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tv   Entertainment Commission 8216  SFGTV  August 7, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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commission tuesday, august 2, 2016, deputy director call the roll commissioner frost commissioner lee commissioner caminong and commissioner joseph so director now you're sitting up here i guess you shouldn't call the roll. >> fine by me for the record president tan is out of town commissioner perez is on the bart according to a text i don't know if commissioner thomas it going to be present tonight we'll wait and see.
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>> we have quorum. >> move forward with the meeting number one oh, i didn't do the tuesdays thank you sfgov and if you have a cell phone please turn that off and i don't think have my script. >> okay. it is fine we don't have too many people in the room oh, commissioner thomas let the record indicate that commissioner thomas is now on board. >> all right. item number one on the agendas general public comment at this time, members of the public may address the commission on items of interest to the public that are within the subject matter jurisdiction not on the agenda. >> is there any public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. item number 2 approval of
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meeting minutes may 17, 2016, and july 19, 2016, and commissioner joseph am i interrupt i asked the city attorney about the question posed around the issue of whether the make up of this evenings commission quorum mattered relative to passing may or may not have been present and do not you can approve the minutes that you were not present for that seemed to stop us in continuing minutes that were not necessarily continued so you can approve the minutes even if - >> thank you, thank you. >> that's great so we don't dr. to bifurcate the minutes do
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we have a motion for the minutes. >> i make a motion we accept the minutes of the meeting may 17th as well as the meeting of june 7th. >> june 7th. >> july 19th. >> you have old minutes that is july 19th. >> then i'll have to rescind it i haven't seen the july 19th. >> eneanyone else for another motion you have to jump in. >> i second it. >> you have to second the motion. >> i was reading sorry. >> jocelyn didn't the city attorney i understand that the chair can move as well to the city attorney can comment on that. >> a long time. >> the chair can move; right? for lack of other commissioners,
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i move to approve the minutes of may 17th and july 19th. >> we have a there is a motion and a second and ray public comment seeing none, public comment is closed call the roll. >> okay commissioner frost commissioner lee commissioner thomas commissioner caminong commissioner joseph that item passes. >> item number 3 report if sounds like inspectors okay inspector pauley you're up. >> good evening commissioner a few things to report a few inspections i did a walk through this past weekend didn't see anything of any significant note last year, we commissioner joseph and shawn burke set rules and following the guidelines since there everything looked good on the 14 of july i
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performed a sounds like inspection at the armory there were issues but managing those concerns and we expect those concerns to be alleviated schedule other sounds like test after those things are taken care of and go from there playland we have received a slew of complaints about playland about different noise issues did several inspections around there the last one was july 1st, i found that the venue was in compliance i've been by general sounds like inspections outside of venue standing on the corner they were that consistent
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nevertheless, i left the meter in the unit for about 7 hours so i can get a total idea with the entertainment laws and the last night i did an inspection the music from the venue might have pushed up the sound level one or two decimals i licensed and heard the base i'm sure the complainants was hearing the was a that's where we stands on that i got a complaint about the doors open i dealt with that go venue is some the time the reason the doors are open nevertheless, i've been by over the last few weekends and not seen the doors open so right now determined they're in compliance new complaints or ongoing some are ongoing public works is an
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ongoing complaint they had been receiving noise complaints from a complainant inspector burke resolved those issues they've popped up follow-up is necessary and in process of looking at the measures and resolution cafe managed by inspector burke spent a lot of time and recently they've reverted to the same issues as before so this time around i decided to observe the irks over several weekends with no dispute whether or not they're in violation and went by on thursday this past thursday and issued a final verbal warning i have all those violations and you know if you violate again, i'm going to beyond that day basically so
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we'll see what happens if they are in compliance then if not we'll figured out what to do from there another complaint the rock bar the billboards i'm in contact with the complainant they said it was fined because complaints like agency month and a half old but she'll contact me to know the next time there is an issue i'm just waiting to hear about that and put on the patrol route and start going by i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> i have a question we have a couple of questions the knock out are you saying interest is music going on awhile people are loading out. > in the past there was the music from the bar maybe
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another band the reason the doors are open they're doing a load out to be honest and i seen the doors open during the load out i didn't pay attention whether or not there was music but you know just the reason the door was open there's a law about a year and a half ago. >> the playland are those complaints from residents directly above playland. >> no, from residents diagonal from the bar. >> diagonal. >> yeah. frank norris building or whatever is a senior residence or something like that. >> and the last question i have is resolution cafe an urban solvable issue we issued an entertainment permitted a tiny
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no space and so they will continue to violate more to survive they'll violate that's an issue that maybe staff can think about you know how to address this issue because their complaints have come before the commission over the years and just any time it is tiny and they'll survive on the present configuration maybe you can talk with them outside of going there. >> if i might through the chair i mean, we have spoken to them i think they can survive i don't think we've asked for experience that is not possible i think that they can and do for 6 months at a time do exactly what they need to do and change managers or someone gets lazy
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and being encroached in the mission by a new resident it is hard it is hard but it is possible so i don't really know what to discuss other than they have to stay important vigilante that's mites assessment of the situation. >> do we find that the complaint are mostly in the summer they can open their doors in better weather. >> no. >> not then. >> more consistent with staff turn over as far as i, tell with technically could manager do what we expect and they leave it happens more than once. >> you've spoken to the owner. >> yeah. the owner is not present but at his other venue it is a small place not like you can't see from one side to the
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odds without being at the front door the description that they're in a spot they can't get out is entirely accurate they need to comply. >> thank you. any other questions for inspector pauley and commissioner thomas the question about the armory i i know they were in in front of us previously they have friends to do a number of different soundproofing things that like it's been a while completed at this time or what do the know the status. >> those things are in the process and added things after i did my inspection it was coming along. >> i thought they are not doing efforts and some things
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not full-blown. >> a followup question on that so they're doing what what was asked of them originally and putting in extra because of - >> okay. cool thank you. >> yeah. >> okay. that's it anyone else inspecting burke. >> shawn burke here a few things to note over the past couple of weeks a couple of complaints we have new block n w new black new black not new block no vowels in there they've had appointment with a permitted in the past and got a complaint about an unpermitted we're trying to track down current
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information i'll be following up to make sure what has happened this past time we got a complaint about the hard rock on geary there's a resident across the street who is reporting that on sunday evenings they have bands inside the front door address leave the front door open she's saying that it plays intermittent we're in touch with i'm going to go ahead and follow-up with the operator and see if i can't put easier on it next sunday i'm out ayed and cumber unpermitted a complaint they've been taking sounds like measurements next door and they're saying it is
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thursday through sunday he's sdwushd with other residents that's not the first i've heard they're not permitted and going this weekend to investigate. >> grand hot pot lounge on geary this is a complaint that is on and off for a couple of months been unable to anything in the form of live music or karaoke the small gathering that people eating he's aware off someone who in the neighborhood that didn't enjoy any kind of music they have but not entertainment so that complainant is in touch with pd i'll continue to investigate
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key on eddy we've got a neighbor above reporting loud creek /* karaoke we're going to set a sound system with the karaoke and the beer basement a general inspection not a permitted on display we'll pick up a permitted or drop one of this weekend and new establishment black cat on eddy i stopped by after meows the new venue they
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were not unable to produce a permitted they're an unpermitted so i'll be working with staff tattoo bring them into compliance and just a few one of permits everything was okay at the midway and that was fine this past weekend as of marathon no complaints an sunday and the fair no complaints we had a couple of things come to 311 we thought might have been associated but they're in associated with another warm off permitted i have to investigate as well a quick update on, huh? maggie has handled that maybe she can give you an update
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chambers the hotel on eddy a quick update this past weekends an event the neighbor was not disturbed on saturday, i met with a tech and management we discussed options as far as the limiters in line on the system protecting the powders speakers from people going up and toying with them during events and this past weekend on sunday techs to monitor the sounds like levels as acceptable so their something above and beyond to make sure that between now and then a technical solution in place the neighbors understood feeling good there and wraps up i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> commissioner lee.
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>> on chambers at the level that they set as a tech is the customers okay being that it's not loud enough still able to run their business. >> according to some conversation with isabel the manager there she she is fine with the level we've set frank discussions about the needs of their patrons and the motivations for having a party of that nature i don't think that being blasted with low ended base is the person it comes to mind she's happy and no complaint from the customers. >> to chambers it is outside or inside. >> outside. >> oh, okay. >> and the you want to see something. >> no. >> i see okay anything else? okay. let the
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record show that commissioner perez a hero i want to take a second and i wasn't here last time when at the introduced himself to you. >> hello that's a pleasure to be here. >> all right. any public comment on our sounds like inspector reports seeing none, public comment is closed. item number 4 discussion and possible action to amend the bar for the entertainment commission to remove the 3 year term limit of the president of the commission in order to look at the bylaws >> is everybody looking at the simple change technically speaking something so o to have a discussion
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amongst users initially the bylaws were created an experiment and a of the entertainment commission and its function been amended a couple of times this notion of the time limit is brought forward and adding to, however, it is come to this point where the question was asked is this normal and the way that the commissions run and we want to continue and some inspection shows that commissioners don't have term limits on the president so it is not out of ordinary amendment we'll be looking at obviously has pros and cons but i think you guys should discuss that otherwise, it is a simple or technical amendment this is before you. >> commissioners a little bit
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of history when those bylaws were put together in the first years of commission as you may know our commission is 10 years ago it was sometime ago there was factions of the commission not as amenable we like each other the first few years it wasn't like but important for the people that sat on the commission at that time, there would be term limits because none had an idea what the chair of the commission might be like through the years people who are able to run the members of the committee and help with the agenda and show up for items that are other than twice a month at the commission hearings is pretty much with the president seize about
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so that's just a little bit of history from my part anybody want to start a conversation or have questions. >> anyone else yes commissioner thomas. >> i mean, i think this is a change worth making in terms of keeping us in line with other commissions it speaks to the stability and the efficiency of leadership i'm happy in support of bylaws change and direction. >> great anyone else? commissioner perez >> i was wondering besides chairing what are the other responsibilities of the chair. >> i mean when i was chair i was often asked to show up and speak at or answer questions of the community meetings sometimes
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there is a hearing held by another commission or this board of supervisors who will want the executive director there and the chair of the commission and sometimes those things happen during the workday so you have to you know if you were going to do that take off from work and sometimes after work it would be a variety of things that are part not a lot certainly the main job of the chair is to run the meeting and help formulate the agenda with the executive director am i; right? >> yeah. that's the duties. >> yep. >> they're great. >> (laughter). >> just wondering something not within the. >> monopoly. >> expectation. >> oh, yeah you'll have to include that. >> anyone else that it takes
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commitment to be available as long as we vote every year i don't see why the president even if he's been on for 3 years we're all busy i'm in support 36 as well. >> great anyone else? all righty any public comment on changing our bylaws to eliminate the term limitations on the offices of this commission seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners how about a motion >> i motion approve. >> say more. >> i motion approve changing the bylaws no term limits for the president or vice president and okay. we have a motion do we have to second. >> second. >> there is a motion and a second any further discussion.
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>> commissioner frost commissioner lee commissioner thomas commissioner caminong commissioner perez and commissioner joseph. >> all right. that was easy and painless >> fabulous okay item number 5 please department questions or comments i don't see members of the police department here mr. renee is not a member of the police department he didn't get a chance to come up on item number 5 sow we'll move along and item number 6 possible action for the permits under the jurisdiction of the entertainment commission item number a vince low, alex low and fiddlers
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green an columbus avenue you're up. >> thank you, commissioners so this evening one permitted this is forfeited letters green there are - the commission sent them away with homework they're back here tonight to comply with what you wanted i will reiterate those items and they're in our packet for you so tonight they brought their manager with them you'll see his resume in the packet and show the experience and night life industries in doing the management at bars in the city for over a decade his name is mr. crowley you'll hear more from him a security plan and details and soundproofing and proof of further neighborhood outreach in the file the appellants followed
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up on the requests for neighborhood outreach they hosted two neighborhood meetings they did a marital to convene those nobody showed up up and other one 5 attendees we reached out to over one hundred neighbors no letters of protest and letters of support and signatures of support the central station recommends this and here to talk about that is the owner of vince low and his manager mr. crowley. >> come on up. >> the other mike. >> i guess - >> how this works. >> i navigate any presentation here. >> no. you just got to.
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>> great well hello executive director cain and hello, again commissioner frost commissioner lee commissioner joseph nice to meet you and commissioner thomas and commissioner perez on behalf of the fiddlers green thank you for this opportunity to present the plans to you and my name, again is vince low one of the partners and we're basically here to talk about our plans further detail since we didn't have some of them last time with that said i want to start off with the main obviously the entertainment plan 3 components; right? first good neighbors and make sure it is a safe place no incidents and third soundproofing so before we jump into the details wanted to give you an idea of who we are and i think
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that vinsz has a few slides that is more important but the slides are here to follow with me here tonight column which xhoind the same name as my partner the last name is crowley comes from the key boar that is you're going or arguably one of the biggest bars in the city so trusting him to run things 13450k9 with the neighbors and security so like i said to make sure the neighbors are happy and no incidents that's our obviously with obviously the treatment plan last time i didn't eloquent but i have a degree in marking and handling the public relationships i ran the outreaches and continue to do so with social media to make
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sure the neighbors are happy as you can see later in the slide we have a good neighbor policy with a hotline and someone called over the weekend i was talking with over o with them over a half an hour we have the utmost intent to be good neighbors i actually have a security certification i've been in the concert profession for a lot of my life so i'm very verse about how to handle responses and also setting up the necessary equipment to monitor the place from a sound and surveillance perspective we sure we avoid iris issues and have records of what we see and also to improve once you collect data you can improve on things you're not aware
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with that said, column my partner dwouth unfortunately can't make it he's on a flight to the east coast with family matters he wishes he could be here column owns a construction company and specialize in bars and restaurants and learned about the business and also himself has an bartender so basically, the top priority to make sure that is 13450g9 and improvements to the place looks aesthetically pollutant and will comply or address some of the concerns you have in the past so he's taken care of a lot of that concern. >> so lastly any partner alex has been operating this space for a long time logo he's got
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deep ties with the area and brings a wealth of knowledge with the history of you know the building and the area and the neighbors around us too so he's a crucial part of making the difference and lastly i said to make you aware that you don't have this in your packet we have it in the management agreement that management personnel needs to get continues education; right? 12 hours of education that each one attends on a yearly basis we have actually doney certification; right? so you have the column research we've done that through do food safety and we're getting auto the certifications and from score and online other good stuff we'll be keeping up to
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make sure we comply with the regulations and best practices to make sure that the neighbors and the bar business is running smoothly so nevertheless, i think we have an excellent team with a wealth of knowledge and extensive experience that bridges to this equation that helps us back to the entertainment plan if you want to follow through i mentioned before there are 3 components very simply good neighbor policy this is what is in the good neighbor policy everyone should know and essentially it is just very common sense; right? make sure that you know if there are any process issues or graffiti issues and employee we say they'll come back and make sure we're good neighbors hey someone says sometimes in the morning things are messy call the hotline i want to know in the
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past no form of communication with open communication making a huge effort as adu u alludes one mailers so i thought that would take a a long time but to print and nail them we've made tremendous efforts so on this slide i don't know, you can't see a phone number very bottom so i promise you can call that number and it will ring. >> next, we take security seriously i come from the security world we've hired a company who is certifying and they've amended their plans to include the good neighbor policy and sound and make sure that people in and out comply with the noise obviously that area is
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interesting a park coordinating with no control to make sure that people come and not congregate in that area the more for a lack of a better term - patrons are sympathetic they want the place to be in business we have all the plans to make sure that they will get that message and lastly obviously we will have security personnel to comply with you know some basic requirements like at least one guard per one patrons and the overwhelm of special event like a big crowd we'll scale up the security and this company is ready to scale with us many times with them and we have confidence to deliver so lastly i want to go over a third tenant
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and somehow this is interesting this is advancing the slide soundproofing you'll see the picture hopefully better imagines no basically this was just a sheetrock it looks like it is different but there are boards on the wall to aid the noise and one of the items and the next one on the roof we put quiet rocks up that to help with the noise an extra layer with quiet rock i've been told for sound coming upstairs and downstairs and lastly an area not installed in the back that is elevated we firmly believe that the sounds like travels so we are installing installation and that we believe will add tremendously to the soundproofing effort we've done
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so far and no picture i can picture a picture of a fan we turn on the fan intermittent and heard loud noise we've increased the fan we're revving and one of the most important thing not to go into the sound plan we are changing the theme here a little bit i say that we've done a lot of work but address the sounds like we're changing the back instead of loud music but regular speakers and the speakers are community-based go to the broadcasting sports games basically not going to blast loud music not the intent we're changing to a sports theme want to be a neighborhood bar this is a tourist area but we want to be a community and build that community so people can really come to a public area that will
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host the area for sports we expect games to end early not very late another night the sounds like system i forgot what they had before a pa loudspeakers that was basically now small speakers nothing that is two loud so vision of that i did the sounds like test i did one but this is not the decimal is for the problematic i think when i went out there it was office noise so with that, sounds like basically coming from the ground floor we are lighting and gaming this is obviously a very historic iconic irish place of gathering we plan to host live music with you know guitar players and traditional irish music to support our theme
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or concept of the business so you know just from a physical lay out the ground floor is not close to the neighbors we continued to keep the doors and drapes whatever to contain the noise with that said, that's pretty much all our plan and i think we've kind of yeah, done i see the power points up here but not up there and that's basically our goal with phyllis green with our approval will we would like to host you know live music with irish guitar players just bring back the tradition to this icon that is lost it's lust over the years. >> thank you, mr. low. >> i have a couple of questions you said you have smaller speakers do you know what kind and yamaha and 5 with
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surrounded sound not blast. >> do you have a stage. >> i don't have a stage. >> where is your bands playing on the floor. >> so before some guy or some musician was sitting next to a column in the building and put a chair there. >> what do you have. >> we basically have the same if you remember maybe a corner to situate himself and play. >> you have a single musician. >> most of the time. >> you're not going to use the drum. >> no, i think that any edification will be small. >> you put quiet rock on your roof that's very good what is underneath the rock. >> a layer of tar and sheets of roofing material we've another nor stuff up there.
10:52 pm
>> do you feel the quiet rock. >> explicit do the work but have been told many more layers you'll see in the picture. >> i want to see if you see over the quiet rock and with regards to the place across the street make sure none trashes that security will do it. >> i found over loaders. >> and the presentation there address i think the owners name and phone number is in the presentation. >> i remember watch. >> watch i apologize. i looked up over lord there's a lot of characters. >> it's true okay and you've hired a manager. >> yes. >> mr. crowley that worked at
10:53 pm
the pub for 8 years. >> you're going to be a sports bar a manager for a sport bar. >> like i said we're bringing an experienced crew you said hey or you bring new people there's a reason we're bringing new people i think the last tenant may not are. >> any commissioners have questions commissioner perez. >> thank you for your presentation who is responsible for booking the attempt and managing them while their onsite. >> that would be mr. crowley yes, he has reached out tool musicians and he'll give you a background as well as in live entertainment so - >> okay. thank you.
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>> uh-huh. >> just a comment commissioner lee. >> the last time you were up two then and now learned a lot. >> hopefully prepared. >> i mean the presentation is good and you've hired the right people. >> last time we didn't know we should have done that we have plans yeah now we're much more aware. >> to me it sounds like it will be a you'll be a responsible owner now you can what is going on we're happy. >> thank you. >> anyone else i want to piggyback on what commissioner lee said i was impressed with the entertainment if you put this much energy in your business as putting on this i'm sure that will be 13450g9 i'm appreciative you've come back prepared. >> great anyone else why not
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have a seat. >> thank you. >> all right. public comment on fiddlers green. >> seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners. >> a motion. >> i make a motion to approve the permitted with the conditions 3 of them i think let me ask did you agree with the permitted. >> yeah. >> i do agree i think we've come permitted i apologize we put security cameras out there. >> it's okay. do you agree. >> yes. >> with the 3 conditions the exterior cameras the employees should be trained i see that a couple of them have the permitted or the certificate and send a calendar to the entertainment commission and the central station. >> do we have a motion a second. >> second.
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>> i have one question commissioner frost do they play irish leukemic music will you go. >> yes. (laughter) pursue do you guys are the soccer team. >> oh, okay. he got confused someone wanted to work security i said no thank but, yes be interested for the irish music. >> (laughter). all right. there is a motion and a second if no further discussion wall call the roll >> commissioner frost commissioner lee commissioner thomas commissioner caminong commissioner perez and commissioner joseph congratulations good luck to you tell me 7 commissioners questions or comments anyone commissioner perez. >> i would like to take this opportunity to invite everyone
10:57 pm
for the annual filipino parade and festival at the yerba buena island it is going to be an august 13th and 14 with a parade on market street on saturday at the 11 and to the festival the yerba buena island so come down and have filipino food and entertainment. >> anyone else you reminded me the mariachi food fair cars show and parades for the dogs. >> you notice how he looked at me when he said that i wonder why. >> (laughter). saturday and sunday so remiss you about the festival >> sxoems. >> see you down there. >> i will add one as well next thursday is the harvey milk lgbt democratic diner we have sill investor and the awards we give
10:58 pm
out and giving to a person in recognition of their support of arts and entertainment along 24th street street corridor and the community and in particular recognizing the changes they've gone through in the last year with the attacks on the art of mural on the art on the outside of they're building we're just recognizing them for their art so, please join us and to that i guess i should add we have annunciations to foresight a festive on the armory produced by myself and leah jackson a local dj to give the festivity the reason is it is unique all the performances and the stagehands and all of the engineers are women so the
10:59 pm
first women's festival of its kind with the mississippi that is indoors october 8th anyone else all right. moving on right long item 8 new business. >> seeing none, i move to adjourn at 627. >> yes. >>
11:00 pm
undertaken. >> all right. well good morning and welcome future for thank you very much for being here i'm sure vince one of 5 public works compared angle officer with the labors local 261 and i'm a special assistant to oscar de la torre wire here celebrating i did signing of a historic agreement it is a project labor agreement that covers the sewer system improvement program so thank you. >> (clapping.) >> we'll have a few speakers but a quick program for more than a hundred years the city of san francisco as protected the public health but operating a combined sewer system it collects and cleans sewage sewage and street run off before returning to the bay and ocean over high strourld the