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tv   LIVE Full Board of Supervisors  SFGTV  July 19, 2016 2:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> good afternoon, everyone and welcome to the san francisco full board of supervisors meeting tuesday, july 19, 2016, madam clerk call roll. >> thank you madam president supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell
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supervisor kim not present supervisor mar not present supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee madam president we have quorum. >> thank you ladies and gentlemen, please join us in the pledge of allegiance and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> colleagues, any colleagues to the june 23r7b 2016 board meeting minutes our the june special budget committee minutes seeing none, is there a motion to approve
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motioned by supervisor campos and seconded by before i supervisor tang can we take that without objection? without objection will pass after public comment >> madam clerk is the next order of business is the special order of mayors appearance before the board by the honorable mayor ed lee there being no questions submitted from supervisors the mayor any address the board up to 5 minutes. >> thank you, mr. mayor for being here. >> thank you supervisor president london breed and good afternoon, supervisors and members of the public i'd like to begin today's question time session with a moment of silence for the brave and fallen officers of baton rouge and to reflect on the senseless violence around the world and to here at home to people in minnesota and to people in louisiana as well
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please join me in that moment of silence. >> snshgs jchlt silence. >> i'll take a moment to discuss the issues closer to home in the past 5 years we've had before progress on some of the perplexing issues employment's and homeless and tax and pension and budget reform we have done this through consensus and common sense decision making and setting policies setting politics for better policy and better government and for a better city we have another opportunity now to keep this progress going and you have many decisions to make today supervisors on the budget revenue measures and the structural of our government.
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>> those conversations have tough people have strong opinions and disagreement is healthy with that building is home to 9 service the democratic debates of our times and the products of those debates for the most part for the last 5 years have been good for the city and all the people at the end of the debates we joined in the best interests of san francisco we have responsibility to do that again on the issues of housing the homeless and making the streets safer and investing in munch ii hope we'll choose the path that move forward a world and nation and a city too often divided we owe to the residents to come together and act i can you have a long agenda supervisors i'll keep my
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comments short thank you, very much. >> excuse me - we'll have order in the chamber or recess the month ago and continue at a later on madam clerk go to the next item also items 1 through 5 content constitute a consent calendar, are considered to be routine unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests and roll call vote. >> on the comments agenda one through 5 supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen there are 11 i's. >> those items are finally passed unanimously
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>> next speaker, please. >> next item 24r06 29 madam president. >> yes. >> are called together items 6 and 7 the proposed consolidated budget and an appropriation ordinance for the estimated expenditure for the city and county of san francisco as of may 2016 and item 7 the proposed annual salary ordinance for the annual budget and an appropriation ordinance for fiscal year june 2017-2018 and the resolution to approve the budget of the treasure island transportation authority for the fiscal years 16 through 5 to 6 and the fiscal year 2016-2017 of the office of economic workforce development and approving the issuance of a bond principle monument not to exceed one and 85 mental illness and 10 through 29 the resolutions the company and the departments budget and item 10 the beautification and
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graffiti fund tax and designating the ceiling for 2016 and 11 for the administrative code to modify the code to maintain the memberships in professional strayed and other organizations and item 12 ordinance for the planning department and administrative code to adopt the fee amount for the planning department to set the fees for annual adjustment and i 13 the ordinance. >> excuse me - angela if you're existing the chamber please do so quietly we have business to conduct continuing with item 13 other than ordinance for the administrative codes for the district attorney neighborhood just fund and authorize of district attorney to have the disbursement of money for the neighborhood courts promissory note program and all penalties and fines for previously deposited in the support funded
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in the justice fund item 14 ordinance for the administrative code to expend the authorization of director of health and safety to enter into the contracts for the provision of services to individuals covered through federal programs and item 15 to amend did health care for patient rates provided by the department of health please notes it requires 9 votes for the chapter section and item 16 an ordinance for the administrative code to sdriel statutory adult programs for the intelligent aid and item 17 ordinances for the fire code for the fire department overflow room fee from one and 33 per hour to one and $34.18 for the administrative code to expose the debit and credit cards item 19 and 20 that concur with the
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controllers - private contractor for a low costs for work by the city and county employees for specific services item 21 a resolution designating muni services, llc as the city and county of san francisco authorized representative in sales and used tax for the examination and krirg with the controllers establishment of the customer price index for 2016 and a adjudicate it by the same rate and if a resolution authorizing the acceptance and expenditure by the department of health for 2016-2017. >> item 24 resolution to retrofitting authorize the department of health to accept and expelled a grant for the san francisco foundation for the sfoep hope sf and item 25 a resolution authorizing the human
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services to withdraw from the statewide finger imaging for purposes of administering the adult program and item 26 to authorize the execution and purchase of a sale agreement for real properties on 440 turk street for $5 million. >> excuse me for members of the public can we please ask the public to enter and exit the chamber quietly we can here we're here to conduct business and can't do so if there is a lot of noise so, please exit and entering chamber quietly thank you very much for your corporations. >> just 3 more items item 27 to approve the fiscal years 16 through 2018 for the department of homelessness and housing fund for the four-point transfer to
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the general fund from the municipal transportation agency for deputies and overpayment by the city so for parking and violations in the 18 period of between january 1st, 1994, and 2012 and item 29 is a motion to impact a 5 percent cost of living adjustment to the 2016-2017 contract mainstream for budget and analyst services to be effective july 1st, 2016, thank you madam president. >> thank you, ann la before we get into a discussion with radishes to the budget i'm going to call on supervisor avalos in order to do a special accommodation at this time. >> thank you supervisor president london breed i appreciate how accommodating this time
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to do an in memoriam a special in memoriam and supervisor kim last wants to take part in this as well well, i'd like to call up friends and family of jose dell la cruise come to the podium this is an memorial jose was a young man who i got to know over the years he was actually a campaign worker for my citywide campaign 2, 3, 42011 and actually going over his bio i realized that he was part of actions that i took part ♪ 2003 during the justice for janitor bay area with the market-rate contract in palo alto a march and sfmta students
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that took place and jose was there at this point this was quite a blow for a lot of people jose was a beautiful soul and really a strong community around him people are involved in labor and community organizing and we're all very confused about really how we lost him i'll read the bio jose was born on february 21, 1983, in mexican city and attended sfmta and graduated in 2010 awhile at sfmta organizing around campus labor with the seiu and ultimately was san francisco it was in san francisco especially with itself workers and renters and immigrant that came to benefit from his skills and
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dedication as an organizer and deep commitment to social justice jose was a long term resident an active part of emigrated rights and labor movement he served as a organizer with the tenderloin and sro collaborative and other organizations he worked on countless efforts for the city stock campaigns to protect tenants against evictions, he received an award for housing justice from the harvey milk club in 2008, jose ran a no borders came in 2007 that helped the immigrant at the board he worked on the campaign to prevent discriminations against censors and transand moved the needles
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on the approach to lgbtq politics notedly by organizing the diner in 2008, jose was a person who always reimaged border political and spiritual his vulnerable to shake with those and impressed those who had the privilege of knowing him he had a unique laugh and sense of belonging humor we we're his heart on his sleeves and showed up in solidify outlet expect nothing in return jose posed visionary ideas and combotdz both wonder and grace as he went about enacting them he was loved by many friends and community for this and admired
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for the contributions to his communicated and the many causes he fought for across the city people remember him for the picket lines and city disobedience and his dedication to movement for justice was deepened and embedded in the streets of this city jose was always outspoken of the director for building a more just city today, we stand here and committing commit to keeping his memory and celebrating the intelligent and beautiful soul that was jose we know that jose recent passing has been devastating and comes on the heels of loss of life of queer latins after the violent attacks in ordinarily we wish to
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extend our solidify it to his families from the palms spring police department a thorough investigation of his passing we extend our solidity to our regret and gratitude to his mother and cable car de la cruz and his friends and the many communities we fought for alongside the family is also looking for support not just in expenses for funerals but for the investigation of jose pga and the family has a go fund me account a www.go fund slash jose dot pound i know that commenting has comments she wants to share and a community
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members from joses family and friends here we want to insure they have a chance to make comments as well supervisor kim >> thank you supervisor john avalos for reading the boards word and sending the condolence to the friend we know jose well, i on the one thing that we often say about him is that he was criminally u incredibly bright and smarter or smart and loving people say often they talk about the under representation of the vote in the tenderloin but as someone that is door knocks on many doors i can say that i have not door knocked on a neighborhood that is more knowledgeable about the interworkings the city hall and the divided of the policies before the board at the time of the running it a cohort of
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residents well-informed with would when a is at stake locally and policy making and huge part of how that is because of the sro collaborative program that organizing program is not just in the tenderloin or the south of market and the chinatown and mission is huge part of justice and important policies here in san francisco that elevated our communities and fought more affordable housing and protection and defense amongst the priorities we see that we fight for every year in the budget process we're voting on today jose is one of the main organizers in the institution that worked so hard to increase the universe of residents engaged in how we determine and
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spend the taxpayer dollars another city hall i think in many ways we don't have words to express the loss i have a hard time building he's not coming back but i want to give my thoughts to his family and mother and brothers so many that worked with him and got to be part of his life we miss you jose and hope to honor and continue your work and leadership and passion but to also really say how important to the family to transit to the good fund to get to the bottom of his disappearance and death but jose thank you for everything you gave to us and continue on in the work.
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>> anyone from the family want to have a couple of words not necessary. >> thank you supervisor avalos and supervisor kim you know it is a great tested time with the diverse group of folks and testimony to the soul and the ability to brought people together and touched a lot of folks we stand here and grief with yolanda and his family and saddened but remember him and keep his memory alive jose. >> madam president if i may be added. >> supervisor campos has comments. >> just want to be added my name to the in memoriam i honestly don't have the words to say as jose.
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>> thank you supervisor campos. >> if anyone else wants to speak okay. >> thank you. >> thank you all so much more being here today >> (clapping.) >> so we have two additional accommodations and at this time i'd like to recognize supervisor campos thank you madam president it is an honor for me to call upon i don't know if she is here to read the parts terry have you here he want to take advantage
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to recognize the work that teresa sparks has done as she transitioned from her prior role those the executive director of the human rights commission to the mayors senior advisor in other issues from my preserve you look at the work i've served with teresa prior to elected supervisor on the san francisco police commission but the role in advancing the rights and interests not only of all communities but especially the lgbt community makes her one of the most important leaders we have as director of the human rights commission shows helped to insure our city tackles the
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problems with the trained and served often the day of remembrance in the late 90s and the travrns march and past president of the san francisco positioning and was the ceo of the sex positive shop of vibrations and lead the outreach with respect to various communities and went to kansas state you thought and studied mechanical engineering and start up successful and had wastewater and services and alternate fuels and recycle and append two techniques during this time i don't know if i know anyone it ever had a patent so that is very impressive if you look at the accomplishments on a very
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personal note from me what has impressed me about teresa her personal dedication to the transgenders community when you been the communities disfranchised within san francisco the transgender community is at the top of the list it you look at places like the mission you have many disenfranchised people that the transgender within the mission is the target of violence and oppression from other members of that larger community i've been proud to be a partner and helping teresas work moved in advancing the interests of transgender community and thank you for the opportunity as she transitions into her new role to say on behalf of the thousands
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of transgender men and women who have bend from her advocacy thank you we're now where we need to be and san francisco as of today is the leading voice when that comes the transgender rights not only in the state but in the nation this is because of teresa sparks thank you teresa thank you for all your hard work. >> thank you supervisor campos it is meeting to be honored by this board particularly i think over the seven years in the human right commission and 5 years in the positioning i think i've worked with every one of you and you mean policy is not made by departments made by supervisors and so i need to also thank you i don't want to go through i
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think i could go through and name you what i worked on with but want to point out that one particular supervisor i've worked with for a much longer i worked with supervisor peskin in one point owe instrumental to have me appointed to the positioning and absent that in tom ammiano efforts i wouldn't have been involved with those activities so certainly thank him for his ongoing support and supervisor campos i have to say has been an ally and friend as long as going back before the positioning and we fought like dogs on the positioning but ended up respectfully each other's opinion and instrumental in working with transgender issues in san francisco and has
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probably provided more inpermission and support for the community though the years than any other single individual the other day supervisor supervisor wiener we wouldn't have universal health care for transgender people in san francisco without the efforts of supervisor wiener many people overlooked that many people don't recognize that but without him helping us and intervening and talking about with the district and xhuth community leaders not only a model for the united states but cities around the world so i have to thank him for not only that but other things we've worked on and i'll hesitate going around and naming you each one has been involved we worked with supervisor kim's office around issues around phobias and previous incarcerated and also
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i'll be remiss if i didn't thank the amazing staff you have head of the human rights commission the resistant also and the amount of hours for the people of san francisco so this is a tremendous honor for me hopefully not mean we'll stop working together i'll be working with the mayor who is supportive of the transgender community and hopefully, we'll be doing greater work in the future thank you so much. >> >> (clapping.) >> congratulations on your new
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position. >> with that, i'd like to recognize malia cohen for the last accommodation for day. >> thank you very much supervisor president london breed and colleagues i have accommodation of just outstanding community leadership that needs to be recognized been a somber afternoon in the chamber i'd like to recognize significant leadership that rest in below christopher mohammed and ms. elaine brown and other folks you want to recognize. >> thank you, thank you. >> (clapping.) >> we appreciate president and the board of supervisors for your. >> hold on minister. >> i love how the minister is ready 0 go between teachers and preachers and politicians i think what is important we remember who and what we're fighting for i want to take a moment to recognize the
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leadership i think that incredibly important we don't politicalize the work you've done and i've done and the work with the entire body we respect the brown and black lives and the reasons why we all come to the table to roll up our sleeves with that said, i'll i'm going to turn it over to. >> thank you board of supervisors we're here and certainly want to respective our agenda and time i'm here on behalf of the justice for mario woods movement as you may know once we get started we don't stop until the objective is chouchd we're joined by the legendary elaine brown the former chair the black panther party for self-defense it is celebrating 50 years of a founding of black panther but
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for justice for our fallen son and brother mario woods and joined by felicia jones with seiu 1021 and joined by some special women other than the special women i've introduced mother woods the mother of mario woods is here >> (clapping.) >> and we are also joined by the mother of kenneth hard work junior murdered 5 years ago and a resident the seattle washington but the justice movement for mario woods has moved her and her daughter in the fight for justice for mario and others mother duo mechanic chapman and.
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>> (clapping.) >> joined by mother maria the mother of the movement in a rerosa parks kind of way as she was the leader of the hunger strickers that put they're concentrated lives on the line for justice for mario woods. >> (clapping.) >> raise your hand mother. >> having said that, board of supervisors and being brief i may also is that has the past president of the african-american police relations board i had the privilege and honor of working with then police president teresa sparks and have to say commissioners sparks was the most progressive person in stand up for right for african-americans in the city i personally wanted to make that acknowledgment and lastly we
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have optimistically archbishop king but want to remind you. >> few months ago you passed a historic gesture and guardians you great respect and honor by those who are loving justice for the quality of the san francisco board of supervisors in our bold stand in making july 22nd mario woods remembrance day thank you >> (clapping.) >> and to that end that day and the acknowledgement by you under supervisor avalos leadership along with supervisor campos who co-sponsored we acknowledged that the comfortable that acknowledgement to the mother of woods is a beginning step in the painful process that she and her
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family and the wound communities are trying to get through avenue witnessing the horrific murder of her son having said that, this friday is the recommendation brans day celebration we've combined to friday and saturday as the mario woods weekend and to that end. >> (clapping.) >> we have scheduled some very, very significant events of having anyal on friday, a community town hall meeting and other things that are surrounded that day that will make that day hopefully and healing boom for mother one side and the community and want to remind you this did i die is coming up we don't want it to be out of sight out of mind we want the fuel weight of the city and board of supervisors whatever cycling
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services whatever commotion you can make to help that event and that day come off without hitch and the first of many and thirdly, if you'll help us to do that and fully expecting you to do that that remembrance day will carry the significance we believe warranty and required as the mario woods justice movement has impact now all over the world and as you can see celebrities have taken on this fight not just beyond city and alicia keys and celebrates influential people all over the woshld have joined in the movement are calling us to find out they they can replicate here in san francisco and in part in some ways we work together and we have celebrated some victories and some things we
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need to work on suffice we feel that in san francisco we are cutting-edge in terms of making sure that these movements and these victims have voices that are uncompromising and unyielding and don't quit until justice flows down the mountain like a mighty stream we want to acknowledge the mothers any words you want to share in not i thank you for your time and councilmember cole fewer fascinating with the president this conformation at the last minute thank you. any public comment? thank you. let's make that remembrance day a success and follow-up with people from our staff to let he knows the kind of help we'll need thank you. >> thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> ms. elaine brown you want
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to say a few words and just - i'm a big fan i appreciate your book of taste of power. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> and thank you it is an honor to have you in the chamber. >> i appreciate you saying that. >> (clapping.) >> ms. breed i want to simply say that those to mothers i've been working with teresa chapman for 5 years and suffered tremendously and unfortunately having to work with sister gwen woods many, many things we can do but i like to say for the sounding of the black panther family i see the resurrection of the black panther family and power to the people. >> lastly i think you want to weigh in >> (clapping.)
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>> for thirty second we've been remiss in the movement for justice in weigh in on the historic proposal from supervisor avalos demanding accountability and the withholding of resources until those accommodations and until those recommendations and demands are met by sfpd we do think that one, the tools along with the vicinity investigation of threat of withholding resources to hold the department accountable should be port supply the community and the justice for mario woods movement supports our unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests call and demand we hope and pray you do the right thing and back that has another tool of accountability for sfpd thank you. >> thank you. >> (clapping.) >> and minister and members i
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should mention that supervisor cowen has done something historic by put on our item 37 asking the voters to vote for a new department of police accountability overdue. >> yes. yes. >> (clapping.) >> overdue i'll tell you it is truly overdue and significant i want to applaud councilmember cole for her leadership on that move. >> thank you, thank you . >> (clapping.) >> and brief earlier madam president we were briefed on that and it is an oversight i was trying to be short-winded when i have a track record of being long-winded by certainly the proposal of supervisor cowen has our full support because it is something that the people of this city can vote and support with the weight that it brings it revolutionary in scope and
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the justice for mario woods lends the weight of our effort behind that as well thank you. >> thank you. >> (clapping.) >> okay with that, we are going to return to our full board meeting he know there are a labor number of seniors in the audience today and because of that i'd like to accommodate them by calling number item 37 out of order madam clerk. >> item 3 of a charter amendment third draft for the charter of the city and county of san francisco to establish the dignity fund to support seniors and dubz with an annual contributions to the funding including and increasing by $36 million for 2017 and 2018
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until 2026, 27 and continuing for adjustment for the aggregate discretionary rates for three 6 for the fund to create an oversight and advisory committee for three 7 and change the aging & adult services and update it's responsibility to be heard on the election of november 23, 2016. >> i want to recognize supervisor cowen the author. >> i maybe the author but a vehicle to do the work that an incredible community coalition has they've drafted me to do i want to recognize that i have role strong leadership right here on the body supervisor mar is incredible and supervisor
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wiener here every step of the way and supervisor yee and everyone that had been voting for this measure those gentlemen have been incredible to taking this to this measure to the voters so colleagues this is something i'm personally connected to this work it is a coalition of community leaders that are bringing this ballot measure to voter in november and san francisco has the highest percentage of seniors with a disability of any inner area in the state of california and this population is steadily increasing by 2030 we kept over one hundred thousand people this generation ever seniors that expected to live an additional 34 years that's incredible we're doing something right people are alien
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long-range and stronger over pier 80 thirty percent of veterans are over 25 and 281/3rd have to disabilities 60 percent of people are hiv are over the age of 50 in 2020 we estimate that 20 percent with hiv will be over the age of 50 years old seniors and developers and dubz often live on fixed income awhile many communities are feeling the pressures of the rising cost of san francisco those living on fixed income like the developers and seniors and disabled are getting hit hard the charter amendment we've we're bringing brother you will establish a dedicated fund which will based on spends and guarantee the investment and critical services for the
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people's vulnerable and without raising one tax. >> that's deserves applause. >> and not only this by not raising the taxes but we're doing it in a manner that will not impact our city's general fund set aside so this proves certain i did and stabilize for funding for spelling needed serves as such as excuse me. in home care and respite and adult daycare and transitioning housing you name it eviction protection i think this is critical go and other serviced that allows our seniors and residents they can just simply age in place and age with dignity i'm sure all of you on
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the board have personal stories about caring for a family member and friends and fannie family that have a disability with that robust family of friends it is difficult to age in san francisco i want to shout out and recognize the community leaders and service providers that push for this effort forward and thank supervisor mar for being an early support and supervisor kim and supervisor wiener and supervisor breed and the co-sponsoringship and the veterans fought for the freedom and they've contracted aids in the 80s we've living longer than than they expected to let's regard everyone that worked hard and morally the right thing to do and fiscal year sound to address the future needs that
2:51 pm
our city will be facing colleagues i'll you're going to to support this item thank you . >> (clapping.) >> i want to appreciate all the members of the public but i'd like to let you know there are applause is prohibit in the chamber if you want to provide our support wave you're hands in support even though i know that supervisor cowen encouraged the applause we appreciate you all being here and want to make sure we move forward as well as our lengthy agenda with that, supervisor mar. >> outside on the steps about an hour and a half ago we are heard the grassroots coalition of the people's neighborhoods and though you can't express it
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in ways i've heard outside in the communities i'm appreciative our building a movement and a culture of health and dignity for people people with disabilities and seniors isn't city i'm proud to be an ally of the organization that have started over i think 2 years ago because brown it was a concept at the board of supervisors and we want to commend say that by placing this on the ballot in november and passing this in san francisco we'll become the first city in the nation to respond to the baby boomers and the huge boom the population of people with disabilities and seniors but we will be the first city in the nation to have the resources not only for existing programs but other programs that allow people to age in place in they're concentrated own community and provided adequate nutrition and services to the aging population in the city i want to shout out that
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supervisor cowen made not only to supervisor cowen and myself for really sheriff's deputy reading but supervisor breed and supervisor kim we wouldn't be supportive without that vibrant grassroots movement that is had not been educating us see along the way i'm a baby boomer and supervisor yee we're aging in our communities and i think that is forward-looking that supervisor cowen mentions the bay area senior population is doubling in numbers from this decade to 2040 and 1234rz will make up 40 percent of population of san francisco so i then is why fiscal planning while the rulers budget app by the board it is equitable for the seniors especially protecting seniors in the neighborhoods throughout the city i want to thank my staff
2:54 pm
nick and my form staff working alcohol with the dignity fund coalition and a shout out to the chair and ramon district attorney's office and the coalition mary for the living campaign and from the grassroots coalition that makes history in san francisco as we passed that community fund on the november bottle and many cities will look at the model they and we can have adequate funding for dignity and caring gransz or grins the generations. >> thank you supervisor cowen and supervisor yee for helping with putting this on the ballot we're win and make history in san francisco in november thank you. >> thank you supervisor mar supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam president and wanted to add my strong support for the dignity fund and echo comments thanking
2:55 pm
supervisor cowen for her leadership this measure despite it in brainier it was definitely a long trail in terms of even if getting this from start to finish with a lot of dialogue and negotiation sensitivity towards the overall budget picture and the competing needs but in tend we're making a strog statement our seniors and people with disabilities are not an afterthought or a group that gets fund when had maishtd available but prioritize support for the seniors and people with disabilities in our budget every year with a dedicated fund this makes all the sense in the world our senior populations is growing
2:56 pm
and make sure that our seniors and your residents with disabilities are able to be violent members of the community and be at home with full support and to really age gracefully i mentioned earlier in the press conference celebrating this vote today, i want to thank the dignity fund coalition for activity including and embracing the lgbt community we have a growing lgbt senior population which is a really good thing particularly because people with hiv are living longer and we need to make sure that we are meeting the unique needs of lgbt seniors we've gone through a long planning process in terms of policy recommendations to meet the needs of lgbt seniors and gradually doing that
2:57 pm
including the legislation later today about the clients of our social services but the inclusion felt lgbt community and the disability fund in the coalition is much appreciated thank you. >> thank you, supervisor wiener supervisor tang. >> thank you first, i want to start off by thanking supervisor cowen and supervisor mar and supervisor yee, of course, the dignity coalition for all the important work on this measure unfortunately i'm not able to support this measure not has nothing to do with with the fact i'm the youngest member of the board but in the general policy to not support the baseline not backed by revenue sources so this is consistent with how i've not supported the transportation baseline for example, in recent times and the most recently passed parks set aside not that
2:58 pm
i don't support any of the important issue areas but to me i do believe in having that conversation comprehensively with all the budget priorities in san francisco but i will continue to and have as a member of budget committee support funding for our senior community whether in the form of providing support at home or in the form of groceries deliveries and meal deliveries whether this is in the form of other services again, our seniors need so again want to explain why i'm not able to support this particular measure today but thank you to everyone that worked on it. >> thank you supervisor katie tang supervisor yee. >> thank you supervisor president london breed i'll stand for this just to show i'm not that senior.
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>> so first of all, i want to thank my colleagues supervisor cowen and supervisor mar for working with everybody other than on the board of supervisors to work together and work with the dignity fund advocates i have to say that for 4 years i've gone through 4 budgets and every single year i've been here i've fought for interesting services for seniors and people with disabilities and getting frustrated every year knowing is it so not enough for the population that we have today and for us to project the numbers that we will see in the future and not do anything about it operationally is really a disservice to our seniors and people with disabilities i earlier today at the press
3:00 pm
conference outside i had a little badge that said age to perfection age to perfection and some people that drink within might think what is he talking about wine when you age to prevention you have to take care of your bottle of wine yeah. one reaction or we could say wait our seniors our seniors city our seniors need to age perfection and we have to love and take care of our seniors you have a bottle of wine out there not being taking care of
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and it get appealed is it so no good anymore that's a lesson for us for people that are wine lovers we need to take care of our seniors better than a bottle of wine come on this is beyond a piece of legislation but something i care about for a long, long time in terms of seniors and people with disabilities and i'm happy to be the co-sponsors and hoping that the rest of the my colleagues alyssa and the other 9 vote for it and we've been successful in november thank you very much. >> thank you supervisor yee and as a fellow wine lover i do understand so thank you for the analogy supervisor farrell. >> thank you supervisor president london breed i want to thank my supervisor cowen's has
3:02 pm
been leading the advocates i remember the first meeting in any office it's been a its been a long time coming and much has been mentions our population is growing in age right thing to do i want to thank everyone for borrowing this measure that's what i'm talking about so thank you very much and look forward to seeing it passed in november. >> thank you supervisor farrell supervisor campos. >> thank you supervisor president london breed i'm not sure about the wine discussion i'll say i'm proud to add my name to the measure and thank you supervisor cohen e supervisor cowen and supervisor mar and supervisor yee and everyone that is part of this broad coalition i respect the perspective that folks have about the set aside and perhaps in the that have world we would not have set aside we'll automatically fund the things that we need to fund that hadn't happened in the past
3:03 pm
of san francisco that's why we as city government made choices and the same choices that families make sometimes you put money aside to make investments and one of the things we have invested in the children's fund we take care of children in san francisco well, if he do that for the youth we have to do that for other seniors and the disabled community that's why we have to support this about having a level of dignity that people can live under i know for a fact hike in mission and the brets and so many of the seniors are struggling we live in the most sxeven city in the world and in the country's we have to make san francisco prioritize our senior and disabilities communities i'm proud to be part of that effort.
3:04 pm
>> thank you supervisor campos. >> supervisor peskin. >> thank you madam president there is no question there is a need you have great respect for the advocates and understand the concept of the dignity fund i rise to be consistent with the notion that we as legislators have been charged with making the tough decisions how to predicament our existing funds there is an limited amount of resources i will stand against set aside by not having the funding so unfortunately, the need notwithstanding the right public policy i'll be consistent with the relative to the open space and parks set aside i was clear with supervisor avalos i'll not support this advocate position that has a set aside
3:05 pm
and the district attorney it is the easy way out unfortunately oil be voting no on this measure. >> thank you supervisor peskin. >> seeing no other names on the roster, i want to say quickly thank you to all the members of dignity fund coalition including did fearless leader sandy and raymond that are co-chairs and arbitrarilycy and others i know we work hard to try and come up with the right formula every single and they're in the hauls of city hall to insure the board of supervisors prioritize seminars on a regular basis whether it is an important food program or housing or assistant living services all of those services make such a difference in a
3:06 pm
person's like that life that doesn't have the ability to do the things we take for granted we have to make sure we fully fund the programs that serve our seniors that is a small way and as someone that was raised by a grandmother and utilized those services i don't know how i would have made it without in-home care support or meals on who's also are all the great programs that continue to help and support seniors so they can grow in dignity in your or they're concentrated homes and seeing no other names on the roster, madam clerk call the roll. >> supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin no supervisor tang no supervisor wiener supervisor yee
3:07 pm
supervisor avalos supervisor breed. >> supervisor campos supervisor cowen there are 9 i's and two notices with supervisor peskin and supervisor tang isn't descent the charter amendment will be given. >> madam clerk to our budget we've called the items there is a specific order that was established for speakers starting with supervisor mark farre farrell. >> thank you madam president so colleagues as your budget chair for the fourth year in a row i want to thank you all of my colleagues especially the budget committee members and in terms of budgeted process we were one thing for the
3:08 pm
four-year able to pass it with an unanimous support from the committee members and thank you vice chair katie tang and supervisor norman yee we're in budget committee all year round so thank you for your work and as well as supervisor wiener and supervisor kim for your support and resolve given the challenges and the dimensions it was challenging as we put together this budget but proud to broker auto the consensus measure i believe that the budget in front of reflects the priorities we continue to have that he board of supervisors and inside of city hall i think particular attention in terms of producing more affordable housing working on public safety and reducing the homelessness and improving the quality of life for the residents were able to be addressed in terms of the
3:09 pm
process we were able to identify $60 million in savings i believe a record if you take out the $25 million that was toward affordable housing with $23 million in the first year and $25 million in the second year with the saving in terms of our prioritization over $13 million proudz produced for housing and 6 mental illness for public safety and common sense police reforms and $7 million for the lgbt and getting to vision zero and securing over $7 million for the pain risk services and over $2 million to address the food security needs and many, many other priorities that are reflected i know there is going to be discussion about the budget i believe what we have in front of the passed out of committee and want to thank everyone for they're concentrated efforts i mexico's the community members
3:10 pm
all the staff that working hard and do elvis year this year was notice expectation and thank you to the mayor's office of budget with melissa white house and rosenfeld and his entire staff and harvey rose to the clerk of our committee clerk victor young and victor that filed in and staff and colleagues ask for your support. >> thank you just to be clear there was established order i will read off the names i will take you off and anyone after that i'll call the members that put they're concentrated names on the roster when originally called supervisor avalos and supervisor wiener and commissioner yee and commissioner peskin i'll be taking them off and after those individual speak supervisor mar
3:11 pm
you'll be called supervisor avalos. >> thank you supervisor president london breed colleagues i'm not sure that is actually, the best moment to be voting on the budget since we have other measures that are before us later on on the agenda that the budget is contingent on passing i believe that we should actually settle our issues around revenue measures first before we actually start approving the budget or else we'll put cart before the horse you know how well the cart goes we'll do that i'd like to see if we can refer this to later in the agenda with the revenues issues that are attached to the budget. >> is that a motion. >> second. >> so supervisor avalos has made to motion to continue this
3:12 pm
and seconded by supervisor peskin and out of respect for the other colleagues that wanted an opportunity to speak i'll call before we move forward with that motion. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam president i if this is deferred you may as well i want to thank and acknowledge chair feral for once again doing sxeerld work not easy and once again i think that he did a great job meeting disputes around the budget this is a great budget makes smart investments and public safety and this is a significant increase in investment a in housing the homeless residence and i near and dear to my heart
3:13 pm
full funding our the getting to zero program what we can aggressively eliminate new hiv infections and eliminating the history related death in san francisco a terrific budget i look forward to voting capacity. >> thank you, supervisor wiener supervisor yee. >> thank you in addition to what supervisor wiener stated in terms of some of the big wins in this before you get or budget process i want to point out early education was amongst those that did welcome in the budget process when i say well, it means that we were able to get money into that note that solve all the problems i have to say that my appreciation for all those
3:14 pm
involved from our aid and staff to the supervisors to the city staff in this budget process was not fully appreciated until on the budget committee i saw all the work that everybody had to do for several months for some of the city staff that was much more than several months but when you see fined and realize that oh, my god those decisions have to be made and finding the best budget for the residents in the city i have to say i'm in full support of this that budget but make a comment about some assumptions that we made as we put this budget together that came to any awareness into the process i didn't realize we were trying to balance the budget and with
3:15 pm
the money we didn't have we're hoping to get revenues through the ballot initiative and that should be something we never should do again, it put us in angle awkward situation and you'll hear the rest of it today as you can see if we don't pass many of this stuff can does it mean to the budgets i don't think that is the way that any entity along the city's budget should be put together think i want to physique low responsible and not end up with not enough funding to fund the budget weeping we'll be voting other than today, i want to say not that i won't port the budget but that's what is happening
3:16 pm
i don't think any of us going forward should allow that to occur again so thank you for all the work put into this. >> thank you supervisor yee. >> supervisor peskin. >> i'll defer my comments. >> supervisor mar. >> yeah. he port supervisor avalos most motion to consider the revenue dlament but thank you to supervisor farrell for chairing the and it is hard work and the $9.6 million is the biggest decision we make as supervisors i said to thank the budget and budget analyst for finding the safrdz allocated in the budget as well, i think that is a balancing of citywide needs with each circuit courts needs and i credit supervisor farrell but supervisor norman yee for insuring that we had equity at
3:17 pm
the citywide level but also fairness for each district is there i want to acknowledge the food security task force again, this year vac with strength for $2 million more to end hunger in san francisco by 2020 tremendous prop and acquaintance for meals on who's also and the whole task force effort for food justice and helping the community doubling the hope sf helps us transform the grocery store not only in the bayview and the dirnd but to other neighborhoods i think that the healthy cornerstone coalition deserves many proposes for that effort the water assess and health equity with the public utilities commission and the unified school district and rec and park allows us to expand access to
3:18 pm
healthy clean drinking waters with one new drink stations by the end of this year and one and thirty by the end of 2015 but the coalition by aerial and many grassroots latin and african-american and advocates for health access is really important like the dignity fund coalition many of the seniors were successful with any office to create a new program one $.6 million for in-home care for upper poor and low income people to have access to stronger in-home care that treats the health carew with dignity and provides caring across adjudications in the culminates to proposes to the seniors and the action for winning this important 0 program for seniors
3:19 pm
and people with disabilities and lots of work on the safety net for not only seniors and youth but also for immigrants community lastly i'll is for district one i'm pleased for the music arts and murals and festivals that give a vibrancy to the merchant corridors and especially work with the partners like the national park services so for the bond fires move forward as a partnership and the national park services and the rider and community-based organizations and in addition to planning for the ocean wastepaper and other efforts at the westernmost edge of our city where i live so thanks to supervisor farrell and the entire he appreciate the hard, hard work and look forward to voting on the budget at the end of this meeting. >> thank you supervisor mar on the motion to continue these
3:20 pm
items to tlafrt and supervisor farrell supervisor kim. >> supervisor mar supervisor peskin. >> supervisor tang supervisor wiener. >> supervisor yee. >> supervisor avalos supervisor breed. >> supervisor campos supervisor malia cowen there are 11 i's. >> the budget will be continued to a at a later time in the agenda. >> to amend the environmental impact for other specified products with packing materials made from poly styrofoam materials for the ceqa determinations. >> all right. seeing no other
3:21 pm
names on the roster, colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection this ordinance is finally passed unanimously. >> next speaker, please. >> item 31 was referred without recommendation from the land use committee and transportation for the planning code to create the 100 percent affordable housing bonus program to provide for the bonuses and zoning modifications to establish the procedures for this type of project to have the height limits and the zoning maps for the zoning department. >> same house, same call? this ordinance is passed unanimously next item. >> received from the rules committee item 32 was a chart fifth draft to amend the charter of the city and county of san francisco is require the department of elections to hold an election when there is an
3:22 pm
office empty unless a regularly schedule meeting to provide the mayor should appoint an intern supervisor to fill a vacant with the discerns intensify supervisor is i think eligible to vote in the protective offices within 28 days of the vacancy in november election. >> supervisor avalos. >> thank you supervisor breed and colleagues we want to commend encourage our support for this charter amendment a couple of times before and the real intent for democracy and we've heard about our democracy here in the united states is based on the separation of powers and that's what f this measure does we're part of board of supervisors we're part of legislative part of government i want to make sure our agency as
3:23 pm
elected officials on the board of supervisors remains the legislative branch and not out of you executive branch the checks and balances we grew up with and respective that somehow in san francisco we have something difference than the checkbooks than any other city in the country with the exemption of the colorado governor makes appointment to fill appointment in the denver city attorney's office and the mayor of philadelphia to fill vacant but according to the local agency formation commission study san francisco is the only place flat administratively branch the mayor didn't serve on government so this is the basic amendment
3:24 pm
that will sure that we're not kevin the power on the appointees and have a full pledge process having elections to fill vacancies this is something that we've seen in recent years when the appointments were made to the board of supervisors that these appointments can be divisive for the district where elections are held and rather than have that defyness so colleagues i'd like to encourage our support and welcoming comments. >> commissioner tang. >> thank you thank you. i'll make similar comments i agree with one portion of that measure before us the requirement that the
3:25 pm
mayor should appoint someone between 21 days is a good thing so this is something i'll stand behind however, i do believe that what we currently have so for fulfilling the vacancies it is current not perfect but as written our policies law for 3 deadlines for possibilities when a vacancy needs to be filled and in my case i was appointed and had to run for office within less than seven months and had to face another election in november i ran for office twice westbound two years after an appointment secondly, i point to our recent histories in the existing mayor, mayor ed lee when was he appointed someone to district 5 in 2012 who lost to
3:26 pm
our current president commissioner borden and that was an appointment made and next my mate supervisor cohen's overcame the appointment in the last november location of 2015 one mayor had a 50 percent success rate we have in place works so i know this measure was put forth it is a more democratic process i ask you is whether it is democratic to appoint someone for a short duration of time that will be prohibited from running in a subsequent election to be taking votes with real votes with impacts and subject to more pressure from the mayor it is a mayoral appointee and no impacts because that person had been leaving and not be subject
3:27 pm
to confirm by voters in the future something else i find undemocrat inningic this person will be in - won't be held to the responsibility of the constituents; right? we don't know if this person will be as responsive to the complaints that come into the office they're not behoven to any election that will be following the other point this person whoever is going to be running in the election to fill the permanent vacancies will be an election whether there are not other measures allowed a special election unless a provision amended into the charter amendment if one one and 80 cases without any other measures
3:28 pm
on there any other offices to be on there the person that will be phil the vacancies will be elected by a small voter turnout as an example in any first right of refusal election there was the searer recorder the treasury and 4 ballot measures on the city attorney the turnout important that general election in november 2013 was 23-29. 3 percent in san francisco i have concerns we'll be possibly or potentially looking for low voter turnout so i find many portions of this measure very undemocratic i believe this is something we have this actually works given the fact that one mayor had made 4 appointment and
3:29 pm
two lost they're concentrated elections and lastly i'll point out that that actually, the last thing madam chair rosales referred to actually found that 63 percent of jurisdictions engaged in other categories meaning that there wasn't any appointment bit an individual or group no sort of consistent practice by other jurisdictions how they vacancies so i'll not support this i believe our current process works so no charter measure to fix something that is again is working. >> thank you supervisor tang. >> supervisor eric mar. >> i disagree with any colleague supervisor tang and support good government like proposes to supervisor avalos i'm the co-sponsor because
3:30 pm
friends of ethics the late to larry bush and others including the civil grand jury go limiting the power we know that is so powerful when people are running for elections but it also prevents the temptation for unimaginable deal making behind closed doors and wanted to say that the lafco study that madam chair rosales did this shows an a mostly we have basic democracy and basis process a good government a no-brainer i urge support. >> supervisor farrell. >> i have a topic the event i thought that supervisor tang was on point that charter amendment
3:31 pm
is a surgeon problem and building the system works well is it so as democratic as it gets and banning people from running from office is not what we should be doing at the board of supervisors i'm not support it. >> thank you supervisor farrell. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you supervisor president london breed and i appreciate the dialogue probably some things not having some place run i'm not sure that make sense but i do think on balance the idea of balboa the power of the inclusive relative to the legislative branch mines there is a measure of a ballot to recall mayor ed lee and i'm against that measure i don't think recalls some should be about undoing elections but acting in malfeasance and anyone that is unhappy about this mayor
3:32 pm
or any mayor for that matter is doing the job the answer not 0 recall something not engaged in malfeasance but make changing to the structure of government so there can be a balance i think this kind of a measure is one of the types of of reforms that brings balance and can address some of the concerns that people have raced it is true that it has worked in some cases with supervisor president london breed and with supervisor peskin but i do believe that the appointment by the mayor is something that is unique and very unusual and welcome to san francisco the vast majority of jurisdictions don't have this the invested power to invest in the voters to from any perspective when in doubt from
3:33 pm
the voters elected officials i'm going to error on the side of giving the voters of ability to select the person i respect the perspective but i want to thank supervisor avalos for bringing up this item forward. >> supervisor peskin. >> thank you, mr. chair i concur with the facial statement that supervisor tang and supervisor campos made relative to the raise that supervisor breed and i ran and, yes i think cust customcy - that really is about the operation of powers if you
3:34 pm
look at what happens in those race or so where the executive branch of government is invested in having taser appointed incumbent it e roads a fair election and it ma ways e roads the integrity i integrity of government i don't want to rehash old history and gracious in defeat but this government behaves like last summer and into the fall it is exactly an argument for the separation of powers had an appointment to a vacant office in the case of district 3 to the vacancy when chiu was elected total assembly all that behavior and the
3:35 pm
trappings would not have occurred whether that was the appropriation of funds, to support the appointed i think incumbent or political behavior in the election where subsidies including did employees of inclusive branch taking time off or on the boxes that bother wouldn't have happened and bring a real free and fair protection i stands down with that charter amendment put that before the voter and let the voters decide. >> supervisor breed. >> i just want to make a few comments i think outside the box i want to, of course, society when i comments with the comments of commissioner chung i think that everything she said was spot on anyone has a reason to take away the power from other mayor it is definitely me
3:36 pm
made a good appointment in district 5 i choose to run as well as other people in the district and the voters made they're concentrated decision ultimately supervisor cohen's is right in his comments same at the same time but politics is a sad game and whether the mayor can appoint it is stilt at dirty incapable at the end of the day this is it is a perfect process but it is a process that has worked for many, many years. >> my two biggest concerns he agree with the fact that the 28 days requirement is a good one but the issue i have with that particular legislation is the fact i believe that is urban democratic to tell someone if you the seat you can't run for the election i have a problem
3:37 pm
with spending nor money on a costing election we don't need to do that no process is ever going to be perfect and oftentimes we're making changes to policies like there are unintended consequences someone will not liquor if it this passes by voters and in the process begins to take shape they'll be complaints and people that are probably wanting to come in and change that process because for some reason may not like the decision the mayor or people like there is disagreements and making a policy just as undemocratic as the mayor's appointment not a step in the right direction so i'll be opposing this item thank you. >> supervisor peskin.
3:38 pm
>> i wanted to say for the record the term loimentsdz are constitutional and upheld by the voters there's no difference between what is proposed in supervisor avalos amendment a term limit we live under. >> thank ysupervisor peskin. >> supervisor avalos. >> i want to think of different ways to look at this thing or changes in the lay or the existing law about appointment and there's nothing ideal and things that work all over the place don't work but what didn't work in 2012 when chris tone was appointed to the board of supervisors she was forced to vote on things and there were serious consequences in the administration wanted her
3:39 pm
to do that i submitted alternate engross receipts tax she supported any version that was challenging the mayors gross of receipts take the mayor's office came down on her like a ton of bricks that happens acquit frequently with the supervisor i believe go when it came time for her election the mayor was not supporting her we get a process that has supervisor peskin said e roads rips and e roads good government orthodontist we have an election this year the if either one of the people running ♪ chamber that will be equivalent the seat will be vacant if we
3:40 pm
don't make changes to the law will be unelected and serve for to years that didn't seem democratic i think we have at the opportunity to put forward rules that are about the separation of power and trusting government colleagues, i urge our support thank you >> thank you supervisor avalos madam clerk call the roll on item 32. >> supervisor farrell no supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang no. >> supervisor wiener no supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed no supervisor campos supervisor cowen no. >> there are 6 i's and 5 notices with supervisor farrell and supervisor tang and
3:41 pm
supervisor wiener and supervisor breed that the content the charter amendment will be moved forward. >> call 33 and 35 together. >> to amend the city and county of san francisco to transfer responsibility for the maintenance of street trees to the city and starbucks a special fund primarily to pay for the maintenance and the maintenance ever trees on the unified school district to amend the business code to add a parcel tax to fund the maintenance of the city's street trees on sfusd property to increase the appropriation by the limit of the tax for 4 years from 2016 and affirm the ceqa determination item 35 was referred without 0 recommendation from see rules committee and charter first draft to amend the charter from the city and county of san francisco for the street trees from property owners to the city and under the california
3:42 pm
environmental quality act and at election on november 8, 2016. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you very much madam president colleagues this is an issue we have discussed many, many times since i've been on the board and a topic the discussion san francisco for nearly 40 years back to the late 19 san jose the complete budget process to fund our urban forest specifically here our one and 5 thousand street trees san francisco rather than fund this critical infrastructure and our city trees improve the environment and the health and quality of life in our neighborhoods the city has for almost 40 years neglected this critical asset and instead what san francisco
3:43 pm
has done our city to dump responsibility for street trees on the adjacent property owners for these adjacent property owners to care for the trees who they planted or want the trees or know how to taken care of the trees to affiliation broken sidewalks caused by the trees and they're concentrated roots and to be liable and this requirement is dumped on property owners whether they person the the ceo of a fortune 5 hundred or a protecting councilmember sharp living on social security and this is unfair to property owners and guarantees we'll have a deteriorating urban forest and in fact, we have a shrinking urban forest we've learned over
3:44 pm
40 years trees don't farewell in the budget process not extradite against critical needs like public health and youth services since i've taken office for almost 6 years now i've been working closely with friends of universities with our planning department with the public works with viral groups with park and neighborhood groups with various property owner groups to try to kracht an actual solution to actually solve this problem and that's what we have before us today a measure that will actually solve the problem not kick the can down the road not require the city do something without funding that is simple that requires it mandates that the city and county of san francisco take back all one and
3:45 pm
5 thousand street trees that the city be responsible for maintaining those trees that the city be responsible for maintaining sidewalk damage caused by this trees which is the elsewhere overwhelming majority of the damage and this measure creates dedicated permanent lockbox funding to actually discharge this responsibility if we require the city to take back the trees without the dedicated funding the result will not be a surprise the trees will not building accurately take care of so this provides the lockbox funding be a might have parcel tax where small homeland security are pay little and commercial officers or owners will pay more and sets aside a
3:46 pm
department of the emergency management funding to the charge for this responsibility this miff this is years of progress between myself and the friends of the urban forest and the department of public works i - we don't have a list of community motions we've attended to present but not surprise any if it exceeded one hundred we held multiple large stakeholders round tables late last year and early this year for feedback and craft a solution we came up with a solution working with our neighborhood groups and environmental groups with friends of the urban forest and with the parks groups and various property owner groups the apartment association and
3:47 pm
the small property owners and the realtors to make sure that everyone was at the table we have this today a well vetted and crafted fair progressive measure that will shore up and invest in our urban forest in san francisco i hope that we will send this measure to the voters i was optimistic that we were going to have a majority of support for this measure i was existed about day there are a lot of people in the neighborhood in san francisco who are existed with we have the opportunity to fix this problem people are really existed about this in neighborhoods throughout the city today at that moment i'm confident we have the votes to place this on the ballot so colleagues he move that we continue this item one week so we can continue the dialogue and i hope have an opportunity
3:48 pm
to send this important and thoughtfully measure to the voters so the voters can decide whether to solve this problem once and for all. >> thank you, supervisor wiener supervisor avalos and. >> thank you. i want to thank supervisor wiener for his great work on putting together the parcel tax about trees and creating tree fund that is something that i have been watching and hoping with heavy since 2009 when we decided person going to start of relinquishment program giving the homeowners responsibility for the trees in front of they're concentrated homes i drafted any own charter amendment he did so i felt that we have so many revenue measures going to the ballot there is a
3:49 pm
parcel tax the city college board of trustees put forward i don't know that make sense that we load up the ballot with competing i think that is the case xooets revenue measures that's what we have with the parcel tax to parcel tax quoting what is more important city college or trees well it is hard to say because it is super important but another tax on the ballot a bonds in the unified school district for things we'll put the sales tax and a real estate transfer tax on the ballot suddenly it looks full with a lot of things and voters are being asked to do a lot so we can do a lot of good work and craft good policy but when it comes to voter approval that is
3:50 pm
not a sure thing i think with that with our budget we'll be voting on today so i am also considering that we move tree measure forward to take that responsibility for trees back to the city leave it don't leave it up to property owner and property owners to be decide when they vote this november. >> i think outside the box as worthy thing we can't load up the ballot with that many revenue measures and in overall the decision should have not been made not decide to move this burden i don't use burden when it comes to tax measures but a burden on pertains we require them to take care of the trees they didn't plant in front
3:51 pm
of they're concentrat homes. >> i like supervisor wiener's measure we don't a good job work with the folks and the urban forests council and the neighborhood groups but i don't think that it make sense to move this all the other measures going forward despite how well, that was put together and ask that the utilize the carbon tax in anticipation for the support of tree program get called and continued one week as well with the parcel take the trees the charter amendment for the trees and this tax it's the utilities tax. >> m call item 59.
3:52 pm
>> yes. i'll turn to 59 without recommendation for the ordinance amending the business tax code to impose a utility tax on persons using the electrical energy into the city equal to 2.5 percent for the exemptions including an exemption for persons using electrical energy from certain renewable energy resources and utilities tax on persons using gas in the city for 2.5 percent subject to the appropriation for november 8, 2016, at an election to be held. >> commissioner lee has made a motion to continue item 33 to the meeting of july 26th
3:53 pm
seconded by supervisor tang and supervisor avalos has made a motion to continue item 35 and 59 to the meeting of july 26th is there a second. >> seconded by supervisor mar supervisor avalos any further comments okay supervisor mar. >> i wanted to say i support the continuance to give us time to look at the measures i'm not sure how much the carbon will raise supervisor wiener has made a progressive fax but all the items on this commissioners, on that motion november ballot how they'll impact each other i think that allows us that time to think about the fund streams he know that the friends of the urban forest have a progressive tax i'm one should from supervisor yee and supervisor
3:54 pm
avalos how the funding stream jive with the need for relinquishing the trees and the expanding the city's urban forest and campus that the friends the urban forest and supervisor wiener have advocated for for years i'm looking forward for the discussion of next week i believe that supervisor wiener mentioned that keep that in mind the tree canopy as mayor newsom began years ago was important we really lapsed in how we doing it and moving forward as a city is critical i want to say i'm looking at how the various parcel tax and others what about more progressive not putting the burden on small homeowners and property owners or rent in the city that's why i feel that madam chair rosales has progressive values with that and
3:55 pm
hoping the carbon tax has o considerations i'm supportive of continuance. >> thank you supervisor mar and supervisor yee. >> thank you supervisor president london breed. >> first of all, i really want to thank all the supervisors that have been involved with that discussion in particular supervisor wiener. >> and i will - i agree with those that thought we made a bad move in 2009 when the city decide to relinquish the trees to property owners almost 4 years that's all i hear why is this done i can't afford is a so on so that's why - i've
3:56 pm
introduced legislation for us to consider for a regular process of legislating to take over the trees as soon as possible with temporary funding and so finding a revenue source to take over the trees for the long run is important to me but at the same time i'm stuck about how to balance all of this i think many, many of the revenue measures that we are suggesting that the voters look at in in and of itself or by itself has a lot of merit but when you start putting them together and something else has already rattled off the tax measures how much do we ask our citizens to take on at this point i know i won't be supporting all
3:57 pm
the revenue measures i'm trying my best to look at which ones i may support that can do as itch as possible but this is a tough call for us i think every single one of us to support every single revenue measure we'll put on so for me great continue it but at the same time, we vote for the rest of the agenda items and see what we pass out ever hear i will take into consideration in regards to whether or not a particular revenue measure that we might want to put on the ballot actually be enough to fund some of the things we're asking is to be funded. >> thank you supervisor yee supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam president i look forward to the dialogue
3:58 pm
over the next week peculiar i do just want to clarify a few things first of all, in terms of tree relinquishment program i thought it phase was in 2011 or 2009 was recent that was not the defining of a reliberty program the city has been dumping trees prosecute that lasted phase a majority of street trees in san francisco were the responsibility of pertains so what started 5 or 6 years ago was a terrible and irresponsible public policy towards street trees in san francisco and if i thought we could just urban do what happens 5 or 6 years and that would be - i'll support supervisor yee's public
3:59 pm
works code amendment but i know and you know i think everyone in the city knows that is not what will happen this is been going on for 40 years almost 40 years with the city withdrawing it's will basic responsible of caring for street trees that's why friends of urban forest was created in the 19 san francisco's so for the irresponsible step by the city and county of san francisco an irresponsible step not reversed but sledder over 40 years and telling the voters or public we'll pass legislation or after we pass the charter amendment requiring the city to take back the trees and sidewalks it is a false promise it is telling the voters we'll do that we know that is not going to happen yes people will no longer be frustrated they
4:00 pm
refs a notice to take care of the trees but frustrated why that tree is dying in front of my house and the sidewalk is pushed up where is the city you know what they'll look at the budget and see the small amount of money that the board of supervisors and mares are employment for the care of the trees it is absolutely a false promise to the voters of san francisco we work hard and such a projected manner to come up with a responsible manner to take back the trees and sidewalks and created dedicated lockbox funds so not happy again dimming trees and our urban forest to day. >> thank you, supervisor wiener and we know that before the board that are 3 measures
4:01 pm
with regards to trees i hope that each the authors of those particular measures come together and draw one conclusion to make sure we dorpg in regards to the very important issue i'll be supporting the continues 33, 35 and 59 to the meeting of july 2016 call the roll. >> commissioner farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen there are 11 i's. >> okay these items will be continued to the meeting of
4:02 pm
july 26, 2016. >> thank you madam clerk call items 34 and 39 together. >> item 34 the charter third draft to amend the city and county of san francisco to create a homeless housing and services fund and predicament 12 plus million dollars to fund in fiscal years 2016-2017 and $50 million annually to the fund adjusted for changes for the next 24 years and create a transportation improvement fund and appropriate 25 plus to the fiscal years 2016-2017 and one hundred annually to the fund adjusted for changes for the next 24 years and secured deposited in the transportation improvement fund at an election in november madam president the second item is item 39. >> requires 8 votes item 3 an
4:03 pm
ordnance for the tax business code to for the tax at the rate of three quarters of one period for 25 years by the state board of equalization and increase the amount of tax from november 2016 and directing submission of the tax on a november 8th election. >> thank you m madam clerk. >> supervisor peskin. >> i'll make a motion to continue the items 34 and 39 items until later in the meeting colleagues without objection without objection they'll be continued to later on in the meeting. >> madam clerk call the next
4:04 pm
item item 37 a charter second draft for the charter of city and city and county of san francisco to rename the office of citizens complaints agency the department of police albeit and give the department of please accountability and to require the dpa for a audit every two years how the police department handles the officer misconduct and the use of force on the election november. >> supervisor cowen. >> thank you - proposition d to investigate all officer-involved shooting and just a reminders this past was 80 percent under oath this
4:05 pm
board of supervisors received a strong and clear mandate from our constituents they're demanding nor accountability and transparency when it comes to law enforcement you heard it today in during the conformations we can respective and honor our police officers those that put they lives on the line of duty everyday but simultaneously be disturbed by the shootings we've witnessed over the last couple of years residents deserve to know the police standards where use of force and officer misconduct and matched it with community values whether the system holds officer accountable or not i believe we can and hold police accountable
4:06 pm
in ways that extend beyond the individual complaints by focusing on the police department systematic problems within pd before they arrive to dysfunctional and systemic levels in the last year and a half with that, i want to take a moment and recognize the tremendous movement forward that our department has come i want to recognize the leadership of the current police commission and the past leadership of greg suhr that spurred on the reform today and take a formatting moment to thank i internship chief chaplain and understanding the seriousness and the entering connectionness this has in many communities
4:07 pm
but this won't happen in the board of supervisors don't stand together and take acts on real solutions and continue to work to bring about real police reform now is it so come to my attention maybe motioned that relative to this charter amendment to fold it into the public advocate charter meantime that will completely, completely work to dismantle the work that many people in the room fought for the young people in the chamber today, the naacp and various coalitions you've heard from and seen we can't even begin to have
4:08 pm
this conversation we can't even politicalize brown and black lives to simply satisfy completely unrelated interests all across the country too many families are growing at the loss of they loved ones whether their civilian or law enforcement officers we want to begin to heal in the city and put forwards solutions to relay police reforms this year is 5 hundred killings by police officers across the country most of that them have been investigated and justified but something wrong in this country when people can be killed with ini impunity not only a problem of training but oversight per we have an opportunity to model the work we've done with our police department for the entire country that is critical we
4:09 pm
stand be together with the charter amendment on the ballot it provides a much noted oversight we must place it on the ballots as its own a stand alone measure to allow the voters it to you or to allow they voices to be heard today, i ask you to think about the videos from across the country and the people that are in this room fighting for skwus and real solutions and those families grieving at the loss of they son or daughter and i ask you move the chapter amendments urb amendments forward. >> supervisor campos. >> colleagues he want to support that but not a a stand alone measure it should be
4:10 pm
incorporated into our public advocates we center two measures that are sierra club covering the same topic they compliment each of very well and to me we should be not loading up the ballot that's the theme for this afternoon but thinking how we make sure that we are having a ballot that has clear as possible but having many measures often about the same thing makes our ballot less clear and our duty to make sure we are giving choices and strong choices for the voters to approve i know that there i expect there are votes to support the public advocates position especially with the changes to the companionships to accommodate many concerns of colleagues and to merge those together ask
4:11 pm
we call items 78 and 79 along with this one supervisor president london breed to have a discussion about those measures together, of course, i think that the measure the police accountability is ready to community-based today and discussed it we'll have to consider that but suggest we call those items table one of them and allow amendments to be made to what we had exempted with the public advocate before the rules committee merge with the department the police officer accountability and take it as a community as a whole. >> seeing no other names on the roster, supervisor wiener. >> i ask that we call items 78 and 79. >> those are two ballot measures this doesn't require and continuance not related i'm
4:12 pm
not going to call that ballot measure. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you very much mayor pro tem stirs or first in support of this ballot measure item 37 to strengthen the office of citizens complaints to rename it and strengthen it to provide it with - we know that has at the heart of police, huh? publ confidence in the police they thought out in an unbiased manner this measure will help to increase the public confidence it is important it is its own idea it is itself own subject stands on its own i don't think
4:13 pm
that should be moergd and lump into with another measure that frankly goes dramatically beyond what this is trying to accomplish the other measure creates a new protective position takes various executive departments and mergers them away from the mayor and people some people like it and people don't like it is, it is controversial measure this measure item 37 i don't believe it is controversial it will receive overwhelm support from this board and the voters of san francisco and to merge it into an unrelated measure that is going to be controversial both for this board and the ballot does that make sense and does a disservice for police reform i'd
4:14 pm
like to see us vote on the merits and it sends a clear measure to the voters and i'm confident the voters will responds cuisine with strong support. >> thank you supervisor wiener supervisor kim. >> thank you. i want to thank supervisor cowen and her office for her leadership on the charter amendment it is incredibly thoughtful and one of the substantive measures that had bring affordability and transparency and also increase the trust with the community with our police department i think that many of the measures that are put in here in regards to the budget reporting and also insuring staffing to provide adequate investigation will be a commitment we've not
4:15 pm
provided adequate resources for the government oversight over the police and i want to thank everyone that worked on this measure including the police department to insure we are boston our relationships with our community and really providing for the things the community members or so asking for this is a big step in the right direction and i want to recognize sxoelg for her leadership and impressed with the entire charter and look forward it on the back ballot whether here or part of public advocates charter amendment that will be going forward to voters. >> thank you, supervisor kim. >> supervisor farrell. >> thank you supervisor breed and just two points i again want to thank supervisor cowen for her leadership and continuing to be you know a leader when we
4:16 pm
talk about occ and this measure out of respective to the colleague especially, as as sponsor it is fair we give a vote here and right now on this measure, and, secondly, to echo some previous comment i don't know that is an important measure we agree that the vast majority san franciscans will agree on why we'll risk putting it in with another mile-an-hour whatever - if you view this as an important issue and something you want to stand behind no reason not to support it as a stand alone measure. >> thank you supervisor campos madam chair rosales. >> i'd like to refer this item to larnlt in the agenda
4:17 pm
supervisor cowen. >> i am glad you're trying to politicalize this incredibly important life or death great job supervisor campos that is why we need this to be separate supervisor kim why stand alone public advocate may or may not passion because the next time in election in 2018 possibly june we will if it doesn't pass we'll not have an opportunity to reform and continue the momentum to move forward for the loaf of change we're in agreement voters 84 percent transparency is important we voted on the board of supervisors and yet here we are we're sitting back and allowing the dirtyness of politics to touch that incredibly thoughtful and pub
4:18 pm
substantive piece of legislation i mean this is absolutely critical we don't have time members of this body stood supervisor mar has stood with us in the black lives matter and been supportive of police reform and yet we can't sit back and let this two have not thoughts come together public advocates should occ be folded in the public advocates that's fine i'm asking to allow the voters to decide bring this measure to the voters as a stand alone they'll have two option if they want a public advocate vote for that or a stand alone but role this whole conversation about the bottle about accountability and letting the voters decide supervisor avalos that wrecks with hypocrisy and incredibly sad how many people must come to
4:19 pm
protest many of the people on the committee sand with the black coalition and a measure to support and yet you still won't support it thank you. >> schaffer you /* sxhair supervisor mar i heard from the various protests of police brutality and racism to historical ungo accountable action by police that the oak hats not be able to rein in in many ways and the police need anatomy and ouch from the mayor's office and at the police commission role i think the public advocate is the way to move forward so the public could a elect an extinct independent
4:20 pm
person to oversee not only the police reforms but the other measures i present but i've heard from the 57 to other efforts in the city is an independent oversight body i think the publicly advocate choufdz that i appreciate the creation of a new department but the way forward for true definition and the community - i'm supportive and my hope you and the coalitions work together for the independent oversight necessary with the police commission and the okay and other agencies as well. >> madam clerk call the roll. >> i've i'm not recognized.
4:21 pm
>> call the roll. >> madam president you actually decide the order of business, however, if a board member want to appeal that's an order. >> madam clerk please call the roll. >> voting on sorry. >> my apologizes. >> voting on item number 37 on its own. >> i believe there is another motion to continue on the floor. >> he was not recognized the motion. >> the motion was there when i was recognized. >> the president has spoken madam clerk please call the roll. >> a question through to the chair. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you madam president through. >> i'm not certain we interrupt a request to call a role to ask questions or
4:22 pm
clarifications from my understanding. >> the question is what we're voting on. >> we're voting on item 37. >> madam president to supervisor campos you earlier asked to postpone and so madam president i believe he did request that. >> he requested but not made a motion. >> i requested to refer that's a motion. >> he was not recognized. >> he was not able to recognize that. >> m should it not be interrupted. >> not interrupted except for the for a second the supervisor stated his request. >> he didn't make a motion. >> i believe that was his motion. >> since it was stated it is on the presence of motion. >> on the precedence is there a second. >> second. >> seconded by supervisor
4:23 pm
campos. >> call the roll on the continuance to later in the meeting. >> is that debatable. >> motion to continue is debatable let me double check that. >> it is debatable. >> supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam president i will not be supporting this motion i not only because this or more measure should not be folded into an unrelated measure for the reasons i've stated before i also want to say i just wanted to call something out and state what t what t what t what the the elephant in the room there is a click on the board and if you're part of that click your ballot measure move
4:24 pm
forward if not they get killed or your ballot measure is merged into someone else's ballot measure and losses it's own consistence that is brewing for awhile i want to call that out there is a reality what is happening right now it is up until a if you days ago unthinkable that any member of the board to suggest for a minute as something as important and non-controversial as this police accountability measure will be forcingly overrule the objection. of author merged into another amendment this is out arraign this is happening that is what this board of supervisors has now come to a majority that decides they'll flex they muscle if you're not on they team our ballot measure is dead no matter how important
4:25 pm
that is what the happening the majority has ever right in the world to do whatever with whatever measure that's the reality happening right now at the board of supervisors and frankly those measures are not evaluated on they merits but based on the politics is any wonder the public approval rating of the board of supervisors continues to go down is it not okay. >> thank you, supervisor wiener and supervisor cowen on the continuance. >> i'm definitely against the continuance no reason to continue it is the facts are laid in committee that is silly game that had been played i support occ but in the team of a maker advocate i'm the maker lowell high school when it comes to ballot time to vote you remember who stood with the community and supports this
4:26 pm
measure as a stand alone you remember who stood with i will remind people every step the way who was with us and not from now until eternity. >> thank you supervisor cowen supervisor avalos on the continuance. >> let's have a vote. >> madam clerk on to continue. >> supervisor farrell. >> just to back up what supervisor wiener was stating earlier to call out what maybe initially spark an emergency room you know some colleagues have privately and pubically talked about they hence on a budget that was passed amazing nouchl out of committee and based on a sales tax measure that was called we'll talk about that later on at 7.5 percent to
4:27 pm
fund into transportation and homeless needs here in the city of san francisco and all of a sudden because of a measure around our tent encampments that a number of us put on the ballot all of a sudden they horse trading or attempting to say they'll not support a sales tax our budget was predator can do addressed supported by all people we've talked about in the board of supervisors and talked about before the budget process josh the sales tax supervisor cowen's and measure right now, tree measure as has nothing to do with with anyone else those are expanded alone measures so try to make a link it is the same thing as having my children come to me and say we'll not do
4:28 pm
our homework unless you gusts ice cream in they minds they're okay but they unrelated that is attempted extortion and sub vefrt the board of supervisors and it is disgusting. >> yeah. >> i'll not be supporting the continuance. >> thank you supervisor farrell supervisor avalos. >> thank you. i just want to say that none in the room has a monopoly oneself inclination so talk about the elephant in the room every year our board chambers has a somewhat of a progressive majority but the elephant in the room in the committee they stacked to bottle up legislation and have to have mandatory to get measures to have a discussion at the full board amendments are made toy people's legislation that are hostile amendments and bottled 0 in committee that is the dirty
4:29 pm
politics we're playing and when measures get to the board of supervisors the committee has a sneaky underhanded way of making amendment to what we're trying to legislate on is hypocrisy i'm calling it out we should give out ticket for hypocrisy. >> remind the members pursuant the conduct of supervisors may not impugn the board members please. thank you, madam clerk. >> supervisor wiener. >> i want to i don't know why supervisor avalos is saying about that comment, in fact, i've supported supervisor kim's city college measure i didn't try to forcefully change and
4:30 pm
sports through the chair madam chair rosales a number of your measures didn't notice forcefully amend. >> supervisor avalos auditor. >> supervisor campos not seen eye to eye and sports a number of measures he's put forward so i want to make sure we're not board brushing we have a system works there are ways to get things out of committee even though things are bottle up that's not the same things everything is coming into there are no the floor and hopefully, we'll make those the decisions. >> just to be clear a public advocate has appellants by the author and sit in committee for another week was not held up in committee madam clerk call the
4:31 pm
roll on the motion to continue. >> supervisor farrell no supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang no supervisor wiener no supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed oh, excuse me - no supervisor breed no supervisor campos supervisor cowen hell, no supervisor cowen no 6 i's and supervisor farrell commissioner borden and supervisor farrell in the descent. >> this item will be discussed later on in the meeting madam clerk call the. >> next speaker, please. >> item 38 a charter amendment second draft to amend the chapter of the city and county of san francisco to splits the appointment for the municipal transportation agency director of public works between the mayor and the board of
4:32 pm
supervisors to lower the vote by which the board of supervisors may regret the sfmta before you get from 7 to 6 and make the relayed changes implementing the items on the election of november. >> supervisor yee. >> i'll keep this simple it is i wanted to put in the ballot to give the voters a chance to see if they want to consider a split appointment for the mta commission and the city planning commission that's the major issue here and we also know that mta budget has been increasing and conditions to there oil hopeful that speak of the ballot measures had continue to support increase in transportation as most of us want to see happen the other major issue that i'm
4:33 pm
asking the voters to consider would be to bring how we vote on the budget for mta similar to despite every other department we've looked at from the 7 that circling digest to pass the budget item to 6. >> supervisor campos. >> thank you. i want to thank supervisor yee that is something that it its been a long time coming and my office worked on a similar ballot measure a number of years ago and at that time, unfortunately deal was cut supposedly to reform the mta without a ballot measure if you
4:34 pm
ask the people of the city and county of san francisco if those reforms will have actually been real and become i think grenade in how this action operates that most san franciscans will say that that reform has not happened that is about giving every rider of public transit and every resident of this city that is an exacted by the actions of municipal transportation agency more say in how that agency operates for accountable and transparent i'm happy to support. >> thank you, supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam president colleagues, i will not be supporting this measure today many years the board of supervisors had significant control over and melted but with muni and we saw the results of a
4:35 pm
deteriorating transit system and all sorts of problems dramatic under investment and divert the funds the voters weighed in and took control of muni away from the board of supervisors by creating the municipal transportation agency as a semi independent agency and combining the muni and traffic and substantial pursuant to a measure that supervisor peskin supported the taxicab commission into the mta and the goal to coast create one agency a purview over the integrated transportation all over the place prop e it created the matt restricted the ability
4:36 pm
of board of supervisors to meddle in the budget of mta by creating a 7 threshold to regret the budget and setting other rules the board will intervene in serious circumstances this measure addition in addition to splitting the appointment makes it much, much easier and attempting for the board of supervisors to meddle in the mta's bucket that i don't not going to be to the benefit of transportation in san francisco i think we'll quick go back to the bad old days where the mta is not basic transportation on good transportation policy but rather than on the political whims of the board of supervisors i don't support that we have so many transportation
4:37 pm
challenges and need to be moving in a positive direction this measure is not positive i can't remember 8 years ago the voters overwhelmingly not close overwhelmingly rejected a similar measures that split the board of supervisors appointment and weighed in i understand if you lose an election by a little bit going the second time but the voters might have 65, 35 and go back and include the ability the board of supervisors to meddle in the mta's budget is not a good thing i'll be voting no. >> thank you, supervisor wiener supervisor yee. >> you know there's a lot of things that have changed i'm one that is not afraid to make changes and be more transparency we could use the word
4:38 pm
medicineing our responsibility to meddle in our fiduciary are we medicineing. >> seeing no other names on the roster. >> supervisor farrell no supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang no supervisor wiener no supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed no supervisor campos supervisor cowen no. >> that are 6 i's and 5 nos madam clerk back to item 37 please call the roll.
4:39 pm
>> on item 37 motion yeah. >> supervisor farrell supervisor kim no. >> supervisor mar no supervisor cohen's no supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee no madam chair rosales no supervisor breed supervisor campos no 5 i's and 6 nos the charter amendment will not be submitted guess please call item 40. >> ordinance to authorize the
4:40 pm
municipal transportation agency to include any contract for parking meter coin counting and support services it computes xouts after solicitation to requires the contractor and a to have the coin positions and to provide the employment to the prior employees performing such services. >> madam clerk please call the roll. >> supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed
4:41 pm
supervisor campos supervisor cowen there are 11 i's. >> the ordinance is passed unanimously on the first reading. >> a resolution for a entering governmental for the airport commission to grunls the san mateo for the xaefrnd calls not to exceed one million dollars for the period retrofit to throw june 2020 and share the trientd occupancy tax relating to the hotel same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. it is adapt item 42. >> a resolution to approve the fourth amendment before the department of health and the aids foundation for housing in health services to extend the counteracting through 2021 not to exceed $40 million same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously madam clerk please call items 43
4:42 pm
to 55 12 resolution that approve the industrial tefrnl and food and beverage and concession between the city and county of san francisco alexander's by and through the airport commission and the following companies for contract terms and options item 43 to post the security for a 10 year to step up with an minimum guarantee or 5 hundred and 60 thousand and how flying informs for a post security concession with options to amend 200 and i plus and item 45 is compatible with on the fly of san francisco so for one presecurity concession for a 7 year to extend a post security concession for a 10 year to
4:43 pm
extend nine hundred and next the post security concession to extend an initial meg of one and 65 thousand and next the japan can you sin and a post security concession for a 10 year to extend an initial maya angelou for 200 and 24 thousand and item next is, llc for a post security 10 year terms to extend with one and 50 thousand and item 50, llc for the 7 year to extend and one and 55 thousand maya angelou and item 51 with itself commissioners with seven years with an option to step up with one and 25 thousand, item 52
4:44 pm
concession, llc for a brief security concession with a 7 year terms with a minimum - item 53 for two security concessions with a 7 year term with options to extend of one and in love thousand and 54 host international 7 year term and maya angelou of one and 20 thousand and 55 is with sf p america for seven years with an exception of one and 96 thousand. >> roll call vote. >> on items 43 through 55. >> thank you supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin
4:45 pm
supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen there are 11 i's. >> the resolutions are adopted unanimously item 56. >> item 55 to 6 resolution to approve a third amendment to the deducting contract with the health care, llc for a long term mental health in a contract in a twenty-four hour lock facility to extend through june 30th for a not to exceed illness. >> same house, same call? we'll take that without objection. the resolution is adopted unanimously item 57. >> item 57 a resolution to authorize the general manager of the san francisco public utilities commission to execute a tenant system pole
4:46 pm
installation with singular, llc doing business as verizon supervisor peskin roll call vote on item 57 supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin no supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen there our 10 i's one supervisor peskin in the descent. >> the resolution is adopted item 588. >> a approve the acquisition of one agreement from 2525 lp for 13 plus used by the city the property located on 2525 marin
4:47 pm
street for the marin sewer system improvement project and adopt the ceqa findings and appropriate other findings. >> roll call vote. >> supervisor farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos commissioner borden supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen there are 11 i's. >> the resolution is adopted unanimously madam clerk please call item 60. >> item 60 is an ordinances for the administrative codes to require city departments and contractors that provide health care and social services to speak and collect and analyze the data of sexual orientation.
4:48 pm
>> supervisor wiener. >> thank you very much madam president colleagues this item comes to us a recommendation from the lgbt aging task force you'll recall in 2012 i loan with supervisor supervisor campos and another supervisor authorized this legislation to help us on a path of understanding the needs of our growing lgbt senior population and to starts addressing those needs the task force did a spectacular work for 18 months and produced a superb report we're been gradually commenting the recommendations with the legislations i co-authored where supervisor campos a few years ago to create a bifurcating for lgbt seniors living in emergency
4:49 pm
career facilities and have the appropriations for example, to help to address the needs of lgbt seniors with dementia and lgbt facing isolation this is the next step in understanding the immediate needs not only for the lgbt senior buses expand to all lgbt people and specifically to collect data around the lgbt committee members that are assessing city fund health and human services the lgbt community battle over time for centuries from million has been a battle negligence visibility our enemies want 80 us to be inviolably and not public and i think invisible before north carolina or mississippi or indiana or any number of states
4:50 pm
that continues to tell us to go away and disappear and one of the best things we can do to make sure this community is never invisible is to understand who we are and where we are and collecting data is critical to doing that in our health and human services in san francisco we collect data around gender and ethnicity and age and so forth but we don't collect consistent data around sexual orientation and gender identity that requires a number of city departments and the nonprofits they fund ask simply ask the question for people that are assessing the services in other words, where they're a lgbt no one is required to provide the data is it so volunteer y that's
4:51 pm
not public but a very, very positive step forward i want to thank our lgbt task force for its work and thank adam taylor in i office for his work and acknowledge assembly member diffused for the state program i have some - one of the issues that dispersonal property effects the lgbt people they're more food insecure than non-lgbt people and line 3 we inadversarial didn't introduce this we want to include the department of homelessness in addition to other departments
4:52 pm
that are required to collect the data on page 3 line 8 and line 3 adding temporary shelter and transitional housing and prmentd clear that the data must be collected for the housing and shelter we provide for the homeless and formally homeless i move that we don't you want the amendments and colleagues thank you supervisor yee for the co-sponsorship and we indicated supervisor campos who was the corso permanent didn't make it on if he approves that that will be added as a full partner and madam chair rosales and supervisor cowen want to be another. >> another motion to make amendments seconded by supervisor campos we'll take that without objection.
4:53 pm
without objection those amendments pass supervisor campos. >> thank you madam president as we're having this discussion i was informed that the republican party has officially nominated donald trump so on that note we want to commend be added as a co-sponsor but the key i want to thank supervisor wiener and the task force for the work we need it data and information to know what is happening in terms of discrimination against the lgbt especially the transgender community. >> thank you supervisor yee. >> i want to thank supervisor wiener for bringing this up when i heard at the committee level just reminded me of similar battles with in the past with other sub groups whether this is race or age to get the
4:54 pm
data we need so we can be more efficient in terms of our resources and so when supervisor wiener talks about the thinking visible group and not a group invisible that was bringing back feelings how i felt when i was involved in fighting for some other groups trying to get the data and it is important for all of us to stand in solidarity to support any of the groups people trying trying to make invisible i'm happy to be a co-author. >> seeing no other names on the roster, colleagues clooegz
4:55 pm
we'll take that without objection. the ordinance is passed unanimously on the first reading. >> let's go to the 3:00 p.m. special order colleagues this madam clerk cotton those items. >> yes. item 66 to 69 comprise the special orders for public hearings in interested the categorical exemption from environmental review dated 2014 in the california environmental quality act issued by the planning department on 2014 to allow the construction of two, 3 single-family dwellings on two vacant lots on fulsome street and item 67 and 68 and 69 the motioned associated with that appeal. >> is there a motion to excuse supervisor campos. >> motion by supervisor farrell and seconded by supervisor yee can we take that without objection? without objection supervisor campos is excused
4:56 pm
colleagues that categorical exemption is withdrawn and a new one issued rendering it's appeal mute so i want it to at this time that was on the calendar we will need to open that particular item up to public comment before we table it >> any public comment on this item? are here to speak on this particular item are you here to speak on the categorical exemption please come forward we'll be tabling this item it has from my understanding it business withdrawn so this is no longer an issue we will vote on. >> first speaker please. well, i'm sorry we will vote to table those items. >> thank you madam president and supervisors ryan patterson on bart of the family want to take a brief moment to thank the
4:57 pm
supervisors for reviewing the material we are happy you've recognized the ceqa determination this was an appeal supported by a large number of community organizations including did bernal heights nomination and liveable neighbors and the upper fulsome street and san francisco bay the associating and bernal heights democratic club and the bernal heights center several hundred neighbors all signed the petition and wrote letters this is one of the most dangerous sites in the city we appreciate your attention thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> anyone wish to comment please line up to my left and come forward. >> my name is a marlin i'm in an aaron broke vindicate movie with that site i was next to the
4:58 pm
permitted investment and bought any prototype property i called the department of public works and wonder where work it is not developed it will not be developed that is too dangerous but today with real estate pressures being what they are it has changed this is a 26 inch pg&e gas pipeline in the area it is the only spot in san francisco where a gas transition pipeline is not under asphalt lots of gas transitioned pipelines in san francisco but a hundred and 40 foot the achilles he'll and on the very, very steep slope and the neighbors are similar asking the pedestrian safety issues be identified and litigated before any construction begins.
4:59 pm
>> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> i live in bernal heights for 25 years. >> gosh that is probably 15 or 20 years i saw a surveyor on the hill they were scoping something they said we're looking up the poelth of a crossed town tunnel in san francisco going from the bay to the ocean and the neighbors get together and came to the board of supervisors and asked you to reasonable in the kinds of plans and things go brought forward and instituted in the city and feel this is the same kind of an issue a young 10-year-old said listen what if it makes sense to dump water in the
5:00 pm
recomblamd water into the bay homing to put it into the ocean the board had no response to that question today, if we had a 10-year-old speak to they would say how do you know that will be safe i don't think we could answer that question we need an environmental impact report it is thorough and complete to all of us can be assured of any development on the hill is safe and not going to impede anyone else's security. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> i'm a citizen and taxpayer i want to thank the boards for they reconsideration of that important matter and watching for responsible and responsive procedures won't take up anymore of your times.
5:01 pm
>> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> madam president and members of the board i'm herb i live on fulsome street i'm with neighbors against the upper fulsome street extension i want to introduce a yeah. you can't who is working with us for the past several years. >> my name is a bob i'm a counselor and on the housing committee and safe communities on the before you no and thank you for this and speak at a at a later date thank you. >> i job to job bobby and the neighbors in thanking you and see you the next time we have an opportunity. >> thank you very much any other members. >> really quickly i know this is revisited i'm pamela i live in bernal heights i wanted to point out i believe what are the
5:02 pm
rebates this a accordingly categorical exemption is exposure this didn't meet the planning code guidelines that will create traffic problems and not the property will not be assessable to public services thank you. >> thank you any other members of the public want to permitting provide public comment. >> good afternoon. i'm charles i'm with the law firm of lawson representing the project manager i'll be belief you have a busy agenda and this appeal is mute as you've indicated we support this action and i'm sure we'll be back in a couple of months in the meantime, we didn't present materials by the july 8th deadline the earlier categorical exemption had been recess sentdz prior to that date i want to make sure that our absent of materials and silence
5:03 pm
is not interpreted acquiescence put forth by the appellants this project with the two single-family units with loss that are zoned for single-family homes more modern 80 years a perfect project and last two categorical exceptions that the department found was appropriate the appellant courts will argue that that sections we'll be book in a couple of months and argue fully at this time i want to be on roared we don't argue with the agreements put forth and think the categorical exemption was appropriate by the planning department. >> thank you are there a are there any anyone wish to comment seeing none, public comment is closed. is there a motion to tackle items 66, 67, 68 and 69 move
5:04 pm
forward by supervisor yee and seconded by supervisor farrell i'm sorry supervisor avalos >> colleagues table the items we'll take that without objection. without objection those passes unanimously. >> madam clerk back to our agenda where we left off. >> item 61 madam president. >> call 61 and 75. >> that was referred without recommendation phenomenon is land use committee to allow the accessory dwelling unit as second in-law unit units on all areas that allow the residential use for the restriction of rent-controlled units and talk about the ceqa determination and
5:05 pm
item 75 was considered by the land use and transportation at a regular meeting on july 18th and forwarded as a committee report this is an ordinance for the planning code to allow for the construction of accessory between as secondary in-law unit units in areas that allow rebates as it applies to adu and the ceqa determination and make the appropriate findings. >> supervisor farrell thank you supervisor president london breed colleagues those two measures with called together supervisor cohen'ss measure as well as my measure and supervisor scott wiener regarding side adu's terror to the dialogue to step in a different direction we came to a compromise and thank you,
5:06 pm
supervisor wiener and supervisor peskin and obviously the housing crisis is front and center in san francisco and adu's are significant tool in the tool shed to alleviate this issue on the near term and less contention with the construction in the neighborhoods and the proposal in front of us have the potential to create tens of thousands of new units in our city a few things to highlight our proposal together and i'll talk about procedurally i'm voting for and supervisor peskin will weigh in allowing the buildings with 5 or more units and will cap adu's in building with less than 40 units and didn't permit the adu's with 90 no-fault eviction and no adu for
5:07 pm
a short-term rental we removed some components around storefronts and made sure that we alleged upon a minimum square feet size we talked about yesterday in committee and we will hold it at three hundred for a san francisco and 5 for a one bedroom we always wanted to make sure we are not exposing any vacancy controls that compromise is the right direction and i want to acknowledge supervisor wiener and then commissioner christensen had done somewhat similar certainly in terms of adu's in their own districts last year the ground work as supervisor peskin introduced this year's and years ago and not brought to a vote butable to bring it together today so why again, i think that is important housing policy i want to thank everyone for they work and colleagues we hope you support
5:08 pm
it two measures in front of u.s.s. some will require amendments and commissioner peskin might have an idea how to deal with >> thank you supervisor farrell supervisor peskin. >> thank you madam president first, let me aid the policy and let me talk about the politics particularly on this contentious day at the board of supervisors as a matter of policy a piece of legislation that's been a its been a long time coming that larger than any one supervisor is actually starltsz decades ago with supervisor terrance dealing with in those days the third rail of san francisco politics in-law units and later on was championed by mabel and tom ammiano looked it in 2002 i
5:09 pm
introduced legislation that was actually, it changed from the previous to supervisors legislation previous supervisors were all dealing with the issue of existing in-law unit legalization this was very, very contentious on the west side of san francisco i understood in 2002 in incentive virgos new in-law units it was a contention ceqa appeal which interesting enough that board or that board on a 6 to 5 vote rejected the ceqa appeal but then one particular member of the board hadn't had it we didn't votes on that underlying and my predecessor and successor david chiu trod and then commissioner
5:10 pm
christensen my immediate predecessors policy discussions and involving the way the electorate has dealt with this the politics of this board has changed i'm delighted the votes are here today for this measure and work has begun we actually need to incentivize with some affirmative action by the city the creation of those units pacific gas & electric this legislation today is not enough i think that we need to create a program modeled on our mandatory guess seismically retrofit we reach out to the thousands of property owners that can avail themselves of the toll and show them is it so economically beneficial to them and help them
5:11 pm
tell the jury we should streamline the process and make process improvements and dbi and planning so i'm hopeful we will work together this year and there to mark those process improvements and watch that program and end up not what a few hundred hundred units about any thousand in the years and most to come thank you to supervisor wiener i said to him in committee copying his caps was the highest intimidation of flattery and let me say as a matter of land use land use planning on the supervisorial lines doesn't marnls in many districts if you have a uniformly residential district it might make sense but
5:12 pm
the district i recommend has half of downtowns as you can see and fisherman's wharf and doing this kind of legislation by supervisorial dpangs i'm delighted we're getting a unaware away from supervisorial district and talked about the politics because the rap on the board i served on was and some of this was perception and some realty we remember not together and civil and the wrap on the board that got elected in 2008, a board of colleagues the pathway to those two pieces of legislation that are before you the compromise that was forged babe in a way that actually quite frankly i want to be honest was not civil
5:13 pm
generally when someone introduces a piece of legislation in march and has trouble with it that he significant to the sponsor amendments rather than going to the ballot we've resolved all that i think that today is a good day to show we, work across the aisle but it also i think that a sign that many of the fights we are expressing today could have and should have been resolved in the process so i'm quite certain that while our policy concerns about all the other things come from the legitimate placed they ways those things can have been solved we all live in the building and know what the side conversations have been it's unfortunate that all of us couldn't do relative to the
5:14 pm
other measures what supervisor farrell and i were able to do and i think that that can actually be done i won't get don't have another day like this at the board of supervisors i for one was delighted to come to a board that prides it's in collaboration. >> with that, supervisor tang has agreed to do which is this. >> you don't think so i don't know what i'm augusto. >> exactly right supervisor farrell has amendments to conform the legislation i have some amendments tool conform i passed those amendments out to all of you and make a motion as to item 6 is to adapt those amendments all of which were
5:15 pm
discussed in committee yesterday and the previous mondays so i'd like to make a motion to adopt those i believe that supervisor farrell has amendments and two identical piece of legislative and in the spirit of collaboration i'll take that coin and supervisor farrell agree if it is heads it had been item 61 rae tails item 75 that move forward. >> supervisor peskin a maid a motion to move. >> colleagues we'll take that without objection. without objection they pass anonymously. >> supervisor wiener. >> i'm defer for supervisor farrell to speak for me with the permission. >> other supervisors have not
5:16 pm
been called i have to call on him when i'm done. >> that's fine that is an existing day as supervisor peskin mentioned i mean this was actually beyond the third rail that was legalizing the tens of thousands of existing illegal units that was the battle grounds for decades and decades of people living in them seal families and whether to legalize that's the fights i don't know about that until 15 years ago and allowing adding new in-law units and so this goes really beyond the third rail supervisor peskin the legislation was not able to get a majority so i agree with citywide is the way to go but by
5:17 pm
the way of context we had no ability to pass legislation to allow for new in-law units and supervisor peskins legislation that was citywide failed so when i waited into this area wherever it was four or five years ago did so by the way of a pilot program not q with adjudicate 8 but the castro and got a lot of support and passed out that legislation all over the place when the sky didn't fall we extend to to da to all of district 8 and at the time i put out the challenge to colleagues, we want to extend that and hopefully citywide commissioner christensen took the bait and in a good way and extended to district 3 and now we're extending it statewide. >> so i'm glad that it is a good direction and shows where
5:18 pm
we are as the city we can't afford to do things in terms of housing the way we've done them not the way of conservation in louis for new housing so i think the political landscape has shifted and it is interesting that in committee and the hearings we've he would say citywide adu legislation there was this in any out right opposition more of a dispute about rear yard and we resolved that made clear we value the rear yards but that in and of itself year ago this legislation would have sparked world war iii and didn't come close i want to note the prevention i have not just in district 8 but also a much broader smoefk adu
5:19 pm
allowing the people going through the seismically retrofits to add as many units into the building a multi building we eliminate the caps and we went beyond district 8 and i want to thank supervisor farrell and supervisor peskin for mincing the intibltd within the legislation bruce because the seismic program is working and permits are pulled one issue i do want to raise we had a lengthy discussion the square footage minimum and i know that supervisor and supervisor farrell and my legislation fog minimum just the citywide minimum square footage and supervisor peskin put a minimum of three hundred and 50 feet for a studio hundred for a one bedroom and committee i thought was a place holder reduced it 5 hundred for a one
5:20 pm
bedroom i don't think this is the rights approach i don't have a problem with a minimum but i think that the minimum for the one bedroom is too high first of all, as i pointed out yesterday, i live i happen to live in a 4 hundred and 90 square feet bedroom it is more than enough space for me commissioner peskin i'll be happy to give you an inspection and a nice a place to live in. >> i want to make sure there's enough head room. >> there is i think that 5 hundred square feet store a one bedroom is too how what will happen 4 hundred and 50 square feet that he of they want to build a one bedroom
5:21 pm
knock down the wall and build a large to and give junior one bedroom and i i don't want the city to be micro managing that so i'll suggest to me i think having a minimum of three hundred square feet period is the right way to go rather than go trying to distinguish the one bedroom or if people think this is important to have a separate square feet for one bedroom have it be a lower maybe three hundred and 350s or 375 for a one bedroom that's the original concern about this legislation. >> so through the chair to supervisor peskin. >> you have a question. >> i have a question and supervisor peskin supervisor wiener has a question. >> my question since we had this dialogue yesterday and we put those numbers with the
5:22 pm
thinks we'll revisit it today, i know the planning department has produced new statistics in terms of the pipeline projects that will be impacted apart from the pipeline we can obviously if he wanted to grandfather in the pipeline i want to go forward with the program and see that succeed and a 5 hundred square feet for one bedroom is not going to help the program but hinder it. >> supervisor cohen's. >> thank you madam president through the president to supervisor wiener i've looked at the numbers for the hundreds and 3 of the hundred and 5 units in the pipeline a small snapshot and i am prepared to do the following which is to have an uncodified section of the legislation which says the flapt show a prepare and submit on the size of the
5:23 pm
proposed to be constructed pursuant to this planning code the report shall, recorded no later than than the adaptation and include the size data on the adu's constructed or permitted from the effective date of the 207 and any procedure that include our legislation supervisor wiener up to 12 months of this board and that means in approximately 16 months from day nor data and be able to legislate between now and then why not remove we have two versions of 3 hundreds and 550 and three hundred and a 5 hundred acceleration innocent take out those numbers and have the report preempt adapt this uncodified section number 9 and precede according. >> there's no minimum of the
5:24 pm
generosity anytime and revisits the issue when the report comes out. >> yes. just to be clear the planning department numbers show that out of one and 3 proposed units in the pipeline only 3 of them fall under the three hundred feet we've discussed yesterday in committee. >> i think another eight or ten that is sounds like a superb approach. >> i'll hand that amendment out and read the other amendments into the read into the record. >> colleagues direct your remarks to each through the chair supervisor yee. >> supervisor yee. >> thank you. i appreciate the colleague outlet i want to
5:25 pm
say that for the district i represent integrity 7 we've probably have maybe the thought 11 district maybe a third but no less than the fourth in terms of the units that are being developed for the last ten years and continue to develop and the approach i've taken i've tried to balance the neighborhood characteristics with the need of city in terms of the housing and for example, lives balboa i've been consistent with the way i vote on these particular items where i feel liquor it will impact the neighborhood characteristics
5:26 pm
and so in staying consistent i will not be supporting the this particular item that reason and but i do appreciate the efforts that everybody is made to work together on this - >> thank you supervisor yee supervisor mark farrell. >> thank you supervisor breed and appreciate the comments from the chair. >> excuse me - before i recognize you supervisor farrell commissioner peskin just for clarity the amendments you've previously made not through the conversation between you and supervisor wiener but initially when you first spoke i summaries that was for both measures was that accurate. >> no madam president some of these particular amendments are already in the measure that is item number 75. >> it is there a motion to rescind the vote on the
5:27 pm
amendments i basically amended both items with any comments. >> oh. >> so a motion to amend commissioner peskin and seconded by commissioner farrell can we take that without objection? without objection the item is no longer amended and we're going to propose our specific amendments not including what you've discussed with our item 6 is and so is that a motion >> madam president for the benefit of the city attorney i rise to say that we will delete on page 5 line 34 to page 6 line 11 and replace with the following language that sauce for the purposes of this provision the building envelope should be in a room built on columns decks except for decks
5:28 pm
that comboechl into the rooishgd or rear yard and lightwell in fills 3r0i9sdz it in fill between the property line and not visible from any offsite as of july phil of 11 and any the basis that comboechl our the rear yards and in the events any additional spaces such construction shall require the noticed pursuant to 311 i indicated we'll remorseful the size limits all over the place on page 7 line 13 beginning with provided, however, to page 7 line 21 desolate and provided, however, that prohibition on the spate sale shall not apply to a little within 3 years was an existing condominium with no
5:29 pm
rent controls as defined in sub r of administrative code and two has not evictions pursuant to section a 8 and a 14 of the administrative code within 10 years prior to july 11, 2016, on page line 13 we will insert on lots adu's are in correlation with a mandatory retrofit with the planning department admin bulletin with the climate change lowered and maybe subsidize in the entire property on the loiter on page 11 line 3 following the word rent-controlled housing we including pursuant to section is
5:30 pm
94.3 sub d and page 20 line two following the words that he or she determines to be applicable insert nothing in the section staff shall interpret the normal non-conforming and the u.n. codified and - except for to remove the rh1 for lots zoned rhd-1 regulated by the one below on page 12 line 13 add a section 5 accessory dwelling unit in the rhd-1 controls on construction and accessory dwelling unit on the