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tv   LIVE Entertainment Commission  SFGTV  August 2, 2016 5:30pm-9:01pm PDT

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and i have to remember many of us sat here for hours just to deliver the message of several supporters i listen to all of your amendments a day and with general concern for the city needs i believe with 50,000 supporting us to you as democratically elected leaders would be a shapeless case with great concern. as a musician, a dancer and a member of the marching band i appreciate the city's great asceticism.and to share the beauty of our music with everyone. when we play with your music transcends beyond entertainment the audience loves us to and they smile and the sparkles in their eyes all translate they are happy to have us there. when i see what art means to the audience i'm truly overwhelmed. we are vocalizing the story of people who haven't had the chance to tell their own under the communist chinese regime. however the projection in the cherry blossom parade makes me wonder where are the political and artistic freedom and tolerance and diversity and acceptance the city is supposed to be so
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well known for. i urge you supervisors as a legislative body of the city to exercise your executive powers with san francisco's community parades. i urge you supervisors is care takers of san francisco to protect and feel in search of the needs of this city and lastly i invite your families to join us in these parades to see for yourselves who we are what we do and why there should be no reason to exclude us from any parade. thank you. >>thank you next week please. >> hello my name is felina. i am a trailblazer a 29 year supervisor with aids, vietnam veteran and with
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support of great history in my community. i just turned 70 last month and when i saw that lady that was 110, that was my mother's birthday and what she would've been hundred and 10. 50 years ago i came to san francisco when i was a teenager. i was a sissy a hotel where that nobody wanted but this year, the only people that i heard from was supervisor london breed no support for many of the other of the . shame on you. this is our san francisco history. we
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started the gay movement in san francisco and nobody is going to deprive us of that history and that history and history books.what made me great was the gay pride weekend month at the white house finally my president of the united states had acknowledgedus. i reached out to the president and congresswoman pelosi and mayor ed lee and several supervisors and very few acknowledged me. it saddens me that our history is being forgotten >>[timer dings reprint >>happy birthday felicia. >>next speaker please. >> [indecipherable]from page
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to page in the end up in the department of justice. >>ma'am, please use the microphone. >> until today they still have not enforced the code on them and they say they have a connection and in
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fact, they are friends. they claim they have a garage area that has an escalator. they approve this project and[indecipherable] we read the code and it said the variance shouldn't apply. the planning department waive the property notification for them [timer dings] the city lets them do whatever they want according to the plan. i just want you to know minorities life and properties matters and they need more help . thank you. >>thank you. next speaker please. >> i just want to thank the board of supervisors for drafting and hearing the
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resolution to engage in good faith resolutions and reach a fair contract with-- radio station employees. if the pa person here? in lieu of my two minutes i wanted to play a video. >>if you want play a video go ahead. >>[video]
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>> for the kare br 680
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employees most are graduates of the san francisco state broadcast program and dedicated to the craft of delivering broadcast to the giants, and thein november
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2014 the on and off air employees decided to join exercise their collective bargaining rights. we thank all of you are community allies for your help and support in this campaign thank you. >>thank you, next speaker please. >>[indecipherable] i think the police department should respect us and take these people that are trying to rape women and charge them higher in this process.
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these charges that they put on people that are just sitting thereare not an agreement-- there are movie stars that have been issued along this terrible issuein the towns that were forsaken and because of those movie stars be in in that whole [indecipherable]>>[timer
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dings] >> illness is not a reason to stand on this issue than we had brought forth something that [indecipherable] this is all people saying i want, i want, i want. it should not be as[timer dings] >> thank you miss johnson and speaker please. good afternoon supervisors i have worked in san francisco for 42 years and as a manager of a major company i want to thank supervisor peskin first starting the discussion with background checks leveling the discussion between taxis and
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tlc's. i've never once seen the results of a background check. that is because the background check which is fingerprint base is conducted by the regulator. sf mta, not the cab company receives the results of the cab company. they give the company a simple yes or no. so in san francisco we have the best of both worlds. positive id of the applicant through fingerprints and no opportunity for the employee to discriminate against early convictions juvenile arrest or so on. again, that is only because the agency sees the results of the background check and not the employer. that is what you ought to recommend to the cpuc. that they adopt
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for san francisco's fair chance standards and the cpuc itself conduct the background checks just as ff mta does in san francisco. this is an opportunity for you not only level the playing field between pnc's and taxis but it is also an opportunity to promote san francisco values by asking the cpuc to apply fair chance standards statewide. so i hope you vote yes on the item before you and 59. >>thank you, next speaker please. sfgtv. >>i am very glad that donald trump is going to go against hillary clinton. he will absolutely kill that woman
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during debate. just take what's going on in red china. the have already killed over 1,000,000 1/2 of these peoplein china and you haven't said anything about you should stand up for what is right. my bible tells me in revelation chapter 20 that before judgment day statement will be used for little caesar and i believe that god will make this come. in the me just read this to you. >>[reading bible verse] >>the lord spoke on to moses saying bring forth him that have cursed without the camp
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and let all that heard him lay their hands upon his head and let all the congregation stone him leviticus. now people don't realize who jesus is. jesus came into this world and he said don't think that i have come to destroy the five books of moses and the other prophets i came not to destroy them but to fulfill them because as i say to you as heaven and earth pass not one job or to the will pass from the law to all be fulfilled. during the seven file the bible talks about stones from heaven and its figurative language but it's talking about jesus and people realize it's not mohammed up there it's not buddha it's jesus christ.
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>>[timer dings] >>thank you, next speaker please. >>tom gilberti, i spent the last five weeks talking about insurance buses for uber and a company spending $110 million a year losing $110 million every year when they can make a killing very soon after they don't need the drivers. while it might be cpuc's responsibility, my name mean nothing but your names mean a lot. you represent the sidewalks and the trees in your districts. you need to represent the people in your districts the $5 million insurance gets easily cut by the lawyers in the hospital bills and if
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there are multiple victims that gets shared. we don't need independent contractors protecting the pockets. i hope that you can move on that 5 million goes quickly if you're a parent or a child especially in the city. guns on police if wearing a gun equates with rising expectancy with using it and you combine that with racism that were seeing on the television that were seeing all the time now we can reduce some of the guns and we can start with the 10 year veterans that have never lifted their gun out of their holsters or fired a we need those mentors to
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help ourpistol or shot a bullet and we need those mentors i think that's a beginning argument and thank you kindly for invocation >>thank you next speaker please. >>mme. pres.-- i am in north american activists. i'm struck by the month the last month or two how much the national debates and arguments are mirroring our own little differences here between the sixth and the five and the five and the six and i am uncomfortable. it it's not a good thing. i think we saw a republican party that was in disarray and unfortunately we saw a democratic party that was our also in disarray. i am not too certain if there is anything that is going to come good of it but i am somewhat disturbed by the
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idea of the numerous asian chuck sumerization i think that people have described it as kabuki government but we never recognize that we are a minority party in america and we worked in an organized way and a focused way and so on. and i don't know if you're really going to have a vacation until next week but whenever comes. thank you next speaker please is there anyone also like to speak at public comment?seeing no other members of the public that would like to provide public comment at this time, public comment is now closed . seeing no other members of the public that would like to provide public comment at this time, public comment is now closed .
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>>[gavel] >>mme. clerk, let's read without reference to committee items. >>items 59 through 66 are being considered by immediate adoption a roll call vote will enact these items. >>mme. city clerk i want to remove item 66. mme. city clerk can you please call the roll? >>[roll call vote] >>there are 11 ayes. >>okay those items are
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approved unanimously. please call item 66. >>item 66 isrebuttal ballot arguments for submittal to the voters at the november 8, 2016, consolidated general election. >> okay colleagues we need to elect one person for these arguments we cannot add the school bond or parcel tax on this motion. i will now read the proposed amendments and please feel free to offer any changes or additions at the end. >>supervisor peskin. >>mme. city president i believe the city attorney has changed his original advice i do not want to put words in his mouth but i believe that this body may take a position on school board matters if it chooses to do so. >>mr. gartner, can you
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explain? >> yes john gibner, district f the college board chooses to submit the argument and that will be on that and that will be on the ballot pamphlet and if there is a yes argument and the community calendar school board does not choose to submit an argument then that will appear. >> i don't know if i understand that but let's get started. loading items 16 and 17-- i heard voices. supervisor peskin.
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>> mme. pres. i have asked to be no argument to the community college measure. >>i have you there but i was under a different impression so i will go down the list and colleagues, please correct me if i'm saying something inaccurate so we can make the appropriate changes. these are the proposed amendments to the resolution.416-17 voting pro avalos, for change in the $350 million bond pro peskin and for dignity fun pro cohen and four mayors office of housing o a w decommissioned pro peskin and con tang and for the mta board and budget pro yee ,
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con wiener. for the non-attendance there would be pro wienerfor public advocate pro campos and con tang for the city tax pro yee con peskin for the transfer tax for properties over $5 million pro kim for the transportation whom was set aside primarily and for the vacancy appointments pro
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avalos, con tang. for the stricter lobbyist guess please strike that from the resolution and for the school bond for $744 million please strike that from the resolution-- and for the city and county of san francisco the city college of san francisco parcel tax please a con for supervisor peskin,and for the arts strike that from the ballot. for the rfp for the affordable housing the con
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argument is peskin, and strike the office space in candlestick and withdrawl and strike the candidate committees but no tents the tech tax and the street tree maintenance and would you like me to read the specific item numbers? >>mdm president if you could keep the control on and have it be pro peskin. >>the restricted lobbyist gifts, >> ? >>no mme. pres. and the
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candidate control dental purpose committee matter for pro peskin. >>[reading ordinances] >> those will be taken off of the resolution and with that, i will go to each supervisor and if you have any proposed changes or questions i can answer them at that time. supervisor wiener. >> i just have a question
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with the competitive bidding on was that stricken? the competitive bidding on affordable housing >>no, that would be no peskin. >>so i would like to be added for all three of these >>the higher ami? the rfp? >>the rfp i will just take them as a handoff to whoever is running those campaigns so do i yes on that one yes on an arts one i know it's an organized effort and again, i'm just preserving it. >> so, we will not strike the art set aside and we will do the pro and then i'm going to do the con pdr. >>thank you i'm going to do a supervisor avalos. >>thank you i just want to present results of a con
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forencampment measure as well as the neighborhood-- the increasing police activity to disrupt encampments. hang on, it is on pgp would >>'s is farrell's measure? >>yes. okay. >>and as well, the ordinance amending the administrative code to create units and the con argument as well and supervisor wiener you and i did not discuss the argument for trees i see my name was taken off in yours put on and i think that we should-- i think we had an agreement about who would take the lead on this. so, i'm not clear that the right
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designation. >>wait a second supervisor wiener supervisor avalos? >> supervisor wiener address thatdo you want to address that ? supervisor peskin . >>the dye the dye is cast. >>so you want to do the pro
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? you want to do the pro on the art set aside . >> yes i'm sorry i was texting my staff . >?> so supervisor wiener i and my removing your name . so we will put supervisor kim on the list. is there anything else or any other issues ? are there any other pros or any other cons ?okay , so based on the amendments that i entered into the record is there a motion to move that i entered into the record is there a motion to move those forward? supervisor peskin . >> mme. pres. i refer to supervisor wiener and
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supervisor avalos by after this became a conventional measure to this body i will refer to supervisor avalos.supervisor wiener, supervisor avalos. >>through the pres. supervisor wiener did you want to be the con for the pdr and con for the competitive vending of the rfp on >>okay, perfect. >>are they two separate measures? >>they are two separate measures one is for affordable housing in the others for they i have to be processed for affordable housing. >>and they both qualified? i will take the rfp one.
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peskin is down for a conference both measures. supervisor farrell will do the higher ami.alright, supervisor peskin. > the die is cast. >> supervisor peskin. he's so theatrical isn't colleagues can we take the amendments without objection and the objection passes unanimously. >>[gavel] >> mme. clerk i would like
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to on item number 66 as amended can we take it colleagues same house same call and without objection motion is approved as amended. imperative items. >>yes on behalf of supervisor peskin we have a motion acknowledging and commending the exemplary work of the office of the clerk of the board during an unprecedented legislative session. >>okay, i heard what he said but i don't have anything before me mme. clerk on either imperative items so thank you .supervisor peskin. >> i think that the motion i previously spoke to was self-evident and once again i would like to thank our incredible clerk and a staff. >>so this item on this motion would you like to make a motion that this item is purely commendatory and
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the need for action came to the attention of the board after the agenda was posted. >> >>mme. clerk i would like to make the findings purely commendatory and the brown act. >>colleagues, can we please take this item same house same call? without objection, these items are passed unanimously. >>[gavel] >> do we have any public comment?mrs. johnson.
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>>[indecipherable] >> colleagues, can we please take this imperativeitem same house same call? without objection, these items are passed unanimously. >>[gavel] >> supervisor peskin would you like to make a motion on your amendment? we would also motionthat we need to act immediately and not having a board meeting come close enough to the 15. >> supervisor avalos has made a motion and seconded by supervisor campos and can we take that without objection, and without objection that passes unanimously. is there any member of the public that would like to make public
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comment on the imperative johnson come on up. >>[indecipherable] >>miss johnson your
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off-topic. i'm sorry. >> [timer dings] >> this is for lucy marigny day she just turned it hundred and 10 years old. thank you
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>>any other members like to make public comment on the imperative item? seeing none public comment is closed and mme. city clerk please read the memory in. >>reading memorandum >>colleagues that brings us to the end of our agenda mme. clerk is there any other business for a day. >>that concludes our business for the day.i will see some of you monday and see the rest of you in september have a great break we are adjourned. >>[gavel]
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>> we brokeke noise and one of the items and the next one on the roof we put quiet rocks up that to help with the noise an extra layer with quiet rock i've been told for
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sound coming upstairs and downstairs and lastly an area not installed in the back that is elevated we firmly believe that the sounds like travels so we are installing installation and that we believe will add tremendously to the soundproofing effort we've done so far and no picture i can picture a picture of a fan we turn on the fan intermittent and heard loud noise we've increased the fan we're revving and one of the most important thing not to go into the sound plan we are changing the theme here a little bit i say that we've done a lot of work but address the sounds like we're changing the back
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instead of loud music but regular speakers and the speakers are community-based go to the broadcasting sports games basically not going to blast loud music not the intent we're changing to a sports theme want to be a neighborhood bar this is a tourist area but we want to be a community and build that community so people can really come to a public area that will host the area for sports we expect games to end early not very late another night the sounds like system i forgot what they had before a pa loudspeakers that was basically now small speakers nothing that is two loud so vision of that i did the sounds like test i did one but this is not the decimal is for the problematic i think when i went out there it was
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office noise so with that, sounds like basically coming from the ground floor we are lighting and gaming this is obviously a very historic iconic irish place of gathering we plan to host live music with you know guitar players and traditional irish music to support our theme or concept of the business so you know just from a physical lay out the ground floor is not close to the neighbors we continued to keep the doors and drapes whatever to contain the noise with that said, that's pretty much all our plan and i think we've kind of yeah, done i see the power points up here but not up there and that's
6:17 pm
basically our goal with phyllis green with our approval will we would like to host you know live music with irish guitar players just bring back the tradition to this icon that is lost it's lust over the years. >> thank you, mr. low. >> i have a couple of questions you said you have smaller speakers do you know what kind and yamaha and 5 with surrounded sound not blast. >> do you have a stage. >> i don't have a stage. >> where is your bands playing on the floor. >> so before some guy or some musician was sitting next to a column in the building and put a chair there. >> what do you have. >> we basically have the same if you remember maybe a corner to situate himself and play. >> you have a single musician.
6:18 pm
>> most of the time. >> you're not going to use the drum. >> no, i think that any edification will be small. >> you put quiet rock on your roof that's very good what is underneath the rock. >> a layer of tar and sheets of roofing material we've another nor stuff up there. >> do you feel the quiet rock. >> explicit do the work but have been told many more layers you'll see in the picture. >> i want to see if you see over the quiet rock and with regards to the place across the street make sure none trashes that security will do it. >> i found over loaders. >> and the presentation there address i think the owners name
6:19 pm
and phone number is in the presentation. >> i remember watch. >> watch i apologize. i looked up over lord there's a lot of characters. >> it's true okay and you've hired a manager. >> yes. >> mr. crowley that worked at the pub for 8 years. >> you're going to be a sports bar a manager for a sport bar. >> like i said we're bringing an experienced crew you said hey or you bring new people there's a reason we're bringing new people i think the last tenant may not are. >> any commissioners have questions commissioner perez.
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>> thank you for your presentation who is responsible for booking the attempt and managing them while their onsite. >> that would be mr. crowley yes, he has reached out tool musicians and he'll give you a background as well as in live entertainment so - >> okay. thank you. >> uh-huh. >> just a comment commissioner lee. >> the last time you were up two then and now learned a lot. >> hopefully prepared. >> i mean the presentation is good and you've hired the right people. >> last time we didn't know we should have done that we have plans yeah now we're much more aware. >> to me it sounds like it will be a you'll be a responsible owner now you can
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what is going on we're happy. >> thank you. >> anyone else i want to piggyback on what commissioner lee said i was impressed with the entertainment if you put this much energy in your business as putting on this i'm sure that will be 13450g9 i'm appreciative you've come back prepared. >> great anyone else why not have a seat. >> thank you. >> all right. public comment on fiddlers green. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners. >> a motion. >> i make a motion to approve the permitted with the conditions 3 of them i think let me ask did you agree with the permitted. >> yeah. >> i do agree i think we've come permitted i apologize we put security cameras out there.
6:22 pm
>> it's okay. do you agree. >> yes. >> with the 3 conditions the exterior cameras the employees should be trained i see that a couple of them have the permitted or the certificate and send a calendar to the entertainment commission and the central station. >> do we have a motion a second. >> second. >> i have one question commissioner frost do they play irish leukemic music will you go. >> yes. (laughter) pursue do you guys are the soccer team. >> oh, okay. he got confused someone wanted to work security i said no thank but, yes be interested for the irish music. >> (laughter). all right. there is a motion and a second if no further discussion wall call the roll
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>> commissioner frost commissioner lee commissioner thomas commissioner caminong commissioner perez and commissioner joseph congratulations good luck to you tell me 7 commissioners questions or comments anyone commissioner perez. >> i would like to take this opportunity to invite everyone for the annual filipino parade and festival at the yerba buena island it is going to be an august 13th and 14 with a parade on market street on saturday at the 11 and to the festival the yerba buena island so come down and have filipino food and entertainment. >> anyone else you reminded me the mariachi food fair cars show and parades for the dogs. >> you notice how he looked at
6:24 pm
me when he said that i wonder why. >> (laughter). saturday and sunday so remiss you about the festival >> sxoems. >> see you down there. >> i will add one as well next thursday is the harvey milk lgbt democratic diner we have sill investor and the awards we give out and giving to a person in recognition of their support of arts and entertainment along 24th street street corridor and the community and in particular recognizing the changes they've gone through in the last year with the attacks on the art of mural on the art on the outside of they're building we're just recognizing them for their art so, please join us and to that i guess i should add
6:25 pm
we have annunciations to foresight a festive on the armory produced by myself and leah jackson a local dj to give the festivity the reason is it is unique all the performances and the stagehands and all of the engineers are women so the first women's festival of its kind with the mississippi that is indoors october 8th anyone else all right. moving on right long item 8 new business. >> seeing none, i move to adjourn at 627. >> yes.
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you. >> well to the epic center are you ready for the next earthquake did you know if you're a renter you can get earthquake shushes we'll take to the earthquake authorities
6:29 pm
hi welcome to another episode i'm the chief resilience officer for san francisco i'm joined by my good friends for the earthquake authority we're at the el cap center for the city and county of san francisco started in 2013 to get the community and talk about the risk we think about earthquake if usual great city you'll see one of the demonstrates we've built the model home and i encourage other episodes we'll be retroactively retrofitting and showing you as property owners to employ you work for the california earthquake authority talk about your role and earthquake shirnls up think the viewers want to know if you're a renter or property owner how the insurance issues. >> i'm the chief mitigation officer or c e a a property line
6:30 pm
funded pubically managed entity that provides earthquake shiners for one to four units and mobile owners to come down and renters throughout the state of california. >> what make the c e a deft. >> we work with 19 participates the insurer that sells you, your homeowner policy you're not obligated to buy it but you can buy a policy. >> am i covered with homeowners insurance. >> no california homeowners understand their homeowners insurance doesn't cover earthquake they need a separate policy if you're an shiners you can get the earthquake insurance policy. >> so explain why it is for the c e a is deft if a
6:31 pm
traditional insurance agency. >> irreverent so in the 80s the state of california passed a law that requires any company that writes the policies to over earthquake insurance the homeowners are not required by commissioner cranshaw can bye there was so much loss they were going to stop writing the insurance policies for earthquakes they wanted to stop a serious insurance policy. >> we're talking about the homeownership's buying the earthquake shiners but 70 percent are renters what's my opposite. >> the option for renter the earthquake be insurance company is affordable i think people don't realize just exactly what it covers it covers damaged property but loss of use if you have to be under a building they have a quarter main that was broken as well as emergency repair if interests glass breaks
6:32 pm
in the carpet you need to be in our unit that's whether earthquake is important. >> you're title you're the excessive mitigation officer for the state of california when i think of insurance i don't think about mitigation. >> so as part of public safety mission the c e a started to put aside mitigation loss fund 5 percent of invested income and when i joined the company 34 years ago we had $45 million to make a difference for moving and incentivizing and mitigation for california homeowners to structure engineering a unique opportunity to cervical homeowners to help them to mitigate the equivalent. >> whether an owner or renter i want to find more information about earthquake insurance where should i go. >> earthquake
6:33 pm
not only information about insurance but a calculated figures and as of january lots of deductible and 25 percent if a homeowner mitigate their hope up to 20 percent off their premium as an incentive for the work. >> what does mitigate the home mean. >> strengthen, renovate, retrofit through a home particularly older to earlier codes and you put in adding streamlining maybe collar bolts to tie to the foundation or to the wall so it is braced to earthquake can be very, very affordable and really makes a difference. >> thank you very much for being with us i encourage the viewers not only to checkout the earthquake authority but we'll
6:34 pm
talk abouthour. >> good morning, everyone and welcome to the people's palace and i'm here this morning to announce yet another milestone in our city's commitment to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour by and people will work this fourth of july weekend we are celebrating our countries birthday but recognizing in the celebration throughout the weekend people like the people had that are standing with me are working whether the restaurants or hotels or health care workers and others and and we all feel for working people
6:35 pm
that is hard in our expensive city to survive unless you have a december sent wage that's why a couple of years ago i destined or joibd the board of supervisors full board of supervisors to place before the voters an $15 an hour minimum wage and people that work in all those industries we did it together and we're celebrating because today it goes from $12.25 an hour to $13 and up to 15 and after that cpi takes over i want to remind everybody this city was brought together with our labor unions and your working families made up of all the exit are represents our city and got this done in a strong collaboration with everyone and showed not only the cities
6:36 pm
around the bay area but the state of california if we got together and thought about people's lives what glosses the challenges every day we can get this done for them i think we're happy here to see the wages go up are rehappy yeah, we'll have more to celebrate in addition to, of course, the bitter of our nation and things we enjoy we picked this date it is a significant move and i also want to say that we know that our workforce all those people's here they are still an affordability gap so this is going to help people he you go that suggest that a lot of people are working two jobs to support their families we want to celebrate those moms we're all ushth together to help them but for also myself and mayor libby schaaf of oakland that
6:37 pm
recognizes our workforce is more regional than ever do more than benefit the residents that work in our city and so we joined. >> today and cities that are committed along with cities like new york and seattle and los angeles and portland and the others also raised their minimum wage we want to the state of california to do the same thing because what could happen i think all the labor advocates know and people that we raised our minimum wage just and ourselves in the city of san francisco or just in oakland we would probably be golden state talent that belongs to where everybody lives and not as affordable to them as it is to those we're helping so mayor libby schaaf and along with the united health care workers started a process and emigrate hundreds of thousands
6:38 pm
of snatches set the minimum wage higher of $15 an hour tour the state of california in uniting all the cities with the labor unions and workforces and people good minded across the region we got the governors attendance and the state of california attendance such that a few months ago governor jerry brown signed the legislation to raise the states entire minimum wage for everyone for $15 an hour over a period of time those movements wouldn't happen unless we place the needs of working-class families that work hard to build that consensus i'm here to join in the celebration and here to say that i'm going to be working this weekend as well as in addition the celebrating but also acknowledge the people that always serve us at the hotels and restaurants
6:39 pm
and people that are working the janitorial and building maintenance and all working class in the city we're there to be of help this will be consistent raising the minimum wage to attack affordability challenges is part of solution paid parental leave is part of the solution making sure that we work so that no one is a theft of their wages that's why your head of the department the labor enforcement is joining us with the advocates of people that earn those wages i'm saying they earn every single penny they deserve to make sure they get it in their hands that's why we announce these and make sure that everybody is prepared adequately ahead of time to make sure those wages are paid and wage theft we
6:40 pm
have to make sure that our workforce that speaks many languages don't get capture and been take advantage of this is how we really in city year ago we have a benefit and make sure that everybody obtains that benefit i want to say at that moment i'm proud of the working folks in san francisco but the intensify region and proud of state of california and your legislation for working with the governor to a raise the minimum wage that adds to the celebration of the fourth of july and makes that more meaningful and then we hope that the entire nation does this as well question hear a lot of stories from a lot of places across the country that the liveability is under challenged or we're taking care of business in the city and state and let's go on the national level and support of the prosperous country to make sure they get a
6:41 pm
december sent wage wsip think we have paula to speak for her experience and what that means to her paula >> (clapping.) >> good morning. i want to again thank the mayor mayor ed lee for being the vera person that was instrumental in making in milestone occur and happen my name is paula i'm a home care worker and worked in the city there are challenges with the rising cost of rental rates and even though i'm covered by rent control i'm still monthly yearly challenged and with different increases that i have incurred
6:42 pm
in the last few months and years this new legacy life act $15 minimum wage will surely ongoingly help me through my endeavors thank you. >> (clapping.) >> good morning. i'm naomi kelly the city administrator i should tell you that paula was ininstrumental in working with m and mayor schaaf she helped to organize snatches for the measure. >> thank you paula for all your hard work i want to introduce antonio a health care worker an organizing member of unit health
6:43 pm
care woeft west and worked to race erase the minimum wage and allowing home care workers to apply for overflow room he speeded there was something wrong with his mother it was alzheimer's i want to introduce juan antonio. >> (clapping.) >> buenas dias. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> so good morning. thank you for inviting me to prestige events for people i feel blessed. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> my name is juan antonio
6:44 pm
and in 2015 specifically he which is a health care worker for my mom. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> i just want to be very clear even san francisco home care workers work very hard we do that because the standards of living inform san francisco was very high we work very hard to meet those needs.
6:45 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> so the job was basically like this door by door house by hours snatch by snatch people refused to sign this will make that worse we said no join hands and work together and talk to the leaders they'll help us there was a great success this doesn't he said here the initial is very important we need to keep on working so the situation gets better for all of us.
6:46 pm
>> (speaking foreign language.) >> you can't say that as good but thank you to everybody especially mayor ed lee during that time when the campaign began until today to fight for this measure to come through we want to thank them from every member in the united health care west and give them this i'm not sure what you call that
6:47 pm
- (laughter). >> well, thank you. >> (speaking foreign language.) >> ed lee. >> this is especially made for you ed lee our mayor thank you. >> okay. this is a beautiful portrait up next, we have the director of office standards and enforcements mr. pat mulligan working with these men and women in the office enforcement who are here behind us in the audience and ones that are the advocates of minimum wage paid sick leave and parental leave and health care accountability act not only fierce advocates by our enforcement and making sure that our businesses and
6:48 pm
contractors with the city, our all of people are getting a fair wage and benefits so my honor to introduce pat mulligan. >> (clapping.) >> thank you, naomi it is the mission of office standards and enforcement to provide enforcements of all local labor laws and approximate protection for all workers and an honor to serve those who support of aggressive and labor protections in the united states and do through the hard work of all the staff there the office of labor improvement i'd like to remind the employers indicating the increased minimum wage throughout san francisco i'd like to add that is also particularly fitting we are celebrating this announced of an increase in minimum wage throughout san francisco as we lead into the fourth of july
6:49 pm
depicts day weekends for many workers and modest increase or any increase in their earns represents real and a very well defined dependence have a great weekend thank you . >> (clapping.) >> and okay. and this ended our press conference i have to say the growth and strength of our local economy will prosper so
6:50 pm
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patrick. >> welcome to another episode of stay safe i saw us prepare our
7:08 pm
crawl space on this episode we'll saw the sheer wall you'll see the finished product hi, i'm patrick and welcome to another episode of stay safe? the second part we're retrofitting the triple wall as you can see we've installed one of the sheer ply wall on the first episode we provided blocking to secure the ply we'd and bolted and provided the
7:09 pm
connection with the floor i'm joined by thor madison. >> thor structural engineers and thor knows more about sheer walls than anybody i've met in my life. >> it provides the stable ability that would rock before and after during around earthquake the nails along the edge of the plywood will reduce the chance of the building falling down. >> what else should we consider in getting ready. >> one thing about plywood a natural material that absorbs moisture and the panels can swell depending on the moisture if they swell they'll bulk out it is important probation officer leave a gap between the panels so before we install the
7:10 pm
next panel we'll drive in a couple of nails used to as temporary spares. >> what are the nails. >> 16 penny singers a good saying that and we don't need to be concerned with the exact nail size only the gap the next panel will be held with the existing panel we'll pull those down. >> we have peter from the construction why not go outside and cut our second panel
7:11 pm
so, now we've got the plywood let's go ahead and get it put up see if we can get it in place. >> by looking at that a perfect fit why not get peter in here to nail it down. >> so peter did a great job with the nailing but important to know this work requires a permit in the department of building inspection whether you're doing the work or a left hand contractor make sure you have the proper permit and additional to the nailing anything you want to talk about thinking about the plywood.
7:12 pm
>> the more plywood to install the better and make sure that the nails along each edge of each panel so you can't forget and hedge and had it perform the same thing. >> another example of little money you can substantially rusz reduce the welcome to the ribbo cutting and community preview for there bayview opera house, ruth williams memorial theater. [applause] everybody wants to go ahead and grab a seat or find a place to stand. we are so thrilled that the sun is shining on the bayview today. i'm tom ducaney and director of public affairs for city and county of san francisco,
7:13 pm
director of san francisco parks commission. on belandfall of my colleagues and commissioners it is a honor to welcome you all for the ribbon cutty for newly renovated bayview opera house and ruth williams memorial theater. [applause] the city of owns and operates 4 brick and mortar culturalsenter buildings, all of which provide affordable access to high quality arts and culture in communities across the city. built in 1888, the bayview opera house played an incredible role in the ist history of the bayview and beloved by all of us. i want to acknowledge members who are here today who are champions of the building over the e years and arts in the bayview
7:14 pm
neighborhood. in the front row we have family members of [inaudible] ruth williams [inaudible] children and grandkids and joined by marry booker. [applause and cheers] and mrs. doris [inaudible] and her family. [inaudible] welcome. on behalf of [inaudible] you are such incredible parts of making this a great space and arts qu culture hub and place for advancing racial justice in san francisco for years. [applause] we are thrilled to have mayor ed lee with us along with house democratic, nancy pelosi.
7:15 pm
assembly member david chui a great campion for the arts in sacramento. we have supervisor malia cohen. and i believe do we have supervisor scott wiener here today? no. president breed was going to try to join us as well. we also have [inaudible] george gas gone. i'm also joined on the stage by reverend calvin [inaudible] [applause] director of san francisco public works, mohammed nuru. bayview opera house vise president theo [inaudible] [applause]. and also our brilliant landscape architects walter hood.
7:16 pm
[applause [. i want to ocknowledge the san francisco arts commissioner is. we have jd veltram in the audience . i believe commissioner greg chui is with us. commissioner chuck collins. kimberley striker, thank you for all your work on behalf of the san francisco arts commission. i also see fellow colleagues here including [inaudible] department of environment. director elaine forbs joins by port commission vice president kimberley brandon and deputy director of [inaudible] civic engagement and immigrant affairs. police chief tony [inaudible] policy and government affairs for rec and
7:17 pm
parks department, alex randolph. board member and neighbor, hydra mendoza and parks commissioner eric mcdonald is here. thank you for coming and being supporters of this project. there are so many people to thank and so bear with me. we have [inaudible] to realize the transformation of the beautiful plaza and osaddress the less visible but improvement tooz the building itself. the project architects walter hood and paul cooper, amy elliott [inaudible] give them a round of applause. [applause] i also want to thank project consultant deborah [inaudible]
7:18 pm
other members of the project team is [inaudible] elliott who i believe is here with us today. i also want to acknowledge john updike from department of real estate. he is a incredible partner. [inaudible] vision of access to quality, words spoken by late colleagues carla johnson for mayors office of disability. [inaudible] the mayors office of disability was a champion of the project from the beginning and carla was here every day by our side make tg happen so today we remember her. [applause] i want to thank [inaudible] colleagues also from mayors office of
7:19 pm
disability [inaudible] john paul scott. [applause] next i like to thank colleagues at the capical planning committee for all your support for all cultural centers [inaudible] brian strom and staff from john updikes team [inaudible] i want to thank the city partner recollect public works and san francisco municipal transportation authority, mayors office of housing [inaudible] economic and workforce development. clearly the project was a city wide family effort and could want couldn't have done it with all you. there is generous support from kaiser permanente and [inaudible] here to celebrate.
7:20 pm
next and bear with me, this afs very big team work ong this project and can pass it [inaudible] executive director of bayview opera house, barbara [inaudible] [applause and cheers]. thank you barbara for everything you do every dayism we look forward handing the keys to you next month and you can come and open the doors every day [inaudible] lastly i want to thank colleagues at the arts commission who couldn't be here today because he is celebrating her daughters wedding back east, judy [inaudible] does a incredible job. [inaudible] which wh i came on board 4 years ago and it was [inaudible] judy has been the greatest champion and all the arts commission staff
7:21 pm
that are such a honor work wg every day and [inaudible] of the arts in san francisco. thank you arts commission staff, can you please raise your hand? i know many are here today. thank you. we made it through the thank you's and i assure i won't be [inaudible] it is my great pleasure and [inaudible] reverend calvin jones junior from [inaudible] thank you again. [applause] >> [inaudible] let's hold hands. thank you god. god we thank you for the time together and ask you to bless this occasion and lord, work and people that have put time in
7:22 pm
down through the years, we just thank you god for your grace and mercy. let this be a time where we can come together during the god times in our liferbs and even during difficult times in the city we can come together and see what god you have in mine for each one of us. continue to bless those in leadership and god, ask that you touch those that are being locked up, too many young people going away. help us and let us use our creative energy [inaudible] >> amen. >> god bless you. >> and now it is my great honor to introduce a true champion of the cultural center, somebody who made a great investment in
7:23 pm
the city over a life time, mayor ed lee. [applause] >> welcome to the bayview! well, i am so glad to join all you on this moment. i know today is a soft opening, but walter and mr. cooper gave a walk through of this restored gem-you have done a magnificent job. the whole entire team-i know tom went through all that, let me say thank you to everybody but most especially. -you know how much we spent on this center? it is serious money! serious money! like $5 million. that is serious money. why? because this is a serious center. it is a bit of
7:24 pm
historicsenter. more than community history, it has been family history. i can just imagine a few decades ago [inaudible] running around listening to the [inaudible] get sent out here and say, one of these days i will work at hrc and be a part of the city. i know tim said that because he was singing those songs when we were working at hrc 25 years ago telling me about the history of the community and how much his mother and family were contributors to this. it is family history along with community history. that's why it is serious investment. we are also making serious investments in the entire bayview along [inaudible] thanks to the leadership of malia cohen and others who led
7:25 pm
the way to inform us about the linkage that we have. this is a center of seriousness because i have been here when it was locked up. when it was-you have to go through locked doors to get from one place to the other. now we have a floating canvas where the kids go from the theater, from the historic flooring that have above it some really nice historic play house theater type of lights. you can say i can sing here, even though i can't sing. you want to be here to perform because this is where the youth will be really inspired with what the board is doing, what the directors are doing with the programming that is about to come forth hopefully in september when we officially open this up. you wim be proud of this
7:26 pm
investments. we are making investments not just in buildings but the people of the neighborhood. as i often said, we are not making new promises, we are all together carrying out promises of investing in the neighborhood. this is the bayview and promised when we built [inaudible] we will invest in more. this is another part. you have a new branch library and have more to come because the commitment we made investing in people at a important time because we can afford the investments and need to make it now and build more affordable housing and prevent evictions and help the homeless and make sure the police department is working for the community to do all the right things in public safety and da included. all this works together so this investment means something for people. that is why i'm here today to
7:27 pm
show my gratitude for the entire team from the board to the director to all the groups working together and to officially declare on this day july 20 to be bayview opera house, ruth williams memorial theater day in san francisco! [applause and cheers] ruth williams [inaudible] with this i take incredible honor and pleasure to introduce the next speaker. you all know her. she is a champion for our city, a champion for bayview, someone i know that if we got a chance in this country to bring her back she will be our dem ocratic leader, nancy pelosi. [applause]. >> thank you very much thank
7:28 pm
you for your time and for your great leadership of our city and focus on the bayview. i am very honored to be with all you. i was really looking forward to being here but didn't realize it would be on the very day. i always say, why don't you tell us earlier in the day so we can park around here without getting a ticket. [laughter]. anyway, it is really wonderful to be with all of you and to pay tribute to ruth williams. [inaudible] official family of san francisco. [inaudible] ruth williams family thank you for sharing this enthuse amp
7:29 pm
asm. carla johnson [inaudible] judge people not-[inaudible] what they can do not judge for what they cannot do. the physical accessibility is something very very important and it really is a example to the world when you see the accessibility here. that accessibility is one part of the accessibility. the accessibility to the yung people of this area to demonstrate what is inside of them in terms of the arts. that unleashes them with who they are to be who they are and not to be judged by who they are not. so many moms in bayview and hunters point and all over, when i go places, they say police support the arts for our children. it is a place where they gain
7:30 pm
confidence and enjoy work and learn they can do other things, where they find their creative spirit. that contribution is so important. this place is not only physically accessible, but spiritially accessibility as well. i'm very proud of [inaudible] the mayor put $5 million and we put in the first $200 thousand and barbara told me without the floor nothing else [inaudible] some of us were together 10 years goy when we celebrated [inaudible] i can say to my colleagues in wash ington it wasn't just about transportation but economic growth of the community and now the spiritially and intellectual and cultural life of the community. this is
7:31 pm
really a cause for great celebration. it is a recognition the arts are central to who we are as a country. [inaudible] over and over again, but more importantly and more personally to everyone here, lets the art sing to the community. [inaudible] every time we come here, one of the [inaudible] always say our community has the word unity in it. it brings us together. a person who works very very hard to bring us all together newly wed supervisor [inaudible] she is a champion for bayview hunters point and housing and fairness and safety in the community, the list goes on and on. [inaudible] how beautifully she
7:32 pm
spoke about the opera house inside and we'll hear that now. it gives me great pleasure to take the opportunity to recognize the leadership of your supervisor, malia cohen. [applause] >> well, by god, if you take a moment and take it all in,-- [applause] you think about what [inaudible] it is more than just a day of celebration that we are recognizing in san
7:33 pm
francisco. for those that grew up here, you know what the opera house means. [applause] the opera house was a safe space for people when they were rioting. the opera house was a safe space for school kids to come here. the opera house was a safe space for seniors to come and congregate. you know what the beautiful thing is about today? is that it bayview opera house will remain all of this. this is tremendous. you see the people on the stage before you? this is our gift to all of you. when i look out here you know what i see? generation upon generations of people that
7:34 pm
raised their families, that have been champions fighting [inaudible] i want to take a moment and pay the respect to the [inaudible] to the beautiful namly family of ruth williams, thank you very much. [applause] [inaudible] given us more than just a name to put on a historic building, she gave us a vision and she gave us a place where we can continue to teach and pass down our culture and pass on that vision. i want to recognize mary booker who kept [inaudible] alive and strong. [applause]. taught people how to act and how to project their voice and have
7:35 pm
stage presence and having stage presence is more than just being center stage. when you walk into a room you walk with your head held high and that is what mary booker taught us. [inaudible] that was right there with her. when i look in the audience i see so many service providers people who dedicated their lives whether working through the bayview hunters point foundation or [inaudible] or ministry on the plaza. [inaudible] everyone has a continued role making bayview hunters point more than a point on the map. this is a destination and home and community with real culture and traditions we will pass on from one generation to another. we are here to celebrate a
7:36 pm
wonderful day and historic absolute beautiful building and want to recognize the many talented people who made this come to fruition. it is always important to respond and respect and acknowledge those people who contributed beyond cht we need to recognize carla johnson who is still giving from the grave. she passed in the completion of the project and donated a sizable portion to the opera house. she was a city employee. [applause] [inaudible] bar people with disabilities to having access to this building and so this building is so center-center piece of the entire community. when you think about the construction we facilitated here in this building. ang leak
7:37 pm
thompson, belva davis are in the audience and facilitate being healthy. there are tremendous amount of people that deserve to be recognized. i want to recognize sister linda harrison who is [inaudible] [applause]. it is absolutely important we connect the dots of once people have left a [inaudible] it is how [inaudible] we are connecting the dots and make sure bayview hunter point get a piece of that action. we will build a program to connect [inaudible] right here to this building so we have our own state of the
7:38 pm
arts arts exhibit right here. you already heard recognition from barbara occul and bayview opera house board of directors but you know who else was pushed to the way side? i know you know him? how many know [inaudible] i don't know where he is but this is the man who opens up the building and closes the building and walks you to your car and cleans up what is left behind. this is a true gentlemen that had our back in this community. he is a unsung hero and asks for very little recognition. [inaudible] [applause] this opera house has been a place where people have come together to advocate for issues,
7:39 pm
important issues impacting our communities and that is what this opera house will symbolize from now for the next hundred years moving forward. we will be stronger and blessed by this and our responsibility to keep it in the community and keep it for us. thank you. [inaudible] supervisor of district 10. [applause] >> thank you supervisor. i want to acknowledge supervisor cohen fl her ongoing support. she committed a number of [inaudible] for the operation. third on third and continuing to make sure the programs here thrive. thank you so much. [applause]. next is great pleasure to introduce a city partner we could not have done this without who works in all the cultural centers to make sure they are up to code and community ready and that is director of public works,
7:40 pm
mohammed nuru. [applause]. >> i am very excited and proud to be part of this project as public works director and long time resident of bayview. this is where i raised my children and where i start my day, this is where i end my day. i'm right up the street here so i'm very happy this project has come to fruition of many years of work we have all been putting together to get to this stage. the bayview opera house is a community gem in our community. this is our neighborhood [inaudible] if you can feel the excitement i have, [inaudible] when we talk about san francisco, those from bayview this is our spot right here! [applause]. the work we
7:41 pm
have done here in san francisco will continue to make this building serve many more generations to come. as our neighborhoods evolve, it is important to preserve buildings like this to remind us of our history. at this time [inaudible] from our team, one of our partners with sfmta, director riscon, [inaudible] they were very instrumental helping bringing this project to fruition. please give them a hann. from public works, city architect, [inaudible] lopez [inaudible] who is on site every day. [applause]. janet [inaudible] they were all part of so many people coming together to make this project.
7:42 pm
please give them a hand. a couple things about the project. while we sit out here and enjoy the garden and stage and all the other places, there a lot of details and work that went into it preserving the building. an the other side from the ground level to the top was rebuilt while trying to keep the building together. the building is no very accessible and has 3 bathrooms, all of them are accessible. the stage is has a ramp that you can go in and someone in a wheelchair can actually be on stage and many many of the [inaudible] garden and hear a lot about the guard squn what the design of the garden is and how it came about. you all
7:43 pm
know, behind every successful project team there is architects and electricians, fire marshal and all kinds of people, so today [inaudible] i want to send all these people, so many of them for all the great work and contributions they have done to make this preservation possible. at this time, i t is also my pleasure to introduce a board member vise president of bayview opera house. she was born and raised in bayview and served on many city commissions and volunteer groups and serves as director of public affairs for our own golden state warriors, please welcome [inaudible] [applause and cheers] >> thank you. i was expecting [inaudible] good evening. this
7:44 pm
is great. i woke up this morning and was thinking about what i would say and they said i have two minutes and i was going to come up and say it is about time and walk off stage. many of you have seen this building transform, many have seen the neighborhood transform, but i'm excited because i can officially welcome to the bayview opera house, ruth williams memorial theater. [applause]. i want to particularly thank members of the community because this is your facility as much as it is ours on stage. as malia mentioned this is gift to bayview hunters point and the rest of the city of san francisco and i'm proud to be a part of that process. so, there has been a lot of build up to this event and as i was
7:45 pm
reflecting on this i tried to think of my earliest memory of the bayview opera house. when you talk about history and preservation, one person that comes to mind is my grandfather who raised me. he migrated from the south, punchsed a property on third and [inaudible]-you remember? and he put all his family in the property. the one vivid memory i have is he would walk [inaudible] pick me up from the opera house and save me from ballet class and [inaudible] it is those moments that shape me.
7:46 pm
if you look where we are standing to my left you have [inaudible] you have joseph lee jim, 3 strong institutions, cultural institutions, educational institutions in the physical fitness recreation center. 3 vital things i think the community needs and 3 vital things that shape the community and 3 things that we need to thrive. all that to say, that we all have-we take the personal responsibility to make sure that there is arts and culture in the facility and not only preserve the long standing history of many folks who come before me but also welcoming the new folks moving to a neighborhood and embracing bayview hunters point as their home. this journey will officially begin-i will say
7:47 pm
this date, september 17th. you can hold us accountable. [applause]. [inaudible] if you are on the board of directors for the opera house, please raise your hand. [applause] [inaudible] who works tirelessly for this moment and will continue to work tirelessly for the program and for this community. judy [inaudible] who is not here today. she is for the past 10 years has made this her top priority. supervisor cohen, when she speaks, when she says she is for the community, she means it. she walks the walk each and every day and we appreciate that. mayor lee, continuing on the promises that
7:48 pm
he addressed and i appreciate that and [inaudible] leader pelosi, you are absolutely right it started with 200 thousand$200 thousand investment and built this from the ground up and appreciate that. how many people with a show of hands are ateneded event or taken a class or participated in a program? keep your hands up because i have another question. this is not the end, this is just the beginning of something special and we need your commitment and need you to volunteer your time. hands are going down-[laughter]. we need donations. we need board members and staff. this is the beginning and hope all you can come on this journey with us and i appreciate it so much. [applause] before i leave, i need to introduce walter hood.
7:49 pm
walter came to had bayview opera house about two years ago? three years ago and i remember the first meeting. it was chair and microphone. a meeting with chairs and micro phone in the bayview is unpredictable to say the least, but walter listened and carried the vision out that was for the community and you don't get that all the time. walter, you appreciate you and we thank you. [applause] >> good afternoon everyone. don't hold it against me, i'm from oakland [inaudible] [applause] the next thing i like to say, [inaudible] do
7:50 pm
fantastic things. i just saw a young man on a scooter come up the stairs and come along the ramp and he came [inaudible] all of our kids should be able to experience all these landscapes. hopefully in his mind this is not something [inaudible] i like to thank [inaudible] [applause] [inaudible] this takes a village to make these projects. we only have 5 or 6 good projects [inaudible] you think 5 projects in 30 years and i loick like to say it will be great to have this project
7:51 pm
[inaudible] i want to come back and [inaudible] i want to see performances out here. [inaudible] the building does not [inaudible] thank you for giving us that mission and allowing us [inaudible] [applause] >> just one step away from the big moment of the ribbon cutting. i want to show a couple acknowledges. supervisor wiener has joined us. [applause]. and i believe [inaudible] give a big round of applause for all [inaudible]
7:52 pm
thank you so much for your leadership. i want to do two things, there will be tours available for [inaudible] are going to give tours. if you are interested after the ribbon cutting [inaudible] there will be tours for community members and get information about the accessibility features. the new bathrooms on the downstairs level will allow young people to go to the restroom without going all the way around. this is a [inaudible] at the bayview opera house. i like to invite some the neighborhood young people that are here today to come on stage to join us for the ribbon cutting. can we get some the young people here? come on stage. [applause and cheers]. this >> if you are a bayview opera
7:53 pm
house board member please join us. our elected officials hydra mendoza and [inaudible] join us up on stage, please. i need you to help us count down from 10. are we all ready? alright. please join me counting back. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. [applause and cheers] please stay and enjoy refreshments.
7:54 pm
>>[gavel] >>good afternoon everybody
7:55 pm
and welcome to august 2, 2016 meeting of the board of supervisors. mme. clerk, can you please call the roll?
7:56 pm
>> thank you mme. pres. supervisor avalos. >> here. >>pres. breed. >> present. >> supervisor campus. >> present. 17:03:56 >> supervisor cohen. >> present. >> supervisor farrell. >> present. >> supervisor kim. >> not present. >> supervisor mar. >> present. >> supervisor peskin. >> present. >> supervisor tang. >> tang not present. >> supervisor wiener. >> here. >> supervisor yee. >> here. >> mme. pres., you have a quorum.
7:57 pm
>> thank you. ladies and gentlemen, can you please join us for the pledge of allegiance? >> [pledge of allegiance] >> members, are there any changes to the meeting minutes of june 28, 2016. seeing none is there a motion to approve? we have a motion to approve by supervisor mar and seconded by supervisor tang. seeing none is there a motion to approve? colleagues can we take this without objection, without objection those meeting minutes will pass after public comment. >> [gavel] mme. clerk, can you please read our first item. read our first item. >> mme. sec. can you please call the roll >>[roll call vote] >> there are 11 ayes. >> this vote item is approved unanimously.
7:58 pm
>>[gavel] >>next item please.>> item 2 >>[reading item] >>can we take this same house same call? >>without objection this is passed unanimously. >>mme. clerk can you please read item 8. >>[reading ordinance]
7:59 pm
>> colleagues, can we take this same house same call? >> without objection, this ordinance is passed unanimously. >>[gavel] >>mme. city clerk can you please read item 11 through 18. >>[reading ordinances] >> >>thank you mme. clerk.
8:00 pm
colleagues, can we please take this item same house same call? without objection, these ordinancesare passed unanimously.
8:01 pm
>>[gavel] >> mme. city clerk, item number 10. >>item 10 isdwayne richardson - $90,000]ordinance authorizing settlement of the lawsuit filed by ricardo palikiko-garcia, stanley harris, and keith dwayne richardson against the city and county of san francisco for $90,000; the lawsuit was filed on march 16, 2016, in united states district court for the northern district of california, case no. c16-1305 jcs; entitled ricardo palikiko-garcia, et al. v. city and county of san francisco, et al.; the lawsuit involves allegations of excessive force, cruel and unusual punishment, and egregious government conduct. >>colleagues can i have a motion to excuse pres. breed from this? without objection,we passed this motion unanimously.mme. city clerk can you please take the roll >>[roll call vote]
8:02 pm
>>there are 10 ayes. >>this ordinance is finally passed. >>thank you mme. clerk. can we please go to item number 18. >>item number 18 is an ordinancecamposordinance amending the administrative code to create a fourth preference for people who live or work in san francisco, in addition to existing preferences in allocating city affordable housing units, and to create an additional category of eligible displaced tenants that includes tenants displaced by fire;and to determine a ceqa vote. >>thank you mme. clerk. can we have a roll call vote. >>[roll call vote] >> there are 11 ayes.
8:03 pm
>>the ordinance finally passes unanimously >>travel to quick >>item 19 mme. clerk. >>item 19 is an ordinance amending the planning code for wireless telecommunication facilities. >>colleagues, can we please
8:04 pm
take this item same house same call? without objection, the ordinance is finally passed unanimously. >>[gavel] >>mme. city clerk, can you please call item 19 >>[reading item] >> >>can we please take this same house same call? mme. clerk can you please call the roll? >>[roll call vote] >> there are 10 ayes. >>the ordinance is finally passed unanimously. >>[gavel] >>item 22. >>item 22 is an ordinance for the building codeto
8:05 pm
require building owners and homeowners' associations to provide fire safety information to residents in buildings with three or more dwelling units, and annual fire safety information and training to residents in buildings with 16 or more units; making findings as to local conditions pursuant to the california health and safety code. >>mme. clerk can you please add my name is a cosponsor. >>yes mme. pres. >>and when that item can you please call the roll >>[roll call vote] >>there are 11 ayes. >>the ordinance is finally
8:06 pm
passed unanimously. >>[gavel] >>item 23 >>reading item 23 >> colleagues, can we please take this item same house, same call? without objection, the ordinance is passed unanimously. >>[gavel] >>mme. city clerk can you please read items 23 and 24? >>[reading resolutions]
8:07 pm
>> colleagues, can we please take this item same house same call? without objection, the resolutions are finally passed unanimously. >>[gavel] >>mme. city clerk please read item 26 >>[reading resolution] >> mme. city clerk please add my name to this ordinance.colleagues, can we please take this item same house same call? without objection, this is passed unanimously. >>[gavel] >>mme. city clerk please read item 27. >>reading item and 27] >>same house same call?
8:08 pm
without objection this is passed unanimously. >>[gavel] >>mme. city clerk please read item 28. >>[reading item 28] >>supervisor kim. >>thank you pres. breed, i just have some amendments to make to item 29. this is a correction this is not a negative declaration this is a mitigated negative declaration and i believe there was a representative from the mayor's office of housing that needs to read this declaration. >>thank you supervisor's and that is correct this
8:09 pm
amendment is just to clarify the reference to the ceqa documents and as you can see there is a strike through beginning on lines 15 through 21 page 3 and then on line 23 there is a commission motion and it should be referencing motion 17875 and the next page, page 4, they have added three paragraphs to describe the project approval process through the ceqa process.i can read that for you if you would like.this is approved in the planning commission motion and it determines in
8:10 pm
the motion 17875 was adequate adequate for the scope.[inaudible] 2013 cvx and the planning department found that the acquisition andplan lease were consistent with 101.1 with the department of city planning dated april 21, 2016 on file with the clerk and on the bottom of page 4 page 24 and 25 the reference is further clarified that the board of supervisor has clarified the mitigated negative declaration is
8:11 pm
found to be an adequate decision-making project for the department and planning commission motion including the adoption of the mmr p and further finds that the mitigated negative declaration has been adopted that there is been no substantial project circumstances and previously identified significant impacts and there's no new information of substantial importance that would set forth for the that would set forth for the mitigated
8:12 pm
negative declarations. >>supervisor kim has made a motion to amend based on the items added into the record. is there a second? this is seconded by supervisor campos and without objection these are passed unanimously >>[gavel] and colleagues can we take the items as amended same house same call. without objection these amendments are passed unanimously. >>[gavel] mme. city clerk item 30. >>[reading item 30] >>supervisor cohen >>thank you mme. pres. >>to make sure that we have
8:13 pm
the appropriate protocol in place i would like to make some suggestions to make sure that we modify in a responsible way the item that is before us. we have two minor amendments that have been distributed to you both of them are on page 4. i will read them into the record. first i would like to remove the clause lines 3 through seven completely which reference the second amendment and the final resolve clause found in lines 20 through 21 which will move the second half of the sentence of these protocol these will allow the negotiations to move forward and the protocols continue to move forward this is a simple and straightforward amendment jillian gillett is here to answer any questions that you may have we have r representatives hear from the staff and this is as per
8:14 pm
protocol. >>so supervisor cohen,has made a motion and this is seconded by supervisor peskin. without objection, this amendment is approved unanimously. >>[gavel] >>supervisor peskin. >>thank you mme. pres. the city share of this has grown from $60 million-$8
8:15 pm
8:16 pm
>> i'm sorry mr. let a few of my colleagues could not hear you and you please repeat that and speak into the microphone. >>thank you supervisor peskin. >>when would the protocol be achieved and why should we vote for this before the protocol is in place. supervisor in order to accommodate caltrans schedule
8:17 pm
, for those interviewed a protocol like this i'm not sure to the answer to that because this is pending additional review. >>so in regard to my previous question why should we review this before the protocol is in place? is this in reference to the caltrans protocol? >>hi, katy- with caltrans and i have been working with our partners since that time and we also saw the amendments today and we feel very important that the mo
8:18 pm
you needs to move forward today part of the commitment and the timing on this would expire before the end of the month the other partners have taken action on this and all of them unanimously and so we are happy to take questions and we would appreciate your timely vote today because we feel it is important to move this vote for word. >>to the representative from caltrans, respectfully you haven't really answered the question as to number one why the protocol is being removed to the resolution that is in front of us and number two, what is the negotiation that is taking place relative to the protocol? we are signing a blank check here gran to mr.
8:19 pm
perkins and on top of this $60 million that we've already committed i think respectfully you owe the legislative branch of government an explanation and maybe mr. perkins if you feel you can answer this,-- and i don't want to delay this but i want to go into this with our eyes wide open because we are committing ourselves to a blank check for $16 million that we have not identified and i don't understand and i don't think that any of the members-- and i won't put words in your mouth but we don't understand exactly how were moving the protocol and when it is going to change and what it will change by and what it means.
8:20 pm
>>thank you, >>this is being removed by the request not of caltrans. we are finding out about this around the same time as you are and so-- oh, would you like to jump in? i would like to also refer to the san francisco da who is been part of this process. >>i am going to recognize before you respond for supervisor wiener to respond. >>the reason this r is being replaced by a stronger and better protocol is that we don't believe this protocol is adequate and as we've been discussing how we can have better oversight, we saw with the recent situation with the translation powers
8:21 pm
authority that the commission stepped in with greater oversight and we ended up having to backfill a significant change because that oversight had listed earlier and that was an independent entity and we had the city stepped in we want to have that oversight now and normally we might hold this until after the break to put this in but there is a significant timing issue here that if we don't approve this there could be ramifications with the federal funding and if we ramifications by the end of this year and i had a deal leah and there might be
8:22 pm
ideally a more beefed-up protocol and they might be passing it with the existing language and we believe the existing language is not an adequate protocol andwe would note that we are agreeing to what we believe is not a good oversight and so, it is our view that we need to put better oversight in and eight is not an ideal situation but we feel that this is the best oversight given the circumstances. >> supervisor peskin did you want to give a response?/ >>thank you mme. supervisor.
8:23 pm
there is no question we would like to get the full funding agreement in prior to the obama administration in place and although i have no doubt that the next administration in place will honor that commitment and i would like to know what would the difference be and what is the timeline around the protocol and insofar as it is highly likely that we will have a special board meeting next week and i don't know what the
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