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tv   LIVE Full Board of Supervisors  SFGTV  May 3, 2016 2:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>>[gavel] >> president breed: good afternoon everybody and welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of may 3, 2016. i'm clerk please call the roll >> clerk: >> sup >> clerk: breed campos, present. >> supervisor cohen: not present, mar, not present peskin, present.
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>> supervisor yee: yee you have a quorum >> president breed: ladies and gentlemen please join us for the pledge of allegiance. >>[pleage of allegiance] >> president breed: thank you, mdm. clerk of any communications? >> clerk: none to report >> president breed: we you please read the consent agenda. >> clerk: items 1 to 10 are on consent. these items are considered routine of the member objects item may be removed and considered separately. read see no names on the roster please call the roll >> clerk: items 1-10 >> mar absent tang aye yee
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>> supervisor there are 10 aye >> president breed: these items are passed on the first reading and adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> president breed: next item be good item 1 administrative code the way the filing fee per bistro criteria for place of entertainment permit application in the neighborhood commercial or mixed residential district. likewise the director of entertainment commission to extend the nine-month deadline for conditional grant entertainment and limited live performance permit. >> president breed: we take this item same house, same call can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes.
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>>[gavel] next item >> clerk: item 12 corridor for planning and mr. go to increase the inclusionary afford housing fee other requirements to acquire the controller to prepare economic feasibility reports and make recommendations by july 31, 2016 and every two years thereafter to establish support the member should duties of inclusionary housing and technical advisory committee >> president breed: will call. >> clerk: item 12 mar absent, peskin aye tang aye kim weiner nay avalos breed aye cohen aye kim aye. supervisor mar aye the ordinance is passed eight-two >> president breed: the names
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of the, knows? >> clerk: supervisor weiner and mar >> president breed: this item is that >>[gavel] >> clerk: item 13 is to appropriate short-term certification approach of vision for general responsible of your interim financing related to the transbay transit center project in 2015-16 to item 14, resolution to determine certain property location in future annexation areas namely within assessors parcel lot number 3721 lot number zero 19, zero 20 and zero 20 9 pm next to the city community facility district number 2014 1 transbay transit ctr. in item 15 resolution to approve authorized execution and delivery of tax exempt or taxable lease revenue commercial state certificate for participation in the
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combined aggregate principal amount not to exceed $260 million. >> president breed: rollcall vote. >> clerk: item 13, 14, and 15, mar, aye peskin nay tang yee aye breed campos aye farrell aye there are 10-1. >> president breed: the ordinance is passed on the first reading and the resolution are adopted >>[gavel] >> president breed: next item >> clerk: items 16 corridor lumen the business and tax regulations code to exempt from the parking tax and certain other requirements limited number of special parking events under $10,000 per event operate by volunteer nonprofit
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organizations on school district property for the benefit of the san francisco public schools and to establish a special arcing events issued by the tax collector >> president breed: supervisor mar >> supervisor mar: i want to thank the district on the pta and pto that with time into this. the treasurer's office and especially nick from isaf and peter before him for ensuring everybody stays with the fundraising operations in parking lot financers for schools. not only in the richmond district and jefferson but also in places in supervisor farrell's district run the marina we hope this is a procedure that fundraising for school stays active site with parents and was everybody goes to the children but also this good accountability with the treasurer's office and others good so i appreciate this moving it forward until 2025 and thanks for your support colleagues. >> president breed: thank you. see no names on the roster please call the roll.
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>> clerk: item 16 super bowl mar aye peskin aye yee aye avalos aye breed aye campos aye >> supervisor cohen: trent cohen aye kim aye there are 11 aye >> president breed: the ordinance is passed unanimously on first reading >>[gavel] >> president breed: next item please >> clerk: allow the sea sf to receive the discount on eligible regional project contracts with certain restrictions. >> president breed: same house, same call pass on the first reading >>[gavel] >> president breed: next item >> clerk: item 18 to execute a
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ground lease at 255 fremont st. to 25 bills st. with mercy housing california 64 lp 15,000 per year for low income households transbay block seven >> president breed: same house, same call without objection resolution is adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> president breed: x item >> clerk: item 19 [reading code] >> president breed: same house, same call without objection resolution is adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> president breed: please call item 20-25 >> clerk: item 20 resolution to retroactively [reading code]
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in >> mayor lee: please add me as a cosponsor to item 21. >> clerk: thank you >> president breed: can make it those items same house, same call without objection those resolutions are adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> president breed: item 26 >> clerk: items 26 [reading code]
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>> president breed: same house, same call without objection resolution is adopted unanimously >>[gavel] >> president breed: please call item 27 and 28 together >> clerk: items 27 and 28, [reading code] >> president breed: supervisor kim >> supervisor kim: through the committee process but i did want to explain when not going to be voting for these two items today. i'm a supporter of atomic monitoring programs that i think this is very good alternative and i want to make sure we are [inaudible].
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however this is under let you guys program that a lot of questions why we are not participating in this program. this is a program that can demonstrate to show we can maintain safety in our community and individuals are not a danger to the community. monitor their movements to ensure a certain level of security for communities. yet we know participation in this program averages [inaudible] from the probation office. i don't consider this an adequate or sufficient alternative due to low participation and have many questions in terms of how the program is administrator. at questions with the fact we charge the inmates to participate in this program. there's a charge of $125 application fee and after that is $35 a day the inmates to participate in a program what we've already decided that they are safe enough to be back within the community and families. in the meantime, if
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we keep them in prison or in jail because they can't afford to pay the $125 fee or $35 a day we spent hundreds of dollars to get him house on our own dr. i think there's a number questions i have about how this program is incremented and so i'll be voting against these two items today but i looked up a conversation with the sheriffs department when they come to budget committee in the next couple of months about how we implement better increment this project >> president breed: thank you. supervisor avalos >> supervisor avalos: thank you. i have a lot of concerns about this as well. especially, along the lines of supervisor kim and rather than-i'm not sure whether we approve this or not yet we often approve things like this retroactively did so not sure if it's been a change anything. i would rather see if there's a way to we can continue the item and get a report from the sheriffs department about how they can actually utilize this program and minimize, or put no cost,
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one inmates. we have actually gone to all process around looking at fines and fees that keep people in the cycle of poverty, and this program seems to be doing just that as well. so, i would like to see that we can continue this item for a couple weeks and possibly book no wonder then but i like to talk to the sheriff more about it before voting on. >> president breed: thank you. your recommendation is to continue the item until the next meeting. where would you like the next meeting, may 10, or may 17 for two weeks? >> supervisor avalos: two weeks >> president breed: supervisor avalos is made up motion to continue item 27 and 28. cusack. can we take this without objection? supervisor >> supervisor cohen: thank
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you. i was to make a motion to continue at my subject i want to associate muscle with supervisor avalos and the comments supervisor kim has raised >> president breed: committed a continuance can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. it will be continued to the meeting of tuesday, may 17, 2016 >>[gavel] >> president breed: mdm. clerk please call the next item >> clerk: items 29, [reading code] >> president breed: seeing no names on the roster that includes or colleagues can we take this item same house, same call? without objection the ordinance passes unanimously on the first reading >>[gavel] >> president breed: let's skip over our 2:30 pm commendations and go to the committee of the whole. committee reports, please
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>> clerk: [reading code] >> president breed: colleagues, and we take this item same house, same call can we take that without objection? without objection the motion passes. >>[gavel] >> president breed: let's go to local for introductions and at 2:30 pm we will interrupt temporarily accommodation, and we will do our asian-pacific islander accommodation at 3:30 pm. with that, will move to local for introductions start with supervisor mar >> supervisor mar: thank you president breed. let me first say the item we just passed the
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landmark king of the 40 6p i want to thank supervisor farrell and his office for ensuring that a beautiful pine tree that was supported by so many residents on cook street from though laurel hill cooperative nursery school to many of the residents is an important victory. i talk with jake reported this morning, the author of the landmark tree law was created years ago and i think it's a good example of the committee standing up to protect the environment but especially a beautiful tree on that site. i want to especially thank a nasa global and her sons and many others that stood firm on that whole process. i want to also say i have a piece of legislation today that cosponsored by supervisor avalos and supervisor norman yee. as many of you know, nic-with my office with few security passports has been working on strong efforts inner-city the broad coalition to end hunger in san francisco
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by 2022 challenge food insecurity and hunger because we know one in four san franciscans is at risk of food insecurity or going to bed hungry from children, to seniors. so, this item is a supplemental security income state level piece of legislation. their federal program designed to of california seniors and people disabilities of little or no income or meet their needs. the state-funded relation is called state supplemental payment or sfp good in january of 2009 ssi, sfp the grant was only $907 a month it was worth about over 100% of the federal poverty level for a single individual. since then, sfp grants were repeatedly cut and a cost-of-living adjustments were provided at the state level. individual grants are now worth just 90% of the federal poverty level. since 2010, six years ago, for six years california has been cutting its share of
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the benefits it down to the federal permitted minimum and is illuminated cost-of-living adjustments on the state portion of the ssi, sfp grant so it's pleasing hungry people even more and more. these cuts up motion more than 1 million people, 1 million blind agent and is able to this california is below the poverty well. a significant reason why we've seen the skyrocketing of poverty to the highest in the nation of our city according to the san francisco supplemental poverty measure. while almost every area of the state budget that funds and programs restored in recent years we have not seen that for ssi-sfp recipients hungry the blind and the disabled. they have not seen any restoration. california has not yet restored even one cent of these grant cuts were made during the recession. one of the populations most harmed our seniors and people with
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disabilities. whether it's the fund coalition or the supportive home coalition am working with, we are focused on helping people with disabilities and seniors who depend on ssi-or fixed income, our state supplement the payments, sfp, to keep a roof over their heads and food on the plate. single california ssi-sfp recipients have incomes of $889 a month. well below the poverty level and self-sufficiency standards and unlike other low income households california's 1.3 million recipients are not eligible for food assistant. they're not even eligible for california fashion food stamps. they must rely entirely on this ssi-sfp allotment to pay for rent, food, transportation and utilities. because of these cuts are food banks and pantries report alarming increases the number of people seeking nutritional assistance. i was within the sunset in supervisor tang's district at edgewood today observing the food pantry at the food bank summer in san francisco food bank administers and you could
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see that every single food pantry california's high housing costs was even affordable homes out of reach for many of these post. hunger and poverty are problems of the state of california has the power to address. as california's economy continues to recover our state budget and social policies need to improve the lives of all members of our communities, especially the blind, sick and disabled and seniors and people with disabilities. gov. brown is proposing a budget the first increase in 10 years to the state contribution, the state supplemental payment, sfp, by offering a cost-of-living adjustment but pro tem sen. pro tem, kevin de leon numbers of the senate propose an increase in sfp, sf i grant and there no place like home initiative. so be somebody has proposed in the ssi-sfp grant in each of the last two budgets. now is the time for the legislature and the governor to work together to take action and a summary
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member cheryl brown has introduced legislation called bravo bravo for the sfp agent line and disabled. by taking these actions the governor and the legislature can reduce the number of californians living in poverty by more than 1 million people and these recipients have the right to live in dignity, not property. i urge you along with my colleague supervisor avalos yee to support these individuals and support this effort at the state level as we also work to end hunger, poverty, and food insecurity in our own city. lastly, i want to invite people to the 2016 richmond community health festival. it's on may 7, saturday 10-2. begun 12 years ago by predecessor jake mcgoldrick but with kaiser support analyst on support from the some women feel-our health equity coalition putting this on year after year i want to thank victor lim from isaf and others staff for my office for putting this on. i get it that
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the richmond ctr., saturday may 7 10-2. you can enter on the 18th ave. entrance between clemens and california. line dancing, tai chi, lots of giveaways. reasonable water bottles russian dancing, singing performances, lady bill will do something for promises with us even at this event. our coalition is made up of not only kaiser and the some women's office, but also the amazing multicultural mental agency richmond area multiservices compassionate community care, one of our aging in place programs in the city. so for the elderly. a number of other. the department of public health, chinese community health plan, public utilities commission, ymcas
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healthy living efforts, northeast medical services, which is in the richmond and sunset in chinatown what beach. budget open hand and ucsf battles. that's always there supporting a richmond district and other residents to come to the festival. please, join us if you want information contact victor lim from isaf and help us celebrate health equity and healthier richmond this. the rest i will sum it >> clerk: thank you. supervisor peskin >> supervisor peskin: mdm. clerk, colleagues, today i rise to take a minute to reflect on the loss of an extraordinary public servants, a friend and a mentor that i know many of us are reading. i first met eileen hansen in 1999 and relied on her advocacy and, integrity, and counsel throughout my time as a neighborhood activist and a public servant. i, like many of you are profoundly sad and will miss her greatly. there are very few people not been touched by eileen and i know that many of you, supervisor campos cohen avalos upwards to
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say. during the 1980s, at the height of the aids epidemic eileen was a champion caregiver and beloved friend to so many in our community who are struggling and isolated. she was a fierce advocate as executive director of the aids project of lawyers guild, which used to operate out of tom steels losses on pine street. it was the predecessor of the aids legal referral service, where she later was the policy director. former ethics commissioner paul melissa told me he relied on her drafting pro bono wills and other state planning documents for her clients who are too sick to go to a lawyer's office. that very special community was formed with a loose network of advocates and service providers in the bay area report appeared in 1999, she was the chief fundraiser for tom-start writing campaign that's where i met her. that campaign through the city for a runoff loop and reinvigorated a part of san francisco and catalyzed the
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movement that eventually led to another batch of starts gaining ground here at the board of supervisors including myself. eileen was a central figure of that organizing effort to take back the board of supervisors from independent neighborhood base interest. she ran herself during that cycle, and ended up in a runoff in 22,000 and ran again in 2002 she was a mentor to many. women in particular and always at the center of some effort to save club san francisco landmark whether it be the modern times bookstore, or community art space was a fun race for the tenants union after ted coaxes passenger her unwavering commitment to social justice, her integrity, for creative leadership and her deep love for community are reasons why we honor for your today. in 2005, eileen was appointed the san francisco ethics commission. improve to be a sice for ethics reform. ms. hanson has the ethics commission executive
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director and the staff to extreme proposals that were counter to the commissions stated mission. her appointment was bitterly opposed an editorial by the san francisco chronicle and she was targeted with legislation designed to keep ethics reformer saw the commission. but she persevered and lead by example. our deepest condolences to her partner of many years a nice wells, who's here today, and i know many of you colleagues want to speak about her so i like to give you that opportunity. nice a profound sorrow. >> president breed: supervisor peskin i like to adjourn the entire board meeting on her behalf. without objection, >>[gavel] >> supervisor peskin: the rest i will submit. >> president breed: supervisor avalos >> supervisor avalos:. i also have a lot to say the same history with eileen hansen. i
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met her during tom onley on those runoff, against willie brown back in 1999. i helped her with her campaign for supervisor in 2000 and she has been one of those persons that has been kind of like a conscience to me as i've been working at city call as a legislative aide and member of the board of supervisors. she was always around to provide a lot of real sage advice. to help me sort through a lot of difficult questions that often come up as a member of the board of supervisors. i just felt her concern and care was inexhaustible. she was always there. it's hard to imagine that she's not can have her presence here in san francisco because she was such an indelible part of our everyday
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thinking because she was in our heads as a mentor. so, it just really shocking and really hard to be at this point of saying goodbye.. i just want to thank and i'm very grateful for her, what she has done for the city in terms of her care for the community living with hiv and aids, back in the 80s and 90s. her work on the budget,, city budget, was really profound and she was one of the early people who came together around budget justice among back in the late 90s. that was seeing the never-ending cuts the come from washington dc for hiv and aids services and also the only way we were going to be able to make a huge difference in our budget is if we work together to assure that our safety net and services for working people and the poor are intact. that's what she stood for and many other things. so, again hard to say goodbye but i know that a
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big part of my work is with her. always in mind. >> president breed: thank you supervisor avalos. supervisor mar >> supervisor mar: i just want to add regarding eileen, the condolences to ginny's and ibm's family. i met eileen in the early 90s as she was coming out of support for not only fighting hiv and aids, but also for women's liberation and women's empowerment. from organizations like the line of march to many different organizations that she, as a mentor and coach, help to stabilize within our communities and i want to say, she was probably one of the most kind i hire people at a chance to work with. she was always so supportive and friendly despite even her own health issues. i want to also say we hope to work with many
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labor leaders from howard wallace to others to form the san francisco progressive alliance which is a precursor to the san francisco people's organization i know john and jane had worked on with many of us as well. condolences to larry bush and the friends of ethics and others that eileen was working with two great the most transparent and fair system to challenge political abuses of power in our city government to fight for more democratic san francisco. i will never forget eileen and i'm hoping we always remember the organizations in the movement work she has done. i really miss her and i would like to have myself added as a imagining this in memoriam as well. >> president breed: we did on behalf of the entire board. thank you. supervisor kim >> supervisor kim: i also just want to recognize eileen for her incredible passion and also for her leadership on behalf of the city. eileen is actually one of the very few organizers
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and activists to work on issues that ethics in the syndicate dog actually very many that are willing to delve into, besides our city attorney, mr. given her, they're willing to delve into the mounds and mounds of work in paper and laws that are involved with what it means to have a clean and transparent and publicly accountable elected body here locally. eileen was one of those individuals and it is going to be very difficult to fill in in her shoes and she is also someone who has incredibly patiently spend time with me. i know and many others, on explaining, i think berry complex around ethics and other issues that are communities care about. she is want to spend that time, and
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also advocate her persistently, tenaciously, and passionately for the things she cares about. as many of us know, it's not easy to run for office and eileen with someone who believed so much in the values she wanted to represent here in san francisco. believed, as an important, individuals and government held her values that she was willing to run for office and that is not an easy thing to do. she ran in very tough elections. where things are really set against her. but what i remember most about her, again, her incredible tenacious perseverance, really grounded in a foundation of passion and belief. you know, i am glad that i was able to work with eileen and even up until recently she was attending meetings. just speaking on the things that she cared about, and she will be greatly greatly missed and she cannot be replaced. i'm sad her presence won't be here in city hall, but
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you know why, the board of supervisors last many individuals i feel have shaped by politics, my principles, my values, and i think it's important we continue to advocate for what she cared about here at city hall and honor her life in a way. >> president breed: thank you. supervisor campos >> supervisor campos:. i will be very brief. i don't have the words to fully capture how much i loved and respected eileen hansen, and i don't think anyone can fully capture everything she's done for the city. the fact is, this is one of those moments where words cannot fully express how great the loss is for all of us. the only thing i can say is that i know i'm a better person in the city is a better city because of eileen hansen was in our lives. i think that she may be gone, but she will live in our
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hearts and minds forever and every time i have a tough question i know that i will remind myself of eileen hansen, because she was truly, the conscience of so many of us in politics and may she rest in peace. >> president breed: thank you. as i said, thank you, members, of the board, this meeting will be adjourned on behalf of the entire board in memory of eileen hansen. she will be missed. thank you. with that, i would like to acknowledge supervisor weiner, for a 2:30 pm commendation. >> supervisor wiener: thank you mdm. pres. colleagues, today i have a very tragic in memoriam and commendation for a loss to the lgbt community. one
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of our great leaders, john paul leidy known as jp. jp was president of the golden gate business association, which is our lgbt small business association. he died suddenly on tuesday, april 26. jp was a father, a grandfather, a mentor, a colleague, a leader and advocate for small businesses on a local state and national level. born and raised in guam, get over 25 years of experience in business development and client management in high-tech and financial services sector both nationally and globally. the leverage that experience in producing some of the most forward thinking community development programs for various nonprofits in san francisco. including open house, which serves the needs of san francisco lgbt senior community, alan equal,
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addressing the empowerment of lgbt employees within corporate america and of course the golden gate businesses oc which was the nation's first lgbt chamber of commerce. as president of gpt eight, the last for years, his legacy includes working with the super bowl l host community which was the most productive german program to include lgbt owned businesses in the united states. the i say small business administration naming and openly lgbt owned the firm as national small business of the year specifically greater coffees and teas, and he helped the launch of the first in history business program for lgbt entrepreneurs and allies. as an active and passionate business community leader, j.p. was also a senior ambassador for the san francisco chamber of commerce, past president and member of the emeritus board of the bait net working group, and a member of the grand council
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of san francisco anti-imperial council of san francisco. his exuberance, passion, and commitment to the diversity made him highly visible champion for and within the lgbt community as a prince within the imperial court of san francisco is a prince royall of the grand council of san francisco. jp is someone who i have known, i believe, since i've lived in san francisco that he was an amazing leader in our community and just one of the kindest and most exuberant people that i've had the honor of knowing. he will be unbelievably missed in our community and i want to honor him here today. i want to note, jp's family is in town and is here today from guam, including his mother, joyce, and his daughter, rachel. i would like to invite friends to come to the podium and asked
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rachel to make a few remarks. if you want to come up? >> testifier: rachel. jp's second daughter. second of four children. i have been asked by my family to say a few words. mainly, i would like to say thank you to the city of san francisco and the people here. my dad loved his family and his friends, and after that, he loves san francisco. he has for many it. i had the privilege of experiencing the city with him at a point in my life when i lived here, so i have a love for san francisco from him. he was committed to
2:42 pm
this city and just as he was committed to his family, and to me and his other children and his grandchildren. he had a passion for improving the community, specifically, the lgbt community, and am so proud of what he has done and accomplished. some of the things i'm still new to me, hearing them from the first time, but i know that what he would want me to say is, thank you for syndicating the love and passion that he had for all of san francisco, for all of you, and for everyone he worked with and on behalf of my family and my brother and my sister, we just want to say thank you. >>[applause]
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>> president breed: thank you very much and thank you for mr. levy's contributions to the city and county of san francisco. on behalf of the entire board, without objection we will adjourn today's meeting in his honor. >>[gavel] >> president breed: mdm. clerk, please return to roll call for introductions and go to supervisor from district for? >> clerk:supervisor tang.
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>> supervisor tang: i submit >> president breed: supervisor weiner >> supervisor wiener: today am submitting a hearing request for how the city is going to come into compliance and adaptive the recently adopted medical marijuana regulation and safety act. after many many years the legislature finally was able to adopt broad regulations of medical marijuana, almost 20 years after the voters legalized medical cannabis. so, there's a number of issues the city is going to have to grapple with and adopting legislation around whether it's preservation or various other needs in light of
2:45 pm
the state legislation. so be inviting various departments to really let us know about what their plans are and what their advices and moving forward. i also do up unfortunately another in memoriam for sergio -. sergio was suddenly and tragically killed in a car accident on tuesday, april 25 at the age of 24. graduate of uc santa cruz. sergio had recently moved to the sunset district i was pursuing a career in politics. he got his start as a volunteer coordinator for julie christiansen's campaign. he was helping out on my campaign of the state senate before he was hired to be the campaign manager in a supervisorial race. sergio was known by many within san francisco political savers energy and intelligence and by offers outgoing and him evil nature. he was full potential and it's a real tragedy to lose someone so young at the outset of his career. thank you very
2:46 pm
much. >> president breed: >> clerk: thank you. supervisor avalos >> supervisor avalos: today, i'm introducing legislation to update some of the cities signing rules for cell phone tires and antennas. i had in the end of 2010, we passed unanimously legislation that set a set of guidelines for these facilities in the public right-of-way. the proposed changes to the planning code here would allow the planning department to work with the community and with the wireless carriers to ensure that the least intrusive means possible to providing robust and competitive wireless services, while still ensuring the systems are properly designed for distinct and missed work neighborhoods. the proposed changes were adopted by the planning department staff based on lessons learned from over 1500 existing commercial
2:47 pm
wireless facilities in san francisco. as well as an eye towards the future trends for wireless facilities. in addition, the changes would strengthen the goals of the wireless siting guidelines. revising some current planning code provisions that may have the unintentional result of wireless carriers pursuing a more intrusive location where design. so, these procedures would create a 10 year time limit for certain macro large wireless facilities. if there are conditional use authorization. in addition, screening elements such as the phone events, pipes or elevator penthouses, use the screen antennas and supporting elements would be exempt from height limits consistent with the current consumption for on-screen antennas and towers. however such facilities would
2:48 pm
still remain subject to design historic preservation and review, as well as any limitations imposed by the planning commission. the rest i will submit >> clerk: thank you. supervisor campos >> supervisor campos: i will be very brief. the item i made using with supervisor peskin is a hearing request on the implementation of our legacy business registry and restore preservation grants. we are calling this hearing because in march of 2015 the board of supervisors unanimously passed legislation creating a legacy business registry. this body unanimous is passive this not one business has been placed on the registry as of today. in november, 2013 but voters passed proposition j with a 60% approval. despite passage of this landmark legislation grants program now, there's
2:49 pm
more than 54 businesses have been nominated by the vast majority of supervisors, nine of us, not one business has been forwarded to the store preservation commission for review. not one business has had a hearing over the small business commission. in a recent article director of the office of small business regina-folder quarter she is not yet had time to work out a program because she's already been doing double duty killing her own job as was that of the senior policy analyst commission secretary. a position that was only recently filled. with the drastic increase in commercial rent, with no commercial rent control, the rising cost of doing business and difficulty bringing staff because of extreme housing and transportation costs in the bay area, the small businesses and nonprofits that are shutting down and need us to act. the
2:50 pm
legacy business program is one of the very few in the city providing direct financial assistance to the struggling businesses. it's a tool that will help them to go sheet long-term leases. i'm calling for this hearing supervisor peskin so that we can hear directly from that apartment on what exactly is happening. we need to hear why it's taken so long, and we cannot come up with excuses when businesses are relying on this program for the very survival. i request this hearing be held at the government audit and oversight committee and i was request the clerk of the board for this hearing request to tickle elliott of the mayor's office, was the white house acting budget director and regina of small office small business office. the rest i submit >> clerk: thank you. supervisor >> supervisor cohen: >> supervisor cohen: thank you. i submit >> clerk: thank you. supervisor kim >> supervisor kim: colleagues,
2:51 pm
today i'm introducing of legislation with the mayor there will enable us to maintain and save 101 district 6 households in their homes. last year southeast apartment residents contacted our office because they learned the middle income restrictive units have expired and receptacle market rate. for many of our house households, seniors, small business owners, everyday residents, was an effective even action. while many of them are earned to the income they could not earn enough to continue to live in san francisco the neighborhood they had grown in. for decades south
2:52 pm
beach green apartment located in the former rink on development area were built with mortgage bonds in 19 that resulted in construction of 414 dwelling units. exchange for the issuance of mortgage revenue bonds former redevelopment agency required a number of this drawing units be offered to vote and middle-income housing for. of 21.5 years until the mortgage revenue bond financing has ended. well, more than 20 years have passed since this restriction of taken place in a mortgage revenue bonds financing has ended. the owner is no longer obligated to provide these below-market rates units but hundreds of middle-class residents at risk of being without a phone. the agreement were introducing today with the mayor's office permanently preserves these 100 141 housing units of south beach raina apartments and prevents displacement of our neighbors. all 101 units were remain affordable to households earning a two 121% of average median income. there have been roughly 109 units move from effective status over the last 10 years. while this is one of the fewest numbers of units removed from protective status of many districts in the city, we would've lost 101 this year if were not able to work
2:53 pm
creatively we owner and mayors office to preserve and save these kind of units during our residents who spent the last year tenaciously organizing and patiently working with our office and the mayors office to support keeping them as san franciscans. this today is a win for middle-class families. i also want to thank the district 6 democratic club for working very closely with the residence and i can answer advocate. finally, i want to thank and reckon is the mayors office of housing also lee and safety sophie hayward webb worked tirelessly over the last year with property owners. they develop, screen of ideas which regarded in our office and to win the property owner acceptance. the greater solutions allows the city to see these units today. and into the future. finally, i'm introducing with the mayor resolution for mixed-use project on 51st st. to increase affordable housing obligation for this project. i want to
2:54 pm
thank ocean wide the developer at 51st st. for voluntarily complying with the new increasing inclusionary housing requirements 33% off-site for buildings above 130 feet of which we finally passed today. this project proves yet again that projects can continue to build while complying with a higher inclusionary housing fee. if not for the introduction of proposition c and her grandmother and legislation we will left $30 million on the table is a project [inaudible] i appreciate the developers coming to the table at 32% in the memo to ensuring more affordable housing is preserved and built. pcs will be dedicated to a chinatown downtown small safe acquisition fund to acquire and preserve high using the keep it permanently affordable than 1 mile radius of the project as well as $7 million of the job housing for new construction within a 1 mile radius of this project. this project will be generating two $23 million in addition job housing linkage fee which we going to afford what housing construction. i also want to recognize my staff has let me know that the hunger
2:55 pm
strikers of mission station and their supporters have entered into city hall and so i'm sure they'll be coming into our chambers shortly. colleagues, the rest i submit >> clerk: thank you. supervisor campos wanted to be referred. >> supervisor campos: my apologize. i forgot to ask for and in memoriam today is a sad day. many incredible people we are losing. i would like to ask for in memoriam in the memory of aurora-i'd like to close today's meaning in honor of our work. incredible jams transgender woman the community activist passed away on april 20 of this year. she was a tall red hair transgender woman who went by the name of a lease. she came from mexico to san francisco in 1964, when she turned 21. she came here with a
2:56 pm
dream of living a different life to that which is born into. her determination in life was to become a woman and she was able to make that happen. she will her story was the story of struggle, that took her from being a dishwasher, a janitor, taxi driver, bank administrative assistant, computer technician to becoming a prominent activist and leader in our community who worked on -for multiple organizations was a familiar face and every demonstration on the streets of san francisco. she was here on all these issues and i know that if she were alive today she would be here today. in the spring of 2011, one of her cherished dreams became a reality when she debuted in the play the vagina monologues that was presented the first time in spanish here in san francisco. aurora was a strong room where
2:57 pm
a lot of patients, caring anderson. she'll so many people who needed help and we are grateful for her many contributions to our community. her unstoppable drive and legacy will continue on as well her commitment to freedom equality and justice in our communities. rest in peace, aurora. >> clerk: thank you. supervisor >> supervisor cohen: >> supervisor cohen:. colleagues, would talk to about the dependency court and i hope you be able to support this legislation i'm introducing. dependency courts are with the very critical responsibility of ensuring that health and safety of our children the victims of abuse and neglect. bistate statue our dependency courts are required to appoint counsel to represent indigent parents and all minors in dependency proceedings. board of legal
2:58 pm
obligations for dependency counselor and a carefully crafted by the legislature and welfare and institution code sections of the california constitution, but absent are sufficient funds. attorneys, cannot meet these obligations and some providers have advised the judicial council will be unable to continue to provide competent representation and will and discontinue services if further cuts are implemented. now, the bar association of san francisco oversees the administration of the dependency representation program of san francisco. the court-appointed attorneys who serve the clients of our dependency courts are underpaid yet provide a remarkably excellent legal representation. the judicial council of california is unable to sufficiently fund court-appointed dependency
2:59 pm
councils statewide. the outdated funding model is based on caseloads of 188 cases per attorney. using this model, a minimum of an additional $22 million of state funding is acquired. american bar association recommended caseload is 100 cases. so, the maximum national caseload standard is 188, when california our dependency caseloads are nearly double that. many jurisdictions across the state, continue to experience a long lines, understaffing and shortage of judges. access to justice for all for california citizens is actually in jeopardy because due to the lack of additional funding. the chevy caseloads in california dependency courts undermine individual's right to counsel, violates the law, and puts children and their families at risk. this is a social justice issue we must address with our city and our state must work to serve most vulnerable population better. the consequences, the confluences of the court's decision, are lifelong for
3:00 pm
every member of the family and profoundly impact overwhelmingly affected young children and families of color. i like to think my cosponsors supervisor kim breed peskin for joining me in supporting this resolution. i hope to add a few mornings. thank you the rest i submit >> clerk: thank you. my present that includes introductory business >> president breed: thanks. please read public comments >> clerk: at this time the public may notarize the board of supervisors for up to 2 min regarding items within the subject matter jurisdiction of the board. pursuant to the board's rules of order director remarks to the board i told not to individual supervisors. if you like to display a document on the overhead projector please notify us of gtd sfgtv. >> president breed: first speaker, please. >> testifier: thank you president breed and all the call. my name is christopher doll relevant six and howard
3:01 pm
and less than four years from sea level. i rise to comment on rising predictions of rising waters. again, i refer members to the work of james hansen and others published in the journal of atmospheric chemistry and physics of the scientific specifics. in general, he states the worst-case for c rice predicts multi-meter increase within 50 years. he also states the worst-case is the most probable case. i would note, 50 years ago in my high school honors physics class climate change and human impact on it broadly discussed. we talk of ice ages and polar jungles. both of which have happened. at that time, sea level rise from global warming was predicted to be on the order of 2 mm per morning. 30 years ago, 30 years later, that protection was 2 mm per century.
3:02 pm
10 years ago it was 2 mm a year . today, in this report, it's on the order of 2 mm every two weeks. 2 mm for fortnight means 2.6 m rise in 50 years. my prediction is that their predictions will continue accelerating as fast as they have and that they will never catch up with reality. the question, your nightmares must answer, how soon will it be 2 mm per day? thank you breed >> president breed: next speaker, please. >> testifier: good afternoon.
3:03 pm
mary livelihood. i'm just going to speak about the subject i just spoke about at the sf mta board meeting. which is, mission street and the situation there. first of all, what you think are supervisor for trying to broker some kind of a relationship that would compromise or some kind of improvement in the situation. unfortunately, that has not happened. we haven't been able to reach any kind of a improvement yet for the people in the mission and the businesses that are failing because of the situation there. as you probably are aware, if you're not already, there's a large number of people in mission, from the mission right now over by the mayor's the were trying to talk to him. so, there's a large number of people in the mission that feel incredibly disenfranchised and very upset about the situation. i'm not going to bore you with the details. you know what they are. businesses are failing on the street. the drivers are actually so confused and the pedestrians are so confused because of the lack of really proper signage among everything else, that there's been three
3:04 pm
accidents, actually since the safety features were installed in mission street. we have just so many problems are there. so, i'm going to be coming to each of you individually, asking you to support your neighborhoods and our neighborhoods to all of our neighborhoods, and becoming part of the plan so there were not planned on. we want to do the planning ourselves for now on. we don't need professional planners telling neighbors what they need to do with the neighborhoods. thanks. >> president breed: next speaker, please. >> testifier: my name is laura-i'm a trumpet player in the us west marching band. i work as business analyst and i'm also a practitioner. i'm standing here because on april 17 2016 our band was excluded
3:05 pm
just 30 min. before the cherry blossom festival parade just because were not practitioners. it's very hard for me to accept it because i'm always proud of our city being one of the most open cities in the world. people in san francisco i've always friendly and innovative. san francisco provides support and sympathy to everybody, so i'm in disbelief the exclusion of-would happen in san francisco. myself benefits a lot from practicing-. teachers need to be truthful, compassionate and tolerant. i'm always i'm also proud to be a band member of the us west by man marching them. our band members are friendly and they are educated professionals. i am also proud because i got to contribute to our community by performing in the parade. so
3:06 pm
i'm happy to see everybody smiled when we perform in the parade. in our band also won many awards. myself is chinese base the japanese and work in japan the company in japan before so i really wanted to celebrate the cherry blossom festival with them by performing. so, i know how hard you guys work to make sure everybody stays in the city and you work super hard to make sure everyone has equal rights and keep the prosperity and adversity and i'm here to seek help from you to help us to have opportunity to perform in the southwest airline chinese new year parade the japan town cherry blossom festival parade in san francisco. these are the only two parades that we are excluded from in san francisco. thank you >> president breed: thank you. next speaker, please. >> testifier: i'm here to support the earlier speaker having to do with the problems of the san francisco municipal
3:07 pm
transportation authority. this group needs to be reined in. there's very little plans chance for anyone to get you, the supervisors, involved in activities by the sf mta, but i have to tell you, they are not working with the community. i'm here to speak on behalf of the merchants and the neighbors of caravel street. what you're seeing on mission street is going to be redux on terrible. they're having the same problems. were having the same blowoff. they're not listening to us, so i would like to give you a heads up and thank you i like to take care of mission street so we don't have to be down here again. supervisor campos thank you for your leadership and i look forward to having everyone in this body, please, submit the fact that we don't have more problems with the merchants coming in having problems. we
3:08 pm
don't have to come back and be complaining about the blue zones being taken away. the parking is going to be deflected into the neighbors and some neighbors have no idea what point you hit them. sf mta is not doing a good job. they decided that everybody can walk four blocks to catch a bus or a train. this is not a good idea. i'm one of the people that can run four blocks anymore. i'm trying to tell you, the heads up. if there's anything you can do to help us help mta see the correction of the ways we don't have to bring this back to the board of supervisors. i like to work with you and them. until they straighten up and fly right, i want to give you heads up we will be back. by the way, thank you for limiting were supporting the lambert of the tree on culture. >> president breed: thank you. next speaker, please. >> testifier:[use of interpreter] good afternoon. my
3:09 pm
name is-and i'm a citizen in san francisco. when i was in china was associate professor for law in china. >> president breed: sir, would you like to speak during public comment in the microphone? would you like to speak during public comment in the microphone? >>[male speaker]
3:10 pm
>>[people yelling from audience]
3:11 pm
>> are you ready to do something out? >> president breed: thanks. we will take a recess. thank you. >>[gavel] >>[recess]
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>> president breed: good evening welcome to the joint board meeting between the san francisco board of supervisors and the san francisco youth commission may third 2016. i'm clerk, please call the roll >> clerk: avalos, present. breed, present. cohen, present.
5:10 pm
farrell, present. kim the present mar, present. peskin, present. tang, present. yee, present. you have a quorum >> president breed: thank you i would like to welcome my cochair today avalos we like to ask your secretary to call the roll for the commission >> supervisor avalos: yes. thank you madame president. without further ado, mdm. sec. please call the roll for the youth commission >> clerk: [inaudible]
5:11 pm
>>[call of the roll] >> president breed: at this time, mdm. clerk, please call our 5 pm session to order >> clerk: [reading code]
5:12 pm
>> president breed: thank you mdm. clerk. this request was made by supervisor avalos. we will first hear opening comments from supervisor avalos. it'll be followed by comments from the youth commissioner chair avalos and then we will give our public defender an opportunity to provide some comments as well. so we can move forward with our him good i want to thank our board of education commissioners here today. matt haney and i think sandra heuer is here in the audience as well. thanks for joining us. with that, supervisor avalos, the floor is yours >> supervisor avalos:. i want to welcome the youth commission , chair avalos we have to
5:13 pm
avalos official get that's completely unprecedented i believe it's also unprecedented that the board of supervisors and the youth commission are sitting together to review legislation that is before us. that's never happened before. the youth commission begin i think was voted by the voters back in 1995. that was established that year in our first youth commission within 96, 97, that year. every year, i have seen a new bunch of commissioners come through and they have been part of what we do as a city to make sure that we are addressing youth and young adult needs in san francisco. they are here to advise the board of supervisors and to advise the mayor, and i really think it's about time that we had a meeting like this to really look at the great work that they been doing over the years in san francisco. we
5:14 pm
have, before us, a charter amendment to extend the right to vote the two young people ages 16 and 17. there is, i think just a handful of other places around the country that have passed anything similar to do, part maryland is one of them could i do believe we have someone from takoma park who is here. i just first off want to thank joshua--i used commissioner just left last you could use one of the persons who did a lot of research on this coming forward. happened to be at district 11 appointee for my office to bring this for. and found just so much compelling evidence about why this makes so much sense. before i get into that, i want to talk about just what san francisco has to offer for young people. more than any other place i know of in the
5:15 pm
country, we have a city that really provides a place for young people to get involved in our community. we have a place that really helps young people to be engaged cynically. our children's fund established in the early 90s actually do not have language in it that allowed for youth empowerment. it wasn't until we have the second version in 2000 but what happened between the early 90s and 2000 is we made an incredible commitment to youth development in san francisco the result youth as real assets who could make change and we saw they were part of tremendous change efforts during the 90s. one of which was helping to establish the youth commission. youth, in the 90s, were also able to fight back on policies that were criminalizing young people were putting young people in boxes, trying to create curfews for young people and the work
5:16 pm
they've done has been lasting to this day. youth have also been part of helping to build new facilities, improve schools, to make sure our city departments are looking up for young people more. these are all the things young people do because young people care about our city and what it is and how it's best represents their interests and needs. i think that extending the right to protect two young people just another step in the whole progression we made in san francisco to ensure young people can truly have all the weight to express their leadership in the city. you'll hear from young people today why this makes so much sense. i have also been involved in a lot of those youth development efforts over the years. i used to work at coleman advocates for children and youth when i was that coleman advocates for children and youth, i helped with the youth vote process
5:17 pm
that helped ends private and public schools here in san francisco. i also work at the youth leadership institute and work both in san francisco and in marin county with the same youth vote exercise the young people have been involved in and i've seen young people have a tremendous ability to express themselves, not just to work and community work, but through voting as well. this effort that is just starting to see how we can move to the next level of youth participation and civic engagement something we can commit to today that could actually have long-term consequences for not just young people in san francisco, but all around the country. san francisco is an example for young people to show that they actually have the ability to make incredible change and we can help make that happen by putting forward youth booklet for our charter amendment for youth voting ages 16 and 17. november ballots and i think today can be an enlightening experience for all of us to help make that happen. with
5:18 pm
that, i will allow-i will step down and have the chair of the youth commission mr. avalos chair avalos wrap his remarks >> president breed: thank you supervisor avalos. chairman avalos you have before. >> it is truly an honor and true privilege to sit here after 20 years since the youth commission's inception back in 1996. the first of its own kind of meeting as we sit here with supervisors to discuss and to liberate this charter amendment that started with our body last year and ever since then it has grown tremendously. we have got support from many community members, many activists, and many people in government alike. i want to thank, especially, the youth advocates here today sitting in the audience. take you for all your
5:19 pm
support. you truly cannot have got to this point without the courageous efforts that you put into this charter amendment and look forward to discussion add with you, supervisors, and all my colleagues. i'm extremely proud of all your work and it is a privilege. thank you. >> president breed: thank you very much. at this time, i like to invite a public defender, jeff bochco to say a few words. >> thank you president breed and members of the voted on here represent my daughter who is 15. i want to assure you she is very ready to bookbag when she was 12 he designed a website against the death penalty, use against she literally argued with me about politics. she's a little left of even my views. she is vociferously engaged in the presidential election that's coming up. i know many of us,
5:20 pm
above 16 in the room being 16 was a long time ago. however, many of us got her first taste of politics. we had the opportunity to meet people in elected office. i know that i do. but we didn't have the opportunity to express ourselves. we want to engage young people in the political process. look at what's happening today with social justice, likewise matters, around the country. these are initiatives that are being pushed by young people. we need to encourage that. we need to nurture that. ultimately, they will be in our places leading this country is elected officials. thank you very much and thank you all for pushing for this. >> president breed: thank you. at this time, we will now move to our presentation by the san francisco youth commission. so, i will turn this over to the youth commission to provide that.
5:21 pm
>> testifier: >> president breed: i know this may be presented by several members, and please definitely identify yourself prior to speaking. >> testifier: good afternoon. i'm chilean move the bishop one youth commissioner and vice chair of the youth commission. i'm honored to be able to present amendment 16 before you today. so the effort began actually, when both the board of supervisors and the youth commission passed resolutions on this issue though it never
5:22 pm
went anywhere until the youth commission created and passed a resolution january of last year. this is after noticing the incredibly strong youth participation in the november 2014 ballots, which passed ballot issues directly affecting youth in the city although they were not able to go pick vote on it. right now the united states has incredibly poor voter turnout especially compared to other democracies where our averages about 40-60% versus, 80-90% in many other countries. nationally, with the lowest level since world war ii and savvy san francisco is not immune to this, where last november we only had 45% of registered voters, to vote. right now, everyone knows that 18-29-year-olds had the lowest voter turnout of any group, any age group national. san francisco has its own aging electric with current age is 45.8 and is only increasing.
5:23 pm
incidentally san francisco low voter turnout is into neighborhoods where we have the most families which is the bayview and visitation valley and many children in san francisco hard households with the parents cannot vote. we have a lot of research that went into why 16 and 17-year-olds should be able to vote and i'll be going over somebody stood up to going over briefly so if there's any questions worker additional details i said all be open to and seven after the presentation to research shows that voting is a vigilant when someone cast the first vote they will most likely continue voting and the younger someone starts loading the more likely there be able to be a lifelong voter. 16 is also better age to begin voting and then age 18 and those 18-year-olds are going to a lot of transition in their lives whether leaving the
5:24 pm
foster care system or high school were going off to college and many of us do tend to leave the city for college. currently, because of these transitions we have in our lives many delay begin voting into our late 20s or even after. whereas, at 16 was people are embedded in communities that care about the issues and where they have a reason to reach out to resources to discuss local issues happening, they also shows in countries and cities where 16 and 17-year-olds are able to bow to the register and turnout at a greater rate than that of older voters. also, 16 and 17-year-old borders also increases voter turnout in older voters. research shows the effect of a civic education curriculum includes a mock voting finds people and turnout
5:25 pm
increasing 3-5% in the first year and 16-17-year-old voting has a trickle up effect would it bring home these discussions and these issues and talk about with her family members would encourage them to use but think about these issues and think about what their opinion is on it, since they are built to make a change to their vote. 16 and 17-year-olds are prepared to vote. we have so much access through knowledge and so many outlets were we can talk about different social issues and debates and learn more. research also shows that 16-year-old is about the same as the average adult and that 16 and seven-year-old psychologically have the intellectual maturity to make these responsible voting choices and that many civic responsibilities have been when you're 16, with your driving working on ours were paying taxes. through a youth vote, youth survey for 2015-16, 74%
5:26 pm
of youth participants said they were either absolutely or most likely register to vote if they have the opportunity at 816 and 17. 16 and 17-year-olds are also incredibly active in san francisco already. the youth commission is in its 20th year. there's many children and teenagers who participate in different groups, after school. the children and youth fun includes empowerment fund which gives money to youth projects. all the youth and teenagers out here today to comment express their opinions and support for this issue could 16 and seven euros in san francisco are incredibly active and incredibly passionate about the things they do and having their ability to vote would give them
5:27 pm
a greater dose at the governmental level. also, san francisco you divide school district is preparing students to vote, not only have they given us support on this initiative last month they passed a resolution to enhance voter registration and education about the district and the required american democracy curriculum. so, we are currently joined a lot of efforts to expand and protect voting rights. since 2008 we seen a lot of states start voter suppression, where they make it more difficult for voters of color and young voters to come out and vote. california has been working to increase voter rights with pre--registration for 16 and 7. automatic registration for college students and the inclusion of 16 and 17-year-olds in statewide school election was. other cities such as richmond,
5:28 pm
berkeley and washington dc are working on these efforts to lower the voting age to their local elections. in conclusion, we know that a strong voter turnout is the cornerstone of building a healthy democracy and that the case for allowing 16 and 20 notes to vote in local elections is incredibly strong as a build lifelong voters and strengthen our democracy. we believe in educating and engaging these young people and their rights and responsibilities in voting as one of the best ways to encourage and protect the break of voting and that san francisco has this incredible opportunity to be the first major city the united states to include 16 and 7 in municipal elections doing so were allowing young san franciscans of voice and the ability to shape our city's future on another level. we would like to thank all of our supporters and earned door service for all the help and support they been through this journey of the
5:29 pm
vote 16 and initiative. so, thank you and help if you have questions, i'll be happy to take them. >> >> president breed: supervisor avalos >> supervisor avalos: i want to thank you for the presentation and your taking on responsibility on behalf of all the other youth commissioners to make a presentation did a great job. >> president breed: thank you. >>[applause] >> president breed: so, is there another presentation of any additional information from any other youth commissioners? >> testifier: no. >> president breed: thank you for your presentation. good job. >> testifier: thank you. >> president breed: now supervisor avalos >> supervisor avalos: we also present the director of the department of elections,. he is
5:30 pm
here a maturity has a statement, but he zero there will to answer any questions and maybe-maybe he is not here. we also to members of the board of education here. as mentioned, president matt haney and commissioner sandy fewer and a one open up a place for them to come and speak if you have comments? >> president breed: president haney and board member sandy fewer, welcome to the chamber. >> testifier: thank you. commissioner on the san francisco board of education. >> testifier: matt haney present board of education >> testifier: we would like to thank commissioner will for presentation and also to lend our support to both pick six and get the san francisco unified school district voted unanimously of both pick six and can also