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tv   Mayors Press Availability - 51816 Smart City Transortation  SFGTV  May 26, 2016 7:30am-9:01am PDT

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naturally i appreciate san francisco appreciates the action for the duty you're not assigned to we were there in a pinch using your education and abilities to assist sounds like if without your actions the person would not to have survived so thank you very much congratulations and i agree with you entirely with our statement about you don't know much about the fire department until you get involved and as a commissioner we learn the same thing the duties and how people go about their business each day is remarkable and lucky to have this great fire department in san francisco and back up from services like mta thank you very much. >> thank you commissioner hardeman commissioner vice president cleaveland.
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>> i'd like to say thank you for your heroic actions. >> i, of course, would like to echo that and want to thank the captain for taking the time and recommend those accommodations so good luck to all of you and thank you, again very much for helping to save a life that day any public comment on this item? anyone okay no thanks again madam secretary next item, please. >> item 5 proposed legislation from the board of supervisors public safety and neighborhood services committee during the course and possible action. >> who's presenting this item?
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chief the department chief joanne hayes-white >> i'll just saying goodbye to the captain thank you very much this item will be given a general overview by the and fire marshall like him to approach the podium thank you, chief. >> thank you, chief and commissioners good evening and chief dan fire marshalls office for the supervisor campos legislation there are 3 areas and fire code that will be amended with that legislation i'll identify those 3 areas and to the impact on our resources within the implementation of the proposal so the 3 areas that will impact will be smoke alarm requirement and fire alarm maintenance and fire upgrade the smoke alarm
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proposal will require the building owners with an annual notice to post that notice in common areas the building this notice this informational sheet fire safety sheet will be developed in in conjunction with the building inspection and post on the website and posted in 3 languages english, spanish and chinese and will require that the building owners to issue a hardcopy of that to each of their tenants annually and requires the building owner to post this in the common areas at one location on each floor of the location the impact will no major impact the times developed into and to have it translated this informational sheet and posted on the website that is something to absorb with the
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staff at this time and number two fire alarm maintenance requirements supervisor campos protective requires building owners to file every two years a statement of compliance a form that which is a form of annual fire alarm investigation testing is it certifies their fire alarms were tested that year per updates set to standards that form is submitted to right now as that reader to the building department but still in the works and maybe changed to the fire department depending on the resources we are that we can - apply to this so every two years 9 years or more those building owners will submit on odd years and 8 unit will submit on even years the
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impact to the division will be receipt of more than 5 thousand forms annually with the potential to get the majority towards the end of the year will greatly overwhelm the staff and managerial staff that's our recommendation the time recommended for the database with the additional time to research when building with required to file with - would take a considerable monument the proposal we don't know chomz have fire alarms and which ones does not all building are required to have fire alarms some are existing the best way to address that the annual be inspections we'll add a section
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of a firebox and inquiry that is one way to track for 9 units or more those buildings with 3 to 8 i'll recommend housing department inspects those some kind of similar effort from the housing department they'll take time a year at least a year to gather all the data florida in the database and which ones have it and cho which building don't without that if you don't submit on our own we don't know if you're delinquent or not fire alarm upgrade to renovate, upgrade the existing fire alarms existing with seeping areas by
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july 1st, 2021, upon completion of 50 thousand or more so the initial impact will be that great on us because most are deadlines their inloaded the deadline what a e wait until the deadline and rush out to comply so with the fire emergency rooms there are 25 thousand apartment buildings how many have fire alarms we don't know an educated guess 78 thousand that's my educated guess what percentage are non-compliant roughly 50 percent so three or four thousand that require upgrades
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how that impacts us we have to get a designer and contractor to design a fire alarm submitted for approval through the plan section and receive the plans and get them approved and sent out to the field and test on the new fire alarm upgrades three or four thousand inspections each inspector doesn't one thousand inspections a year three or four inspectors in the field to address this we'll talk about realistically probably two plan receivers after 2021 after all compliance and submittals have come through it is up to date that load and requirement will drop off it will be taken care of and i'll take any questions
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at this time. >> thank you fire marshall all right. are there any people in the greatly that would like to pack a public comment at this time all right. public comment is closed. and go to any fellow commissioners gwen with vice president commissioner vice president cleaveland. >> thank you madam president and thank you, chief fewer comments on this obviously in the preliminary stages of reviewing this legislation and you'll have to probably get hard numbers to what the budgetary impacts to implement the legislation obviously a delta between the apartment buildings that have alarms and those that don't sea have alarms not working properly you have a big task thousands of
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the buildings that need to be inspected and do you have the resources to do that if you're saying you don't we need to make sure the supervisor understands and ask for additional budget funding for to do this very work this is proposed so that's my first question is where's the money coming from and how much will it cost to do the job that the supervisor would like the fire department to do with regards to the residential fire inspections and get that money then we could implement this ordinance. >> yes. commissioner again, i will think that field intishgdz and that's 5 additional positions. >> what are the dollars. >> i'd like refer to mark on that. >> okay. the other thing worth noting
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we're talking about fire alarms so the fire code drives fire code and the housing code we're not part of that but a section that doesn't list in the fire code that alarm system and my question from the housing department what is an alarm system as opposed to a fire alarm system my understanding an alarm system which is not a fire - a fire alarm is a control united i united with inputs and outputs and listed with the fire marshalls office you'll have systems that are hybrids or whatever you call them not falling there that definition of a fire alarm maybe and burglar alarm tied with the smoke alarm that's an fire alarm how do we
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address that those are questions we'll have to come to grips with and find solutions so it is going to be a complicated task >> obviously we have an issue we don't know exactly how many residential buildings have fire alarms and smoke detectors that will be a hercules attack to see in terms of the safety of the residential housing stock so to do that and do it right we're going to need funding so certainly hope that. >> 25 thousand that we know of we got a list and comparing their list with our list total list of 25 thousand we're comparing notes at this time but a survey of 25 thousand buildings i'll agree that is challenging. >> i have a question in terms
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of the current annual inspectors the high-rise building and residential inspection or not. >> in their one in the same we're required to inspect all high-rises in san francisco where you have a high-rises an rh2 that is considers that falls under having inspected the rh2 a two for one. >> a hundred is over what 7 stories and 75 feet we have roughly 6 hundred high-rise and 33 in the the pipeline for inspection. >> those improvements where annually inspected by the rest of the meddled family dwelling units don't get annually inspected. >> we do their falling under housing. >> i can't speak exactly to,
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you know, how up to date housing is what they do i can speak to fire. >> housing will some of the data. >> well, that's our next step we need to speak with housing. >> is a task and i think the supervisor is right in saying that we need to know how safe or unsafe our reciprocal hornl it is a big task and big ask in order to get that data put together within a timeframe that he is expecting i'll suggest we need to ask the supervisor to punish the implementation date by a year we'll 2009 get the data in time to have to information to be able to go into effect by the first of next year. >> you're asking hard dollars
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we to have that data and make an educated estimated guess whatever you call it will be in the ball park but to do it right we'll on a need to do a survey of all 25 buildings. >> we all want to do the right thing and the fire department wants to do the right thing we need the resources to do that. >> i agree. >> thank you. >> thank you vice president commissioner vice president cleaveland and commissioner nakajo. >> madam president and chief thank you for your report and information i don't have too much specifically to add vice president commissioner vice president cleaveland has commented it was condemned in a nut shell covers the concepts and concerns meaning the amount of task and the amount of integration of data and the coordination of data between the
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housing department and who will do that basically and that's pretty much where i was focused on my question was what is the timeline on the legislation and the projected i think i heard that that is projected for the beginning of year? as those 9 unit the beginning of the year in 2017 the following year would be 3 to 8 units they'll alternate on odd and even years the first wave this january and the second next january. >> okay. this specific legislation we're talking about smoke alarms per say; correct? auto we're well, two things we're talking about fire alarms, maintenance thereof and talking smoke alarms the reporting of the fire alarm maintenance not more the smoke alarms are us on
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our website for the smoke alarm requirements the building owner will be - have to retrieve that information and print it out and give that to each the tenants annually that's all that is required the reporting part it the maintenance right now in you have a fire in your building you are required to have a inspection and reporting and giving that information to the fire department and/or building department so people can put in their address and see if if they're building complies. >> i appreciate that information it helps me in terms of the getting that clarification from smoke to fire alarms and the differentiation between that it was just within our time on the legislation that is projected with the amount of work and the right side we don't
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have i don't want to use the budgetary unrealistic but responsibility within you are jurisdictions we're find the clarify that it so i'm concerned as well not supportive of those irks in terms of what we're trying to accomplish with the supervisor i'm not sure we can accomplish those tasks with the limits of the budget to do the work i just don't want to fall on us and not do it i appreciate the fact you're putting together the numbers and madam president. >> thank you commissioner nakajo. >> is chief joanne hayes-white you want to. >> thank you commissioner president covington i just wanted to add to our comments and presented by the fire marshall we want to make sure that everyone collective is
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going both the legislation with eyes wide on we believe we are i'm in total agreement that anything that can safe lives and reduce injuries with fire safety the reality we'll need additional resources the fire marshall said specifically to be locked in we don't know the true impacts it is difficult at this time but some ideas we've passed to the building department and to the mayor's office of budget we'll receive assistants in the form of work order to get the ball rolling in terms of the database the idea to marry the database and the information will be more assessable and consistent for the public that want this information and then in addition to have the field inspectors that number needs to grow because of the
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requirements of the legislation. >> thank you chief joanne hayes-white commissioner hardeman. >> thank you fire marshall i support commissioner nakajo and commissioner vice president cleaveland statements obviously a financial impact and hopefully that has to be addressed so the fire department can contribute to the notable legislation but getting back to smoke alarms so and the fire alarm how does that effect the entire residence person has a kitchen fire or something going on in the zone left the french fries on that was a financing in the front of the room burned his - bob
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mcdonald was day now but smoke alarm in multiple rooms i was disappointed in the mission district we had the great presentation which people of the was long but you were trying to get all the facts out only 70 smoke alarms were taken from the meeting that surprised me i have multiple fire alarms and detectors throughout my house i can't imagine that people in the mission have enough smoke dedeckers within they're building they understand how you have something going on in the garage your - by the time you, your smoke detector - one in
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each bedroom. >> yes. >> you think - i would bet anything that very, very few houses in the mission street have smoke alarms in each bedroom. >> you typically go by the manufactures recommendation and usually one covers most sleeping areas a smoke alarm on all levels of the house it pertains to the hallway in our hallway you'll want your smoke alarm with an corridor over 40 feet two smoke alarms and that pretty much covers the general requirement
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and now a 10 year battery life. >> not a self-contained pattern those batteries can't be replaced dispose of that smoke are alarm and get a new one, if you have existing smoke alarms you replace the battery twice a year recommended but the date the manufacturer date after 10 years recommended you replace that with a new smoke alarm i think that people only change the battery in reality you're supposed to change out the alarm. >> so the smoke alarm in restriction to the fire alarm how - does the fire alarm take up what is going on in the residence. >> you have hallways and this big building. >> if we're talking about
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molts and hotels or apartment buildings that's another thing did apartments your smoke alarm you'll not be tied in with other unit you'll have the alarm go off self-contained a smoker sensor they call it a smoke detector it is not - it is part of a fire alarm system 250i9d into a control unit so your smoke alarm is a stand alone unit that senses the smoke and gives off a alarm oversee are in the independent places your base building fire alarm has notification throughout the common areas with a full station with sprinklers and the base
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building system the system goes off and it is a smoke alarm is within the unit itself. >> that was a great explanation thank you. >> thank you commissioner hardeman i have a few questions for you fire marshall decould say i don't - i noticed in the proposed legislation january 2017 i don't see how we will be able to have all the ducks in a row for that but on package 4 of the document line 13 there should also be a
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list of organizations that provide counseling to tenants on issues related to fires and contact information for those organizations do you know what kind of counseling their referring to. >> i don't know that remains a question and discussion regarding on page 6 item one 06 a dot 5 dot 14 dot i regarding the information submittal on line 18 of your document it says within 72 hours of the posting of a notice of violation on the subject site the property owner shall provide the following information in writing a a description of the
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steps taken and the methods use to stabilize and secure the subject building and premises including bayview gardens one sensing the buildings perimeter and two securing and barricading the windows and other points of industry from the outside and 3 assessing the property weekly to make sure that note unauthorized entry and any sensing and barricades are secure and remain in place and four providing twenty-four hour security my concern is that you know all things equal and the life going along nicely that a building owner will be able to comply, however, in the event of
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an earthquake how are people supposed to be able to meet the letter of the law. >> because contractors, sense builders and structural engineers will be in short supply has there been any discussions of this particular section of the proposed - >> this section. >> legislation. >> this section addresses the building code and structural district of the believes that falls outside the scope of the fire department that's for the building department will come in and assess the building is it safe to occupy if not able they will order the building sealed up and red-tagged and secure the site this is addressed to the
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building department and the building code what we've just you just said. >> there is nothing there. >> nothing for fire. >> concerned. >> their provisions in the fire code vacant buildings shall be secured generally and all materials upon requests from the jurisdictions be removed from the building. >> thank you the entirety of section 4 enincumbrance what i read just for the building code. >> the building code the department of building inspection enforcement. >> no participation on our part that's a great relief. >> i see the housing code this
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will think or on the agenda next week meeting as well so a picture of the proposed legislation i understand that supervisor campos will be here for that meeting i think it is necessary for us to have our cfo i'm sorry he's promoted. >> it will be covered in my report but deputy director of finance and planning. >> so the deputy director mr. corso please work up some numbers for us the fire marshall has said that minimum personnel additional personnel will be three to four inspectors and two planned reviewers if we could have that for the next meeting
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that would be great. >> commissioner president covington to address the workshops the fire alarm notices the documentation submitted and posting that information on the website. >> all right. that would not include the cost of survey of the 25 thousand is that what you're saying and yeah. we have to determine how best to conduct that survey the 5 inspectors that i mentioned to address approximately 4 thousand plans to be reviewed and field inspections to be conducted that's for the fire alarm updates and the other part addresses testing your annual testing documentation for unsought we're the caregiver of the record and we will have to post that in the website and
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post it to take the compliance form will be sent to us we'll review it you're in compliance and posted if you're not in compliance we'll issue an nov that will take additional resources independent like the resources i mentioned someone from it to help us to develop a website and m i s and two more inspectors i would recommend as well if you're dealing with thousands of documents up to again, i don't have that data i'm guessing estimating 7 to $8,000 somewhere in there. >> thank you for itemizing we really need the corresponding numbers and also corresponding
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you know if not page numbers at least the text included in the property legislation so that there is a correspondence so we can continue this discussion and have an idea what the cost might be so i think that is very, very important and i understand that the gi has committed to giving us one million dollar a year for two years which is a generous on their part this on and on is on ongoing project and will need money identified for many more years than two years in order to be prudent for this legislation to move forward all right. i see that my fellow commissioners and the chief would like to weigh in again so commissioner nakajo. >> thank you madam president
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i appreciate the opportunity for us to have this discussion and this dialogue the memo that we got earlier referred to this legislation by supervisor campos talks about what your opinion will be for the fire department after much discussion with the fire commission so i think you got a jest of it and the beginning of this really identified a lot of issues i think bottom line we don't have enough revenue for what is proposed i appreciate this discussion but it focuses me on the legislation the intent of this legislation the delineation for smoke are alarms smoke alarms in our how's your the individual that puts it up if there's a fire that goes
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off you're out of that there and fire alarm systems is buildings maintenance owned by the owner and depending on the size of the building and the tenants i'm assuming that supervisor campos initiated this because of the issue of the concern of fire alarms in the mission this legislation effects all san francisco not just the mission; is that correct. >> yeah. all 25 thousand. >> that's 25 if estimates a differentiation of data 78 thousand but for me who is going to enforcement and doing the inspection and we court reporter our data of communication who in our department i know we don't have that unit to tie in take all the data and as we have all
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of the data and enforcement again who is going to enforce it where's the ramification if you faufrlt my understanding to have residents in the mission in san francisco talking to their lymph gland to see if there is adequate protection we're talking about a lot of buildings 7 thousand people in how many inspectors you'll need to do that i almost take it as this is what we do now presently in terms of the inspection and what we're asked to do more so without data collection and without integration of data into a stamp it make sense in terms of that how else will we cover the city and county of san francisco with this it is not of this legislation if this is the
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intent so clearly there's got to be work done on that colleagues and clearly in terms of the lack of revenues as we talk about it comes over and over and over and over and there's a lot more work to do realistically before january 1st so again, i understand where the department takes the responsibility within our assignments but again those are new duties and tasks that are handed to us with no support system so i don't want to be the person to be pointed at again as a result of things not occurring in terms of fire safety and agreed commissioner we're on board but want to be in a position to support that. >> that's the attitude we should be in position clearly thank you madam president. >> thank you commissioner
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nakajo he chief of the department chief joanne hayes-white. >> thank you commissioner president covington for prior to the next meeting on june 8th we'll have estimates of what we believe we'll need as the chief said to be successful so have numbers for you. >> thank you excuse me - vice president commissioner vice president cleaveland thank you madam president and chief can couple of fellow questions the one million dollars that was mentioned the gi will give us to help us ramp up our inspectors is that per year one million dollars or every 3 years. >> per year for every two years. >> within million dollars for each year. >> it is 1.1 for a total of 2.2. >> i expect us to have a written response we need this to the board of supervisors on this
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legislation i mean, we can't just disappear and talk about that but have it written down and every time we have a major code changes when it effects the from time to time everyone inspection and the responsibility and one final question dealing with the upgrading of 2021 and any work that is done over $50,000 be upgraded so in that not happening then whatever the system needs the light system is put back in so are they having to update to the fire codes if they repair or upgrade their fire alarm systems there they bringing this up to code or before. >> they're allowed to maintain the system they have the parts
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are compatible. >> they'll never have to renovate, upgrade. >> that depends on the system it is so old you can't find the replacement parts you may have to renovate, upgrade your main panel, however, an interpretation which i agreed upon under the circumstances to replace the existing dptz but not extend the whole upgrade just to update your parts. >> the only time a total you upgrade is $50,000 of work. >> when we talk a whole upgrade that is only what is tested for your existing system so that means when they do their annual test the contractor san francisco doesn't that they'll set a meters on the apply it
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needs to be up from the minimum and if not write it up and come up with a plan of actions to replace the system. >> when buildings are built together 9 units or more residential are interest fire alarm systems a lot more sophisticated than the majority of our fire alarm systems in the existing horticulturalist in san francisco. >> that's correct the industry is involved in this is what i'll agree with that statement. >> is that delta dangerous delta no. i don't think so i think if you maintain the system as designed you'll satisfy the residents in the building and maintain it properly and install it properly i think this is okay. the systems today are smart systems. >> back then you know doesn't meet the input and output the
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soundz of alarms people get in and out again today is systems are more sophisticated. >> thank you that's one of my questions. >> thank you commissioner hardeman. >> thank you madam president this really is not directed at the legislation but more curiosity talking about annual checks which i was working full-time in our building in fact, in 3 buildings working as a union representative and had evasions once a year you were notified this day there is an evacuation and exit the building and use the elevators and stairs based on where our office was outside and the fire department was there, they walk around and make sure everything is okay. does that happen with the
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residential buildings or just commercial buildings. >> so you, you find that in high-rise buildings not required in chapter 45 and not adopted by recommended and many high-rises follow-up with that it is required in all schools so we do evasion drills in the schools and residential buildings no. >> it would be a volunteery evasions if an owner contacted the fire department we'll support that and send someone out. >> i did thought that was very good everyone was on their toes and getting out of the building and paying attention and the alarms were extremely loud so you get out i know that there the requirements will be for an apartment building or residential these condos going
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up all over those are the loud i did alarms hi any building is in the executive park that's the one that - i mean, you wanted out of that building it was so loud if you have bad hearing it doesn't matter you were out of the building what is the maximum decimals. >> that's part of test with the reading. >> that's a good idea. >> the tests will knock you off your feet. >> i appreciate it. >> sure. >> thank you commissioner vice president cleaveland commissioner nakajo. >> thank you madam president a few more questions chief thank
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you for your patience are all fire alarms attached to a sprinkler system. >> you have can building without a sprinkle system if i have both their tied into a water flow switch that is monitored by the fire alarm part of the input and, yes if you have both they'll be monitored yes. >> so the fire alarm system the main purpose to evacuate folks out of the building. >> it does two things send a signal to a twenty-four hour 7 that contacts the fire department. >> that was my last question the fire alarm systems are connected to the fire department it alerts the fire department
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there's a fire and because it has a system. >> yes most are monitored by a d d t and they'll notify and call the fire department or dispatch. >> or dispatch. >> are they pretty good added that is that a strong accurate - >> to my knowledge not a problem. >> for those buildings that don't have fire alarm systems and sprinkler systems you'll have a panel that serves as a not part of fire e back but it notifies. >> i guess my last point whether a smoke alarm or fire alarm someone has to call the department and that's correct. >> that's correct. >> thank you madam president and chief. >> thank you commissioner nakajo. >> any last comments mr. fire
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marshall. >> no again, we're in support of legislation and have the resources to be successful i'll not recommend signing up for something not in it formula. >> thank you for your presentation. >> all right. madam secretary. >> item 6 chief of departments report report from chief of dependent on current issues and activities and event with an the department with the fire department meeting of may 11th including 2016-2017 and academies strategy planning one and 50 anniversary update and communications and outreach to other government agencies and the public and report from administration. >> report on the administrative addictions fleet and finance and support
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services, homeland security and training within the department. >> thank you good evening once again commissioner president covington and commissioners that's my report since the last meeting of may 11th regarding the budget the mayor will have a departmental meeting this friday to give us preliminary information prior to his budget presentation i believe in the board chambers on may 31st we continued to have regular meeting with the mayor's office of budget and have articulated our priorities and once again acknowledge the and the commission for collectively coming together and establishing a list of priorities no disagreement in terms of the number one feet replacement plan in 2009 that then fire commission commissioner nakajo was part of it adapted a plan and we were unable to keep up with the funding as i stayed in
8:19 am
the past i'm very optimistic this the fleet will be addressed in this year's budget and know in the coming days how that will be addressed and our goal that it is not just addressed in a one or two year budget but addressed over the be long-term with the hiring that has done for us we worked diligently to develop a hiring plan in 2012 which we revisit and in place since nevada through 2020 so similarly that what is what we conveyed and anywhere that plan with the fleet replacement plan and hopefully good news in the coming day with regards to the academy the one hundred and 18 class within 39 members the graduation is
8:20 am
june '92 p.m. rear done high school and all the public is invited to attend that graduation and have a emt class that is in session it is a 6 week program there is 31 members and this graduation is the week before on june 3rd 8 o'clock and 19th street and fulsome the training busy under the direction of chief and deputy chief you'll hear from shortly an per diem pool that is helpful in having us address the response times and capacity that is a program that was worked on diligently by the deputy chief mark and deputy chief meyers a group of per diem employees that have employment elsewhere but
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work us and they'll finish training on june 10th we're anticipating another opportunity for h-3 level he emts to advance and become they have their paramedic licenses and beginning on june 6th roughly three weeks of classroom and clinical overview and vacation to become from emts full-time emt to full-time paramedics and the one hundred and 20 h-2 begins on june 20th with 54 members 42 members from the national testing network eligibility list and 12 members selected from station 49. >> those are the h-3 level paramedics that will be
8:22 am
cross-trained they've demonstrated tore proficiency working with working in the el cap division so we have not selected all members for that class few, in fact, but progressing you know of eligible candidates and to cast a wider net and call people in for consideration for the 2016 a class and 2017. >> with regards to strategic planning the group met the large group mets on may 2nd sxharm was in attendance and good work being done at this point of the agreement that the subcommittees will meet and forward the additional work they were tasked with doing the formulating committee meet and recommended the schedule be
8:23 am
postponed hopefully not too long we've not yet received some of the homework they've given out so we - i'm collectively with working with the new deputy director we talked about earlier he was out of the room but congratulations to mark identify got great confidence and for the cfo to oversee the division of finance and planning he's working closely with ms. olivia and jeff the point person and we decided instead of waiting for the information that then will be tasked with setting up meeting to get exactly what we need to move forward we nearing the goal line and don't want to lose the momentum that's the best course that ms. kennedy fouls so we can get to
8:24 am
where we need to get with the strategic plan regards to one hundred and 6050 a meeting 8 o'clock at the division training and successful events so far you'll hear since the last meeting what we've done working with the school district and celebrating ema the meeting i'm guessing will talk about the commission and the 9/11 ceremony and part of trade center 15 years since the 9/11 and september 25th food celebration followed by fire presentation and film festival in november
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and final event on december 3rd we're closing out the year of the one hundred and 50 event will be discussed tomorrow since the last meeting on the 11 we appeared prosecute the public safety besides the 3 members of the board of supervisors and deputy chief gonzales did an excellent job with joining and others to convey the fire departments water rescue and surf rescue and our relationships that the coast guard and that was well received and that was called open by supervisor eric mar that was sxhernd about the recent drowning of too young malls males at ocean beach enjoying the afternoon and working hard in the last six
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months or so and having joining baxter to working closely with our partners when it comes to water rescue so wanted to acknowledge those members that participated on may 1, '32 great events one as part of one hundred and 50 recognition tony and others i was able to attend on friday the 13th over 6 hundred children from the unified school districts when they called it the special olympics with the challenges and a wonderful event with do police department and opening ceremonies a torch lighting and many of our members both on duty and off duty were taking the time to assist it was a very great day inspired a lot of us that afternoon i had the
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opportunity to go to galileo high school we partnered with the san francisco unified school district and your support of deputy city attorney and ambulance we can't use but certainly a great training aid for their medical academy at galileo a fixed asset not driveable but wonderfully used by the students that get the realtime opportunity to work on their patient assessment primary and secondary assessment in the close quarters of an ambulance their grateful for that asset i know that will make a difference i speck to the students and hopefully, they'll be future firefighters and mayor 14 the saturday the 14 i attended the grand oscar pistorius was museum of modern art the expansion and along with members from station one as you recall a special day for station one that have been very good
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neighbors as a former site of station one where we entered into a public-private partnership are the museum of modern art and expand their facility to house the fishing e fisher collection that was well received another great opportunity for people to visit our city and see that collection on the 16 and 17 i was out of town a in long beach and attended the conference that was appreciated and as always good to interact with any colleagues with the larger departments throughout the country the next day when i got back as part of ems and have webs e members the
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- and across the street from the from the fire department we're doing more and more with the future of our city which is great we also met that day several the fire marshalls deputy chief cooperation deputy chief with the mission stakeholders of the fellow to the meeting in the midst was attended by supervisor campos and one of his aids and representative mr. sam couldn't come but from someone from his organization came and ms. diana and tommy from the human rights commission we met to discuss supervisor campos go legislation as well as continuing to keep the lines of communication open and agreed to meet again in july to talk about prioritizing particularly the mission district and chinatown with it comes to additional resources
8:30 am
with the h inspector to go out to the community and be proactive and following up if there is an incident in any part of city but recognizing the populate of the chinatown we will first and foremost prioritize these areas with the resources we received and also on the 18 chief peter visit the san francisco fire department and met him when we were at the metropolitan conference and met with deputy chief ems division and homeland security and have to convey to him all the good work this is valuable to exchange information i know he appreciated that the opportunity for many of the members of the department to share what their goals and relocates are then on may 19th there was a wonderful
8:31 am
there a of ems apparatus to clou close out the week deputy chief meyers and director chief gonzales and i attend with the department of health and proud to be able to provide awards to ems and mark that received ems provider award 24 years annual ceremony they were acknowledged 0 for the great work on the 2015 tour bus accident they triaged and recognized the multi task team and twhivens worked diligently to see people troilgd and treated and transported from that scene and then finally on friday the 20th several participated in a lunch that we
8:32 am
hosted out at station 49 members not only the ems but we welcomed the private partners in king american and amr that was hosted jefferson by the san francisco fir unit highlighting the within and 50 year the great work for the ems division does for our department and city that concludes my report. >> thank you, very much. chief chief joanne hayes-white. >> do we have any public comment on the chiefs report seeing none, he will close public comment and beginning with commissioner vice president cleaveland. >> thank you madam president and thank you chief for your report comprehensive as always a couple of questions when the department has a - does the
8:33 am
department have money that they used to upgrade the emts if heir want to became a paramedic does the department pay to help that person upgrade their skills. >> no, we does not currently. >> if there's someone has an interest in up and running to school we will accumulate through the easy process but not at that time fund someone continuing their education from a emt to paramedic many of the emts we hire will work as paramedics and other organizations and some while emts have the - we don't fund we encourage it but not fund it. >> oh.
8:34 am
>> - right around that once we rice the 6 or $700. >> at this time have you discontinued if you have any questions, we'll be happy to answer theming. >> no, we satisfied and grateful for those that have jumbled into this success to put on all the events and swlbt but telegraph hill encouraging those that - >> any of theers can write a check. >> the guardians of the city. >> the guardians of the city another question dealing with the marine rescue that seems to be heightened issue i wonder
8:35 am
have we looked at ramping up our marine rescue unit and having seen more ocean accidents and need to center our firefighters trained as marine rescuers has that about looked at have we taken a step back and studied what it means to ramp up and have a fully functioning marine rescue unit autopsy within the last 6 months we received a comprehensive presentation from one of the chairs the committee chief csa lessons was in the city now the airport he provided a power point presentation to talk about the current assets we have over 200 and having members are rescue swimmers and a professional unit there is a desire at some point to enhance the units and to grow the unit i
8:36 am
building this was part of the presentation we certainly can provide more information. >> i was wondering if we got up with a 3 year plan to build up that necessity we need a long term plan to fund it. >> right i believe that was discussed during the budget season as a pirate in terms of what that came in as a proprietor if we replace the feet are higher but certain on the radar of the fire department. >> we have swimmers that get lost and die maybe we need to take another look lastly i'm encouraged by the last meeting to discuss the whole supervisory
8:37 am
staffing at station 49 so i applauded chief for your willingness to find a solution. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> any other commissioners questions at this time. >> all right. we'll go to report if administration. >> well chief. >> pardon me. >> welcome. >> thank you commissioner president covington and ramon williams this is my administrative report for the month of may assignments under assignment office the office is completing a revised station 49 schedule a vacancy bids held in early june
8:38 am
with an implementation in july the date will occur after the station 49 members have been selected and reassigned to the one hundred and 20 fire academy the office is also completed the planning to incorporate the 31 level one emt that are anticipated to complete the academy on june 3rd there will be working in the field on june 4th and to finance the department bureau of fire preservation continues to see the strong revenues throughout the fiscal year and the ems revenues are anticipated to come in on budget and the department is projected to come in on budget the department has continued to work with the mayor's office often the mayor's city budget as anticipated to be released next
8:39 am
week we have continued to advocate for fleet and equipment replacement plans in addition to other enhancements and the department has begun preparation for the budget at the budget committee of the board of supervisors in early june and scheduled meetings with all members of the committee in advance of the hearing under homeland security fleet week planning it in progress citywide department operations center workshop continues to meet every month that is a very effective meeting and ruled in all city departmental operation centers using the same forms the division has submitted a fire preservation for juvenile fire seters and looking to hire investigators and investigator and two co-compliance inspectors the division is prepared for the
8:40 am
2016 international conference on clean energy and tackle top to be held this week and the stress unit conditions or continues to provide support for all the members that is a needed resource and very valuable the division completed coordinated planning for the data breakers on may 16th and continues to plan for tolerance. >> under the investigative bureaucracy they have commitment backward checks and random post accidentally fire alcohol and drug testing as protocol the division office has
8:41 am
probation physicals and return to work and work injury examines the positions recorded 26 injuries for the month of april under support services the division of support services that business on the 2017 health and construction of station one located at fire headaches continues and construction is stemmed to be completed by october of 2016 the department is interviewing for an industrial hygienist from dpw for health and safety issues within the department and the division is working closely with the port on pier 26 relocation of the fire boats during construction and finalized drawings waiting
8:42 am
and chief lombardi has met with tida to discuss the developments the phase one construction plan and their effects on emergency response the division continues to meet with the developers and other agencies to discuss the street designs, assess issues and a y s example requirements. >> engine and truck turning templates were finally listed with the mta and the projects construction planning continues and is on track. >> station 16 construction is scheduled to start at the beginning of october and station 5 construction is scheduled to start at the end of october. >> b o education as ordered c max subsequences and 9 with
8:43 am
ambulance the cordless tools have been delivered with rescue and truck 48 has those tools on the apparatus a total of 42 requests were received this progressing month this reporting month excuse me - >> under training as the chief mentioned the one hundred and 19 recruitments are 49 recruits in class the h-3 emt to hallway bump up academy began on june 6th and this will be completed by the june 24th the h-3 level one academy on april 26th with 31 students and
8:44 am
schedule to graduates on the fulsome campus the h-8 per diem students began training on may 29th and successfully completed their module and complete they're two week evasion on friday june and online the ems training they have completed 20 paramedics and required provider training and members needing additional c e more recertification continues to receive their training as needed more than one hundred and 70 members have completed they're in services wion yerba buena
8:45 am
island and the fire boat and station 35 next week to seattle to test of the fire alarm system and review the process as they get closer to completion and prepare for the don't care trials at this time that concludes my report. and i welcome any questions. >> thank you deputy chief williams. >> okay are there members of the public that want to comment at this time on the chiefs administration report. >> all right. public comment is closed. and i will go commissioner vice president cleaveland. >> thank you madam president and deputy chief williams for your report a couple of quick questions what the percentage of cost recovery do we receive
8:46 am
annually perhaps something in the course of that we receive from ambulance services 9-1-1 calls how much of that cost do we recovery. >> i'll refer that to deputy the finance and planning. >> good evening mark corso with regards to that we base your fee structure on the total cost of ems currently approximately about 27 percent of what we bill we recover as revenue there's a lot of contractually with medi-cal and medicare they'll only pay so much but at the end of the day we're looking 27 percent that translates into how many dollars. >> annually approximately $26 million a year in ems revenue. >> what is is the h-6 the
8:47 am
trillion program is that operational now in two locations. >> sorry the h-6. >> i'm not sure what. >> ems 6. >> to sort of bring down the number of new in any calls that we know that are repeat offenders unnecessary are frequent fliers we're trying to reduce we're only fulfilling 21 percent of our expenses on 9-1-1 calls do we have it operable in two locations. >> i'll be happy to answer that operated 7 days a week until 12 noon to 12 maintained one person staffing it and they don't have a specific location sort of are posted in the downtown corridor and our response has been kind of you know final with the dpw and our
8:48 am
units one ems 6 vehicle per 12 hour shift. >> a partnership with the dpw so we look to expand we need more of that. >> we hope to in the early months it is showing that definitely assisting with freeing up some of the other resources as you may know began ton february 1st i believe the commission asked after the initial presentation perhaps to return with another presentation in roughly 6 months period of time i believe we show results that we think that will warrant expansion of the program. >> i'll agree anything we go cut down on the frequent fliers using our system ero if we
8:49 am
triage them in in no way, shape, or form that had been a help to them and our budget. >> thank you commissioner nakajo. >> thank you madam president and deputy chief williams for your comprehensive report i might need information from you deputy director i wanted to ask some related questions to deputy chief williams you were talking about mr. corso about ems and that's what the vice president was talking about coming in on budget. >> yes. >> is that unusual i remember i'm not not saying unusual in the sense we generally come in on budget with the ems - so
8:50 am
we're i guess creating some revenue streams strong revenue streams. >> i'll defer to the deputy but we i believe always come in on budget. >> yes. commissioner with regards to the ems revenue we're anticipated to come in on budget perhaps be a little bit above seen increases in the call volume over the years and evaluated our projections accordingly and also been not so much this year but previous years assumptions of a small revenue programs we've take advantage and those are also being worked on currently with regards to future affordable housing bonus program of revenue kind of to the vice presidents point afghan u obviously a gap between what we are charging and returning to revenue and ways to make that has small as possible
8:51 am
a number of initiatives at the state level we're following up that will hopefully be a benefit to the department as well. >> so mr. corso my answer in terms of the revenue was that at some point that was supposed to be a positive revenue stream that is that accurate or it is definitely not projected to be positive to the event it pays for all the ems services the department provides that is kind of given some of the insurance regulations as far as reimbursement and in general, i guess the demographics of some of the locations we transport and treat not necessarily ever going to be the case that's part of what the city assumes in the interest we'll be taking on the
8:52 am
costs. >> we're coming in on is it positive or a good thing for the department. >> i think i understand your question when it comes in on budget we don't recover all the costs that relates to the amount of revenue we've budgeted in the current year i assume we are ref. >> to the vice presidents question in terms of gap. >> right there is that gap we've seemed a level of reimbursement we're recording we'd like to meet that level but not necessarily meet all the costs. >> in terms of revenue identification is our plan check still concentrated revenue i'm saying that chief wynn's you were mentioning the revenue stream planning was good is that defying did i hear that wrong.
8:53 am
>> absolutely no, that's correct we have very strong - as long as the bureaucracy of fire preservation we charge fees for providing the services relating to inspectors and permits bye bye far the largest revenue is plan check and given the construction economy and the city in the past two years it continues to grow we've seen strong revenues and continue to increase staff to help deal with the workload that is abrogate on as far as fire preservation this is the biggest revenue under that bureau. >> right based on the good revenue and things happening in terms of the city and building developments and such it is the same discussion using want inspectors with the inspectors to do checks on fire alarm and smoke alarm the same department
8:54 am
we're talking about; correct? >> absolutely and chief mentioned as far as the deadline of 2021 building owners to get their buildings you wanted the projects will have to run through the normal plan process that increases the amount of workload and facilitate other - obviously depending on the level of resources that you have it can take a short time in the interest of the economy we want to turn around those plans. >> so it reenforces the plans in terms of the questions from the building inspectors. >> you outside of this and is legislation that was discussed as part of our budget in february we proposed additional resources for the fire preservation bureau in the way
8:55 am
of officer and additional inspectors to assist with the additional workloads and those positions will be funded by additional plan revenues. >> just wanted to be clear colleagues because there's a lot of demands thank you mr. corso and last question deputy chief williams you talked about the builders the renovation the total construction development. >> station 4 will be a total par down. >> where was station 5 located during the time and the staff the apparatus. >> where will they be located at. >> engine 4 will be at station 21 on grove and broadway and truck near market and division been at station 38 on california
8:56 am
street and so division and truck and engines at 3 stations chief. >> that's correct commissioner nakajo i was going to do seems like the timeframe the tear downstairs of 16 and 4 versus 16 and 5 they're getting closer and chief lombardi 16 goes first and 5 is second. >> an assumption is 16 was going to go first that's the same assumption. >> yes. >> very much deputy chief williams and madam president. >> thank you commissioner nakajo
8:57 am
commissioner hardeman. >> thank you madam president that's correct for your wonderful report deputy chief williams you mentioned the ambulance those are timeframe still on schedule when are those anticipated. >> like a apparatus requires the process you know goes to bid and building of that apparatus and chief lombardi elaborated on the timeline. >> the ambulance have been ordered 9 of them and did lasts is october for driver of all 9 but anticipating delivery before then. >> you mentioned 50 and others those. >> e backs. >> they're scheduled to be
8:58 am
following nothing new only replacement. >> yes. >> but the revenues then the dollars are there not a problem. >> no very encouraging that the fire department wow. that's great that the country gets to go up there it's a beautiful boat shown to us about a month ago and praenl called fire boat 3 some discussion about the new name that is very exciting stuff and that the relocation of the engine 35 is up in the air. >> are you talking about the station itself. >> the firefighters are moving well they'll go to 26 i thought
8:59 am
pier 26. >> only the peer 26 is remodeled to put the fire boat the anticipation the fire crew will stay there and the new construction - >> i thought maybe that changed didn't understand exactly the explanation the only thing i'm looking at the list of budget enhancements requests there is one hundred of them i counted 75 with the remarkable defense of the over the last couple of years the money has slowed down but the revenues and grants addressed marries that's been fantastic to i think we're encouraged this will continue we realize this list is 75 million of approximately, i think i heard that number and then the fleet
9:00 am
enhancement that sounds like encouraging in the bad economic times this department suffered and the rest of the city maybe coming to a close and back occupy our feet with the equipment so let's hope the mayor continues and the board of sups and generous to the department and found out shortly. >> lastly on your time deputy chief williams i want to congratulate mark deserving of a big problems and to a nice well deserved position congratulations mr. corso very well. >> thank you commissioner hardeman and commissioner nakajo. >> thank you very much madam president a few more questions deputy chief williams did you say the congratulation for the one and