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tv   MTA Board of Directors 81616  SFGTV  August 20, 2016 2:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> tuesday, august 16, 2016, meeting of san francisco municipal transportation agency board of directors and parking authority commission call roll. >> yes. director brinkman director borden director heinecke director hsu. >> director nolan director ramos and director rubke. >> thank you we have quorum. >> item 3 electronic devices. any person responsible for disruption may be asked to leave the room. cell phones set on vibrate can cause interference with the microphones, we respectfully ask they be turned off.
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item 4 approval of the minutes of the july 19th regular meeting. >> and the. >> and is july 21st special joint meeting. >> okay motion to approve pursue any further discussion? the i's have it. thank you very much. >> item 5 communications. >> please note we have asked members of the public to ask that certain items are severed from the agenda item 10.2 and 4, 10.5 a there c and 10.6. >> thank you. >> item 6 introduction of new or unfinished business by board members. >> i felt remiss a at the last
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meeting a geary bart and in our newport beach we neglected to mention how much work has been done on that corridor in terms of red transit and the lower superintendent gerrero transit priority signals and what improvements on that for running time i didn't want to leave it is a of with the expression we're not aware of the work in our enthusiasm to discuss the work yet to come and bring that up i take that line back and forth and this morning coming from carrie had 38 rs within a minute ever each other. >> seeing none. >> item 6 drorts report. >> director reiskin. >> there is an overflow room. >> if you don't have a seat
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make your way to the light court. >> and we'll call four or five names at that time, and during the agenda too big items this afternoon scheduled for 2 and 12 o'clock to move general public comment to the end of the meeting. >> director reiskin members of the public and staff start off by recognizing a couple of folks normally we're recognizing your own employees today, the first person we want to recognize is actually anyone that is not technically an employee but treated her as such mary from the deputy city attorney from the deputy city attorney office is retiring and want to recognize her she's worked as if an employee and partner of ours worked directly with kate on
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taxi issues so kate is going to provide the recognition but first i want to see if jessie smith wants to come forward and say a few words one the chief deputies for the city attorney's office deference good afternoon ms. smith. >> that's the line item. >> not a line item. >> on now. >> thank you, again i want to take too much 7, 8, 9 i know with a busy agenda a bittersweet moment to say good job to mary and very much appreciate it is rare one the or of the unsung heroes is recognized by the clients we're
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preservative of your action and we'll all missions miriam's council and calm steady thoughtful and creative approach to legal issues and again, i thank you for giving us the opportunity to recognize her as well. >> thank you, ms. smith. >> good afternoon. >> hi kate director of the taxi services and especially happy to be honoring miriam morley and miriam can i call you up to say nice things about you we have a long list get comfortable. >> start with some of the details and into the personally miriam a dedicate and valued members of the city attorney's office for 28 years and recommended numerous clients in the extensive criteria and the
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rent board and the police commission and rec and park the investing and the mayor's office on disability over the years developed expertise of law including the americans with disabilities act where they lead the implementation and training programs citywide she spear headed legal advice n judah the initial agreement with two on the city and the zoo society the creation of golden gate park concourse authority and the development of the sanctuary city ordinance, and for the past 8 years on the mta team and advising the mta a intern general council she's couldn't the agency through integrate issues that may familiar recommended to taxis and city tow contracts and
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others too newcomers to mention an interval part of taxi services i talked to miriam daily and provides council on many issues in the taxi world and help to she said arrested the rules preceding and provided goons on guidance on the taxi and drug and alcohol program and all transportation codes amendments flow through miriam we keep her busy and obviously going to miss her she's so dedicated agreement sensitive issue miriam is 1r5ush8 over the weekends they called me on sunday for a hostile topic about to collapse think monday, i couldn't have been more thankful and the time she spent spoke volumes to me an excellent
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research and writing skills they acquired at the bottle in a two year clerkship that the supreme court rose bird and with the sounds like calm donor helped to guide the clients towards solution she's a suburb lawyer and implementing the effective government programs and shuns the spotlight for the author analysis a regular thinker and an extraordinary mentor and miriam never takes a shortcut if we're talking about an issue that is complex miriam thinks through you'll see relates aspects and weaves and cycles back to what we call weavering a basket not a shortcut but a basket that miriam we have the tonnage of our appreciation our
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basket filled with good wishes from the team for miriam for her retirement and best wishes from all of us and thank you >> (clapping.) >> ms. moorely on behalf of the board of directors and the entire agency thank you for your outstanding work. >> good afternoon director reiskin and members of the board i see you get a lot of the accommodation i didn't think of myself as such again thank you very much as jessie and state said i've been a city attorney for 8 years it's been glorious by many departments there's been numerous really interesting
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legal issues and many smart people to work with that's not more true than the last 8 years with the mta i appreciate working request director reiskin as you may know always well-informed and is the most interesting legal issues concerns and his staff i've been just repeatedly impressed by their dedication to the public good and want you to know i've been combrelsz with our work as a board your prepared, you appreciate your staff hard work and showed genuine interest in what the members of the public say and a lot of difficult decisions on tough issues i seen
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how seriously you take this responsibility. >> it is really been a pleasure. >> thank you very much. >> (clapping.) >> director reiskin. >> very big shoes to fill we're confidence that jessie and dennis will do their best to fill them but hard to incapacitate slut the roll we'll miss miriam and next john haley to come forward to recognize one of his folks that keeps the buses and trains moving everyday. >> good afternoon ed and board members it might honor to introduce and recognize somebody who is very much in the forefront of the transformation that is taking
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place across the transit city we are literally introducing new infrastructure and vehicles everyday and somebody that has to help operationalize or make all the things work the way their supposed to today, we're asking you to recognize mr. ben he's served as the our cannery in the coal mine fulsome, if you will, number one when he was in the control center not only was the senior controller but in fact, the teacher he trained everyone in how to use effectively the thinking tries of the automatic train system like double bettering and how to do it so if the software didn't do what it was designed to do we turned to benefit what do we do and benefit made that work, and,
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secondly, he's now pioneering the concept of those to better manage the stiffer service and provided more stereotyping managerial level for the supervisors and the operators he left west portal and 55 market and working on the streets as a regular shift now overseeing major incidents taking corrective action and doing follow-up with all that and he will be one of the people that we'll look to tie all the technology to the service principles when the new radio system is in effect and to a full transformation and his my pleasure to introduce you to benefit.
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>> (clapping.) >> thank you and recognize the hard work. >> the microphones. >> thank you thank you mr. haley - >> i could have told you. >> thank you for recognizing the hard work that went into the agency it's my pleasure to improve the system and more effective for the citizens of san francisco and thank the senior staff mr. brent jones, jeff and many of the senior staff for recognizing this hard work it is given me a great opportunity to work at tnc to learn the modes and finds the issues to try to correct the problems thank you. >> on behalf of the board of directors and the entire agency
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thank you. >> (clapping.) >> mr. reiskin. >> move on just want to highlight a few things one significant one on august 4th mayor ed lee issued an executive directive for vision zero and grateful to direct the city departments to step up our games with the principles of vision zero amongst the elements of the executive droifshg for the sfmta to deliver the improvements on 7 and 8 street for rec and park to work with us to deliver the safety improvements for the safety and traffic on jfk directive drive and the restrictions on the golden gate
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park and continuing to automatic speed transportation at the state plentiful we're working with others and we're going to sacramento to keep the momentum up department for the 5 goals as the quarterly report and presentations to the commission for the mta to implement vision zero campaign within the next thirty days with the widespread public knowledge we'll hear about that in the city fleet and also to make sure we are regularly reporting to the public prairie to this board as well as other venues like the transportation authority and the zero committee that is in line with what director brinkman asked we'll do that each month so just some highlights today
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first is that we have some radio adds on the air those are 15 second aids that people will hear about pedestrian safety and over and over again, we can't do that with the design and enforcement we need kind of citywide behavior challenges and raising the awareness for the behavior changes and those ads will run when the transfer reports are running when people are sitting in their car those were launched for back to school in the school districts and side adds from the research driven comprehensive approach we're taken not thirty something out but trying to understand who the audience is this the first in
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september with theist speeding campaign to keep the campaigns rolling every other month so we can get that awareness raised and understanding that each individual has an opportunity and responsibility to be part of the solution not just someone else's problem that each of us need to be personally involved to make the change and getting this upcoming we met the thirty day requirement so i want to ask john one of the people that reels spearheading the efforts on vision zero to play a clip we'll hear in english and
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spanish. >> (speaking spanish.) >> sports teams and tourist transmissions we are perfectly it vision zero sf to get to zero traffic deaths at the vision zero >> thanks john the first of many folks we'll be hearing them they started this week; right? people will be hearing them as they drive around the city and hopefully start thinking of their responsibility when their behind the wheel or, however, a couple of vision zero speed radar designs in district 7 last month those i believe came to rec and park from an ad back if the board of supervisors in the last budget cycle those signs went in on alamany and panning ram and others those are generally an
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effective tool where other traffic calming tools are not appropriate for whatever reason we collected the speed data and continue on the valuation part of vision zero making sure the things we're doing is effective glad to see those were requested by community members and supervisor yee. >> is department of health launched safe streets for seniors and dpw made advertising on the high injury districts and grants to provide traffic safety education for seniors and people with disabilities as well as to citywide grants to focus on citywide traffic twoer citywide and 5 are neighborhood grants
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58124 hundred an important part of population we want to reach sadly a disproportionate of the folks that are hurt and killed in traffic collisions then the last vision zero i'll note it is on the calendar today, i think i heard it discussed 10.4 the a gill bike and pedestrian project the cruise will complete the implementation next month for the vieblthd of people on bikes and separate bikes introduce motor vehicles and everyone who is a good project and it was community driven and supervisor mar was a big driver of this project and i bike up and down argyle it is a good thing for consideration a couple of muni updates on the
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things we've authorize one on the part saturday amended the changes to help the two-way used to be the south bound south and 10 go to battery and come back that put them in congestion with other cars to get them out of the way and not serving a ridership you'll authorize the muni for recognize changes for the two ways for the 3 blocks that went into effect riding muni and people driving on battery a win-win there the other win because of all the changes that you have authorized on 5 fulsome over the years and they data back many years since 2009 and spending the evening service to transbay terminal and making mcallister a two-way
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then, of course, the limited service we stopped that became 5 r a couple of safeties improvements and a lot of things we've done and traffic signals under construction and a lot of ripen along the line as a result we firmly believe that are in part because of changes to help accommodate that ridership we have started running larger buses moving from the the 40 feet to the 60 foot trolley buses on the 5 r that started this week and good problems to have improved service more people want to ride so happy to see that go into place and did want to note for the public just a reminder that based on what you all approved and the board of supervisors approved in the two-year budget
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the first increase in the fair buses for the two year period on september one effects the monthly passes the r m the bart plus muni those passes the monthly pays for kwvlth the seniors and people with disabilities adult lifeline and basically all the pass products will be incrementing up on september one and the single fair both passion and limited cards will remain the same going up on january 1st when the next round happens we have that had buses we understand the bart's closures we've assisted with i had to get to the airport on saturday that is an experience getting on bart and the shuttle bus worked
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smoothly and working together with transit and muni and bart and continue to support those in the first two weekends i believe 5 more to come we've been using our parking control officers to help to manage the traffic and other moving around generally worked well likewise, the ousted side lands generally went well, we had more than 20 thousand people on muni particularly the 5 r and 5 and the 28 and 29 and, of course, the n judah we had extra service and implemented some changes based on lessons in previous years and generally events from a transportation stand point went very well and this coming weekends we're getting ready for the mission on august 21st and last thing i want to mention the
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second annual muni art project which is a collaboration between sfmta and the san francisco beauty to beautify the consumers by the showcasing the local artists on muni is currently now on the artwork will replace the voluntary space this is double than last year a great visibility for the local artists and great for folks you recall from last year, it makes a difference to see some of the artwork and 60 bay area artists submitted applications and 10 finalist with local gallery owners and institutions and sfmta and now public voting that is why i wanted to mention so the public voting to determine which 5 of the 10 finalists will
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have their work displayed and the online voting is up until august 29th up to the end of the month so we want to encourage folks go to slashing muni arts and vote for the winners. >> thank you director reiskin members of the board questions or comments and. >> i thought you may want to mention some - >> thank you for that yesterday actuary and i along with director borden and the mayor and representatives from the mayor's office and representatives from the new office department of homelessness in support of housing met with a dozen or office space so members of the small businesses citywide leaders if the small business
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community and had a frank confusion about the concerns the business communities generosity concerns, concerns about taxed, concerns about public process one of the issues their reinforcing the message of making sure that small business has a seats at the table as we as staff and the board are making policy decisions we've talked some, some of the outreach we've been doing such as when the small business commission and other forms getting representation on the board and cac from the small business communities and equipment to meeting regularly with leadership groups to continue and improve the conversation it was a good discussion i think there was acknowledgment of some of the at least after the meeting acknowledgment of some of the good things the small business communities is seeing in terms
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of engagement and really i'll say a reinforced commitment to work together to make sure as we are vance in the interest the transportation doing it in a way that is communication can benefit the communities a constructive discussion and glad for the opportunities. >> thank you would the public care to address the board any. >> none submitted a speaker card. >> the calendar. >> item 8 the advisory board no report so, yes we'll skip 9 and go the 10 consent calendar, are considered to be routine and may be acted upon by a single roll call vote of the commission. there will be no separate discussion of these items. >> a motion to approve the consent calendar for 10.2 p and
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10 point a there c. >> second and. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> the i's have it. 10.2 b thank you director reiskin. >> must be that submitted a speaker card (calling names). >> good afternoon thanks for moving me to the front of line there's a lot of people here i'm here to 1956 in favor the traffic control worked with the house and senate for the building in the immediate neighborhood the 8 car garage and recently created a perfect storm of traffic congestion issues and they include the leasing of buildings that have been vacate for a long time the economic approach that brought pedestrians and tourists and the compliment of the
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mission building closed from the jessie street garage and in turn puts the vehicles on jessie street at the intersection of jessie and - the first of several positive changes over the course of time but particularly this change about improve the pedestrian safety by preventing vehicles into pedestrians that are crossing according to the survey of 8 hundred and 50 an hour at this intersection on behalf of the public health department and easing the traffic congestion we encourage this. >> anyone else car to address. >> a motion. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> the i's have it. thank you okay 10.4. >> the first person that
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submitted a cards was kathy followed by (calling names) and (calling names). >> kathy da luck. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. corrections director reiskin i'm the policy and program manager for walk sf and first, i wanted to on behalf of the walk sf thank supervisor mar foyer championing this project and working closely to make sure this phased protects the pedestrians and looking forward on the future repaving part of the project that has the concrete part and make sure the project goes far enough for robust and pedestrian safety today, i'm here to speak in support of numerous community members about the intersection of fulsome and argyle
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specifically if i can take a just a seconder overhead okay, here we go. >> so residents have talked about concerns when they cross argyle traffic 2, 3, 4 fulsome almost hits them on a regular basis near brushes with traffic turning left on arguello and residents will talk about that we urge the city to address those we know we have tool in the tool kit that protects the pedestrians a basic safety measure at the intersection to protect pedestrians go a step further by having a protected left signal and go a step further you can have left turn restrictions a lot of things the city can do to protect the
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pedestrians and staff modesty come up hear and say we can't do those things we know that is a matter of which trafrltz are prioritized it is okay to protect the pedestrians we urge you to urge staff to take concrete steps if i can't say percent i'm in trouble. >> lisa. >> thank you other board members as kathy noticed i'm here on behalf of the 9 residents and building on arguello neighborhoods and got r lived there many years routing i've experienced or also observed several near misses where the east bay fulsome
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traffic turning left think syndrome arguello was careening across the sidewalks and had a shopping bag in my hand graze by cars not entering the crosswalk until the light - no way to protect myself and month basic measures it is incumbent upon the city to do this in the context as well as the wellness and safety projects and other ways to address as a serious condition i have 9 letters from the 9 of us i'm submitting i'll submitting some slides i made that demonstrate 5 basic scenarios and many sub scenarios within those to create the most
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dangerous incidents so we don't feel it is an xaerpgs to call this you are not in closing we're hoping for a signal listed x and the lp a light for a dedicated left turn to the traffic by - theres a mist e mission district this is not solvable by the sfmta and reading the literature this is solvable there are options available thank you, thank you. >> next speaker steve good afternoon mr. farrell. >> pardon me. >> good afternoon. i'm steve a civil engineer my kids are 6 generations from the panhandle neighborhood we attend nutrition
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school into previously and in the future roosevelt on arguello i take my kids to school to roosevelt school and so on i'm here 2, 3, 4 so forth of improvements you've done at the geary and arguello with tbulb oe benchmark to check every time i pass arresting guerilla trucks doubled user double parked a 11 going to reality street it is drawings and wait for the ambulances someone will get nailed out there please keep an eye on and a bigger picture creating a children's transportation system by making the bike lanes like ma song with the future of arresting guerilla
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think of the beautiful bike lanes to turning a dump street into a san martin street and for children to be independent to so when a middle school for seven hundred and 70 kids and 7 staff and 10 bikes in the bike rack you guys not doing our job but a potential for a lot more bikes in the bike rake and thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> good afternoon. hi good afternoon to the board and i am a resident of district one and a neighbor to arguello i'm speaking an, an individual but - the arresting umbrella
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safety a bikes person and a multi modal person and first of all, heather was killed in golden gate park two months ago it was reenthused the bikes infrastructure specific near the park on arguello boulevard tourists unfamiliar with the streets and with the carelessness that drivers use on arguello so i will say first, we need to you know make this arguello safety project happen for vision zero. >> let's see second for climatic change we search warrant climatic change goals to reach in the city safer streets
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and better transportation you know that all supports our climate change goals and individuals and as collective body another point i'd like to make i'm not sure it part of this plan are the ubers and lyft's that park or double park to pick up and drop off passengers i see this around arguello and block traffic and park in the bike lanes and lastly to make arguello more beautiful will slow down the traffic if that area and making the walking distance between golden gate park and the city that will make arguello street a designation thank you. >> charles. >> next speaker >> good afternoon, sir. >> i'm charles a campaign corridor on the san francisco bicycle coalition and a riders
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of these arrest umbrella boulevard i'm here to speak of the short time and the long-term this is a high-level of pedestrian and bicycle use between the businesses and traveling between presidio and dwlrp sglrp the man corner arguello is a designation point for people seeking nature an important step towards the long term step for safety in arguello with green bike lanes and flashing crosswalk beacons this received thirty letters of support and hearing the commissioner pating walking tours and membership and several merchant isn't neighborhood. >> it is clear the community wants the - we applaud our friends at the sfmta for the schedule for 2017 with the
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preliminary changes and look forward to the final vision that makes the corridor safer for everyone thank you and have a good day >> next speaker, please. >> that's the last person that turned in a speaker card. >> supervisor mar's office here good afternoon thanks for coming by. >> speaking on behalf of supervisor mar. >> thank you for reviewing the project before you it says something about the office work working closely we understand arguello not a key designation but something for the interresponding community is it so great seeing the project including a number of communities and walk throughs with residents something that walk throughs is the need to look more closely at the intersection of arresting grand
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larceny guerilla and fulsome for safer intersection for everyone crossing we feel as fulsome as an aerial and in need avenue second look while the office is in support of proposed improvements we'd like the board to direct staff to look at closely with the integral at the intersection recorded data collision is one important metric but one limit to the puzzle and got experiences of the residents a number who submitted letters of support into the decision making process they'll live with the streets that are designed for them the lp i will under the visibility of pedestrians and much needs with the treatments that are currently before you such as
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pretending the left turns into the park and creating double yellow lines will create a safer environment not just for drivers but pedestrians we urge to indirect staff to improve the project as is. >> anyone else seeing none, director. >> i'll be happy to make a motion to approve i want to thank everyone. >> second. >> second. >> i want to thank everyone that came to speak i want to agree that the intersection of arresting guerilla and fulsome needs additional attention it is a barrier to get into golden gate park for anyone trying to take advantage of the park feel they're putting their lives in danger but have the staffer look at this. >> i agree and that's one of the things - >> okay.
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>> so we have further >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> the i's have it. thank you very much. >> 10.5 a through c. >> okay ronald (calling names). >> hello good afternoon. i'm the president of the cal supermarket and the second generation owner and third generation we're lessor about the bus stop it is since we've been there since 1952 i don't think i've seen any accident maybe two small ones the movement from spruce to move the bus stop up will create a lot of unsafe walking habits when the customers coming across the street and everything i think
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the right turn lane is a very busy through fair to go downtown and by moving the bus stop up you'll take away 50 percent of the cars around the lower village they'll have to turn and swing into to go around the bus into the second lane up think that is disastrous and not able to see the pedestrians crossing over the main concern is even though that has been there over 60 years and everyone loves it as an institution i hated to see some of my customers get run over i don't think to move it you say the project in 2023 for the whole block anyway, thank you for hearing me my hearing aids not too good that's why i speak like this.
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>> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> overhead please. good afternoon good afternoon. i'm kathy from the laurel heights improvement we urge you not to approve those the existing bus stops were insulated out of the way of cars exiting the shopping center the stops shouldn't be move to spruce and laurel the do you believe will be moved to the 8 meter parking spaces will be removed and paved those offering those spaces are important their in front of the the laurel village and the mta needs them the drawings shows a car flipping into the left turn to get around a bus stop at the do you believe i believe this is infeasible d
2:48 pm
putting the do you believe to the right will 3e78d the shopping center the boub will be the same we'll loss parking spaces that are important for the vinyl the entire california street moved not considered until 2023 corresponding is a a staff e-mail attached to my letter i'm submitting for the record and some copies so those two stops shouldn't be boubz alone and potentially save a couple of seconds if at the decide to boub the rest of the corridor along cool streets why exempt the shopping center at the first meeting thirty residents 0 objected to the boub and not mentioned after the next meeting we submitted a letter from 20 merchants against the
2:49 pm
boubz the program eir didn't talk about the conditions and there should be a traffic study to talk about the impediment the mta states the boubz through the traffic by 14 percent not the iconic to do within a shopping center thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names) i'm and resilient of the laurel height and the improvement soefshgs the bulb outs will remove the parking spaces their valuable spaces 90 percent of the village merchants as i understand letters against the bulb outs which were sent to the mta obviously not take into consideration the mta's rep told me at a meeting the reason
2:50 pm
they're putting in the bulb outs they'll save ten seconds on the route and called a 3 ringed circus the cars coming out of parking spaces and cars waiting to get into a fair and reasonable will block the bus to move forward and not take into consideration ann as you see on the priority red lines east into california but no take into consideration the cars turning eaton california that's another line of traffic and i hope this will not take place it will cause be a mess really thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> herbert wiener followed by howard. >> herbert wiener mta more tact a ways the head
2:51 pm
now you do not understand the explicit planning the project that is a dense area the bus stops are widely spaced it is a long walking distance between bus stops and parking space is heavy why are you eliminating parking space along the street their creating a problem apparently mta thinks if you can't solve a problem make it worse or become part of the problem i strongly object i shop frequently in the area you're making things worse for everybody if you'll widened the street the sidewalk how will 3 benefit people will that allow bicyclists to ride which is illegal who does this benefit i don't know so all i can say the model of
2:52 pm
mta we break it you hold it and ride it. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> howard. >> anyone else. >> good afternoon directors howard i want to speak in favor of far side muni knows how they work and give you a chance to work signal free with muni to save a few seconds you say many, many seconds and adds up to seconds and millions of and get more people to ride muni no long have to be greatly concerned some concerned with moving cars i mean even the cool street no longer says traffic is something we care about we want to move people along the streets and the buses are the best way they have a parking lot in the back of that shopping center and parking
2:53 pm
all around people what walk a little bit i hope you'll keep whenever you get a chance i spoke up with the staff to the far side at pdr and you stand there get on the bus whoops the light changes and this way the light is held and the people get on the bus and the buses save loads of time. >> anyone else care to address the agency. >> no other cards. >> speaking on 10 point a through c? >> please. my name is jerry he represent two of the property owners at the laurel village and want to say that in light of the major developments that are going to occur around laurel village specifically the example s sf
2:54 pm
and the condos at the school of pharmacy and the california medicine center across the street medical center has over 4 hundred and the usf has over 6 hundred units maybe they'll be circulated down and frightened over the parking is situation now the parking lot we try to monitor the people who park there don't belong there in the near future parking will be to sways so we're very against losing those parking spaces and i said it is up to 10 and 10 two many thank you. >> anyone wish to comment on item number good afternoon. >> patricia owens as an individual person on this issue the 4 hundred units are high
2:55 pm
ended units they are going to have cars and you just might as well cars to be there this is a low to moderate housing high income and they drive a block i want you to be well aware when the gentleman said it will cause big problems in the area i don't understand just are chang it until we see the repercussions of what is happening i think you are premature until the massive buildings are being built thank you. >> anyone else care to address the board. >> you spoke on this. >> i want to make a correction. >> no. you can't let's close. >> i was going to go ahead and make a motion to approve based on a couple of thoughts. >> second. >> i feel like you know we're
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constantly faced with the challenge of making sure our transit stays comprehensive competitive for people up and down the corridor and as someone who is familiar with this corridor i had brufrn the other day with ed and see the challenges of the transit along that corridor with having to pull over at american people's angle and louis time and disagreeing transit riders but not pulling up alongside a bus boub this is going to be worse and worse as traffic gets more and more traffic and more and more development the buses and the transit gets slower as we get more and more development along the corridor especially the new units coming online if parking is a problem i think we've been able to demonstrate with better managed parking we can insure there is parking for
2:57 pm
folks when we actually prices parking at the rate it is demand for which it is demanded i know a particular center is surrounded by parking and for people saying it is a ten-second benefit you multiply that for every person on the bus that turns into a whole lot of time not just for the one bus but hearsay of buses that translates to costs saving and safety it translates to ultimately a better flow we make transit more competitive and attractive and 83 30i7 can leave their cars and parking spaces for people that need to drive i'll continue to support 24 item i think it is worthwhile endeavor the bus obstacles are invaluable for people getting on and off the bus to step down on
2:58 pm
a sidewalk makes a huge difference as we get older and stepping off that high-step into the street is challenging i'd like to move we adapt it. >> is there a second. >> thank you and i think thank you first and foremost the members of the community talking about their challenges i plan to vote for this and not create any false exceptions at the same time i hear the concerns coming from the business community this is not you know a business corridor like west portal subway serving but a business corridor i expect relies a grateful on people that are driving to the business districts removing 10 parking spaces is a threat to business a threat to the ability of those customers to come to the business corridor to me what
2:59 pm
i'm hearing a rather concerted statement from the business community in that district that statement they're worried about some limitation on parking low effect their business to follow up on what director ramos said i wouldn't mind hearing from staff or a recommitment to see how this is impacting customer relations for the businesses and things we can do with parking management to help them for example, lots of side streets with unmerited parking there e r right there if you put on more metered parking to create - i don't know. i don't have the answers we're hearing from the business community a pretty fair concern about an ear they bought their business with the parking x and owe it to the communities to follow up and see how this plays
3:00 pm
out and use other means for parking management to help them more metered spaces into unmetered spaces to create that is something i'll be open to and especially once that goes in to solve that but not pass this and then cut off the communication with this valuable business district. >> maintain a dialogue with them and see if there's an impact and if so come back and quickly manage parking in 3 area so a flow and so people can get to the businesses the way they should. >> i'll support that my only concern to watch that intersection there is a lot of traffic with the bulb outs with the flow of the traffic as people are crossing over california street and making turns if we can monitor that so make sure we're not creating new
3:01 pm
conflicts there i think this is really important. >> also in general we'll talk about as we can do a better job get faxed data from the controller's office to look at how businesses are doing in corridors and start pulling that date to have a better sense if there are impacts and kind of the mitigations are if there are. >> yeah. i think that director heinecke stated my position in what he said this is a tough one 10 spaces is not a big amount i usually go for the parking lot in the back you said we have to focus on using parking management to respond to the business community and ways to make that >> thank you
3:02 pm
that has been >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> the i's have it. thank you okay one more item on consent before the 2 o'clock item. >> madeline followed by (calling names) have submitted speaker cards on this item. >> madeline boyd. >> good afternoon. >> good board of directors item of thank you all for keeping this running smoothly i'm here in the mission district speaking in support of commuter shuttle and thank you for the new ones i know your - possibly removing some in the past removing outlined stops before the new stops in best caused huge disruptions for myself and
3:03 pm
future colleagues i'm in favor of more stops as a rider of public transit in general and in the city i found the greater number of the commuter stops the less disruption to traffic and the less disruption of traffic and also like to add that i oppose the hub model as it stands an hour to and a half a hub model will push that up to 2 hours one way and that will be disruptive to the quality of life and like to speak on behalf of some of my friends and colleagues that lost their stops in the parking space and have a 20 foot walk that's on top of a drive down the 101 so thank you for your time. >> thank you >> next speaker, please. >> michael
3:04 pm
(calling names) james wilson the last person. >> good afternoon i'm michael a residence of san francisco in the russian hill neighborhood. >> thank you for the licensed program for years i'd like to say thank you for the stops on lombard and turkey i ride one of the buses and seen a lot of consistency at the golf and bush and the buses get lost in the traffic and things that happen so echoing the previous speaker i think that it will help with unblocking muni and so i know that is often a common complaint for the shuttles so the - the better off the program will fair
3:05 pm
with the opposition the last thing i'd like to talk about is completely different a turn around for the buses because of the restrictions any bus it stops and lombard and piers goes to the presidio to go back setting the city as circling i think a turn around increases the traffic especially in the busy afternoon commutes so, anyway we can quickly get back to this will be additional thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> >> next speaker. >> patricia (calling names). >> parish boyd first of all, the merchants were never shown exactly when you were doing this plan is going against vision zero because if you have one and 44
3:06 pm
feet of buses coming from the east to the west even if you take out a parking place you can't say see because of the narrowness of the street it is not going to work number one, your not taking into consideration how the accidents are happening at scott and divisadero and broderick and running the lights and taking a left while the people are in the admitted felt intersection and hitting them there not here number two other places to have the hub to pick up at scott and not have a lot of buses where they can pickup them up at scott and number 3 the loss of parking 4 out of 5 of our restaurant near the corner but it didn't address vision zero is just will not do it going
3:07 pm
both ways and taking the parking spaces carry place disturbs me in the morning people get up between 8 and 10 morning but the vision not going to work and we were not ever - they mentioned this was coming but didn't present it to the public this is piecemealing the project by the way, they didn't present it to the public we had a meeting with some of your people saying what's the problem has been no outreach i want this to be put on the table to solve the problem but once again it is good evening railroaded through an this facility thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> james wilson the last person to submit a speaker card on this item. >> good afternoon mr. wilson.
3:08 pm
>> my name is james wells fargo son lived in the mission district and ride the shuttles to work and effected by the closure of stocks a great hole in the middle of the mission if 24th street from the castro and the west to bryant street no shuttles available in particular i think that the mta restate the - the church line it is walkable from castro to the mission and i think that stop were made available or other stops will make that easier for people to get to work i'd like to speak in opposition to hub mold model this will make the commute for myself less amenable and save and poem driving adds congressmen to the
3:09 pm
city streets in san francisco and outside the city this will not be productive. >> anyone wish to comment on item number. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon mary alyssa. >> (speaking spanish.) >> an an individual person that recently drove to marin and experienced a one hour waits we had others people in the car but telling you i've got questions to ask you a few questions one is how flow is slow enough for you an hour on lombard to get to golden gate park is awful darn slow do you want to be us to be going 2 mile-per-hour and how much more emissions do you on the cars are putting into the
3:10 pm
air as driving slower and slower and circling and waiting i mean, i don't know where you think this is a green and clean process that you're dealing with here what you're doing adding more emissions into the air and creating frustration on everyone's part and not doesn't make sense you're out to kill all the merchants i can give you within information 56 percent of income is out of castro area you're getting ready to add more confusion to the castro i don't know what you expect to do but killing all the businesses. >> next speaker, please. >> doug the last person. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon board members doug with teamsters joint council 7 i just want to
3:11 pm
give an update on what is happening with the teamsters and bowers and intelligent transportation which is not much of an update actually we were asked as you may know to give the company an additional thirty days to achieve labor harmony under the commuter shutter program mysteriously we'll have zero consumptions during the thirty days and hard to imagine how to find labor harmony if they're not talking to us in the meantime to we have strike sanctions we decided not to take any action around the outland festival and notified rec and park about the future labor actions around bowers including
3:12 pm
the day breakers they've lost salesforce as a client and goat kicked out of standford university. >> and love to find a settlement with the company but hard to see when necessary ask for more time and doesn't call us they must be playing games with us and with the mta in respect to the labor harmony policy you adopted. >> any public comment? >> i met with you and speaking under general public comment. >> at the end. >> do you know. >> well, he we have one at 2 and 3 before 4 o'clock. >> no one else cares to
3:13 pm
address the board. >> >> second. >> any further discussion? >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> i do want to thank staff for their work we specifically asked them to look at the intersection of golf and irving and thank you for looking at church street and make sure we acknowledge that. >> i to thank. >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? emphasize we'll go to the set item at the 2 o'clock the boards certifies. >> authorizing the director to develop a project that provides clarity for parking meter and increasing the delores busy limiting where and when metering can appear with the people to return for the proposal to the transportation code. >> good afternoon mr. white. >> good afternoon directors john concoction white a planner
3:14 pm
with the sfmta we're here at the end of long process started almost two years ago with a community meeting with concerns about the effects of parking on some of the mravrpts guerrero have been a long time practice in the neighborhoods and raise concerns amongst the neighborhoods through the years they direction of director we launched a committee of 9 members four residents, 2 business owners and 3 faith organizations to come together on what was to be a 7 month turned into a 9 month processes and met 7 times to develop to try to find a nexus position how to address the parking needs and parking space concerns of the
3:15 pm
delores park area so we had a ninth person committee one of the business members dropped out halfway through the process and the committee developed their own criteria and submitted 19 potential solutions to staff that we as staff went and evaluated and present to the committee last fall that documented in the package once we had gone through the evaluation we development a survey that was depth as a single input one with many voices in the communities and 37 hundreds responses throughout san francisco and 17 hundred from residence in the area in analyzing the data 74 percent of people in the areas lived there not necessarily - identified they'll support the
3:16 pm
mediums and the less than 50 percent will oppose findings a way for the parking to continue they felt that is open and whatever what the rules were in february after two meetings trying to come to a consensus in december the committee with 7 members presents voted 4 to 3 on a recommendation to remove the parking under the rules 5 votes to make a committee recommendation were required and therefore consensus was not find at that time, we returned to the decoration with the action and asked the committee to reconvene in order to have a consensus but some members of the committee felt that was not necessary and refused so that brings us to today, we're here with what you'll call a high-level request we want to honor the process that we went
3:17 pm
through but wasn't able to come to a final conclude not with the proposed plan not to ask you to legislate anything at this time but give you compute and see if you are in a aircraft with our proposal to find a way to clarify the rules related to the parking on delores there was one temple there was throughout the process that was some of the safety issues related to parking near the interconnection as well as places on the corridors in which people park perpendicular that blocks the access and the committee was anonymous that needed to disappear and the fire department raised the concerns during the process we're here asking for your concurrent moving forward with the process that allows us to say have a 12
3:18 pm
month pilot to see what hours we can paradox and equally providing clarity we heard that enforcement because no hours posts it is unclear people will be cited, etc. that is for the pilot will include improvements if we get that concurrence tonight or today hopefully not tonight we'll come back with a pilot as you can imagine with any that requires the legislative and public comment. >> (calling names).
3:19 pm
>> good afternoon director nolan and good afternoon and members i'm jim senior nature san franciscan born and raised in the mission district and lived in san francisco million entire life passed a half century mark not been a parishioner 200 and 40 years outlined i've not been around that long but the first building and the outlined i did building i'm a proud parishioner and raised my family and attended mass there ever sunday's since first grade and asking you all to take into consideration the impact your disconnections will make and into the future relative especially for the vulnerable in the different congregations that make up that there are seniors and disability folks members of the parish will will be greatly
3:20 pm
impacted if we don't get the parking it's been around inform a half a centuries remember that as a child's never realizing that it was not actually authorized but i ask you to take into consideration the great impact your decision will make i hope we come to a very amenable and architectural solutions. >> thank you all volunteers for serving i know that some of you are diligent about the care for the citizens thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> >> next speaker. >> is stephen. >> thank you thank you for the opportunity i'll address delores street i'm stefanone lived off of delores for 24 years the medium parking has been interest since we've been with the popularity of the delores
3:21 pm
park and is businesses that moved into the area and we all know about the lack of enforcement by wholesome is appropriate to do that delores park church and mission delores have parking lots it is that they don't they judge don't utility them you can go there ever sunday's and see numerous empty spaces not used and quite frankly i don't know understand why we're including in the whole discussion the park goes and the park has been done because of churches not because of businesses and not because of park goers restrict the parking realistic that may start out well, we know what will happen in the long run the office of the city administrator only place in a short-term we'll be back to the same outlined thing
3:22 pm
a lack of enforcements been that way for years and years and years the reality i don't see that changes you people will change the police officer will change and the meters people and go back to the other if this is supposed to be a transit first city than we should act like it we have the 22 bus and 23 bus and bart so many accessibility be that public transit there is no reason to allow public parking and the churches have lots they're not using i asking am asking this body to enforce the law and stop agreeing last week delores street is a parking lots. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names) immigration i'm chris trainee
3:23 pm
under a daily city a county politician for the city of daily city i'm here to support the parking without creating a barricade i'm a face goer of corner stone for 3 nature years i was informed of this parking initial i'm not familiar with transit or anything going on i did read the 97 page report without reiterating the fact to i found it through the pages of 3788 proposals or the 19 items you know proposals that 83 percent of our worshipers in that survey that was provided were in support of maintaining those mediums we as a church
3:24 pm
definitely do not block intersections we do not block the mediums we have volunteers who wear bright vests hear for three or four hours you know and escaping is well even taken care of we volunteer our time to take care of that that was the survey i do have a call to the question as to why the committee didn't reconvene and unfortunately, it was left to your board to debiscuit moving i think that i thank you every single for your time and just asking for your support today. >> thank you >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> good afternoon. >> hi good afternoon directors
3:25 pm
and thank you director i wear a few hats but here as a private citizen we came my family and i from chicago and san francisco has been a wonderful home for us open arms to us and as a person - >> the first one we sought a church that inspires love for the community i came from did apartment to find this place and wife and i want to be involved in the community and volunteer and have your children grew up in the communities itself last week some of the attendees, of course, don't serve the community as part of this church family which was founded by better and better an mta bus driver in the
3:26 pm
60s it supports communities supervisors you'll find the people that attend this church volunteer they food bank in the city impact a broad part of this extension here i think the important part nevertheless of worshipping our ability to engage and assess the church itself 2014 director reiskin we walked district 4 for the transportation bond we're a typical san franciscan but those who couldn't assess the church except by cars their elderly and i volunteer as a parking person and as the previous speaker noted our goal to make sure that things are taken care of we're not interfering this is an complicated issue we love our neighbors and want to serve our community we ask you take into consideration thank you.
3:27 pm
>> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names) good afternoon mr. kim. >> good afternoon director reiskin i'm one of the pastors at the corner stony was on the committee that john convened 18 months ago i must say that john and his team have been an amazing job for a challenging issue a lot of strong feelings on both sides but just as it referred to the e-mail he sent you and the gentleman mentioned the coalition of 40 goes up we participated in good faith knowing and trying to hope that there is a way that we can accommodate as many requirements as possible and i do want to stress that again, the exist of
3:28 pm
the coalition that is requesting immediate parking i think it truly amazing and it - others overall value i can't say is my church is the most involved in the city but plenty of churches on this coalition have served the homeless and free dental clinics and something as anyone dan as parking you'll hear from some of the on the members potentially shut down so we believe john and the staff recommendation although not perfect for your needs a good compromise and lastly i request that we we don't to church together and try to be responsible in the community and have volunteers out there and saw we are following the sfmta
3:29 pm
guidelines which is to be responsive and identifiable volunteers and coned off areas and helped maintaining some of the medium that has happened we enjoy the meeting and greeting as much as everybody our church has done as many greeting as much as anyone so lastly we - i believe we submitted those to you collected over 15 hundred signatures from the communities and shows strong support for again, this need we have and i would say that the systic fibrosis stooifkz thank you look at what happens i'll argue the signatures is a strong proponent of our request for support for
3:30 pm
the medium parking thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> hello my name is reed's porter i live on delores street and owe recognize the need for improvements for parking in our neighborhood obviously with the enumeration popularity of restaurant right now things are san francisco bald i'm hoping you'll consider the polite program to refine the park sidewalks and presented i would like to add that you know the effects of our local churches are not limited to a few center cars on delores street on sunday's we've served the community and our church we
3:31 pm
are a holding place and post matters of and a medical equipment reuse program, we have historical reached out to as hospice care and the list is on and on this is one congregations many congregation i think i will just submit that our communities needs our father based organizations and they need your city support and think what we see is a very large return on a small investment thank you for your time. >> thank you, sir. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> good afternoon tom nolan and respected members of the board and director reiskin thank you for the opportunity to come and speak
3:32 pm
with you i'm michael i'm the executive director of the san francisco interfaith counsel and the human rights commission we council the 8 hundred congregations in the city and county of san francisco as well as the people that are are hearted here but have a regional scope our faith-based service agencies that provide the social net for the san franciscans here in the city and county of san francisco my purpose to assure you and to commend john concoction whites for the important work in this process throughout the process to make sure i observed this offhand that the process was credible and it was serving your ability
3:33 pm
to make an informed decision i can speak on behalf of everyone i can't but the father organizations came with the spirit of cooperatirdination ang good neighbors as you've heard provide many services not the least that is educating young people especially at mission delores with all their institutions having education aspect to it they're here to nurture the community but take the spirit into the pilot project and ask you give every consideration for their request. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names) good afternoon. >> good afternoon, board
3:34 pm
my name is dwa staff i work here and a residents i live on church and 15th i ask you to strongly consider support of pilot project program on to delores street that is something that i was also on the committee to look at this whole project and we want to come together and want everyone in the community to utilize the an end to the means parking we want it on for everyone and that's how we feel we wanted to propose it, it is not only limited to the churches and work together with sfmta and anyone else to enforce the parking rules and regulations on delores street and making that save it is more congested on sunday but it is satisfactory because people are for the there
3:35 pm
through delores streets i mean i've been almost hits on 15 many times it is looking into it we strongly urge you to consider supporting the pilot program thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names) good afternoon. >> good afternoon nominees a andrew i happen tobacco the museum director at old mission delores my ancestry is tied any ancestors were bafdz in 1794 so folks i think my ancestors greeted our ancestors my ancestors built the place (laughter) understanding that for many, many years my ancestors hooked their horses to the horse stalls
3:36 pm
that were in the center of the street and now we park our cars on occasion there but i think as museum director i want to mention is that the street is named delores this is a parking project study for delores street the hearts of neighborhood is the mission delores at mission delores we received three hundred thousand visitors a year tourists who are both national and international visitors our school children study them and receive thirty thousand fourth grades on their mission mission delores is a central portion of the study we as a parish and mission encourage the study to continue and allow you to vote in favor of the proposal in front of you at this time so we can continue
3:37 pm
to do this parking as need be there are times when events happen in the schools parking lot that do you recognize and a as parish parking on weekends that take up the lot and our option to park on the street come to the 43 even though of the foundation of our mission stricture thank you. >> (calling names.) >> good afternoon rabbi. >> thank you. i'm ted a rabbi at the congregation in 197 that 3 gay men needed a place to pray and find community to san francisco was nor friendly than a lot of people the synagogues
3:38 pm
city included members by their first name it was save and we've become the home and san diego city council for lgbt jews from around the world we're unique in the bay area and not an understatement of fact indeed it is a statement of pride there is no other place within three hundred miles that is able to offer the same welcoming to the lgbtq community of jews and we are we celebrate our difference gender and embrace not only other jews but those of faith and no faith on 16 and delores a former mortuary write we refurnished we bring an affirmation of life to our communities and created a set free elevator access to
3:39 pm
buildings and proudly share our pace with the minute nights and open our doors and businesses looking for meeting spaces and there are times we need more parking and valuable on the curb and times where public transportation can't adequately serve our community and our members many of whom have moved out for financial reasons and not able to use public transportation went to gather with the community and their family we hope we therefore fully support of the if not report pushed by the sfmta and a responsible way to move forward and ask you to adapt it without reservation. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. thank you for letting us speak my name is alice i'm treasurer
3:40 pm
of the congregation our congregation call it a jewish church provides community connection for people in a very transient city our members and visitors take public transportation and carpool i myself to bart and jay and took bart to the meeting but as the rabbi said there are times when the members and visitors need to take their car and we're asked the members to instruct the members when they attend the services if they pack their car in the medium only park for services and move that after the services making sure that no one is take advantage we understand that some of the neighbors don't want any parking i ask for flexibility awhile maintaining safety i ask for the flexibility for the members to
3:41 pm
be part of the community and maintain that connection so i have it you, please support your staffs recommendation very much >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon, sir. >> thank you members of the board i'm michael mooirns are part of congregation and proud to serve on the board of directors briefly i'm very much aligned what the comments of rabbi rider and any board colleague about our support for the pilot project that the sfmta staff is bringing before you today i would like to add that i'm a long time officer of park association and have observed and participated in many often contentious neighborhood discussions about traffic and
3:42 pm
parking and seen that goals of different stakeholders and residents, businesses and vifrtsz can meet to good compromise and balanced solutions the sfmta staff proposal for the pilot project is the right step to improve the delores streets medium parking conditions thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names) ladies and gentlemen, of the board thank for listening i'm theth of the congregation and i'll keep any remarks brief puncture of our manipulating lives in the area of mission delores street corridor i personally live in glen eagle park and many of the members live in noah valley and because
3:43 pm
of our history we have many members that left the city and live in the east bay and marin and live on the peninsula we consciously choose our location 20 years ago because of accessibility of public transportation and many of the members come using public transportation with the church the bart to mission and 16th street but particularly the members elderly and the members with disability and members of small children parking is essential and the reality is if this pilot didn't go forward we will lose members and have people not able to come to pray with us and be part of our community so i urge you to accept the recognition from the staff for this pilot program and want to see is that our community deeply understands this is a privilege and not a right and that we're here to maintain
3:44 pm
the enforcement of the regulations that are proposed and to be responsible citizens to insure this is something that is successful and meets the needs of neighborhood thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names) good afternoon pastor williams. >> good afternoon chairman and board members and wasn't paeveng but anyways i'm a veteran of 20 years and this is one of the issues i - we fought for our constitutional rights to speak against or for issues right before coming here i was watching the news and saw some cushions and fellows slain because of their faith and i
3:45 pm
thank god this is not the case in san francisco i support everything this was said about how we support of mission i support it and hope that will be favorable with you thank you very much. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> pastors andrew (calling names). >> good afternoon pastor. >> thank you for your patience i'm pastor and we celebrated our 50 years in the same location on guerrero from all the years utilizing the privilege of double parking on the street on sunday. >> and we have members that they comes from move out from the city and they still coming from sacramento from livermore and
3:46 pm
coming because their faithful supporting the ministry but another thing i'd like to say because we have visitors there are people from germany they look at the website and look for a church and come and they were surprised i came out but they didn't know we can utilizes parking in the street and they asked me boy there is the first time only i said san francisco only san francisco and i appreciate for the privilege that utilizing that parking for us to park on the street to hold our service and he is this often in my heart 50 years in the same location that we celebrated 50 years and
3:47 pm
a mayor that said you know wrote a real nice letter and feinstein and pelosi appreciate the same location for 50 years >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon thank you very much this remarkable thing you've done in providing parking for the churches in the mission district this is not an xaerpgs for saying that the city of san francisco grew up around mission delores rather than the other way around on one street i encourage you to go an indication mission delores was
3:48 pm
live founded in 17765 days about the dags and a reasonable thick thing for the medium parking to support the people that want to go to the other churches to worship i've been a consumer off medium parking and drove to the corner stone church because it the wonderful i can i have to tell you it is really has been a tremendous benefit to me to be able to park in the medium and also been my experience to note it is very well organized and managed there is a strong factoring team that watches over the process and so i think it is wonderful you've done done and want to support reconsidering the rules to make sure that is safe and not fwlok the author
3:49 pm
fairs i thank you once again and have to run i'll get a parking ticket ticket (laughter). >> thanks (calling names) and good afternoon. >> president nolan and members of the board thank you for thank you for your time my name is eileen i'm a resident of san francisco i moved from washington, d.c. to san francisco in november i've been involved in mission delores ever since area here to support allowing the medium parking for a few reasons major reasons one is didn't obstruct traffic i've been there many times on sunday morning and not seen issues with traffic whatsoever and two for unlimited number of times only on sunday's and the
3:50 pm
weekends and i think that is basically worse the amount of you know opposition the number of oppositions versus the fact it is just for a limited period of time number 3 the mission - the church has been extremely supportive of the actual community and have been generous and helps a lot with the community so i think that is it will be harmful if we can stop people from coming to the church and not allow the church to continue it's service within the communities and number 4 i heard today a suggestion that that basically suggested that people take public transportation to come to the church we're talking about i believe 6 hundred members of the church i currently don't have kids but
3:51 pm
can imagine myself putting my kids in cart or their stuff together on sunday morning and getting myself to the bus or muni with everything i need and getting to the church by 10:00 a.m. so that's why i'm in support of this thank you for your time. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon and hi, i'm william thank you electronically and commissioners and director reiskin i service with the agency with weight wellness city and here in the city for the office of the small business commission buses born and raised isn't mission as many people suggested those institutions prior to the united states existing i was part of the advisory panel that commodity all stakeholders and very
3:52 pm
excited to be in san francisco and seeing the city progress being an inclusionary body i thank john knox. >> i my mom had a heart attack as a small business owner in the mission district those institutions are anchors through the gentrification their constituency has been general it is my duty out and draw on a weekends basis a large pool of consumers that consume products to the businesses in the mission holding on by a thread i just want to give that perspective i don't see them as institutions but anchors that were in the
3:53 pm
mission prior for the mission trendy you see people speaking in opposition looking me, i'm the other voice i like to be equitable and process and like that all stakeholders with being held accountable and sclrgs and this process was inclusionary thank >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> hi board members i'm jake a residence on 21st street and a board members of the liability hill a a block champion in the planting of guerrero for your medium between 21st and 20 street and maintenance that medium at my own personal risk we actually recently replanted all the plants in the medium at
3:54 pm
our own expense the neighboring neighbors paid for them and when they get trampled on their expensive and believe me those plants are expensive as far as when i say i have have to do this at my own reflex the city didn't water the medium we go out there twice and week watering and i have to dodge traffic and not get run over and yet every weekend and sometimes during the week churches get to park for free and tommy don't i get it if we move forward i suggest we make the medium parking open to everyone and not favoring a religious group come on we can't
3:55 pm
pay for religious organizations right now that is technically if we're all going to break the law let's break it for all of >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names) my name is elizabeth i wanted to ask for more time as effective counsel of the advisory board this meeting that is being held i don't want to take this off any time it's not fair. >> rules are rules. >> no the rules are not the rules this was supposed to be heard two years ago and no other community member can be here i have a computerized chip i want to show images of can i do that. >> you can go ahead but not a lot of time. >> can you stop the clock.
3:56 pm
>> everyone gets two minutes. >> thank you very much for the lack of communication okay. you've been give from the churches churches a question of churches versus everyone the churches and the synagogue want special privileges they've had illegally and everyone from john knox white says this is illegal the recommendation that john knox said will be presented not present and the meeting on february 25th of this year was that there be no medium parking permitted on delores or guerrero a report as such as the recommendation of the committee by the two professional journalists and one hundred person of journalists in the examiner it was the recommendation of the committee it is not true that we abated by
3:57 pm
a rule that everyone has to and go that is discussed at the first meeting at subsequent meeting we discussed how to try to reach consensus but the recommendation of the committee and mr. knox white that there or members of the bar permitted to practice agreed a recommendation of the committee transit first, the people like me that live in the neighborhoods were told this is a transit first - the people that don't live in the neighborhood are supposed to park where the people in the neighborhood can't. >> thank you thank you. >> ma'am. >> the next speaker is howard ever you're out of order
3:58 pm
police radio your time is up. >> so the last couple of speakers talked about the fourth amendment it is pretty close to a first amendment you can't do something for the churches make even if you did it for fridays and saturdays and sunday's you scant is that we have a 34e6d to talk about of parking for disabled people we think if we find a parking space along the medium on disclose and not impediment traffic and fire engines and garage trucks we can park there one of the directors suggested that for california street there say you can pet meters my place if you want to
3:59 pm
do that and allow people to park put in meters it is dangerous park it red or disabled paint it blue don't have to mess around with the first amendment i hope you do something good like make thatable for people to get around and carpool never use anything no transit can compete with free parking. >> anyone else here to address the board not seeing any, director borden. >> thank to everyone that spoke obviously an important issue and emissionly charged one that extends to everyone not just those who patron news religious institutions this hearing is not different
4:00 pm
concerns about the loss of parking that laurel vinyl and the one later talking about mission street talking about the houses of worship and people not staying in san francisco for cost of living and others reasons that have their because of their hairstyle lift or are their foster restaurant or whatever they want to patron news to better balance the transit first is exactly what we want everyone to do coming further and further to the city to support part of their lives may not be able to assess transit for the time is distance and the time takes so long people don't choose to do so one of the things to reduce the time from point a to b and hopefully use transit and be able to patron news those businesses -
4:01 pm
>> i used to live in the neighborhood i saw the you know parking along the medium for a long time delores street the street is probably half the people were park goers that were using the parking and true that corridor has changed with businesses the advantage of the parking not just for the religious part of worship but for the people there i think this pilot makes a lot of sense if we are actually collecting data and making informed decisions we've being doing this for years and can't forgot by the fact that these institutions were there along before transit first came into fruition and the behaviors and patterns around
4:02 pm
the social networks are a real thing figuring out how to do that better by having this pilot is the only way to move forward this is obviously not the only neighborhood in the city where the issue comes up there is the example of - our responsibility to try to weigh all of the xooeft issues and interests in the city and i think about the way forward and having a pilot to collect data and make informed decisions and the path forward in this record regarding i think the truth those institutions as well as the other businesses provide are part of the fabric that makes san francisco what that is and we tend to support that because people mentioned worship aa centers and also places where communities and things happen you know like i know there is schools that are housed around there so i think that we have to
4:03 pm
look at that way and understand the concerns of the people that are experiencing the difficulty of the traffic congestion because of parking i will say that cars drive slowly on - delores street where people slide down the street - the reason i'm supportive i think this is the best pathway to make informed decision. >> thank you. >> i think this is it is a fascinating topic and anyone that knows f many if you brought this up a couple of years ago let's enforce it but on my time in the 6 years san francisco is not good at doing things 100 percent out of the gate this pilot project will be a good first step i hope my fellow
4:04 pm
board members take this pilot a little bit faster and take advantage to ask for what we asked for twice as director borden pointed out the parking management and obviously not doing a good job of managing parking negative impact that grandchildren neighborhood i'm willing to support this along it evolves into a parking management study for the overall neighborhood i can absolutely see bodies and completely understand the neighbors who get fed up with the creepy think that is going on started small and creeping block by block and not safe as a the gentleman pointed out no transit can compete with free transit we'll not get enough free unmanaged parking citywide and not enough because free and unmanaged
4:05 pm
i think the flexibility that the face based community is zigzagging for is a great theme to takeaway and ask for that same flexibility back as we hopefully direct staff i think that feels like we give you impossible projects here's another one let's manage the parking so everyone get the chance to park for people that need to drive we know interest people that come into the churches and restaurants again need to move forward we can't turn a blind eye and not continue to creep up the block so i'll go ahead and support this with that request this becomes a large parking management discussion. >> anything. >> one the request for staff on this thank you for all the harry reid and community members
4:06 pm
that spoken on this it is contention i'll curious about the members of the public were talking about in terms of blue to accommodate people are people with disabilities and folks that may not not assessing the transportation city they're interested in ceasing the medium parking i'm wondering with medium parking looks like with people with disabilities and wondering if there is you know something we can do in this neighborhood to improve the accessibility for parking for folks that absolutely can't take transit. >> thank you director rubke. >> as a part of our initial and the evaluation we did we reached out to a number of city departments and mayor's office on disability was one of those to identify owe zones to add in the neighborhood as a part of
4:07 pm
any pilot program and looking to make a recommendation to legislate that in the conversation with the mayor's office on disability they asked for a not only the low hanging fruit but places to pursue not future you know there's an acknowledgment the medium without paving it over will be virtually impossible to make assessable but in order to get the mayor's office on disability we'll have to make a concerted effort to make sure we are accommodating people who needed the blue spaces throughout the area to offset in any parking issues. >> thank you. >> directors director ramos. >> thank you director nolan nothing brings unity like parking (laughter) it is fascinating to see this unfold i appreciate everyone that puts thank you for your
4:08 pm
time and consideration and i have to commend mr. knox white for his navigating us to the point and like the vice chair i too thought this was really a changing thing and didn't know how to face it when i came on the board i knew that was an issue to deal with skoovrnt but the more i thought about it recognizing that again as we see this city grow it is not unlike you all of us living in a small apartment and have kids and suddenly the studio or one bedroom apartment doesn't work we have to make the space and do better with the space you have what happened an over and over geography or accidental creation of overflow parking over is years it is feels like what happens as things gone on not a
4:09 pm
terrible reason not to do it and so we didn't enforce it because there are clearly and need for it and unfortunately for a lot of us especially that less likely likes to see this city change it is changing and more and more demands for space everyday and we have to if we're going to stay functioning and accommodate people that everyone wants to come to san francisco we had a better job of managing the space so this feels like the best attempt at the managing this space when i play this out n my head and see where it goes in a couple of years i don't see how it didn't expand and not just the limited times but it
4:10 pm
expands being so more hours and for more days as time goes on it is such a huge swath of spaces and streets are wide and as director borden said it is scarey to walk or drive along delores when not parking the traffic moves so faster through that so i think that i'll be supportive of this but i'm going to - i want to separate we'll be back here and a demand for more regulations in a year this parking is going to get eaten up quickly but whoever will need it and going to see there will be a need and demand for better managed parking we only have so much says that the city is not the same thing year ago we want it to be that way we have to accommodate folks and a transportation to demand management not only this space
4:11 pm
but every square inch of the city i applaud the staff for coming up and i'll support it and looking forward 0 revisiting this but i suspect we'll be more transportation to demand management really suggest that the counsel and the interslar face council hire a cooperated and figure out how to get our demands met for the - a lot of us couldn't afford to stay here we've been pushed out without a choice and want we demand on the services and institutions to keep a close knit fabric despite all the things happening we value our services and have to recognize we're facing a global warming economy
4:12 pm
that is putting unprecedented demands to manage our capacity thank you all i applaud you all. >> commissioner. >> i just wanted i'm glad the way you added director ramos that was speculation what happened in 12 months no speculation we'll be back here reconsidering this 12 months after the pilot project. >> the idea we'll be back sooner to have you legislate a project that lasts 12 months and mrepts of opportunities for discussion for public comment, and also to explore some of the additional related issues that the board has raised. >> okay. >> so i am not it is to me procedurally what happened we hope for a consensus but this will not be a consensus because
4:13 pm
people want no parking and people that relied on the parking for years and you know have a vested interest in the property that is there dating back to the funding of nation we've heard i guess my issue is this i'm happy to have a pilot program come forward we'll regulate it and see the benefits of that and whether we go further with regulation or return to the current state i don't anticipate that happening but the question is about procure so you come back to us - and have a more concrete plan is the group going to discuss this or wait to have it because i'm not saying this
4:14 pm
as kick the can down the road but it seems to me the community input is important and make sure that goes on when we get backs after a year to re-evaluate having that ongoing and not starting over i think that delays and fruits the folks and not the most efficient way that's my procedural question staff will put together a program to use the community but not a draft proposal; is that correct. >> correct. >> that pilot program, however, we adapt it goes in and my question what sort of community input will that be the same committee or a new committee going on in the year for the pilot project. >> thank you a that's a good question when we proposed the
4:15 pm
project to the committee we wanted quarterly check ins and was develop the pilot to come back and a a blast to get the feedback from the community to make sure it is working and also to make sure that we are obviously going to come up with the community feedback along the way i don't have a specific answer we didn't provide that but certain make sense to rely on people already participated in this i think this is an interest and having a few more voices to participate. >> yes. i agree with that and thank you for all your hard work on this project i will urge we let the whole community know that is a 12 month project and solicit the feedback that a year
4:16 pm
if now we are implementing something permanent. >> is there a motion by the board. >> to direct the pilot project. >> move to approve. >> second it i want to call the parking management aspect of this pilot project and get a temperature check if the >> all in favor, say i. >> i. >> opposed? the i's have it. we'll take a brief recess you. >> back into session. >> okay. the board will reconvene and deal with the items for 3 o'clock. >> approving the transit along the rapid transit corridor. >> thank you mr. bring out he will good
4:17 pm
morning. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon director nolan and director reiskin i'm matt with the transit distribution and here with the rapid transit team with phil and thank you for your time and consideration today, we're returning within an update on the project you approved in december of last year and discussed the project modifications on the legislative chaernd and start to make sure that everybody is on the same page and talk about the changes we're recommending today the scene okay. great. >> so as we discussed in december of last year mission street is a key route for moving san franciscans the 14 r and the 49 carry on average 65 thousand people a day a vast majority that low income and prior to the
4:18 pm
corridor were talking about corridors or are unlikely it is combined with heavy ripen on average during the week can i h day 60 percent during non-peak hours excluding in the peak hours in addition mission street was the highest muni collision corridor in san francisco this is primary before us of the existing lanes nearer on the width of the buses this is changes during the implementation of the changes but beyond muni one of the high injury corridors the number of streets that are contributing to a high portion of the high injury of the pedestrians in san francisco the reality necessary commissioner adams a change to the roadway design to better in
4:19 pm
terms of how many people are using this corridor specifically the list is utilizing the design options for the corridors given the usage of the street that is heavy weighed in the muni ridership the design nufltd the ability to improve safety and muni reliability while at the same time, we need to balance the people that use the corridor merchant and others people that use the corridor including the bart riders displayed an exist look at the streets with had wlanz this is south bay on 20th street and this is one of the conditions this is the condition we no longer see in the street today, the project goals have two options to gather feedback and adjust on comments the designs unfortunately were constrained because of the width
4:20 pm
of the roadway ideally four lanes weirder and transit - given the wifth the roadway not possible that's why the go option two lanes in each directions and two red lanes as well. with no forces right turns, however, requires the removal of parking for the corridor the second option shown below a rendering when the changes have been implemented that insulated 3 wider lanes and preserved the parking on mist and nearby streets the trade off the 6 right turns that county exist on the streets today so a major portion of what you legislated in december has been implement we start the communication in february and finished in april the term
4:21 pm
restrictions and others striking changes additional changes are still to come with changes to add pedestrian boubz and the photos that are taken concurring construction and after construction i want to thank all the sfmta shops that were involved in getting the work the sfmta and painted shop and the parking control officers, and the muni inspectors worked in tandem and coordination under budget and zone safety >> so what we see on this streets is resulted in pro tem results in terms of of safety and muni collisions have dropped dramatic prior to the corridor as i mentioned prior to the project that corresponding was the high section of streets with collisions related to muni 3 a week and since the project is less than one per week and this is primary due to the
4:22 pm
wider lanes and the operators more a fair condition to operates safely we are hearing from consumers about the improved experience both the revised travel time and to emphasize how important reliability to customers the average salesforce by riders is 10 minutes that is objective far grandchildren greater than we're contributing this to the buses are showing up up more reliability and weighing less and they're getting to their designations quick you may hear comments today regarding the outreach we heard quite a few of the comments i've talk about i want to briefly summarize what we the prior to the legislation and some of the activities we did notably held open houses people were invited to come and provide feedback and
4:23 pm
hosted a number of engagement opportunities with the communities and ridership the ridership in particular i mentioned in december you've heard is a difficult to get feedback from and show up to community meetings we wanted to reverse that trend and go to where the risers were we did adds pop up and bart station and activities on the bus. >> before legislation immediately before implementation and after prelims we did a number of merchant walks with focuses when we did ism of them prior to legislation and focused on legislations and getting feedback how to manage the converse side parking and looking at all the different uses along the corridor in terms of parking and had the opportunity to adjust based on feedback and more outreach conducted was think prisoners from merchant i'll talk about
4:24 pm
that in a minute as well so we also prior to legislation in interaccept ask a this is shows a vast majority getting to mission street to visit the institutions by walking or transit the survey indicated 12 percent of people invite the streets are driving so as you can imagine the outreach during this phase of the project generated ideas and comments and views we were able to incorporate them into the design but a lot of feedback that shaped the recommendation that came to you in december didn't even the economic importance of mission street to the whole neighborhood and the city i recognize that how people are getting to mission street there are people that need to do
4:25 pm
so we presented the plan if you don't have the parking it will be hard for people to drive to the corridor the current design you legislated balanced the muni rider and publishing those to maintain as itch parking as possible i want to shift to the feedback since implementation or since the start of mromgs we heard a lot of feedback that has been positive and negative but come from all sources e-mail or online or in person and hundreds and hundreds of e-mails and other comments submitted to us i'll summarize a few not a recommendation of everything but highlight a few now. >> first you've proefbl heard this is it is hard to drive on mission street we've heard from
4:26 pm
regional drivers there is confusion the restriction on mission street don't exist in other areas of the city and to the corridor of entire community especially the latino and understandable this is shocking to come to a corridor and see the restrictions were heave we've heard about the congestion in the corridor and done what we know that didn't require the prelims of changes as quickly as possible based on feedback we've received as you can see two photos on the bottom we've dramatically improved both the roadway and the timing atdz at shakespeare's and implemented a number of signal changes to improve the flow and make sure that drivers and muni drivers can move in the corridor. >> in addition to that i think ability to drive on mission street we've heard assess to the stores and designations have
4:27 pm
caused problems for institutions and merchants specifically we've heard most prountdz the turn anothers cesar chavez and it created a wall that separating the two mission basically from other communities while still possibility to walk or drive a bus autos are required to turn right at the intersection we did evaluate the restriction at the intersection and north bay mission a single lane that will be far worse than before that means both drives and muni drivers have a less good experience than when they were in the project you've heard about park not enough packing supply on mission street we moved parking spaces and added
4:28 pm
some and consolidated but some removed and we have been monitoring the parking meter usage and has not changed since the project was implemented, however, we do feel that removing some the required right turns will improve the access and the ability to find park what a lot of drivers radio experiencing a parking spot at the can't say access it to improve the re conditions we've worked with the merchants to install green and yellow and white zones based on feedback to better utilize this spates and in the critical feedback we've heard overwhelm amount of positive feedback specifically two primary thing it is safer to walk on mission street and likely a variety of factors for the things to be done we think
4:29 pm
is effecting the feeling of the recreation of left turns that is common and dangerous collision patterns and implemented early walk signals at the every single corridor and pedestrians are out in front of cars their visible and that is likely to contribute to safety and lastly this is received mixed feedback fewer cars using mission street as a through street it creates a calmer nature on the corridor that is likely having a effect of traffic calming people are interpreting as being more safe and he comforting the muni we've received lots of expressions of appreciation for the corridor and we heard from occasional and frequent riders and some the acrossal riders choose muni over bart because of the prompt
4:30 pm
quickness now shift gears to talk about the project modifications you have before you today over the past of past few months worked with supervisor campos and others shareholders both understand what the needs are and the concerns are and also to develop ideas for how to address those concerns those are some of the activities i'll briefly talk about what we've learned and the results as you're aware we are held a meeting in the june in the mission and supervisor campos was there and many people were in support and critical of the project opposed as to what of the implemented on mission street and . >> to know of feedback a small portion of what we heard the
4:31 pm
rest is summarized on the website we wanted to make sure that there are others opportunities for people to give input we did a round of merchant walks and engage how people were preserving the project for the merchants walk in april immediately after the implementation down the road to many merchants as we could over 4 hundred and 50 in the corridor we heard florida from a vast majority 22 percent their businesses are down and sales were dropping you know the project was not intend to harm merchants or decrease sales but very important to hear that feedback and also to get from merchants ideas that will help improve their conditions at the bottom of the page specific feedback in terms of what people thought
4:32 pm
will improve the drop in sales the most pronounced was adding nor parking to the corridor that will help to reduce the drop in sales the second survey reached on 14 hundred people in over 3 days in early june and july along the project corridor the democrat graphs were identical to the survey prior to legislation most notably the majority were hispanics and protecting and as you can see on the right of screen the travel mode distribution is identical so reinforcing what we heard the number of drivers to mission street increased by one percent but roughly around the same so the vast majority of the residents are visiting mission street by walking or muni and we
4:33 pm
also asked about how people are changing their patterns to mission street and about 78 percent were visiting mission street the same or more before the project and 12 were coming less frequently. >> additional results from this survey from those that indicated they primarily walked to mission street 81 percent were there thought it was safer and roughly 2/3rd's of muni riders felt the bus was quicker and more reliable and received the traffic time 20 minutes this is a a specific we didn't expect this number to be high but highlights the factors and the people's perception not just the travel time but the new buses their ears to get on and off and the actual travel time
4:34 pm
understandable from the motors we've spoken to they felt it was difficult to assess the mission street and much more difficult to find parking than the beginning of the project. >> so with that, all that information we learned over the past few months not easy to strike a balance from what we can change to address negative feedback but maintain the goals of the project i want to see thank some of the community leaders in the room today worship patient to work with us and coming up with some ideas that could address what we're hearing oufshl not from some of the people in the communities that not in such but this is as much as we feel can be chained wows with or without impacting the - removing two of the 6 right turns as i mentioned will
4:35 pm
provide a easier way to find parking and creates 4 blocks stretches versus the two blocks to find parking and convenient for customers to the corridor and not the analysis one-half done and modeled their inadvertently impact the service we've seen this will obviously dramatically make the experience for drivers easier but based on feedback from drivers we don't think that you know the cesar chavez intersection is one of the intersection they'll like move forward it makes it easier do get into the corridor before you the lynch pin that requires the adverse impacts if we approach we heard feedback if the muni operators and moving the bus stop from the position back to near side this will feel like creating a
4:36 pm
safe environment and based on a request from you in december 21st street be a location that taxis are allowed to take left turns. >> so we recognize that the legislation before you is not all that we could do to address the comments we've heard we are working on a number of things listed with various partners in the community and other agencies in the city so to speak of specifically adding more signages to direct people to the parking garages of 4 hundred and 50 pays share vastly underutilized and 40 percent of spaces are open so we want to make sure that people are aware of the garages by adding signage that will be at next week we also did a campaign to advertise those by signage to the merchant and want
4:37 pm
early results one week significant increases during the days of week a pro tem result and continue to monitor that and working with oewd and the ata to promote the businesses in the corridors hispanic run businesses and promoting those to the regional and local communities and working with sf public works for the near term and long term solutions to a feeling of being in the sidewalks on cesar chavez and have designs we're working with the communities on now and able to implement something near term and longer-term more permanent. >> with that, thank you for your time and i'll be happy to answer any questions you may have. >> thank you, thank you i think we'll hear from the members of the public a number of folks. >> the first person was jim
4:38 pm
(calling names). >> i don't see jim. >> he left (calling names). >> good afternoon good afternoon again i'm kathy the program and policy - >> you said wiener okay (inaudible). >> can i start over with my time. >> hi, i'm kathy the policy and program manager with walk sf we've been talking with lots groups about the concerns and a lot of them are talk circle about their concerns i'll let the groups take care of that i want to focus on pedestrian safety that is my exercise and want to see share two of mire
4:39 pm
concerns with the project the first is if any of the right turns that are removed we really hope and want to see that transit efficiency is prioritized that might mean getting into the weeds of some of the parking with the right turns with removed to the bus didn't get belonged behind cars we know that when transit is efficient fewer people drive and that means that percent are safer we want this change remained and make sure the safety at the location is prioritized we moping we can work with city staff to make that happen this will not surprise you we're extremely opposed to any communications to left turn restrictions 28 percent of pedestrians collisions is caused by left turn vehicles 28 percent of
4:40 pm
pedestrian collisions that's why that staff recommended reich the left turns along this corridor and other corridors we know that exemption are confusing we know a follow the leaders thing tends to happen when some cars turn left for example, we saw the dangers consequence someone was killed as market had left turn restrictions but a car hit two families and killed her we don't want to see this on mission he know those are dangerous behaviors and stop them from happening we encourage you not to allow comments to the left turn restrictions thank you. >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> fran taylor (calling names). >> gooimz a fran taylor i think the last times, i.e., was
4:41 pm
staring i was fighting to keep the castro and the chief executive officer that works for 10 years to make cesar chavez safer and talk about a bare it used to be 6 lanes of speeding traffic a lot safer now i don't on the imposed right turn brings that near to where that was was in 2006 it was named one of the top 10 months dangerous intersections in the city commissioner kwon of the things it got it's start and i want to speak in favor of the bus service as a person that used muni and seize the riders are overwhelmingly low income people and people of color and in terms of better reliable service the other benefit less overcrowding as who suffers when the busses
4:42 pm
are over crowded people with children holdings on the poles with one hand and other kid you have to a be an octopus i've rind the busses it is no fun people can't see a senior to give a seat to 80 a disability there and people dmoout besides the people that are shopping not wealthy people and security guard and secretaries and retails clerks working people from the excelsior not rich neighborhoods i just have one suggestion about the tweaks 21st street i support a turn for carvings but 21st is blocked at guerrero and we'll be going past culprit and sgranls maybe if street will be a better
4:43 pm
street. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names) hi commissioners i'm on the pedestrian safety advisory commission and represent the kids of sfusd john winston. >> seat on the pasting advisory commission. >> there are many schools and students walking around my children go to mission high school and wonder up and down mission street it is the data has said and the data is data and the facts say it is satisfactory on mission street i want to be one of the people that speak in favor of the changes and speak up for transit first in the city what i hear even in the last item i heard someone say i have children and not drive or ride in a bus with can i see that's
4:44 pm
impossible it is possible and more possible when we have better busy raised 3 kids in the city and never had a car and be able to do it is possible to again even though to the church and synagogue and the store this goes for anyone i've been handicapped i have a bad back it happens it can be done as the city get more crowded and the number of people come to our city we have a choice of allocating limited real estate to the cars or to buses and the choice it clear i came here to speak farther of transit first thank you. >> next speaker, please (calling names). >> i want to speak in support of work i've bend from the traffic
4:45 pm
calming and little bus there's faster buses down mission it is great and i think those changes proposed strike a good balance between retaining the district of the project i think is essential and meeting the communities needs the major point as a lesson from the whole experience how important up front community engagement is i believe that much of the up front engagement was done sincerely and executed efficiently the problem is i don't know those methods are sufficient to comfortable snuff people in the planning process before you start and help people envision the changes it is hard to go probation officer meetings and listen to a power point and know what that means to you and ms oin ter it is on a wednesday
4:46 pm
night we urge you to focus on the new techniques to engage nor people in the conversation earlier in the planning process we were excited to learn we've received a grants from the transit center for innovation in transmit to work with the sfmta to develop the new technology for early gave me and we're looking forward to doing that. >> thank >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon again a list here i'm - congratulations on the good work on mission street. >> thank you matt for putting up with us i'm sure not easy one thing he forgot to mention a suggestion i made if you want to
4:47 pm
bring businesses back to mission street you'll advertise free parking and the other thing in terms of - the thing i can't get and get into the weeds we want to slow down lombard and speed up up buses not the traffic this is absolutely no reason to force cars to turn ever if you think that cars don't know how to get around a traffic jam you don't know anything about cars think that if you're walking or biking or whatever and something in your way you'll take a turn and go somewhere else you don't need to be forced to turn that does that make sense so basically the other thing give us the $60,000 for instead of spending pr people hand it to us to pay for the saturdays parking and we'll
4:48 pm
have people there in no times and the businesses will be tyler. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names) game-changer i'm bryan with the san francisco transit riders and a block away from mission street i drive i walk, and i take the bus i don't use my bike and i support the design changes here he also support the tweaks with the project i think the 26 streets right turn forced right was very unnecessary i think also that the fact that it will be every 405 plain clothes a forced turn will allow people to navigate the situation much better whether their local or far away i would like to super support
4:49 pm
the no left turn i have a 4-year-old duty ii holds her hand when i cross the street but always, always looking to the left turn people i have almost been hit myself where people have a phone in their hand we pedestrians are at risk whole thing we cross the street for left turn people thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon director housing again, i want to support 24 project it shows when you make steps to make muni better everything works better the changes i like except for a left turn we use no left turns as a way to move traffic in any streets in this city a very good
4:50 pm
way to move transit and not restrict ourselves ourselves this left turn will make problems with one is worse than having nun and the nun is the best you can do this overall project shows a narrow street you can't say do everything in a narrow street you can't have people parking cars so what is happens here because it is narrow the throw traffic has left this is why the streets works and you have to support that i live near west portal with no traffic castro and my street has through and terryville and the terryville didn't have thorough traffic everything can't work in the city in the same bag you have to realize that so getting back to
4:51 pm
no left turns is better and not worry about the throw traffic they move on their own but sometimes direct them and it works much better thank you for your work. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> good afternoon. sir. >> good afternoon. my name is gabriel with meta this project was ill minded and con seeptd on mission street that we've seen we've meta serve 7 thousand locking latino families that disproportionately use mini and see the 50 percent of stop consolidates and report a reduction of traffic for the merchants it is 50 percent of their businesses business we started thirty new enterprises a year that starting storefront and they recorded a half
4:52 pm
reduction in their revenue there are businesses not going to renew their leases because of traffic and this puts gentrification on stories 3 community meetings the community said don't do this we're going massive evictions go we have mass fires and massive displacement a third of population and for some reason this show us no capacity i don't think anyone at the muni said they understood this is latino center of the city and didn't understood this is a low riders culture no more in the plan ware asked to remove cesar chavez instead of having a corridor you have a law we are talking about increasing and glen eagle golf course back.
4:53 pm
>> transit stops it patdz if you look at the data the data shows preservation data not at the poll and non-bias we're talking about the bus stops and keeping the mission whole and turning our every four blocks is not keeping the communities whole - >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon eric with quatro i want to say i and go with everything is eric said once the changes were made i talked to folks on 24th street and early on the changes every business is logging business and waited a couple of weeks and did another run the other way from 20th to 17th street talking to
4:54 pm
the asian and latino stores and again 99.9 percent are losing business didn't change and some talked about not be able to a to pay their rents i do not know what the data they get their data from working with the merchants foreign over 20 years and living in the mission for over 50 years talking with the merchants and things have not changed we need to do better those changes la not make that better for the businesses i ride a bike adrive a car we need to recruit the businesses let's include the latino riders on the bus they said it is difficult to get them and shop easier mission district and but get a real
4:55 pm
analysis what is happening on mission district. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> i can put it on the overhead for people to see. >> good afternoon. my name is roberto and born and raised in the mission district and here representing the merchants association we had absolutely little involvement in the development of this project and in fact, we got 13 people to help us do our own survey which i hoped i would have been able to give you. >> does this thing work.
4:56 pm
>> yes. it is on. >> you can't say read this. >> so let me go through it really quick we surveyed three hundred plus business between cesar chavez and 14th street and three hundred and one recorded a loss sing this program and 33 people have been laid off by various businesses they can due to the losses they can't employ people 14 businesses have closed since this program was insulate and 3 businesses are currently going to be closing in addition to the 14 and currently 23 vacate storefront and lost 29 businesses to the fires in on mission street we basically did a survey of the businesses and said would you support going
4:57 pm
back to the 4 lanes with a red lane dedicated south bay and one north bay for muni and out of the three hundred and 87, three hundred and 17 are in support and also ask do about the removal of right turns three hundred and one are in favor of the removal of all the right turns and asked would you be in support of no northbound from 6:00 a.m. three hundred and 3 were in support that have. >> wow. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. ladies and gentlemen, i'm john with the 24 i've been with 24 for 20 years fighting for merchants and
4:58 pm
neighbors and in the process with the mta i mean, if you ride the bus i encourage anyone to rid from excelsior to de bois the rierpdz rooichdz is not here chinese and others to reach out has not been interest it is ridiculous what you're doing you need to take away the right turns and you need to give us our neighborhood back until you come up with a plan that works for everybody the ridership you're saying is getting 10 minutes faster that's the one percent not us thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> hi there thank you my name is aden owner the aortas and design and president of the intruts organization and lived
4:59 pm
on and off mission district mission street for 20 years and owned any business for 20 years thank you for the left turns signals on 29 and valencia this solves our pedestrian safety along the southern stretch of bernal what didn't feel safe is the bus stop if you're going to change a bus stop make sure that lighting and seating are included in the plan and the bus stop is in front of a preschooler causing noise for the children and teachers and encourage you to spent a lot of time with the business owners before implementing those chances the right turn on cesar chavez impacts the businesses it makes our neighborhood less assessable if a customer drives it bundles them away from the neighborhood if they can't find
5:00 pm
parking on mission they don't shop or support our local businesses the right turns divide mission street we ask you to remove all of the forced right turns on mission instead of 26 and 22 we were told at a recent meeting there is 60 thousand available for marketing in the mission and bernal corridors who is telling our stories we don't have to wait mile more businesses close the money in the way of communities gransz will help our shared neighbors spread the words fast our businesses need support >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon
5:01 pm
peter cultural action network i want to follow up on the comments. >> start by tring director reiskin for really deeper dive into the problems we think they're significant and not what we're seeing today addresses them fundamental core problems the tweak doesn't address i think you've heard from residents a moment ago we want our neighborhood back the things like a perception it is safer we see no data that says the small side streets for children are less safe those are the kind of studies we've asked for for 6 months we are frustrated in fact, it is a safety issue and so the perception is numbers or is perception this neighborhoods has been given away something not a perception some of the
5:02 pm
data; right? so neighborhoods groups collecting data how devastating those impacts i'm alarmed and hope our alarmed to see businesses closing 33 employee laid off and they're saying their sales are down an incredible number next the fear of the globalization of mission street we're seeing nothing in this proposal that will reverse that opportunity as businesses are pushed out they'll not be removed replaced by upscale bars and restaurants we don't get a lot of cars on mission street and business has collapsed and we need a mechanism to reverse the change we're tweaking around the edges so, please take seriously that kind of fundamental change as needed
5:03 pm
thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> herbert wiener. >> one thing i've noticed in the san francisco examiner they had an article on mission street and one person presents in the audience stated that a heck of a lot of people use muni and that's certainly true but a heck of a lot of people that drive cars, too, and the evidence that businesses are smash on mission street is in the declining revenue and possibly empty cash registers because people don't shop there anymore why are you wrecking the economy of mission street which is a vital area in the city i was in the richmond what is happening to the mission district could happen to my district this is a warning and
5:04 pm
don't like the way you've removed bus stops long block on mission street i have to see myopia technologist i have to walk i am 70 years of age are you going to dimple people on paratransit they've over loaded and a reasonable way of access to businesses and services and your impairing them your wrecking mission street in worse shape than ever before and i think that what is happening this is a things were much better before businesses were put in place i'm not recommending anything about turns or anything i'm recommending you turn under our policy they're very bad and ill
5:05 pm
thought-out and evidenced at the mission cultural center we had a severe polarization your friends on the boards in the faces of other people seriously effects and very ugly to see >> next speaker (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> williams here again i'm actually, this is actually an interesting issue i think that neither see wants - bodies wants the is a thing no one wanted to be adapted and pedestrians to get hurts we want a faster muni we can agree to that i think there is an opportunity for the sfmta to engineer a solution but instead of a black and white lens i'll give you awning example is 23
5:06 pm
and mission the produce center they lost their bus stop when i was a little kids one block was a week's worth of groceries i couldn't only imagine a person suffers through the cheese cakes the ripening component people sometimes in the east bay don't have the cultures rich? when i want fresh vengeance my colleagues say we've been adapt there is hard data i think and building in eastern it matt did a great job who have present a better solution before rolling out the county project we have come up with compromises we want to be constituent yes, we're the minority that reflects that but we still matter as well thank you. >> thank you
5:07 pm
>> next speaker. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> peter on behalf of the san francisco transit riders as you may know our transit action committee were supportive of this action since the beginning and painful to see the division of the communities that has resulted but strongly support the project aims and basically continuance i also want to commend the staff for their recent force to develop the data particularly in terms of the survey the surveys that have been constricted that is almost unprecedented for projects like this and wonderful to shine the light of data you know on some of the things we've been sharing our opinions we support the commitment of staff and hopefully, your. (writing on board.) to maintain the essentials of
5:08 pm
project i have to tell you it was surprising to me i've heard from a lot of the members through e-mails they're very concerned about making any changes to the project and from that you know i'd like studio ask you to be very judicious and the changes i do recommended with respect to chavez one of the key elements of project and we understand and you work you not to waiver from maintaining the terminations of this location, however, i think that some additional work will be warranted to doing everything we can to facilitate those moechltsz from chavez from mission to chavez and on to south van ness they could use some additional efforts and appreciate the fire you've come under on this project and hope you don't maintain your commitment to it i appreciate
5:09 pm
your patience and appreciate our commitment to vision zero and to the data approach >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> hi good afternoon. >> so i want to speak a little bit about the sfmta red tape i've been running the meeting for seven years as well as working in the mission as well as organizing there i i'm not sure why you guys didn't pick the 49 is it is a heir pant reds would video been better i came from la we have rapid bus along wilshire i wilshire insure cause huge, huge traffic jams and makes that is force right is extremely dangerous at the 20th and
5:10 pm
mission that forces you right and causes a huge traffic between 20th and 21st as far as the outreach i'm not sure if it was culturally expensive or what not as far as i know the pr fund is 40 or 50 thousand; right? i'd rather p do that i need to be outreaching in the communities to be able to speak spanish and multi languages as far as i mean i'm not quite sure when i did outreach for the bryant i went down technologists merchants and almost every single merchant mind it is how often across where vanessa meets mission or the plants a st. luke it's been moves half a block into u hsa and the stop at the
5:11 pm
twit and mission behind the stable is not assessable as far as the telephone and the 27 which are the further it stops their horrible a maybe because from across town maybe the 49 verse the 14 was a turn at the cesar chavez thank you. >> (calling names) that's the last person that turned in a card. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon i appreciate all the work that you put in but i'd like to see more competent input i'm a bus rider and i've been riding the muni since november of 2011 and like the way things were before i know that there are people that have to get to work on time that's why the red lines lanes were put in to increase
5:12 pm
the efficiency the taxi driver i'm an environmentalist i care about the impact we live here that's where the periods of geologic period the human being impact is effecting the environment we live in i'm definitely a proponent of mass transit but i don't want it to be at the expense of the businesses because i frequent the businesses in the mission because i live in the mission and i want people there to be able to maintain their businesses and employ people would you tell us jobs or source of income people will not be able to pay their rents and next thing they'll be on the street and a bigger homeless problem i want you to make carve decision it impacts the communities in terms of jobs, environment and
5:13 pm
homelessness please before you make changes to a study take surveys of people that be directly impacted by it the residents. >> thank you under the circumstances please. (calling names). >> sir. >> hi barry with the san francisco taxi alliance before you made those changes we were told that the taxis would still be able to make at least some left turns not a left turn no left turns. >> we would be able to make left turns off of mission that effects our passengers we have to go around the block several times through traffic and i think you'll be helping you know passengers and the flow of traffic as well as advertising if you would - it cuts off at
5:14 pm
guerrero a logical street 18 but 18 mailers and 26 street because it is right before cesar chavez so i recommend you do more studying on that i don't have a problem with forcing cars to turn right i'm not sure what that does i'm sure get rid of of that and parking is a big problem for businesses i've seen businesses go out of businesses and a sandwich shop on divisadero is not there if you want to getting into the weeds of traffic scars into all over
5:15 pm
the state and 37 thousands of them now and their double parking anticipate and nobody is enforcing in and no mission controls and articulating people out of buses and adding cars to the streets instead of the opposite. >> thank you. next speaker. >> (laughter.) clark. >> hi laura grow sf and i appreciate how difficult this is for you we're undergo a process of retrofitting our city first getting into the weeds of the trolley cars and embraced a infrastructure for decades and we're now going through a difficult process of realizing that all of the poverty delineation and pro-violation of law and anti sproul we have a
5:16 pm
retrofit our city and embrace public transportation in a way frankly that is painful to those that are invested in the current system i think so that is very difficult to balance the needs of various communities but we need to go forward we can't go back but embrace a public transportation and that's public transportation over parking and we need to release that the vast majorities of people that want to live and work in the city want to use public transportation to get around i don't own a car i shop in the mission all the time and want to extend my money but frankly hard to get to the mission by public transportation from my neighborhoods i'm a thirty minute walk from the missions and a 25 minute public transportation trip in the mix that's ridiculous we need to get people in and out
5:17 pm
of the area and we need them to not use cars as much in the decades previous i understand you guys have a lot of difficult choices to make but hope you realize the future of our city is public transportation thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> (calling names.) >> good afternoon. >> hi, i'm marie sorenson i filled out a speaker card i it out i'll come up and talk if you're goal to sclos the intermission businesses and further gentrify the mission union donna done a great job those are disasters two minutes faster to destroy the businesses that's ridiculous
5:18 pm
they come to the existence of destroying every other bus stop i'm disability and to walk two blocks is a hardship sometimes last thursday i waited 25 minutes i had to come to a hearing here i went down to mission street and thought i'll take the bus the 49 and zip me up the street 25 minutes to the next bus and up mission street a lot of people at the bus stop clearly buses are not running that much faster the 14 r was even slower and the 49 was even slower oh, and just by happenstance i was on the bus today and riding the 49 up and heard i mentioned
5:19 pm
something about the bus stop the bus e ruptsd people were complaining left and right of chances are not changes beneficiary to people that ride the bus their policy walks and once again the mission is the testing ground for all those crazy bus plans that mta comes up with with no real benefit thank you. >> thank you >> next speaker. >> (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. >> first of all, i want to say welcome to your last commission director hsu that joined you and happy to have you on the boards i'm the chair of the san francisco riders and also the founders of the low hate
5:20 pm
merchants an organization much will i arrest guerillas that has merchants and neighbors in mind when we make decisions again the neighborhoods i am snerm very satisfied as a bus rider the ride i get on missiis much, much faster i go to the mission as a result how fast and unweave and any best if my work to the polk and market to the excelsior in 14 minutes on the r that would have been unhalf-hearted if the past times for transit riertsdz that helps putting on any small business hats i'm a small business owner myself and concerned at the desperateness and the evidence
5:21 pm
of both data not one is data they're both data but a difference between the data presents by the sfmta and the data presents by the gentleman right there who you know seemed compelling to me, i'm urge you sfmta to see if you can workout how to be such data is absolutely critical we take care of our small businesses very little in the city for small businesses we're in deep trouble and do need for the city to look after us because no one else is so thank you. >> thank you. >> anyone else care to address the board. >> two speakers (calling names). >> good afternoon. >> hello, i'm paula i was here in august for the carville
5:22 pm
stops. >> i know. >> it needs to be about the mission. >> i understand bus all over the city sfmta is removing bus stops and you talk about how removed a lot of bus stops on mission street to save two minutes and there's a lot of talk about how great saving two minutes is but for a lot of people that have to washer foster to the bus stop it take much longer than two minutes for many seniors and people with disabilities and families with children and people with grocery bags it takes even longer than and a great difficulty so i urge you to balance the concept of safety two minutes with the hardships your imposing on people when those two minutes are savings on the bus it takes a lot longer and eliminating every other stops your exterminating residents to walk longer and when they're walking
5:23 pm
to the further bus on mission the buses will go by and run to catch it and you'll waits locker for the next bus i attended the meeting on june 20th and want to represent some of what the people said he can't come to a meeting at the 1 o'clock but people that strongly oppose the reason vibrations and how difficult to do to turn right and get back on mission street it caused problems and a lot of talk about opposition to the forced right turn on cesar chavez and how that impacts the community and woke up the community and opposition to the restrictions of left turns because you use nor gas and difficult to turn right and left and left. >> anyone else care to address
5:24 pm
the board. >> (calling names) good afternoon. >> good afternoon yeah. what she said make sense to me in that i guess i feel like you know i've got a partial recommendations of visibility senior, you know, lover of the mission i've testified at the small business commission that i don't go to any spaghetti shack anymore what you did to that end of the mission has deficit it and no parking down there i am not i've gone and circled and circled and got frustrated and called the people i am in no mood to go to dinner the division of mission it is real
5:25 pm
and stopping people like me that want to meet someone for dinner at the spaghetti shack is real as a customer i've testified that mission businesses have lost so there are real impacts and i heard testified earlier that while not enough space you know and got to alleviate ever damn inch in the city i'll say every damn inch in the city until it is totally unliveable no reason that every damn inch of the cultural corridor that shopping corridor needs to be turned into a transrich highway there is van ness on one side and setting in at you don't need
5:26 pm
all 3 buses on this street this isn't your trait heir this is a cultural corridor that needs balance and even a mix between the drivers that come here to go to the businesses and the transit riders that are within the mission and you know let's those that are trying to get to one side of town bypass it don't go down mission street let's have balance and lastly is i keep on hearing people talk about safety and safety is like on skews yes, a left turn is far more dangerous than a round i have to turn right 3 times across 12 crosswalks and two bike lanes
5:27 pm
you tell me this is a safer. >> anyone else care to address - >> (calling names). >> my name is jamie ross and a lot of things i agree with and disagree we have been said my pet peeve i don't understand how an mta can not understand that forcing people to make a round on mission street to make a left turn obtain south vanessa they didn't consider the fact that there are back up of all these on that street i can't believe that i'm saying is it seems to me the mta maids decisions strike for themselves and not for anywhere else or anyone. >> anyone. >> how about. >> you come forward if you want to address the board.
5:28 pm
>> okay. >> tom gil gil yi /* /- maybe parts one up to implementation and part two the act by the public in the performance with the intelligent conversation and stlints thoughts and intelligent reactions and again, you have to continue to show up not a one-time show is it faster on the bus lines because there is less businesses and less people he is everything maybe buses move faster in two minutes pursue right turns with pedestrians is slow left turns are dangerous so have
5:29 pm
we explored all the ways to commute or turns dedicated times for right turns they're saying there's a way dedicated times for left turns and those are simple simple have we tried all of them at that moment in time i if we haven't we should thank you. >> next speaker hello, i'm mary i'm speaking as a person that lived in the mission district and educator 80 that taught commissioner moran in the mission district going to outside schools and as an artist that performs with a group with the mission cultural center we
5:30 pm
won the grand prices for the carnival and the majority of the dancers don't live in san francisco i've been a member of the hope over 15 years and the majorities are busing in the east bay in terms of what is happening in the artists communities and the in terms of the reds lanes to the neighborhoods when you talk about the respiratory systems you have to call a spade a spade who are you represented by the status in terms of what is happening in the mission district it is clear at this time what is happening with housing and the resolution links an ethnic cleansing of the mission a large large hispanics population hats driver's side and this happens without the consent of the community and long term residence elderly and people with handicaps and hats
5:31 pm
off to the with back problems they have hard work and going two blocks is it so painful to watch people that doesn't know where the busses are and the elderly blown away by the buses and trying to figure out who's going on in terms of the safeties the other day i was walking down the street and a bicyclist was hit by a car that was not an uber or you know there are no bulk and mass quite frankly on the red lane in terms of bike safety not true. >> anyone else members of the board. >> i have a lot of objections i'll start off i live at mission and richmond and don't own a car i run the restaurants association and many restaurants along mission street i have the
5:32 pm
interesting conflicted feeling i have all those things to take into consideration and first, the issue around intent i feel so often we talk about those things people think there mta has malicious intents we engage in the muni quality strategy report in april a lot of communities groups involved in the strategy group and one of the corridors identified for support was the mission corridor in the quantity report talking about that issue the reason it is a big issue something call the times penalties and commute and it shows that black communities 3 housing unit 6 times it takes them longer and asian-american 34 and latin-americans based on nationals states and studies and
5:33 pm
all the work is targeting pop people that live in the excelsior district being able to get to the mission corridor faster not the businesses a huge we're trying to destroy the communities that's not at all point the point people of color is disproportionately impacted how long it takes from where they live farther from the core of activity to the areas of activities that's the point and what we were trying to do and we're really working on doing throughout the city the reason with the mode shift has not happened in san francisco in thirty years with the transit first muni is not faster and when everybody talks about muni how long is takes you across town or a ride share you'll choose all those things i take that bus everyday it is
5:34 pm
fascinating i take it everyday every day several times and many times on the wellness, etc. i tell you my experience i take the 14 r to the bart not the 14 r it makes me i can't stand the amount of time on the first year r it is packed when it gets to richmond we've not gotten to the mission i'm in bernal that bus is packed and it is full of seniors and all people of color. >> matt and i want to i want to put that out there i think this as previous acceptance i take video all seniors and asian elderly and latino families with their children that's why their children to school and a lot of people going to school and commuters and the commuters all day long the 14 r is at r as packed like quote quotes regular business hours as during the displacement i take the bus
5:35 pm
around 10:00 a.m. and it is packed it's interesting not talking about people going downtown and the other thing most of bus is cleared before you, you get to downtowns most people are taking trips later than mission street i know i take trips along the mission street it is true simply 80 percent of riser radio low income and people of color like myself that is true that many of the beneficiaries of the faster trait are those people i'm not - i don't want to dismiss that that is really important everyday the 14 r picks up people in wheelchairs and people with disabilities and seniors that push themselves on the 14 r versus the regular 14 bus for them they want to get somewhere faster to their doctors appointment or stores or home we have to remember at the end of
5:36 pm
the process whatever the answers have to get to a place where people that are dependent public transit are able to get places more quickly their time is just as variability like me that can afford to pay for a taxi that's what we're really trying to solve i don't know that that to get lost in the discussion when mta is doing this and trying to ruin everyone's lives i'll start with that, i think that in terms of looking at the actually corridor we have some challenges we know the businesses are struggling i do want to point out i surveyed a restaurant members and people are seeing lower scales it is hard to contribute how much for the bus lanes quite frankly if you are in town square and look at the courts revenue it is down it is true that the revenues that the ports rainy-day fund from the
5:37 pm
businesses along the ports on town square people are talking about business is down a slow down i'm not saying this is the total reasons for things happening on mission street but two forces that could be causing and perfect storm i want to acknowledge that a larger issue the city needs to understand why businesses are slowing down i'm a big proponent of pulling commissioner karshmer's to see what is happening on the corridors and other things from feedback from businesses
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
businesses - no parking zones to deal with that i think we have to figure that out out during the time an is survey with businesses are open until 10:00 a.m. and maybe around the rush hour i don't have the answer i think that within of the unfortunate things when we put down the reds paint didn't repave the streets that is ugly in that some of the cords it is not as pollutant and something that in the fire chief as we a look at up the street part of 24 sales tax goes through and the bond money to resurface the street ultimately we on the intent requests right. i think what we need to do it right and speed up up transit on that corridor i don't have the perfect answer for the right
5:40 pm
outcome some the suggestions eastern moving that from 23 21 and fought for the people that have the pickup and delivery issues to better work with them and figured out you know do those traffic counts in those areas the right turns to see if people where they're going i'm happy to hear we have the parking garages and that has a consequence we were able to get people to use those umph and this is a partnership not about pushing people out but bring them in and having people to get
5:41 pm
to where they need to be quickly and figure out how to work on this together that means some restrictions that people don't like today and in addition there might be restrictions to right turns but i don't think that the solution is ripping out the red lanes and the prioritization as a daily rider i see the difference that the people are prioritizing taking the 14 right direction over and over the 14 more ferry building tells me people want to get places quickly i've not rinds the 49 but it is painful that everybody knows the 49 it takes forever to get anywhere the challenges we will have in the city trying to speed up up muni and remove bus stops if we wanted to make it more enjoyable we'll have to
5:42 pm
getting into the weeds of the bus stops no, if and and buttons sometimes your favorite bus stop i'll lucky my bus stop is on the corner but not ink wanted that i want to say we're here to partner with you this whole process with the endeavor with the meeting with the change we're caring is continuing to engage with the businesses in the large community to make sure we're not we're actually helping with the movement of the people and good ideas with that, i want to say i'm supportive of what some of the changes suggested i'm going to talk about with the commissioners about some of the other items inch brought up and thank you for your time. >> thank you i have no questions i think that director borden said that i'm willing to support this and going forward that staff will continue to work with the
5:43 pm
communities and make sure but a good compromise keeping the benefits and remove some of the burden from the car drivers and work with the communities to see how we can make this the best project move to approve. >> second. >> director ramos. >> thank you thank you all for your time and coming out, i know that is gentlemen this is the way we pronounce it in spanish not arguello it kills me we have a conversation about that we need to fixed that valencia my wife said if you do anything gets those names changed on the announcements. >> i said that's a different announcement (laughter) i really appreciate defender's office remarks there are 67
5:44 pm
thousand riders. >> thank you those folks ask any of them that wants the bus to go slower and yet if we don't do anything that will gets slower at the service gets slower and more comprehensive to operate and the more expensive to operate the more expensive the fairs and the cuts to endure so if we get people and especially people of low income and people of color with disabilities of age to make improvements to make our transit service more efficient is this the actual perfect solution i don't know we really don't we know we can monitor the data and make adjustments. >> things go along larceny a number of folks calling for data i agree we should be getting that data and use it for future decisions in the future i hope
5:45 pm
and trust that staff was the president on getting data as we go along and revenue this i know that monthly we look at data at the policy and governance committee and we look at ridership and how imaginations or things are bunching and how expensive i hope we'll fought i fill out what is working and not working for the longest time i didn't understand why we were forcing cars to turn right off of mission street and it become clear staff explained i wish we could make this for public we have transit down dedicated lanes moving quickly in one direction traffic slowing down going the other direction we lost all the benefits from the out bounds direction we have to get that traffic out of the way
5:46 pm
to avoid the bench bunching i understand we but doing everything we can question make sure we minimize the impact on businesses and merchants they matter as i said with respect to the institutions we care about maintaining oversee institutions and these cultural hubs they represent a value that i think a lot of us are sentimental and have to find a balance but as one person said i believe fran taylor said if you can't come at the expense of the riders the riders themselves have hustling he understand the problems of gentrification and displacement but the transit only lanes were
5:47 pm
not the cause of fires on the mission in the mission they're not the cause of the prices of real estate jacking up the rents for the small businesses having to close have they helping people to get competitive in an extensive committee i've ridden's the 14 but not on the 49 i heard people saying i'm late because the traffic on the bus is really slow when you happens over and over you get in trouble as an hourly worker an janitors and folks that are riding this line and need to be able to get to work on time and quickly now if this numbers goes from 67 thousand riders everyday and that starts to decrease we're now moving in the wrong direction i doubt that will
5:48 pm
happen the relationships will increase as it becomes more frequent and reliable and i think we'll see a need to expand the benefits additionally where respect to getting impact to the businesses and supporting them this is discouraging to hear the parking garage is not full we need to certainly need to make parking nor available we need to reduce the cost of parking i know that is really expensive to park and that's a huge did he terminal lower the costs on the parking garage is more turnover instead of people sitting around and get people that want to stay all day to work in the garages where it is more affordable it is less convenient to park in a garage it is an education that
5:49 pm
it is too expensive he overly utilizations with the streets parking it means it's too cheap it is i don't know how it is not totally like obvious so i'll hope if we are trying to make the - support the businesses with parking we'll make sure that the parking available by pressing parking the way it needs to be be that in response to the demand it has and if the parking garage is not filling up that is good expense we need to reduce the costs i will certainly support this but make a note that staff needs to monitor the data on collisions you've done a great job on collisions and travel times for everyone including cars, including transit riders and bicyclists, pedestrians everyone should be monitoring them that and getting the counts how many cars on mission and
5:50 pm
pedestrians are traveling on mission and how many riser i think it is satisfactory to ride a bike on mission street it is slower and safer to rides as someone that rides a bike it certainly needs to be - it is slower and feels safer to ride a bike and, of course, also get counts on the muni collisions that was an important reason why we're in so doing this this reduces the collisions we're having so frequently when those that is were with the buses so i this is so close we see the mission changing it is heartbreaking the intent of the mta to make people get along and more quickly and competitive to maintain the communities we love so much. >> director hsu.
5:51 pm
>> yeah. >> thank you all for the excellence comments and feedback it is a tough i know that the parking is a factor and i'm - it is useful to know what the number is whatever you have a big change a transition period we want to make sure the businesses that are struggling don't go out of business and can't benefit and things start to improve one thought that was suggested to me to look at ways to expands the parking by looking cap street maybe staff can look at replacing the angleed parking and it is compelling that parking is available in garages
5:52 pm
this investment period everybody from riders is trying to take advantage of the way to do things and so some of the customer base is taken away and not replaced if you're losing on this you know whether the number is 10 percent or 50 perris 10 percent can be a big factor so i'd like to see about that possibility and seeing what we can do with cap street and other areas and in general, i think that is really good to push the notion to make folks aware of the garagesyou.
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>> what do you think about working at an airport and i love it is busy all the time. >> we want it to be an those away was this is a venture if i didn't love it i'll be an accountant. >> we want the experience that is a non-airport experience the negative stigma we're trying to erase that. >> everything is in a bad food to excite


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