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tv   San Francisco Government Television  SFGTV  July 31, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> (clapping.) >> go ahead. >> okay >> (clapping.) >> 1, 2, 3
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1, 2, 3 okay folks thank you for your patience. >> thank you to the men and women who make our continue to make our parks wonderful for everybody thanks again all right. folks with that, that is now 3 o'clock and several 3 o'clock special orders and i'm going to call them out of order and going to start with items supervisor campos. >> items 55 through 56. >> okay. >> go to the building code madam clerk. >> items 53 and 54 comprise
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the special order for the board of supervisors have approved a motion on june 28th for a committee as a whole for a public hearing to consider the objections to the diligent charges for assessment costs by the department of building inspection which the subject matter of item 54 for code compliant for the building code for services costs accrued pursuant to code violation. >> today it is conducted to objections to a report of the diligent charges for the costs submitted by the director of department of building inspection for diligent charges for code compliant violations and associated fees pursuant to the provisions of building code to let's open this hearing
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first, we will hear from the department mr. and then davidson is here to present. >> good afternoon supervisor breed and board members. >> these are mediums a and then the inspector, next item. >> with the department of building inspection we have a 22 year before the board with the imposition of liens previously transmitted with the report of diligent charges june 20, 2016, the department has two in house hearings for the property owners to discuss the on and on charges the department appreciate our support and approving the report of diligent charges was for po for the department of building inspection and like to thank angela and on the support staff for all your help.
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>> colleagues, any questions seeing none, open up for public comment and members of the public will have 2 minutes to comment regarding this particular issue and i just want to let people the members of the public who are here to comment on this that after we conducted this hearing there will be an opportunity for you to have a discussion with a member of the department of public works to resolve our issue any members of the public that want to come down. >> seeing 4 items 53 and 54 the diligent buildings i'm not sure of the protocol. >> i didn't call the ceqa million e appeal that's not what i called.
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>> yes. >> i'll start our time if i want to talk about the building code and i live on sanchez street in the castro i've had an issue are troublesome tenants that grabbed onto the idea they can't be evicted as long as a code violation and damaged my property and used the things i have deferred maintenance i just got out of foreclosure and i'm sure they'll understand how to abuse the process in the future the city attorney is aware but
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i've been sued for more than the value of my house at the present time i've been thrown into foreclosure and going to lose any house if the city paralyze in this lawsuit and stems from substantiates that abused the system i'll ask you to think about how people can abuse those rules and try to safeguard against that. >> the handwriting is on the wall i have to say. >> thank you, sir any other members of the public for the 53 of assessment costs for building assessment violations >> next speaker, please. >> if you want to line up to my left and our right go ahead,
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sir. >> my name is john wong and . >> mr. wong speak into the microphone thank you. >> i'm the owner of 505, 26 avenue and 1254 las vegas worst street i received 14 orders to pay 7 thousand, nine hundred and 67 for the property. >> but i don't know each they complain so, now i am a neighbor to answer that before.
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>> no regarding the task i sent i have any record in last year, i spent $15,820 to pay the contractor to repair so but not i believe they have the payment because that the reason it is in there they might say oh, you don't have a donor that you did a it and give you a credit i try to pay for the - however,
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and you know refusing to accept before the inspector told me he has two cases in there revel and i go to get a permitted, however, i pay he refused it. >> thank you, sir an opportunity to speak with a representative when we finished with public comment. >> next speaker, please. >> and mr. davidson where you are thank you raise your hand he'll go step up to the plate outside to help you resolve our on or about. >> next speaker, please. >> that is file number 160705 this is regarding any property 19 ruth let me know street in bernal heights i think have i offer 14 codes and don't know what they mean i've tried to work with the city and really
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the best he can and it is very confusing and when this started in august of 2012 when i got hit by a car and had brain damage and fractured a vertebrae spine when i was unconscious any family installed sheetrock for installation inside of the walls so the house will be warmer and since then there's a lot of violations because they didn't get a permitted to do the work so, now we have permits and doing the work and very, very, very complicated and i'm very not good at that especially, after 14 code charges i'm doing everything i can and have a spine fusion outside of that i worked for the city i'm fully disabled sins the accident i
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worked 17 ordinances and the leaders of the neighborhood march program at the bernal heights and board member for the project open hand and worked forming mayor willie brown wheel chairs mayor and worked for history aid services campaigns already and pretty much worked and do everything for the people i'm on full disability but right now pushing get to the vision zero campaign and the speaker campaign i'm asking the board to reassess the charges because doing the best i can. >> again, sir someone will speak with you after public comment and anyone wish to comment on item number item can you please line up to my left.
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>> hi my name is kathy and i'm the homeowner for property address - and back in july 2nd of the year 2015 and once i had a notice of violation right now r rossi paid the architect the fee he never tried to complete the plan that cots any project to be complete and starting this year i got a heart disease and being hospitalsed and feel alert and hopefully, the penalty will
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be waived i need more time. >> thank you very much again there are an, an opportunity to speak with someone after. anyone wish to comment on item number this item go seeing none, public comment is closed. with that, mr. davidson >> can you turn on the microphone. >> yes. i'll meet with the individuals out in the lobby. >> if you can stand he's step outside and if anyone wants to articulating talk about their claim he'll be out there until he talks with every single one of you and come back with a recommendation to the board thank you for your patience. >> thank you supervisor breed. >> thank you okay with that, we have two other 3:00 p.m. special orders
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supervisor cowen would you like to do the eir hearing at this time. >> or we could - supervisor campos is not here we'll go back to the regular agenda until i returns and back to the 3:00 p.m. special order madam clerk call item 24. >> a charter amendment first graft for the charter of san francisco to authorize the san franciscans not united states citizens but are the parents legal guardian or caregivers of a child residing in san francisco to vote for the board of education at an election on november 8, 2016. >> supervisor mar. >> thank you supervisor president london breed colleagues this measure as it move forward to the november ballot about encouraging 100 percent parental involvement a
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extending the voting rights to emigrates that is 60 though young people one in three children has an immigrant pattern or parents and many are not yet citizens and not able to vote in school board elections many of the students are citizens who's needs may not be met giving a voice to all parents is good for the kids it expands the opportunity to all communities i want to thank the majority of san francisco board of supervisors but also board of education matt haney and shamann walton and with rosen and sandra fewer this measure a positive step for shared values as san franciscans of democracy and
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inclusion of everyone and civic participation and fairness and providing an opportunity for all parents to have a voice in who gets the sites on the board of education in our city and shape the quality and equal opportunities of our schools i wanted to thank my staffing victor and angela and others from assemblyman david chiu's office but our broad coalition to credit for the growth of that shared values of 100 percent parental involvement in the schools especially psychologically man advocates and parents voices and faith in action and many youth commissioners and youth organizations for building our broad coalition i want to thank our co-sponsors supervisor campos, supervisor cowen, supervisor wiener and supervisor
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kim for supporting this effort i think that san francisco like other cities can make history by expanding the right to vote to parents in our public school and wanted to say quickly to as this coalition grows we want to doing everything we can to include the parents stories and how having 100 percent be parental involvement in the schools go makes our schools and our whole school system better for everyone i thank the colleagues and put this on the ballot in november and make history. >> thank you supervisor mar and supervisor wiener. >> i want to say thank supervisor mar in bringing forgot this charter amendment with the support of assembly member chiu i hope the third time is a charm i was proud to
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promote that in previous occasions and it came close but failed i hope the voters adopt this we know that parents are successful in big deal academy with the school and school community and means being engaged politically in hoping to formulate the policies and direction of the public school system it makes a lot of sense that participants that have kids in the public schools should be able to vote for in school board elections regardless of where they are citizens so i'm supportive of this measure and hope that we send it out to the voters today. >> thank you supervisor cowen. >> thank you very much supervisor president london breed
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i wanted to take a moment to pubically acknowledge the leadership of supervisor mar so for being resilience and not giving up on this incredibly portant ballot initiative i believe that this is a democracy it is our duty to widening the tents in bringing people to the table and not exclusively people we should put forward and making sure the voters know where this board stands. >> thank you supervisor cowen supervisor kim. >> i also want to thank supervisor mar for his leadership on this measure i did campaign for this also in 2004 about many of you and have long believed that non-citizens and guardian so participate in the board of education elections many parents have spent years over decades objecting three quarters citizenship and during
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that period of time they are watched their children graduate from elementary school and middle school and high school and by the time they have a say in board members their children are graduated not a new process new york city has allowed non-citizens to volt from board of education and certainly have examples of other cities that is loud but really an expansion of the democracy individual that have so much at stake in the board of education when i ran i would have loved to campaign and reach out to so many parents not having a voice in the progress and this will certainly continue this work along with supervisor avalos charter amendment on expanding the multiple to vote 16 i hope we expand this in the
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longer-term but in a year we're staying betrayal against the immigrants at the analyzed level in the approximate disease by the republican nominee is important for san francisco to stand up and say say we support our immigrants and in participating in our democratic progress. >> thank you, supervisor kim supervisor campos. >> thank you. i just want to just provide some context that is important that has san francisco folks in the country are talking about limiting people's rights to vote we have seen the hurdles that people place on citizens to actually be able to cast ballot at the ballot box with the united states supreme court underlining the right to
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vote and donald trump and others singularly trying to keep certain polling people out of political process it is important that san francisco we're trying to expand the right to vote and the ability of people to be involved in the democratic process that is angle important thing that san francisco is doing noble not only with this measure by but the measure by supervisor avalos to vote 16 i'm proud to be part of that and proud that san francisco is doing this in light of the larger nationality political climate. >> thank you commissioner campos supervisor faell. >> thank you supervisor president london breed you know, i release i'll be the minority on this today and unfortunately not something i will be able to support first of all, in terms of making sure that families are involved in their schools nothing i can and more with a
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parent of three children with parents in the school it critical to the success not only the families but the children and education i don't believe that voting on the school board is a simultaneous with being involved with the schools but more importantly it struck me this morning today is my mother's birthday and as i won't have the chance to go to breakfast with her and my dad's they talked about 20 years ago was the day she became a u.s. citizen and something we register they renowned our german citizenship it is who she is but the one thing she asked any children was the biggest difference and my children
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wouldn't respond and she said it is i can vote in the united states and so i appreciate this is a tough call but i'm in the vast minority but this is on personal experience he wonder will b a slippery slope school boards why not supervisors or anything else in the country that is part of a big discussion. >> thank you supervisor farrell madam clerk on item 5 o 24. >> call the roll. >> supervisor kim on item 24. >> supervisor mar supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell no. >> there are 10 i's and one no with supervisor farrell in the
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dissents. >> the charter amendment will be submitted madam clerk items 55 through 56. >> on july 19th little board of supervisors approved a motion to schedule a committee as a whole for a public hearing to consider a charter amendment thirds draft the subject to amend the chapter of san francisco so create the powers and duties to authorize the public advocate for the review of the city programs for transmitting information to the public and investigate and attempt to resolve the city complaints to authorize the public advocate to investigate spifdz whistle blower complaint with the salary and sets the policy for minimum staffing for the office of public advocate to rename the department of police accountability to give that
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office direct authority over the proposed budget and require the police to have an audit every two years in how the police department has offered the claim of use of force another an election november 8, 2016. >> supervisor campos. >> madam president the city attorney's office is still working on language so technical language they're trying to you know finalize and make sure it is accurate i apologize and ask we come back but i know that supervisor cowen wants to speak to that. >> thank you supervisor cowen. >> thank you very much i will if we can't say do anything without the language so perhaps. >> would you like to explain exactly with you are proposing to change. >> sure. sure i'll defer to supervisor campos who articulated the changes. >> supervisor avalos thank you
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madam president this changes refer not only to items 55 and 56 the hearing on public advocate in the public advocate measure but also the item 57 the charter amendment that supervisor cowen and supervisor president london breed have. >> hold on a second madam clerk call item 57. >> a second draft for the city and county of san francisco to rename the office of citizens complaints as the police accountability for the direct authority and require p a performance audit how the police department has handled the use of force on an election november 8, 2016. >> thank you and essentially what we are talking about doing would be to make amendments so
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the public advocate measure goes back to essentially one of the original versions that didn't actually include the office of police accountability essentially bringing back the public advocate to the times prior to the amendments that were introduced by supervisor avalos and that would also allow supervisor cowen and supervisor president london breed measure to go forward to the voters as a stand alone measure there are technical changes that have to be made in supervisor cowen's measure that take out what is called the poison pill as well as referencing what happens in the event if that the public advocate measure passes in terms of the possibility of the occ director and is public advocate measure essential will not deal
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with the amendments or changes that are promoted relatively to the department of police accountability equipment for the issue of appointment which would be the public advocate making the appointment subject to the approval the board the last thing i'll say this is just a technicality in the event i know we're actually working with tight deadlines so in the event that you know for some reason don't meet the deadlines there is a duplication forward to the tuesday board meeting but i don't know if this is possible the intent to go with this deal wear describing and again, it is so that voters have the opportunity to decide for themselves on the merits of each special. >> with that, supervisor cowen. >> thank you supervisor cowen. >> madam president a point of
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clarification will we able to take public comment on this 55 through 57 several people are coming and waiting is that a pocket autopsy yes, we can open up for public comment. >> okay. we'll open up. >> madam president's supervisor cowen 56 and 57. >> correct thank you. >> 56 and 57 thank you for the clarification so good afternoon, everyone thank you for being here we want to commend say thank you to the colleagues that have helped me to work with me so that we can bring this very port accountability measure to the voters this november i don't think that is necessary to begin to repeat what i said over the last several weeks but really want to impress on each and every in the chamber this side of the chamber we have a responsibilities we all have a responsibility to be listening and responsive so
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the voters pulling put a mandate to this body in san francisco to insure we act in a responsible way that everyone in the city has a high-level of justice when it comes to the services that the law enforcement provide and residents deserve and have the right to know the police standards for use of force and office misconduct that that matches the communities values whether the system to hold off as accountable we system holds the officers accountable for their actions and to insure the system is working again, this will not happen in the board of supervisors and our city don't stand united and take a bold action today on solutions to real police reform what
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you've heard a willingness to bridge a gap i want to pubically acknowledge the colleagues that are helpful and the local agency formation commission has been reviewed by many, many people for months young people you see in this room that have is been telegraph hill engaged in a very important issue they care about deeply the naacp the seniors a make-up the naacp have given encouragement in bringing this forward i want to recognize the criminal justice system and the public defender's office, the aclu the director of the african-american ms. joyce hicks and the police commission and various coalitions i've had conversations with members of senior staff of sfpd. >> and so colleagues today, i want to ask you think about the people in this room could i and think about the families that are across the country that are
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grove at the loss of a son or daughter when you make this vote i ask you place to on the ballots and allow the voters to decide and just to recap the amendments that commissioner campos and i have come to an agreement burglary do a couple of things first that removes all the luggage to the 0 police accountability from the public advocate proposal this proposal public advocate will go to voters with the votes and this department of the police officer accountability is now allowed to move forward and go to voter i an amendment i've agreed to will allow the power of the director for the department of police take into account to rest within the public advocates authority to be also to be confirmed by the san francisco board of supervisors and supervisor campos called it a poison pill i call that a
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clarifying clause lau (laughter) it was introduced it looks like we were going to have two quoting measures to the volunteered i want to make sure we're very clear on which piece of legislation will prevail should both pass so with that, m and madam president i'd like to entertain conversations with any colleagues and absolutely go to public comment to hear from the constituents that are here today thank you very much thank you, everyone. >> thank you supervisor wiener. >> thank you very much i'm glad there is conversations about this issue i was concerned last week this measure might be killed in its entirety or otherwise damaged it is important to go to the voters in a unified way because it is
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incredibly important that the people care by a b and thank you to supervisor cowen in modernizing the office of citizens complaints making it do his own department and independent of the police department in terms of i want to thank supervisor campos for engaging in that dialogue in terms of my preference not be for the public advocate is to be the appointing authority i'll listen and keep an open mind it is important we come to an agreement and so i'll keep an open mind open that point and, of course, tremendous respect for supervisor cowen leadership thank you. >> thank you, supervisor wiener and just for clarity we're waiting on amendments to both the public advocate as well as police albeit i know there
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are a number of members of the public i'd like to open up for public comment for this as we're sitting as a committee as a whole keep our comments specifically to this particular item and not any other items on the boards agenda or general items first speaker please. good afternoon. >> my name is michael my residency thirty years when i came here to attend the law school a member of the third baptist church of san francisco and i'm acquainted with the chief and form george moscone and crossed paths with the chief and the first asian woman police chief so my engagement has been
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positive but a man was beaten by the san francisco police department and have lawsuits spends against the city and county of san francisco so i know a few bad apples i think that is impertinent that supervisor cowen stand alone to insure that the police department against to police themselves and an affordability for their actions so one way to provide a penalty financially then a consequence so again, thank you for letting me speak. >> i'd like to let the members of the public know that we are going to listen to all the speakers but decide them today and also have an opportunity last night in the meeting members of the public to provide the comments we'll leave public comment open for this item
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throughout the day mr. richards son. >> thank you very much supervisor breed and supervisors my name is linda richardson i want to commend supervisor cowen and supervisor breed for putting together this legislation again, the burden of police accountability in the city and county of san francisco shouldn't be rest on the two african-americans from the board of supervisors of all of a sudden progressive city you know after all you have the legislation to protect the trees and dogs or whatever we'll be looking to make sure this legislation stands on its own we can't allow to tap dance with the languages so be very, very carefully when you're talking about this so we know what you're trying to do and give us
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this san francisco, california accept the leadership and convey as to the rest of the country this city is where the vision is so this legislation has broader implications the debate will not be restricted to the board of supervisors it will be carried out through the country in new york or seattle people will be asking you about this legislation which basically says we know there are good cops and bad cops given the opportunities should be mandated this is what this decision will be so the votes should be anonymous and this legislation should be allowed to go to the borders by itself without any languages so big thank you and we expect you will have you progressives all of a sudden progressives will do the right thing for the city and county of san francisco thank you for your time on this board. >> thank you.
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>> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon madam president and board members i'll john i'm here to speak and a representative of friends of ethics for those of you who don't know federal bureaus is a volunteery association that works to promote the regulation and transparency in elect lobbying we're composed of former commissioners and members of the grand jury and friends of ethics have engrossed i'm i've i'm going to read a letter on behalf of the friends of ethics i'm authorized to request the board of supervisors sitting as a committee as a whole recommend to the full board this combined and amended measures for a
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public advocate then the combined measure on the november 2016 ballot friends of ethics friends of ethics recognized item 5 of a renovated issue that often discussed have not been resolved and friends of ethics buildings those issues need to be addressed promoting rather than the praungd and ineffective talk putting this on the ballots focuses the attention felt folks on faster requests the entire board to make a decision without - we seek the elected supervisors to seek a decision by the ultimate authority of san francisco the voters in the hopes for better and more responsive government we remain
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the friends of ethics. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. my name is jackie i'm the executive director of the randolph institute in san francisco and joined by community members with the mile-per-hour academy you'll hear from a couple of those young folks that have been learning about city policy and not only here but last week and many of them left disappointed from what we heard but the randolph institute serves many public housing and to now providing did public services criteria developments programs and youth programs apr i has a strong presence of communities of color i'm here he care about police affordability and care about the kids and future i believe that we are all public servants that need to
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work together to build stronger communities and bright communities i was encouraged by the work to make that work we have a simple message that is to place supervisor cowen's charter amendment on the ballot and allow the people the right to vote please don't combine i've heard this may not be the event the unrelated public advocate proposal and please 90 do not silence the vote of voters i ask you bear with some of the young folks their nerves nervous but take a leap of encourage to make sure you hear the voice. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon board of supervisors my name is material
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one of the youths members part of the a phil randolph and the message please louse allow obvious for voting for the police reform and law enforcement by placing the department for the police affordability on the ballot and please does not combine that with unrelated public advocate proposal and not silence the voice of the voters thank you. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm a residence of the bayview hunters point i would say in this district all my life and for as long my community lived in a state of fear and distrust and false relationships with law enforcement i stand behind supervisor cowen in the passing of this as an independent entity it too long residents have been silenced because of hesitance to
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come forward with the police brutal no need to combine this measure with the office of public advocate but amplify the voices of those wounded community rather than silencing them with further politics thank you. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> i'm an intern and i'm talking you to allow us to vote by placing the police academy on the ballot and please don't combine with the unrelated advocate proposal and does not silence the voters voice. >> thank you.
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>> next speaker, please. >> well ms. marshall good afternoon. i'm virginia marshall a long time educator in san francisco i'm also a member of the naacp and represents the black educators i'm very thankful you all supervisor cowen and supervisor president london breed brought fort this initiative and grateful to hear you'll not combine is with m any other issue it will water it down this is a true affordability for the police officers we need them in the schools and communities on my way home from any church, i saw police officers pull over a car i watched my i think instinct came forgot i pulled behind the police officer to let them know i was watching i saw them let
10:47 am
him go this happens in bayview hunters point or across the city we need our police officers we know we love them my nephew is a police officer in 1010 we not true reform the office of citizens complaints was just a paper trail i filed complaints and nothing happened we request you rename it officer and make it a true affordability we do not want to go to any more funnels so we think this initiative will help us to stop the few minutes and go to graduations and is young people will hear with their orange shirts we see them gardening throughout the city and we see them doing the work in nature so thank you for this initiative and support it to make sure that one day the young american like
10:48 am
me will run this board of supervisors thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> rendering gordon welcome. >> i'm 38 years pastor and felt it critical i stand in support 37 critical issue maya angelou the nation and proud that supervisor cowen, supervisor breed you've brought the proposal together you're presenting the bottom line is this a critical time in american history and glad we're not anger things they've been saying how the police say abusing them come to light by the need transparent and this common sense proposal it makes common sense should stand alone and critical enough for me to stand here and make my voice heard and for the young folks i'm proud of them and the
10:49 am
way they articulated it is a critical, critical moment in history we think this legislation should get anonymous support to send a anything n\ation wide we mean business and respect our police officers but they must be accountable thank you. >> thank you reverend. >> thank you all of you for this legislation and the comploems it is a whole compromise to me it is certainly helps to put those who supports keep those who support the public advocate and those who support the police accountability i'm not opposed to the public advocate when i heard this happened all i throughout about when will the issues that combrels con front
10:50 am
the african-american community rise to the top of y'all's agenda when will we be put with other things and quit have to no longer feel as though our issues will not be addressed until all the whales or saved the plastic bags and every other i'm for all of that the trees that you were safety today the day always seem to take precedence over is life or death issues in our community noun of the stiff that comes here effects the african-american community is fluff it is always important and it is always a life or death issue and always hocking has to be put behind everything else let's learn to look at our children as though they were your children and release if you want what is
10:51 am
happening to our children to happen to yours and that without you, we can't stop it and without our black leadership on the other hand, we can't so thank you for your leadership i applaud you. >> thank you and before i call the next speaker i want to join you in clapping in the board chamber a rule begins clapping and vocal xrelgs wave our hands like this thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> we do care reverend townsend. >> i want to tell you what happened to a child coming out of a party and was walking to the bus stop to catch the bus and someone stepped on the backs of his shoe he bent down to put the shoe on and heard get the f
10:52 am
out of my way the police officer that child was me at the 14 years o never forgot it so, please pass this affordability it everything >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi, my name is max and i'm here on behalf of my internship a phillip randolph and please allow us to vote for accountability of law enforcement by placing the affordability charter amendment on this ballot please don't combine is thank you, supervisors. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi supervisors i'm standing
10:53 am
up here i have too young adult children i have a 22-year-old and they are males 22 and a 19-year-old they get has daily i'm from the alice griffith go community the way the youth gets treated is not okay by the way, we have parents that care about their children and who also get on their children when they're doing wrong i filed 5 complaints last year they all were denied and the reason why i filed the complaint because the san francisco police department came into any house in san mateo and when they come into my house they have been ski masks a whole love of them and refused to give me names i filed a complaint and moved from there, i was vote out i lived across the city in an
10:54 am
area where a regulation they can vote you out they came to any home they had a search warrant but they didn't have reason to come into my house i've been moved to richmond and they side did same thing i filed more complaints after i filed the complaint an officer came and detained my child i came around the corner to see what was going on he told me he held grudges and held a grudge because i filed a complaint anaheim now for us to sit up here and act like these things don't happen i'm a mother and community advocate i advocate for the young men and women i help with employment i'm a good person and i get treated
10:55 am
like crap come to san francisco. >> thank you. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening laenlz he know i have two minutes but first of all, give honor to commissioner breed and supervisor breed also give honors to the whole board of supervisors see most people come in and testifying and they don't know the real story that happened and city hall i call silly hall but demonstrated from last week fighting ground they came to a common ground you see politics at its best ladies and gentlemen, my name is ace and i'm on the case a story behind the sidewalks bodies were for the communities but they had to work out things that is what politics is all about i'm happy that they've come together and
10:56 am
made this thing happy now after saying you all of that i'm the czar of the out immigration we're talking about something it is so simple to put together because of institutionalized gavin newsom and your timing paid on that part in the naacp and the report says calls most of your marching black legal department we had the mechanism to work on it seems politics have been grabbing for we have to work as a tool for the adjudicators to come the out immigration i'm here appalled i have the politics where they put a tool like they demonstrating now in the naacp took a little bit out of the out immigration because listen my name is ace and i'm on
10:57 am
the case i'm telling you the story by the here to say it is politics at it by itself you younger learn from this my name is ace and i'm on the case and thanks to the progressives and the moderates you'll have to pull this city together. >> thank you mr. washington. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is and terrance i've been living in san francisco for thirty years and the real, realtion what is going on across the country not only here we have a race issue it is unfortunately 2016 and still put together accountability, amendments so that we can protect our people that is a race issue let's be real i don't understand why it shouldn't, you know, it is one of the supervisors wanted this to be
10:58 am
independent should be unanimous because let's be real they're killing black people not citizens or anyone else but if you looked at the news in the last 2, 3, or 4 months or years black people are killed out there if you could basically go with what supervisors put together the police affordability separately i'll appreciate this is what we need this is how we can mend the rational /* racial gap in 2016. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> tom hoping the new legislation role out the police are professional investors not for these things to take years
10:59 am
and months open files for police officers that apply for work in our department open files for police when there's an events in the city the new name needs to have the power to investigate good officers need to be able to focus on bad officers bad officers are killing good officers now years we've heard the pen is mightier than the sword the camera is stronger than the bullet we need to see the videos they need to be public we need to take guns from the police belt and will be better for the police officers if they have a vacation from their guns. >> a little story on fresh air
11:00 am
terry gross in interviewing a gentleman are for is new yorker when you wear a gun you become paranoid and have a quirk fuse we need to move forward thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> we need reform i've been attending sunday marches and police commission and what it comes down to after all you need to advocate to ended the police officers bill of rights on the state level now i know that over and over i hear people are not in the position to change and bylaw that's not true we need advocacy on the levels that are closet to the people hearing the people every one of you in fact, the board as a
11:01 am
whole can put forwards an advocacy to the state level to get rid of the law in fact, he made a complaint with the office of citizens complaints because i witnessed an african-american woman being slammed against a wall but as police officers her legs kicked apart and filed a complaint i filed a complaint that was a labor representative from chicago i'll not see that because the secrecy the police officers are protected over and over i'm told this is why we can't do anything everyone need to advocate the police officer have no right to have their bill of rights that supercedes the people in this country and also the other thing we need to insure that the police officers do not see the videos before they make their reports that defeats the purpose thank you. >> thank you.
11:02 am
>> next speaker, please. >> good evening supervisors supervisor cowen we appreciate you bringing this forward and acting on it and showing advocacy about what happens to police reform my name is shawn the executive director of brothers against guns doing this 20 years born and raised in the western edition and born and raised in san francisco i've seen a lot of violence police brutalities and a lot of non-compliance and accountability i thank god we have a new chief i don't know if you folks are aware of market street we had a chief that told his officers to stand do you think that's a step in the right direction and on the african-american commission board we are are changing policies so supervisor cowen for bringing this forward along with
11:03 am
supervisor breed and you guys are moving and acting and taking. >> you know pro-active what is going on in our community in san francisco we have unprivileged young folks that are dealing with violence and violence are the police department we want to thank you guys. >> thank you to the proprietors please let the voters vote and have an equal right to say what we want to say at least not politic for the best interests of yourselves and gain assess over the community we thank you and we support this and ask you to keep this separate and want to push this through thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good evening joshua civil rights attorney and i want to echo about this moment. >> thank you supervisor cowen
11:04 am
because with our leadership and you working with the community and the folks of the a phil randolph got the police accountability measure that is rear when we talk about police reform i fully support supervisor cowen because what you have a community driven police reform it is not politician driven or city hall not all those things that is the communities the people that you heard that we heard from today that testified that were walking the halls and so the communities has spoken so so i think that based on the conversation there is seems like consensus thanks to supervisor president london breed and others and the good folks to separate away to give the voters the chance to vote on police accountability and not part of a conversation about the public advocate it,too important to combine so whatever you want to use in terms of the verb what
11:05 am
happened last week was unfair to the community and doing what you're doing will be happening a fully supporting the police accountability let's let the voters decide and respect the work and thank you very much for your leadership. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello, i'm not quite sure that looks like some amendments that will be done via the communities i'm not sure what is done only public hearing my direct question is dpa is direct authorities to manage the budget i've been part of globalization around the police accountability and wondering why there are some talk about how the community shouldn't go about figuring out what the budget
11:06 am
needs to be worked on i don't understand this a good starting point but it is great it comes up in the bayview you still believe that is too late i believe that every two years ago for the police accountabilities go over and review it needs to be down and because it creates the divide within the community and the city hall and supervisors and police it is a step in the right direction but feel like it is too late and i feel like it is still needs we've got a lot more work to do and curious to see what community you reach out to getting the february from thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon and first of all, to supervisor president london breed and to supervisor cowen and this distinguished board of
11:07 am
supervisors and am the wife after a retired police officer and stand here also a representative the san francisco branch of naacp was i heard before - >> thank you. >> so as a retired the wife of a retired san francisco police officer and a representative the san francisco branch the naacp i stand before you duo to advocate to keep the measures of public advocate legislation separate from the department of the police accountability legislation accountability is crucial to modify the bother and provide
11:08 am
transparency those charged to protect and serve all the officers are not rogue officers but san francisco shed a bat light on the police force this measure should stand alone because accountability must be present so as i stand before you this morning i advocate that you, please keep the legislation separate so that accountability can stand alone and be a part of those who are served to protect and serve thank you. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon board of supervisors my name is bryan i'm from the program and my message today is. >> sir speak directly into the microphone. >> please allow us to vote for true police reform and stability and law enforcement by placing
11:09 am
the department of police have accountability chart on the ballot and please not cabin be it with the unrelated proposal and that does not silence the voters. >> thank you very much. >> i'm erica and wanted to say please allow us to vote so for police reform and the accountability in law enforcement by placing 9 department of police accountability on the blast and not combine with not silence the voice of voters thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> i'm a youth mentor apr i and i'm here to say do not
11:10 am
silence the voice of voters and mrs. allow us to vote for true police reform by placing the department of police go accountability charters on the amendment thank you. >> ma'am, and sir. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> my name is a kirk i'm the program manager and a phil randolph of san francisco supervisors 2 1/2 years ago our mr. benioff tells you we were immune to bad texts and random shooting 2 1/2 years ago all of you live in san francisco all of you live here you can what
11:11 am
happened in the city for the past year now the last time i was here i thanked supervisor cowen because she produced legislation to prove she cared cared about life people have lost their lives in our city over something we can't explain with that being said and my time running short i encourage you keep the public advocate and the police accountability legislation separates don't incline them this creates a space for the police department to to transparent and build a relationship with the community this is a clear message that we
11:12 am
really need to keep it separate and i ask you i implore you and ask not just the board of supervisors but ask this side of room as well as advertising for the city and county of san francisco you know how much this costs you know what that means so, please encourage them to keep is separate how much does it cost to bury someone in san francisco who went to a funeral who can anyone raise their hand thank you somebody cares skiing a piece of legislation that shows that. >> thank you anyone wish to comment public comment on this particular committee as a whole at this time? any members waiting in the
11:13 am
overflow room room from department of human services at this time we'll close. >> this is in the hand of supervisors i recognize supervisor kim. >> thank you i just wanted to state again, some of my comments from last week, i do think we have two thoughtful measures moving forward to the ballot around the political reform one that provides more accountability and transparency at every level of government and second the department of police accountability and twhoil i was open to having them go forward to voters as one reform package all happy to support two different measures as long as they don't counter each other's mission they take care of and
11:14 am
make sure they work alongside with each other he really want to recognize supervisor cowen and supervisor campos for working together to make sure that those reforms can move forward to the voter to allow them the choice without any type of confusion and also want to state again you know not having participated in the process as a department of police accountability i then as thoughtful piece of legislation i think that will provide more teeth to the former office of occ and allowing them to set their own budget and have staffing undertaking in relation to the number of police officers and see a greater level of others and transcript and a stronger relationship between the community and our police department because they're saying that government is really holding this department accountable and too i think the
11:15 am
department we want to see in san francisco one that is strong in hits relationship with the community second with the office of public advocate this will also allow the public to have another means to by which there is accountability with a variety of different departments in san francisco and glad to see both measures move forward. >> thank you, supervisor kim. >> supervisor cowen. >> thank you madam president colleagues he wanted to take a moment to express some gratefulness to my staff it's been a stressful week for us i want to also uplift and acknowledge my staff who is really the been significant in creating this legislation getting it through a committee and talking about it to the larger public in a different coalitions and organizations to get the legislation for voter
11:16 am
thank you for your leadership on that and want to acknowledge other are these in picking up the slack and also recognize the different folks that come out e came out from the community to speak that was nice to see the advocacy and if you will the seniors to young people out there advocating for what they are fighting for and again want to recognize the kind words that supervisor kim has given about this legislation as well as the supportive words that supervisor wiener has gone on record to acknowledge thank you for your support and supervisor campos any of you guys know this is a difficult relationship about it legislation that is a symptom of how passionate about our respected measures so thank you very much for hearing us and
11:17 am
coming to the table and working together thank you. >> oh, i also want to thank supervisor president london breed that is my right or die through thick and thin thank you. >> no problem supervisor cowen supervisor campos. >> thank you madam president i wanted to say what actually commissioner cohen beat me to it sometimes poem feel xanax about something even if the tension is not - i'm happy the voters gives them an opportunity to make a choice to focus through the measure that supervisor cowen and supervisor president london breed introduced on police reform i actually think that it is its been a long time coming in terms of what needs to happen with the occ but with respect to the public advocate measure reform that goes beyond one individual agency that
11:18 am
focuses across the board i know that it is been a ten times for the last few days and i too want to thank my staff and seep sheila who has kept this together a challenging procedural challenge because the complicated nature of how a charter works and the deadlines i really wrote be remiss if i didn't mention the city attorney's office they're done heavy lifting in terms of massaging and putting this together and complicated language and legal issues so when the time comes i'm ready to man and woman make amendments i can there are a lot of people that wanted to come and speak
11:19 am
we're trying to fourth the timing of public comment so a lot of folks are coming anothers 5:30 we should precede i think there will be opportunity for folks to speak on this item we have a heavy calendar so my hope we can proceeded to to make amendments and so with that in mind, i have distributed a set of amendments that essentially do what we've described before which is takes out any reference to the proposal by supervisor cowen to make changes to occ and simply leaves the piece on the appointment and i think i have calculated i amended version to my colleagues so before i make a motion to
11:20 am
amend i'd like to duplicate the file and send the duplicated version as a just in the case the timing didn't work to the tuesday meeting. >> august 2nd. >> i'm sorry august 2nd. >> so just to be clear you are going to duplicate the file before the amendment and send to next week's meeting. >> i was going to send the duplicate file by amend the file before us we want to take the amendment first. >> okay. let's - >> and supervisor campos just to be clear your amendment to have the public advocate is it t it passes appoint the director has the approval authority of the board of supervisors can you point out that which page number i want to make sure. >> absolutely.
11:21 am
>> maybe the i know we have a new version. >> or maybe the city attorney can identify the location. >> sure john gibner, deputy city attorney. section 1.257 on page 21 of the docume , reflected amendment on the documents i have okay giving the public advocate appointment authority and then line - >> line 22 i apologize. >> on page 26 a new urban codified section 2 which says two things first that if the other charter
11:22 am
amendment creating the police accountability passes in november than the amendments to section 417 will fall away and the occ related ordinances. >> so supervisor campos would like to make a motion to amend based on the amendments submitted. >> can i ask a question of the district attorney is it better to amend first and duplicate and then mainstream or duplicate. >> the key once you amend you have to hold the committee as a whole with the amendment it based on your. >> if for some reason we have tight timelines but to proceed
11:23 am
with the original version so that's why i wanted to duplicate first and amend it. >> okay. and i don't know if it is appropriate f me to speak from here to get clarifying information okay so i think i guess my concern is we've come to a conclusion that we will work together so i'm concerned about what could possibly happen on tuesday if we allow the version of public advocate that is still has from changes to go forward on tuesday to be duplicated and continues on tuesday i guess i'm concerned about what we talked to do i
11:24 am
mean as president i scheduled special meeting to address this. >> that's fine. >> the amendments are appropriate for public advocates and the department of police accountability i i want to put that out there supervisor campos. >> so we want to amend? >> make a motion and i think i need to- well, once we amend we'll figure out when with we send it the full board. >> supervisor campos made a motion to amend item 56 and seconded by supervisor mar without objection the amendment for item 56 passes and would you like to duplicate the file and continue it both to the original file to the thursday july 28th at 8 o'clock
11:25 am
a.m. and continue the other duplicated files to a committee as a whole for tuesday. >> as amended would be a good option i think supervisor campos. >> i'm fine with that. >> supervisor cowen has a question and supervisor cowen. >> and my apologies if i'm slow on the uptake i don't understand the need for a duplicated foil what's the logic. >> supervisor campos. >> in the event we have like agree on the thursday meeting we have a act by 10 for some reason we don't act in time an opportunity for it to go on the ballots or ballot it's a precaution. >> madam clerk. >> question
11:26 am
so if we don't have a quorum by thursday 10:00 a.m. what happens to our deadline. >> i'll not call the meeting to order until a quorum. >> that means the agendaized items what hemispheres. >> in order to meet the 24 deadline for the friday meeting the thursday special meeting at 840 should be over by 9:30 in the morning. >> so supervisor campos. >> look i'm fine with sitting with the acknowledged version that is just the lawyer in me trying to be extra caution i'm fine with the amended version to the committee as a whole and no duptdz files set. >> okay. >> thank you. >> supervisor avalos. >> thank you. i just wanted to thank supervisor cowen and
11:27 am
supervisor campos for coming together and supervisor kim for also helping with this agreement i think those two measures compliment each other but actually, they don't have to be in the same version and keeping it alive to be able to negotiator the amendment i think was really good to side i voted against it at first but i thought in the week we call together and want to appreciate the colleagues for doing that. >> supervisor cowen. >> no further comments thank you. >> okay. if everybody shows up on thursday, we'll be all right. >> if i may madam president. >> supervisor campos. >> i've been told by the city attorney and the clerk to make sure i made the right words to committee as a whole. >> a may i repeat it should be
11:28 am
continued to the july 28th special meeting at 840 as the committee as a whole. >> there we go. >> 840 or 8:30. >> 840 >> by supervisor avalos and seconded by supervisor mar colleagues without objection without objection item number 56 as amended will be continues until the meeting of thursday july 28th to a committee as a whole; is that correct. >> that's correct. >> on item 57 supervisor cowen. >> yes. ma'am, i'd like to i think i read into the record my amendments so i'd like to make a motion to accept the amendments. >> supervisor cowen made a motion to amend seconded by
11:29 am
supervisor avalos. >> thank you, colleagues you have a copy. >> colleagues without objection without objection the amendments passes unanimously and supervisor cowen what you like to continue this item to the meeting of thursday july 28th. >> so moved yes. i would. >> 8:30. >> excuse me - 840 as a committee as a whole on thursday july 28th and 8:40 a.m. is there a second. >> seconded by supervisor campos. >> can we take that without objection? without objection this item will be continued until thursday july 28th at 8:40 a.m. as a committee as a whole that business is deny thank you for coming out we're definitely making progress. >> okay 3, 2 o'clock special
11:30 am
orders i'll go back to the building inspections that shouldn't take long and head to the eir after that so mr. davidson some amendments to make. >> thank you supervisor president london breed's a we have 18 foufrl street removed and 37 through 34 judy's that have been removed. >> i'm sorry can you go by the numbers on the sheet. >> colleagues we'll have not received an amended version he'll speak into the intoerdz.
11:31 am
>> mr. david son. >> line item 443 and 442 waller. >> oh. >> line item number 452 which is 13 york. >> leona helmsley number 369 which is 19 ruth let me go street saint charles.
11:32 am
>> 238 and 239 judy's street. >> thank you supervisor peskin made a motion and seconded by supervisor campos colleagues we'll take that without objection. without objection the amendments pass and may we approve item 54 as amended madam clerk can you call the roll. >> supervisor kim supervisor mar
11:33 am
supervisor peskin supervisor tang supervisor wiener supervisor yee supervisor avalos supervisor breed supervisor campos supervisor cowen supervisor farrell there are 11 i's. >> the resolution is adopted unanimously. >> thank you very much madam president. >> then did we file 53? >> supervisor peskin. >> supervisor peskin did we file item 53 i. >> just to be clear 53 the hearing has been held and now closed thank you supervisor peskin
11:34 am
madam clerk call our final 3:00 a.m. >> compromises the person's interested in the planning commission certification of a sitter on 16th street and 12 hundred stewart issued may 12th consistent of three hundred and 95 unions and retail use in two new buildings and is vehicular and bike parking with the open space and streetscape and improvements item 50 is the motion affirming the planning commission certification of environmental impact report for the proposed project item 51 the motion reversing the certification and item 52 to have the preparation for the
11:35 am
reversal of the boards certification. >> thank you, madam clerk colleagues before us an appeal of the final environmental impact report for the project at 90116th street and 12 hundreds 17th street located in district 10 our consideration of the appeal involves the analysis of adequacy and crackcy and completeness the environmental impact report without objection we will precede as follows there will be up to 10 minutes for the feelts describe the grounds of their appeal and two minutes for public commenters to speak in supports up to 10 minutes for representatives the planning department to present it's analysis for civil service the eir and the real parties interests to present their certification of the eir and up to two minutes for public commenters to speak in support
11:36 am
of affirmation of the environmental impact report. finally the appellant will have up to 3 minutes for rebuttal arguments so with that, we'll open this hearing up >> appellant please up to 10 minutes. >> oh, excuse me - i'm sorry, i want to recognize the supervisor from the district first and have is supervisor cowen speak and call you up in just a supervisor cowen. >> my rakers a comments are bd in doing the work that needed to do do ground work we've worked with neighbors and various stakeholders and the planning department and the project sponsor for this permitted project at this site i have had
11:37 am
the opportunity to meet with all of parties with the appeal and go through the materials with a fine tooth comp and looks forward to the presentation and the public that we have ear and delighted so much interest on this particular issue madam chair without further ado, go ahead and get started. >> if the appellant can come forward you and your representatives have up to 10 minutes to present our case. >> thank you good afternoon, supervisors asks me we'll pause your time there is a lot of background noise because of opening up the doors keep that to a minimum. >> i'll alice griffith son representing the grow potrero to
11:38 am
separate with context eastern neighborhoods plan has failed us it is so you get to accomplish a balance between two key policy goals for housing and make that affordable for low income and moderate focus in and sufficient space for pdr to support a difference economy and provided good jobs pursue umu zoning promised us complete neighborhoods but at some point between the time the plans and environmental impact report was serviced and the plan was passed the planning department stripped a critical pdr requirement out of the umu zone we ended up with anything goes zoning remnants of a battle of the workday with these speculators give a free pass for profitable residential projects on cheap
11:39 am
lands as a result the assuring has rrpdz 6 thousand pdrs feet infrastructure the umu zoning while a staircase over emphasis on the market-rate development when the planning commission certified this they approved the project that loud for 3 thousand plus rirlz and in the showcase square potrero area by but 3 thousand units plus are in the pipeline additional analysis done for the 2011, 2015 eastern neighborhoods monitoring report current in draft form is 4 thousand 5 hundred and 26 units well in excess of what was anticipated in the planned eir it is also worthy noting it
11:40 am
indicates the eastern neighborhoods area is now on track to steady projections by nearly 2000 units the eastern neighborhoods plan promised us a full array for the complete neighborhoods including the open space and improved public transit and affordable housing unfortunately for us the city has not identified adequate funding or an actionable plan for the necessary infrastructure to mitigate the anticipation of the actual development this three hundred and 95 affordable housing will be one of the later in the potrero hill and the one that brings us over the top in residential units that displaces one and 9 thousand square feet of pdr space and all the jobs it provided the eir for the project
11:41 am
mischaracterizes our neighborhood as trite rich while the statement of overriding considerations falsely claims the development is in quote close proximity to transit with the residents commute and satisfy the needs without a private automobile there is a good reason only 24 percent of neighbors commute well below the didn't average and the site of 501, 16th street building has one stop one a quarter of a mile where the rubs taking the traffic to montgomery to rush hour takes 3 minutes less than walking perhaps for the sprooirp that the sought and granted an exemption recognizing that having a car is a necessary i did for many in the area without that reliable transit it is no
11:42 am
wonder traffic cip are a top concern the project eir identifies the intersection and another that will contribute to cumulative impact there are arguably no, but no feasible mitigations are being identified and finally the project is in conflict with a number area plans objectives with the protection of public vice it is a and replace the for the neighborhood character and at the odds in the underlined plan the vieira inadequate and fails to analyze the cumulative impacts and the specific impacts or accurately analysis alternatives i'd like to introduce rob who will speak about the sheriff's deputy and
11:43 am
we believe that is a feasible each time that reduces the impacts the project in which we urge the board to support. >> good afternoon, supervisors rob with save the hill alison focused on the vieira insufficient the attorney advised the city the eir was submitted with a impacts was - i'd like to focus on what we building is a win-win adoption the so-called metal shed alternative this alternative was constituted if the environmental impact report and supported by the community it saves the project findings and has shown feasible and unsustainable reduces the impacts contrary to the developers and the eir assertion the metal was desired and saves the hill for the expanding in
11:44 am
late 2014 the plan say is the result of extensive outreach over a period of several years with the consensus to use the building on the site including the metal clad one and rehabilitate them for more than uses the designs mixed uses and honoring the industrial pathways to providing a unique sense of belonging place and more importantly provides 50 square feet for artists and provides one and 77 units of housing including three bedrooms friendly units and sustainable s&p 500 this alternative surpasses the developers plan it offers a truly mixed use project awhile remaining a significant amount of distribution and the sponsors plans fails to mroosh the building heights don't rise
11:45 am
up with the metal sheds to keeping with the area and general plan policies and anytimeize the shadows at the dwar daggett park. >> i6 the the eir manipulated the merits of metal shed use alternative and city planning burdened it with the components that yielded on unnecessarily high traffic count our subsequent analysis says the alternative is, in fact, feasible and in short the developers report relied on the market-rate rather than what the developer paid for the parcel in 2006 this scooted the profit numbers what they paid for in 2006, the metal
11:46 am
shed penciled out to $40 million profit are 22 percent all of this is supported in greater detail in the materials as a reminder the project site has the last remaining rolling mill a company that began to operate 1868 before relocating at the end of the 19 century the facility was the largest fabric concern and up until mid 1937 provides steel for iconic believes that includes the fairmont hotel and race cathedral and the st. francis and the state capita and - the adaptation the metal shed
11:47 am
alternative for it fulfills the showcase square and the area plans called for adapt and the pdrs protection and quality open space and mixed use and reduces the project go inadequacy to a large degree thank you. >> we'll open to public comment and it, it is on for any person that wants to speak in support of appeal those who want to speak against the appeal you'll have an opportunity at that particular time so if anyone is in support of appeal please come forward you'll have two minutes each.
11:48 am
>> tom community involvement i think this is what we're all after right now they came out with supposedly looks like a very good plan i'm curious with the public advocate take this would they be involved with that commissioner peskin is saying no so it is request just a community against the planning department i'm thinking lien it to the communities to decide if they come up with a good plan not one that is genocide to be good or bad by the developers they want more bucks thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors and friends i'm phillip i'm a
11:49 am
registered architect that lived on coastline for 35 years the proposed project on 16th street between 16th street and 17th street is a very problematic one for many points of view it is the largest project ever proposed on potrero hill and the densest ever it will o blast a historic complex of industrial buildings from the 20th century and proposed as a location with constant traffic and incite hour crush that slows to a crawl 5 days a week this site is several blocks if the usf hospital and a freeway ramp it is approved i think explainly to me this is a
11:50 am
wrong move it is clear to most everyone on potrero hill the finding the current eir suggest that the development as proposed will lead to unavoidableable impacts to transportation and circulation in mississippi strata stand still of traffic i'm shocked the internal revenue was based on data collect in 2012 and not reevaluated in 2017 for the current eir this is an insuitable error i'll suggest be corrected immediately thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello supervisors i'm peter's i've lived on potrero hill for 419 years
11:51 am
i direct the potrero hill archive and covered two books asking for a new eir on the project the current eir is on ousted and skewed information the proposed development is much too large for the neighborhoods and on top of that will destroy one of the last industrial buildings which tell the story the neighborhoods emergence as as stricken out center in the early 20th century a new eir is absolutely necessary thank you very much. >> thank you, thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> hello, everyone my name is yvonne and i'll i was born on castro hill on 1942 when
11:52 am
we were kids we took our bikes and my brothers would take the go-carts down to where this building was and the workers that were there always helped us fix our bikes we were able to pick up in a nut shell i was not sure i i was young it was important to have that this that is a going backer building and i would say in other plays i came back to san francisco because i really likes the architecture and just the neighborhoods and what's appalling that eir is so ousted it needs to be reanalyzed and in a more thoughtful way the planning commission in the old days when sue bierman was on the commission she concerned showed
11:53 am
and parks for children and really wanted to make sure there were not shadows covering where people walked and lived and this project is so huge that is amazes me is gotten this far all i can say right now the traffic is so bad in order for me to get to work i go over the hill to 25 street over to the hospital and on my way it is part of the way because of the new hospital and all the other buildings - i'm saddened this is what happened to our city like a bunch of illegal buildings in a row without much open space i encourage you to look at it this once more. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> i'm rick hall a resident of coast line and here to support
11:54 am
the appeal i would love to speak to the eastern neighborhoods plan eir and the eastern neighborhoods plan policy because i am having to live with the disaster it created on potrero hill but you'll have plenty of opportunities as more projects come forward and as the eastern neighborhoods 5 year monitoring reported is delivered to have that full discussion because of that even though i'd like to speak to that i want to focus on the piece of this project that i believe give us the absolute requirement to accept the appeal if you read the of evidence they've provided with regard to the economic alternatives of the metal shed alternatives you'll see that the
11:55 am
planning commission was delivered bad information and that's made a bad decision and has to go back to review that piece of the project eir i looked at that analysis and i'm you know very critical of it but don't need to be because the appellant has presented to you evidence that it does meet the city's criteria for the economic feasibility it was declared economically infeasible so if you read the evidence you accept the appeal that that clear i'll say that only a few seconds the criteria of 18 to 25 percent return on departments that the
11:56 am
city used thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon my name is magic very moved by the permanent stories of people from our neighborhoods and how important we really hear what they're saying they know what is happening there's no way that the city would will have known when the e-mails plan was put forward what is happening to us now we're seeing a need for an exceptional effort by the representatives to consider the conditions of our rapidly changing environment we're losing the soul and intiblt of our neighborhoods one plus pdrs secret and losing blue-collar jobs, we would - we need to look at the cumulative impacts of all the developments in the pipeline i'm just begging of you
11:57 am
to realize we can't let neighborhood after neighborhood become just a luxury housing for the workers coming in the city no one's facilities per say but all of our responsibility to listen to the people of the neighborhoods and maintain the integrity and the history and the importance of having real work done to make that a real city thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors as i was out in the hall asked to read this comment by a neighborhood hear name a ruth miller i wish to speak on behalf of so many neighbors that regret they couldn't arrange to be here but concerned about the vote today,
11:58 am
we respectfully urge the supervisors to appeal the eir a report which fails in 2, 3, 4 it's analysis of traffic and transportation impacts and misleadingly represents the traffic related projections for the alternative proposal the eir does not accurately address the issues of land use, shadows, aesthetics and public use area plans recommendations and guidelines and it decide regards the well-founded research and interest in the historical significance and basis for an alternative plan and in the absence of neutral oversight the eir is a patchwork of old data fit total with new proposals and further the community professional was stuffed with negative hypotheticals
11:59 am
result in an eir that at turns appears researched but in the multiple oethsdz redaction's is of a work in progress and at the worse a highly substantive suspect consolation your vote to appeal this inflated eir will put this on a proper track for an via superior project one that prioritize long term and dpifls community needs over the developers profit from upscale housing thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, supervisors mary alyssa i was asked to bring this resolution to the coalition for san francisco neighborhoods so i'm going to read a bit of that resolution from coalition for san francisco neighborhoods
12:00 pm
concerning the project on 901, digesting 1217th street adopted on the june 2016 general assembly resolved that the coalition for san francisco neighborhood urges the board of supervisors to grant the appeal of the eir and overturn the certification and ceqa for 90116th street and 17th street in addition he sent out a couple of letters i'll mention a couple of things for the record it came to my attention. >> huge amount of transportation that is come in the city a huge amount of traffic that we're seeing coming in along the freeways and the bridges and that an actual coming before because of