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tv   Quick Bites  SFGTV  May 31, 2016 1:30pm-2:01pm PDT

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your community-based development job developers united way and all the anothers y cd transformed people into that hope so they're ready to be part of your workforce and it is about everything from financial literacy, how to handle an accountant and open an accountant for the first time, how to look peep in the and and give them a positive assurance what you're electrician is 24 troofrms is that's what it's all about to allow them and their character to come out in a job interview that's right what we do in collaboration is isn't just the statistic will someone getting a yerba buena but about supporting them in doing this
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and i'll be the first one to say we're investing in our public education i've got a mark and benioff in the salesfroce fungi and the entire chamber of commerce embracing our schools so the consisted can have that skill set and get to work with department leaders openly up to challenge i kids are at-risk and this particular program of job plus youth deliberately reaches to those kids that have more barriers than others who have come from economically challenged community who have a lot of trauma happening in their lives that makes this transformers even bigger challenge because of the environment they live in this program 2k4rib8 wraechz those
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kids that's why it is important to be part of 24 i want to i have to tell you 3 part is what i believe in i believe in that everyone has a chance to do just like all of the employers and supervisors and ceo's in this room today to remember that time of your first job and to help our youth create that situation for themselves this will give us benefits for generations to come it will help me run this city and manage had this city knowing we're building the talent for the companies so they district attorney center to go overseas to find talent grow that and can you remember it and support that right here in the city and county of san francisco if everyone works together i want to is thank you to everyone let
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us begin the pledge of allegiance that is an exciting time not just the summer summer we'll have a lot of companies not just open their doors for jobs but know the challenges that everybody faces they'll be contributing to other things that help your youth successful in a separate to find their careers and to contribute to society and make sure their brothers and sisters or moms and dads are extremely permitted of them contributing with the household and really to this wonderful city we get a chance to live in 23u67 for being here and our youth jobs challenge. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, mr. mayor for your continued vision and leadership before we get to the challenge and pledges you're ready for our pledges or the let
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me try that into you're ready for fat pledges we have a special presentation we're tlieftd and honored to have enreign the manager of flagships for the financial combrfrment please welcome irene. >> (clapping.) >> hi, good morning so the upside of being here first in front of the employees they get to say this sherryly my e-mail address at a 20 hour and 40 hour openly let's talk i'm dead serious (clapping.) so thank you, eric for being a fantastic mc and thank you,
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mayor ed lee for the opportunities to be here dough it is with great pleasure you are i represent city foundation the three hundred employees that work for citibank in san francisco question stand in support of the san francisco youth jobs plus initiative through summer jobs connect today, we share your commitment to our greatest resource our youth like maria and shirley summer jobs connect is a key part of progress to pasta program that was launched since 2014 we made more than $13 million that enables 4 thousand teen for the first employment my first job was as a wefrnd french frirer and made
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some salty french fries they inspired a bible quote their salter than sodom and gomorrah your jump start with the careers of underserved people in this city that are boston and chicago and dallas and san francisco and miami and new york city saint lose and us now working in a look at branch i work on policies the store for citibank and has fweven me a prospective on the value of not only helping the youth to find summer jobs but giving them what we may consider the 6 skills two basics; right? but really those skills are critical things like how do you use your
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phone than more than text our friends l o l maybe use your phones to text our bank and consulting communicate with your bank and in the process manage our finances better so these light skills are what the city foundation provides and we provide financial education and financial tools to assess space and products today through pathways to progress more than one thousand employees have donated 7 thousand hours of our time >> (clapping.) >> and we've created 5 thousand plus jobs. >> so today city foundation renews our commitment to our
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youth we are donating $960,000 to kickoff the pledges and this will give you the opportunity for one hundred and 75 young people to have a summer job. >> (clapping.) >> so thank you for the opportunity and look forward to more marias and shirleys .
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>> (clapping.) >> >> thank you irene critical partnerships and amazing part and parcel we're so very, very excited it's time for you to pledge are you ready i'm coming to see you really i am i have a second oh, good your coming down okay all right. yet who wants to pledge really who wants to pledge this is where you raise your hands i'm coming to a theatre near you, we have walked into the room one hundred and 58 pg&e and deli and cafes and enterprise and we want to add to that list we want a big number before we leave the doors are being locked pick a number or
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you're here at the mime i'm mike the general manager the theatres in the city and also the northern california market recruitment 11 theertsd no northern california he remember my first job in may 11, 1981, about a mc theerlts there we go they'll go ahead and provide opportunities for 8 associates this year. >> awesome thank you let's make sure we're at new i max theatre. >> you look like you want to go next. >> i actually the founder of a nonprofit based in san francisco we housed rooveng youth all of us when we were younger but on the mayor's task force for anti
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human trafficking we work with all the young ladies and actually housing expanded now 3 homes we're eve and trying to get the young people into our business we want the young people to actively take over when we expand on but anyway, we're making a pledge of 12 interns. >> thank you all right. >> awesome, awesome wow. >> you know what is exciting eric about this is that just a few years ago we had a lot of interpz but a lot of them were free not paying because people doesn't been the needs for aribnb now every single internship is about aribnb and about making sure we have the financial background so as we go through this i want we have been to know that there is a deep thanks inform everyone be to figure out those pledges and what goes along with supporting
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our youth. >> eric thanks firing project sponsor on behalf of the starbuck's pledge 72 jobs i hope that is the beginning i hope they stay and able to continuing the tuition and go on to a college degree that leads to many jobs thank you. >> thank you >> (clapping.) >> and yes, ma'am. >> my name is heavenly i work fog ups so we would like to pledge 50 jobs if not more for youth this summer and keep them for peek season not only that we're offering opportunity the purpose youth to go to college so 25 thousands for the lifetime tuition and we would like to make sure we have all the youth working for us. >> what age does youth start
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at. >> 18. >> oh, oh. >> please. eric one right here and yes, please. >> i'm angela representing young we're pledging 200 and 21 paid internships this summer. >> wonderful thank you . >> (clapping.) >> >> but they're for youth 18 to 24 in the behaving and pledging 5 thousand dollars thank you wonderful. >> you thank you very much all righty and yes, ma'am. >> san francisco department the environment for jobs >> all right. environment department stepping up. >> one here go. >> mr. mayor one of the my favorite jobs out of the college as interpret or working onramp job programs in la understand the value we're happy to stand up and pledge 10 jobs if not
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anymore. >> thank you unified school district is in the hurries i'm law firm chief of staff and first of all, thank you to all of you for giving our youth jobs we'll be an employer and over 50 jobs this summer. >> thank you, laura. >> yep thank you, everybody my name is assert with the san francisco police department will be hosting 5 paid interpz this year for the summer to just 5 for now. >> thank you. >> (clapping.) >> that's a start thank you very much. >> sfpd thank you >> (clapping.) >> good morning, commissioners mcdonald and mr. mayor your rec and park department is going to do the part 90 summer camps and one of the youth will be in the camp but in project sponsor with
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the defendant's b&b our restraint are pledging 5 hundred jobs for kids. >> wow. >> (clapping.) >> is i was working on the rec and park centers and open space those with wonderful jobs thank you phil thank you very much rec and park. >> following on the parks trend i'm representing golden gate bridge the parks services and pledge 5 summer jobs for youth if you know moan that wants to work on alcatraz we have great opportunities out there. >> thank you how one thousand one hundred and 30 needs to get to 20 kidding. >> please. thank you. i'm katie we were up there i on intersections we can increase to thirty and pledge 10
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thousand more dollars. >> thank you, very much. >> hi that's sfo and operate the sports shop we policemen 3 sdwrobz for the summer holy to lead to more i tell all my associates we're not only the first but the last impression all the travelers have we need to represent thank you. >> grow job is airport is like a hotel lobby. >> good morning. i see williams representing adolph hitler is telegraph hill pledging 20 jobs and ross actually, the introduction to careers with at&t they. with dental and 401k and tuition
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reimbursement and including your personal cell phone with the employment phone again at&t 20 jobs. >> wow. a lot of special definition happening. >> (clapping.) >> good morning. my name is a i'd like to take the opportunity in a a planner with the planning department and the planner coordinator and this summer the biscuit program we'll have 33 interns. >> thank you planning department . >> (clapping.) >> and stepping up. >> yes. >> very good. >> good morning. i'm ann with on behalf of the salesfroce we're bringing in 50 new young people. >> fantastic thank you very much we have one more. >> hi, i'm jennifer i'm here with sf city and this offering tech partners pledging 50 paid internships to the graduates
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program with the san francisco police officer association we're very, very exciting to have those interprets with youth age 14 inform 18 across all the high schools in the san francisco unified school district. >> fantastic sf city call them they represent the statures and names you've not heard of thank you. >> fantastic morning i'm neil are from the academy of survives we have youth come through the educational programs and your interpreting program and ply many young poem from the academies we'll pledge 54 new jobs for san francisco youth. >> thank you >> (clapping.) >> that's the hope of my friend todd. >> yes. academies fantastic yes, please. >> hello from last mr. wiener commend 28 jobs and thanks to
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dcyf support thank you. >> fantastic. >> paid jobs thank you. >> (clapping.) i see red. >> hi i'm jennifer the executive h.r. favorite other mosaic locates for this summer we're pledging 20 jobs at at location but we do look at other target locations more job opportunities in our bay area area. >> fantastic. >> thank you. >> we're at 1433 any other oh, there's one and coming over here. >> i'm skip johnson from the nechts generation initiate of in each of the we cruelty and train and place the youth we are pledging 25 continuous for this summer thank you. >> excellence thank you. >> fantastic .
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>> (clapping.) >> >> wonderful len bramd from the san francisco airport we have opportunity for sherryly and the interns please stand up. >> all right wear mreng one and 10 opportunity for young people. >> one hundred and 10 at the air traffic controller a great place to work, yes mr. and mrs. please. i'm running a supermarket in san francisco in the moishth and right now currently be expanding my best with third street street and now pledging 10 you don't think so jobs all right. thank you. >> all right. fantastic >> thank you pursue and two employees. >> thank you fresh fruits and produce food desserts filling them in thank you very much. >> please.
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grace braernt if the market on intersections market well, we're pledging 10 jobs. >> the market an market we'll come could you i'm kaiser permanente we pledge 15 pegs or positions information interns this summer. >> that's a healthy number >> (clapping.) >> good morning, everyone my name is cindy that a magazine at walgreens in san francisco on behalf of the walgreens we are pledging 25 jobs. >> all right. walgreens again. >> (clapping.) >> a consistent partner yes. >> good morning i'm with the sfmta and partnering with the san francisco unified school district and we're pledging 6 interns for the automotive program. >> fantastic. >> excellent. thank you public transit thank you very
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much. >> my name isal jeffrey can with the hotel council and with our hotels members pledging 25 jobs. >> wonderful thank you . >> (clapping.) >> hotel council thank you for the superbowl support. >> yes, sir. >> good morning. i'm with the san francisco public library we're pledging 32 positions for high age youth to help us with our teen interest this saurm main library teen center media center really excited the nut part of our public library. >> good morning. i'm chris the fund and owner of a parking control officer i didn't bar we opposed the first soap in the market of market very soon with the help of permitting process with the city (laughter) you want us to hurry up i get it i get it. >> we can open more shops and
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for now i'm pledge 5 jobs this year. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much >> (clapping.) >> new food establishment right out of marketed on market. >> thank you and good morning. i'm with sfmade they'll be hosted thirty youth enter paid interpz in collaboration with j.b. s. >> fantastic thank you sfmade. >> sfmade and self-products thank you very much. >> good morning. my name is a tom director the department of building inspection last year, we have hired 8 this year increased inform 14. >> tom wonderful. >> fantastic >> (clapping.) >> and zoning inspections they do all you'll know ever building in the city that's a fantastic intefrp and absolutely every
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single building in san francisco isn't that great. >> hi, i'm katie the director of the third street and clinic in the bayview wearable to pledge 25 jobs not workforce development and training youth to get all the ultra sound tests you're talking about. >> that whole area of the health care this is expanding those are great jacobs if you want to open up a career towards the notify help. >> fantastic. >> good morning megan with the public works we're the water sewer and municipal power paradise in san francisco we're thrilled this year to provide one thousand summer youth opportunities. >> oh, my gosh and he signed up for cleanpowersf.
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>> i'm putting solar open my house i'm helping thank you very much puc. >> all right. there are more than just the sewer (laughter) exactly the water and the clean emergency one thousand a huge contribution. >> good morning mr. mayor, thank you. our department of children, youth, and families throughout the city i'm director the the department of children, youth, and families and thank you to prop c that was passed by our voters two years ago thank you >> (clapping.) >> we are able to continue to provide thousands and thousands of jobs for young people but particularly for this effort we'll pledge 2 thousand jobs for your young people and cbos in the room thank you 2 thousand. >> 2 thousand summer paid jobs
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with our youth well wonderful. >> fantastic so, now 4 thousand seven hundred and 65 pledged jobs give it up last call last call oh, another larry any on this side. >> hello mayor aim jeff the founder of the reuben, junius & rose firm i'm not that big but the other company for the last 20 years we hire interpreting we hired two and looking for 3 more. >> wow. fantastic. >> great engineering company thank you jeff thank you very much for being a great partner every job counts. >> i'm jay we're a health is that a and retail stores oh, 3 positions this summer. >> thank you very much. >> fantastic thank you very much . >> (clapping.) >> >> hi i'm jody representing a home health
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agency in san francisco pledging 10 jobs question provide a 3 week paid train and provide here and there paradises. >> a growing need thank you very much thank you . >> (clapping.) >> and hi, everybody i'm elaine from the department of elections here in san francisco for every election we hire 8 hundred to one hundred students one of our speakers it will be a high school worker with two elections coupe we'll be hiring 8 hundred to with an thousand students only work on election day but a great experience if learning about the election process in your country in general june 7th and november 8th are the elections vaccinated. >> you can do that one day one
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day event and earn extra income and still not associate yourself with bad debates. >> that's good last call last call last call we might open the doors for you 5 thousand 6 hundred and 83 fantastic that's wonderful give you yourselves a hand again on intersections on behalf of all the partners those opportunities are real life changing mr. mayor they're across so many industries inside of city government and beg business and tech and banking and absolutely wonderful so thank you final words mr. mayor. >> i'm proud of all of of you've joined in the the right spirit the youth will have not forgot those opportunities i'll
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tell you don't came into to this mom a couple of years and reyieft the el salvador he's and maria they'll tell you how their lives have changed and how their that transporting to the entire great city of san francisco thank you for being great partners and appreciate it very much. >> thank you all 2457kz for succumbing and supporting our i did not know people enjoy the
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>> good afternoon, everybody an welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of tuesday, may 24th, 2016. madam clerk, can you please call the roll. >> thank you ma dem president. supervisor avalos, present. president breed present. campos present. cohen present.