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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  May 13, 2016 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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contract in the amount of $6 million plus to the lowest quality responsive bidder throughout the construction and c approve the spivengsz in and award the contract in the nouchl of $5 million plus to the lowest quality responsibly and responsive bidder provision engineering. >> any a votes on the calendar. >> public comment on the consent calendar. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? we're to read without objection items 11, 12 and 13 and vote on that palace but call them together we've heard about the rates in the presentation at our last meeting and perhaps tloos not any
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additional comments or questions but mr. sandler is here in the event there is. >> thank you donna. >> discussion and possible action to adopt a charge for hetch hetchy empower and electrical lights for certain municipal customers over and over other governmental agencies for the after july 31st, 2016, and the druksz to adopt a proposed new retail electrical fees and charges for residential and convert eat remain with the hetch hetchy debris enterprising for retail consumers not residential or - after item 13 paeshgz discussion and possible action to adopt a
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self-generation for the net meeting with the empower schedule. >> ethic cfo barbara hale and i presented at the last commission meeting i just to want point out are item leveling was modified audits i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> commissioners a motion to approve item number 11. >> second. >> a comment i appreciate the additional language put in there it is basically asking staff and our various continent sisters how fast we can bring the cost of service rates up i want to
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reiterate that was presented as a contest between sufficiency and affordability i know this is a short time truth and a long term falsehood if you get our power rates up it is also be volleyball by any reasonable standard and has a represent for the department and implementation issue involved not an affordability so thank you for including included. >> thank you for getting that on the public record any public comment on item 11. >> mr. brooks. >> good afternoon eric brooks sf green party/our city/sf clean energy advocates. so just real quickly want to reiterate the support for
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continuing to as commissioner moran said to get the rates up and once again currently the enterprise staff to come up with expensive programs to work on you'll see city of dptd and hospitals to help them demand response as they cost is up to what it ought to be we're saving them on the builds i don't know how expensively it is being done to help to mitigate the increase but good to see the rates will continue to go up i know none the departments are enjoying me aig that but make sure we are helping them to do efficiency and demand responses and storage
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will be cost effective pretty soon to make sure the hit is less and good to hear from colorado enterprise at some point the department of the environment is helping to do outreach on that that's correct. >> if not further >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? unanimously goes forward next item, please. >> number 12 is there a motion to pass that item? >> i'll make a motion. >> second. >> public comment on item number 12. >> good afternoon eric brooks sf green party/our city/sf clean energy advocates. just want to reiterate something i said last meeting he talked with staff and sounds like it is possible with net metering program we need to as soon as possible to get a chart to show potential customers what pg&e
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pays for electrical compared to what we pay a little thing on the website and be handouts look you'll get a better tale from us than the pg&e so we can marketed public power and green cleanpowersf more easily to folks every time i talk to anyone about is cleanpowersf for example, at the they have solar panels they say how much you know be able to show them an easy box that shows them did cost differential it is attractive to an power customer or a cleanpowersf customer. >> you know i'd like that idea as this conversation we can talk about you know what that looked like from a cost differential and what you get if you get into the program as well and mc that
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more trophy any other any public comment on item 12 > all in favor, say i. > opposed? that motion carries. >> final item number 13. >> is there a motion? >> so moved. >> second. >> public comment? >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? that motion carries. >> thank you rates have passed. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> if you wouldn't mind reading item 14. >> consider count wholesale requirement for the fiscal year ending 2017 on net metering program around july 16th. >> a motion to adopt the rate schedule and move it. >> i'm second. >> public comment welcome. >> thank you good afternoon nicole ceo for bosca i'm here in
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support of the item but to express my appreciation this an been hard to deal with the water i pushed this hard to get the numbers early this year so our agencies can prepare we're here today a good result i wanted to express that thank you. >> thank you always noise to her an appreciative word any other public comment. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? that motion carries next item, please. >> and item 15 public hearings the draft 2015 urban water draft program a. >> no action june 14th will come back to the mission for approval. >> steve richie general manager for water a ones every 5 year effort we need to go through to demonstrate we've
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look forward the demand and a couple of things that are not here we've changed our method of modeling the land use to the metric model this is the differences and also new assumptions built in i had a few slides i'm to get to the one slide with the note if i could have the slides please this shows the data about the water system and two things the red line is the rescues and under planned bay area as you can see the fine print in 2035 san francisco about break the one million population that is different than before this is a significant increase in population to dense if i around
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the transportation human beings despite the decrease demand over time it is a low level it increase in demand to make your total water demand going up it steadily goes down but if those projects are try that is a major difference we're seeing increases 90 in population out to the thirty 25 and 2040 timeline and pick up in other 5 years if you haven't noticed it picking you up because the building that is goepg this is a public hearings to make sure we're on the record it is open and bring this in june for adoption. >> i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> that's it that's it great that's short and sweet
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thank you very much next item, please. >> public comment. >> good afternoon again commissioners i'm sorry you have to hear from me so many times a lot of important items on your agenda the loose slide was important i work on various organizations on water issues we've seen over the past several delineations the population of california go way up and the water use maintain itself on a level straight line so we realized your staff wants to be conservative of the future projects we see this in many communities in california we are assuming a demand we'll likely not have if we aggressively introduce water conservation 0 let's keep in mind that even though staff is showing those
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projections their job to be conservative about the fire chief of future that is not likely the situation weigh see leveled use or gunmen decline in use it is instead of increasing i want to make sure that level is on the table from the advocates out in the water communities thanks. >> thank you i have a speaker card from kenneth gibson. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm kent ethic with the sierra club san francisco bay committee willow presenting an urban water management plan is a state mandated exercise it is the type of planning by sfpuc those major
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urban northern california agencies should think about beyond the box and lead the rest of the state in addressing what is a growing water problem the 2010 plan population growth for the retail service at least from puc growing two or three percent more or less the 2014 is population over 5 percent every 5 years. >> now nobody in the room has any idea what is more likely reilly governed we know in the next 4 years will grow faster in 2010 so we need to have enough flexibility to accommodate
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faster or slow growth with the technology in place to make the best use of water possibly recognizing at times demand is far blow capacity and we still have to pay for the capacity 2015 plan wisely considered the prospective that drought any occur in the next 25 years it looks at the only the 3 year drought scenario which is what the state requires that is problematical beyond that particularly for the wholesale in the plan take the whole brunt of any cutbacks necessary almost the whole brunt of the cutbacks the 2015 plan includes cycled
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water by 2040 for the water progressing promotions it shows in increase in the water supply after 2030 this it seems to me short site the recycling should be where we get the water not imaging there is more rain in the future. >> and the plans do not address water pricing i know when our trying to balance supply a limited supply against the growing demand pricing is one of the techniques with the most impact and from the pricing structure is made progressive will not harm the
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economically disadvantaged overseeing living in small spades without lots of grace around them their rates should think lower than they are today while the yours that are just extravagant or waste shall pay through the pricing in advance for their keys. >> thank you. >> i'm sorry. >> i thought that was my voice cracking. >> thank you (laughter) thank you very much appreciate our comments other public comments on the urban water management plan. >> hearing none, next item, please. >> item 16 approve the amendment for the c s with the expectation of one year and 11 months. >> is there a motion to approve the expectation. >> so moved.
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>> i'll second. >> any public comments or questions. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? that motion carries thank you. >> our next item. >> item 17 authorize the memorandum of understanding with the united states department of the interior national parks yosemite not to exceed $12 million and the consideration of two years. >> is there a motion to approve. >> i'll move it. >> did we have this in place before. >> excuse me - >> did we have this type of thing negative impact place before. >> yes. we had a 86 mou we looked at seven years but limited to two years because of the budget challenges on the federal side wanted to option for things different with a 2 year extension.
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>> is the cost of it comparable. >> yes. it is. >> so there's a monoxide i did not hear a second. >> public comment. >> good afternoon again commissioners this is the last time i promise eric brooks sf green party/our city/sf clean energy advocates. so want to call your attention to manage as a 12ik i didn't problem for the staff but crucial the very first thing i worked on in doing in the 90s was helping to when i was with the purges and segue to get the new law passed in the 90s that greatly eliminated the use of herbicide a and pesticides
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should recall over in the 6 we got that passed and the national programs come up and exemptions were unbeknownst i'd gone to another department we have chemicals pesticides for the purpose of goat quote restoring natural habitat and bringing back the b.c. and various advocates have been battling out at the indictment and the commission of the environment with rec and park to get especially those 20 tier one hazardous materials like round up out of the process we'll not use this heavy toxic chemicals
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not acceptable for people and children and pets to be exposed o to those chemicals there are other ways and cost for money to do rotation restoration those federal programs on federal land and they are also using those hazardous chemicals to do restoration promotions first of all, we're saying we'll not win that battle on the city level want the sfpuc to get on board we're not icing these heavily toxic schemz there are federal regulation about the federal properties that insist on using the chemicals i want to flag it to figure a way inform push back on the federal government and get alternative transportation so in the restorations we're not
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using chemicals that are like that we need to get away from that that is bad to use those chemicals so thanks for whatever you can do to pursue and push back against the feds and get those chemicals out out of our restoration. >> is there any additional public comment? >> that motion carries. >> item 18 an agreement with the water term with the sewer system projects and the auxiliary pumping stations for contract over may 10th , 2016. >> i'm here to present the resolution to authorize the
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general manager to execute the extension for the water improvement program into the water system and the auxiliary pumping station and one-on-one want to highlight a couple of key terms we'll be update the first term updates arbitrator for the translators and authorize the process to the p l a and mature agreement of the ash translator - and some of the work covered by the innovate agreement the thirsted major update exempts micro lbe set
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aside and contractor award until lobe contractor have been a award $5 million and the final major modifications will be around updating our construction trucking this is in the p l a those are the major updates and to take one quick second he get to be up here but been a work with a ton of people he wanted to acknowledge our trade partners that worked with us on this mike and bob and oscar and larry have been really good partners and your joint administrative members from the consultant around the project agreement and been through many meetings pat and from city build and organisms and quibble to the
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city attorney's office and our partners eric and julia our own norway reign have been wonderful with with a lot of pressures to turn those documents around and i said to thank martin and my staff for working on this i get to come up here but want to acknowledge the work and with with that, we submit the resolution to please approve. >> it is that exist i know it is a heavy lift and a lot of work i want to appreciate all the work so thank you very much. >> and with that, i'll take a motion. >> i'll make the motion with a comment. >> okay great work. >> and martin and the whole team but to illustrate how really difficult complicated delicate i had an opportunity to meet with john dourth for lunch
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the head the nutrition community please do our best to reach out and issues i promised him, i will mention that pubically but i'm still moving and confident you will under the leadership usual this through and persuade proud to make that motion. >> other comments on this >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? that motion carries unanimously we will now be moving into closed session and commissioner secretary will read the items 27 through 3 tip of the iceberg anticipation litigation and litigation for et al. versus the city of san francisco court of appeals 6 appellant district and
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33 the real property for real properties rowlings road san francisco and persons negotiating residential and for the college code, llc terms of payment and price and item 24 unmitigated claims, llc versus of cc finger f and the tasmanian house versus the city and county of san francisco and item 26 utilization restore hetch hetchy versus the city and county of san francisco and again, items 27 through 3 that will not be heard thank you another motion to assert attorney/client privilege. >> motion to assert the privilege. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? great attorney/client privilege is asserted we'll goitems.
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>> i'd like to announce if p we've settled on items 24 and 25 and no action an ax to disclose. >> move not to disclose. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> under the influence any other new business. >> sorry if i may i just learned that the city of phoenix is just about to send a delegation to san francisco i mend to the general manager earlier today it is in relationship to a lot of did preheinecke for those of you who don't know arizona not a stronger union town (laughter) by the way, i think that is pretty exciting i'm hoping he with the commissioner ze we will
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have conversations about the great work you've done with the training and the continued outreach in the community 12 courses and a lot of the stuff that tommy has done with the engineers it is basically the exact at the same time developing the career pathway to make sure that people have an opportunity 47 percent of our staff a getting ready to retire we've mentioned that they understand we understand i'm looking forward to engage this body and those conversations and they're kind of start to be planned but towards the end of june i'll asking you to mark your calendar you if you guys participated and any other commission business there is none meeting is adjournedthe me
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