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tv   Planning Commission 8416  SFGTV  August 10, 2016 2:00am-4:01am PDT

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contributions or incentives for sustainable transportation. >> buried in there. >> that costs 8 points the value is how much subsidy you give to the residents it is based on the muni monthly pass so we expect if someone choose this measure it month likely will be for muni. >> two more questions before i pass it i do support the understanding of the neighborhoods and goals that is something that commissioner johnson mentioned whether ever we go on the road map and i'll support can you talk a little bit about about the comments on accessory parking. >> i'll defer to mr. t. >> thank you corey teague
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assistant zoning administrator so i building this the crux is between accessory parking and non-accessory or principle parking the planning code for ever use depend on where it is at allows a maximum amount of seriousy parking that is reserved and dedicated if you have a one unit apartment building with 50 parks those parking spaces are dedicated those to building not for anything he will the code says if you provide parking as an accessory the access is its own principle like residential or commercial in and of itself. >> like a parking garage. >> it is essential a parking garage that has a stand alone parking garage or within a development we treat that parking indefinite not an accessoryy not allowed to be
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reserved it is - all the tdm measures they have are aiming to address people who live and work or visit a specific land use; right? an apartment or on office building whereas the principle parking the parking garages space are short time not dedicated that concludes my remarks use this is difficult not a lot of tdm measures that can encourage someone to take a bus or walk to the parking garage the desire parking garage is to drive and park our cars much more of a land use tdm don't deal with parking garages a whole different type of parking the point in the staff report that by and large parking
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garages whether stand alone or part of a project they require a separate approval that is something for a land use perspective if you approve that parking garage it will generate trips that's the purpose of it and much more it is better to focus on it from a land use they are different and we found a way to somewhat account for the spaces if you're adding a parking garage within a prolong itself slopes to a slanted alone. >> one last question is about enforcement i'm a developer and commit to a complaint basis system how is this the same or different. >> commissioner vice president richards. >> yeah. this is one of the things we're really excited about part of the program
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the property owner that is dedicated will be responsible for the annual compliance reports to the department staff that demonstrates they are implementing the measures that were part of their tdm and coinciding once every 3 years staff does an audit to make sure the measures are in fact, in place an incentive for the property owner to comply other than being great people that if they have an compliant tdm monitoring years in a row that annual compliance moves to once every 3 years. >> great go ahead director. >> one quick last question because we had nonprofits got up and said we should be exempt we're getting money you're
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taking away money one project covered by this the boys and girls and should we allow a mechanism for the ones every ones in a while to - and we definitely have supportive the difficulty we have when any requirement in the planning code is that the code regulars the land use and didn't distinguish between the tenancies or for profit or nonprofit that is difficult to do that it can change over time from an impact perspective the same land use impact the difficulty there is that if you provide an exemption that exemption is siemens corporation there in perpetuity
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it becomes a difficult situation i understand so i'm holy supportive and think that as good piece of the puzzle and can't say wait to see the montana reports come once this is upcoming. >> director rahaim. >> first thanks to staff this great thanks to sarah for pushing this forward as one of her last major pieces i want to remind us ironicly speakers are asking for changes i get it there is a tendency to think it can solve all the transportation problems that is a piece of a bigger puzzle it is only dealing with no projects that come in it as different and much more
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effective way of dealing with projects that come forward it is a big deal but that's all it is doesn't deal with the problems of transportation system secondly, he hope the commission releases that adding a lot of the requirements that are proposed today such as whether we have parking minimums in other parts of city or look at parking garages separately those are excellent proposals but i would urge us not to complicate this proposal at this time i do think those are separate land use and require citywide discussion if you make those kinds of changes that is important we look at those issues separately particularly in light of their separately separate land issues i just want to say that that's
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it. >> (laughter). >> just to repeat my thanks but urge us to move forward oh, oh i'm sorry on the enforcement issue the remind you approved a budget with two positions just for this and that was approved with the mayors budget signing last week one new position and a staff position next year we'll have full-time staff devoted to this. >> commissioner antonini. >> move to adopt a recommendation. >> with the errata from staff. >> second. >> commissioner johnson. >> thank you okay so parking i'm dropping it i'll only say we had this discussion around the warriors arena and people thinking we have this
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accessory parking for the arena and shuttle for the people to eliminates the traffic and a tdm for seriousy parking would be easier to have now i'm dropping it. >> commissioner moore. >> would the commission be prepared to add forward with footnotes those issues that were brought forward by the public of concern to us and stay as ongoing subjects to be discussed or being acknowledged in the future i was any public comment on what director rahaim said we're not here to suggest amendments i share the opening questions they've expressed as quantitative comments to keep the dialogue open and ask us to repeat that. >> i think that is not part of any motion but understood those will be brought up again, i'm
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sure. >> what would the rest of the commission support that. >> i would. >> well, i guess it is not a condition it could be - >> not a condition. >> just a comment. >> yeah. objective a lot of things were brought up but director rahaim said we don't want to complicate this by bring in accessory issues by fouflt. >> calling the question for the transportation sustainability program recommendation for approval commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner wu and commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong great concluded item number 9 ab okay. thank you the commission will take a lu disruptions of any kind.
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proceedings. and when speaking before the commission, if you care to, do state your name for the record. commissioners, we left off under your regular calendar on 10 ab for cases cu at first street downtown conditional use authorization please notes on april 2016 after hearing and close public comment it was continued by a vote of 7 to zero. >> good afternoon commissioner president fong and members of the commission doug department staff the the item before you is the request for a conditional use authorization for the conversion of an auto station and downtown project authorization for the construction of a 14 story one and 40 feet mixed use residential building go with square feet
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the property development front harrison and lansing up to 10 hundred square feet and 90 salesforce totally 37 thousand additional square feet the basement level is assessed by a single driveway in addition one 20 bikes parking spaces and 20 class-action lawsuits a total of 13 thousand square feet of open space will be provided to residents through 43 private decks and several terraces on most floors of building under the provision for a downtown authorization it is seek a modification to the planning code requirement for dwelling unit endorse the site it in the
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rincon hill downtown residential district along the crest of rincon area to the north and west and south of the property including the recent completed 4 hundred feet tall gsa per high-rise adjacent to the west on lansing and the 4 hundred foot tall rincon hill twin towers to the southeast to the south a grammatical gallery and event place on harrison street and a night club on harrison street the property others harrison street needs a conditional use authorization for a 2 story development on october 14, 2015, and is historic sailors unions union is located in light east and a on
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ramp immediately south of the proposed project it was presented to the commission on april 2016 and received testimony regarding concerns about the accuracy of the suhr and the compliance with the project and the xharlt with the neighborhood and the impact of travel with the garage on first street upon considerations the commission continued this item to today's public hearing and ask the project sponsor to address the public concerns and be more compatible with the development envisioned in the rincon hill to assist the commissioners, on that motion commission had commissioner antonini and commissioner moore and commissioner vice president richards to participate in the redesign with the sponsor and department staff the working groups convened this year to redevelop the redesign for the project the current proposal for the concerns and including the
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following administrations to minimize the location of the garage and the addition of a thirty foot passenger loading don store taxicab or ridership picks up and drop-offs this loading zone can be used for tenant move on in and outs. >> to minimize the traffic related to the loading for the building tenants an additional service for the garage to accommodate more move on and outs to activates the corner of harrison the cafe is increased from one 48 to 6 hundred and 10 for more successful building podium the towers window wall extended to the ground to
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construct a new development go incompatibility compatible the screen has been reduced and setback from the for better or worse frontage the towers north and south facing decks have been reassigned and the color was changed in recognition of the sailors building and to provide the separation between the expression a reinforcement has been added the redesign incorporates the front and harrison that be more compatible with the low rises and the one central development addressed gallery space on harrison street as well and since is commission received the packet an additional modification was made to the project and those graphics were presented to you
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today that includes the moving the railing for the decks at the presume level they'll be not visual at the street since the hearing on april 28th the the president has a request are for the continuance of this item so the plans can be further revised it is in the packet in order to proceed the commission must approve with additions and that includes the conditions consistent with the design proposal this motion will supercede the april 28th one in the packet in conclusion we support this this is unbalanced and consistent with the planning code and objectives and policies of the general plan and removing area plan that converts on there utilized land use and add
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housing stock in an area that encourages the development of high density development it is compatible with the existing scale of rincon hill the design with makings and scale for the block and constructed with high quality materials the project will provide 22 permanently affordable housing units and finally, the project will fully utilize the removing for the paying of impact fees. >> that concludes staffs presentation the project sponsor is present and they'll like to address the commission. >> project sponsor. >> given this is the second hearing project sponsor you'll been afforded five minutes and speakers 2. >> thank you for hearing us reuben, junius & rose working with the yipz for the last 3
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months that's a good project because of it there is a request for a continuance today we've already incorporated modifications directly in response to the last hearing and the comments the plans went out one week and a half ago and so appoint it is well vetted but leave time for the addition. >> i'm jonathan any presentation will highlight the design changes in response to the hearing in april as well as the working groups that were held in june and july and thank you commissioner antonini, commissioner moore and commissioner vice president richards so for taking the time to participate in those working groups they were useful and productive can we get the screen on please.
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i'm going have to rush telephone points the first 3 has to do with with the site traffic concerns expressed from neighbors we have provided vehicle space an 11 two for tenant moves on for the activities off the sidewalk and provided a ride share setting the garage entry as well as combaurlgd the corner cafe and works very well with the bulb out on harrison and talk about urban design when we approached this we realized the sailors union was important and together a gateway for harrison we sobriety in alignment with the sailors union and it is in the
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middle of the plan just as is sailors union this is a assembly ledge and a lower tower behind - this reduces this under 8 feet our podium planning materials precast concrete and deference to the sailors union and articulated the elements of building and the history vocabulary down harrison our concrepodium with the relatp to the sailors union just this week we received an e-mail forward from commissioner moore could we set the railings
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back from the edge of this so that they couldn't be seen we have done see and still stayed with an the required open space we have moved the railing back two feet it is fully 6 feet from the edge of the corn us and here's a view first lockup you see the railing is not visible above the cornice line at the far corner of looking at across the intersection again, you can't see the railing above the core in his line and finally i'd like to make a point will the lower corner at the first street and harrison our podium it 65 feet relating in scale if the sailors union across first of rincon one and the gallery
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closest to us i think that is a fitting more human scale way to cap the top of rincon hill and finish the rincon hill plan. >> i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you. we may have questions for you. >> we may have questions later opening up for public comment (calling names) folks if you want to line up on that see of room organ yourselves and come to the podium when you're ready first speaker who is already are here. >> commissioners my name is
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alyssa a resident of rincon hill i'm speaking on behalf of thirty residents and come to discuss the redesign for first street 3 main examiners traffic flow and safety please reconsider the garage on harrison street the garage entrance on festers is a safety issue emergency vehicles will be impediment from using the right two lanes this is likely to occur in two ways cars existing onto first street for the onramp are expected to move on second and fulsome to enter the two bridge only on first street in reality they'll attempt to break into the lanes on first and block the traffic or cross the lights on harrison they create a sidewalk to block
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emergency vehicles and the carve outs will line up cars b will block the latent prints if planning approves the planning we have serious traffic issues a pedestrian disaster is waiting to happen when this project is under construction our second concern setback please redesign the project to keep the living wall alive on jasper for the feature in our neighborhood and thirst transparent we urge transparency between planning and the communities you did make represents for the community and developer will be meeting we met with the developer but refused to allow our neighborhood to participate in the meetings we do urge you to invite the community and any meeting that you have in the future with developer and planning
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thank you >> next speaker, please. >> - it's an incredibly skaurgz area it is backed up in san francisco myself i wait for over an hour on fulsome and first and with an in and out garage on first will be a hazardous situation moving up to harrison will be beneficial the second the width of the sidewalk it looks like on the portion of sidewalk with 5 feed wide going
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along first street the better street calls for a 12 recommend a 15 width sidewalk especially with the amount of foot traffic and the amount of commuters it creates hazardous situation especially with cars coming in and out along first street it is detrimental to the community and third being the xhfbs we were received no outreach from the developer we have had a couple of meetings arranged by the neighborhood and he developer was invited i know the continuance from april it is because of lack of neighborhood outreach and received zero since then and you can tell but the changes in the plans none of them reflect our concerns all the changes are in the type of
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materials our concerns are not reflected in the changes thank you very much. >> good afternoon commissioner president fong and commissioners nice to see you congratulations okay so i have a bulb out problem and questions when is i think capable land use what do you mean is if a discrete thing i'm curious on first street the traffic is horrible and up on first street is a bad idea it does effect me personally i my students can't get to me the traffic is rush hour and i think there is another way to open on harrison street and also the exemption is absent sketchy i want to say hi and congratulations for the job you
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do i hope your back gets better bye thank you in depth any other names i've called a couple of more andrea (calling names) any other public comment on this item not seeing any, public comment is closed. >> commissioner moore. >> i'd like to take a minute to explain the process the commission engaged in and speak about working on continued design refinement for the department that effort is solely led by the department with those commissioners who volunteered to participate is sitting in and basically observing and participating with common as a decision between the professionals it is planned and the department architects
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speaking with the project applicant with the commissioners we stating the objectives of continuance and weighing in on the degrees of knowledge, questions or supportive explanations on the traffic and the garage assess including loading and unloading, etc. i think that mr. wu as planner can give you the exact run down why it is decided that the gorgeous access is where it is we've raised the questions the design of the location is not solely in the hands of architect but basically something that is closely coordinated the traffic and planned in the controlled together with other projects but driven by sfmta and the transportation and traffic planning having said that, there are issues to which specific
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questions can be asked inviting the public not the intent and never the intent because as i said it is a small group of commissioners observing the ongoing work of the department and the discussion between professionals and not the consensus driven a professionally dlaertd set of challenges that gets workout by the architect today but let me comment on the specification of that i think the questions by which the commission asked for tupgz were all of those which the architect in the short summary highlighted the building of rincon hill plan and the building in the context and adjacent to the sailors union a book marking the exit leaving the city how do we preserve the
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corridor and then linking back into the demand of clearly podium expressed building a tower inserted this was a major challenge one or more the questions the originally property building really didn't come into the context where it occurs the architect and the developer spent a lot of time giving a lot of openness and receive activity to process and ultimately what you see here is the result of several things by which the facade was examined and reexamined and changing the materials and being very, very sensitive in the last minute in expressing the podium as a primary form that is the main intent of the at all forms on rincon hill and the rincon planning area when you look at
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the well simulated view up first street on harrison street looking east you see that intent is well-made just for those two had other issues regarding tower separation for quite sometime we examined the possibility of turning the tower into the other location there no other location in this plan, which allows us to conform to the rincon hill plan requirement about tower separation building bark regulations, etc. we started working with as it a good idea and tried to stay with a code compliant building other than those exceptions that has something to do with - a long
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story short a lot of good work i want to put in a positive comment for the developer who was extremely open not resisting for one moment that changes needed to be made i appreciate that because we have many people that continue to august with us despite that so thank you to the developer and put that has a high mark for their participation in the change i'm supportive of this project not because i won't have donna done it but i move to approve. >> before we do that it is a little bit unusual we had a room downstairs there maybe people that wanted to speak on the item are there folks that came up from downstairs. >> we'll reopen public comment
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and take our comments and back to commissioners comments if you're prepared. >> you'll each have 2 minutes. >> 2 minutes. >> no order come on up. >> i live and walk if the neighborhood speak into the microphone. >> i live in the neighborhood and i you know haven't heard much about it from the developer looks like a meeting about it i was not aware of that i'm in support of continuance of looking it due to the traffic and the traffic along the sidewalk. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello good afternoon. i just want to express my concerns for the development i have concerns about traffic and density and what it will do as far as the congestion he live
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along the embarcadero i want to make sure this is information dismantled to the community. >> i'm speaking on behalf of myself and my colleagues, we have a big struggle with commute getting on the bridge how it hinders especially during construction we've been looking for hearings or meetings or something in the neighborhood we can go and address our concerns and thankfully today is a good day to come and do that we support continuance. >> thank you. next speaker. and again call anyone else downstairs that wants to speak on item 10 from downstairs come on. >> i live in the neighborhood
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with my girlfriend one thing the notification of all of this was missed i haven't seen posts in the neighborhoods in building or things like that i think the community should be more aware of what is going on this is the first hearing i'm hearing about i think that the notification of the community is a big part. >> thanks. >> thank you. >> is there any additional public comment? >> i hi, i'm a resident with the local area first street and harrison and just recently with all the major development we've noticed a huge, huge increase in the level of foot traffic car traffic often many times i've spend commuting towards the fwj first street is incredibly incredible backed up and
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uncomfortable sidewalks most of us don't enjoy the traffic within that it is very, very inconvenient you know possibly to have another property in that region just because of the fact for the foot traffic i've seen a lot of pedestrians activity that is somewhat scary people not paying attention to overall i just think another additional increase of a new property would cause a lot for problems and therefore i support the continuance. >> thank you. >> okay is there any additional public comment on item number ten? >> okay public comment is closed. and commissioner antonini. >> yeah. i want to begin by thanking the commissioners, i work with and project sponsor and staff for productive meetings i had a few questions for
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probably mr. kev listen first of all, question came up about sidewalk wicket what is it. >> it is 14 and a half feet and the width of the - loading area on first is that. >> so the loading zone we've adam on festers is 8 or 9 feet in the zone six or seven feet. >> so the loading zone takes away about 6 to 7 feet and narrows 7 it narrows okay. so that answers number one number 2 question some people said. >> excuse me - commissioner antonini i apologize we've had a couple of more people wanting to speak to the item come on up. >> again, if anyone downstairs in the overflow room to come up to. >> sheriff make sure no one
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else is waiting. >> hi how are you good afternoon i work in the area and i've just flossed think an increased amount of traffic congestion on the corner of harrison and first during my more than and afternoon commute flow in and out of the area throughout the day i'm concerned about the traffic congestion so i support the continuance. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hi there i work in the area over on first and harrison i commute into the city and commute out some nights even i am not it takes me thirty minutes to get out of the city into the bridge it is horrible i mean, you don't want to sit in traffic i like walking around the area during the day to eat lunch a lack of
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crosswalks and lack of bike transportation lanes as well so i think with more traffic that will just create even that much more congestion i support the continuance. >> next speaker, please. >> hi there i support the continuance because of the traffic of the area it is so crowded like other people says around this room it is just too packed around the area of san francisco. >> okay is there any additional public comment on item number ten? >> okay. >> thank you. >> we're going to close public comment. >> carrying on, sir there was a discussion apparently meeting
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between the developer and the members of the community i want to make sure those occurred. >> briefly we had to neighborhood wide meetings we not to exceed owners and occupants and plus neighborhood groups two before the previous hearing and two meetings with the alley korean-american and met with with the owners jasper and the members that have been at the meeting and met them to talk about the update and, of course, with the working group we feel - >> the question was answered we commissioner moore as far as the working group not meant to include general members of the public and you satisfied that. >> for staff i guess a notification one speaker spoke
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about notification and asking you in fact, the notification was adequate. >> the department completed all the notifications and i should mentioned before the applicants submitted the application they remember required to conduct 3 application meeting and to the best of my knowledge that was completed and prior to the hearing on april 28th the department mails the notices to everyone within three hundred feet of the property and posting onsite it was at the april 28th hearing i continued the project to specific date today to my knowledge all the requirements for the notifications were met. >> thank you. i hope you have a few more comments the speakers said there was too much density and an increase in foot traffic and other traffic in the area and i can attest to the fact
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more people walking around that is welcoming because we see people families with strollers and people jogging we didn't see 10 years ago with one building on rincon hill that's a good thing and sounds like the width of the sidewalk with adequate thoughts of approved as part of realism no 2004 /* /- - something will liv there is a tower separation ordinance or part of plan this conforms that was a lot of what we had to work with as commissioner moore said talk about how to seek some kind of a variance or some sort of motion that seeks exemption to
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the tower separation but the group said follow that for others residences that is the former it will take and you know it is probably anything be built will be similar as far as the separation that occurs from the towers. >> wards to traffic flow make a round from first but a lot of people do try to cutup there and across mines is that i'm not sure it is part of project we have the luxury of doing this the design includes with the content content of the city along first street will not -
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this includes the exit and entrance from the park people picked up by uber or whatever and they will be obliged to make a round that will improve the flow because as is the case with the far left lane turn on harrison or up to rincon hill this is a similar situation on the right lane those xhooufts will be only in the right two lanes and other access to the bridge there are other options people can avail mailings e makes a lot of sense the location of it and as far as questions about this area filed
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up on the right-hand lane when i was able to walk up rincon hill i'll go by building built and almost never see a car in and out between 5 and 6 o'clock at night 6 to 7 maybe ones i saw a car people don't move their cars not in and out very often that kind of thing causes a traffic concern is a small one and i think there is a wide enough white zone inset that allows a number of different picks up to occur at one time that is something that usually didn't happen that much to cause a back up that services first street and so i think the traffic thing is going to be as good as it possibly can be and
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supportive of congressman's that have been made on the project i think that it is a lot more aesthetic blends in with the sailors union, it is providing new housing when we balanced need including 22 onsite housing units this is a very good project and one is realized probably one of the last sites on rincon hill the other thing it as a retail ear perhaps a cafe or something the other buildings have not had one of the projects or problems on the hill when you're up there have to go down a restaurant but not a lot of services possibly in the future to see if oat spaces can be found among the existing building for morality good idea i'm supportive and i'm
2:49 am
going to move to approve. >> i already said that. >> oh, i'm sorry okay. >> seconded. >> oh, seconded then. >> so there is a motion and a second commissioner vice president richards. >> just a few things i appreciate the developer and willingness to work with the commissioners we had things that made the project much better and think this is one of the places where no matter where you put the entrance and exits always an issue the best places possibly the loading area for people moving in and out is a welcome addition and what looked like a weird sites to produce a really weird building it looks great so thanks i'm supportive of this. >> director rahaim. >> that's correct i wanted to audio it is to reinforce a couple of things the last hearing he took on unusual step
2:50 am
and suggested a continuance because i was uncomfortable with the direction thank you to every to make the changes part of the reasons i was uncomfortable i was unaware of something that commissioner antonini mentioned the approved plan for first street it is very for this has to happen as part of development that physical separation that is proposed on first street not clear the right-hand lane will be a local traffic lane and force people to turn right on halves this is important in terms of traffic assess issues important to remember like octavia boulevard and through lanes in the center that will happen on first part of improvement on the rincon hill and reconcurring it is important i think to remember that is an
2:51 am
important part of access for this project. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> commissioners, if there's nothing further, we'll move on to i'd like to thank to approve this matter and amended by staff with conditions commissioner antonini commissioner hillis commissioner johnson commissioner moore commissioner wu commissioner vice president richards and commissioner president fong so moved, commissioners, that motion passes unanimously commissioners, that places you on items 11 ab and fulsome street. >> request for a large project authorization and conditional use authorization. >> good afternoon,
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commissioners rich department staff a large project authorization and conditional use authorization for the proposed project on fulsome street the commission grant the conditional use authorization. a large project as described in the 2016 interim controls and at a ratio of one between per one thousand within is rh3 and a large project authorization with modifications to the requirement for rationed for between exposure and stereotyping it includes the demolition of the 3 buildings and the new construction of a four story sorry single building a 40 feet tall with one and 17 dwelling units approximately seven hundred and 86 square feet of ground floor public art gallery and 80 below grade and two car
2:53 am
sharing and one and 18 class 1 bike parking spaces and 7 class 2 bike parking spaces the project includes a mix of two three bedrooms and two two bedroom and 24 stereos the project is 46 hundred square feet of public open space to be a motion and a second alley and 46 hundred, 47 hundred square feet of common open space and roof deck and about 22 square feet of private open space via balconies and terraces it includes a lot merger and since the public notice the project sponsor has decreased the on-street parking from 90 to and adam car share spaces they've gotten newcomers option and support for the proposed project in the case report the correspondence that
2:54 am
has been received and the commission should have an electronic copy after july 27th after planning code the project will provide 17 onsite below-market rate for rent at the 14.4 percent the project is entered into a costa-hawkins agreement with the city relatively to the interim controls the project sponsor has - staff reviewed the submittal and spot checked the select parts to originate by the required by the zoning controls the most relevant top as it relates to this project the removal of pdr space and is displacement of auction house the demolition of a loss of community loss and the new construction of market-rate
2:55 am
housing it is the submission and whether or not the pdrs between the used entertain or tenant are providing relocations assistance the project sponsor - the project site is auctioned and asset management and auction this sells surplus fixtures and furniture that is considered a pdr use under the planning code and shaen auctioned will terminate their lease and has accepted the relocation from the project sponsor a previous nonprofit tenant realizing the after-school programs for youth vacated the second story in march of 2016 and not renew they're lease or a lease offered to them and no new relocation
2:56 am
fees the demolition of the pdr use possessing a loss of is an important community service, however, the project provides relocation assistance for the pdrs tenant and does have a subsequent moll of housing with below-market rate for rent a goal of city and county of san francisco on balance the project is consistent with the interim controls with the mission aerial plantar analyzing all aspects the department recommends approval with conditions with the applicable requirement and the balance of the on balance with the objectives and policies located in an art gallery are permitted with a mixed use development with the ground floor art gallery and updates
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with landscaping and things as well private and pubically assessable open space that is consistent and respect the character of the neighborhoods and the adjacent concepts with a first hiring permitted and adds dwelling units to the city's housing stock the project sponsor is present and prepared a presentation that concludes my presentation. i'm available to answer any questions thank you >> thank you, rich commissioners i'd like to remind you a request from the continuance from supervisor campos in deference to the members of the public that are here to speak we'll open up for public comment and consider that continuance after a they've been afforded an opportunity to comment on the matter. >> huh? no. we'll accept public comment on the matters and then consider the continuance y request of the supervisors.
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>> folks in the overflow room make your way up here not to be cut out of public comment and sheriff let the person's outside know we're on 11 ab for fulsome we'll certainly appreciate that. >> thank you oh, project sponsor. >> this is a pointed of clarification we're talking about the continuance first. >> hearing the project itself. >> terrific thank you very much good afternoon commissioiner fong and commissioners vice chair richards i'm victor as a community liaison for the team i'm honored to present the project on fulsome street i want to thank director rahaim as well as rich for all their hard work day to day on this project in
2:59 am
particular i have been working with mohammed of the interest group for the past two years thankful approached me when they acquired this site recognizing a local team from the beginning mohammed his focus that pits into the fabric the neighborhood i believe they've achieved those goals after they're here to highlight some of the components of the company as well as the project you'll be hearing if architect david barker and his team and others lowell high school lead counsel and i'm going to turn it over to throwing and mohammed. >> good afternoon i'm mohammed a managing partner at the group thank you for the opportunity for speaking about our project on fulsome and speak briefly about the access they're a san francisco based on developer my
3:00 am
business partner and i created the vision of mixed use project with a history of working with the communities we build and take pride in incorporating the participation of the community in our projects on fulsome street is proposed one plus rental units it includes 80 vehicle parking spaces 10 percent than the maximum loudly and bike parking spaces for four car charging spaces and partnered with the mexican museum the project will be paying over one $.4 million in impact fees we're committed to the local hiring and requiring the development will give preference for the construction
3:01 am
jobs that specific outreach to local and local minority subcontractors it creates over three hundred construction jobs and manager operation position. >> finally thank you to the staff for all the work they've done and the onsite guy is capital improvement plan e critical and i thank you for that i'm going to turn it over to my partner to talk about the community outreach now. >> thank you, mohammed and thank you, commissioners i'm th theo- we take pride in developing projects that fit into the fabric of the community a big process is get to understand the existing community resources the existing character the neighborhood that's a big part of understanding the community in
3:02 am
that of we'll develop since april 2015 we've met with over three hundred neighbors activists, mission district and small business owners and interested parties about this and hosted 3 community meetings including two in the past few months and in addition made ourselves available in the evenings and holidays and continued to 340e9 with members of the public members of the community and many are here they are opted but we've met with them not everyone will agree with the aspects we hope everyone agrees we've been assessable during the process just a few of the organizations to give the commission a sense of the outreach per cesar chavez elementary school and park and community advocates pardon me and metro mission neighborhood centers, meet with the vocal and
3:03 am
the bravo theatre and the mission education and the mission hall we're happy to have the supportive carpenters local 22 and 27 of the brave neighbors that submitted letters of support in your packet we're honored to work with the mexican museum and this will showcase the work of local mission artists before turning over to david architects i want to articulate mohammed and throwings they've deny done a great job and appreciate all their hard work now david backer that will provide a brief overview of the project. >> i'm david backer i'm going
3:04 am
to go through slides okay so there's the team david fledgitcher - all kinds services between fulsome and 23rd street one and 17 homes all onsite and 40 percent one bedroom and two bedrooms 40 feet high 80 car spaces blow the loud and one and 44 bikes spaces we're providing a motion and a second connection from fulsome through treat after a public way we're call it an art for sale mural wall opportunities. >> sculpture sites like i think many say the all over the place and there's the mexican museum art programming space
3:05 am
that is facing fulsome avenue this is a great resource actually, the thing on the right is the project if san jose it got turned into a gallery it can be done it is wonderful this shows the art for sale an full name going down the left the mexican museum and how the murals work on this passage the rear yards the strategic we have lined up this and the courtyard with the existing rear yards making a continuous open space and doing the metal cut gage and screens and sun shades very with bays in recesses to fit in would the tap metrological and full name street right now there is
3:06 am
the project as we proposed it is really great - this allows us to have a transition so that the apartment are not at grade their slightly below in a brick fabric this is fulsome street sidewalk existing you can see the auction sites on the right and there it is with the building on the right replacing that it comes out to the property line but this is the section showing how that works. >> treat avenue existing is a timely piece the property got created there used to be a railroad that went to san jose that's where the curve track that is interesting so a tiny piece on treat avenue that is where the garage entry will be
3:07 am
as well and there you see the building that steps down to the building next door the wonderful feature the place next door i believe this is what it looks like an 8 foot high foot fence that will remain there's no direct connection between this these units and the parks but the park - the security of park and vice versa it is nice a level one plan as you can see how this works together with the passage at the top of the park at the lower right and thanks so much any questions i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> did that conclude project sponsors petition. >> okay commissioner president fong
3:08 am
there is orchard opposition with the speakers as well. >> okay. great we'll call the organized but want to make an announcement anyone in the overtime to work your way up to room 4 hundred and open up for public comment and calling the organized opposition. >> i have documents to submit to the board those are letters from the representatives supervisor wiener he's been submitting to the planning department and commission and also have the report for the 97 pages we established the latino culture district and petition with 4 hundred plus signatures asking the planning commission to delay this project and help us look at other options to make that project better we also have our resolution if the city and county of san francisco from the cultural district and a letter
3:09 am
if the mexican museum they're not aware of this project and voted not to be part of this project because it is not in line with their vision and not aware of it and really quick i'm with the cookie cutter cultural latino district - designate 34 latino districts an effort between the latino historic society and the office of economic workforce development mayor ed lee and supervisor campos the culture district is working together by similar heritage resources and offering a visitor experience that showcases the experience part of resolution whereas as part of collaborative
3:10 am
effort by coordinating the historical society san francisco mayor ed lee and supervisor campos worked together to create quatro to stabilize the businesses to serve the quatro and enhance quatro it was - how the lcd should be governed and serve the community the competitive process developers were hired to help with the data collection including 3 stakeholder focused groups and other review of plans to 3 thousand people in the neighborhood the objectives for the input about the strength and opportunities and challenges and targeted strategies and governments also to review best practices applied i other designated
3:11 am
culture district to draft the final report the top priority that emerged was affordable housing hundreds of senior neighborhood become displacement and others and artists and community leaders to make that is as safe live in fear of displacement this exists as a cultural district not a museum and the artists and people that create them the latino process was supported by the city and county of the office of economic workforce development we are asking you to uphold our mission by the city of san francisco with roughly 6 hundred plus luxury units for the quatro and 200 headed for the mission we all we're asking create more affordable housing >> we know that high development has increased
3:12 am
property values to speculators that flip the properties for fast displacement and luxury units create the services that attracting to open up restaurants and mom and pop businesses can't compete for rent says that a reality we face everyday it is documented in our report our economy is by the dismantling and the - we need to study this about in 12 by 6 foot block with the district of the future the designation of the culture will shift the former outlet will the special use district to protect our businesses we're working on the design guidelines and work on the market analyze and requested a fuel analysis with the ncd and in order to move forward those
3:13 am
reports will better inform us how the development will fit spot and the possibility of affordable housing thank you very much. >> good afternoon commissioner, i have 5 minute of speak there is so much issues with the project that first, i want to say one of the commissioners told me what a supervisor asked for a continuance for it is more important than the public does or the director of the planning department does he mind assume your respect supervisor campos request for all the projects in the latino cultural district to be put on hold until the map 2020 is finished with the approximately date we're bringing to you for a first hearing with the latino cultural
3:14 am
district will be i don't time to be back here next week he absolutely they'll honor his request secondarily the letter from board member from the secretary the mexican museum drooeshgz saying this is it is a project they've ever considered being a part of so the project sponsor as utilized to i say that with exact knowledge this developer has also given you a packet with every single name we've done community outreach this community outreach has become several meetings with us telling them they need to listen to the community and respect the latino cultural district we don't become as eric lontd said a museum of where the latinos
3:15 am
used to live and appropriate this in their design and saying okay we're serving the mexican community we're using their cultural is disrespect the 25 wide mid block alley what's with the thirty feet you need to have the block alley thirty feet wide i actually and i've been looking plans way too long now. >> overhead please. did z this work there's an obstacle course first is loading dock and show you figure out if you go up and down stairs and in and out through a courtyard you might end up open treat street that didn't comply with the mid block alley should be a motion and a second alley
3:16 am
thirty, 60 feet deep not 45 the developer is asking for conditional use they'll give back something in exchange i don't see the developer to give back to 9 community just the exact minimum of affordable housing and a violation actually of the pdr legislation that is before the voters that they were - as we were lobbying to get it stronger they are lobbying in and out of offices so they don't have to replace any of the jobs and nonprofits services is they've when they bought the building and mysteriously not renew the uses the loss of pdrs according to the pdrs legislation that is coming before the population to vote on in the november ballot
3:17 am
is also been polled at the 75 percent so the chances of passing their 234789 not exempt and required to bring back pdr space and taking away 21 thousands of pdrs and offering an art gallery not an a pdr use part of the art you actually make it like the pacific built factory first of all, it is tied to the mexican museum not part of project, and, secondly, not a pdr used by putting the art gallery on the ground floor it needs to be brought back to the table and talk about what we need 80 parking spaces not seeing any, on treat street didn't sounds like a very good use of space as well i'm sure a gym could go through and open up
3:18 am
the amenities - put the amenities on the ground floor downstairs and leave the with ground floor for the pdrs theirs a lot more this developer honest at all i wouldn't sit down with him unless the mayor's office is sitting down with him, too. >> okay. does that conclude - the conclusions the 10 minutes. >> it's the 10 minutes. >> opening up for public comment (calling names) if i call your name line up on the right-hand side of the room
3:19 am
(calling names). >> again, if anyone is in the overflow room come here. >> i the mission a latino cultural district between 22 and caesar chavez i'm from the mission street those projects in the quatro district i mentioned the public comment i've been part of 2020 collaboration between the community groups and planning department and other agencies the latino cultural district as suv is part of solutions and different conversation how we can make better projects for the latino
3:20 am
cultural district we're talking about a building designed we're talking about over affordable housing and remember we agreed we need 24 hundred new units and got seven hundred and 50 but short of that we approved the interim controls the idea not kill the project but get a better project and more affordable housing and we have been participating with caesar chavez school with neighbors and resident in the community come in and two open houses the developer has done in cesar chavez we are asking the affordability how many units what is happening with the pdrs and so for not they're not listening to us and not responding to the community instead, they created a mou with the mexican museum it is completely run and the board
3:21 am
members of the mexican mime are not support this the project is not including our community i ask the commissioners to review this project and also for the ballot issue in november about the pdr included they had h to review the plan and offer the pdr space in the project we are willing to work with the developers and finding the best way to do this project better this is a question we need to have the support from the city and from the planning commission to get a better project in the mission thank you. >> . >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is pat degod gadsby a resident on 23rd street that is kitty-corner from the park i've been a longed - i
3:22 am
continued on as the neighborhood liaison for the park and still active in the park but the park notwithstanding this project is excellent for our neighborhood it really presents a wonderful way to incorporate more housing in the area it is an treat avenue it is a driveway yes, but cars don't come and go all day long and lots of children that play in the park we have an entrance on the 23rd street does it presents an opportunity to take a building that is an eyesore at the present time and put in units solely needed in the neighborhood it also would
3:23 am
frankly put more ooergz we have a lot of parts of city that encampments that are breaking into buildings and creating havoc and making that difficult for people to walk back and forth the park was built for children under 12 we want to commend see them enjoy that heritage of young children being there. >> other than i think that has well-designed project i strongly approve and hope you support it,too thank you. >> all right. good afternoon, commissioners my name is alex i'm a research with carpenters local 22 and we're here in support of this project a lot of things said ahead of this including supervisor campos's letter requesting for a
3:24 am
continuance we want to see you approve that i want to address a couple of things and things on the project first of all, supervisor campos i read his letter supervisor campos tags project like this one that is built on essentially vacate lots businesses that are formally occupied by businesses that don't want to exist they're in the east bay displacement individuals of people from the mission does not happen from vacate lots but homes that wealthy people and associate pvac landlords the displacement of pdr businesses on vacate lots didn't happen because - well not displacement if they don't want to be there in the first
3:25 am
place theirs talk about this project didn't comply with the proposed law that may pass in november since when did we force start complying with laws not passed and let's keep our timelines clear over here he understand the i am tuesday for wanting the turns and puck this back it will end up passing may not but the fact is those developers have made a commitment to those men and women to these brown and black and blue-collar workers made a commitment more affordable housing building and to improve that corner and give delgado and we're asking you to allow it to move forward if the eastern neighborhoods plan needs to be revisited let's do that deliberately and not miss the
3:26 am
moment what is a fine economic expansion that stops but displacement won't let's get homes and put those people to work and let's get on with that thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello commissioners my name is milo i'm here to support the project i think that as great idea we're in a housing shortage and take the pressure off the housing market i have a letter from the education fund i'd like to read an expert and i'd like to submit the letter you know before i leave
3:27 am
i have a few copies but the application fulsome street was zoning and general plan compliant at the time the application was deemed complete and california government code 65589.5 the housing act prohibit the denial of projects compliant with the zoning ordinance and general plan at the time the application was complete unless they make finding that will be a threat to public health and safety in short status on women prohibit this this commission from not approving unless a safety hazard
3:28 am
thank you >> next speaker, please. >> i'm john with the bayview federation we want to support this project i should say personally been adapted from the mission twice since 1996 and 2005 i wish we had nor building built it would have been easier to get into a place i think the idea that the 17 units of affordable housing did add up to a community benefit to override a conditional use authorization problem for a motion and a second alley that is 5 feet wrong is kind of crazy but the hundreds of people that won't be looking for another apartments in the mission and driving up the prices of those apartments even as we head into a turn in
3:29 am
the economics of our city this is you know this is also a big benefit this is a time to be getting as many projects going as soon as possible but let's keep those people employed if there is a down turn and get a bunch of stuff built by doing that we'll make the prices slow down if we put those in limbo and the projects get cancelled thank you very much. >> good afternoon my name is darrell bishop i were 18 years ago i began as a carpenter and the carpenters union afforded the opportunity or opportunity for us to become a builder i can
3:30 am
see where this project would benefit future children that may want to become a builder i don't see where this project would hinder or make an offset to the city that blight the economic growth and beauty of this town the chapters union has been well to me during any building - this project will be very well, for future generations i'm in support of this development you know, i can recall when we were all coming down here fighting to
3:31 am
get the hunters point shipyard development underway and we all know how cumbersome that project was the back and forth bickering about development. >> and what at the land should be and shouldn't be you know, i lived in san francisco all my life and one of the key projects here i helped to build city hall i was one of the african-americans that was afforded the opportunity to build this beautiful building here and i see the vision of my parents when they were fighting development and i see the vision of the those people here who are now in their shoes fighting for
3:32 am
future development so i strongly urge the committee here today to vote to bring more opportunity and growth in the development area here in san francisco. >> thank you >> next speaker, please. >> for anyone in the overflow room that wants to speak please come to room 4 hundred you may have to stand in line but we don't want to miss our public comment. >> good afternoon. i'm alyssa i'm between meetings i didn't get the e-mail i'll read the letter i wrote commissioners please continue this to evaluate before we add more housing and the employment opportunities for existing residents san francisco is not the only city dealing with gentrification the effects of fast pace development have been been documents in the cities workload
3:33 am
and that building market-rate housing at the pace it is built is displacing large amounts of people and the unhoused population we refer to as homeless were adapted from their homes by loss of jobs or evictions to make room for market-rate projects if people on the streets they're pushed out by the loss of onsite parking that won't be a transitive by the people pushed out by people with other money the latino cultural district was established to mitigate the loss of affordable housing and jobs in the community where this project is located you will hear from people that worked to make that people happening that are asking for time to set up the project and a ballot initiative placed by the ballot by 7 supervisors that
3:34 am
gives the residents a chance to put in the stopping the distribution by determining the appropriate mitigations the public blames you unfairly for their problems prove them wrong by continuing this project today. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon, commissioners i'm dante johnson as a a long time member of the 4r0u7 i'm here to express my port for that project on fulsome street because a of project like this i was fortunate to be a member of the carpenters local 22 and answer into a heinecke program
3:35 am
today, i stand her an apprentice and about to become a journey man that allows this to happen with the valuable job skills i'll continue to have a career that will help me stay in san francisco full name will give other local san franciscans the same opportunity that i had and in addition to creating quality local units i union jobs in the construction industry for the san franciscans like me this project adds more housing that san francisco desperately needs as you may know san francisco is in a housing crisis this project will contribute by adding to the housing stock and housing units onsite not only a chance to build the homes i may have the opportunity to live in one we need to embrace well-designed project that benefit the community by
3:36 am
creating more housing and providing good paying construction jobs and someone calling san francisco my home i urge the planning commission to support this project tshgsz and allowing me to speak in favor of this project. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon chair and fellow commissioners and staff thank you for having me. i'm jack a representative not the carpenters local 22 representing 3200 members in the city and county of san francisco many of them will help to build i'm speaking been an on to create head of households like a resident member that asks for the commissions supports on a project that creates career pathways contributing to the city of san francisco growth and assess development and their team and continue to work diligently to make certain a
3:37 am
project will be built agree responsible project by a responsible general contractor two things ring true they've been echoed through the chambers housing and jacobs that is part of solution for the city of san francisco every increasing demand for housing and jobs on fulsome development will have created three hundred construction jobs and one and 17 much needed unit welcoming the residents for a more vievent and mission district if there's a time to have a win win this is it in closing carpenters local 22 will encourage you to support that will i moving forward it today thank you. >> thank you. next speaker.
3:38 am
>> a proud member of carpenters local 22 a lot of good things i'd like to talk about specifics i'm one that negotiated the agreement with the developer to assure that the general contractor is selected and part of the fabric of this city and chosen the development and side note this environment for the last 45 years has been exactly what jack was talking about partnered with the carpenters local 22 to have craft jobs and bring into long term futures and careers that led to a place they can afford to live in san francisco the requested that is the development a held to a law that has not passed is ridiculous my experience with the developer and their team their straddler in new york city and sign a
3:39 am
document they stick with that i'll tell you the jobs created specifically and the union at the city build brought thousand of folks into the building trades and union positions new apprentices will come into the craft; right? and move forward with a lifetime criteria and lead to a place they'll afford to stay in san francisco we strongly encourage you no to 2k4r5i and move forward and approve that good and vital project for the city of san francisco thank you. >> thank you, mr. bradshaw. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon again commissioners koreay smith on behalf of the three hundred members of the housing tim colen, san francisco housing action coalition. we saw that over a year ago at that point we were 2, 3, 4 support and currently in support
3:40 am
now for the most part the location of this project is fantastic within walking distance from the bart station we seriously applaud the reduced number of reduced parking spaces that have been taken away since this of the introduced fits in the the transit first goals and to have a lot of bike parking 1/3rd unit we applaud the developer and the development team for doing outreach with the community the project sponsors already talked about how much time with the arts community and trying to make sure the fabric of the commission or mission is involved in the building itself and presently no housing on the site a major net increase or increase with the market-rate and in addition to the supporter here today, i submitted to you one and 81 signatures that we
3:41 am
collected along with the report card for your receive from the high-level paradigm we have to have you matters of as a community benefit homes for people and jobs for people and you'll not have a project that makes everybody happy in the short time doing the right thing by building homes and long term building houses easy the market and reduces the displacement for people in the community all in all we encourage you to support and approve and move forward detailing the hours being built during a humanity is not helpful. >> thank you, mr. smith anyone in the overflow room room i see there are on only 3 speakers left and hi good afternoon.
3:42 am
>> i want to talk about the project i think that has supervisor campos spoke about his district and trying to put it on hold that is important to take into consideration 4 hundred and 60 people signed the petition it is really, really important across the street from my property a cultural like a cultural landmark. >> speak into the mike. >> sorry which is a landmark in the mission district it will be across the street from this the same thing will happen what a happened to delores it is beautiful and refurnished and no longer a place for the community feeling welcome it is different a from that time party and continue being the same a tiny park in a residential area it is not - not understanding in the culture i can't imagine in the
3:43 am
proposal as the culture appropriation i don't think there being sensitive to the point it is happening i think developers are coming back to the city looking for coming back into the mission not trying to renew leases but trying to remove them and build entire blocks and when it comes down to below-market rate we're looking at i pulled up on any phone that for one bedroom it is 26 hundred and you have to make 26 hundred half of your income into rent not really that might be viable for you guys as part of union and have people advocate fair share wages but families not able none can forward 2000 of if
3:44 am
you're low income you don't make 2000 a month so i support supervisor campos in trying to like stop this and trying to figure out what else to do this as sham thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> i want to speak against this project first of all, the there's a latino cultural district being development developed so all of a sudden you're putting- your super seeding super ceded it will super seed accident guidelines that the cultural
3:45 am
district is trying to implement so the board of supervisors voted to establish the latino cultural and the commercial district in san francisco and it commended hits cultural vibrancy and latino opportunity for the latinos in the city and county of san francisco who will live in the units it will result in an influx of residents who have significantly nor disposal incomes are rise in the rentals and destabilizetion of businesses now ohio as part of development the plan to strengthen and retain low to
3:46 am
moderate income residents and the community serving businesses this project it is counter to that- i urge you to oppose this project we don't need more luxury housing in the mission. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> hello my name is wendy i'm with the quatro and he listened to the last few speakers and my main objection to to project the amount of market-rate housing in this neighborhood that is really hurting what we've seen when we see larger developments primarily market-rate housing we really see the businesses suffer
3:47 am
we've seen like with the vetting to development and all of our like ore living cultural heritage we see them going out of business not able to caterer to people that have as much income i lived brought up my son with no playgrounds and no gathering place at all we fought really hard to make something else happen the community ma fought and when we see the developments that that market-rate housing we see a large subsection of the latino residents in particular getting pushed out this is just i mean each of the elements a big development like this this is what happens we try to work with the businesses and try to find
3:48 am
ways they can deal with the changing population and, of course, do that it is - it's really a really change things on 24-hour a lot and we love it there we really, really care about the diversity we care about the economic diversities, and it is just close to the hearts of so 4, 3, 2 , 1 many people that live there i urge more affordable housing i mean even affordable housing for the people that are already living in the community is tight i'd like to see more after i want to make sure that the playground is protected this is being built and the children that are there now get to use this playground while they're still children and okay. the place across the street there is live music like those get pushed out often when we have luxury development and
3:49 am
people complain so this is a really vibrant corner there is a free food stand it it has alone serving the community for a long term and want to be mindful and protective of our living culture thank you. >> hi, i'm marie part of quatro when we came together in 2014 to form the latino cultural district everybody from the mayor to supervisors came to glad hand and congratulate and offer support we've been trying to set up the special needs district according to our needs one of the earlier meetings with the public was around the theme that came out was affordable housing this is been the most difficult
3:50 am
aspect that we fatsz to put in place constitutes affordable housing 20675 fulsome exemplifies the need to halt all projects in the special use district it will a luxury development in the midst of an affordability crisis the minimum amount of affordability for first responders and workers skill can't afford remember carpenters and jobs are the same as dogs and bones there be 80 parking spaces in the transit rich nauseated once again it is transit rich but we're allowing a bunch of cars which will be sdoem around there are 3 schools in the adjacent area and a children's park
3:51 am
this development does have - oh, yeah. okay he hear the folks living there calling the police because the children are too loud the vetting has been calling the police i don't know if they put in double-paned windows but move into an existing neighborhood and start complaining about the neighborhood that is what is going to happen to this project too the demolition construction will create a lot dust and al gins - who will suffer the mozart most the children this is a dense neighborhood not how they're going to mitigate all the problems that will come but with
3:52 am
the demolition and is construction we need to hear that i strongly say please reject this and thank you commissioner wu i didn't say it earlier for you'll our work you've been a great friend to our neighborhood thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon. i'm a community organ to start off we definitely don't need more luxury development in our neighborhood i've lived there my whole life 2000 unit in the pipeline and 78 hundred more affordable housing luxury development is going way faster than our affordable housing units are built and definitely
3:53 am
need nor affordable units i understand that developers are trying to make money also this site which worked on in the mid to late 1990s we assessed this site had been used and so the department of health assessed this has been previously use for construction materials and a railroad right away we wanted it for parking the developers had mentioned a community project they did not in the process of making in part not imagine there is luxury development next door for kids that needed the park space and assessed and found out that they have gallon tanks with other lead present in the soil so there was a way that rec and park was able to raise the ground the soil is - not
3:54 am
contaminating the areas and impacting the health of the kids there is still led and toxins the department of health and public health department assessed it there are led that can impact the health a school janitor needs to be studied there are 10 nine hundred plus milligrams overkill grams of led and toxins if that soil image what that does to the youth and the department of health stated in march of 1996 total led will
3:55 am
effect the health by elevating the ground and healthy plan should be prepared to protect the construction workers and the community during construction so for the folks that will be working on the land our health it jeopardized and lastly if we know the soil by the department of health contain more than 4 hundred overkill gram - how can an environmental impact report not be done thank you. >> good afternoon, commissioners my name is susan first of all, let me start by pointing out out something let me start by pointing out this project will construction 97 unit pitched to individuals aribnb 200 percent of current
3:56 am
medium in case the neighborhood medium right now is around 50 percent of medium income well, what are the consequences of this in spite of the lies that are repeated over and over and over and over again, it will not result in fewer rich people moving into rent-controlled apartments much, much testimony about the real world observed the impacts of prior luxury housing and you see berkley's urban displacement has come out with a study not only does market-rate housing built in the 2000s not have any impact at all in preventing displacement in
3:57 am
low income neighborhoods but actually at the level of san francisco block groups increases the cause cost of the burden of low income neighborhood and the consequences are obvious we'll see more displacement of low income individuals particularly of no doubt of income latinos and which in and of itself will undermine the living culture that the 24th street latino culture district is to protect and not only that we can by past experience to have some of the ininhabits calling the police playing latinos music and shutting down the car value and calling the police on the
3:58 am
neighborhoods let's face it the ethnicity will be as ugly as it can be quiet different and this will destroy everything the cultural district stand for this gut and destroy the neighborhood and its unique cultural heritage and social relationships and much more suffering please don't approve this project today thank you. >> good evening, commissioners my name is charley i'm also speaking on behalf of the the pro bear and start off by saying it is very important that a full environmental review process be implemented for this project we
3:59 am
can't look at the eastern neighborhoods rezoning benchmark to make this it didn't go far enough to address two issues of community health and entity and detachment the first issue is right across the street cesar chavez elementary school 899 percent of the kids and families are extremely low income and it is a real slap in the face of families they'll not have access to the majority of housing that is being permitted another this development sites many of the kids and older bossing and aunt and uncles about 10 years that organized for that neighborhood park have seen over the years assess more and more commodity their families are struggling to stay in the neighborhood and now to see after years of community structural to create the park
4:00 am
that it becomes a benefit for much more affluent community members instead of those struggling families it is i think equal and an important consideration for the planning commission the second issue is the community health we've heard about the levels of toxins in the 200 underground soil that mortgages the kids and families the users of the park and the workers at the site of construction and so for that reason it is under conscionable to improve that watt a full eir process and my closing comment is very supportive of the good quality union jobs that will be create but let's create overseeing good quality jobs out of a great project that addresses the community health and equatable and not


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