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tv   MTA Board of Directors 51716  SFGTV  May 22, 2016 1:15am-2:01am PDT

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i'm [inaudible] public address anounssment for you 3 time world
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championship [inaudible] [applause] the team must always be introduced. it is my honor to welcome you to this very special celebrationment we gather to celebrate the birthday of the greatest player to ever play the game of baseball. right! san francisco treasure and living legend the hall of famer number 24, give it up to mr. willie mays. [applause]. before we begin i like to mometd to recognize our dignities. he is on his way, mayor willie brown. he heard that a few times. chairman tom nolan. mta
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board member malcon hine iky. [inaudible] ceo mr. larry bear and his wife pam. mr. peter megalen is on his way. he here yet? he will be here, yes, sir, you know he won't miss this mr. mays. supervisor mark farrell. also we are expecting fire chief joan hayes-white. and director of the mta ed riscon. let me tell you about our honored guest today. born in west field alabama in 19thry 1 willie mays junior was introduced to baseball. his professional career began in 1947 still in high cool. ofew short years
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later the new york ginets signed willie a minor league deal and made his major league debay in 1941. the next year the army drafted willie removing him from it game befr about a year and a half and returned to baseball in 1954 with a bang winning the mrp award and selected to the a l star team. in 1958 the giants franchise relocated to beautiful san francisco where willie spends most of his career. over 2 twenty-two seasons with the new york and san francisco giants and the new york mets the beloved say akid with 660 home runs won 12 gold glove awards and two mpv awars and played in 24 all star games. 1979 in his first year
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of eligibility he was elected to the baseball hall of fame. willie mays is one the greatest to ever play the beautiful game of baseball but equally impressive is his cairth. he is president of & ceo of say afoundation. provides ecass to education, health care and safe communities. he also workwise institute on aging here in san francisco. many bigitaries recognized willie for generous contribution tooz the society, most recently president obama awarded with medal of freedom. willie mays name is synonymous withsuch giants baseball every game day
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40,000 fans [inaudible] greeted by a larger than life statue oof mr. mays flanked by 24 palm rr trees. the namesake speaks volumes about the franchise and todays event [inaudible] speaks volumes what willie means to the the itsy of san francisco. willie, we wish you a very happy birthday, right everybody? [applause] now at this time i like to bring up the mayor of city and county of san francisco, the honorable ed lee. mr. mayor! >> thank you. welcome everybody to the cable car barn of san francisco hosted by local 255 a of san francisco! thank
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you! in the men and women are so lucky because they work in a great city and proud of their job and get to put this carbol car out every single day for peoples enjoyment. they will be proud to do that. happy 85 birthday willie mays! we are here to honor the greatest athlete in america and let me give you a snap shot. i know [inaudible] went through some of it but there is other data i love to have and it is when i think about giant, i love the data and stats. rookie of the year. remember those days, willie? two time most valuable player. 24 time all star. world searings champion. 660 home runs! hall of famer
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and of course when everybody gets on this cable car they will say, where is the catch? ! he was a legendary baseball player for sure but know willie mays is much more than that. his connection to san francisco goes way beyaunds the baseball diamond. as a civil right leader he paved a way in the really many time said during the social upheaval happening in the united states when he was playing this game. drafted by the u.s. army he served our country honorably and has a roll model he always inspired kids to dream big and as a human itarian he made the world a better place. everyone knows willie may saz great baseball player
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and i say he is the best every. he became a superstar around the world because of his good nature. his infectious personalty and good heart. that is one of the reasons why president obama awarded willie the presidential medal of freedom. the nations highest honor presented to individuals who made contribution tooz the national interest of the united states. he is our national treasure that we should haun frr generations to come. so, we are here today ladies and gentlemen joined by all our city family and the audience and giants and baseball lovers and transportation lovers coming together to join a national treasure
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with a national historic landmark 6789 today we dedicate cable car number 24 to the one and only 24. before we unveil the delaware dedication we have a special message from someone who couldn't be here today in person but wanted to send his congratulations. tee it up. >> hello san francisco. it is a even year which means good things happen in this town and today is one of them because we honor a favorite son and greatest living ball player. when the giant moved west willie mays said he would work [inaudible] once he got here he hit many 660 homers against the wins of candle stick park. he collected more than 3 thousand hits many times
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running [inaudible] when they say the san francisco cable car was the first national historic that moved they forgot to include willie. willie running second or pop fly is baseball. a cable car rolling down the hillicize san francisco, both of them can be fiercem sites for over whoo ever gotd in the way. [inaudible] will ask a dodgers on the diamond. today with ilweas 24 cable car to american icons come together to create a new landmark. willie, your city loves you because you are as complete a person as you were a player. a mentor, a community leader, a army veteran and ambassador for the game and something with that special ability to put a smile on a kids face. when willie would visit sick children in bay area hospitals he refused to hand out base balls he already signed. he wanted kids to
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watch him sign his name so they know the autograph was real. i got to spend #250i78 with willie on the white house and air force ones, two places i would never be if people like willie hadn't pushed towards a more inclusive america. his legacy is giant so congratulations my friend on this special honor. [applause]. happy birthday, willie mays! >> suprise! yes, you do that. [laughter] alright, you are very welcome. now for the ceremonial unveiling of the plake rr i need these special individuals to join us, mr. bear and mr. mayor if you would return. did willie brown make it yet?
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still waiting. we are not going to wait, we will keep it moving mr. mays. tom nolan come up, malcolm hine iky and ed riscon. whenever you guys are ready. [applause]. there we go. cable car number 24, willie mays cable car! give you time to get your photo's in. i think we should all sing, right? i think we should sing. please join me singing happybirth to the greatest ever. happy birthday to you,
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happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear willie, happy birthday to you! there you go. [applause]. big round of applause to willie mays! mr. mays has a few comments for us. >> we got it. thank you very much. first of all, i didn't sleep last night to tell you the truth. those guys going to kill me at the ball park. 17 runs. i started to cut it off but said i got to watch this and watched and went to sleep maybe 1 o'clock and woke up and couldn't hardly see because i
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was watching hits all the field. this is great honor for me. i have been involved with the city for such a long time, but before i get to that i like to thank larry [inaudible] for doing something for a friend of mine back in new jersey. i think it was a wonderful gesture he goes back, that he read a letter that renee and i happened to write. did a very very good job. just like to thank him because he didn't have >> student to do that but if he didn't i would probably get on him. i like to thank him for that and also like to thank pam for escorted him there to make sure he got there. very much so. when you have a city like this,
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i didn't come out here until 1958. you didn't know anything about me at the time, because it was something strange, it is [inaudible] city and joe was my [inaudible] when i came out here. nobody know that, but i did. the thing that i never seen a picture oaf and when joe hit his last home run in 1951 we played a game in new york and he had a grand slam. i'm out there clapping for him. you don't do that when you play the opposition in new york, you just don't do that, but i was clapping and my think was, why didn't you want to get that pitch in. i'm glad they did want because [inaudible] probably would have shot me right away. it was just a wonderful gesture on my part and
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forgot all about what was geing on but he was my guy. i also like to thank peter [inaudible] he was the guy that came to me and says, you will be in san francisco the rest of your life and i said i'm doing fine and don't need anything. yes, you do. he said you will need something later on in life and i didn't understand what he was talking about and he says, we will do something at the ball park and make sure you have a life time job, who ever may be here, you will be here to honor them. i thank peter for doing that for me because at that time i had a wonderful life and call her may because i couldn't call her mays, i said may and she understood. she was a very very nice lady. anyway, when you come to a event like this and you
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have as i know the lawyers i have and he talks all the time-malcolm-he is truly a lawyer and he truly a friend. he says, we going to get a cable car for you. i said what do i need a cable car for, i have a car to ride down the hill, i have been on one from the fairmont hotel to the hilton and said it is okay. he said not this cable car. he said a cable car will be number 24 and it will say mays 24. i said to him, what happens to the [inaudible] they come and play here, they brought me here. he said no, the giants will come later, we are going to do something for them later but the cable car is
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yours. you will see it when you come to a event like this. it was kind of heart warming because i never had a car that moved as fast as i did when i played, so i had to take a back seat. now, all these things are coming into play and what i like just a couple minutes ago, the president called, nobody told me the president was going to call, nobody told me anything but i'm surprised he didn't call my house to tell me he was going it doall this stuff. he is a friend. avenue every time i went to the white house it was like home, what can we do for you. i said you can't do anything for me, i'm okay. i have a friend at the white house named rejy and i said rejy i need to take something back home for the
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kids that i can give like [inaudible] or something that comes from the white house. the president says, whatever he wants, gets it to him. in the mean time take 1600 from him so we can take care of everything. i understand all these kind of things. i wish i was as great a speaker aslarry, but i'm not. i was just a player and larry wasn't a player like i was. on a lot of avenues when you stop and think look at all the things you have to do during a course of the season and i only had to play 162 games. after 162 games he had to be there so it is just a wonderful feeling for me to understand so
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many people helped me and all the kids around the country and what it is all about is it is not just san francisco or new york, i go to birmingham and arizona, i take care of kids because they are kids, they don't know where they are. they are just kids and kids to me make a difference in the world and think it is so important guys like myself are able to play 22 years base ball, go in the service and come back and [inaudible] they know you. there are a lot of guys that come up and say i was there when if 9 or 10. i don't know who these people are but they know me. what i like to do, i haven't been in any trouble yet, trouble will come. you cannot go in this world without having trouble and i said to
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myself, i just hope i don't get in trouble so the kids will not change their mind about things that i do, so i'm so pleased malcolm and the mayor got together and said, we going to give you this cable car so it goes up and down the street every day and the cable car will be in your honor. it is just a wonderful wonderful feeling so like the thank the giants and mayor and malcolm and all the people that will be involve in the cable car because to me the t is just a wonderful feeling so, i like to thank all of you ahead of time. thank you very much, okay? [applause] >> mrs. mays we thank you inmemories and all you do for the
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community and continued support and dedication to our youth is definitely commendable and thank you for that. i believe that wraps up our ceremonyism mr. mays and dignitaries will take the inaugural ride. you ready? there we go. thank you everybody, hope to see you [inaudible] where his birthday celebration with continue and it is metallica night so there you go. we'll see you tonight!
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>> i like to remind members the commission does not tolerate disruption or outburst and please silence your mobile devices. when speaking before the commission if you care to do state your name for had record. like to take roll. wolfram, here, hasz, here. johnck, here. johns, here. matsuda. commissioner pearlman will be absent today. ajnda items your opportunity to address the commission will be afforded when the item is