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tv   Aging Adult Services Commission 5416  SFGTV  May 8, 2016 10:30pm-12:01am PDT

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motion that has been seconded to adopt a resolution to initiate. on that motion (calling roll) that motion passes unanimously 7-0. >> thank you for all your hard work on this and thank you to the members of the public for coming today and that adjourns our hearing. (meeting adjourned). welcome t on department of aging & adult services please take roll. >> morning.
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>> commissioner president james is absent excused commissioner serlina commissioner itani commissioner loo commissioiner ow commissioner roy commissioner nelson and executive director is present. >> may i have a motion to approve the agenda that was modified a few weeks ago we have a copy. >> move forward second. >> thank you narrating approval of the minutes of the consent calendar agenda. >> so moved. >> second. >> any questions or comments
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thank you. the motion carries next item approval the april 6, 2016, minutes has everyone had a chance to review them any changes or comments from did public comment public so moved. >> seconded by. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> that motion carries. >> employee of the month aaron perez. >> yeah. (clapping.) so it's a great occasion to honor karen perez as the employee of the month of may we usually like to honor kearney
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want to talk about the dodges i think the commissioners are familiar with people from the office on aging he hear them present but not honoring them here in the people prosecute the office of aging if you can stand up so we can recognize you (clapping.) department of aging & adult services does the work for the department of aging & adult services without them, we wouldn't have all the contractors to bring to commission but we also want to thank all the people in the back it support of office of acknowledging the contracts unit and budget and mr. haney planning and everyone a group effort to get these out of the door one of things that karen
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has done since the day she got here provided excellent support any of us who have done any work anywhere know that the administrative support is one of the more important functions thank you karen and read when the colleagues wrote about that better than anything i can say from the first day karen race demonstrated excellence if in all aspects she's the saufbt of the baggage for the monitoring more than 50 community-based organizations in san francisco the staff members are compromised of nutrition i was and karen has supported them with the new dine design to make them work effectively if you imagine o o a as a machine cesarean is that one guarantor that may not be mower powerful
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but essential to keep the machine workers her can do so attitude and covers a vast of handing calls from customers to corresponding with the cd a to make sure the proper work is collected assumed a lot of the administrative requirements that they execute their jobs and karen has gone above and beyond the call of duty and truly o o a renaissance person a bright and happy smile a karen smile. (laughter) that sounds like denise a model for professional staff her supervisors have received accommodations for general information and to quota recent comment daasw is lucky to have a person like karen
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congratulations you did a wonderful job and thank you thank you for all you do (clapping.) >> so karen on behalf of daasw you're the employee of the month (clapping.) (laughter.) >> thank you, very much. >> oh, i think we had one more picture. >> oh, (laughter) closed-captioni picture. >> thank you in he and the next item is the director's report sherren thank you for the opportunity to congratulate her on behalf of all the commissioners thank you, commissioner
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(clapping.) thank you very much commissioner serlina and all of i appreciate the support and happy this process had an b has been completed and it is been a great thing to be intern director i look forward to working with everyone here as the director thank you. >> so there are a couple of things i want to talk about here's the mike yes, he guess a couple of things to talk about this morning the first is that last week i was in washington, d.c. with coalition for the national association on aging policy briefing and visit to capital hill i was there with a number of folks from california and formed the california coalition as a team talked about a lot of the issues no california
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specifically concerns about social security and what will happen in the future of social security we talked about medicare we talked about housing and how we might building that housing is part of health care an interval part and talked about being a nutrition and the food security and things like that to it was an interesting especially with the people when it was an interesting conversation he in particular is very concerned of the issues with the aging and department of aging & adult services and sent me materials that he is work on how to engage people gave me the american public in raising concerns about working with you know kind of the needs of older adults and sfugz his concern not
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enough attention 0 those issues we feel the concern it was interesting to here him and take on that issue how we might have better confusion with older adults an interesting visit and i've done this in the past with ann was not able to go and not always that hopeful on the other hand, there was a lot more talk about kind of funding streams and funding integration things that we're starting to work on in california a lot more conversations about those medicaid and mentioning with the national levels it was hopeful a lot more talk about in the past about elderly justice and the protection of the database so we know really, get a better
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understanding of the issues of elderly abuse in the country that was hopeful i will be running for a seat on the board of the national association of aging and the election will happen in july there are two seats from california i was asked by some southern california and the california association to apply to run because san francisco such an important player ♪ california we'll these how that goes >> when's the election. >> july. >> next thing i want to talk about supervisor wiener has put forth on ordinance to draft the language for lgbt data collection and the lgbt senior task force is involved in promoting the concept of data
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collection around lgbt demographics we can better serve the lgbt population in san francisco there will be battery on the language the supervisor thought all the departments that collects certain demographic information we'll collect that if our prospective since we've been down the road and thought about what that means milking how easy to get the information and the training needs and those kinds of things easier for daasw and on the departments to figure out the cost and the time commitment will be especially, when people are in the field working with clients there's certainly some training issues especially probation officer people that be inspector duffy rather than checking out the
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demographic information we as a city wants to make sure when that demographic information is collected it gets collected sensitivity so the staff understands what it is they're asking and the inspection and there will be adequate affiliation work to be done it is exciting and moving forward and certainly something that the lgbt senior task force has undertaken. >> one of the things i forgot to say about being in washington the president obama finally signed the oldest americans act and that was really a big celebration something that used to be rather performa but not in the paved if you years ago a lot of work on the hill trying to get legislators to really get on
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board it passed unanimously and went to the president but it was very hard i think that for those of you know the older americans act is the backbone of the speaks for itself the national funding and priorities for older adults that is important for us it gets passed and it did that's great the department has been working with the dignity fund coalition and the mayor's office around the dignity fund i'm sure there will be someone that will talk from the coalition prospective about that but interest is a real time crunch in terms of the language and i think that is the end of may that needs to be in so the department has a certain prospective on the language
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should be and the coalition side and the supervisors are weighing in and the mayor's office and the city of attorney's office there's a lot of there's a lot of moving parts to the legislation but hopefully getting closer to finalizing that and then want to say this afternoon at 1 o'clock is the adults budget hearing so it will be hsa and daasw and office of early care and education and presenting daasw budget it starts at 1 o'clock and the final thing i want to talk about the fair labors standard acts sanctions we talked about that you know the f l s a went into effect a couple months ago i asked staff they're working and
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getting information to people that have questions and progressing the information but this week the town hall went into effect people that violate the fair labor standards act by misstating their overtime the vision sanctions will go both effect we are waiting to see what that looks like we're haven't clear information how to handle those we'll know more but right now the staff a nervous we don't know how to handle that so more to come if that. >> i think that that concluded my report. >> any questions or comments. >> commissioiner ow. >> congratulations you are a commitment for what is it the july - >> oh, for the board of the national association of aging.
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>> how can we as a commissioner and you a nonprofit organizations to fund you and they're working with you for yaers and years incorporated how what walking can we lobby with the association. >> thank you, commissioner for that vote of support i think basically up to the board a national board so i don't think there is a role i wanted to let you know that is something i'll doing and so i'll just report back to you on how that goes. >> the the nonprofit can write a letter. >> in this case it is not i think that is not necessary but thank you. >> i tried. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> the next item on the agenda is the advisory report by smith.
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>> good morning and executive director congratulations they choose the right person (clapping.) >> the advisors council met on wednesday april 20th, 2014, and introductions were made to the council of our 3 just advisory council members taylor and william. >> also in attention what mr. ma angela rajas by supervisor campos a calculated detailed presentation of the daasw 2016, 2020 by staff john the executive director mcfatten and voted on and approved by the advisory council also the council voted
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to support 184 to raise the allotments for ssi p and the california lover has a vote to support that we'll ask the commission to support that also a discussion was held on the better system for the site visits i'll have more information we'll have more information to revamp the onsite i can report, however, that a site visit was done at the jewish community center an outstanding detailed report by one of the advisory council members the committee had the last training on the institute of aging around the issues of
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elderly abuse we want to thank them for their support for allowing us to be there the next training is usf campus on july 22nd with a possible presentation a mental health and aging the daasw the council would like to thank the daasw staff with apple bee and others for making this possible and last but not least may is senior month there is a large rally being held in sacramento on may the 11 and we have flyers and information about that i think i know that the department is really wanting people to go and support them that's the end of my report any
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questions. >> any questions or comments. >> just a question on the letters of ab 1584 those will come to us for next month is that - >> yes. we have a reason to write the letters (inaudible). >> in our packets yep. >> any other comments or questions thank you very much. >> thank you. >> the joint legislative report. >> director i'm going to make this short you have a long agenda and the area plan needs to be voted on the end of life options legislation takes place into effect june 9th and usf did a workshop no restorations were
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due on tuesday there was one bill that i missed tracking that went into folk january 1st thank you apple bee for keeping us updated and commissioner making my job easier the hospital and caregiver it requires the hospitals to designate the caregiver and informed on discharge plans and make sure the caregiver has the instructions to safely provide care with the patient transitioned i'll update you on the bills that there's been change since our april meeting i will not address the oldest americans act director addressed that and so the c s l
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legislation the first bill that was referred to we want the letter of support that would address the cost of living adjustments and increases in the monthly allotment for ssi and s d sent to appropriations things are moving along the sb 1015 a new piece of legislation the domestic bill of rights next month the long term - the bill that will stash statewide aging and cooperating council moving through the committee as a result of state senator carolyn we've talked about last year
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director mcfattening talked about the district fund i'll not talk about that a piece of legislation in the senate 2015 which is on an alzheimer's and autism bill that calls for $2 million annually over 5 years it is passes through the judiciary committee by 15 to 4 vote that will address the needs of children with autism and other very well disabled those who wander and expand the program that provides assistance for people with alzheimer's who wander and make - with the disabilities that have a tendency to wander with the bills for law enforcement to pay for tracking devices and in addition the funding for training and outlet efforts to
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address the issue hobo available and this bill is submitted in 2014 as a result of death of a child who had waufrnd with autism any questions. >> thank you very much any questions or comments thank you very much for a thorough - >> the long term care cooperating report. >> hi members of the commission and director congratulations again i'm jeremy i'm the new at large member the l t cc a very brief report if april 1, '32 presentations one from the one post key report the senior health planner with the department of health presented on the key report that was requested last fall sf dph
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working with the providers to research the post care needs in san francisco to look at the impact of beds on the needs supply sorry to assess the impact and reduces the nursing skill on the beds supply and gap in the services in san francisco we had a presentation from joanne the dph a leading nonprofit in the a.m. space presented on their pathways initiative that aims to foster state reform and support the needs and some of the more pressing matters has to do with came up at the l t cc meeting we finally listed our 2016 budget fractured from the contents priorities and we the members find l t cc
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will be setting up meetings with the board of supervisors in the coming weeks and sending a malia cohen with the mayor also during the 2016 budget priorities and the next meeting on may 12th we'll hear a presentation on the dignity fund so more to come on that and i'll keep it brief thank you very much. >> commissioner. >> a question on the supply report is that underdevelopment now or a concluding report you guys reviewed. >> sure actually have the finally, i think that is a concluding report it was for a resolution with the health commission. >> i'll be interested in assessing that report. >> sure. >> we can make sure you have it. >> yes. you do have a priority for current budget; right?
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>> yes. >> can you send you know a priority to our secretary so we can have a copy it will be our guidelines too. >> absolutely. >> thank you. >> make sure you have it sure thank you. >> thank you. >> have a good day. >> you, too. >> report kathy russo not here case report. >> good morning, commissioners director mcfasten greg with the st. francis reporting for case first, let me say we echo the congratulations to director mcfatten a quick update on the efforts towards the 2016 advocacy campaign on monday a contingent met with the mayor's office and the white house and spoke about our efforts including the postcards we're
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going delivering to the mayor tomorrow and later 24 month and next month postcards to the supervisors i have example if you care to see them they have good questions we have provide good answers and actually conducted a preliminary word we'll be advocating for dignity fund as well so a good meeting tomorrow as i said the seniors with disabilities on the steps of city hall at one p.m. with a good crowd and good speakers to motivate this will be fofld by christopher the postcards to the mayor our effort for the next 4 to 6 weeks. >> questions. >> thank you any questions or comments. >> any other questions or
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comments okay. thank you now time for general public comment that comment directed not at specific items on the agenda but general. >> oh, thank you. >> hello commissioner and congratulations to director mcfasten want to give an update on budget items in addition to these that kate with working on i think you know by now i apologize. i can't remember about the new support at home program the home care a coalition of us have been working on it is looking good that benefits people with a little bit too much income ever assets to quality for a benefit that don't have the kind of
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money to pay for in-home care we've met with the supervisors in the mayor's office of budget and hope the commission will support it we're working for elevator and commissioner sims is helping to elevate it so we're hoping to get more funding allergy was asked r asking for you to help with our conversations with the mayor's office about that and i have flyers about the budget rally tomorrow i'll leave on the table if anyone can take a stack of them we have them in english and spanish and marie arranged for chairs for seniors with disabilities and people with disabilities we don't have to worry about that i want to mention donna on the sedatin action you probably worked with
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her she's retiring we are happy she'll be able to have time to enjoy you'll see things but i'm sure we'll see her a retirement party coming up i'll leave the flyers on that as well. >> thank you. any other. okay. next item any old business? new business first item is not an action item a review of the community living fund six months report for july through december thank you karen >> good morning, commissioners executive director mcfasten i'm kari with daasw and pleased to update you on the last 6 months report an overall over the last 6 months from july 2016 to
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december 2016 as you may know the c l f fund supports the aging in place and alternative transportation for individual that my otherwise require care in an institution and using a two 3r07kd approach are case management and purchase services this program provides needed services not available through any other mechanism to prevent premature institutiontion specifically for adults with disabilities so during this six months report a couple of new items we want to direct your attention the first the lgbt demographics that will we asked about the last time period during this period it was a new field we were polling on at 8
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percent and the 3 percent is a typo it is 8 percent of this time period and half of the referrals were missing the sexual organize data we are working trying to get this we're looking at a different way to don't there will be cleaner next week and the two performance measures we're reporting on the first one the percent of the clients with one or fewer planned acute hospital readmissions within a six months o month period with the ouch the money management cases and the goal of 80 percent for the 6 month period we exceeded at 93 percent of clients having one or fewer admissions this is the first time we've reporting the measure we'll monitor to see from the threshold needs to be
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raised or evaluate the second performance the care problems resolved on average one year after enrollment and exclude the clients the goal a 80 percent it was 55 percent of the service items were resolved or transferred after one year and substantive have less than one hundred of the care plans with the ongoing care needs this is the first time we're looking at the indicator it shows we need more training with staff what happens the care managers will update the care plan the year after during the reassessment wear pulling this data we're asking staff to kind of do it on an ongoing basis to so 6 months
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will accurately show what was going on that's sort of the main two highlighted with this period any questions you can ask now. >> any questions or comments commissioner loo. >> on page 2 oh, page 4 the paragraph submit the changes effecting the co s the second paragraph for 2015-2016 the money didn't come before december do you have to spend the money can the money be carried over if you have to spend it what kind of programs. >> the money can be carried over so right now the past couple of months building the infrastructure to manage the money effective and building contracts so one of the main
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things if so down the scatter site housing was updated in february of 2016 so, now there are 12 unit for those and not a lot but we're doing specifically targeting this and really looking at the people that have the highest needs for the skaufrt housing for example, and the other thing ear doing a care coordinator position that is looking for people having a purchase only need that don't need case management that one person is kind of managing all the purposes and doing it expedited segment so we can spend the money like the whole modifications so we're looking at ways to spend that money efficiently we know in this year this was an increase of threshold funding we have in the next 4 years to kind of manage this money so we expect a down curve we needed
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time to ramp up and time to ramp down after the contract. >> commissioner loo. >> another one section one one i'm looking at the average monthly climb to donna and look at the december 15th the number is its that number but down there it is a donna $908. >> are you following me. >> no. i'm not sure where you're at. >> all kind of dollars near the become. >> uh-huh.
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>> when you look at across december 15th is it $908. >> i had the 55. >> no commissioner. >> other people am i looking at the. >> the spreadsheet the bottom right corner almost to the bottom. >> almost to the bottom actually. >> at the bottom. >> okay. so what's the question. >> why the number is to high compared to other months. >> good morning planning with the human services agency the number has increased because in this reporting period the transitional care program is no longer active that served a
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large number of clients and in prior months that reduced the average program we have a smaller denominator and that's why it is increased from nine hundred to $900 a month. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> any commissioiner ow. >> yes. this program initially giving the patient in the laguna and transfer them to a community home setting now that this program run for quite a few of the years there's not many laguna honda evaluations into a community home setting my question is where is our patients come from you know you taking care of so many patients
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where you pick up them. >> so the few look at 31 percent of the referrals are from laguna honda it is a different population the folks the population demographics are different and extend to other places to look at kind of the highest across the board and focus on one specific facility. >> you just answered is it thirty percent of your patients come from laguna honda. >> 31. >> 31 then where's the other 60 percent. >> good morning. i'm laura from the director of the community living fund we transitioned 4 to 10 patients out of the laguna honda to serve those clients we get a large
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number of referrals so aps and adult protective services and others organizations that have the current clients that need a higher level of case management that's where we get that number. >> does that answer your question. >> commissioiner ow. >> i wanted to remind everyone that so the criteria for community living fund is that someone be at risk in an institution or at risk of institutiontion so the living fund accepts people from the community as well from a setting like laguna honda or not skilled nursing facility. >> thank you i may be one of those patients (laughter) in the future. >> any other questions or comments? thank you very much the next on the agenda item a an action item requesting the authorization for the grant
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agreement with the community living for the provision of the aging and disability ad f c during the period of july 2016 to june 2018 from the amount of wolfed and $22,000 plus a 10 percent contingency not to exceed wolfed and $34,000 plus >> commissioners executive director mcfatten i'm linda the newest program analyst with the office of aging the services i asked you to approve with the amp and disabled friendly community program for the grant of 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 the services appropriated by community i'm sorry the list ration is too much but the connectors include a local resident a program connector and
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coach and outreach coordinator and cheerleader in the neighborhood the aging activities 3 always exercise classes a week it is very, very popular they can't the classes are so popular they can't allow all the people in it occurs at a church it is fuel preservation and emergency preparation training and mandated recorded training a lot of itself off in the ccii ago - some of the kids helped to clean out a garage it earned the number empowerment neighborhood of the year award i have for
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show-and-tell a copyright here i recently had an opportunity to visit the neighborhood and saw what was going on with the community contractors and there were a line of people from the class one wanting to talking about talk with me 10 to 15 people and wouldn't let me go without talking about the great experience one man told me he lost 20 pounds was very excited and reverend linda took her neighbors to take care of her and visit her not hospital and take care of her dog and brought food to her that's what the neighborhood is creating for people to age in their home 20 percent comes from services we provide the other 80 percent comes from our community
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neighbors and friends we use a lot of words we we talk about the people we see clients and seniors and participant and citizens it expands our language thank you. >> thank you very much do i have a motion to approve for discussion purposes. >> so moved. >> any questions or comments from the commission? >> just one mechanical one i nodded with this describes it as a paid community connect our \s and one person does it for someone that lives in the neighborhood and focuses on the neighborhood. >> the way advertised phrased one local program a local resident serves as a paid\that's
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a simulated worker. >> any other comments or questions from the commission questions or comments from the public hearing none call the question. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? that motion carries item b requesting the i'm sorry did you have a cutting-edge. >> thank you for the award you gave to the kiya and i'm 80 years old a homeland security and widow it's typical of people that are served i want to thank you for supporting it we do believe we're developing a new motto for aging in place we have community service and no senior centers in the neighborhood we prerequisite out of our homes and have meetings in nearby church we recently have helped one of
11:17 pm
the 83-year-old woman it fell victim to identify athlete and man 82 who said i was settleed how inexpensive this model is no facility to support and community living campaign does our admin work thank you. i want to invite you to the june potluck we'll be sure to let you you know but you'll have 60 or 70 people bringing food ranging from sponge cake to homemade food attach for supporting this
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program. >> i'm in thank you very much (clapping.) item b requesting the authorization to modify the curry senior centers so far july 1st, 2015, to june 30th, 2016, invite up $35,000 for 10 percent contingency for not to exceed $688,000 plus michael thank you. >> good morning, commissioners and executive director mike dodd with the office on the aging the the item before you is adding $35,000 into the current year contract with the keri senior center to boost their subcontract it is not discernable but i'll point the commissioners attention within the operating expense detail page line item i st. francis
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living room for $67,000 plus that was a combination of 22 thousand plus which started that subcontract in late 2015 we're here to boost that by another $35,000 the reason we're looking to boost is it today is to continue support for services and programming provided by st. francis living room as a working cooperation with under the curry senior center contract quickly on st. francis living room for those of you who don't know at 350 golden gate and they're complex with the 8 housing alliance a stepping stone built a health center their daily hours are 8:30 to noon each day a small breakfast and activity until noon
11:20 pm
they are acquit busy to usually between 50 and 75 people each day the thooiz dollars purposes an fte that will be spread across 3 human beings and money for fringe for staff as well as the insurance costs related to maintaining the program liability insurance of the building so with that, i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> the commission might have. >> may i have a motion to discuss. >> any questions or comments from the public? hearing none, call the question >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? thank you the motion carries thank you, michael. >> item c requesting authorization to modify the grant with the neighborhod
11:21 pm
centers for community services from july 2015 through june 2016 in the all the way down amount of $35 with a 10 percent contingency invited one million dollars plus and linda on on and on core. >> commissioners i ask you approve that $35,000.01 time only the mission neighborhood centers will provide seven hundred and 50 hours of enhanced outreach and increase their consumer base by 5 percent their 4 hundred and 75 people their cast center and looking for 25 thousand it is working with 3 housing senior housing development in the area near the castro senior center those housing sites don't have an
11:22 pm
activity for the disabled individuals that live there the mission neighborhood centers want to remedy by going to the site and bringing activities to them some tablets or computer classes they have a popular life coach they want to bring people from the housing types to mission neighborhood centers the mission straddler and cat street location is an old building with a sunny courtyard i was there reluctance and watching cinco de mayo detrimental and eating popcorn the mission neighborhood center in the outreach is planning to do cultural and cultural outreach and just a couple of minutes ago the bayview mission center were talking about what it is going to include a number of people in
11:23 pm
the mission street may not have been to golden gate park or the museum this is a way to connect people to their neighborhood and it to their city as well thank you. >> thank you very much came in for discussion purposes. >> thank you. any questions or comments from the commission? any questions or comments from the public? hearing none, call the question >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? thank you that motion carries item d requesting authorization to enter into a new contract with merced during the period of july 2016 to 2018 in the amount of of -- not to exceed 200 and 11 thousand plus bill neuson thank you. >> good morning executive director my name is jill nelson
11:24 pm
the director for the city protective adult services program pleased to request the authorization to enter into a contracted with merced residential care currently we the difficulty protective services doesn't have a contract with any type of emergency placement services the funding that goes into the contract provide two placement beds with residential care 3 licensed residential care facilities for the elderly here if san francisco and the contract would allow us says the bed on an emergency basis and this is really a service the adult protective services project programming is in need the situation that comes up for the clients might include
11:25 pm
family violation one of the female members needs to leave the home and on a temporary or emergency basis into a place they can assess care those situations come up when we are working with older adults in particular that have a some i've dementia and live alone not connected to support services and comes up in situations involving eviction we're excited to be working with merced housing and the vendor has extensive experience providing care for older adults and sfubdz that are a wide range of care needs i'm feeling confident the vendor will provide comprehensive high quality services for our clients can i answer any questions for you. >> thank you came in for
11:26 pm
discussion. >> i have a how long would the person remain in this emergency - this is a new contract a new service for the adult protective services program sow what we're envisioning ideally that clients will stay for thirty to 60 days maximizing and working on discharge planning ideally to get our clients to their own home with the issue we have many clients that thai might live in a rental unit hesitate there's a situation of hoarding and clustering we may assist them to avoid eviction to e eradicate
11:27 pm
violations with the dph and sometimes, we need a place to move a client on the temporary basis to restore their unit to a safe condition and move them back in. >> any other questions commissioner sims. >> what's the previous model how do you handle situations before this contract. >> we currently do place i'll see three to four clients a month on a temporary basis in licensed we don't have a contract we do it on a purchase price basis the problem with the framework when our accounting department prefers we enter sweetheart contract and through the rfp process we need a relationship with a vendor so we can handle places on emergency
11:28 pm
basis because the vendor we've been working with although they try to be accommodating they don't have a bed that is reversed we're in a mode to find vendor it is have not focus and self-produce effective outcomes for the client. >> does that effectively reduce the cost for by these on the model. >> yes. the price we've negotiated with the mercy housing is fairy we'll be charged $4,000 per bed when a bed is opted out and negotiated with 3 thousand hold rate i'm not anticipating a vacant bed so, of course, this is a new contract we'll be monitoring and tracking and report back at a later date.
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>> last question my six include a frail senior in a housing authority they can't assess their home. >> if we're working with a client in an assisted living but they receive help with the detail living with personal care we might pay and use our emergency services for that individual to be in a hotel for example, or their certain hotels that provide meals or different other services that we can assess if they don't need that level of car they're more cost effective. >> commissioner loo. >> this is a new program how many beds. >> the funds will be up to 2 beds per month two beds okay. and what is you
11:30 pm
have more so you need more so are there money to help out. >> the adult protective services has on an annual basis wolfed thousand dollars allocated for our emergency special payment fund the welfare institution code requires counties to have what they call tangible services available although they don't state a threshold that is up the discretion and availability of resources at a local level we have wolfed thousand dollars and this would be additional funding we can use in the events we have other individuals that needed the emergency services if mercy housing has - they'll allow us to use the additional fund and pay them blouf the scope of the
11:31 pm
contract. >> so the wolfed thousand dollars is for emergency. >> correct. >> explain to me 98 point 63 percent for a bed held but not occupied. >> so the vacancy rate for the beds is $3,000 per month i'm not sure where you're looking. >> i'm looking at the last page trying to understand. >> sorry i don't have appendix b with me. >> thanks john. >> good morning. i'm john director of contracts what we're trying to do show a daily rate thirty are 28 or whatever days we took the annual rate and
11:32 pm
divided into 365 days does make sense based on $3,000 dollars a month. >> i recently read that an average rc f bed across the state is $3,700 a month i feel confident this is a reasonable rate that merging will be charging us. >> thank you. >> thank you. any other comments or questions just to clarify so from the bed is not opted out they're still charge that rate. >> they'll charge 3 thousand a month versus $4,000 a month. >> thank you. any other comments or questions from the public that is hearing none, call the
11:33 pm
>> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? that motion carries. >> next item is item e requesting authorization to enter into a new contract with american telling source inc. doing business as during the period of june 2016 and june 2017 nouchld of three hundred told us applause a 10 percent contingency not to exceed 200 and $16,000 plus welcome. >> good morning, commissioners director mcfadden i'm megan the evidence program director in morning i'm excited to present the new contract for subcontractor active voices and integration what is many and why are we are excited about it
11:34 pm
you may know in san francisco we have over 19 thousand ihss providers vicinity providers they call us most of them are asking questions about any employee of any company if they didn't get their paycheck basic employee questions like that this new contract would give us two major new technologies that will assist providers and consumers with those types of questions the first interactive voice they'll add this to the existing i was provider
11:35 pm
assistance call center and it would be able to respond to a computerized voice that would ask questions of the caller and would be able to assess data and answer the caller the second piece would give us the ability to look at basic employee information like on online account at our bank or any other place you do business so assess it on the computer on a tablet a smart phone and it would be used both of these the call and the telephone and the computerized system will assess the database and give us the answer for the providers
11:36 pm
assistance did you get my time shoot has my payment been made they're waiting for their pay as consumers this is something would allow them to find out who their social worker or status those systems will with 24/7 availability and will be available in 7 different languages currently when people want to ask those types of questions they to call the call centers not open 24/7 and have to wait for the appropriate answer as opposed to have the live person look up the data callers will be able to speak to a live person not as if this replaces the ability for providers to speak to a live
11:37 pm
person it will reduce our need to hire additional staff in ihss provider overtime ihss violations for providers are coming through and that is creating a very big new workload for the county to have this technology available to answer simpler more repetitive question is really going to be an asset to us so i ask you for your authority to enter into this new contract if you - do you have any questions. >> can i have a motion? >> for discussion. >> in a competitive job market
11:38 pm
a great deal of difficulty tricking ihss providers it is critical that we make it as easy as possible for them to continue to serve their clients because if we lose them the clients with without someone they established a relationship in any of the individuals live from paycheck to paycheck and any confusion has a huge impact so anything we can do to resolve their anxiety it is a wonderful idea thank you any other comments or questions. >> commissioner loo. >> on page one you would 7 languages okay english, chinese, marijuana and russian and spanish i want to make a correction mandrin and cantonese are
11:39 pm
dialogues not two different languages. >> literally tons of dialogues in china this is it the other thing when i look at the last page the total is one hundred and 97 plus and then they didn't include the contingency costs so would they be rising the budget or what. >> the contingency is put there in case unforeseen cost over runs not to come back to the commission for this. >> okay. thank you. >> uh-huh. >> thank you. any other comments or questions for maggie. >> a general question so the american source was there another alternative in terms of - >> yes. there was a competitive bidding process i think we had two bidders this is
11:40 pm
the one we selected. >> thank you. any other comments or questions any comments or questions from the public hearing none, call the >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? thank you that motion carries thank you very much. >> thank you. >> item f the 2016, 2020 area plan for submission to the department of aging staff rose john's will do presentation. >> good morning, again so in march you received this binder written area plan for 2015 to 2020 last month director mcfattened and i recorded on it we're here to answer any questions and seek approval now the advisory committee has given
11:41 pm
us recommendations. >> can i have a motion? >> for discussion. >> so moved and any comments or questions on the area plan before it is submit? i think i'd like to say that it was an extraordinary comprehensive document very, very well-thought-of and clear so i want to - any questions or comments from the commission any from the general public comment >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? thank you that motion carries. >> thank you any announcements? >> any more public comment? thank you. >> good morning . i'm maria the operation director anothers mission neighborhood centers here above the executive director sam and first, i want to pubically
11:42 pm
congratulate executive director mcfattened for her assignment well deserved i want to say thank you for approving our grant of augmentation it will enhance the outreach and we have plans on the way for enhanced outreach that includes bringing outreach to residentials of mission housing development apartment who are currently not ref any type of service so thank you. >> thank you, thank you. >> i missed a call for announcements first of all, thank you for the supporter of the neighborhood and also there are a couple upcoming events one we work with the sf collective and tomcast
11:43 pm
over a opportunities to sign up for low cost events for friday from one to 4 on valencia street where we next to - we hope about one hundred seniors in multi languages helping people to expedite their registration 95 a month and includes no installation charges and as an infrastructure bonus tomcast is giving away 10 laptops for people sing a song full of the hope that the present has brought us; up we invite you to stop by. >> thank you and again, i want to say in terms of the the updated on the dignity plan we've been working hard and appreciate the input of the department and looking at the legislation for how more smoothly and so we have
11:44 pm
submitted all of the changes and suggestions from everyone to the city attorney to get a final draft our hope to introduce into this next week and the commission will play a strong role we look forward to the opportunity to get it introduced and will sit for a month and people can give feedback any questions. >> thank you any other public comment? >> first giving honor to the lord jesus christ and commissioners and staff that are doing great work on behalf of citizens of the san francisco the work you do is tremors you're helping the most vulnerable in our community my name is jackie wright i have worked in san francisco
11:45 pm
community services since 1990 working with the american red cross and san francisco unified school district and also did public relations for cbs and c w b area little did i know in 2007 i was laid off in a position where i will need social services myself and being one of the 20 percent offer 60 and among the 20 percent with disability and senior disabilities i know of the struggles of most vulnerable sentences or citizens i am i'm follow-up on a request in february for a statement to be read concerning any situations being the daughter of a veteran serving the country and yet in san francisco when i had my father's remains and my mother
11:46 pm
move to arlington national cemetery i had no resting placing place in san francisco and have no resting place this is something wrong when there has been dedication i was taught and raised two of any silks as a result of my parents dying and with that no place for housing in san francisco for me, i think there is something terribly wrong i'm among the people are the folks we'll be talking about their needed to be things done especially with the rising number of elderly we have in san francisco and this document i called for public hearings on housing issues for san franciscans and increased in the funds for stabilizing homes for seniors and the disabled especially those that own their own homes
11:47 pm
they can age in place and the combined efforts points malice and so there is great work done by this commission setting aside i think over 2 had had thousand dollars there needs to be more and i'll submit the documents for your - >> thank you very much any other questions or comments from the public hearing none, it bacteria's my heart but call for a motion to adjourn. >>
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