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tv   San Francisco Government Television  SFGTV  July 30, 2016 8:00am-10:01am PDT

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favorable government. that's who they went to first and that's why she could talk today about the reform of the cpr eight and the ralph m brown act, two towering achievements that started here in san francisco with a chronicles series by mike harris back in the early 1950s. so i strongly endorse quentin kopp for this job. thank you >> think you much good any other members of the public was to speak on item 1? please come forward. seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> the decision is now in the hands of this committee could supervisor mar >> thank you everyone for making the great comments and thank you for sender kopp as well. i move that we appoint quintin l kopp to see number one on the ethics commission in this business need to be a committee report? >> it was not noticed as a committee report so it will not be. i will join supervisor mar
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in support for the positive recommendation to the full board. it's nice to see that you still want to continue in public service today after all that you've done already. so, we will do that without objection. >>[gavel] >> congratulations. item 2, please >> item number two, >>[reading code] >>thank you. the applicant is jesse sandoval. welcome. thank you. you can begin. with the presentation >> thank you for considering me today for the governing board. >> hold on. if you would not mind, exiting a little more quietly. thank you. >> i little soft-spoken, two.
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thank you to the committee for the public that voted governing board. i believe i most qualified proceeds 11 two to my educational professional and personal experience. my graduate of usf [inaudible] in 2007 and was omitted to the bar as an attorney in 2008. i been practicing law since that time. i currently i practice law at the resource center is a staff attorney at law provide legal services to individuals with disabilities who cannot otherwise afford legal representation. i do with a variety of matters related to disability and have concerns for the clients. that's my professional experience. [inaudible] public authority. also, i previous experience in
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community organizer writer with issues related to state budget and how that relates to support services for individuals with disabilities. personally, i been a consumer [inaudible] for the past 16 years. and i'm responsible for hiring and firing [inaudible] so i understand the needs that consumers face from both a personal perspective and from a larger perspective. one of the huge things i think public authority focuses on is maintaining provider retention. that is something that is difficult in this day and age. given our wages associated with in-home care. it's important to work on incentives to maintain providers to treat or trained other ways to keep providers on board. any questions the one >> thank you for your presentation. i know that given
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your background and all of your work and personal experiences, certainly bring a really great perspective to this particular body. supervisor mar >> thank you ms. sandoval for your willingness to serve on this body. i want to thank you also for the independent living resource center's effort to really empower people with disabilities can help tell their own stories to continue building off movements that really are broken down barriers for people with disabilities but thank you for your work. i also just want to thank-i think we have letters of support of you from jesse lorenz. also the director and others but i know that one of the parts of seat 11 is people or person the represents organizations that advocate for younger people with disabilities. my experience has been mostly older folks as we look at
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creating and in-home support for the upper port which san francisco is going to be doing with a pilot program. let me just ask you about younger people with disabilities and how i-l rc and others try to help younger people that age group and empower them as well. >> certainly. you know not just for seniors but it's for younger folks. a variety of our consumers are used over the age of 18. we work with folks who are transitioning to college in obtaining their own education and making that transition from adoptive prevent parental care so seeking their independence. we also work with other community organizations to provide training and discussion of the issues that come up in terms of [inaudible] also i
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think we just have a good perspective for the issues they face younger adults. i think as a younger consumer of support services and in-home care sometimes our needs are different. a lot of times we might have [inaudible] more direction over our care. they define someone then a senior and often our daily needs are little bit different. getting up and going to work every day. so we do have different needs and we are working to make sure those needs are addressed. i think i'll be able to bring those needs to the attention of the board. >> thank you so much for your great leadership. >> thank you much for your presentation. this time with an open up item to two people. anyone want to come forward, please do so. okay. are you here for public comment or comment on that spewing >> yes. good afternoon
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supervisors. i'm patrick -executive assistant on the board liaison of the san francisco public authority. i just simply want to add that the public authority staff and governing body members are excited about jesse joining the board. she has our full support for the application. we think giving her work and experience she's gone to be a great addition to the authorities governing body. thank you. >> thank you very much. any other members of the public was to comment on item 2? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> if i can get a motion on this item >> i move jesse sandoval 30 number 11 to the in-home supportive services public authority. >> great. i will support that as well. we will do that without objection. >>[gavel] >> congratulations. item 3, please >> item number three, >>[reading code]
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>> thank you. we have received word from supervisor peskin he would like to withdraw this measure. so, very appreciative of that. if we could get a motion to table this item's i'm sorry. sorry that will do after public comment at any members of the public here for item 3? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> supervisor mar >> i move we table beside him >> break. will be that without objection >>[gavel] >> mr. clerk any other items before us today >> no more items before us today. >> thank you. we are adjourned. >>[gavel] >>[adjournment].
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>> working for the city and county of san francisco will immerse you in a vibrate and dynamic city on sfroert of the art and social change we've been on the edge after all we're at the meeting of land and sea world-class style it is the burn of blew jeans where the rock holds court over the harbor the city's information technology xoflz work on the rulers project for free wifi and developing projects and insuring patient state of at san francisco general hospital our it professionals make guilty or innocent available and support
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the house/senate regional wear-out system your our employees joy excessive salaries but working for the city and county of san francisco give us employees the unities to contribute their ideas and energy and commitment to shape the city's future but for considering a career with the city and county of san francisco >> good morning and welcome to the board meeting of the treasure island mobility management my name is jane kim and chair of the committee and keith is our clerk i'd like to recognize mark and nona
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melkonian for broadcasting our meeting today mr. richie commissioner avalos commissioner london breed absent commissioner campos commissioner cohen commissioner farrell absent commissioner kim commissioner eric mar absent commissioner peskin absent commissioner tang commissioner lee commissioner yee absent we have quorum. >> thank you mr. clerk, call the next item. >> chair's report on information item. >> thank you this is our first meeting since january and i would like to recognize my committee members vice chair commissioner avalos and commissioner campos for serving with me on the timma committee there's been a ton of activity on the island and to
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see the infrastructure projects and mobility programs that the staff has led and coordinating it is incredibly exciting to see our transportation program take shape a commitment to the residents of the island over 10 years ago we're newly beginning to formulate what a new ferry and extended bus route and car share for the completely new neighborhood in san francisco the timma committee met last week i'm pleased to the side is responses including the feedback about setting a town hall hours of proclamation and affordability a particular those that live on the island prior to the development and the recommendations have been refined thoughtfully to address the town hall concerns concerns the low income residents and to
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stand and diversity the funding sources beyond the users fees in this phase i'd like was pleased to write a letter of support for the trlt application for cap & trade this will fund the pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure on the island that is exciting and support a new ac transit clean skilled buses to allow the residents to take public transit to the east bay it demonstrates a partner with local service-based businesses in this case the on time and on schedule initiative that began was we moved the residents and our commitment to housing both residents that residents families and vaernlz that are formally homeless and to provide vanderpool services to support our vulnerable residents finally i'd like to appreciate long time island becky on the
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transportation authority cac many of you you know becky active in the franklin delano roosevelt democratic club and ever seen is pedestrian safety advisory committee an update in march and the transportation authority community advisory board heard unanimously and endorsed those recommendations in june she serves on the advisory board and provides a link between our two citizen advisory groups and recognize bob the director of tihdi thank you to all the folks for your service and with that, mr. clerk, do we take public comment on this item. >> yes. >> at this time public comment is open on item number 2. >> good morning, commissioners
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my name is jeff kline and i'm a 17 year resident of the villages on treasure island and want to correct commissioner kim and director chang you keep on calling it a community advisory board that is a citizens advisory a project committee and the redevelopment law but you got a special tida a waiver to allow the establishment of the citizens advisory board and only 2009 before the 4 residents elected to that board out of 19 people on the board so it is not a community advisory board not represent the community and i'm friends are
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with becky but she's disabled and 61 of the households on treasure island have a vehicle and do drive including myself and i commented at the july 30th with an of 3 residents along with becky and betty makingy why yerba buena island who commented the only residents that commented any of your meeting community full board and i'm here again, i want to ask that when i make comments on island 8 and 10 you'll allow me a full 3 minutes to finish my comment i have in writing and glad to provide in advance thank you, mr. kline we'll provide the 3 minutes on those two items seeing none, public comment is closed. on this item. >> can we please call the item.
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>> director's report an information item. >> thank you chair kim tilly chang this month our report hospital a has several opportunities as chair mentions the cap & trade application was submitted in june and director bob beck and i 2r5689d to sacramento for the council staff when we were impressed with the overall application four the hub facilities and the vanderpool services we're keeping our fingers crossed there we applied for federal grants following the opening of this federal usda transportation management technology deployment program last week secretary fox was here for the vehicles symposium and many of the smart cities initiatives are moving forward
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following the announcement of the grant award going to cleveland and san francisco is continuing to develop other kinds of projects to put forward including on treasure island we're tracking regional grant opportunity and many of the parishioners serve on the district and tracking the transportation for the clean air program that is administrative code by the air district and the one bay area program they could yield demonstrates fund to move forward turning to the local issues on any report the plan bay area draft somewhere was realized by the staff and hoping is that i live support of the treasure island initiative in the second rating in a row of high tier
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performances with the high cost profile the draft transportation scenarios will be presented in september continue to work between now and then and come back to you all with the specific requests or recommendations in that regard ferry service i'll note is taking shape on august 4th this coming august the water transportation authority weda will present an update on the services for the transportation board both our agency and theirs have been working hard to seek a green ferry technology for the island service this is their hybrid fuel and we're also working to jointly get funding for the island service this cuomo meeting with tida and the
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potential start date for ferry service with the capital plan fund and subsidies that are required and finally your tolling system a concept of operations which describes the components of the toll system how it represents to the san francisco open bay bridge toll system with the completion of the funding we sic entity from experts and companies with the toll services and we're working with researchers at the uc berkley and others jurisdictions gone before us in the area we'll brick all that back to you and take eric for the capital projects for moving forward and in addition to your on time and budget and our bicycle safety he's e he's working with the
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toll authority to deliver i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you director chang any questions for the director. >> one question ii had as a foul of public comment and hoping all the members of the citizens advisory committee that that would be helpful to know who sits on it. >> my apologies to that committee for given the wrong i should have noted a citizens advisory committee at this time we'll open up for public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. can we please call the next item. >> approval the january 26th meeting onramp action item. >> thank you. any comments on this item. >> at this time we will open up for public comment on item number 4. >> seeing none, public comment is closed.
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can we take a roll call vote. >> item 4. >> commissioner avalos commissioner london breed absent commissioner campos commissioner cohen commissioner farrell absent commissioner kim commissioner eric mar absent commissioner peskin absent commissioner tang commissioner lee commissioner yee minutes are approved. >> thank you and mr. clerk, call actually items 5 and 6 together. >> item 5 approve the administrative code and item six the minutes of order and the fiscal and business reimbursement those are action items. >> any comments on items 6 and 5 at this time we'll open up for public comment on those two items seeing none, public comment is closed. on items 5 and 6.
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>> mr. clerk same house, same call? same house, same call? on those two items mr. clerk, call item 7. >> item 7 adapt a fiscal year 2016-2017 annual before you get program an action item. >> thank you. any comments on the proposed budget and work program surrendering open up for public comment seeing none, public comment is closed. and we can take that same house, same call? mr. clerk, call the next item. >> item 8 approval the treasure island action item. >> thank you is there any comments on this item. >> seeing none, open up for public comment on this item. >> and mr. kline we'll grant you the 3 minutes for public
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comment. >> i've used this before so - >> do you recognize this hi jeff kline a 17 year resident and good morning and thank you for hearing any comment as i mentioned one of the 3 residents that spoke in the july 2015 timma all four of the comments were critical all 3 residents had 4 comments critical of the proposal that charge the residents a toll and expressed concern of lack of affordability and residence by the way, we're the only resident to comment i heard you talk about the
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affordability i assume you know that the average transportation spending of protecting resident due to the toll nearly double by build out that slide was in our presentation page 29 represent a graph but i understand how the timma missed this hesitate only the the screen for 20 minutes curiously in the grant i think it is responsible for you so i'm skiio approve those toll policies that double our transportation costs and specifically i demand you make all residents the villages exempt from this toll for 61 percent of villages household
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that have own or have access to a vehicle this tolls a huge increase and as constructive evictions and net profits comprise half of tida budget $80 million we pay for the ti project incidentally a million dollars to timma that's our rent money i don't need you to be remind the average to the income is ti households was that $5,000 obviously you must i present our looking for other funds for the ti project and instead of seeking nor money from the low income and middle-income people but i appreciate and ask you that you do not vote to double our transportation cots and exempt all residents from villages of
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the vinyls from this toll thank you. >> thank you, mr. kline there any additional public comment? >> seeing none, public comment is closed. board community members board members excuse me - any comments on this item again, i do want to thank the staff timma and the transportation authority as well as the treasure island development authority for the work on the mobility plan and to fill out the robust transportation program for current and new residence of this island i i feel comfortable with the goals with the hours and pricing have not been set yet and will be over the next two years will be taking in more input from the residents as well as continuing the dialogue on
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this process i feel comfortable and take this item same house, same call? mr. clerk, call item number 9 and 10 together and item 9 introduction of new items and 10 general public comment. >> are there any new items from board members today? seeing none, we'll open up for public comment on item 9 and general public comment as well. >> thank you good morning, commissioners andrew of chinatown officer of mighty virtue one will defend one policies of humanity and justice for the holy people political leaders and serves the society with loyalty and encourage on all good deeds with great virtues for the model of all of self-nature and
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preservation one follows the guidance of 20 between you principles to develop the apology for the divided missionary and takes a course of action with uprightness and integrity for the qualities of the leaders so one da can rescue being a perfect model and leader one coloration and progress could direct others to take on poverties in the same fashion of loyalty and courage and one can help the people to the outer state of peace of wellness and contentions oneself to use one genius for the good of mankind and cures for disease this is a good way to rescue the people
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from tragedies thank you. >> thank you next comment - commenter please. >> thank you, again, for hearing any comments commissioners jeff kline for the record i'm opposed to the because it the mistaken assumption the planners are ignored the shift to transit and away from private vehicles by the residents of the treasure island during the past 8 years this shift is due entirely to the muni bus service corresponding to the 2009 transportation plan one hundred of people own the cars compared to the san francisco average of 92 percent but the no idea. >> survey found 61 percent 8 years later of residents have
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access to a vehicle and thirty percent are car free residents are exceeded the accomplish tida goal we already mold o mode shifdz tar beyond the goal to 60 percent of people ride muni the access to the bay bridge and parking on treasure island is the fundamental and inflated assumption of at this time this is counter this the economic they are because it is essential by month household and - it is more likely that higher prices will not reduce the demand the demand for high income is by definition unlikely to be elastic since prices is not a factor for the wealth you, you
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should know where the program is cost effective to creates new openings for the ti project for the land limits of ferry services i urge timma to look at the reduction of green house gas emissions and capital improvement and construction time while greatly new year the urban condo system attached to the bay bridge i've prepared background information i've shared with supervisor kim office i hope you'll reconsider the failed timma approach and an urban gondola i have copies and be glad to give you the gondolas for the san francisco y b i upon request thank you >> thank you, mr. kline and we'll take our comments seeing
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no further items on item 9 and 10 public comment is closed. mr. clerk any other items item 11 adjournment. >> the meeting is adjourned morning. amanda-regional initiative for the gen. service administration pursue the claim region and of your master of ceremonies today. i do the short straw and jake to the longshot. congratulations, jay. welcome to the united nations gaza. on to gsa regional
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headquarters and the physical home of super public. today, we celebrate the official launch of super public. the nation's first collaborative workspace to host city state and federal policymakers under one roof. the innovation lab is running in collaboration with san francisco mayor's office of civic innovation by the city intimate foundation and the gen. services administration will solve common problems that affect all levels of government. uc berkeley's center for design research at stanford university and mit media lab have also partnered with super public. super public will provide space. program convened summit, roundtables, and training programs to build capacity so that all partners in the lab can maximize time and impact. by working in an open innovation environment, super public intends to create extorted exportable models and solutions facing governments throughout the nation. the city of san francisco and city intimate into gsa and other superpower concept, was an
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immediate, yes. each level of government is really reinventing the wheel around a common problems. the silo nature of government has stymied the public sector from adopting innovative tech, and business models, and the sharing of best practices. so our hope that super public will break down some of the silos and allow us to share common solutions across government at the city state and federal level. not only will gsa provide a physical space which we had quite a bit of, but we will also provide some expertise in certain areas. gsa is a leader in procurement and also digital services in our digital consultancy etf's house just down the hall. minute you walk by their offices. just today. we've seen a significant amount of success at the federal level addressing the german challenges and changing the way government bills and buys technology. etf and parent
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organization the technology to information service can bring these past successes past and failures to the conversation. so, without further ado, we are very excited to commemorate the launch of super public and were honored to have with us another special guest. from you hear from the harsh reality recognizer speakers from today's event. gsa administrator denise turner ross, mayor of the city of san francisco and family. san francisco district 2 supervisor mark farrell. executive director of the city intimate foundation cameron sadik, and the city administrator naomi i can name is not on your last name? kelly. thank you. in addition to our speakers today
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i like to recognizer panelists discussing women and government and technology early 21st-century government. gsa initiated denise ross we joined by codirector of the transportation sustainably resource center at uc berkeley. atf deputy executive director hillary hartley and city oakland chief resiliency officer karen jane. now my pleasure to introduce the speaker per today's event. i bus and head of gsa this denise turner ross. ms. ross is the 21st senate confirm administrative and general furnaces ministration brother 18 years of public service she's old there is a leadership positions in washington dc and greensboro north carolina the focus on driving economic impact in ms. state of change. it is a gentleman, denise ross. >>[applause] >> thank you very much into. thank you all for being here at gsa in this beautiful old building. i think when we had the chance to actually renovate the space we were very fortunate
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and what a great day to see how far it's come. i'm not sure that when we were renovating the space just a few years ago that we had this opportunity and vision in mind but indeed, here we are today and it's just wonderful. mayor lee thank you for having us in your subject is a beautiful subject is been here all week and it's been a wonderful time. thank you for your partnership always. i think using the mayor has been called on frequented by the administration and it's because we like to go to leaders sought. it's not been by accident you've seen us here working with the mayor quite often. as administrative gsa, i have the pleasure of working with people are very committed to a really having a joint
8:39 am
effort when they come to any community could gsa manages over three 75,000,000 ft.2 of space. we manage over $50 with spending occurs through the federal government and has been a straighter and you pointed out, i do have a deep deep background in city administration as well as in other capacities that i care a lot about how we are partnering with community could because when i know him and were working together both at city state and federal level, as well as with the private sector and public sector, the we are at our best and that's when we achieve our best. so when i came in as administrator i prioritize how do we use our physical footprint on knowledge, our access all resources to partner with these partners. as well as to partner with the federal agencies of course. an idea is for us to be able to bring the best foot forward in any place were entered weaver wants to never call her economic initiative which is really about how do we take a footprint and look for opportunities with communities. i think this is a great example of that. you are aware is into pointed out of our 18 f and pts and the work they been doing in digital services and current technology in bringing together
8:40 am
that effort to our efforts and the federal government and it's been really exciting. so when asked about what is super public meeting for gsa why are we partnering in what respect to get out of this? i spoke to see us be able to continue to partner with other communities did for me this is just the start. to start an example and a strong example of what it means for how we can really leverage the space we are managing. this space the resources, the people be accessed. that's what is happening here. that is what were all part of today. so this is just a really exciting time for us throughout gsa not just the technology space but for all this that are here because were burning at the same time and will take these learning and share with other communities as well. so, mayor thank you again for coming here. thank you and your team for having the vision as well as city innovates. i've just been excited getting to know the work that you're doing and vision you have not just your locally but international. what a wonderful thing. so thank you for coming here and thank you for choosing this partnership and thank you for having the vision. >>[applause] >> thank you, denise. our next speaker has incredibly
8:41 am
strong track record of driving collaborative partnerships in the first mayor in the nation to create an innovation office and city governments. please, welcome mayor ed lee. >>[applause] >> thank you into for that introduction. gsa of instead of ross, thank you for being here. this is one my favorite buildings outside of city hall. it shouldn't surprise you that we share the same architect and it's one of the few buildings like my office that still has curbed the wars. so there's a lot of history that we share but being here in gsa again, connotes a lot of good memories. certainly, it harkens back to city administrator these two director of purchasing a less political position in the city there i had fun. i truly
8:42 am
had fun when i was director purchasing, spending the public's money about $1 billion a year buying things but trying to do it smartly and trying to incur local jobs, small businesses, get them involved in the economy of our city. and, even as mayor, we are still making sure were trying to do the right thing as all of our governments are. this idea of super public is exciting because in a few years, you're going to see an absolute necessity for this to happen. while it seems volunteer and innovative to do it now were actually creating the conditions the private sector, for the public sector, or academia, for those in government want to innovate, were trying to equate those conditions now so it has a lot more opportunity to be successful. as a city of innovation, i want to say that were already working not just as a city but is the region, i'm already deep conversations
8:43 am
with mayor schaaf and mayor ricardo with our supervisors, in san mateo county about regional issues and making sure were paying attention, more than just what the part on has for the immediate future. more about our challenges and how we can really work outside of our sideload cities and counties and into arena where we can really and truly invite the private sector to work with us. the academia sector and our innovative arms. it's no surprise that gsa is a partner because it's fast becoming the most innovative arm of the federal government i've ever seen hit their really pushing it well ahead and they're challenging us to be a great partner and we want to be. because we have a lot of things that could withhold benefits to our public if we didn't start working cooperatively. we just are thinking outside of those silos that and you mentioned that we all know is a very fact that prevents us from doing
8:44 am
better. and i say that we started this over a year and a half ago as well thinking that to be smarter city, not just an transportation but everything else that we do but transportation is a great example to start out with because if were not thinking more :-), not thinking more collaboratively and innovatively, beyond the cities and into a regional if not a state and federal approach, were going to fail. whether it's bikes, whether it's public transportation, whether it's getting less cars have thinking about automated vehicles and how to make them safer, how to use them how to use automation and delivery of goods and products, were going to fill it we don't innovate now and have that spirit. that's why i'm excited about joining our gsa partners and our city administrator, our members of our board of supervisors, and our innovation arm of the city
8:45 am
working with the other innovation arms of federal government and state government. this is more than exciting. as i suggest to you super public is going to have to be a necessity because as you look around, not just united states, that's starting to happen in new york and los angeles and allow places, you look at what international cities are already doing. you don't have to look-has, by the way, happy the steel date those of you who have french foundations. paris story got a super public that we are studying and looking at as a model. toronto, under the great international city. other international cities have already figured out that indo global competition that we are engaged in, and we must recognize that, that is those regions that recognize how collaboration and innovation is
8:46 am
going to help their cities become that much more successful in a global competition. when not opting out of anything were opting in to a global setting and making sure we are ready to do that even better. so, i am excited as you can probably tell because i didn't, i visited the offices this year and the space that were talking about and i know into says we have not got the furniture yet. but, i will tell you, you got the calendar ready. furniture comes after the talent arrives. i think that talent is here the dedication the commitment is here and i will tell you, i have never stopped trying to figure out how to decrease red tape. how to really convince our public who has to pay a lot of our taxes to say, your money is going into a smarter collaboration that we can be
8:47 am
more transparent and telling them how we are cutting red tape. how small businesses can have a federal partner, a star partner, a local partner that says you're going to have a lot less red tape to be more successful. i have never stopped and effort in making sure that our city is talking with all our federal partners to it smarter and we better get how i say procurement officer as our city administrator is, to suggest that we can buy things and still have it at a less expensive price but get payments to our local small business faster so that we can really have a foundation for good employment in the long run. how we can tackle transportation, tackle homelessness, tackle poverty in ways which we never talked about before. yes we've got good ideas in san francisco but the navigation centers, like a cherry, like car sharing. how can we make this a regional thing
8:48 am
and academia, with its berkeley mit, stanford were all part of this effort, going to contribute to that because they know that we've got the document we got to talk the man could we do to make sure our models are examples of things we can really share with people, and we've got to prove that we can do it better than the last generated so, excited about this. i'm excited about super public, and i know just in the few years is quick to be an absolute necessity for the global competition and we are helping our country by doing this. we are hoping much of the federal people be better quit estate people be better on local people be better, but as a community of people interested in being smarter about what were doing we hopefully will the public was a breathing that much deeper committed to using your dollars smarter to making sure we do things in language data can really drive and help us. this is what i think super public is and i want to just say, ken, thank you to organizations like
8:49 am
the innovate fund and our innovation civic innovation leaders, i did sector comedies like at&t stepping up with berkeley folks and others to really say we can do this even better. but we've got to think regionally now. we can just think is that independent circuit either to make sure talking with sam ricardo and their interest in san jose. -mayor schaaf people in oakland and san mateo because our challenges are no longer just within our region with its housing, dissertation, with there's even a simple idea of procuring. we've got to do it smarter and better in this consistently foundation. it's exciting to be in a room full of innovators to do this. thank you very much. >>[applause] >> thank you mayor lea. our next speaker is the event supervisor mark farrell. his work to communities which the digital divide. please, welcome supervisor farrell
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>> >>[applause] >> thanks everyone could post about is a tall our gsa partners, the winners always like this in san francisco. you come out for entire week. so please come out more often. i'm truly excited to be here today. from my perspective, super public is the future. it is what we need to be doing across all every single city in the united states. when we think about san francisco as much as we have a booming economy we have issues as cities have all the time. whether it is mayor lea mentioned, the housing crisis, we have transportation issues, but they're not singled out for steve and cities across the united states are facing these issues. with the homelessness were bridging the digital divide these are issues we need to work in san francisco that matter to our residents. doing it alone in
8:51 am
the government is something that is not going to be part of the future could need to partner with a private sector. need to partner with academia specialist visit here in san francisco today the innovation capital of the world and thank you to all our private sector partners will contribute to make this happen today. partnering with you partnering with academic, this is the future. we need to do it together because i will tell you, we cannot do it alone and several also city hall. we certainly cannot do it set up chambers of the board of supervisors we need to do it together as partners. binders and with the federal government or state government together we can do it. we also need our private sector. we need academia to be able to do it together. so i'm incredibly excited to be part of this. take you to all the people who contributed to it. congratulations to all the founding members. i know this is a long time in the making. the most excited about, is not just today but the future. this about our children and making sure as we think about problems as my son jack sits over there, honest will, this generation when we tackle problems not just san francisco problems the regional problems and were not
8:52 am
tackling them the city government were tapping together with private sector with academia and that the wording of the best solution yet so congratulations to everyone and thank you i just can't wait for the future here together. thank you. >>[applause] >> thank you, market our next speaker is naomi kelly with the city administrator of the city of san francisco. i am agree with sympathetic partner in the gen. services administration did we know how hard your job is. we get to do it for the federal government to the other one a come over and talk shop were always here for you. ladies and gentlemen, naomi kelly. >>[applause] >> good morning. i was thinking about all the numbers of how much office space you manage and how much procurement you have and its enormous. i was very proud of our numbers we manage the city of san francisco about 4,000,000 ft.2
8:53 am
of office space and $1 billion in procurement and we manage 25 year-tenure 25 million capital plan. and compared to those numbers that's small. compared to the gsa. but, it's really great to be here today because of the chair partnership that will have with each other in sharing best practices, learning new innovative procurement policies, it policies. it will be very helpful in that it's helping us share relevant data, figuring out what the data we have with the city but good data the government has put together super public is that we can share with each other so we can be much more innovative. there's things were doing here in san francisco just in the city administrator in our local gsa office, looking at how we manage our fleet. how we are using telematics or black box which will behold so helpful to us to figure out when a card word vehicle needs to go into maintenance versus guessing,.
8:54 am
rb rightsizing the fleet we see there's a lot of analyte underutilized vehicles but we can reduce the number berkeley. his rc fleet sitting in idling speed we can reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by a relevant amount of data were getting from that. i also upgrade during the next week and am in the process creating a digital service team. we are actively recruiting for digital service officer. this is all about the public experience. how can we in government better serve our residents, art tourists, visitors is a neat services from the government, a website how can we approve our website so they can get the information they need from a resin with the residential parking permit, whether it's a productivity, but it's a marriage certificate there's much we can do to provide services online so folks do not have to come down to city hall or wait in line to
8:55 am
get services they need. so, were very excited about our digital service team working with a private industry, working with customer service looking at a processes how to better streamline them as we don't want to automate a broken process and of course working with our it department to make sure that our systems are running smoothly and to make sure all our data is secure because we do-we do want to make sure that everything we do is secure and that were not violating any private information that gets out there. i'm so looking forward to this partnership and thank you very much. >>[applause] >> thank you naomi. now, last but not least, the executive director of the city innovate foundation and very much the leader for super public, we are very lucky to have cameron and
8:56 am
of leading the charge for us that it's been fabulous working with him so far. you are a welcome breath of knowledge on all the things foundational things we need to make this a reality. i hope gsa has been a good partner to good is and gentlemen, kim and city >>[applause] >> i think a lot of you have been on this journey for the last two years and it's been tough but i want to keep it short because of that people that sing to me for the last 5 min. that the mayor needs to live soon. what i do undo is actually think mayor ed lea. the sender gsa administrator district supervisor mark we met a few times but farrell and naomi kelly city of mr. and people behind the scenes like andrew the month, the republic of under atf, krista and jacob mayor's office of senate innovation to grace upon is at uc berkeley susan and also been great from day one. gifford in the city innovate foundation team.) james to make sure we talked about regional issues she's achieved resiliency officer in oakland she is
8:57 am
working the on the past 18 months over this and not least the private sector. don't forget them because they do help pay our bills can i do i think microsoft socialize and evangelize the passage be described. the of our friends from deloitte who are good partners and now at&t and one of the things that i think a lot of people talk about the project that we've been looking at one of the other areas than looking at with san francisco, open and others not to forget their smart cities but were looking at inclusive cities. we should try this with communities so we part up with civic makers in a couple of model you're looking at a cut program rolling this out engaging the community and doing it the right way. again thank you all for coming out here. yes, we hope that that show will change and his major was pointed out, there will be a lot of international cities that come in and us cities to learn about the bit about what we're doing here. thank you. >>[applause] >> okay. so, now we get to get
8:58 am
to the good work of actually running super public which were more excited about any event. gsa loves doing things but i'm going to invite all our guests right now and we will cut this with him. i think this is as are behind me the very large service. in the very careful handing these out. >>[laughing] have to bring the semi-carry on tonight. can be tough to get through the airport. >>[laughing] >> three, two, one cut it. >>[applause] >>
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> this is a reminder under the code this is a reminder under the administrative code the ringing and use of cell phones and pagers and similar sounding electronic devices is prohibited. set all to vibrate or turn the device completely off. now san francisco fiction and the
9:01 am
time is 5:00 p.m. commissioner president francee covington commissioner vice president cleaveland commissioner stephen nakajo commissioner michael hardeman acting chief of the department ignoring and item 2 please silence all electronic devices. speakers shall address their remarks to the commission as a whole not to department personnel not to enter into the date with a speaker the lack of a irons by the commissioners didn't necessarily constitute an agreement with or support of statements during. >> thank you, madam secretary is there any member of the public that would like to address the commission on a matter not on the agenda seeing
9:02 am
none, public comment is closed. please call the next item. >> item 3 discussion and possible action to approve meeting minutes of regular meeting on june 22, 2016. >> thank you. any public comment on the minutes as submitted? >> all right. no public comment public comment is closed. and i'll go to my fellow commissioners beginning with commissioner vice president cleaveland. >> move to approve. >> second. >> thank you hardeman second. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> of approval of the minutes as submitted all in favor, signify by saying i. >> i >> item 4 update on street design and traffic calming changes and changes facing the fire department from
9:03 am
challenges facing did sftv r sf f d welcome chief lombardi. >> it's been a while a lot of progress i'll go through that since the last time. >> good you need the overhead. >> that would be great. >> overhead there we go. >> just an update on the street design and traffic calming and changes that come to us this is a review of the challenges we face everyday responding to fires and medical emergencies we have typography issues and wood frame
9:04 am
construction and a lot of overhead electrical wires align zero lot lines the buildings are touching no space it was an the buildings and narrow streets that continue to get narrower with the wooimgd of sidewalks and we always have delivery trucks double parking and a lot of uber and lyft directives and muni wires overhead and buses and traffic high winds, the threat of rapid fire and the earthquake so possible conflicts points traffic kaivenlg measures obviously response times and pay attention alisa miller issues when the street is narrow not as much room to operate and equipment limitations of what we can and cannot do in the city of san francisco. >> this a lot of stuff on the
9:05 am
slide but basically our vehicles with mirrors are over 10 feet wide with the width of mirrors once we put out the jacks on our aerial trucks the trucks are wide as 17 and a half feet we need a lot of space to operate we have a there's code in the city none of the streets should be narrower than 20 feet but with that it would if we took a round we'll go into traffic and that's how big the vehicles are. >> so you're working with the bureau equipment captain reservoir went and studied rigs and decided to write a speck that will make our vehicles as tight and styled as possible
9:06 am
very proud of the spec worked on 2 over a year the bid has closed and under the bid evaluations at the end of august purchasing 8 new engines all will have the streamlined smaller bumps. >> bigger windshields to see when our on an intersection see someone stepping off a curving hair reducing the profile of the riggs rigs and a lot of safety stuff involved. >> one of the more recent issues we had operational issues delores and clinton park bulb outs higher than spec so some 11 inch curves responding and the
9:07 am
pictures are a little bit dark but the chiefs is taking pictures during the incident to show us what the operational issues and as 33 these got rid of not a lot of 6789 implementations done this is new to the city so you know something might look okay. on paper and have a fire so we brought these back to the planning and the mta and working collaboratively to correct the issues. >> so one of the issues every time a plan comes from the city planners they'll put in an su thirty template that mirrors one of the engines a w b 40 template that mirrors one of the aerial trucks what we do is look at a set of blueprints and put the turning template on oh, the rig
9:08 am
will make the turn then build whatever project and we have hoof big projects hunters point and treasure island all those things are plugged in go all of a sudden get feedback hey our rig didn't make the turn only on paper we fought with the templates were be generic and weren't adam representative of the vehicles so working with the mta and the bureau of equipment weighing we've come up with the templates with a custom turning template designed for the fire engines more accurate and the next page we used a w b 40 the typical trademark tailor so we're hoping this helps on the plans so we don't have to
9:09 am
physically do cone test at every intersection plug those in and say okay. that will work we're hoping those are brand new and this is the standard when a developer comes before us. >> working collaboratively with president covington and is members of 798 and with the members of the our department we've come up with and with the city attorney come up with language that we're trying to measure all projects by and i can read to you briefly it is hard to read on the slides they don't support the existing conditions whether non-conforming and enforce the driver to encroach in traffic some turns we go into ongoing
9:10 am
traffic by the way, not add a bulb out and the traffic caging measures should request a variance need to be offset thank you engineering measures several ways to do that daylight instead of cars up to the corner you take about 2 spaces out and come back about 20 or thirty feet and paint that red so what happens it those streets are narrower we used to have a lot of beginning bus lanes in the city not bus lanes. >> bus stops market street a lot of buses stop in the middle of the street in the bus stops the put the accident islands into the street now they go straight that makes the bus lines faster what happens with
9:11 am
you do that they take out the regular bus stops on the corner with our sirens people are a way to get out of way into the bus stop the bus stops don't exist so obtain those tight streets of people want to go out of the way florida no place to go if it is a tight turn we'll get a minimum of 7 by 20 to give us to make the turn both someone's lane but a car can get out of the way working with the fire preservation we've seen those have these we used the mat at the park merced and park merced we went through every turn and matches what we put they were concerned but we literally turn
9:12 am
by turn through the park merced and everything falls infrastructure the gm to seems to be working out the new templates we requested they be tested at 10 miles per hour that is realistically to stop and test something when responding to an emergency vehicle is not realistic. >> this is what we're kind of talking about if you look at the turnout of california dmv handbook okay for a car to do a right turn we don't want to make that worse that's what we're referring to. >> this next shot from an mta presentation previously in the year and as you can see the big rig taking a right clearly into
9:13 am
oncoming traffic we would like to pack that the exemption and not the norm so we're talking about daylighting so up before the hunter o apparent that used to have parking now the parking is cleared out we talk about making a round putting the stop bar for the oncoming traffic back further with the red truck this is back further enables us to make the turn and go into the traffic without disturbing anyone to get out of the way we developed a check sheet we take to cone test before we go do a cone test 3 agencies out there everybody it out but cone test was successful
9:14 am
and now we were all standing there we watched it and came back with different views when we are out at the cone test have everyone sign off we're on the same page when we leave the city. >> so before when we talked about the traffic calming we talked about bulb outs now, one of the things that's hitting the planning design is traffic circles not a lot of them in san francisco one of the new topics that was in the excelsior district it puts a circle in the middle of the intersection as you can see we either on regular traffic have to take a left turn in front of the kitten that is going against traffic or if we took a right all the way around
9:15 am
to make the turn we'll not make that turn under the normal conditions transitive kauvenlg didn't work but they create an issue the other issue is operationally if we have a fire there on the corner that makes it tighter when our parking your rigs once we put a vehicle at the fire hydrant we don't have the whole intersection weeshs working with the mta to figure out a way and mountainable circles then they work it is been a work in progress one that was just tested today with the bureau of equipment and the mta was out at euclid and coming down the pike listens arrest parker avenues the circle will be the potential island
9:16 am
that yellow square if we had a fire engine makes it tight this one i talked with any captain the bureau of equipment this one works so some of them work and some don't on the tighter streets if that is a mountainable island we'll make it operational that's good news. >> another issues that comes before us sometimes not just a bulb out of e or traffic circling but a new building and all of a sudden a plaza out front or a lane change this next one is a literally a market street project but impacts on herman and laguna so the lower hard to see in the pull up the lower long street is market street and they're doing 0
9:17 am
project and the fire department didn't have issues by doing that project on market street they're taking a lot of parking now they want to move the parking to herman street that is up on the top left-hand side corner that is what affects us this is currently the way herman street this in front of you the parking is parallel parking up and down the block to accommodate the parking off the market street they want to take the parallel parking and make that 45 degree parking that all of a sudden makes the street narrower the cars are in straight as you can see in the green top bar 31 feet or greater across it gives us operational room on the street the proposed plan is this one you can see the parking is at at angle to nor cars will be able
9:18 am
to park on the street the green we went to 25 feet 18 feet are 25 feet so we met out there a week ago and can't go under 25 feet a building with 40 feet we need 26 feet we're working together and supposed to be coming back with a proposal of 26 feet but they'll have to change the parking so those are some of the challenges not just bulb out or circles. >> this last thing so when we put in the angleed parking a one-way street instead of a two-way not a big issue you notice the big yellow that is a 13 foot bulb out 13 feet that is how far the cars is all of a sudden laguna we can't take a right we'll have to go to market
9:19 am
street and down the street that creates an operational issue i relied to it to them the long line is an island they'll came back with a new bulb out slung to laguna we can take a right and respond to the fire everybody has an agenda for parking and wider situations and get somewhere and do our job together that is been good now the next project a topic that's brought up a few times this on franklin and the reason that can about a project on oak streets right now station 36 goes to market street and a right on market street that's how the assess the area the project on oak street wanted a big plaza
9:20 am
and no cars coming down and they permitted a lane an franklin avenue after talking with the chief and the operations chiefs and so forth a bad idea franklin is 4 lanes in one direction and us in the opposite direction no barricade a tough turn on the firehouse we met with the planning and the mta and looked at it this several times that will not work for us we have the meeting in two weeks they understand and so their meeting with the project and they're going to widen oak street to go done down that way that is the picture of oak street plaza that was can you see the contra flow last but not least one of the
9:21 am
challenges that is now arising throughout the city is speed humble applications so the mta gets application for those speed humps the speed humps slow down traffic we have to stop before a speed humble it takes a white to get the heavy piece of equipment especially on the hill and a speed humble they have speed humps and speed cushions. >> cushions are speed humps with cut outs a car is not wide enough will go bump bump but a bigger bus or engine can make that so there was about 20 speed
9:22 am
utterances e cushions put in we sent them out the addresses to our field members and we are okay with the speed cushions but, glow them with the cut outs, however, the speed humps don't work i asked the mta how does muni work with them, no speed humps on muni lines why is that and they told me is slows down the muni response time and (laughter) this is true and it is uncomfortable for the riders when you go over speed humps it is uncomfortable for the patient we see have the same problems as the muni but the muni on a set route they can handle that we don't know our routes this is tough but the speed cushions but found out we're okay with those
9:23 am
so we will be advocating for speed cushions but still be against the speed humps and i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> that's the update on the latest thank you chief lombardi. >> any public comment on chief lombardi presentation on street design and traffic calming seeing none, public comment is closed. beginning with commissioner vice president cleaveland >> thank you madam president and thank you for your very good report chief lombardi as always your on top of that i have a number of questions number one the 25 minimum width for us is that in state code if so is that local code. >> we'll have to deter to my
9:24 am
colleague on that one. >> good evening, commissioners. >> dan. >> chief. >> that is right out the fire code a state code, however, not adopted by the fire marshall but through the amendments. >> could we make it 25. >> we could we can make it as wide and necessary for the operations in the city and i think we have i think we can agree 25; right? chief lombardi. >> in the current subdivision is what we state if there is no buildings over 40 feet 20 feet wide is okay over 40 feet we'll put our aerial operations we'll require 26 feet. >> 26 feet as we descend if i our city and build higher buildings to accommodate the
9:25 am
populations we need the wider streets in any personal opinion i think getting to a fire is very important. >> consideration. >> on street closures do you get consulted when there's talk about closing a street even if temporarily closes. >> i'll have to defer to the fire marshall on that one. >> what's the rules on street closures is the fire department needing to respond to the fires rallies in the streets are closed what do you mean. >> we have temporary closure and permanent through our tasks and basically we look at the main thing enforcement of fire code and operational needs and then access to the structures and the buildings directly impacted by the shut
9:26 am
down. >> are there exceptions. >> are there exceptions you close the streets off permanently not getting through that a fire engine. >> there are general rules or guidelines in the fire code we can be more reflective and can't be let's be restrictive if an existing condition anyone restrictive we can get allowance if that way by allowing a permanent closures. >> timely for instance, you want to create a park. >> yes. >> all right. where the fire department come down. >> we will look at the access to the buildings that will be effected by that closure and that's number one if we can we look at is there anything unique any
9:27 am
characteristics of those believes that you know though you meet the requirement you know it wouldn't be wise to do that we go case by case and work our way through the final step to consultant with operations and to make sure we're everyone buys into that proposal. >> if you say no who trumpets trumps you, you pardon the phrase. >> we have competing local ordinances that's the question we put forward to the city attorney and have yet to get revolution. >> however, i'll say to the best of my knowledge i don't think we've been over rind it is a struggle in negotiation at times but ultimate to the best of my knowledge we had maintained it was definitely necessary. >> a problem between you and sfmta who is the mediator the
9:28 am
city attorney says the fire department wins this one or - >> in my opinion or the da. >> in my opinion we consult with the city attorney we haven't had to do that it takes a village. >> what happened in the delores park i mean it they'll spent multiply that motives of dollars and built curbs too high for the fire engines to make the corners or whatever. >> i don't know the specifics but we've said not a curve higher than 6 inches some of the curbs are 11 inches that is double. >> who talked to you did the rec and park or dpw or sfmta who consultants with the it fire department when they do the
9:29 am
massive redesigns of city property beautiful parks but when they did that work they should have had the fire department at the table. >> some things we are consulted on and some not we have a task but i've cockamamy to realize not all the tasks come to before task then it never comes to the fire department. >> so who is going to fix it will they fix it. >> it specific instances i know they're looking at it. >> amazing, amazing. >> i'm really happy to here the custom turning templates and have the - you do this in consumption i assume with sfmta and correct and you seen down at the bottom of the templates sfmta made the template we
9:30 am
worked in clofbs with them and it was a lot of good work. >> so sign off on both sides. >> yes. that's important. >> i wonder why we can't get you know take more the sidewalk off of market street in order to have more for emergency vehicles. >> the islands have made a difficult one lane of traffic and a muni bus sitting in the middle this is it you'll forced into oncoming traffic to get around it so that is happening more frequently and more frequently and absolutely competing interests the city is growing they want to make the sidewalks wider and safer but something has to give the buildings are not getting smaller it shrinks the streets and we should have a dedicated bike lane up and down all of
9:31 am
market street but something has to give i mean yeah. i don't know why we have to have the sidewalks as wide we can take 10 or 15 feet off it doesn't matter. >> contra flow lanes what an awful idea. >> i ago with you and wherever proposed we should say absolutely not. >> it would be nice to have a dedicated lane but the opposite lane like franklin is dangerous agriculture that's a ridiculous idea absolutely. >> so when they - i like speed cushions that's what they should put in not speed humps but speed cushions so emergency
9:32 am
vehicles and buses can get through so do you get consulted every time you put in a speed humble. >> we've met a few times with the sfmta i think they'll consult us before they put in a speed humbp we've if they do a speed human they'll call us. >> you have that in writing. >> no, but thank you chief lombardi that's all my questions. >> thank you commissioner vice president cleaveland commissioner nakajo. >> thank you, very much. madam president thank you, again chief lombardi for your comprehensive report
9:33 am
i always enjoy listening to you, you have concise information. >> thank you this package is 26 pages i'm glad we showed because of references i paged it myself starting with page one if we didn't have a comprehensive presentation like this this kind of a handout as well i don't think we'll have the valuable kinds of specific issues that speck us today part of this discussion is presentation is policies that happened previous and policies logical operational issues that pertain to us and the vice president pointed that out i'm researching to the page on
9:34 am
page 5 the new specs reduced profile the page specifically made reference to captain rivera and the building of equipment i specifically appreciate this kind of input it has the expertise of the department i'll always listening to and the good thing chief you have the accountability with the colleagues, i see things in pictures it enforce that because of the new bumps or the grab bars and the handles those are things i can see comprehensive and see how much of a difference it makes with the creative discussion in terms of the street north america's in terms of it shrinking and the next is delores park and if i don't read
9:35 am
and the commissioners don't see the pictures ma of the colleagues are good another going to the scene you go to the scene and see things you don't see what is on paper how it effected operationally when i see specifics on data and operational issues and identification of delores and clinton park on page 6 and then come to the presentation that is clinton referred to as s thirty and w b 40 terms that kind of what didn't work or what was an example in design bit equity commissioner vice president cleaveland that doesn't have the input of the department that is a preliminary example what i like about you chief your tone is a coercive nature and the
9:36 am
inclusive an item period but to the point of a result we're trying to work this out is a challenge and the scompleblths of that city and department as examples we can name the mta or variables and have policy effects and changes and if we're not part of that that cause operational problems for me to hear it is we helped to design it it works you know rather than go out and put out the cones those are the things that are important for everybody to hear especially the commission in terms of how and a these effects and page 9 called the traffic calming measures again, it is really helpful for myself to be able to be hear this i made refrnlz on the brt of the boulevard and many of our
9:37 am
seniors and physicians have to understand that the corner used to wait for the bus stop for ever is no longer the corner and you have to what go to the middle of the street my question how do you get to the middle of the street and muni wants to be on time and fine and dan i didn't in terms of that response i hear specifically if the bus is removed how do the folks in front of us goat out of way i've before on ride along these and i don't know how we reach the designations i've seen circus stuff but we get there we criticize and sometimes, i think that is a dual education but you have to have a measurement where you'll go if we don't - >> some of the other pages i've marked with a number i earmarked
9:38 am
and again page 1 is traffic circle and maples and russian street you give examples of u - i go by agriculture division streets and curious what is heck is going on and to answer our question it goes back to the concern of the vice president of the consumption and cooperation by the departments and the communication or non-consumption or non-consumption what i'm beginning to hear and gratified we the fire department are part of the discussions and it makes me aware after a administratively level to pay attention to all the projects in the city and let alone have comprehensive i don't know the
9:39 am
difference between a hump and speed cushion i know i see cushion i'm going (laughter). >> i go a little bum but i go and the hump i'm worried about the guy paying attention but again, i know about citizens and neighborhood when they have a concern the want something done and the city and county has to respond some kind of administrative policy it is important and the other pages to franklin contra flow lanes i almost asked for the address of the market street and other project i'm amazed not in san francisco how different the projects effect us all so again
9:40 am
commissioner vice president cleaveland and colleagues all of the incases i think you posed it well the competing interests similarly with the bike lanes and pedestrian walkways and adopting the programs we're getting a handle on traffic and besides all the other issues i appreciate very much your comprehensive report chief lombardi i said to share the comments with the commission thank you. >> thank you commissioner nakajo commissioner hardeman. >> thank you, madam chair chief lombardi good job as usual we appreciate it and good to see them on the monitor. >> nice i think we've commented on this this is nice to see the new bumpers - it
9:41 am
protects the drivers from a ding you barely hit something that don't good when our rubbing against a person or pedestrian to protect the firefighter from a simple one inch in makes a big difference those are terrific the templates that you have for turning item lasts terrific your dealings as far as the dedicated lanes everybody spoke about that that didn't seem to be a good idea on oak street the safety zones stop at the
9:42 am
crosswalk when the ones you have here that showed them going out into around and it is the opposite you see where it will be difficult for the big vehicle fire equipment to get around so good job on dealing with that. >> parking and bicycles those are two things we have to deal with so your problem on herman street with the parking we have to it is a fire department have to try to keep the public happy with the parking but it was so unremarkable the other thing those rubber lanes separatesers for the bikes
9:43 am
and the assessors the fire equipment can go over those are there are several types of bulk and mass those are if you notice when you leave here tonight and look to the right of city hall you'll see a 6 inch curve that makes it tough for operations. >> you referred to that so very good great report really appreciate all your efforts. >> thank you. >> and i appreciate being able to rally this to the reference. >> thank you commissioner hardeman thank you for your presentation chief lombardi my fellow commissioners as we go forward we're going to have more presentations like this at our
9:44 am
last meeting the captain bomb is on the task and goes to the large meetings but chief lombardi said not everything goes before the task i think the more we're informed about those issues and challenges that are coming up the more we can lend our voice to helping create sidewalks chief lombardi can you please go over page 2 challenges of san francisco that you gave us the headlines but not the story. >> those are operational challenges we have and depend on any given night or day where the fire is at you know you know the typography we have hills hills are dangers the whole city were flat it would be
9:45 am
better to do the operations and turns. >> before you go on for the typography there is a push for people to try to convince us we need smaller rigs but because of the hills. >> right. >> it is true it not we have to have a rig of a certain size. >> great point because of the hills very we have to have horse power to get up the hill our engines carry 5 thousand gallons of water to get up the hill is certain type of motor with the small conditions and everything else those vehicles are bigger so you might go to another city with something smaller their innovate casing the same type of equipment and the same terrain
9:46 am
we've gone to the manufacturers out after a major city with 24 terrain we have some of the smallest custom trucks around believe it or not there they are so big with major cities with hills have bigger rigs with this last we worked long and hard to get those as tight and confined i'm excited this order is out next month and get the rigs. >> thank you continue, please. >> yeah. so the wood construction very unique obviously we're heard about the fires in the mission district over the past most the city is old you know and it is built of wood and with the zero lot lines that is also on this we don't have the luxury of pulling up to a big and stand outside and hose
9:47 am
it to down it that spread and spread and spread we have to carry our water with us to do that and it is just. >> tough fighter when wood construction overhead electrical wires we have regular electrical wires that makes it tough to throw ladders and an aerial spot we have a lot of muni wires that a carrier d.c. voltage so always when you know it is not like our traditional suburb all wirings wiring is unknown all wires is above ground it makes it difficult to fight fires in those situations the narrow streets a lot of narrow streets that exist in chinatown and alleys in other parts of city to start narrowly those streets is
9:48 am
a double-edged sword yeah, the sidewalks are wideneder and should be safer but less of a distance to across from one corner to another would that for us operation needs it shrinks the street and you know making a sidewalk bigger shrinks the operation but on new developments even if the buildings putting them closer together this city has burned down 6 times natural firebreaks designing those neighborhoods i'm not seeing the natural firebreaks with a 40 or 50 foot street if a neighborhood burns like van ness is a natural firebreak for us and it is tough because you are doing the urban planning and make the streets
9:49 am
cozy when the wind or fire kicks up it spreads fast and makes it challenging delivery trucks and double parking flo i don't know if it is as crazy as now and adrc the thirty thousand uber and lyft drivers we have two lanes one way and two lanes the other very soon that will be one lane in each direction one delivery truck stopped at any time of day on second street traffic will be stopped it is challenging the citizen not paying attention citizens hear the sirens and wanted to do the right thing and get out of way no where for them to go that makes it defendant difficult to respond and the spread of rapid fire ultimately
9:50 am
we'll get another earthquake not a matter of if but when. >> thank you for going on over that list of challenges you presented at the beginning you know we've talked about a number of things here at the commission meeting and it is always good to have visuals especially, when it comes to things like the new vehicle spec reduced profile you know that is really prove with the existing bumps sticking out you know quite a bit and the new bumpers a few inches out the new grab bars and handles this is prove that the department has put on its thinking cap to figure out how to reduce the profile of the vehicles without
9:51 am
reducing you know the vehicle itself so those things are no longer an impediment and the operational issues that delores and clinton park i agree with both commissioner vice president cleaveland and commissioner nakajo regarding those issues i mean a 9 inch high curve is also challenging for people with mobility issues it is very difficult to handle some of these these new ways of doing business in the city i'm glad that there are new item mates i know that last year, we talked about last year maybe earlier this year when i
9:52 am
attended a couple of the meetings at headquarters good to see those turning item mr. metcalf's plates correct me if i am wrong some of the early templates were based on business vehicles. >> yeah. there are generic templates their based on a bob tailed truck and using that for the engine and a semitrailer for the aerial ladders so they just standardly plugged those in once a project is done, huh? we're not manning that like i said the mta worked with us in a great collaborative effort and got the templates. >> very good i'm very happy to see that because it is what we need to have in order to make the decisions and do what we need to do which is get to people when it is necessary
9:53 am
so you talked about cone test i know but please. we tried to use the templates but in certain situations we go we don't know if this will work and the templates work with flat say an incline and everything effects if if we don't on the templates will be a great reflection we literally go out with the mta and bring a fire engine and truck and then the mta sets up cones to what the do you believe will be and set up a set of cones and go to the turn or where the island will be we physically run our vehicles there that challenge and then we'll park an engine and fire hydrant as if we had a fire and can we get around that
9:54 am
we'll do that kind of stuff like i said this is a great way to do it. but that takes a lot of man-hours and a lot of people involved if into agencies so when necessary we do that but try to simply to we're not taking a company out of service the other thing we developed that sheet because a lot of time we go out and oh, it worked no, it didn't work off it worked so everyone is on the same page 10 miles per hour and left turn and right turn everybody signs off on the sheet it make it clearer for everybody involved >> that level of detail insures that everyone is on the on the same page you know when you have this emergency vehicles and this is sheet one of 55 days
9:55 am
is long this really helps everyone in terms of information gathering and decision making a this is a wonderful improvement. >> now the traffic circles they seem to be becoming more importantly and unless you've been in places that have lots of kiblz like england and other places people just don't know what to do when they come to a circle in san francisco. >> i agree. >> chaos did he go when did i jump in. >> we don't center them in the city is confusing you know people are born somewhere or where they had circles i remember last year up to oregon with a lot of traffic circles i personally like to think i'm a
9:56 am
good driver but you have to jump out at the right time we're not familiar with them here so we'll see how they work i mean operationally it closing up a street so it is a challenge. >> why is that an impetus so o to have more. >> i can't speak for planning i don't know it is aesthetics the one we did in the excelsior there was doughnuts in the intersection to people spin doughnuts and wanted to put a stop to that they put something in the middle of an intersection i don't know why this was the reason for that one we're working with supervisor farrell's office and that maybe a speed issue they may want to slow down the cars i'm not sure. >> those concerns are valid
9:57 am
people making doughnuts and sideshows you definitely don't want that but being able to know well in advance that those are planned so the department can give feedback an essential do you feel that is happening. >> i think on these two instances with those circles plenty of knowledge and tested like i said, the excelsior one so for the size they proposed didn't work met with the supervisor after he's willing to go with a smaller to get something into the intersection that would work and working with the supervisor they gave his plenty of no and mta was working with us we tested it today and like i said getting the initial feedback from the captain of the bureau was positive. >> it is helpful to have it and be able to see this table and discuss those things before
9:58 am
it is you know that oh, my goodness when did the circle august president i have to tell you you sat on the vision zero task force with us and a lot of these things originally were put forth and the fire department didn't responds or know about it and i guess that's a yes and things went in since we've been telegraph hill involved in the last 6 months the communication before the fire department and mta have been much, much better getting more notification and it seems to be working for everybody that's the reason we started it task force not always the case but working better. >> it sounds like the kings are worked out and for everyone's benefits especially, when it comes to safety matters
9:59 am
anything you want to add regarding herman street or - let's see so much paper. >> herman street we met the planner out there for that and like i said again, they wanted to know our operational problems and issues again, we don't have an issue with one way to two-way but operational when it is - they're redoing the plan and we'll workout everything that will be positive. >> and laguna. >> laguna that's the laguna one was they wanted to put an extra island and taking a round he's like you can drive over the island but human nature we don't drive over islands that makes it tougher if the island was not there they seem to be receiver to the needs i think that will
10:00 am
should tell. >> you're saying they are repetitive to our needs oh, it is joyful. >> i love it when people are receiver to our needs seconds count and not - this is serious business very, very serious business. >> so the oak street plaza where does that stand. >> the oak street plaza. >> this is right at the. >> between van ness and franklin on oak street. >> across from the musical con tether. >> that area will contain 4 thousand new units of housing a