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tv   Mayors Press Availability  SFGTV  August 7, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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undertaken. >> all right. well good morning and welcome future for thank you very much for being here i'm sure vince one of 5 public works compared angle officer with the labors local 261 and i'm a special assistant to oscar de la torre wire here celebrating i did signing of a historic agreement it is a project labor agreement that covers the sewer system improvement program so thank you. >> (clapping.) >> we'll have a few speakers but a quick program for more than a hundred years the city of san francisco as protected the public health but operating a combined sewer system it collects and cleans sewage sewage and street run off before returning to the bay and ocean over high strourld the southeast
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supplant that is the heart of city's system this planted and others parts are ending the years of their useful lives this is a multi billion dollars citywide investment building a seismically resident system one of the later projects undertaken by a city agency that agreement within the sf puc and labor unions will help us make sure those projects are delivered on time and on budget project deliver agreements with not uncommon for large projects what exists us the unique nature of that agreement and that about allow to focus economic benefits on community and workers that need it most and will help us cultivate and train the future workforce in the city and county and insures that - >> yes. >> (clapping.)
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>> - my bad; right? it insures the contractors pate prevailing wage and finally it insures a steady supply of skilled union workers for the projects jobs are training and prevailing wages and benefits that's why we're excited to be here today, this is a historic event is possible through the agencies partnering with the building and construction counsel i shout out to the secretary treasurer >> (clapping.) >> also to larry who is in conference couldn't be here for his leadership and commitment to all the folks and harlan kelly our general manager i consider to the brilliant. >> (clapping.) >> and the great staff of the
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sfpuc. >> (clapping.) >> finally to the labors transitioned are the carpenters and plumps and the sheet metal workers and the engineers and the teamsters and the labors and get my drift of men and women of the building and construction trades thank you all for being here >> (clapping.) >> it is my great pleasure to introduce our first speaker a man that is dedicated his entire career to benefit the workers families 4e78 e helping us with the community workforce and show the pathway to create opportunities we're not just jobs but access with health care and retirement security he's our 43rd mayor please welcome mayor ed lee. >> (clapping.) >> vince thank you very much
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i'm striving to be your brilliant mayor (laughter) vince thank you for your leadership and labors my own, of course, working with the buildings and trades can't have a greater partnering let me say it welcome to alex southeast community facility center in our bayview. >> (clapping.) >> how are things going all right. all right. you're still in shape keeping healthy i'm happy to be here on every occasion to be in the community we're talking about good paying jobs and families and careers working with the labor unions but i want to say alex name i think he'd be happy to be here if you knew him about workforce training and part of puc family
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and part of everybody's family and came from the bayview community making the connections with we've been asked for many decades we see those plant in our community can we be a part of a better environment and get the good jobs for dwaerngz promised and yet really hard to fulfill we're here to do that before i talk about this particular p l a and sign the documents we have i want to say this week we're on a roles last night and for the last 48 hours we have been helping another group of workforce men and women that's our be janitors. >> (clapping.) >> as of last night they averted a strike because they were serious about it because they have to be serious because the wages and benefits as all
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labor unions are because they're on is lower end of wage aribnb careers they need to do everything to help their names our staff assist and reached a tentative agreement we have to go and do the ratification everybody abroad we're happy to see the managers of the buildings and the labor unions and the membership avert a strike and that's in a way why we're here today because awhile we've diverted a strike and something for the janitors the ultimate reason we're here is about labor peace it mroo project is what i think our brilliant department head harlan kelly said this is the expression of a pipeline a
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pipeline that the labor unions know about when they form unions this was the feeder into all the great jobs we have and people working really hard to make those labor union pipelines for directly beneficial i have educators people in education with the city college or public education you have people unrunning for officer in the school board i hope you'll have people on the school board trying to tell our kids here's his or her how to be successful and build careers work in the education system and make those connections with our nonprofits community-based organizations they're doing a lot of training getting ready for the jobs the pipeline that our workforce confirmations development workforce hopes to work with our labor
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organizations and enforcement people are making sure that everyone knows those are our pipelines pipelines is more than pipes it is the extra and how to get both that infrastructure if you know me i think the trades know me as the infrastructure man, i'm all g about infrastructure selling it to residents through bonds we've been successful with the general hospital or the water system we're able to do or the emergency water system we're in the middle of completing we want to make sure this water system infrastructure works for everyone not just the system and not just the handling of the water and the cleans water by the wastewater as well and mr. kelly reminded me take a drink and said thank you for drinking the watering no, no it's clean
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water but clean enough for all of us to be respect of we want the water that everybody is drinking in the city whether the living in our public housing or living in the highest unaffordable unit in the city they have to have clean water and the warriors eastern will have water and itself lucky museum every infrastructure in our city will be touched with this infrastructure we're building a $7 billion investment $7 billion >> (clapping.) >> of rate payers and residents and communities particularly the bayview will all be proud because what we are talking about today is a project labor agreement that isn't just about our unions it is with our unions
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creating the apprenticeship program and now because of special leadership that people have over the years working with us on local hiring the preapprenticeship community-based organizations getting people ready for jobs who were not ready if you took them off their jobs now wouldn't succeed a apprenticeship and the union hiring hall and the agreements we reach this is the pipeline that we're talking about that will reach our residents or rate payers for all the jobs and what makes our city successful with our bond and ratepayer programs what the infrastructure programs we're not just talking about bridges and revise but water systems that the rest of the country are talking about we are doing it and doing it the right way thank
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you to everyone in the entire spectrum of this building of pipeline from our trade union leaders to their activation working with the brvrtsdz, to our workforce ready folks to the people that are in the community-based organizations saying we have hope for you if you learn those skills while your young those skills will help you get into good fatiguing jobs that are whether carpenters or all the disciplines, transitioned all the other disciplines that help us focus on the infrastructure of our city so on a role no labor and peace pa p is what it takes and several billions of of construction with the airport and the revising our terminal and the port working on the piers and get public-private
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partnerships that will again respect our labor pipelines to make sure we are fitting in the local residents we are and already not even the major contracts that coming up apprentice hours on the water system 77 percent san francisco residents how about that. >> (clapping.) >> and just didn't happen by itself it takes dedication of everybody in this yard working together collaboratively together making sure we're not working in silos but making sure we talk and think about not only the labor peace both who it is we're trying to get jobs for and be a part of this labor movement i'm very proud of the city very special time to the be the mayor of the san francisco sure challenges and housing
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affordability and homelessness need for more affordable housing are all there to tackle we can never make any significant really improvements in all those areas without labor working with us, without our collaboration with community this is all works together really well, we're building a pipeline and the other thing i want to say is this this program particularly are harry lanes leadership is a direct contribution to reducing violence in our communities direct contribution >> (clapping.) >> wet have our kids really touched and involved themselves in the hopefully jobs in the skill setsdz in the preapprenticeship programs and getting them out of the isolated things we know contribute to less than peaceful resolution of
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people's problems i know i see off-street parking here thank you you've been a big champion as a former supervisor of this district and know full well, we have the conversations how to make sure those pipelines are created but all the community activists that have been here for years we're fulfilling old promises not creating new ones that water system when we were doing it and the creation of pipeline is a promise we've always said to be there we're now making it work for the right folks thanks to everybody that is here and dedicating their time in doing this and making sure we're doing the right thing and keep the collaboration going it will be to everybody's benefit that our unions have a lot good talent resources that will feed into their pipeline that will feed
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into the major, major projects in the city and i'll keep on doing any work building more affordable housing and getting people off the streets, keeping the city economically strong to have good partners in private sectors and a public sector to keep the jobs going congratulations vince for your leadership. >> thank you everybody for being here >> (clapping.) >> thank you, mayor ed lee for helping you guess in the career pathway and shout out to the northern california carpenters for being here >> (clapping.) >> >> thanking you for helping me understand the finer points and commissioner shamann walton thank you for all your hard work. >> and it is a special treat
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after school maxwell thank you for being here and all you do appreciate it. >> our next speaker a mentor of anything like that helping me understand more about the ropes and expand any scope understand how it is we can add value not only to 9 community workforce but to san franciscans in general i'm proud to stand with them i'm proud to have an opportunity to learn from him he sees the good orchestra that the water system improvement and obviously clean power and now with the general manager launching this great sewer system improvement program harlan kelly >> (clapping.) >> thank you vince the amazing vince courtney thank
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you very much (laughter) got to give each other's names i know that's how that works first of all, i want to thank the mayor for those of you who don't know the mayor and i go back when he was the director of public works and we knew we had to make sure that the community participant in the building of that when i came to the puc those were the traits i carried forward and coming to the puc i came to run or construct the waters system improvement program a $4.6 billion program i know that has an engineer 70 percent of the cost is new construction i knew i had to make sure that we had harmony out in the fold and make sure we have quality contractor and employ people in the community so we reached out to the
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building trade and the unions and got the deal of $4.6 billion and the system program is a model of how successful programs could be rolled out and what is really amazing about the mroo is that in times hiring local people they stepped up we had a lot of specialized projects and how to get the community people to participate we went to the union they came up with a training program with people in the community to participate in the training and worked with the contractor to put them on projects that's the model in the community i want to applaud the union for coming abroad >> (clapping.) >> and not only that they're working to help small businesses get on board
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and role them of course, like them to be union but it is a great opportunity also want to thank my staff where is tommy? tommy the one that has the $7 billion i'm sure he got chance lying around and so tommy has the money and karen is spending it and where is ma suicidal making sure our union community and contractors are 2, 3, 4 alignment and todd where's todd there's todd he's a big part of getting this together so here's a great opportunity and great to see folks who i've been working with i remember off-street parking we went to
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florida and i played - i got the mike shamann he wants to know when the program is rolling out i like being a member of the community i can't get any hair cut or play basketball when are you going to do this i'm proud today, we're signing the project labor agreement i know this is how we embrace the community and have them participate in building this awesome facility we plan to build thank you, everybody for coming today and look forward to signing the contract >> (clapping.) >> can i get robert harrison and
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megan please come up to the front. >> (clapping.) >> so i'll tell you i've learned a lot from a lot of the people in this room right now but learned pro bono more from the workers we represent i know that john you know what it's all about and charley and anthony the union labors guys know you in fact on the work and forgot to focus on the people we do a good job in focusing on the needs of folks all over the place proud of the work we've done and harlan ann and the mayor to make sure we connect folks to those career pathway and connection them to sold careers again in the just jobs but solid careers in the industry and would san francisco
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for tomorrow mayor ed lee deserves credit for being the workforce hero and not forget what the workforce can teach us so, please robert. >> (clapping.) >> first of all, how is everybody do thank the mayor first and foremost for the programs what am i speaking about oh. >> first of all, i have i'm a resident of san francisco i have been for 35 years and i have been trying to find a way to get ahead you know with the jobs i was landing i'm
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saying not enough inform support my family and not enough to do anything i've been hearing about w c, d, and city build i took it upon myself to get into the program you know and to see in any could you know obtain some work i went through y c, d, and did a 12 week program at the w cd and the service i objected at w cd was enough to get into the construction field and further i want to you know thank 4ru67 and western water for giving me the opportunity to show any skills pretty much and i'm approval of the draft minutes right now you know what
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i'm saying my whole thing was like going through the program so, so other guys like in any community could you know one day they're saying like they never get the opportunity to get a job or to get a better job so as people start seeing me going introduce the class they saw how serious that changed a lot of things like hanging out and hanging with the you know guys i used to hang with and have to say w cd gave me the steps you know what i'm saying the real you know what i'm saying the strength to know that i could you know go through these with
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the certifies with the certifies i objected and saying that to say i have been like a kind of like a role model like a lot of people that see me and like knowing how i used to be and used to do and like go through city build and w cd also and saying that to say man, i'm drifting. >> okay but my overall thing is that the program is working you know i mean because of myself you know i don't know about a lot of people i got a lot of people that friends that went through the program not just me and seeing what i went through i gave them and pushed them
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through the same thing i went through like for instance, i got a nephew that also went through city build and got you know a couple of nieces they've seen any check saying (laughter) >> (clapping.) >> they seen one of my checks and saying wow. (laughter) like how did you get all of that on one check you know so i was explaining through them in the course i went through as far as like city build i mean w cd that was my whole thing to say to walk them through steps they can you know what i'm saying get what i have and basically got two niece it is trying to follow any lead and nephew that is
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working also you know and what else do i say (laughter) >> (clapping.) >> so i know that ramon and shall shamann knows this is what success looks like thank you very much brother. >> (clapping.) >> hello my name is megan i'm super excited i live in bayview on top of the hill and can't tell you hoechlts the sewer has backward on any street and; right? so i'm here because i'm an african engineer and got to be an operating engineer - thank you. >> (clapping.) >> and is i got through through city build and this was a great
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experience and my friend didn't make it past orientation helped me get in it is crazy she's not in i am but happy to be in and happy to be here and anyone that wants to join should give the operators - what else let's see well that's it i guess thank you all for coming i had more - >> (clapping.) >> short and sweet. >> thank you sister for being here. >> (clapping.) >> so i saw martin brand earlier hi marty for joining us martin understand really, really well, how difficult sometimes to represent multiple interests we do it all the time in marketing martin showed me an
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awful lot of of ropes what is a skilled trade the collective bargaining trade our next speaker is one of the high-level skilled new yorkers a lot like kevin hugh's with the ibw is level of sophistication and strategic thinking you know there are a lot of competing interests and have to your your sighed of the table to barbara garcia like the bargaining with our own folks you have to ratify and bargaining with the other side of the table one of the things organized labor in san francisco was very, very lucky to have that extremely well is my brother and the secretary treasurer of the san francisco building council mike. >> (clapping.) >> there just about the right
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height oath of the - the folks in labor i will actually reiterate one guy behind closed doors ma sew and he had manning that is hiding back there the two behind the scenes guys as much as vince says i maybe a skilled bargainer nonetheless that's not possible without a willing participant on the other side that are willing to arithmetic the difficult details of an agreement such as we came to early on for the water system program and to the estimation to the sewer system program i want to tell you that sewer systems get a bad wrap but behind us there no great city
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and there are none of the long time high-rises thank you, mayor ed lee we're happy to billed and without what is behind us none of the charming and comfortable neighborhoods that who's residents defend them vigorously and without what is behind us that ferry time of ideas the cost of bring people together does not and can't occur it is an essential item in san francisco the sewer system it is recommended behind us we'll upgrade and when i was young this plant had been established and it was a new thing and doing what it could but not what it should and it was a dirtier thing and the ocean was dirtier and when the system we're about to put in place it will be
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better the ocean and the bay we'll have cleaner water and better finish for the folks to catch and better water to bath and swim and we will have a wonderful environment for the cyber bay area and country >> (clapping.) >> but the theme for this event has been the entry for a apprenticeship when i broke in i was as iron worker they came from this part of town as the first job were here on this plant those were tough jobs and stuck with them and at the time all guys they're retired which means they had good careers and these careers began here that's what we intended to do with the
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mroo extension we're proud of a great job with the puc and with the community-based organizations around the bay area and with city build a after school maxwell helped done a great job from bringing people from privileged areas including here those folks are launched on these keys and include other projects and other far beyond the city and far beyond the region and be proud to talk about those later and proud to talk about how they worked on the sewer system of san francisco it's a great job and great career and an essential piece that makes san francisco the great city it is thank you. >> (clapping.) >> back down a couple of
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inches. >> (laughter). >> so, please join me in giving a a round of applause mayor ed lee and harlan kelly and the community workers and at this time, i'd like to invite the mayor and harlan kelly up to the table to execute this special agreement -
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>> when you show up to vote auto our local polling place everything is running smoothly but a lot of details involved in running a polling place your may have a few workers with appear to be our or on their own what happens if if the polling place is not open on time are a machinery doesn't function who can they your honor, to for help those poll workers have a large support structure managed plths the department of elections let looking at behind the screens and running hundreds of polling place is made and smooth and seam also as possible. >> before a polling place opens on 7 handsomely on election day
11:36 pm
did needs support supplies the delivery trucks garnet and vice presidents warehouses to load of the equipment and supplies before we set up to vote there be that a scanner once again you scan it will tell you okay. >> oogs trucks deliver deny 3 hundred and 80 and 5 hundred 86 polling place depending on the nature of the elections and right now, we're loading the delivery trucks those trucks contain all the equipment that pat polling place needs for voters open election day voter booth and election materials and most important voting equipment those pause contain the presync pacific their scanned and
11:37 pm
verified as their loaded into the trucks. >> the scanner that they're using will be used before that comes on the lift date gate. >> because those voting machines handle powell equipment it is important they go on the correct truck. >> once again do push the benefits get the gate back down this driver knows that's the order that expects it that way we we can't deliver those machines to the wrong place they've not work on to ballot and he'll have to pull from his right that's as the the optical scanning and system. >> 7604. >> 76 a 4. >> every time we move a vetting components is tracks it's location and handling system. >> a week before election day 7
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to 10 trucks roll out to deliver the powell packaged to the polls around the city. >> hello department the elections dropping off the powell equipment and. >> using the scanning manager an employee checks off to make sure they have they're voting equipment and supplies on election day what happens in a powell worker delivers the door locked at the polling place? >> on election day the rather sedata city hall cafe is a beehive of the activity teams work to settle issues that may arise in the field. >> this is the election center and wall the election center
11:39 pm
essentially a bank we i put together and on election day the poll workers call in on a procedure or parolee issues and the calls or the polling place is locked often enough the polling place are late. >> the poll dispatch team comprised of 60 to 80 employers are ready to be snatched to any polling place with missing or possible sick workers and there are procedural issues how to complete the roster or a machine jammed it said interand it will reject it; right? >> you call them and a representative on the other ends what's the issue take down our
11:40 pm
issue and get people to help you with the issues they resolve and one of the issue is recognized into the database it routes the issue to the phone bank and list on the jeep in the category. >> the phone bank swings into the action and the steps to deal with the issue until it's resolved. >> it is a transparent process the public looked at the issues we're dealing with throughout the day starting at 6 o'clock in the morning what. >> what happens in an edge print wouldn't work or a machine malfunction the colorado base company applies the materials runs a phone bank at the election center and trains and stages 20 to thirty technicians throughout the city on election day the fielder support team tackles the issue they help the
11:41 pm
poll worker over the phone. >> oh, yeah. >> or they get a field election deputy or fed to retaining respond out not field. >> before each election the field election deputies learn the skills to support 7 to 10 powell placed in the field. >> this is a copy of the material in the fed binder those are coworkers do have. >> they receive special training to trouble shot. >> people on election day there's also a big support team for every single one of you. >> then the fed checks in to their mar make sure they're available to deal with issues. >> i want to confirm that is locked which it is and our edge
11:42 pm
is fully set up. >> some questions we resolve easily over the phone and some with the deputies each field deputy has his or her on coordinator in the election center if correspondent gives the advice and informs home sharer of they're specific polling place that needs assistance. >> the fields election deputies with the extension of the people in the field and on the grounds with infrastructure research and ballots. >> your ballots a 5 part ballot. >> their taking care of the final details we can't while we're in the election center. >> the the fields deputy or fed's are issued a cell phone
11:43 pm
and check list to follow. >> they'll get a list of tasks to complete throughout the day. >> one example of the task between 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. the fed's should make sure the polls are open and drop off the supplemental ballets and over completed the fed indicates by checking the box. >> and as the fed's check each polling place with that smart phone applications the relatives are track work back at the election center there is realtime account of polling place. >> the correspondent is able to access the fed court tool it lists the fed's team and all the tasks the fte is in favor of completing as the fed checks off picking up they're bags and
11:44 pm
dropping off ballets and transfers the fed's quotient seize in realtime as the tasks are checked off by the fed's and this allows the fed correspondent to track in realtime all the fed's work in the field. >> perhaps things are going smoothly out at your polling place. >> those are the blaults. >> the fed's checked in and a all is well. >> this is the precinct. >> there the city more contract with the department of the election back and city hall proactively checking in with the polling place throughout election day. >> the voters turn out call serve that group of 10 coworkers is calling outline polling place
11:45 pm
to see how many voters. >> my name is joshua josh is this 33718 percent i'm calling to get the numbers on the front of our machine. >> navigation to the overall turn out we are concerned with how many ballots into the sight machine. >> the last time as a member. >> that information is into a database it is visual at the election center that the voter turnout hits a 24rer8dz showing sight think outside the box that full they notify the deputy then the field election deputy and a deputy sheriff go to the polling place for a transfer from the sight think outside the box so voting can continue when the polls close poll workers account for the ballots
11:46 pm
the roster of voters the memory pack from the inside machine and others edge printer with the report those are the results of the polling place and need to be transferred r transported safety to the election they can count on the parole officer to take custody of the ballots and roster and edge printer and finally they confirm their polling place are secured after a long day in the days following the trucks that deliver the machines will once again be dispatched all over san francisco picking up the machines and packaged for deliver to the warehouse for unpca and storage the next time your that he appealing palace look at the poll workers you may actually see the teams of people and systems and technology that
11:47 pm
stand behind the poll workers to make you're voting experience as smooth as possible >> >> >> my name is jean alexander. i'm an attorney in the san francisco city attorney's office. i
11:48 pm
supervise the tax team, giving tax advice to the treasurer, tax collect or, drafting tax legislation. the thing i remember my mother telling me as a child is that you need to be prepared to take care of yourself and i knew that i wanted to be able to do something that i enjoyed. i didn't expect anybody to give me anything because nobody ever gave her anything and i also i always saw her fighting for the things that she wanted in life for herself and for her children. >> my name is jasmine flores. i am working as an admin assistant in the city attorney's office. i have always enjoyed the tasks that i have been given. on the days i show up and work
11:49 pm
on my own is empowering. for me, happiness in being more involved in a person-to-person interaction. my dream jobs includes being a physician, paramedic, firefighter, working with animals with the public. on a personal level with self improvement. my sister is the biggest influence in my life because she taught me to go forward with what makes you happy rather that what makes you the most money. >> i graduated from law school in 1972 at a time when there was a beginning to be an influx of women in the legal profession and tried criminal cases for about 10 years, treatment for delinquent operating programs, government budgets, analyzed fiscal
11:50 pm
legislation. i came to the san francisco city attorney's office and i have been here for about 12 years advising on tax matters. i did just about anything you can think of. some things that lawyers do and some things that lawyers don't do. >> i'm from the mission in san francisco. i have grown up there and i have lived there pretty much my whole life. living there, i do see other women, some of them older, some of them look just like me like my age and a lot of them work nanny jobs, child care jobs, retail jobs. i don't know, it seems kind of like a reminder that you are kind of lucky to be where you are, i guess. just when you haven't gone so far at
11:51 pm
all. i want them to go on maybe go on an interview that's more challenging that they think that they can't get that job. you know, just to kind of challenge and surprise themselves when they get that job and feel better. >> there had been women practicing law for many years, but there were so few of them that a lot of the issues hadn't really come into play and some of them worked out and some are still being resolved like equal pay and women in lawfirms and making sure women get fair assignments and in the decision making and working with law firms. i consider myself more of a beneficiary of
11:52 pm
all the women that fought really difficult battles along the way. >> >> san francisco
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planning commission regular hearing for thursday, august 4, disruptions of any kind. proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. i'd like to call roll at this time. commissioner president fong commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner moore and commissioner wu we do expect commissioner vice president richards and commissioner johnson to arrive shortly commissioners, the first item on your agenda is consideration of items proposed for continuance item one at the pennsylvania avenue is proposed to september 15, 2016, and commissioners we do receive a late request from supervisor campos to continue items 11 ab on fulsome street