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tv   LAF Co 61316  SFGTV  June 14, 2016 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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>>[gavel] >> good afternoon and welcome to the local agency formation commission. i'm john avalos chair of the commission joined by the right by vice chair commissioner cynthia crews and to my left eric mar. mr. clerk please share with us your announcements >> [inaudible] coffee but from memory, please sounds all cell phones and electronic devices.
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if you wish to speak or have a documents to provide to the commission, please provide it for the clerk into the inclusion of the file. >> thank you. today's meeting is broadcast by sfgtv staff. jesse larson and charles clement. thank you for your service. mr. clerk, looks like we've we've done the rollcall. if you could please actually, yet a couple of commissioners absent. do we motion to excuse commissioner campos? will take that without objection >>[gavel] >> we just didn't local. let's go on to the next item >> that motion was to excuse commissioner campos. the motion was made by commissioner mar. seconded by commissioner crews did that motion passes without objection with commissioner campos being absent >> thank you. number two,
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please >> item number two approval of sflafco minutes from the may 20, 2016 regular meeting. >> any comments or questions? commissioner chris >> like to move to approve them >> will do that after public comment. will open up public comment on sflafco's minutes. we will close public comment >>[gavel] >> motion from commissioner crews did seconded by commissioner mar dirt will take that without objection should be dick without objection that passes. >> great. >> the agenda item number three resolution to the board of supervisors regarding amendment to sflafco terms. >> okay, so this is a resolution that discusses
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moving our executive officers position, which is actually terminating i'm not sure what the date is-june 30 continued for two more years. the continuance of the position will be allowed by resolution, but also would be subject to a decision by sflafco extending funding and the fte by the board of supervisors. so, really, i want to make sure that especially moving through this fiscal year that as we are launching cca, executive officer position can continue. that's super-critical. i also feel that since we spent a great deal of our time on cca, clean power sf, there were in transition right now to look at new projects, that sflafco can
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pick up long-term, one that we talked about for a number of years have been the municipal fiber program, which is been off and on the topic of discussion, but not a real long-term topic. i want to make sure that we put something before us very very shortly that could address some of the long-term work that sflafco could you. i believe this other projects that we can pick up as well as an agency and i want to see if those can be explored. so, i'm willing to entertain other ideas that commissioners might have before inserting other ideas and projects that could be for sflafco seconds i support the position for two more years that will be through the fiscal-to the end of the fiscal year 2018. commissioner crews >> i think that it was a few
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minutes ago we talked about future agenda items and how we could use our executive director without impacting the work on cca but also making sure there something in the pipeline. i think that possibly at the next meeting i like to bring some ideas forward for other projects. i just want to give myself some to think about it and maybe look at work that other sflafco that are similar to us have done. and you sort of thinking about how we can best utilize the agency. i certainly support expanding mr. breed's context. i'm sorry. it's the position not a contact. and then making sure that we have projects and budget approved through that time if
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that's appropriate. >> great. i am wondering if there's a little bit of what you might be able to do before this resolution comes before the board of supervisors. that could be may be sharing just maybe through e-mail with us that would be helpful. because i think we are going to be a lot of questions will be asked about future work that sflafco could do. i think the municipal fiber one that the board will be readily ready to discuss but other things we could throw in the mix as potential work for sflafco in the future but other ideas that come up, i heard, would be preparing the city with long-term plans for sea level rise and some of the infrastructure will have to develop around that. i think that could be a great project.
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i think other jurisdictions might be looking at similar type of issues and might want to explore what they find perhaps in california. >> what i was thinking was cal-but he recently and perhaps there was some workshops that were relevant to our sflafco but other sflafco in california were-how they are staff hours and projects and everything are directed to my maybe that would give us some insight into ways we can expand. >> okay. will open the site up for public comment. any member of the public who would like to comment, please come forward. see no one come forward will close public comment. >> >>[gavel] >> will move this recommendation. moved and seconded. will take that without objection. >>[gavel] >>
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>> motion to refer without passes without objection with commissioner campos being excused. >> great. let's go on to item number four case >> item number four executive officers report. >> jason breed executive officer. the things i want point out since were meeting today of the leaders chairs provocative not them have our meeting on june 24 did so when next meeting will not be until july 22. i want make sure folks were aware that we don't have a cca update on this agenda because we want to [inaudible] i wanted to a couple quick update on stuff going on. there's a bill called ab- 1530, which doesn't directly impact cca itself but it does the with electricity generation and pass-throughs that occurred. it would impact both pg any and-customers equally. but it does have some issues with it of how setting sometimes they
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don't like that potentially impact related cca matters. we are monitoring that i'm and there's also a second oh, and four, ab--11 which would basically limited the cpuc independence from state legislature. right now, there's a firewall put in place and still learning about this just came out. last couple days for me so i'm still learning to try to get my head around it but from what i understand would basically say the cpuc would it potentially stokes this but the state legislature could change our functions and how it works and actually be more treated more like a department that an independent agency. so, there
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could be some good. but also be very bad that occurs with that. i know there's some advocacy groups out there that are advocating against it. the constitutional amendment it is already past two thirds by the assembly. it still needs a two thirds vote in the state senate and then would go to the november ballot and when he two thirds of the general public support as well. if not can happen immediately but something that might be worthwhile to pay attention to potentially and come out opposed to if we so desire. ashley came on my later after after we did this i judge it out what the judges determine if there's any action we need to take before the next meeting as far as sending opposed letters to the state senate or anything like that to try and stop it it makes sense for us to use out >> what are the initiatives to do this come from? >> i apologize. i don't have that information with me. i know that some in the audience is a lot more detail on this bill than i do. i would yield to public comment to answer that question. >> okay. commissioner crews. >> not that i haven't spent a lot of time on the california secretary of state website, but when do you know when the filing deadline is for this in terms when it needs to be put
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on-to go on the november ballot? window would be finalized? >> i'm assuming in the next month or two women 20 to finalize anything to: about. since it's a state legislator posits it's a slightly different process and i don't know the state processes then i know the signature gathering one. >> thanks. >> okay, thank you. when we hear from the public. public comment. >> good afternoon, commissioners that eric brooks, today on speak on behalf of both energy folks like california for energy choice and public next along around public broadband and internet access because it was the to the bill that your staff just raised. it's actually technical corrections aca-11 because it's for ballot measure. basically,
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with this bill came from is that it sponsor a summary member mike gâteau, had attempted to put through a measure and failed that would've allowed at&t to completely dump it where mine service which would have been very bad for a lot of low income people that need their phones. he had previous legislation that actually have divided the cpuc into up into five entities. this legislation will create a ballot measure that we completely open-ended and will allow the legislature, if it wishes, to completely get rid of the california public utilities commission. absolutely. create new agencies to put their responsible is another existing agencies. it would get caught lunch to the legislature to do whatever it wants. in light of the fact that the legislature is heavily influenced by fossil fuel interests and communications interest, for example, in the sp-350, oil limits were completely gutted from the appeal because of money pressure from oil companies, so, were facing a situation where this gets to the ballot and it passes, we will have to
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engage in a gargantuan effort to make sure we don't end up going out of the fine hand which is the cpuc witches admittedly be terrible and into the fire of the legislature hacking us to bits. so, i really encourage you to staff follow this carefully. quickly, it won't be too late by next months meeting to deal with this, but you may want to consider special meeting if it looks like this is moving forward me to weigh in on it. thanks. >> i decided i should also mention like i said, this impacts not just clean energy and committee choice. this impacts the public bobbin system. the legislature several years ago also got rid of the ability of local municipalities like ourselves, to form our own
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franchise agreements and the hard-line on our franchise agreement with communications providers like comcast. now those are state franchises. so on communications as well, we will be throwing control of these utilities these two communication utilities to the legislature and that to me is a scary prospect at this potential major benefits on both energy and efficient but also as potential disastrous consequences. so, thanks. >> thank you. any of the members of the public would like to comment? seeing none, will close public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> this is just an information item so we are onto our next item >> item number five, public, members of the public may address the sflafco on matters that are within their jurisdiction and not on today's agenda >> good afternoon commissioners. the mass population, of the giant, upon [inaudible] of active missionary forces leading to total ms. of well-being of
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this of well-being to fulfill one soul and personal salvation. [inaudible] requires medication and mercy. [inaudible] thank you. >> good afternoon again commissioned just the benefit of the public i forgot to say my name which is eric brooks. >> thank you very much. no other speakers will close public comments. >>[gavel] >> going to our next item >> item number six, future agenda items. >> great. we did talk about future work o sflafco and night when i like to do it her next meeting is our executive
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officer could provide us with a little background research and provide us with potential long-term projects if sflafco could be involved in. i think looking at noticeable broadband, looking at fiber, looking at sea level rise,, open source voting which is one we taken up as well. i think working with commissioner crews to see if other sflafco's are working on projects that might be appropriate here for san francisco might be worthwhile as well. okay, this item is now open up for public comment. future agenda items. see no member of the public, and will close public comments. >>[gavel] >> will go on tour last item >> item number seven, adjournment >> we are adjourned. thank you. >>[gavel] >>[adjournment]
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>> >> welcome to "culturewire." today we are at recology. they are celebrate 20 years of one of the most incredibly unique artist residency programs. we are here to learn more from one of the resident artists. welcome to the show, deborah. tell us how this program began 20 years ago. >> the program began 20 years ago.
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our founder was an environmentalist and an activist and an artist in the 1970's. she started these street sweeping campaigns in the city. she started with kids. they had an exhibition at city hall. city officials heard about her efforts and they invited her to this facility. we thought it would coincide with our efforts to get folks to recycle, it is a great educational tool. since then, we have had 95 professional artists come through. >> how has the program changed over the years? how has the program -- what can the public has an artist engage with? >> for the most part, we worked with metal and wood, what you would expect from a program like ours. over the years, we tried to include artists and all types of mediums. conceptual artists, at
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installation, photographers, videographers. >> that has really expanded the program out. it is becoming so dynamic right now with your vision of interesting artists in gauging here. why would an artist when to come here? >> mainly, access to the materials. we also give them a lot of support. when they start, it is an empty studio. they go out to the public area and -- we call it the big store. they go out shopping, take the materials that, and get to work. it is kind of like a reprieve, so they can really focus on their body of work. >> when you are talking about recology, do you have the only sculpture garden at the top? >> it is based on work that was done many years ago in new york. it is the only kind of
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structured, artist program. weit is beautiful. a lot of the plants you see were pulled out of the garbage, and we use our compost to transplant them. the pathway is lined with rubble from the earthquake from the freeways we tour about 5000 people a year to our facility, adults and children. we talk about recycling and conservation. they can meet the artists. >> fantastic. let's go meet some of your current artists. here we are with lauren. can you tell us how long have been here so far and what you're working on? >> we started our residency on june 1, so we came into the studio then and spent most of the first couple weeks just digging around in the trash. i am continuing my body of work, kind of making these hand-
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embroidered objects from our day-to-day life. >> can you describe some of the things you have been making here? this is amazing. >> i think i started a lot of my work about the qualities of light is in the weight. i have been thinking a lot about things floating through the air. it is also very windy down here. there is a piece of sheet music up there that i have embroidered third. there is a pamphlet about hearing dea -- nearing death. this is a dead rabbit. this is what i am working on now. this is a greeting card that i found, making it embroidered. it is for a very special friend. >> while we were looking at this, i glanced down and this is amazing, and it is on top of a book, it is ridiculous and
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amazing. >> i am interested in the serendipity of these still life compositions. when he got to the garbage and to see the arrangement of objects that is completely spontaneous. it is probably one of the least thought of compositions. people are getting rid of this stuff. it holds no real value to them, because they're disposing of it. >> we're here in another recology studio with abel. what attracted you to apply for this special program? >> who would not want to come to the dump? but is the first question. for me, being in a situation that you're not comfortable in has always been the best. >> what materials were you immediately attracted to when you started and so what was available here? >> there are a lot of books. that is one of the thing that hits me the most. books are good for understanding, language, and art in general. also being a graphic designer,
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going straight to the magazines and seeing all this printed material being discarded has also been part of my work. of course, always wood or any kind of plastic form or anything like that. >> job mr. some of the pieces you have made while you have been here. -- taught me through some of the pieces you have made while you have been here. >> the first thing that attracted me to this was the printed surface. it was actually a poster. it was a silk screen watercolor, about 8 feet long. in terms of the flatwork, i work with a lot of cloddish. so being able to cut into it come at into it, removed parts, it is part of the process of negotiating the final form. >> how do you jump from the two dimensional work that you create to the three-dimensional? maybe going back from the 3f to 2d.
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>> everything is in the process of becoming. things are never said or settled. the sculptures are being made while i am doing the collages, and vice versa. it becomes a part of something else. there's always this figuring out of where things belong or where they could parapets something else. at the end goal is to possibly see one of these collage plans be built out and create a structure that reflects back into the flat work. >> thank you so much for allowing "culturewire" to visit this amazing facility and to learn more about the artists in residence program. is there anything you like our viewers to know? >> we have art exhibitions every four months, and a win by the public to come out. everybody is welcome to come out. we have food. sometimes we have gains and bands. it is great time. from june to september, we accept applications from bay
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area artists. we encouraged artists from all mediums to apply. we want as many artists from the bay area out here so they can have the same experience. >> how many artists to do your host here? >> 6 artist a year, and we receive about 108 applications. very competitive. >> but everyone should be encouraged to apply. thank you again for hosting us. >> thank you for including us in "culturewire." ♪
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>>[gavel] >> this meeting is called to order. this is the tuesday,
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june 7 meeting of the san francisco entertainment commission by name is brian tan. a few housekeeping items did turn off your cell phones and keep them on vibrate. if you're here from the public and like to speak when i call for public comment we have other common speaker cards which can fill out they had to our staff. come up when i do call that. finally, thank you to sfgtv and media service for airing this meeting live to the public. also, happy election day. i hope everyone is voting today. you have not yet, go do it. let's start with a roll call. >> >>[call of the roll] lee, here. treasures of, here. jen thomas, here.