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tv   LIVE Entertainment Commission  SFGTV  August 16, 2016 5:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> thanks for waiting patiently the meeting will tom to the order this the the sfaevengs i'm bryant tan the president of the commission that couple ever housekeeping items please turn off your cell phones if you're a member of the public and want to speak about an item you see agendized we will have speaker cards fill it out and i'll call you up when we opium and finally thank you to sophisticating and the media services for airing this live
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start with the roll call director kane. >> commissioner thomas commissioner joseph commissioner lee president tan. >> here quorum not a full house. >> right so commissioner perez i believe is on his way commissioner frost and sxoog are both absent this evening. >> all right. start off with general public comment this is for public comment on any business that pertains to the business of the entertainment commission you don't see agendas listed within person coming up. >> good evening, commissioners scott i want to make a comment i want went a great informational semi far at 2 o'clock a great presentation by a law firm about
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bmi and add cap a lot of piano people people are effected and don't know how to be compliant and it was nice pathway i think that want to thank the entertainment commission for making a lot of people aware of that it was very successful. >> can i ask you a question since was there another way to be compliance besides paying the bill. >> some people are an pandora you know system and there's a way to pay through them they showed exemptions if you quality so it give you perimeters on when you it effects you or not effects you but bottom line it should be addressed and not avoided and people get letters don't do anything about it some
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days at the go ahead sued than it becomes problematic. >> thank you okay. >> all right. any other public comment. seeing none, public comment is closed. move on to item 2 approval of the minutes from both june 21st and august 2nd >> any motions. >> move to approve all right. is there a second. >> second and. >> and so you know, we consulted with the city attorney and able to approve all minutes whether you attend or not and perhaps every commissions can double check those minutes and those packets are ready prior to the meeting there is a motion that has been seconded any public comment on the minutes approval no? all right.
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>> okay. cool commissioner lee commissioner joseph commissioner thomas president tan with that, the minutes are approved and item 3 report from the executive director and our staff. >> hello you're done. >> done. >> i can't talk to you anymore. >> okay. i'll be brief he apologize he was going to bring is small business owner something to hand out on the first item an update of the train on august 5th part of you mean continue to be part of attempt but i city and bay area to improve our service public transit for workforce of issues
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and patrons and so i know that ben sitting here and more data points i attended a press conference for the mayor and some transit officials on friday august 5th i think that went well to promote the campaign the public information campaign so one thing on approved service and know where it is to go and happening krurn you if not to after i'm done come to the microphone not very comfortable with that and again, i apologize i was going to bring you the press release but - >> hello great yeah, i'm sorry i should have brought 4, 3, 2 , 1 should things we had a press
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conference to kickoff the campaign the first late night transportation and the first night of 3 thousand people half said they especially\know about all night service or generally about the all nights service and didn't know where that ran and studies have been a barrier for use of all night alcatraz transit thanks both the san francisco municipal transportation agency the thirty second add icon about the all nighter and the bart stations and on buses message about encouraging people to check all out all and a lot of information about the options and we'll continue that campaign with additional work if you head to night you'll see
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some marketing materials given our focus and emphasize on late night workers a lot of the materials and add options are focused on telling workers after your shift is over or medicaid to your shift all >> are those returning currently. >> yeah. we have an initial set of prints and bus adds in the service center and bart stations i say one on the 19 bus yesterday it's ones cable but that is a first set of marketing working with and amplify that if the future. >> i recently ran into someone that complained about night life transportation and lived on an owl line and used the owl line
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and said she didn't feel safe is there any data on the safeties of the night life. >> safety is absolutely a concern and something in our survey data i think that significant portion of responded and certainly a higher percentage of female respondents said that safety detold her them from traveling all night hours one thing to understand the data about all night transportation that we don't have up until this point a set of metrics about what the actual all nights in terms of reliability, in terms of on time performances, safety and safety issues as well we're working in parallel it the marketing work and other work establishing a set of data medics over time we'll
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understand what specifically all night conditions from their preefshg. >> anyone elaborate why they didn't feel safe. >> a number of things certainly the physical conditions of the streets themselves in terms of street lighting and not having a sense of belonging what the bus will come that's been a concern that many people have expressed the people are getting off their shifts they have cash they feel urban design safe those are - 4 this partnership webinar has informed a variety of strangulations that we've been working on. >> awesome thank you. >> thanks. >> sorry for if segue sorry by that and then the public comment that you already heard is on the next update we did, in fact,
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engaged with the oewd as of today, this happened on the cap issues sounds like thirty people were in attendance and the attorney put out good information did they film it hopefully, we'll have access to that and lick it to if they'll put it on there we can all use the footage depend on the idiot so that's helpful because this is the thing that comes up every single year anytime people get a new operation or start advertising about the entertainment we'll get those letters and a quick educator and done maybe we have the problem somewhat solved and the other
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item under staff update is that as you recall we changed in july the procedures as well as the code related to extending the grants the commission asked for the staff roster an extensive grant was given formally so i'll do this this evening and report to you that on august 10th of this year we granted an estimation of 24 months through august 2018 of the conditional grant to the golden state warriors for the eastern at the mission bay and again, i'm reporting to you not necessary will i for action but as information you have requested we do that that's how i'll bring those to you as they come up
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if you're interested in we did get a letter from the attorneys about why, if you will, the judge cause the language in the code and if you read the papers you know probably that is quite a bit of litigation potentially a good deal of construction so hopefully that two year with do will be adequate. >> is that two year window not adequate will they could be. >> they'll not i don't know if we can get further i'll is to refresh myself. >> ask for a second extension. >> okay. i'll have to go back and a lot i don't know who the trajectory of that eastern i'm sure they want to go as fast as they can but things keep on happening we'll have to roll.
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>> so good okay. >> and that's for me unless questions i'm going to turn it over to the director. >> no which inspector first. >> good evening, commissioners so things to report to you start with the at&t park with the guns and roses concert i did the sounds like check and around if the neighborhood they did a couple of things different from the last several shows they dropped speakers on the north side of the venue to keep the sound from blasting in castro hill where a lot of complainants were coming from it seemed they moved the speakers closer to the seats this helps with the sound whatever i don't hear anything from castro hill from 8 to 9 that was
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great and down near the stadium obviously heard it but pretty good with the sounds like i was impressed. >> did we get complaints coming from castro hill. >> i don't think so. >> we got one from castro boosters a long time resident they especially\hear anything and very happy. >> wow. >> what's the opposite of a complaint. >> the time they did a concert we've not heard anything with that water show. >> it was a - >> it was a clear night. >> it was only in the studio. >> that was clear it had an effect on the sound. >> was 2 guns and roses
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traveling or at&t parks. >> i'm not sure it is looks like. >> therein lies the difference. >> i don't believe that it is atenolol informed us of that. >> because i mean as add that into public comment. >> i did a walk through salsa party a rock bar several complaint after the e-mail complainants said basically the disturbances with relatively infrequent like something started up recently that's why 33 she was complaining i've been
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by there no compliance issues or on the sidewalk or coming and going a handful of people not a dozen people not a compliance issue with that public works they've been receiving complaints about noise from a complainant after doing a little bit back and forth with him, i contacted the management and told them they needed to be in contact with him and workout the issue they went blaefrd and coordinated and apparently got the situation together i want to follow up and figure out what happens the situation was good and the playlands bar receiving complaint from several xranlts i'm by ever be weekend and the same as for months not a sounds like issue. >> their complaining about sound or the amount of people. >> complaining about sound.
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>> i can't believe showing how many people are waiting for that spot. >> you'll know this one. >> hours waiting to get in i guess. >> but i mean when i did the inspection you can hear the bails one or two decimals not near where - i'm not sure that the complainants understanding that but not be enforce full 2, 3, 4 communicating. >> are they directly next door. >> their diagonally located across the street. >> the particular complaints his window faces the venue and ventilation it is a bad situation for her blue mostly from the vehicles and the patrons anyway to kind of a tough situation but nevertheless, the venue shouldn't be they're in inclines
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moving on a couple of new complainants the dirty pecan they're a salon a common thing around the city the complainant says they're doing entertainment i talked with him he complained through the e-mail and during the entertainment fence let me know i can try to do something if i'm on shift or whatever so nevertheless, i told them guarding send me an e-mail i'll check it out and in the meantime forward the materials the promotion materials as evidence or whatever and a start mexican revolution cafe having issues i'm hoping they get it together
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relatively soon because at this point maybe they'll need to come and talk with you we'll hold off but kind of getting to the point of ridiculousness having shawn i've dealt with and talked with him at the length a couple of weeks ago getting to a point not much i can do and poorhouse it is the same complainants from playland and apparently they have karaoke one sunday evening that was i ended up hearing about so poorhouse sounds like seems fine they've not gotten complaints minor complaint but that seems a nonissue i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> so revolution cafe that is still their doors are open and
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people are in the streets and what's the issue. >> pretty much i think now the complainants i've talked to an friday, he said during the day they can have their doors open during the day i explained to them very clearly that if you have entertainment your doors need to be shut we went back and forth for 20s minutes they know they need their doors shut entertainment. >> we've seen them if they show up again at another meeting we'll want to bring them in they have about a month. >> commissioners any questions forces director pauley. >> all right. thank you good evening, commissioners inspector shawn burke we received a complaint do i
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believe about a commercial building that i think houses comcast their squalling the roof the 360 and approximately they're representing out the rooftop so they're saying events are frequent i followed up with the complainant to get more information and try to determine in that within our purview or maybe sfpd two sounds like tests one new overflow room and one new view at spin the ping-pong palace i issued a certification sforg a situation i brought up last hearing and was at the
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conference center having their windows that during a performance and the owner was not onsite during the event we spoke in some detail about policies, scandalizes bringing in their own sounds like systems and clients managing the sounds like center when he's not around i hope to speak with him in more detail to try to insure if he's not onsite we have a or more 2 seems like when he is not on site things are array inspections i am working with folks trying to undercover when frequency are causing problems to the newly built hotel across
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the alley we have an applicant will be in front of in the tenderloin coffee an interesting unique situation they use karaoke system at the night and backward through the stereo during the day in preparing as combo inclines i've told them to cease the karaoke but systems i went in there to establish a limit to not disturb the residents above as we approach the hearing date that weekend was busy test d and a lounge did a walk through an event called bootie their predict event according to their gm and this one for whatever
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reason back to school or maybe we're not sure but a lot nor presally more quack up than normal so we did a walk through to make sure everyone looked good and a couple of incidents a medical due to over heating from what i heard and then audio from across 11 street i did a preliminaries investigation trying to figure out where the sources of disturbance and fouling with the complainants this next weekend to do a residential sound test. >> that wraps up any
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questions. >> so the west's bay conference center the same "yeah" we've spoken to you during that one events. >> yes, sir. >> so he's not onsite for the whole duration of the events. >> it is a hit and miss generally speaking on site and something else managing the event i use the word managing lightly from what i've seen quite a hands off approach to monitoring sound levels and keeping windows closed interacting with clients to make sure the sounds like levels are within reason sometimes, i stop but i'm usually passed off to a client as opposed to communicate
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to an operator. >> do they have their own sounds like system. >> maybe the third time they've allowed or haven't prevented someone from bringing they're on system even though this is in the contract. >> i may have missed this from the last meeting do you have an update on phoenix. >> yes. i mistakenly left that out we've not received a complaint in three weeks phoenix has as they are in the process of updating their system from a technically stand point they hired a technician to monitor the sounds like levels and confine to the djs to make sure
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they're within the range 3 events ago ever since then we're looking and sounding good and a limit an order a processer that gives them more control what is output into their system. >> that's great. >> yeah. >> good job. >> any comments if commissioners no. >> all right. let's open up for public comment is public comment on the staff report or executive director's report? >> all right. not seeing any, public comment is closed. and item four elections of president and vice president our terms are up and we have to find i know that the last meeting we changed the rules to allow for the president to have unlimited continuation
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as long as it is voted on annually so - let's open up for nomination. >> to do separate nominations. >> separately. >> okay. >> then i'd like to nominate bryant tan for other year. >> does that require a second. >> i second that. >> thank you. >> is there any discussion? no. >> any other nomination? >> any public comment on that all right. well, i appreciate the nomination and i do accept and it's been a pleasure serving the last 3 years and a player serve one more so if no public comment we'll take a vote.
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>> okay is commissioner lee commissioner joseph commissioner thomas commissioner perez and president tan obviously. >> yes. >> all right. that that item passes and talk about vice president. >> do you want - >> (laughter). >> i would like to nominee commissioner joseph as vice president. >> second. >> all right. any further additional nominations you can nominee ourselves as well. >> i accept thank you. >> sorry i have not had an actual conversation with you. >> that's fine it's been great working. >> any public comment in public comment all right. take a vote. >> commissioner lee
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commissioner joseph commissioner thomas commissioner perez and president tan. >> only the presidential election were this easy and move on to item 5 police department questions or comments i don't see any police we'll move on to item number 6 the residential development review consent calendar i don't know if director kane wants to speak to these at all. >> well, i, do faa reminder for commissioners that are not parts of rdr for discussion briefly as the director's report because they didn't writer or require and hearing anothers residential review committee and they need to come to a full commission as sent to be able to have staff move the recommended
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conditions to the planning department and in a timely way i don't intend to discuss every single one of them unless a question and ask you make a motion on all of them together. >> great i'd like to entertain that motion now. >> move to approve. >> all right. a second. >> second. >> there is a motion and a second let's - any public comment on the consent items not seeing any. >> okay commissioner lee commissioner joseph commissioner thomas commissioner perez and president tan that item passes and moving to item 7 discussion and possible action plantations for permits and other jurisdictions the
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entertainment commission we have 4 and our deputy director will introduce them. >> our first permitted applications for billboard for richmond republic on clemente responding republic a beer bar and restaurants with a pool table that's why they're here and the richmond station recommended approval with no conditions here to times square talk about the application is the owner. >> good evening, everyone i'm andy i'll one of the owners of the richmond republic we opened our doors in 2014 and service a local craft bar we only serve beer and wine from the bay area food is local as well we have a ground floor and a little mesininmesinine.
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>> that seems to be straightforward in any commissions questions or comments. >> all right. have a seat public comment on richmond republic billboards license no let's take a vote. >> commissioner lee commissioner joseph commissioner thomas commissioner perez did we had a - >> no motion. >> no. >> i motion to approve. >> second. >> (laughter). all righty the motion that didn't exist >> so the motion by commissioner lee and the second
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is - >> commissioner thomas commissioner lee commissioner joseph commissioner thomas commissioner perez and president tan. >> that motion carries good luck with that and hope to come by and play billboards next the fillmore heritage center. >> our second permitted this evening a place of entertainment for heritage center an 13 thirty fillmore in the space opted out by you don't she's with the focus events including live performance and music concerts and also do comedies and used for parties and special events they've done community outreach some in the files are coming in a little bit later a couple of
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those are support letters from the office of economic workforce development as well as supervisor president london breed office the station recommends approval with the good neighbor policy and here to talk about is the owner of the place. >> president tan commissioner joseph congratulations again, i'm going to turn it over to lisa nor cognizant of the project than i am i building we've passed all our inspections and requesting a grants rather than a continual grant other than lisa. >> is this timer going to starts i want to check and see off so you don't have the presentation but should be there. >> oh, there it is. >> whoops i proceeded i don't know how to make it go back with
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the mouse i'll explain what urban solution is for 2 two years urban solutions built more better neighbors one best at that time, in under served neighborhoods and phil the vasectomies we firmly believe that vacancies creates a vacant and create the better to be safe than sorry businesses to assess the capital and help them with the leases and provide technical support one of the things we do we help to activate merchant corridors and we have been active in the fillmore merchant corridor for over 20 years that concludes my report. the merchants in the lower fillmore neighborhood helping them with the ramping and access to capital and putting on events and marketing and others aspects to bring feet on the streets to the lower fillmore we working closely with the /* mayor's
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office of housing and community development and as part of the work supporting the lower of him corridors we were asked to activate the former business folks in the neighborhood and machineries have been suffering by having a huge, huge space empty for so long and in fact, it was our understanding that when the building was built the fillmore heritage center the neighborhood and local residents will have access to the space and now the space is not being used as a entertainment venue it is important we have the space open and qualified so were honoring the commitment to the neighborhoods and the residents and also our neighborhood merchants can benefit from having feet on the streets rather than scott wagner an enormous vacant storefront as part of project we put together
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a enormous program to benefit the neighborhood and the idea is that we will have the fillmore heritage center open and available for events maine for the communities to rent the space and it will be available through december 2016 when we first started the project back in january our original plan to activate 4 spaces therapy the art gallery, the screening room, the lobby which is basically the walkway tattoos parking garage and the cocktail lounge so we built how plan on that and thought oh, people can have an event not art gallery a show or invite folks and have a film festival going on in the neighborhood but really become obvious people said if you're activating this we want to put on a show and
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designed for music go where is the music so coming from that we spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to have music and we have successfully had 3 music events had a salsa festival and concerto and had to keep on going to the teamster to pull a one-day license and finally jocelyn contacted us and suggested we come and receive an apartment permits only activated until december but such desire to use it as intends that's why we're here for our place of entertainment grant. >> as you can see we have a website where folks in the neighborhood can see what we
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have available whoops how do i make it go to the next oh, whoops no, i can't say go backwards no going back i'm sorry not clear for i apologize one of the things we have a technically training call big tech for small buzz i could benefit we help the businesses with technologies and help to build their biz and what happens after december 2016. >> the city will issue an rfp to get the building sold this is activating the building while in the process while the rfp process is there we don't want it sitting there by.
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>> and planning to hold how many more events there four months period. >> funny you should ask to events that we have people that have confirmed they're interested we have a report. >> we've had 13 events since we went active and officially the kickoff at the end of may may 27 a migration ceremony and hosts june 18th that was amazing and then it is gone on and folks interested in having business presentations and town hall meeting a nonprofit that is using the restaurants area to have a symposium on fund-raising and the supervisor candidates meeting and poetry and talk shows and merchant
6:22 pm
bizarre as well as a halloween masquerade. >> i get it. >> does that answer your question. >> now it is available people are interested in it happen and as parts of grants agreement with the office of economic workforce development we're making live space available at low rays for the community and the rentals rate commissioner crews 6 security guards they include janitorial services, and includes staff time so it is all of our effort of marking the space available and assessable to the community to have events and activate the space. >> so we have done considerable - did you have a question. >> yeah. he did you said the rental includes 6 security guards. >> is you're actually 6.
6:23 pm
>> it is depend on the space their renting for instance, for the theatre the occupancy is 4 hundred and 17 so we will as part of rental fee that will cover that of security guards will be covered as their rental fee and require people renting it to have more security. >> do you have people represent that simultaneously like the cocktail lounge and the theatre at the same time. >> nate's that's not happened we have people interested in renter the screening room but all connected to the same events. >> therefore the occupancy went up to what. >> the screening room has an occupancy of 39 can i ask another question during the fence is alcohol served or a
6:24 pm
indicatorer. >> it depends on the event some events have alcohol it requires that the events host pull a abc license and then, of course, needs to have that with someone that is either the carter or the absent license. >> kibitzing. >> you want to keep ongoing with their presentation. >> sure we've spoken about the outreach and a considerable number of supporters people that have hosted events and looking forward to hosting more as you can see we have the support of supervisor president london breed's and mayor's office of economic workforce development we've reached out the hoa the lower i fillmore are merchants association and individuals merchants and neighbors and the fillmore group has submitted their letters of support. >> so i love your line feed on the streets that is awesome that
6:25 pm
is great i guess my question to you is that it is a great says that a great neighborhood there's a lot of jazz and great music going on there why - do you have any idea why it didn't work before and how are you been - well have you a short timeframe if it workers or didn't work your timeframe is short. >> yeah. for this the purpose of this project so activated it with specific events where people are advertising them they're either public or private events but their advertised it hard to support a 4 hundred space jazz jazz is a smaller intimate venue. >> that's a great answer. >> okay. thank you. >> commissioner lee.
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>> can you tell me how do you screen or use i mean a ton of nonprofits and a ton of different causes i'm curious how you go b.a. about you know wanting to know, you know who will be a great consumer for this evening will all your venues stop at midnight. >> my dad's says nothing good happens after midnight (laughter). >> her dad lived in. >> now my son a becoming a teenager i'm sticking by that i know that is on tv. >> so the way we are screening is first for the most part the priority to folks the neighborhood that have neighborhood connections saying look we want to put something on life giving and viable for our
6:27 pm
neighborhoods for the most part folks inviting people that know people that automatically kind of changes the tone of the fence because of people that know each and everyone we require anyone having an events provide their permit application you have to put in a deposit and have to go through the process of getting additional events insurance and may the city and county of san francisco naming them an, an insured that kind of stops people like if you're not going to do that how will you be organized to put on a events. >> your security plan we discussed a few meetings good i think this is the first security plan with an activate shutter
6:28 pm
plan we had a discussions a while back and seems cover is a good model for a lot of the night clubs in the city i'm impressed on the items owe commend you you don't need such a plan. >> you don't i hope not but thank the gentleman. >> we have a comment it is important that everyone the commission to i think something a security person looking at it it what if this happens if this happens you know. >> well, i think this project is really debris know it were for 4 months i wish for 40 years using a great space and activating and allowing the communities members to use it is too important for nice venues
6:29 pm
their cost be prohibit active the fact for graduations and parties is a wonderful thing thank you very much for dead on arrival doing that. >> thank you. >> and teaching people to do events planning in a complicated city is great too i think those hosts december 2016 to continue on you know depend on what they decide to do with that afterwards there is a 0 role that you as urban solution can play and the community can play in making that venue thrive so commission oh, i think supervisor president london breed's office here and take public comment. >> hello thanks for coming in and finally activating that space how long having you started doing fence i'm not sure if i
6:30 pm
miss your presentation. >> the very first events the trail events the superbowl theo up the balloon will this work it do and from that the mayor's office of economic workforce development and supervisor president london breed's office enabling us to use their funding in project and so breel we've been holding events since may we are amazed at the sheer amount of planning to opening the doors and doing it right. >> this is an opportunity to extend our lease there until after december or is that a hard thing. >> that's up to the budgets that was recently passed in the funding is available then hopefully you know you mohcd and supervisor president london breed's will help us certainly right now you know the project in no way breaks even but really
6:31 pm
is a wonderful project for the communities and i think that really sends a great message yeah, you can think of doing something great and make to happen. >> i'm glad you activate the communities and the communities was part of jazz in the fillmore back in the day and hopefully consider jazz decisions as parts of our line up. >> anyone you know sends them over. >> commissioner anatomies rfp issued do you have any idea if the city is going to insist that anyone that buys the building keeps it as an entertainment venue. >> i don't, i don't know that i know that the city is interested in whoever buys the property also participates in the community and accepts
6:32 pm
communities input and hopefully communities activation in that part of project to have the space activated in the hopes that whoever because this is buyable you can make this happen so it invites the communities and keeps the communities as part of that that's the finding when we developed it. >> jazz is a pure american music and jazz and r and b the base for everything like modern music the because of rock and roll keeping that financial base alive really, really important that is a great venue to do it in i wish you a lot of luck. >> thank you. >> all right. let's open up for public comment i think there is quite a few speakers line up and come up one at a time say
6:33 pm
your name two minutes. >> i've been here before and started to do great because he out loud outside promoters to come in it brought in a lot of people of hundreds in the fronts and able to work and work really well, something went bad it shut down i do events and side this since 2009 and been in business my ideal was to bring in the foot traffic and maids the communities strong the market and eventually it will do that i did that for years and everything went bad i started to give up but thank god they let me in that place we have a ball they were cool this year a
6:34 pm
costume that all and make that easy for us we're marketing all over the place promoting the you fillmore area that history will die if we worry about the fillmore i'm going to rock and roll talking about the histories that's very, very important we use this venue to continue and others continue to promote and market the fillmore i hope you guys stick to it i have to go to work (laughter). >> hello how you doing i'm a long time resident first of all, good evening and time to send kudos to urban solutions and scomploopdz office for the tremendous work no one else the last 6 months but the last two years that anchored this with a
6:35 pm
project that has hope from the beginning it was absolutely built in 2008, let me say i'm a community activist but wear many hats one as producer and one of the things about this project and one of the questions you commissioners rays after december we have worked with the malice and ocii to make sure that communities benefits will be at the top of the agendas when this property is actually sold to the new entities coming forward so if i look at the committing infillmore and the language out of the mayor's office we need to increase the foot traffic one of the things as a community doing is actually meeting amongst ourselves and trying to figure out how to come out with a win-win plan like the plan to make it is win for the communities and the win for the
6:36 pm
homeowners and the neighbors and the city hall and those that come to the events we wanted you to consider that we support this an urban solutions and thank you for this opportunities. >> thank you. >> hi, i'm the corresponded secretary for the medium area i want to thank the understands or commission for this opportunity to talk about this important event for the communities i thought born and raised in the neighborhood my dad played the saxophone i was wondering why he traveled to paris to play music when we lived in phil that was poeptd to be known around the world for jazzy learned then about urban rule and the mistakes that the city made in trying to help a neighborhoods
6:37 pm
that didn't necessarily needs help and in turn they bulldozed the neighborhood and inner renewable can be the decline of the jazz during the 50s and 60s it was combaktdz by inner renewable and having it it to decline across the country this is a long time coming because there has been no opportunity for local people to do entertainment in the financial and not meeting the family the coffee shops are small the biggest place in the neighborhood is mcdonald's believe it or not so i want to say i'm excited about the urban solutions and putting themselves in a place to helping the communities and excited how easy to reserve the space and
6:38 pm
affordable and to help they've helped our company to be insured i want to say i'm circling you to support this important permits and thank you for the opportunity to talk about something that is important to us thank you. >> hi ken johnson i'm a native san franciscan and i'm here to support urban solution you have in the fillmore some of talents you got i am not there is so - excuse me - >> you got a lot of talents and bobby webb the agents of the blues festival a golden gate park person - question the the
6:39 pm
gospel and amy powell and so many people he can't say name them urban solution is providing a place for people toe puts on things and use that facility you know we need that facility in the communities hands and at one time i was what they call the harlem of the west jazz places blues plans up and down and holds that has the black landmark an urban solutions it is helping the communities do that i mean, we about to explode and put on heavy programs i'm working with behaving pack about to come on board and show you something so, please support
6:40 pm
what urban solutions are doing a did i admit organization. >> thank you. >> anyone else come up in the microphone can we can see a show of hands of how many people wish to speak. >> i like to appreciate with urban solution has been doing and like the brother said we want the community benefit package to be involved because that is one reason why it is open we did when we came with the city we talked about the communities benefit and this is a good time to open up and appreciate what you all is doing. >> thank you very much. >> good evening, commissioners my name is shelly i'm in support
6:41 pm
of urban solutions and getting us a permits for the space i had the opportunity of organizing the contribute for june festival and the success it had was overwhelming i've been reading this book called harlem of the west san francisco jazz 1940s and 50s i know about the history you're absolutely right filipino communities the african communities and other communities owned 12 clubs throughout the corridor in the 40's and 50s and all the great jazz artists that's one of the spots to hangouts i think it is important for the communities - i'm a nature san franciscan grew up in will bayview hunters point and lived in district 5 for thirty years
6:42 pm
that's imthat would be helpful that components is in place without the communities component in place i wouldn't support this event and i look forward to work, working with urban solutions in the future hope you guys support it. >> thank you. >> ging, commissioners coner johnston staff to board of supervisors supervisor president london breed and it is obviously in her district in district 5 i should stipulate i'm not the expert in the opposing that is supervisor president london breed's home share any colleague cam sam and her predecessor hiding in the back they sent me up here it is good to see you again, i want to reiterate what a lot of people said this is a tremendous opportunities to
6:43 pm
activate the theatre to bring more people into the commercial corridors on the fillmore corridor that will benefit all the businesses down there supervisor president breed put money into the budgets to move forward that project it is critical for the prices kept low so the members of the community can use this this is important to see that happening and as the speaker said mr. there is one grants that was awesome and great to see that happening supervisor president london breed's strongly supports this permitted and asks for your approval thank you for your time. >> i'm the last speaker with the mayor's office of economic workforce development and formally district 5 aid for too long not tell you how long but wanted to say really supportive of this project
6:44 pm
and supervisor president london breed felt strongly about letting the community having access to this property especially, since it was promised before when it opened in 2008, the communities would have access to it many communities members had nor access than others she felt if it was going to as a city activate it the communities had to have the easy access as you can see communities here that hesitate come passionate about that she funded urban pollutions to come in and activate while we're preparing the rfp that will be out late september to sell the building and one of the questions that was asked by the commissioner joseph about actually looking at the rfp and what la happen as far as communities benefits and one of
6:45 pm
the things that we know about a lot of the properties that were sold that had community benefits tied to them a lot of them were not honors in the way the communities benefits were written and supervisor president breed was aware of that so as we moving forward with the rfp he headed to oewd to make sure the communities benefits will have teeth to them this time so none what turn they're back on the communities when that it a community benefit thank you for your support and we'll be moving forward. >> thank you. >> any final public comment. >> all right. seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioners >> so i'd like to make a motion but like to say that home of the west is within of the best books i think and does speak to can inner renewable did
6:46 pm
and also talked about jazz clubs patents are working and come home from school and no where to go they go to a local jazz club and pates watts that's the nature of that community and so my honor to move to approve. >> there is a motion and a second this is an unusual permitted because we don't have community rotundas facilities come to us saying we want to activate this i'm honors to approve this. >> make a comment. >> before we vote obviously since the mayor's office of housing and the districts supervisor is helping you know part of the ideas was great when it came in but as usual the grants higher rents and running a business is not
6:47 pm
easy i mean chinatown all the storefront will be empty because of rents it is great that the city has fined a way to give this to the communities and he here on behalf of the project sponsor e hoping the new owners will make that affordable as well to this program can continue i kind of have a sent mental value 13 hundreds fillmore my grandfather had hesitate grocery store in 19 thirty, of course, he sold that and it get leveled when we built this business it is a little bit of a thing i like to have if corner active a great restaurant and bar but need traffic to help them out i support in as well. >> with that, take a vote oh, no one more comment i think many
6:48 pm
of us that live in san francisco were aware of the damage by the city and county of san francisco to redevelopment and the damage not neighborhood and communities and entertainment and night life industry so nice to be able to take a small tiny step to repair the harm by putting entertainment venues into the communities i look forward to serging what comes of that and hope that produces a model we can hold on to with the new owner in that space. >> love that all right. take a vote now that is. >> commissioner lee commissioner joseph commissioner thomas commissioner perez president tan. >> with that, that item passes congratulations thank you, thank you all for coming out tonight >> (clapping.) >> we're not done with our
6:49 pm
permits so the next one is - and one more after that. >> thirds permitted of the night is place of entertainment and extended hours located on 11 street and the space formally operated it will have djs and acts for entertainment the new owner did outreach to the polk neighbors you'll see this in the file along with letters that sounds like it's be conducted in their homes during the sounds like inspection the station recommended approval and here to talk about their permitted application is owner gina. >> hi i'm gina i've worked with the san francisco night life for 25 years been an employee and
6:50 pm
employer with the restaurants and night clubs and have any partners not just the peanut gallery and opinioned dna lounge and other partner that was a next door to the premises we've purposed a manager on that street as my other partner my sounds like engineering don been helpful in figuring out how to sound-proof a 1906 brick building and the current owner that was operating the business as deep box i'd like to say that not only will this be a night club give you a entertainment venue looking at doing variety shows has a church there sometimes
6:51 pm
they have dance lessons i'm thrilled to keep up and actually learn some dances myself and others interesting things like people in san francisco having been a person that has done concepts i've intamentsdz a lot of sxhepgs sxepgs i take my inspiration from the garage on townsend for those of you who don't know that was adu distresses establishment and something that is europe and people are encouraging looking for a place to go after 2:00 a.m. and come to sober up and quite frankly to prevent them going to unsafe after hours
6:52 pm
and international talents is pga over san francisco they're looking for extended performance time and don't want to stop at the 2:00 a.m. ouch the case in san francisco. >> that's all abc licenses have zero restrictions and to serve alcohol from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. >> are you planning any remodels or upgrades or just keeping it as is. >> the cosmetic it needs to be sound-proof it is brick we're finally committed to doing whatever it takes to sound-proof the building and a beautiful building we are doing the bar top and the servicing and
6:53 pm
investing a lot of money in lighting doing a cool thing not done in a san francisco mission bay we're project mapping this is it was a it can be any environment emerce the environments and brick cool warehouse space or transport to any place in the world literally and sound system. >> a family sound system we're listening and thinking of adding but sell that and getting an entirely new system and speaking to two veins one an italian and versus the pieblg and promoting a sounds like system in europe and it is in lane their labor day forward to installing it in new york and want it to be the
6:54 pm
flagship we'll be the are had had italian sounds like system. >> die know the name of the italian sounds like system. >> i heard the sounds like system in las vegas. >> did you like it. >> i do. >> and i know you said you'll be creativity and towards electronic music are you planning to do things like nightly and who's bringing in the programming. >> basically myself and the marketing and creative team for example, doing a wednesday nights show that guess like a variety show something in the visas i can't or las vegas very have girls hanging from the ceiling in cuss comes o topless and a contentious night program
6:55 pm
with two shows in one night thursday night a disco bunk everyone can do discoing and a day breakers it popular we want to do a monthly alcohol free party and fire hydrants and saturday nights are more dj eccentric that is sunday nights to do a gay friendly party and everything is gay friendly primarily gay on sunday nights and a tuesday country western absolutely if someone want to create a cool parties i'd like to side that that's what i mean doing interesting environment to do lots of different entertainment. >> thank you. >> you said you spoke to the
6:56 pm
norwalk neighbors and i have been on that street and familiar with the people across the street on willfully that may have sounds issues i've dealt with them and shawn and issues when they and i rose i was unaware of the norwalk neighbor i reached out a great conversation and had him come over and showed him the building and soundproofing and some interesting i want to say we should look at this for all san francisco middle we'll be floating the other you take the base out of structure so do not get the vibrations so we will be
6:57 pm
doing that custom platforms and a video on the installations so use it to sell in their product so other night clubs in london and other places coming from london to do the installation for us back to tony we brought i am into the space and turned the sounded like system up to one and telephone and showed him the space the sounds like engineer we went to their space and the the sounds like reading with the windows opened and the windows closed if you guys want to hear about that we'll have don come up but basically i think that with the - and keep going. >> our goal to gradually to
6:58 pm
sound-proof the venue and take reading in his place and the neighborhoods across the street we'll sound-proof the back walls and sound-proof the roof and see how effective and do the installations and see how effective and the last we're investing in a d s p processer that electronically limits the music we can actually create a timeframe on a system where the base is down gradually as the venue opens from 2:00 a.m. down enthralling so people inside the club are not roll the dice realizing i am clear i don't want to 415 having no issues and a big invest that's our best
6:59 pm
interest. >> is it protected the password protected. >> i can't touch it i can't side anything about it only the sound person that's my agreement with the sounds like person. >> cool. >> yeah. >> okay. >> what are all the improvements and the planning system coming. >> they're done already. >> i'm joking we are looking for a mid other opening date now october so - >> great. >> great any questions from commissioners all right. have a se any any public comment? come on up speak into the
7:00 pm
microphone. >> hello, everyone. >> my name is andy i'm the i was the current owner i stood up here 6 years ago and applied for any entertainment permitted it was an amazing process to it changed my life and was a lot of fun we took a long beat up and defunct venue and did something special and had any run in the night life industry and had a good run i'm thrilled that the person that we're turning this over to is jean nab and she has a lot of experience with night life in the city she's done a tremendous job pounding the pavement and talking with the neighbors and reaching out to me and the previous owners and getting neighborhood inputs as well as other preempts required


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