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tv   Transportation Authority Full Board 62816  SFGTV  July 10, 2016 6:15am-7:01am PDT

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for hand and to my left if i wanted to acre my respect i extend so it is arced to the right have to be able to pray both hands. >> (clapping.) who one. >> nice try and hi, i'm been play lawn bowling affair 10 years after he retired i needed something to do so i picked up this paper and in this paper i see in there play lawn bowling in san francisco golden gate park ever since then i've been trying to bowl i enjoy bowling a very good support and good experience most of you have of of all love the people's and have a lot of
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have a lot of few minutes in mr. mayor the san francisco play lawn bowling is in golden gate park we're sharing meadow for more information about the club including free lessons log >> good morning, and welcome to the monthly meeting of the san francisco county, transportation authority, i'm scott weiner, the chair of this authority. and i want to thank sfgtv, specifically leo for broadcasting today's hearing. and mr. clerk, could you please call the roll? >> all right, item run, roll call? avalos. >> present. >> breed. >> absent. >> campos >> absent. >> cohen?
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>> present. >> ferrill? >> absent. >> kim. >> kim absent. >> mar? >> here. >> mar present. commissioner pes kin >> present. >> tang. >> present. >> weiner. >> present. >> commissioner yee? >> present. >> we have quorum. >> thank you very much, and item two. >> item two, chair's report. this is an information item. >> great, thank you. and colleagues, first on behalf of the transportation authority, i want to start our meeting by conveying our deepist condolences to the family and friends of heather miller and cate to v our community members who were hit in two separate crashes last week, investigations are ongoing, but we know that both women are riding legally on streets, identified as the injury has high injury corridors, if you drive on golden state park, and on 30th avenue and the other
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intersection of 7th and howard both crashes involve, the drivers which are speeding and continues to be the number one cause of severe injuries and traffic, fatalities in our city. i know that the vision, zero committee will meet this thursday, and that all of us are determined to address the deep engineering needs that we have across the city and so, our deepest condolences. and i know that driving cultural change and supporting the significant injuring and enforcement needs, that we have, to achieve safer and complete streets are the central component of our proposed fall revenue measure, for transportation. and we will hear more about the proposed charter amendment, as well as and homelessness, later
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during today's meeting. the meeting will also serve as a public hearing for our back up revenue, measure that one half, and transportation sales tax, and similar to the one that is currently administered by the transportation authority. i want to thank the mayor lee, and the commissioners avalos, ferrill and kim who have worked to craft these measure and to our staff who are working together and conducting out reach, as we have been discussing for this time, we are pursuing a transportation revenue measure, in keeping in the 2013, county wide, transportation plan and the mayor's 2030, plan, led by the mayor himself in 2013, and the huge needs that are locally and regionally, in terms of transportation, and in parallel, the directors who worked to approve a 3.5, general obligation, bond for the
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november, balance lot. ten percent going to efforts such as the need to explore a second, transbay, two. and one item is a bond that cannot fund due to the initiate state elbility laws, and it is not fund the rolling stock and so in our local transportation measure, we are including the funding for the bart vehicles because the three counties that form the bart need to work together to support the system and the revenue measure, also includes, caltrain, closer to
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meeting the environmental liveability and transportation safety goals. and specific to the bar bond, i want to personally thank, bart for moving forward with a bond, of $3.5 billion that will actually come close to meeting in the system's needs or the discussions early on of a much smaller bond, that would have been, i think, a ban dad, and i think that bart bond, and combination with our local revenue measure and what other counties are doing, allows us to see, a positive future for transportation in our region, and so i am optimistic. and so colleagues, thank you again, and that concludes my remarks, and this is an information item, if there is any public comment on item three? >> see nung, public comment is closed and we will move to item three, the executive director's report.
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>> thank you, chair weiner, and good morning, commissions, executive director, this month the report begins with the summy, together with our partners across the city and the region. and the state has an active transportation program to fupd the bicycle and pedestrian projects at the state level and the sfmta and public works, and sf public works has submitted five applications, and including the projects on gene va and jefferson, street and union square and several projects that will encourage safer driving at intersections and create a program for the play streets and stow we will wish them well and hear how san francisco did in october. and stay tuned for that news. we were not successful for the grant and this was the challenge grant for the u.s. department of transportation, which we congratulate columbus, ohio for winning s program, and however
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as one of the finalists for the challenge, we are in the good position to compete, for the funding including the advanced transportation, and management program and submitted along with sfmta and we will hear from that, program, in the fall and another program has begun to take shape as the commissioners, weiner and campos will know, from serving on the mtc this has been a topic of discussion over the last few months and we are learning that the obag two, as it is known is most likely going to direct the majority of the funding including in $72 million from the federal fast transportation act to a set of programs including the bay bridge, and transbail, corridor and the con jekz, program called the bay bridge forward and a housing incentives program and this is something that again, not just the mtc commissioners
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but all of the abag are pushing for ward to continue, to incentivize the affordable housing in the region and the third piece of the program will be the county share and programs of the regional program including, 4.2 million dollars to san francisco, to help to bring the county totals program, up to 48 million, and these are funds that currently are programmed for the projects such as mamason avenue, and second street, and mansele and the other avenues around downtown and so they are important and the funding sources at the regional level and we appreciate them for take the input, and some will be used in the initiative and will benefit the transit capitol programs as well across the bay area. the regional funding podz and programs are quite important in the grant applications reflect the past and planning and pry ortation efforts and so it was a
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welcome opportunity for us to host the planned bay area open house in san francisco, and i wanted to thank, commissioner mar for attending that along with many of you all in the public and the agencies from the staff, from the partner agencies and including cal trans and cal train, and bart and sfmta and the planning department and 62 people took part to understand the land use and the transportation scenarios that are under consideration for the up date. as we head into the fall, the preferred alternative will start to be negotiated across the bay area and we will be working with the leadership on the abag and the mtc boards to represent and to carry our priorities forward to the final preferred alternative. >> locally, we note that the sfmta is taking applications for the traffic calming project and programs. these are the requested that are considereded by the board but are first prioritized by the
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sfmta based on applications, residents, and the 20, residents on the street by august, first, to the sfmta, and the applications, will be and most of the devices, have been installed from the 15 save 16, program except for the cases that will be completed by the end of this year and so we hope to bring the up date to the plans and programs, shortly. and on treasure island, i just wanted to note the out reach, that will continue on the draft, final report, for the program and the policy recommendations and these have been revised in response over the past six months and bringing that forward to the treasure island, development authority, infrastructure committee and board, on june, 28th and in
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addition, it will be having those hearings at the tima and our own treasure island, meet gz next month the additional public calls for suggestions we have issued with sfmta including the hub study and this is the study that is looking at potential options and alternatives to the network that is managed over seen by sfmta as part of the study, sfmta is getting suggestions from the public for hub locations and the folks can contact our staff or sfmta and looking on-line, and i think that it says that the website. and and suggestions are being taken from july four and this for more information, we have the staff contacts at the sfmta nooel and rachechlt l. >> the goo good news that i am sharing with you today, is the
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i80, westbound on the off-ramp is on schedule for delivery for this fall. and we are looking at september. or october. and then in addition, we are further coordinating with cal transand mtc and our local, sfmta and public works agency to deliver a set of temporary improvements at the ybi touch down called this to point. this is the idea of bringing back the bicycle and pedestrian paths, and which extends from the east bay to ybi and touching it down on to the island. to a temporary larger sight to where the amendies and the water facilities and the drinking facilities and the portable rest rooms and bicycle racks and pedestrian safety and facilities, that are crosswalks and the like and a parking lot and these are all new, and additions to the plan that which we think will be a wonderful, area, for the community for the public to enjoy.
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and when we open that together, with mtc and cal transand there will be a poll authority that has already taken the action on their end and our board as well, received an updated information on plans and programs and so again we hope to announce the date too regarding the opening of that eastern bicycle touchdown on to ybi. >> and moving along, on vision, zero there will be again, as the chair weiner mentioned a vision, zero committee, on thursday at 2:00 p.m., here in this room at 250. and as well, we will be tracking through that work some of the other pieces of programming, and project deliveries and that is going to help us to advance our vision zero and the goals in the neighborhood transportation improvement program, and the program, for instance, we have worked and nearing in completing of the district ten, in the hair
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ball, in district six and finishing up the eastbound, biking, on golden gate afternoon and in district two, we are looking at improving in the street and in the western edition, and transportation plan in district five and there is an emphasis on safety as well in the number of streets and at the interchange studying in district nine so i am pleased to see all of the collaboration among the various agencies and the public to identify and develop specific projects for the planning work and the capitol work. and top k, funded neighborhood, transportation, improvement program. another one of these that has been make progress agrees, is the china town, and the complete, street programs and those, i believe are breaking ground in july and so thank you all to the community and in china town and commissioner peskin and your agencies as well for the work at the broad way tunnel and in addition to the slope boulevard, i wanted also
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to recognize the work on the ever glade and 23rd avenue and the leadership of commissioner, tang and this is the area on the float boulevard that has been in the location of several previous collisions and tragic fatalities and so we are grateful for sf public works and agencies including mta and call transfor bringing those projects in, including becon and several, pedestrian, improvements and out in the medians. >> and that the agreement will be executed in the fall and so we want to thank commissioner cohen for her assistant and staed fast to the effort and supporting cal tran ourselves and the cities and it has really
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turned into the agency wide organization assessment, to review the five year, envision and goals and the work program road map in how to work internally and externally with the partners and again, to develop, our place of work, and as an excellent place of work for all of our staff, and so i look forward to briefing the board on this work in the fall. and finally, thank you to cjthia and her staff, and the u for helping to produce a joint.
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>> any comments or questions on the executive director's report? >> seeing none, is there any public comment on item three. >> seeing none, public comment is closed and this is an information item. item number four? >> item four, approve the minutes of the may, 24th, 2016, meeting this is an action item. >> are there any comments, questions, or changes to the minutes? seeing none, is there any public comment on item four? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> and mr. clerk, could you please call the roll on item four. >> avaloes. >> aye. >> breed, aye. >> campos, absent. >> co-hen. >> aye. >> far ill.
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>> absent. >> kill. i/* aye. >> commissioner tang. >> aye. >> weiner. >> aye. >> yee. >> aye. >> aye. >> the minutes are approved. >> okay. item five. >> approve the revised administrative code, this is an action item. >> any questions or comments, colleagues? >> seeing none, is there any public comment on item five? >> steeg none, public comment is closed. >> and colleagues, could we take item five same house same call? without objection? and that will be the order. >> item six. >> item six, approve the revised rules of order, and the revised debt, equal benefits, fiscal investment and travel, conference training and business, expense, reimbursement policies and adopt a title 6 program, this is an action item. >> are there any questions or comments on item six in >> seeing, is there any public comment on item six? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. and colleagues, could we take,
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sit em six, same house and same call, without objection that will be the order. >> 7, execute annual contract renewals and option foz various annual professional services in the amount not-to-exceed, $835,000 and authority the executive director to modify the contract payment terms, and non-material terms and conditions, this is action item. >> any questions or comments colleagues on item seven? >> could we take same house same call in without order? item eight. >> adopt, the 2018, action program >> any questions, seeing none. is there thee public comment on item eight? >> please come forward.
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>> i lean, district four resident and former transportation, cac member under moscovich. based on increasing anger and frustration with muni forward projects, the members of the public are beginning to discuss working to rescind, prop k. and so, at issuing the revenue bonds, also, would the members are the public be willing to support an increase in sales tax? >> not to mention this does not even, account for the fact that the sales tax is regressive and impacts the low income, people the most. thank you. >> thank you. is there any additional public comment on item eight? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. >> colleagues, could we take item eight same house same call? >> without objection that will be the order. item 9,
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>> program $360,000 in supply mental regional safe routes to school funds to san francisco department of public health sr2 s program and reprogram, $25,251 in one day area grant funds and $548,388 in congestion, management agency block grant funds and san francisco public works second street improvement project and this is an action item. >> colleagues are there any questions or comments on item 9? seeing none, is there any public comment on item nine? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. and colleagues, could we take item nine, initiate house and same call without objection that will be the order chl >> item 10. allocate, $6 million in prop k funds with conditions and appropriate $75,000 in prop k funds for eight requests. subject to the attached fiscal year cash flow distribution schedules. action item. >> okay. >> colleagues, any questions or comments on item ten? >> seeing none, is there any
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public comment on item ten? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, could we take same house same call without objection, that will be the order. >> item eleven. >> approve the fiscal year, 16/17, transportation fund for clean air programs of projects. this is an action item. >> thank you. and colleagues i just want to comment on one of the items within item eleven, and that is specifically funding that we will be providing to implement the gator pass program in san francisco state we know that bart due to the way that it is funded or unlike muni it does not have the weight of a major city general fund behind it, it has very few ways to raise our revenue, and so unfortunately one of those ways is raising fares and bart is just too expensive. and just particularly for, college students, and we know that many sf state students do not live in san francisco.
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and because they simply cannot afford to live here and so the students are commute and freed to rely on bart and bart is too expensive for these students. and so, last year, san francisco state approached me to help to facilitate the conversations with bart. and also with the metropolitan transportation commission. and to come up with this solution, and for the discounted passes for san francisco state. and students. and i am going to thank, bart for participating in those discussions, and also, the mtc which played a critical role in helping us to get to a solution for a discounted pass, and i was a little more complicated than it first seemed. and i also want to thank the students, at sf state, who really helped to drive the creation of the gator pass, and also, nick, on the bart board of directors and congress, woman, spear and lee for really putting their weight, and guidance
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behind this so that we could all make this a reality and of course, to thank the students at sf state for voting in a referendum to adopt the gator pass and so that the students will now receive their muni pass, and sf state will purchase and it will pay this student fees, and makes all of the sense in the world and it is going to help our students, get to school, and in a more affordable way. and to be able to stress out less about how they are going to afford their transportation costs and so thank you for everyone involved. and i hope that you will support this allocation, today. and so, colleagues, if there are know other comments or questions, we will move to public comment on item eleven is there any public comment? >> seeing number, public comment is closed. same house same call. >> actually the house has changed we have a full compliment, so will you call the
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roll. >> avalos. >> aye. >> breed. >> aye. >> campos. >> aye. >> cohen. >> aye. >> ferrill >> aye. >> kim. >> aye. >> mar. >> aye. >> peskin >> aye vment >> tang. >> aye. >> weiner. >> aye. >> yee. >> aye. >> item is approved. >> thank you, and item 12. >> authorize the executive director to execute with conditions a 7 party suppliment to the 2012, memo of understanding that adopted an early investment strategy, pertaining to the project. this is action item. >> any questions or comments about item 12? >> seeing none, is there any public comment on item 12? come forward. >> hello, kasey with cal tran and i wanted to thank the staff for working closely with us and the other 7 parties to craft this legislation, and we would
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like to thank supervisor co-hen who served on the board and we appreciate her leadership there and the report that she gets from cal tran is doubled in rider ship and the moderation will help the riders from san francisco all the way down to san jose, so thank you. >> thank you, very much. and any additional public comment on item 12? seeing none, public comment is closed. and colleagues, could we take that same house same call? without objection that will be the order. item 13. development of the potential local, and transportation revenue measure. plan. and >> we will open the public hearing to item 13. >> thank you. >> and keep this brief as if given a similar presentation at plans and programs that two of our citizens at vicery, and diddist at the last board
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member. during his programs, we are still keeping two vehicles to get a transportation measure on the ballot, and the per fered one is the charter amendment that will create the budget for the general funds for transportation and hopelessness and the back up measure for the dedicated sales tax, and much like prop k. and as they go through the presentation, i will do it quickly, and emphasize that the core of them and what gets funded is very, very, similar and that has been the intent in working to try to get consensus on one measure, but keeping both pathways open, and there are differences in administration. and how they get approved and one of those is as chair weiner mentioned, to be dedicated transportation, sales tax under the state, public you till utilities code, to hold it before the mtc can adopt our plan. and that is what we are doing today. right now, mtc is prepared to take an action at their planning
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committee meeting on july the 8th. and then, act on july, 27th on the expenditure plan, and that pathway stays open. >> and that is very briefly i will talk about why we need the new revenue and what will fund and how the plan will be administered and the up coming engagement opportunities and i will keep this brief, but what i will do is mention some of the feedback that we have received, as out reach has been happening and the changes that are under consideration for the charter amendment and that will be in the transportation sales tax and i want to thank, chair weiner and the commissioner, avalos and the staff as well as the mayor office, that have been helping with the out reach, conversations that have been going on, the big question, of course, is why we are considering the new revenue for the transportation, and again, the three main points are need for transportation, exceed the
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fund and this is not unique to san francisco or to the bay area or sadly to most of the states in the union. and simply, that the state and the federal government can't bail us out. if you are going to hope that that happens, you are going to sit there and watch your transportation system deter ate while we wait for the fed government to get us new revenue and so like many otherwise around the bay area, the state and even other parts of the country, we are looking to the locally controlled measures so that we can control what the transportation system looks like and it also has the side benefit of a few, pots of discretionary money that are around, the san francisco projects will be competitive and because they are advanced to compete for those funds and when the money does materialize, there will be fixes at the state and federal level and we will have the matching funds to make the local tax dollars stretch father. and so, both this is not new, as i said before, both our county wide, transportation in 2013, and the mayor's 2030, report,
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identified the need for the new funding and both pointed to local revenue measures and what we are doing is continuing the information, and we are successful in getting the first 500 million general obligation bond approved by the voters and this is the next step, looking at the sales tax increase. >> as i mentioned, there are two pathways, under consideration, only, one measure is going to make the 2016, ballot, which will be a very crowded ballot so we know that it is more is not the merrier in this case, but it actually makes things hard tore get things passed. so both measures of this that i have at their heart, six programs or buckets of types of things that can get funded and i will talk about what they are and they both are 25 measures. roughly, $100 million a year, 0.5, increase in the sales tax. and highlight some of the differences with the
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distribution of revenues as you have seen before. and what is in the buckets and highlight briefly and feel free to ask any questions. sustain the affordability and life line type of programs such as light night bus service and the sfmta has in place, the second category is a state of good repair. the third and fourth are a broader ray. and but first one, is focused on the combination of smaller, type of enhancements and red carpet, and type. and but also, allowing the
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planning and early budget development work on our next generation of bus rapid transit or the subway projects or cross over tracks that might allow bart to provide more service, in the sense in the bay area, and the fourth category, is a combination of the regional transit and improvements but with a heavy focus on the bart ex-expansion vehicles that weiner mentioned in his remarks and that is because we are not able to cover those and they cannot cover those, on the measure in november and it also, sets aside the money to fully electrify the fleet. and right now, the current project only electrifies about 35 percent of the fleet and so it will be running diesel and electric trains for a while. and lastly, the category four allows for our system engine and the ways to use the infrastructure and even better and so looking at things like car pooling from santa clara all the way to san francisco, and
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this will pay for the san francisco portion of that and also, the san francisco demand and the people to encourage to bike share. and the last two, number five is for the very important vision zero, safety for all modes and focus on the bikes and pedestrians. and lastly street, surface and so this is a compromised measure and as i said we have more needs than we have funding even in this measure and so there are a couple of triggers that are under consideration and that sort of reflects the path that this is a compromise and not everybody is happy and there are more needs and so the first trigger that actually is in the charter, and it is dedicate td sales tax is the event of a bad, economic down turn where the mta might have to make the service cuts, there is the ability for flex, 25 percent of the funds in the second bucket. on the screen, towards the operations. and another trigger that is under consideration, is a trigger that would go into
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effect in the city proves that you have to have a license fee for street resurfacing. and given the type of fee that that is, it is fairly commonly understood that you need to fund a lot of street resurfaces or a vehicle license fee in order for that to pass, in all of those new revenues get dedicated to the streets we are considering an amendment that will allow the new revenues to be free from the street resurfaces to the other categories up here on the screen. it terms in administration, you can see up here that the right-hand column so you through the sharter. and this will run similar to prop k, with the five year process involving the public private sponsors and the plans and program committee and board. and under the transportation sales tax, the difference there is this body will administer the
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entire measure, and similar to the charter the way that it is written, is the first second and sixth categories that will be treated similar to the charter and it is the annual lump sum, allocations and again, it will note and, with the exception of the category one and six, and all of them will go through the very public process of figuring out every five years, which projects should get funded in which order and are this he ready and are they the highest priorities for the use of the funds? >> and with that, i am happy to answer any questions, i would just refer the folks listening to either our website which has td latest for the approval and the public engagement activities and i do want to call out on june, 29th at 6:00 p.m. we are having a telephone town hall where you can call in on your cell phone or computer and participate, and we will have a host there to provide nvrgs p snfrgs and answer questions, and director chang and reskin and the website for those watching if you want to register,
6:52 am or call the front desk, 522-4800. and then, probably the most significant meeting coming up for approval of the charter amendment is this week on june, 30th at ten a.m., the rules committee. will be having a hearing on the charter amendment. i think that that. i will be happy to answer questions. >> thank you, any comments or questions? >> seeing none, sure. >> excuse me, chart, i just wanted to add to the comments that this will be conducted in multiple languages and in spanish, and as requested from the members of the public when they register. >> okay, thank you. >> is there any public comment on item 13? >> please come forward.
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>> good morning, i am jackie, and i am a member of the initiate sen advisory committee and i have heard this item and i have, and i am familiar with this item. and we have had meetings on this special meetings on this item, specifical specifically and for your information, i was one of 55 individuals who wrote prop b, back in 1989. that put you where you are sitting now. also, on the advisory committee, and since 97. and i also worked on prop k. and as far as the sales tax, and the sales tax package this concern, i am totally against it for the simple reason, that we have already been taxed, we have already passed two sales tax packages. for the voters.
6:54 am
and they keep raising it on the muni service and they keep raising fres and everything, but muni has got a budget and there is work like i said before, they should work with what they have got and as far as prop k is concerned, i know that it is a multi year project, the servicing but the thing is that they should finish out the projects in prop k, before they think of the other sales tax package. as it was, we had to go before in orders, and in order to get the prop k passed halfway before, halfway before, the third prop b and so we could finish the projects that were in prop b and we will send the prop k, and finish the projects in prop k before you do anything else. the people in the city do not know or want another tax hike, they have been taxed enough. thank you. >> thank you, next speaker.
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>> ileen, 64, and my time on the cac and she is relevant respected and i want to concur can the points that she just made. i am in opposition to the preferred option, to set aside. there are growing, budget deficits attributed to set aside, these deficits were significant, even before the recent, rec and parks, set aside, and this will wreck even more havoc with the budget process, and i am also in opposition to increase, sales tax which is regressive. >> thank you very much. is there any additional public comment oit em 13, as part of in hearing? >> okay. seeing none, public comment is closed and this is an information item. item 14
6:56 am
>> then we will close the public hearing. >> item 14. >> introduction of new items. >> colleagues, any new item to introduce? >> okay. >> and there any public comment on item 14? relating to new items being introduced? >> please come forward. >> last year, last year, the citizen advisory committee got a presentation by someone, about the other nine to five, and in other words, extending the bus services to the people that really need it, after midnight. and the commission weiner you were part of it, and you started this, and i have been involved with this, and i think that we should consider what, before
6:57 am
they do anything, i would, i have been involved with this operation since october, and so, for months now. and before they give you, give you, get, put out this final report, and tell you what they want to do, i feel that you should look into to see what is going on to make sure that the people that can get home safely rather than having to depend on tech bus to take them home from fisherman's wharf to get them home after, because the buses are not running, and you should, and you should get the other 9 to 5, and get some of the feedback from the other 9 to 5, and get a presentation on the other 9 to 5, issue before you, and before you let them take any action. and put anything in service. because that will as it is, they have got you, like h you, and before, and you have got the, and this is the bond issues that were passed by the voters last, and in the last election.
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and you don't need another sales tax, but look in the other 9 to 5 torqu 5 to help the people th really need it. next speaker? >> ilene and i would like to con cer with what jackie just said. thank you. >> thank you, is there any additional public comment on item 14? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. this is an information item. and item 15. >> general public comment. >> yes. >> good morning, commissioners h political leaders should have good heart of mercy, and of -- and like a manager of the people with two -- justice. and not wish to take oneself to speak out from the standpoint of the personal background, and of 51, or division is the standpoint to be outspoken.
6:59 am
encourage others in achieving, and the improvement of the progressive weakening to see the better solutions and the technology of all state of matters and the true, mercy and hairt, and true, for the charity giving could obtain to happiness and probably will have the self-improvement and would obtain, the true stability and also, itself, discipline and passion for humanity and being the trueself. and with the contemplation and the system and will obtain the true, way, and nv it one of having it, and the pathway on to it from the society, and one can have a quick, personal influence over the others by applying for the studies in the expression of the quick teachings to the people and one can actualize the big objective, and the protection, and with the true, mercy and to one love, one with
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attend -- in all matters, thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. >> of next item. >> item 16. adjournment. >> we are adjourned. thank you very much, colleagues