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tv   San Francisco Government Television  SFGTV  July 30, 2016 2:00pm-4:01pm PDT

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be temporary where for 6 month period of time we do until 11 and thensuming all goes well our staff we can entitle the staff to list that and let it be 12:30. that is one option. >> so, the planning departments recommendation is unusual. want to tell the neighbors that the extensive remodeling on the inside for sound probably will keep everything in. i know your concerns are probably outside. we have to give it a shot and i think with the good neighbor policy i like to add we put a condition on here that the-they sweep the front and keeping their area clean and also their security to get everybody for loitering around when it is time to go home as a
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extracondition. >> good neighbor policy, number 3 says employees shall walk 100 foot radius from the premises sometime between 30 minutes after closing and 8 a.m. the following morning and pick up and dispose and discharge beverage containers and other trash left my entertainment patrons. that is part of the current good neighbor policy, you can add to that if you like. it sounds like there is also concern about noise around the premises. there are items that address that including having a phone number that is active that can be called should a neighbor complain and want that noise to be lowered, so- >> i agree that area is really quiet and know having any type of
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[inaudible] people noise will probably wake up people. but the bar has been there a long time and understand there has been issues but under a permit there is control and recourse to the owner. what i'm thinking-we can always limit the hours now and if they want to come back and extend it again. they can reapply for that if we want to set up a certain time. >> i think to save everyone time i prefer if we were to limit the hours at this point in time to give a timeframe around that and allow our staff to determine at that point whether they can be lifted to remove that particular condition. again, commissioners, it is our choice, so i think it sounds like the most contichant thing is the hours at this point. >> it sounds like you are
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looking for motion to approve with the condition from the planning commission and condition from the police department that sunday-wednesday no amplifyed sound past 11 p.m. thursday-saturday amplifyed sound till 2 a.m. and exterior security cameras and that we ask that they come back whether we want staff to assess in 6 months and give staff the ability to move the 11 to 12:30 in 6 months if they are not issues. >> let's take one motion so let's set it at 11 and they can come back to us at a later date, or with the additional condition of the 6 month time period. >> 11 week days. >> sunday to wednesday. >> 1 or 2 o'clock.
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>> it says 2 and no one recommended anything earlier than 2. >> this is the planning report. the planning has recommendation of 1. >> can i ask a quick question. the amplifyed music doesn't include i pod or juke box? >> no. >> [inaudible] >> no micing but you can play a i pod and i tunes. >> dj stops at 12:30. >> we hope you can give a chance to start at 12 thrt thirty clck and if there a problem taper it back. i think we had a really long history out in taraval station. >> why don't you have a seat, that was a little out of order. commissioners again- >> what is on the table, 11? >> what is on the table is
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whatever someone moves so we can decide -give me time to work with and days to work with. >> we were just discussing >> if you like to entertain what the police conditions have that is a good place to start and can add or substract from there. so, would someone like to make a motion? >> sure. i'll make a motion we approve this with the condition from the police department. >> there is motion to approve with police conditions which are sunday-wednesday no amplifyed sound past 11 p.m. and thursday -saturday no amplifyed sound past 2 a.m. and exterior security cameras. is there any- >> i just have a point of question i guess. language on amplifyed sound is confusing to me. if you as a
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commission want to talk about entertainment that is much clearer with respect to commission enforcement capability. amplifyed sound is not- >> it is a speaker. >> again, so we are talking about a indoor place of entertainment, so i need you to be clear if entertainment ends and it is defined in the code which isn't about amplification or not. >> thank you for calling that to our attention. that is the question our applicant had too. so, to the person that made the motion, you want to clarify? >> um, yeah. so the police condition says no amplifyed sound but that is not a phrase that means anything in
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this context so say no entertainment. instead of no amplifyed sound >> it is a place of entertainment permit, not a amplifyed sound. >> right. thank you. >> great. so, the motion is no entertainment past 11 p.m. sunday-wednesday and no entertainment past [inaudible] motion and second. >> any further discussion? let's take a vote. >> commissioner perez, aye. thomas, aye. caminong, aye. lee, aye. frost, aye. tan, aye. >> the motion is passes and contingent upon sound test and clearance from staff, so sound tests allow for
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ambient sound or takes a measurement of ambient sound and assures when the sound test occur ambient sound isn't leaking outside, so hopefully that is some of the concerns of neighbors, but we can revisit this if we need to, so good luck and good luck with the opening. >> do we want to ask staff in particular to check in and that if there are no problems welcome coming back in 6 months or so? >> the applicant- >> and leave it to the applicant to come back no sooner than 6 months to request. no like live entertainment so they can play i pods. >> go into the micro phone. >> i cht to be clear so we
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know. juke box and i pod is fine but no live band. >> exactly. >> no live comedy. >> and the concerning neighbors make sure you get the phone number to the premise and--okay. >> i will close this and move to the next item. item number 5 is-sorry. item number 4, permit is scpo divineo. >> our next permit is for limited live performance for scopo divino at 2800 california street. i received several letters of support. i haven't received letters of protest. richmond station approved the application with recommendation that the
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entertainment conduct a sound test. the owner tim hameen is here to tell you more about his premises. >> hello. >> how are you. i am opening a wine bar and open tomorrow and got our first press two hours ago. >> congratulations. >> thank you. the focus is we do wine from around the world. we find a excellent chef. the food will be incredible. something we have done is taken over a space that was for the last 25 years a mediterranean deli called food inc. that corner had a lot of change. [inaudible] moved on fillmore. any case, food inc. without the permit was running there for a long
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time. the neighborhood when they heard i was coming in they came to me and like police please tell me you are bringing back jazz. you got some letters i can tell you that was one of the big things. please bring back this food and the jazz. i wanted to be above board with this. i have gotten permits where there were things they didn't permit so wanted to do it the right the way. i brought in friends who are musicians to look at the space to see what we are doing to make sure they feel comfortable. i have seen them at other venues they do acoustics works well with what they are doing and the sound doesn't bleed where they play. i experienced that myself. along those lines wine bars cater to a lot of women that talk and get wide and have sound proofing in the ceil and something we are ready for.
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[laughter]. >> thanks. >> we spent money on a ceiling to help absorb sound. one of the benefits is it will keep the sound from traveling. our building is a 4 storey building and one condo above us and received support from the entire building. i understand the police department recommended that but the building is really excited about what we are doing. we predict quite a bit of support from this at this point. also we are not seeing the [inaudible] which is nice. we did practice [inaudible] and walked around to see whut what it was like i-- >> are you planning to have jazz every night? >> not every night. they did two or three nights a week and we are
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looking at-- >> keep talking. >> no problem. we want the ability to do it a few nights a week and some we have brunch on sundays it is a bridge between brunch and evening is a gad time. some evening it is a good addition to what we are doing there. what i feel we are doing is bringing the arts back to that corner. the corner is vibrant at this point. [inaudible] is a award winning place in the city. [inaudible] which i think is nice. there are new owners [inaudible] doing revamp of their kitchen so seeing energy on that corner but think we will be able to provide that culture. i'm a big fan of jazz and new orleans and they had
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classical in there so contacted the classical [inaudible] that played at food inc. catering to what the neighborhood was telling me and say bring these guys back. >> that is great business responding to demds and hopes and dreams of the people around. i will turn to the commissioners. >> [inaudible] 10 o'clock. >> that is a little later so we are comfortable with that. i understand from the thingsent by maggie it is 10 o'clock in the first year and 11 in the second. >> if you want it. >> for now we are comfortable with 10. >> great. it doesn't look like there
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is any knowledge special from the police, they just want a sound test conducted. i'll open for public comment. any public comment on scopo divino. there is none. happy to entertain a motion. >> move to approve. >> motion. >> second. >> moved and second. great. let's take a vote. >> with the sound test? does it include the sound test? >> yes. >> okay. on the motion-i lost my house. commissioner perez, aye. thomas, aye. caminong, aye. tan, aye. >> the motion passes. good luck with that permit. jazz at that corner again. we will move to the last permit, which is d'maize
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>> the final permit for the evening is limited live performance permit for d'maize located at 2778 24th street. d'maize is elsalvadorian restaurant that like live performance permit. i receivered several letters of support and over 100 signatures. no letters oof protest. the own rers zenaida merlin and luis estrada are here to talk about . >> we came to san francisco and spent
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our life in [inaudible] half of the other life in san francisco. we would like to promote [inaudible] we just have a restaurant that was [inaudible] now we just get the place and we reopen with our restaurant and we would like to promote our food with the comp lmentary music. we believe [inaudible] we have multi-several letters of support from the community. we are more than happy to have that [inaudible] we like to have some live music in the restaurant and believe it is really good potential and have a lot of music in the area like a
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theater and musical cultural center and many other non profit organizations who promote and have a live and cultural music. our main idea is promote the culture through the music. we are not expecting to have a loud our messy-too much messism . we are a family restaurant. operation hours are 8 in the morning to 8 p.m. but without permit we would like to promote until 10 p.m. or family business or family restaurant style. we are not pretending to have a bar or many mess in the restaurant. we are-we have a cameras inside and outside as well to
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have everything in control. also we will try to limit it like 3 beers per person to don't have too much. [laughter] >> did i hear you say you close at 8 now but will stay open to 10 after this permit? >> now we are trying to keep our team nice and rested enough, but we are -wewill see if on weekends we stay until 10 p.m. >> and also with that permit we could get the ability to have more employees and more position in our [inaudible] >> is entertainment going to go with your catering too? >> yes. >> that isn't what the permit is about, just curious. questions from
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commissioners? commissioner thomas and then commissioner caminong. >> i have a question. i'm a neighbor and i'm very happy that you moved into the place and love your popusas and thank you. i'm glad you are there and i fully intend to vote in favor. >> you can envoy entertainment. that is great. commissioner caminong. >> so, i just noted on your application it says the hours of operation are 9 to 9 p.m., so you want it to be 8 a.m. to- >> when we filled out the application we worked from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. but we are closing at 8. >> right now we just want to give the time our team to have the quality time with their family because we believe they need to stay at home early
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and then in that time we have a opportunity to extend to the third shift to another team to have like a third shift time so we trying to be flexible. >> i understand. thank you. >> questions? >> helly hello. who will be in charge of backing booking and hiring entertainment >> i will bhee in charge to make sure everything is not too loud. also, we have done all the people leave around, they have our phone number. also it is posted in the windows outside, both the line phone and my personal cell phone i always take with me and we have definitely tracking no noise in there. >> with some neighbors around
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and we tell them we want to work with them but we want the music work for us too and we knew thrrp a couple [inaudible] we told them we are a new business, new family and maybe the additional is a little different than before and that is why we provide the phone number too because we want to make it work for them and work for us too. >> commissioner lee. >> so, you have to understand when you get this license you might be the next new place to hang out so you have to be conscious about the outside and people smoke and you have music inside, you doors and windows because sound will travel. it is limited live you have flexibility as far as having
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entertainment until 10 but sometimes we had complaint with mar auchy sknand things like that and have to be cautious about the noise on that. >> commissioner thomas will tell you it is too loud. >> i will say the bravo theater is across the block and there is a fair amount of people coming and going but cosa shan chez had live music as well, so it is back in the neighborhood. >> limited live performance permits are my favorite ones bah we see folks not traditionally interested in being entertainers but use it as a way to attract business. glad you are doing that. thank you very much. why don't you have a seat and looks like there are no police conditions
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additional to this. it says no issues at this time. i will open up for public comment. looks like we have a couple folks. great. >> good eerfbening lft thank you for staying here tonight. gabriel [inaudible] the policy manager for mission economic development agencyism we have worked with luis and [inaudible] 5 years with nob nab and the [inaudible] which is our own lending program because it is very hard for our business to be able to access capital. we are very very pleased that they started a business and had their grand opening in may. i had the [inaudible] at the annual event last year. they are some of the best i had and this is a great positive story. this is a latino cultural district and too frequently see a lot of
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these types of businesses lost. for example in the mission people that make over $150,000 a year that population has grown 65 percent since 2000 put city wide 10 percent and have seen a big lauz of latino businesses especially ones that are family serving and community serving. i remember going to the old days and know this is not the environment they are trying to build. this is like a family environment fl a alternative venue to have. this is a win for the mission and really happy thanks to our colleagues [inaudible] please today center them so please give the permit until 10 p.m. it isn't possible to move here without community minded landlords like the
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shanchez family who granted them this opportunity. they created over 20 jobs. rip community space we are excited to use and so thank you for your assistance and please grant the permit. >> thank you. come on up and go ahead and talk into the micro phone. >> hello [inaudible] coming from a life long from the mission district and born in [inaudible] general hospital and lived on 2758 harrison street until eviction at 12 years old. the casa sanchez is constant and stable. i played there april 21, 2013 and caught my attention and opened my lifer to so many opportunities. george and carlos [inaudible] make great things happen with them. when i graduated high school i didn't go anywhere about there
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casa sanchez. it is a family friendly environment. i was 17 years old. i'm glad it is still there and hope nothing but the best for them. [inaudible] we have full support of them for anything. they are a part of the neighborhood and coming from a place that is a mom and pop shop seeing the way it is run now we hope they get until to 10 p.m. not much trouble comes from there if any. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> dara [inaudible] and like commissioner thomas i live around the corner from casa sanchez and what our new incarnation which is [inaudible] i'm on the board of dreckers
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for lucuseena and we are very very proud for making this work. martha sanchez and namly made it possible but all the credit goes to luis and zenaida and like you to grant their permit because we need music in our neighborhood. thank you very much. >> thank you. any additional public comment? public comment is closed. commissioners. >> i would love to make a motion that we approve the limited live permit that is requested. >> great. is there is a second? >> i second the motion and the comment about the landlords giving small business a chance, i think more landlords in the city need to help give legacy businesses a chance and glad you know, casa sanchez has done
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that and hope more follow the lead. >> great and not have places go to the highest bidders. with that take it a vote >> commissioner perez [inaudible] commissioner thomas, yes. [inaudible] >> motion passes, congratulations good luck. i'll come back by for [inaudible] we will move on the last two items item 6, commissioner comments and questions and believe commissioner lee has a report back he would like to present. >> real quick because commissioner thomas made me an assignment so have to report. gold star, >> the south of market club owners do a mujtly meet wg the police captain which started by captain charley
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[inaudible] and so every month we get together with ray bob bitt and sf clubs and meet there when the captain is available when we met with the new captain, caipten dairl [inaudible] and discussed the mission at first was to find out what pride events were going on at the clubs and talked about clubs like dna, mezzanine, the grand and the larger clubs and we meet all the time so we are like jauslen is there and sometimes sean is there and have pizza, so anyway, the topic was in the concerns was the mass shootings and things and think in the meeting jauslen says the south of market clubs we have done pretty strong prevention as much as we can as far as pat downs and
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wanding and things like that which other maybe neighborhoods dont do because of whatever. but the topic was interesting that somebody mentioned with all the active shoorter situations if it is thought to have on security at clubs and i'm personally totally don't like that. i don't like armed security and what the captain mentioned was misidentification of a security guard maybe being shot by mistake or [inaudible] it was discussed and think mentioned and asked for by a lot of club owners is some best practices about active shooter scenario. an example if a shooter want said
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to do something they will do it no matter the security is trained and these guys are trained but human error will be there and distractions and whatever hap nls. a lot were interested protecting the patrons inside the club. we try to screen outside and once they are inside they are still our responsibility, but how to doyou handle it. there were comments like as you see these are 8 mentioned, but we hope the next meeting that we will have more or some maybe a draft either from this commission or alu or cmac to see where we can come up with best practices and as a example they mentioned like venue sweeps before we open the door. things can get planted ahead of time. some
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clubs are doing venue sweeps and checking the bathroom before they open the doors which is interesting idea. obviously searching bags, purses, talking about more use of security wand, checking for metal. i personally like pat downs the best and have to have a female guard to do the pat downs for the women. they are saying call for service if there is any emergency to call 911 and identify or get license plates or descriptions of people and make sure all your security are well marked because it is dark. this is a good number 7 and is assign somebody at the beginning of a shift is to assign somebody who bows where to turn on the
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lights. in a active shooter situation you want to turn on the lights so you know what is going on so i think a lot of times and i have seen other clubs is there a one guy that just started and dozen know where to turn on the lights so that is a basic thing. and having evacuation planism unfortunately we have protecting our clubs and protecting the inside and minors and keeping out drugs and what not but we have to worry about terrorist acts and i encourage club owners listening come to this meeting and share their experience or learn from what we talked about at this meeting because it has been-i wish other districts could have meetings like this because we are not competitors with situations
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like this. we are all in the industry. there is more to come so i pass this to you and the rest the commission of what was discussed and hopefully more will come out of it. >> thank you. i think the incident at the [inaudible] and the tragedy at orlando has a lot of us thinking of our places of entertainment are safe places so it is hard to think about active shooter situations but glad you and the other club owners are thinking through it and being prepared. >> the main thing is they love their businesses and the people that come to their clubs they lover so when anybody is injure td is heart breaking. even in france when the truck drove through the crowd. clubs are not the only place, it is anything public, but at least at the club level the south of
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market owners and some in the tl that showed up at the meeting they are very concerned about the actf shooter situation and want to be trained for it. >> i think this is a topic we are looking at for the summit in october, right? great. thank you commissioner lee. you are overachieving. i appreciate that and think that is helpful information and hopefully someone in public tv land is watching. >> if they want to get on the e-mail for the meetings e-mail me and when we have meetings you are welcome to come. >> any other commissioner comments or questions at this time? any public comment on our comments? final item is new business to request for future agenda items. not seeing
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anything. >> 23 i can wremind when posting notice for august 2 for discussion of a change of bylaws, so that notice is 10 days advance and apologize it wasn't on tonights but it will be on for discussion august 2 and we intend to agendize election the meetings following that. >> great. i believe i [inaudible] everyone and at some form of communication. >> whatever works. >> i think you should check your e-mail. with that, i think we'll adjourn this meeting at 811:00 p.m., have a good night. [meeting adjourned]hour.
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>> good morning, everyone and welcome to the people's palace and i'm here this morning to announce yet another milestone in our city's commitment to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by and people will work this fourth of july weekend we are celebrating our countries birthday but recognizing in the celebration throughout the weekend people like the people had that are standing with me are working whether the
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restaurants or hotels or health care workers and others and and we all feel for working people that is hard in our expensive city to survive unless you have a december sent wage that's why a couple of years ago i destined or joibd the board of supervisors full board of supervisors to place before the voters an $15 an hour minimum wage and people that work in all those industries we did it together and we're celebrating because today it goes from $12.25 an hour to $13 and up to 15 and after that cpi takes over i want to remind everybody this city was brought together with our labor unions and your working families made up of all the exit
2:40 pm
are represents our city and got this done in a strong collaboration with everyone and showed not only the cities around the bay area but the state of california if we got together and thought about people's lives what glosses the challenges every day we can get this done for them i think we're happy here to see the wages go up are rehappy yeah, we'll have more to celebrate in addition to, of course, the bitter of our nation and things we enjoy we picked this date it is a significant move and i also want to say that we know that our workforce all those people's here they are still an affordability gap so this is going to help people he you go that suggest that a lot of people are working two jobs to support their families we want
2:41 pm
to celebrate those moms we're all ushth together to help them but for also myself and mayor libby schaaf of oakland that recognizes our workforce is more regional than ever do more than benefit the residents that work in our city and so we joined. >> today and cities that are committed along with cities like new york and seattle and los angeles and portland and the others also raised their minimum wage we want to the state of california to do the same thing because what could happen i think all the labor advocates know and people that we raised our minimum wage just and ourselves in the city of san francisco or just in oakland we would probably be golden state talent that belongs to where everybody lives and not as affordable to them as it is to
2:42 pm
those we're helping so mayor libby schaaf and along with the united health care workers started a process and emigrate hundreds of thousands of snatches set the minimum wage higher of $15 an hour tour the state of california in uniting all the cities with the labor unions and workforces and people good minded across the region we got the governors attendance and the state of california attendance such that a few months ago governor jerry brown signed the legislation to raise the states entire minimum wage for everyone for $15 an hour over a period of time those movements wouldn't happen unless we place the needs of working-class families that work hard to build that consensus i'm here to join in the celebration
2:43 pm
and here to say that i'm going to be working this weekend as well as in addition the celebrating but also acknowledge the people that always serve us at the hotels and restaurants and people that are working the janitorial and building maintenance and all working class in the city we're there to be of help this will be consistent raising the minimum wage to attack affordability challenges is part of solution paid parental leave is part of the solution making sure that we work so that no one is a theft of their wages that's why your head of the department the labor enforcement is joining us with the advocates of people that earn those wages i'm saying they earn every single penny they deserve to make sure they get it in their
2:44 pm
hands that's why we announce these and make sure that everybody is prepared adequately ahead of time to make sure those wages are paid and wage theft we have to make sure that our workforce that speaks many languages don't get capture and been take advantage of this is how we really in city year ago we have a benefit and make sure that everybody obtains that benefit i want to say at that moment i'm proud of the working folks in san francisco but the intensify region and proud of state of california and your legislation for working with the governor to a raise the minimum wage that adds to the celebration of the fourth of july and makes that more meaningful and then we hope that the entire nation does this as well question hear a lot of stories from a lot of places across the country that the
2:45 pm
liveability is under challenged or we're taking care of business in the city and state and let's go on the national level and support of the prosperous country to make sure they get a december sent wage wsip think we have paula to speak for her experience and what that means to her paula >> (clapping.) >> good morning. i want to again thank the mayor mayor ed lee for being the vera person that was instrumental in making in milestone occur and happen my name is paula i'm a home care worker and worked in the city there are challenges with the rising cost of rental rates and even though i'm covered by rent
2:46 pm
control i'm still monthly yearly challenged and with different increases that i have incurred in the last few months and years this new legacy life act $15 minimum wage will surely ongoingly help me through my endeavors thank you. >> (clapping.) >> good morning. i'm naomi kelly the city administrator i should tell you that paula was ininstrumental in working with m and mayor schaaf she helped to organize snatches for the measure. >> thank you paula for all your
2:47 pm
hard work i want to introduce antonio a health care worker an organizing member of unit health care woeft west and worked to race erase the minimum wage and allowing home care workers to apply for overflow room he speeded there was something wrong with his mother it was alzheimer's i want to introduce juan antonio. >> (clapping.) >> buenas dias. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so good morning. thank you for inviting me to prestige events for people i feel
2:48 pm
blessed. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> my name is juan antonio and in 2015 specifically he which is a health care worker for my mom. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i just want to be very clear even san francisco home care workers work very hard we do that because the standards of
2:49 pm
living inform san francisco was very high we work very hard to meet those needs. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so the job was basically like this door by door house by hours snatch by snatch people refused to sign this will make that worse we said no join hands and work together and talk to the leaders they'll help us there was a great success this doesn't he said here the initial
2:50 pm
is very important we need to keep on working so the situation gets better for all of us. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> you can't say that as good but thank you to everybody especially mayor ed lee during that time when the campaign began until today to fight for this measure to come through we
2:51 pm
want to thank them from every member in the united health care west and give them this i'm not sure what you call that - (laughter). >> well, thank you. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> ed lee. >> this is especially made for you ed lee our mayor thank you. >> okay. this is a beautiful portrait up next, we have the director of office standards and enforcements mr. pat mulligan working with these men and women in the office enforcement who are here behind us in the audience and ones that are the
2:52 pm
advocates of minimum wage paid sick leave and parental leave and health care accountability act not only fierce advocates by our enforcement and making sure that our businesses and contractors with the city, our all of people are getting a fair wage and benefits so my honor to introduce pat mulligan. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, naomi it is the mission of office standards and enforcement to provide enforcements of all local labor laws and approximate protection for all workers and an honor to serve those who support of aggressive and labor protections in the united states and do through the hard work of all the staff there the office of labor improvement i'd like to remind the employers indicating the increased minimum wage throughout san francisco i'd like to add that is also
2:53 pm
particularly fitting we are celebrating this announced of an increase in minimum wage throughout san francisco as we lead into the fourth of july depicts day weekends for many workers and modest increase or any increase in their earns represents real and a very well defined dependence have a great weekend thank you . >> (clapping.) >> and okay. and this ended our press conference i have to say the growth and strength of our local economy will prosper so
2:54 pm
>> hi, i'm corn field and welcome to doing building san francisco, we are doing a special series, called stay safe, how you can stay in your home safely and comfortable, and we know that an earthquake is coming and there are things that you can do to reduce the effects of the earthquake on your home. let's take a look at that. >> here at the spur urban center on mission street in san francisco talking about staying in your home after an earthquake. i have guests today, pat buscavich and his dog, harvey and david, and both structural engineers and we want to talk about things that you might do before an earthquake to your home to make it more likely that your home will be ha
2:55 pm
bitable after an earthquake, what should we do? both structural and maybe even important non-structural things. >> you hear about how to prepare an earthquake kit and brace your book shelves and water tank and that is important. what you have to be careful is make sure that you are not going the easy things to make yourself feel better. if you have a bad structure, a bad building, then you need to be looking at that and everything that you do to keep your collectables in place is small and compared. if you have taken care of your structure, then there is a lot of stuff that you can do in your house that is non-structural and your chimney and water tank. >> let's talk about what the structural things might be. >> and he is exactly right. you don't want to make the deck chairs safe on the titanic, it is going down, you are going down, you have to make sure that your house is safe. there are basic things that you need to do including bracing the water heater, not just because of fire hazard but because of the water source and
2:56 pm
the damage, but basic things are installing anchor bolts, and adding plywood and strapping your beams to column and posts to footings and foundations are really easy things to do and most contractors can do the building department is set up to approve this work, and these are things that every home owner should do, and it is a little harder because you have to get a building permit and hire a contractor. but you want to be able to after a big earthquake to climb in bed that night and pull the covers up and say i don't have to worry about going to a government shelter. >> that is the main focus that it is great to have an earthquake kit to be able to bug out for 72 hours. here is a better idea, stay in your own home and in order to do that you have to be make sure that your structure is okay. if you have a house, the easy things to do with the wood construction is feasible. if you have a renter or you live in a concrete building, you need to talk to the
2:57 pm
building own , and make sure they have done their due diligence and find out what the deficiencies are. >> when i have looked at damaged buildings,vy seen that a little bit of investment in time and money and structural work provides great dividends. >> especially if it is the wood frame, typical house that you can do the things that i was talking about, the anchor and the plywood in the first garage area, you know if you refinanced in the last three years, get some of that savings and it is a really good investment. and the other thing that i try to tell people, earthquake insurance is not the solution to the shelter in place, if there is a big earthquake and your building is damaged, you are not in your house, you may be somewhere else, if you work in the city, it is going to be really hard to commute from sonoma, you want to do what is necessary so that your house is retrofitted and a couple of years of earthquake premium could get you to a level that you could be in the house after
2:58 pm
a significant earthquake and it may have damage and there is still a shelter in place where you are at home and you are not worried for the government taking care of you and you are living in a place where you can go to work and you want to have your wood frame house is really easy to get to that level. on top of the wood frame house, i mean every wood frame house in the west half of the city have a water tank and the water tank fall over because they are gas fired and start fires. and that is something that you could do for yourself, and for your neighbors and for the whole city is make sure that your water tank is braced. >> if you look at the studies that are predicting on fires, we are going to have a lot of fires and for every water tank that is braced there is a potential of one less fire that the fire department is going to have to fight and we don't want to have any more fires than we need to. so bracing the water heater is the first thing that you want to do. >> and so easy, and you go on-line and you google, earthquake, water and heater and you google the sites where you can find the details and you can put them out there on
2:59 pm
the hardware store and you can hire a small contract tore do that for you. that is a couple of hundred bucks, the best investment. if you are in other types of building it is complicated. if you are in a high-rise building you just can't anchor your building down because there are no anchor bolts, but at that point, the tenant should be asking questions of the owner's and the managers about earthquake preparedness >> and don't take the easy answer, oh, our building is safe it was designed to code. that is not the right answer, ask the tough questions and see if you can get a report that has been given to you. >> what is the right question? will i be able to stay in my home after the expected earthquake? is that a good question to ask? >> yeah, you may be more specific if you talk to the owner, if it is not a recent building, if it is ten or 20 years old see if they had an inspection done and there you will have a written before that will tell you all about the structure. >> thanks, pat.
3:00 pm
>> thanks, harvey. and thanks david for joining us and thank you for joining us on test, test, test, test, test, test, test >> good afternoon, everyone and welcome to the san francisco full board of supervisors meeting of tuesday, july 26, 2016, mr. clerk call roll. >> supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos not present supervisor cowen not present per supervisor
3:01 pm
farrell supervisor kim supervisor mar not present supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee madam chair we have quorum thank you and supervisor cowen is walked in ladies and gentlemen, can you please join us no pledge of allegiance and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> thank you and madam clerk are there any consumptions. >> yes. madam chair we are in receipt of a communication if the mayor communicating his veto of file one six 0660 urging the
3:02 pm
delegation to amend or oppose the buy right approval the budget tailor bill i've submitted a consumption to the board indicate if their tdr in switzerland a meeting send me a communication. >> colleagues in the what happened last week where the clerk and myself had to remind board members of the appropriate conduct of board i want to set the tone by reminding colleagues of rule 5.12 regarding the conduct of supervisor may not directly or indirectly we any form of the word to another supervisor or other supervisors in any conduct or motivate unworthy or unbecoming of a supervisor i'd like to set the
3:03 pm
tone madam clerk the approval of the minutes and board meeting minutes a 3 special minutes of special meeting rescheduled and recess meeting minutes of the that a quorum of the supervisors for june. >> colleagues a motion motioned by supervisor peskin and seconded by supervisor farrell colleagues without objection without objection those meeting minutes will be approved after. >> next speaker, please. >> the content agenda items 1 and 2 calendar, are considered to be routine and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items unless a member of the commission, the public, or staff so requests. >> roerltd on items one and two. >> supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee
3:04 pm
supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell there are 11 i's. >> those ordinances are finally passed unanimously madam clerk please call items three and four. >> are the proposed consolidated budget. >> appropriations to appropriate all estimated expenditures for the departments of city of san francisco as of may 31st and item 4 the proposed consolidated annual salary for the positions in the annual budget for the fiscal years ending june 2017 and june 2018. >> roll call vote. >> on items three and four supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin no
3:05 pm
supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell there 10 i's with supervisor peskin in the descent. >> those ordinances are finally passed please call items 5 through. >> there's no further business. >> >> the orientals that accompany the budget and item 5 the ordinances that adopts the graffiti clean up and designating a seem for the tax 15 and item 6 amending the administrative code for the membership and professional traditions and others organizations and neck the administrative codes to adopt fee for department and set the process for the annual adjustments and item 8 the
3:06 pm
ordinance for the administrative code to establish the district attorney neighborhood justice fund. >> item 9 the ordinance to amend the administrative code for the director of health to enter into management car care for people covered under the state program and next to set the patient rates by the department of health this requires 9 vote pursuant to the chapter and item 11 an ordinance to amend the administrative code to streamline the statutory authority for the assistance program and make others modifications to the indetergents aid and item 12 for the fire code to there the overtime from one and 33 to one and 34 per hour and next to the administrative code to impose a credit card cost estimate by the city. >> roll call vote.
3:07 pm
>> on items 5 through 13. >> commissioner kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell there are 11 i's. >> those ordinances are finally passed unanimously item number 14 an. >> an ordinance for a special election on november 8th for the purpose of submitting to the voters a proposition to amend prop a approved in 1992 to incur the go bonds for the purpose of making the amendments to the affordable housing and the
3:08 pm
mayor's office of loan for the purposes to acquire and convert at the risks multi unit buildings to permanent housing. >> colleagues, can we take that same house, same call? without objection the ordinance is finally passed unanimously and item 15. >> for the business and tax code to impose a transportation starkly at the rate of twaerldz for a period of 25 years for the state board of equalization and is limit by the amount to 4 years from november 2016. >> roll call vote. >> on item 15. >> supervisor kim no. >> supervisor mar supervisor peskin no supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee no supervisor avalos
3:09 pm
supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell there are 8 i's and 3 notices were supervisor kim supervisor peskin and supervisor yee in the descent the ordinance is finally passed item 16. >> an ordinance to amend the administrative code for the city contractor that provide health care and social services to seek to collect and analyze the data for the sexual orientation and gender identified of the clients they serve. >> roll call vote. >> supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell
3:10 pm
there are 11 i's. >> the ordinance is finally passed unanimously item 18. >> item 17 madam chair? supervisor peskin >> 17. >> we just - oh, 16 i apologize call item number 17. >> item 17 and 18 were referred without recommendation from the transportation committee and item 17 an ordinance for the administrative code to establishment the downtown preservation funds to vacate a portion of jessie street and a portion of alley and first street with the ocean wide project on 55 street. >> roll call vote. >> supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin no supervisor tang supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee
3:11 pm
supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor malia cowen commissioner farrell last year 10 i's with supervisor peskin in the dissents. >> this ordinance is finally passed item 18. >> to amend the planning code for the construction of accessary dwellings as long as in-law unit on all lots in areas that allow the retail use. >> supervisor farrell. >> thank you i'd like to ask we hear this labor market in the calendar to work out the technical glitches and passes unanimously last week and anticipated doing so we want to make sure all the language is in there and we'll be back that with. >> madam clerk call items 19 and 20. >> are the ordinances to amend
3:12 pm
the campaign and governmental conduct code for the city codes for a campaign pumpers committee a motion submitted to the voters an ordinance for the amending the governmental conduct code. >> supervisor peskin. >> thank you, madam chair and colleagues for the vote last week we want to commend make a motion to table item 20 you're aware there is a a ballot pursue that was submitted with 4 members of the board and in so for if the mayor signs to an or before the last day i'll work with the other 3 signers to remove if it the ballot assuming the mayor signs that by about date. >> commissioner peskin to table item seconded by supervisor tang colleagues, can we table without objection
3:13 pm
without objection the motion to tackle passed unanimously and madam clerk on 19 please call the roll >> supervisor kim supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell there are 11 i's. >> the ordinance finally passes unanimously madam clerk call items 21 through 23 together. >> item 21 is at chapter mainstreamed to amend the municipal chapter for the maintenance of street trees and
3:14 pm
establish a fund for the maintenance of trees on san francisco unified school district property and amend the tax regulations code for a specialize parcel tax with the increases of the appropriation by the amount of parcel tax from 2016 and to affirm the ceqa discretionary item 322 a first draft to amend the for the maintenance of street trees from a budding frrn to the city and affirm the ceqa determination item 23 was referred without recommendation from the board of supervisors budget & finance subcommittee to a motion for the amending of the tax code to impose 0 utility users tax on persons using the electrical for the charges incurred an exemption for persons using
3:15 pm
renewable energy resources supervisor wiener. >> thank you very much madam president today is an exciting day we finally we believe have come to a consensus about once and for all fixing our broken street trees first of all, can i ask folks here to support our effort to go to the ballot and ask the voters to fix the broken street trees everyone in the program who supports it stand up - thank you . >> (clapping.) >> colleagues street trees are not the sexiest subject in the world but it matters and this is a grassroots movement that hesitate before brewing for a a
3:16 pm
long time of people in the city that thinks that trees matter they matter to the environment and health to our quality of life, and people who understand that that for way two along the city of san francisco has neglected our urban forest and gone beyond neglect by isn't it true dumping responsibility on adjacent property owner whether or not they planted the tree or whether or not they want the tree or know anything about taken care of of trees and the physical responsibility to whether they're a 25 ceo or an 80-year-old social security recipient that treats property owners unfairly and guarantees a deratd and dying urban forest i is long past due of this
3:17 pm
terrible, terrible system and have the opportunity to fix it for the last 6 years i've had the honoring of partnering with supervisor avalos and the friends of the urban forest to move a solution forward we've worked collaboratively with the planning department and the public works and environmental groups anticipate neighborhood groups we've convened hundreds of community meaningful we've spoken about this issue we've spoken with property owner groups we're worked with everyone who should be involved a broad based coalition enough is enough the city needs to take back the trees and the sidewalks for tree related damage and take back liability earlier this year we introduced legislation a ballot measure to go to the voters and to seek relief to have the city take back the trees and actually pay
3:18 pm
for it he know that trees don't compete well, in the budget if we simply take back the trees the trees will die because this building will not adequately fund tree maintenance needs from the beginning we were clear that we needed to take back the trees and have dedicated lockbox funding to do that the initial proposal included a combination of baselines aside what the city has spent for the last ten years and a progressive parcel tax we've had a lot of communications there that issue to make sure we are sending not just the best possible measure to the voters but a measure that has the best possibility of passing to fix this once and for
3:19 pm
all supervisor avalos has been working with me and thank you to him for his partnership and he creative thinking we had to continue this last week that was unclear if we'll be able to put this on the ballot and last week, we spoken more time than either of us care to admit to try to resolve this i want to thank supervisor avalos for his creative thinking for coming up with great ideas to incorporate into this measure today so colleagues before i today we've distributed amendments that will had had following will continue to meant the city take back the tree relates sidewalk damage and liability and then to create a baseline in the budget of $19 million which is the total cost we've formulated with finally and the
3:20 pm
controller's office to pay for that the 34ur will provide the mayor's with an opportunity as with the transportation and housing sales tax depend on what the financial condition of the city at the end of this year to determine to move forward but we're confident this will move forward and we know that the mayor cares about trees as well sow r so this measure a great one supervisor avalos and you are in partnership and will ask you colleagues to make those amendments today and then this is on the agenda already for the thursday and friday special meeting so that i hope we'll place this on the ballot and want to thank friends of the urban forest for the unending work for 40 years for the urban forest and on this measure in particular he thing andrea in my office that did enormous work
3:21 pm
over a a long time to move forward move forward to colleagues he ask for your support and now with our permission madam president i'm going to turn it over to supervisor avalos. >> okay. before we take the amendment he will recognize supervisor avalos. >> and that's a motion and so - >> so supervisor wiener has made a motion to amend seconded by supervisor avalos colleagues the amendment without objection without objection the amendment passed amazing supervisor avalos. >> thank you supervisor president london breed i might not describe trees as sexy issue that is an essential issue and district lovely trees have been a big effort that the residents came together to help to develop the neighborhood to bring a
3:22 pm
sense of belonging beauty to the neighborhood and make sure that our neighborhood can be a place where people are actively involved with the landscaping looks like so the university has been a big part a many, many resident in any district that have been working closely to make sure that district 11 can grow the university it is unfortunate because district 11 it is hard to do that a lot of concrete and a lot of telephone poles more telephone poles than trees in district 11 but people understand that trees are about a sense that quality and people in any district that don't have disposable income finds is difficult to take care of trees when the city is passing on that responsibility to them and trees and situations for people in district 11 that struggling to pa pay their mortgage and having
3:23 pm
to take care of the damage the tree might make can be a disagrees event so that's a solution a great solution and it is one that is really clearly helping neighbors in san francisco that are generally not given a lot of support and reliberal wanting to take care of planting new trees we'll have many trees that have been taken out because property owners don't want to take care of the trees this is been a really great experience working with supervisor wiener on this measure we often don't see eye to eye but trees we do to me this is an
3:24 pm
issue that is a progressive issue the moderate issue an issue that united the board of supervisors i work hard to make sure our board can be united i know that supervisor yee is also looking at how we can insure that when this measure kicks in by july 1st of next year we'll have a program in place because we'll already set a reserve relishl program but by charter amendment for the future and doing that with a fund that supports long term make ready for ever for trees in san francisco that's a huge thing this is also an environmental issue our trees are the greatest source of carbon in san francisco we can remove carbon dioxide by funding more trees
3:25 pm
that nursing or enables us with clean power to do our part in restoring climate change that is devastating the world i'm proud to be part of this effort i was concerned about moving forward with another parcel tax the san francisco city college board of trustees has put a reauthorization of the parcel tax on the ballot i think that is hard for property owner voters to choose two parcel tax or have to choose between them if they only want to support one and other revenue measures it is difficult to move forward with other parcel tax to help to resolve the tree issue when another one is there because the remedy measures with the revenue co-sponsored it made it possible for us to attempt to tap both
3:26 pm
one of the sources to be able to cover the program for trees we want to commend thank all my colleagues that have been working on new source of revenue with our photo tax and transfer tax increases that are coming forward i know that several of us on the board worked on those measures they enable us to have the flexibility in the budget to quality this set asidend have a stream of funding for the tree program i want to engage supervisor kim and supervisor cowen and supervisor mar for their work on revenue i think this is really important to move on trees above all thank you, jeremy in any office that has tried various because of you know throwing dangerous on the wall to see what stays on the wall and this effort to actually link
3:27 pm
with new revenue sources without a new additional source to the ballot is one that really will work and one that all of san francisco will see the benefits of as we move forward. >> so thank you to jeramy colleagues before we go further i do want to i'm going to table item 22 which say was any version the tree tax measure i kind of stopped working on that with in place with supervisor wiener measure created a program that covers ongoing maintenance of trees until the distant future to me that is more i can get all of us to get behind this measure with the new source of support for it and the support of set aside i'll be asking ms. johnson to table item 22 before getting a second ask that we
3:28 pm
send back to committee item 23 that is the tax utility use tax on non-renewable source of energy it is important we look at that has a potential measure for the ballot i wanted this measure to go forward but concerned about putting an additional tax on the ballot that will burden our ballot but also make it difficult for voters to distinguish but having a tax on renewable that revenue can cover the build out clean power or the planting of more trees but best to continue this item for another time motion again to tackle item 22 and send 23 back to committee thank you, colleagues. >> thank you supervisor avalos has made a motion to table 22 seconded by supervisor mar
3:29 pm
colleagues without objection without objection item 22 is tabled and on the motion to send item 23 back to budget and finance colleagues without objection without objection 23 back to committee and supervisor yee. >> thank you very much supervisor president london breed. >> first of all, i want to thank the friends the urban forest and all the individual that have been working on this tree issue for many years. >> it is real important issue for district 7 something that i recognized when i stepped into office we needed to do something about this when i saw was tree after tree left alone and dying trees that would be taken care
3:30 pm
of by seniors with fixed income this is not a solution at one point the city took care of more trees for me want to thanks supervisor wiener and supervisor avalos for working together to come up with that solution that hopefully, all of us will supports i have two goals in mind when i jumbled into this discussion about half a year ago one was that why are we waiting a year if now to take over the trees to my colleagues know that i've introduced legislation that will go forward after the recess that will basically ask the city to start taking over the trees immediately and people say where will you get the money i'll be following
3:31 pm
up with a supplemental ask for this year and for me, the second piece of this so that's sort of a stop gap we can take over now and build up the program and in time looking at the year that that is fully fund with a fully operational program the second piece for me think that supervisor avalos already mentioned he felt and many of us felt too much revenue measures that we were proposing and just wasn't fair for our citizens i mean our residents in san francisco to be actually flipping the bill for everything and one of the things i was not going to support was a parcel tax i felt there are other ways to do this so i'm happy at this
3:32 pm
moment we actually found a solution we don't need to tap into a parcel tax and actually support fewer revenue measures than i want to thank both supervisor wiener and supervisor avalos for working this out it was very difficult i know especially only a few days to make the final decisions and i will be supportive of this amendment. >> thank you supervisor yee and supervisor mar. >> thank you. i'm pleased madam president and colleagues that we had this week to try to work out this issue to be hopefully unanimous in support of vance san francisco a city covered in healthy trees with the urban forestry council all the dpw oovrts and others and everyone from the neighborhoods
3:33 pm
that has been writing about this issue i'm pleased we hopefully have a anonymous way to move forward as tom from livable city said at different committees that trees under streets can help to raise your level of happiness and equitable in other neighborhoods and the city is expanding the companion on a citywide level but trees increase people's health by slowing amp up to seven years trees are an economic benefit to $1 involved from trees give 7 to $8 of benefits assuming their strong ways to plant and maintain and grow them as well i know that has we move livable
3:34 pm
city trees help to pull carbon out of the air and san francisco as a city we're a liveable city my appreciation to supervisor wiener and supervisor avalos and supervisor yee and others for thinking about the common interests of all the neighborhoods i think that friends of the urban forest have been at that over a year several years actually and pleased this is moving forward i would have appreciated the progressive parcel tax i'm looking forward to this commitment made by this probation officer body we find the funding for a thirty year problem our city has not addressed until in hits the ballot in november i want to say that would not have come forward without the activists and the friends of the urban forest
3:35 pm
keeping the light shining on how we are united and my hope in november to pass this measure and regrow our canopy and be a liveable city thanks to supervisor wiener and supervisor avalos and all of us for moving forward. >> supervisor farrell. >> thank you supervisor president london breed i want to say thank you to supervisor wiener and supervisor avalos and supervisor yee particularly supervisor wiener and supervisor avalos so for in their advocacy and their workload i want to thank dan friends of the urban forest i know that supervisor wiener has been working with their hard work that is relent less this is a great tribute i'm excited. >> thank you supervisor farrell supervisor peskin. >> thank you madam president this issue has been connecting around since milton marks was the head of - i want to say that number one i am very
3:36 pm
pleased given the number taxed and the 9 point of billion dollars budget a with all due respect to the mayor and members of this body the city should not have reliberated the trees that were reliberated a few years ago this is the right thing to do to put it in the lockbox and identify the tax that come from the wealthiest players in our society and not homeowners that are stressed that week the advocacy and the discussion has resulted in something that will solve this problem in the fairest way. >> thank you supervisor peskin supervisor campos. >> be very brief and also want to say thank supervisor wiener and supervisor avalos i think that there has an
3:37 pm
agreement throughout this discussion on the part of board of supervisors that the city should never have gotten to this point and not have reliberated our responsibility and put it on property owners the question for the last few days what is the best answer and i'm glad that it has been at least an agreement that resolves the issues and especially want to thank all my constituents for district 9 that have taken the time to write to me and my staff about the importance of this issue and i know there are people from ever every supervisorial district and the board is responding i'll be happy to
3:38 pm
support this. >> commissioner wu supervisor campos supervisor kim. >> thank you supervisor president london breed i'm happy we're moving forward a measure that didn't tax the residents i think the city should take back the responsibility for maintaining the street trees they're important part of our canopy and a healthy city any reluctance affordability so one of the top issues that taxing our hoermentz many are feeling they've left even if they own their homes that is pitting the burden on it is undue burdensome uniform happy we're moving forward with a set aside assuming new revenue that comes to the city and maintenance the trees and the city has responsibility for many of any colleagues talked about with why they're important but i think that is important to note that
3:39 pm
maintaining the street trees has been confusing for so many of the homeowners and that to no fault of their home don't do the right way because of ways going about it and incredibly expenditure i think this is the predicament way for us to move forward it show and absolutely be. >> priority and come out of our general fund dollars i'm happy to see the charter amendment dancing takes back the ownership and recognize supervisor yee who since i've introduced the ultimate traffic real estate transfer tax trying to figure out how to allocate the dollars for street trees maintenance and working alongside with my office to come up with language to move along with our city college special fined funds will be a funded by the real estate transfer tax so insure that new revenues will come in and be able to spend
3:40 pm
down for maintenance i understand that he is going to be moving forward with the way to fund street trees maintenance today before this ballot measure is in effect i'll assume it passes i want to thank the board for working together to bring 24 forward there is a be tremendous outcome of revenue but proud we're moving forward with the progressive way that we are asking those with the most to fund the services here in the city we need to see moving forward and our homeowners will not be burdened with homeownership's tax but homeowners are willing to contribute to the general fund we want to participate in the progress and the friends of urban forest thank you e thank you for all your hard work and i appreciate the work to bring nor
3:41 pm
trees into the tenderloin neighborhood i cannot tell how important to have a canopy with the bodecker park and hopefully to bring more of this into the district i represent thank you. >> thank you, supervisor kim supervisor wiener. >> thank you madam president first of all, well, i thank friends of urban forest earlier i neglected to specifically thank dan the executive director that did an extraordinary job getting the trees planting and advocating for our trees so thank you, dan so colleagues or madam president 22 and 23 have been tabled and item 21st is amend unless there are further okay. i'll make a motion to continue item 21 to
3:42 pm
the 8:30 special meeting on thursday morning. >> sitting as a committee as a whole. >> and subject to other comments. >> okay before - okay. did you have further comments supervisor avalos. >> brief ones i want to thank. >> supervisor wiener has made a motion to continue item number 21 to a committee as a whole on july 28th as 8:30 a.m. seconded by supervisor avalos and before we approve that supervisor avalos you'd like to make comments. >> thank you one additional comment i want to make this package of this charter amendment creates a enormous
3:43 pm
opportunities for the environmental stewardship under known we have a strong program with those funds and with the treatments in the program we've actually can get for residents involved in taking care of mravnts trees he understand you, we can create green jobs i wanted to see as part of the passage we're able to create jobs for young people and adults as environmental sterdz i want to encourage the department of public works and the friends of urban forest to be creative in how we extend green jobs to many people up here in san francisco thank you. >> thank you supervisor avalos. >> and just so for clarity supervisor wiener has made a motion to continue as amended
3:44 pm
item 21 to the july 28th meeting at the 8:30 as a committee as a whole and seconded by supervisor avalos i want to make sure i was clear it is as amended thank you, madam clerk for the reminder with that, colleagues can we take that without objection? without objection it passes unanimously and at this time thank you, everyone >> (clapping.) >> okay >> (clapping.) >> thank you, everyone for being here we really appreciate it and at this time we'll be doing a
3:45 pm
2:30 accommodation so if the folks that are here could exited quietly while we continue to conduct business really we'll appreciate it thank
3:46 pm
you. >> mr. ginsburg welcome to the chamber we're at the points of our 2:30 accommodation we know you were patiently waiting outside to come in >> thank you, thank you everyone colleagues today, i am commending carla and gordon from the triangle and the san francisco recreation and park apprenticeship program we can clap (laughter). >> so if carla and gordon can
3:47 pm
come forward with ms. brown to the podium here. >> mr. ginsburg. >> so today, we're voting on item 78 to recognize july as national recreation and park month on the adoption without reference items and on this occasion i am recognizing two amazing people from the friends of the triangle as well as the san francisco rec and park garden apprenticeship program the triangle is a grace metal between linking and golden gate park a great place for families to have picnics and relax carla and gordon are long time sports and in fact, carla fund it in 2012 with gordon's as one of the original members with
3:48 pm
the arts and specialists to remind and revise this triangle together with the rec and park department the san francisco parks alliance local landscape architect jeff miller the friends of the triangle development a comprehensive renovation plan i was happy in support of legislation to accept the very gesturdonation the par reopened in march i have 2014 with an upgraded new plan and assessable pedestrian passages and it is just one of the most amazing spaces in the city and in june of 2017 gordon was the group leader and organized volunteer work parties etch month for the beauty of park and
3:49 pm
he's a dedicated divorcee working hard in the installation of the plot to grow the art gasped with the colorful plants that can be eaten this provides an educational opportunity for children and adults to experience the vibrant growth cycles of plant and finally want to recognize the rec and park gardener apprenticeship program developed in 2010 (clapping.) - >> come on in guys and gals developed in 2010 with the help of local 261 this program provides san franciscans with a pathway into permanent gardening jobs at the rec and park
3:50 pm
department apprenticeships complete 4 thousand hours of supervised on-the-job training such as proper moe and tuning and planting they also attend courses at city college to learn plant identification landscape design and horticulture practices with the apprenticeships receive an education that exceeds the state of california education requirements for a program of this nature that is the first statewide created introduce a labor management partnership i want to thank rec and park general manager phil ginsburg thank you for being here along with a number of the commissioners from rec and park department thank you to vince with local local 261 and for their leadership in creating the program and for providing
3:51 pm
employment opportunities to san franciscans which is so, so very important i also want to give a shout out to rec and park commissioner tom harrison >> (clapping.) >> tom worked for the city and county of san francisco as a gardener for 28 years before appointed on the rec and park for local 261 exactly the kind of person we need on the commission i know we're also joined by gloria and then and pat anderson 3 other rec and park commissioners, thank you for being here we talked about trees before you all got in here and how important to take back and take our tree infrastructure and looking forward to making sure that some of those apprentices are the first in
3:52 pm
line for the job opportunities we'd like have when we take back those trees we'll need you and i'm looking forward thank you, everyone for being here and with that, i'd like carla and gordon to say a few words this is a lot of people being honored but you two are - >> (clapping.) >> i wanted to bring you front and center because we know you, you volunteer countless hours and raised money and did this amazing wonderful community space that brings people together and artists and sdavl have challenges with moaning our parks all over the city and have citizens like yourselves do exactly what you did i was there for the opening and so grateful he was falling all over i was so
3:53 pm
grateful you invested your time and money and continue to do that with that, carla an opportunity to say a few words. >> and gordon. >> i thank phil to supported and abigail if rec and park you know working with that team it was a pleasure actually and i hope many others will see the benefit if taking on a small part of city and give it a little bit love and attention and so many people can enjoy it thank you for the recognize. >> thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> i want to thank carla recognizing volunteers is a very important thing to side germany
3:54 pm
personally feel that the recognition the volunteers regularly get from the staff david and abigail and others it makes you want to come back and work such a rah-rah we can help this place be better can do attitude it is fun for part of and thank you to them to make this so easy in a wonderful area in the city thank you. >> thank you. i also - >> (clapping.) >> want to shout out to abigail when i was over there she takes pride in taking care of area like taking care of her own home that's pretty amazing >> (clapping.) >> so thank you oh, yohiding i
3:55 pm
don't know if vince you want to speak on behalf of the local 261 of the amazing program you all together have started. >> well, thank you very much supervisor president london breed on behavior of o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? and david i want to say a few words we receptionist the work you do and thinks that is difficult we have about a million poem in town and comes down to the lovingly people you had a magnificent job we agree on the obligations our obligations to make sure that people actually have an opportunity to pursue a career pathway not only in the private but united states public segment i'm proud of that department but unwise for me not to mention the department of public works that is like the workforce forever and ever we've been moving the
3:56 pm
rec and pa rec and park phil ginsburg i'm proud of his management team understanding how important to put together the apprenticeship programs to make sure on the best and brightest and the most committed people serve tfolks ad really, really proud to stand here with phil and his team like national parks month and san francisco forgets we have this freaking greatest rec and park in the world we take it for granted everyday we don't we're the stvrdz and gloubd i'm proud to serve with them and let us know it gets easier and easier everyday. >> thank you, mr. courtney.
3:57 pm
>> (clapping.) >> you can make sure we get the page and the other list figuring. >> thank you sxheemd i'm very aware of that list i wanted to thank you and all of your colleagues for taking time to celebrate the parks month and recognizing the important role that parks play in our city and the two groups you've honored are perfectly representative of what makes us the greatest park system in the country our volunteers and staff thank you for recognizing both pieces of the evaluation and celebrating the rec and park and our fabulous amazing park system thank you. >> thank you.
3:58 pm
3:59 pm
>> (clapping.) >> go ahead. >> okay >> (clapping.) >> 1, 2, 3 1, 2, 3 okay folks thank you for your
4:00 pm
patience. >> thank you to the men and women who make our continue to make our parks wonderful for everybody thanks again all right. folks with that, that is now 3 o'clock and several 3 o'clock special orders and i'm going to call them out of order and going to start with items supervisor campos. >> items 55 through 56. >> okay. >> go to the building code madam clerk. >> items 53 and 54 comprise the special order for the board of supervisors have approved a motion on june 28th for a committee as a