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tv   LIVE Transportation Authority Full Board  SFGTV  May 24, 2016 11:00am-1:01pm PDT

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>> good morning and welcome to month late meeting of san francisco conte transportation authority. i'm scott wiener, the chair of the authority and mr. clerk can you call the roll. >> commissioner avalos, present. commissioner breed, absent. commissioner campos, present.
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commissioner cohen, present. commissioner farrell, absent. commissioner kim, present. commissioner mar, absent. commissioner peskin, present. commissioner tang, absent. commissioner wiener, present. commissioner yee, present. commissioner breed, present. we have quorum. >> thank you very much. item number 2. >> item 2, chairs report. this is a information item. >> thank you. i was pleased earlier this month to join with mayor lee and transportation authority to welcome anthony fox to san francisco. san francisco is among 7 sit ease for challenge grant offered by the department of transportation and volcon transportation and delegation
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including secretary bock was in town to demonstrate new ways to manage transportation mpt secretary fox is a former mayor taking initiative particularly regarding funding given the political realty and gridlock in washington and state capitals across the nation. commissioner avalos and i are grateful for your support calling for the development of a transportation sales tax expenditure plan and funning measure for the novembers ballot. the need for a second half cent sales tax was discussed in the 2013 county wide trands portation plan and mayor lees
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20/30 transportation plan. the plan by the mayors working group called for 3 part strat agcomprised of the transportation bonds, a sales tax and vehicle license fee. the first leg of the strat agis noted, transportation bond passed already and focus on state of good repair and safer streets. this is only a downpayment of a dramatically larger fundsing need and need to follow up with the second leg, a transportation sales tax. by extended from 15 to 25 years we can address several additional priorities such as vision zero, muni's equity strategy, muni vehicle and facilities needs and regional investment included cal train electrification, bart
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vehicle needs as well as 101 corridor managed lanes for buses and carpool. on the topic of regional investment contra costa county decide today move ahead with revenue measure and santa clara is on track to make that decision in june. alameda passed its half cent sales tax in 2014 so it is critically important for us to maintain our ability to contribute fair share of frunds the joint regional priorities mptd we need to maintain the ability to provide local matching fubds for state, regional and federal funding opportunities. look forward to the discussion of the next steps, these involve coordination with all of you, the mayors office and moving forward with an appropriate structured funding measure for this november. thank you and that concludes my remarks. is
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there public comment on item 2? seeing none public comment is closed. >> item 3, executive drether report. >> thank you chair wiener and to the board to echo chair wieners appreciation for the funding resolution that you passed last week. my report begins with a update on the state transportation funding situation. there isn't a lot of progress or movement to report but the governor and leadership and legislature are working on potential packages. we are hearing the larger proposals are unlikely to move forward due to the 2/3 super majority approval fwhut governor indicated he would like any allocation of cap and trade to transportation to be part of the larger funding package rather than on a ad hoc base squs this limits the things we are trying to do this year but
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continue to press forward. last week the deputy for policy and programming joined the chamber of commerce city state trip to sacramento which included a number of meetings with cal tran, california transporpation and high-speed rail. that set a clear goal by bringing high-speed rail to san francisco by 2025 and allow us to access the cap and trade fund that remain set aside and not part of the governors budget. we need that for affordable housing and transit and active transporpation. the high-speed rail authority helds a scoping meeting in san francisco so thank you to them for that and folks wanted more information can go to the website [inaudible] they are taking comments on their environmental review process
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and documents. in addition i want to acknowledge that the bay area metro center rageinal agency has muchb movered to the sit a and holding their first meeting tomorrow so thauchck and congrtulations to them. welcome to the 3 agencies. on the update on the transportation study, i want to mention we have a survey on the website, transportation study. this is a effort to better understand the school transportation needs for k-5 in public, private and parochial schools. this was initiated at the request of commissioner tang.
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our neighbor transportation improvement study continue to work in district 9 and seek input on ways to improve pedestrian and bike safety at the junction of us 101 and 280 freeways and almany bul vard and are doing outreach in multiple languages and visit our website[inaudible] outreach in june and will present a update on that work to the sister agency next month. want to thank sfmta for completing several projects. the randolph [inaudible] and pedestrian safety project was completed uses funds by the transportation authority in
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this case life line transportation thunds and mission bay loop is underway. funds to finish that project very soon. in addition the masonic streetscape improvement open held will be held may 25. it will be on the 25th from 5:30 to 7:30 at the san francisco day school. this is to provide more information and updates on the safety and streetscape features for masonic avenue. glen park saw transit access improvements finally after several years but it was a large program at diamond and [inaudible] so hope pedestrian calming and transit acscess and striping and repaving left pockets and shelters so a lot of work
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using prop k and federal funds that is available and there to help the glen park community plan recommendation in that area. i know chair wiener is pleased to see that go in. the walk first program saw continental cross walks. sfmta used the prop k sales tax funds to small cross walks on 109 locations. these are locations that constitute 70 percent of the severe and fatal traffic collisions in the city. finally, a word of thank you. you honored peter albert at a boardf pr visors meeting and want to share another certificate of commendation we will present to him as his retirement party from the transportation thort in recognition of over 20 years of service to san francisco and to our region. peter
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worked at sfmta delivering important praumgects and helping support the park merced and water transportation work and america's cup races, he worked at transportation authority and bay area rapid transit bart aerjs so we are pleased to honor him and thank you him for his service and look forward seeing what is next for peter. he is a big asset to our city and region so thank you very much. >> thank you. colleagues, any questions or comments? seeing none rsh any public comment on item number 3? seeing none, public comment is closed. this is information item. i nugleted to thank leo [inaudible] of sfgtv. item 4 >> approver the minutes of april 26, 2016 meeting. >> any changes, questions,
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comments regarding the minutes? seeing none, is there any public comment on item 4? seeing none, public comment is closed and i think this is our first vote so if you can call the roll. >> commissioner avalos, aye. commissioner breed, aye. campos, aye. cohen, aye. commissioner farrell, aye. commissioner kim, aye. commissioner mar, absent. commissioner peskin, aye. commissioner tang, absent. commissioner wiener, aye. commissioner yee, aye. the minutes are approved. >> okay. item 5. >> item 5, adopt positions on state legislation. this is action item. >> any questions or comments on item 5? seeing none, any public comment? seeing none u public comment is closed. can we take item 5 same house same call? without objection that will be theordser. >> item 6, appoint asher butnik
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and alexandser post to geary corridor bus rapid transit citizen advisory committee. >> any questions or comments? any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. same house same call? without objection that will be theordser. >> item 7, allocate $9,599,451 in prop k funds with conditions for 3 requests, subjeblth to attached fiscal year cash flow disbution schedule. >> any questions or comments on item seven? seeing none, any public comment? seeing none public comment is closed. can we take item 7 same house same call sphwithout objection that will be the order. >> item 8, development of a transportation sales tax expenditure plan. this is information
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item. >> okay, we have a presentation from the transportation authority staff on item number 8. >> thauchck chair wiener. we have been working with sfmta and the mayors office to try and develop a draft process to support the potential for revenue measure this fall. maria [inaudible] will provide a update for the half cent sales tax measure and look at the potential process for public engagement. need a little technical assistance can rescue me.
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>> i know there is a lot of conversations about this. moving fast and furious. some are probably aheads of me. feel free to chick in and give a special shout out to [inaudible] great partner working on this. for the powerpoint which is handed out to you, the main focus today given the recently approved board of supervisors resolution that the chair mentioned get input on the draft presenceples for development of the expenditure plan and also public engagement strategy. the good thing when you look at the schedule it has a small heart attack when you see how small it is we are not starting from scratch. we have had conversations from 2013, 14 and which wh chair wiener was reelected this year
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as head of transportation authority we talked about the need to move forward with the recommendation from the 20/30 task force which is a suite of revenue measure tooz address unfunned need in all areas of the transportation system. this thereis a lot of great work done there and in the prior transportation plan and the goals up on the screen still stands true today. we just moving forward addressing them bet squr helping at the local level and have this more competitive for state and federal funds when they materialize. we are building a strong foundation there are changes. the other principles deal with what i call tweaking at the margin to responds since [inaudible] the first is we want to embrace city and agency
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initiatives that are passed since then that are focused supporting equity, affordability and traffic safety. the vision zero policy is really key. the third principle is simp low going through and updating things that changed with projects. we had cost increase, which is always isn't the best story but many projects that secured funds we didn't anticipate bh wh [inaudible] was approved so we want to update and get a sense of our needs. we had more clarly on the key regional asks which are priorities ranging from cal train electrification project to bart request for contributions from alameda san francisco and contra costa county to relieve crowding on the bart system: we have seen trends in the past, san
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francisco is expected to get unbelievable amounts of growth and we are already feeling that pain. i know chair wiener squz others mentioned the pace of growth exceeded anything we accepted so that accelerates the needs to deal with capacity issues. one fall out from that principle, in order to be able to deal with all the state of good repair and safety enhancement we need to also deal with the capacity issues so one recommendation is t 20/30 had a 15 year horizon and suggest a 25 year horizon which aligns with plan bay area year 2030. this is big picture principles for putting together a expenditure plan. i want to put up a letal more in the weeds but very important
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principles that have to do with fundsing and it gets to the fact that we cannot develop an expenditure plan for revenue measure in a vacuum. we need to be cogsent. there is quit a bit of possible for new revenue measures that local level. as we put together a expenditure plan for half cent sales tax we have a couple measures we need to keep in mind. in year 20 of the prop k plan we can adopt a new expenditure plan extending prop k between 2033 and 34. it is a easier list than increasing sales tax. we have the vehicle license fee san francisco is authorized to go after a geo plan. the region is talking pretty seriously about a probably bridge toe
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increase. we are trying to be strategic what will go in the half cents sales tax measure, what may fit and prepare. one thing we wanted to talk about with importance of replacing vehicles. veckerize hard to fund with local funding. that is the little bit in the weeds details but something important to consider as we put together a expendsture plan. easy math for planning purposes. we see about $100 million a year from half cent sales tax. currently the san francisco sales tax rate is 8.75 percent and if approved it bumps up to 9.25. on the screen it is little small
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but at your desk and we'll put this on website we put together a table that shows sales tax rates in the surouning jurisdiction squz counties and also flagged a number that are considering half cents sales tax or quarter cent sales tax for transportation and other measures on the june and november ballot. i just note if the san francisco measure passed there are jurisdictions that are higher. the highest is elsureado, [inaudible] and san leand row. every dollar we spends we want to stretch farther so positioning that to leverage state and federal funds is key. for a good point is prop k sales tax tiply every dollar we invest [inaudible] 4 to 6 times for each dollar spend. we receive 100 million a year
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and expect to leverage 10 to 15 billion. this pulls out the comparatives from other counties. the middle column is current maximum county rate. some cities within there have different sales tax rates so it may not match you sheet. if the measures under consideration approved, conta costa, san francisco are looking at a half sent sales tax and [inaudible] public engagement approach this is where we appreciate your input on this. the basic message for this outreach recognizing that we are not starting from scratch and have a very constrained timeline. they have [inaudible] they would be these up on the slide that we
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recognizing educating the public and those interested we have significant funding needs to meet the goal squz need to continue on the path of implementing the t 2030 recommendations. secondly, recognizing that the prop a bond approved in 2014 did a lot of wonderful things and focused on state of good repair and there were other things we were not able to fund because of [inaudible] two good examples is there wasn't a lot of street resurfacing money and thinks like vision zero because we didn't have the policy at the time so want to address those in the new measure and want people input. there are many opportunities for input. one huge save of that input is in development of the expenditure plan, but in scubs quent meetings because these are long plans there are opportunities throughout the process. in am prop k program
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every 5 years we go through oo public process work wg agencies and parties and members of the public to figure what projects we should funds over the next 5 year period which is about as long as anyone can figure what to do. in terms of public engagement, super tight timeline so we want to leverage as much as we can existing venues and forums for gathering input. there is a tremendous mount of conversations happening. spl are very recent and over a long duration. a good example is supervisor avalos worked with transportation coalition and helped developed the muni equity framework and help inform a potential new measure. we need to leverage opportunities and be very innovative about what we can do in a short amount of time. you
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should have your desk a more detailed schedule for key dates. i wonets bore with every detail, but the main two book ends to get to the november ballot is under to state public utilities code to administer a sales tax we need the board of supervisors to place a sales tax on the bal lt. in terms of this body we want to get to end of june probably early july where the authority board aprubs a expenditure plan and ask the board of superveez vises to place the sales tax ordinance on the ballot. the timeline is driven fwhie board of supervisors rules and regulations for getting a sales tax ordinance on the ballot. the plan is introduce the first state on the slide
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the initial draft expendsture plan so we have a place holder to start the clock ticking bought it has to sit at the board for 30 days. the last chance to introduce amendmenticize the first hearing the budget and finance committee meeting on july 13 so we have a very compressed winnow to finalize the details and i'll leave that there. those watching this is dedicated half cent sales tax that requires 2/3 vote from the board of supervisors and 2/3 vote from the voters. this is separate and independent above prop k. up here we can't do all of this in the next 6, 7 weeks, but the menu
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of strategies we would engage between now and november if this is placed on the ballot to seek input on the expenditure plan and going forward. i can talk about what we think we can do in the next 6 weeks but let me highlight one or 2 things i think are particularly important. one is [inaudible] hear of your needs. jumping into existing meetings that are already scheduled or special meetings we can put on the calendars for the mta board as well as the ta board. tomorrow night at 6 p.m. the authority citizens advisory committee we will seek input on the new revenue measure. the last two is innovate v one. we have ideaed such as telephone town halls. they may
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be the most effective way to reach a lot of people in the short timeframe. at the plans and programs committee [inaudible] several of our colleagues in other counties seeking sales tax mesers have done this approach which involves getting phone calls and remindsers there would be electronic town hall where you dial in at dinner time and participate. it sounds boring and like who would do this, but the results have been amazing. people have gotten orders of magnitude increase for people participating for relatively low cost and people participating who normally don't. i got a call on one of these and was able to do it during dinner and while doing homework. last but not least in the short term and longer outreach we would engage
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in various strategy tooz reach out to communities of concern with multilingual and other and welcome input on how to do that. i guess that, if you want to add anything, otherwise that is all we have for today. >> i think that is it. we'll take questions. >> colleagues any questions for staff or comments on item 8? seeing none rsh move to public comment. any public comment on item 8? please come forward, i see a few people. >> good morning peter strauss boferd san francisco transit rider jz part of the transportation justice coalition. we are here-this is a information item but here to strongly support this process of developing the transporitation expendsture plan. it is a continuation of the unmet needs identified or some identified as part of the 2030 process. we
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worked with sfr visor avalos and wiener and particularly with your transportation authority staff and thankful to tilly and maria for the time they have given us. this isn't the time to dwell on the nuts and bolts but would like to mention a few things. we very much support the transportation authority being the allocation agency for the expenditure plan. i understand this isn't something that is completely decided yet but it is embedded in what is at the board of supervisor jz feel this is pornt because of the continuity and expertise. we are in strong support of a element of the sales tax to support unmet service needs and in particular things identified as part of the transit exwuty strategy. like the evening and night service needs. things
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like providing additional metro capacity and service. all are many needsthality are not met and we do not center the ability to meet under our present structures. we support the vision zero processes inclusion and developing complete streets. we are also in support of looking at partial funding for affordability programs such as free muni for youth and seniors particularly because of the regressive nature the sales tax. thank you and we'll continue to work with the staff and developing the transportation expenditure mpt thank you for your time. >> thank you, next speaker. >> hello commissioners. jans lee and serve as a advocacy director [inaudible] our city is getting more and more expense v by the day and that lack of safe and affordable transportation aupsh option places a growing burden on low
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income working communities. it is important first step that you be board of supervisors have taken to develop a transportation expendsture plan that address the known capital needs and new initiatives since the 2030 planning efforts. we also know that of the original t 2030 task force we need to continue pursuing every revenue option beyond the go bond in [inaudible] plan to insure that the expenditure plan is properly vetted by the public and there are real ways to insure engagement and you chiming in how to make that work. we also look forward working with staff to get the word out and grothe number of people
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beyaunds the transportation justice coalition because we know transportation effects everyone, every san franciscan regardless of age, where you live or what modes you do and don't use to get around. the san francisco bike coalition recognize there is a different cost not reflected here in the numbers which are the lives of someone injured or killed on the street. we want to make sure the final expenditure plan does everything it can to build out safe complete streets for the city and most vulnerable user which are those biking and walking. thank you for your attention brought to the plan today and look forward working with you to meet the cities needs. >> thank you, next speaker. >> good morning commissioners. my name is jackie sax and i'm a
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member of the citizens advisory committee for transportation authority. i worked on two transit-sales tax packages already. the property sales tax passed in 1989 and prop k sales tax. before you consider this sales tax package you got to remember in the few years we will have to go-if you want to put this on the ballot in november for another sales tax package you have to remember in the few years even though prop k is 35 year package, in a few years we will have to go before the voters to have them extend prop k like we did with prop b when that was half way through the process. also, regarding prop k, one of the
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projects in prop k you are all looking forward to the geary bus rapid transit, but there is no--this project is supposed to be rail ready and the 5 year ppp that i worked on for many years at intervals, the last one there was no money for a geary light-rail transit system and the geary light-rail transit system is the only project from prop b that was grandfathered into pop k that isn't getting funding and you should look into that before you look into anymore sales tax packages. thank you. >> thank you. any public comment on item 8? seeing none, public comment is closed. this is information item. item 9.
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>> iletm 9, introduction to new items >> any introductions today? seeing none, any public comment on item number 9? seeing none, public comment is closed. also a information item. item 10. >> general public comment >> any general public comment? >> [inaudible] national integrity and foreign relations. [inaudible] successful relationships for [inaudible] this is a principle of politics that governs the nation of [inaudible] leading a common effort of [inaudible] and success. national leaders bear the responsibility of maintaining a state of developmental progress [inaudible] national leaders
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should drop [inaudible] and disagreement for being in unity to lead political platform to nourish [inaudible] a better understanding of true principles. [inaudible] can show bright wisdom for [inaudible] what you have a complete [inaudible] to the plan of policies in details for a set of [inaudible] thank you. >> thank you. next speaker.
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>> last february the citizens advisory committee had information item regarding the other 9 to 5. we were given a multi-page outline of what was going to be done for the people that were after 5 o'clock at night or those people that worked at hotels and restaurants downtown. i have been involved in the working group since october of last year and i think that i told them at our last meeting that they should bring their final report-bring the progress to the citizens
11:44 am
advisory committee tomorrow this month so we know what is going on and i feel that before anything gets done, before they [inaudible] does anything they should come to the citizens advisory committee first to see what we have to say especially the new members in district 3 and see how he feels about the 9 to 5 before you take action watt what so ever. as far as the geary bus rapid transit system is concerned the money in prop k was priority 3 project and [inaudible] think about that before you try to-the fact they don't have money in the 5 year plan for geary light-rail, think about that before you do
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anything. thank you. >> any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. item 11. >> item 11, adjournment. >> we are adjourned. thank you colleagues. [meeting adjourned]
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>> a lot a ton with the community and we say to ourselves, there is this one and this one. we all compartmentalize them, we have our own agenda. our agenda is to create great work. if you are interested in that, you are part of our community. >> hello and welcome to brava
11:48 am
theater. >> we are trying to figure out a way to make a space where theater and presentation of live work is something that you think of the same way that you think of going to the movies. of course, it has been complex in terms of economics, as it is for everyone now. artistically, we have done over 35 projects in four seasons, from producing dance, theater, presenting music, having a full- scale education program, and having more than 50,000 visitors in the building almost every year. a lot of our emerging artists to generate their first projects here, which is great. then we continue to try to support figuring out where those works can go. we have been blessed to have that work produced in new york, going on to the edinburgh festival, the warsaw theater
11:49 am
festival. to me, those are great things when you can watch artists who think there is nowhere else that might be interested in you being a woman of color and telling your story and then getting excited about it. that is our biggest accomplishment. having artists have become better artists. what is. sheri coming back to brava, here you have this establish, amazing writer who has won a clue -- slew of awards. now she gets to director and work. even though she is this amazing, established writer, the truth is, she is being nurtured as a director and is being given some space to direct. >> the play is described as ceremony and -- where ceremony and theater me. in the indigenous tradition, when you turn 52, it is like the
11:50 am
completion of an important era. the importance of the ceremony is to say, you are 52. whenever you have been caring for the first 52 years, it is time to let it go. really, here, they have given me carte blanche to do this. i think it is nice for me, in the sense of coming back 25 years later and seeing personally my own evolution as an artist and thinker. the whole effort to put the chicano or indigenous woman's experience on center stage is, in itself, for euro-american theaters, a radical position. because of the state of theater, it is a hard roll to hold up in institution. it is a hard road. i am looking at where we are 25
11:51 am
years later in the bay area, looking at how hard it is for us to strive to keep our theater is going, etc. i like to think that i'm not struggling quite as hard, personally, but what i mean by that, the intention, the commitment. particularly, to produce works that would not be produced in other places, and also to really nurture women of color artists. i think that is something that has not shifted for me in those 25 years, and it is good to see that brava remains committed to that kind of work. ♪ >> when people talk about the reflection of the community, we can only go from what we have on our staff. we have a south asian managing
11:52 am
director, south african artistic director, latino community out rich person. aside from the staff, the other people, artists that we work with being a reflection of us, yes, the community is changing, but brava has always tried to be ahead of that trend. when i came in, i tried to make it about the work that shows the eclectic mission district, as well as serving the mission. those are the types of things that i feel build one brava is did you know that many buildings in san francisco are not bolted to the foundation on today's episode we'll learn how the option to bolt our foundation in an earthquake.
11:53 am
>> hi, everybody welcome to another episode of stay safe i'm the director of earthquake safety in the city and county of san francisco i'm joined by a friend matt. >> thank you thanks for being with us we're in a garage but at the el cap center south of market in san francisco what we've done a simulated the garage to show you what it is like to make the improvements and reduce the reflexes of earthquake we're looking at foundation bolts what do they do. >> the foundation bolts are one of the strengthening system they hold the lowest piece of wood onto the foundation that prevents the allows from sliding during an earthquake that is a
11:54 am
bolt over the original construction and these are typically put in along the foundation to secure the house to the foundation one of the things we'll show you many types of bolts let's go outside and show the vufrdz we're outside the epic center in downtown san francisco we'll show 3 different types of bolts we have a e poxy anchor. >> it is a type of anchor that is adhesive and this is a rod we'll embed both the awe hey that embeds it into the foundation that will flip over a big square washer so it secured the mud sell to the foundation we'll need to big drill luckily we have peter from the company that will help us drill the
11:55 am
first hole. >> so, now we have the hole drilled i'll stick the bolt in and e post-office box it. >> that wouldn't be a bad idea but the dust will prevent the e post-office box from bonding we need to clean the hole out first. >> so, now we have properly cleaned hole what's the next step. >> the next step to use e post-office box 2 consultants that mixes this together and get them into tubes and put a notice he will into the hole and put the e post-office box slowly and have a hole with e post-office
11:56 am
box. >> now it is important to worm or remember when you bolt our own foundation you have to go to 9 department of building inspection and get a permit before you start what should we look at next what i did next bolt. >> a couple of anchors that expand and we can try to next that will take a hole that hole is drilled slightly larger marathon the anchor size for the e post-office box to flow around the anchor and at expansion is going into the hole the same dinning room we'll switch tamet
11:57 am
so, now we have the second hole drilled what next. >> this is the anchor and this one has hard and steel threads that cuts their way into the concrete it is a ti ton anchor with the same large square so similar this didn't require e post-office box. >> that's correct you don't needed for the e post-office box to adhere overnight it will stick more easily. >> and so, now it is good to go is that it. >> that's it. >> the third anchor is a universal foundation plate when
11:58 am
you don't have room above our foundation to drill from the top. >> so, now we have our foundation plate and the tightened screw a couple of ways to take care of a foundation what's the best. >> the best one depends on what your house is like and our
11:59 am
contractors experience they're sometimes considered the cadillac anchor and triplely instead of not witting for the e post-office box this is essentially to use when you don't have the overhead for the foundation it really depends on the contractor and engineering what they prefer. >> talking to a qualified professional and see what >> power it's all around us in the sun and the winds and caves waves power that lights our homes while protecting our natural resources clean power will provide power to san franciscans how about works right now our power is from pg&e from non-renewable systems that
12:00 pm
comes over pg&e maintained lines with clean power your energy about think generated by caesarean more renewable sources come to our home e.r. businesses to the pg&e lines >> are we ready good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon my name is supervisor cowen the chair and this is the regular meeting of land use committee to my right is commissioner weiner the vice chair and our clerk clear and thank to charles
12:01 pm
kremack and others for broadcasting this meeting electronic devices. completed speaker cards and documents to be included should be submitted to the clerk. items acted upon today will appear on the june 7, 2016, board of supervisors agenda unless otherwise stated. >> thank you very much call hematemesis one ac. >> amending at planning code for the rooftop screening. >> the planning department is the sponsor of this item we have a staff person from the planning department to present. >> we're ready. >> good afternoon chair cohen and honorable supervisors tilly chang department staff this is the planning code for the controls to two spate areas of
12:02 pm
planning code the map controls and rooftop park screening with the clean up of applicability of the controls expanded regarding this roof deck the amendment increases the flexibility of the controls as written it is the large project authorization in the south of market mixed use and over 200 linear feet to create pedestrian friendly zones for expanding the 3 adjacent districts the fulton nct some and nct and regional commercial district what adapted did controls apply for the district for the mid block alley are - the boards wants to expend them to all eastern neighborhoods south of market mixed use and south of market c-3, however,
12:03 pm
the 50 percent was not stent for the central district and more xhvn to the cityordinance amended the planning codes for the mid block alley are applicable in all the aforementioned additionally this may occur on middle-income alley and centralize will be amended so some projects with street or alley frontages are currently the case in the following 3 go things shown in orange are the areas where the middle-income alley controls apply in blue the additional location for the allocations this graphic is the cemetery running north-south and fulsome nct jefferson east west this map the additional areas where the middle-income that the
12:04 pm
western nct returning east west and the general northbound finally this map shows other areas the middle-income involves controls with the urban and the mixed use in the southeast parts of city the second part of the amendment is lou gehrig's disease for flexibility to be clear the flexibility is not carolyn's permitted and requires a venue review with the section 309 as written the planning code 0 policies for this is not only adequate for the equipment or allow for better urban design and curling have an enclosure - this proves consistent with the buildings overall design and projects any choose to provide a screen without a set back r setback, however, it is reduced by 25 or 50 feet it height can - screened and the height of many mechanic features 50 feet or
12:05 pm
more providing for flexibility allowing third street the height of 20 feet up to one hundred rather than 75 percent and the flexibility is not californian permitted and requires the planning commission for the project and large project authorization that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions. >> public comment thank you for your presentation. >> open up for public comment at this time just as a reminder everyone has two manipulates a 30-second chime indicating soft chime you have thirty sections remaining public comment is up seeing none, public comment is closed a motion on that item. >> supervisor wiener do you have a motion thank you. the motion to forward workers'
12:06 pm
compensation and without objection that motion carries. >> mr. clerk i'd like to call items two and three together. >> the resolution for the intention the board to order the vacation of portion of jessie street with the ocean wide in 3 of the ordinances to establish the denounced neighborhoods with the street vacationed of alley for a total of $36 million. >> all right. thank you very much someone from the mayor's office to present on this item. >> mr. buckly. >> good afternoon supervisors i'm jeff from the mayors staff to talk about the 51 street project as long as ocean wide give you a brief update or overview of the project and in
12:07 pm
addition that give you an opportunity to hear about an interesting aspect of the project which is the urban rum we'll have the project sponsor come up for that 3 to 5 minutes go through the concept and the need and i think you have a array of city staff to take any questions you may have on the amend e item, however, large or going forward i wanted to start off by talking about the project so 41 street is a mixed use project at the northeast corner of first street and mission for one million square feet of total office space 200 and 64 units, one hundred and 69 room hotel and ground floor retail and pub opted open space to two towers
12:08 pm
this space received its approval from the planning commission on may 5th who's before you the street vacation of own alley and a portion of jessie street and also in addition to that some of the details of the downtown preservation fund i'll be happy to with you on so the main reason for the legislation before you the vacation of jessie which is necessary in order to build the administrator tower to the height contemplated in the district plan that was adopted in 2012 the plan is a comprehensive vision for shaping and growth in the southern side of downtown the transit center focuses on regional growth towards downtown san francisco and in a sustainable manner for the sculpting thought you tower and
12:09 pm
the extra and improvements to the streets and the open space as the parks downtown in order to make that happen it includes the clarification of parcels in the area to increase height limits and including a landmark tower from the transit center from one thousand feet and several other nearby sites with 6 to 8 hundred and 50 feet the plan leverages the intent to generate revenue for the transportation facilities including the support for the new transit center and downtowns improvements of the sidewalks and other infrastructure to create a public realm so some of the think interesting aspects of this project just so you're aware of that includes some of the one time fees that are generated from the project
12:10 pm
again this is not the issue about you but important to understand the project in general estimated to generate one and $17 million fees those fees are die construction dot net for an issuance of november 2016 this is about one $.9 million for downtown parks and 2. $9 million for school and childcare millions and sustainability fee and talk about did affordable housing consultant in addition to the downtown lease but the transit center is 11 want 9 with the transportation street is 3747 so the issue before you is the street and authorization to create the new downtown preservation fund
12:11 pm
so the i wanted to first talk about with you the purchase for jessie alley so this is the purchase price is $22 million, about 22.6 to be exact providing the closings doesn't occur beyond or before the effective date which will be $33 million plus and in addition to that in partial consideration the city's agreement to sell the property the buyer will produce the 20 percent inclusionary fees that maybe applicable under the san francisco planning code section to 33 percent affordable housing fee the affordable housing payment as it is known and the city will waiver the portion the
12:12 pm
downtown program as well for this the fee buyer will pay for the project under the planning code but we've essentially down is create this fund and fees and kept them one a mile radius to the principle project and dictated those for purposes of acquisition and in that one mile area that fund will be in use for no less than 10 years and acquire administrative code by the mayor's office of community development that is a brief discussion i think the purpose for us being here i want to invite a representative of the project sponsor to come up for about 3 to 5 minutes to discuss the urban room development and how it relates to the street vacation for the context.
12:13 pm
>> thank you, mr. buckley welcome. >> good afternoon, supervisors with reuben, junius & rose representing the project sponsor for the ocean wide center we're going to keep our focus specifically on the items the street vacation component and the ordinances that allows the direction of some of the affordable housing development impact fees for the community in the big picture the project has approve patterson's within the past month including the planning commission approval on may 5th when the entitlements were approved it includes the 5 thousand square feet of area that is fronting jesz i didn't street and the additional we're
12:14 pm
here for the recommendation on the vacation component and as i said on the use of required and voluntary affordable housing impact fee payments so quickly i want to mention on the street vacation the fact we're asking to vacate or with the existing streets and mean we'll have access public assess around the project prompt and in reality you think that is the case with respect to jessie street terminates at one street and in conjunction with the street vacation creating a number of easements that allows the project assess for a pedestrian cross and throughout the site so one of the key reasons this is this the driving the open room a pubically assessable open space that is on first street
12:15 pm
and the dedicated parts of jessie street within the urn area the second component before you is the creation of downtown neighborhoods preservation fund that allows the project job linkage fee and the 20 percent of affordable housing fee and an additional 13 percent affordable housing to be directed and used within a mile radius of the site more affordable housing purposes so i the now i'm going to turn it over to to my colleague b that will talk about the visible where the streets radio located our entire team is here and available to answer any questions you may have. >> hello. >> hello, i'm carmen yee for the ocean wide project can we switch
12:16 pm
so we're talking about the benefit quite a low the project is part of transbay redevelopment we called the transit redevelopment plan the district plan and two towers two hundred and 65 units actually unit one hundred and 69 hotel and one office space that the whole project is about mixed use project so the project at the corner of mission street on the north and west corner and the basics design concept we tried to bring create a friendly place for the city so to achieve that together with surrounding environment with the transbay center the south tower and alley we tried to implement
12:17 pm
our project and to keep the passages through jessie street and the alley and create a connection from the mission to jessie to the hotel so inside of the passage is transit development plan we add more and also, we exhaustive jessie center of the middle-income passenger way so the towers are over the heart of the urban space we call the urban room this is the designation for the neighborhood for the visitors and the users for this site so everyone has a friendly open to the public open space and have the fully assess passage to connect to it. >> so here's an animation we
12:18 pm
wanted to show you so take into account of time to load. >> so the basically concept is a traditionally central core which leads and on the ground floor to the floor is open and jessie street turned 90 degrees by doing that we have a fully opened pedestrian friendly your honor, room space for the city for the neighborhood and for the project itself so the project that we mentioned the jessie streets turned 90 streets all of jessie will keep open for emergency vehicle and long trucks so this is the design idea for
12:19 pm
this your own room one hundred and 16 by 200 plus with a high 6 feet 8 feet the urban room will have the functioning side to besides the setting back and you can do performance and gathering and art exhibition and night things and this you urban room is open for the public and again jessie street turns 90 feet, however, keeping the inteshgz through the urban design and through the security cars to carefully maintain the city for this urban use so this is a diagram that shows the vacation this is basically partial of the jessie street and partial of the ed dom alley as
12:20 pm
it is by doing this we will achieve 3 goals one we create a landmark tower with benefits for the city, second we achieve the much enriched to the pedestrian middle passage for the neighborhood and third we achieve the 26 thousand open space which for the opens for the city for the neighbors and for the folks. >> that's it. >> okay. thank you. >> mr. buckly something in closing. >> we are here and have city staff to answer any questions. >> i don't have any supervisor wiener didn't have any i'd like
12:21 pm
to go straight to public comment and call of ms. christie wong (calling names). >> hi supervisors christie wong and policy director for spur thank you for the opportunity i want to urge you to allow ocean wide center project to happen it is a key component as a build out of the corridor this plan is seeks to focus regional growth in the right place and invest in transportation and will prohibition, of course, the downtown so we firmly believe that this location is the right place for growth due to proximity with the regional transit as the center of
12:22 pm
regional employment people that work in downtown san francisco are the most frequent users of travel and it is important that the john updyke has placed like this and permitted opportunity in downtown 90 san francisco it is targeting the dense development and this ordinance is necessary for the development to happen also just want to applaud all of the contributions this development will make on a revenue side both the one time and voluntary and on an ongoing basis and just don't take those opportunities - don't underestimate i have you to keep this and now ms. grace to speak. >> thank you, ms. grace.
12:23 pm
>> thank you thank you for your time i'm one of the residents at the one acre located here and i wanted to propose one of the concerns the neighborhood as well as people that take public transportation my understanding we currently have two streets that are actually allow the trucks deliveries here and here to make a round on to the first street and on to mission street for the jessie street in the future to go this way to have the street going this way what that impact would be the truck delivery will have to make a round into the mist and to the streven son street for the first
12:24 pm
street and the impact is the neighbor on the division street is congested on that street as well as for market street we know that the subway train and muni trains are underneath and i asked for the supervisors to consider what will be the impact if by the divert the traffic to market street as well as i see that today, we have 5 lanes on the first street as well as mission street taking one lane out of that will be is a savior nightmare i have an article talking about what is the traffic today roe vs. wade the bay bridge which we know is acquit congested so i'd like to ask the supervisors to consider that location thank you very much. >> thank you, ms. sheryl davis. >> good afternoon. thank you for this opportunity to speak
12:25 pm
just reilly wanted to speak from a community perspective and show the appreciation being in the western edition and being in the opinion of some folks ignored and working with the large african-american population that is awesome to have someone take an interest in san francisco as a city not just in yards regarding to where they're doing their development the displacement that is happening citywide and is great to see folks coming up and trooib trying to work with us with the community members and people have a place to learn and grow and at this point looking at the development so i was grateful that they came and sought us out to support this city but they can support this community and i
12:26 pm
just wanted to recognize that a lot of times things go unnoticed and everything going on nationally and locally folks to reach out when they didn't have to their commitment and dedication much like you supervisor cowen great your doesn't the to the dedication and again, i recognize them and want to thank them and recognition they've reached out to folks they didn't have to and shown an interest and makes it so is thank you. >> thank you, ms. davis. >> next speaker, please. >> michael. >> good afternoon, supervisors i am want to take the opportunity to speak in support of the downtown neighbor preservation fund and the ocean wide center development i'm michael the deputy director of the african-american museum with the regularly us hotel from the
12:27 pm
ocean wide site and want to welcome the possibility of the cultural challenge with the ocean wide project we've seen the engagement power community benefit and hope that ocean wide will attribute to the sustaining of the businesses for arts and athlete in the neighborhood ocean has shown they're reaching out and turning over the amount and two folks share the goals of the tour with director linda harrison and myself we've waved their enthusiasm for the ocean project and motivated to continue to serving the community across the city with the be sure and the world and expand that reach with the sdprikts in san francisco and the neighborhood you see a growing number of new residents and families that want to
12:28 pm
welcome to the neighborhood and surrounding areas with the museum into the design open space plan at ocean wide called the urban room missouri has visited the office and well accepted we look forward to continue in our conversation with them about activating the space for the art performance and humanities program this an unprecedented opportunity we urge you to support this legislation thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker >> good afternoon, supervisors my name is michelle i'm director the programs with the united playaz and to support this project this is a huge disconnect what happens on mission street and after 6 we were existed they reached you
12:29 pm
did to our clubhouse and working together we're excited about any improvements that had happen in our community united states of america it is a neighborhood we need everything to make the streets more liveable for the people we serve so we're just excited about the potential for new open space and finding ways that we can continue to bring that community to the folks and happy with how much they are interested in hearing that community voice and learn from our he experience and just reilly incorporating the needs for the community and projects not only office workers during the day but people that live there and eddy and chang they're excited for the community and struck a chord that means the sthaung same thing to us we're looking forward to them being our neighbor thank you.
12:30 pm
>> thank you very much >> next speaker. >> good afternoon. i'm nora the associate correct and crossroads and we hope you'll consider our experience when we do the project it is a organization for homeless youth in san francisco for 16 years we've moved people off the streets ocean wide reached out to us earlier this year to let us know they're interested crossroads is not a high proliferate not a lot of flexibility and many organizations that help with the pr because of their size are because of their public profile we're not amongst those organizations those who engage with us want to make a difference in the community and a couple weeks later the folks met with us and folks that want to meet with us
12:31 pm
they expect us to come to them and it's superficial this is not the case with eddy and chang they asked thoughtful questions and wanted to learn about our clients and homelessness in san francisco after meeting we've challenged pollutant e-mails and they've made generous donations in 2017 we'll move to jegs i didn't and third street about two blocks away from this development and it is essential to have strong engagement with the community and serve our clients we're still in the early stages of relationship our experience are extremely positive and excited to have them as neighborhoods. >> item? at this point public comment is closed. at this time, i'd like to give
12:32 pm
the milk to deputy city attorney that has an announcement for the committee today. >> john from the city attorney's office to the call of the chair item 3 on page 11 and there just minor amendments to point out how how the new fund is created and has a basement anytime amount is $40 million and depending on the final build out and the design we don't know the exact numbers so those amendments point out there will be no less than $40 million. >> great a think simple amendment thank you. >> a motion to accept the amendment by the city attorney
12:33 pm
john. >> okay theology. >> thank you the motion accepted that is an unanimous acceptance. >> madam clerk so i you understand that i'd like to take a motion to accept not only the amendments but 0 move forward this item with a positive recommendation to the full board. >> item 3 is referred to without recommend to the ordinance for july 19th i believe. >> yes. that's correct that works. >> july 19th. >> so without objection that motion carries thank you all right. madam clerk, is there any additional business to come before this body? >> yes on item number 2 recommendation out of formal. >> i'd like to make a motion
12:34 pm
to move forward workers' compensation without objection additional business to come before this body? >> there's no further business. >> thank you this meeting is adjourned
12:35 pm
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12:40 pm
>> good afternoon and welcome
12:41 pm
to the local agency formation commission of san francisco board of supervisors. today is may 20, 2016. this is john avalos, joined by cynthia crews and david campos. todays clerk is alisa samara. >> silence cell phones and electroning devices. speaker cards should be submit today the clerk. >> like to announce and thank sfgtv staff broadcasting the meeting, jim smith and phil jackson. we don't have to do roll call, right? >> no, you stated who is here. >> we are here accept for commissioner mar. do we need a motion to excuse commissioner mar? motion by commissioner crews and seconded
12:42 pm
by commissioner com pose >> iletm 2 approval the lafco minutes from april 22, regular meeting. >> any changes or comments on the minutes? seeing none we'll knose to public comment. we'll close public comment and motion-- commissioner crews to approve the minutes and second and take that without objection. >> we need a second. commissioner campos >> i tried to second as a chair. >> item 3, community choice aggregation actaveties report. status update on clean power sf and stating update on
12:43 pm
proceedings: >> michael himes on behalf of general manager hale. i have a few quick items and happy to entertain questions. i brought the communication director charles sheen relate today the outreach efforts to date and looking forward. first of all, and perhaps most importantly i'm happy and proud to announce in terms of cca status updates, for the first time we are operational. on may 1, clean power w sf served customer jz today is the 19th day of operations. took a lot of work to get here and i know this body was central to that effort. along the lines of good news, our opt out rates continue to be very low. we are still just under 1 percent of total
12:44 pm
opt outs for the may enrollment. at the beginning of the week we began the issuance of the third stattory set of notices to customers about enrollment and we'll send those out throughout the course of the month. customers will get their first clean power powersf bill now. the [inaudible] will get the first bills in june. we expect to see a second opt out because that makes the experience real when you get a bill but the rate we are seeing we think is great and expect it to stay low, lower than the twnt percent we were originally expecting.
12:45 pm
>> just a question on bills, i do all my bills for pg & e on line and don't receive bills, just paying it and wonder if that changes it all because i joined clean powersf. >> no changes, you can will continue to pay on line. i believe pg & e will send you a link to view the bill on line and it will identify the clean powersf charges on the bill. there will be a page with clean powersf charges summarize jd detailed as well. it should be a seamless experience and continue to pay the same way you would. >> for those getting paper bills, is sthr some dramatic thing people will see that could encourage them to opt out? is that- >> nothing dramatic. what they'll see is a line on the summary page of the
12:46 pm
bill that identifies clean powersf charges. that will be the first time they see that. they may call and ask questions and hopefully they've read the notices we have been sending them but at that point they probably would have received 4. again, when you pay your bill customers will study it. some customers will study it and that may be where they really reach out to us and have more questions. >> on the opt out rate we are less than 1 percent and.0001 is less than 1 percent. >> good question. we are about.9 of a percent. >> and then.9 of a percent-- >> yeah,.009. >> that is a big difference. that is close to zero. >> yes. >> and then given that small sample of
12:47 pm
people who opt out what are the reasons people say? >> we are tracking that. they range from not wanting to leave their current provider to not wanting to take service from local government to a perception that the cost may go up. i say though the majority are-another one does tend to be the automatic enrollment mechanism. we are talking about a small sample overall. >> very very small. okay, thank you. >> so, continuing on the customer enrollment line here, we are continuing to receive sign ups on line and through our public outreach activities. i believe last time we reported to you on earth day we had a very successful earth week and got a lot of
12:48 pm
sign ups and that continues. at that time we had 240 sign ups. we now have 340 and 70 percent of those are super green services. so, we are seeing a trend for those who sign up they want to go super green, which is great. with respect to proceedings of the cpuc we continue to monitor there and proceedings that may effect pg & e cost to make sure the costs are nolt unfairly shifted to customers. we focus on power judge adjustment and other fees pg & e can assign to customers for departing their service. on this front i want to mention we are working collaborativety with all the or
12:49 pm
the cca's in operation and communities are investigating cca. this is the top regulartory priority for a cca program and working to make sure we have a unified front at the cpuc on this issue. you may recall in march there was a workshop at the cpuc very well attended. a number of the san francisco stakeholders spoke at that workshop. we are expecting soon a workshort report to be issued, that is pending and told it is imminent. we also spect there will be a comment period that will involve procedures. that is all i have so if you have any questions or relate d to the
12:50 pm
outreach effort. >> i have a question, where can i get more of these? we had a special question at question time last week, the big giant pumpkin ball we set up to the mayor to knock out of the board chamber and didn't quite do it, so i think we really making sure that at least from the mayors office as well we are getting the kind of outreach and viberancy robustness for a outreach program that wasn't indicated by his answering at question time. >> sure, charles new title today, i'm acting communication director for sfpuc but still overseeing communication and outreach for the clean powersf program. to your point on the mayor, last week or two weeks ago we work would the mayors office on a national
12:51 pm
cmcbc news story about san francisco clean energy goals highlighting and features clean powersf. the mayor was interviewed twnt or 30 minutes on clean powersf and cities other clean energy goals and the segment aired on cmbc and money nightly report. >> can i ask a question about that? >> did the mayor spend time trashing the program we killed 3 years ago? >> no- >> it would be off mesling to do that which is what he did in the board chamber. >> focused on the future and 100 positive story and that is what aired nationally on the news during the day. they did a live cut over from the sun set reservoir where they said we are here in san francisco at a sun set reservoir solar rea and doing more
12:52 pm
solar and cut to the [inaudible] about our 100 percent renewable energy goals as well as east hampton in long island about their renewable energy goals. east coast and west coast motif and was a fabulous story about the work we do in san francisco. in terms of the clings we have two clings, so we always do dual diligence andordser in bulk so if you run out of those we ordered quite a bit but it is best toordser as much as you can at once, so we have more of those if you need them. >> the goal is since every wnl is opting in, everyone can opt into the light green and the goal is get as many super green people to sign up. >> correct. >> what is our numerical goal? >> we committed to a 5 percent super green sign up throughout the year for two enrollments and as our
12:53 pm
director said, the super green sign ups are increasing every day and as we get closer to august, september, we will work with the department of environment using their in-house staff, their door to door outreach team to do some of just that in our next enrollment in districts 5, and 8 and do door door, some neighborhood canvasing and set up your ironing board at the corner to get more super greens and they will provide staff and people power to do that and we want to continue to move forward towards the 5 percent goal and so far so good. we are continuing to get those sign ups. >> the 5 percent goal was set because that is what we expected we could get or thought what we could only win for sign ups? >> we took a very detailed look at what other green power programs
12:54 pm
achieved with their 100 percent renewinable energy sign ups. we looked at smud green energy program. we looked at portland gas and electric and had the high bar for participation in 100 percent renewable and are at 12 percent but have been operating for a number of years. we did a deep dive analysis oon green power programs in the west coast are experiencing in terms of adoption rate for their 100 percent program and came up with what we think is good estimate, fifen percent and think we'll relook at it as we continue to launch but that the first estimate and hope to get as close to that and see that and with each new sign up we are close toor the goal. >> that is the short term goal. what does st. look like like 5 years out?
12:55 pm
>> 5 years out, i don't know if i thought that far. we want as many people signed up for super green as possible. our green renewable content will rise over the year jz i'll let him comment how fast it will rise but we are at 35 and that is on going to go up. we want to get as quickly as possible where the only product is 100 percent renewable energy or have different types of 100 renewable so that is long term or medium goals. >> commissioner crews. >> thank you so much. thank you for mr. herns and shin for your information and sharing that with me. i don't want to get too in the weeds but excited to hear about next steps what is the communication plan look like? >> i did allude to some of the items earlier. we will partner with
12:56 pm
department of environment to do door to door on the grounds outreach. we have begin pivots to district 5 and 8 for enrollment and reached out to all the neighborhood groups and merchant groups to make sure we getoon their calendar for a presentationment . we also pert together had second round of enrollment notice. august is around the corner so do that as well. we will be doing a little more advertising, potentially billboards and in the muni station. the first enrollment wasn't suited for that because it was so small and for commercial business but with residential customers there will be a lotplore customers so it will be suit today advrertising in the
12:57 pm
billboards and muni. we are working on all those items now and then because we also have a lit lt more time and elude to this before, prior to august, late june and throughout july there will be more flurry of actaveyty on social media and vieral campaigns to get people to sign up word of mouth which isologist effective. i was at the league of [inaudible] they were talking about how word of mouth they told their friend and told someone and that is effective tool for super green sign ups. we are pivoting for the second outreach coming up and that will be a lot of activity. ioasked at the last meeting talking about how the supply is all local from the bay area and said we have
12:58 pm
something cooking and we did but two weeks later we had a mbc news story featuring siley wind project and our assistant went up and talked there and they were interviewed on camera and that story aired and featureed how the supply will be local so you can probably search for that on the mbc website. >> i have it recorded. >> very good. i wanted to follow up- >> it was really great. with the more consumer targeted communications will we see then the idea of the super green super hero used, is that the goal? >> yes, we are looking at using that images, there are icons for or first enrollment mailer. we were still
12:59 pm
looking at that. one of the challenges with enrollment mailers is we have to translate the terms and conditions into 4 different languages and that presents a bit of a mailer and information challenge so we want to use the super green super hero much more as we do more advertising so think you will see a lut more of that. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> jason fried executive officer for lafco. to add what they were talking about for those that want the [inaudible] i have them. i will be at the harvey milk birthday celebration sunday put on harvey milk democratic club and more people wim have these for people that already signed up and you can pick it up there or find ways to get those that already signed up but those are mainly for those
1:00 pm
looking for super green. that is quhie i left one at each of your desks because you aurltdd up. for those that don't sign up for super green we will have for the green. go to clean and enroll now. outside the marketing stuff i have been helping with, lafco did a job analysis of what jobs look like. we did the [inaudible] report talking about the ability to create thousands of jobs with the launch of a program. some asked we are launching the jobs where are all the jobs and took a step back and said the 9,000 jobs was over a 20 or 30 year window and are not all created on day one. what is san franciscos programs looking at and what did the other programs look at? specifically on the construction side. how quickly did they get