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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  July 10, 2016 11:30pm-12:06am PDT

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(silence) thanks so thank you for everyone being here with us today and i particularly like to acknowledge special guests first linda linda our vice president of the airport commission so glad to you have you with us today. >> (clapping.) >> and we have representatives from congresswoman jackie spier's office thank you for being here raise your hand glad to have you here. >> (clapping.) >> and welcome the members of the san mateo labor council we share a strong partnership in all say programs and representatives from the any design and construction firms that is will guarantee the successful delivery this project and so god to have you here as
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well so i think this is an exciting time this is an excited project and it is signals a trofrpgs and is perfect opportunity to talk about the trofrpgs that happens over the past 20 years as you may know our director john martin is retiring on 21 years as airport director a big round of applause for john, please. >> (clapping.) >> and you know talk about transformers that airport over the past 21 years has seen essentially redevelopment of every facility under john's leadership a tremendous thing for the airport and the traffic light public as well as the city and county of san francisco and you know, i think about the 1990s and the transformers that occurred in the 90s and john lead a $3 billion dollars
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renovation a master plan expansion for the rim and a new international train system and bart to sfo new cargo facilities we also have a new rental car center you think the transformers of the 90s and impactful to the customer dmrerns a positive way and the revenues of this airport i think about after 9/11 and john and his leadership through the progress of the leadership following 9/11 and his determination to continue to deliver the exceptional deliveries and the terminal two an amazing project that set so many new standards for the airport standards for passerby commerce or experience and excellence in sustainability, in fact, did first terminal in the
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year to get lead gold certification and setting the standards standard for future projects at the airport you know and then i think about the most recent 4 years under john's watchful eye the tremendous amount of work with the growth we've experienced a new air traffic controller tower for this are airport a new icon for the city and county of san francisco and have a renovated terminal 3 delivering an exceptional passerby experience and i think about the future of this airport and this terminal one program and again an opportunity for that transformation and all of the preparation that it has taken under john's leadership to get us here this is an exist day and i'll excited to carry forward
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the vision that john establishes for the airport and you know we're standing in the intern broadly facilities b some facts it is a temporary facilities that allows set west to continue to operate we're offering 9 gates out of this facility and essentially building a 24 gate operation around this operation is a challenging and requires just most of our project team it will create a new lobby and consolidated checkpoint and improve the passerby experiences and the shopping and dining serving both broadly areas b and c to that leading edge of terminal experience worldwide a worldwide facility so interesting i think a key part of broadly b project the capacity to deal with international as well as domestic operations and so
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that's a tremendous benefit to give us the flexibility to continue to allow for the focusing efficient use of facilities and maximizing new flight and new aircraft types of that is part of our success over the recent past and also provide for post security cocaine activity between 4 of the broadly areas of the airport and in the near future we'll build between t-2 and 1940 t-3 that allows us assess through the broadly areas a tremendous thing for the passersby i think about the terminal program the benefit that provides for the communities and to our small businesses we're focused on local business participation a goal of 25 percent small local business participation and $300 million of the benefits through the contract wear estimating that will go to local
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and small businesses in the community and been so successful with the project approach and continue to use a pales in comparison approach with our teams we are in the midst feel having and have conceded $2 billion of work without a single claim and continues to deliver some such exceptional projects and lastly to turn back to sustainability if we will achieve lead gold certification and will make it zero ready so as we develop the renewables program given that leverage of a net zero facility with that, i want to thank the terminal one team and thank you all for being here. >> (clapping.) >> thank you now, please welcome the head of san mateo council shelly csa letter.
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>> (clapping.) >> shelly labor coincidental represents one and 10 units and 75 thousand workers here in the san mateo and bay area it is really an exciting time at the sfo with the groundbreaking of term one great opportunities that that will provide thousands of new jobs with local labor getting fair wages to construct and create and populate this state of the art the positive result of this a no small measure due to the cooperation between director john martin and our labor community as your last major construction project you can be so proud it will be done right with our construction and building trades represents by
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james of the building trades council and many members here today and john martin has provided credible leadership so the workers in key one will be compensated fairly as they take care of the traveling public that a professional experience is held from pilots to janitors and sfo folks take pride in the work the fact it john martha's understands and appreciates the fact we work hard on behalf of this airport with one of the reasons we'll honor him july 29th and grateful for the partnerships are this airport and really developed that aspirin with that community that is different and unique to any other airport in the united states united states of america and for that we're proud of you john and for the team lead by the folks that will continue to have the mature respective
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you've developed over the years on behalf of the labor community thank you and all of you at the airport that are doing this work and in partnership with us who are here serve all of you thank you . >> (clapping.) >> thank you shelly and new please welcome the san francisco mile-an-hour ed lee. >> (clapping.) >> well, everybody thank you for being here this morning at our sfo i'm in deep appreciation for what is going on at our air traffic controller for a number of reasons you know 201550 million people came through the airport a records setting number if all indications john and i will exceed that number this year and when they came in we get the compliments i have often
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international viefrlts shaking their heads how is that like an aren't like a hotel lobby and it is really the thought process the planning that is going on, i as i mentioned that john came from a financial world before we became the airport director and led the airport by kind of i think traded the mindset i got the pleasure of really having this new leadership take on but want to say thank you to the commissioners some of whom have been at the air traffic controller as long and john and the leadership of the commission and the staff, the vendors that are out here, of course, the airlines that are really have a lot of investor confidence in the airport we've done it right you look at what terminal one means by the $2.1 million
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investment that is about to happen a four and a half billion dollars capital improvement plan that compliments the kind of planning our city has always been supportive and nurturing every seats like the airport to make long term planning at the center because when you do that planning then you can satisfy 75 thousand people as part of labor council shelly i want to say shelly i've got to say this i'm looking at did unemployment rate and every time san francisco is goes down san mateo unemployment's goes down further it has got to be that airport shelly and in great part we're glad to do that we don't know and i'm always you've seen my announcement i'm having the plan
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time after time for any cause case in chief economic downturn that's why we have the incredible infrastructure planning for the city i get to be in charge of a 10 year plan and four and a half billion dollars of an infrastructure 10 year capital improvement plan for all the city departments as we plan those things out and make the proper investment and get the projects on time and on budget and celebrate the leads certification and the green and green house gas reduction that all those designs are part of we not only modernize the infrastructures like the airport by bring in more of our constituents to enjoy the airport and use it properly so i must say that i'm appreciative of everyone involved in the engineers to the design firms the ones on the financial part
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and the management and, of course, the incredible work that the commission is doing to make sure that everyone is included this airport is for everyone and contributor to the entire northern california economic such a center of industrial and of job creation and helping people out we also are appreciative that in march of this year our airport received what we called the level 3 accreditation reducing the green house gas emissions it is a very, very high award in fact, i think that we're the only airport in california to received that level 3 recognitions and the second airport in the united states to receive it so again another accolade that the new tower the aviation tower maybe a less than a year away from opening is receiving engineering
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recognition time after time i love when people say i'm he hotel lobby at the aircraft that gives everyone a feeling of being in a comfortable place not only the routine are reflective of the diversities of bay area but the world-class we have a museum at the airport with a lot of people shake their heads you have an museum at the air traffic controller i have my name saying ed lee welcomes you to san francisco i'm proud of that as well and this entire staff as we need to be congratulated an economic engine when we don't know what will happen in the future i want 24 to be the shining example of group candidates and a strong investor confidence and the contractors those times and
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substances are working in pales in comparison want to thank you all for opening your doors and making sure that people go to work that number one thing that people says get to work we're eager to what go to work here just a moment i want to say again to john martin who will go into a quiet life i'm looking at those videos and i'm sure i'm saying i want to make sure my yogurt stand is proilt place john will say and yoga place we're anticipating how had terminal one will turnout 2024 will be shortly here and complimenting all the other things the airport is doing in the infrastructure so john, i want to say again i know i've going to be a great, great
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airport director with the team 150e7b8d assembled but we take a moment and thank those who catered the way for over 21 years i know you want a quieted life i want you to be back with me in maybe i'll put in a yoga uniform and stand with the open on the ground of that great term one thank you, john for your wonderful years anticipate leadership and been a star amongst all the department heads we gridlock appreciate that and everybody let's go to work, huh? >> (clapping.) >> thank you, mayor ed lee. >> now a please help me welcome his final appearance retired airport director john martin. >> (clapping.) >> thank you
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first want to acknowledge a staff person that justice arrived thank you for being here and your support and also mr. mayor a gentleman whispered in my ear this building will be opened in 2019 while your mayor and complete in 6 or seven years 17 dates is that right. >> 17 gates in 2019 so just a little bit of reminiscing i came to san francisco for the very first time a little bit over 95 years and graduated schools for a job interview for sfo on this building for world airways i looked around this broadly airport and thought that is the worst broadly area (laughter)
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and it looked a bus terminal so in that time i've been here 35 years a lot of improvements are made to this boarding area but ptz to see it replaced in the last 20 years we rebuilt the whole airport a new international terminal, bart to the airport, train system and new parking garages and terminal 2 that set a standard for arntsdz worldwide and being improvements in terminal 3 but to demolish boarding area b it was a great pleasure to lift this sledgehammer and tear that place down that was built in 1962 as a temporary structure so 74 years later getting to taking it down so we had to take a projects in
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a unique way strong finances steering wheel strong concession sales sfta from the san francisco concessions and that allows us to finance our own facilities we don't need third party's developers or ask the airlines to build facilities we insure the highest quality and maximize flexibility and maximize the gates and have new carriers to welcome virgin american and insuring they have the gates and able to welcome jet blue and southwest and had an extraordinarily high-level of k350e78s one of the highest exception levels in the country that means low fairs much lower
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fairs is more nights in the hotels in san francisco keeping this airport competitive is very important in our philosophy how and finance and control the airport is a key part an 1250er8d team in delivering the projects that i have been a leader on for 20 years delivering projects on schedule within budget not had a construction latitude over 20 years the envy of the public segment nationally and they look at our model how they should follow as well our model is based on partnering we embrace partnering and partnering with a construction industry and contractor, architecture e architect and engineers and construction managers and pales in comparison with the airlines our concession folks and other city departments
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and labor a key partner and that partnering is one of transparency, setting time and goals and insuring clear open consumption and that's what allows us to deliver exceptional projects not just projects on schedule and within budget but projects exceptional from a point of view we aim to surprise the passersby with a level of amenities and services that we deliver we did that in terminal two and confident the team will that here our i'm a review lose and get better i'm confident when i could be four years from now as as peering i'll have an steroid experience thank you all for being here today and really very satisfying for me as airport director after 35 years seeing
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this old building torn down and starting a new boarding area and new terminal one thank .
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>> working for the city and
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county of san francisco will immerse you in a vibrate and dynamic city on sfroert of the art and social change we've been on the edge after all we're at the meeting of land and sea world-class style it is the burn of blew jeans where the rock holds court over the harbor the city's information technology xoflz work on the rulers project for free wifi and developing projects and insuring patient state of at san francisco general hospital our it professionals make guilty or innocent available and support the house/senate regional wear-out system your our employees joy excessive salaries
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but working for the city and county of san francisco give us employees the unities to contribute their ideas and energy and commitment to shape the city's future but for considering a career with the city and county of san francisc
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>> good afternoon, the commission will please come to order and the secretary will call the roll, commissioner pating, present. commissioner show rks present. commissioner chung, present. commissioner sanchez, present. commissioner carsh nu, approval of the mchbts of june 21, 2016. i nut revised minutes to the right of you as i e-mailed you, i had left out section 6 and the minutes in front of you have that so apologize. >> commissioners, the minutes are before you with the new section 6 filled in. is there a motion for acceptance? >> so moved. >> and a second. >> second. >> let people have a moment to read section 6, if you had not and are there any further corrections to the
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minutes? if not, we are prepared for the vote. any questions on 6? all in favor, please say aye. opposed? the minutes adopted >> item 3, directors report. >> good afternoon commissioners. welcome to fiscal year 16-17 and just wanted to-i bow many of you just had to open the newspaper or turn on the tv and saw lots of homeless coverage and in august we'll come back to you as we go through all the homeless coverage to bring updates on what we learned from the coverage and identifies areas of our speedometer that of course includes
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mental health and substance abuse and supportive services to projeththe mayor announced and one is is the navigation center and encampment response team. in the report it talks about the navigation center and there will be several others opening this coming year and this has a interesting process where we move individuals there and it will become later a permanent location. this [inaudible] center building is own bide the ua local 3 a plumbers union so will be rebuilt in [inaudible] with 110 permanent homes. also, governor brown signed a no place like home initiative july 1 which provides 2
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billion ovthe next 4 years for construction and rehabilitation for permanent housing for individuals with mental illness. this is [inaudible] secure the [inaudible] bonds to fund the competitive grant program to counties that meet minimum eligibility critear ai rchlt san francisco currently receives approximately $22 million in prop 63 revenue and expected that these revenues could decline between 7 and 10 percent to secure the bond funding so i'll meet with staff in the next coming week tooz figure how to manage that reduction in that process and what we usually do is a rfp process, reorganize the programs and potentially have more amounts of money available for some of the programs as a way to support new housing. i was able
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to participate with nancy pelosi and congress people on june 29 including the ceo of [inaudible] bringing the family [inaudible] to disarm hate and this was to of course to confront gun violence by [inaudible] no fly, no bye. there was several hundred people at the event and heard a lot from individual jz community members working on violence prevention. today you will hear about the ehr update so just want you to know we are already working very hard on insureing that we are organizing the way we are looking at how to work with ucsf on the potential bringing in apex into our network and will hear more from that from
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our it directed today. the asian pacific islander clinic and bayview hunters point health plan will [inaudible] part of a medical group [inaudible] provide primary care and specially care service for hospital and specially services. that provides us more expansion within our network. i'llened my directors report there and ask for any other questions from the report? >> commissioners, questions to the director-i was pleased to hear the director will bring more information concerning the initiatives and the manner in which the department will be coordinating with the department of homelessness over the next several months. that includes moving of course many of our