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tv   BOS Land Use Transportation Committee 8116  SFGTV  August 7, 2016 7:30pm-8:01pm PDT

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>> all right. good afternoon, everyone i want to welcome to the topics i'm malia cohen the chair to my right is vice chair supervisor wiener and to my left is supervisor peskin and our clerk is erica i'd like to thank phil jackson and jesse larson for broefrt i'd like to remind the members of the audience that the commission does not tolerate disruptions of any kind. please silence any devices that may sound off during the proceedings. items acted upon today will appear on the pr call item one >> an on those amending the ordinances now 10 61 irregularity the width of the sidewalks so dpw is the sponsor of the
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legislation and bruce is here welcome the floor is yours. >> pardon me if i swu up i don't do this very often. >> on screen this the board one 8429320 or the sidewalk changes around the assessor oversees block lot one a new residential and a semi commercial development june 4th city planning gave us a general plan con formation dpw got no objections from the city agencies or private lawsuit companies proposed ordinance and
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changes of sidewalk with various locations q 20 dash 820 map memorializing and a copy i said was approved on june 4th and that's it i will encourage you to help move forward. >> okay. well thanks for the short presentation let's see colleagues, any comments or questions for mr. store thank you seeing none, let go to public comment. all right. ladies and gentlemen, time for public comment on item one as a reminder two minutes hearing a soft chime for 30 seconds anyone wish to comment on item number one seeing none, public comment is closed. okay come on i had trouble
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findings the room ms. about the emergency rooms all right. okay. >> this was sidewalk width changes okay public comment is closed. at this time thank you all right. colleagues is there any excuse me - colleagues agendized as a committee report excuse me - >> madam chair, i would make to motion to forward item one with a positive recommendation as a committee report. >> thank you, supervisor i appreciate that without objection that that item passes unanimously madam clerk. >> the resolution for the emergency rooms for an 18 month in the castro street for the conditional use authorization by the planning commission and the planning code excellent supervisor wiener is the author of this item and we will - >> thank you, madam chair and agendizing this item colleagues
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this legislation will impose interim controls for the castro neighborhood district for the conditional use authorization from the planning commission for paramedic and medical service uses the requirement for the conditional use is fair and consistent with this particular mcd with many uses are already requires the conditional use one one block the intersection of 18 and castro there are 3 existing paramedics and two medical service uses and for an aspect of a vibrant and thriving district it, it is the diversity and over concentration of the few uses particularly uses that are are not necessarily retail and unique in nature we want
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thriving retail uses and unique uses it can jeopardy the health of the neighborhood last year colleagues as you recall i sought the board of supervisors unanimously passed requiring the conditional use for medical services in 24th street neighborhood commercial district those interim controls will louis the time to study how best to legislate a permanent solution for the over concentration of those types of used in the castro mcd i've distributed a few amendments adding some additional finding for the documents intent of those interim controls along the lines of the statement i just made be specifically relating to the mix of uses in the castro mcd the over concentration of little
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medical and paramedic uses and so forth so colleagues after public comment ask the community to forward this item with recommendation as a committee report thank you. >> thank you, supervisor wiener is it all right. if we go to public comment at this time okay ladies and gentlemen, item 2 is up if you want to comment on this item please come forward. >> good afternoon i support a heath commercial corridor in the castro an essential is a health and safety corridor is a mix of uses and makes the neighborhood less interesting for businesses high-level of concentration in one such as pharmacies that is important a high-level of concentration for the uses of community to weigh no on what
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makes sense for the neighborhood conditional use authorization helps to insure the community voice is heard i think the emergency rooms will help sure the over concentrated pharmacy and uses i support those controls thank you for the murder approach for keeping the health of the castro district i urge you to support the legislation. >> thank you anyone else all right. got at this time supervisor wiener there amendments. >> supervisor peskin may have a question. >> i was going to make a general comment around neighborhood commercial districts that is, i think as far as there are 20 neighborhood commercial districts throughout the city in all the supervisorial districts that is he generally my belief that constituents in each of the districts know what kind of taylor of the mcd controls are
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needed know when an over concentration so i would move the additional findings amendments and will be happy to send that item as a committee report to the for with a positive recommendation after supervisor wiener's comments all were meant to be dynamic and were meant to adjust to the challenges of the time instance north beach is everything from ground floor financial $0.71 institutions that were meeting the neighborhood serving spaces and eventually put a limit neighborhood we've banned formula retail and cuffing are required and other formula retail uses so sounds like an over concentration of the pharmacy services 1, 2, 3, 4 the
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castro for the equitable balance that supervisor wieners controls make sense. >> i agree supervisor wiener they make sense and a motion by supervisor peskin and without objection that that item passes as amended thank you. >> adapting the amendments and forwarding with recommendations. >> it was said thank you item 3. >> item 3 is a resolution imposing emergency rooms so for the space and conditional use authorization for the distribution and required use for the artists. >> thank you so colleagues on i'm the author and introduced this is to negotiate a legislative solution to the issues regarding the also have pdr and art space in the mission and south of market and instead of a ballot measure
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however, after several hearings at the rules committee and the discussion at the full board meeting it appears no desire to place the controls on excuse me - it appears there the desire for place the controls on the ballot in november so therefore after public comment we continue this item through the chair so with that said open up for public comment. >> hi, thank you i really appreciate our listening to public comment and sorting the legislation as a ballot measure as one of the artists that is organizing the various arts organizations and artists to come together in light of the massive loss of diversity of creativity in the city and we even the legislative the ballot
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measure falls short of what we hope to get not only stop the bleed to figure out not just stop the bleed but the over gentrification and the multi culture and find a way inform encourage the culture development and invite back the nonprofits we lyft the sierra club it was embarrassing to lose the artists and the diversity as well and so critical that we find ways to stop the bleed of the loss and try to find way to incentivizes the tax incentives and i appreciate everybody trying to workout or work together this is the first temple but not far enough and stop the approval in the
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pipeline the blanket approval and start to have a one to one replacement of pdr loss thank you. >> thank you anyone wish to comment on item number 3? okay public comment is closed. at this time >> thank you to the commenter for rushing down colleagues i'm going to make a motion to continue to the through the chair may i have. >> without objection without objection this item passes unanimously madam clerk can you call item four and five and the that the commission does not tolerate outbursts of any kind of the board of supervisors to order the continental portion uses with within the phase that the park merced and item 5 a vacation of portions of the streets that exist one ab in the
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property development project. >> we have paul from dpw here to present on those items the floor is yours thank you. >> gadget chair members and thank you for the opportunity the park merced segment a large multi phase and multi year development it is governed by the agreement in the case of the street vacation requests there tied in with the first two subdivision that was received by the public works in february of 2015 we circulated to all agencies including the develop of city planning and received the approval on august the 24, 2015 and granted pardon me august the 6 and granted tentative map approval which basically allows the project to
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proceed on august the 24th the project sponsor has requested that the city vacate portion the street to realign them i'll showing you the northwest portion of the project and be as you can see maybe clearly a red patched in the patched area thegreen is what the city will receive in the future dedication and the red that is requested to be vacated the net gain to the city in conformance with the agreement the city gets a surplus the second portion - of the development area on the southeast corner of park merced
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area per and again we've got the red patched for the vacationed and the green to be dedicated portions the subdivision maps are the approval what is happening and condition future dedications and street improvements as part of the progress if you have any questions specifically and any questions colleagues. >> i generally vote against evacuating the streets but this time a like for like and as part of a program that the board approved pursuant to the development agreement and unlike the matter that i descended in last week we remember giving up a city street and not replacing with another city street this situation is different i'll be supporting it. >> all right. thank you we're
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going to public comment oh, i'm sorry supervisor wiener. >> a question so the adjoin plan referral has two specific conditions in it the action today just to confirm by the committee and board will not preclude the imposition on the final map; is that correct. >> yes, sir. conditions of approval on the tentative map in the past and the final maps will come up in the next few months 0 not recorded until those conditions from the planning department are met. >> okay. and does the department support or oppose any of the conditions. >> no. >> no we've endorsed those their included. >> so i think does the department support conducting and imposing.
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>> does the department of public works supportism posing those conditions. >> yes. >> any other questions we have a few actions to take but before that open up for public comment ladies and gentlemen, is there anyone that wants to speak on items four or five come up seeing none, public comment is closed. so there's a few actions to take first action we need to amend item 4 the first action to - to include the date the board will sit as a committee to hear the street vacation this to the further resolve clause the resolution to state the board will hear it on september 6th as september 6th at 3 o'clock may i have have a motion to make the change. >> so moved.
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>> without objection the motion passes and thank you the second action is for item 5 must come out of committee with a without a recommendation but item 4 can move forward as a committee report so colleagues, i just want to ask that item 4 before us today be moved as a committee report, however, pursuant to the standard practices an vacation item 5 needs to be forwarded to the full board to the september 6th meeting is there a motion on those two items? >> madam chair i'll move with recommendation as committee report for august 2nd and item 5 be moved with recommendation to the meeting of september 6th in the normal could you say of business. >> i appreciate that without
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objection. >> i - mr. gibner. >> without objection those motion pass unanimously any other commission? >> >> there's no further business. >> thank you the meeting is adjournedyou. >> as a voter you have a choice on how you can vote you might cast your vote by mail or vote earlier in city hall if you
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choose to vote earlier you'll go to our powell plays might be a church or in regards garage they'll make the voting as uncomplicated as possible yes what does 3 take to be a poll working and what exactly does a poll work working do letting meet some. >> aim jack. >> i'm co-author la. >> i'm tiffany and charles and my name is elizabeth i'm jeff i'm bruce hi, i'm karin a full-time student addressed city college i've been a pole working for 10 years. >> for 13 years your 10 or the 9 or 10 years. >> those poll workers and thousands are an essential part
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of election day 31 they provide the safeguarding of democratic processed there's a feeling in the poll place you're a feeling of something that has a special place in the world the democratic process in the united states is model to the rest of the world. >> it's a relay sequence e sense you're part of that history and being able to keep that going and it is really does feel good. >> i feel overhead this is a great civil dude and get a different idea. >> in my residential area i dale feel i'm transbay joint powers authority to the community as a wloel in the communi community. >> so san francisco poll workers have a service based mission the first to protect the voter
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rights we make sure they understand the rights on the ballot and the right to an essential polling place and many languages around english. >> it's like someone that didn't know how to read i'm more happy to help you like i'll help you. >> the second part to serve the voters like workers and language they respect the voter and finally the last myths is offsets the which i see to come to the polling place. >> this takes a lot of pole working for each election they higher 26 hundred pole workers to staff over 5 hundred polling places this chose 6 senate victories and thousand clerks and high school students.
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>> look at the address of our polling place on line or visit it a day beforehand. >> every pole worker has been trained the election department holds for one hundred hundred clads a month before the election they vary into one and a half to 3 hours and classes focus on the right to voters including language and other access right for voter and step up polling place and equipment and procedures for voting and vote and mail. >> the election office is constantly streamlining the process so there the good of the training in order to tap into the continuing better process in their creating. >> pole workers learner about clothing procures like completing the posted ballets and transferring the memory
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packs and others materials for the traffic officers or deputy sheriff. >> i like how the training every year improves. >> so as the inspector the first is all introduce user to the collect and assign them their job cards. >> a polling place nodes someone to supervisor and that pole working is called an inspector and responsible for that four or five clerks they get hands on experience. >> you're also going to be doing other things at 12 o'clock and 3 o'clock to the inspector needs to hang into this. >> the inspector makes sure that the polling is smooth and greets people in a way with respect to make sure they're going to the procedures so not only in the step of that but in
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the actual process during the day and the process of breaking the equipment down and tab latino making sure all the numbers gets to the sheriff's deputy and to the city and county. >> they're a key holder on election day they wear a i can rove that hat audience this is the voting machine. >> after the training inspections pickup bottles and other supplies their polling places need on election day. >> this is for the briefing. >> inspectors are responsible for the chain of custody of ballot they sign for the battles and have you ever had your deposition taken transfer it to a deputy sheriff's at the end of the day. >> that's one of the things i thought attracted to this to learner about the voting process and knowing that at the end of all this we take great pains to
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make sure that the routes are secure and save and delivered back to the ballet department. >> their seals rewe having to put occupy the equipment and make sure that carry the key it secures the ballot machine so we have to be keen you know i'd say and areas open on dale what was going on election die when the voter voted if they messed up we've got to void that we have to keep track and get for every step as well as the procedural exponent to transfer the battles at the end of the nicest to the sheriff's detective and the memory card and data make sure those don't get tampa everyday with. >> each inspectors manual excludes the cards that lifts different pole workers dudes.
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>> there's one person that sets up the booth and others that set up equipment and again, we follow it step by step. >> we willfully with such culture diversities san francisco has many languages spoken everyday to meet of diverse challenge the department of election assigned chinese pole workers spanish speakers to 2 hundred and 17 predicts and filipino to one hundred and thirty predictability and vietnamese and japanese to 7 priblts and there's a lot of chinese speaking people so there's been at least 2 people on staff that speak chinese and really comes in handy. >> they choose that pen.
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>> i'd like to say that 70 percent of powell workers come back election after election that's inspiring they're returning. >> many people are glad to see us we know we're in the predict we are there in the election before. >> i know people expect to see me now it is a regular occurrence so oh, you're working this one yeah. >> there's a sense of trust they believe in us and they'll be protected. >> working as a precinct worker learners about the process. >> once you see the process you gain a new respect so i'll encourage 80 anyone to get the experience. >> the department of elections needs new workers they're looking for new powell its go to
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>> >>[gavel] >> good afternoon everybody welcome to a special meeting of the san francisco board of supervisors budget and finance committee. monday, august 1, 2016. my name is mark farrell i will be chairing this committee. i'm joined by katie tang as well as by supervisor norman yee and supervisor mar as well. i want to thank sfgov tv for covering the meeting today. mdm. clerk we have any announcements? >> please silence all cell phone electronic devices. >> thank you mdm. clerk.


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