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tv   Full Board of Supervisors 72616  SFGTV  August 3, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>>thank you speaker please >>thank you for the supervisors we present an opportunity to share the details of this event and the assault on the street as well as the[inaudible] and number two that are officials we request that you acknowledge the seriousness of this event and number three we request that you offer your moral support of our community members andthese organization and number four and the last is that we request the board of supervisors to conduct the necessary investigation to find out how chinese counsel it is
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in association with all of these incidents that are happening in san francisco. >>[timer dings] >>thank you certain speaker please. >>mme. pres. and supervisors even with one minute i just want to say this that we have a few hundred people taking time off of work and coming to the san francisco supervisor meeting it was two minutes now it is a minute that they get to talk to you and a lot of them have not even had lunch yet but the reason we been staying here so long for this moment is we want to say that this is not an isolated issue. we have experienced this in the past 19 years. we are verbally abuse physically insulted our windows or broken storehouses are broken and this is not a pr issue this is an american issue
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as well. they have been able to infiltrate and influence division in our community and we want to show moral support-- >>thank you sir. next speaker please. >>good eveningsupervisors i'm a san francisco resident my name is jenny i am a member of the-- marching band. san franciscans show their overwhelming support and in a matter of six or seven weeks we [inaudible] and parents bring their adult children to sign for generations to generations so
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san franciscans are knowledge being the impact that the--is bringing to the community for diversity and a risk factor for human rights. we urge the supervisors to take action as well. >>thank you. next speaker please. >>good evening my name is cecilia leo and i am a member of the marking band as well i would just like to play two recordings a san franciscans who supported us. the first recording is from mr. lee donelson and the second is for mr. josh rock. >> [playing recording] >>[timer dings]
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>>[playing recording] >> [timer dings] >>thank you. >>thank you. next speaker please. >>good evening everyone my name is michelle please allow me to play the voice recording of mr. william michael bien a san franciscan. this is quite reflective of the people we've been talking to. >>[playing recording]
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>> [timer dings] >>[playing recording] >>[timer dings] >>thank you. next speaker please. >>mme. pres. and board of supervisors my name is peter lou. today i'm going to focus on san francisco-- petitioners to read the letter to you this should go out to the immediate public and copies to the board
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of supervisors as well and were going to talk about talking stopping the persecution with the chinese consulate in san francisco >>[timer dings] >>on april 17, 2017, -- marching band members were excluded from- the festival in [inaudible] the application was approved and they appeared in the proper place in uniforms with instruments ray to join the parade-- >>[timer dings] >>thank you next speaker
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please. >>thank you. >> [indecipherable] >>[timer dings] >>for the past 70 years the chinese council it has pressure with the elective officials to fight against our been thank you. >>thank you very much. next speaker please. >>to continue the letter, council and officials have put direct pressure on the organization to exclude
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[inaudible] from events. the marginalization, exclusion against a minority community heavily persecuted is in china oes against everything that san francisco stands for which is tolerance and inclusivity. this is an example of the persecution that is taking place in china since 1999 and this is an example of the exact behavior still taking place in china. thank you. >>timer dings] >> thank you next speaker please. >>good evening, my name is--
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>>sir, i am pausing your time because this order was heard earlier by the board of supervisors. >>at 3 o'clock i was in the hall with the crowd. >>sir, continue your remarks. >>so, i am asking for a reprieve. the property is my residence it is my sole source of revenue.. it is a rental property and i haven't been paying for the mortgage [timer dings]sfdb did grant me a
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reprieve, the tenants has since been evicted they did contribute to mydefault on paying my mortgage they have yet to renowned on applying a lean-- >>timer dings] >>sir, can you please wait to the side. i'm sorry that you wait so long but we did hear this item earlier and we will see what we can do. next item please. >> the reason i am coming here as i'm concerned with the assessment of a lean that's been placed on my property.i believe that that we got a minor building violation in april, [timer dings] we filed a
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building permit in may and we complied with the requirement and the case was abated on 1 august and we still keep getting the bill from the building department for the monitoring the a total of $720 and so, i think that is not reasonable-- >>[timer dings] >> sir can you please step to the side and give us a moment to address speaker please.
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>> on april 19, 2016 i was standing in formation getting ready to participate in the chinese festival parade. suddenly a man shows up at the microphone and says that we are not allowed to participate in the parade because we are part of the [inaudible]
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>>[timer dings] >>thank you next speaker please. >>we have been getting a lot of sympathy and support which shows the outrageousness of the situation we have more people support the cause. >>[timer dings] >thank you. next speaker please. >>my name is- today i would like to talk about the discrimination that we experience at the parade. 30 minutes before the parade we were told we could not participate because we were registered as a marching
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band and not one of our strong majors attempt to communicate with them we were oppressed in china because of our religion and if we held up that banner in china we would be oppressed because of our religion. i never thought this would happen in america. secondly, in the petition it never stated that you had to list whether or not you were % >>[timer dings] >>thank you next speaker please. >>hello my name is jack shawn, i want to read where my brother left off. are marching b and is one of the best community marching bands in our area. we just came back from the international festivals in 2007 and 2011 on like other
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marching bands of must rate five years to return to the parade we had profession and diversity. this is injustice and a clear act of discrimination. you also know that there is the chinese consulates response to this and we hope that you will ear our cause and help us to fight for our cause. >>[timer dings] >>thank you next speaker please. >>this is not just about a chinese festival parade this is about government interference.
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[indecipherable] chinese community influence over here and that is one reason they persecute us. government interference is a very big thing this is america. we don't want to fear of controlling people. >>[timer dings] >>thank you are there any other members of the public that would like to provide public comment at this time? seeing none, public comment is closed. >>[gavel] >> >>[gavel] >>okay, welcome back
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colleagues. i would like to make a motion to resend the vote for item number 53 and 54. we had some confusion with some folks from the public who came here to speak on those items andwere prevented from entering into the chambers, and i think it is important not only to rescind this vote but toextend this item for next week so colleagues can i please have this motion to rescind this item to next week so, without
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that vote is taken without objection and also without objection can we continue this item at 3 pm is a special item, and without objection that is adopted unanimously. mme. city clerk can you please read items 77 please. >>item 77 is aresolution urging
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ordering submitted to the voters an ordinance amending
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the planning code to require conditional use authorization for conversion of production, distribution, and repair use, institutional community use, and arts activities use and replacement space; and affirming the planning department's determination under the california environmental quality act, at an election to be held november 8, 2016. >>supervisor peskin. >>my urge is that the board will work with the cpuc and adopt a resolution to adopt conviction history regulations in furtherance of a level regulatory playing field and in compliance with san francisco's 2014 fair chance ordinance. >>thank you supervisor peskin
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has this been approved by their legislature. >>it is my understanding that they have no objections. >>so, i just need some clarity >>this would be consistent with the ordinance in 2015 for prior conviction histories to those directly relating to the job in question of those having specificregulatory bearing on the job in question and further, it must be a conviction that is less than seven years old. >>okay, i know everybody is tired and i will just make a few comments. i do appreciate
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supervisor peskin's role in this to work with a number of organizations to try and come up with the right balance in order to address this issue unfortunately, i don't think that i'm going to be supporting this resolution today. we have worked really long and really hard to fight policies that disproportionately impact people of color, people of low income communities i'm actually really excited about supervisor kim and cohen leadership of this in san francisco and i know that you are making the recommendation we follow that policy but in this particular case, i don't understand why the policy needs to be done in the first place when in fact, there is a policy that exists with the city that supports not
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going- what is perceived as going backwards. let me try to articulate this when i haven't had food i think since 11:30 am. don't look at me like that supervisor cohen.i have ran in to people who done time they grew up in san francisco and they've done time and they have a past but because they have banned the box in the city some of those folks are working jobs they never thought they'd have access to so my biggest concern about passing legislation like this after everything we've worked for to move these kind of things forward i'm just not comfortable necessarily with it and i don't see any reason to do it in the first place. so, with that colleagues i am just
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not comfortable i haven't had a chance toconnect with some of the organizations that i know agree with me on this and in time for this particular meeting and i appreciate your feedback and what it is to make adjustments and supervisor peskin, if you have any other remarks based on my comments i would appreciate hearing them. >>so if i may through the chair to pres. breed. i think the fundamental opinion of this resolution is really about giving input of this legislation body to the state utilities community which is soliciting comments for people and governments throughout the state of california is about leveling the playing field for the taxicab industry which is actually regulated here through the city and county of san francisco now through the mta and trying to create a fair playing field. i think our taxicab industry has been
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greatly disadvantaged by a that playing field and i think our intent is to level the playing field. i think that we as lawmakers, have an obligation to society to be aware of things that happen inthe paper as well as the situation with the uber pool situation where someone tried to sexually assault their client the other day. and we need to make sure that the same written standards that our own taxicab members are held to as our own tmc drivers are held to and i think this ordinance reflects that.
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>>and, through the chair supervisor peskin. that is exactly i think my point. why are we focusing on trying to change us for taxicab drivers rather than-- and the other point that i forgot to let point out is just having people that i know and personal friends,again, who just got out of jail making a living and their driving uber as opposed to committing crimes and getting caugin that again. too often in the city i feel like every time there is a potential opportunity to help support people who need it, then, here comes a city with their new regulations and their new codes and instead of trying to make it better for the taxi industry, so that is not as problematic so that folks that i know can actually have a
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four-day medallion or drive taxicabs, we are basically saying that we are going to make these particular folks held to the same standards and i support those folks because i am concerned with the unintended consequences of those folks. that is just where i am mad at this point but i do appreciatethe point but i just don't want to unfairly approve a policy that will put people that i know in a situation where it could eliminate an opportunity for them to make money in this industry. >>there are many inequalities
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in the tmc industry and thetaxicab industry and i would be happy to work with you to help level the playing field in this industry. i look forward to working with you on that. i totally respect your opinion with this matter and i would also say, this is not related to pres. breed's comment but it is interesting to me that opposition from this like spurthat are not really interested in the fair chance ordinance they are interested in protecting the sovereignty and the preemption that the tmc companies have been able to how should i say it, buy, in sacramento. i think this is a way it to stick up for 6000
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stakeholders in who have had this opportunity taken from them and level that playing field. >>and, through the chair, i see it as exactly the opposite because let's say it someone that has to pay child support but this is the only way that they can make a living after being released from jail and wanting to change their life or someone who's paying college for their daughter andable to afford to buy plane tickets for their kids to go back and forth to go to school in new orleans. just the examples of people that i personally know who are using this as a way to take care of their family. i just
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see it from a different perspective. i mean, i could care less about the fact that when you look at the industry and the people who are making the money that they are making from this, it is- they should be putting more money in the pockets of the people that are out there doing the driving. but just again, i know that some of these organizations are no longer opposed to what you are putting forth and it is not because of some of the organizations that are involved it's more about being happy for members of my community that have this as the option and i'm not certain that this is going in the right direction and i think that we should just focus
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on the taxi industry and make the appropriate changes and repairs and that. and with that, thank you supervisor peskin for understanding and thank you colleagues for hearing my arguments this late in the evening. >>supervisor peskin, would you like to respond? >>if i may through the chair to pres. breed i was profoundly hopeful that we could join with the los angeles city and the city council with the support of my proposal here and given that two-- three of our colleagues have left maybe it even though this has been before us three times that the right thing to do would be to continue it to our last meeting before the summer recess where we have a full count of the board? >>so, we have a motion to continue into the august 2
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meeting seconded by supervisor kim.supervisor peskin anything else? >>supervisor wiener. >>i just want to say that i know how hard you worked on the supervisor peskin i'm open to supporting this i think we need everyone else here. >>i won't kill your resolution tonight supervisor peskin at with that colleagues can we take a motion to continue this item to the meeting of august 2, 2016 without objection? without objection motion to continue passes. >>[gavel] >>mme. clerk, on items 78 and 79 can you please call the roll? >>item 78is a resolution
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declaring july 2016 as a recreation and parks month in the city and county of san francisco and item 79 is a resolution recognizing july 28 as world hepatitis day in the city and county of city of san francisco. >>no, we are calling the roll. >> i was confused as well. >>[roll call vote] >> there are 8 ayes. the
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resolutions are adopted unanimously. >> mme. clerk can you please read the memory m's. >> [ reading memoriums] this brings to us to the end of our agenda are there any other items today at. >>this concludes our business >>we are adjourned thank you. >>[gavel] >>
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>> good morning and welcome to special meeting of board of supervisors. today july 28, 2016. madam clerk, can you please call the roll. >> thank you. supervisor avalos. present. president breed, here. supervisor campos, present. have visor cohen, present. supervisor farrell, absent. supervisor kim, absent. supervisor mar,


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