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tv   BOS Budget Subcommittee 5416  SFGTV  May 6, 2016 5:30am-6:01am PDT

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chair. >> does any commissioner have a question or a matter to raise? yes, commissioner. >> this is an update on interns. >> the budget that you just approved does include staffing for temporary assistance. typically we get interns or limited term assignment help, usually they come on during the summer so we do have some head room to provide for temporary help including interns as part of this year's budget and we'll be working with our hr and finance division to go through a process to bring them on board. >> any other questions? i just want to say thank you for some of the material that i haven't gone through entirely. >> i know. >> the demographic, yes, great. >> i did not go through but i read it. very, very
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informative. >> even though those materials are in draft form we certainly will report back to you with the updates to those reports, the work that's being undertaken by those city departments. i think it's very helpful and useful and certainly if the commission would like the full gamut we really only extracted the bayview component of the reports but we certainly can transmit to you the full report, full draft reports. we have them but it's a lot of paper. we can transmit that to you in any form you'd like and make that available to the public. >> this one is exhibit b, san francisco neighborhood social economic profile, that has all the neighborhoods and i was going through them and it was actually very educational and enlightening. >> i think that was a change. i think i had the staff include everything. >> who prepared that? >> the planning department. they have an analysis division, they have a whole division that does statistical analysis
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reporting and then the second report, the community health assessment was prepared by public health. >> yeah, this is great information because if people come before the commission and talk about the demographics of whatever, always good to have a reference point. >> and this is available online, right, on the drop box? in the drop box? >> it is. and i believe these departments have made these draft reports available to the public. it's public now, draft. >> but is it in our drop box or planning. >> yes. >> so we can pull it. >> and this is later 2014 only. >> this is the latest report. >> that's available. >> yes. >> it's from census. >> it's an analysis and extrapolation from the census.
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>> great. any other questions? okay, may we please call the next item. >> the next order of business, item 10, closed session. madam chair. >> yes, i'm going to need to ask members of the public that are not part of the closed session to please leave while the commission meets in closed session and i will announce the basis of the closed session is to conduct a conference with legal counsel on existing litigation pursuant to california government section 549.659 subdivision b1 in the matter of mission bay alliance and jennifer wade versus office of community investment and infrastructure, as well as mission bay alliance and jennifer wade versus city and county . >> items on the closed session. can you please call the last item?
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>> the next order of business, item 11, adjournment. >> yes, the meeting is adjourned at 2.15 pm, thank you. (meeting adjourned). >> power it's all around us in the sun and the winds and caves waves power that lights our homes while protecting our natural resources clean power will provide power to san franciscans how about works
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right now our power is from pg&e from non-renewable systems that comes over pg&e maintained lines with clean power your energy about think generated by caesarean more renewable sources come to our home e.r. businesses to the pg&e lines good morning, welcome to san francisco board of supervisors budget and finance subcommittee meeting for may 4, 2016. i'm joined by supervisor katy tang and norm lal yee. do
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we have announcements? >> yes, please silence all cell phones and electronic devices and completed speaker cords included as part of the file should be submitted to the clerk. items acted on today will be on [inaudible] >> item 1 amending the administrative code requiring prepackage food and beverages sold in vending machines on city property or served at city meetings have [inaudible] >> we amended a committee last week. our city has a very strong record of prioritizingiment provement in public health by encouraging healthy life styles for employees and residentsment healthy eating is a key factor reducing a number of chronic conditions we see prevalent across the city and here in
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san francisco including obesity, heart disease, stroke, cancer and other threatening disease. this cost the taxpayers millions each year in health car can you cost jz believe it should be a priority to lower the cost. i do believe we should dpoo everything in our power to implement policies that seek to benefit the public and make the holethy choice a easy choice. we started this dialogue in earnest over the past several years with the tax discussions last year. a father of 3 young children and believe by leading in example in this regard and the city should lead as well. the healthy beverage snam policy will be one the staungest in the country. it
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will shet nutrition guideline jz standards sold in vending machine jz food and beverages served in city events using public resource squz encourages restaurants on city property to have a balance of healthy food. the first components set nutritional standsards and guidelines for vending machines we develop in consalitation with american heart association, department of public health. it will limit the amount of cal ease offered and require that the food option served are low sugar sodium and all types of [inaudible] all these requirements are prospective so the new stad nds and guidelines apply to contract jz properties extended or renewed after-sth ordinance. the second component requires city departments do bet efforts using city
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funds meet the recommended nutritional guidelines mptd for example, it requires water is available and accessible, vegetarian and vegan offered and food offered includes fruits vegetables grains and [inaudible] the third component encourages restaurants to have better balance of healthier food options available. lastly, we accepted amendment tooz strengthen the legislation as well. i do we believe we owe to the 28,000 in the city and taxpayer tooz implement policies that lead outcomes for employees and visitors to city hall to more productive city employees and cost save frgz the taxpayers. it accomplishes the goals by making the healthy choice the easy place. prnl note, as
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i mentioned when i introduced this the fact that my 3 year old son associates coming with city hall going to the m & m machine isn't something i want to continue. the legislation isn't possibility with american heart association and brittany government affairs director in the bay area, department of public health, health services [inaudible] from my office and a number of others. we have a chance to be a leader and hope you support this proposal and look forward to discussion with full board. with that we don't have a budget analyst report. any questions or comments before public comment? okay, we'll move topublic comment. anyone like to comment on item 1? if you would please come forward, everyone will have two
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minutes. speak on one of the microphones. >> good morning, my name is chris stalk locks and chairman of the berd of greater bay area of the american heart association and i representing the heart association today in support of this bill. we believe that healthy americans come from betder choices, better choices but what they do and activities they take and what they consume and feel like any ordinance that allows for-makes it easier for consumers to make a healthy choice is a better choice and has a benefit to the citizen and city itself. i speak in support of the ordinance and thank you for your leadership on this issue. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> my name is cristina
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[inaudible] department of public health and work on chronic dw zeez prevention and direct the shape of san francisco initiative and we have been working on this making healthy choice the ease a choice 10 year jz support any type of legislation that helps make that come true. i want to thank you supervisor farrell putting this forward hope we get support for this today. >> anybody else wish to comment on item 1? seeing none, public comment is closed. supervisor tang. >> just want to thank supervisor farrell bringing this forward. i'm excited encouraging more vegetarian and vegan options so like to send this forward with positive recommendation to full board >> second by supervisor yee and take without objection. item number 2. >>itism 2, resolution approved a cooperative agreement between city and state of california department
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of transportation concerning the development review of the projecktd initiation document for luck bard street vision zero project. >> we have dpw to speak here. >> shannon karen from san francisco public works and here before you to seek apruchbl for public works to into into agreement for cal tranls for gement review and approval oof projict initiation initiative. this project features pudpestren and curb extension and sewer and water infrastructure improvements. extoneds along lombard street from van ness avenue to intersection of richardson and fran cyst co street. the execution of the agreement is cal trans [inaudible] cooperative agreement specifies the terms and conditions for city funding contribution of $200,000 to cal trans.
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fund frg the coopwhich's from a sfmta revenue bond thmpt project document is a engineering decision document that identifies the need, purpose and feasibility of the project. public works began design the project and required cal tran review and approval of the project initiation document to proceed with final design and secure a inroachment for cal trans for construction. as stated in the public worked order dated february 2, 2016 recommend the board approve the agreement including payment of $200,000 to cal trans. happy to answer questions. >> thank you very much. colleagues any question? i want to thank you for your work and the whole team for their work on this. this is years in the making and years left to go but this will be a
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positive improvement. anyone wish to comment on item number 2? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues item 4-entertain a motion to send the item forward. >> so moved. >> motion by supervisor tang and seconded by supervisor yee. >> item 3, proceeds from certificate of participation of animal care and control renovation project. >> this motion is sponsored by supervisor tang. >> i see we have staff here and including our director of animal care control to speak on the item so i'll keep this brief but very excited to continue to move the effort forward for rebiltd of the animal shelter in san francisco. what we have before us today is the propeation from
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certificate of participation but put it on controllers reserve and come in the fall can follow up legislation. very excited about this and with that i'll turn it over to city staff who would like to make a presentation. >> good morning, [inaudible] controllers office of public finance. the ord nnss before you appropriates 60, 500,000 to finance cost of animal care and control renovation. with approval of the ordinance the board approved the appropriation placed on controllers reserve pending authorization salefment separate legislation to authorize execution and delivery will be nrtd deuced at a future board meetings with related finances and documents. the cop's are expected to be executed ina mount to fully pay the cost of the
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project including interest financing and delivery for the project. the appropriation amount is [inaudible] estimated with a conservative interest ratef 6 and is a half percent. the propeation amount includes 920,000 dollar. available to answer questions related to fimancing and have jim [inaudible] with department of public works and [inaudible] with animal control to answer project related questions. thank you. >> colleagues, any questions? okay, mr. rose can we go to your report for item 3, please? >> yes, mr. chair, on page 3 of the report we note the current cost estimate to relocate and construct a new animal care control shelter is [inaudible] and that is shown in table one on page four of the report.
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page four shown in table two the ordinance appropriations 60, 500,00049 million is allocated for animal care and control renovation project and 10, 580 thousand to reserve and finance cost and 900,000 cost for market uncertainty. on page 5 the report the controllers offices estimates 59, 580,000 at interest rate of 6.622 percent. average debt service is estimated 5, 241, 710 and interest and principle payments over the 20s year term are 110, 075, 900. we recommend you approve this resolution. >> colleagues any questions? we move to public comment. anyone wig
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to comment on item 3? seeing none public comment is closed. >> excited to move to full board with positive recommendation. >> motion by supervisor tang and second by supervisor yee. >> item 4, resolution approving a lease agreement between swissport cargo service and city for approximately 20,000 square feet of space in west field cargo building 632 and related areas on plot 9. >> we have cathy wagner here. >> good morning. cathy wagner with san francisco international airport. the proposed resolution seeks approval for aviation lease between swissport and airport for 19,000 square feet in the west field cargo building. the term of the lease is 3 years with two one year options to extend bringing the
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potential lease term march 31, 2020. the estimated rent associated with this new term including the two one year options is 2.3 million dollars, solis dus require ret row act tivty to april 2015 as the airport was involved in a series of negotiation with swissport to upgrade equipment when the item was introduced and the board package needed to be refiled. i apologize but it does require ret row actativity. >> colleagues any question snz mr. rose, can we go to your report? >> yes on page 8 of our report shown in table 2 the airport estimates 2, 345, 996 in rent paid ofern the 5
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year term och the lease including the two option years. the estimated rent of that 2.3 million includes anium rent increase of approximately 2.5 percent. we recommend you amend thiss resolution for ret row activity and approve the resolution as amended. >> thank you very much. colleagues any question snz seeing none move to public comment. anyone wish to comment on item 4? public comment is closed. colleagues any motion. >> move this item with recommended amendment to the full board. >> motion by supervisor yee. the amendment and the under lying amendment. second by supervisor tang without objection. thank you. item number 5 madam clerk. >> resolution ret row active authorizing department of environment grants from the association of bay area governments in the amount of approximately 600,000 to
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perform activities as bay area rejinal energy network program. >> mr. rod regs here. >> thank you for the opportunity. the resolution before you are grant funds to continue the support the work the department does on energy efficiency. specifically we have 4 goals in mind for this grant work. the first is target multifamily upgrades. we have a goal of trying to upgrade 1200 units in san francisco to reduce annual the energy load by 15 percent. the second effort we are focusing on with these resources is target single family homes in san francisco to join the home upgrade california program. the third objective that we have is we are hosting several workshops and forums for contractors engineer, consultants and building officials to
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encourage energy efficient code compliant. the last is improve access to commercial and residential pace programs we have to help projects remove barriers, encourage scale and promote new programs to take advantage of that. the department encourages your support of the resolution z happy to answer any questions. >> thank you mr. rodriguez. this is a great one. any questions. move to public comment. anybody wish to comment on item 5? seeing none public comment is closed. motion to sends the item forward. >> like to make a motion to send forward mptd >> motion by supervisor tang and seconded by supervisor yee. item 6 >> item 6 resolution approving emergency public works under administrative code to design, prepare and upgrade [inaudible] at the
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sheriffs department county jails number 1 and 2. >> thank you very much. >> from public works amie lam project manager public works. so, i'm seeking approval for the emergency work designing repairing and upgrading the security system for county jail number 1 and 2. not to exceed 2, 900, 670. in 2014 [inaudible] caused a failure of the main intercom system, [inaudible] so, at that year they repaired the emergency work to have a fix for both portions of the work. so right now the sheriffs department is continuing emergency work to complete the whole system. so they completed
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system that needs to continue to complete the whole security system and then because the security reasons they would like to keep the professional consultants and contract in one piece. and any other comments? >> colleagues, any questions? supervisor yee. >> thank you for the presentation. i noticed that this is-this particular item has been in the capital planning process for a while, is that correct? >> yes. >> how long has it been in the capital planning process? just curious. >> i like to have from the sheriff [inaudible] >> dan [inaudible] with san francisco stairf department facility maintenance manager. we had this as a capical project for about 2 years. there was a older projeblth associated with
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this beginning of the security system replacement but we were not able to move forward and ultimately when the system died about 2 years ago, we needed to declare a emergency. >> just keep it alive somehow. thank you. >> any further questions. mr. rose can we go it report. ? >> page 12 we note the total estimated expenditure for coipty jail 1 and 2, 3, 916, 047. [inaudible] 2015 and then the estimated 2, 967,000 for the new work under the proposed resolution. page 13 of our report we note the board of supervisors appropriated a
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million 400 thousand in the 15-16 budget and million 400 thousand in the 16-17 budget so totals 2.8 million with carry over with $116,000 that equals this request of 2, 967,000. on page 14 we recommend you approve the resolution. >> thank you very much. any questions? seeing none, open up to public comment. anyone wish to comment on item 6? public comment closed. >> move to full board. >> motion by supervisor yee and second by supervisor tang, take that without objection. madam clerk do we have any other business? thank you, we are adjourned.
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[meeting adjourned]. >> working for the city and county of san francisco will immerse you in a vibrate and dynamic city on sfroert of the art and social change we've been on the edge after all we're at the meeting of land and sea world-class style it is the burn of blew jeans where the rock holds court over the harbor the city's information
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technology xoflz work on the rulers project for free wifi and developing projects and insuring patient state of at san francisco general hospital our it professionals make guilty or innocent available and support the house/senate regional wear-out system your our employees joy excessive salaries but working for the city and county of san francisco give us employees the unities to contribute their ideas and energy and commitment to shape the city's future but for considering a career with the city and county of san francisco >> good afternoon and we'll call our meeting to order and the commissioner clerk will call the
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roll. >> clerk: rrk "roll call." i put the minutes in front of you. commissioner chow requested a make a slight change on the top 6 page seven. i'll see text crossed out and other text that has been alded. >> commissioners, the revised or edited minutes are before us. for acceptance. so we need a motion. >> okay. >> i think this is minor and i can give it to you but -- >> go ahead. >> so on page 5, 5 of the ones that were in our packet. >> sure. >> up in