraid i need to return to a familiar scene and see the plan exception doesn't accurate addresses the impacts despite clear evidence to the contrary the planning department continues to insist the growth of potrero hill has quote been planned for and the effects of that growth were anticipated and considered in the eastern neighborhoods plan eir the planning department own analysis shows the lemon sided growth has exceeded the plans
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adapted in 2008, the implications are becoming more evidence by the day with drastic loss of pdr traffic gridlock and wovrlg the air quality ate little failure of the city to provide open space for our rapidly growing neighborhood it should be obviously or observe that painting this and adding bulb outs and bike lanes will not address the potrero hill issues magical thinking and blinding right thing to do this exception is just going to make things worse it is way past time to get real and address the failures and unfor seen consequences the eastern neighborhoods plan.
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>> next item, please. >> good afternoon. i'm shawna homeowners singles 1997 with the homeowners in potrero responsible as you recognize us we're consistent a team of potrero hill neighborhoods that are trying our best to perform good stewardship of our quality and character i'm going to urge you to not approve that poorly located project first of all, because we're over development and we're facing a total on and on slough of negative impacts that is getting frustrating one specific point that might be the commission to look at is the
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entertainment's commissions recommends which we've heard from today i'd like to point out that there is an entertainment venue the park side for many generations it is one of the if you family-friendly it is fee or no isn't it a fact there is an europe door and outdoor spaces that are unique venue in the potrero hill i have a fear a very expensive luxury development wage a short distance of that indoor and outdoor is at risk out of order one thing i see was not addressed on the chris towns recommendations here are guidelines are a huge fat rated
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festival going on for 25 years the streets are closed on saturdays and sunday thousands of people loud outdoor musical event that is because this place is spiritual area it is closed and most businesses are close on saturdays and as you understand or sunday's and draws a huge community input compared to how the castro used to be in terms of halloween this is not fortunately benefited out if this sensitive area that provides good inexpensive entertainment will be at risk by the approval of luxury housing adjacent thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon commissioners
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my name is cashing i'm a resident of castro hill i'm going to read a letter from an artist that lives on the hill and who has been his life is dramatically changed because of affordable housing. >> san francisco needed more housing developers got the go ahead to construct bigger on that ground bigger buildings with smaller and smaller units the theory was all the blatant complexed taking over the city escape will take the pressure off the markets and lower the rents didn't happen their priced for the older apartments coming to markets are higher salary workers mommy protecting artists and small businesses are adapted
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by the can't afford to stay in san francisco and some just don't want to stick around as san francisco changes i'm one of those artists forced to move due to redevelopment many of my friends have left san francisco i choose to stay for now i question my decision daily have to work longer hours to may more i have less 7, 8, 9 and be able for for art and plus any long times suppliers are moved out of town or closed their doors the resources have been a bummer to planning commission if we have more of those impressing box buildings that look like projects only for the rich please reign them in so is that i live not gigantic they take the fun out of walking in san francisco and insist they
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include pdr space what did you do pdrs space neighborhoods lose convenience and vitally and feel like suburban developers are making lots of money they can thank you trisha. >> any other general public comment on this item. >> not seeing any, public comment is closed. commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i think that as a very good project as has been evidences by comments if a number of different people in the process for 3 years or more and has made some concessions in responds to the neighborhood concerns it is spelled out the fact recently doubled the amount of commercial and providing for is significant amount of pdrs 42
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multi bedroom apartments and was mentioned to me whether or not it is true a contribution on the way to jackson playground i think this project is important too because jackson's needs help and more usage ms. wonderful and the flex pdr space is will allow pdr should the residents want to do it operationally is important but lots of support and 5 meetings with the potrero boosters and also located exactly where it should be as evidenced by 16th street is designated for pdr and to the south is a umu the area from the designated amount of pdr we did in eastern neighborhoods is to be drawn we did not earmark exactly where that pdr will be coming from we're only at thirty percent of the amount that is
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slated to be drone by 2030 we're not - staff can talk about the argument over built and residential. >> all right. potrero once again an overall eastern neighborhoods design of the amount of housing will be create it is not that specific but let staff make those points in the future meetings sometime i think bringing the unit to one and 76 units loud for larger units that is very good onsite affordable and they're making improvements and continue to work with staff on the roof design as well as making the south facing wall a property line attractive because who knows how long it will until
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something is built there the other thing i'll ask typically by a requirement that passed a couple years ago when a project is built the project sponsor is obligated to to the renters of the entertainment venue in the area would expect it is part of what we're approving the condition to they will these who will rent or buy will know there are this entertainment venue as well as the annual events we'alludes display cast a shadow on jackson playground so i move to approve. >> second. >> commissioner moore.
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>> glad to see this stand in contrast of other projects i believe that the februar february 2016-2017 interim controls have helped given the community tools to raise continues were not pay attentioned i'm for this design the architect this time divided the courtyard into units in much more amenable dimension you recall i'm taken this on a number of times and in this particular case doesn't need the units with exception to the exposure requirements delighted to see not only the proper courtyard but creates a
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interconnection that makes the project well fitting it's context i appreciate the community spend the ti the time pushing back the issues i find the last alterations to my liking i hope that sticks out has the necessary immunizations of the smaller retail tenants we get the variety that looking forward to venture appropriate to the neighborhood it is an exception of dog patch is one of entrepreneurial - i would like to add one modification and you'll probable be surprised but i'll lie laying it out i
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think someone may have been i think potrero boosters and/or mr. miguel speaking about the appreciation of the finishes and design and while the materials were handed out there was one element i think this is real signature element of building i'd like to more attention and custom design attention those are the railings the proper new railings at this moment are incredibly important part of variance by which the building uses the balconies and the vertical pick the as the signature of the building, however, it maybe only one in the renderings i don't see a detail and the the devil is in the details as you may know it is not only how the parts i
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mentioned but how their attached to the rest of the building we all know from buildings where we see strange standing on the facades if this is not properly done all the attendance allows them to work against you that leads to the designing is indeed by the department and custom design in order to at justice to the sixth amount of attendance you've spent to the rest of the building otherwise you have my support and in a house that is added to the modification and i accept that as the maker of the motion. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> i think this - sorry. >> i think it was seconded. >> this is a good project with good community design and a
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fairly dense project a win-win for everyone hats off to the that is the standard and want that repeated whoever is listening i think one of the items we talked about over and over the lack of retail on the empowering it is hard to see the retail use the commission looked at the with the retail on the ground floor to create their activate in the neighborhood activated the voids a couple of things the folks that come out and spoke about the artists displacement of the issue with the park see and some of the events that the city has had no longer don't they don't go you think noted we're balancing the things we see here in a retrofit the part
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that provides the affordable housing onsite 27 units will be a great thing 17 percent with the legislation that is for you know complete neighborhoods with an economic diverse citizenry i'm totally supportive and csa as for halloween that was mentioned by one of the speakers you know, i was around in halloween 25 years and probably starts on polk street but leading against it, it is no fun to be in your neighborhood and afraid to go out when people are murdered the first floor we cancelled for the same reason people come into the neighborhood they don't want to celebrate. >> make trouble those are
12:50 am
elements dependent of the project it is 36 they were not cancelled because of the neighbors noise but every year that keeps on changing and projects within the footprint the fair and the loud music and dancing and this is something i looked for wow, you, have a both ways i'd like to see pink saturday come back and the events safer i'm very, very supportive and predict especially the neighbors are hanging in that so thank you. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you very much i echo a lot of what commissioner vice president richards said about the community engagement we saw last minute changes were normally perturbs the commission and wherever they're good changes
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that is good in terms of the current reiteration is there a reason the pdr space were split essentially into two smaller spaces 14 hundred plus on the other side of building was there a discussion pdrs spaced and having separate spaces. >> will the pdr space we moved it was originally at the corner of 16th street and wisconsin we wanted to first create about the same equal amount of pdrs we thought about relocating it in the building it would make for a
12:52 am
nice transition on the block that might be there for quite a few of the it is an auto body repair shop you'll see 20 cars parked in front of the shop and in the back we met on a couple of occasions in front the entertainment commission one feel of of the things they're concerned with a buffer between the residential and their patio this attracts a lot of people on the patio we thought again removing residential on the ground floor might help that a little bit but providing balance on those two finishes. >> okay. >> thank you. >> i mean as long as their
12:53 am
reiterations so removing 4 spaces and 12 ground floor residents there are flexible occupants we can stash that i want to make a comment this is in the the first time we've considered oversee flex spaces i personally do know their or think they're part of retail strategy i think the types of people that use those for incremental are not the ones that have the people in and out more services - i appreciate the ground floor units and like the planning department staff to see the stoops to operate them more
12:54 am
buildings with ground floor residential and anymore people taking advantage the flex use that condition not in the planning code so that didn't replace the desire for actual commercial and pdr space. >> commissioner a point of clarification the flexible use is within the ms. hayward and an exception the commission can grants as part of the large project authorization so within the motion in the original motion provided in the packet not seeking this exception and the amended motion as part of consultant of the community they've offered up the flexible units as the core their permitted as a 12 unit so they're not technically rob's it allows you to soften the accessory use provision we have
12:55 am
in the code like 9 dwelling unit can have a small business with that and the accessory eye provisions allows for members of the public to have them have a small retail designation one the unit that the commission is allowed to approve or grant. >> my affect michael is in the planning code, however, i still feel the same way about the policy i appreciate that. >> commissioner hillis. >> i agree with many of the comments that were discussed i agree that is in the planning code i don't know what don't it does someone can live in there but probably making people feel okay about it, it is actually
12:56 am
i'll have at this point, i share commissioner johnson concern i wouldn't mind giving you the flexibility of putting the pdr in 4 units breaking it up i get the notion i have this buffer between the automobile use and the residential above not really a buffer on the ground floor units but maybe a track pdrs yours to the space so i suggest giving the flexibility to having one four unit you know block of residential being able to be used as pdr maybe more successful as pdr i don't want to disrupt a fragile approval from the neighborhood but if we're trying to get pdrs that is useful it could be better to have it block the ability to have a block of 4 units.
12:57 am
>> we're comfort with combining that space only to point out thinking about four pdr spaces there's a ground floor consultant and another component flexible spaces that pdr use but you can use the space in a creative way with the two levels but the notion we had it might be easier to get a smaller pdr than a larger pdr use this context so again i think being flexible is trying to establish what the square footage. >> i get the concept of merging the commercial baseline but artists studios and putting them ♪
12:58 am
6 hundred square feet is awkward doesn't give us the ability to combine i think the evolution a great looking at from the community people with worked on that sometimes, we don't get that it looks like design by committee but we'll have a much better project so i'm supportive >> commissioner navigation to the motion adjust the additional conditions of approval in the entertainment commission as well as the two additional conditions requested we the project sponsor it sounds like the commission is amenable to the design commissioner moore's comments on the handrails as well. >> i'm fine with that. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> is that robust community in
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is it included in the letter with the revised motion. >> the project sponsor additional conditions are not. >> so include the project sponsors to be in that i completely forgot one thing sorry. >> commissioner moore regarding the flex what is the elevation of the ground floor over the sidewalk. >> they're all different the streets flexes 3 feet if the neighboring size to the street so this slab is above the existing grade and it depends on each one but one to two about 3 feet and that 2 1/2 to 3 feet towards the pdr the sidewalk is
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basically at the same level maybe up one stoop. >> it is indeed just for residential units and the privacy we like the ground floor over the sidewalk to be a minimum of 3 feet that is the way we have been pushing the project and if flex space is a space holder we don't know and staff we're consistent about the elevation of residential units above the ground floor in order to insure privacy and employ in order to have people live at that level to have curtains so the last one on south van ness a small building we ultimately eliminates the space
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perhaps you want to think about that as the project move forward. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i understand the relocation of the pdr units to make them closer to the body shop that make sense but if this turns out this would be up to the rest of the commission i'll modify my motion to allow the configuration were a tenant found or some situation it is more damages to have them combined but keeping the commercial at 16th street and wisconsin the idea people you coming off the 16th street will see the commercial rather than going down the street so see what else is there that's okay with the seconder and okay with that change as an option.
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>> commissioner president fong. >> deputy city attorney kate stacy and i have one recommendation mr. town offered changed to the affordable housing condition trying to anticipate in the charter is passed at the june 7th and the inclusionary housing are into effect that is language reflective of number one but two regarding the unit mix should be changed to reflect that possibility so i'll suggest just to at the end the first sentence the 7 studios and 10 two bedroom and three bedrooms adding language along the line from the inclusionary housing requirements change as discussed so there is not objective
1:03 am
conflict in conditions that might require the applicant to - and that make sense. >> i agree. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> okay now i remember i'd like to see i know we're 98 percent on the design maybe back to the commission with the final design we can understand the there was an agreement i think i make that as an amendment to the motion. >> memo back that's fine. >> one of the ones ms. healthy brought feel this with the mayor's office i anticipate this coming with the eardrums monitoring report we'll have a hearing here in july we clearly have a count on the number of units the eir for authorizing the number we have and the data behind that we can key up and
1:04 am
agree on that. >> thanks. >> there is a motion that has been seconded to approve that matter with conditions as amended by staff and submitted to the record as amended by commissioner moore rartsdz the guardrails israel including the sponsor conditions for the configuration of the ground floor spaces the city attorney for the condition regarding the unit mix and with an update to the commission in a form of a memo have i covered everything on that motion commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner wu commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes conforming and non-conforming 7 to zero and commissioners that places us on items 1984 ab and a downtown
1:05 am
authorizations and conditional use authorization on 91 street. >> good afternoon commissioner president fong and members of the commission doug department staff the item before you is a request for a conditional use authorization for the conversion of american people automobile service station to love you the construction of a 14 story one hundred plus 8 inch tall mufkd residential building with an area of 71 thousand plus square feet the proposed fronts harrison and will include up to one hundred and ti units and ground floor and 92 off-street parking at two of the 3 basement
1:06 am
totally 22 to tell us plus assessed from a single derivative along 21st street and bike spaces and 20, 2 class spaces and a total of 13 thousand plus thousands of usable open space and several terraces on most floors under the provision for a downtown conditional use authorization it is a seeking a modification to the planning code for growing exposure 390 five story is seeking a various for the requirement of code the project site is located in the rincon hill downtown residential mixed use along a rapidly changing corridor in the rincon on or about a multi unit
1:07 am
residential with the recent completed 40 story plus jasper high-rise adjacent to lansing street and rincon hill towers to the southeast to the south a gallery and a numbering on harrison street the latter is a this is by the commission on october 2015 of the pacific is located to the ante to i 280 south of the project that project as review and the proposed building is consistent with the rincon hill area it is located as a challenging opportunity site that successfully responds to
1:08 am
the mass and scale is includes formally industrial properties and smaller industrial buildings and towers the development successfully addresses the sloping conditions with 3 basement levels and including the commercial and residential at the street level a smaller tower the project provides variety to the reconciling and compromised of the towers within the rincon hill neighborhood and 91 street to the tower to provide a human scale at the pedestrian level and introduces architectural design the promoted buildings exterior materials articulation proposition between soccer field solid wall and the glazing and architectural treatments are an transition to the slender glass
1:09 am
tower and the open space a pattern of architect california material and massing along harrison and lansing separates it into smaller modules the environmental effects were determined by the department to have an reviewed under the retaining eir and the exception for the this project was signed by the environmental impact officer and provided to you today this report was published we got a second letter, llc that is provided to you today as well the letter reiterates the request for the project to comply that the planning code and in particular the bulk and spralgs requirements the staff has reviewed both letters and confirms the zoning
1:10 am
administrator that the 91 street complies after analyzing that the department staff finds it consistent with the planning code and the project is located with the zoning district where the zoning district district is permitted and underutilized land use to add one hundred and 80 new dwelling units to the shock in an area that encourages high density development the project is compatible with the character of rincon hill and designed with an appropriate massing and scale for the subject lot the project will include significant landscape with the shaping and street furniture and a new bulb out at the corner of harrison street the project provides at minimum
1:11 am
22 affordable units on site proposed for rentals staff would like to request the draft motion be all the time subject to change under the promoted charter amendments and ending the legislation to approve it at the june 2016 election the project will fully utility the rincon hill controls and contribute over $6 million in communities improvements transportation and childcare impact fees and finally it come paralyze with the hiring program in the draft motion the staff recommends the approval of the downtown authorization the project sponsor is present and like to address this commission that concludes my presentation. staff is available for questions thank you. >> project sponsor please. thank you commissioners john with reuben, junius & rose on behalf of the project sponsor
1:12 am
milk creek residential a new 14 residential at the corner of harrison and lansing in the rincon hill area plan area which is circling of high density and residential development the final piece of rincon hill plan area the it is the loose remaining tower development sites the last piece of in the pulses i'd like to have jonathan come up. >> i'm jonathan cohen with the architects the computer screen thank you. >> from rushing design we are providing a scale from the union of the pacific landlords building on the lower right and the taller towers we're on a
1:13 am
sloping sites listens fifrts that enables us to create interesting effects we follow the typography by the rincon hill plan and break the podiums on the frontages and except for one garage question have active use on all see at the corner of five story and harrison are the lounge corner cafe this shows us in context not very well, i'll switch to the 3-d view i think you can barely see that we form a cluster of several smaller scaled building at the intersection the sailors union the low rise of rincon hill as well as the performance at gallery space across the street
1:14 am
from harrison our ground floor shows the sdprap and our single grayish garage is the low point of low grade parking he know about the afternoon jam getting to the where i imagine the lane is a round o.j. only from harrison and continue we're showing a widening of the sidewalk to 14 feet 6 inches but still be a physically separated right turn only lane that will not be possible to drive out the garage and get into the bay bridge traffic up is the fitness area with the corner cafe a property bulb out on harrison that will
1:15 am
have outdoor seating effectively enlarging the cafe and from the city will permit a plantar a pull out open first stre street. >> on levels 5 and 6 as you can see we enlarged our lightwell to a courtyard matching in plan the inset on the east side of jasper in their response to skwerns the courtyard benefits the building with the additional light and air on level 7 we setback on the networking to create two large terraces roof deck with a green roof on the level 8 we setback on the south side and provided additional large roof terraces
1:16 am
all the required open spaces required within the building on this side will be sunday i didn't and protected from wind and bridge noise screening and starting 9 through 11 the tower emerges at level 12 we come out i cut out the tower and provided landscaped superb night time views and protected from wind and noise by glass screening and placed to 3 story townhomes on 20 feet of the building footprint assessed by a fenced private front yards finally the upper store of the townhomes respectfully the one
1:17 am
hundred and 15 front building on jasper all the park are completely below grade and we want to commend talk about our five storyrst street a coherent xhorgs is respect the typography we firmly believe that the two stories of townhomes give it just enough height it readers as a proportion tower on podium that working with staff a design was expressed for some expression of gap between the platform and elements we projected the bay
1:18 am
windows and an over hank cornice to create an setback of 3 feet horizontally and 3 feet vertically and had original proposed high pressure for the platform but staff wanted to more subsequent material on the platform in recognition of the sailors union we switched to terracotta a material with downtown san francisco in the tower we used a variety of tints and glass to introduce another elements of pattern to the facade looking south we can see the rooftops on the 7 and 8 floors our the north and south respectfully our treatment the elevators shaft throughout on the roof plan on the 13 floor
1:19 am
our slate projections up to serve those units in the open space it completely covered with vines on all sides staff were concerned the footage and our compatibility with the residential design guidelines we responded by introducing to levels of setback with the access to the sidewalk and again, we break the platform into two-piece with a 65 foot platform wraps it, it is reduced to 4 meet with a 10 foot setback the two-story residential frame steps up and we have steps and stoops up and down from the sidewalk serving all the units some of at grade and slightly below and finally a view of how we transition from the scale of
1:20 am
the sailors union to the towers surrounded us thank you for your attention. >> we got a lot of neighbors a highest density residential neighborhood we needed to be sensitive over the course of several meetings of two years we heard a sixth concern from neighbors regarding the construction this is an area underdevelopment for a long time fortunately that is the last construction we hired builders their finishing up a block away and continue their robust outreach we can produce letters they understand the traffic and the construction the neighbors an lansing xrenz expressed concerns are right-hand lane on harrison and
1:21 am
uber drivers and other others sitting in the lands we recognize that and appreciate that we are happy to install signage directing people to the loading zone on harrison and with others thing more than that to include like a loading reservoirs zone with first street it is a 14 and a half foot skulk sidewalk and negotiated with delhi across the street but i want to speak to briefly is the crescent heights building at 4 lansing next door i don't have of time but want to talk about the slide here the red areas are where windows are covered there are no units that are losing all their windows from this project and, of course, 45 lane since finished construction and also one last
1:22 am
point commissioner president fong there is a good uber about thirty feet separation from the windows we provided well less than that when we are separating windows from the residential i don't work this is in the appropriate so one last thing we're not prototyping that variance not our tension wire fixing the bay window issue i'm available to answer any questions. >> opening up for public comme comment. >> (calling names). >> if your name has been called feel free to please approach the podium. >> thank you to the polarizing for the opportunity to speak i'm a homeowner on lansing past
1:23 am
president of the hoa and active to the community and recognize the concerns of many of the residents that have significant concerns we think about deep flaws in the skyline and construction plans for - we have concerns of traffic loan the harrison corridor bans the information and meeting and contemporary one meeting with community resident those was a rushed meeting and virtually no conversation with the community about the designing and construction it became clear the developers are not talking about the negatively impacting on the
1:24 am
congestion in the area by playing their pedestrian and garage entrances on first street and providing up until we are heard no leeway for cars this will create go eventually a huge traffic jam an first street if you see the jams on first street if we put pedestrian and garage indigents and cars stop trying to enter that garage space you will have absolutely havoc on first street there is no question that the current plan will paralyze traffic not only in rush, however, but throughout the course of day all the neighborhoods are inundated with the service vehicles and don't play when i the rules they pile
1:25 am
up and we already see it on harrison our tiny street that basically is a stopped traffic thoroughfare during rush hours by friday and saturday nights you'll see on first street we have design to move the entrances to harrison where 45 lansing has entrances to accommodate the space for the cars we're asking them to change their addresses a car delivery services that encourages cars to cumulate on administrator we asked them to change their loading zones but only move food you've ray have moving trucks congregating on first street in order to move through the lobby
1:26 am
thank you, ma'am. >> >> thank you, ma'am, your time is up. >> hi my name is mary anna resident of harrison my primary concern the pile up of traffic will result from a in staging area as people are entering the garage from first street local traffic lane into the new project basically in order for - you have to wait for a garage door to open you'll be waiting in the local lane on first street there are tons of cars particularly during rush hour that used that lane and there are also unfortunately cars that use that lane that merge into the bay bridge traffic
1:27 am
but anyway, with no stamping area for entering the garage is that will be a messy implore the commissioners to look at it and are the developers to look at their plans for the garage entrance thank you. >> my name is jessica on first street and my concern that the opening into first street good evening by the way, there was never a rush hour it is always rush hour it is also i was confused that the picture is a pretty rendering but no traffic lights will that be - those two lanes into the bay bridge and get to the loft you have to go do
1:28 am
second street and into first street i ride a motorcycle i wonder why those projects can't staggered and all is going on at the same time they were saying at the meeting retail or coffee shop is it cool to say to the residents if you have an amenity what would us and replace the street trees will they replace them with mature trees that's all i have to say. >> good evening, commissioners i'm a resident on rincon hill
1:29 am
i'm here speaking not only my own on behalf of but concerns with the neighbors living in the vicinity about a serious flaw in the design sngz on page 144 the building is joint to the right turn for only for vehicles to turn right bone harrison it is similar from 3 to 7:00 p.m. blocked with cars waiting for the east bay bay bridge i'm submitting two photos showing traffic on 4:00 p.m. on tuesday leading to the entrance of 390 it is this project here thank you the design provides off-street parking for residents to use the garage off administrator and doesn't include space for private cars for the 3 housing
1:30 am
unit plus residents those vehicles will have only one entrance on first street and block traffic in the only lane for vehicles to turn into harrison that blocks the flow of the traffic and but blocks intekz and fire trucks and in addition it didn't include the space for moving van for the three hundred plus residents it is suggested that moving advancing will park on harrison and residents one can imagine a monty pipeline the fortune blocks the platforms are pushed along harrison and downhill onion first street navigating around the pedestrians and walking dogs and talking on cypresses it might seem ridiculous this is a serious safety issue
1:31 am
finally the neighborhoods are concerned the amount of robbing will not support the needs of growth in the community we have high-rise buildings and want more ground floor for coffee shops and other communities gathering we raised the safety concerns with the developer and hoping to work closely to find a solution thank you for your time. >> come on and i have other cards here (calling names) you may - >> good evening my name is rome he represent jasper the - as a long term builder and operator of san francisco i want to reiterate our support for development of a manipulative
1:32 am
needed high quality sensitive housing ♪ depiction the windows are proper that are in red covered by the adjacent prompt the dark red represents the windows that will be completely covered and the light red represents windows covered 20 feet from the property line the green walls i'll get to these in a second we're it is a neighbor trying to protect our valves no legal right to that but light and air that's why the tower setbacks exist for had been ability and they render the apartments unhabitable we want light exposure so the residents can have light we acknowledge and
1:33 am
more pictures of the units we're talking about as well as the green walls and two of them we acknowledge we volunteered the developer has not addressed the water concerns that are building and the cost impacts we don't believe this this is the rules of rincon hill code at the repeated attempts for meeting with the developers they and talk about the underlying issues we're asking for a project that conforms to what we think it the intent of the plans this would create a motion and a second passage concerns to the neighbors and loss of elevator and to the tower separation issues thank you very much
1:34 am
>> hi laura grow sf pr and first of all, i want to say nice unhabitable apartments they'll be fine i think that the problems that things like that have everything has cost and benefits and the costs will fall on a particular interest group i understand their feel the costs acoustical and the benefits that are defused they're for a big number of people for the entire city i want you guys to hear the voices of the people apartment hunting i happen to be one of them out there right now looking for the next space i'll call home and it is really bad out that i want you guys to hear the defused voices they can't come out here the benefits are spread wide and
1:35 am
spent amongst the people they still matter i understand the costs are on particular individuals that losses the views and worry about the parking and might have a little bit more traffic every once again do what is good for the city's as a whole we need to hear the voices all of the people out there saying maybe i'll spent o spends 45 percent of my income for rent and maybe up to 60 percent maybe 75 percent of my income on represent that's not an uncommon experience i'm living in my friends living room right now yeah, that's the state wear in i want you guys to here that defused interests and take
1:36 am
into account right now. >> any commissioners i'm keep this short you heard planning and staff that for rincon hill residential zone that is fast recommendation this move forward to address the future that ramp for the freeway yes there is traffic we've heard staff mentions the development if you allow for more cars you're creating more traffic essentially creating more traffic didn't stop people from driving but you'll for getting people off the road you heard the people talk about a thirty foot gap between this building and the next one that is large enough and this project should move forward if april 7th and not continue it further we are
1:37 am
in the middle of housing crisis this project should move forward thank you. >> okay is there any additional public comment? >> not seeing any, public comment is closed. and i'll start with a couple of requests for the project sponsor and architect i'm sympathetic and understand the high traffic situation on that corner of folks really to to get out of the town and on the bay bridge and to ball games i realize a 3 story below grade and see there are 42 stackers car stackers that is a great use of space in any consideration to trying to move and create a move in and move out ground loading area. >> loading zone is not
1:38 am
required we provide a loading area an harrison street we're providing one half space per unit the traffic study shows we're talking about a gas station that is generating for more traffic than our this it already has two curve cuts an first and on harrison the amount of traffic had been generated is far less than the existing conditions. >> i think you're missing my point. >> sorry. >> did you attempt to look at an underground loading grade for residents moving in and out and a pickup underground or bring that activity off the street. >> it is a - a small building to bring trucks in the slopes ramps have to be less and the
1:39 am
headroom has to think higher we're only one hundred and 80 units it is a terrific costs to the project we do support the notion of a pull in on first street and we that this is an excellent idea and we actually had our civil engineers sketch that that will in combination with the harrison streets loading area answer those people's concerns i think uber comes you know they're coming in and you go and it is liv we don't want people blocking that right-turn lane only lane that's something we'll support we consider the streetscape in the province of the city from the city supports that we certainly would. >> did you study is and decide it was no economically feasible to do that a decision not made
1:40 am
to go that distraction with the underground loading area. >> we didn't study. >> i'll see what my fellow commissioners have to say but this is i think a really important intersection so far san francisco getting in and out of the city and not just effects this building and neighboring buildings but the entire city i think we should gives this attention. >> commissioner antonini. >> yeah. a few comments the concern of retail maybe one hundred and 50 feet i forgot the number not large i walk up there almost every night for calibers and not a lot of space in the buildings a restaurant or coffee shop or small grocery this may be our last chance any ability
1:41 am
to include in our rob is great if possible byy designing even the streets i think your rail is actually rights ones is corner the best place for it bus that's a big help then the traffic flow it looks like from our skepticism's you have immediate in place i assume the city is amenable on administrator that keeps the traffic towards this bay bridge from the two middle lands by the traffic onto harrison street to the right of the grassy medium in the sketch; is that correct? >> yes. thank you, commissioner that's correct this is actually, the rincon hill outlines in place today that are currently worked on by staff and planning and dpw and the medium
1:42 am
might not stay what will be there some sort of physical separation smith and wesson the right turn to the bridge. >> that has to be emphatic and start early people can't cut across in front of the traffic on the middle two lanes so i think that is you know some sort of barrier to make sure there is no way they can't go right will be really important i know that the far legal unit leads you up to the number one rincon hill building you go straight up that way you can't go on the bridge and the right-hand lane is to the gas station or on to harrison that is important i also would be supportive of the idea of having some sort of inset where pick up and drop off can happen the first street will
1:43 am
get if traffic off the streets you don't want someone stopping and picking up and plain clothing that lane people are making right turns on to harrison everyone else is trying to get on the brazen the traffic going right on harrison is moderate and some going in the gas station and some the other way the other thought i had is just the design thing i wasn't sure you didn't indicator the masony for the whole building it is refreshing to see something not glass on rincon hill i really like the lower podium area not as happy as the upper part but i'll see what my fellow commissioners have to say about that and the question for staff and this is comments about the
1:44 am
thirty or 411 foot separation onto lansing i think what is adequate as far as the amount of separation between the buildings that might be to the jasper. >> that's correct the issue that was raised is whether or not the tower separation was above one hundred and 10 feet as elevator penthouse and so the sponsors over at 45 lansing wanted clarification to determine whether or not the department will make that measurement from the edge of they're building to the edge of the penthouse are from the eagle of the building to basically the wall the outdoor wall the tower where habitable air is and after consultation with department citywide staff and a couple of
1:45 am
conversations with the zoning administrator that was determined height is muttered under section 26 b and that section exemption features including penthouse hours this is a measurement from tower to tower be using that definition therefore the distance from the tower at 45 lansing to the upper floors i think floors 13 and 14 will be exactly one hundred and 15 feet. >> that's what at separation calls for that's correct. >> okay. the other part i had a question about is the garage coming off of the right-hand lane into the building is there any sort of ability for a car to go into the building before they get to the door or
1:46 am
immediately a door to be opened. >> it goes up to the door of the code discussed the requirements for on-street parking loading and garage spaces i think the staff can look at what i. >> a better plan has the entry and exit door recessed into the building maybe a grade by the way, whatever it might be possible to put the door in 20 feet or thirty feet or something like that in the instance more than one car is going on at that time, you don't have a car sitting there blocking the sidewalk or lanes waiting to get into there my experience with those buildings the ones that have been around a long time you know the ones as spear and i
1:47 am
finest you have more ohio i don't think that will happen but the recess will stop the fears of some of the neighbors backing up into the right-hand lane and blocking assess out of lansing or causing problems for people taking first street and staff will be happy to look at as long as the sponsors will the project mitigation program includes a couple of mitigations one addresses the potential queuing on first street and so you know the department was will look at that further. >> it sound like it can be done easier. >> commissioner moore. >> there are a couple of issues i want to pick up on some of the issues roe vs. wade
1:48 am
streetscape and transportation it is most unlikely that sfmta will support a cut in at a 10 foot widen to a total prioritization of a major part of the sidewalk in an area that is suffering from significant unresolved congestion in addition to exemplifying the merging and weaving that is occurring does anyone drive that particular part coming down the street and turning into market street which in and of itself is a major public defender's office starting on montgomery from market street and bush you're basically open a clogged alley freeway ramp to the freeway that will not change we're unfortunately in no position to
1:49 am
redesign and even if we fully designated the right-hand lane syndrome harrison the illegal activities fine market all the way past mission howard harrison will probably be make a point we need to deal with the realities having said that, i want to talk about a point that common sense touched on memory lane one place in the many, many years we moved to this area prior to rincon hill and that is where the siemens union one lovely beacon of light for a person that lived there animated that corner a history of small buildings that was pro-active through the san
1:50 am
jose and 80s and then the rincon hill plan in the original idea if envision more than a 65 foot building this is clearly document, however, what is missing of how that particular idea never jump into a codified interpretation i can support a project of more than 65 feet, however, the problem i have is it a question of how it is done i have to say this project was - with all the grand descriptions and many of them doesn't quite meet the requirements of what i think we all are working hard carefully and for many, many months and jars y years to
1:51 am
create a rincon hill where the total outlet of building is in the plan this building that his that i find it interesting that contrary to all the rincon hill plans we've looked at rincon hill is the only one that doesn't show it in the context of the newer buildings or less a lovely modern building on a place very, very lovely we liked it southern requirements no questions of supporting it there is the attention that the department has spent for years on the creation and realization of the open space associated with the open space that creates a small-scale neighborhood embedded amongst the tall towers all of that has moved and there was a kind of building talking
1:52 am
to each and reflecting on each other this this didn't 0 go do that and issues about the materiality and tower elements not relatively 2089 historic expression of the siemens union i considered a good building two of going on and creating a simple message more modern buildings and people that delivered to us recently were clear ideas about the total outlet of rincon hill this project misses the point and in addition available that the access issues the neighbors clearly described are not addressed this building has the requirement to deal with light and exposure to the area spent a lot of time and director rahaim
1:53 am
and others remember it to speak about the green wall we work hard work hard to have it built this project needs to engage in a larger dialogue what will they do are there to commissioners who i would be curious to hear i would ask we continue this building i think i support the development on this site the shape and form challenge that i'm not saying to fix it but get closer but this project needs to do a hell of a lot for for approve for any support. >> commissioner hillis. >> just some questions for the project sponsor on assess in this first street change i'm trying to look at on the 45 lansing i think there is
1:54 am
entrances to the garage both on first street and lansing? >> 45 harrison. >> just on harrison yeah. >> just on harrison. >> yeah. >> so did consider harrison and or lansing for parking and it is a e what is a your rational. >> this is one of the first issues with all the challenges and, in fact, we worked as early on as the prepta meeting with the staff and pta meeting we looked at lansing a strong concern so not have it on lansing it is much more slower pedestrian friendly bike friendly street there was very strong resistance to lansing street and the consideration on harrison street all the parking for the project is below grade that is required by the removing
1:55 am
zoning so essentially plaza the intoons our harrison street is basically cutting out a large chunk the ground floor it is two floors below blow the grad your diving two floors down to get down to the garage level so again, we - i understand you know the commissioners searching there is a lot of answers i'm sorry a lot of questions so moving the garage to the lowest points on first street was decided upon by all involved as the best of the not a handful of great choices. >> okay but there could be someway i share some of the commissioner moore's concerns to move to the westernmost portion of that
1:56 am
building and somehow address concerns you know you'll eat up more space within the little on circulation but there is you know there is unit on first street so you'll replace the entry with units you have to get down to the garage but perhaps there is someway to look at it from the far side of the building adjacent to jasper and get at the issues with the in giving more space to the adjacent building i mean it strikes me as a little bit odd that is a new building we see this blocking the lot line windows not quickly after a building is built and you know, i get did i'm sure
1:57 am
the disclose but i too kind of would like to say a little bit more of creativity and addresses parking and entry to the building being think harrison you know at least take into account some of the - >> as folks continue the discussion. >> and then the design i'm kind of two - it is a little that is interesting but a little kind of like potential facade i mean it kind of was interesting the ground floor was look at the hectic building and then the upper floor but i think that could use some more you know work on that and making it - i hear commissioner moore saying
1:58 am
it is a bit different than what we've approved and maybe a little bit more contextual with what is previewed. >> those are any comments for now it could use more. >> agreed. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> so the question for staff on the tower separation one hundred and 15 feet was it because of penthouse house it is in diagonal. >> the accelerator penthouse to the portion of that tower. >> that's how we got in at line. >> the elevators is less than that and the way we measure height allows the building - >> got it i think we're building you know
1:59 am
we're approving something that light bulb there one hundred, one hundred and 50 years who knows we need good calculations and this will have to respective and relate to the approval not long good i see work for the leasing for jasper he suggest for folks that came out and didn't say we're trying to safe on development and trying to be reasonable an life enrichment committee and stuff they're not coming across a neighbor but building a building next to they're building not far away i think to the folks that are talking about housing i think this is a good example of killing the patient in order to save it we need to look at this it is a squad car pin in a round
2:00 am
hole a chavmg site because of the circulation and the context within the lower right building i also agree that more activations on the ground floor for some levels of retail three hundred square feet there is a lot of residents no where for them to go we made changes in zones to make buildings work and for some reason we could not get something here that make sense but three or four height zones and maybe shift them for a better urban design across the street for that one not the project - >> yeah. the freeway project we actually changed the zone to make the zoning work rather than vice versa we want to commend move to continue it and really get in


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